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Court Documents Show GlaxoSmithKline Knew — for 40 Years — Zantac Could Cause Cancer 2/26/2023
mRNA RX @ 5/6/2023 @
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Certificates of Exemption
Medical &/or Religious/Personal
Certificate of Exemption @

Contraindications & precautions(a) to commonly used vaccines - -
Personal &/or Religious Exemptions @ as Follows: + + + + + + + +
Medical Alert
Todd Callender: "Everyone who has had the shot has AIDS" - Seemorerocks 4/8/2022 5 Star Video & Summary
12/18/2022 - Referenced is
COMMENTARY: Per some MDs alot of the potential danger is from Black Box & SYNTHETIC RX -
Documentary @ 2022 onward are harming aquatic life.
Pain Killers @ - 2023-04-09 -  OTC RX - "In 2013, 1 Reuters article opened with following stunning

sentence: 'Long-term high-dose use of painkillers such as ibuprofen or diclofenac is equally hazardous in terms of heart attack risk as use of the drug Vioxx, which was withdrawn due to its potential dangers, researchers said.'  The 2004 Vioxx recall, as you may remember, was spurred by the nearly 30,000 excess cases of heart attacks & sudden cardiac deaths caused by the drug between 1999-2003."

Informed Consent
Black Box @
RX black box or other current cautions @ -
Kennedy Jr, Robert 6/14/2023 @
1987 FDA legalized RX media advertising

Schwartz, Bob - If I had known the risks – 30 minute film @
+ 6/19/2023 Episode 159
Also one might want to check out
Medical Mandates
Singleton, Dr. Marilyn - 8/24/2021 @ or
Federal vs Emergency Use Authorization

2 Things Mainstream Media Didn’t Tell You About FDA’s Approval of Pfizer Vaccine • Children's Health Defense ( 8/24/2021 (edited) “Licensed adult vaccines, including the new Comirnaty,
do not enjoy any liability shield. Just as with Ford’s exploding Pinto, or 
Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup,
people injured by the Comirnaty vaccine could potentially sue for damages.
1st, the FDA acknowledges that while Pfizer has insufficient stocks of the newly licensed Comirnaty vaccine available, there is 'a significant amount' of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine, produced under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) available for use. 
The FDA decrees that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine under the EUA should remain unlicensed but can be used “inter-changeably” (page 2, footnote 8) with the newly licensed Comirnaty product.
2nd, the FDA pointed out that both the licensed Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine & the existing vaccine are 'legally distinct,' but proclaims that their differences do not 'impact safety or effectiveness.'
There is a huge real-world difference between products under an EUA compared with those that FDA has fully licensed (& thus fully sueable, whereas) EUA products are experimental under U.S law. 
Both the Nuremberg Code & Federal Regulations provide that none can force a human being to participate in this
experiment. Under 21 U.S. Code Sec.360bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III), 'authorization for medical products for use in emergencies,' it is unlawful to deny someone a job or an education because they refuse to be an experimental subject.  Instead, potential recipients have an absolute right to refuse EUA vaccines. 
U.S. laws, however, permit employers & schools to require students & workers to take licensed vaccines.  EUA-licensed vaccines have an extraordinary liability shield under the: 
2005 Public Readiness and Preparedness Act.
Vaccine manufacturers, distributors, providers & government planners are immune from liability. 
The FDA is playing bait & switch with the American public, but we don’t have to play along.
If it doesn’t say Comirnaty, you have not been offered an approved vaccine.

FDA Designation - PFIZER VAX APPROVED BEHIND CLOSED DOORS | The HighWire 8/31/2021 -
Political rather than scientific FDA designation for
"Comirnaty ".
Zelenko, Dr. Vladimir says on 8/25/2021 Ministry Now that Pfizer Federal authorized approval is NOT that
but rather an extension of the emergency authorization. If true, one can NOT sue anyone.
If so, this fake news is a con job to allow more people to get innoculated, especially the youth. Parents, beware.

