Deliverance Testimonies


Baker, Rolland and Heidi - The Hungry Always Get Fed - A Year of Miracles - -
Chapter 5 Revival Fire for the Poor in Spirit - "She ran up in the dust & told me how her daughter who was completely out of her mind was healed in church."

Steven Brooks - Nuclear Power 4/30/2012 - Fasting Prayer - "When you fast & thing...that speeds up is God's going to work on your behalf." - We progress from waiting on, to waiting with the Lord, before HE acts/manifests on behalf of us/others.  Preceding certain events/causes Steven dials " intake to only eating almonds & cashews while drinking just water & an occasional coffee."
Chapter 10 21 Day Fast Diary - John G Lake writes, "On the night of the 6th day of this fast that the Lord had laid on me, while in the act of washing my hands, the Spirit said, 'How long have you been praying to cast out demons?' I replied,
'Lord, a long time.' & the Spirit said, 'From henceforth, thou shalt cast out demons.'  I arose & praised God...The following Sunday...a violently insane man was brought to Lake, who commanded the demon to come out of him in Jesus' name.  The man was instantly delivered & 2 days later was released from the institution that he had been confined in."

Butain, Huldah - Mercy Ministries, Calcutta, India - - 6/9/2008 - Edited Excerpt -
Wife + daughter share work of Mark (deceased missionary/doctor/founder). Mark casually passed a mentally ill boy chained to a tree.  He casually spoke in passing, "It is time for you (demon/possession/oppression/insanity) to go, now." 
The boy immediately became well/delivered...
Hospital land given to ministry was sitting on sea water.  Mark had staff & family hold hands & pray around dug wet basement.  The small Bible (which he always carried) he lowered (tied to a string) into the hole.  He spoke TO the water commanding it to recede.  It obeyed.  The land became permanently dry.

D'Andrea, Molly - Set Free - True Accounts of Those Who Have Been Liberated from Pornography, Sexual Addiction, Masturbation, Rape, Molestation, Incest, Lesbianism and Homosexuality - Edited Excerpts -
Chapter 17 Demons, Drugs & Deliverance testimony, "My father was into the occult & taught me...I worked in the bars in the 'graveyard shift" from midnight until 4 in the morning.  This is when the nastiest people come out to play.  My friends were into demons, evil spirits & the occult...Demons in my life were demanding a commitment. I was tormented night & day...I needed cocaine to keep the demons quiet...
(In church) as I stood to my feet & started down that (church) aisle, I felt I was being attacked by Satan himself.  I was gripped with fear.  My whole body was shaking.  In my had the devil was screaming, 'No. I will kill you!  I won't let Him take you...I was delivered of every demon & evil habit.  Jesus healed me of hepatitis * liver disease."

Carothers, Merlin - tract - An Amazing Story -        
Marilyn, a psychiatric patient, was healed when her parent praised God for her condition.          

Chavda, Mahesh - The Hidden Power of Healing Prayer - The Healing Anointing of Laying on of Hands - - Chapter 7 Developing Healing Ministries shares that a "40 year old daughter" was brought to Chavda.  She "had spent half her life in one mental institution after another.  She seemed driven to take her own life...She had been under the care of one psychiatrist after another, and was under constant medication...
he Lord...revealed...that an evil spirit  was tormenting her." 
He "commanded that evil spirit to come out of her, in Jesus' name.  The spirit departed. Today this woman is leading a normal life."
Chapter 8 Breaking the Enemy's Grip shares that water baptism healed a woman of madness and demonic oppression
"in a land where many people are deep into witchcraft religions; sometimes they lose their faculties."

Clark, Randy - There Is More  - - Chapter 12 -
Clothed with Power - Nobody's Safe
shares a healing of a demonized woman.

Cunningham, Karen Mayer - Defying Autism - A Miraculous Story of Hope & deliverance from demons 

Curtis, Ken & Nancy - Tormented?: A Christian’s Guide for Spiritual Warfare - Patient in testimony is unnamed.
Chapter 2 Rejection - section Testimony - "Praise God, my back has been healed.  I'm walking.  I'm moving.  I'm dancing.  I've also been a hopeless schizophrenic.  From all of the rejection, and all the heartache, I got in my shell, and my doctor said I was a hopeless, incurable schizophrenic.  They just swept me aside.  I got my Social Security check every month. 
I told the doctors, 'It's OK, I have Jesus; He's going to get me home.'  I always had that peace."  "Nancy (Curtis) came over and said, 'You unstable-minded spirit of schizophrenia, you leave this girl.'  He didn't want to go (but) he left.  Praise God.  I'm going to work tomorrow.  The Lord has set me free."

Davis, Huck - Healed from paranoid schizophrenia - Dunedin AL New Zealand -
"Then He (Holy Spirit) said, 'LUCIFER, I COMMAND YOU TO COME OUT OF HIM IN THE NAME (and Dunamus resurrection power) OF JESUSCOME OUT NOW (in the name of the Holy Spirit).  SCHIZOPHRENIA, COME OUT NOW (in the name of Father God).  NOW,' I SAID.  'COME OUT NOW (in the name of the Trinity).  NOW,' I SAID.  2 hours later it was all over.
I was healed.  However Holy Spirit said to me, 'Haki, I still have some more work to do in you.'  He said, 'I have cast out that paranoid schizophrenic demon.' He said, 'Paranoid schizophrenia is one of the most difficult complex demons to cast out...Just because I cast that devil out, it doesn't mean that you are completely healed. You still need physical healing, because you have damage to a part of your brain. The pituitary gland is not working. It's dead. It is not functional.
It was destroyed by your
(legal or illegal ??) drug taking in your early years. All the cells are withered & dead. It does not work. That's why you have a chemical imbalance. That's where all your problems began. Your brain has never functioned properly in 21 years. The demon of paranoid schizophrenia entered in through the pituitary gland and he's been in that dead gland for a very long time.'
"I heard a crackling noise going on inside my head. It was like static from a radio. Then I felt a huge electric jolt, of gigantic proportions in my head. Then everything was quite again. I felt water moving in my head, and my brain was actually moving and squelching. THEN ANOTHER JOLT. Then everything went quiet. I wondered what had happened. Then the voice of the Holy Spirit came in loud & clear saying, 'CONGRATULATIONS HAKI. YOU'RE HEALED. YES!  THE CHEMICAL IMBALANCE HAS BEEN CORRECTED.  YES,  I CORRECTED YOUR IMBALANCE.  YOUR BRAIN (and pituitary gland) IS NOW FULLY FUNCTIONAL.  WELL DONE HAKI.  YOU WAITED AND PERSEVERED FOR 22 YEARS HAKI, & YAHWEH HAS DECIDED TO HEAL YOU. YES HAKI. YOU'RE A VERY LUCKY MAN.  CONGRATULATIONS.  YES HAKI. YOU'RE HEALED. SO WELL DONE.'"
"Holy Spirit said, 'Haki there is one more thing. You have been under the influence of the paranoid schizophrenic demon for 22 years, & you still bear some psychological scars.' He said, 'You will now undergo psychological counseling
So hang in there & I'll bless you
.'"1.14.2019 1.26.2019

Deliverance from Demonic Strongholds - - 700 club - Satan will infiltrate any area/problem/harm we tolerate.
deliverance from mental illness perhaps from witchcraft &

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - High Level Warfare - - autobiography
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Regions of Captivity - - Chapter 1 The Era of New Revelations 
"I was diagnosed as a chronic schizophrenicTormented by circumstances & (evil) spirits of self-destruction,
I lost the ability to think coherently, tried to commit suicide & was confined to a psychiatric hospital."  (However, God rescued her.  After Ana was healed) "80% of the sick had (also) been delivered & healed; to God be the glory."
Ferrell, Ana Mendez  11/2009  Regions of Deliverance Conference Houston, Texas, USA
A must watch program! Includes role-playing of deliverance & most of an actual group deliverance.
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - 11/20/2009 autobiography - excellent
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - - various deliverance testimonies -
Ferrell, Ana Mendex @ @

Fluitt, Clarice - Chapter 1 @ - Chapter 9 Moving Your Boundaries - "I boldly announced, 'I'm going
to pray for this woman & she's going to get up & walk.'  I clapped my hands & said, 'You soul spirit of death, you foul spirit of heart attack, you foul lying spirit, get off this woman.'  I said, 'Ms. Thomas, come back here & life your life.'  Then she awoke from her coma, her eyes opened up, & her body supernaturally came out of that bed, & lived for another 32 years."

- - Schizophrenia Healed - 3/13/2010 - "I was a small boy 4-5 years old.  It was bed time...I left the living room, came to the stairs and turned to go up. I looked upward to the top of the stairs & saw something that left me petrified. There was a figure at the top of the stairs, about 4 feet tall, it had green skin & bright yellow eyes, but was also transparent. Its look was piercing me as I stood for a second unable to move. It had such a horrible, grimacing sadistic grin...I think I was 17 when I started hearing voices regularly...I...asked Jesus to come into my life & give me the life He’d created me for...The voices in my head screamed when I opened the bible once & threw it across the room...On the day of my (water) baptism the Holy Spirit came on me in a bigger, deeper way...I had demons cast out of me.  On a retreat a few weeks later I received more deliverance & a lot of prayer...I had been medicated for roughly 5 years. I continued to be monitored weekly by a nurse who would visit.  I had to meet with the psychiatrist for a chat to express my intentions to stop too. After this i was monitored for a while more before being told that due to my full recovery this was no longer necessary by the medical professionals. I was 23 at the time."

Hagin, Kenneth E - Tongues - Beyond the Upper Room - - Part 2 Chapter 11 - A Means of Spiritual Edification - A Personal Example of 'Charging Myself Up' shares that K E Hagin's greatest healings/deliverances/miracles occurred AFTER spending prolonged times praying in tongues:  A woman committed to solitary isolation in a mental institution for 2.5 years was permanently delivered by Hagin's obeying God's words, "Go stand in front of her and say, 'Come out, thine unclean spirit, in the Name of Jesus!'"
Hagin, Kenneth E - The Believer's Authority - Legacy Edition - - Chapter 8 Authority Over Demon Spirits, Not Human Wills Section Oppression vs. Possession - A spirit-filled psychiatrist donated time to charity hospitals and mental institutions.  In an experiment with a man who had not spoken for 3 years he said, "I laid hands on him every day & said, 'If there are evil spirits here, I rebuke them & command every 1 of them to leave in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.'  If the other doctors weren't around, this doctor would lay hands on the patient & pray out loud over him 5 minutes a day in tongues...In 10 days time the patient was talking.  In 30 days he was sent home cured."

Hammond, Frank & Marzullo, Frank - The Tales of 2 Franks -
The 2 Franks share healing and deliverance stories from their joint ministry.
, Frank & Ida Mae - Pigs in the Parlor -
Ida Mae shares what God revealed to her about schizophrenia, in the chapter titled schizophrenia.
Frank - The Breaking of Curses - - In chapter 3 Personal Sin Curses, Frank shares
a testimony where he was hindered in all spiritual attempts as a pastor, until 20 years later he recognized that his college professor's requirement for him to attend 5 cult meetings and do a term paper on them had opened him up to a curse/ demon/familiar spirit which had to be cast out, having 1st repented and forgiven the professor.  When we touch evil, by violating God's scriptural prohibitions, it rubs off on us, regardless of our intentions or innocence. This curse came upon Frank as a student  before he was aware of the penalties/curses/demonic consequences of disobeying God.  After later receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, Frank had to recognize and then evict the evil he had unwittingly invited into his life.  It did not just leave on it's own. 
Hammond, Frank & Ida Mae - A Manual for Children's Deliverance Chapter 7 Special Cases shows some spiritual roots (needing a spiritual solution) for (a) criminal schizophrenia, (b) multiple personality disorder (MPD), (c) attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), (d) foster or adopted children, (e) autism, (f) sexual abuse, & (g) down's syndrome. 
Ministry gives testimony of a 14 year old autistic boy who never used personal pronouns until he was prayed over.
Another testimony is given of a 6 year old who was healed of criminal schizophrenia (revealed to Ida Mae by God through the gift of knowledge.  The evil spirit/psychiatric disease/negative emotions had an open door from the wound
of divorce. Criminal schizophrenia & schizophrenia are different personalities.)
Testimony is given where 2 mongoloids' (a 4 year old + a teenager) functioning immediately improved after prayer.  Satan takes advantage of disabilities, which need miracle cures.
, Frank & Marzullo - The Tales of 2 Franks - - A 14 year old boy
was healed of congenital deafness after being delivered from a curse resulting from divination/fortune telling
(which the mother had been involved in).

Harrington, Ken & Jeanne - Shift - Chapter 6 Sing at Your Troubles
The Harrington's relate a testimony identical to that of Marilyn by Merlin Carothers.  See above.
God held a stop light at red until the father of a mental patient asked God, "What do You want from me?" 
The response was, "Thank Me for your daughter's condition."  The light turned green when the dad obeyed. 
When he arrived at the mental institution, the daughter was well.  (The very least we can do is thank God for
what good He is doing in us, due to this family disaster.  Be reminded that Joseph declared to his brothers that what
the enemy had meant for evil, God had meant for good. Pearls are only formed/triggered/caused by sandy irritants.)

