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COMMENTARY - Dr Jesus is our CEO, CFO, President, Medicine Man, MD, our all.  He is the One who God sent to provide healing, health & salvation.  Before the foundation of the earth God provided a way out for us NOW while we are still living.  We do not have to wait to get to heaven to appropriate what Jesus Christ has provided in His atonement on the cross.  Yes, we can get well this very year, this very month, this very week, this very day, this very minute.  Only believe.  It is too simple.  Dr Jesus must do the work and not us. 
Only He has the power, the love and the forgiveness to do such wonders.  Not next: year/month/week. 
Not tomorrow, but today, NOW.  So what if our healing takes a while to come. 
It may take a while for us to improve, bit by bit, but always improving as we believe. 
Not before we believe, but after we believe.  If our faith is small and takes time to mature, it may take our healing time to mature also.  Faith is the medicine.  Healing is the result.  In that order. 
We prosper as our soul prospers, in Jesus' name @ resurrection power.

Branham, William - reminds us that Christ healed us 1,900 years ago, as cited by biographer Owen Jorgensen in
Book 4, Supernatural - The Life of William Branham, The Evangelist and His Acclamation (1951-1954) -
Jesus showed Branham that there is salvation and healing available to every human, up until the day they die; but after one dies, there are no 2nd chances. 
(Innocents, the very young, are safe from condemnation if they die prematurely. 
Mary K Baxter shares in A Divine Revelation of Heaven  &  A Divine Revelation of Hell  
that each fetus has a soul at conception, which is caught up to God at premature death.)

Pierce, Cal - advocates that we take communion remembering that our healing is in the atonement 2000 years ago.  When we receive the blood & body of Christ (during communion) we appropriate His healing to our bodies. www.healingrooms.com 

Catholic Father Hampsch in Healing Your Family Tree also advocates taking communion for healing our family blood line.  https://catholicbooks.net/ + https://catholicbooks.net/prayer-archive/

Even Smith Wigglesworth, one of the world's great healing pastors, a Methodist, went to mass/church every day. http://smithwigglesworth.com/

Moses & the Israelis received communion 1.[unleavened bread & blood (of sacrificed lambs) applied over their front-door-frames] in their homes just before their exit (exodus) from Egypt & subsequently 2.(bread that came down from heaven) in the desert for 40 years. (Exodus 16:35) They were never ill.  Neither did their clothes wear out. (Deuteronomy 8:2-4) Dr Jesus would prescribe a daily or weekly dose of communion as medicine for our body & soul. When you are at the alter, forgive God & forgive yourself. Genesis 45:5 (NIV)  "Now do not be distressed & do not be angry with yourselves"  (I Corinthians 11:23-30 NIV) "The Lord Jesus, on the night He was betrayed, took bread & when He had given thanks, He broke it & said, 'This is My body, which is for you.  Do this in remembrance of Me.'  In the same way, after supper He took the cup, saying. 'This cup is the new covenant in my blood.  Do this, whenever you drink it, in remembrance of Me.'  For whenever you eat this bread & drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord's death until He comes (again/returns).  Therefore, whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of sinning against the body & blood of the Lord. 
A man ought to examine himself before he eats of the bread & drinks of the cup. 
For anyone who eats & drinks without recognizing the body of the Lord eats & drinks judgment on himself. 
That is why many among
you are weak and sick, and a number of you have fallen asleep (died)." 
(Matthew 5:23-24 NIV) "Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar & there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar.  1st go & be reconciled to your brother. 
Then come & offer your gift."  Leave unforgiveness and bitterness at the altar, at the foot of the cross. 
(Matthew 6:9,12-15) "This is how you should pray, Our Father Who is in heaven, hallowed be Your Name...
Forgive us our trespasses as You forgive us our trespasses, & lead/allow us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.  For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 
But if you do not forgive men their sins, your heavenly Father will not forgive your sins.

(Luke 23:34 NIV) dying on the cross "Jesus said, 'Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.'" 
(Acts 7:59-60 NIV) "While they were stoning him, Steven prayed, 'Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.' 
Then he fell on his knees & cried out. 'Lord, do not hold this sin against them.'  When he had said this, he fell asleep.'" (He died.)  Let us follow the example of Jesus & Stephen & not let our own feelings of anger, hurt, hate, bitterness control what we do in our heart.  Such feelings will not destroy our enemy, but instead destroy us...
"D" words carry a lot of poison:  Discouragement, disappointment, disillusionment, depression, despair, divorce, disease, death.  Forgive the one you are blaming.  Otherwise your life will be full of puss, anger, bitterness & inability to blossom into flower that God created you to become. 
Instead of giving off the perfume of God, you will be giving off the fumes of a skunk.  This is an emergency.
Make an appointment with Dr Jesus.  You will be glad you did... A key medicine of Dr Jesus is scripture (His Word).  There is a delightful American Indian song Jesus Is My Medicine on CD Rise up Mighty Warrior by Jonathan Maracle www.brokenwalls.com...
Likewise, the medicine of Dr Jesus is also dispensed on CD, not only as music, but also as "healing" scripture read aloud by (such as) Dr Ed Montgomery (& many other ministries). 
Montgomery's audio is entitled Healing God's Medicine an AB life product # 2105-2. 
www.heaveninyourheart.com - It is quite awesome for any one with an incurable illness.      
There are many cassette/CD translations of the Bible in local Christian book stores. 
We would recommend those, especially for use in the car/truck or for those who are home bound...
Reinhard Bonnke in Evangelism by Fire states that withholding God's word is to with-hold medicine from a patient, for by hearing God's word we dispense it into our heart & become healed.  This is mirrored in Romans 10:11-17  (NIV) 
As the Scripture says, "Anyone who trusts in Him will never be put to shame."  There is no difference between Jew and Gentile.  The same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on Him, for, "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.  "How then can they call on the One they have not believed in?
How can they believe in the One of Whom they have not heard? 
How can they hear without someone preaching to them?  How can they preach unless they are sent? 
As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news. 
Not all the Israelites accepted the good news.  Isaiah says, "Lord, who believed our message?" 
Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message.  The message is heard through the word of God (the Bible). 
Again in we read in Isaiah 5:13  My people are gone into captivity, because they have no (or insufficient) knowledge (of scripture).  www.cfan.org - www.fullflame.ocm ...
Dr Jesus
asked Billy Moore, "Who are you going to trust, Me, or the medicine (pills)?" per Jodie Berndt in Celebration of Miracles.  God does not require all of us to go off our medicine immediately. 
Rather, the point is that we must lean more heavily on our God than on man, on the invisible rather than on the visible, on the spiritual reality more than the seen reality.
God's prescription to Billy at that time in his life was to rely on Him rather than his codeine prescription meds.  Obedience brought healing. As one hears & stands on the Word of God (claims It or appropriates It for himself, consistently) + as one eats & exercises more appropriately, one may discover his wellness improve daily. 
This milti-approach worked for one young adult.  He was healed of Multiple Sclerosis (9/5/2003 Boston channel 28 broadcast) using God's medicine as dispensed in Power to Obtain Health and Nutrition Packet by www.dennisleonardministries.com  www.familychristianstores.com 1-888-253-7763...
Dr Jesus does not discount/dismiss traditional physicians.  He chose physician Luke for His disciple.
[Colossians 4:14 NIV says, "Our dear friend Luke, the doctor, and Demas send greetings."]  However, He as the son of God, knew that whatever wisdom and skill we possess is learned and is only a shadow of what is available to us through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Our wisdom is only one bite of God's whole apple on a tree of apples. 
The knowledge that Adam and Eve stole became sin, a curse, disease and death for them. 
The insight into good and bad backfired on them.  God always honors the heart over the head...
One of our goals is to have Dr Jesus minister in the frequently abandoned church facilities on the campuses of many hospitals.  If any psychiatric facility with a seldom used church is looking for a weekly healing service, there are many pastors and individuals who would be delighted to minister to the mentally ill at our hospitals. 
It is our goal to empty out the hospitals and the shelters and the streets of the mentally ill.  What better medicine than the Holy Spirit in the lives of the incurables.  Its free medicine, but only those who take medicine by faith are the ones who reap the joy.  Jesus came to set the captives free.  Today.  Father John Hampsch in Healing Memories video series calls Jesus the great psychiatrist. www.claretiantapesministry.org  
Of course, Jesus is an MD.  Mind doctor. My doctor.  Medicine doctor.  Medicine of God...
Colossians 1:15-22 - He (Jesus) is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. 
For by Him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible & invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by Him and for Him.  He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.  He is the head of the body (of God), the church;  He is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything He might have the supremacy.  God was pleased to have all His fullness dwell in Him, and through Him to reconcile to Himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through His blood shed on the cross.  Once you were alienated from God and were enemies in your
minds because of your evil behavior, but now He has reconciled you by Christ's physical body through death to present you holy in His sight, without blemish and free from accusation - if you continue in your faith...
If our bodies are healed but not our hearts, if our bodies are healed but not our souls, if our mind is healed but not our spirit, then the healing is incomplete and we are in grave danger.  The human is body, mind/soul and spirit. 
It is the spirit that communicates with God.  It is the human spirit that gets wounded.  It is the spirit that leaves the body and goes to live with God, when the body dies.  [1st Corinthians 15:51-52 - Listen, I (Paul) tell you a mystery. "We will not all sleep (forever in the grave), but we will all be changed, in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet.  The trumpet will sound.  The dead will be raised imperishable and we will be changed.
The perishable must clothe itself with the imperishable and the mortal with immortality. 
Then the saying that is written will come true, 'Death has been swallowed up in victory
If we seek only a healing for our body/mind and neglect a healing for our spirit, scripture warns that a worse thing will come upon us.  In Luke 11:24: Jesus said, "When an evil spirit spirit (evil disease) comes out of a man, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it.  The "it" says, 'I will return to the house I left.' 
When it arrives, it finds the house, (empty), swept clean & put in order.  Then it goes & takes 7 other spirits more wicked than itself.  They go in & live there. The final condition of that man is worse than the 1st" (because the Holy Spirit did not reside there where the evil spirit used to reside)...
Let us seek not only the healing, but also the healer, Jesus Christ, Who heals "and protects" body, heart, mind, soul and spirit.  Doctor Jesus, I ask You, son of God, to operate on all my parts. Scripture says that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, so I ask You to take up residence there,  that You will be there 365 days a year, ministering to me, healing me, helping me.  For every 2 steps backwards, I will take 3 steps forward, thanks to You.  Thank you for being my resident doctor.  I will never have to go it alone. 
I can depend on You to be faithful, even when I fail.  Together we can lick my past. You can make something beautiful out of all my broken parts. I  will sing to You with my frog  voice.  I will dance with joy with my 2 left feet. 
I will recite scripture aloud to you with my scratchy voice.  A Father never cares about our flaws. 
He only looks at the heart.  Thank You for being my father, brother, mate, friend & doctor.  My all...
A Bit of Theology
: What is the Christian Gospel of Jesus Christ?  Most people consider it to be that Jesus is the Messiah promised by God in the Old Testament.  Once a person has accepted this Jewish messiah & perhaps been water baptized then one has the key to eternal life.  That is fine and well.  Actually it is utopia. 
However, it is not the power to get on
with life in the here and now.  The Doctor Jesus of German Reinhard Bonnke is not a deceased Jew, but one who is risen and active in our daily lives.  The gospel that Bonnke preaches reveals a doctor whose office hours are around the clock.  This doctor heals the heart or spirit, the mind, and the body. 
People want a Jesus who is not dead.  People want a Jesus
who is relevant to their lives.  People want a Jesus who, when he operates on his patient, will do a perfect job. 
's alter calls include asking Jesus Holy Spirit into our hearts (to mend them & to unite His spirit with our spirit into one new spiritual creation,  so we can legally call ourselves sons of God) & then immediately asking Jesus to baptize us with His Holy spirit (to allow God to demonstrate His signs & wonders through us). 
At Bonnke's African services God demonstrates His being alive today and His power, by healing millions at once, as well as raising men from the dead. www.cfan.org ...
After asking Jesus to come live in our heart, we often expect ourself/mate/kids to be perfect, thus doing a lot of emotional damage to one's family, not understanding that without the baptism of the Holy Spirit, we are all impotent to begin to accomplish what scripture demands.   Even then, nobody is perfect on earth except those who God took to heaven, such as Enoch and Elisha, according to scripture.  We all need to mature not only in the flesh, but also in the soul (mind/emotions/ will-power).  Spiritual maturity takes a lifetime. 
Man is 3 parts (spirit + soul + body).  Only one's spirit is mature/whole when one is born again...
Let us consider this.  We go to a doctor to be healed.  In fact Doctor Jesus the universe's most perfect healer.  However, we miss the mark, if we go to the Healer for only the healing.  The Healer also wants to be our lover, our mate.  Jesus wants the church to be His bride.  If we experience Jesus only as a doctor or only as a healer we experience Him with our head and not our heart.  Jesus needs His bride to be enraptured with Him. 
This would not be permissible on the human level in a medical practice, but since we are dealing with the Trinity on a spiritual issue, this is a mandate.  A plutonic relationship with a mate is unacceptable to most humans, but especially unacceptable to God & not only what He can do for us...
Every time we believe in herbs or medication rather than Doctor Jesus, we choose 2nd best, God's permissive will.  In the garden of Eden, God "permitted" Adam & Eve to choose to eat forbidden & dangerous fruit. 
In the time of Moses God "permitted" divorce.  God "permitted" the Israelis to elect a king.  God "permitted" the military to crucify His son Jesus.  God permits us to wound His son daily.  A quick fix usually is not a perfect cure.  In winter, a 2nd hand coat is better than no coat.  God wants us to have a brand new coat, but we tend to settle for 2nd best.  2nd best mate?  Used car?  Nothing wrong with a used car.  Just may NOT be God's best. 
God has a warehouse of spare parts.  Not auto parts, but body parts.  We need to believe, in order to receive. 
No, we cannot order God to give us that spare part, but we can daily allow Him to grow us up into a place where we will be ready to receive...
Mendez-Ferrell - http://voiceofthelight.com/ - is one of many who contends that she take Jesus as her medicine and nothing else.  All or nothing.  For herself, any other doctor or medicine, is a compromise, a weak faith, per 4/8/2006 Miami convention presentation.  However, she traveled a long road to come to this personal conviction for herself.  While seeking a relationship with Jesus, she got entrapped into the occult, landing herself in a mental hospital, where she finally met Jesus for the 2nd time, when He healed her.  She admonishes those seeking mental health to chase after Jesus and not her or any other healer/pastor/mentor/teacher/doctor...
Father God, we pray that each day we will be available to You & teachable.  In the name of Jesus, Your son, we receive the healing that we need.  May it manifest in our body in Your time.  Help us not to faint, quit or doubt.  Meanwhile, Lord God, let us discover our need for intimacy with You & Your need for intimacy with us. 
Let us discover (and make time to feast on) Your loveliness.  In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

