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Allen, AA - 6 Hr. Video School of Deliverance including #VT200-3 Demonology - Part 1  
, AA - Video # VT300 - Demonology - Part II
Allen, AA - Video #VT700 - Ministry of Deliverance through Anointed Preaching & Singing                           

Bridges, Kynan @ Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare- Series 2 ( course excerpt - Jesus' blood, spoken scriptural word & faith/appropriation begins/brings/continues/executes deliverance.
11/2021 at $29.oo @ It's Supernatural! School of Ministry (

Bubeck, Mark I. -
"The evil supernatural world is the real enemy of all that bears the image of God, esp. His people.
Seeing life in the context of 2 opposing (but unequal) kingdoms in conflict helps explain why those at the forefront of ministry & their families are special targets."
Carver, John - Correspondence Course 
Course No. 5 - #BO29  Modern Demon Possession & How to Walk at Liberty - 10 Bible Lessons

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Eckhardt, John    AIM - School of Deliverance     8 CD's
Eckhardt, John    Deliverance Training 101          8 CD's
Eckhardt, John    Demons and Deliverance          3 CD's
Eckhardt, John    Schizophrenia                          8 CD's
Eckhardt, John    Sin, the Flesh & Demons           8 CD's
Eckhardt, John    The Spirit of Rejection              3 CD's

Every Nation Leadership Institute      Bible School      @ Rhodes University, Grahamstown, Africa

Fackerell, Michael  How to Cast Out Demons - Practical Suggestions for Deliverance Ministry  web editorial

Ferrell, Ana Mendez & Emerson - CD's/DVD's are recommended for pastors
- Ponte Vedra, Florida
Manifesting the Light in the Darkness English/Spanish -excellent - role playing & actual deliverance
Advanced Training Academy:
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computer, internet access, & Skype, with voice-to-voice capabilit. 
Be able to attend & participate in online chat class sessions."

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Frank Hammond Deliverance School - on video/DVD -
(Do NOT seek out the healers.  Frank is deceased.  Seek author of deliverance, Jesus Christ.)

Hammond, Frank D - Introduction to Deliverance - 
Hammond, Frank D - Obstacles to Deliverance                                 
Hammond, Frank D - Why Deliverance Sometimes Fails - SCHIZOPHRENIA deliverance CD/DVD
Hammond, Frank D - Passivity -
Hammond, Frank D -
The Gospel of the Kingdom   
Hammond, Frank D -
Hammond, Frank D -
The Religious Spirit of Legalism   
Hammond, Frank D -
The Believer's Authority    
Hammond, Frank D -
Tattooing And Body Piercing

Hayes, Norvel - Norvel Hayes Ministries, Cleveland, Tennessee, USA 37311 -
(combination of healing & deliverance instruction based on speaking scripture to the enemy) Bible College -  NLBC Correspondence Course
Hayes, Norvel - Training Camp for the Army of God - softcover -
"God...said...'I have a job for every 1 of them to do, IF they let Me mold them & train them...
I have never made 2 faces alike
; I have never made 2 mouth alike; I've never made 2 snowflakes alike;
I have never made 2 personalities alike
DEDICATE yourself. 
"Jesus, I open my hearat to You. 
I ask You to come and do a work in me (us/my mate, my children, my ministry). 
Put me (us) through God's BOOT CAMP regardless of the cost.  Burn out the pride & embarrassment in me (us). 
I (we) do not want to be ashamed of God (nor Him of me).  Satan has NO authority over me (us). 
Satan, I command you, in Jesus' name, to take your hands off my (our) mind.  Go from me (us) in Jesus' name. 
Jesus, I am willing to be trained.  I am willing to go through God's boot camp. 
I want to see people healed & set free by the authority in me, as I speak in Your name & believe in my heart that You will perform Your works through me (us). 
Declaration: I claim that I (we) will be made a warrior for God. 
I (we) will go forth with holy boldness to obey the Gospel. 
I (we) will not play games or play church.  I (we) will work for God. 
God, change me (us) into another person, so that Your Spirit can go forth from me (us) to a world of darkness & set the captives free!"1.19.9

