It is already finished.
New Mind
Declarations and Decrees


Amoateng, Daniel -

Badolato, Lou - Dawn/Twilight/Early Morning Watch or 4th Watch Commandos - recommended -
Scripture -
Genesis 13:3; Exodus 14:20; 2 Chronicles 7:14; Psalm 101:8 & 119:147-148; Proverbs 11:11; Isaiah 51:16; Jeremiah 21:12 & 22:29; Job 24:12-13; 2 Kings 7:5; Joel 2:3; Job 28:12; Matthew 14:24-29; Acts 26:18;
Pray through the gates of time.  8 watches of 3 hrs each. Each watch has a specific spiritual purpose/principle
with which we are to decree/align ourselves. The battle is to consistently possess the gates of time
and final patterns/Jewish feasts/phases, such as of the moon, etc.  God's battles are won at twilight.

Benson, Jan &  El-Amin, Kareemah - The 7 by 4 Breakthrough Anointing: Mountain Moving Faith - - Chapter 2 -
Dare to
Declare -
Day 7 - Empowerment Message - Apostle Jan (excerpt) "Most Christians today are SOCIAL WORD SPEAKERS; they only speak the Word when they are around other believers or in church.  What about when you are alone
The word says watch what you say: Proverbs 18:21 (NKJV) Death & life are in the power (key word) of the tongue & those who love it will eat its fruit...
When we say things like, 'but you don’t understand; I can’t because; I don’t know if I can; I don’t have enough support; I don’t have the money,' you’re speaking unbelief.  The bible tells us you shall have whatever you say (for better or worse).
Notice every doubt & unbelief begins with words.  So when we make certain (negative) statements,
we are speaking curses over our own lives, when they do NOT align with God’s word.
People who are always speaking sickness will see more sickness in their bodies.
People who are always speaking defeat & failure will experience more of the same in their future.
You have to realize that by your words you speak either blessings,
or curses over your future (family/business/ministry/marriage/relationships).
The words that you speak have an effect in the spiritual atmosphere as well as in and around your life (home/work/neighborhood).  Words of doubt attract doubt; words (such as) of fear attract (evil) spirits of fear.
You can’t (just) think the Word, You must (also) SPEAK IT.
 You must realize that it is not enough to (just) think of good things happening to you, nor is it enough to just believe for some good changes in your life.
Your faith
works when you verbalize what you desire and believe God for. So you must take promises from God’s Word and declare them over your life and future"
(plus, when possible, act on the verbalized/declared Scripture.)

Hakeem Collins - - edited -
Yes.  I was just on my way to work. My whole priority was really to just be on time.
So I was trying to get breakfast. I was going through my regular day.  The Lord interrupted my day. He said,
"Son, do you want to know what Heaven declares over you today?"  He wanted to give me a blueprint of my day,
not just go casually, not be focused on just getting to work. But He wanted me to have a heavenly alignment to focus on what He desires for my day.  So when He said that to me, I'm like, "Well Lord, you surely picked a fine time to talk and so You're going to make me late." So He interrupted my time.  But it was so important because now He wanted me to understand that I can command my day, that I can begin to cause things to shift and to change by what I speak. 
There is a right now word that God wants to release. There is a word in us that He wants us to release and understand. 
He said, "Do you want to know what Heaven has declared over you?" Heaven has already declared some things already,
but we have to align with the Word of God & bring Heaven to Earth.  We can bring it to Earth by what we speak prophetically. That is the power of the spoken word. God has given us purpose. 
He's given us understanding & destiny, but He allows us to discover it once we discover it what His blueprint is. source:

Hakeem Collins & Naim Collins 12/3/2017 - twins video + (edited)

HAKEEM:  We know that the decree is an official order by those who have legal authority. I prophesy right now over those who are watching right now. My brother talked about the curse & about the woman that had the cancer.
I decree and declare right now those who are sick (emotionally), mentally and physically +
those who are financially hindered, that this is a season of breakthrough.
I decree and declare that you shall arise from that sick bed & walk.
I decree that the healing Glory of God's power is being released right now.
I decree & declare that you will no longer stay stuck.
I decree, declare and command that you are made whole by the power & Word spoken right now.
I see this woman right now that's been praying for her son who is in jail.  The Lord is saying, "Today, he is going to be releasedI am vindicating, I'm releasing." I see the cell opening right now. I hear the Lord saying, "In this season that jail cell is opening. I'm releasing My angels right now to release your loved one." I decree & declare that this will no longer be a season of setback or delay. You will accelerate. I prophesy & command, (in Jesus' name) "_______ , (your mate and seed forever), arise and be great in your generation (for the fame & glory of our precious Father, Son & Holy Spirit)."
NAIM:  The Lord says that even where the Word is there is power. Whatever situation that we're in that looks hopeless,
we now decree, prophesy & establish that this is the season of our turn-around...of our comeback. We remove every block & hurdle...We speak to every mountain.  We decree that it be removed now in the name of Jesus. We decree, declare, overrule, override & veto every demonic legislation against our life & family.  We break every generational curse that has been spoken over our life.  We release opposite blessings now in Jesus' mighty name.

Bobby Conner - Decree And Recover!

Dickow, Gregory - Prophesying to Your Problems - 6/10/2011 from - good Paraphrase might be "Prophesying to your pigs." 
To Prophecy Can Mean to Declare/Speak God's Now Word into Existence.

Evans, Mike - The Power of a Declaration – 6/5/2013 - edited excerpts - “You can choose to reverse the past
The answer is found in the book of Job. God's promises & decrees are important/vital for His people.
God asked Job, “What is the deal? Why have you been rehearsing & re-cursing?”
The Lord told Job to stop and decree 'a thing.'  When you decree what God says is true about your life, then it will be established“Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee:and the light shall shine upon thy ways. When men are cast down,
then thou shalt say, there is lifting up; & he shall save the humble person. He shall deliver the island of the innocent:
It is delivered by the pureness of thine hands”
(Job 22:28-30).  When we repeat what God says, we can reverse the curse!  So, why don't Christians do this more often? Mainly because they listen to the devil, the ex-employee of God, who was fired and then was kicked off the premises.  God was telling Job, “Not only will you decree My promises for your life, but I will take you into a new dimension of living.  Then you will take downcast men & decree something & they
will be lifted up.”  What that literally means is that by your (consistent) efforts, you will deliver.” Read More

James Goll - Word Encounter

Faytene Grasseschi - Decree Your Provision

Heflin, Ruth Ward - - "There is a declaratory realm of the glory of God in which our voice can be heard 'to the end of the world.'  We can stand in our own places & release our faith, reaching out to the isles of the sea, reaching out to the uttermost parts of the Earth, declaring the glory of the Lord, declaring revival for our day & our (family/ministry/city/ state/nation/continent/) generation.  God has not limited us, but we have limited ourselves by not fully believing in what He is willing to do through us.  He is causing some greater things to be birthed in us, faith to believe for the harvest, faith to declare His purposes in all the Earth, faith to speak out for revival...
If someone will just declare it, He will do it. This is not a declaration of your intellect. 
It is a declaration of heavenly intent; and when you declare something in the Spirit, God begins to put it into motion...
Let us (consistently) declare, by faith, what God is doing, so that He will do more.  God told me last year that any television station that would become a voice for revival would be kept solvent.  Whatever media you may have, use it for revival.  Declare revival for your nation...
One morning, as I was waking up in Jerusalem, the Lord told me that I should begin leading the people in singing America the Beautiful everywhere I go and that each time we sing it we should decree a blessing upon our nation.
We have that authority.  It is time to use it...The River Is Here.  I love to wake up every morning and declare it. 
The river (originating in God's throne room) is here. Revival is here. The glory of God is here. This is the hour we have waited so long to see.
This is the moment we have all prayed for.  It’s here...
Find similarities rather than differences.  Stop trying to find fault with what God is doing and begin to declare blessing on your own: This is not a time to find fault or to place those whom God is using under a magnifying glass. Get your own blessing. Declare your own revival. The sooner you stop examining the things God is doing elsewhere and start decreeing a blessing upon your own town (turf), the sooner you will see it come to pass.  God has said:

For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea
Habakkuk 2:14 
Start believing for it and declaring it to come to pass.  It’s God’s time. If the whole Earth is to be filled
'with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord;'
that means that your town and your house (family tree/DNA) will be filled as well...
When we first went to Jerusalem to live, the Lord told us to
'see the good of Jerusalem.' He reminded us of the experience of the 12 men who spied out the land of Israel in Joshua’s day. 10 gave a report that God called 'evil.'  Although what
they said was true, it caused a whole generation of Israelites to miss out on the promises of God. The 2 men who offered a good report were kept alive to lead the next generation of Israelites into the Promised Land
God told us if we would see the good of and only speak good about Jerusalem, He would keep us in the land...
Speaking positively about a people, a city or a nation helps to release your faith for that people, city or nation. Declare His glory wherever you are.  Refuse to have anything but optimism for the future.  Refuse to speak anything but blessing to
your country. Stand together in unity.  Believe for God to bless as He has promised. We are on the brink of the greatest visitation of God the world has ever seen.  Determine to be part of it...
Let the very atmosphere be charged with your declaration of revival glory...
Know that this wind of the Spirit will breathe new life into the dead and cause them to stand upon their feet, 'an exceeding great army.' It’s already beginning...We declare revival glory from border to border and sea to shining sea.  In Jesus' name."
Heflin, Ruth Ward - RIVER GLORY (678KB)  chapter 19 Meet God in the River - Psalm 46:4-5 God is in the midst of her.  "Our God is extending to you an invitation to meet Him in the river.  Accept His invitation & step into the River Glory, for your own life & those around you...Declare goodness for the people...
If the Lord says, 'I'll meet you in the river,' you are not going home now.  He is just quickening...anointing...revitalizing... you, enduing you with power from on high, putting a newness into your, so that you can rise up and do exploits...There are miracles in the river.  God is saying to us, 'I want you to get in the Spirit and stay in the Spirit.' 
Get yourself completely immersed...& stay under its life-giving influence.  Don't be satisfied just to be touched by the Spirit, but allow the (Holy) Spirit (not life) to overwhelm...overflow you continually."

Herzog, David - - Glory Invasion - section Reaping What You Did Not Sow - Consistently sow Scripture into the heavens.  "Declare it with your mouth...After you declare it out loud, angels are released to harken to the Word of God.  When you declare the Word, angels can't (do not) distinguish between your voice or God's, because it is His Word.  They react as if He Himself is declaring it.  That is the authority that comes when you declare a revelation from Heaven."

, Marilyn & Sarah - Bulldog Faith -
Faith Ministry Day 3/23/2017 Holy Spirit showed Marilyn how to minister to her dad when he was depressed/hospitalized.  He would agree that he was born again & then confess it.  (The same principle applies for all spiritual issues, until the positive truths overcame the negative lies/feelings/emotions/mood.)