more Scripture

Proverbs 4:20-22 KJV - 20My Son, attend to My words; incline thine ear unto My sayings
21Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart
22For they are life unto those that find them and health to all their flesh.

Psalm 103:3,5 KJV  (God is He Who) 3forgiveth all thine iniquities.
Who healeth thy diseases 5so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's.

Isaiah 53:5 NIV - He (Jesus, God's Son, the Messiah) was pierced for our transgressions: He was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon Him. & by His wounds we are (now already) healed.

Mark   2:17 TPNT - Jesus said to them, "Those in good health have no need of a physician, but the ones who have evil (sickness)."
Mark 16:18 http://bible.cc/mark/16-18.htm - When they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all. 
(In Jesus' name, Christians can claim this scripture regarding ingestion of pollutants, prescription medications, illegal drugs, etc.)

John 14:9-14 NIV    9Jesus answered, "Don't you know Me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time?  Anyone who has seen Me has seen the Father.  How can you say, 'Show us the Father?' 
10Don't you believe that I am in the Father & that the Father is in Me? 
The words I say to you are not just My own.  Rather, it is the Father, living in Me, Who is doing His work.
11Believe Me when I say that I am in the Father & the Father is in Me; or at least believe on the evidence of the miracles themselves. 
12I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in Me will do what I have been doing. 
He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 
13I will do whatever you ask in My name, so that the (first born) Son (of God) may bring glory to the Father. 
14You may ask Me for  anything in My name & I will do it."      

1 John 5:6-17 Stern  6.He is the one Who came by means of water and blood, Yeshua the Messiah, not with water only, but with the water & blood (our receiving Christ's water baptisms & blood sacrifice in addition to our physical birth via amniotic fluid and blood)

3 John 2 KJV -
Beloved, I wish above all things, that thou mayest prosper & be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 

BELOW: Catholic (uninspired) Scripture (not found in traditional scripture, considered inspired)

Tobit 5:10 NAB Raphael (the angel of God) said, "Take courage.
God has healing in store for you; so take courage."

Tobit 5:13 NAB  Raphael (the angel of God) answered, "I am Azariah (Yahweh helps), son of Hananiah (Yahweh is merciful), the elder, one of your own kinsman."
Tobit 6:3-9 NAB  When the boy went down to wash his feet in the (Tigris) River, a large fish suddenly leaped (lept) out of the water & tried to swallow his foot.  He shouted in alarm. 
The angel said to him, "Take hold of the fish & don't let it get away.". 
The boy seized the fish & hauled it up on the shore.  The angel (Raphael) then told him, "Cut the fish open & take out its gall, heart & liver & keep with you.  Throw away the entrails. 
Its gall, heart and liver make useful medicines." 
After the lad had cut the fish open, he put aside the gall, heart & liver. 
Then he broiled & ate part of the fish.  The rest he salted & kept for the journey.
Afterward they traveled on together till they were near Media. 
The boy asked the angel this question, "Brother Azariah, what medicinal value is there in the fish's heart, liver & gall?" 
He answered, "As regards the fish's heart and liver, if you burn them so that the smoke surrounds a man or a woman who is afflicted by a demon or evil spirit, the affliction will leave him completely. 
No demons will ever return to him again
.  As for the gall, if you rub it on the eyes of a man who has cataracts, blowing into his eyes right on the cataracts, his sight will be restored."
Tobit 6:17-19 NAB  17"Take the fish's liver & heart & place them on the embers for the incense. 
18As soon as the demon smells the odor they give off, he will flee & never again show himself near...
Rise up to pray.  Beg the Lord of heaven to show you mercy and grant you deliverance.  Do not be afraid."  
(TNAB footnote says that prayer is needed to drive out the demon.)
Tobit 8:2-3 NAB  Tobiah, mindful of (the angel) Raphael's instructions, took the fish's liver & heart from the bag which he had with him & placed them on the embers for the incense. (not a recipe for Catholic exorcism, per NAB)
The DEMON, repelled by the odor of the fish, fled into Upper Egypt (desert/dry place - considered the dwelling place of demons per NAB) Raphael (the angel) pursued him there and bound him (the demon) hand & foot.
(Henry Wright sends demons to a "dry place". www.pleasantvalleychurch.org )
Tobit 11:7-8 NAB  (The angel) Raphael said to Tobiah before he reached his father, "I am certain that his eyes will be opened.  Smear the fish gall on them.  This medicine will make the cataracts shrink & peel off from his eyes.  Then your father will again be able to see the light of day."
Tobit 11:10-13 NAB  Tobiah went up to him with the fish gall in his hand, & holding him firmly, blew into his eyes.  "Courage father," he said.  Next he smeared the medicine on his eyes & made them smart. 
Beginning at the corners of Tobit's eyes, Tobiah used both hands to peel off the cataracts.

