Grumbling/Negavitity Enpowers the Spiritual Enemy & Freezes the Good God Intends for Us


James 3:14
Hebrews 12:14-15


Howells, Rees - The Art of War for Spiritual Battle by Cindy Trimm - Chapter #1 here or -
"Rees Howells, an intercessor in Wales in the early 20th century. He had spearheaded
a very successful mission outreach to the local coal miners, of which he was 1, but over several months his closest compatriot in the mission was considering leaving because he didn’t want to be 2nd fiddle to Rees.
Rees took the matter to prayer.  God answered very matter-of-factly: Rees was to turn the leadership of the mission over to his friend, step down from the pulpit, & go behind the scenes to become an intercessor & pray that the mission would have greater success in the hands of his friend than it’d had in his own.
Rees eventually reluctantly agreed, & the mission exploded in attendance in the coming months.
Following that, God gave Rees an even greater challenge that seemed even more obscure. He was to pray for the son of a benefactor who had gone off to war and fallen away from God. Rees agreed that he would pray that the young officer would not return to the front without returning to God. This would not be a prayer for a matter of hours, or even days, either. Rees’s shift in the coal mine was from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., 6 days a week.
He would then come home, eat dinner, go to his room and spend from 6 p.m-9 p.m. on his knees before God reading his Bible & praying for the young man. He did this for 6 months. In that time the man’s son was discharged from the army & moved to Canada, never returning to the front, but also not yet returning to God. Eventually Rees received the conviction in his heart that his intercession had been answered. 
He left this vigil to pray for other things, telling his benefactor the work was done in the spirit. It would be another 12 years, though, before the man’s salvation manifested & he turned his life back over to God.
It happened just weeks before his father passed away. In all that time Rees never budged from the conviction that the man’s salvation was already accomplished in heaven as God had promised him in prayer.4

huck Pierce - - Time to Defeat the Devil - - Sample chapter here - Chapter 9 Sinai - God Establishes a New Order -
"Murmuring arises out of what I call a heart of bitterness and is a weapon in the arsenal of the enemy."

Savard, Liberty - Breaking the Power of Unmet Needs, Unhealed Hurts, Unresolved Issues in Your Life  
Chapter 4 Wrong Behaviors, Word Curses, and Generational Bondages -
In section Word Curses  Savard contends that, "(Words spoken to you, about you, & by you)...word curses - have NO expiration dates when they are left unchallenged....
If your soul believes
and comes into agreement with negative word curses as being truth, you will (may) see (experience/feel) everything in your life through the negative filter of those words. 
According to Liberty Savard, such words already spoken cannot be erased, (See rebuttal below.*)
but you can loose (shake off/reject/refuse) their influence & effect from your life (& your descendents' life)...
'Loose' means smash, crush, shatter, break apart, destroy, melt...
& loosing will still work in nullifying their lingering effects in your life (blood line)."
Savard's examples of (negative) word curses:
"I was always worried that you wouldn't succeed."
"You'll probably end up just as crazy as your..."
"Your...(Irish/Italian/Indian/African)...blood/etc, always makes you do..."
Savard's prayer:
"I loose (from myself) the influence and the effects of all word curses...spoken about me, to me & by me. 
(Father God), forgive me for word curses I have spoken upon myself...
I am NOT limited by anyone else's opinions...unless I choose to come into wrong agreement...
I loose every wrong agreement I've ever believed & entered into regarding negative words spoken to me or about me. 
I bind myself to the truth of the Word...In Jesus' name, Amen."
(Now is the time to invite the Holy Spirit into one's heart to heal the wounds & to replace the curses with blessings, in Jesus' name.)  In section Healing Savard says,
"I always loose the effects of word curses & wrong (medical) diagnoses spoken over the people I'm praying for."
*[A majority of Judeo-Christian ministries believe & testify that iniquity (past/ancestral sin/curses) can be washed away, especially with the blood of Jesus.]
(A NO Vacancy sign in our mind will help, so when the negative feelings return & knock on the door of our heart looking to return as a tenant, they will be rejected & intimidated, in the same manner they discouraged us.)

