Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease


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Fermentation - "Learn about the magic of sprouting, soaking and fermenting which are the methods ancestral cultures used to prepare grains in order to consume them without ill effect. This is the 1st step."
Gut and Psychology Syndrome (aka G.A.P.S.) diet. 
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Gut diet -
http://www.doctor-natasha.com/gaps-book.php by Natasha Campbell-McBride -
"All diseases begin in the gut! The Father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, made this statement more than 2,000 years ago.  The more we learn with our modern scientific tools, the more we realize just how correct Hippocrates was: all diseases do begin in the gut! Science has discovered, that about 90% of all cells and all genetic material of the human body belongs to the gut flora - a mixture of various microbes, which live inside our digestive tract. So, in reality your body is just a shell, a 10%, providing a habitat for this mass of micro-creatures living inside you; and their role in your health and physiology is monumental." (Test any spiritual mentoring.)
Soak - http://www.cookingforwell-being.com/Chart.html - "Whole grains are the hardest food for the human body to digest, and all grains contain anti-nutrients that must be neutralized before cooking. Phytic acid can block the absorption of calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc. Enzyme inhibitors can block enzymes. Gluten must be pre-digested, and traditional soaking techniques accomplish this with ease."  (Got flatulence, osteoporosis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome or digestive disorders?  Then soak.)
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The backflow of acid, bile, enzymes, and food into esophagus may be reduced/eliminated with a 2 week (or 1000 mg every other day for 3 weeks) regimen of orange peel.  The OTC citrus peel oil supplement is known as d-linonene.  (Warning - Nicotine affects GERD adversely.) 4/2007  www.lef.org
Pawpaw http://www.cancercompass.com/message-board/message/all,25989,0.htm  "Remember the (protein) enzyme Papain is highest in the green, unripened fruit. Mother Nature puts it in there to bring the fruit to the ripened stage. Once it is ripened the enzyme is used up."
Pawpaw http://alternativecancer.us/pawpaw.htm "Paw Paw is a cousin of the graviola, guanabana, and soursop trees. However, the acetogenins extracted from Paw Paw are more active against cancer." (Some cites site papaya as another name for pawpaw.)  (Spiritual WARNING.  Avoid any participation in hypnosis therapy or use.)