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"AIDS has at least a 2 year incubation period, just as leprosy."
HIV is a viral infection
which has become a pandemic and has had a devastating effect in Africa.  The virus remains in the body for life and can develop into AIDS, although someone with an HIV infection may not necessarily progress to AIDS.

Alternative Medicine

AIDS: A TREATABLE COMBINATION OF NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES   4/6/2006 - HIV Depletes Body of Selenium and 3 Amino Acids - cysteine, tryptophan, and glutamine - "These nutrients are necessary for the human body to produce the enzyme glutathione peroxidase. This enzyme is strongly antiretroviral (it is an antagonist of reverse transcriptase) and can greatly reduce HIV replication."
What Really Causes AIDS
2002 book is available for free reading and downloading at  Foster HD, Victoria, BC
Alpha defensins
Natural peptide protein antibodies deter Aids  
A lectin-blocking substance is Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus). This nutritious seaweed component makes several contributions...
Studies also have shown fucoidin's antimicrobial effects against herpes simplex virus, human cytomegalovirus, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), certain strains of E. coli and all strains tested of Neisseria meningitides. Research and in vitro studies have provided evidence that fucose sugars have been found to prevent the initial HIV viral attachment to cells necessary for HIV infection. The same concept was used in studies of malarial spread through the red blood cells with the same conclusion. Thus fucose sugars inhibit the spread of these infections through selectively binding to the organisms so they can't bind to the cells of the body. As a possible addition to conventional treatment, fucoidins offer an adjunctive support that may improve clinical outcomes. Fucose sugars also support the immune system through enhancing phagocytosis (engulfing and destroying pathogens by white blood cells) and controlling inflammation.
Breast milk to the rescue for AIDs babies in Durban, Africa  KBIA News 
Columbia Daily Tribune: Expressed Delivery: by Annie Nelson  Columbia Daily Tribune: Got Milk?  by Annie Nelson  Kansas City Star: Liquid Gold  PajamasMedia  KOMU Television Health Matters Report by Marie Saavedra 
Missourian: Mother Sends Breast Milk to South Africa by Katie Molloy 
Thinking Out Loud with Derren Hellewedge
Colostrum may assist Aids per The Doctors' Prescription for Healthy Living volume 7, # 6
Hulda Regehr Clark in The Cure for HIV and AIDS shows us how to reverse HIV and AIDS.  This is a must buy book. There are a number of methods on how to cure oneself.  One of them is an electronic circuit that zaps the virus in 7 minutes.  Other methods take 5 days. 1 supplement is recommended to take on an empty stomach is L-Lysine (with Gultamic Acid), thanks to the work of Dr James Schaffer, Bloomington, Indiana, USA. Brazil nuts and Vitamin B2 detoxify benzene to phenol.  Take 300 me B2 with meals. Take 300 mg magnesium oxide once a day to detoxify phenol (or 100 mg 3x day).  Leafy vegetables provide magnesium oxide.  500 mg ornithine at bedtime helps sleep.
Often parasites are a problem.  These may be eliminated by taking together: black walnut hulls, wormwood, and cloves.
Because of potential safety issues one may want to look at these web sites:
Truly natural glutamic acid does not contain contaminants.
Processed free glutamic acid (MSG) does.
How do we know it causes brain damage and neuroendocrine disorders?
F Batmanghelidj MD in Your Body's Many Cries for Water contends that water, salt, cysteine or cystine & zinc plus sufficient protein will eliminate AIDS.  Batmanghelidj also warns that seminal fluid in rectum will suppress the immune system.
Health News Volume5#19 on Aloe Vera  Ask for ONE newspaper Volume5#19
12/2006 editorial DHEA May Delay HIV Disease Progression
Health News Volume 7#9 on Sterolins  Walker's Townsend Letter for Doctors 12/1999
Ask for ONE newspaper Volume7#9
magnesium - Epson salt is a form of magnesium.  Add it to the tub bath water for a good daily soak.
(NAC) A-acetyl-cysteine converts to glutathione
NONI - - Per study in Costa Rica of Noni (M. citrifolia ), noni s used in the Indian system to cure many disease including HIV.
Noni - - "Noni leaves can be used in a poultice to cover wounds to promote healing. Today noni is used to cure more internal problems. It can be used to help cure malaria, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, or depression. In fact there was a recent study focused on using noni to cure HIV and AIDs. Noni juice or freeze-dried pills have been used as dietary supplements."
Dr Joan Priestly's protocol treatment: Vitamin C,A,E, & B,  NAC,  Multi-Vitamin, Quercetin, Evening Primrose oil, Garlic, (SSKI) Potassium Iodide, and  Zinc citrate
Gary Null (Pacifica Network talk show host)
Dr Christopher Calapai, New York, USA
Harold Foster cassette 020412-110 at Nutritional Medicine Today 4/02 1-904-889-6555
Khalsa MD in Food as Medicine says to use MGN3 from rice bran to enhance immunity  
Selenium may protect against AIDS per Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients 12/02 & Well Being Journal 10/04
Vitamin A may prevent the transference of HIV (AIDS virus) from mother to child per  2003 Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine
vitamins - - "Our President, Paul Schneider Jr.,
went to Kenya to help wrap up the study, and to gather the results. As you will see
in the second video above, within a month or two of beginning our supplement,
HIV symptoms disappeared, people started gaining weight, and weak and bed-ridden people were out of bed and feeling good. HIV meds work so much better with proper nutrition! By God’s grace, we anticipate that these results will help to open doors for Aid the Children to help many more children!"