Zadai, Kevin - – Sid Roth archives
Zadai, Kevin - Sid Roth transcript - 4/16/2019
Zadai, Kevin - -
“Jesus began teaching me about how (negative) words bind people. He said, “Don’t speak against people. Your words can bind them & hinder My work in their lives.” He continued, “Do not even speak against unsaved people, because I am working to bring them to a point of repentance & salvation & your words can slow down the process." Then He showed me how He was working through angels and humans to bring people into His Kingdom and how words help or hinder…As I prayed in the Spirit (tongues) at His command, what looked like an atomic blast in the desert erupted, sending a billowing fire upwards…He told me the shockwaves were the effects of my supernatural prayers. He encouraged me to always believe that my prayers were effective & never to give up…He gently teaches you, until you are transformed & habitable…no longer contaminated by unholy activities & thoughts. As you grow in Him, the Holy Spirit will begin to purge you of the practices that don't benefit or edify…
Jesus can take you to a place where you’re way beyond your years…beyond what people have planned for you…beyond any & all of what can be imagined by the natural mind. You have the capacity to do the impossible…because you have allowed Jesus to talk to & influence you.

Zadai, Kevin - Impartation


Bible Storytelling - Complaining esp. on Thanksgiving is a no no to the Trinity:
When People complained, God usually disciplined:
Israelites complained about hardship & manna.
Fire & a plague came from God (11:1-9, 18-30);
Miriam & Aaron complained against Moses because of his wife.
Miriam had leprosy for 7 days (11:10-17);
10 spies complained about giants in the promised land. 
They died in a plague (13:28-33; 14:37);
the Israelites believed the 10 spies & complained.
They wandered in the wilderness for 40 years (14:1-34);
Israelites complained because there was no water (20:2-6);
Israelites grew impatient & complained against God & Moses.
Snakes killed many (21:5-9).
Revolted against God:
God declared the Israelites would wander in the wilderness for 40 years.
A group went up toward the hill to conquer the promised land (14:39-45);
Moses struck (hit) the rock twice, but God’s command was to speak (talk) to it (20:2-13)
Balaam disobeyed God when he went to Balak (22:21-35)
& told the king how he could get the Israelites to sin (Nu 31:16);
Israelites practiced sexual sins & idolatry (25:1-9).

When a person faces problems, his character is revealed.
As a result, 2 people can face the same problem in different ways.
The 10 spies saw the giants & forgot about God’s power, while Caleb & Joshua saw God’s power & didn’t fear the giants (Nu 13:25-33; 14:5-9).
2. Murmuring is a sign of distrust of God.
It leads one to sin & can test the patience of the Lord.
The Israelites’ murmuring was proof that they didn't believe that God could give them the Promised Land (Nu 14:1-4).
The Israelites were camped in a location that lacked water.
They complained and accused Moses & Aaron because they had no water (Nu 20:3-5).
Paul referred to this episode & gave the counsel,
“Do not complain as some of them did” (1 Cor 10:10).
The Israelites’ complaining tested God’s patience (Nu 21:4-6;
1 Cor 10:9) God sent poisonous snakes that bit & killed many of the Israelites.
3. Those who forget God’s actions of the past, rebel against him because they lack faith to trust God for victory over present situations.
Each time the Israelites forgot God’s past actions in their favor, they failed to trust him to give them victory over current situations & problems & they erred.
When Moses was on the mountain for 40 days, they felt insecure without his presence & made the golden calf (Ex 32:1-35).
When they heard the 10 spies' report, they lacked faith to conquer Canaan, rebelled & rioted against God (Nu 13-14).
4. The consequence of disobeying God may be that a person will (be allowed to become victim of &) experience his greatest fears.
The greatest fear of the Israelites was that they would die in the wilderness (Nu 14:2-3)
The result of not believing in God was that they wandered in the desert until they (that entire generation) died (Nu 14:34).
5. God’s punishment for sin should lead to repentance.
The Israelites’ complaining tested the Lord’s patience (1 Cor 10:9).
God punished them with poisonous snakes (Nu 21:6).
Then the Israelites (who did not die from the venom) recognized their sin (Nu 21:7).
6. Salvation (of spirit, soul, &/or body) is available only to those who accept the plan established by God.
When the poisonous snakes invaded the Israelites’ camp, the Lord instructed Moses to make a snake & put it up on a pole (representing Jesus bearing our sins on the cross).
Anyone who was bitten by a snake & looked at the bronze snake lived.
There was only 1 way to be saved from the snake bite (of Satan).
(a) Trust God’s promise & (b) Look at the bronze snake (21:4-9).

