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Alkaline diets are important.

Acid Vs. Alkaline Food - -
"A pH level below 7.0 is acidic, whereas a pH above 7.0 is alkaline...

According to Dr. Young, an acidic body may be why you have excess fat in your system.
'The body creates
fat cells to carry acids away from your vital organs, so these acids literally don't choke your organs to death,' he says. Acids also attract yeast & fungus, which can interfere with your body's ability to effectively absorb nutrients." (Acid forming foods include coffee, sodas, processed & fried foods, alcohol, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners & animal proteins. 
The soda ingredient that can remove rust is phosphoric acid; this can also leech out bone calcium.)

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Alkaline Water -

Alkalinity - Alkalinity in the Human Body - Part 1
Alkalinity -

"Alkalinity/Acidity Of Foods- REMEMBER 9 is alkalizing down to 7, anything under 7 should be avoided...
ou can add an ionic calcium supplement (1,000 mg minimally) to your water. This will neutralize the acid in your water a bit but not entirely...The best unit I have found, which contains 32 years of medical science history is the Kangen Water unit. The unit is a Japanese medical device that is in every hospital in Japan & in 1 of every 4 households. This unit is new to the United States & is a necessity due to the current drought situations in California & the government plodding to go 'toilet to tap'." - Prior articles at

Apple -
Red Delicious apple or other at bedtime or at onset of acid reflux.

Apple cider vinegar is recommended by Dr. D.C. Jarvis in his Folk Medicine.  His treatment of both sterile dairy cows & women helped them conceive!  Burtis, C. Edward  Nature's Miracle Medicine Chest  Arco publishing

Baking soda - -

Medically, "sodium bicarbonate is used in an aqueous solution as an antacid taken orally to treat acid indigestion and heartburn.[8] It may also be used in an oral form to treat chronic forms of metabolic acidosis such as chronic renal failure & renal tubular acidosis. Sodium bicarbonate may also be useful in urinary alkalinization for the treatment of aspirin overdose and uric acid renal stones."

Baking soda - Arm & Hammer company suggestions for use as antacid - Add (level/not heaped) 1/2 teaspoon to glass of water; drink every 2 hours up to maximum dosage (or as physician directed).
Caution: Each 1/2 teaspoon contains almost 1/2 gram sodium (20.9 mEq/.47t gm)

Baking soda - Marcus Guiliano - Drinking Baking Soda for Health Benefits | How To Improve Your Health - "Marcus Guiliano is the chef & owner of Aroma Thyme Bistro located in the bountiful Hudson Valley of New York. Chef Guiliano has been an advocate for over 10 years on healthy, sustainable, local & real food. He found his mission in cooking when he reversed over a handful of medical conditions including 28 years of asthma."  Guiliano recommends Bob's baking soda brand
For more info visit - My Central Channel: 

Bentonite - "Natural zeolites and clay minerals (such as bentonite) have been used frequently for retaining heavy metals from residual waters.
For example, clinoptilolite, which is the most frequent natural zeolite (with deposits in Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Romania), has been proven to be highly efficient in the process of retaining Zn2+, Fe2+, Pb2+, Ni2+, Co2+, Cu2+, Cr3+, Cd2+ & Mn2+ ions" helps to maintain healthy
electrolyte & PH balances.
"Bentonite clay is a combination of montmorillonite AND volcanic ash,"

Bentonite (volcanic/lava) clay -

Caffeine is an alkaloid compound that stimulates cardiac muscle and the central nervous system & is absorbed & distributed throughout the body very rapidly.  Reduce daily intake.

Dach, Dr Jeffrey

Fulvic &/or humic acid - 9/25/2013 -
Humic acid seems to be beneficial in treating DNA enveloped viruses.

Goji berry - "Dr. Victor A. Marcial-Vega is a Board-certified Oncologist; he trained at John Hopkins Hospital, is a Professor at the University of Miami & Washington Universities Schools of Medicine & a Researcher & Consultant in Nutritional Medicine.
He says that every disease in the human body, whether it is high blood pressure, cancer (which is the disease he manages the most), diabetes, schizophrenia, stress, or any type of physical discomfort, turns the body acidic.
Acid in your body is like the acid on your car battery terminal. It corrodes. It disintegrates.
Whenever your immune system is low or if your family history is plagued with heart disease, that may be where the acid in your body targets.