Hypothesis & History

What Really Causes AIDS by Foster HD 
Foster recommends selenium, tryptophan, glutamine and cysteine for HIV/AIDS
Aids - What the Government Isn't  Telling You about Aids  book & interview of Dr Lorraine Day by Coral Ridge Ministry of D James Kennedy radio broadcast Truths That Transform Ft Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Shilts, Randy - And the Band Played on  history of the AIDs epidemic

Community Involvement

6/3/2011 - CNN HEROES: Patricia Sawo - Patricia Sawo is an HIV-positive woman in Kenya whose story shows
how much things have changed, and how much work remains to be done. - 2011 - For 35 years Victory Programs has been providing housing and support services to homeless individuals and families who are also struggling with addiction and chronic conditions such as HIV/AIDS. Starting in 1975 as a single program for 20 homeless men in Boston’s South End, today Victory Programs operates 18 innovative programs located throughout Boston & Cambridge" Massachusetts, USA
Green, Edward  editorial A Jihad on the Aids Mafia Condoms are not the best solution for Africa. 8/3/2009 Even Pope Benedict XVI said that condom distribution could be worsening the African AIDS epidemic.  - - Dallas, Texas, USA -



Dvorak, Becky - + or  3/6/2017 + -

BECKY: I walked into the AIDS hospice one afternoon. I said to the nurse, I said, "Hi, Luis, how is everybody doing?" Obviously, this is all in Spanish.
I said, "How is everybody doing?" He said, "Sister Becky, they're not doing well today."
I said, "What's wrong?" I mean, I'm in an AIDS hospice. Everything is going wrong and I'm thinking, "What's wrong now?"  He said, "In this room over here there's 2 men. They'll be gone within 2 hours. You need to go pray with them, Sister Becky." I said, "Okay." I knew in my spirit what he was requesting of me; he didn't believe anything was going to happen. But you know what, that didn't matter. I was on an assignment with God, with the Holy Spirit. So he walked me into this room and there was these 2 single beds, 1 man in this bed and the other man in that bed. They were both in comas. Their eyes were fixed on the ceiling.  I go over to the 1st bed. I'm looking down in the man's eyes; they're fixed on the ceiling. I said to him, "Hi, my name is Becky. I'm a  missionary. I believe in healing." Some people think it's odd that I would talk to them, but I have learned that the spirit does not go into a coma, only the physical body does. I read 2 scriptures to the man. I read from Isaiah 53:4-5, that said, "By his stripes we are healed."  Then I went into Galatians 3:13, where it talks about Jesus becoming a curse, to undo the curse. That took me maybe 3 minutes.
I said, "I'm going to pray for you now."  I saw the man's eye twitch. I said, "I just saw your eye twitch. I'm going to take that as you're saying yes." So I laid my hands on him. (I teach people how to do this.) I said, "In Jesus' name, I renounce the spirit of death. I release the spirit of life. I renounce the HIV and every other disease that's killing your body. Right now in Jesus' name, be healed."  Do you want to know happened? 

Of course I do. I even know what happened. 
The man instantly jumped out of his bed; he was jumping up and down. 
In Spanish he's saying, "I'm healed! I'm healed! I'm healed."
Dvorak, Becky - 5 Steps to Encountering the Spirit of God - 5/30/2015
Dvorak, Beck - End of preview shares their spiritual assignment to open a home in Guatemala for youth with AIDs, all whom God healed.