Hayes, Norvel - How to Live and NOT Die - - Hayes was an understudy of Lester SumrallChapter 10
God Will Send You on Missions for Him "One day I was in a Chattanooga, Tennessee, shopping center.  The Lord came
on me boldly and told me to go to a certain address.  He sent me to a body whose mind had snapped; there was no one
who could help he.  He didn't even know his own name.  He just sat there in a stupor...When you study the Scriptures and get them on the inside of you, then you will know how to do something...You will...have power and authority yourself...
So everybody (in unbelief in deliverance) stayed out of the boy's room.
I prayed for him all night...
I said, 'Jesus is stronger than the devil.
In Jesus' name, I command this boy's mind to come back to him. 
Satan, you cannot have this boy...In Jesus' name, I command you to come out of him. 
I command you to let his mind go free.
I command, in Jesus' name, his normal mind to come back to him'...
For 8 hours I confessed that boy had
a new mind, in Jesus' name.  A new mind!  I wouldn't accept anything else...
After 8 hours of confessing...white foam began to bubble up out of his mouth. 
Saliva began to run out of his mouth & onto the floor. 
Then his mind began to snap back into him...
Now, I didn't get victory that quickly for my own daughter...
After 3 years of prayer and confession, she got victory (over drug addiction)."
One minute prayers seldom work for most ministering to patients in a mental institution. 
"You have to break the power of the devil land confess total victory in Jesus' name. 
You have to stick with it until Satan leaves." 
Then the person has to IMMEDIATELY choose Jesus as his savior, Lord, and baptizer. 
In addition he/she needs to daily read the Bible and pray, besides attending weekly mass/church/synagogue/prayer meetings - plug into an intimate Christian group that will help spiritual development and accountability. 
One must NOT become a loner.  Finally one must learn/practice self defense against satanic attacks.

Heidler, Robert D. - Set Yourself Free - A Deliverance Manual - You Can Escape Satan's Oppression and Walk in Freedom. - Book includes pre-deliverance, deliverance, post-deliverance, and self-deliverance. 
Chapter 9 Removing the Enemy's Agents shares the gradual total deliverance of a severely demonized woman
who crowded out the demonic influences by allowing a committed woman to minister to her for 1 year.  
Glory of Zion  International Ministries, Denton, Texas, USA - 5/15/2006 Radio Broadcast Interview #1487    

Hinkle, Mary Etta - Out of the Valley of Darkness - autobiography book      
Mary-Etta is the "Sarah" of Frank Hammond's Schizophrenia Revelation CDs. 
Healing Audio Video -

Kelley, Earthquake - Bound to Lose, Destined to Win - Chapter 14 Questions and Answers  "When my son Christopher was about 4...he was diagnosed with autism...Christopher wouldn't respond to any verbal commands, nor would he speak or otherwise communicate....God spoke to me, 'You are a deliverance minister.  Do NOT accept the words of those doctors.  You know how to cast out evil spirits...You need to take authority over the spirits that are attacking your son's mind.'"  Aloud "I prayed, 'I am not going to agree with what these doctors are saying.  I am coming into agreement with the word of God. You evil spirit, I command you to leave my son right now in the name of Jesus.   You are not getting my baby.  The word of God says that he will have a sound mind.  My son will be a man of knowledge & great understanding.'  Christopher was healed and he never had another problem with autism." 

Knock Shrine Society - Venerable Archdeacon Cavanagh - Biography of Archdeacon Cananagh, Pastor of Knock (1867-1897) - Book contains testimony of Patrick Cross, Limerick, Ireland who was cured of insanity.

Kubala, Margaret-Ann - In His Way and His Time - -
Autobiography of healing from schizophrenia.

Lairdon, Roberts - God's Generals - - Chapter Maria Woodworth-Etter shares testimony,
"When sister Etter put her finger in my mouth at the root of my tongue and then in my ears, commanding a 'deaf
and dumb' spirit to come out, God instantly opened my ears and gave me my voice."

Lake, John G - by Copeland, Kenneth - - Chapter 25 Adventures in God Lake shares testimonies of healing and translation.  One such story is of a member of the Apostolic Tabernacle, Johannesburg, South Africa who asked the congregation to pray for his/her insane cousin in a Whales asylum.  During prayer Lake's spirit was transported to the asylum; he laid hands on the head of the woman, commanded in the Name of Jesus Christ Son of God that the demon possessing her be cast out, & commanded in the Name of Jesus Christ Son of God that she be healed by God's power.  3 weeks later a letter arrived stating that at that after 7 years in the asylum she had miraculously become well.  [Here we see the correct/holy rather than the occult/unholy use of human spirit translation.] 
Chapter 31 The Power of Divine Healing Lake shares that his co-worker in S Africa prayed for days under a thorn tree
for the end to a fever epidemic that had killed a quarter of the population in 1 month in an area of 350 miles
That man prayed until he at last needed prayer support.  They witnessed a flock of demons, which his prayer partner cursed back to where they had come from.  Immediately the epidemic stopped.  

Laue, Peter D. - TO HELL AND BACK -
Laue, Peter D. - IN SEARCH OF SANITY - -
- - (edited) "Experiences as auditory or visual hallucinations" are considered to be not normal in the more advanced civilizations such as USA.  "Consequently, they make a blanket indictment as to their validity and discredit all spiritual or supernatural experiences & attempt to drown out these experiences with medication.  As a direct result of such a hostile perception of spiritual realities, I-like many others-did not divulge my inner world to anyone. This is unfortunate because we are thereby denied many opportunities to help one another sort through our spiritual nightmares or to rejoice with others in their heavenly visitations. I finally decided to go public with my inner conflicts & search for sanity. It may be the best & only way I can help others."
"I recommend the Bible to mental health professionals as a current & most useful mental health textbook. Do not take it away from your patients or belittle its value. Make it easily available to those who are searching for answers & reality. Every hero of the faith saw visions & heard voices. They saw & heard things that were often so overwhelming that they fainted away as if dead, only to hear the words, “Fear not.” (Revelation 1:17)."
"Fighting for my sanity was a life-&-death struggle. I saw things & thought things that caused my mind to resemble a courtroom in continuous session. Sometimes I was the accused, sometimes the accuser. At other times I was the judge or jury. My thought process was compelling, relentless, emotionally charged, exhausting, & totally unproductive.
For a brief period I was on medication. It did not solve my problems, but may have kept me from doing something stupid. For this I am grateful...But it was the Word of God and the grace of God that eventually created order out of chaos.
Only as I believed the Word, & obeyed it was peace & order restored to my mind."
"The significant turning point came when I became convinced that God was not the author of my accusing, confusing, grandiose, and tormenting thoughts & emotions. When I began to police them & adopted a militant posture,
I began to heal. Healing came gradually. I learned to identify my enemies more & more quickly and developed a variety of strategies in dealing with them. I cut them off at the pass, so to speak, & did not allow them to gain an inch of ground. After an exhausting battle, I soothed my emotions by playing (holy worship) music like King David might have played."
"I discovered that the only way I could be an alert & effective soldier was to do away with all tranquilizers & mind-and mood-altering drugs."
"I did not hide in bed, reach for a sleeping pill, cigarette, alcoholic beverage or run to the television when wrestling with raging and ungodly thoughts. I got up, got dressed, walked & prayed vigorously.  With all my heart & might
I called upon the name of Jesus.  Although this is a season of joy, peace & victory for me, I never let my guard down. Adversity continues to be my taskmaster and teacher."
"I am very grateful the courts have ruled that patients cannot be forced to submit to drug therapy.
Had that ruling not been in place, I (in all likelihood) would be a compliant patient today, instead of a crusader." 
Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA

Loh, SS - Healed Of Mental Illness And Nervous Breakdown -

Macedo, Edir - -
Valid testimonies, (but caution regarding tithing pressure).
from South Africa web link

MacNutt, Francis - Deliverance from Evil Spirits - - Christian Healing Ministries - Jacksonville, Florida, USA - Conferences - - Prayer Requests - - Chapter 1 How I Got Involved in Casting out Demons shares
the testimony of a woman hospitalized 12 years for
schizophrenia, but well after 2 hours of deliverance ministry and discharged from the mental hospital after 2 weeks.  Francis shares how his wife Judith, a psychotherapist, would refer patients to chaplains, who were unable to minister spiritually to her referrals/clients.  He comments on the fact that most counselors and psychiatrists do not have a frame of reference that allows/enables them to recognize/deal with invisible evil spirits.  Not only that, most clergy and professed Christians are impotent to minister deliverance to others; more likely than not, they refer their friends/family to unqualified professionals.  This failure (of professionals and/or ourselves not standing in the gap) results in many suicides, incarceration in mental hospitals and prisons, + homelessness. Francis goes on to share another story of a persistent woman with mental illness, who through trial and error, was delivered of an evil spirit who had entered her at age 3.  She did have the insight to recognize that the voice in her head was not hers. 
Many mentally ill persons do not have this insight, & thus act on these voices out of ignorance.  Others, who may have some insight that these tormenting/harmful voices/thoughts are not theirs, act on these continually badgering voices' demands, out of resignation/being worn down.
Chapter #1 - Another testimony of mental illness reversal required the full cooperation of the woman seeking deliverance + the pastor making himself available in an emergency, when it was an inopportune time for him. She renounced the King of Terrors spirit cited in Job 18:14, to whom she was consecrated as a youth, of whom she was delivered.
Appendix #1 shares sample prayers for your personal use.
Appendix #2 shares interview with Father Rufus Pereira, commissioned in 1976 by Cardinal Gracidas to work full-time in the Catholic charismatic renewal.  Father is from India and has great insight into deliverance.
Chapter # 13 How to Pray for Deliverance discusses whether or not to touch a client, & shares a testimony of a woman with a history of mental illness (perhaps due to never having known a mother's love).

Maldonado, Guillermo - -  How to Walk in the Supernatural Power of God -
Chapter 10 Jesus Manifesting His Supernatural Power Through the Believer -
Deliverance testimony of girl demonized at 8 and institutionalized at age 12 due to bipolar, schizophrenia and ADHD.

, Dr. Kenneth - (Catholic) psychiatrist (England) - Healing the Family Tree 1984 1986
Sheldon Press, 1-800-647-9882 Queenship Publishing,
McAll shares many testimonies of the healing of schizophrenia after family members participated
in a healing mass & repented for a current family sin (such as incest) or an ancestor's sin.

McLaughlin, Patricia A - Rooted in Jesus: Healing Generational Defects -
Patricia, cured of rare and terminal cancer, illustrates how to do a family tree. Her genealogical research of her dad's
rish roots and subsequent Catholic healing mass resulted in an instantaneous healing of her daughter's schizophrenia (which had originally manifested in 1979) symptoms of disruptive voices, suicidal inclinations & racing thoughts. 
When an evil voice returned urging the daughter to commit suicide, she banished the voice/thoughts with a simple deliverance/defense prayer she had been taught previously.  God continues to have the upper hand in her life.  
Author also recounts testimony of Psychiatrist Kenneth McAll + Jesuit priests Matthew & Dennis Linn regarding healings after family masses were held specifically for deceased ancestors + miscarried and/or aborted babies. 1
healing story is of a hospitalized schizophrenic who suffered from sea battle auditory sounds and voices. That descendant had an ancestor (with the same name) who was a pirate. The patient did NOT even attend his family healing mass. 

Osborn, Tommy Lee (TL) - New Miracle Life Now - - partial autobiography - Chapter 14 The Insane Beggar shares this testimony, "I am the beggar who has slept on the ground & has eaten from the garbage containers of your town for 14 years.  I lived that way because I was possessed by evil spirits that tried to destroy me.  I did not want to live as I did but demons controlled me.  I don't know why I came here last night, but when the (salvation) prayer was prayed, I saw Jesus and He commanded the evil spirits to leave me.  The instant He spoke, I was free." 
Another testimony, "One night, 3 insane men from 3 different towns, were brought to our meting with their feet and
hands bound with chains and ropes...While we taught the powerful truths of the Holy Scriptures, these 3 insane men
were miraculously healed
the same night by the divine presence of God & were completely restored mentally."
Osborn, Tommy Lee (TL) - The Best of Life - - Chapter 1 The Terrific 'You' God Made shares the healing/deliverance of an insane man during the teachings, including, "Each one of you is beautifully & wonderfully made in God's image."  You are a chip off His block.  Never despise what God loves.  Never refute/contradict what God says.
Osborn, Tommy Lee (TL) - Why? Tragedy, Trauma, Triumph - - Sprinkled throughout this book on the bold ministry and early death of TL's wife Daisy are inspiring deliverance testimonies.   Chapter 6 Witnesses Chosen of God shares healing of kidnapped & raped girl, who became insane.  She was delivered of demons who had entered her due to her sexual abuse.  Forgiveness is often a key ingredient in such cases.  She was able to forgive & admonish others to forgive...Another time Mrs Osborn drove out demons with authority, "You inform spirits that have crossed this dear man's eyes & that have deafened his ears, I adjure you, in Jesus Christ's name, to leave him now."