Hinn, Benny - Enroll in online course Deliverance from Demons  
, Benny - free lesson #1 - You Shall Receive Power @
, Benny - CDs - 2006 Toronto Training for Ministry Conference - 
Deliverance session is excellent, identifying 12 strongmen & their underlings.
Benny admonishes us to intercede before casting out.  However, we can bind before we cast out.
Intercession is the strongest weapon when we speak the Word of God. 
It releases angels.  It releases other from bondage.  It allows the Holy Spirit to come in & knock the evil spirit out.  It is shameless persistence.  Benny says to ignore the underlings and go for the strongman. 
Many label an underling as the strongman.  That can be why the problem still exists. 
All disease is under the strongman "infirmity", so there is no need to speak to cancer. 
Terror is under the strongman of fear.  Epilepsy is under the "deaf and dumb" strongman. 
These associations are found in scripture.  Also see Benny Hinn web links below! 
Additionally, check Benny Hinn web site for a training session in your neighborhood.

, Benny - - London, England & Pensacola, Florida 2006 training classes =
1/23/2007 - Demons are attracted by sight, sound, smell &/or sound.  Destroy cursed/demonic objects.
1/24/2007 - You never fight demons with experience, rather with the Word of God.
1/25/2007 - There are 12 strongmen/spirits/devils under which all demonic activity exists.
(Remember Jesus had 12 disciples.) 
Go for the strongman rather than the underlings when you bind, cast out & refuse to return.. 
(1) strongman of jealousy (Numbers 5:11-14; Proverbs 6:34-35) rage/murder/revenge
(2) lying spirit (religious/control/stubborn/forceful/pushy nature/filthy/in your face/) 2nd Chronicles 18:22
(3) familiar (occult/divination/astrology/fortune telling/horoscope) 1st Samuel 28:7; Deuteronomy 18:10-12
(4) perverse (lust/lies spoken/hidden hate/twist truth/hypocrisy/) Isaiah 19:14; Proverbs 14:2; 23:33; Acts 13:10
When the substance of Christ's presence comes to you, it/He will allow you then to do whatever you say.
Wait for His presence, before you speak/act.  The anointing sets men free.
(5) hoardom (prostitution/idolatry/idol worship/soap opera addiction) Hosea 4:12; Ezekiel 16:28-39
(6) heaviness (depression/grief/gluttony/self-pity/despair/hopelessness/have been abused emotionally/gloom) Isaiah 61:3
(7) infirmity (sickness) Luke 13:11
(8) deaf & dumb (epilepsy/seizures/suicide/insanity/lunatic/anorexia/weak due to underweight)
Mark 9:17-26; Mat 17:14-17
(9) fear (torment/terror/inferiority/nightmares/bad dreams/inadequacy/phobias/fears of height &/or dark)
2nd Timothy 1:7; Job 4:14
(10) pride (division/wrath/control/contention/fighting/self-righteousness) Proverbs 13:10; 16:18;  21:24
(11) bondage (addictions) Romans 8:15
(12) antichrist (terrorism/denies Christ is the Messiah/denies that Christ came in the flesh)  
, Benny - Spiritual Victory in Today’s World #1 -
Hinn, Benny - Spiritual Victory in Today’s World #2 -
Hinn, Benny - Spiritual Victory in Today’s World #3 -
Hinn, Benny - Spiritual Victory in Today’s World #4 -

Pat -
Deliverance Schizophrenia MP... - Deliverance manual with testimonies - e-book
Holliday, Pat -
Deliverance From Mind Control - e-book
Holliday, Pat -
Schizophrenia MPD/SRA Mind Control chart - e-book companion to above

Horrobin,Peter - - 20. Covenant Breaking Consequences (Days 134-140)
"You cannot break God's (10) commandments & expect there to be no consequences.
They are as much a rule of law as the law of gravity." 
Unconfessed sins (personal & ancestral) effect your: 
a) Relationship with God - b) Children - c) Land & Property - d) Business e) Health - (Read Deuteronomy 28.)