Inguanzo, Robert healed of aids - Listen to 6/10-14/2002 Messianic Vision broadcast. - - Audio program #DC1414 Pat McEnnerney shares how the spirits of Aids, death, and pain left when rebuked in the name of Jesus.
Lund, Michael & Daisy, Bolivia -
Matthew C Manning gives testimony of God delivering him from homosexuality and Aids. 
God said to Matthew that every time we do a homosexual act to another we do it to Him, but that Jesus died for that sin. 
Matthew realized that forgiveness is NOT saying what you did to me is OK.
Lighthouse Ministry - -
Aids is being healed in Africa per George Otis, Jr as told to Sid Roth on audio tape #DC1352 October 2003
Aids is being healed by God as witnessed by David Taylor and told to Sid Roth on radio.
The Evil Spirit of Aids is cast out of father & daughter per Pat Holliday as told to Sid Roth on audio tape 2/25/04
African woman raised from death due to AIDS per There is Always Enough by Rolland and Heidi Baker
Oyedepo, David - Nigeria -  Satan Get Lost (edited)
edited_filenames/Oyedepo.Dr%20David%20!Satan%20Get%20Lost.pdf  - "My aunty, after a blood transfusion, had AIDS. I took her to University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), Enugu, and it was confirmed. She had sores all over her body. In fact, she was GONE. But I knew that my God lives, and He is the One that has the final say. I took her home.  It was like everybody couldn't come near her. But in faith, I gave her my towel and my soap to use.  People were saying I will contact the deadly disease but I assured them that it's impossible because the blood that flows in me is the blood of Jesus.  I used the 'Power of God' (the anointing oil) on my aunty, and to my utter shock and amazement, my aunty GOT HEALED. The sores on her body started disappearing! and she started adding weight." Miss Maduka, C.
"In Ethiopia, a woman's child was infected with the AIDS disease through an injection she received, and the child's face was full of wounds.  This woman attended our Breakthrough Seminar in Ethiopia, and on behalf of her child, she was prayed for and anointed with oil. She went home and laid the same hands on her child and the wounds on the child's face began to clear.  She went to the hospital for a re-examination, but they refused to do so, saying they had given her a diagnosis already. But all the wounds on the child disappeared in a week and 2 weeks later, she was re-examined and was medically certified healed of AIDS." Report from our World Mission Agency in Ethiopia.
"In Kenya, the graduating students of the last edition of the Bible School were anointed and given a bottle of the anointing oil each and sent out to the hospital and prisons.  A lady whose cousin had died of AIDS headed for the mortuary, where he was kept. She poured the whole bottle of oil on him, rubbing his nose and ears with the oil, and left. In the evening, the dead man had risen and she was sent for by the hospital authorities. On her arrival at the hospital, she met the formerly dead man drinking tea!"  Report from our World Mission Agency in Kenya.
"I am 26 years old and a widow with 3 children. My husband died of AIDS. I was going to church for fellowship one day when I met a sister who told me that the service was not holding in church that day, that some Nigerian missionaries were in town and were preaching at the Victory Cross Church. I headed for the place.  On hearing them, I got so moved at the riches of the Word of God...I couldn't stop attending the program and everyday, I felt the message preached was for me. I knew Jesus had healed me of AIDS, but I had fever and cough, and my body was paining me.
Each morning, I felt a mask-like object on my head and my heart beat so fast, as though several demons entered me every minute. I then began to think that maybe I wasn't properly healed.  But after attending the WOFBI course, I realized that I lacked the Word of God, that I was empty. I kept hearing something tell me that I was going to die. I stood firm and made up my mind to see one of the missionaries.
I told him my problem and he anointed me with oil and prayed for me. He counseled me and advised me to read Keys to Divine Health.  I obeyed.  After reading the book, I began to shine. I was happy because I got a lot of good hopeful promises.
I believe the word of God is working in my life. After the prayers, the cough and fever disappeared, without the use of any drug. I decided to believe God and use the Word of God. I am now free from AIDS and free indeed!" Mariam Sebugemyi (Kampala, Uganda).
A lady who had graduated from our Bible School (WOFBI) in Kampala, Uganda, phoned in this testimony: One week after her graduation she was in the hospital to see a woman that was dying of AIDS. She anointed this woman (already given-up for dead) with the anointing oil all over. A few minutes later, this woman got up and went to the toilet all by herself! A week later, she was back at her home completely healthy and free from AIDS! The medical reports are available."  Report from our WMA, Kampala, Uganda
Rutz, James  Mega Shift - Pastor John K Nduati's God's Power Church in Kenya is renown for cured AID's patients.  However, pastor's power may be demonic rather than from the Holy Spirit.                  
Wommack, Andrew - Spring/Summer 2009 - Aids: No Match for God - Healing of June Confort's Aids -