He observed that the common threat in 100% of his patients is that they are acidic when they aren’t healthy & they are alkaline when they are healthy.
In order to sustain health, our bodies have to be kept at a constant alkaline level. Your saliva alkaline test should read at a 7.4 pH. As an example, it is believed that cancer cells do not survive in the higher pH ranges.
They die off...

Dr. Marcial-Vega found that the (pure) Himalayan Goji juice changed the body from being acidic to alkaline within 24 hrs.

He says that some people only need 2-4 ounces (1/4-1/2 cup) of the Goji juice a day to achieve alkalinity. Although, most of his Cancer patients needed 10-15 ounces a day."

Goji berry   A medical video on Goji on U tube.  
Also check out 
Marcial-Vega, Dr Victor A + CD - Acid is for Batteries, Not for Healthy People

Kroeger, Hanna - in Parasites - The Enemy Within urges us to keep the intestines slightly acidic by often using apple cider vinegar and/or cranberry juice, plus eating more protein & less carbohydrates.

Koch, Karen  M  Gift of Nature - Whole Leaf Aloe Vera published by Total Health Science Press - If lemon or apple cider vinegar in water drunk before meals helps with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome including diverticulitis, Chron's celiac sprue, gastritis, constipation, diarrhea, reflux, hiatal hernia), then whole leaf aloe vera juice will also help even more.  Add 2 tablespoons aloe vera to water/beverage at meal time; then refrigerate aloe.  Substitute some water with aloe juice for a more nutritious gelatin/jello dessert, especially for the elderly or preschoolers.

Kombucha tea from the fermented magic mushroom provides an alkalinizing beverage. 
See chapter
15 in Robert R Barefoot's Death by Diet

Lemonade with organic lemons, distilled water, organic maple syrup & dash of organic cyanine pepper is recommended as daily beverage.

Lemonade Fast and colon cleanser -  fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper & maple syrup 6-10 times a day for a recommended 10 days

Organic - "Organic food choices are always the best bet when it comes to healthy eating. Not only do organic foods contain a higher amount of beneficial nutrients, they are also free of the various additives, including dyes, antibiotics, growth hormones & other factors that much commercially grown & raised foods contain.
All such additives create further acidity in the body, not to mention the many other unhealthy effects they have."

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PH - Low Body PH Balance - -
Nice illustrations; is a
NON Judeo-Christian site.

Pickle a day may keep the doctor away.  Ruth Tuch aged 107 attributes vinegar in her sweet and sour pickle sandwiches + her laid back attitude to her long life. 12/3/05 Boston Herald news paper

Plum Sake wine - Acidity:7.1 -
Plum Sake wine - Infused with organic plums -

Potassium supplement (or a banana) will help to normalize/alkalize an acidic urine pH (below 6.6) based on pH test strips. Amazing Wellness magazine vol.3 #6 - early winter 2011 - Skeleton Keys - -

Raw unrefined salt (such as gray Celtic sea salt containing 80 minerals/elements) can be a health benefit, whereas refined pure food-grade salt is not only a dead salt but also deadly (possibly containing cyanide, aluminum, ammonia, & dextrose).  May/June 2007  
[If you like a finer salt, you can buy unrefined salt in small grinders or perhaps grind your own in a small coffee bean grinder. (Do not use for use same grinder for both coffee beans & salt.) With a small funnel, one can pour ground salt back into a salt shaker, etc.]

"In an acidic body, the pH is lowered, while in an alkaline body, the pH is elevated...
When the pH of the body becomes either too acidic or too alkaline, normal physiologic functions decline. 
The organs of the body (kidneys, liver, brain, etc.) do not function efficiently unless the pH of the body is
neutral (7.2).  Enzymes, the catalysts for the body, are very sensitive to pH changes.  They will lose most of their function when the pH is altered.  Immune system cells are unable to protect us when the pH is imbalanced....
Refined foods (such as refined salt), devitalized of all the healthy vitamins, minerals & enzymes are acidifying... Minerals are 1 of the most alkalinizing agents to the body...Mineral deficiency is often associated with a lowered pH (<7.0)...It is (often) impossible to overcome chronic illness when there is an acidic condition present.

