Alkaloids -
Psychiatrist Eric Nestler reminds us that addictions corrupt the reward (feel good) brain pathways and that current research is on therapies that will block cravings or trick the brain.  3/21/04

Alternative Medicine

Food and Healing AnneMarie Colbin suggests the kuzu weed for alcohol craving.
Glutamic acid (glutamate) supplements help decrease alcohol consumption by reducing
dependency per Erdmann in  The Amino Revolution.
L-glutamic amino acid may help reduce alcohol and sugar cravings. Take AM/noon.
Nutrition Mental Health Autumn 02 - Kava may reduce craving in addictions - +  



Dual Diagnosis

Roosevelt, Elliott - Alcohol and Insanity


Beer -3/17/2009 -
The beer (containing the cocaine alkaloid from cocoa leaves, destined for USA) is named Apu, and is already sold in southeastern cities of Peru like Cusco, the well-known gateway city to legendary Machu Picchu."  (Other coca leaf beers would be forthcoming, once the import/export door is open.)
"Items like beer, tea, and toothpaste are produced and exported legally...A congressional commission in Peru approved a bill that would allow farmers to produce coca leaf flour and flavorings." 
Remember, there are also "coca tea" leaves, for tea lovers who also love cocaine.

"Peruvian labs have use coca leaves to create more than 30 different products such as shampoo, toothpaste, infusions (Coca Imperial Inca tea) and various medicaments. The use of coca leaves outside Peru or Bolivia is a crime; the export of coca leaves is forbidden. Ironically, the only legal export of coca leaves to the United States is made by the Stephan Company. They import each year around 175,000 kilos of coca leaves, to produce a cocaine serum to give flavor to the "Coca" Cola." -
"Chocolate is made from the cacao plant, and cocaine is made from the coca plant."

coca, not cocoa, is the base ingredient for cocaine -
"Cocaine is a naturally occurring alkaloid found in the coca leaf, and when extracted and purified, it becomes the addictive."
Red Bull Cola -,8599,1900849,00.html 5/25/2009 (Remember, the older original formula for coke included the ingredient cocaine from cocoa leaves.)  In 2009 Germany found "0.13 micrograms of cocaine per can of Red Bull".,8599,1898318,00.html - "The (beverage) industry is verging on pharmacology."  Modern sodas include such herbs/vitamins as melatonin (a hormone), valerian (a relaxant) root and rose hips.  "Withdrawal from valerian root has caused seizures." - "The drink has been ordered off the shelves in the German states of Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Thuringia and Rhineland-Palatinate.[4] The product has also been banned in Taiwan for the same reason."
Cocaine addiction may be helped with L-tryptophan plus L-tyrosine. 
may help nicotine and food
Coca leaves - - -


"Nicotine has the virtue of metabolizing into vitamin B-3, which is noted as a chemical to treat schizophrenia...Many schizophrenic patients show a calming of episodic events while smoking...allows a schizophrenia patient to focus...That stimulant just happens to be anti-fungal."
Schizophrenia: A Proposed Cause and Cure editorial by David Barnes - reprinted in Townsend Letter for Doctors 6/1994 #131
Nightshades - - "Toxic alkaloids occur in all of the nightshade family plants. 2 alkaloid groups are solanines and tropanes. These compounds are found in varying amounts in nightshade plants and in varying amounts in different parts of the plants. The alkaloids used as drugs are primarily tropanes. Tobacco is a nightshade that produces the alkaloid nicotine. The coca plant produces the alkaloid cocaine. Both have medicinal uses as well as being popular (illegal) recreational drugs."
"The most common foods in the nightshade family are white fleshed potatoes regardless of the color of the skin, tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers of any color, cayenne pepper, chile peppers and hot peppers. The leaves of eggplant are highly toxic and never should be eaten. Pimento and paprika are also nightshades. Black and white pepper are not nightshade plants, nor are yams and sweet potatoes.
Orange (fruit/juice) consumption helps reduce smoking per Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling.


Beware of consumption of excessive amounts of poppy seeds.  We have "heard" of one case of overdose when eaten warm, as in baked products.
Testimony of quitting steroids

Addiction Transfer

Swapping one addiction for another, not solving/eliminating the root issues.  Gastric bypass often results in addiction transfer;  the stomach may become smaller, the body may become smaller, but the root/emotional problems may become bigger. Many people have heard of a dry alcoholic, which is one displaying the same maladaptive behavior as one had when drinking

Sexual Addictions

Weiss, Dr Douglas  especially porn  This site provides telephone counseling.



Anglin - 2019-06-17  Anglin prayed: "I declare over the listeners who need healing right now, in this moment of time, we serve notice on what that illness is, whether it's brought on by demonic attack or whether it's natural causes. Thank you, Lord, that you're the God of healing, and you're the God of divine health.
Lord, I declare over every listener today that they would just receive what you already paid for on their behalf. I pray they would take it by faith, just like they took their salvation by faith. Lord, we just agree and declare and thank you for their healing today."