Oyedepo, David - Nigeria - Satan Get Lost - excellent!Satan%20Get%20Lost.pdf   "I got to my hometown 1 day & was told one of my cousins had gone insane. For days he could not recognize anyone, not even his mother, nor would he speak to anyone.  But when I got into the room where he was, he
rose up & greeted me. He didn't know his mother, nor anyone else, but when the son of God entered, he knew. I ordered for him to be dressed-up & put in my car.  Llet me see the devil in hell that has the guts to dare enter my car with him. 
By the time we got to where we were going, he was dead-asleep. That was the end of the insanity. That devil left him as soon as I entered the room he was in.  Light doesn't struggle with darkness. But as long as you are human, you are in darkness already.  I did NOT need to lay hands on that boy or speak in tongues. All I did was just appear. Madness bowed out. That is what is called the manifestation of the sons of God."  (Emerson & Ana Mendez Ferrell + Katie Souza testify that the glorious light of Jesus exposes & exorcises all demonic activity.)
"There was once this hefty fellow, who was possessed.  Everybody was trying to hold him down. He kept attacking everyone around. I said to myself, 'Do I have that much physical strength to resist this man?'  But you know, I had a little more under-standing than those who were trying to hold him down. So, I approached them & said, 'Leave him.'  Immediately, the devil knew this is someone who knows what he is doing.  I said TO the demon tormenting the man, 'The angels which kept not their 1st estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness (Jude 6). What are you doing here? Get out.' That was all.  The man was set free.  Every devil tormenting him disappeared, at the instance of that Word.  It is ignorant believers who allow so much room for the devil in their lives. If you make up your mind to give the attention, you are now giving the devil to Jesus (The Word), you will literally be living in heaven. 
When I am set on a journey, all I say is, 'I am going. Every devil, get off the road'...Here in Africa, we live in an environment where we have lots of taboos & cultural beliefs, that makes a man a slave to the world of the unseen.
The invisible forces rule our communities...The devil never hangs around my: house, car, nor on the road I travel on. No. He just clears off on his own. It's time for him to start doing the same for you, in the mighty name of Jesus."
Mad People Healed - "My brother became seriously mad in 1988. My father's house was deserted because of him. He was stark naked mad. When he became violently mad, he began to chase people about with a cutlass. He was then driven away from the town. Anyone from my home town who hears he is alive today won't believe it.  On the 1st of January this year, we were here in this church (Winners' Chapel). I searched for my brother's picture. I couldn't get any (picture). I looked for his shoes & clothes as well, I couldn't get any (apparel).  He had been naked since 1988. I then took a piece of paper & drew his image on it. I placed the drawing under the Bishop's seat in the church. After about 2 months, I removed it. I took it home.  My wife & I began to anoint it every morning.  When my mother came to visit me in March this year, she said, 'My son, I know that your brother is dead.' She said this because we had not heard from him or seen anyone who saw him since he was driven out of the village. I said, 'No. My brother is not dead. He is alive.'  Today, I don't know what happened, I couldn't stay at work. I went to the office.  At about 12 noon, I said I was going back & left for home. When I was about 5 minutes away from home, I was told that someone brought my brother home. My wife was not at home, but 1 of my younger sisters was. On getting home, I asked where he was. I was told he had just gone out to buy sweets. I wondered why they allowed him to go out, seeing that we had been searching for him for over 3 years.  I then decided to be fully prepared spiritually before he returned. I sent my sister to go & call my wife in her sister's house. When they heard that my brother was around, they all ran down, armed with bottles of the anointing oil. After about 2 minutes, my brother came in & we bathed him with the Power of the Holy Spirit.  I don't know who brought him to my house in Lagos.  The person just brought him & left. My brother said he was in Kano (North of Nigeria) for some months. He said someone brought him all the way from Kano to Ibadan, to my sister there. When he got to my sister, he told them he wanted to set his eyes on me, that he knew his problem will be solved once he sets his eyes on me. My brother-in-law gave him some clothes to wear. Here they are.  I told him to remove them. I then poured some anointing oil into a bucket of water & told him to take his bath with it. I asked him why he was looking for me. He said, 'I was looking for you because I knew that if I set my eyes on you, my problems will be over.' He said he had been looking for me for over 7 months now.  This is the wonderful work of God. If you look at the soles of his feet, you will know that he truly trekked all the way from our home town (in the West of Nigeria) down to Kano as he had said."
Balogun A. -
"A sister whose husband had been mad for 10 years, went back to her home-town with such great faith in the mantle from the Bishop, determined to see her husband healed. She got to her hometown & headed for the market place where her then mad husband used to stay. She brandished the mantle before him & as soon as he saw it, he fell on his knees before her.  She wiped his face with the mantle & asked him to come home with her. He begged that he would rather sleep in the market place. Not discouraged, the woman, full of faith & boldness, declared that he will be the 1st person to come knocking on her door 1st thing the next morning. Meanwhile, she got back to the village & announced to everyone that her husband was coming home the following morning.  Indeed, the following morning, at about 5 O'clock, she heard a knock on her door. She opened the door, & there stood her husband, who had been MAD & NAKED in the market place for 10 YEARS. All sane & completely delivered. He is now doing very well in Christ & a member of our church in Kaduna."
"On Friday, as I was parking by Sheraton Hotel. People came down from a bus, but suddenly, they all ran back into the bus again. I turned round to see what was happening.  There was this mad woman coming stark naked.  The moment I saw her, I quickly asked my friend for my mantle.  My friend & I ran after the mad woman.  Somebody grabbed her. I rushed to & placed the mantle on her. The moment the mantle was placed on her, she looked at herself, quickly grabbed a wrapper, with which she covered her nakedness, & went down on her knees.  After I prayed for her, she became okay. She said she was hungry & we ordered food for her. I asked her a lot of questions, to which she gave accurate answers. She had been on the streets for about 5 years now.  We got her a menial job at a poultry, where she helps to feed the chickens."
Amaden, M. - Mental Dullness Destroyed - "My younger brother has sat for the GCE exams twice & scored F9 in all the papers. I was not pleased with this result. He again applied for the November 1994 examinations. Before the exams, a brother gave a testimony of how he agreed with his sister on the exact grades they wanted for her exams.  I remembered this testimony on my way to the office & returned home.  I sat my brother down, anointed his pen & wrote down on a piece of paper the grades I wanted him to score. He went for the exam, after our prayers. Yesterday he went to check his result & it came out better than what we wrote down. He scored 4 A's! We did not ask for A's. For Mathematics, we wrote C5 & he got C5. For English, we wrote C6 & he scored C6."  Raheem, O.

Prince, Derek - Blessing or Curse - You Can Choose. - Freedom from Pressures You Thought You Had to Live With - - Chapter 21 Forceful Men Lay Hold of It shares the healing testimony of Brazilian Otto Aguiar,
the 7th child of 10 siblings, who were all afflicted by generational curses due to involvement in spiritism.

Ruth, Peggy Joyce - Tormented - 8 Years and Back - - Healed of mental illness. 
A testimony of emotional illness, electrical shock, and deliverance.  During a neighborly attempt to witness to a Buddhist, an evil spirit entered her & did not leave until 8 years later, during an exorcism. 
Peggy Joyce Ruth - 8/2-6/2010 - Messianic Radio program # 1707 - author of Psalm 91 (Book) and Mental Warfare (3-CD Set)

Rutz, James - Mega Shift - - Chapter 1 - shares testimony of a man in Firozpur, India delivered from demons and being chained for 8 years. In the Punjab state of India, a city called Firozpur lies next to the Pakistan border.
Everyone in that town knew a certain man who was so deranged that he had been kept on a chain like a wild animal for eight years. April, 1997, God used an evangelist named Daleb to heal & deliver him. When he later ascended Dale’s crusade platform, with a helper carrying the now-useless chain, the crowd broke out in wild cheering. See Mark 5:15 

Sandford, John & Paula - The Elijah Task.  A Call to Today's Prophets and Intercessors - Chapter 17 The Summum Bonum - - The Lord did NOT choose to expel him immediately by His (eviction/exorcism) power (Greek dunamis).  A week later that woman was praying with a friend, when that demon surfaced...Then the spirit left her."

, RW - 9/2008 news letter with testimony of mental illness being healed by proxy -  
"A woman came to me with a package of candy.  She said, 'Brother Schambach, my sister is in a mental hospital.  I have sent her so many prayer cloths, but those nurses know what they are, and they never get to my sister.  They end up in the trash.  I want to put one over on the devil.  I want you to pray over this candy.  I believe God is going to heal my sister when she bites into it'...This woman's faith was activated, and I wanted to agree with her for her sister's miracle, so I wore the candy.  Several months later, while I was receiving an offering at one of my meetings in Philadelphia, a woman came to me and said, 'Brother Schambach, this is my sister...She then began to tell me a powerful story.  This was the woman who had been in a mental hospital for almost 30 years.  When she received the candy, she bit into it, & according to her own testimony, she felt something like an  electrical current go through her entire body - down to her feet & back up through the top of her head.  When the current left her body, she was in her right mind for the 1st time in 30 years. 
I don't know how God did it, but the anointing went with that candy, and through the faith of her sister God completely delivered her from insanity."
Also listen to many awesome testimonies I'll Never Forget (3 CD series) #N765 + I'll Never Forget (3 tape series) #C765

Stacey, James - - "On May Day 1990, a 26-year-long fight ended when Jesus Christ enabled me to command evil spirits to get out of my life...and minutes later I was healed in my mind through the power of God physically penetrating the center of my head.  I was helped in achieving deliverance through the wonderful help and support of Tina Winterburn, now my wife, age 61, as of this writing.  I met Tina through a U.K. Christian Dating Agency, (Christian Friendship Fellowship), in the autumn of 1987. Tina, a former Operation Mobilization missionary and a practice nurse, wanted to walk away from the relationship the day she found out I was schizophrenic.  Who could blame her?  But 3 months into the relationship, I had a real vision from the Lord in my bedroom.  In the vision I saw Tina in a bridal gown, with her father by her side.  The Lord said to me: Enough is enough!"
"Let me back up a little: for several weeks I had felt an excruciating pain around my right knee.  In communion with God, He told me there was a nest of demonic spirits located there.  (Strange in a way to me at the time that a bondage affecting my mind was located so far down in my body, but sure evidence to me how long the demons had been there, & how deeply entrenched they were.)"  "I asked God to help me get them out & the immediate reply of the Holy Spirit was, 'Blast them out!'  So...using a cassette of praise choruses,
I sat on the settee with my right leg resting on an upright chair, minus my sock and shoe. 
I played triumphant praise music as loudly as possible from the cassette recorder
the area around my right knee where the pain now seemed muffled. 
I challenged the demon’s legal right to be in my life. 
I pleaded the blood of Jesus Christ over myself and my leg especially, and asserted the Lordship of Christ over my life...telling the demons they had no legal right to be occupying my life, because Jesus Christ of Nazareth had died for me – having paid the penalty for all my sins, & that my body now belonged to Jesus Christ, not Satan.
I declared boldly that they had life for far too long and now had to go.
I commanded the demon of schizophrenia to leave my life and go to the dry and waterless place, and then it happened! There were 2 movements across the middle of my right leg, followed by a 3rd, which was distinct from the other 2 - all going down my leg and out through my bare foot, which provided a sensation of release.
Immediately...I knew they had not like the name of Jesus being praised...I...believe the 3 movements represented a “nest” of spirits being exorcised, and were (3) demons of schizophrenia, a religious spirit & suicide.
Healing followed within minutes when I placed my hands over my head in 3 places.  After thanking God for helping me cast out the demonic powers, I now asked Him "to heal what has been knotted up in my mind for so long."  While I was still praying, the power of the Holy Spirit overtook me and hit my head in the center like a laser-beam.  That night God fulfilled his promise found in Isaiah 65 verse 24: "Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear."
"I released my testimony for the glory of Jesus in a book, titled: Schizophrenia Defeated - in which are contained revelations about the schizophrenic illness. I throw light on the burning question: '
Is schizophrenia in the genes, or is it demonic?'” 
READ 3 extracts
Radio transcript
I make no apology for calling schizophrenia a demonic illness. That is to say its roots come from an “evil spirit”
invading the human soul. Schizophrenia can be demonically inherited, as it was in my own life.  That is to say it is NOT in the blood system, NOT in the genes.  It is in the demons. For 26 years I battled in prayer with God’s help to become free of a nest of evil spirits who were intent on destroying me. The ruling spirit of schizophrenia invited other spirits with their own personalities into my life. They would have most certainly succeeded in ending my life but for the greater power available in Jesus who triumphed in delivering me." Halesowen, West Midlands B63 3TF, England
, James - #1 of 7 videos - healing of schizophrenia - testimony - HELP FOR SCHIZOPHRENIA - SCHIZOPHRENIA CAN BE DEFEATED! - By: James Stacey: Pt 1 of 7

Sumrall, Lester - True story of Clarita Villanueva - A 17 year old girl bitten by devils in Bilibid Prison, Manila, Philippines
The Fascinating Case of Clarita Villanueva    Cached - excellent - - Witnesses to May 1953 story are the Manila police, attending physician Dr. Marianna Lana, Mayor Arsenio Lascon, 2 local constables and several newspaper reporters. - Also see A Look Through Secret Doors By John Mackim, 1969, Ace Publishing

Thompson, Robb - Breaking Free  #4033- -
"Do you feel as if your mind has become a battleground of distressing thoughts and images? Do thoughts of worry, fear, inadequacy, and failure seem to enter your mind, no matter how hard you try to break free? Having given his life to Jesus Christ in a mental institution, Robb Thompson knows, 1st-hand, how to break free and live a life of victory...
Breaking Free shows you how to take control of your life & live as God intended for you to live. You will learn how to identify God’s voice, the necessary keys to access the promises of God, + the importance of trusting God’s book and not your emotions."