Hickey, Marilyn - Breaking Generation Curses Part 2 - 7/30/2013 -
Hunter, Charles & Frances - Chapter 11 When Ministering Heating Up - @ - What is AIDS? This is a disease caused by a virus called HTLV-III, or the AIDS virus.  What does it do? The AIDS virus causes a severe reduction and depletion of the immune system of a person until his or her body can no longer effectively fight off infection.
How is the virus transmitted? The primary way in which the AIDS virus is passed from one person to another is through sexual intercourse. It was first thought that only homosexual contact was transmitting the disease, but now it is clear that people with multiple heterosexual contacts are also at risk. This obviously means that the person married to someone with AIDS is at risk of developing the disease as well.
AIDS can also be passed through blood transfusions, and through the use of dirty hypodermic needles. It could possibly also be passed from an open sore or bleeding cut into an open cut or mucous membrane of another person. There is suspicion, but no evidence, that intense kissing may transfer the virus. There is also no evidence that any casual contact, like shaking hands, a kiss on the cheek, or sneezing or coughing can infect others.
How do I minister to someone with AIDS? If the person contracted the disease through either homosexual or promiscuous activity, the first thing he needs to do is repent and be born again. We firmly believe there will never be a healing of AIDS without complete and genuine repentance and a turning away from the lifestyle in which one has previously been engaged.
The plan of salvation is extremely important in the healing of this particular disease, so don't rush over this part of the healing.
Then rebuke and take authority over the infection in the name of Jesus, and cast out the spirit of AIDS in
Jesus' name. Command healing or restoration to the entire immune system in the name of Jesus. Command the entire body to be healed and restored to normal in the name of Jesus. Also do the "electrical and chemical frequencies thing."
The root cause of AIDS still stems from sins that are abominations to God. An innocent spouse or individual may get AIDS and not be guilty of sin himself, but the source still seems to descend from the sin.
Here are a few Scriptures that clearly tell what God thinks about this sin against the body, which is intended to be His temple:
All of Leviticus 18 deals with the laws of sexual morality. Specifically, verses 22, 24, and 29 in the New King James Version say,
You shall not he with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination Do not defile yourselves with any of these things For whoever commits any of these abominations, the persons who commit them shall be cut off from among their people.
We also find the following passages in Leviticus and 1 Corinthians, respectively:
If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them. (Leviticus 20:13 NKJV)
Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God. (1 Corinthians 6:9-11 NKJV).
Ezekiel 16:6 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB) - 6 “‘I passed by and saw you there, wallowing in your own blood; and as you lay in your blood I said to you, “Live.” Yes, I said to you, as you lay in your blood, “Live."
McLean, Renny - Eternity Invading Time - - Chapter 13 Breakthrough - "(We have seen 100's set free from AIDS.)...
'When you're delivered, don't go back to the place where you acquired the condition.' 
If the lifestyle doesn't change, you will go back to what you were. 
AIDS was not the problem.  AIDS was the symptom...environment was the problem...
Separate from (spiritually) illegal environments."


AID's ministry - - New Castle, Delaware, USA -" Aid the Children, Inc. works to save the lives of children who are infected by HIV.
With our all natural treatments, these children are making remarkable recoveries, and are finding a new lease on life." - liquid vitamin - sea vegetables as liquid fertilizer & nutritional supplementation -
Community services in Boston, Massachusetts, USA - Free meals delivered to your home -
Durban Christian Center aids ministry
St. Aloysius Gonzaga High School for orphans, Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi, Kenya
Day, Dr Lorraine Aids - What the Government Isn't Telling You (book) Body fluids do transmit aids.
Can Mosquitoes Transmit AIDS?  - Aids can be transmitted via breast milk, French/intimate kissing, and anal sex.
The Government Cover-up of AIDS - 1-800-245-8884 Dr. James Kennedy audio Aids interview with Dr. Day
Frequently Asked Questions about AIDS + Everything You Wanted to Know about AIDS
Protein TRIM5-alpha seems to protect rhesus monkeys from HIV that causes AIDS per 2/26/04 Wall St Journal Health & Family.  Also, a new Aids drug is under study.  Three classes of oral drugs are combined to control HIV.  Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors plus non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors block an enzyme that HIV uses during early stages of copying itself.  Protease inhibitors keep protease enzymes from breaking single long strands of viral proteins into many smaller ones. 7/9/04 Wall Street Journal Marketplace


Dr. Len Horowitz - - Recorded at Freedom Law School's ( 2001 - Harvard Doctor found out that AIDS was manufactured in Government sponsored bio-medical labs and spread through Vaccinations.
Strecker, Dr. Robert B. - DVD - "AIDS is a man-made disease,  AIDS is not a homosexual disease, AIDS is not a venereal disease, AIDS can be carried by mosquitoes, and there can never be a vaccine."