scripture translations @ In the name of Jesus,
I reclaim all the things that Satan has stolen
__________ (according to)
Genesis 4:14 Alexander Harkavy or 4:15 KJV - Vengeance shall be taken on him 7-fold.
In the name of Jesus, I LOOSE all that Satan has stolen from _________ .
EXODUS 14:13-14 NKJV - ( ________ , ) "Do not be afraid. Stand still.  See the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today. The Egyptians (enemy/oppressors/tormentors/captors) whom you see today, you shall see again NO more forever.  The Lord will FIGHT for you.  You shall hold (retain/regain) your peace" (of mind in Jesus' name & by His stripes.)
1st Samuel 30:18-20 TNAB
 - 18.David recovered everything the Amalekites (the enemy) had taken & rescued his 2 wives.  19.Nothing was missing, small or great, booty or sons or daughters, of all that the Amalekites had taken. 
David brought back everything. 
20.Moreover, David took all the sheep & oxen; as they drove them before him, they shouted, "This is David's spoil."
Job 42:10-17 TNAB - 10.The Lord restored the prosperity of Job, after he had prayed for his friends;
the Lord even gave to Job twice as much as he had before...
12Thus the Lord blessed the latter days of Job more than his earlier ones...
13.He had 7 sons and 3 daughters...16.After this he lived 140 years.
Proverbs 5:29-31 Alexander Harkavy - Men, do not despise a thief...
31but if he be found, he shall restore 7-fold. (to ___________ .)
Isaiah 52:2 KJV - Shake thyself from the dust.  Arise and sit down, O Jerusalem. 
thyself from the bands (chains off) of thy neck, O captive daughter (__________ ) of Zion.
In the name of Jesus, I bind Satan and all his helpers, (according to:)
MATTHEW 16:19 KJV - Whatsoever you shall BIND on earth shall be BOUND in heaven.
whatsoever you shall LOOSE on earth shall be loosed in heaven.
MATTHEW 18:18 KJV - Whatsoever you shall BIND on earth shall be (1st) BOUND  in heaven,
and whatsoever you shall LOOSE on earth shall (st) be loosed in heaven.
MATTHEW 12:29 - How can one enter a STRONG MAN's house & plunder his goods,
unless he 1st BINDS the STRONG MAN?  Then he will plunder his house.
MARK 3:26-27 - If Satan rise up against himself, he is divided, cannot stand & is finished. 
No man can enter into a STRONG MAN's house & plunder his goods, except he 1st BIND THE STRONG MAN;
then he can spoil his house.  (The strong man who desires to plunder our lives is Satan.  See Luke 11:21-22)
Luke 13:12-16 KJVer  When Jesus saw her, He called her to Him & said, "
Woman, you are LOOSED from your infirmity."  He laid His hands on her.  Immediately she was made straight & glorified God.  The ruler of the synagogue answered with indignation, because Jesus had healed on the Sabbath day & said to the people, "There are 6 days in which men ought to work.  In them therefore come & be healed.  Not on the Sabbath day." 
The Lord answered, "
You hypocrite.  Does not each one loose his ox or his ass from the stall and lead him away to watering?   Ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan has BOUND these 18 years, be LOOSED from this BOND on the Sabbath day?"
John 11:44 TPNT - Jesus said to them, "You must loose him at once and you must allow him to go."
In the name of Jesus, upon __________'s mind, I LOOSE (holy) spiritual: knowledge, revelation, insight, understanding, wisdom, truth, discernment, diligent searching, freedom and permanent deliverance from deception.8.24.2010 + 4.9.2013  (Mind of Christ alignment scripture)
JOHN 19:30 NKJV   Jesus said, "
It is finished!"  Bowing His head, He gave up His spirit. 
(According to John 19:30 - In Jesus' name, ______ 's problem is finished.) (_________ , your nightmare past is finished 2,000 years ago & your inheritance in Christ is claimed; today your new life in Christ begins, in Jesus' name.)
1 Corinthians 2:16b NKJV - (________ has the mind of Christ.)
1 Corinthians 3:9 NKJV  We are God's fellow workers; you ( _________ ) are God's field; you ( _________ ) are God's building (tabernacle/residence/holy place/dwelling of His Holy Spirit).
1 Corinthians 4:16 NKJV  (_______ does) NOT lose heart.  ( _______ 's) inward man is being renewed day by day (in Jesus' name).
1st CORINTHIANS 15:24-28 NIV - The end will come when He (Christ) hands over the kingdom to God the Father after He has destroyed all (evil) (1) dominion, (2) authority & (3) power, for He must reign until He has put all His enemies UNDER HIS FEET.  The last enemy to be destroyed is death, for He has put everything UNDER HIS FEET. 
Now when it says that everything has been put under Him, it is clear that this does not include God Himself, Who put everything under Christ.  When He has done this, then the Son Himself will be made subject to Him who put everything under Him, so that God may be all in all. (Spiritual insight: We may copy scripture by binding the enemy
and then placing him under the feet of Christ.)
(In the name of Jesus, I place  ______ 's enemies/problems/iniquities under the feet of Jesus, according to:)
EPHESIANS 1:22 (God) hath put all things UNDER HIS (Christ's) FEET, and gave Him (Christ) to be the head over all things.
PHILIPPIANS 3:20-21 NIV ( _____ 's) citizenship is in heaven.  We eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, Who by the power that enables Him to bring everything UNDER HIS control, will transform our lowly bodies (and minds)
so that they will be like His glorious body, (beginning TODAY).
Ephesians 4:23 JNTP  ( ______ ) 23.must let your spirits and minds keep being renewed 24and clothe yourselves with the new nature created to be godly, which expresses itself in the righteousness & holiness that flow from the Truth.
1st Timothy 5:17 TNAB Let the elders who rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in the word and doctrine. 18 for the Scripture (Deuteronomy 25:4) says, "You shall not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain," and, (Luke 10:7) "
The laborer is worthy of his wages."
James 1:17 - Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father.

Jackson, John Paul - 11/2007 The Power of Declarative Prayer -
Jackson, John Paul - 3/2009 -
The day God made you perfect -
"Jesus...came to make us perfect once again - and the unbelievable thing is that He succeeded. Somehow, in the midst of our faults, He calls us perfect, flawless (Song of Solomon 4:7, 6:9), white as snow (Isaiah 1:18).   But we have such a hard time believing this. Why? Because the devil will do anything he can to rule over us again (1 Peter 5:8). After Jesus’ death and resurrection, Satan, who was and is utterly defeated, devoted himself to doing what he had done in the beginning - trying to destroy the perfection God created. Therefore, it takes daily decisions on our part not to believe what he insists is true.  Be alert. The devil will play with your head. He will try to convince you that your sin is too great for the blood of Jesus to cover. He will confuse you into thinking that his way is the only way; that you are the defeated one; that you are ugly and flawed & could never, ever possibly be what God wants. After years of believing these lies, it is war to believe the opposite. It is a struggle to put 2 and 2 together & realize that Jesus did not go to the cross for nothing. The perfection of God gives us the opportunity to see our selves & lives as Heaven sees them, not faultless, but absolutely perfect, because He is able to make us perfect. The perfection I’m talking about means that we can present ourselves, humble and empty before Him. He can fill us up. It means resting in Him as His perfection comes and rubs out our cracks and crevices and makes us whole...Some of us have more cracks than others, but there are no cracks that the Spirit of God cannot rub out. Passionate and persistent pursuit of Him will be rewarded.  To witness His perfection in your life, there are 2 things you must do. 1st, supply you, in humility & without pretense. 2nd, be willing to change the way you think. The rest, to His great joy and eagerness, is up to Him. You will be amazed at how these 2 decisions change your life."

Jakes, T. D. - 3/19-23/2017 Bare Bones Ministry - As God instructed the prophet to speak to dead bones, so is God's word in our mouth: resurrection life.  If we fail to speak, that is death as is speaking curses. @ 

Johnson, Peter -

Brenda Kunneman, Paul Crouch Jr. -

Thompson, Adam @ - Chapter 10 -(edited excerpt) - "By faith every day, I put on the full armor of God. I prophesy into my mind, 'I am possessed by the revelation and image of God.  The pathways of my mind are streamlined into the revelation of Jesus Christ.' 
I prophesy to my brain, 'You are sancitfied, limitless and operate at 100%.' 
Pray out of (from) your citizenship of heaven.  You and Holy Spirit are already 2, agreeing in the spirit (realm).

- 2009 -

Kerr, Kat - CD - 3rd Heaven Declarations                     
, Kat - book - 9/26/2013 - Father, "I ask for & receive grace for this day.  Thank You." 
In Jesus' name, amen. Per Revealing Heaven 2, chapter 16.                                          
#282) Kat Kerr - Decree into the Atmosphere - Promise Church - Alive_Again -
May 10, 2013 @ (edited) -
"God is teaching His people to declare & to decree.  Let me tell you, when you hear a word that you know is God? I'm saying, 'This is what God says'.  We need to stand up and declare it into the atmosphere.
DECLARATION: So say, 'Father, I'm made in Your image. There is no fear in Your image.' 
I will not permit fear to be in me. So, 'Fear, we evict you in Jesus name. Get out of here.
You will not control me or affect my life. You come near me, you're going to be kicked out.' Amen."
Kerr, Kat - #1
We are to stand up when we decree a thing, which is recorded in heaven.

FROM: The Gathering Place Conference - 10/10/2013.6.3.2015 (Tithe into the ministry that feeds you; it will help to seal the revelation.)
Kerr, Kat - OTHER Kat Kerr Declarations:
FROM: Heaven Touching Earth Conference 9/26/2013 - Morning declaration:
Father – You are the Most High God. You’ve created the heavens and the earth' it all belongs to You.
I trust You that You have plans for me, for my family.  You are our protector...provider.
It doesn’t matter what’s going on in this world, my trust is in You.
I want Your presence in my invade every one of my family member’s life.
Help us to lay down our differences and stop fighting.  Let the world see Your love in us.
I ask for and receive grace for this day – fuel from heaven, (in Jesus' name). Thank you.
, Kat - Invade My Life:  Father, You made me.  I come from You.  I am Your child.  Above anything else, I love you.
I thank you for sending Your Son Who came to die, that I might have grace to be free from sin, not so I can freely sin!
Father, open my eyes, let me know You.  Give me revelation so I can help change this world.  Let it start in my home.
Remind me in the morning to declare & decree what You want for me. 
Father we agree as the body of Christ on this earth: We want Your will done, Your way, just like it is in heaven.

So I give You permission to invade my: life, mind, soul, spirit.  Come and take control.
Expose (& depose) anything in me that You don’t want there.  I give You permission.
Father, invade this land.  Let heaven come and make a habitation in this land where I live.
I desire to live to see the day of Your Power take place on this earth, when this country and this world will know there is a God.  I decree (agree with) it (Your word, Lord, in Jesus' name) Amen.
KAT KERR – Recorded on 21st June 2014 at FirstLove Kansas City – Part 2
KAT KERR – Recorded on 22/6/2014 at FirstLoveKC @ - (edited) -
Our family members in heaven decree over their unsaved (and unfruitful) relatives living on earth:
"I declare you will become a mighty child of God.
I declare you will be free in Jesus' name.
I declare you will not miss your destiny.
I declare you will become a living saving testimony of Jesus' Christ."
God does NOT need the details, but His words declared aloud from our mouths
Kerr, Kat -
7 hours of Kat Kerr describing Heaven, from her many trips (Comp#2)
@ 7th hr - The moment we are conceived/born the cloud of witnesses begin to declare such things as we shall be a testimony & witness for the Trinity, to which we can echo, adding to that spiritual dynamic, thus in agreement with heaven...God has been sending and will continue to send His ideas on waves into earth for man to capture and invent His ideas on earth.
Kerr, Kat Everything you need to know about Heaven (Kat Kerr Compilation #3) 8 Hours 
2014 post @ - We are to declare both what the Trinity has said and what They want.
I declare my family is going to wake up and know You intimately, in Jesus' name.  We speak life and NOT death over our family.  My children are going to be mighty men of God; they will be free in Jesus' name.  They will NOT miss their destiny. 
With Your help, I will love them enough to allow them to die to self (flesh/opinions/attitudes/rights).  The enemy can have NO part of me; there is NO darkness in me, in Jesus' name (+ ongoing Holy Spirit purification fire).

Other significant videos:
Kerr, Kat - ZOE ~ ACTS 2:28 says: February 15, 2015 at 7:11 PM -
Great deliverance prayer at the end of video. significant video - Father, I love revelation. 
Give me some, so I can share it and wake up Your kids, so they can run the divine race in Your kingdom age. 
Father, right now, as an act of my will:
I loose from my soul any darkness, hate, un-forgiveness, offense, fear, addiction, of any kind.
I choose to loose all grief, all sadness from my soul.
I use my will. I loose it (all the aforementioned), right now; you go, in Jesus name.
Father, right now, as an act of my will, I choose to
call back any layers of my soul I gave to a person, place, or thing that was not a of You, right now, come back.  Father, right now, my soul is whole.
(Father) I ask You with my will; I choose to have You
download Your love, joy, power, presence & plans for my life I receive them in Jesus nameFather, You desire above all things that I prosper and be in health.
now my soul prospers; my soul is whole, so bring it down, hallelujah.
Kat Kerr Day 1
2015 Heaven Touching Earth @ As you get out of bed begin to daily DECLARE: "You are the most high God.  You have created the earth.  It belongs to You.
You have plans for me & my family.  You are our protector.  Our trust is in You no matter what is going on in this world. 
I want Your presence in my home.  I want You to invade every family member with Your presence.  Help us to lay down our differences & stop fighting.  Let the world see Your love in us.  I am about to take property for the Kingdom on this earth.  Every where I step I declare it belongs to You Lord.  Take it.  Come and invade it.  Affect the lives that are there. 
I have dominion and authority over this earth/air/atmosphere/water, in Jesus' name.  By our words, we rule in this earth."
"Father, You made me; I came from You.  I am Your child.  Above anything else, I love You. 
I thank You for sending Your Son to die, that I might have grace to be free from sin, not so I can freely sin.
Father, open my eyes; let me know You.  Give me revelation so I can change this world.  Let it start in my home. 
Remind me in the morning to declare & decree what You want for me."
"Father, we agree as the body of Christ on this earth.  We want Your will done, Your way, just like it is in heaven.
I give You permission to invade my life (& family)/spirit/soul/mind.  Come and take control. 
Destroy in me anything You don't want in there.  I give You permission."
"Father, invade this land; let heaven come & make a habitation in this land where I live. 
I desire to live to see the day of Your power take place on this earth,
when this world and country will know there is a God.  I decree it. Halleluiah." 
Other significant videos -
(98 seconds) or 
Together we are to strip away enemy power.  Declare with Kat: (edited)

"Father, as a blood bought believer, as a child of the most high God,
take the authority that the blood of Christ gives me.  In Jesus' name,
I strip away all the power of the enemy, operating in _______, __________ ,
(in any named: person, place, thing, government or nation) &/or ____________. 
In Jesus' name, enemy you have NO power to bring harm, death, destruction to this nation, its citizens or guests.
Father, I loose and
release Your Host of Heaven (1 of Your weapons sent here on our behalf) into their assignment regarding ____ , ____  and ____ according to Your foreknowledge & love, to permanently pull down strongholds.
Go guys and get it done, in Jesus' name.  Thanks.