Click, Bill - The Supernatural Exchange Part 3 By Bill Click
We should realize something very important, if we haven't already.
Any change we make in circumstance apart from change of heart will have to be repeated until we are transformed.
As a preacher once said: 'If you fix the fix God has fixed to fix you. He will have to fix another fix to fix you with.' This is why so many who 'Ishmael' their way out of difficulty only find it thrust upon them again & again, never understanding that until they learn to go through situations & circumstances in God's way, they will not see lasting change: either in them or around them...
When will you perceive that God will move you in new directions, but only after you become 'content in wh
atever circumstances?' (Php.4:11). Are you willing to stay firmly committed, even when everything could fail?
My 30 years of following God's call have shown me that most react in the flesh to the changing conditions of Cherith, instead of responding by the Spirit to God in faith.
Most muster up some sort of assault on the spiritual airwaves in full attack mode, sporting full 'gadget & gizmo' warfare regalia (shawls, flags, ground curse research, marketplace rallying, etc.).
When that fails, they condemn self or leadership.
Sometimes, in the desperate effort to breakthrough, they undertake all these efforts at the same time...
We often tend to want to take authority over the ocean of the Lord (while either commanding Him, or worse:
the devil) to loose the flow once again.
But the remaining debris in plain view is God's graceful way of providing ample opportunity for us to repair, restore, & prepare in order to get ready for what's next in maturity & ministry...
To be truly committed to what Jesus wants to build through us, it requires a Supernatural Exchange.
That means we must reject the fallacy that we can build for Jesus."

DAVE KUBAL: DEMONIC POWER VACUUMS | Intercessors for America ( 8/7/2021 -

Criticism & protests are demonic tactics that create a power vacuum with a singular goal of transfer of power, that will be used at a later date to accomplish greater harm."

Meyer, Joyce - 3 Ways to Kill a Relationship By Joyce Meyer -
Walters, Kathie - Kicking the Dogs from the Door of Your Destiny By Kathie Walters or Kicking the dogs from the door of your Destiny by Kathie Walters - 10/7/2013 - A Challenge -
"You are going to make a decision - I am making a challenge. I don't think it's just me making this challenge -
I believe it's your Heavenly Father who is stirring you up. He made an awesome deposit in you.
Jesus deposited His life in you. He is looking for a return on His deposit.
His deposit will bring forth your destiny if you let it run its course.
BUT I WANT TO TELL YOU - there are dogs that lay at the door of your destiny. There are dogs that lay at the door of your destiny. Isn't it odd to you that 'dog' is 'God' the wrong way round?  What are the 'dogs' then? Well dogs in the Bible usually represented the gentile, the ungodly, those who weren't familiar with God & His ways. Religious spirits. Do you know there are lots of dogs in the church? Religious spirits have a certain kind of "knowledge" of God, but it's not really God. It has a form, but has no power.  It keeps people from entering in. Dogs at the door. Remember what Jesus said about the Pharisees concerning that?  You keep people from the Kingdom. YOU prevent people from entering into the Kingdom - with all your laws & man-made commandments. Jesus was angry with those people: dogs.  Having a knowledge of God, but denying His power. 
There are dogs: religious spirits, negative spirits, that make God's people qualify to be used by God.
But Jesus already qualified us 100%.
Jealous Spirits
Dogs can also be jealous spirits, in people that don't want you to go further than them.
A good teacher or instructor is proud when a pupil begins to accomplish something.
But sometimes if that same pupil becomes too good, or maybe becomes better than the teacher, then the instructor or teacher feels threatened. They begin to pull the person back.
They want them to remain the pupil, the beginner."


Demola, David T. -  Sayreville, New Jersey, USA - -
Housing Assistance 
School of Christian Counseling
Don't Let Satan Dis...You - CD/DVD - Wake up.  Jesus has dis-armed and dis-enfranchised Satan.

Hormann, Aiko - - Inner Conflicts & Self-Sabotage: How to Resolve Them
"Do you desire one thing but end up doing the exact opposite?  For example, you want intimacy, but you have a fear of intimacy; you want to succeed, but you fear success; you want to be healed but you don't want to lose the secondary benefits of attention, disability checks, etc.; you want to lose weight but a part of you wants to keep the weight... Step by step...resolve inner conflicts by the supernatural power of God, in the name of Jesus."
Negative Self-talk backfires on us. - Cast Down Imaginations & Pull Down Strongholds
Soul cracks and subsequent leaks. -  Shattered Dreams, Relations & Expectations
"The shattered condition of the soul causes cracks, allowing 'leaks'. 
Because of these leaks, we tend to lose blessings already received & fail to apply learned lessons, repeating the same behaviour.  3 major causes of shattering experiences, resulting in wounded spirit & soul conditions are:
1)  Loss of loved ones & relationships; shattered hopes & expectations;
2)  Violation of personhood (physical, mental, emotional);
3)  Someone let you down (person, organization, yourself & even God)."
CD's "Prayer session allows the Lord to put the 'shattered' pieces back together again & make you whole!Depending on the contents of our thoughts, attitudes & emotions, we either attract God's Holy Angels or Satan’s cohorts to us. Our future will be shaped & molded by our thoughts & emotions
Is Jesus Lord of your thought life?"


