Demonic Designs


Eckhardt, John -
, John - (edited)
DESIGNS - "A design is something conceived or planned out in the mind.
It is a mental project or scheme in which means to an end are laid down.
A child may be born with the traits of the opposite sex because a design was put upon them before they were ever born.
The parent may have wanted a little girl, or if the child is a girl, perhaps the parents wanted a little boy.
These parental designs influence the behavior of the child.

This can in turn open the child up to allow perverse spirits to operate.
A design can also be put on a person during rape, incest, or molestation.
This design can shape the character of an individual and is known as a physical design.
A mental or a psychic design can be placed upon a person through words
and through concentration upon an individual in a lustful or perverse way.

When praying for some people it is sometimes necessary to break any designs that
have been placed upon them (homosexuality and perversion) and cast the spirits out.
Homosexual and Perverse Spirits, by Irene Parks)."
DESTRUCTION (Proverbs 21:15) is the goal of a DEMONIC DESIGN:
One Webster Dictionary defines destruction as 'the action/process of destroying/ruining condition/thing'.
spirit of Destruction works in many areas and has been identified as Osmodeus (Prince of Destruction).
Working with Osmodeus Asmodeus (Prince of Lust).

The Lord delivers us from destruction (Psalm 103:4). The spirit of Destruction works with other (evil) spirits
to destroy every area of a person's life. This spirit works with spirits of Poverty to destroy the finances,
with the spirit of Mental Illness to destroy the mind, and with spirits of Ahab and Jezebel to destroy the family.

The spirit of Destruction also works through curses of: Destruction of Family Priesthood, Destruction of the Family, and Death and Destruction.

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - - Regions of Captivity -
Chapter 3 Heavenly and Infernal Places
The Holy Spirit showed Ana that demons pray the Lord's Prayer,
replacing relevant words to fit their own designs, keeping their victim in captivity. 
We are to do the opposite, praying into existence God's designs
Chapter 6 The Different Regions of Captivity - shares that Hitler aligned himself with hell to reproduce these demonic spiritual regions on earth in his concentration camps.  Often pain and suffering is a manifestation of evil designs.
"A soul may belong to God, be saved and redeemed, but...(with) fragments held captive...(in) a (dark) spiritual place."
Capter 7 Setting the Captive Free - Anyone full of Hol Spirit can set himself free:
Ask Jesus to show us our place of captivity
2.See self/piece of soul trapped.
3.See self open door of captivity and setting self free.
4.By faith cast out any opposing demon.
5.Break off any shakles/chains/ropes/ties.
6.Take self/soul layer/fragment out of entrapment place.
7.Petition God to receive self into heavenly places.
8.Give God that self/soul fragment.
9.(Thank God and
10.request God's ongoing/permanent restoration of that soul/fragment/layer.
11.Disallow with angelic help the enemy to recapture/ensnare self.) 1.


Ferrell, Emerson and Ana Mendez - Captivity - DVD - -
One of the prayers goes something like this: 
"Enemy river of _Adam's_ ,   (stolen finances), (insanity), ________ , dry up right now. 
In Jesus' name we war against the designs of the enemy.  We declare that the Son of Man was manifested to destroy all the works of the enemy, all the way to this place of captivity in hell.  All the designs of the enemy be destroyed right now, in Jesus' name.   Father God, may Your will be done in ________ 's life as it is done in heaven.  Thanks.  Amen."5.18.19
Ferrell, Ana Mendez -
In Spiritual Authority - 4 CD's by refuter of Ana -
(Sometimes refuters give an excellent overview of a ministry, even though author disbelieves God's work in their lives.)
"3rd CD reveals that there is a parallel underworld comparable to both the heavens and the earth.  There is sort of a carbon copy of the worldly: below and above.  However, if the heavenly is the real/original, then the other 2 are copies…since most battles are spiritual, rather than worldly, our spirit may need to unite with Holy Spirit and descend into hell, as Christ did (after dying but before rising from the dead.) There in a place called captivity, He released captives into heaven: those who accepted Him as Messiah. In hell we rescue the broken pieces (fragments/layers) of the heart/soul (mind/emotions/ willpower) and release them into the (3rd) heaven to be ministered to by God.  If instructed to do so, in hell and on earth, we minister life both spiritually and physically to weakened individuals.  We need (should) not go into hell in spirit, unless instructed not to do so (by Holy Spirit); but we do need to say aloud this prayer for each prisoner of Satan,
"I am calling your soul (your God given personality) out of captivity.  Come forth in the name of Jesus Christ
  Postscript:  Anna WARNS us to NOT glibly travel/wader/do tourist walks, lest we land in a pothole into the demonic underworld.  Hawaii, in particular, seems to be on that list of not to visit in ignorance.” @ found under deliverance. Ana's ministry "teaches about going to hell for healing pieces and rescue, that there is a parallel underworld."

Souza, Katie - 10/31/2016 - Demonic DNA - How did giants/DNA came to be subsequent to Noah's flood drowning all?  Katie teaches that, "When the giants (Nephilim, who were the offspring of human women and angels) died during the flood, they became disembodied spirits.  When Noah's son, Ham, sinned sexually against his father, Noah, this created an opening for the disembodied spirits of the giants to enter the human race once more...Katie's Bent series...explains this in detail." 


Ferrell, Ana & Emmerson - @

Bill Wiese, author of 23 Minutes in Hell, says that we must be careful to guard our hearts from temptation.
The Bible shows us that Satan primarily uses the eyes as a portal to man's soul, but God primarily uses the ears.
What exactly does that mean for all of us? Wiese explains from Scripture in this video:

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