I declare that blessings are coming to America and the body of Christ (those under Your covering)."
This is a time to rejoice & rule, not run.  Zam; bam.  Get your crown on & the job done. 
Use this decree to take authority over any: one/thing/situation
rising up in your life.
Then LOOSE the Host of Heaven, who are waiting for our spoken words to
pull down strong-holds (having, until now, often blinded/deceived us & kept curses/evil in & blessings out).
Kat Kerr - Heavenly Tour #2 - The Portals in Heaven 12/20/2015
"Make Jesus a birthday cake (He loves sweets). Sing Happy Birthday to Him. (It's our family tradition.)"  There are "portals where Heaven witnesses our life events, including weddings, births, celebrations, accomplishments and times of ministry to others; are built inside glorious structures and outside in many different places. Sometimes even the angels will go to watch God preparing our lives to step into a planned destiny & release the Kingdom that is within all Believers. They get very excited when we start walking in revelation and begin to rule and reign with Christ. (At these portals our cheerleaders/ family/friends DECLARE/prophesy over us God's assigned destiny over us.)"                                                                  

Kat Kerr Author - How To Survive In The Future #1 - 6/30/2016 - - Nice declaration regarding salvation
of family and seed for 1,000 generations.  (Whatever you speak/declare,
such as a doctor's report, saying, "I have" establishes it.  BEWARE.)
The Kat Kerr - July 8 at 1:19am 2016 video - Dallas, Texas - Orders for the Hosts
(in times of terrorism) recommended @!/TheRevelatorKatKerr/videos/vb.231750017184112/266816593677454/?type=2&theater

The Kat Kerr approx. 8/4/2018 part #2 video -
We have opportunity, honor & privilege to speak health/deliverance/opposites into reality or unwittingly speak/reinforce evil/fake/bad news into staying/visiting us & others.  Our choice; so be aware of what our tongue is aligning with: heaven or hell.  (poor/weak audio)
The Kat Kerr - September 29 - very good Short VIDEO "Declaration Kat had everyone repeat at end of her meeting last night (9/28/2018). Friday & Saturday Ohio conference is not being streamed live, but Jen recorded this so our Facebook/YouTube family could receive it too. Be blessed. The One Quest Team"

Patricia King - One Word Decrees + Patricia King - Your Words Are Currency

Brent Luck – 9/28/2015 - video
BRENT: Worship never stops in our home. It goes 24 hours a day.
I was in there praying, weeping & crying. God just arrested me.
He goes, "I want to tell you something."
He goes, "I had you start focusing those decrees & declarations, & praying
with your family a year & a half for a different reason than you thought.
You thought maybe it was for ministry or you can get to know me
He said, "But I had a specific reason."
He said, "That was for the day that you found your daughter.  She had no life in her, that you, through the year & a half of preparing your tongue, that you would be able to speak life into your daughter (
Melissa) & not cave in under fear, where you could literally use what you had done a year & a half to cause your daughter to come back to life.
That is why I did that
." (Brent also does prayer ministry on behalf of webcast listeners/viewers/readers.)

Lynch, Barbara - chapter 6 notes from Ana Mendez-Ferrell's Regions of Captivity
regarding John Sanford's Healing the Wounded Spirit of Jo, Sanford's client. 
"Our (human) spirit may need to unite with the Holy Spirit & to descend into hell, as Christ did (after dying but before rising from the dead.)  In hell there is a place called captivity from which Jesus released the captive into heaven, those who accepted Him as messiah.  In hell we rescue, the broken pieces of the heart/mind/soul & release them into the heavenlies to be ministered to by God.  If instructed (by God's Holy Spirit) to do so, in hell & on earth, we minister life both spiritually & physically to weakened individuals.  We need NOT go into hell in spirit, unless instructed to do so, but we do need to SAY ALOUD this PRAYER for EACH PRISONER of SATAN:
(In Jesus' name, ________ ) I AM CALLING YOUR (or MY OWN wounded/broken/fractured) SOUL (pieces) OUT OF CAPTIVITY.   COME FORTH in the NAME of JESUS CHRIST. 

MARK THIS DAY ON YOUR CALENDAR as a MEMENTO to GOD.8.17.2013+10.10.2015+3.19.19
DECLARATIONS: (to be made on behalf of individual and/or WITH individual who can also participate in at least some of the declarations)
[Where applicable (After each command, ask the Lord to fill you (individual in captivity) with the ‘positive opposite’ of the negativity you removed: fear/love; illness/health; weakness/strength; etc.)  Individual can also be instructed to say:
'Lord, I receive just the opposite'. ] IN JESUS' NAME and POWER:
1- We declare that each demonic thought, intention, sting, attack or warfare will end
in the demon’s permanent death/impotency/inability to harm another,
(as it is with a stinging bee who loses its stinger and life after it stings)
2 - We declare that each demonic assault will empower the one stung to become like a queen bee, full of dominance and power, by the Holy Spirit, just the opposite intended by the enemy.
3 - We declare that each sender of harm or evil will become of no use to the enemy,
that he/she will become booty for the lord Jesus & a great warrior for God, working for the other side.
4 - I bind all spirits of the air, fire, water, ground, underground & nether world
(regarding _________ & the family of Christ).
5 - I bind all forces of evil and claim the Blood of Jesus in the air, atmosphere, water, ground & their fruits around us, the underground & the nether world  (regarding _________ & the family of Christ).
6 - I seal this (each) room (hotel/home/property) & all members of my family, relatives, associates & all sources of supply in (with) the Blood of Jesus Christ.
7 - I forbid every (evil/unholy/malevolent) spirit from any source from harming
me (us, _______ or Your family) in any way.
8 - I reject the seduction lure of evil (in the life of ________ and Your family).
9 -I (we) reject satan and all his works (lies) & all his empty promises.
Heavenly Father, I (we) ask forgiveness for myself, my friends, relatives and ancestors.
10 - I (we) renounce all openness to the occult (and close all evil doors).
11 - I (we) renounce (and cancel) every power apart from God.
12 - I (we) break (off, cancel and reverse) any curses that may be coming against me (us) or my (our) family.
And stop (cancel/reverse) the (any) transmission of those curses through my (our) ancestry
13 - I bind you spirit of_____________ [fortune telling…occult games…Identify (and name) it by its negative fruit (eg. anger).]
14 - I bind (renounce/reject/loose) you away from (_________ ) me (us) now.
Lord Jesus, fill me (us) with Your love (peace) to replace the fear,
(love to replace hate, forgiveness to replace anger, etc ________________.)
Loving Father, let the cleansing, healing waters of my baptism flow back through the generations to purify my (our) family blood line of contamination. 
Thank You Lord, for setting me (us) free.  ‘In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him Who loved us. 
Romans 8:37

Matheson, Roy - Free to Be Me - -
"In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I renounce the following (unholy/unhealthy) mental agreement (describe agreement) ______________________________________________________________________
It is a lie. I declare this lie to be null and void.
I declare that I will no longer live under the authority and power of this (self-sabotaging) mental agreement.
I declare this (unscriptural/unloving) mental agreement to be broken now.
In place of this mental agreement, I ask (You) Jesus Christ to reveal to me now what the new Godly mental agreement is that He wants me to accept.
Record New Agreement: _________________________________________________________
I now choose, as an act of my will, to come into agreement with this new agreement that God has directed me to accept.
I pray this in the name of the True Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

McLean, Renny - Eternity Invading Time -
Chapter 3 The Realm of Prophetic Vision -
"We must mature to the stage where we declare what we see...Declare means to bring something forward.  You don't have to wait for it to happen.  You can bring it forth (from heaven to earth.  Put a demand on it.) It will manifest now...In the realm of the Spirit, we declare what we see in the Spirit realm. When you declare something, it is framed.  It's a done deal...Anything you cooperate with speeds up your circumstance...
Walk in the Glory."
Chapter 4 Perceiving the Realm of the Miraculous - "Truth is called upon according to the huger of the people...
Begin to speak what you hear (and see) in the Glory...The Lord spoke to me by an open vision of a scroll...
In the latter days...My people will speak by open vision...When the cloud is present, they will speak things that are conducive to those things I will show them in the (glory) cloud.'" (NOT cloud computing!)
Revelation 4:2-11 - Were 4 beasts full of eyes before & behind...The 4 beasts each had of them 6 wings about him...they were full of eyes within.
"In Ezekiel it says they don't go backward; they go forward.  In the realm of the Spirit, the past, present and future is NOW... Notice it says they have eyes within.  The eye represents inner vision.  Prophetically peaking, you are in a vision.  It is as much real as your open vision.  Everyone has a prophetic sense...The nerve to my eye is in my hand. 
Prophetically speaking, there are times we don't perceive anything about someone unless we touch them. 
So the laying on of the hands was NOT the principle of impartation.  It was the principle of seeing...
Another place that corresponds to the nerve of the eye is in your feet...Enoch walked with God, which meals while Enoch was walking, he was seeing (He got caught up in & Spirit & was not).  In the Old Testament you'll often see...
'Lift up your hands & praise the Lord.'  This simply means the lifting of hands was seeing in His presence...
We all perceive.  Everyone can be caught up & perceive.  You have the prophecy living within you. 
That apostle big in you as he is in me...Believe what you perceive & declare it. God will frame it...
Envision the elders & the living creatures encircling the throne...saying what they are seeing...'Holy, Holy, Holy.'"
Chapter 7 The Heavens and Those Who Inhabit It - Spiritually "we are seated with Him in Heavenly places...we can look down from the realm of eternity into time and understand the end from the beginning. 
What is up there, in our future, has always been there...
There is a deposit, much like a bank account, in the Glory with your name on it...laid up for you in the Heavens...
Access the eternal realm & begin to declare things...
We would be speaking from 'up' to 'down'...God has already given us the compound interest rates of Heaven...up to 100 fold return on our investment...As His child, and joint her, we have a right to all of it."
Chapter 9 Dominion Over Time - "If anything come to the earth from the Heavenlies,
it has to...penetrate the realm of framed, or claimed by the words of our mouth. 
Then...manifested to us in the natural realm...When one prophesies, he does NOT speak from (earth) time, but from the present tense, now...There is no past, present or future in the Glory...
Prophecy speaks from eternity, for it sees the finished result of the declared word...
The Bible declares that where 2 or 3 agree, it is grounds for a decree.  By agreeing with the doctor's sentence of time,
we establish it as law in our lives...(Instead) agree with what His Word says about you."
Chapter 12 Religion Conforms to Earth - "It is possible to enter His realm upon invitation. 
He commands us to enter into Him...I have seen the times & seasons...
I have seen the great library in the Heavens...There is a book which  has your name on it...It holds the destiny God has laid out for each one of us before the foundation of the earth was laid.  Unlocking this book requires our will. 
We must accept the (holy) destiny written inside the book.  To ignore, or show disregard for the written plan of God for
(each of ) us is to keep the book closed on the blessing He has in store for each one of us...
Will you break through the mental blocks & receive your renewed mind...(If yes, you can) PRAY ALOUD...
'Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask You to cleanse my mind by the washing of he water of the Word. 
Cleanse me from idle thoughts and open my mind to receive the perfect will of God.  Prepare my heart and mind, so that
I might enter into the perfected plan You have for my life.  Let me walk in Your ways and think Your thoughts
For Christ's sake, I pray.  (Thanks and) Amen.'"
Chapter 13 Breakthrough -  "When people pitch their tent in what they know,
then they stop growing and stagnate in religion, tradition & self...
Eliminate the opportunity for any level of breakthrough."