ISDM membership continuing education by Global Awakening

Derek Prince - Self Study Bible Course
Prince, Derek - The Battlefield of the Mind - printable 
Transcript - 3/1/2005 -

Kanco, Samuel - "Deliverance" Bible School for Local Pastors
The Lord's Vinyard International Ministries + The Lord's Vinyard Church, International
P O Box 816, Medina, Accra, Ghana, West Africa

End Times Deliverance Ministry - Audio files for Deliverance and training - IN MP3 FORMAT

Rodney Hogue -  God Speak International - 
School Founder: Teresa Seputis, California, USA
Course 23 Ministering Deliverance
- <>
e-mail lessons -
Course Intro
Week 1 Teaching Can Christians Have Demons?
Week 2 Teaching Levels of Demonic Attachment
Week 3 Teaching A Demon's "Legal Right" for Attachment
Week 4 Teaching Enemy Strongholds & In-Roads (1 of 2)
Week 5 Teaching Enemy Strongholds & In-Roads (2 of 2)
Week 6 Teaching The Power Of Words
Week 7 Teaching Curses
Week 8 Teaching Breaking the Power of Words

Italy, Rome
A Vatican-reorganized university is offering a course in exorcism & demonic possession per Devil Made Them Teach It, New York Post 10/15/2005 - Bishop Andrea Gemma performs about 4 exorcisms a week.  Catholic exorcism is usually administered by authorized priests.

Kylstra, Chester & Betsy - Healing & Deliverance Course - 8 DVD - - is equivalent to
Training Module 1 with covering Essential Teachings of: The RTF Distinctive, Living from the Core, Shame Fear Control, Orphan Lifestyle, Father's Heart, Dethroning Jezebel, Strongholds, Sexual Imprinting, Soul Battles, Removing Fiery Darts & Jealousy.

Lake Hamilton - -
"Lake Hamilton Bible Camp hosts a Deliverance Minister's Conference once a year in October. 
Attendance is by invitation only...for those in leadership only."

Laszlo, Ondina E, Miami, Florida with Maldonado, Apostle Guillermo - - 12/13/2011 TV broadcast shares that spiritually illegal sexual relationships allow the transfer of demons/soul fragments/inherited medical maladies that would normally be transferred through the inherited bloodline. 
Personal, inherited or transferred sins need to be recognized, repented of, refused, rejected in Jesus' name & replaced with the Holy Spirit.

Maldonado, Apostle Guillermo - King Jesus International Ministry -
Supernatural School of the Fivefold Ministry
- 3 day pastors/leaders training, Miami, Florida - Module 1 & 2 - -
Maldonado, Apostle Guillermo - - Miami, Florida, USA

Malone, Henry & Tina - - Texas, USA -
"The current comprehensive internship consists of PMT 301, 302, 303 At the end of internship, each student
is praying over with a powerful anointing/impartation being released & is then 'knighted' by Dr. Malone."
Online classes -

Mull, Richard -The Reality of the Demonic -
free courses listed at -

Ndifon, Charles - Christ Love Ministries - - PO Box 72800, Providence RI 02907
Ndifon, Charles - International Miracle Ministries -
Check web sites out for date & location of week long school nearest you. 
Home church: Johnston, Rhode Island, USA.
The week-long Course in Miracles School is nail in Satan's coffin.  Take a vacation week at one of their week-long courses.   Especially for seekers/missionaries/clergy.  Available: CD/DVD Power School of Miracles 

Parker, Jess - School of Deliverance - 8 CDs (#TCDS-JP001) - - Demonic Strongholds, 3 Spiritual Warfare Levels, Familiar Spirits & Spirit Guides, Rejection, Abuse, Witchcraft in the church, 4 faces of God & the human personality.

Raphael University, unaccredited On-Line Seminary for Orthodox Catholics - run by Exorcist Order of Saint Michael - - Independence, Missouri, USA REQUIRED COURSES:
The Book of Enoch
The Book of Jubilees
Possession & Exorcism of 5 Living Americans by MalachI Martin, Readers Digest Press
The Church & Spiritism by Father Herbert Thurston, SJ
Ghosts & Poltergeists by Father Herbert Thurston, SJ
American Exorcism - Expelling Demons in the Land of Plenty by Michael Cuneo, Fordham University
Rules for Discerning the Spirits In the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola by Father Ludovic-Marie Barrielle
Begone Satan- A Soul-Stirring Account of Diabolical Possession in Iowa written in German by Rev. Carl Vogl, translated by Rev. Celestine Kapsner
Therese Neumann Mystic & Stigmatist by Aldabert Albert Vogl

Katie Souza - Healing School - Especially for Women who are or have been imprisoned. 10/18-22/2010
3/8/2010 - 2 hrs - Last half hour very important -
Katie Souza - Banking in the Glory Realm or
(source = March 2010 archives - )
There is accelerated healing of soul wounds in the Glory of God.  One can command all soul wounds to be healed in the glory light. (Think of it in terms of radiation cancer therapy or laser surgery.)