Medical Research '
N. benthamiana is a perfect plant for the process of agroinfiltration.
The desired antibody gene is added as a DNA fragment to an engineered bacterium called
Agrobacterium tumefaciens.  This was once the source of crown gall disease in plants. 
Now it has been harnessed to saturate a plant with useful DNA.
Plants are dipped whole into a solution of
A. Tumefaciens & the leaves absorb the bacteria.
Then, the plants’ hijacked manufacturing centers begin producing the desired protein in bulk...

"Tobacco & its cousins contain toxic alkaloids that have to be removed before the protein can be administered as a drug." (Removal to what %?)
2nd Opinion
Bennett @
Breggin, Jewish New York Psychiatrist Peter R @ -
"Why do so many individuals persist in taking psychoactive substances, including psychiatric drugs,
after adverse mental & behavioral effects have become severe & even disabling?
Author has previously proposed the brain-disabling principle of psychiatric treatment that all somatic psychiatric treatments impair the function of the brain & mind.
Intoxication anosognosia (medication spell-binding)
is an expression of this druginduced mental disability.
Intoxication anosognosia causes the victim to underestimate the degree of drug-induced mental impairment,
to deny the harmful role that the drug plays in the person’s altered state (with NO legitimate informed consent)
& in many cases compel the individual to mistakenly believe that he or she is functioning better.
In extreme, an individual displays out of-character compulsively destructive behaviors, including violence to self & others...
Anosognosia is defined as (patient/victim) unawareness or denial of a neurological deficit or, more broadly,
ignorance of the presence of disease (or impotency to remedy or defend self)."
Breggin, Dr. Peter @ - edited -
"What mainly distinguishes psychiatrists from other mental health professionals & non-professionals,
is their
ability to prescribe drugs. To compete against other mental health professionals, psychiatry has wed itself to the medical model, including biological & genetic explanations & physical treatments.
It has NO choice: anything else would be
professional suicide.
In providing psychosocial therapies, psychiatry cannot compete with less expensive, more helpful non-medical therapists, so it must create myths that support the need for medically trained psychiatrists. 
After falling behind economically in competition with psychosocial approaches, psychiatry formed what the American Psychiatric Assoc. admits is a "partner-ship" with drug companies (Sabshin, 1992).