(One now might begin to appreciate why many opt for a pickle or swig of vinegar at the end of each meal.)

Raw unrefined salt - Molokai sea salt (Paakai) - Include choices of seal salt (16% comprised of 80 naturally occurring trace minerals & electrolytes) with Hawaiian (volcanic) red (iron-oxide) Alaea clay, activated charcoal, or organic bamboo-leaf extract.
Only authentic Alaea red clay will cause a fizzing reaction when added to a liquid," & can be used as a medicinal bath.
"A natural mineral called "Alaea" (volcanic baked red clay) is added to enrich the salt with iron oxide."
Organic salt - "Although salt is not certified organic by the same standards as botanicals, agriculture or livestock, there are at least 3 organizations that have set up rigorous guidelines for the production of salt...
Nature & Progres - France, Bio-Gro - New Zealand, Soil Association Certified - Wales

Salt (sea)water "exhibits an important buffering capability, with a pH comprised between 7.9 & 8.3 & a mean saline concentration of 33/%."

Salt - "Salt as it is found in nature is very healthy. 1 of the reasons this is so is because sea salt contains a wealth of trace minerals that are essential for good health. The problem, as you pointed out, is that common table salt NO longer contains these trace minerals." - Learn more:

Sauerkraut - - KristensRaw
Step #1 - capitolcitydean
Step #2 - SteveMackOnline

Sour raw certified (clabbered) milk (not putrid pasteurized buttermilk) is recommended, especially for bottle fed infants, who are not breast feeding. Metchnikoff theory. Burtis, C. Edward Nature's Miracle Medicine Chest Arco publishing

Switchel - 9/30/2015
2 quarts filtered water
1/2 cup raw apple cider vinegar (I use this brand)
1/2 cup raw honey (orange blossom or tupelo honey taste amazing with this recipe.)
2 tsp organic ginger powder or 2.5 Tbl fresh grated ging or make (kombucha or Jun in about 1 week) or ginger ale , Lemonade , Orangina or Rootbeer

True Lemon brand sells individually wrapped packages of powdered citric acid, lactose, lemon juice, lemon oil, maltodextrin & ascorbic acid (vitamin C) which contribute to acid reduction. Add to water.

Ume plums (a type of apricots) raw, as umeboshi vinegar, umeshu wine, or pickled are considered the king of alkaline foods.  Tales of Common Soldiers manual instructed soldiers to eat 1 ume pickle a day. 

(such as raw unfiltered organic apple cider with the mother), citrus fruits (such as lemons), and citric acid powder contribute to the reduction of body acidity & the reduction of fatigue. 
Add fresh lemon to those water bottles.  Try a dill pickle or sauerkraut.  Try a vinegar & oil salad dressing. 
Lots of choices.

Drs Krebs & Lipman were awarded the 1953 Nobel prize for their clarification of the Citric Acid Cycle & ATP energy. 
Acid pH (below 7) is "losing" electrical protons. Base/alkaline pH (above 7) is "receiving" electrical protons.  Although the goal is a 7.4 blood pH  acid-base equilibrium, some enzymes require an acid environment, while others require alkaline.  7.7 pH = death

Ume - - editorial - Varghese, Stanley -

"Umeboshi are dried fruit pickled extremely sour & salty. It is made from Prunus mume fruits common in Japan. Prunus mume also known as Ume is a species of Asian plum in the family Rosaceae.
Ume is often called a plum but is actually more closely related to the apricot. The tree is cultivated for its fruit & flowers & the fruit is also called
Japanese apricot or Chinese plum. The Ume tree flowers in late winter in January or February in East Asia. Each flower has 5 petals & has coloring ranging from white to rose & to deep red. The leaves appear as soon as the petals fall. The fruit ripens in early summer of June & coincides with the rainy season of China & Japan. Each fruit is round with a groove running from the stalk to the tip.
The skin is green when unripe & turns yellow, sometimes with a red blush, as it ripens. The flesh becomes yellow.