The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago - Demon Experiences in Many Lands - Tyndale House Publishers (31 stories) booklet
A very important How To Manual for those working with the mentally ill.
By N Daniel of Laymen's Evangelical Fellowship, per Paul Gupta, president of the Hindustani Bible Institute, and H Enoch, University of Madras, India zoology professor -
"Many nominal Christians attend Hindu festivals and go to Hindu temples & the devils possess them.  Some eat food given to idols.  Some get it while they are under a tree worshiped by Hindus.  Some attend the heathen sacrifice & they get it there.  Some get it near the burial ground.  Sometimes it takes the form of terrible fits; sometimes the form of a sickness...heart trouble, stomach pain, fever & all sorts of things will come upon them.  Then somebody must rebuke those evil spirits."
"I anointed her and in Jesus' name rebuked the evil spirit, & she had no more fits."
"Men...were doing black magic, using it to kill people."
"Sometimes a portion of the wall (of a home) is marked out for pictures to be worshiped. 
Those pictures must be scraped off; the wall must be whitewashed and a man of God must pray."
"One teacher...went into a Hindu temple and in fun took the holy clean his teeth. 
He became insane...He recovered, but he did not come to the Lord, so the whole trouble started again. 
One woman...broke an idol.  Immediately an evil spirit possessed her."
"It is not good to cast out demons in one's own house, because there may be children there whose faith is not strong enough to resist the devil.  It is not good to have a devil-possessed person in the house.  When that person dies, the devil gets into another person in the house who is not strong in faith...The demons are very vengeful.  They want to afflict the man who casts them out.  If possible they want to possess him, if they find any weakness in him...We are safe only under the blood of Christ."
"Having holy communion service frequently, the demons cannot come near at all...
When...Christians with normal faith fast and pray, the demons will go."
"One devil brings in another...If you don't drive out that devil, the first one will return."
"It took 3 days for the demon to finally leave.  Every day it left when I commanded, but it returned; finally on the 3rd day that demon left for good."
"In all cases, in the name of Jesus Christ (having fasted and prayed) WE are able to control them."
"A believer is never possessed with a demon. (Rather they can be oppressed.) 
There are cases of Christians possessed with 'strange spirits,' but that is a different subject."
"I said (to the demon), 'You must go.  My Lord Jesus orders you.  It is not I.  You have no business to be in this woman.'"
"Sometimes when we place our hands on demon-possessed persons they shout (through the mouth of the person), 'I am burning; I am burning; I am in Hell."
"WE (preferably 2 or more) do not cast out demons, generally, until the people...stay for 3 days to listen to the gospel...and know something about conversion....In such cases (where devils cause them to go to sleep or make them unable to hear) we anoint them before the meeting, so they may be able to listen."
"When WE read the Scriptures in their presence they tremble and when we read Luke 10:18-19 (18He said to them, "I was watching Satan while he was falling as lightning from heaven.  19Behold I have given you authority to trample on snakes, scorpions, & upon every power of the enemy, & nothing could harm you.") they are terribly afraid."
"If you forget the (witchcraft) charms, will fail, but if you...remove the charms, immediately the evil spirits leave."  "I have known the devils to speak in different languages...
After she was free form the possession of the devil...(she) could no longer speak in English."
"The devil answered, 'Where shall I go?'  So I said, 'Your place is in Hell.  Go there.'"
(Missionaries) "must know fully about demonology...and not only that, they are able to heal the sick."
"First of all, before we preach we have to bind the powers of darkness...
Jesus Christ said, 'Bind the powers of darkness or the evil one will come and take away the Word of God.'"
"Behind every idol there is a devil.  So everywhere we go, we met these devils."
per Dick Hillis - China - Oriental Crusades: "Demon possession.  The Chinese...seem to identify it very quickly and have no trouble detecting the difference between demon possession and mental breakdown."
"We are identified with Christ and seated in the place of authority...that the Bride of Christ can enter into the arena of Satan and what medical science cannot do, Jesus Christ can...One's position must be taken, of course, & claimed...Ephesians 6 comes in here...We must resist the devil and command that he depart...Your commanding...has nothing to do with the gift of healing.  It is not a gift, but a position...Faith is not necessary on the part of the possessed."
"It is their purpose to destroy the ones they possess, not just to indwell them...
Their tactics seem to be the using of pride, fear, lies & passivity."
"If there was any question about whether it was demon possession or a mental case, we would use 1st John 4:2-3We never once had a demon-possessed person acknowledge that 'Jesus Christ had come in the flesh.'"
per James E Russell, Mexico:
"When an old descendant of the ancient Mayan Indian peoples of Yucatan "started telling us the stories about U-Yum-Kat, we realized at once that this dwarf is a demon.  The name means 'Owner of the Earth,' & they fear him as a bad god...a little man with a huge sombrero whose feet are turned backward so no one knows where he goes; if a girl picks up a flower from the ground then she has given herself to U-Yum-Kat, and he will get her & take her out to some horrible place till she loses her mind; about this same demon throwing manure into the food  as a woman is cooking, and that is the sign he is going to get her, and then she loses her mind...Only in calling upon the Lord Jesus, Who came to undo the works of the devil, was there relief.  And his name never failed!"
per Mary C Norton, The Pilgrims Mission, India:
"I have...tried to find out how the demons got into the person.  Invariably it occurred when some actual sin was committed.  I have known persons who were healed by the Lord, & who afterward idols and lost the healing.  Even though such idol worship was not voluntary but compelled by someone who opposed Christianity, still the result was the same. Only after repentance & confession was healing restored."
per Hulda Lehr Lubbers, Moduchar village:
"David, the catechist, cried out, 'In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to leave this woman & not enter her again.'  Immediately she was in her right mind & praised Jesus."
per John Woods, Quito, Ecuador, South America:

Pablo Lopez is an Quichua Indian & witch doctor in Arajuno area.
The demons spoke through his dad, "We are Satan, of those who crucified Jesus of Nazareth."
per Olga C Johnson, Presbyterian Mission, Andong, Korea:

"In northern part of Korea near the Manchurian border...Korean non-Christians believe that spirits infest the air, wood, water, rocks, and mountains...Sometimes spirits will leave a person and enter into animals...causing sickness & death."
per Verne Don Roberts, Bolivian Indian Mission, South America:

"An Italian...was holding séances every night...Spirits got possession of him little by little as he began with table tipping."
"I said, 'There is one certain thing.  He did not pray in the name of the Lord Jesus.'   He said, 'How do you know?'  I answered, 'Because a demon never would pray in the name of the Lord Jesus'...Later,  I  came to the conclusion that while demons may influence us they cannot read our thoughts, & for that reason repeating (silently) the verse (The blood of Jesus Christ God's Son cleanses from all sin.) in my mind had no effect." 
(However he subsequently was able by meditating/thinking on Scripture to dispel Fear when It attacked him.)
"I asked him, 'Do you believe that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh?'  I demanded a direct answer from him, & to my surprise, finally he (the Italian &/or demon) lied and said that he DID believe (as a historical fact, but not accept for himself personally).  That disturbed me because we read, 'Try the spirits whether they are of God...Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God.'  As I  thought it over later,
I realized that he had NOT made a confession (testify of personal appropriation) but a statement (of spiritual truth) to mislead me, after I had held him to a direct answer to the question.  Then I asked if he believed that salvation was by faith and faith alone.  'Yes,' he said, 'WE believe that salvation is by faith AND works.' - Another doctrine of demons...Finally I asked, 'Do you believe that without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin?'  He would not answer me, but said, "I must be going.'"
per William J Maynard, African Inland Mission, Tanganyika Territory, East Africa:
Footnote - "Isamva...means evil spirit, in the tribal tongue Kisukuma.  The Nsukuma knows that demon possession is by no means uncommon in the tribe, & he readily differentiates between demon possession & mental illness."
We prayed for her (Maza Nkamba) for many hours, "& as we rose to go a power impelled me to command the evil spirit, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to come out of the woman AND not to return...The Lord Christ honored our feeble faith & completely delivered the woman, who shortly thereafter accepted him as her Savior & has lived a victorious Christian life ever since."
per Mrs. Filip Malmvall, Swedish Alliance Mission, Jonkoping, Sweden:
"There were never less than 2 praying & most of the time we  were 4 & 5...When you pray for one who is possessed, you cannot for one minute take your thoughts away from the blood and the cross or you will lose power; & never have anyone with you who is afraid.  You must take your stand that the enemy has been conquered through the  work of Christ. We would pray, and then for a change continue on our knees and sing of the blood & the cross.  After hours of battle, the woman would become rational, but she wound not name the name of Jesus...This kept on for 3 weeks...The Lord made us fast and pray...The evil spirits spoke through her and said, 'I am well now; you can go to bed.'  I said, 'In the name of Jesus, we will not leave this  woman before you have left her;...When the evil spirits left her...she began to pray and,  together with us, praise the name of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ."
(Notice how a demon will use the personal pronoun "I".)
per Naomi Whipple:

Me Thone in her zeal to convert the local Buddhist priest went in arrogance and pride (harboring jealousy and resentment towards her spiritual Christian leaders) to convert him, having neglected to pray.  He put a curse on her unto death.
In Laos every family & village has its evil spirit (phi) for which a place or space or object is reserved to house its presence.
per Abram Miller, Nagano Ken, Japan:

"James 4:7 was the promise which the Lord gave, so I demanded, in the authority which God had invested in me by my position in Christ, that the demon release her...In order for relief, the Christian must command the demon to leave.  I told this young woman to confess the sins that she had been harboring in her heart, & then command the demon in the name of Jesus to leave."
"I read 1st John 4:1-3 to the group and showed them how we are told to test a person to see if he is demon possesses or not.  I asked the young woman if she believed that Jesus had come in the flesh. 
She said she did, after which we had a time of praise to God for causing the demon to release her. 
I had her publicly confess the sins which she had confessed to the Lord, as a warning to the group lest any of them should fall into the same condition."
per Keith Bailey missionary to North American Indians
A girl from a New York Indian tribe may have "become filled with demons at the age of 9 when her father, a witch doctor, prayed to the devil to possess her." 
She had been normal until around the time she became a Christian and attended Bible school. 
"I was told by the Lord to try the spirits to see whether they were of God.  I did, and a  voice (not the girl's but from deep down in her throat) answered 3 times, 'No,' that THEY would not come out of the girl.  The girl testified after all was over that she could hear the demons arguing inside of her which one would come out first...All of this took 30 hours of prayer...To keep control was to read the Word.  Psalm 91 and Luke 10:17-19...helped us the most...I commanded them to go to the pit so that they would not enter someone  else.  They...would say, 'Do I have to go?'  I commanded them in the name of Jesus that they must go...We turned to Philippians 2 and the demons knew of Jesus and His authority and they bowed to Him.  In all, there were 79 demons and the last one was named Legion."
per Jean Bryars Loewen, Hillsboro, Kansas:
A farmer's wife "near the Southern Presbyterian Station of Kiangyin, Kiangsu, China" had demons which the local Buddhist priests were unable to cast out.  Neighbors (from Sah-Kah-Lee chapel) who "knew the power of prayer 7 took the promises of God's Word at face value" came to minister to her.  They responded upon invitation to enter,
"'No...First you must clean out everything you sue in worship of the gods & spirits'...The Christians held a praise & prayer service in the living room.  Then at last they were ready to face the demon in the bedroom...
There was a man standing on a bench peering in at the small high aperture that served as a window (through which the demon exited).  He fell off the seat & died the next day, whether from the demon
or fright, God only knows."
(Additionally) there was a tree in front of the Ying house that had been used as a shrine.  'This tree must be cut down,' the Christians told the Yings...After praise 7 prayer they cut the tree down" 7 nothing affected "those who were new creatures in Christ 7 were covered by His blood."
per Marion Carter, Africa:
"In Basutoland...the people are ancestor worshipers and believe in demons.  They see them as little green men."
"I then made her look at me.  The demon wanted to turn her eyes away,  but I refused to let him (the demon) do it.  I then demanded that the demon come out of her."
"Christian workers would have success in their work if they would recognize the fact of the demon power that is at work against us, 7 that there is ALL power in the name of Jesus to cast them out."
per WE Wright, African Challenge, W Nigeria, Africa:
"A favorite time for these possessed people to go off (for demons to take advantage of their victims)" seems to be "during a rain, and they wander through the pouring rain howling  wildly."
per Verna Pullen, Jos, Nigeria, W Africa:
A sad story of failure to finish a deliverance.  A teenager's possession began with an epileptic fit. 
He was the descendent of a witch doctor.  He eventually died in a coma precipitated by another seizure.
per David Ekstrom, Guatemala, Central America:
A backslidden Christian is an easy target for danger & demonic problems.
per Oliver M Thomson, Uniao Evangelical Sul Americana, Brazil
Invitations to receive Christ as savior often trigger demonic outbursts in an attempt to sabotage salvations.
per Glen A See, Gros Morne, Haiti:
Reading of Scripture can trigger demonic manifestations, especially at the mention of Jesus, blood, cross, etc.
per Robert Anderson, Caco Peru, South America:
"The father...said, 'Don't you know that a devil is in the (whirl)wind when it comes like that & that if you don't drive HIM away he will enter your youngest child & make him violently sick?'"
"Another indication that the boy's condition was spiritual was that the family has been known to patronize witch doctors...I discovered a clay pot with smoldering feathers, a sure sign of the witch doctor's visit...
I told the parents and requested that they stop the mourning.  I bowed my head & prayed that God would heal the boy of his sickness, & then commanded in the name of the Son of God that the spirit leave the boy...A miracle had happened."
Mrs Carl Taylor, Brazil
In Brazil is a Macumba Lover Spiritism where neighbors attack each other spiritually through placing curses or plagues on each other.  "I always teach them 1st John 1:7 and how to submit themselves to God, & then they can resist the devil & he (with his plagues) will flee from them (James 4:7)."
per Rev JA MacMillan from book Modern Demon Possession:
A confessed born-again Christian who apparently did not know or obey her Scripture went to a spiritist medium to inquire about her deceased relative through spiritistic seances/necromancy, forbidden by God, & resulting in a curse.  She acquired a multitude of evil spirits (including internal masculinity cacoethes, chief, mug, legion, chief servant of Lucifer) which took 7 nights to expel.
"Though the individual was in a coma, the scriptural test was at once put to the indwelling demon. 
'Thou evil spirit, has Jesus Christ come in the flesh?'  (1st John 4:3)  Instantly there came a response in the form of a bitter, 'No.'  The spirit being thus identified, another question was presented, 'Spirit, what is your name?'  Refusal to tell followed, but under the power of continued prayer, the  name was eventually given...Most of the names given were those of spiritual states, such as 'Fear,' Death,' etc...
Finally a pastor said TO the demon, 'You are beaten,' which he acknowledged, but refused to go.  The spirit then said, 'I will go out tomorrow.'  The reply was, 'No, you will go out now'...Shortly after, in a sad voice, the spirit said, 'I must find a new home,' and suddenly came out through the mouth, the woman nearly strangling.  But, immediately she began to praise God with complete freedom."

Winder, Delores with Keith, Bill - Joy Comes in the Morning -   Fellowship Foundation, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA - Chapter 5 Good Times, Bad Times "A woman shared, 'I was a mental patient in an institution after the birth of my child...The doctors told my husband that I would never get out; I was too sick. But there in the mental hospital, Jesus appeared to me and healed me.  A short time later I was released."

Woodworth-Etter, Maria - Signs and Wonders - publisher
Chapter 22 A Mighty Work shares the deliverance of a youth who through trauma became insane,
but through ministry was well.  (He was caged up with dogs & began acting like a rabid dog.)