Sudduth, William - Colorado -

Trim, Cindy - - Kingdom University -

Wagner, Peter - - USA locations for mentoring/training -

Ward, Pastor Chris - Trance Possessive State? -
Training video on the internet for those in the deliverance ministry.  For mature pastors.

Wright, Henry - principles (root causes) of many diseases are negative emotions
Deliverance Insights on CD's from (1-781-444-5309 call 9AM-2PM weekdays)

Zadai, Kevin -
One free course, 9 segments.  @


Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Ruling in the Spirit #1 English/Español
@  Revelations 4
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Ruling in the Spirit #2 English/Español 
We can rule when we perceive that He is ruling from inside us.
We can write to the angels of countries to do His work.
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Una Liberacion en vivo por Ana Mendez
@ 1/14/2009  Spanish/English deliverance
Ferrell, Emerson   Power of the Kingdom #1 English/Español
Ferrell, Emerson   Power of the Kingdom #2 English/Español 3/30/2009 God is using Satan for our benefit.  Jesus' mind/soul had to work-out experientially & sequentially the truths of His (Father's) kingdom/Holy Spirit inside Him.
Ferrell, Emerson   Power of the Kingdom #3 English/Español   

Pastoral Exorcism Guidelines


Amorth, Father Gabriele    The New Rite of Exorcism is Ineffective Against the Evil One  6/2000 Editorial.
Chief exorcist of Rome, speaks out against New Rite.
The old Latin exorcism Roman Ritual was effective, but the New Rite Italian translation is a "farce",  giving the upper hand to the demons.   "
Point 15 treats of evil spells & how one should behave when dealing with them.
An evil spell is an evil brought about on a person by means of recourse to the devil.
It can be accomplished under a variety of forms like
spells, curses, the evil eye, voodoo & macumba.
Roman Ritual used to explain how one should confront it. The New Ritual...declares it is absolutely forbidden to perform exorcisms in such cases. Absurd. Evil spells are by far the most frequent causes of possessions & evil procured through the demon: at least 90% of cases. It is as good as telling exorcists they can no longer perform exorcisms. Then Point 16 solemnly declares that one should not carry out exorcisms if one is not certain of the presence of the devil. This is a masterstroke of incompetence: the certainty that the devil is present in someone can only be obtained by carrying out an exorcism. What is more, the authors of the Ritual failed to notice that on 2 points they were contradicting the Catechism of the Catholic Church. For this points out that exorcism should be practiced in cases of diabolical possession and in those of evil caused by the demon.
It also recommends that it be performed on people as well as on things.
In things, there is never the presence of the demon, there is only his influence. The declarations contained in the New Ritual are very serious.
...Cardinal Jorge Medina, attached to the Ritual a Notification in which he specified that exorcists were not obliged to use this Ritual & could ask their bishop for authorization to use the old 1.
The bishops must in their turn ask for authorization from the Congregation.
We organized an international congress of exorcists near Rome. We asked to be received by the Pope.
To avoid pressurizing
him...we simply asked to be received in a public Saint Peter's.
But on the day before the audience, Mgr
Nicolo told us to tell the truth, he was very embarrassed & it was very apparent that the decision did not depend on him, not to present ourselves at the audience, & that we had not been admitted. Unbelievable: 150 exorcists from 5 continents, men appointed by their bishops in accordance with the rules of canon law which requires that they be men of prayer, knowledge & good reputation & thus in some way the cream of the clergy, ask to take part in a public audience with the Pope & are shown the door.
...There are countries in which there is not a single exorcist, as for example Germany, Switzerland, Spain & Portugal.
A terrifying deficiency.
 ...Out of 100 French exorcists, there are but 5 who believe in the devil & carry out exorcisms.
All the rest send those who contact them to the psychiatrist.
 ...When a priest is appointed bishop, he is faced with an article in the Code of Canon Law which gives him absolute authority to appoint exorcists. The minimum one can ask of a bishop is that he has taken part in at least 1 exorcism, given that he has to make such an important decision. Unfortunately, this is almost never the case.
But if a bishop finds himself before a serious request for an exorcism.  That is to say one that has not been made by someone deranged & he does nothing, he commits a mortal sin & is then responsible for the terrible sufferings endured by this person.
Sufferings which sometimes last for years or even an entire lifetime, & which he could have prevented.
 ...I could mention a great number of bishops and cardinals who, as soon as they had been appointed to a diocese, withdrew from all exorcists the faculty of exercising their powers. Or of bishops who openly maintain:
"For myself, I do not believe in these things. They are beliefs of the past."
 ...The rite of
baptism for children has also been spoiled. It has been so drastically overhauled that the exorcism against Satan has virtually been eliminated. This had always held a very great importance for the Church, so much so that it is called the minor exorcism. Paul VI himself publicly protested against this new rite.
 ...Any reference to the fact the
Lord must protect us against Satan, that the angels protect us from the attacks of the demon, has been systematically suppressed. All the prayers for the blessing of homes & schools have been suppressed. Everything should be blessed & protected, but today there is no longer any protection against the demon. There no longer exists any defense or any prayers against him. This same Jesus had taught us a prayer for liberation in the Our Father: "Deliver us from the Evil One. Deliver us from the Person of Satan." This prayer has been mistranslated & today people pray saying, "Deliver us from evil." One speaks of a general evil whose origin is essentially unknown. But the evil against which Our Lord Jesus taught us to fight is, on the contrary, a concrete person: Satan.
 ...There are magazines & comic strips that teach magic & Satanism.
 ...People are now being taught to perform spiritualist seances through the: computer, telephone, television, video recorder, but above all through automatic writing. No longer is there a need for a medium: this is
a spiritualism that each can practice by himself. According to polls, 37% of students have on at least 1 occasion played the game with letters & a glass, which is a veritable spiritualist seance. In a school where I had been invited to speak, the students told me that they used to play this game during the religion lesson, under the obliging eyes of the teacher.
 ...There is
no difference between white magic & black magic. When magic works, it is always the work of the demon. Every form of occultism, like this widespread resort to the religions of the East with their esoteric suggestions, are open gateways to the demon: The devil enters. At once.
 ...The demon may win battles, even important battles.
But never the war.
NOTE (The Catholic church is very particular regarding the ministry of exorcism & healing services.
 Refer to following web site for particulars.)

