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Practices offering early treatment for COVID 2020 MDs by State in USA for patient inquiry 2020 link for clinicians - A Guide to Home Based Treatment -
Budesonide - Bartlett, Dr. Richard @ - 8/2020 -
Inhaled budesonide a (prescription) generic drug is extremely safe & has been around for over 20 years.
It is FDA-approved for asthma & lung inflammation.  It is not FDA-approved for COVID, but no drug has been approved yet.
  Dr. Richard Bartlett’s (successful) full protocol for COVID includes not only inhaled budesonide (via a mist) using a nebulizer (inhaler), but also zinc to help fight the virus AND an antibiotic such as clarithromycin for secondary bacterial infections such as pneumonia.  He favors vitamin D3 (from sunshine) & vitamin C (from citrus fruit).
Dr. Bartlett says budensonide is available as an OTC (over the counter) nose spray for asthma.  (This might be good to have in one’s locked medicine cabinet.) 8/2020 interview
+ 11/23/2020 Joni Lamb Table Talk
Budesonide Nasal Spray OTC is a glucocorticoid
Budesonide @ - 1st read contradictions/cautions. OTC nose spray + One can use a diluted "mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide" + One can have in midicine cabinet a "Thermometer to monitor fever & a "Pulse Oximeter to monitor oxygen levels." + zinc, vitamin C + hydrogenated water. + Excellent
HydroChloric Acid
Hydrochloric Acid - (Take WITH food.)
(Hydrochloric Acid as Betaine HLC might be a better source -
+  )
HydroxyChloroQuine (HCQ)

8/10/2020 MD speaks out that disinformation regarding Hydroxy-chloroquine (HCQ) has cost countless lives.
Dr. Lisa Saff Koche is triple board certified.  (Taken at home) 200 mg 2x a week may help prevent/remediate COVID.

HCQ - + + @
+ 8/12/2020 (significant)
Kennedy indicates that safe HCQ protocol is 200 mg (+ zinc) every 3 days (perhaps M+W+F). He reminds us of USA federal law prohibiting RX fast tracking when there is current RX which will fix a medical problem.  This truth/hindrance seems to be a major incentive to censor/hide any alternative, OTC or off-label remediation & to push lucrative patented vaccine development. 
The greater the fear, the greater the opportunity to be the power player/dictator/manipulator/con/trojan horse.
HCQ - Any FDA drug approved for a specific purpose is available on &/or off label, can be prescribed by a MD, regardless of diagnosis.  HCQ is OTC (over the counter) in many countries & has been in use for over 60 years.  Use with zinc.  Do NOT exceed recommended dosage. 
Often used with an antibiotic &/or vitamins/herbs (A, C, colostrum, etc.)  Take with food & liquid.
HCQ - 8/23/2020
"Mark Levin interviews Yale professor Harvey Risch about hydroxychloroquine.
Dr. Risch says the evidence is overwhelming that hydroxychloroquine works."
HCQ @ Regarding America's Frontline Doctors & Stella Immanuel.
HCQ @ The Candace Owens Show: Dr. Stella Immanuel - YouTube "Sunday Medicine" in Africa for malaria - 11/15/2020 @ PragerU - YouTube - Doctors can say there is an effective treatment, but can NOT say there is a cure.
+ supplements @ +TeleHealth Pharmacy @ Dr. Immanuel mentioned 2 pills per month, apparently as a propelactic for covid.  Early intervention works better than late remediation.
HCQ @ - Edited Excerpt - “Pain-killer tablets such as aspirin, paracetamol & ibuprofen will be placed behind pharmacy counters & no longer be freely available on shelves (OTC) in France from 1/15/2020...Medical health agency Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament (ANSM) recommended it in October year 2019, after consultations with pharmacies & patient focus groups...Paracetamol, our much loved childhood medication during seasonal flu that our mothers gave us with syrup...Plaquénil, the trade name for chloroquine, was sold over the counter in pharmacies until January 15, 2020...October 2019 of course is when some suspect this corona thing began in Wuhan, China with 1/15/2020 being just 2 days before the western scientific community began to start grappling with this thing."
