Plant Insecticides

Citronella grass -  6/2016 - "There are 2 other plants that also go by the common name citronella which belong to
the lemongrass family.  These perennial clumping grasses Cymbopogon nardus and Cymbopogon winterianus grow to an astonishing size of 6' tall and 6' wide (2 m).
The base stems are magenta-colored while the leaves are long and pointy. 
Citronella grass is a favorite to plant in home gardens because it effectively wards off insects such as the destructive whitefly. Thus, it faciliates growing some vegetables without commercial pesticides...
Citronella grass in plant form, while effective for pest control when grown in home gardens, isnít too helpful for repelling mosquitoes when placed on your porch or patio because the amount of insect repelling oils given off by the live plant is very small."
Dust Mite, Pet Dander & Pollen Allergen Eradication Very hot wash and 2 cold rinses help remove debris.
[Summer sunshine works well too, in pillow sterilization.]