Deer Antler - "The velvet is also extracted to form Pantocrin found in anti-aging @ athletic performance products. All deer velvet is derived from the cartilage of animals that have not been slaughtered. Therefore, this product is not kosher as it is aiver min hachai. In addition, the blood content would also prohibit this product.?" @ @

Did Jesus Declare All Food Clean?

Fish @

Insects and Rodents - "Rodents, worms, amphibians & creeping, swimming, or flying insects, are not kosher. Fruits, vegetables, or grains are not kosher when worms, insects, ants or mites are present on or in the item." @ @

Do NOT eat the pork, unless you exorcise it, to eradicate any demons (evil spirits) @ Matthew 8:31-32 Stern - "The demons begged Him, 'If You are going to drive us out, send us into the herd of pigs.' 
'All right, go,' He told them.  So they came out & went into the pigs, whereupon the entire herd rushed down the hillside into the lake & drowned."  
Also pray over the shellfish; perhaps the demons moved from the dead swine into shellfish.  Old Testament Jews were forbidden to eat pork & shellfish among other foodstuffs easily contaminated with such things as parasites.

The Slaughterhouse

The Vulture is a bird of prey, a non-kosher bird @


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