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Hunter, Frances - -12/25/2006 -

Hunter, Joan @ Transcript
"She had stage 4 cancer of the lungs. I said,

ďFather in the name of Jesus I curse this lung
cancer. I
command it to be gone.

I curse every
prion in this body in Jesus Name. Father in the Name of Jesus I speak 2 new lungs in her.

He put the lungs in there the 1st time.  He can put them in there again, all healed & whole in Jesus Name

Hunter, Joan - Healing the Whole Man - NEW with Joan Hunter - Part 1 - 6/60/2015
Healing the Whole Man with Joan Hunter 7/12/2016 PRIONS may be demonic cells which have NO nucleus driven center.  We curse & command any demonic prions to die, in Jesusí name.

NY Dr. Sherry Steinhoff interviews with Clare du Bois - 11/20/2016 1st + 11/21/2016 2nd + 11/22/2016 3rd  
NY. or
#1 editorial @ @  edited excerpt
S: It takes very little to acquire medical problems (diagnosis). I clean (repent/disallow/loose junk from) myself 5-6 times a day because of (my) prayers (over others). Father G-d has suggested that everybody (loose negativity from themselves) at a minimum each) morning & evening. For those who really struggle, if they have a moment where they feel irritation or frustration (even) for a second, RIGHT THEN & THERE, if you repent, this seed (of bitterness or disease) is NOT imbedded in your heart/organ/DNA.
It has tiny microscopic spines that grow into thorns (like prions/mRNA spikes) & imbeds into heart lining.
But in the beginning, for 1
st couple of hours, it hasn't done that. You can repent (forgive/disallow any curse to attach) & He somehow gets it from the heart, into the trachea & you can cough/sneeze/burp/breathe it outÖ

For whatever reason, it is poisoning not just the physical bodies, but our minds.
It's easier, He said, "
The soil is fertile for evil. It's despoiled." He keeps using that word, "It's despoiled soil." Any kind of demon (Infection/Sickness/Evil-Thoughts/Depression/Frustration/Anger) just loves this environment, which fosters their growth. It's also like a calling card to demons.
They can enter & stay more easily, because we are somehow fundamentally changed during that time, enough so that a demon can enter with less permission.
If we let hurt go for a while, it gets worse & the health problems get significantly worse.
Sometimes, it's different things. In some folks it's been very immediate, depending on
how many seeds they have. For some it's a chronic situation that is worse than it should be, but we accept (permit) it. 
What He's telling us, "
Please clean out your (sprouted weed) seeds. If you do, it'll be better."
C: How do we get rid of these (dangerous/demonic) seeds now?
You said to NOT casually pray (declare/decree) every morning AND every eveningÖ
S: For you who speak in tongues it's very simple.
I say, "Holy Spirit, please help me pray, repent & remove these seeds."
I hear myself saying in tongues, "Father, hear my plea, my cry.
(In Jesusí name, I loose) remove any spirits of Irritation, Anger (offense, hurt)
or whatever You know is in there, along with all seeds of Bitterness I've acquired.
(Heavenly holy army host bind &) remove them all from my heart.  Thanks."
I hear in answer, "
I am here, My Daughter. I am here. I will help you,
I will cleanse you. I will cleanse your heart
."  My spirit notices what is happening.
But I would say to you who speak/pray/sing in tongues,
ĎAfter you requested that, & when you're finished, He's doneí (& you are free/cleansed).
But many do NOT speak in tongues & this has been an issue, because they would say,
"Please, Lord remove the bitterness, all the (respective evil) spirits, (curses & diseases)
& get it out of my heart." But that did NOT (seem to) work. 
It's a plea to Him where we're requesting assistance, so we may need to be humble.
G-d told me to have this person I was speaking about, to envision the process I saw. 
While praying, (envision Doctor G-d) coming (& operating on us). 
Picture G-d just opening our heart & taking (out) all the (bad) spirits (thorns/negative emotions/hurts/puss) whether they be Irritation/Apprehension/Frustration/Anger/Bitterness (or Rage/unforgiveness/hate which is often) there (simmering/boiling) running around in our heart. (One may notice) a bitter tasting spirit when you burp it out. (In Jesusí name, I bind to myself Your opposite virtues: peace/longsuffering/love, filling my spiritual/physical heart with Your blessing/health/deliverance/goodness/kindness/mercy)
(Envision G-dís hand closing your heart & chest.)  NO scars, (pain, agony, torment.  Yes, peace, wholeness.)