Umeshu wine can be found on the liquor shelves with the plum wines.  It tastes like a mild after dinner liqueur.  Wine may contain plums added inside bottle.  One can add dry sparkling wine to your glass of umeshu wine.

(Japanese) Ume plum vinegar or syrup - how to make - good
or "  3/23/2009 - Ingredients for Plum Syrup & Plum Wine -
Shochu for Sanitizing Containers -

Plum Syrup - 500g Green (unripe) Plums (17.64 oz) 500g Rock Sugar (17.64 oz) 50ml Vinegar (0.21 u.s. cup) -
Plum Wine - 500g Green (unripe) Plums (17.64 oz) 250g Rock Sugar (8.82 oz) 900ml Shochu (3.80 u.s. cup) (35% alcohol by volume)

Choya Royal Honey is a Umeshu specially made with Japanese Ume, Honey & Royal jelly. @

1/4 teaspoon vitamin C can be used instead of vinegar or lemon juice (added to a glass of water) to offset indigestion & regulate the ph balance.  Add a bit of honey if needed to offset bitter/sour taste.

Ume plum @
Ume Plum @ - "Umeboshi is alkaline-forming in the body, thanks to its high concentration of citric acidic, which has a powerful alkalizing effect. In fact it has 25x more citric acid content than lemon juice. & (acidic) citric acid helps drive nutrients into our cells & enhance nutrient absorption."  [The plum is fermented/pickled in vinegar & (alkaline) salt.]
Ume plum @

Umeshu plum wine with or without fruit @ Also with or without honey & "contains health-promoting minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium & antioxidants".  Consider using for daily home communion/eucharist. 


Vinegar drinks with organic sugar & organic fruit (shrub) -


Williams MD, David G - among others, contend that when body PH balance is restored, back muscles respond accordingly. 1-800-843-8408


Zeolite (bentonite lava clay) creates a natural buffer in the system by establishing an optimal pH level (between 7.35 and 7.45), which in turn activates healthy brain function & a strong immune system.  TreeofLife Zeolite Detoxification.doc


Becker, Robert O - The Body Electric - "Higher frequencies will actually destroy certain diseases of lower frequency. A higher frequency also maintains a healthier pH in the body, which has also been shown to maintain a healthier state: Alkaline body fluids have the ability to absorb large amounts of “oxygen” capable of killing all forms of bad bacteria, fungus, viruses & parasites. Acidic body fluids with a pH of 6 or lower greatly restricts oxygen absorption. An oxygen poor body & cellular fluid helps to promote degenerative diseases & limits the ability of the body to heal itself).  So this raises an important point when we start considering what we ingest into our bodies. Raw foods, & specifically foods that are at the bottom of the food chain, such as blue-green algae...By living on a higher frequency level you are tuning in to higher vibrations. Remember, thoughts are energy, and energy is the same as mass, and mass constitutes the world we live in, so by changing your frequency, & since thoughts have frequency, you are changing your world."  (Better still is for us to line up with the mind of Jesus as revealed in the Holy Bible & thus align our self with His superior frequency.)

Eating too many foods (meat, cheese, coffee, wine, processed food) that trigger excess digestive hydrochloric acid, stress or lack of exercise contribute to acid blood & disease, but most fruit (berries/plums/prunes) & root vegetables are alkaline [and thus do not trigger stomach acid (HCL)] per vol 7 #11 The Doctors' Prescription for Healthy Living Chlorophyll supplements, RAW fruits and vegetables + carrot juices contribute to a normal alkaline pH level per winter 2004 Hallelujah Acres magazine.