Sirach 38:1-15 NAB - Hold the physician in honor, for he is essential to you.  God was Who established his profession.  From God, the doctor receives his wisdom.  From God the king receives his sustenance. 
God's knowledge makes the doctor distinguished, and gives him access to those in authority. 
God makes the earth yield healing herbs which the prudent man should not neglect. 
Was not the water sweetened by a twig that men might learn it's power?  He endows men with the knowledge, to glory in His mighty works, through which the doctor eases pain and druggist prepares his medicines.
God's creative work continues without cease in its efficacy on the surface of the earth. 
My son, when you are ill, delay not, but pray to God, Who will heal you.  Flee wickedness. 
Let your hands be just.  Cleanse your heart of every sin.  Offer your sweet-smelling oblation & petition, a rich offering according to your means.  Then give the doctor his place, lest he leave; for you need him too. 
There are times that give him an advantage. 
He too beseeches God, that his diagnosis may be correct & his treatment bring about a cure.  He who is a sinner
toward his Maker will be defiant toward the doctor.  (Sirach is called the book of Ecclesiastes, but it is NOT.)

https://bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/Healing 95 healing scripture RX cures


What are some alternative medical options for a quick fix to onslaughts, floods, eruptions, tsunamis of negative emotions, feelings, thoughts, torments, compulsions, hormones, moods + sinister oppressions that overwhelm & paralyze?  For beginners we can sing or speak-out-loud hymns.  We can chant scripture. 
Reading scripture is good.  Memorizing scripture is excellent.  Confessing it to God is fantastic. 
Even piercing evil with the Word of God, which is the sword of the Lord coming out of His mouth, is good. 
This is what spiritual warfare is all about.  WAR fought with our mouth. God always wins.

CONSISTENCY. Most healings are NOT instantaneous, but rather ongoing/progressive. 
Most of prescription meds are dispensed in 30 day/monthly regimes. 
Likewise when we take in our spiritual medicine or do our spiritual exercise, we need to do it consistently, daily, regularly, without quitting.  This helps our spiritual DNA, spiritual backbone & spiritual muscle.

Jesus is found in every book of the Bible.

Hickey, Marilyn with Benny Hinn -
Hickey, Marilyn with Benny Hinn -
Hickey, Marilyn with Benny Hinn -
Hickey, Marilyn with Benny Hinn -
Hickey, Marilyn with Benny Hinn -

What Did/Does Doctor Jesus say TO Demons?

Mark 1:25 TPNT - Jesus rebuked him (the demon inside the man) saying, "You (demon) must now hold your peace.  You (demon) must come out of him at once."
Mark 3:12 TPNT -
He was commanding many of them (the demons inside men) that they should not make Him known.
Mark 5:8 TPNT - 8He was saying to him (the demon inside the man), "Unclean spirit, you must immediately come out from the man."  9He was asking him (the demon inside the man), "What is your name?"

Luke 4:41 TPNT - While He was rebuking them (the demons inside the men), He was not allowing them to speak, because they had known He was the Messiah.

Who/What Does Satan say
Jesus Is/Does?

Mark 1:23-24 TNAB - 23In their synagogue was a man with an unclean spirit;
24he cried out (and the demon spoke), "What have You to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth
Have You come to destroy us
?   I (we) know Who You are - the Holy One of God!"
Mark 3:11 TPNT -
The unclean spirits, whenever they noticed Him, (caused the demonized to) fell (fall) down before Him and were crying (cry) out saying, "You are the Son of God."
Mark 5:6-10,12 TNAB
 - 6Catching sight of Jesus from a distance, he ran up and prostrated himself before Him,
7crying in a loud voice (the demon spoke), "What have You to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God
I adjure You by God, do not torment me." 
8(He had been saying to him, "Unclean spirit, come out of the man.") 
9He asked him, "What is your name?"  He replied, "Legion is my name.  There are many of us." 
10He pleaded earnestly with Him not to drive them away from that territory...
12They pleaded with Him, "Send us into the swine.  Let us enter them."
(Spiritual insight: Even demons recognize Jesus to be the Son of God, Who one day will torment them. 
Demons can speak through individuals, occupy both man and animal, plus be territorial.)
Luke 4:40-41 - When the sun was setting, the people brought to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness.  Laying His hands on each one, He healed them. 
Moreover, demons came out of many people, shouting, "You are the son of God."  

Some DANGEROUS Alternative Medical Practices PERMIT DEMONS TO ENTER:

http://www.a-voice.org/main/flushot.htm -
Some vaccinations and some meds may open a door to demons or at least demonic side effects.

Chapter 15 Is Witchcraft Still at Work Today? in They Shall Expel Demons by Derek Prince shines a flashlight onto very very dangerous but innocent and enticing popular medical practices including: Acupuncture & Hypnosis.  Hypnosis &/or any meditation where we open ourselves up to the spirit world (& thus allow evil spirits to enter our minds) is very dangerous.

Dr. De-Hex - from http://snapjudgment.org/audio/by/genre/storytelling - "Dr. Larry Dossey practiced medicine for over 20 years. He was chief of staff at a major Dallas hospital.
But way back in the day, in his very 1st year as an MD, Dr. Dosey met a patient that would change his life and his medical career."
http://snapjudgment.org/dr-de-hex [Although this true story relates a secular approach to a spiritual problem (or mental assent to a hex), there are real dynamics to some hexes;
however there are also real spiritual recourses/remedies.]

http://rigorousintuition.blogspot.com/2005_12_01_archive.html Part #1 Bad Medicine -
http://rigorousintuition.blogspot.com/2006_01_01_archive.html Part #2 Bad Medicine

Yoga and related martial arts are dangerous.  All martial arts movements are sign language to the demons
per former witch doctor Samuel Kanco.  Book The Witch Doctor and the Man  www.endtimebooks.com or check out Messianic Vision archives at  www.sidroth.org/radio

Godly Resources  

Balizet, Carol - Healing in the Zion - http://www.homeinzion.com/carolbalizet.html
Balizet, former nurse and founder of Zion ministries, is one of many who decry all medical intervention, especially for childbirth, on the basis that medicine and surgery open up the individual to demonic infestation. 
She calls us to rely 100% on belief in the healing power of Christ.  She presents some seemingly authentic testimonies; although she neglects to identify individuals (calling them friends.  Let us NOT forget that 1 of Christ's disciples, Luke, was a doctor/physician, at least originally before becoming a disciple.) 
The testimony she herself gives is that later in her nursing career God spoke to her mind and reminded her that in "The Florence Nightingale Pledge" she promised to "abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous" & not to "take or knowingly administer any harmful drug."  Additionally God showed her a "vision" of a zoo where monsters, rather than animals, were in cages.  Each cage was labeled with a different sign of a disease/diagnosis (depression, epilepsy, diabetes, etc).  As each beast (evil spirit/ demon) was fed it's medication/food it became peaceful, stronger and larger.  Epilepsy was feeding on Dilantin and Phenobarbital, diabetes was feeding on insulin, depression was feeding on Valium, etc.  It dawned on her that it is harmful to use drugs, which God has forbidden (per her understanding), resulting in the enemy growing stronger...Instead it is a Christian's job to fight an enemy (illness) which God says is already defeated (on the cross 2000 years ago.  
Following helpful scripture one can apply to one's own life, esp. via declarations).
Deuteronomy 7:12-15 - If you pay attention to these (spiritual) laws and are careful to follow them, then the Lord your God will...love and bless you, bless the fruit of your womb, the crops of your land...will keep you free from every disease.
Deuteronomy 8:4 - Your clothes did not wear out nor did your feet swell, these 40 years.
Nehemiah 9:21 NKJV - 40 years You sustained them in the wilderness; they lacked nothing; their clothes did not wear out and their feet did not swell.
1st Kings 15:23 NKJV - The rest of all the acts of Asa, all his might, all that he did, and the cities which he built , are they not written in the book of the chronicles of the kings of Judah? 
But in the time of his old age he was diseased in his feet.
2nd Chronicles 16:12-13 NIV - In the 39th year of his reign Asa was afflicted with a disease in his feet.  Though his disease was severe, even in his illness he did not seek help from the Lord, but only from the physicians. Then in the 41st year of his reign Asa died and rested with his fathers.

, Guy C   Remarkable Miracles - The Question - The Answer  Chapter 3 First Light on Divine Healing,
shares God's answer to Guy's question of whether or not to rely on Jesus only to the exclusion of medicine. 
His medicine bottles, plasters and box of pills acquired legs and a voice, walked down the wall from the mantle, turned & walked out the bedroom window.
Chapter 8 Instances of Healing shares the testimony of Ms R W Wolfe, Fort Gray, W Virginia,
"I want to say that it is not an easy thing to give up all remedies and trust the Lord. 
The devil would like to keep us sick & would even like to kill us."
"I started to pray out loud, but that brought on such a paroxysm of pain, I pleaded inaudibly for a few moments. 
Yet I feel no relief, so I said, 'I will pray by the help of God.  I will pray.  In the name of Jesus, I will pray.' 
I forced myself to pray out loud until it did not hurt me.  I soon stopped praying and went to praising God until I leaped (leapt) out of bed entirely healed in no more than an hour.  Oh, isn't that better than suffering so long and paying out so much money that might be used for better purposes?  It is so much better to honor God than not."

Bolz, Shawn - Keys to Heaven's Economy - www.streamsministries.com www.whitedoveministries.org
Subtitle: An Angelic Visitation from the Minister of Finance of the Kingdom of heaven -
Chapter 6 The Economy of Heaven shares that those who partner with God can call forth from heaven's warehouse
both earthly material (money/buildings) and physical (eyes/legs) gifts to accomplish His will on earth. 
Bolz cites Iris Ministries and Global Children's Ministries as receiving some of these heavenly gifts (food & clothing), because of their bold demand on Heaven's response.  One needs to pray in agreement with what is available in Heaven.  Receiving faith is a place in God's heart where one needs to be, a place where angels do not access.

Bonke, Reinhard - The Lord Your Healer - www.cfan.org - Reinhard is a German missionary to Africa.