Organized psychiatry has become dependent financially on an unholy collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry (Breggin, 1991).
To deny drug effectiveness or dangerousness would result in huge economic losses on every level
from the American Psychiatric Association which thrives on drug company largesse
Breggin, Dr. Peter R @ -
Overview - "A
uthor, known for books: Talking Back to Prozac, Toxic Psychiatry & Medication Madness, is a lifelong reformer & scientist in mental health whose work has brought about significant change  in psychiatric practice."
+ Do own homework/research on doctors.
3/24/22 + 2nd half of "THANK GOD FOR DR. ZEV ZELENKO!" - DR. ARDIS ( 7/1/2022 post
+ Full Interview! Dr. Zelenko has a warning about Big Pharma's threat to doctors speaking the TRUTH! -
Homeopathy - Helping Moms Ditch Big Pharma Teach Me Health And Homeopathy Curriculum + Americans For Homeopathy Choice + Teaching From Rest: A Homeschooler's Guide To Unshakable Peace  
Instagram | @Paolabrownhomeopathy + - 5/19/2023 5/19/2023
Psychiatric RX Withdrawal Merits & Safety
Breggin, Dr. Peter R @ -
Overview - "A
uthor, known for books: Talking Back to Prozac, Toxic Psychiatry & Medication Madness, is a lifelong reformer & scientist in mental health whose work has brought about significant change in psychiatric practice."
+ - (Endorsement: "This is a needed book. Thoughtful clinicians: psychiatrists, other prescribing physicians, clinical psychologists, social workers & therapists, frequently think their patients should be withdrawn from psychiatric meds, but they are'n sure.  Also, they do not know the best way to help the patient to safely withdraw from psychiatric meds.
They are often afraid of the disapproval of their professional colleagues.
Nonmedical therapists may feel they have NO right to question the judgment of their medical colleagues about medication.
Non-psychiatrist physicians may feel they should NOT discontinue meds unless it is requested by original prescriber, usually a psychiatrist.
Psychiatrists may feel that if they withdraw their patients from psychiatric meds they will be resented
by colleagues who almost never withdraw their own patients.
Psychiatric medication is sometimes helpful in the short run, but if continued becomes a problem & eventually a disaster. For a few patients it becomes a disaster right away.
1st part of book is a careful & relatively complete description of reasons one should consider psychiatric drug withdrawal or dose reduction & when. Included are detailed discussions of antipsychotics (neuroleptics), antidepressants, stimulants, benzodiazepines & other sedatives & opiates, & lithium & other mood stabilizers.
The 2nd part of the book is a detailed description of the best way to withdraw from psychiatric drugs,
taking into account the specific drug or multiple drugs, the length of usage & the characteristics of the individual patient.
Case histories are presented of simple & complex cases of withdrawal, information not previously (widely) available.
Withdrawal is best handled by the prescriber, therapist, patient & 1 or more family members, working together as a team.
Prescribers rarely see patients often & long enough to have a detailed knowledge of withdrawal effects without info. from the others. Therapists are more likely to know about adverse drug effects, including withdrawal effects, esp.
if they are looking for them.
Patients are likely to report symptoms if they think their therapist & prescriber want to know.
However, 1 common side & withdrawal effect of psychiatric medication is a lack of awareness of symptoms
(medication spellbinding or intoxication anosognosia).
That'is why a family member can be useful in pointing out & describing obvious symptoms of which patient seems unaware.  The most heartening chapter is on children & teenagers.
Most children & teenagers can be withdrawn with relative ease & safety, if their parents are cooperative.
Withdrawal from stimulants is easily accomplished with children & teens diagnosed with ADHD
if sensible family therapy & possible consultation with the child’s teachers are provided.
Not only will they be off the medication, their troubling symptoms will also be gone.
Of course, it would have been better to provide family therapy without medication from the beginning.
Children & teens diagnosed with bipolar disorders also readily respond to family therapy & withdrawal of medication.
“Manic” symptoms in children & teens are almost always a side effect of antidepressants or of stimulants.
Children diagnosed with autism need help in relating & medication impairs their learning to relate.
They are able to respond to efforts by parents & others to relate to them once they are off medication.
Children & teens, whatever their diagnosis, even after prolonged exposure to multiple drugs,
respond to family therapy & a team approach & usually can be withdrawn easily if they have a stable family.
Peter Breggin has more experience in safely withdrawing psychiatric patients from medication than any other psychiatrist. In this book he shares his lifetime experience.
of our patients deserve the benefit of our obtaining that knowledge."  Bertram Karon, PhD Professor of Psychology Michigan State University Author, The Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia.
Bregin, Dr. Peter R - Interview @

Rosenberg: You state in Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal that the epidemic of so called bipolar disorder & mania
is largely caused by the drugs themselves. Certainly bipolar disorder, once called manic depression, used to be rare & was not the major disease that TV ads call it today.

 With very rare exceptions, all the children & teens that I have seen diagnosed with mania or bipolar disorder have either been improperly diagnosed or their disorder was caused by an antidepressant or stimulant drug.
In adults I have evaluated, most mania or bipolar disorder cases have resulted from exposure to antidepressants.

Discontinuation Syndrome @ 2023
+ + @ + Utah + CA - (CAUTION: Pyramid platform available)
Offer 1 adult EMERGENCY antibiootic kit for $260/USA containing:
  • Amoxicillin-clavulanate 875 mg tablets (28 tablets)
  • Azithromycin 250 mg tablets (6 tablets)
  • Ciprofloxacin 500 mg tablets (28 tablets)
    (However this BLACK BOX synthetic RX should NEVER be used/prescribed/accepted.) ALERT:
    lmost always a substitution can be made. You MUST notate any allergies on your submission form.
      NO substitutions can be made once the order is placed."
  • Doxycycline 100 mg capsules (120 capsules)
  • Metronidazole 500 mg tablets (30 tablets)
    (SUGGESTION: Rather than toss out excess/unused meds, save for emergency.)
    They IMPLY they will send 6-12 months of advance psychiatric meds for future emergency.
Prousky @ -
"I present 14 cases in which patients were successfully tapered off PDs by using combinations
orthomolecular medicines &/or botanical medicines."
Mikovits, Judy @
/09/Judy-Mikovits-Podcast-Transcript.pdf (edited) -
Judy Mikovits: "October 8th, 2009 my (HIV) paper was published. (None anticipated the backlash).
We knew the corruption surrounding HIV & what (scientifically) happened in HIV.
So an entire (African) continent died, due to the corruption there.
(The medical/pharmacy industry) rewarded (a culpret) with an institute...
(But they jailed me rather than the fake news, took away my constitutional rights & made me unemployable. 
Before that) I had a perfect credit score, but they forced me to file bankruptcy, lest my husband would go to jail.
I would become inprisoned & my husband almost had a heart attack trying to find out where they had kidnapped me... It's been 4 years since our book came out...Every day the level of (medical) corruption...
A lawyer who had written a lot of legislation for the vaccine compensation program called me & said, 'You have no idea what you stepped in, did you?'  I said, 'No. Why don't you tell me?' 
To date, I've not had a hearing, don't have my constitutional rights & can't work because the internet (falsely) says
that I filed bankruptcy & stole $15 million from my employers.