Bob Bassler (New Life Deliverance Center, Indiana, USA) contends that nicotine is a doorkeeper which opens the door to demons who use alcohol, drugs, marijuana & cocaine to enslave people. Jan/Feb 2006 Voice magazine
D'Andrea, Molly  Set Free - True Accounts of Those Who Have Been Liberated from Pornography, Sexual Addiction, Masturbation, Rape, Molestation, Incest, Lesbianism and Homosexuality Set Free if You Want to Be, Inc.
David "Wilkerson (Founder of Teen Challenge) claimed that if he could get someone to experience the 'fullness of the (Holy) Spirit,' that person could live free of his or her addiction.  Many secular psychiatrists...anger rose over the fact that Wilkerson at one time implied that a person had to speak in tongues to guarantee the Spirit's cure for hard-core addiction.  Even if it were (true), it would seem a small trade for a freedom from this monstrous killer." 
, Calvin  Loving God Up Close - Rekindling Your Relationship with the Holy Spirit

King, Patricia - Cocaine Deliverance - - personal ministry

Kornacki, Carol   Addicted Christians, Are You One of Them?  Former witch.
Dr. Jim Richards - Three Days 7/2-8/2012 interview on It's Supernatural TV - transcript - radio interviews with Jim here.
Shares how to repent & place your sin (curse/disease/malady) on Him.
Secret Sins by Merlin Carothers.  Merlin shares his struggle with lust.
Lindell, Mike - - 12/11/2019 -
Shares testimony and Lindell Recovery Network for addicts:  
Stone, Perry - Program # 321 on addictions
Manna-Fest Camp Meeting 2006 CD/DVD/Video # 5 - "Breaking America's Parkmakia Spirit" or Direct Download

Conventional Healings

Fricks, Larry of Cleveland, Georgia, USA - Testimony is in chapter 6 of Richard M Cohen's Strong at the Broken Places book.  He has (had) a dual diagnosis (alcohol addiction + bipolar). (Typically patients self-medicate with alcohol.) With medication plus monitoring by self and mate, he is living with purpose and zeal.  
One may want to check out Cohen's MP3 radio archives at
or listen Sundays 6:05-7:00 PM at 77AM radio or online at
Chapter 6 gives good insight into the medical establishment's attempted theft of the soul/mind/emotions/personality/ identity of patients, by it's divorcing the spiritual part of humanity and calling spiritual encounters lies/imaginations/delusions/insanity.  The human is 3 parts - mind + body + spirit.  Spiritual encounters can be heavenly or demonic; nonetheless they are typically real and not imaginary.  Most tribes would verify this.  Modern medicine is violating it's oath to do NO harm.

Spiritual Healings

David Piper's testimony (drugs) cassette 4/2002 -
Drug Addiction: Hunter's You Can Do It Too
Kim Daniels' testimony (drugs): cassette 3/02

Nutt, Diane - guest on Sid Roth's Messianic Vision Radio Broadcast 4/16-20/2007  Intimacy with God   
LISTEN - Click onto archives @ - To request ONE free cassette or CD, call Sid Roth's order only line 1-800-548-1918.  Former drug addict, now hug addict who permits God's presence in her to heal others with a word, a hug, or just being in someone's presence.  God was able to minister love to her, after she first forgave herself.

Oaks-Gatewood, Kylie - Winning the Mind Battle book
+ online: Jared Houle + Kylie Oaks Gatewood
Soul Control (1) - 2/09/2015
Soul Control (2) - 2/10/2015
Soul Control (3) - 2/11/2015
Soul Control (4) - 2/12/2015
Soul Control (5) - 2/13/2015
Tharinaís Redemption  WATCH @
(overcoming both drug and alcohol addiction + prostitution)
Yeomans, Dr. Lilian Barbara - -
Healed of morphine addiction. - Many editorial including
Harriet Lehr, Ada, Ohio Testimony regarding Dr. Yeomans -


Ames, Bruce  "Because of a hereditary deformation in an enzyme that regulates alcohol metabolism. That enzyme relies on a helper molecule called NAD that, in turn, contains dietary niacin. Treatment with niacin increases NAD levels and might overcome the enzyme deficiency. 'I know you can feed people high niacin and raise NAD levels,' says Ames, "but no one else knows it. I thought briefly of patenting a Japanese beer with niacin. You could get all the Japanese drunk."
Nicotine  is an alkaloid found in the nightshade family of plants (Solanaceae), predominantly in tobacco and coca, and in lower quantities in tomato, potato, eggplant (aubergine), and green pepper.
If one is addicted to smoking, AVOID consumption of nightshade vegetables.  Additionally, avoid nicotine pesticides.
Problems that affect bees can also affect humans. Neonicotinoids  (acetamiprid, clothianidin, imidacloprid, nitenpyram, nithiazine, thiacloprid, thiamethoxam), or nicotine-based  pesticides cause loss of one's comprehension or bearings such as is found in Alzheimer's. "Pesticides and herbicides used in farming and on suburban lawns can weaken or kill bees. Caron said a new class of pesticides used on plants, called neonicotinoids, donít kill bees but hamper their sense of direction. That leaves them unable to find their way back to their hives."  10/2008 movie  These nicotine pesticides were banned in France and France still has a viable industry compared to other countries.  4/2008 news Check your garden/lawn pesticide labels before purchasing. Go organic as much as possible.
glossary-dxm-drug-abuse - - If you overheard teens talking or texting about getting high on over-the-counter (OTC) cough medicine, would you know what they were talking about?  There are many slang words for dextromethorphan (DXM) abuse. EXAMPLE - Vitamin D = Another slang term for medicines with dextro-meth-orphan.

Innovations - News Find emergency treatment location by USA zip code. 10/2019
"Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) collects information on thousands of state-licensed providers who specialize in treating substance use disorders, addiction, and mental illness."
Suicide intervention for cops - +  "CONFIDENTIAL 24/7 hotline answered by retired LEOs trained in peer support & crisis intervention for LEOs & their families. 3/2015