Brooks, Steven - The Sacred Anointing - the Power to Live Your Dream - www.stevenbrooks.org
Chapter 4 An Unexpected Visitor - Jesus "said, 'Tell the people that when you lay your hands on them and My anointing
(of God's Holy Spirit) flows through you and then into their bodies, tell them it works the same way as if someone had an infection, and they were given an antibiotic...
The moment the anointing goes in
, it will destroy the sickness or disease
Sometimes the results will be instantaneous
Other times the manifestation will occur within 2, 6, or 8 hours later
When the anointing is received with faith
, it will always produce results.'"
"The anointing of God's Spirit is an antibiotic that destroys sickness and disease."
"Many today do NOT receive their healing because when they receive prayer, they then look at their body and say,
It doesn't look or feel like I'm healed, so I guess I'm not.'  Therefore the anointing does NOT work because it is NOT mixed with faith.  When the lepers obeyed the words of Jesus, they were healed as they sent..
Jesus told me in the vision that there would be both instantaneous and progressive miracles."
Chapter 13 Closing Thoughts and Prayer of Impartation -
"Please kneel and pray...Dear Heavenly Father, in Jesus' name:
I ask that the anointing that You have given me be fully identified in my life, along with its purpose and application. 
I ask for a special measure of Your Spirit to rest upon me, to empower me to fulfill all that You have destined for me to accomplish... 
I ask that You anoint me to stand at the forefront of my respected calling. 
I commit to give You all the credit & glory for every blessing that You accomplish through my life. 
I pledge to remain humble in Your sight, and to resist pride and all forms of arrogance and elitism. 
Strengthen me, Father, to apply myself to the fullest extent, to work earnestly & to increase in the knowledge of You & Your ways, that my gifting may be developed to its fullest potential. 
Oh Lord God, place Your mighty anointing of Your Spirit upon my life, right now, & to You be all the praise & glory, forever & ever.  Amen."
Prayer of Salvation & Holy Spirit Baptism -
"Dear Lord Jesus, I confess that You are the Son of God.
I believe that You were raised from the dead and are alive forevermore. 
Please come into my heart & forgive me of all my sins.
I turn away from all sin.  I give my life completely to You.
Please fill me with Your precious Holy Spirit, so that I may speak in tongues & worship You all...my life.
Thank You, Jesus, for saving & filling me with Your Holy Spirit.  I love You."

Burt, Arthur - Around the World in 88 Years - www.arthurburt.com
Chapter 10 Walking the Land 
"Since I received the truth of  divine healing, I believed the Lord Jesus was my physician. 
The old 'Pento's (Pentecostals) had said this, 'If you already have a doctor, it is a breach of etiquette to go to another doctor.'  Since Jesus was out doctor, we didn't go to a human doctor.  Instead, we would call for the elders, get anointed & God would heal us.  Many of the old Pento's had problems with the law & were imprisoned, because the authorities judged they were wrong to force this way of living upon their children. 
People...would commonly ask, 'What if, after you call the elders, the Lord doesn't meet you?  What do you do then?' 
'Die!' was my answer...The Lord Jesus is our doctor.  I built a doctrine out of that radical perspective, preached it, and practiced it."  "On this day, however, Mrs. Friday persuaded me to go to a doctor for the sake of my family.
I submitted...One night, it dawned upon me that I was going (to die)...
The Lord spoke to me, 'Yes, you are going (to die). You will either go and do what I require you to do, or I will end your life."
Chapter 12 Climb the Mountain - "God was dealing with me on the issue of my self-image. 
For the most part of 50 years,
I had gone without doctors, hospitals, pills, or any other medical treatment.  When I received Jesus as my Savior,
I also received Him as my Healer.  As much as I knew how, I practiced what I believed & preached, &...family of 9... but something began to grow in me.  I had a growth - not a tumor...but a growth of spiritual pride...
This developed in me until I became so anti-doctor & anti-medicine, I judged people who...didn't live as I thought they ought to live. 
I preached from the story of Asa the King who had diseased feet.  He did not see the Lord but sough his physicians,
and he died at the age of 41.  My attitude was, 'It served him right. 
He should have gone to the Lord (as physician)'...
I judged people who were always taking pills, always going to the doctor. 
While I believe I had the  truth, I held that truth in unrighteousness...
God didn't heal me.  One day Marj asked me, 'Are you in arrears in your life with God...
Have you judged people who go to the doctor?  Have you despised those who take medication...
Do you know what God may be requiring you to do...You may have to call the doctor'...
I responded, 'If I am in arrears with God on this issue, call the doctor'...
The doctor...admitted me into the hospital where I remained for 2 weeks...
I had to wear nappies as if I was a baby...I lost something   I could well do without - my image of myself...
All the hospital seemed to accomplish was getting rid of my picture of myself as a man of great faith...
Then the phone rang...'When are you coming, Arthur?'  'I don't thing I am fit to travel...anymore.' 
That night, God spoke to me, 'Were you ever fit to travel?  Don't give Me that.'  'All right, Lord, I'll go'...
The following day...I presented myself for a standby to Miami. 
Brother Clifford picked me up & took me to his house. 
On the 2nd morning...I got up and walked out of my bedroom completely healed...
Once God dealt with my pride and self-glorying, He gave me a miracle, for which I am grateful. 
Since that time in 1979, when I was 66 years old...His grace has been sufficient."

Cerullo, Morris - Son, Build Me an Army   www.mcwe.com   Chapter 9 - Counting the Cost
Some countries do not allow ministries to "practice medicine as a doctor" under penalty of imprisonment.  However, they cannot outlaw God in doing His work.

Cherry, Reginald B, MD - The Doctor and the Word + The Bible Cure - www.drcherry.org

Copeland, Kenneth - Kenneth Copeland Ministries - John G Lake - www.kcm.org
Chapter 22 reminds us to call the doctor (or anyone else who forecasts death) a liar.  Never receive a death sentence.  Get a second opinion from Dr Jesus, Who seldom will agree with medical doctors.  Switch doctors.  Choose Dr Jesus.  Do not entertain the idea of death.  Put your confidence in the great physician, God. When praying for another, 99% of the battle is waiting (1) until the patient concedes in his heart/mind that yes indeed, death is dead and (2) until the patient consents to the Healer possessing his spirit, mind/soul and/or body. 
The patient's soul must arise to take/receive the victory that Jesus obtained already 2,000 years ago. 
The patient often needs to choose/believe in/fight for his own recovery, in order that Holy Spirit may flow from God through the minister to the recipient.

http://www.dr-bob.org/cgi-bin/pb/mget.pl?post=/babble/faith/20021001/msgs/1076.html Pharmakeia

Davis, June Newman - Missionary Evangelist (1995) Scripture Keys for Kingdom Living -
Scripture for when we need to talk back to circumstances. POBox 6559, Denver, Colorado, USA 80206-0559 -  http://www.wherepeacefulwaters.com/scriptures/scripture_keys.htm - Book credits Maxwell Whyte's The Power in the Blood  - "Each person to whom I have ministered has received a Spiritual Key Rx (spiritual prescription/ medicine) to use following the laying on of hands.  As they have verbally repeated these verses 3x each, 4x a day, for the time prescribed (7 days, 7 months, 7 years or whatever time it takes for Satan to believe you and back off and whatever time you need for you to believe and CONSISTENTLY appropriate God's scripture).  The powers of darkness are overcome.  There is NO room for doubt or wavering faith, if some of the symptoms are still evident (James 1:6-7).  The blood of the Lamb and the Word of their testimony has won the battle for them (Revelation 12:11).  Anyone can retain a healing if they will do likewise and use the scriptures to ward off the evils powers that would try to rob them of their (deliverances, healings, provision,) gifts, miracles from God, the Father...
Verbalizing God's promises is joining your faith to your confession...God has begun His work, so from the day of (your) committal, there is NO need to ask anymore.  Begin to thank Him each day, repeating each scripture key as you apply it to the person (or yourself) for whom you are praying...believing you have received, even before the evidence is before your eyes & ears.  Do NOT stop thanking God each day in each scripture" confessed/ appropriated.

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Regions of Captivity - www.voiceofthelight.com - excellent book, DVD, CD & online course regarding reversal of spiritual captivity, especially of insanity.

Ferrell, L. Emerson - Immersed in Him - www.voiceofthelight.com  Chapter 2 Adam's Consciousness
"God uses doctors to help unbelievers and immature Christians, but His (ideal/perfect/best)
solution for all diseases (ailments) hung on a cross 2,000 years ago.  In Christ, there are No diseases."
(Remember, God wanted/allowed His son Jesus to be abused/die on the cross, so Christ's suffering was permitted/ preplanned/redemptive; sometimes malady is part of God's plan, but typically it is not.)
, L Emerson - Supernatural Believing the Consciousness of Christ - www.voiceofthelight.com
Chapter 6 Divine Health admonishes Christians (at some point in their spiritual walk with God) to take God at His word regarding disease (not necessarily accidents).  This means taking Him as medicine rather than drugs. 
(He does believe in vitamins and good nutrition.)
He believes that salvation is a process beginning in the spirit (making it born-again) then going to the soul (conforming one's character) & finally going to the body (healing all diseases). 
He understands salvation to be a person (the Trinity and an actual substance that increases with our spiritual maturity/belief/trust - Who changes the invisible into visible.)
Chapter 22 Do Not Bow - to the thoughts of Satan or to the thoughts of those whose minds are NOT aligned with Christ.  "The Lord spoke to me.  He asked if I could be as bold as Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego...Daniel 2:14-18...
(To Emerson's affirmative response,) He asked, 'Then why do you take medications & drugs...
If you trust Me to save your soul, am I not more than able to heal your body
Chapter 23 Pharmakeia is a dependence on something more than on God for health/removal of disease.  (Caution. 
We need good uncontaminated nutrition & exercise to stay healthy.  In times of war and national tragedy,
our reliance on God's mercy & miracles is a must.  Be reminded, ancestral & personal sin + demonic activity contribute to defect and disease; such must be repented of, immediately.) 
Chapter 24 How to Stop Taking Your Medicine section Healing Begins in Our Spirits 
One is NOT encouraged to act out ahead of his/her faith. 
(Additionally, most individuals take baby steps, gradually titrating down on their meds/vitamins, often under medical supervision.  Most individuals have the legal permission to reduce drugs, even if a waiver of liability is mandated.  Stopping ANYTHING usually needs ADDING a substitute, such as daily/regular exercise, counseling, church attendance, mentoring, dieting, Bible reading, worship, etc.)
(What author's wife explains is that a Christian/Messianic Jew needs to GO into heavenly places via his/her spirit man.  From there one can always get it right - in mind plus in body, to be & to do. 
Remember how Jesus said that He only did what He SAW the Father doing. 
Likewise, we NOW can begin to have perfect health, but only from 1st being seated at the right hand of Jesus Christ in spiritual places. 
@ Ferrell
, Ana  Understanding the Heavenly Dimensions of the Prophetic  DVD English/German -
Scriptural help to enter His presence - Psalm 100:4 Alexander Harkavy - Enter into His gates with thanksgiving & into His courts with praise; be thankful unto Him & bless His name.)  (Would such spiritual advise be construed as a medical advise/directive, which is illegal/forbidden in the USA/Canada?  Would such advise be equated with the Christian Science & other churches/denominations whose congregations abstain from medical intervention, for themselves and their families?  Would it be equated with the not giving/receiving of vaccinations and/or psychiatric drugs, even if mandated by the schools/institutions/ guardians/communities, if there is no opt-out provision? 
To what degree does one follow the local/government laws versus spiritual laws &/or conscience? 
To what degree does a mate/child need to be obliged to come under his/her mate's/parent's authority? 
One inspirtional Bible story is where the adult child was cured on the Sabbath, to the family's delight, but to the clergy's dismay and anger.  Lord God, in Your Son's name, Jesus Christ, lead us individually in the right paths.  Thank You.  Amen. 
Let us contemplate Jacob's wrestling with the angel of God, but finishing with triumph - and a limp.  It does take wrestling with the old mind sets and wrestling with the fears of the future, but oh, what freedom from heaviness.  What joy in not being weighed down with oppression, when we by surprise recognize that we are indeed free from fear of permanent residency of - disease, demons, disorders, ailments, disability, poverty & rejection.  Hallelujah.  It puts a bounce in our feet, a song in our hear & a chirp in our mouth.)
(Sometimes doctors and nurses are God's mercy and kindness to us who are not yet spiritually, mentally &/or physically mature enough to comprehend, trust, & hang onto Him, Dr. Jesus.  There are many awesome holy doctors and medicines that indeed do help mankind.  There are also grand foods, herbs & vitamin supplements.  Nutrition is God's idea.  Nonetheless, according to scripture, the ideal medicine is to do the will of God, to adore and obey Him with all our heart, mind & human spirit, plus to treat others as we would have others treat us. 
After we confess our sins & invite Him into our heart, He begins to indwell us as an embryo, then a fetus, then as a powerhouse which begins to infiltrate our whole being, like a cancer that is GOOD rather than evil. 
As He by His Holy Spirit marinates our cells, our DNA, our spirit, mind and then our body, we begin to heal. 
Then He begins to leak out our pores to infect others with His wellness.  Hallelujah.
Nevertheless, do NOT settle for 2nd, 3rd, 4th best.  Always aspire/look up.  We have inherited ALL God's benefits,
so let us continually take/claim more & more of it and not exclaim in regret at the end of our life that we wish we had, had done, or believed more.  Jesus, in Your strength, help us be violent for You, 1 step at a time, 1 day at a time.  Amen.)