Chapter 16 The Supernatural Realm of the Spirit - Hebrews 11:3 KJV Worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear
"The faith realm is the spiritual structure of the invisible world. 
When you perceive something, it becomes set in the realm of time, and then recorded into history...
We must be aware of them (manifestations) to keep them on the earth...
Manifestations leave the Heavens constantly.  They remain here only if we pick them up (recognize) and declare them.  God is looking for the people who will catch the things that He is sending and keep them on the earth...
There is a difference between declaring it and confessing it...the Word of God...
When you name that thing, it is framed.  When manifestations come to the earth, you declare it when you see it (in the Glory).  This 21st Century church is looking for so much confirmation that by the time you get your confirmation,
the manifestation has already left.  It does NOT stay on the earth unless you declare it...Revelation 4:1...
Even psychics tap into this (spiritual) realm faster than the church does. 
There are things of the Heavens that are constantly being dispersed on the earth, but we are NOT touching them quickly enough for them to stay here...When the (healing) manifestations came, they (the glory waves/currents) were leaving the earth.  That is why people only get halfway healed."  (When the realm of Glory FIRST comes we must immediately declare whatever we perceive in the spirit realm.)
"There are 3 realms of the supernatural" - (1st) faith, (2nd) anointing and (3rd) Glory of God.  "Consider the Jewish feasts: Passover represents faith.  Pentecost represents the anointing and Tabernacles represent the Glory of God.  God made man to live in the glory...(where)...all your needs can be met...Discern the difference between a personal cloud and a corporate cloud...Discern our clouds.  There are multiple clouds in the realm of the Spirit...a healing cloud...a cloud of prosperity... Learn how to create a (glory) cloud (atmosphere).  Without a cloud, there is no rain (outpouring of blessings)."
(Spiritual progression: As thanksgiving evolves into praise, praise evolves into worship;
as faith evolves into anointing, anointing evolves into glory.)
McLean, Renny -
The Working of Faith Audio introduction begins with faith declarations via short audio sampler; download available. - "Understand that it is your identity with the Father that operates your faith.
God is not the miracle worker.  He is now using you the believer to work it in the earth." -

Morayo - (New York)
H. UPROOTING the SATANIC OPERATION from the MIND - In the name of Jesus:
36. I command satanic table upon which he exhibits its evil in ____'s heart to receive the fire of God .
37. sting of death, release _____'s mind.
38. sting of fear and (sting of) failure, release _____'s mind.
39. In the name of Jesus, I command every heavy burden in _____'s mind to roll away and be burnt to ashes.
40. blood of Jesus, replenish _____'s heart.
I. PARALYZING the STRONGMAN AGAINST the MIND - In the name of Jesu:
41. you powers that corrupt my desire and my mind, be roasted in the name of Jesus.
42. you strongman of evil imagination paralyzing the good things in my life, be paralyzed
43. I ask You Lord God to preserve _____'s mind with Your fire.
44. I ask You Lord God to put Your laws into _____'s mind.
45. all the good thoughts that the strongman has paralyzed in _____'s life, receive life.  Be restored back into _____'s life.
J. LOCATING the EVIL TREE in the MIND - In the name of Jesus:
46.  every evil tree in _____'s mind be located.
47.  every hidden evil tree in _____'s mind, be uprooted.
48.  every evil fruit in _____'s life, die.
49.  you planter of evil trees in _____'s life be roasted.
50.  I ask You Lord, to begin to plant good things in _____'s life.  Let good fruits begin to manifest.
K. SPIRIT of UNCERTAINTY 2 KINGS 7:2 - In the name of Jesus:
51. I bind and cast down the spirit of uncertainty in _____'s mind. I render its activity null and void in ____'s life.
52. I invite You Holy Ghost to occupy every area vacated by the spirit of uncertainty in _____'s mind.
53. I ask You Lord God, to  repair and restore every damage that the evil spirit of uncertainty has done in _____'s life.
54. I refuse to give space to the spirit of uncertainty in _____'s life.
55. I recover and possess every good thing lost to (or stolen by) the evil spirit of uncertainty.
L. SPIRIT of DEATH and HELL - In the name of Jesus:
56. throughout the (remaining) days of _____'s life, the gate of hell shall not prevail over _____'s life.
57. you power of death and hell, release all _____'s belongings that are under your control.
58. as for _____ and his/her/my/our house, our names will not enter the kingdom of hell.
59. you spirit of death, you will not prosper in _____'s life.
60. I release the life of Christ into _____'s life.
M. SPIRIT of MIND WASTAGE - In the name of Jesus:
61.  _____'s mind, I command you to think right.
62. all mind control spirits, be bound in the name of Jesus.
63. you producer of evil thoughts in _____'s life, somersault and die.
64. I ask You Holy Spirit to renew _____'s mind, for the glory of God.
65. I ask You Lord God to soak my _____'s with heavenly revelations.
N. DELIVERANCE from FRAGMENTED MIND - In the name of Jesus:
66. I gather together every area of _____'s mind that have been scattered.
67. every area of _____'s life and area of _____'s mind in satanic cages, be released (NOW).
68. I plead the blood of Jesus in (and over) _____'s mind & into the whole of _____'s life.
69. I fire back every arrow of the enemy fired into _____'s.
70. I command you mind of _____, go back to your resting place in...Jesus.

Olukoya, David - Command the Morning -
Adapt this prayer to be in alignment with your own eschatology and with scripture. -1/17/2013 with scripture

, David - Nigeria - Satan Get Lost
Classic_collection/classic_books_author_NO_PDF_edited_filenames/Oyedepo.Dr%20David%20!Satan%20Get%20Lost.pdf  - "Every prayer that is void of God's Word cannot do anything to the devil. If Satan is threatening you with the fear of death,
all you need to do is say, 'It is written, they that serve God shall have the number of their days fulfilled. Satan, your threat of death over my life cannot hold. I am of God and I have overcome you. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.'  The devil quickly leaves (flees) men who talk that kind of language.
When he is making a list of people he cannot touch, he will add their own - 'Jesus I know, Paul I know...
(and he will include your name)'.  When you declare 'It is written.', let it come from a depth where doubt has no access, from the depth of your heart. It's time to do what Jesus did. All the time you spend running around, looking for people to help you, I wish you could spend it with God's WordLocate what guarantees your triumph in the battle you're facing.  That's all you need. Just locate the right Word and stand on it. The devil must surely bow, because the Word of God is that Light that shines in darkness & darkness has no answer to it (John 1:5).
The more darkness there is, the more prominently light shines (burns evil). This is why the devil has no answer to light.
The devil cannot hang around your life when God's Word reigns supreme there. All you need to do therefore is get yourself drunk (marinated/impregnated) with God's Word, be ready any day to release 'It is written...'
Don't ever sit down with trouble; expose it. Until you get to this point in any battleground, the devil stands to have whatever he wants.  True victory is making it in the face of your enemy, not behind him. 
There is nothing more exciting than your enemy seeing you make progress."
Prophetic Utterances -
"Prophetic utterances are 'Godly' utterances. They are heavenly utterances.
They are divine commandments given expression to through mortal lips.
The prophet just opens his mouth to declare what God has commandeth."
Daniel Olukoya - L Decree - Job 22:28 - -
"Christians’ kingship is not by selection nor by election nor by inheritance, so we can not be voted out of power. -
"Job 22:28 says, Thou shalt also decree a thing. 
It shall be established unto thee & the light shall shine upon thy ways
This verse states that you have to make a decree.  When it is established, light will shine on your way.
It means that without issuing that decree, nothing will be established; there will be darkness.
The whole world was in darkness until the Lord issued a decree. The world was void, dark. He said,
Let there be light.
In Hebrew the translation is: 'Light, be!' He created something out of nothing.
You too can issue decrees today & something will happen in your life.
It is an official command, the establishment of a thing in a militant way or issuing an official order. The Bible says:
'Whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven.'  A decree is a decision of a king or government.
It is an order having the force of law behind it.  That is, the fellow is not just saying it; something is backing it up.
A decree is an authoritative order or decision to which people have to comply.
It is the determination of someone who has power.
It is to ordain a thing.
It is to decide what is to be done & what has to take place.
Ecclesiastes 8:7 says: Where the word of the king is, there is power.  Who may say unto him, what doest thou?
Revelations 1:5-6:
From Jesus Christ, Who is the faithful witness, the first begotten of the dead, & the prince of the kings of the earth.
Unto Him that loved & washed us from our sins in His own blood, [6] & hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father.  To Him be glory & dominion for ever & ever. Amen
This means we are princes & kings.  Therefore we can DECREE things in & out.
Our kingship is not by selection, nor by election, nor by inheritance, so we can not be voted out of power.
A person can take over (an earthly) government by a coup d’etat & a counter coup can move him from power.
Our own is NOT like that. We are (spiritual) kings by divine appointment.
We are NOT asked to plead with satanic powers to release what they have captured or make a (timid) request to them.
We are NOT asked to pacify the enemy; pacifying prayers do NOT work any more.
When we issue our decrees, they cannot be challenged by any (spiritual) court of law, (unless we fail to recognize & execute our legal rights.)
Job 22:28 says, Thou shalt also decree a thing.  It shall be established unto thee: & the light shall shine upon thy ways.
Matthew 11:23 says, If any of you shall say to the mountain: 'Be thou removed & cast into the sea & shall NOT doubt in his heart, but shall BELIEVE that those things which he said shall come to pass; he shall have whatever he saith.'
You need to (consistently & repeatedly) issue decrees against some powers today. God has a lot to do in your life today.
The Bible is divided into 2: the Old and New Testaments. In the Old Testament, you can find shadows of the substance found in the new the New Testament. Most of what you find in the Old Testament which you think no longer exists is a figure of what will come up later & so, (in Jesus' name) you have to issue decrees today against...spirits:
'Cain, Ishmael, Pisgah, Absalom, Ahitophel, Uzziah, Pharaoh, Herod, Haman, Balaam, Goliath - recognizable by their 'natures'."

Prince, Derek - Proclamation for Overcomer + The Divine Exchange

Schubert, Linda - High Level Warfare Part 4 set 3 Notes Compiled By Evangelist or - Lynch, Barbara - chapter 6 notes from Ana Mendez's Regions of Captivity regarding John Sanford's Healing the Wounded Spirit of Jo, Sanford's client.  "Our (human) spirit may need to unite with the Holy Spirit and to descend into hell, as Christ did (after dying but before rising from the dead.)  In hell there is a place called captivity from which Jesus released the captive into heaven, those who accepted Him as messiah.  In hell we rescue, the broken pieces of the heart/mind/soul and release them into the heavenlies to be ministered to by God.  If instructed (by God's Holy Spirit) to do so, in hell & on earth, we minister life both spiritually & physically to weakened individuals.
We need NOT go into hell in spirit, unless instructed to do so, but we do need to SAY ALOUD this PRAYER for EACH PRISONER of SATAN:
(In Jesus' name, ________ ) I AM CALLING YOUR (or MY OWN wounded/broken/fractured) SOUL (pieces) OUT OF CAPTIVITY.  COME FORTH in the NAME of JESUS CHRIST. 

DECLARATIONS: (to be made on behalf of individual and/or WITH individual who can also participate in at least some of the declarations)
[Where applicable (After each command, ask the Lord to fill you (individual in captivity) with the ‘positive opposite’ of the negativity you removed: fear/love; illness/health; weakness/strength; etc.) 
Individual can also be instructed to say, 'Lord, I receive just the opposite'. ] IN JESUS' NAME:
We declare that each demonic thought, intention, sting, attack or warfare will end in the demon’s permanent death/impotency/inability to harm another, (as it is with a stinging bee who loses its stinger & life after it stings)
We declare that each demonic assault will empower the 1 stung to become like a queen bee, full of dominance & power, by the Holy Spirit, just the opposite intended by the enemy.
We declare that each sender of harm or evil will become of no use to the enemy, that he/she will become booty for the lord Jesus & a great warrior for God, working for the other side.
I bind all (evil) spirits of the air, fire, water, ground, underground & nether world (regarding _________ & the family of Christ).
I bind all forces of evil & claim the Blood of Jesus in the air, atmosphere, water, ground & their fruits around us, the underground & the nether world  (regarding _________ & the family of Christ).
I seal this (each) room (hotel/home/property) & all members of my family, relatives, associates & all sources of supply in (with) the Blood of Jesus Christ.
I forbid every (evil/unholy/malevolent) spirit from any source from harming me (us, _______ or Your family) in any way.
I reject the seduction lure of evil (in the life of ________ & Your family).
I (we) reject satan & all his works (lies) and all his empty promises. (Catholic exorcism.)
Heavenly Father, I (we) ask forgiveness for myself, my friends, relatives and ancestors.
I (we) renounce all openness to the occult (& close all evil doors).
I (we) renounce (and cancel) every power apart from God.
I (we) break (off, cancel and reverse) any curses that may be coming against me (us) or my (our) family.
Stop (cancel/reverse) the (any) transmission of those curses through my (our) ancestry
I bind you spirit of_____________ [fortune telling…occult games…
Identify (and name) it by its negative fruit (eg. anger).]
I bind (renounce/reject/loose) you away from (_________ ) me (us) now.
Lord Jesus, fill me (us) with Your love (peace) to replace the fear, (love to replace hate, forgiveness to replace anger, etc ________________.)
Loving Father, let the cleansing, healing waters of my baptism flow back through the generations to purify my (our) family blood line of contamination.  Thank You Lord, for setting me (us) free. 
‘In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him Who loved us.  Romans 8:37"

Sheets, Tim - 5/30/2016 -
TIM: "They’re pumping, because we’ve made decrees...(Army) angels are beginning to partner and assist the decrees of the saints that have been saying, 'Lord, we want to see your power. We want to see miracles. We want to see our sick healed again.'  The angels are pumping those old healing wells...We are told that when you make a decree it’s established, Job said.  Angels harken to the voice of that decree. So in a sense you are releasing an assignment to angels when you make a decree...The way the Holy Spirit said it to me was, 'Idle words, idle angels.' You don’t engage them."