Bailey, Father (Roman Catholic) @ Rhode Island, USA (lay ministry)

The New Rite of
 Things are of great concern in this new (revised) ritual. The (original) Ritual of 1614 contains 21 directives for the exorcist... The former directives 4-6, 8-9, 13-17, 19-20 have no equivalent in the new ritual...
This means that most (12) of the 21 are deleted:
#4. In order to better test these signs [of possession /(demonization)], the priest should question the demoniac (after 1 or other exorcism) as to what he feels in his mind or body, so that in this way he can also learn which words more greatly disturb the demons, so as then to bear down on them & repeat them all the more.
#5. The priest should stay alert for tricks & deceptions that demons use to mislead the exorcist.
For they will give false answers as much as possible, & show themselves only with difficulty, in order that the exorcist at length become worn out & give up the exorcism; or the ill person might appear not to be harassed by the devil.
#6. Occasionally, after they appear, the demons hide & leave the body almost free of all disturbance, so that the ill person might think he is completely freed. But the exorcist should not stop until he sees the signs of liberation.
#8. Some demons point out an act of witchcraft which has been done [to cause possession], by whom it was done, & the way to undo it; but the demoniac should be careful not to have recourse to sorcerers, fortune-tellers, or other such persons, on this account, but should go to the ministers of the Church rather than use any superstitious or otherwise illicit means.
#9. Sometimes the devil grants the sick person relief & permits him to receive the Holy Eucharist so that he might seem to have departed. In short, there are countless devices & tricks of the devil to deceive man, which the exorcist should beware, lest he be deceived.
#13…Also relics of Saints, where available, safely & properly fastened & covered, may be reverently applied to the chest or head of the possessed. Care must be taken that the sacred objects are not improperly handled or harmed in any way by the demon. Because of danger of irreverence, the Holy Eucharist should not be placed upon the head of the possessed person or elsewhere on his body.
#14. The exorcist should not engage in a great deal of talking or ask unnecessary or curious questions, especially concerning future or secret matters not pertaining to his task. But he should command the unclean spirit to be silent, except to answer his questions. Nor should he believe the demon if he pretends to be the soul of some Saint or deceased person or a good Angel.
#15. However, there are necessary questions, for example, concerning the number & names of the possessing spirits, the time & reason they entered & other things of this sort. The exorcist should restrain or spurn the rest of the devil’s nonsense, laughter, foolishness & advise those present, who should be few, that they must not pay attention to these things nor question the possessed person, but rather humbly & earnestly pray to God for him.
#16. The exorcist should read & carry out the exorcism with strength, authority, great faith, humility & fervor, & when he sees that the
(evil) spirit is especially tormented, then he should persist & bear down all the more. Whenever he sees that the possessed person is being disturbed in some part of his body, or stung, or that a swelling appears somewhere, he should make the sign of the cross on that area & sprinkle it with holy water which should be on hand.
#17. He is also to observe at which words the demons tremble more, & then he should repeat these words more often. When he reaches the threatening words, he should say them repeatedly, always increasing the punishment. If he sees that he is making progress, he should continue for 2, 3, or 4 hours, or even longer if he can, until he obtains the victory.
#19. If he is exorcising a woman, he should always have persons of integrity with him to hold the possessed person while she is agitated by the demon. These people should be close relatives of the suffering woman if possible. Mindful of decency, the exorcist should be careful not to say or do anything which could be an occasion of an evil thought to himself or the others.
#20. While he is exorcising, he should use the words of Sacred Scripture rather than his own or someone else’s. He should command the demon to tell him if he is held in that body because of some magic, or sorcerer’s signs or devices.
If the possessed person has consumed things of this sort orally, he should vomit them up.
If they are elsewhere outside his body, he should reveal where they are, & once found, they are to be burned.
The possessed person should also be advised to make known all his temptations to the exorcist.
These crucial directives, followed by exorcists for 385 years, have no parallel