Hagin, Kenneth E - God's Medicine (booklet) Read an Excerpt at www.rhema.org  http://www.faithlibrary.com/resources/bm053_exerpt.pdf - Autobiography of Hagin.  Hagin was bedridden until the age of 17.  When Hagin finally found medicine in the words of God, Satin would steal the promises away with lies.  It took awhile for Hagin to get God's words to stick to his ribs, so that he had faith for God to heal him. 
He did not need somebody else to get his healing for him. 
He did NOT need to understand God's word with his mind, but he did need to BELIEVE God's word with his heart. 
He needed to feed on healing Scripture daily, not only for himself, but for others, such as his family.
Hagin, Kenneth E - God's Medicine  4 CDs - www.rhema.org - #1 God's Medicine 
#2 Hear and Be Healed #3 Healing Scriptures #4 My Testimony of Healing
Hagin, Kenneth E   I Believe in Visions    autobiography  www.rhema.org - Chapter 5  I Have Come to Answer Your Prayer  Hagin's 4th vision was in response to his prayer for God to heal his wife's   goiter.  Jesus told him to have the doctors to operate on his wife. He would see to it that she survived.  Jesus continued, "I long to do for My children if they would only ask Me and believe Me.  Many times they beg & cry and pray, but they don't believe. 
I cannot answer their prayers unless they have faith, because I cannot violate My word
If only they would let Me by taking Me at My word
(Sometimes it is OK to rely on medicine & medical doctors - as well as on God - at the same time.)
"The Lord said to me...'Tell your wife to be operated on, for she will live & not die.'" 

Harfouche, Robin  went from New Age & Hollywood actress & dancer to wheelchair cripple - 8/20-24/2007 Sid Roth Radio Broadcast #1553  http://www.sidroth.org/ -
especially to 8/24/7 program by clicking onto Radio archives.
Friday's radio broadcast shares that there is an evil spirit of pain, which is often to doorway to a majority of other infirmities.  We are to command it (and all problems it brought in with it) to leave, in Jesus name.

Herzog, David - Mysteries of the Glory Unveiled - book - www.voiceofglory.org
Chapter 7 Transported in the Spirit relates the testimony of David Hogan, missionary to the Native Americans in Mexico.  A little girl had fallen and spilled her brains onto the rocks below. The Lord Jesus instructed the people to worship.  After 4 hours of worship the Lord recreated her brain, head, and brought her back to life. 
This book instructs us to command the human spirit to return back to the body, when God agrees that it is OK to raise a person from the dead.  It is the spirit that gives breath.

Hayes, Norvel - God's Medicine To Faith -- The Word - www.nhm.cc

Hormann, Aiko - http://www.aikohormann.org - DVD's and DVD sets -
Hormann, Aiko - The Second Brain in the Gut  CD - "A new scientific fact " is that "the 2nd brain (is) in the gut with an independent network of neurons, somewhat similar to the 1st brain in the head. Neurobiologists found that more than 95% of all serotonin is made and stored in the gut (GI/gastric intestinal system).  
Deficiency of serotonin is blamed for depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, impulsive violence and insomnia.  
So (improper nutrition or) malfunctions in digestion, absorption & elimination processes may produce mental, emotional and physical maladies (...distresses)...
During the 'live' recording session of this tape, people in the audience had supernatural experiences with the Lord.  
One man received a vision of his own gut brain & traveled internally through his own neural pathways."
Hormann, Aiko - “3 Brains” - Healing Memories at Neurological Level - 2 hr DVD -
"Topics covered include the log-jammed condition of the soul, de-fusing traumatic memories (triggering mechanisms) & many others.  Dr. Aiko also describes the 3 brains: head, gut & heart + describes importance of healing painful memories at the neurological level.  Scientifically established facts about the 3 brains are given, as well as Biblical references about the heart and the gut having 'emotional memories'...
Painful memories...are stored in these 3 brains that tend to affect our health, finances and relationships.
People with "damaged" emotions are healed much more quickly than conventional psychotherapies.
'Cranio-Sacral Adjustment' is also demonstrated at the end of the DVD - to 'correct' damaging outcomes from head injury, tailbone injury, birth trauma, infection, hereditary predispositions, etc...
Dr. Aiko places total reliance on the supernatural works of the Holy Spirit.
Most of the time, she simply speaks to the parts of the body, in the name of Jesus, Yeshua Ha'Mashiach.
Hormann, Aiko - Harmonizing Left & Right Hemispheres of the Brain - 2007 DVD - South Africa -
Many intelligent & creative people are not as productive as they can be, or they may even be self-sabotaging (with 'inner conflict'), because the left and right hemispheres of their brains are not working harmoniously & sometimes even 'fighting' against each other.  The 2 hemispheres need to be adjusted & integrated properly. 
Inner-ear dysfunctions may also need to be corrected.
The prayer session demonstrates HOW to correct them by the Power of God. 
Many ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and learning disability conditions have also been healed.
Hormann, Aiko - http://www.aikohormann.org -
Healed from dyslexia - now reading the Bible out loud
"He was quite articulate and talkative when expressing himself in a social context (but not in reading).
The Lord revealed to me that his Brocca area (speech formation area) in the left hemisphere was functioning fine (shown by his articulate conversation) but the neural pathways between his Occipital lobe (visual center in the back of the head) & the Brocca was not completely developed from birth (therefore, his difficulty in reading aloud simultaneously).
The Lord directed me to 'spin the inner man' (on God's 'Potter's Wheel' - 1 of the 'Tools of the Spirit') & pray for the complete connection to be made between the Brocca & Occipital lobe. This took only about 15 minutes.  I watched him crying towards the end of the session, so I asked him if he was experiencing something supernatural.  He told me that he felt something 'moving' inside his head.
An impression came, 'You will never be humiliated again,' as he had been during his school years. 
I asked him to read the same paragraph he had previously attempted to read.
This time he read it smoothly, without hesitation or stumbling."7/12/2009

Jorgensen, Owen - Supernatural, The Life of William Branham, Book 3, The Man and His Commission (1946-1950)
Branham ALWAYS pointed to Jesus as the healer.  Branham pointed to himself as the promoter of faith. 
As God revealed to Jesus what He wanted by visions, so Jesus revealed to Branham what He wanted by visions. 
Branham's visions of healings always came true, as Branham obeyed.

Jones, Wendell  - pastor to Potawatomi, Kickapoo and Iowa Indians, in Taos, New Mexico -
FGBMFI 12/2003 Voice magazine editorial Brought out of the Gutter
"A lady walked over to me and said, 'Brother, I've got a message for you. God wants you to know that He has not
put any of this upon you.  Satan is doing his best to kill you, but God says He is going to heal you.'  
I asked, 'Does that mean I quit taking my medicine?'  'God will tell you when, she said.  'He told me you take medicine 3 times a day, besides your oxygen.'  'Yes.'  'God said you are to read (out loud) PSALM 91 every time you take your medicine, and start standing on that scripture.  It's yours.'  For 2 and a half months, 3 times a day, I read (spoke) the 91st Psalm, praising God for it and standing on (agreeing with) it. 
1 Sunday when we drove into Taos to church, I reached for my oxygen bottle and Jesus said (impressed upon my mind/ whispered/spoke to my mind/gave me the thought) 'You don't need that, you're healed.' 
Everyone knew that in 3 hours I should be dead. 
I don't believe anyone could tell what the pastor  preached about that morning. 
They were waiting to see me fall over dead.  When church was over, I still felt great. 
But during the 40 minute drive home we became afraid and I put the oxygen back on.
Monday morning when I got out of bed, I reached for my small tank.
Jesus spoke to me, 'I told you yesterday you were healed.  You don't need that anymore.' 
But then I started thinking, 'What if that's the devil telling me I'm healed, so he can kill me.' 
I told Roberta, 'I'm not going to use the oxygen, but just in case it is the devil, you watch me. 
If you see me acting funny, you get me back on it quickly.'  Wednesday morning my oxygen truck came.  
It had a machine that checked my pulse, heart rate, blood gasses & a bunch of other stuff. 
I hadn't used any oxygen or taken any pills since Monday morning. 
When I was checked, the report read 92 % for my blood gasses.  For a man of my age that was perfect.
I told my doctor how Jesus had told me I was healed, and that I hadn't had any oxygen since Monday morning. 
'I haven't used any of your pills, either.'  'All you're trying to do is commit suicide,' he said. 
He had to run a test twice before he was convinced the reading was perfect...Praise His name."

