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Boron @ https://www.doctorfey.com/functional-medicine-holistic-health-blog/2021/3/15/boron-for-bone-health - Binghamton NY - Boron is a TRACE mineral.  Less is better, but significant blessing when there is joint pain.  Do NOT exceed recommended dosage due to estrogenic potential side effects.  "About 60 % of magnesium present in the human body is found in bone, where it acts as a cofactor for numerous enzymes that regulate calcium metabolism.  Boron appears to significantly improve absorption of magnesium & its deposition at bone level."

Boron - 1 source to consider @ https://juvenon.com/products/nuvoflex + https://juvenon.com/blogs/articles
The Adultery TestNumbers 5:
26and the priest shall take a handful of the grain offering as its memorial offering & offer it up in smoke on the altar.
After he shall make the woman drink the water.

27When he has made her drink the water, then it shall come about, if she has defiled herself
& has been unfaithful to her husband, that the water which brings a curse
will go into her & cause
bitterness, & her abdomen will swell
& her thigh will waste away (needing hip replacement), & the woman will become a curse (rejected) among her people.
28'But if the woman has not defiled herself & is clean, she will be free &
conceive children.…
NAS: the socket of his thigh; so the socket


Buhrke, Al & Angie - 9/6/2018 - http://www.awmi.net/download-file.php?downloads/tv/2018/09sep/awm_tv20180906.wmv from God Wants You Well TV Series or Healings Journeys #6 CD/DVD - A
cetabular/pelvic fractures
healed after family CONSISTENTLY spoke TO hip, NOT relying solely on doctor/medical reports. 
Hip (femora head) had fractured pelvis.
Souza, Katie @ http://www.sidroth.org/site/DocServer/IS555Transcript_Souza.pdf?docID=2601 - Lyme Disease healing - (edited) - “My mom had been really sick for like 25 years. She got bit by a lyme tick & it releases spiral bacteria into her body. 
Then she got severe (lyme) rheumatoid (arthritis).  It started to eat the bones & the cartilage in her body.
She lost her knees & they put artificial ones in.  She lost her left hip & they put an artificial 1 in

Then they had to take it out because the disease ate the plastic parts of the man-made hip
When I put my hands on her I felt this heat generating that I had never felt before.
I’m getting excited & thinking, yeah, she’s gonna jump up & be healed.  I pray & pray, & nothing happens.
The next day nothing happens. 3rd day, the same thing...
But then my father who had just come back from the emergency room.  They had scheduled him for 2 major surgeries on his prostate. 
When he came back I laid hands on him.  He was instantly healed. 2 weeks later he goes to the doctor & they cancel the surgeries…
So I’m asking God that question, like what’s going on? 
He said,
I want you to read that scripture in Matthew 10 about the anointing he just got.
Look at the order in which Jesus talks about the anointing
.’ I looked. 
It said, ‘Jesus gave them the anointing, 1st drive out demons & 2nd heal the sick.’ 
When I saw that, the Lord said
, ‘Sometimes you got to 1st drive out demonic powers that are making people sick, before you can then heal the sick.’ All right. I’m going to do that. 
I started praying every demon off of Mom on the face of the planet.  Nothing happens...Ok, God, what’s going on now? 
He said,
Well you’re fighting. You’re doing the right thing. But now it’s about order. 
You’re fighting the enemy in the wrong order
.’ You see, the kingdom of darkness operates like an army & it has ranks. 
The Lord told me,
You can’t fight your way from the bottom of the ranks up...Learn how to start from the top & go down.’  
hen He said that He took me to Ephesians 6:12
The amplified (version) shows the order in which the demonic kingdom operates.
It says that, ‘We wrestle NOT against flesh & blood, but against (1st) the despots of (2nd) the powers & (3rd) the master spirits.’ 
The Lord says, ‘
That’s the order.’  So what’s a despot, because that’s the 1st thing in the order. It’s a tyrant king. 
No king is a king unless he has a kingdom underneath him