Adams, Brian - - 2 testimonies:
Crystal- California - " I was delivered from fear and oppression & condemnation. I was tormented by these most of my life. I am now free!"
Tracie -
"I was diagnosed with bipolar depression with split personality disorder.  I heard voices in my head & there wasn't ever a moment of peace. I was a walking explosion waiting to happen. I had severe emotional trauma due to childhood abuse, neglect and rejection which planted many bitter roots in my soul & opened the door for the enemy to attack me. Brian Adams preached at a revival in my church & on the last day I felt the urge to answer an altar call.
The minute Brian's hand touched my head the voices stopped. All glory to God and many thanks for answered prayer."

Arlindo Barbosa de Oliveira of Brazil was a powerful witch doctor - -
Arlindo Barbosa de Oliveira -
Arlindo Barbosa de Oliveira - Videos for arlindo barbosa mostly Portuguese language - Self Deliverance PRAYERS -

- - "Throughout my years of working in inner healing and deliverance ministry, I have encountered more than a few cases of people who suffered from depression, bipolar disorder & other types of mental illnesses. Many of these people were set free after going through one or more deliverance sessions. In the bible, we find several examples of people that had demon inflicted physical and mental infirmities (read Mark 5:1-5 & Matthew 9:33). When Jesus prayed over these people & commanded the evil spirits to leave, they were healed immediately. This is not to say that ALL illnesses are caused by evil spirits, but in my experience in the deliverance ministry, I can assure you that many mental diseases are caused by demonic influences
In the case of schizophrenia, I have known at least three people close to me that were very normal & vibrant children & teenagers up until their late teens and early twenties, when the first symptoms of schizophrenia suddenly started setting in. Although modern medicine has classified schizophrenia as being caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, my personal observations from the cases I have dealt with lead me to believe that there may be other causes. All the symptoms that these three people I know experienced as schizophrenics where the same symptoms I have seen for many years with some of the people suffering from demonic possession whom I have ministered
deliverance to. Some of these symptoms include: hearing voices in their head, feeling of paranoia, split personalities, abnormal sexual conduct, deep depression or bipolar conduct, violent behavior, incoherent ramblings or rants, delusional thoughts and hallucinations, inappropriate behavior (laughing hysterically for no good reason)
Just because a mental illness is hereditary, doesn't mean that demons are not the culprit. When an illness is classified as being "hereditary", this just means that it has been transferred from past generations, such as breast cancer. The bible calls this '
generational curses'. Generational curses are brought upon by the sins of our ancestors. Hence, I do believe that demonic influence can & may be behind many hereditary illnesses. I once had a case of a young girl who suffered frequent epileptic attacks. She had been diagnosed by doctors since she was a child as an "epileptic", and was being treated with medication for a long time. After a deliverance session, this young girl was set free & never again experienced further epileptic attacks. It just so happened that there was a history of epilepsy in her family (generational curse). You see, demons work through the central nervous system & can distort the functionality of the body & mind. I know this is probably hard for most people to believe, but nonetheless, I have known many people who have been set free of epileptic attacks, bipolar disorders & many other types of mental illnesses, through inner healing & deliverance."

Chavda, Mahesh - - Deliverance of Stevie a self-mutilator who had downs syndrome. - Mahesh was not allowed to eat or drink water for 3 days and food for 14 days (but only to pray in tongues).  After, when he was with Stevie, he commanded the evil "spirit of abuse...'In the name of Jesus you foul spirit of mutilations, come out of him now!'", setting Stevie free - at long last.  Praise God.

Gardiner, Tony - Shelfanger Norfolk, England  When the Miracles Began 12/1993 editorial in FGBMFI's Voice Magazine   
"Confined to a mental hospital, I had fallen to the lowest and most desperate condition of my life.  Drugged like a mindless vegetable on 26 pills a day."  "I knew that God was speaking to me.  I put all my pills (my supply of the 26 that the psychiatrists had prescribed daily) down the drain & in 26 years since then, I have not lost one minute of work from
any sickness.  From that day to this, I have made many mistakes, but we kept at it...To God be the glory." 
Green Farm, Shelfanger, NR Diss, UK IP22-2DH

Oyedepo, David - - Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria - Delivered and Healed  church testimony

Prince, Derek - To Please My Father (Daddy God) - @  A Personal Revelation - My understanding of God as Father was revolutionized by a personal experience early in 1996.  Ruth and I had been sitting up in bed 1 morning, praying together as we normally do. Suddenly I became aware of a powerful force at work in my feet and lower legs. It moved upward, until my whole body was forcefully shaken by it. (Ruth told me later that the skin of my face changed to deep red.) At the same time I was aware of an arm stretched out toward my head, seeking to press down on me something like a black skull cap. For a few moments there was a conflict between these 2 forces. Then the power at work in my body prevailed and the arm with the skull cap was forcibly dispelledand vanished.  Immediately, without any mental process of reasoning, I knew that I could call God my Father.  I had used the phrase “our Father” for more than 50 years. Doctrinally, I was clear about this truth. I had even preached a series of 3 messages on “Knowing God as Father.” But what I received at that moment was a direct, personal revelation.  Let me share with you my interpretation of this experience. I was born in India and spent the first 5 years of my life there. 20 years later, after I was saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit,  I became aware of some dark shadow from India that always hung over me. I understood that it was one of India’s “gods” (estimates range from 4 million to 300 million) that had followed me through life, seeking to possess me.  There was one particular way that this “god” oppressed me. Every morning I would awake with a dark foreboding of something evil awaiting me. It was never anything precise, just some amorphous darkness. This unknown evil never actually happened, but every day the foreboding was there.  After I was baptized in the Spirit, the foreboding diminished in intensity, but it never disappeared.  I did, however, discover that if I set my mind to praise and worship the Lord, the foreboding would lift from me. Yet, it always came back next morning.  The day that black skull cap was pulled away, the foreboding vanished, never to return! From that morning, it became completely natural for me to address God as “Father” or “my Father.”  I have a personal relationship, not just a theological position.  I have now been enjoying this new relationship for about 2 years. It has given me new understanding of four scriptural truths concerning fatherhood.
Prince, Derek - Teaching Legacy - Volume 13 Issue 2 (Good Bye to Depression) - Autobiography - excellent - (includes DEPRESSION deliverance prayer)

Ramirez, John - In depth testimony - Recommended for adults.
Ramirez, John – Unmasking the Devil @
FULL book (can print NOT copy)
Chapter 4 The Voice of the God and the Voice of the Devil
Chapter 7 Fighting Back through Spiritual Warfare includes self-deliverance PRAYERS
Chapter 10 A Guide to Spiritual Freedom includes PRAYERS to break generational curses

Testimonies @ Healings, miracles, signs and wonders @

From Kathie Walters’ When the Church went off Track -
At one time when we were praying for someone for deliverance.
A kind of gypsy who walked around the streets of Kingston with a carpet rolled under his armdecided he liked our vibes and ended up at our house in Twickenham Rd, Teddington.UK  Our friend Timmy was present to help David pray for & deal with George. Immediately George began to manifest some pretty strong demons.  He fell to the floor & started growling & howling like a wolf.  We weren’t expecting this kind of thing.  Demons were supposed to stay in the Bible, NOT in our nice living room.  The spirits started to get unnerved because of the prayers and commands to go. The main demon in the man began to quote all kinds of scriptures in defense of its position & hold on to the man’s life. It spoke to us in a high pitched woman’s voice, which was a bit weird.  When my husband, David, commanded the demon to go, it yelled at us (in a high pitched voice), I am not going to leave because this kind only comes out by prayer & fasting.  You haven’t fasted enough.'  Being fairly new at this, we were shocked. But, we collected our thoughts & quoted, It’s the Name of Jesus not fasting.  Its His Name. In My Name they shall cast out devils.'  Do you know what the evil spirit said then? You can’t quote that; it’s not in the original. Schofield said so.  Then the spirit began to quote all kinds of scriptures & do some more howling.  Before it finally left, it offered to sing us a song from the Broadway musical, Jesus Christ Superstar. 
We refused to listen to the song & put our hands over our ears. After some more growling & howling, it finally left, & George gave his life to Jesus.  But we had forgotten about our somewhat proper neighbors in a very nice semi-detached (duplex) house.  That demon had been making a lot of noise.  Soon there was a knock on the door.  I answered as David & Timmy were still praying for George. My neighbor stood there.  His face was white, What is going on in this house? he askedI wasn’t quite sure how to explain demons manifesting to unsaved neighbours.  I said the 1st thing that came into my head. Well we are casting out demons, but it is legal.  Someone had told me it was legal.  I just hoped they were right.  The poor man was horrified, but I couldn’t do anything at this point. Neighbor Sam was looking at me like I was from another planet.  I don’t blame him. He left walking backward down the path to his houseThey didn't speak to us too much after that, but we made sure we took people to the garden shed to cast out demons from that point on.  Religious spirits don’t mind us knowing about Jesus, or knowing the Bible, as long as it doesn’t come out of God’s Book & become part of our lives.  It doesn't matter that you can't do something perfectly.  Sometimes you just have to have a go."
Kathryn Walters - 2/25/2020 - Familiar Spirits and Such @ WWW.KATHIEWALTERSMINISTRY.COM - A few weeks ago i was praying for a lady, & was casting out a generational familiar spirit. As i told it to leave the spirit started to argue with me, “I’m not leaving, i've been in this family for 5 generations.”  I said that i didn't care how long it had been there.
Again it said, “I am not leaving, this is my family.”  “NOT  your family, you have to leave “i said.  Familiary spirit said again, “I've been here a long time, this is my family.”  It really believed that. I made it go, of course.
I have a seer (spiritual discernment) gift. The Holy Spirit moves on me in some strange ways, & it mostly sounds odd to a lot of people sometimes.
Last week I was watching a movie with my husband, David. I was praying in tongues on & off as well.
I suddenly started doing these great big yawns, for no reason. When that happens I knew someone was getting delivered.
I didn’t know who, I thought it might be 1 of my family.
An hour or so later my grandson, Zion,  came home. He said when he was driving, the car was filled with the smell of nail varnish very strong.  Then he felt like someone was trying to strangle him. He prayed & it went away.  My 1st thought was of a generational spirit, but then we started guessing around. Anyway it had gone & Zion looked much lighter.
The next day our dog, Daisy, started shivering & slightly shaking. She ran & jumped on my lap. I prayed for her. She stopped shivering & went to sleep.
Later I went from the living room to the kitchen & bumped into a cloud of a smell like strong nail varnish.
The spirit followed Zion home & wanted to stay.  I threw it out. 
A couple days later Zion came home, & found Daisy again shivering & shaking.  He prayed for her.
This same spirit had jumped on Daisy.
2 days ago when I entered the house, & stepped unto the hall, inside the door, the same Varnish smell was there again. 
I commanded it to get out, but it spoke to me 1st. “I’ll watch your house for you.”
Well I don’t need (evil) watcher spirits, as I have angels & Daisy (whose a good watch dog, even though she’s small.)
That’s why this spirit attacked Daisy, & it wanted to stay with our family.
Why am I telling you all this? Just for your information really so you know to BE watchful.  When you go to funerals you should pray over the people there because any spirit leaving the body of the one who died will look for a family member to live in or with with, because they want to stay in the family if they can
BUT because of the anointing in you, you can also believe for deliverance for your family.
"Salvation is for you, & your house ”


Ana Mendez-Ferrell - Her Testimony  DVD excellent Also see biography on or
Ana landed up in a mental institution after delving into the occult in her search for Jesus, Who came to her room when she was 18.  When a pastor visited her in the mental hospital, her mind was most of the time in another world; she was seldom sane.  However, as God foretold, the pastor had blue eyes & the Holy Spirit. The pastor asked her to repent, covered her with the blood of Christ, told the enemy to depart, and asked the Holy Spirit to fill her. God did not forget her.
In 12 hours Ana was well.

Baxter, Betty - The Story of Betty Baxter (1 DVD) - - excellent

Hayes, Novel - The Ancient Paths 2010 DVD - Kat Kerr shares Norvel Hayes ministry testimony (almost identical to that of where candy carried in pocket of pastor accumulated God's anointing & cured an insane/ institutionalized person who ate it.

Roberson, Donner - 6/14/2006  AUDIO radio broadcast #1491 Wednesday's program.  Donna shares deliverance/healing of her part time co-minister Kate who was cured of schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder, bi-polar, and multiple personalities due to being demonized at age 15.  Kate/Donner has a letter from the psychiatrist that Kate's incurable conditions are cured.  Kate, at date of broadcast, is on one remaining medication.

Web Sites

Aames, Willie & Maylo Upton -  book & TV - Grace Is Enough - 3/24-25/2008 broadcast - Deliverance and Redemption #1+#2 - Mayo grew up in a Satanic cult.

Baker, Rolland and Heidi  Iris Ministries - 12/29/2008 e-news-letter Lichinga Base, Africa  "Testimony of the power of Jesus. - Victo and Anold found themselves ministering to a mad man & his family. The family was at a loss of knowing what to do with this nephew of theirs. Their solution was to tie him up & keep him in a dark little room to prevent him from beating others. He could not speak sensibly & all that came out of his mouth was nonsense. The witch doctors had been called for to begin applying their traditional medicines.  'But all this is not working!'   The uncle explained to Victo & Anold, 'My nephew just gets worse and worse.'  Victo began to share truth. 'The evil spirits that are in the witchdoctor are friends of the witchdoctor, and they work together. Darkness will never flee from darkness! Light causes darkness to flee.'  When the family was met with the challenge of choosing to believe either in God's power or the witch-doctor, they admitted they were too afraid to remove the traditional medicine that had been placed around the mad man's neck.  'No! The madness that has come upon him could be transferred to us (the family) if we (relatives) take off the necklace and burn it. It's better to call the witchdoctor himself to come and remove it.'  Anold and Victo said, 'We believe that our God (Jesus' Dad) will never allow this madness to come upon us. He has power & He protects us. If you would like it, we can take off the necklace ourselves & burn it.'  They did, & the family watched these men of God, Africans like them, walking in the authority of Jesus Christ, sure that the evil spirits the people here live in fear of, had no power over them.  'And they have seen we are perfectly fine,' exclaims Anold triumphantly. 'Nothing is wrong.'  We prayed for the mad man and encouraged the family that he would be well. Since that day, the Lord has been doing an amazing work in this young man's life. The family recognizes it is God. He has been set free from bondage and is simply recovering now from all he went through, both physically & emotionally.  A week later, Peter Wilcox went to visit this man & was thrilled to see him in his right mind. Neither was he tied up anymore.  'You must arise,' Peter told him. 'You must make a decision in your heart and mind to overcome, because the Lord has great things for you. He loves you very much & has a plan for your life. Do you understand?'  The man nodded, 'I understand.'  We praise Jesus for His awesome power & His liberating love! Please pray that after seeing God's hand in such a miraculous way, both the family & the young man will give their hearts to this Jesus who set him free from from demons, (free to be healed, free of demonic oppression, free of demonic possession, free from relapse, free to become all that God created him/them to be). May all fear of what their neighbors might say, flee away in the light of His glory."