McLean, Renny - Eternity Invading Time  9/5 book/broadcast - www.sidroth.org/radio - also tells of body parts in heaven ready for use on earth.  He tells of a lady who saw an angel deliver one of these organs (a brand new kidney) to her.  Her diseased kidney was replaced, as confirmed by her doctor.

Oyedepo, David - Nigeria -  Satan Get Lost - excellent http://www.planetfreebook.com/Classic_collection/classic_books_author_NO_PDF_edited_
- Chapter 5 -
"4 out of every 10 Nigerian carry an amulet or incision on their bodies.
To have a native doctor, for many, is almost the same thing as having a medical doctor.
All because of the position the devil has given (falsely claimed for) himself."

Pittman, Howard - http://hpittman.com/
Pittman, Howard - http://www.near-death.com/forum/nde/000/89.html - "My friend, I declare unto you that this is the exact 'treatment' that most 'mouth-professing' Christians are using today. The doctor administering this PLACEBO 'medication' is Satan himself. He gives the 'patent' a sugar-coated religion, a shallow experience & whispers half-truths into his ears. He then tells the "patient" that it is real and that it is all the "patent" needs.
The 'patent', having been taken in by Satan, believes this & goes on his merry way declaring to all that he has been born again, his salvation is real, and this experience is all that he needs.
Doctor Satan will allow his 'patient' to continue to go to church & will allow him to take part in any church, that is, singing, leading in prayer, teaching Sunday School & even preaching. He will allow the 'patient' to make any kind of statement in connection with his 'mouth-professing' religion, even to the point of the saving power of Jesus.
Yes, he will allow the 'patient' to do all and say all with 1 exception.
That exception is that the 'patient' will not be allowed to live the life that he confesses with his mouth."
Chapter 7 The Grand Tour - "If you do not believe in Satan & demons as being real, individual beings, then you do yourself & the Kingdom of God a great disservice. It stands to reason that you cannot understand or even withstand an enemy if you do not believe he is real.  At the moment I resisted Satan, he fled from me."

Prince, Derek - Atonement - www.derekprince.com - www.derekprince.org
Chapter 2 Perfected Forever is an autobiography of Prince's healing in the military. 
God impressed upon him to take Scripture as though it were prescription medicine 3x daily after meals. 
In 3 months he was healed. 
Prince, Derek - God's Medicine Bottle  - www.derekprince.com - booklet
Chapter 1 Take as Directed  "I decided I was going to take God's Word as my medicine...
When I made that decision, the Lord Himself spoke to me.  Not audibly, but nevertheless very clearly, I heard Him say, 'When the doctor gives a person medicine, the directions for taking it are on the bottle...This (Bible/scripture)
is My medicine I'm giving you.  The directions
(words) are on the bottle (bound pages). You better study them'...
I began to bow my head (in focused study) over the Bible 3 times every day after means, because that is how people normally take medicine.  I said, 'God, You have said that these words of Yours will be medicine to all my flesh.  I'm taking them as my medicine now, in the name of Jesus.'  Within a few months...I was totally healthy."
Chapter 2 Pay Close Attention  Exodus 15:26 I am the Lord Who heals you. 
"In modern Hebrew that's exactly how that word would be translated: 'I am the Lord, your doctor.'"
God...said...'To listen listeningly means to listen to Me with both ears, with your right ear & with your left. 
Don't listen to Me with your right ear & something else with your left, because the result of that will be confusion
Chapter 3 Bend Your Ear  "God's Word works in us only insofar as we receive it. 
If we don't receive it, it doesn't do us any good...
God's Word can save you; it can heal you & it can bless you...only if you receive it...
If we judge the Scriptures by what some church or some denomination teaches, we will exclude from our minds much of the truth that God wants us to receive & which can bless & help us." 
Take God's Word literally & have more opportunity to receive a healing than a scholar who often prefers to argue.
Prayer - For "spiritual and physical needs that can only be solved by the Word of God, (in Jesus name) 
I pray that...(God's)...word will enter in & do what is necessary in them." Amen.
Prince, Derek - Invisible Barriers to Healing  DVD - www.derekprince.com - www.derekprince.org

Oral Roberts on television with Benny Hinn & in his book When You See the Invisible, You Can do the Impossible,
chapter 25 The Fourth Man share what scripture has to say about the Messiah, Dr Jesus.
1 Genesis - the Seed of the Woman 
2 Exodus - the Passover Lamb   3 Leviticus - our High Priest
4 Numbers - the Pillar of Cloud by day & the Pillar of Fire by night  
5 Deuteronomy -  the Prophet like unto Moses  
6 Joshua - the Captain of our Salvation   7 Judges - our Judge & Lawgiver  
8 Ruth - our Kinsman Redeemer
9/10 1st & 2nd Samuel - our Trusted Prophet   11/12 Kings & Chronicles -our Reigning King   13 Ezra - our Faithful Scribe   14 Nehemiah - the Rebuilder of the Broken-Down Walls of Human Life   15 Esther - our Mordecai  
16 Job - our Ever-Living Redeemer   17 Psalms - the Lord our Shepherd  
18/19 Proverbs & Ecclesiastes - our Wisdom  
20 Song of Solomon - the Lover and the Bridegroom   21 Isaiah - the Prince of Peace  
22 Jeremiah - the Righteous Branch  
23 Lamentations -the Weeping Prophet   24 Ezekiel - the wonderful 4-Faced Man
25 Daniel - the 4th Man in the burning fiery furnace   26 Hosea -Faithful Husband, forever married to the backslider
27 Joel - the Baptizer with the Holy Ghost and Fire   28 Amos - our Burden-Bearer  
29 Obadiah - the Mighty to Save  
30 Jonah - the great Foreign Missionary   31 Micah - the Messenger of Beautiful Feet  
32 Nahum - the Avenger of God's Elect  
33 Habakkuk - God's Evangelist crying, "Revive Thy work in the midst of the years."
34 Zephaniah - the Savior   35 Haggai - the Owner of all gold & silver
36 Zechariah - the Fountain opened up in the House of David for sin & uncleanness
37 Malachi - the Sun of Righteousness, rising with Healing in His Wings
1 Matthew - the Messiah   2 Mark - the Wonder-Worker   3 Luke - the Son of Man   4 John - the Son of God 
5 Acts - Holy Spirit Signs & Wonders  
6 Romans - the One Who makes all things work together for good to those who love God
7/8 1st & 2nd Corinthians - the Fruit & Gifts of the Spirit  
9 Galatians - Redeemer from the Curse of the Law  
10 Ephesians - Christ of Unsearchable Riches   11 Philippians - God Who Supplies all our Needs  
12 Colossians - the Fullness of the Godhead Bodily  
13/14 1st & 2nd Thessalonians - our Soon-Coming King
15/16 1st & 2nd Timothy - our Mediator between God and Man  
17 Titus - a Faithful Pastor  
18 Philemon - a Friend that Sticks Closer than a Brother  
19 Hebrews - the Blood of the Everlasting Covenant  
20 James - the Great Physician
21/22 1st & 2nd Peter - the Chief Shepherd soon to appear with a crown of unfading Glory
23/24/25 1st, 2nd & 3rd John - Everlasting Love   26 Jude - the Lord coming with 10,000's of His Saints
27 Revelation - King of Kings and Lord of Lords
Abel's Sacrifice - Noah's Rainbow - Abraham's Ram - Isaac's Wells - Jacob's Ladder - Samuel's Horn of Oil  
David's Slingshot - John the Baptist's Lamb of God - Father to the orphan  
Husband to the widow -Bright & Morning Star to those traveling the dark night
The Lily of the Valley, the Rose of Sharon, Honey in the Rock,
& the Staff of Life to those who travel the lonesome valley.

Roundtree, Anna - The Heavens Opened - www.charismahouse.com - Not only do hospitals have organs for transplant, so does God.  He has a storehouse of spare parts waiting for those "who believe". 

Spurgeon, Charles  Power in the Blood - publisher www.whitakerhouse.org - Chapter 1 Healing by the Stripes of Jesus Spurgeon notes that in Isaiah 53:5 sin is treated as a disease, to be cured rather than punished.

To Be Free - https://tobefree.wordpress.com/category/big-pharma-%E2%80%A2-tobefree/page/7/

Wood, Garry - A Place Called Heaven  5/5 book/broadcast audio www.sidroth.org/radio -
Gary saw a room full of body parts ready for those who need them & have enough faith.

Maria Woodworth Etter - http://www.amazon.com/Signs-Wonders-Maria-Woodworth-Etter/dp/0883682990#reader_0883682990 Read chapter 1 online.
Chapter 32 Questions and Answers on Divine Healing - "Why fight against God's will...
Stop fighting against God (by taking medicine)." (paraphrased)
(Refers to Christian/born-again doctors & patients who are complicit regarding seeking healing from God while prescribing/taking poisonous drugs.  Thus Etter is referring to a double-minded man.)


