encephalopathia (encephalopathy) - any brain disease



http://www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/health-wellness/2013/05/26/when-brain-attacks-newly-discovered-disease-can-mimic-psychosis/dyixxnwdHJJIUITsNYJC3O/story.html -
"A newly described disease called anti-NMDA receptor
encephalitis, (can) cause...the body’s immune system (to) go...haywire & attacks a protein in the brain.
The protein, the NMDA receptor, helps neurons communicate; it is the same receptor that’s blocked by PCP or ketamine — both drugs that can make a normal person act like someone with schizophrenia.
Clark, Dr Rachel  Brain Drain - A young woman almost loses her mind, & no one can figure out why. Editorial by Dr Lisa Sanders  http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/09/magazine/09wwln-diagnosis-t.html?partner=rssnyt&emc=rss - “'They told me she was having a psychotic break, that she probably had schizophrenia,' her mother reported...She had a seizure. After that, she never woke up.
She was finally transferred to Massachusetts General in Boston...3 spinal taps. Each showed the presence of white blood cells, suggesting that she had
encephalitis - an inflammation of the brain...
CT scan of her body...showed...a tiny cyst (known as a teratoma, derived from the Greek word for 'monster,' because of their creepy contents) on her left ovary...An article, published just months earlier, that described 12 women with what the paper’s author called ovarian teratoma encephalitis. The women had headaches & psychiatric symptoms & became comatose. Each was ultimately found to have a teratoma...
Most of these women recovered fully once the cyst was removed...

The author of the paper theorized that these particular tumors, which have the potential to grow any type of cell in the body - develop primitive brain cells. Somehow the immune system mistakenly identifies these cells as “foreign” and makes antibodies to destroy them. These antibodies go on to attack the same kind of cells in the (patient's) brain. "

Myalgic Encephalopathy/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)
http://sacfs.asn.au/download/talking_point/Talking%20Point%20-%202010%20Issue%204.pdf - 2010 -
"is characterised by severe, disabling fatigue and post-exertional malaise.  Fatigue is just 1 symptom. 
There are a multitude of others. ME/CFS is a not uncommon medical disorder that causes significant ill health & disability in sufferers. Myalgic Encephalopathy/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) is also known by other names such as Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) & Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.  It is now officially recognized by the World Health Organization International Classification of Diseases and by recent international and Australian guidelines on ME/CFS."

Powassan (POW) virus - http://www.maine.gov/dhhs/mecdc/infectious-disease/epi/vector-borne/powassan/index.shtml - "Powassan (POW) virus is a flavi-virus and currently the only well documented tick-borne transmitted arbo-virus occurring in the United States and Canada.
Powassan encephalitis
is a serious illness caused by the Powassan virus. This virus was 1st recognized in the small town of Powassan, Ontario (Canada) in 1958."


encephalitis lethargica - sleeping sickness
ENCEPHALITIS - brain inflammation

ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis)

encephalocele - brain hernia
encephaloma brain hernia/tumor
encephaloid - soft carcinoma


Buchan, Angus - Faith Like Potatoes - Chapter 7 Planting in the Dust shares a healing of Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME).
Rutz, James  Mega Shift  www.megashift.org  pg 29 cites 2  hydro-encephaly healings reported in http://www.freshfire.ca
Sid Roth welcomes Joan Hunter | Sid Roth 2/1/2012 Transcript

Autobiography - Biography

Cahalan, Susannah - "Dr Balice-Gordon believes that a %, albeit a small one, of those diagnosed with autism & schizophrenia might in fact have anti-DMDA-receptor autoimmune encephalitis," with which Susanna was diagnosed, after being diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder.  At the time it cost her insurer $1 million to treat and eventually correctly diagnose her via a biopsy showing inflammation & antibodies targeting brain glutamate receptors...
Now antibody-mediated autoimmune diseases have become a bona-fide group of syndromes."
http://www.popscreen.com/v/1qu9/NBC-TODAY-Show-She-Went-Mad-for-a-Month -
http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/49763679/ns/today-books/t/brain-fire-journalists-descent-madness/ Chapter 1
Bedbug Blues - http://www.npr.org/2012/11/14/165115921/a-young-reporter-chronicles-her-brain-on-fire
"As Najjar put it to her parents, 'her brain was on fire.' This discovery led to her eventual diagnosis & treatment for anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, a rare autoimmune disease that can attack the brain.
Cahalan says that doctors think the illness may account for (be the medical or spiritual cause of) cases of 'demonic possession' throughout history."
Gavigan, Emily - http://pahomepage.com/fulltext?nxd_id=291642 - "Laflin, Luzerne County -
A Luzerne County family was on the Today Show Wednesday morning, telling viewers how a story that aired over 2 years ago saved their daughters life. Back in 2010, the Gavigan's from Laflin caught an interview about a woman who was diagnosed with a rare disease where your body attacks your brain."

Medical Research

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12388826 - 11/2002 - "Attempts to detect infectivity in the blood of humans & animals affected with transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs or prion diseases) have often been inconclusive because of the limitations of cross-species bioassays & the small volumes of blood that can be injected by the intracerebral route."
Department of Psychiatry, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, RCSI Education & Research Centre, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin 9, Ireland - http://psychoticdisorders.wordpress.com/tag/susannah-cahalan/ -
"We present 4 cases of confirmed
anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis; 3 presented initially with serious psychiatric symptoms & the other developed significant psychiatric symptoms during initial phase of illness. 
Brain biopsy findings of 1 patient are also described. Psychiatrists should consider anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis in patients presenting with psychosis & additional features of dyskinesias, seizures & catatonia, particularly where there is
no previous history of psychiatric disorder."
Vaccine encephalopathy6 @ https://www.drbuttar.com/combination-vaccines-and-febrile-seizures-should-parents-be-concerned/ @ Vaccine Reaction by Sheri A. Marino 3/21/2019 -
Currently, the MMR & Varicella vaccines are available as 2 separate shots without being combined as the MMRV.
The DTaP, IPV, Hep B, & HIB vaccines are also available as separate shots without being combined as a hexavalent shot.
Research confirms these are the safer options." Archives @ https://www.drbuttar.com/category/vaccines-2/ -