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Preface: Deliverance & the Credibility Gap - #1- Generational Curses  #2.What is Spiritual Warfare?
The Miracle of Deliverance #4. Deliverance Jesus' Way -
Demons & Their Dastardly Deeds - #6. Preparing the Captive for Deliverance -
#7. Entering into Warfare - #8. The Power of Forgiveness -
#9. Breaking Satanic Dedication & Covenants - #10. Breaking Curses & Soul Ties -
Miracle Healing & Deliverance Meeting - #12. The Effective Deliverance Worker -
#13. Preparing for Deliverance - #14.
For Permanent Deliverance -
#15. More Deliverance Prayers - #16. Healing & Deliverance Commands -
#17. Breaking the Yoke - #18. Backlash! & Prayer for Your Home & Daily Warfare -
The Power of God Vs. Satan & Personality #19b. Traits of Ruler Spirits -
How to Stay Free - #20b. Hear the Word of the Lord -  #20c. Closing Thoughts

Breaking Inherited Curses from

Dickerman, Don 2/2011 NO Cause = NO Curse - - good -

Dickow, Gregory - Blessed and Cursed NOT! @

Evans, Dr. Michael - 3/22/2011 The Jerusalem Prayer Team newsletter - "I want to give you some good news & joy.  As you know, my father abused me for 17 years. He strangled me when I was 11 & left me for dead. (No, that is not the good news.)  But this is...My beloved wife Carolyn believed God for a son for me to love. We had 3 girls at the time.  When we had our son, she named him Michael David Evans II. The problem was I had no middle name. I had to go to a judge to get my name changed. The judge asked why I was changing my name. I said, 'So I can be named after my son. When I grow up, I can be just like him.' My son loves me dearly, & I love him. When his son was born recently (just 7 days after my father passed away), he named him Michael David Evans III. (Names are significant in the Kingdom of God.)  When my Dad was near death at 91, he asked me to interpret what a dream meant that he'd had hundreds of times.  He said, 'In my dream, my great-grandfather gave 2 black stones to my grandfather. My grandfather gave them to my father & my father gave them to me. But when I tried to give them to you, you shook your head no & showed me 2 white stones. What does it mean?' I said, 'The black stones represent a generational curse that has been on our family. The white stones represent that the curse is broken.  My son & his son will never know the heartache that the curse transferred. You told me your great-grandfather, grandfather & your father were all angry, womanizing, abusive drunks. That curse has been removed.'" JY

Henderson, Robert -
Henderson, Robert -
Henderson, Robert - @   

Holliday, Pat -

Holtz, Scott & Dalit - - "I know what the anathema curse is; it is the same curse of (spiritual) blindness that was put on the Jewish people (see John 12:35-43 and Romans 11:18-22)."  Thus, "Ichabod (i.e. the glory has departed)."
"Men & women who control and dominate God’s people out of a kingship/monarchy (patriarch/dictatorship) style of leadership" are "incapable of fathering people in a nurturing atmosphere of true love to become martyrs for Him."
Consequently, "God is pouring out (allowing/permitting) a spirit of delusion (to join forces with the anathema evil spirit) per 2 Thessalonians 2:11 that is in sync with the same outpouring of Isaiah 6 and Matthew 13.
This is serious."  (This is happening in the church.)