Brokenness: The First Step Toward God's Healing Power by Sue Birdseye -

Day, Dr Lorraine www.drday.com - Scroll to bottom of her home page to access article links, esp on aids.
Drugs Never Cure Disease - http://www.drday.com/believe.htm#drugs

God's Medicine - http://www.oocities.org/vinebranchv/Food/Medicine.html

Fuhrman, Dr. Joel - Get Off Medications from http://www.kpbs.org/news/2012/aug/07/dr-fuhrmans-immunity-solution/ listing & linking to more editorials

Lynn, Jim - The Spiritual Nature of Prescription Drugs -

Daniel Olukoya - Medicine From Above -
Isaiah 53:4-53:5 says, “Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows:
yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God & afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions,
he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was
Read Full Sermon

Daniel Olukoya - Medicine For Winners - Psalms 8:1-8:9 - Beloved, this message focuses on spiritual facts
anyone who wishes to live the life of a winner must know.
Read Full Sermon

Pharmakeia - http://www.theopenscroll.com/pharmakeia.htm


Brown, Tom - Can I still take medicine and trust God for healing?   http://tbm.org/medicineverseshealing.htm  
Based on scriptural gleanings:  Brown concludes that medicine alone is not wise, but medicine + dependence on God, or reliance on God alone are better.

Copeland, Gloria - The Word of God is God's Medicine - www.kcm.org - 12/9/2007 - TV Broadcast - Watch archives

Fuhrman, Dr. Joel - "Dr. Fuhrman's Immunity Solution!"  TV series clips. More on U-tube:
http://www.tpt.org/?a=programs&id=22313 - http://pressroom.pbs.org/Programs/d/Dr-Fuhrman-Immunity-Solution.aspx -

Health Is a Blessing - chapter 10 Faith to be Healed - at http://waltonfeed.com/old/self/health/horne/10.html   
from http://waltonfeed.com/old/self/health/horne/index.html and written for a Mormon (Latter Day Saints) audience

Meyer, Joyce - 2/09/2015 -
Meyer, Joyce - 2/10/2015 -
Meyer, Joyce - 2/11/2015 -
@ http://www.joycemeyer.org/broadcasthome.aspx

Mills, Joshua - Heavenly Medicine (log in) @ http://www.xpmedia.com/search?search=mills

Johnson, Bill - Bethel Church - http://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/bill-johnson/ 10/2/2016 - http://ofm6z46z825qpxk83fa00q1a.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/IS875Transcript_Johnson.pdf
Well it's vital because it changes who you are. It changes your perception on life. If I mistake God's nature I will mistake how I live. It's the whole statement that's made. Whatever you misdiagnose you will mistreat. 
So you'll always try to answer questions that people are asking. You'll always try to solve problems [thinking] that really God is not working or he's taking a different approach on.  So we become people who work extremely hard, but very, very ineffective, because everything comes out of the goodness of God. It's a vital thing to perceive because it changes how we view, even things we don't understand, it changes mystery.  It changes loss.
It changes the questions that we have. I have more questions than I've ever had. It's not that my knowledge increases where I've got all these answers. It's just I have the answers I need and the answer I need is that he is 100% always good and he is a perfect Father. Jesus came to reveal him as Father. The greatest revelation that Jesus brought to us is really unveiled to us constantly in the Gospel of John is that Jesus is a father & a perfect father. He came to a planet of orphans to reveal the Father as Father. Once that becomes settled then I may not know the answer to this problem or this challenge, but I know I'm approaching God who is good, who has already worked on my behalf to bring out a right solution.

Prince, Derek  GOD’S MEDICINE BOTTLE Radio Series - The Promises Are Our Inheritance - 6/25/2010 
mms://dpm.streamsvr.com/dpm/LR08-022_023-5.wma - How I Discovered the Medicine - 6/28/2010 
The First Direction - 6/29/2010 - mms://dpm.streamsvr.com/dpm/LR08-089-2.wma
The Second Direction - 6/30/2010 - mms://dpm.streamsvr.com/dpm/LR08-089-3.wma
The Third Direction - 7/01/2010 - mms://dpm.streamsvr.com/dpm/LR08-089-4.wma
The Fourth Direction - 7/02/2010 - mms://dpm.streamsvr.com/dpm/LR08-093-5.wma

Williams, Barbara -


Acts of Peter - http://www.gnosis.org/naghamm/actp.html A Gnostic rendition with the Lord seemingly telling the disciples to heal as physicians with traditional or magic medicine prior to the healing of the heart.

Bad Drug - http://www.bad-drug.net/

Ana Mendez Ferrell - Apocalypse: The Revelation of Jesus Christ -
Chapter 16 God's Judgments - "Dead people, congenital malformations & organ destruction caused by vaccines and the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs is yet another form of judgment, in which God allow men to suffer the consequences to their own choices (per Ana).  'I personally had a vision about the (Bible's last) book of Revelation, Chapter 9:1-11 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Revelation%209&version=CJB where I saw millions of demons coming out from the abyss with syringes (stings) in their hands & forcing substances upon people, which would damage their organs with great pain.  Spiritually they (the demons) wore golden crowns, which are the exaltation of the scientific mind.  Their faces were (human) like me. 
They appeared humanitarian, but were murderers.  They made much noise with their lying advertisements on TV & through every media source, making people addicted to meds they never required or that would NOT heal them either.  They had breastplates.  They were protected by governments & insurance companies. 
Their end is NOT to heal, but to destroy, because it's leader is Apollyon, the destroyer. 
I saw how God judged those who put their trust in science, NOT on Him.'"
(Also read Ana's Pharmacia, the Assassin of Health.)  (Father God, in Jesus' name we pray that Your kingdom come, Your will be done in _______ 's life now on earth, as it is already being done in heaven. 
We cancel & reverse all harm done by medications.  We loose Your revelation, fortitude, healing & blessings.  Amen.)
Ana M - Pharmakeia - www.voiceofthelight.org
Ferrell -
ana mendez - Pharmakeia - Translate from Spanish into English - www.scribd.com/doc/54818400/ana-mendez-Pharmakeia - Cached -
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Pharmakeia - Spanish - spiritual war on drugs - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWCOyd-EQwI&feature=related
Book trailer - http://www.anamendezferrell.com/engine/swf/player.swf?url=../../data/video/pharmakeiaeng.flv&volume=100 - English
PRAYER - (In Jesus' name) "I rebuke and immobilize the spirit of sorcery in the (medical/prescription) drugs.
(In Jesus' name) "I order the powers of alchemy & those of the gods of Asclepius, Pharmacia, Hygeia, Hermes,
Apollo & all the Greek & Egyptian gods, be broken, right NOW, in the lives of ______ , ______ , ______ . 
(In Jesus' name) "May the destructive effect from each (drug/medicine) substance _____ , _____ , _____
ingested be undone by the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ."
(In Jesus' name) "I command all the chains that enslave _____ , _____ , _____ be broken
(In Jesus' name) "I command all their prison doors be opened (& permanently locked upon exiting & entering into Your safety) that _____ , _____ , _____ may exit right NOW from the slavery of Pharmacia."
(In Jesus' name) "May You, Eternal Father, fill _____, _____, _____ up with (Your) love & peace to (continuously) take the steps to freedom.
(In Jesus' name) "May an unbreakable conviction (and impartation) of (Your insight, wisdom, courage &) faith now come upon _____ , _____ , _____ , the faith that overcomes the world; may that faith never leave.
(In Jesus' name, Father God,) "Receive all the honor & all the glory, together with Your Son Jesus our Messiah
for the wonderful atonement, which sets ___ , ___ , ___ free." (Amen.)9.18.2013
8/22/2011 PRAYER - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfwy9YdczXI -
We need to RECEIVE what God has already done through Jesus death & resurrection.
Ferrell, L. Emerson - Supernatural Believing - the Consciousness of Christ - chapter 6 Divine Health
"Once you make Christ a (permanent spiritual) Reality in your (human) spirit, soul, AND body, nothing is impossible" (including aging and freedom of disease).  "The instant you see your sickness or disease as an opportunity to advance in the kingdom of God, your deliverance will begin...
Israel lived 450 years free of disease through the covenant of divine healing established in Exodus 15:26...
The word 'believes' is very significant.  It means continually, on going. 
You must win the battle each day, over your mind and emotions. 
The reason that the devil brings you symptoms is so you will believe the lie and lose the battle. 
Symptoms are an illusion... The louder I laugh (at occasional symptoms), the more humiliated he (the devil) becomes...Your enemy...is full of pride & does not like to be embarrassed in front of his demons...
Whichever part of our being we trust (to another) man makes us vulnerable in that area...
It is our heritage as believers...The more conscious of Christ we become, greater miracles will...result."
"Resist the devil in sickness the same way we resist him in sin.  Healing is in degrees...
the 1st (condition) is the amount of healing virtue (spiritual energy) released...
2nd condition is the amount of faith...Healing is in 3 planes: spirit healing, soul healing, and body healing. 
The person sick in his body is sick in his spirit 1st...then...soul and finally manifests in the body...
My body responds to my spirit."
"When I was ill a man of God came to visit...His spirit's connection to the Holy Spirit fed my spirit, which in turn
released virtue throughout my body.  The healing of our spirit merges the spirit of of man to God eternally. 
The healing of the soul mends mental disorders and carries harmony and peace by the mind of Christ. 
Finally, physical healing completes the union of man with God through the Holy Spirit."
Section How to (work with your doctor to slowly) Stop Taking Your Medicine  "People are sick for the same reason
that they sin.  They surrender to the suggestion of the thing that is evil, and it takes possession of the heart. 
So, when the suggestion of sickness approaches in any form, cast it away as evil...Hebrews 7:25...
The word save can be translated heal...Our action (immediate response) towards God determines our healing. 
Once the salvation begins in our spirits, nothing. 
I mean nothing, has the power to stop His virtue except our refusal to believe...
The essence of the Christ consciousness is in the joining of believing with faith...the connection of the Spirit
of God with our whole being.  Jesus maintained this power because of His oneness with His Father & Holy Ghost...
Real healing has a progressive path...Our spirits must not rest until the Holy Ghost consumes our every thought."
QUESTIONs - "Do you take medication?  Are you fearful?  Are you pursuing money?  Are you offended easily? 
Do you trust anyone or anything more than the word of God?  If...yes...your spirit will have little, if any, authority over illness...I began to fast from solid food & fed on spiritual food all day...1st...
I reread the Bible from Genesis to Revelation." (Start and finish fasting slowly, 1 food &/or one meal at a time.)  Daily "spend time in the word of God...for stamina & revelation.  Revelation (spiritual insight) is the greatest proof that you are in contact with the Holy Ghost.  2nd...have (frequent/daily holy) communion in the for of prayer, the Lord's Supper (sacraments), and quiet meditation (having 1st repented of any personal/family sins/iniquities)...3rd...talk to real believers and share the goodness of the Lord in your life...
Make yourself a living, speaking testimony of His wonders."
Conclusion - "I learned that God was using the devil as His personal whipping boy to train those He loves...
I no longer fought to preserve my reality, but submitted to learn His. 
His substance began to grow in me and allowed me to supernaturally believe for all things...
Heaven has been waiting on us to exercise our dominion and authority with the knowledge of Christ."
Appendix - "If I experience symptoms...such as a runny nose, fevers or body aches, I immediately consume vitamin C...5-6 grams of pure ascorbic acid every 4 hours until the symptoms leave. 
Too much vitamin C can produce a side effect of temporary diarrhea. 
Through fasting...I attempt to consume a gallon of fresh (distilled spring) water a day, along with walking outside in the sun...physical exercise.  Take papaya for any nausea & green tea instead of coffee. 
We avoid eating white sugar and foods that produce yeast...port and seafood that does not have scales and gills...
The less food I consumed (ate)...the more food I received in my spirit...Effect was divine health in my spirit, soul and body." (Emerson also notes that one needs to step out in faith only to the degree of his spiritual maturity,
and that it is OK to allow medical intervention, especially in an emergency.)
DVD #D4003-2 bilingual (English/Spanish) shares that the Ferrells agreed with God's request for them to discontinue taking medications and to rely on Him.  Since then their health has improved.
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Regions of Captivity chapter 6 The Different Regions of Captivity - "If you must go to a hospital (medical facility), you must immediately (verbally) close the (spiritual) gates of death & (gates of) Sheol & spiritually cut (stop/turn off) all the currents of death and (close) the spiritual tunnels coming from the cemeteries (nearby, in Jesus' name)."  (At the very least, cover self/family with blood of Christ.)