Order of Saint Michael  - Catholic Orthodox 
Independence, Missouri, USA
"The practice of exorcism & deliverance is serious & dangerous & should never be performed alone, nor without church authority. Lucifer and his evil spirits, especially those fallen from the angelic ranks of Principalities, Powers, & Dominations are terribly powerful & cunning & they also seek the exorcist as their 'prize'. The spiritual war escalates into a battle of faith & wills until it is concluded with an obvious signal.
It is absolutely critical that the exorcist has an unwavering faith in God’s Power and Authority. Faith in Jesus Christ & Holy Trinity, combined with knowledge derived from the writings & experiences of other exorcists are the 2 most important elements for an educated exorcist to have before the battles commence. The Holy Saints & Holy Angels are petitioned through recitation of the Litany of the Saints for their assistance in our spiritual war against the Evil One & demons. In particular the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel & Saint Raphael are called upon to aid us in these very real battles. Evil angels & evil spirits exist. They despise all that is holy & their hatred of all humans is toward total extermination: death. Satan & all evil spirits are exclusively subject to God & His Divine Authority; for that reason Exorcism must be performed in the name of God & by the authority of Christ from which he bestowed this special power to the Church."

2/20/1982 by National Service Team of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Malaysia

Raphael University, unaccredited On-Line Seminary for Orthodox Catholics
run by Exorcist Order of Saint Michael - - Independence, Missouri, USA 

Scanlan, Michael & Cirner, Randall - Deliverance from Evil Spirits - Catholic guidelines for non bishops  generic web site
Franciscan University of Steubenville, Steubenville, Ohio, USA - important manual for lay ministries  

