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Zinc supplements, zinc oxide cream, & vitamin B6 ointment, & vitamin B6 supplements may help reverse acne.

Arginine & cysteine help reduce acne & boils per Erdmann in The Amino Revolution  Warning. 
Take Ornithine with arginine if you have herpes.  Equal dosage.
Aloe Vera - Health News Volume5#19 Aloe Vera  Miracle Food Cures from the Bible by Dubin
Ask for 1 newspaper Vol 5#19
Koch, Karen  M  Gift of Nature - Whole Leaf Aloe Vera published by Total Health Science Press 
Aloe Vera is a superior product for face restoration & can be applied directly to the skin + taken internally.
Aloe Vera contains 15 nutrients - 8 vitamins, 13 minerals, 13 enzymes, 20 amino acids, fatty & uric acids, 5 saccharides, anthraquinones, steroids &  3 sterols, lectins, lignins, gibberellins, saponins & salicylic acid (aspirin). Apply to pimples on skin.
Ice - 10/12/2015
Khalsa MD in Food as Medicine says to mix tumeric & water & paste onto acne lesions. 
Many MD's recommend cucumbers for acne.  
Warning; stay clear of author's "spiritual" recommendations.
Recommended topical treatments are alpha hydroxy acids or tree tea oil.
Fall 2002 Natural Medicines in Clinical Management  Oral supplements that may help are chaste berry, guggul, brewer's yeast saccharo-myces boulardii or zinc.
CAUTION: TEST only 1 drop or losinger at a time. 
Topical niacinamide (4%)  in a gel base may help propioibacterium acnes (P acnes)
Thylox (sulfur) soap or lotion @
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Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) is being used to treat acne vulgaris by Dr. Lit-Hung Leung in Hong Kong. 
Leung prescribes 10-20 grams daily in divided doses for 2 weeks to 6 months, depending on need. 
In addition a 20%  B5 cream in applied to the face 4-6 times daily.
Alternatives for the Health Conscious Individual newsletter of Dr. David G. Williams


Accutane for acne causes severe birth defects 3/1/2004 Wall St Journal
Hernandez, Carla - Wise Roots Nutrition - 3/2015 - Although fermented foods are typically a superior item to include with each meal to maintain intestinal flora balance, it "may be an important to reduce consumption of fermented foods" for "those prone to skin breakouts" or for those "those with histamine intolerance" at least during the time of those breakouts, such as menstruation, adolescence, when other remedies are not working. 
Editorial suggests other or related omissions during this season.

Progesterone -
Teenagers avoid milk if u r having problem with acne due to hormone progesterone in lactating cows.
Otherwise, stick with organic A2 milk from goats/sheep/cows (Jersey or Holstein).
Avoid the A1 conventional dairy milk & products (cheese/butter)
Otherwise stick with the cultured/fermented organic products (kifer/yogurt/butter)
The use of raw unpasteurized milk especially that of goats is on the rise. 
Additionally the majority of farms use antibiotics & unnatural feed which can be a hazzard both to animal & man.
Dr. Bob's Men's Health - The Basics - Part 1 +
Dr. Bob's Men's Health - The Basics - Part 2 
@ 10/2016 - Recent broadcast with Dr Bob is just for men & showcases the benefits of (organic) avocados & of NO milk unless it is organic (&/or raw/unpasteurized/fermented - kefir) because dairy animals are lactating, producing hormones not beneficial to males especially during time of teen acne.