Souza, Katie - Soul Decrees -

Trimm, Cindy - 2/23/2011 radio - Commanding Your Morning reading excerpts 
DANGER - Meditation center/program that broadcaster attended is NOT Christian.


Bishop Sola Adetunji  - Destiny Deliverance @ +
Bishop Sola Adetunji  - Family Deliverance @ @
+  +

, Charles - Spiritual RX 3x/day

Collins, Hakeem - - 202019-10-23 + (edited) “In prayer God showed me a prophetic vision of angels with scrolls in their hands responding to the prayers and prophetic decrees released by believers. The unusual thing about this vision was that angels were summoned only when God's people would ascend to the courts of heaven in prayer petitioning the Lord for a righteous verdict and judgments on their behalf.
As the people of God would pray, fast and wait on God's answer in worship, angels would appear suddenly with scrolls that looked to me like a subpoena or a court order. On the scroll, I saw the words "breakthrough decrees:"
"You will also decree a thing, and it will be established for you.  Light will shine on your ways" (Job 22:28, NASB)…
A decree is based on our decisions. In addition, angels only respond to God's Word and are sent to carry out His will in our lives.  "Bless the Lord, you His mighty angels, who do His commands and obey the voice of His word.
Bless the Lord, all you His hosts; you servants who do His pleasure
" (Ps. 103:20-21, MEV)…
When we return the Lord's Word to Him, angels are supernaturally dispatched to carry out the fulfillment of the Scripture and Word of God…What is the power of the decree? It becomes sound waves that are sent out like a ripple effect or sound waves into the atmosphere in the realm of the spirit. Those sound waves do not diminish, but stay in the environment where the decrees are sent out. The power of our words will create divine boundaries and barricades against enemy interference or activities. That is why a believer should not stop praying & speaking the Word of God by the Holy Spirit.
The Bible also says in Proverbs 18:21 (NLT), "The tongue can bring death or life.  Those who love to talk will reap the consequences." Interestingly enough, Matthew 12:37 (MEV) declares emphatically about our words says:
'For by your words you will be justified.  By your words you will be condemned.'
We can see the power of our words have the power to condemn or acquit us.
The definition of 'acquittal' or 'to acquit' is 'to relieve from a charge of fault or crime, declare not guilty, to release or discharge (a person) from an obligation, to settle or satisfy (a debt, obligation, claim), to bear or conduct (oneself);
behave & to free or clear oneself.' The enemy doesn't want you to speak the Word & will of God over your life.
In the English language, the word "decree" implies not only that a judgment has been implemented, but also that it is implemented with the degree of impact, or the level of authority, of an order being issued by a court.
The breakthrough is decreed and final when we release it out of our mouths…
If there is sickness or disease in your body, by the power of your decree, sickness has to obey and exit your body in Jesus' name because of a divine court order of heaven.
Sickness & disease have no further say in the matter to remain in your body as a legal host…
Why? It is the power of our decree, which is prophetically claiming healing breakthrough by the power of Jesus' blood & the finished work of the cross.
The power of our decree that, 'by Jesus Christ's stripes we are totally healed' is such that sickness must leave.
While we may not see sickness leave with our natural eyes, we need to understand that by absolute definition of the word 'decree,' sickness now has NO further say. It cannot refuse to leave. It must go. Stand in that authority.
Did you know that kings rule by their decree or edict? (Are we not kings & priests in God's kingdom.) 
An edict is a proclamation having the force of law. What they decree becomes law, constitutional, legal, and cannot be revoked, reversed or changed. In addition, when kings speak words by a decree out of their mouth or it is written in the form of a decree (and then proclaimed to others) the words of a royal ruler are received as law…
Look at the story of Jesus in the wilderness with Satan, who was temping Him. Jesus always responded with, 'It is written.'
& would then quote the Word of God correctly. Satan has no choice but to do what Jesus ordered by the power of the decree of Breakthrough in your mouth. Get ready to receive angelic help to bring you your breakthrough.
Collins, Hakeem -
ANGELS ON THE RESCUE TO DELIVER YOUR WORD 7/22/2016 @ (edited)                                                                                 
“This next season is a time of an open: door, open window, gate & portal where prophetic prayers & intercession has ascended to Him. God has heard your petition…The Lord says that your personal prophecies and prayers has met much resistance but He has sent His word through angelic reinforcement to confirm your release. He has sent His warring angels to help bring your prophecy and prayers request to pass. The Lord reminded me of Daniel when the time he prayed, the Lord answered Him. God spoke to me that your answer is coming like express certified hand delivered mail.
Daniel 10:12-13 “Then he said to me, “Do not be afraid, Daniel, for from the 1st day that you set your heart on under-standing this & on humbling yourself before your God, your words were heard. I have come in response to your words. But the prince of the kingdom of Persia was withstanding me for 21 days; then behold, Michael, 1 of the chief princes, came to help me, for I had been left there with the kings of Persia.”
God wants me to encourage you that your breakthrough is imminent. The warfare was not in vain. God has dispatched His angels to carry out His prophetic promises in your life. The Lord said that your prayers seem to hit a brass heaven, but He is opening the heavens on your behalf, while sending the host of heaven to cause you to walk in your prophetic destiny. Angels are summoned by the voice of the prophetic decrees & words over your life. God has employed your angels the 1st day you prayed.
Psalm 103:19-21 declares, “The LORD has established His throne in the heavens.  His sovereignty rules over all.
Bless the LORD, you His angels, Mighty in strength, who perform His word, obeying the voice of His word.
Bless the LORD, all you His hosts, who serve Him, doing His will.…”
As you (the church/bride) pray, God is delivering His prophetic keys and angels to deliver you from the grip of the enemy that is keeping you (& your seed) from walking in your destiny. Your release is in your mouth as you pray and prophesy.
Acts 12:5-7, “So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him. The night before Herod was to bring him to trial, Peter was sleeping between 2 soldiers, bound with 2 chains, & sentries stood guard at the entrance. Suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared & a light shone in the cell. He struck Peter on the side & woke him up. “Quick, get up,” he said, and the chains fell off Peter’s wrists.
Hakeem Collins is author of Born to Prophesy and Heaven Declares. He is CEO of Champions International,  Wilmington, Delaware, where he resides.
Collins, Hakeem - COMMAND YOUR HEALING 7/22/2016 @, people give up on their own personal healing because they don’t see instant results.  Who that is out of shape goes into the gym to gain muscles & expect total transformation over night? Or a farmer that plants seed of vegetation or fruits in the cultivated soil & expects a great harvest over night? It takes a gradual process to obtain the result that you made up in your mind to receive. Fight back by commanding, ordering & speaking to that mountain daily until it becomes a valley.,,
Understand that if we are instantly or gradually healed, what will we do if the symptom comes back or reoccurs?
Will we give up, accept the sickness or disease or fight back & do the necessary actions to destroy the works of Satan. Know that the enemy will always attack us when we are at our most vulnerable place
I know I cannot do anything without the Holy Spirit. I am not the healer. I am not able to heal everyone at all nor am I able to forgive everyone at all for their sins. I am not God but just a yielded vessel & servant that He uses as a conduit of love. I also know that it’s not in my name that a person I am praying for is healed but in the name of Jesus only. It is Jesus Himself through me by the Holy Spirit that is working the miracle or healing. Whenever it’s me & not Christ then there is real (negative) impact. The primary source & ingredient to healing is God’s love & compassion (in us)…
Sickness will respond & obey the (spoken) word of Jesus. What are you commanding to happen in your life? Don’t allow sickness, illness or pain to live in you anymore. SPEAK UP and COMMAND YOUR HEALING TODAY
Some decrees to do when under duress.  Example:
I command every (bacteria, virus, parasite) germ or sickness that touches my body to die in the name of Jesus. Christians who are ignorant of God’s will, lose the enjoyment of God’s peace and power. They cannot grow into their full potential, nor can they accomplish what God has planned for them. Instead of traveling 1st-class, they travel 2nd or 3rd-class, complaining all the way.
They live like paupers because they have cut themselves off from God’s great wealth.
They spend their lives—even worse, they waste their lives—when they could be investing their lives.

(Excellent, but fails to mention Holy Spirit baptism that empowers us to begin to recognize, chat & walk with Holy Spirit 24/7.)

Dvorak, Becky - Book: The Prophetic & Healing Power of Your Words, CD Speaking Miracles & newsletter link:
Dvorak, Becky - Book:
edited excerpt: Remember, Jesus says, “Have faith in God.”  Use the following list of healing confessions and speak them out loud several times a day, just as if you were taking a dose of medicine for yourself or for someone else. Personalize these Scriptures, use your name or the name of a loved one and declare God’s healing power:

Gill, AL & Joyce  -
@ -
Kings reign/rule by decree/declaration. - Chapter #1 - "1 of the most important things to learn is that our warfare is NOT with people. It is against Satan and his evil the spirit realm. Getting into conflict with people only leads to frustration and defeat...Peter made it clear that our adversary is the devil. 1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. The devil's wiles are his schemes, strategies and plans of deception, which he uses against us. He has a military-type battle plan to use in his attempt to defeat us. However, as we become aware of his plans, we must become more aware of the armor and weapons God has provided for our battle. The armor is for our defense. The weapons are for our victorious offense (rather than defense) against our enemies...
God has given every believer certain realms of authority over: Their (own) marriages, children and families in (places) Where they live: neighborhoods, cities, nations (plus) where they are sent by God to minister.  (However) often we will not be released in our spirits to go into warfare over a stronghold of the devil in an area outside our God-given realm of authority. God wants the believers in that (other) area to learn their (own) authority and to pull down (on/over their own turf) strongholds.  As soldiers, men & women of faith in God's army, we must not become arrogant & harsh in our attitude toward others.  Philemon 1:4,5 I thank my God, making mention of you always in my prayers, hearing of your love and faith which you have toward the Lord Jesus and toward all the saints. We must be hard on the devil & demons, but must continue to walk in love toward people. We hate the devil, but love people. Always remember: our authority as believers is not to take dominion over other people, but over the devil and his demons. (Finally) As we walk in love toward God & people, we are not to be continually thinking about warfare with the devil."

Hamill, Jon & Jolene - @ Lamplighter Ministry

Henderson, Robert - Notes From  “Courts of Heaven” 4. Apostolic / Prophetic decree – in a moment "Thus says the Lord: 'I have healed this water; from it there shall be no more death or barrenness.'" We speak the word, release the miracle (don’t ask God, do it yourself) .

Hickey, Marilyn - Our Daily Confessions - Proverbs 11:21

“Though they join forces, the wicked will not go unpunished; But the posterity of the righteous will be delivered.”