Catholic & Protestant
Speaking to Crux, Father Enrich Junger of the Anglican Church of North America said that while exorcisms have always been a problem, “We see a lot more voluntary possessions.” He mentioned rising interest in Ouija boards & shamanism, a practice in which a person strives to attain altered states of consciousness in order to interact with what they believe to be a spirit world, with the goal of channeling transcendent energies.
Increasingly, people “invite it in, they want it, bring it,” he said, explaining that part of the allure is a draw to the “power” that they think comes from abilities they would gain under possession…Many people end up either possessed or disturbed either because they play games inviting dialogue with demons, as happens with many young people, or they specifically ask to have the demon enter, as in the case of shamanism, he said.
Acuna said most of his exorcisms are performed on people who foster devotion to “Santa Muerte,” meaning “Holy Death” or “Saint Death.” The skeletal female figure is growing in popularity in Mexico & throughout Central America, but has been condemned by the Vatican & other Christian churches in the area, who argue that the devotion is equivalent to adopting a Satanic spirituality worshiping death & hell…
On the last day of the event, members of other religious communities discussed exorcism in their own rites, including the Orthodox, Evangelical, Anglican & Lutheran communities…
Speaking to Crux, Dominican Father Francios Dermine, a priest of the (Roman Catholic) Archdiocese of Ancona-Osimo has been an exorcist for more than 25 years…Dermine said the Anglican church is the only non-Catholic church which at times shares the Catholic exorcism rite…
The Anglican Church of North America - which is not considered part of the Anglican Communion by the Archbishop of Canterbury, but is in communion with some Anglican provinces in the Global South, follows the Anglo-Catholic tradition, which adheres more of the practices & rites of the Catholic Church.
They tend to just use the Roman Catholic rite…
According to Acuna, there are different forms of exorcism within Lutheranism, but the Association for Evangelical Lutheran Churches is currently in the process of organizing “a unified message regarding the practice of exorcism.”  Acuna said he recently inaugurated the 1st school for exorcism & liberation in Argentina, after establishing similar schools, designed to form exorcism consultants who help the exorcist in their work and establish teams, in Colombia and Venezuela…

non Catholic

Hayward, Chris - editorial - - sources  &
"Deliverance offers a needed operation that must be followed up with long term lifestyle changes...
In any church, for deliverance ministry to have success it must have the full support of the senior pastor.
This ministry cannot be placed in the hands of those who seek to build their own little kingdoms...
(Often) God thinks in terms of at least 4 generations: 'The things you have heard from me' (1st generation), 'among many witnesses' (2nd generation), 'commit these to faithful men' (3rd generation), 'who will be able to teach others' (4th generation). If this principle were not true, you and I would have probably never heard the gospel. To establish deliverance into the framework of the church, there needs to be a way to continually train & mentor others."

Lutheran -

Virkler, Mark - Professor at the online Bible college, Christian Leadership University -
Mentoring editorial for pastors:
"Have the sick person, pray, 'Holy Spirit, please show me the root cause of this sickness in my body.'
(His body, his memory & Holy Spirit within him know exactly what the root of the sickness is.)
Then instruct him to quiet himself & tune to the voice & vision of God (i.e., spontaneous thoughts & spontaneous pictures) & share with you what comes to him. Apply the appropriate prayer."
"Assume 3 parts to healing prayer: (removing pain, casting out demons, restoring body parts) -
Speak TO the pain to be removed. It is easy, builds faith once the person being prayed for feels some pain leave, & removes this distraction from the person being prayed for.  
command the specific afflicting demons to be loosed...
Speak lovingly and specifically to the damaged body parts to be restored to their normal function."
"Ask Him (the Holy Spirit) to show you exactly what needs to be healed & how He wants to heal it.
Receive His answer by tuning to spontaneous thoughts & pictures, & act in obedience on what He is telling you."
"Team up for greater revelation: 2-3 prayer ministers who are all open to God showing them any keys to removing (demonic) blocks & sharing what they are receiving with the group which then acts upon it."
"Stay tuned to flow and act upon impressions to pray in any of the following ways:
anyone God brings to mind; 2.Confessing any sins God brings to mind; 3.Breaking generational sins & curses; 4.Severing ungodly soul ties; 5.Replacing negative beliefs; 6.Renouncing inner vows; 7.Breaking word curses; 8.Receiving
inner healing through seeing visions of Jesus in the memory; 9.Casting out demons."
"Use oil that has been prayed over for an impartation of divine healing power (James 5:14-15)."
"Intensify the flow of healing power by seeing: Ask for & see Jesus’ divine
healing light & power radiating onto & into the person; see it focused on the infirmity, & thank the Lord."
"Divine radiation treatment: Have a group of 2-5 people keep their hands (both hands, so an electrical circuit is completed) on a sick person for 10-20 minutes releasing God’s power/light into him."
"Ask the person how he or she feels (better, same, worse), & respond as necessary."
"See it done: Hold in your mind a detailed faith-picture of the person healed & say, 'Thank You, Lord.
That is the way it is going to be.'"

Wagner, Doris M. - editorial - Understanding Basic Issues in Deliverance -
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