Horowitz, Leonard, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H - A 5 STEP PROCESS TO BOOST YOUR NATURAL IMMUNITY - 6/1999 -
I also recommend the old Master Cleanser (see Master Cleanser or Healing for the Age of Enlightenment by Stanley Burroughs). You take a full gallon pitcher. Fill it with the best water that you can find. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice in there, and then add Grade B maple syrup because it still has many of the nutrients which have been refined out of Grade A. If you want to add a little apple cider vinegar as well, this raises the pH, along with the lemon juice. We will talk more about pH in Step 2. If you want to add things like a little bit of garlic it wouldn't hurt. This is the old Master Cleanser. Now you spoil this delicious lemonade by mixing in a couple of heaping tablespoons of the hottest cayenne pepper that you can find. Stuff that just looking at it makes your eyes water. You are raising the body temperature with this, because cayenne pepper not only has the highest pH, but it also raises the body's temperature extremely well. It flushes your face, I mean, you are hot. 
Those fungi don't like that very much. Just as different seaweeds don't grow in certain areas because they need a certain terrain in which to grow, it is the same thing with bacteria, viruses, fungi & cancer cells. They require an acidic terrain. So if you want to
raise your body pH, raise your body alkalinity, reduce your acidity." 
(One can drink it cold in the summer & hot like tea in the winter.)
The lifestyle risks that cause your body to turn acidic are acid-forming foods, caffeine consumption, nicotine, sugar, stress, alcohol & drugs. Virtually all pharmaceutical drugs, cause acidity.
When the body chemistry becomes acidic, it creates a breeding ground for fungi, bacteria, viruses & cancer cells.
Cancers grow at an acidic pH environment of about 4.5.
So you want to get rid of that environment so those things can't grow in your system.
Detoxification & the Master Cleanser are an excellent inexpensive way to begin.
Your body chemistry should be ideally somewhere in the (
PH) range of like 7.5 to 7.6.
The water that you drink at home, typically, is going to be in the neighborhood of around 7.0. Check your water. If it has a pH of 7, you have to raise that pH. If you are not drinking water with a pH of at least 8, you are not doing this program properly. How do you get a water pH of 8? Well, the simplest thing to do is squeeze some fresh
lemon or lime juice into it. Most people think that doesn't make sense because it is an acid fruit which would make you more acidic. But that does not occur because lemon & lime have a lot of calcium, which converts to calcium hydroxide in the body & that raises your body pH (increases the alkalinity). So the easiest, least expensive thing to do is buy a basket-full of lemons or limes & squeeze that into your (drinking) water. There is also a product called "Alkalife" which costs about $20 U.S. for a 2-month supply. 2 drops in an 8-ounce glass of water will raise it to a pH of about 8. There are machines that you can buy that create alkaline water.
The best that I am aware of is called 'The Water Doctor'. A lot of people are recommending drinking
watermelon juice, watermelon fasts, millet, & millet flour because they raise your body's pH.
You should be drinking half of your body weight, converted to ounces, of water per day. So that if you weighed, let's say 200 pounds, you should be drinking at least 100 ounces of water. That is ten 10-ounce glasses, or twelve 8-ounce glasses of water per day, at least. That is a lot of water. You have to understand that your body is composed of well over 70% water, & well over 80-90 % water in your brain. You have to replenish that stuff. What are you going to drink? These soft drinks are absolutely poisonous to the body chemistry, especially when they contain aspartame. And if you drink an 8-ounce glass of a drink which contains phosphoric acid, it will take you probably 8-10 times that at least, to cleanse out the garbage from your system and try to re-balance the body chemistry. When you drink this brown stuff containing caffeine, it goes in brown, & it comes out white or yellow. Did you ever wonder what happened to the brown? It adds a toxic effect on the kidneys. The kidneys have to pull out all that brown garbage. The liver has to work with it & alter it.
It is a burden on the primary detoxification systems, the creation of urine, & the liver, & as well, it comes out the skin. The skin is a primary detox structure as well."

Step #3 BOOSTING YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM - "above all, spiritually.
Start with exercise & (reputale) nutritional supplements."


Natural - from

PH Charts - Coffee/tea are NOT wise choices.

Swimmer's ear can be helped with a drop of 50% white vinegar (acidic, to kill bacteria & fungus)
+ 50% rubbing alcohol (to help dry ear). 5/3/2005
Wall Street Journal
Koch, Karen  M  Gift of Nature - Whole Leaf Aloe Vera published by Total Health Science Press   
Koch recommends 50% whole leaf aloe vera juice + 50% distilled water.  
3-5 "drops" restore acidic pH in wet/swimmer's or infected ear.