, John Paul - -
"You are heard by Heaven. Heaven responds to you...When we pray, whether we sense it or not, there are reactions in the spirit realm. In the same way, when we declare God’s truths over ourselves, they stick. They change the atmosphere.
They change us. We are no longer the same, whether or not we’re aware of it...In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, in His authority, I cut off every curse that has been spoken against me to try to stop me from walking into God’s purpose for my life. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and in His authority, I cut off all bloodline and spiritual curses that any person or persons may have placed upon me, whether by their actions or by any form of verbal declaration at all, whatsoever. 
Through the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I pronounce that, in His name: All these things are null & void as of this moment. Nothing that is against His purpose for me shall flourish. Nothing, in the name of Jesus, that is anti what He has created me to become will flourish from this moment on. Therefore, in His name, I declare that: my family will prosper, my children will prosper, my finances will prosper, my authority will prosper, my favor will prosper, my influence will prosper, my under-standing of Scripture will prosper, my wisdom will prosper, my discernment & discretion will prosper. 
The power of the Living God will flow in greater measure through me, unencumbered. It will increasingly become more unencumbered & flow at greater rates, greater speeds, to change people’s lives & advance the glorious Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ within me. 
I declare that God has determined the pre-appointed time for my life, the exact place that I would dwell, the exact time that I would be born, the exact location for my anointing.
He has placed me where I am in order for me to touch & change that area, that the enemy (the powers of darkness) would be broken, because of the power of the Living God upon my shoulders...As Paul wrote, “We are all His offspring,” and therefore I declare that I am flesh of His flesh in the Kingdom of the glorious Lord Jesus Christ. I am bone of His bone.
I was born for such a time as this. No matter what has happened in the past, or what has been happening in the present,
I will walk in victory, and I will see the goodness of God in the land of the living! In Jesus’ name, amen." - God's Prescription for a sound mind - shared by 

#35) Kat Kerr - Background from Throne Room Declarations
"I have known the Lord was from the age of 4. I'm 57, poured out, broken, surrendered, totally surrendered. The words I speak are not my own, even in normal conversation when I talk, I'm prophesying. His ways are my ways; His thoughts are my thoughts; and His Words are my words. When you live your life like that, this is a word for this new season for all those who live their life like that. He wants you to know that your needs have become His responsibility, and your desires are His pleasure. In this season we're entering into, their will not be a struggling for finances, for revelation, for power, for passion.
It will be downloaded into you from the Father. This is a new season. He is going to do things a new way, and use people in a new way (that's why I have pink hair). I'm opening that season of the new thing, because He does not care what color your hair is.  He took me home, so I could spend 8-10 hours a day with Him, to prepare me for what He called me to do now. In 1993 He warned me ahead of time that He would be removing me from my job. It was a very lucrative job in a law firm. I had to have that money replaced somehow. It was done by the provision of the Holy Spirit. But 1st, He allowed us to lose everything. Some people would say, 'That wasn't God.'  Yes it was, because He told us 1st before He did it. We did. We lost our house. We lost everything. We slept on someone's floor.  We didn't care because we knew we were being prepared for something.  We knew He was using for an example for someone who would surrender, lose everything & still worship Him the same as if they were kings in a palace. That is exactly what we did. Not just myself and my husband, but our children. The day we picked our daughter up from school, she was 16. Everything we owned was in a truck. When I told her she didn't have a home, these were the words she spoke, 'What an adventure with God.'  I cannot wait to see how He will prove Himself for us! She didn't care that she didn't have a place to hang her clothes. She didn't care if people knew we didn't have a place.  It didn't matter what the world thought.  It mattered what God said to us. We knew what we were called to do. What our purposes were. This was just part of the journey. We had enough money left to get a hotel room. We took our kids out of school and we danced all day long before the throne of God. We were going to show the enemy, he didn't control anything in our lives; that we knew this was the Father doing something in us. People have watched us for years to see what God was going to do with us. I want you to know that He opened a door very soon after that. We stayed in one of the wealthiest communities in our city. Keys were given to us to come & stay.
Everything was there including the dishes. Don't tell me that He can't provide for those who live a surrendered life. 
He does.  So I did pay a great price to be here, to stand here. He knew that I would have a platform to share, and He had to make sure I would not say anything that was not Him.  Even though I did not die to go to Heaven. I die to myself everyday to reveal it.  Because when I stand up here, there can't be anything of me. He wants you to know that sitting in this congregation is the same thing as being in the Throne Room of God, because all of Heaven is watching this meeting. They have waited for years to have revelation of what it is truly like to live in that holy, amazing place."
Kerr, Kat - Revealing Heaven #1 (Forward, Chapter 1,2,6)
Kat Kerr - Revealing Heaven #2 -
Read online -
@!/2013/05/kat-kerr-revealing-heaven-volume-2.html - Chapter 10 shares that we can join our deceased loved ones in declaring over our family members,
"We declare you will become a Mighty Man (Woman) of God. 
We declare you will NOT miss your Destiny. 
We declare you will become a living testimony of the saving power of Jesus Christ".
audio volume 2 -
Kat Kerr Day 1 2015 Heaven Touching Earth in Abbotsford, BC, Canada

"I ask for and receive Your provision & inventions and brilliant ideas according to Your economy, not the worlds.  Thanks."
"Whenever You are ready, You have my permission & request to catch me up to heaven, so I can share Your love and Your Truth.  Amen."
Kat Kerr - August 27, 2015- Face-book: "Do not tolerate the spiritual darkness operating around you at anytime or place.
REMEMBER, you DO have Power over all the power of the spiritual enemy because Christ gave it to you. 
So enforce it by declaring it & by demonstrating it. (1st and foremost exposing & deposing sin/soul wounds/hurts inside of oneself, so that we have no thing in common with our spiritual enemy, to give him legal ground to oppose or oppress us.)
I start each morning (literally when my eyes open each day) by declaring:
"Good Morning Father (God),
God Morning My Beloved Savior and King,
Good Morning Holy Spirit, My Best Friend.
I Love You All."
Then I start my declarations:
"I declare that Your Will be done in my life this day,
Your Will be done in my marriage this day,
Your Will be done in my home this day,
Your Will be done in my business this day,
Your Will be done in _________________
Your Will be done in _________________
so that the spiritual enemy and the world will not be able to control me (us) in any way.
I choose with (an act of) my will to humble myself under Your mighty hand to be used by You to:
love, bring hope, dispel fear & grief, & release life wherever I go.
It is an honor to be trusted by You to rule; I do not take it lightly.
Never allow me to get to a place where I do not need You, for I can do nothing of myself .
Let the eyes and ears of Your children be opened to Your plans to step into these Holy days of Wonder & Splendor that are even now coming on the earth.
Thank you for timing our birth on this earth to be a part of this Kingdom Age (beginning Easter 2012), to demonstrate & manifest for You.
Open doors to share Your Truth & Revelation that others might (begin to) BE Free, Amen source for DECLARATIONS over Yourself - over Your Health & Strength - of Testing & Trial - of Mental & Emotional Stabiltiy - of Perfect Redemption - of Righteousness and Holiness - of God's Intervention in Human Affairs

Tim Sheets - - 7/16/2017
TIM: He (God) began to download of information about governing, authority, power & releasing. The pastor that asked me to come to share, he was having a special event.  That wasn't what it was about. I decided I would inform the Lord about it, "Lord, that's not what they need to hear.  They won't understand."
He said, "They'll understand what I help them to understand.  You just declare what I say...I'll help them to understand." I began to see that no matter what I was going to share, Holy Spirit was going to communicate, what He was asking me.
In fact, He said to me, "I need you to sow this into the region because it's been requested of My people. I want to grow it there." I'm like, can you do that?

Winston, Bill -


Badolato, Lou - Dawn/Twilight/Early Morning Watch or 4th Watch Commandos - - recommended -

Scripture -
Genesis 13:3; Exodus 14:20; 2 Chronicles 7:14; Psalm 101:8 & 119:147-148;
Proverbs 11:11; Isaiah 51:16; Jeremiah 21:12 & 22:29; Job 24:12-13; 2 Kings 7:5;
Joel 2:3; Job 28:12; Matthew 14:24-29;
Acts 26:18; Pray through the gates of time. 
8 watches of 3 hrs each. Each watch has a specific spiritual purpose/principle with which we are to decree/align ourselves. Battle is to consistently possess the gates of time and final patterns/Jewish feasts/phases, such as of the moon, etc...God's battles are won at twilight.

Kerr, Kat - 2013 CD - (Radically) Marked - a Chosen Generation -
CD#1 - Violent noise/war unto God is an earthquake causing confusion and headaches in hell and 2nd heaven.
The spiritual enemy marks us with green slime, whereas the Trinity marks us with a deposit of His anointing which is activated at a right time/season; hence we are to practice, to exercise/utilize it.
Kerr, Kat - audio 2/2/2016 Sunday AM Our spiritual declarations establish those proclamations for oneself in one's own territory.


Copeland, Kenneth - Decide to Put God’s WORD First – 1/27/2019 before scientific evidence/symptoms
, Kenneth -
God’s word is to be our reality/Healer/Truth rather than our symptoms/sceintific evidence of dis-ease.  2/3/2019

The Kat Kerr - September 29 at 1:33 PM - "Here's the declaration Kat had everyone repeat at the end of her meeting last night (09-28-2018). The Friday & Saturday Ohio conference is NOT being streamed live,
but Jen recorded this so our Facebook/YouTube family could receive it too. Be blessed, The One Quest Team"

Kunneman, Brenda -
The Daily Decree + Spoken Decrees - 4/26/2020 (edited)
BRENDA: (In Jesus’ name) I speak over your physical being & to the blood, bones. immune system. 
Every organ, fiber, cell, come into alignment with (God’s 3rd heaven) & function the way God created you.

BRENDA: In Jesus' name, body begin to receive new physical zeal, life.  Soul begin to receive wholeness. 
We forbid & LOOSE from our body all: aches, pains, ailments.

BRENDA:  In the name of Jesus, body begin to run, dance & exercise again.
BRENDA: In Jesus’ name speak, spirit of striving, contention. Misunderstanding, division, severer, confusion lack of peace, war & chaos, we BIND, forbid & LOOSE you.  We replace it with household peace, unity & healthy holy love.
: In Jesus’ name, we speak over our prodigal children (& grandchildren) that are away from the Lord. 
We say that every seducing spirit, every lying spirit, every child that is suffering from a rebellious, stiff neck resistance, we speak over our prodigal sons & daughters.  We say right now, "Satan, you take your hands off of them."
BRENDA: We break up that hardheartedness,  We say it's replaced with a soft heart, an open heart that sees truth, life & blessing. We say that they come back into right fellowship with you & God in the name of Jesus,  We say, "Demon, get off of them." We loose the spirit of God upon our prodigal children.  We say they are coming home now.
BRENDA: In fact, I feel by the spirit of God. I hear the Lord say, "Begin rejoicing mother & father. Begin dancing. Begin running again. Get the feast ready, for the prodigal child is about to come home in Jesus' name." Hallelujah. Just receive that right now.10.21.2020
Kunneman, Brenda - (edited)
In the name of Jesus, the Great Physician, soul and body, be restored from the pain arising from loss,
betrayal, mistreatment, abuse, and loneliness. All tormenting memories be erased from our mind.
We command you spirit of fear. that comes to make us apprehensive about our future, be bound in the Name of Jesus.
We declare, negative events of the past, you have no more power to harass, haunt, or take up residence in our thoughts.
We speak inner peace, emotional wholeness over our soul & that assurance, confidence & faith arise within us to replace all past brokenness. We speak a mighty & divine healing & wholeness upon us now!
  Thanks Holy Trinity. 😊 

Bill Yount Prophetic email: @ -
Prophetic War Cry From Heaven: Call for the Worship Dancers!

Hebrews 12:1 Cloud of Witnesses

Run with Perseverance - hebrews/12-1.htm
1Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance
& the sin which so easily entangles us.  Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,

2fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author & perfecter of faith, Who for the joy set before Him endured the cross,
despising the shame & sat down at the right hand of God's throne.