Walters, Kathie - God applies an angel treatment to Kathie, the same way He did to Joseph the night he wrestled with God, resulting in joint problems every time she contradicts with her mouth what God wants to hear. 
radio testimony  5/26/2009
Walters, Kathie - from -
The spirit of False Judgment - will  weigh you down by Pastor Tim Stevenson, Horizon church, Auckland, New Zealand - "When we criticize others it is like drinking poison but expecting those we have criticized to die from it!  Most often when we fall under the religious spirit of False Judgment we end up judging ourselves by our good intentions; & others by the things they do.  We can be so quick to say, ¯I would never do that!¯  
The religious spirit always makes us focus on the negative, what is wrong, what is missing." 
(Perhaps 1 symptom of harboring an evil spirit of false judgment is called self-sabotage!  Ouch. 
Father, forgive, help & heal both of us, in Jesus' name.  Thank You most holy Trinity.  Amen.)


Mathias, Art - Biblical foundations of Freedom - &

Renner, Rick - -
Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you & thereby many be defiled. Hebrews 12:15 - "When you find yourself constantly saying something derogatory about someone else, pay attention to what’s happening. What you’re saying about that person is a tell-tale sign that some bad seed is (may be) trying to take root in your heart.
Hebrews 12:15 tells us how to recognize bad seed when it begins to produce destructive fruit in our lives.
It says, 'Lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you.' The words 'springing up' are from the Greek word phuoo. This word depicts a little plant that is just starting to sprout & grow. It isn’t a large plant yet. 
Rather, it’s a small seedling that is just breaking through the soil & starting to peek out at the world. However, the very fact that it’s peeking through the soil means there is a seed hidden in the soil producing this new life. 
This is a very significant picture.
It tells us that bitterness doesn’t overwhelm us all at once. Instead, it grows a little here & a little there until it finally becomes a huge, ugly growth that defiles our entire lives."

Fake/False Assumptions/Expectations
of Relationships: Dates/Mates/Offspring/In-Laws/Employees/Staff/Family/Students

Did we ourselves or others near & dear to us make or have Fatal Flaws causing Permanent Rejection, even divorce or rebellion.  Well, take a look at Judas, whose fix for most all things was money, which cost him the loss of his physical & spiritual life by sucicide.   Many of Jesus' former disciples expected Him to save them by political means.  Some of Jesus' disciples quit Him due to intolerance of His different doctrines/ideology. 
 None of His relationships expected Him to die/depart/leave prematurely.  Coping with unexpected or contrary circumstances was & is often messy/unconventional/ sometimes self-sabotaging...
Father G-d, in Jesus' name, we repent for ourselves & those who hurt us.  We forgive You, ourselves & them. 
We invite Your Holy Spirit to glue both us & them back together, in Your %/way/timing/love.  At the minimum, we cut any wrong soul ties & trade back any wrong soul layers.  We loose from our soul layers any stinking thinking/hurt/wounds/trauma & bind to our soul layers Your RX/love/peace/comfort/health/sanity/thoughts. 
We wait for Your super glue & humor.  Give us the resiliency/bounce/patience/maturity needed while we wait for YOUR plans/relationships/healing/assistance to recognize & walk out the destiny for which You created us from the foundation of the earth.  Triple thanks.  In the name of Your Son Yeshua, we pray.  Amen.

Foot in Mouth Syndrome
Did We Wait to Listen to God Before We Spoke?

Carothers, Merlin - -
"You may have someone in your family, someone at work, or a neighbor who gives you problems.
But you probably do more damage to yourself than other people do to you...
(Be reminded that people) could only do to Him (or us) what God permitted
No problem with Satan...No problem with nature...No problem with memory...
1 (safety) method I use is to watch for anything that has caused me, in the past, to feel irritated.
As soon as that happens, I quickly launch myself into praising the Lord for it. (& God's purposes. romans/8-28.htm )  Over a period of days my spirit (spiritual heart/soul: emotions/will/mind) begins to get the idea. 
What a relief it is to me when peace of mind & heart become the norm rather than the exception.

Meyer, Joyce - - 2/14/2012 - Jesus bent over and drew in the sand, PURPOSELY allowing Him time to listen to God.

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