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Bogosh C RN + Dr. Klessig H – 6/8/2021 - The Dark Side of Organ Transplants Book excerpt @ (from Judeo-Christian perspective) Authors share that if one has registered as an organ donor, the harvesting of his organs is MANDITORY upon death. - summer 2022 -
"Brain death, the (UDDA) Uniform Determination of Death Act, & the (DDR) Dead Donor Rule are fallacies. Cutting organs out of 'brain-dead' donors with biological signs of life is immoral & unethical. Like abortion & physician-assisted suicide, these policies permit murder. There is a lot of confusion about harvesting organs from brain-dead people with beating hearts in Christendom, even among those who claim to be pro-life. This travesty extends into forced organ harvesting practices, exploiting the poor & vulnerable for organs, & using organ tissue from aborted babies kept alive in labs for research & transplant products." 6/7/2023
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Joan Hunter 2009 - - #1665 radio broadcast 10/12-16/2009 - 2 books 
Healing the Whole Man Handbook
 & Power to Heal - discussion of trauma @ - 1121
10/16/2009 broadcast is a more thorough discussion regarding transplants & transfusions with testimony evidencing that not only had flesh AND blood been transferred, but also specific evil spirits
(such as trauma, fear, fear of death, fear of being bludgeoned to death, night terrors). 
Finally Joan shares how when transplants/transfusions are pending/imminent the team can pray & bind/cancel/forbid all harm from coming into the recipient + the team can minister health/healing to the organ & recipient.  Dr. Paul Pearsall's book calls these traumas or demons, transplanted memories.
Hunter, Joan - Healing Starts Now - training manual - -
Pray before receiving/giving blood transfusions or receiving organ transplants. 
The blood, human derived insulin & transplanted organs' DNA have cellular memory.
Illegal Organ Harvesting
China @ - 2023-04-07 -
China - Live prisoners are a quick source of fresh organs. @ - "After a prisoner is sentenced to death in China, the actual date of his death seems to depend on the needs of transplant operations."
China @ - 2023-08-11 -  
re Dr. Zheng Zhi during his 1994 residency at General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region - 2023-08-26 -
+ at a local hospital near you, which includes gender surgery (external + internal organs)...

"International human rights lawyer David Matas addressed members of the Latvian Parliament on Aug. 23 about China’s state-sanction program of forced organ harvesting, which has been ongoing for decades.  In his presentation, Mr. Matas said China’s ruling communist regime has used this crime against humanity as part of a 'cold genocide' targeting adherents of Falun Gong, a spiritual practice in the Buddhist tradition."

Murdered Martyrs @ Former Police Officer Recounts Witnessing ‘Industrialized’ Organ Harvesting in China ( 7/4/2021
Organ Robbing - Find Me Somebody to Organ-Rob - Alive or Dead - - 11/18/2011



Pearsall, Dr. Paul 1942-2007 The Heart’s Code - Tapping the Wisdom and Power of Our Heart’s Energy  Can donor memories be transplanted along with the organ, especially the heart, brain, or intestine?  Dr. Pearsall says, "Yes."
Pearsall, Dr. Paul 1942-2007 The Heart’s Code - Tapping the Wisdom & Power of Our Heart’s Energy -  Can donor memories be transplanted along with the organ, especially the heart, brain, or intestine?  Dr. Pearsall says, "Yes."
"Paul Pearsall is 1 of many researchers who has observed that transplant patients who receive an organ from another person's body may also receive much more, what he calls their 'cellular memories.'
Recipients have reported inheriting everything from the donor's food cravings to knowledge about his murderer - information that in 1 case led to the killer's arrest...
Pearsall is now convinced that the heart has its own form of intelligence...
In his view, the heart processes information about the body & the outside world through an 'info-energetic code' - a profuse network of blood vessels & cells that serves not only as our circulatory system but as an energy information gathering & distribution system, much like a complex telephone network.
What's more, he believes that the soul, at least in part, is a set of cellular memories that is carried largely by our hearts... In his view...the heart 'thinks,' cells remember & communication can therefore transcend the boundaries of time & space."

Ethical + Legal Issues 5/24/2023 - Beware of changing rules & legal loopholes.  (When in doubt, best NOT to donate.)
The ‘dead donor rule’ of medical ethics is that an organ donor must be formally declared brain dead  before any organs are removed.” Among many, China is 1 country violating this rule.
Dr. Jim Richards - 6/11-17/2012 TV or TV transcript or May 2012 newsletter article or radio here - significant -
regarding cellular memory - TV transcript pgs 7-9 mentors us how to recognize & eradicate root issues or 1 pg prayer @ @

Hunter, Joan - "Blood transfusions, body part transplants, any of that kind of stuff. I'm not against that, but
you make sure that that heart has been prayed over, trauma out of it, cellular memory out of it to go before it comes in." - @ - 081814 video 8/18-22/2014
"It's got to be supernatural for God to remove those (traumatic) memories. Not that you're not aware of what occurred, but those (negative) emotions connected with the memories, they're gone.
That's such a supernatural thing."