Kerr, Kat - Warning, Heaven Rocks - CD #1 2010 Daddy's Girls, Rewarding His Daughters Heavenly porches (portals) are available for heavenly residents to declare blessings over us.
, Kat - Warning, Heaven Rocks - CD - 10/2/2015 - Our deceased family & friends can from a heavenly porch think of us and then see us.  They know God's will for us.  At that time they make positive declarations & decrees relevant to our negative circumstances: In Jesus' name I declare: "You will be free, you will become a mighty man/woman of God. 
You will fulfill your destiny.  You will become a living testimony of the saving grace of Jesus Christ." 
(Even one's kind words will be rewarded in heaven. 
Focus on our and others' potential & NOT on negatives we notice right now.  God has forgiven us for much and we too need to do likewise towards them.  Bitterness is a root which will sprout bad fruit and boomerang/sabotage our heart and body.  Find same sex healthy holy relationships that will help offset one's neediness to have mate fix it all.  Invite holy angels to assist both you & problem people in your life, in Jesus' name.  We do NOT need to coy (act like, respond in same manner as) the person in our dilemma.  Overreaction makes the demons jump for joy.  Allow God to win both this battle & war.  Invite Holy Spirit to give you patience, forbearance plus His mind & heart.  Invite Him to give you insight & secrets to handling (responding to) both the other person & one's own reactions.  Thanks gracious Trinity for Your allowing this school of hard knocks & the wherewithal to be a blessing, rather than a curse.  May Your kingdom come, Your will be done in my circumstance, as it is already accomplished in heaven.  Thanks in advance.)
, Kat -
7 hours of Kat Kerr describing Heaven, from her many trips (Comp#2) @ (apply for oneself)  Our deceased family members are continually making declarations over us. 
We can decree/declare IN JESUS NAME and POWER:
I declare that ______________ /family (our unsaved ones are) is going to be free.
I declare that ______________ knows Him/Them (intellectually/experientially/intimately/passionately).
I declare that ______________ becomes a living testimony of Jesus Christ.
I declare that ______________ becomes a mighty child of God. (Let's do likewise over our descendants/family/ourselves/ even the following:)
I declare that ______________ does not miss his/her (God designed) destiny.
I declare upon _____________ God's fire, lightening power (to destroy darkness) and purposes.
IN JESUS' NAME and POWER: I declare that he/she/ _____ :
#1 - (or) family (our unsaved ones are) is going to be free.
#2 - knows Him/Them (intellectually/experientially/intimately/passionately)
#3 - becomes a living testimony of the saving power of Jesus Christ.
#4 - becomes a mighty child of God.  (We can do likewise over our descendants/family, even ourselves, even the following:)
#5 - does not miss his/her (God designed) destiny.
#6 - I declare upon _______ God's fire, lightening power (to destroy darkness) and (loose God's) purposes, in Jesus' name.
An Evening with Wendy… Guest Kat Kerr (Day 2) @
Our family members do not miss any significant day in our lives (births/weddings/salvation/death);
annually they sing happy birthday to us & bring a gift to our mansion being built.
"I declare that our family members will become mighty children of God.
I declare that they will be free in Jesus' name.
I decree they will not miss their destiny and not fail to become a living testimony of Jesus' Christ. 
I release joy, peace and love over you.  May the Holy Spirit consume you."
They are agreeing with what God wants for their family members as they watch your special events from a porthole.
Also, the deceased have an intercessory prayer tower where they do spiritual warfare, where they can choose weapons of warfare.  They can stand in the gap, from rooms in the prayer tower.  Sometimes deceased prophets will prophesy over you.
[I declare and decree, in Jesus' name that Your Holy Spirit fire so expose and burn up all impurities inside Your bride
that the enemy not only can find NO place in us to which to attach or attract him or evil, but that we will also be so filled
with Your resurrection light/blood/DNA that the enemy will be terrified and flee from Your presence in us, 24/7.  Thanks, Lord.  I decree that we, Your bride, will attract all Your loveliness/fruit/people/angels/blessings, all the days of our lives.]

Daily Declarations

Daily Declarations original source @ 

Declarations # 1 - These 10 basic declarations are foundational to the building of our faith. They will increase our expectancy of God’s goodness and, thus, will increase the manifestation of that goodness in our life.
(Let's) say these & other declarations every day for a month & see what happens to our life.
1) My/our prayers are powerful & effective (2 Cor. 5:21; James 5:16b)
2) God richly supplies all my/our financial needs (Phil. 4:19)
3) I/we am/are dead to sin & alive to obeying God (Romans 6:11)
4) I/we walk in ever increasing health (Is. 53:3-5; Psalms 103:1-3)
5) I/we live under a supernatural protection (Ps. 91)
6) I/we prosper in all my relationships (Luke 2:52)
7) I/we consistently bring God encounters to other people (Mark 16:17-18)
8) Through Jesus I am 100% loved & worthy to receive all of God’s blessings (Gal.3:1-5)
9) Each family member is wonderfully blessed & radically loves Jesus (Acts 16:30,31)
10) I uproariously laugh when I hear a lie from the Devil. (Psalms 2:2-4) 
Declarations #2 - Remember this: faith is the evidence of things not seen.
Our evidence for things being true is not our circumstances, but God’s promises.
We don’t deny negative facts in our lives but we choose to focus on a higher reality: God’s Truth. Faith indeed comes by hearing.  Therefore we choose to speak these powerful truths (out loud to our listening ears) to build our own faith.
1) I/we set the course of my life with my declarations (James 3:2-5)
2) God is on my side. Therefore I declare that I/we cannot be defeated, discouraged, depressed or disappointed.
(Rom. 8:37; Ps.91; Phil 4:13)
3) I/we am/are the head and not the tail. I/we have insight, wisdom, ideas and divine strategies.
I have authority. (Deut. 28:13; James 1:5-8; Luke 10:19)
4) As I/we speak God’ promises they come to pass.
They stop all attacks, accidents, assaults, oppression & fear from my/our life.  (2 Peter 1:2-4; Mark 11:23-24)
5) I/we have the wisdom of God today. I/we will think the right thoughts, say the right words & make the right decisions in every situation I/we face. (James 1:5; 1 Cor. 2:16)
6) I/we expect to have powerful divine appointments today to heal the sick, raise the dead, to prophesy life, to lead people to Christ, to bring deliverance, to release signs & wonders & to bless every place I go (the book of Acts)
7) I/we expect the best day of my life spiritually, emotionally, relationally & financially in Jesus name (Rom. 15:13)
Declarations #3
- One of the main methods Jesus & the apostles used was to SPEAK TO things. You will notice they did not ask God to heal people, to cast out demons or to raise the dead; they spoke TO: bodies, demons, the wind.
Jesus encourages us to speak TO mountains in Mark 11:23. 
This set of DECLARATIONS focuses much on our speaking to various aspects of our lives.
1) I/we have a covenant with God. 
By the blood of Jesus, I release my (Messiah's indwelling) divine protection & divine provision (Hebrews 8:6)
2) My/our (army) angels are carrying out the Word of God on my behalf (Psalm 103:20)
3) Any adversity, attack, accidents & tragedies that were headed my way are diverted right now in Jesus name (Psalm 91)
4) I/we speak to the raging waters in my life; peace, be still.
I/we say to my/our mind; peace, be still;
I/we say to my/our emotions; peace, be still; I say to my body; peace, be still;
I/we say to my/our home: peace, be still.
I/we say to my/our family; peace, be still (Mark 4:39)
5) Now I/we speak to every mountain of: fear, infirmity, discouragement, depression, lack, insufficiency.
I/we say “Be removed & cast into the sea in Jesus name”.
I/we speak to this day. I call you blessed.
I/we declare that I/we serve a mighty God Who today will do exceedingly & abundantly beyond all that I/we can ask or think.  (Eph3:20)
I/we say You are a good God.  I/we eagerly anticipate Your goodness today."

Written Declarations

Alston, Venner - 40 Day Fast Declarations
(Perhaps one could fast 6PM-6AM instead of 6AM-6PM or even 2 days on and 2 days off, which Alston practices.)
Alston, Venner -

, Marilyn - Using medicine & prayer together Marilyn was healed of a severe bout of parasites at the age of 73.  
God told her to call & pray for sick people daily plus to reverse the bad news by praying over it daily. 
She also learned that to not only speak God's word & good things into existence, but to also write them down as prophecy/written contract.
Testimony - 5/20/2015 + 8/18/2017 @

Applying Scripture

2 Corinthians 5:20 NKJV - Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ's behalf, be reconciled to God.

Ezekiel - or Ezekiel+37&version=NKJV - The Dry Bones Live -
37:1 The hand of the Lord came upon me & brought me out in the Spirit of the Lord & set me down in the midst of the valley.  It was full of bones.
2Then He caused me to pass by them all around. 
Behold, there were very many in the open valley.  Indeed they were very dry.

He said to me, “
Son of man, can these bones live?”
So I answered, “O Lord God, You know.”
4 Again He said to me, Prophesy TO these bones, and say TO them, ‘O dry bones (problem/person _______ in Jesus' name), hear the word of the Lord (God and receive).
5 Thus says the Lord God TO these bones: “Surely I will cause breath to enter into you. You shall live.
6 I will put sinews & flesh upon you, cover you with skin & put breath in you; you shall live.
Then you shall know that I am the Lord.”’”
7 So I prophesied as I was commanded.  As I prophesied, there was a noise & suddenly a rattling. 
The bones came together, bone to bone.
8 Indeed, as I looked, the sinews & flesh came upon them. The skin covered them over; but there was NO breath in them.
9 Also He said to me, “Prophesy TO the breath, prophesy, son of man. Say TO the breath, ‘Thus says the Lord God: (in Jesus' name)
Come from the 4 winds, O breath, and breathe on these slain
(problem/person __________ ) that they may live.”’”
I prophesied as He commanded me.  Breath came into them. 
They lived & stood upon their feet, an exceedingly great army.

11 Then He said to me, “Son of man, these bones are the whole house of Israel.
They indeed say
, ‘Our bones are dry, our hope is lostWe ourselves are cut off!’

Therefore prophesy.  Say TO them, ‘Thus says the Lord God:
Behold, O My people
(problem/precious person _________________ in Jesus' name),
I will open your graves
(deadness/unfruitfulness/imprisonment/quicksand/captivity - right now),
cause you to come up from your graves, & bring you into the land of Israel (of blessings - right now).

Then you shall know that I am the Lord, when I have opened your graves, O My people, & brought you up from your graves
I will put My (Holy) Spirit in you, and you shall live. I will place you in your own land.
Then you shall know that I
, the Lord, have spoken & performed it,” says the Lord.’”

Humbardt, Rex -

Kerr, Kit - 4/2/2014 - video Salvation Declaration For Your Family source - [You may be interested in Kit's book Revealing Heaven Book ]

Womack, Andrew - - How to Meditate on God's Word - (In parenthesis is suggested liturgy for one you are interceding for; or for oneself, preface scripture declaration with "Oh, MY spirit, soul & body")Eph 6:10 - (Oh human spirit, soul & body of _________ , ) be strong in the Lord & in the strength of His might.
Eph 6:11 - (Oh spirit, soul & body of _________ , ) put on the whole armor of God,
that you may be able to stand against the (deceiptful) wiles of the devil.
Eph 6:12 - (Oh spirit, soul & body of _________ , your) wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world's rulers of the darkness of this age & against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places (of the 1st & 2nd heaven).
Eph 6:13 - (Oh spirit, soul & body of _________ , ) put on the whole armor of God,
that you may be able to withstand in the evil day & having done all, to (with) stand.
Eph 6:14 - (Oh spirit, soul & body of _________ , ) stand therefore, having the utility belt of (God's) Truth buckled around your waist & having put on the breastplate of (Messiah's) righteousness,
Eph 6:15 - (Oh spirit, soul & body of _________ , ) having fitted your feet with the preparation of the Good News of shalom;
Eph 6:16 - (Oh spirit, soul & body of _________ , ) above all, taking up the shield of faith, with which you will be able to quench (remove/extinguish/up root) all the fiery (inherited) darts (iniquity) of the evil one.
Eph 6:17 - (Oh spirit, soul & body of _________ , ) take the helmet of salvation,
& the sword of the (Holy) Spirit, which is the (spoken/executed/welded) word of God;
Eph 6:18 - (Oh spirit, soul and body of _________ , ) pray at all times in (holy tongues) the (Holy) Spirit. 
Be watchful to this end in all perseverance (without quitting, in Jesus' name).

It Is Written
According to:

Matthew 5:4 - "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." In accordance to Jesus' declaration,
we ask for & receive Your supernatural comfort, Holy Spirit, but most of all Your permanent residence in our lives.
5:22-24 - Jesus said, "that anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment.  Anyone who says to his brother, Raca (damn you), is answerable to the Sanhedrin (church).  Anyone who says, 'You fool.' will be in danger of the fire of hell.  Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the alter and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar.  1st go.  Be reconciled to your brother.  Then come & offer your gift (receive communion)." [Thus, in accordance with Jesus' admonition, we LOOSE all anger, bitterness, hate, rage, unforgiveness from our soul (emotions/mind/willpower) & BIND to our soul Your opposite forgiveness, love, peace.]
Matthew 5:33 
- Jesus said, "Seek 1st the kingdom of God & His righteousness (a personal "relationship" with God) and all these things (healings/provisions/deliverance) shall be added to you. In accordance with Jesus' pomise and declaration, we invite You Father God to be our king & priest via Your indwellig Holy Spirit, to begin to become aware of & take hold of our inheritance Jesus provided for us at His death & resurrection.  We believe & receive right now, in Jesus' name.
Matthew 5:44
- Jesus said, "Love your enemies.  Pray for those who persecute you."  (In accordance to Jesus' words,
we commission & command in love our army heavenly host to make toast of our spiritual enemy, to bind up all evil stongholds afflicting both us & our persecutors + to strip all evil platforms, in Jesus' name & resurrection power.  Advance thanks.)
Mathew 6:12 - Jesus told us to " Forgive us our (own & our ancestors') trespasses, as we also forgive our trespassers.
In accordance to Jesus' admonishment, we ask for & receive our daily/weekly/montly comissions & omissions,
as we 1st forgive those who deliberately/accidently awares/unawares have injured us.  We remit those sins and bless them.
Mathew 6:13 - Deliver us from the evil one (demonic interference).In accordance to Jesus' pomise and declaration,
Matthew 6:13 - Jesus taught us this prayer: (Father God) "Deliver us from the evil one." In accordance with Jesus' instruction, we plead the supernatural blood of Jesus over us, ours, others, the innocents, & those He has in mind today.
Matthew 6:14-15
 - Jesus taught, "If you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. In accordance to Jesus' instruction, yet again we dare NOT to entertain/rehash/retain hurts/offenses/wounds.  Instead we remit all sins, in Jesus' name & power
Mathew 6:32-33 - Jesus said that, "Our heavenly Father knows that we need all these thingsAll these things shall be added to you.  Since God already knows our needs, Holy Spirit help us to focus on God's goodness, mercy, kindness & to receive His blessings.  We believe.  We receive.
Mathew 7:1-2 - Jesus admonished, "Do not judge, or you too will be judged (by God).  For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."   In accordance to Jesus' admonition, we LOOSE from our judgment all others, especially ______, & invite You Lord to bless them.
Matthew 7:7-8 - Jesus said, "Ask.  It will be given to you.  Seek & you will find.  Knock & the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives.  He who seeks finds.  To him who knocks, the door will be opened."In accordance with Jesus' words, we ASK for & RECEIVE Your holy blessings + removal of curses, beginning right now.  Thanks.
Matthew 8:2-3 NIV - Jesus responded,  "I am willing," He said. "Be clean." Immediately he was cured. In accordance with Jesus' willingness to cure each of us, we ask for, believe, receive & decree that our healing has begun, right now.