S: Sometimes we've had Fear/Apprehension about health issues, anything.
Doubt, Irritation, Anger, Frustration, Bitterness. (The next time you pray) invite Holy Spirit to direct you to (recognize, renounce, resist, repent of & evict) what else to have removed
so that everything associated with these (toxic poison) seeds is removed.

You don't want any of this darkness in your heart.
As G-d weeds bad spirits out, then, the inside of the heart (initially) looks kind of black.
One (single) seed can do damage & leave local blackness, but usually folks have more than 1.
(Sinister sneaky) spirits are black & leave the heart black,

(because) they imbed little (porcupine) spines into the lining of our heart.
I've (spiritually) witnessed a few G-d just picked out. 
Sometimes He waves His hand & seeds (with their roots) start lifting out,
along with the black (smog/soot/tar) that has been covering the inside of the heart.

Remember, (like mRNA vaccines, the evil of negativity when planted & watered like seeds) will get pumped (throughout our entire body) poisoning the bloodís (entire) circulatory system,
into our soul (mind/emotions/willpower) & TO our spirit (thus to our human trinity).

After G-d has taken every trouble out, He says, 3x "I cleanse. I cleanse. I cleanse this heart."  
I can pray, ďPlease cleanse my heart, my Father."  We can visualize
Him cleansing our (spirit, soul & DNA) when He does this (spiritual sanitation/shampoo).

Then we can visualize our heartís lining start to pinken & look normal (healthy, whole).
Then we can say, "Father G-d, Please, create the sponge You feel is most appropriate for my circumstance.Ē 
& visualize Him putting in a sponge made of Yeshua's Blood & tears.  
Visualize G-d waving His hand over our heart & chest so they're closed.
He strengthens the pumping of the heart so that Jesusí cleansing pure Blood will go throughout our body, soul (mind/emotions/willpower) & spirit, cleansing all our (contaminated/damaged) places,
from the largest blood vessel to the tiniest capillary that was touched by our former toxic poisoned blood.
Father G-d Himself calls it toxic/poisoned (polluted)
C: Scripture says that "Uncleanness comes out of the heart.Ē 
Father G-d is going directly to the (disease/problem) source (the evil tap root/cause).

NY Dr. Sherry Steinhoff - Source: 3rd interview
@ edited
S: (Demons) wait for us to make an error that opens that possibility (of harm to an individual/organ/relationship). A lot of other demons, just can land, (when) we have done something (wrong), but they don't want to be found (out). So they wait patiently, because there's always a moment when what-ever feelings or issue they're associated with most, come up, (when then) they can do it with more freedom without you realizing it's a curse & perhaps not just a demon. If you get rid of a demon, the curse is still there.  
(Scripture says that a curse does NOT come without a cause.)
C: So, demons come with curses.
S: Every demon has a curse.
Every curse
, (open) door, energy block or barrier has a demon connected to it.
So, the
curse has to be broken AND (demon) removed. 
Literally I hear the Lord saying, "I break this." He uses the word 'break'.
Sometimes I hear a chain breaking, a clink. Then "I take the demon connected with" (the problem).
Sometimes the demon, (curse &/or oppression) is specific.
I get a specific (spiritual) impression: It's the demon of Desolation, an (inherited) Infirmity.
But sometimes I won't. It's just a demon in charge of that whole thing keeping it going.
Very much like a strong-hold, & a strong man demon. These guys (problems) all have a demon attached (bullying/enabling because of legal grounds, needing to be annulled). So every (spiritual) thing (seed/curse/root) has to go (especially) the strongman (but preferably in reverse order, since once the strongman is gone, all the lesser demons or problems flee or no longer have the former strength/influence).

