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Hunter, Charles & Frances - Chapter 6 The Pelvic Thing @ -
I placed my hands on the top of his pelvic bones & commanded the pelvis to rotate in until the feet were normal. I was probably the most surprised person there when I noticed the entire pelvic area began to turn from side to side.  I wasn't doing it.  He wasn't doing it. It had to be the power of God.
Just as quickly as the rotating had started, it stopped, & the man fell under the power of God.
When he stood up again, his feet were no longer in a 'duck' position, but were perfectly straight.

Once again, God had opened a natural-supernatural channel for us to learn more about healing.
It didn't take us long to figure out that if rotating in with the power of God would correct 'duck' feet, then surely rotating out would correct people with pigeon toes.
We tried it, & it worked. We have seen many people since that time healed of feet that turn in.

We discussed this with many doctors on our doctors' panels, & they all agreed it could be invaluable in many other diseases as well. Because of the involvement of the entire pelvic area, many female problems are healed through this simple laying on of hands. We have had hundreds of women healed of PMS (premenstrual syndrome) by this simple act of commanding the female organs to go into place while the pelvis is rotating.
Many problems in the lower lumbar area (the lower 5 vertebrae) and the sacrum are healed through this method. Command the vertebrae to be adjusted properly.
Often a frozen or dislocated sacrum is restored to its right position by doing 'the pelvic thing.'

Prostate problems can be healed this way by commanding the prostate to become normal.
Colon problems are healed by commanding nerves controlling the colon to become normal.
Actually, many times, any organ or part of the body that lies between the waistline and the hips can be healed by this simple act."


Romanzi, Dr. Lauri - - e-book -
"An active clinical researcher...reconstructive pelvic surgeon Lauri Romanzi, MD, is a Clinical Associate Professor of Urology in the Division of Female Pelvic Medicine at New York University Langone Medical Center. She also works with Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, UNFPA, Mercy Ships & other international humanitarian organizations.
Her activities in conjunction with these groups include fistula repair, incontinence, prolapse & uterine resuspension surgery for women in developing nations throughout Africa & Asia."