Myasthenia Gravis



Hagee Ministries - August 27, 2015 · or - “Last year I (John Hagee) had a right knee replacement, and a 2nd surgery on my left knee. I was preaching seated behind a desk because I was simply too sick (and in pain) to stand. This health crisis struck while I was preaching in Maui at a missionary conference. As I started to speak on Friday night, about 5 minutes into my message, from 1 sentence to the next, my tongue became as thick as a board and I sounded as if I was drunk. My first thought was that I was having a stroke. But logic dictated that I was conscious, and my brain went into high alert. Maybe it was the medication I was taking from my knee surgeries.  I apologized to the audience and continued speaking very slowly, straining to pronounce every word. The audience listened intently. God's presence was so strong. 
We went back to the hotel. I stopped taking all medications, waiting for the following day...Sunday…Sunday morning came. I stood to speak.  Everything was great...for 5 whole minutes. Then, in the next second my tongue refused to function. This occurred during all 3 services that day.  We called my doctor.  As soon as our plane hit the ground in San Antonio, we headed straight for his office. For 2 weeks I stayed out of town as I could barely eat, and was unable talk. The Prince of Darkness was whispering in my ear, ‘You've preached your last sermon! The TV ministry is over! You are done!’  The medical reports came back. I was told that I had (an inherited) myasthenia auto-immune system failure that affects your body in different ways. (This disease killed 2 of his predecessors.) In my case, the messages my brain was sending to my tongue were garbled. I asked if I would ever be able to preach again. The doctor told me...’Maybe not. I don't know.’ Will I be able to play my saxophone? She said, ‘I can't tell. Your body is under attack.’  I went home and sat on my back porch and read the Word! The winds of adversity were howling. I prayed, ‘Father, we have been in battles before. This affliction has taken me by complete surprise, but not you. My future is in your hands.’  I went through several medical treatments under my doctor's supervision...after which I was so sick I could hardly walk across the room.
But my speech slowly returned to normal. (11/2018 still taking some medication) I am speaking all over the world again, to the glory of God the Father and am playing my saxophone (something they didn't think I would ever be able to do).  I am here today, totally healthy, by the grace and power of Jesus Christ the Great Physician. Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! He is so faithful.”