It was a little frustrating before I understood that.  Everything I learned in medical school was really wrong...(because it omitted) an entire realm of how this heart, body, soul (mind, soul) & spirit worked (together). 
We (physicians) just missed the boat completely, because we didn't even address 2/3 of our human trinity, (addressing mainly the visible & psychiatrists practicing medicine without a license, meaning subjectively with minimal scientific truth).
C: So it's actually often a demon (&/or curse) causing (influencing or aggravating) the (medical &/or psychiatric) (& our neglecting to daily: disallow offense &  forgive. 
To carry/nurse offense & unforgiveness is to plant/water/fertilize illness of our trinity: body/soul/spirit.)

Insanity (or any inherited generational/family tree medical/mental problem)
_______________  Curse be broken & loosed from our family tree, in Jesusí name.
Rejection & Rebellion + Pharmacia Stronghold
________________ Demons, be bound & evicted from our family tree, in Jesusí name.
Heavenly holy Host we invite & command you to execute the above on behalf of our family tree.
We salute & thank you, for accomplishing this & enforcing it forever, in Jesusí name.
Thank You Holy Trinity for Your victory in our family tree, forever.  We love & appreciate You.

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Medical Science Research

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) -
Studies suggest a link between an incurable & fatal prion disease known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)
COVID-19 vaccines.  Researchers believe the prion region from the original Wuhan COVID-19 variantís spike protein was incorporated into mRNA vaccines & adenovirus vector vaccines, given to hundreds of millions of humans & that it can cause a new type of rapidly progressing sporadic CJD. 

According to Mayo Clinic, CJD is a degenerative brain disorder that leads to dementia & ultimately, death. 
Although the Omicron variant does not have a prion region on its spike protein, current COVID-19 vaccines still use the genetic material, including the prion region of the parent Wuhan strain. 
A French pre-print
 paper published in May on CJD & COVID-19 vaccination identified a new form of sporadic CJD,56

Mikovits, Judy A. @ - (edited) - SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein May Be a Prion - "In her paper, Seneff  discusses evidence suggesting the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein may be a prion, which is yet another piece of really bad news: 'Itís absolutely terrifying to me...Iím now thinking that may be the worst aspect of these mRNA vaccines, because theyíre producing this abnormal spike protein that doesnít want to go into the membrane. Prion proteins are known to be membrane proteins. Theyíre alpha-helices in the membrane & then they misfold, becoming beta-sheets in the cytoplasm, & thatís what leads to the prion problem.  They form a crystal that draws in other proteins, makes this big mess & builds fibrils + Alzheimerís plaque. The main prion protein is PrP, which is in Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, the human form of mad cow disease. Itís a sort of protein-source infection. Itís quite wild because thereís no DNA involved, no RNA involved, just protein.  But the thing is, when you have produced a version of mRNA that knows how to spew out tons of a prion protein, the prion proteins become problematic when thereís too many of them & the concentration is too high in the cytoplasm.  The spike proteins that these mRNA vaccines are producing are not able to go into the membrane, which I think is going to encourage it to become a problematic prion protein. Then, when you have inflammation, it upregulates alpha-synuclein [a neuronal protein that regulates synaptic traffic & neurotransmitter release].  So, youíre going to get alpha-synuclein drawn into misfolded spike proteins, turning into a mess inside the dendritic cells in the germinal centers in the spleen. Theyíre going to package up all this crud into exosomes & release them, then travel along the vagus nerve to the brainstem & cause things like Parkinsonís disease.  I think this is a complete setup for Parkinsonís disease. What may happen is that because they got this vaccine, they get Parkinsonís disease 5 years earlier than they would have gotten it otherwise.
Itís going to push forward the date at which someone who has a propensity towards Parkinsonís is going to get it.  Itís probably going to cause people to get Parkinsonís who never would have gotten it in the 1st place, especially if they keep getting the vaccine every year.
Every year you do a booster, you bring the date that youíre going to get Parkinsonís ever closer.Ē'
Prion Disease and the mRNA Shots: Some Light in the Dark - 7/6/2023