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Alternative Medicine

Adams, Rex  Miracle Medicine Foods  Parker Publishing -   
Liquid lecithin applied to bedsores may heal ulcers, after first cleaning with diluted hydrogen peroxide.
Bean Plant - The bean plant leaf traps and kills bed bugs -
Myrrh is used to treat skin ulcers per Rodales' The Prevention Total Health System - Everyday Health Hints

Conventional Resources

Placing infested linen/clothing/toys in clothes dryer will kill bed bugs at the 120 degree heat. 4/14/2009 NPR RADIO

"One of the most effective ways to expose bed bugs to high temperatures for the purpose of eradication is to use steam vapor cleaning. Bed bugs are not limited to mattress and bedding. They infest the carpets, curtains, walls and anywhere they can get a foothold. So steam cleaning the mattress, carpet, curtains and even the walls and other surfaces will go a long way to permanently removing them. You cannot leave it at that, however. You will also need to wash all bedding and any clothes or items which could be infected.
Simple vacuuming is also beneficial. Daily vacuuming of the mattress and carpet can (help)remove or limit the threat when combined with heat from steam cleaning or other sources. If you do not have access to steam cleaning, some people have successfully used hairdryers on high heat to kill bed bugs on mattresses and others have used an iron. It is important that the high temperatures are applied suddenly so that the bed bugs do not get the opportunity to scatter and survive.
If you feel that heat isn't enough and want an extra sense of certainty in eradicating bed bugs, you can make up a mixture of tea tree oil and water in a spray bottle and lightly mist your mattress and carpet and any other relevant furnishings. This will not be strong enough on its own, however, combined with heat will significantly enhance your chances of success."

Bad Bugs 10/2015
The DIY method for bed bug removal should ideally involve multiple approaches used at the same time as bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eradicate.
 1st, try
BontaiGard, a product that contains a special type of fungus (Beauvaria bassiana) which kills bed bugs (1).
This fungus grows naturally in soils throughout the world and acts as a parasite to bed bugs eventually killing them.
This is NOT an overnight solution but effectively works over time. Note that this fungus is safe for people
although those with mold allergies should consult with their practitioner before using.  (Perhaps best for damp basements or garages.)
Next, try
CimeXa, a nontoxic insecticide dust made of engineered silica powder which is more effective than diatomaceous earth.
The exoskeleton of the bed buds is scratched by the dust when they crawl over it, which causes them to quickly dehydrate and die.
CimeXa will remain viable for up to 10 years as long as the conditions are not damp and it is left undisturbed (perhaps under beds).
How to Trap Bed Bugs - Finally, you can use the trapping method.
Bed bugs locate their human hosts via attraction to carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted during exhalation.
This can be used to trap them for easy elimination. There are two ways to accomplish this.
1st, you can make homemade CO2 traps for less than $20 (see
video or written instructions for how to make using a yeast ferment).
2nd method is perhaps a little easier. Just buy a small hunk of dry ice, which is frozen carbon dioxide that emits the gaseous form as it melts.
Find companies that make dry ice in your area and most will be happy to sell you a chunk for a reasonable price.
By the way, using dry ice to get rid of ticks in your home works too as ticks are also attracted to CO2.
Place the dry ice in a glass bowl that has a paper towel or cloth wrapped around it for the bed bugs to easily climb up on.
Slide the bowl under the bed or whereever you suspect the bed bugs are hiding.
The bed bugs will climb up the side of the bowl on the fabric, fall into the bowl and be unable to escape.
Repeat process as necessary until all bed bugs have been removed.
Note that one pound of dry ice will last for about 5-8 hours at room temperature.
If you absolutely cannot find any company in your area that makes dry ice, you can buy a machine to make it (this is one of the cheapest).
While a bit pricey, itís certainly less expensive than calling in the professionals for 2-3 treatments.
(This might be a good machine and annual routine for cleaning company or for hotel staff.
2nd when using dry ice one needs to honor all precautions, so as NOT to freeze fingers, etc.)1

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