So who’s in his kingdom? The next 2 on the list (are) the powers & master spirits. The word ‘powers’ in Webster’s means ‘orders of angels’.  So there’s ranks.  When I saw that I go, okay. God
said, ‘
If you’ll learn how to fight & defeat the king, then the powers & master spirits underneath him in his kingdoms will just submit to you.’  Ok, then. Where’s that in the Bible? He said, In David & Goliath.’  I went to the story & saw proof of what God was saying. It said that the Israelites & Philistines were lined up in battle ready to fight, but they were fighting because they had a champion, a top dog doing the fighting for them.  Every day Goliath would come up and say, “Choose a man from amongst yourselves.  If he can come down & defeat me, then we,” meaning me & my army, “will submit to you.”  That’s what happened. David goes & cuts Goliath’s head off right in the front of the Philistine army, which symbolizes the removal of his headship of his covering.  The very next verse says, ‘When the Philistines saw their champion was dead they fled.’  They didn’t rise up & fight.  When they their champion of their headship of the covering was dead they fled without a fight.
That’s the way the demonic kingdom works.
If we learn how to go to the top & remove these kings from the position of power then the powers & master spirits underneath them will just have to submit to us. It’s way easier that way…
Jesus said, If you take out the strong man then you can ransack his house. So Jesus did it, too. 
Ephesians 6
shows us the order: despots, powers & master spirits.  Despots are kings.
No king is a king unless he has a kingdom underneath him. So you go to the top & then the rest will begin to just submit to you.
This is 1 key to mass deliverance, to be able to do deliverance on an accelerated manner.
With Mom, she was our example and we learned from her. There was something blocking her healing. 
When I asked the Lord what it was, He began to give me this download.  She’s not the only 1 that’s having a blocked healing. 
I asked God to show me who is the king that’s over Mom right now. 
I got quiet in my mind. I heard Isaiah 14…about...a satanic king of Babylon. 
Now in the natural Nebekenezer, King of Babylon was the king that took the Israelites into physical captivity. Right?
In the supernatural the satanic king of Babylon does the same job. He takes God’s people into physical captivity through sickness & disease...Isaiah 14's words show his job description...totally tied in with physical disorders.
It says that he, 'weakens...causes us pain & lays prostrate'. 
It means he is a king whose assignment is to cause us to be in physical captivity
When I got this revelation about him I was like, okay God, I don’t even know how to fight him, which the stuff we’re offering today, we give step by step medical instructions so they’ll know exactly how to…I had the most important thing. I had the Word of God.
I took Isaiah 14. I said okay, I’m gonna fight this king. I’m gonna win with the scripture.
I began to decree it against him in the position of warfare. 
My whole body started to just be on fire. My back was on fire. My legs were on fire.
1 of the things it says in Isaiah 14 is that we can take a taunt up against him & command him to fall from his position in power…
In 2nd heavens ‘cause that’s where his throne is. So I began to do that. I commanded him, 'Fall in the name of Jesus. Fall, Fall, Fall. 'Suddenly in an open-eyed vision I saw this being. It was him falling down through the clouds from the sky to the ground. 
I was like, wow God, what is that?  The Lord reminded me of this story when Jesus set up the 72 with the Matthew 10 anointing, the same anointing I had gotten at Bethel.  It says that when they came back they said, ‘Even demons submitted to us in your name.’
Jesus said this
: ‘I saw Satan fall like lightening from the sky.’  He knew that Satan’s kingdoms, his kings in the kingdoms, had fallen from the positions of power when his disciples when out with this anointing…6 months later…
She had 1st gotten healed of an addiction to
Dilaudid…a prescription equivalent of heroin. 
When she got healed of that, then there are all these other people that we removed the Babylonian king off. 
They begin to get major breakthroughs.  Instant healing of viruses
another toolMalachi 4:2 says, ‘The center of righteousness,’ meaning Jesus the Messiah ‘arises with the healing in his wings & his beams.’ The beams there are talking about beams of light & the wings that represents the prayer shawl, which represents the Glory Cloud.  So Jesus arises with healing in his glory & his light. 
You were talking about Australia earlier. Well when I went to Australia the Lord said, ‘Now I want you to start moving in that revelation & releasing light.’ You can even release it long distance ‘cause light travels 186,000 miles per second, right?
So he said, ‘I want you to start releasing Glory Light on your mom’s hip,’ the other hip she had…From Australia…
I began to press into my faith to release the Glory Light. So I called her 2 days later.
Now she doesn’t know I’m doing this.  She goes, ‘I’ve had this angelic being coming into my room beaming light into me.’  
I was like that’s what I’ve been praying for. 
The Lord began to show me how her other hip, which they were going to take out because it was being degenerated by disease, was being restored.  So I’m in the plane. God’s saying that hip is being restored in the Glory Light.
