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Dvorak, Becky -
Dvorak, Becky - -
Raised son Marcos from premature death due to SIDs (sudden infant death).
Renounce death, release life.  Do NOT receive/settle for pronouncements that contradict Godís agenda.



Curtis, Ken & Nancy - Tormented - Chapter 7 Teaching Guide section C Exposing the Occult -
"The Lord showed us that he (21 month old with SIDs) didn't need prayer for the baby's healing, but that he was born with a curse of death because of the sins of his father.  In the name of Jesus, the curse was broken and the spirit of death was cast out of the baby.  Several other demons were cast out of the child too and they all left with yawns. 
That same evening he was able to eat solid foods, totally healed by the power of God....
The dad had dabbled in witchcraft before he was saved, but no one had ever told him that he must renounce those practices & throw away all the paraphernalia (Joshua 7:11-12.)
Caution - "Doctors in countries throughout the world continue to ignore the compelling scientific research against acetaminophen & the link between Tylenol & SIDS deaths. Conventional doctors continue to recommend it to moms & pregnant women despite the fact that the science demonstrates that frequent use just isnít safe. William Parker, Ph.D., told me, 'If acetaminophen had gone through todayís standards of testing, it never would have been approved for use with babies because it causes permanent neurodevelopmental problems when administered at therapeutic levels to newborn laboratory animals.'Tylenol causes irreversible brain damage in baby rats & may be doing the same in baby humans. Doctors who are paying attention, like this Yale-trained M.D. & this Dartmouth-trained 1, recommend you never use it again. Acetaminophen is most likely a causative agent in the rise  of autism. Acetaminophen use has also been linked to asthma and other health problems. Itís bad stuff & I predict that the medical doctors passing it out like candy are going to be eating a lot of crow soon. I just wish theyíd get the memo before their ignorance injures any more babies...Make judicious choices about immunizations (which means no hepatitis B birth dose or infant series, only 1 aluminum-containing shot at a time, & no unnecessary vaccinations)" (thus zero &/or delayed vaccinations).  (CAUTION: Steer clear of NewAge/Occult crystal remedies.)
SIDS: Babies Injured + Killed by FDA Approved Shots - 6/2022
Swaddling alert - 2/3/2017
"The Journal Pediatrics reports that babies that are swaddled in a light cloth or blanket have a 38% higher risk of SIDS.
Researchers analyzed results from 4 studies conducted over 2 decades in the United Kingdom, the United States & Australia.  The meta-analysis included the swaddling habits of 1759 infants who did not experience SIDS & 760 who did. 
The risk of SIDS was greatest for swaddled babies who slept on their tummies.

Those infants had a 10 times greater risk of SIDS than un-swaddled infants.
On their side, swaddled babies had a 3 times greater risk & on their backs, a 93% greater risk." [NOTE: Majority of swaddled infants are strapped to a working mom; thus they have the advantage of the motion of the mom + the motion of her heart beat. Besides other constraints) "only 2 of 4 studies reported meaningful differences in the SIDS risk between swaddled and un-swaddled babies."
Kennedy, Robert F - Vaccination Injury - 6/1/2020 - Vaccine manufacturers are exempt from liability AND safety protocol. -
(Seems one can only sue if distease/malady is listed on manufacturers insert sheet.

Often this label posting is vetoed by FDA to avoid litigation. 
Order vaccine ingredient insert cards @ )