Wine (red & white grapes) - - in-depth tutorial good overview on PH -
short acid tutorial - - "A quick note on pH in wines before we begin adjusting the must. In wine, we typically see a pH of between 3 – 4. For each wine there are multiple styles that can be made, but as a standard whites have a higher acidity and thus a lower pH – closer to 3.0.
Red wines have a higher pH and thus a lower acidity – closer to 4
.0 (although typically closer to 3.5).
The closer a wine’s pH is to 4, the less stable the wine will be in the long run. The closer a wine’s pH is to 3, the more stable it can be, but this is not a certificate to add acid to protect he wine from microbial problems.
What we are attempting to achieve is balance."

Young, Robert O & Shelley  The PH Miracle - Balance Your Diet. Reclaim Your Health.  Chapter 6 Food Combining recommends that each meal consist of MOSTLY low-sugar/high water vegetables/fruits (70%) + a MINIMUM of protein (5% animal or 7% vegetable), natural oils (20-30%), and sugar (0.5-3%), using a 3 to 1 basis = 3 vegetables + 1 protein (or complex carbohydrate).  Protein digestion takes place in the stomach & requires acidity, whereas starch/vegetable/fat digestion takes place in small intestine and requires mild alkalinity.
Before, between & after (not during) meals indulge in
water which has been alkalized with such as a fresh lemon/lime [not green powders with algae, mushrooms or probiotics (fermentable bacteria)]. 
Authors contend that poor/improper food combinations contribute to an excess of sticky mucus/phelm. 
Authors also urge one to have 1
raw/live organic food with each meal.  Choose vegetables over fruit. 
"Acids block the action of ptyalin, a component of saliva...necessary for...starch digestion.
(The result is that) Starches...layer (vegetable) sugar on top of (fruit) sugar and (stomach) acid...
The combination (of eating an excess of processed starch with an excess of animal proteins) creates enough poisons that it can actually shut down the immune system for 5 hours... (A garnish of natural/healthy) oil (such as olive oil salad dressing) slows digestion of starch." Court issues regarding prescribing without being a licensed doctor.  


Cimetidine (Tagamet) is an OTC (over the counter) DRUG that may be good for heartburn, upset stomach, ulcers and gastroesophageal reflux as well as for (off label use) preventing immune suppression caused by tumor secretion of histamine, halting cancer growth, preventing angiogenesis, promoting cancer cell death, & averting cancer metastasis.  5/2007

Cold (over the counter) OTC medications are (unhealthy) acid-forming, as are most medications.
2020 post


Coldwell, Leonard - - @ -
Leonard Coldwell recommends an under sink
Reverse Osmosis water system. reverse cancer by becoming alkalized.  High dosage of vitamin c or oxygen can accelerate the healing process.


Ionization - Build your own - from RetroVintageTreasure -
(Caution regarding choice of plastic container, as some leak/leech/bleed toxins/PCB's into water, more than others.)

PH value @ +

PH & Disease -

Ocean acidity - GRITtv: Got Docs?: A Sea Change - 9/13/2011 - "Barbara Ettinger's new film, A Sea Change, looks at the effects of ocean acidification on the world's waters. As the make-up of the oceans are altered through pollution & global climate change, could we be looking at the possibility of a world without fish?"

Rebuttal - @ Markus Rothkranz - 7/31/2013
James Sloane "explains the truth about acids and alkaline substances & how they affect our bodies...
Video explains scientifically why not to use baking soda or alkaline water as healing methods." 
(Disregard if these methods work for you.)