10/31/2007 autobiography - - "These creatures’
objectives became progressively clear and explicit: to torment me with feelings of anger, fear &
guilt, drive me to self-destruction, even suicide, or at the least, make me a madman. The reason:
'We like it like that, It’s delicious, We are playing with you, We seriously dislike you, We hate you.'"

Chavda, Mahesh - A mother's testimony of the Holy Spirit freeing her daughter from evil spirits which entered
after she was raped and sent to a mental hospital. 
Chavda, Mahesh - Sid Roth interviews the Chavdas. -
2/26/2007-3/4/2007 Sid Roth TV broadcast -
Windows Media - Mahesh's wife shares her
testimony of 3 evil spirits leaving in the form of frogs after being prayed over for 15 minutes.
Other available resources =
#9001 = Mahesh's autobiography Only Love Can Make a Miracle +
DVD The Resurrection of Katshinyi Manikai

Cain, Paul  of Jean Raborg
2010 "Paul Cain has has been in the ministry for over 60 years, & has led a life marked by the supernatural.
While still in his mothers womb, an angel appeared to his mother with a message from the Lord:
'The fruit of your womb is a male child. Name him Troas Paul. He will preach the gospel as the Apostle Paul of old...
and he will prophesy to Kings and Presidents.' All of this came to pass exactly as it was told, and is continuing to unfold even now... - Paul currently resides in Santa Maria, California. - Paul runs monthly miracle meetings on the 1st Friday of each month at the Healing Rooms, Santa Maria, California, USA." - Audio-Visual: - "October 1968 Carl and Jesse Williams traveled to San Bernardino California to hear a healing evangelist named
Paul Cain. - On the last night of the meeting Jesse stood up and asked Paul if he would pray for her daughter (Jean Williams Raborg), who was locked away in a mental institution. Paul agreed and prayed for Jean...As he prayed, he began to feel the compassion of Jesus for Jean. What started as a simple prayer became a torrent of words and emotions as he petitioned the Lord to deliver Jean from her madness. He wept as he felt the heart of Christ for her. As he was weeping, he looked up to heaven & the night sky turned into a giant television screen. On the screen, he saw Jean in the psychiatrist's hospital.  He saw the things about her life before she went to the hospital.  Then God spoke. It wasn't audible, but it couldn't have been any clearer than if it had been audible.  These sentences formed in Paul's mind: 'If you will go to San Diego and pray for this woman, she will instantly be healed to My glory. And I will use this testimony to the end of her life to encourage women with hope.' The next morning Paul drove to San Diego. He felt impressed to pull of the freeway at a certain exit in San Diego. He walked up to a pay phone without knowing Jean Raborg was 2 blocks away from the Mesa Vista Psychiatric clinic. The Williams had given Paul Jean Raborg's office number and home phone. He called John's office & none answered. He called the home and got Janelle the daughter. He asks her for the number and is told, 'I'm sorry sir, but I cannot give you the name of the hospital. None is allowed to see my mother but my dad.' 'Janelle,' Paul said, 'I don't want you to disobey your father, but I would like you
to stay on the phone for just a minute longer. You see the Lord sent me here to help your mother.  I am going to pray now. Please stay on the line.'  Paul prayed, and in a few seconds he saw the giant television screen again. This time he saw a San Diego newspaper with a headline that said, 'Mesa Vista.' 'Janelle, I believe the Lord has shown me your mother is at Mesa Vista. I just need you to confirm this for me. Does that name mean anything to you?' 'That's it sir! That's it; my mom is at the Mesa Vista Psychiatric Hospital.' Paul thanked Janelle & said, 'Honey, I know this has been a weary road for you and your family. You have had to be strong while your mother has been so sick. I want you to know that God is going to heal your mother and she will be home in 3 DAYS. When she comes back she will be back to normal and full of joy. Goodbye.' Paul walks through the Mesa Vista Clinic and finds the receptionist. 'Hello, my name is Paul Cain. I am a minister and I'm here to see Jean Raborg.'  The receptionist turned to look up Jean's room number. Next to Jean's name were the orders, 'TO SEE NO ONE BUT HER HUSBAND - ESPECIALLY CLERGY.' The receptionist looks at the chart, turns around puts it back in the folder & said, 'Come right this way Mr. Cain; she's right back here.' Paul walked straight through the nurses' station & asked for Jean. She was in occupational therapy now, sealing envelopes. When Jean sees Paul she screams, 'Dear God, who is that man? He looks just like an angel. I see Your glory coming from him. Oh, I wish someone like that would come see me.' Paul went to Jean and said, 'Jean, my name is Paul Cain. You don't know me, but I know you. What I am going to say to you is going to be difficult for you to understand. Jesus has sent me because He loves you and because He is going to heal you. I am going to pray for you today, and He will heal you.  You will be home in 3 days.'  Before Paul had gotten there, he had prayed for Jean to have a sound mind, since she had been so drugged up on thorazine. 'Before I pray for you Jean, I want to tell you 2 things that will help you understand God has really sent me here for you. The 1st thing Jesus told me to tell you is that you have never committed the unpardonable sin, and He knows you love him with all your heart.' Jean thought she was going to burst. 'Oh, I do love Him, I do love Him. I love Jesus with all my heart! she exclaimed.' 'The Lord also told me to remind you of something that happened when you were 14 years old, Jean. You were at a summer camp in Oregon.  After a service one evening you threw a pine cone into the fire.  You asked the Lord Jesus to come into your heart, and to make you a missionary.' 'Yes sir! Yes sir! But how could you have possibly known that?' Paul took her hand and said, 'Jean, I didn't know that, but the Lord showed me those 2 things so you'll know He's really here for you. He says He is about to make you a missionary, but not the way you thought.'  Paul abruptly stopped speaking. He closed his eyes for a moment and then said, 'Jean, I am having a vision right now. I see a man standing in an airline uniform.  He's a pilot. He is a friend of yours, a neighbor of yours. His wife's name is Pat. What's his name?'  'His name if Allan Lindemann. He is a captain for PSA Airlines in San Diego. He lives right across the street from us in University City.' Paul said, 'You also have a neighbor named Marion. In the future you are going to tell Pat & Marion what the Lord has done for you.  It will change their lives. You are going to give your testimony to the man in the airline uniform.  While he is dressed in that uniform he is going to believe in Christ through your testimony.  Now let me pray for you.' As Paul prayed for Jean, she said it felt like a giant heating pad had been put over her abdomen. Then she had a sensation of hot oil being poured over her and penetrating every fiber of her body. At the same time, she felt a cloud of oppression lift off of her. She started shouting for joy, 'I'm healed, I'm healed.  ' Paul said, 'No, Jean, you're not healed yet. When I leave there, the madness is going to try to return. God is going to put a scripture in your heart when I walk out this door. That scripture is going to seal your healing. When the evil voice returns to you, don't listen to it. Instead say, "It is written," & then quote whatever verse comes to your mind. The SPIRIT & the WORD will heal you & will keep you healed. Jean, you will be home in 3 DAYS.  You will be filled with joy. Good-bye. I will be praying for you & will be in touch.'  Paul walked out the door & just left. Jean picks her Bible up & tries to focus on the pages but cannot because of all the thorazine (medication) in her system. Her mind began to cloud again & she could feel that same numbness trying to come back. Just then she put her Bible down, stood up, walked out the door & as she walked an passage from the Old Testament came to her mind just as clearly as anything could be:  "FEAR THOU NOT, FOR I AM WITH THEE; BE NOT DISMAYED; FOR I AM THY GOD; I WILL STRENGTHEN THEE; YEA, I WILL HELP THEE; YEA, I WILL UPHOLD THEE WITH THE RIGHT HAND OF MY RIGHTEOUSNESS."  At that moment she felt an icy hand try to grip her heart. Each time she would just walk & down the hall screaming Isaiah 41:10. Everyone around her said, 'Don't listen to her, she's crazy, she's crazy.' NO, Jean Raborg had just been healed. The next morning, her psychiatrist, Dr. Appleford came to see her & immediately said, 'JEAN, WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU. Why aren't you crying?  Where did that smile come from? I have never seen anyone in my entire practice snap out of depression overnight.' Jean told him what happened when Paul visited. Dr. Appleford said, 'Jean, I'm a backslidden Presbyterian. I don't believe in miracles, but what I see before my eyes is changing my mind. I am going to have you observed for a couple of days.  Then I will make another evaluation.'  On the 3RD DAY, a bright sunny October morning in 1968, Jean Raborg walked out of the mental clinic never to return again.  Everything had changed when she got home. John and she had gone bankrupt. The house on the hill was gone. They lived in a small apartment now. None of their 'stuff' had been able to give them joy or protect them from the enemy, but now by the mercy of God, John and the children had gotten back their wife and mom.  The (Holy) SPIRIT and the (spoken) WORD of God had set Jean free. Since they lived in a poorer section they didn't see their old friends anymore. But a few months later, she returned to a Bible study group in her old neighborhood to give her testimony of God's deliverance. Pat and Marion were profoundly impacted just as Paul Cain had prophesied.  BUT JEAN NEVER GOT TO TALK TO CAPTAIN ALLAN LINDEMANN. Soon after Jean's healing, the Raborg family moved from San Diego to Phoenix. Some 13 years after Jean's healing she was invited to come to Salt Lake City, Utah to share her testimony with a women's group. Jean flew from Phoenix to San Diego to meet her daughter Jeanelle, who going to accompany her to Salt Lake City. 'Mom,' said Jeanelle, 'I wonder if Allan Lindemann could be flying this plane?' Jean smiled and said, 'Honey, I am sure he is retired by now but to satisfy your curiosity I'll ask.' Jean asked the stewardess who smiled and said, 'His name is Captain Allan Lindemann.' Jean couldn't believe it...That day, Allan Lindemann trusted in the Lord Jesus to save him from his sins. He was born again right before Jean's eyes...He said, 'What you don't know Jean, is that this is the last day I will ever wear this uniform again. I am retiring today from PSA Airlines. In just a little while I am flying home to San Diego, and I will never wear this uniform again.'  On the last possible day, Captain Allan Lindemann was saved. Why? Because a word from God had decreed it 13 years earlier in an insane asylum; no word from God will ever fall to the ground before it is fulfilled. Allan Lindemann was saved by the power of the (spoken) WORD and the (Holy) SPIRIT. Jean Raborg was saved & set free by the (spoken) WORD & the (Holy) SPIRIT...The question is this: How many more Jean Raborg's are languishing in insane asylums, waiting for...(deliverance by the Word of God to be indwelt/made alive with the Holy Spirit, to come into our hearts & mouths, and to go on the offensive against the lies/voices/thoughts/torments of the enemy, in the name of our Messiah, Jesus Christ.)"

Pastor Lufile Kasongo Ehambe "Ehambre was born deep in the heart of Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  After graduating from high school, Pastor Ehambe rebelled against Christianity, the faith of his parents, and he became deeply involved in Islamic witchcraft.  As a result, he became imprisoned by severe mental illness.  Pastor Ehambe suffered with chronic insomnia night and day.  He was unable to sleep for 3.5 years. In addition, he also became extremely ill with bone cancer due to drinking several bottles of perfume during his involvement with witchcraft.  His parents never gave up hope and prayed daily for his healing.  His conditions were so severe that he was taken to the United States to seek medical attention.  The doctors could not offer him any medical hope and recommended that he return to his home in Africa.  When medical doctors & witch doctors could not do anything for him, Barbara Casual a beloved missionary from Oregon, shared the gospel with Pastor Ehambe.  Barbara told Pastor about the powerful death & resurrection of Christ & that Jesus had the power to heal & deliver all who are afflicted.  He fully accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior & was completely healed.  In addition, he was delivered from several demonic spirits. 
After his healing & deliverance, he was filled with the Holy Spirit."

Clark, Randy - 3/25/2020 -  - 2 testimonies

Dickow, Gregory - Deliverance testimonies -

Ferrell, Emerson & Ana Mendez - Voice of the Light ministry testimonies -

Finney, Charles Grandison - web biography -
"As I proceeded to urge the people to be bold in faith, to launch out, and commit themselves with confidence to God,
through the atoning sacrifice of our great High Priest, all at once she uttered a loud shriek.  She then cast herself almost entirely from her seat, held her head very low. I could see that she 'trembled very exceedingly.' ...& soon sat upright, with face wonderfully changed, indicating triumphant joy & peace. There was such a glow upon her countenance as I have seldom seen in any human face."