Wendy Myers: You used to testify in vaccine injury court.
Judy Mikovits: I still do.
Wendy Meyers: Where children are injured by vaccines, but (guardians) are trying to recoup their life & finances (needed) to treat their child.
Judy Mikovits: Court can also be corrupt...
1 judge said because of my
checkered past I couldn't be paid for (my court testimony, because) I have no credibility.  He refused to pay me for 3 years of work...The court is loaded with people bankrolled by big pharma
+ Departments of Justice, Health & Human Services who (in court falsely) testify vaccines don't do anything (bad) & drugs could NOT possibly have killed your kid...

Never meet with the FBI without a lawyer. I've spent $60,000.oo in the last 5 years meeting with the FBI,
always with a lawyer. I've given them hard drives of proof of everything I say.  What have they done? Nothing.

Judy Mikovits:  (Labs did NOT want) to retrofit our labs (to) bio safety level #3 like we do when we work with HIV
so that we can work with mice.
They even
redefined contagious to keep lab workers working & take away their risk (from aerosolized virus contamination).
I was heavily infected because of the lies of the government between 2009-2011.  I was never infected before.
I worked my whole life in bio safety level 3-4 with dangerous pathogenic agents, so I got infected at the institute."

Judy Mikovitis: We work on, M-A-R-C-I-N-C dot O-R-G.
We have a new website, a healing website being put together as we speak. Also, is Mikovits & Ruscetti Consultants Incorporated, an escort, because I'm bankrupt & can't have a credit card for more than $500. The good Dr. Ruscetti takes care of me."
Off Label Use @ - (edited excerpt)
"2023 omnibus appropriations bill, a 4,155-page tome involving $1.7 trillion in spending includes 19 lines that could give the U.S. Food & Drug Administration the power to ban off-label use of approved medications...

Omnibus amendment would change Section 360f so that the FDA could ban a medical device if it poses an unreasonable risk for "1 or more intended uses" while leaving it approved for others. "Since the new provision lets the FDA skirt the ban on interfering with the practice of medicine by banning devices for particular uses, the agency will likely claim this as a precedent allowing it to ban off-label uses of drugs as well," according to Zinberg.10 
This puts the FDA & by proxy Big Pharma, at the helm of powerful health care decisions that should be made on an individual, personalized level between a patient & their health care provider. 
The 1992 Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) allows the FDA to collect fees from the drug industry.
"With the act, the FDA moved from a fully taxpayer funded entity to 1 supplemented by industry money,"
a BMJ article written by investigative journalist Maryanne Demasi explains.
Now, significant portions of regulatory agencies' budgets come from the pharmaceutical industry that these agencies are supposed to regulate. In 1993, after PDUFA was passed, the FDA collected about $29 million in net PDUFA fees. This increased 30-fold to $884 million by 2016.12
9 of 10 of FDA former commissioners between 2006-2019 went on to work for pharmaceutical companies.13 
As Brand noted:
14 "What they're looking for is a crafty, sly, insidious way to be able to intercede in your relationship with your physician. As usual, it's for your 'safety' & for your 'benefit' …Why would you want Big Pharma & a regulatory body that they fund interfering in your relationship with your doctor about your health? 
Have they not found enough ways to extract revenue from you, to put your health second, to put your well-being way, way behind their profits & their list of priorities? Why is the bias moving even further in that direction? …
This is NOT about medicine. This is about licensing, profits, patents & ability to extract revenue."