He goes, ‘But now the leg bone is out of the socket.’  He says, ‘So now I want you to do some thundering.’ 
I said, ‘Thundering?’ So I go, ‘Okay, what’s thundering?’ I did a word search in Bible Gateway. 
In the scripture about the valley of dry bones...it says, ‘
There was a thundering, a shaking & a rattling. 
The bones came together, bone fits
bone.’ So I fly home.  I run into her house. I don’t even tell her what I’m doing.
I began to command the bones to come together, bone fits bone so that the leg bone would go into the hip socket.
She’s laying there.  She has no idea what I’m doing & she goes, ‘Ow. Ow.’  I go, ‘What’s going on?’ 
She goes, ‘I have a pain.’   I said, ‘What kind of pain?’  She goes, ‘Well it wasn’t really a pain.
It was more like the feeling of when the ball of a truck goes into the hitch of
a trailer.’ 
Didn’t have to touch her anything.  The bones came together.” 
[Ezekiel 37:1-11 KJV - 4Again He said to me, “Prophesy (speak) upon (over) these (separated/broken/fractured) bones & say to them, ‘O you dry bones (disease, defect, deformity & /or fractured soul pieces), hear the Word of the Lord.’ 
5Thus says the Lord God to these bones, ‘Behold, I will cause breath to enter into you, & you shall live
I will lay sinews upon you, & will bring up flesh upon you, cover you with skin, & put breath in you. 
 You shall live; & you shall know that I am the Lord
9Then He said to me, ‘Prophesy to the wind
Thus says the Lord God, ‘Come from the 4 winds, O breath, & breathe upon these slain, that they may live.
11Then He said to me, “Son of man, these bones are the whole house of Israel
, they say, ‘Our bones are dried & our hope is lost.  We (traumatized/shattered/broken/fractured/stolen soul pieces captured in hell) are cut off from our (healthy/free/intact soul) parts (origins/freedom/eternal life/health/sanity).’ 
12Therefore prophesy & say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord God, ‘Behold, O My people,
I will open your graves & cause you to come up out of your
(& or spiritual) graves (in hell), & bring you (out of captivity, the designs of the enemy) into the land of Israel (the designs of the Lord).
13You shall know that I am the Lord
, when I have opened your graves, O My people, & brought you up out of your graves (captivity)
14& shall put My Spirit in you
, & you shall live, & I shall place you (your hurt/broken/wounded parts back together) in (side) your own land (mind/body/family/nation). 
Then you shall know that I the Lord have spoken & performed it,’ says the Lord.”2.2.2011
Medical Alert
Fluoride 4/30/2021 @ New study shows 50% increase in hip fractures due to fluoride | Fluoride Free Australia
Fosomax (alendronate) @ https://www.dynamicchiropractic.com/mpacms/dc/article.php?id=54717 -
6/17/2010 - "
Several studies have reported the occurrence of specific & rare types of femur fractures in individuals (mostly women) who had been taking bisphosphonates, specifically alendronate (Fosamax), for approximately 4-8 years.1-9 
It should be noted that the fractures occurred with no apparent trauma...
Bisphosphonates such as alendronate, risendronate & ibandronate are inhibitors of bone resorption.
Extensive studies have shown that therapy with bisphosphonates improves bone density & decreases fracture risk...
Since bisphosphonates accumulate in bone tissue & suppress bone turnover, it appears that at least initially,
the bone increases in density. Increased bone density, however, does NOT necessarily equate with good bone 
Bone remodeling & turnover is a natural part of maintaining bone health. By decreasing osteoclast activity & bone resorption, the osteoblast activity is also affected; therefore, bone formation is also decreased.
The microdamage that occurs regularly in bone & is normally repaired accumulates over time & is apparently not repaired because the normal process of bone resorption & formation has been altered by treatment with bisphosphonates. After long-term use, the quality of the bone is NOT maintained...Bisphosphonates are stored in bone for up to 10 years after consumption is stopped...2 preliminary studies presented at 2010 annual meeting of American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) suggest that long-term suppression of bone remodeling by bisphosphonates may alter material properties of bone, potentially affect the bone's mechanical integrity & could contribute to risk for atypical fractures...Weight-bearing exercise is essential for the prevention & treatment of osteoporosis & unfortunately, it is often overlooked or underemphasized.
Muscle strength is an accurate predictor of bone strength. Weight-bearing exercise has been shown to be most effective way to strengthen bone & protect against osteoporosis-related fractures
14-15  Medication is NOT the best way to prevent osteoporosis; nutrition & exercise (even walking down &/or up a flight of stairs) are key for bone health (& overall health)...
The concern is even greater when bisphosphonate is taken concurrently with another agent that may inhibit bone turnover, such as estrogen.  The current patient package insert for Fosamax (alendronate) states, "The long-term effects of combined Fosamax and HRT on fracture occurrence and fracture have not been studied (thus NOT acknowledged, due to potential liability)."