McDowell, William - 10/13/2019 - + (edited) -
An amoeba is a microorganism that enters the body and eats the brain
WILLIAM: Eats the brain. It is a very serious sickness. It's a very rare sickness. In fact, the news just reported just recently there's only been a 145 cases of this particular amoeba in the history of the United States with only 4 people who have lived. They took her to the other hospital. By the time they get there & they have her in the neuro critical unit, he calls me again and he says, "We need to pray that it's not this"...
Around midnight I get another call that that she does have an amoeba. They begin to ask, how did she get it?
She had gone to a lake swimming. they said, "Was anyone with you?"
She said, "Well, 6 of my children." So they said, "Well, how are the children? Call home."
All 6 of the children were exhibiting the same symptoms and so they rushed all of them to the hospital. now what they are saying that they're expecting... The life expectancy, obviously 97% of people who have ever gotten it passed away and they pass away anywhere between 24 hours to 5 days. They were expecting that all of them were going to pass away, they're now saying. CDC is involved. They're talking about the news outlets are going to be coming down to interview Jason, talk about how this man lost his whole family to an amoeba.
What they wanted to do was they wanted to... They told her that we need to deliver the baby that's in you, do an emergency c-section because the baby won't survive the amoeba nor would the baby survived the medicine that we need to give you tomorrow, which they were going to give her a powerful antibiotic that they are hoping would work, they said it had a 3% chance of working.
What they wanted to do with her and all six of the kids was drill a hole in their head, put them in a medically induced coma, try to lower their body temperature in hopes that they could fight off this amoeba.
But in between the time that we received that news and the time that they had scheduled to do that, our church went into a significant time of prayer. I took the night watch, I stayed up all night.
There was no way that I could let that pass. I remember I sang to the Lord.
Now Jason is also a great man of faith.  He was praying as well for his own wife.
I remember saying to the Lord, we have seen so many miracles at that point.
I said, "God, if you've given me the gift of healing at all, please use it now"...
What the enemy wanted to do is roll 7 caskets in our church & say, "After all of these miracles, look what I did." But the Lord intervened & 24 hours later without any medicine being administered.  All 7 of them were healed.
WILLIAM: This is very, very important because I just saw this on a major news outlet just recently where they talked about the 4 known people have been healed of this. In the history of the USA, there are more people healed of this in our church, in (this) 1 family than in the combined history of the United States of America.
The doctors, the nurses are absolutely amazed anytime the children go back now. The whole hospital knew about it because this was about to be a national news story so they all look at that family and say, "I remember that.
I remember you"... A lot of specialists, nurses, doctors were told that that they were clear of the amoeba.
Jessica the mom, the wife who had it, woke up.  Sitting on her bed was a medical person that had not been a part of the process at all. The person looked at her & said, "Did you hear the news?" She said, "What news?"
He said, "No amoeba." From that point forward they never saw that person again.
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