"When Carl (Roos) was 25 & a successful electrical engineer, he had a brain tumor.
(They later became ministers & pastors.) The Lord said to him, 'If you will live for Me like the Word says, & only the Word, I will heal this brain tumor. I will give you the blessings of Job in his last days.' 
So they did it! Grace and Carl Roos lived with only the Bible as their guide & the Lord as their healer.
The pastor in Lufkin told me that once Brother Roos got an ugly cancerous looking growth on his face.
He claimed his healing according to the Word of God and did not go to the doctor. The whole town watched as the thing grew larger and larger. Then 1 day it fell off.  Some of the Roos’ sons & their families attend our autumn prayer conference. The Roos brothers told me, how in growing up, they could take no medicines, nothing at all & how they always had healings."

Horn, Tom & Nita - http://my.opera.com/SavedNotFried/blog/part-5-forbidden-gates-tom-and-nita-horn -
Hecate was believed to not only control entrances at homes & temples to nefarious evils, but (evil)
spirit-traversing gateways that could be opened by her into the human mind through the use of psychoactive drugs, a practice employed throughout Greek paganism as well as by shamans of other cultures but condemned in the scriptures: (Gal. 5:20; Rev. 9:21; 18:23) as
pharmakeia, the administering of drugs for (the purpose of) sorcery or magical arts in connection with demonic contact."

Dr. Len Horowitz - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amXSy7ZDhsI - Recorded at Freedom Law School's (http://LiveFreeNow.org) 2001 - Pharmacia WARNINGS - Harvard Doctor found out that AIDS was manufactured in Government sponsored bio-medical labs and spread through Vaccinations.  [Other ideological/spiritual (possibly occult) links @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go8Z7RTZrXI&feature=endscreen&NR=1 ]

http://prayingforthebrain.com/Spirit_of_Pharmakeia.html - "Lord, in your mercy, please, break off any ungodly work (self-sufficiency) of my hands. Lord, I repent for myself & my family for any time that I have turned to worldly advice & solutions to our problems, especially any (sole) use of (harmful/addictive) drugs [where vitamins, herbs &/or prayer would have been preferable or could (should) have been added to any prescription] & (we repent for) any partnering with the (evil) Spirit of Pharmacia. Lord, please, restore your Lordship over my brain and learning activities.  I ask You to cover my brain (DNA & body) with Your Holy Spirit and cleanse it with Your Blood."

Jeremiah Johnson   Ministries @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7czrugZIMWc&feature=youtu.be
Pharmacia is a key political right now during the coronavirus pandemic.  Now we know how to pray. 7/2020
3 evil spriits/principalities to contend against during 2020 presidetial election: Racism, Feminism & Parmacia with Jezebel spirit involved heavily in last 2, especially in USA Democratic platform & VP selection/candidate.

Dr. Scott Johnson: Pharmakeia — Sorcery, Pharmaceuticals & the Roots of Modern Day Drug Industry.
“You cannot drug your body into good health.” + “Drugs are not going to take the demons away.” +
“They’ve swept the symptoms under the rug for so long that now they’re a surgical candidate.”

Kelley, Earthquake - Order book #1122 "Bound to Lose, Destined to Win" - http://earthquakekelleyministries.org/books/   
Chapter 14 Questions and Answers - "The Holy Spirit said to me, 'Stop.  Talk about cigarettes. 
There are people here who love Me, but they still smoke.  They need deliverance'...
The pharmakeia spirit that keeps people on drugs is the same spirit that keeps them addicted to nicotine...Delivered from their nicotine habit, you can see the difference in their countenance."
"There is a phantom pain spirit that attacks people, usually as a piercing or stabbing pain. 
Doctors will never find a cause when people are experiencing pain caused by this spirit. 
his is the same spirit that attacks when sorcerers use voodoo dolls...
1 purpose of this attack is to control your mind by trapping you into taking pain medication or
sedatives, to which you can become addicted
...The sorcerer speaks incantations over the drugs before they are administered, and the goal is to control people through the use of the drugs. 
The job of the pharmakeia spirit is to get people addicted to various kinds of  drugs, both legal & illegal...
I personally am opposed to most drugs & especially any medication to which someone might become addicted...'Lay your hand on the spot where you have the paid & say...
'I come against this phantom pain spirit and command it to leave in the name of Jesus. 
I am a child of God.  You are no longer permitted to attack my body. 
Jesus defeated you at the cross and He bore all of my infirmities

I pray the promise of God over myself and say that no weapon formed against me will prosper

Lynn, Jim - The Spiritual Nature of Prescription Drugs @ http://www.raindroptraining.com/messenger/article_index.shtml

Mind Control - (through Pharmacia & government) http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4C096B918DA4BEDE

040605_mainstream_medicine_disease_prevention_history.html -

How three fateful actions helped lead to the failure of today's mainstream medicine

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/031522_vitamin_D_arthritis_pain.html#ixzz2VLWumkMy

The Marketing of Madness - DVD -  http://foodmatters.tv/product/the-marketing-of-madness -  

http://www.theopenscroll.com/pharmakeia.htm - "Drugs induce changes in our body chemistry.
These effect our body's function, metabolic processes. They influence how we feel, think and act, our personality, responses & reactions. These changes may be temporary but may also last a very long time. Some cause our DNA to be rewritten, which changes us quite tangibly into a different 'us.' Because the life of the flesh is in the blood (Leviticus 17:11) & our blood is subject to pharmakeia's effects, there is a direct impact on our souls.
The influence is also supernatural, with the very real effect of (sometimes) opening a door or gateway, a dimensional portal through which demons may pass. Our thoughts & actions are then given over to their control. These entities are referred to as familiar spirits. The supernatural activity of angels & demons is the effectual power, which do work through natural agencies. Pharmakeia can hinder people from receiving the Holy Spirit, or can isolate those who have it from the Lord & deny them what benefit would otherwise be enjoyed. Technically, I believe effectual chemical agents configure biological structures so they resonate with certain vibrational frequencies. These tune us, literally, to match established frequencies or their harmonics.
A resonant link is established like that between a singer & a crystal glass when the singer can hold a note & break the glass. The principle can be noted in relevant passages of scripture."

Stone, Perry - CD053 The Prince Spirit Tormenting 50% of America +
https://store.voe.org/p-495-cd053-the-prince-spirit-tormenting-50-of-america.aspx -
"Each nation has a strong principality spirit ruling the atmosphere & affecting certain activity in the nation.
The strongest spirit dominating America is a pharmakia spirit, which impacts over 50% of Americans."

Katie Souza - Katie Souza: How to Break the Spirit of Legion's Grip on Your Body 7/25/2018 good -
I didn't understand why I had gotten sick or why I was healed. Then, 5-6 years later, I began having similar symptoms again. I had vertigo and flu-like symptoms every other week. It was horrible.
I would get a prescription for powerful antibiotics, but they wouldn't help. At the end of the round of meds, I was sicker than when I started them.  That's when I learned that you can't medicate a demon."

, Dr - http://www.drlwilson.com/ARTICLES/MENTAL%20INFLUENCE.htm

Yeomans, Dr. Lilian B - A Deliverance - http://healingandrevival.com/YeomansDeliverance.pdf
Yeomans, Dr. Lilian B - http://healingandrevival.com/YeomansNotOneFeeble.pdf

Medical Science in the News

current events

polypharmacy - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2546482/pdf/cia-0302-383.pdf -
taking multiple drugs, negatively shifts risk to benefit ratio (especially in the ill the debilitated or the elderly).
Taking 1 drug for multiple diseases, esp in elderly. http://chronopause.com/

G-d's Pharmacy

Ezekiel 47:12 - Online Parallel Bible

Revelation 22:2 - Online Parallel Bible

Spurgeon, Charles - PDF]



                                                                            Godly Techniques

Dr. Aiko Hormann - Spirit Soul Body Alignment Many people are misaligned and there are many symptoms.
It's important that your body find restoration in order for you to function the God created you to function. 

http://www.xpmedia.com/video/10935/spirit-soul-body-alignment/?affid=8389 (One may need to log in 1st.)
Other resources:
3 Brains + Left And Right Brains + Oneness With God + Potters Wheel + Shattered Dreams - Fragmented + Triggering Mechanisms + Solutions To Common Problems + Heavenly Perspective - Plumbline Of God - Divine Editing + Addiction And Compulsion - Dr. Aiko Shares Her Testimony + Who Is Dr. Aiko Hormann?

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