"Prescribing" Supplements as a "Cure" is to call oneself a MD
& thus illegal to compete with the Pharmaceutical Industry
Boron @  Assault on Borax - (edited)
Arthritis in its various forms & its close relative osteoporosis affect about 30% of the population in developed countries.  Osteoporosis is responsible for more long term hospital care than any other individual disease.
This is due to the very high incidence of fractures, & especially the protracted nature of hip fractures.
This is a main source of income for the medical-pharmaceutical system.
If the boron-magnesium cure for these diseases should become widely known, this vital income stream would dry up & the system collapse.
As this is the biggest & most profitable industry in the world, this  cannot be allowed to happen. 

When Dr Newnham discovered the boron-arthritis cure it was not a big problem for the pharmaceuticals
because news travelled slowly & was easily suppressed. This is very different now with Internet communication.
Most research funding comes from the pharmaceutical industry.
Nothing has come forward to duplicate Dr Newnham's findings & other positive osteoporosis studies.
Instead, funding goes into development of patentable boron drugs for limited application as in chemotherapy,
or even to discredit boron.
A test-tube experiment found that a relatively low dose of about 4 grams of borax can damage lymphocytes,
just like an earlier test-tube study showed that vitamin C supplements are toxic.
Most positive borax studies now come from China, Japan & Turkey. 

Furthermore, PubMed is a publicly funded search facility for bio-medical research publications.
While other articles for Newnham R.E. & Zhou L.Y. are still listed, the 2 important borax publications mentioned earlier, about the arthritis trial at the Royal Melbourne Hospital & the treatment of skeletal fluorosis in China, are NO longer listed, but they belong there & obviously had been there originally.
I suspect that they have been deliberately removed to prevent them from being quoted in other research. 

In addition, increasing effort goes into publicly demonizing borax for its alleged reproductive & infant toxicity.
EG: I recently read an article by a 'senior scientist' of the supposedly 'green' Environmental Working Group.
In it the perceived dangers of borax were so exaggerated that most comments in effect said:
"Thank you for opening my eyes.  I did not know how poisonous & dangerous borax is.
I certainly will not use it anymore in my laundry, toilet & kitchen" .

This is obviously a deliberate campaign to make people grateful for banning borax from public sale.
For laundry & cleaning purposes Borax Substitute now replaces the product previously sold as Borax.
The EU has spearheaded this campaign. 
In June 2010 borax & boric acid were reclassified as 'Reprotoxic Category 2',
suggesting that they may be harmful to the reproductive functions of humans in high doses,
& the product package must display the skull & crossbones symbol.
From December 2010 these products were no longer available for public sale within the EU.
While this classification now applies for all of Europe, non-EU countries still have some leeway in regard to public sales.  This initiative is part of a Globally Harmonized System of Classification & Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)
which is to be implemented as soon as possible.
Australia is well-advanced on preparing regulations to implement the GHS for industrial chemicals,
with new regulations expected in 2012 (21). 

The European Chemicals Agency gave as reason for their reclassification of boron products (paraphrased):
'The available data do not indicate major differences between laboratory animals & humans,
thus it must be assumed that effects seen in animals could occur in humans as epidemiological studies
in humans are insufficient to demonstrate the absence of an adverse effect of inorganic borates
on fertility.  17.5 mg boron/kg/day was derived as a NOAEL (no event level) for male & female fertility.
For the rat decreased foetal weight occurred at 13.7 mg boron/kg/day & a safe limit of 9.6 mg/kg/day has been derived.' (22)  What they are really saying is this: 'While we have no human data, animal studies suggest:
for adult reproductive functions a daily ingestion of about 2 teaspoons of borax is safe.
But to be absolutely sure that no-one is harmed, we will ban it totally
Importantly, this ruling is NOT related to borax in foods or supplements where it is already banned,
but only for general use as in laundry or cleaning products or as insecticides
Because borax is not readily inhaled or absorbed through intact skin,
it is difficult to see how even a few milligrams daily could get into the body with the conventional use.
If the same standard would apply to other chemicals there would be none left.

