Kerr, Kat - # Hope Center The Church Presents Kat Kerr Pt 2  Alive_Again,Dec 18, 2012
#93) Kat Kerr
- (Talking about Harry Potter and movies like it.) Part 2
"There is another time in the Word where it says perilous days, perilous times will come where their will be earthquakes in divers places and all of that stuff starts happening. That is a different (later) time. We're not in that time. This 1st time has to happen first, or their wouldn't be a harvest. The world would never know there was a God. He's going to do that. The Word says so, and it has to happen 1st. We're entering into that time (effective Easter 4/2012). It's accelerated (doubled/effective 6/1/2016). Instead of taking people and training them for 30 years in something, He'll do it in 3 months. He really means that. Before when you planted seeds, and maybe waited for the harvest. Sometimes you'll get your harvest before the seed gets planted, because you already decided to do it in your heart. The blessings are going to be rapidly coming. They will happen rapidly; the blessings; the rewards will come almost immediately in these times that are on the earth. But the consequences will also be rapidly coming. In other words, what you played around in for a while, it may not have showed up for years. Guess what? That's not going to happen. They'll be almost immediate consequences because He's training us right now. He's training you. You have a short window of time for the body to find out, (that) God actually has plans for you, and for you to get your life ready. That's what we're in right now, in that little window for you to find out.
You need to be whole: body, soul, and spirit
. There can't be anything of the enemy in you, because, yes, great darkness is going to come on the earth. But the darkness will never be greater than the light. That's you. He's talking about you. That means if you're walking in the way that He wants you or needs you to walk, and there's nothing of the enemy in you, you will always have power, even over the great darkness that is coming. That's His plan. That we will walk in more authority and dominion than any other body of believers before on this planet. In order to do that, there can't be darkness in you, because there are these little doors that open.
Little doors open in your soul. Little doors open, and the enemy can come in and do things and mess around with you
. He can steal, rob from you. He can. He can bring confusion in your life. He can bring strife into your life. So you want to keep that stuff out of you." (CAUTION RE Naysayers.)

The Kat Kerr or at May 14 at 7:50am

"I will be sharing how the Father is sharpening our discernment in these days. Now I
am not talking about a good discernment, it is a supernatural, out of the ordinary divine discernment that operates at extreme levels. It will allow those whom God has chosen and they have said YES, to carry out the commission God has appointed them to without being caught into deception or lied to for the purpose of others using them for their own agenda. This discernment will be given not just for protection but also for the execution of God's government in the earth. Before God even birthed this earth from Himself, He had framed and spoken out the times and seasons that would take place and those who would have a commission to be world changers during those times and seasons that would come on the earth.
This is not just new revelation but it has already been activated within this time.
These are new times with new ways and it will open your understanding of what God means by MANIFEST and it is tied to your Soul."

Roberts, Frances J - (1918-2009) - - Come Away My Beloved - -
Learn to Reign Section: The Mind of God -
"Ye shall know who hath need of healing, and what the physical need, yes, even what is the true cause of illness, that healing may be complete in the whole man.  Ye shall know who is speaking error, and ye shall not only discern the craftiness of the enemy, but know how to rebuke him in My Name."
Learn to Reign Section: Grow Up In Me -
"Commit to Me thy sanctification.  Bring thy thoughts into captivity and let they mind be under the control of the (Holy) spirit within you, neither refuse to allow Me the freedom to manifest Myself through you by means of the gifts. 
Ye may resist Me, because ye feel unworthy or 'unready' to be used.  This is a delusion of the mind.  I do not use you, when you 'feel prepared', but when I need you and you are yielded.  Even as I use you, ye will discover that in the process of being used,
I shall do a work in you yourself, to the edification of your own heart and life
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Grace Ryerson Roos - Spiritual Warfare - - 7/16/2009 - recommended - "
While passing
through a terrible spiritual
conflict some years ago, God…gave me a vision.
I saw a man open my front door and walk in. He looked like he had come through a terrific storm. His collar had been pulled up to protect his neck and his felt hat was pulled down securely on his head. He carried a brief case in his hand. He had all the appearance of a lawyer.
He walked quickly to me and dropping down on one knee beside my chair, he removed his hat and then looking straight into my eyes, said, 'I have come to give thee counsel.'  My heart quickened with expectation. Continuing he said earnestly, 'BIND the POWER of SATAN TO DECEIVE YOU.' And with that he was gone.  That is our need today.
'Bind the power of the enemy to deceive you.' Satan realizes his time is short. He is seeking to sabotage the work of God and the saints. The dictionary defines sabotage
as 'malicious injury to work, tools, etc., or any underhand interference with production
or business, as by enemy agents during war time.' Certainly this describes his efforts today. He uses deception, false accusations, spirits of condemnation, clever imitations of the work and the voice of the Spirit, and so on, to halt and undermine the work and growth of the Spirit in you. REFUSE TO BE DECEIVED.  TRY THE SPIRITS WHETHER THEY ARE OF GOD. 'Be sober, be vigilant: because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour: whom resist steadfast in the faith.'
(1 Peter 5:8-9)"