Mark 11:22-24 - Jesus says: If anyone says to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea  does not doubt in his heart, but BELIEVES that what he says will happen, it will be done for him.  Therefore I tell you; whatever you ask for in prayer, BELIEVE that you have (already) received it.  It will be yours." 
In accordance to Jesus' pomise & declaration, I believe, I decree, I receive, I thank You Father God in Jesus' name
that by Jesus' stripes and resurrection, I am (______) is now healed, 1st in heaven & then on earth right now.
Mark 11:25-26 - When you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.  (KJV) If you do not forgive, neither will your Father, Who is in heaven, forgive you your trespasses." In accordance to Jesus' promise & declaration, by an act of my will (not feelings) I forgive _______
from my heart.  2nd I remit those sins.  3rd I ask You Father to now forgive me my past sin of unforgiveness.  Father I receive Your forgiveness.  I ask that You bless him/her, especially regarding salvation, Holy Spirit baptism and deliverance.

COMMANDing - Speaking TO the Spiritual Enemy & TO DNA/Land/Circumstances

Hunter, Joan - - prayers:

Adjust the Neck and Spine
In the name of Jesus & by Holy Spirit power, I COMMAND:
* the brain stem and the spinal column to come back into alignment.
* the vertebrae & discs to be healed & totally restored;
* all the muscles, ligaments & tendons to return to their normal length & strength.
* any and all necessary new discs & vertebrae.
* pain to go & neck to come into alignment according to the Word of God that says you are healed by Jesus stripes.
* every pinched nerve to be unpinched.
(Holy Trinity) we give You thanks/glory/praise/honor.

                                                                             Adjust Arm Length
In the name of Jesus & by the power of the Holy Ghost, I COMMAND:
* the vertebrae and discs to be adjusted, healed & restored.
* Each disc being centered in between each vertebrae with appropriate amount of fluid.
* all pain to go.
* the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to return to their normal length & strength.
* all necessary a new discs & vertebrae.
* all nerves to be unpinched & the arms to grow out & be even by this back adjustment.  
                                                                     Adjustment of the Middle Back

In the name of Jesus & by the power of the Holy Ghost, I COMMAND:
* the rib cage to rotate & go back into place, vertebrae & discs to be adjusted, restored & made perfectly whole.
* all muscles, ligaments & tendons to go back to their normal length & strength.

                                                                                  Adjust the Legs
In the name of Jesus & by the power of the Holy Ghost, I COMMAND:
* the brain stem & the spinal column to be in perfect alignment.
* the muscles, tendons & ligaments to go back to their normal length & strength.
* any and all necessary new cartilage, discs & vertebrae.
* the pain to go & the legs to return to their normal position.

                                                                                  Adjust the Pelvis

In the name of Jesus & by the power of the Holy Ghost, I COMMAND:
* the pelvic bones to rotate & go back into their normal position, to be level from side to side & front to back.
* all the organs to go back into their rightful place; to be healthy & whole.
* the muscles, tendons & ligaments to return to their normal length & strength.

                                                          Normalize Electrical and Magnetic Frequencies
In the name of Jesus & by the power of the Holy Ghost, I COMMAND:
* all of the chemical, electrical & magnetic frequencies in every cell of this body, 'Come into harmony and balance
* all of the good cells to digest (override/overrule/overtake/overwhelm/defeat/destroy)
the bad cells'.

                                                                         Normalize the pH Balance
In the name of Jesus & by the power of the Holy Ghost, I COMMAND:
* the pH balance of this body to normalize, becoming slightly alkaline.
* healing to every cell affected by any abnormal pH levels.

                                                                       Restore the Immune System
In the name of Jesus & by the power of the Holy Ghost, I COMMAND:
* immune system, BE restored.
* immune system, BE effective in thwarting/stopping/reversing diseases, germs, viruses (fungus & parasites)
from inflicting this body.
                                                                                 Remove Prions
In the name of Jesus & by the power of the Holy Ghost, I COMMAND:
* all prions, completely dissolve & be discarded from the body.
* healing to every cell (adversely) affected by these prions.
(Original Source: Joan, Charles & Frances Hunter Ministry rather than below source/credit:)
Deep Water Ministries International - Copyright © 2017 All Rights Reserved

Mohr, Greg - 7/22/2020 @ - Do NOT fail to execute your POA/spiritual authority/inheritance.  Failure to implement our role, may result in the failure of our prayers.

Sheets, Tim - - 7/16/2017
TIM:  God said, "New things I declare" Isaiah 42:9 "Before they spring forth, I tell you of them." 
If you want to see them you've got to decree them. The decree comes 1st.
TIM:  The Greek word kaleo means to bid or to summons to you...
means to come here. Spoken together, the words mean: come here & come here now
The God kind of faith says: come here & come here now. This old man (Abraham) begins to decree: Come here...
Here's a 99 year-old man with a promise.  He goes outside of his tent at night, and literally (perhaps, per the Greek translation) beings to say: Come here, Isaac.  Come here, son. Come to us. Come here. Come here.
Those words that he kept planting
, rejuvenated him & rejuvenated Sarah, who was 89 years old. 
He just kept saying, "Come here, come here now, come here, promise of God, come here, come to me"...
In a year's time, miraculously, supernaturally a son was (1st conceived & then) born (9 months later).
genesis/18-19.htm -
19"I have chosen him, so that he may command his children
and his household after him to keep the way of the LORD by doing righteousness and justice,
so that the LORD may bring upon Abraham what He has spoken about him"...
TIM: (We can call in) any promise that God makes. For example, "Healing, come here."  By Your stripes of Jesus I am healed. Come to me. Begin to manifest in me. Cancer, leave my body. Come here healing power of God. Come here finances. Money, come here & manifest in my life. Come to me. Come to my house, salvation, power of God.  Come to me peace of mind. Promise of God, come. I decree it's ours. Plant/seed the atmosphere & lay the foundations around you, for God to bring it to pass, for it to be creative. That's what God did in the beginning...Just kept saying, "No more delay. No more delay. This promise is coming to me. Come to me, promise of God. Come now (in Jesus' name)." (I receive.)
TIM:  It's a decree a thing, as Job said, decree a thing that it's established. Our responsibility is to say what God says.
If we will align our self that way then the DNA that is in the seed of that (spoken scripture or positive) word, because every word produces after its kind, whatever you declare it's going to produce it (whether good blossoms/fruit/blessings or weeds/ curses). Don't back off of that. Never. It has nothing to do with feelings...I don't always feel like it, but after I say it a few times I start feeling it; a boldness rises out of it...
PRAY this way: Father God, in Jesus' name I am decreeing health & healing is coming into my house. I decree that my sons and daughters are going to receive Christ Jesus as their personal Lord, Savior (& baptizer in the Holy Spirit).
The opposition that is coming against my household financially (& relationally), I (invite our heavenly army to) bind it in the name of Jesus. I decree that prosperity is coming. Finances are coming... Promotion is coming through job situations. I'm getting a better job. My mate is getting a better job. Our kids are getting better jobs.  (Reconciliation and love) are coming in (to our family).  I'm planting the decrees of (by consistently decreeing) the scripture promises that I've been believing for & even prophetic promises that I've received. I believe every word that You said to me is coming to pass in my life (chapter by chapater/slice by slice/year by year/area by area). (Begin to) Manifest and grow (mature) in me. Grow in my household. Our house is a house that is blessed. We are blessed... free...delivered in every area of our life, spirit, soul (emotions/mind/will) and body (in Jesus' name and power).

Kerr, Kat - Commanding both WEATHER and ARMY HOST - to rever4se bad weather/hurricane/flood - 9/2018 paraphrased – Listen carefully. -!/TheRevelatorKatKerr/videos/703736463328514/
I choose as an act of my will
1-to command the millibars to cool/rise/increase numerically in pressure
2-to crush the warm low pressure
3-to send our army host to bash/shred/slow-down the storm’s outer bands
4-to command flood waters along coast & any state affected by storm/hurricane (named _______ ) to recede & evaporate.
We declare the people will receive help quickly & the homes will be restored quickly.
We release the peace of God into everyone who is/was affected.
The love and peace of God we declare over them.
We take power over all the power of the (spiritual) enemy that thinks they can take authority in/over the storms.
We strip away that evil authority.  We command the holy host of heaven to get into these ______ storm systems in/over _________ & shred the bands so they will not grow but be stopped right now.
We take power and authority over all the power of the enemy that is trying to control the other storm named _____ to make it destructive.
We command the millibars to rise in this other storm _________ .
We command the high pressure storm center in ___________ to rise up and suck the life out of the storm
and crush the low pressure out of that storm.
We command the host of heaven to go to/get into the other storm _______ to shed all the outer bands
so it will become nothing, in Jesus’ name.  (Practice makes perfect.  Keep practicing.  Even to bring rain to drought areas.)

Prophesying with the 4 Winds

Kunneman, Hank -
HANK: We through the Holy Spirit prophesy with the 4 winds in our mouth.
I'll give you one example...Read about the 4 winds in Job 37,
The east wind is a wind of judgment against the enemy. It's a wind of breakthrough.
It's also a wind of correction. When we're specific, we are decreeing a thing,
as the scripture says, and it will be established. When I decree the north wind...
HANK: In the name of Jesus,
I decree from my mouth and the authority that I stand in.
I decree with the north wind, "Let there come an awakening onto the earth & onto this nation".
I decree from the north the cleansing rain of God's presence.
"Let it begin to come and fall upon the land.
United States, welcome in Your rain, welcome Your wind."

" For even in the natural this is your sign of what is taking place from the
north wind of My Spirit to rain down righteousness in My presence again

Spiritual Milestones

I am. He/she is.  X ( _______ ) is:
[ ] recognizing & appropriating what Christ accomplished for his/her sins.
[ ] recognizing & appropriating what Christ accomplished for his/her healing of body.
[ ] recognizing & appropriating what Christ accomplished for his/her miracle in body.
[ ] recognizing/appropriating Christ's accomplishments for his/her healing of mind.
[ ] recognizing/appropriating Christ's accomplishments for his/her deliverance of mind.
[ ] recognizing Satan and demons contributions to sin/disease/illness/curses/sanity.
[ ] recognizing/appropriating Christ's accomplishments to defend self from relapse.

Agreed to and signed by  _________________  this day _____________________ .

Agreed to and signed by  _________________  this day _____________________ .8/.24.2010

Physical Milestones

I am. He/she is.  X  ( _______ ) is:
[ ] holding down a part time job
[ ] holding down a full time job
[ ] living away from home
[ ] living away without being subsidized by family
[ ] doing own laundry, buying own groceries, and doing own "healthy" cooking
[ ] bathing, dressing, brushing teeth and hair sufficient not to irk others
[ ] adequately doing banking, paying bills including health insurance, utilities, taxes, rent
[ ] taking meds as directed
[ ] meds being significantly reduced by doctor
[ ] meds no longer needed
[ ] nightmares are gone
[ ] medicine side effects gone: shaking, drooling, obesity,
[ ] psychiatric symptoms gone: paranoia, voices, fears, obsessions, distorted thinking.

Agreed to and signed by  _________________  this day _____________________

Agreed to and signed by  _________________  this day _____________________ .8/.24.2010

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