The key study in this assessment was published in 1972.
Why is this being dug up now to justify banning borax when it was of NO concern for the past 40 years?
It does not make any scientific sense, esp. if you consider that main chemical in new borax substitute,
sodium percarbonate
, is about 3x more toxic than borax.
Acute oral LD50 values for animals are from 1034-2200 mg/kg/day (23).
Even commonly used sodium bicarbonate, with an animal LD50 of 3360 mg/kg, is nearly 2x as toxic as borax (24).
Both chemicals have NOT been tested for long-term reproductive toxicity at high doses that caused rodent infertility.

Regarding washing powders, it has been stated that NO toxicity is expected if used in the approved way,
or that reproductive tests have not been done.
Ingredients in these products are more toxic than borax, (so) why can they be used in the approved way but not borax?  How about really toxic items such as caustic soda & hydrochloric acid?
Why do they remain available to the public, when 1 of the safest household chemicals is banned,
despite the fact that it is absolutely impossible to cause any reproductive harm with the approved use?

Regardless of the lack of any scientific credibility, the stage has been set for borax & boric acid to be globally removed from public sale at short or NO notice.
Even low-level & less effective boron tablets are now tightly controlled by the pharmaceutical industry & may be restricted at any time through Codex Alimentarius regulations.
With this the medical-pharmaceutical system has safely defused any potential danger that borax may have posed to its profit."
Doctors & Scientists: Breaking the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex With Dr. Robert Malone - 7/30/2022
Medical or Pharmacy Denial of Assistance Client Recourse
Off Label Prescriptions for COVID virus @
+ TX
Evil Spirits Behind Some Pharmacia
Deliverance and Liberation Prayer: Spirit of Pharmakeia (Prescription Drugs) – National Addiction News 2018
Microsoft Word - Spirit of Pharma Prayer.docx (
Pharmacia (Sorcery disguised as Medicine) | Living Waters (
Pharmakeia, Witchcraft and Sorcery – Day of Noah
Demons can NOT be medicated out of a patient
Stella Immanuel Cameroon MD @ chloroquine-treat-covid-1644789 11/1/2021 [Demons are wicked invisible spirits which wish to inhabit people & cause havoc like a germ, virus, or bacteria, 3 which are medically treatable (& visible under a microscope).]  (As of 8/8/2023 Doctors are less criticized for using off labed drugs to treat Covid.)
It is time for psychiatric patients to exit the current medical system.
Increasingly the vulnerable, elderly, disabled &/or politically incorrect are targeted for extermination. 
Thus, it is an emergency to get our loved ones out of harm's way.  Having tried all & failed, it is time to try God's son Yeshua Who died & rose again for each of us, NOT for Himself.  Jesus, I am (we are) desperate. 
We invite You to be our saviour (deliverer/healer/Lord) of our brain & body, of our human spirit, & of our soul (mind/emotions/willpower).  We invite Your Holy Spirit to indwell & help us 24/7 beginning now.  Thank You.  Amen.
Elephant in the room.
Typically the "elephant in the room" is an ancrynm for a family secret that everybody knows but does NOT talk about.  Increasingly it is becoming obvious that the generally accepted remediation for psychiatric illness in each generation does NOT work/help the patient, but rather/instead helps the prescribers/family/caretakers. 
After generations of caging, chaining, eletrocuting, brain butchery, institutionilizing, defaming, shaming, blaming, imprisoning, we are now "happily" over-medicating (dumbing down) clients without their informed consent, conning them that the following are all necessary to accept/receive for their own best interest:
mind-altering (& physically traumatic) medication/treatment, a life sentence DSM diagnosis, humilitating unredemptive inferiority sterotype scarlet-letter labels, & obeisance to all minders.   
Another mental prisoner is the circus elephant, chained from infancy, who when released, NEVER recognizes he is NO longer a captive.  That is a true illustration of the majority of psychiatric patients, who feel & act doomed due to their often deliberately evil selfish or misguided/unenlightened minders. 
