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DANCE - http://www.t-tapp.com/team/trainers.html
Rebounding on a small trampoline - http://www.donnapartow.com/benefits-of-rebounding/ -
"NASA scientists observed that astronauts in space for 14 days 'lost up to 15% of their bone and muscle mass because their cells didn’t have gravity to oppose.' So NASA had to find an exercise that would strengthen astronauts both before and after space trips. They found that nothing else had the same benefits of rebounding...
According to NASA research, the straight up-and-down movement of the body while rebounding exposes the human body to the “G-Force” (pull of gravity). Each time you resist the pull of gravity (by jumping up), your entire body becomes stronger...Rebounding...stimulates your Lymphatic System, which is your body’s primary tool for self-cleaning. It sucks out toxins, poisons and metabolic waste products, while destroying bacteria, viruses, germs, dead cells & other unhealthy material that doesn’t belong in your body. "

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