Alternative Medication
Do Citronella Plants Actually Repel Mosquitoes? ( for summer time
Garlic @ - Oral administration of garlic is known to repel insects, but garlic can produce unpleasant odors after ingestion & is only marginally effective as an insect repellant.
 Linoleic Acid @ 1/12/1999 -
stablish a cockroach free zone within given perimeters of a structure comprising the steps of providing a solution consisting essentially of linoleic acid & an antioxidant preservative agent in selective amounts to create an effective non-noxious vaporous pheromonic substance that specifically repels cockroaches."
Neem @ 11/2020 @ (subscription) 
NOTE, since neem is a natural plant insectiside, it must be used SPARINGLY & NOT consistently, esp. re. human consumption.
Peppermint plants @ This Trick Will Get Rid of Most Insects Around Your Home ( in summer on window sills
Thiamine (B1) skin application @ (edited)
"A method for repelling insects from skin of a subject by applying thiamine to skin in a transdermal patch in an effective amount for systemic absorption through skin. Area of transdermal patch which contacts the skin is about 35 cm
2, & amount of thiamine in the transdermal patch is about 50 mg.
After application, transdermal patch provides insect repelling activity up to 48 hours...
Patch is applied to the skin of a subject, preferably 2+ hours before protection is needed against biting insects....
Patch should be worn 24-48 hours to insure protection up to 6 hours afterremoval. Patch containing thiamine will deliver up to 48 hours of protection to a subject from biting insects, particularly mosquitoes, flies &/or midges (no-see-em's).
Oral administration of thiamine (vitamin B
1) has also been used to repel insects.
Thiamine is excreted in sweat & releases an odor on the skin surface which is offensive to insects such as mosquitoes but is imperceptible to humans.
Oral administration of thiamine as a single agent has not been adequately effective in this regard, probably because of variable gastrointestinal absorption & 1st pass extraction by the liver. Thiamine delivered orally needs to be administered with other agents such as garlic or vitamin C + biotin, or 1 or more herbs to have effective insect repellant activity.
" (Might be viable for use in areas with mosquitoes carrying parasites.  
B1 as a supplement helps heart

Plant Insecticides

American Beautyberry @ - "Pioneers who came on horseback through the Florida swamps would put American Beautyberry leaves under the saddles of their horses to protect them from mosquitoes bites."
Anti-Nutrients @ - In plants, anti-nutrients are compounds designed to protect from bacterial infections, (fungus) & being eaten by insects. [1]
[But plants (with below aspects) if NOT cooked/sprouted may create human havoc in human GI system when consumed.]

 in cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage) can prevent the absorption of iodine, which may then interfere with thyroid function & cause goiter.
Those already with an iodine deficiency or a condition called hypothyroidism are most susceptible.

Lectins in legumes (beans, peanuts, soybeans) & whole grains can interfere with (calcium, iron, phosphorus, & zinc) mineral absorption.
 in green leafy vegetables & tea can bind to calcium to prevent it from being absorbed.
(phytic acid) in whole grains, seeds, legumes, some (raw/unsprouted) nuts can decrease of iron, zinc, magnesium & calcium. [2,3] (mineral) absorption.
 in legumes, whole grains can interfere with normal nutrient absorption.
 in tea, coffee, legumes can decrease iron absorption.
Citronella grass -  6/2016 -
"There are 2 other plants that also go by the common name citronella which belong to the lemongrass family.  These perennial clumping grasses Cymbopogon nardus & Cymbopogon winterianus grow to an astonishing size of 6' tall & 6' wide (2 m).  The base stems are magenta-colored while the leaves are long & pointy. 
Citronella grass is a favorite to plant in home gardens because it effectively wards off insects such as the destructive whitefly. Thus, it faciliates growing some vegetables without commercial pesticides...
Citronella grass in plant form, while effective for pest control when grown in home gardens, isn’t too helpful for repelling mosquitoes when placed on your porch or patio because the amount of insect repelling oils given off by the live plant is very small."
Lectins @ by Dr. Mercola, (edited) "Plant lectins act as a built-in defense mechanism that ensures survival by triggering a negative reaction in (insect) predators; (however) in humans they attach to our cell membranes, often wreaking havoc on our health. Many lectins can cause inflammation, damage our nerves & kill our cells, while some increase our blood viscosity, interfere with gene expression & disrupt our endocrine function...(Avoid eating) beans, grains, legumes & members of nightshade family like eggplants, potatoes, peppers (& tomatoes)...High-lectin foods can be made safe to eat through proper soaking & cooking, as well as fermenting & sprouting"
Lectins @  ""Dr. Tau Braun is a US National Counterterrorism & EMS Advisor & Trainer, Chief Scientist, Counter Bioterrorism Division, BioChem Engineering & Executive Director of the Violence Prevention Agency.
He researched & discovered the 
origin of Covid 19 was snake venom...
Dr. Braun claims he has proof that snake venom peptides were used to cause the entire Covid “pandemic.”
                 He is known to the FBI having worked with them as an outside consultant...
In a 1977 paper, a
 lectin, a plant-based venom, was attached to, or combined with, a coronavirus.
'You really need to think about
glyco-proteins, venom & plant-based venom, which are called lectins
You need to think of them like 2 sides of Velcro.  There’s interplay between the 2 of them. 
Ultimately, they act as switches, so when your body needs to understand what it’s dealing with, it will have places in the body where lectins & venoms combine. That sets off all kinds of chain reactions,' Dr Braun said. 

'There are 2 homologues, synthetic versions of the venom, in the spike protein.
 You can call it a cobra venom but it may not actually be from the cobra snake.  It is from a lab & even then, more importantly, it doesn’t have to actually come from the cobra snake.  That venom could be a perfect match, evolutionary, to a cone snail … It could also come from parasites… There are 2 venoms that are in the S protein of SARS-CoV-2:    cobra & krait, a coagulant & an anti-coagulant. 
You have all kinds of disruptive mechanisms of those 2 weapons…
The venom aspect is just 1 aspect of this multipurpose tool that makes up the spike,' Dr. Braun explained."
Venom - Dr. Richard Fleming discussed among other things the snake venom theory with InfoWars on 14 April, watch HERE (40 mins).Snake-like enzyme could be driving Covid deaths.  August 2021, researchers from the University of Arizona published a paper that found a certain enzyme that could be driving Covid deaths: 
'We found evidence that there was an enzyme, a snake-like enzyme, in the blood of people who were in extraordinarily high levels,”
 said Dr. Floyd Chilton, the senior author of the study with the University of Arizona, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences.
Dust Mite, Pet Dander & Pollen Allergen Eradication
Very hot wash & 2 cold rinses help remove debris.  [Summer sunshine works well too, in pillow sterilization.]
Jury Trial Date Set for Lawsuits Against Syngenta Alleging Weedkiller Causes Parkinson’s Disease  - 6/28/2021 - Exposure to Syngenta’s paraquat weedkillers caused family to develop & suffer from...neurological disorder.