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Scrivner, Thurman - http://d3tnb2mam8l2qt.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/IS794Transcript_Scrivner.pdf - March 2015
from http://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/thurman-scrivner?src=weeklybroadcastemail_030215
Yes. When his mother and dad asked me, when I started teaching just the Word of God in the Sunday school class, this couple was in that class, and they heard me teach things they had never heard before, that God would do miracles and healings, and things. So they invited me to their house. I went up there and said, "What do you all need?" They said, "Well our 11-year-old son here, we've taken him to doctors, they've burned warts off of him and his body is literally covered with warts." They said, "We even had a bunch of them burned off the back of his right hand and it just left 2 big rows of scars, but the warts came right back in him." I looked at him. They brought him in. He sat down beside me. I looked over at him and I said, "Gee, Philip," I said, "you got warts everywhere." I mean, he had warts in his forehead, in his eyebrows, in his eyelids. He had warts in his nose. He had warts on his neck.
He didn't want nobody to see what he looked like. He hated himself. So he even told me, you know, I said, "Son, you got more warts than anybody I ever saw in my life." He said, "I hate myself." He said, "Everybody at schools calls me Warty." I said, "Well I understand, son." But I said, "There's something about God you got to know." I said, "God will let you take those scars to your grave. But if you come to him in faith," I said, "I guarantee He will take those warts and scars off of your body." I said, "So we got to get in the Word." I said, "Now the first thing we got to do," I said, "we got to make sure that all of us are free of sin.  We got to know that Jesus' blood has covered us and if there's any sin in our life, anything we've done wrong, we need to get rid of that." I said, "One of the major sins I've come to realize, especially in the church today, is the sin of unbelief." I said, "We don't believe these wonderful promises." I got the mom and dad to repent of sin.  For the next couple of hours, at least a couple of hours, I started building this boy's faith. As I built his faith on the Word of God, after a couple of hours, I asked him the question. I said, "Son, do you believe that the Jesus that I'm talking about out of this Bible, with all the promises he made, do you believe he can take these warts and scars off of your body?" Little Philip said, "Mr. Scrivner," he said, "after what I've heard you talk about in this book, I believe Jesus can do anything." I said, "Son, that's what Jesus can do." I said, "He can do anything. He even says he can anything." I said, "Now then," I said, "I want us all to kneel here and I'm going to take this wonderful promise of Matthew 18:19, which again says, I've used that verse a lot, Matthew 18:19, which says, "Again, I tell you," now this is Jesus talking, too, by the way. Jesus said, "Again, I tell you that if 2 of you on Earth agree about anything you ask me for, it shall be done for you by my Father, which is in Heaven." So we knelt and everybody made sure they repented of all their sins, mom and dad, and little Philip. Philip was 11.  He had these warts since he was 3. So 8 years he had them all over his body. I told him, I said, "Now after Jesus heals you, I want you to know that when you go back to school this year, they're going to ask what happened and you're going to have to tell them that Jesus took these off you." I said, "You know, they ain't gonna believe you. They're gonna laugh at you, but you got to stand on the Word of God." And so anyway, we prayed. And then I stood up and after we prayed and I stood up, I looked at the mother and she asked me a question. She said, "When are they going to come off?" I said, "Well that's the only thing God doesn't tell me is when." I said, "Now I guarantee you that if you'll stay in faith with me and don't get into any kind of sin or anything, unbelief," I said, "I guarantee you in a few days to a few weeks at best, Philip won't have a wart or a scar left on his body. I guarantee it."
But I said, "I guarantee you something else. When I walk out the door, there's going to be an enemy." I said, "He's going to come and he's going to put his hand on your shoulder and whisper in your ear, 'Now you don't think just because this old grey-headed guy come over and prayed over you that God is going do anything. Remember, the doctors, the doctors couldn't get them off. They burned off and they come right back and the scars are still there. So you don't think just because he prayed this is going to go away.'" I said, "But don't believe that lie. Don't believe that lie."
I said, "Stand on the promises of God and I guarantee you Philip's warts will go away." Well the next morning, the mother goes in to check him and all the warts on his hands, fingernails and under his fingernails, on the backs of his hands, every wart on his hands were completely gone overnight. Now he still had lots of warts all over his body, but they were gone on his hands. Well 3 weeks later when I saw him in church for the first time, that little boy did not have a wart nowhere on his body. They were all gone. 
Now the scars were still there and when the mother gave me his hands, "Thurman, look." All the warts were gone from Philip's body, all under his clothes where you can't see it, warts everywhere. Like I said, they were all gone. The only things left were those 2 rows of scars. I said, "Well Mama, according to Matthew 8, not Matthew, but Mark 11:23, which says, "Whatever I say with my mouth, if I believe with my heart I can have it." So I am speaking TO those scars and I'm going to guarantee you, according to the Word of God, by next Sunday, Philip will not have a scar left on his body. Next Sunday, when the mother came in, if you ever saw a charismatic mother in a Baptist church, we had a charismatic mother in that Baptist church. She was dancing, jumping, praising God. Even Baptists get excited when Jesus shows up.

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