"The other case of recovery was that of a woman who had also fallen into despair & insanity. I was not present when she was restored; but was told that it was almost or quite instantaneous, by means of a baptism of the Holy Spirit. Revivals of religion are sometimes accused of making people mad. The fact is, men are naturally mad on the subject of religion; & revivals rather restore them."  Medieval Sourcebook - Adamnan's Life of St Columba  Book 2 chapter 15  "The saint (Columba) said to him, 'Rise up, Columban, for thou has acted negligently in thy work today, inasmuch as thou didst not banish the demon that lurked in the bottom of the empty vessel by forming on it the sign of the cross of our Lord before the milk was poured into it; and now, as thou see'st, being unable to bear the power of that sign (made by myself), he has quickly fled in terror, troubled the whole vessel in every corner, & spilled the milk.  Bring the vessel, then, nearer to me here that I may bless it (again).'  This being done, the half-empty pail, which the saint had blessed, was found the same instant, filled by divine agency; and the little that had previously remained in the bottom was at once increased under the (2nd) blessing of his holy hand, so as to fill it to the brim." excellent saint archives

Global Children's Movement - - Amazing Stories - Bungoma, Kenya

Holliday, Pat - Deliverance Schizophrenia MP...   deliverance manual with testimonies

International Society of Deliverance Ministers, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA -

Kelley, Earthquake - Wk 1 Messianic Vision radio broadcast #1558  9/24-28/2007
Earthquake Kelley is a former heavyweight boxer who has visited both heaven and hell
Kelley, Earthquake - Wk 2   Messianic Vision radio broadcast #1559  book #1122 Bound to Lose, Destined to Win
Earthquake Kelley - Wk 1 10/15-21/2007 It's Supernatural Sid Roth TV broadcast 
Earthquake Kelley - Wk 2  10/22-28/2007  It's Supernatural Sid Roth TV broadcast
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Jasinski, Jozef  -

My Testimony by Michael Easton - - "This Chicago Pastor name Win Worley would pray for me for almost an hour.  It was during that prayer session that I had been set free of demons of homosexuality, lust, fornication, alcohol addiction, drug addiction."  My Testimony by Tom Sprague "I told the Pastor that I didn't feel any different. He said, 'Tom, you aren't saved because you feel saved. You are saved by trusting in Jesus'...He also told me how the Holy Spirit would lead me and help me. A week or so later, while laying in bed one night, I said, "Lord, I have made such a mess out of everything. Holy Spirit come in and take over." At this time I heard a voice that said, Jesus, in both ears. Directly following the voice was the sound of a jet plane cruising at 30,000 feet. It entered the top of my head & proceeded down, down, down. As it went down it felt like a syringe needle was being driven into my brain. It was very, very painful.  After this experience strange things began to happen. The depression got heavier and I began hearing & seeing different things. One night in church we were singing a hymn, bar room music began playing in my head. I looked around but I was the only one that heard it. It only lasted a few seconds & went away. Then once while I was reading the Bible, all the words went squiggly on me. On a different occasion, at night, I was almost asleep when someone or something screamed inside my head. Another night, while laying in bed, it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. I lifted one arm & said, "Jesus, Lord." The second I said Lord, It lifted.
On another occasion, late 1 night, I heard something thrown hard, at the kitchen wall. Our bedroom door was partially open & there was a dim light in the hall. I knew that something was coming down the hall toward our room. Psalm 34:7 came to my mind, which says, "The Angel of the Lord encamps around those that fear Him, & rescues them in time of trouble." I spoke this psalm out & said, "stick your head out devil, and the Angel of the Lord will take care of you."
At that moment I saw a shadow on the wall, and I spoke that psalm again. It disappeared & I fell asleep.
I want to say here, that at no time did my wife hear or see anything.
On yet another occasion, also at night, I was praying on my hands & knees. I sensed little creatures come into my room and surround me. As I was praying, I could clearly see Jesus hanging on a cross, suspended in mid air. I was telling Him over & over how sorry I was for the rotten things I had done through my life. This continued until daylight, at which time the little creatures left. Below our house there is a little island about as big as a football field. One can get to it by walking across a beach with water worn rocks.
One night I felt strongly led, to go to that little island, so down I went. There was no moon. I could just barely make
out the island. As I walked across the beach rocks, I could hear someone walking several yards behind me. When I stopped, it would stop. Who do I think it was? There was no doubt in my was the devil. I kept repeating psalm 34:7, which I shared with you earlier. I went on the island & walked completely around it. Just before I walked back onto the beach there was a big spruce tree, with branches hanging low. At that moment, 1 branch just above my head, shook fiercely. I felt the hair stand up on my neck. I quoted psalm 34:7 again. Once more Satan had confronted me. I had stopped him by using the Word of God.
It was at this time that things got really crazy. I got up one morning , with the noise of that plane still in my head, feeling very depressed. I told my wife I was going to the store to get some milk, & that I would be right back. I lied to her. I had no intention of going to the store. I was going to my mothers house, take a gun out of the closet & blow my head off. When I got there, there was none home. As I got out of the car, I looked up & the sky was filled with planes.
Car horns were honking all over town. I could hear sonic booms going off everywhere. I said to myself, "This is it.
It is the end or the world. It is all over."
I went into the house & got the key to the gun closet, but the key wouldn't work. I drew back my fist & was about to break the glass when the Lord touched me. I began to cry, "What will my mother think if she finds me laying in a pool of blood? I thought, "This will surely kill my wife." The devil wanted me bad, but the Lord said NO. I went back home & told my wife what had happened. I told her to get me an appointment with our doctor, so that he could get me into the mental hospital in Bangor, Maine. I told her that I had to do this because I was afraid of what I would do to myself.
We went to the doctor & explained what was going on. At that time he made arrangements with the mental hospital. About half way to the hospital, I began to go numb all over & was losing my memory. We were close to a regular hospital & I told my wife to get me there quick. We went to the emergency room & explained my troubles to the doctor. I told him that I thought my brain was going to be crushed, due to the tremendous pressure upon it. I told him we were on our way to the mental hospital in Bangor. He told me that there was nothing he could do & that I should go to the mental hospital in Bangor.
When we go there, I signed myself in. They led me upstairs to 1 of the wards, assured me that a doctor would come soon & give me a shot. They told me that he should be here at any moment. I really thank the Lord that He held the doctor up, because if he had given me that shot, I would probably still be there. A couple of hours later, I began to go numb again. I felt the plane inside my head was going to leave & take me with it. I gave away all my money & all my cigarettes. At this point, even the patients thought I was crazy.  I wrote a note to my wife saying that I wanted her to marry a Christian guy & raise the kids in a Christian home. I had no idea that the Lord had me in mind for that.
Where is she, I kept asking myself, why doesn't she come? In those places the doors lock as soon as you enter.
When someone came in, I grabbed the door & hurried out to find my wife. My body was still numb. I kept thinking the plane was ready to leave, but I had to say goodbye to my wife. Her mother lived about 2 miles from there & I hoped that she would be there. With every step it felt like I would collapse in the gutter. As soon as I reached my mother-in-laws, I explained what had happened. I began to pray, & had a picture of the Lord in my mind. The plane fired a missile & shot the picture out of my mind. Then I went ice cold. I told my wife that I didn't love her or anyone. There was no love in me, whatsoever. We began to sing that song that Kris Kristoferson wrote, "Why Me Lord?" At that moment I said, "Devil, If you are going to get me, I am going down singing praises to God."
That night my Pastor came up, got us & took us home. He kept telling me to trust the Lord & to stand on His promises. On the way home I could hear cars racing around us, squealing their tires & cat calling at me. None heard this but me. A few days later my mom said, "Tom, I heard about a man on Beals island that God has used in casting demons out of people." I called & told him what was happening to me. He told me to read psalm 103 over & over & to believe it. He said that he would be at my mothers house at 6 o'clock. He was quite a guy.
The 1st thing he said when he came through the door was, "What's for supper?" He asked me if I read psalm 103? I told him that I had. He asked me if I believed it.  I assured him that I did. He told my mom & dad not to be scared, but that he was going to get loud. He laid his hands on my head & shouted, "In the name of Jesus Christ, come out of him."
I felt a stirring deep down inside of me. I could feel them tare at my neck as they came out. I knew then that I was free.
By the way, the Pastor ate supper with us & ate the biggest potato we had. My dad still jokes about him eating our biggest potato. He had a right to anything he wanted.
A few days later, while at home, I was praising the Lord, with my hands in the air, telling Him how much I loved & wanted a touch from Him. At that moment a pitcher of pure love was poured down upon & flowed through my whole body. All I could do was cry because I was so filled with love. I felt like I was going to be raptured out of this world & was truly ready to go.
Awhile later, while laying in bed, my wife looked at me & asked me what was wrong? I told her that fear was circling & wanted to come back in me, but the Lord said in Hebrews 13:5 that He would never leave me nor forsake me.
I told her that I believed it. Upon saying this, the fear left & has not returned. Several weeks later my wife & I attended a concert at a local college. The Continental Singers sang using voices & sign language.
When we went in we had to go down a flight of stairs. After going down the stairs I told my wife that I could hear chains dragging down the stairs behind us. The devil wanted to chain me again. Yet during 1 of the songs, while we were all standing, with our arms stretched heavenward, I saw the most beautiful 3-D cross made up of perfect cubes. Each cube was a different color: the very heart of God, pulsating before my very eyes. With every thrust of Blood,
it became brilliant. It has not been easy over the past years, but the word of God has not failed me once.
Nor will it ever fail anyone who will but TRUST.  (Deliverance is a WALK, not an Event.)
Tom Sprague This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view."


Kornacki, Carol - Testimony of deliverance from witchcraft on TV  3/9/2007 - - - Carol Kornacki Ministries, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA   
Itinerary - TV webcasts -
Real Deal bi-monthly messages - -
Christians,Wiccians,Witchcraft - Is Satan Real?

Macy, Ann Sullivan (mentor to Hellen Keller) Deliverance via love, persistence, and time well spent.
"She was locked in the basement of a mental institution outside of Boston." -
"Years ago there was a little girl in an institution who was almost like a wild beast. The workers at the institution had written her off as hopeless. An elderly nurse believed there was hope for the child, however. She felt she could communicate love and hope to this wild little creature. The nurse daily visited the child whom they called Little Annie, but for a long time Little Annie gave no indication she was aware of her presence. The elderly nurse persisted and repeatedly brought some cookies and left them in her room. Soon the doctors in the institution noticed a change. After a period of time, they moved Little Annie upstairs. Finally the day came when this seemingly 'hopeless case' was released. Filled with compassion for others because of her institution experience, Little Annie wanted to help others.  Little Annie grew up to become Anne Sullivan who, in turn, played the crucial role in the life of Helen Keller.  It was she who saw the great potential in this little blind, deaf and rebellious child. She loved her, disciplined her, played, prayed, pushed, and worked with her until Helen Keller became an inspiration to the entire world.  It began with the elderly nurse, then Anne Sullivan, then Helen Keller, 7 finally every person who has ever been influenced by the example of Helen Keller, per Jeffrey Holland in VITAL SPEECHES"
"Johanna Sullivan, nicknamed Annie, was born April 14, 1866 in Feeding Hills, Massachusetts.
She was the oldest child of Irish immigrants, Thomas and Alice Cloesy Sullivan. Sullivan was the oldest of 5 children,
2 of whom died in infancy. When she was 5, Sullivan contracted trachoma, a bacterial eye infection. The disease left her half blind.  Alice Sullivan suffered from tuberculosis. After a fall, when her oldest daughter was 3 or 4, she could walk only with the help of crutches. When Annie Sullivan was 8, her mother died. After her mother's death, Sullivan's 2 surviving siblings went to live with relatives. Sullivan was left to care for her father, an illiterate, unskilled, & abusive man.
2 years later, Sullivan and her brother, Jimmie, were sent to live in the state poorhouse in Tewksbury, a filthy, overcrowded home where the children were exposed to people with serious mental & physical ailments. Jimmie Sullivan, who had a tuburcular hip, died 6 months later, leaving Sullivan alone. Her years at Tewksbury shaped Sullivan's personality. Although she claimed to have risen above the corruption she witnessed at Tewskbury, she experienced violent rages and terrors for the rest of her life. She once wrote that Tewksbury left her with 'the conviction that life is primarily cruel and bitter.'  Following her brother's death, Sullivan discovered Tewksbury's small library where she persuaded people to read to her. She longed to attend school. In 1880, when Franklin B. Sanborn, head of the State Board of Charities, visited Tewksbury for an inspection, Sullivan boldly walked up to him and told him she wanted to go to school. That fall, she left Tewksbury and entered the Perkins Institution for the Blind in Boston." - excellent editorial - Macy, Ann Sullivan as a child was interned at
Tewksbury Hospital, a state-owned facility...built as an almshouse in the mid-19th Century.  It includes over 900 acres (3.6 km2) of open space. Tewksbury Hospital is the home to both the Department of Mental Health & the Department of Public Health, & has many different programs for addictive behavior & other health concerns. Anne Sullivan (Helen Keller's teacher) spent time at Tewksbury Hospital.,_Massachusetts
Macy, Ann Sullivan
Macy, Ann Sullivan

Maxine - A Testimony of Deliverance from SRA Illuminati and the Occult  watch #3-5 - 

Mother Theresa's exorcism =

Moody, Gene & Earline - - Healing of Mental Illness - excellent -
Gene & Earline's Personal Testimony - Earline's Testimony About Her Deliverance - Children's Deliverance - "BREAKING CURSES -
"I break any curses placed on me or my descendants from (my or another's) uttering a (deliberate or accidental) wish of evil against one; to imprecate evil, to call for mischief or injury to fall upon; to execrate, to bring evil upon or to; to blast, vex, harass or torment with great calamities. I break these curses in Jesus' name.
I break the curses back to 10 generations or even to Adam and Eve on both sides of my family,
and destroy every legal hold and every legal ground that demons have to work in my life.
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ."  I (permanently) break curses that follow
(each and every wrong spoken word that contradicts God's plans & purposes for which we were created.)
In the name of Jesus Christ:
I repent for each & every ACT of offense to You that may have triggered a curse in our family line.
I reject and refuse that sin & its legal claim to our bloodline.
In the name of Jesus Christ, each curse, be permanently exterminated by the blood & power of Jesus Christ son of God.
I acknowledge You Jesus to be my Lord, Savior, deliverer, healer, & baptizer in the Holy Spirit. Amen.
"DOLLS FOR BABY - 7 MONTHS OLD (EXCERPTS) - The Lord began to show us the legal grounds Satan held.  It was in his dolls! He had received 1 for Christmas & a small plastic boy sailor doll at birth. The Lord also told my husband of various stuffed toys (in shapes of animals - whales, dogs and kangaroos), a plastic toy 'Big Bird' & matching bib. These were thrown away + curses from them broken. [Look for
(weird behavior/thoughts), strange sicknesses or sicknesses that will not heal in children].  When the Lord commanded that 'no graven images' were to be made, He wasn't being cruel and heartless. He knew the damage they could put upon people (Exodus 20:4). The Lord has also shown us that (sometimes) puppets are a deception and the Lord places a curse on those that use deceit (Jer. 48:10)."  (CAUTION.  This is NOT necessarily a common issue/curse, but often many of the new toys, especially imports, may be demonically inspired or tampered with by witches/ Satanists/occult practitioners. What God does is excellent, but Satan is a counterfeiter.  The Holy Spirit can impregnate toys, too, and better.)
Moody, Gene & Earline - - Many other deliverance books by author

Ndifon, Charles with Ana Mendez - - 2006 San Salvador (capital of El Salvador, Central America) "Parents brought their child with mental conditions that caused him to hit himself with his fists. 
His little body & head was bruised all over, his parents could not hold him down.  The evil spirits left him in an instant and he calmed down for the first time in the arms of his father."

