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David Perlmutter - - "neurologist in Naples, Fla., & author of Raise a Smarter Child by Kindergarten, from birth until age 3, a child has the opportunity to acquire up to 30 I.Q. points. He says it’s up to the parents to ensure their child actually gets those points by following simple advice, such as breastfeeding for at least a year, limiting early television exposure and investing in musical training for young kids. 'Babies are born with 100 billion neurons...
During the 1st years of life, some are salvaged and the others are left to wither. We call that synaptic pruning.'”

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Amaranth (Kiwicha) grain with many uses.  Very small, so easily used as breakfast cereal.  Gluten free.
- Cooking amaranth is comparable to cooking pasta or rice: boil plenty of water (6 cups of water per 1 cup of amaranth), measure the grain into it, cook and stir for 15-20 minutes, drain, rinse, and eat...Protein content: cup for cup, 28.1 grams of protein compared to the 26.3 grams in oats and 13.1 grams in rice (All 3 gluten free).
Einkorn is the only form of wheat left on planet earth that is completely unhybridized.
Science has studied the type of gluten in einkorn, and some stark differences were noted – huge differences,
in fact, that incredibly enough make einkorn super digestible even for those with gluten intolerance.
Einkorn is not lower in gluten than spelt, emmer, durum or any other type of wheat – modern or ancient.
According to the USDA, einkorn contains roughly the same or even slightly more protein
(remember, gluten is the protein in wheat) per 100 grams as these hybridized wheat strains...

There are 2 types of protein that form gluten: Glutenins and gliadins.
These proteins bond together in gluey fashion to form gluten when flour containing them is mixed with water or another liquid. The gluten that forms in bread dough gives it the ability to hold air bubbles.
Glutenins are described as either high molecular weight or low molecular weight.
This is a very important distinction because bread flour is considered to be ideal for modern breadmaking purposes when it contains a large amount of high molecular weight glutenin.
This influences, to a great extent, the finished volume of a loaf as well as the mixing time and elasticity.
If you have ever baked with einkorn and compared it to baking with other types of wheat, you no doubt have noticed that it is less elastic and much more sticky. This is because einkorn is lacking in some of the high molecular weight glutenins that are present in ample amounts in hybridized wheat.
With regard to gliadins, the other type of protein that forms gluten, the situation is similar.
Researchers subdivide gliadins into several different types based on their amino acid sequences. In einkorn, groups of y-gliadins present in other types of wheat are completely missing!
Moreover, compared with hybridized wheat like spelt, kamut, durum, emmer & modern wheat, einkorn has a very different ratio of glutenins to gliadins. Most notably, the ratio of gliadins to glutenins in einkorn is much higher.
In hybridized wheat, the ratio is about 1:1.
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Sprouted Grains - Typically all sprouted grains are preferable to non-sprouted, just as fermented foods are preferable to cooked non-fermented, although organic non-GMO raw veggies are 1st choice.  Those with Celiac disease may prefer to avoid all wheat products.

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