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Synthetic folic acid can sabotage natural folic acid.
"Folate, vitamin B9, is a water soluble vitamin used in just about every process in the body. It breaks down, builds, and uses proteins. Itís used in red blood cell production, DNA synthesis, and many more functions. Lack of it in pregnancy leads to neural tube defects including spina bifida and anencephaly. Lack of it in childhood and adulthood leads to growth problems, neurological problems, anemia, low white blood cell count, and more. (source). Folate is naturally found in high amounts in leafy greens, sea weed, sunflower seeds, chicken liver, calf liver, leeks, and peppers. (source)...Folic acid is the synthetic version of folate...When people have the MTHFR gene mutation, they do not
(readily) turn folic acid into folate. In addition, the folic acid plugs the receptor sites in cells with an unusable form for these people. With the unusable folic acid in the receptor cites, the body is prevented from being able to use the folate that they do consume through natural food...When people have this gene mutation, they do not produce the amount of the enzyme dihydro-folate reductase needed to adequately convert folic acid into the form of folate that can enter the main folate metabolic cycle...When unusable folic acid is taking up the receptor cites where real folate is needed, a folate deficiency occurs and the following can happen: Neural tube defects Recurrent miscarriages Midline defects including tongue tie (read more about folate and tongue tie here) Neurological problems Anxiety (many people donít realize they have anxiety until starting folate and having it go way down) Growth problems Thyroid problems Anemia And more In addition, this excess folic acid has been linked to: Breast cancer (source) Prostate cancer (source) Childhood respiratory problems (source)...Since folic acid is synthetic and made in a lab, it is never found in natural foods. The foods that are fortified are processed cereals, flour bought from the store, other processed foods, and supplements including multivitamins. So if we are eating all homemade foods, only use home ground flour and oats that are not fortified, we can avoid it by also avoiding supplements that contain it...Learn more about supplementing with bio-available folate (Methyl-folate) (you can learn more here)."
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Preventing Methylfolate Side Effects - Take methyl-florate with the 3 following in order to reduce side effects: Electrolytes, Glutathione  SOD.
(Raw organic coconut milk is an excellent natural source of electrolytes.)

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