HCQ @ +
HCQ - Breggin, Dr. Peter R - "The combination of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zincis considered the most successful treatment for COVID-19 by experienced clinicians." @
HCQ + antibiotic - Smith, Dr. Stephen @
HCQ @ 7/22/2020+12/8/2020 - "1 peer-reviewed study published this month from the Henry Ford Health System found that coronavirus patients who took hydroxychloroquine while being treated in a hospital were more likely to survive. 'In this multi-hospital assessment, when controlling for COVID-19 risk factors, treatment with hydroxychloroquine alone & in combination with azithromycin (an antibiotic) was associated with reduction in COVID-19 associated mortality,' the study's authors wrote."  [Currently pharmacy/medical/patent opponents politize this "therapeutic" RX which competes with prescriptions & disallows drug development if/when there is an alternative proven remediation.] 
"An epidemiology professor at the Yale School of Public Health said hydroxychloroquine could save 100,000 lives from the coronavirus but added that the controversial anti-malaria drug has instead been used in a 'propaganda war'...Dr. Risch
HCQ - Harvey Risch said in an interview...with Fox News’s Laura Ingraham.."  Video shares that MD's have been threatened with loss of licenses if/when prescribing HCQ (Plaquenil), competing with their interests.  (Same often happens with/when "prescribing" vitamins...Med reduction/oversight would be main caution regarding HCQ for cardiac patients.) 6/3/2020
HCQ - Risch, Harvey with Laura Ingraham - FAKE The Lancet news uncovered.
@ video
HCQ - Harvey A Risch @ 5/27/2020 - "Early outpatient illness is very different from later florid disease requiring hospitalization, & treatments differ. Evidence about use of HCQ alone, or of HCQ + AZ in inpatients, is irrelevant with regard to the efficacy of HCQ + AZ in early high-risk outpatient disease. 5 studies, including 2 controlled clinical trials, have demonstrated significant major outpatient treatment efficacy. HCQ + AZ has been used as the standard of care in more than 300,000 older adults with multiple comorbid conditions; the estimated proportion of such patients diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia attributable to the medications is 47 per 100,000 users, among whom estimated mortality is less than 20% (9/100,000 users), as compared with the 10,000 Americans now dying each week. These medications need to be made widely available & promoted immediately for physicians to prescribe."  Dean of Yale’s public health department defends Risch: Dr. Sten Vermund  @ 7/31/2020
HCQ - Navarro, Peter 7/10/2020
HCQ - McCullough, Peter with other MDs @
Sacre, Pascal @ COVID-19 - We have a Treatment: Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) - We do Not Need a Vaccine 8/4/2020
HCQ - McCullough, Peter @ 10/30/2020 -
McCullough advocates therapeutics (over vaccines) as Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection: + 11/8/2020 Propelatic prevention video @ -
[Dr. Rick Keizer responds, "We put together Covid-kits for any Covid-19 patient/student who desires...The dose recommendation is to take the 4 components twice daily for 7 days....2000 IU vitamin D3 (or outdoor sunshine), 500 mg Vitamin C, 50 mg Zinc & 500 mg NAC." (5-30 day regime, such as exposure to someone with positive Covid-19 diagonosis.)]
Antibody Treatment + HCQ + ZN + vitamin C - Regeneron's antibody cocktail was one of the treatments the president received.  Home/early emergency intervention via prescription via tele-health or willing MD prescription. Maily via injection NOT by mouth. (A cocktail of 2 antibodies.) - "Antibodies are Y-shaped proteins produced by the human body as part of a normal immune response to foreign molecules. Molecules from invading organisms, such as viruses, bacteria & other harmful organisms, are called 'antigens' & prompt the body’s B-cells to make antibodies by the billions. Each antibody has 2 antigen-binding sites (1 on each arm of the Y) & works to neutralize these invaders."