There are NO (ZERO) blood or proven medical or scientific lab tests for past or present treatments. 
All medical/insurance DSM diagnosis are SUBJECTIVE based on patient symptoms. 
Also DSM medical/insurance diagnosis changes from time to time based on a small political concensus. 
BUT Doctor G-d, Holy Spirit & Jesus/Yeshua (the Trinity) have come to set the captives free.
A majority of psychiatric/psychological/soul (mind/emotion/willpower) issues are stinking-thinking issues, rather than physical brain or diet causes.
Mental issues can be due to emotional (or physical) trauma/drama/abuse, etc. which can be treated/healed with such as behavioral coaching.  A majority of mind issues (where patients are hospitilized/insuttionalized/drugged) are due to (invisible) SPIRITUAL issues OUTSIDE the medical/physical realm.  Thus, the likes of a Catholic/Judeo-Christian exorcist would be better employed in a team/village approach, where/when a patient/client is respected & the opressing DEMON is opressed/bound/evicted/placed under the feet of Yeshua. 
Thnn patient in baby steps can wean off meds as he matures in spirit, soul & body. 
Walking with his team/family client needs to:
+ know that he is a wanted wonderful creation of Father God & NOT family disposable junk/garbage. 
+ know that he with the Trinity is superior to any demon/devil
    which is actually AFRAID of him when he partners with the Trinity. 
+ consistently PUSH BACK/REFUTE EVERY THOUGHT which contradicts scripture
+ replace that error/lie/untruth with G-d's opposite correct scripture truth.
+ know he was NOT born defective, but that his spiritual enemy wants to erase his God purpose for being born.
+ know that his spiritual enemy, NOT he, is the root issue of the mistaken medical diagnosis.
+ know that the greater his spiritual assault, the greater his God assignment,
    which satan is endeavoring to extinguish. 
He needs to know that he NO longer needs to languish under misguided medical minders/counselors/therapy
which undermine & demolish his destiny on earth in this generation.
Instead he needs healthy Judeo-Christian peers to befriend/partner/walk with, NOT dismiss/ignore him.
He can in baby steps wean off meds & his conventional treatments as he matures/heals in spirit, soul & body with his spiritual team & family.  Yes, rule out the obvious triggers & then pull out any evil spiritual roots/demons.
There is NO need to have a demon in the family tree.  Bind & evict it, so like a weed, it does not need to multiply & gain a foothold & devistate the family lineage.  You & I need to end this tyranny. NOW.  Do NOT be afraid of the enemy who is afraid of you joined at the hip with Messiah, Who died & rose to set us all free, yesterday.
The enemy/the diagnosis is already defeated, but we with Christ need to enforce it NOW.  NOT tomorrow.
PRAYER: Father God, in the name of Your Son Yeshua, we ascend to Your 3rd heaven
We petition the blood of Your Son Yeshua to continue to SPEAK on behalf of myself,  _______ & his/her lineage. 
We thank You in advance.  On behalf of ______ & his/her lineage & medical providers, I REPENT for us all, for each: mistake, sin, injury, trauma, hurt done to ________'s spirit, body, &/or soul (mind, emotions, willpower).
We reaffirm You Jesus to be our saviour/healer/deliverer/lord & invite You to heal _______ from the tip of his/her head to the end of his/her toes, so that s/he becomes every whit whole, whether slow or fast, so s/he will finish well the destiny for which s/he was created from the foundation of the earth.
Thank You s/he is irreplaceable, valued, loved, adored, appreciated, treasured & unique.
May _______'s guardian angel be empowered to bless him/her.
May ______'s army host be invited/commanded to partner with him/her, so that toghether they will ge a great team for You.  We thank You in advance for Your mercy, goodness & kindness all the remaining days of his life, which are now in Your hands.  Father, You are great, awesome, fabulous, magnificant, marvelous.  Glory to You.  Amen.
An ASiDE: Recognizing that DEMONS are real, our ENEMY & in all liklihood our present problem,
is sort of like realizing that Jesus/Yeshuah is the long wanted awaited Jewish Messiah. 
A scary challenge but also a happy opportunity of a lifetime.  A worthwhile gift to receive, or not.  Our choice.