Nightmares: Freedom from Demonic Strongholds -
"Beginning at age 12, a young Nigerian named Tope started to be haunted by a recurring nightmare. 
See how Jesus Christ changed his life.

Occult - Former occult member testimony

Pat Legako, Edmond, Oklahoma, USA (405) 341-5402 - author of  The Children’s Bread : A Model for Church-based Deliverance   On 11/15/2004 nurse Pat shares God's guidance and subsequent deliverance of a boy with schizophrenia.  
11/ 15/ 2004 "Setting the Schizophrenic Free" by Pat Legako  - or - Pat's husband Dr Dee Legako explains that the "human genome" is like "a library...The chromosome is a book in the library. The band on each chromosome is a chapter in the book.  Each gene is a sentence, & each base pair is a letter...The chromosome affected in schizophrenia is 22Q11...The problem occurs where the protein is attached to the chromosome. In this case it’s a gene called PRODH2.  This is how the generational curse is passed down. The iniquity damages the chromosome, which is passed down in damaged form to the next generation through the blood!” 9.26.2015

Peck, Dr M Scott - The Road Less Traveled - People of the Lie -
"The 1st case [came through a] referral from Malachi Martin 
who was my mentor and to whom the book (Glimpses of the Devil - A Psychiatrist's Personal Accounts of Possession, Exorcism, and Redemption) is dedicated. A very extraordinary man, without question the world's greatest authority on the subject [of exorcism]. Some people criticize me as if I followed (Father) Malachi Martin as if he hypnotized me and I believed everything he said. In fact, Malachi often was a liar (or told unverifiable tales ? )...
Some Charismatics, including a (Catholic) man named Francis MacNutt 
held that there are 4 levels of demonic involvement.
The 1st they simply call temptation...
The 2nd is what's called demonic attack...
The 3rd stage Francis MacNutt called oppression...
(4th) Then there's full-scale possession where Francis said is where the enemy basically gets the center of the city,
as well as the suburbs, and has control over the communications. There are just a few pockets of resistance left... -
People of the Lie  Just cooperate with evil out of laziness or greed...
But Jersey and Becca, the women in the book, were different-They did have pockets of resistance...
As Malachi Martin pointed out,  if they 100% cooperated, then there would be no sign of any stress of strain within them...So people who are possessed are not what I would call evil people...As a psychiatrist, I was really sticking my neck out.  But if you decide you have a genuine case of possession, then it's kind of full-scale war. An exorcism is a way of doing massive battle against one's demons, or if you wanted to say, one's mental illness. This is one of the sort of dangers of it, because it's potentially like a kind of gang rape, much like in the old days with cults, there was de-programming. An exorcism is much like de-programming...I would include possession among mental illnesses. I is a real condition and one of the things that I would argue, as a psychiatrist, is that it ought to be recognized as a psychiatric diagnosis...I think it should be in the DSM-IV and have equal status with multiple personality disorder...
An exorcism [is] sort of comparable to major brain surgery where you might have a team of 7 in the operating room.
You use not just one kind of technique but anything that you possibly can to help your patients.
There's a mixture of techniques ranging from prayer and orders to the demonic and talking to the demonic to try to figure what the hell is going on if you can.  It was notably successful in the case of Jersey, the 1st case. Unless we had spoken with the quote "demons" unquote, we would not have known that each demon represented a kind of false idea...I put "demons" in quotes because this is really a frontier in psychiatry. As a scientist, I try to be very careful as to what is theory and what is fact.  I cannot swear to you in a court of law that these initial demons were demons in their own right, as opposed to Satan or the devil...I'm not sure they were so much demons in their own right as they may have been reflections of the big guy, Satan.  Both cases described in the book--and this is very rare. are cases of Satanic possession, not just possession by ordinary little demons...
In the 1st draft of the book, I included things other than those 2 cases of full-scale possession. I had a vignette [about] a friend in medical school who had also become a psychiatrist.  He got in touch with me & asked if I'd come to dinner. He had become an expert in multiple personality disorder & he proceeded to regale me with this case that he was fascinated with.  In the course of 4 months of treatment with [a] young man, he had uncovered 42 different personalities.
Then he said offhandedly he was a secular therapist, he didn't believe in possession or anything, but "1 of them calls himself Judas & he's a real bad guy."
I don't know about you, but after 26 personalities, I'd start to get bored or suspicious of the diagnosis.
I asked him, 'John (fake name), Do you ever have the feeling that you're being toyed with?
The demon can pull all kinds of tricks, like inventing personalities.'  He said, 'No, why do you ask?'
Just the possibility this patient didn't have multiple personality disorder, but that this real bad guy might be a demon.
Multiple personality disorder and possession are not necessarily mutually incompatible disorders.
There's some evidence that you can have both.  I consider multiple personality disorder to be a less common condition than possession.  With a lot of cases of multiples, I would wonder whether they were cases of possession, as I did in this man's case.  I left the dinner feeling a little sorry for both the patient & my friend the psychiatrist, because I felt that both of them were being perhaps mistreated. The patient because my friend couldn't deal with a possible diagnosis of possession, & my friend was being mistreated because Judas may have been fooling around with him. If you're dealing with the demonic in the later stages, one of the very subtle signs you get is the feeling that although it looks like the patient is sitting in the chair talking, it really isn't the patient talking to you. It's something else that's trying to toy with you. If you can let the demonic out a little bit in the patient, the demonic might quiet down and let the patient be himself or herself. We would try not to speak to the patient unless we were speaking to the patient being very real, authentic. Or we would speak to the demonic. But we would not speak to this nonsensical mixture. You're wasting your time until you can separate the two...
The #1 exorcist, the most essential of all, is the patient. What happens in a successful exorcism is that the patient renounces his or her involvement in the demonic and decides to side with God or Christ or the truth or whatever you want to call it. It's the patient who casts out his or her own demons by making a choice against that."
"I was finally baptized at the age of 43 in 1980. I was deliberately non-denominationally baptized. I've very jealously guarded my non-denominational status ever since.  I am very Eucharistic, which means I celebrate communion or the Eucharist. I never thought I would ever be middle of the road anything, much less a middle of the road Christian, but it actually ended up I'm extremely middle of the road."
"Peck became involved in her case mostly to 'prove the devil's nonexistence as scientifically as possible.'" - -
Peck is well advertised in the paranormal metaphysics societies.

Ramirez, John - Armed & Dangerous - 10/29/2019 - good
Ramirez, John - 10/31/2019 - Armed and Dangerous with John Ramirez – Part 1
Ramirez, John -

Robertson, James & Morris, Robert 6/21-25/2010 Living Free broadcasts archived @ - The 2 pastors testify of their deliverance from demonic oppression.  They learned that NOT all thoughts originate from oneself.  Psalm 74:1-3 addresses the born-again Christian.  Psalm 74:3 CJB - (Lord,) Hurry Your steps to these endless ruins, to the sanctuary (synagogue/church/me the dwelling place of Your Holy Spirit) devastated by the enemy (Satan/demons/evil spirits).
Robertson, James & Morris, Robert -
4/18/2016 In the Battle (need to log on)

Schizophrenia -

Sheets, Dutch - Armed and Dangerous with Dutch Sheets - Part 1   3/10/2008
Sheets, Dutch - Armed and Dangerous with Dutch Sheets - Part 2   3/11/2008
3/11/2008 broadcast shares an inspiri
ng testimony about a girl chained to a tree due to insanity
God instructed Dutch to deliver her long distance during a church service.  Be sure to watch program.
Archives - 
Archives - 

Stacey, James and Tina - - 1 - 5/16/2006 - excellent - - #2 - web video or Book Schizophrenia Defeated 
"James and Tina Stacey oversee the ministry of PUSH. They came by the name PUSH in that each letter in P-U-S-H gives HUGE INSIGHT into how Christians need to realize that demonic strongholds need to have persistent prayer launched against those strongholds UNTIL those demonic strongholds are torn down by God. In PUSH - P stands for PRAY.
U stands for UNTIL. S stands for SCHIZOPHRENIA. H stands for HEALS, or HEALING.   Though the ministry of PUSH has originated out of James deliverance from 26 years of being held in the demonic bondage of Schizophrenia ... PUSH applies to EVERY area of bondage a Christian encounters. Prayer is not something we always do just ONE TIME and assume that is enough for God to get the job done. Some demonic strongholds in a persons life needs MANY people praying down that stronghold, and not QUIT persistent praying until the stronghold is torn down in the spirit realm. Other times it DOES involve mostly just the person who is being inflicted with demonic harassment, and that person needs to realize that PERSISTING PRAYER until total deliverance and healing comes is absolutely NECESSARY to be set free. Sometimes even FASTING is required along with prayer to break a demonic stronghold in a person or situation, and so being in tune with the Holy Spirit is crucially important in each and EVERY situation when we engage demonic forces who are trying to put us in bondage, or keep us in bondage.
Website of James and Tina:
Website of this evangelistic ministry:
WWW.PRECIOUS-TESTIMONIES.COM - We wish to thank TBN immensely for allowing us to make this DVD of James and Tina Stacey available to TANGLE (formerly God Tube) so others can be encouraged & ministered to by it. We ask that you pray for TBN as well as TANGLE for making it possible to place video footage like this on the Internet, and we also ask that you keep James and Tina lifted up in prayer, and PRECIOUS TESTIMONIES as well. Thanks!"

The Cold Spot documentaries - part of The Unexplained series of A&E Television Networks that include Rev. Walter Halloran (Irish Jesuit priest who was involved in the deliverance of a 13 year old boy in 1949 on which the Exorcist movie was based), S.J.; Dr. Henry Kelly, professor of English; Dr. Rev. Charles Kraft, (Pentacostal) theologian; Rev. James LeBar, exorcism consultant; Dr. Jeffrey Younggren, psychologist
The Exorcist DVD set includes: (1) Exorcising the Devil (2) Exorcist interviews (3) Satan: Prince of Darkness - Please be reminded that both Christian and non-Christian individuals can heal/cast out demons/illnesses;
if a devil can cause a problem, he can also take away a problem.  As Christians, we recognize that God/Christ is stronger and has the final say.

Other Halloween TV A&E + History channel presentations include overviews of Voodoo and Vampires
All haunting type of practices/beliefs/spiritual occurrences are from the dark side & never from God/Jesus/the Holy Spirit.  Often members join for a sense of power/control/belonging/love; members tend to be lonesome/disconnected/ unloved/socially inept, not autonomous.  Sometimes members need to control others or be controlled by others - codependent - victim & victimizer.  Many may have addictions such as drugs or alcohol, facilitating mind control of or by others, inhibitions having been removed.  Regardless of apparent danger/evil power, God/Christ is stronger & has the final say; however, we need to enlist His help.
Additionally, if one is looking for empowerment, the better choice is God, for with His power one can raise the dead, heal, etc, plus avoid possible incarceration due to evil/occult works. Finally there are eternal consequences.  Where to spend eternity is a result of our choices here on earth.
One of the newer techniques is to feed self from other's lusts/emotions/life energy/auras, rather than to feed off another's blood.  The spa message encounter is a perfect setting for this type of behavior.  Color Kirlian aerophotography shows this transfer of aura/life energy.
Black Veil rules of vampire New York, USA behavior has been updated due to bad press.  Present published behavior is to be more open, due to laws against persecution,  while at the same time to practice one's trade only between "consenting" adults, due to published abuses.  One TV documentary looked at the 1996 murder by Rod Ferrell aged 16 who was the leader of a group who role played the fantasy game Vampires, the Masquerade.  Drugs contributed to his inability to distinguish between fantasy & reality.  Fantasy games have killed many youth, as has the game of holding one's breath! 
There are aerosol can sniffing youth who readily die for a short high.  Satan does not allow ignorance as an excuse for protection.  Only the blood of Jesus will protect our youth.  Susan Walsh, a New York news investigative reporter, disappeared after falling in love with a vampire member. This aptly illustrates that one cannot play with fire.

Mark Virkler - It's Supernatural TV or transcript or Messianic radio here 7/18-22/2011 - "After 20 years of ministry, Mark Virkler finally experienced complete emotional & spiritual transformation. Mark discovered 7 supernatural prayers that remove the legal right of the demonic and usher in healing for the spirit, soul, & body."

Vision -

Walters, Katie - Celtic Flames - Biographies of numerous early AD Catholic monks who operated in the power of the 12 disciples. - "When the cook saw the demon sitting in his chair he cried out & rebuked him, 'I have not served you since I was young; fly to the desert places where you can hurt no one.' The demon fled."

Young Adult's testimony of deliverance - God Jesus Helps/Heals Bipolar/Schizophrenia Story (#1 of 4) -                                                           Landscape Print

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