- 5/13/2011
"Shamans in Ethiopia tried for centuries to cure
ailments by naming and ranting against the demons at fault on goatskin scrolls. The calligraphy incantations trailed along vellum strips about 6 feet long, with illustrations of saints stabbing monsters. The owners would roll up and carry around the protective scrolls, which have turned up in archaeological digs wrapped around corpses. If the spells did appear to have healing effects during the owners’ lifetimes, the vellums sometimes ended up on the market. The original patrons’ names would be scraped away, leaving blanks here and there that suggest censored government documents.
About 15 of the Ethiopian goatskins, priced between $4,000-$16,000 each and dating to the 1700s,
are on view through June 30 at the new gallery of the New York dealer Milos Simovic, Elizabeth Street Fine Arts, in NoLita.
The texts, written in red and black, contain multiple spells meant to fend off different demons.
A typical customer, Mr. Simovic said, would ask healers for help with perhaps an earache, infertility and a cruel mother-in-law, all at once. “You come with a set of problems, and they solve it for you,” he said."

(low level negative) Vibrations or Wave Frequencies
info from Para-normal &/or anti-Semitic Web Sites - Demonic entities have a low frequency whereas holy angels (God things) have a high frequency.  (Much of site's info favors the evil spirits or excuses them.  NOT a recommended site.)

Definitely white and black demonic lies - distortions - half truths -

More on the Dark Side - DNA-altering frequency (the key to “shape-shifting” and DNA alteration in “shamanism”) - the 528 hz had been historically invoked via the human vocal chords, or “Cantors” - “528 hz” is indeed the Language of Lucifer –
“Kabalah” (the CUBE) as well as “Enochian Magic” -