Kangen water - - -


Taggart, Lynn - The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life ... - Google - - The Cosmic Code may affect pH or polarity. 
According to Tiller in (paranormal?) Science Adventures, "Orthodox science maintains that monopoles exist only in electricity (as a positive or negative charge), but not in magnetism, which creates only dipoles from spinning or orbiting electrical charge." - Conventional birth control pills interfere with the womb's lining PH resulting in following: "The pill’s 3rd mechanism is to change (thin) the lining of the endometrium (the lining of the womb), which creates a hostile environment for a newly created human being. The tiny baby cannot implant & is spontaneously aborted by the body. 4,5,6,11,12
As quoted in the booklet Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions? by Randy Alcorn, a representative of the Ortho-McNeil pharmaceutical company said, 'If you end up with a fertilized egg [new human being],
it [the baby boy or girl] won’t implant & grow because of the less hospitable endometrium.'
'It seems unlikely that implantation would be possible in the altered endometrium developed under the influence of most of the suppressants [of ovulation].'"
[Planned Parenthood convinced the medical society to change the definition of fetus/conception from time of sperm implantation into egg to fertilized egg's implantation into womb lining, resulting (at that time) in a legal loophole of 1 week to abort babies.]
11/28/2011 James Sedlak clarifies pH issues on Catholic TV -

Young, Robert O. - Juicing seems to be a recommended practice to maintain health. PH Miracle - Chapter #1 @
"Forget cholesterol counts. Forget calories & fat grams. Forget blood pressure, blood sugar, hormone levels, or any of the other markers of health you're used to at the doctor's office. It turns out that the single measurement most important to your health is the pH of your blood & tissues. How acidic or alkaline it is. Different areas of the body have different ideal pH levels, but blood pH is the most telling of all.
Just as your body temperature is rigidly regulated, the blood must be kept in a very narrow pH range, mildly basic or alkaline... The pH level of our internal fluids affects every cell in our bodies...
Get at least 3/4 of your plate covered with alkalizing food, use supplements & you'll be good to go."

Young, Robert O. 10/7/2021 @
Young, Robert O @ -
have suggested for over 4 decades that there is only 1 sickness, 1 disease & 1 treatment.
The 1 sickness & 1 disease is the over-acidification of the vascular & interstitial fluids due to an inverted way of living, eating, drinking, breathing, thinking, feeling & believing. The 1 treatment is to restore the alkaline design of the vascular, interstitial & intracellular fluids with an alkaline lifestyle & diet
Young, Robert O. @ consists of ORGANIC raw: 3 cups spinach, 1/2 avocado, 5 stalks celery, small leaf purple cabbage,

2 baby carrots, 2 cloves garlic, 1/2 whole lemon, 16 oz alkaline water at a pH of 9.5, 1 tsp sea salt, 3 scoops of Doc Broc Greens from pH Miracle, & 1 scoop of organic hemp sprouts powder.
Shake Directions @


Ferrell, Emerson - 9/2010 ministry newsletter - Immersed in Him - 
"Laughing or singing can break connections formed in our neuro nets... Our brains are the greatest pharmaceutical factories on the planet... Neurologists have identified a peptide called enkephalins... known to act as a bonding agent in opiates... The body's cells are designed to regenerate most effectively when the
chemicals or amino acids are alkaline... Sadness, anger, rage, jealousy & depression produce acidic chemicals...
Consuming pharmaceutical drugs weakens & eventually destroys the body's immune system

Over time the body loses its ability to produce proper chemicals to protect its organs... We can become addicted to the chemicals our body creates...People who view themselves as victims will (may)...eventually attract a real life situation, in order to produce the amino acid (brain chemical which would help fix fear)... The more convinces we are of the reality from our emotions, the more addicted we (may) become to the feelings from our mind's pharmaceutical factory.  Thus, our bodies become the center for decisions instead of our mind. 
The mind is the 'drug dealer' supplying the chemicals & memories to support our addictions...appetites."

Josey, Jo Ann - Living the Supernatural Lifestyle - Kingdom Living - Parasites Not Me @ 10/24/2013 @ - "The Holy Spirit, God has shown me that (often) at the root of (most) every (treatment-resistant) disease is a parasite."
(Try home page or to purchase.) or
Book excerpt says there seem to be 2 major reasons for medical problems: PH balance & parasites.
Josey, Jo Ann -
24E6DE390E5156CBE51124E6DE390E5156CBE511&view=detail&FORM=VIRE - 1/27/2012

Mentions that yoga and reiki practices were stolen by Satan and misappropriated/misused, but can be repurposed for God.  (Caution with some of body positions, which are evil positions of sign language of summoning demons.)
friend says JoAnn reversed her mom's vegetative state by implementing the insights shown her by Holy Spirit.)
Josey, Jo Ann - +