I Can Deliver



Remember.  Always speak to the problem and NOT to the person.  In the name of Jesus, Cancer, go. 
In the name of Jesus, Anger, go.  In the name of Jesus, Schizophrenia, go.  Etc.


Psalm 91 @ PSALMS CHAPTER 91 KJV (kingjamesbibleonline.org)
The Supernatural Power of Psalm 91 - Jennifer Guetta (awestruckbyglory.com) +
Psalm-91-and-demonic-evil.pdf (gcvreugdenhil.nl)

Hosea 4:6 KJV    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

1st Corinthians 2:10 TPNT -
10God has revealed them to us through the (Holy) Spirit, for the (Holy) Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. 
11For who of men knows the things of a man except the (born-again human) spirit of the man that is in him? 
Thus then no one knows the things of God except the  (Holy) Spirit of God. 
12We did not take the (unregenerate nor demonic) spirit of the world but the (Holy) Spirit which is from God, so that we would know the things freely given to us by God: 
13and this is what we are speaking, not in teachings with words of human wisdom but in teachings of the (Holy) Spirit, those thoughts joined together with spiritual teachings.
14But the natural man does not accept the things of the (Holy) Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him. 
He is not able to know, because they are discerned spiritually. 
15The one who discerns all things by the (Holy) Spirit, then is himself called to account by none. 
16For 'Who has known the
mind of the Lord; who will instruct Him?'
Isaiah 40:13) But we have the mind of Messiah; we know that He has taught.


Basham, Don - Deliver Us From Evil - www.chosenbooks.com  
Deceased, Pastor Basham gives us a superior autobiography & textbook all in 1.
Basham discusses individual exorcism, group exorcism & self-deliverance.
One of the methods in procuring/assisting deliverance/exorcism is to command in the name of Jesus that the evil spirit name itself.  Basham has no qualms about this approach & uses it regularly with much success.

Capps, Charles - England, Arizona, USA - Your Spiritual Authority - www.charlescapps.com
Chapter 1 Man Under Authority  "Peter said...in 2nd Peter 1, 'The Lord has already done it.' 
He isn't going to do it someday.  The Bible tells us, God finished His work in 6 days, then rested. 
Some of us have been trying to get God to work ever since. He set it all in motion. 
It was accomplished in Jesus Christ & is available to all who will receive it."

Chavda, Mahesh - The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting  www.watchofthelord.com
Chapter #1 - Stevie was categorized as mentally handicapped with Down Syndrome.
He self mutulated and was instutionalized, until God intervened.


Clark, Randy - There Is More - www.globalawakening.com - Chapter 12 Clothed With Power - Nobody's Safe under the section Church Growth warns us to get into the act if God is moving.  In the Old Testament, when the healing angel of God moved the water, everybody ran to the pool.  When God shows up, bring a wheelbarrow of your friends with you.  The paraplegic had a bunch of his friends help him get to Jesus through a hole in the roof. 
It does "take a village" when the Holy Spirit is on the move.  We all need to jump onto God's boat, before it leaves town.  Most Jews missed the Messiah when He first came. 
After Christ rose from the dead, most citizens, in each successive generation, also missed His visits during the "spiritual awakenings".   Do not miss out in your generation. 
Be hungry enough to have a visit from the living God.  When He comes, invite your entire church. 

It takes more than 1 man to minister to the congregation.  We are not superman or supermen. 
Moses had 2 men hold his arms up.  He had his brother to speak for him. 
He had 70 men appointed/anointed to share His Holy Spirit...
(Additionally, in the deliverance ministry one especially needs covering/accountability. 
Many mentally ill were not healed/delivered when the "spiritual awakenings" occurred in their generation. 
For whatever reasons, they missed the boat.  With this current generation's access to the internet, there is little excuse to say that we did/do not know that Jesus/healing/deliverance is in town.)

Eckhardt, John - http://api.ning.com/files/vYV2N1KqCyVwuF-LnABKskhBSWeNp2NXHdAUj27hWyyXlm24GS5-huLv6KxBDLLruqKNzsXCAE8P4CT6
) -
"Christians can & should minister deliverance to themselves.
Every believer has authority over evil spirits, including the ones in his or her own life. 
Jesus tells us to cast the beam out of our own eye. 
The phrase cast out in Luke 6:42 is exballo which means to drive out or expel.
It is the same Greek word used in reference to casting out devils (Mark 16:17). 
After a person has received (freedom via self-deliverance or) deliverance at the hands of experienced workers, he can (continue to) practice self-deliverance.
Self-deliverance is experienced the same way that occurs when a person is ministered to by another.
The only difference is that the person delivered is his own minister. 
(@ Pigs in the Parlor, by Frank & Ida Mae Hammond)."

Elvaz, Jinnifer @ https://www.jennifereivaz.com/2017/06/28/how-to-deliver-a-person-from-demons-by-jennifer-eivaz/ 
@ appendix section of book The Intercessors Handbook (edited)
4. Put them in control of their deliverance.  Our 1st goal when a person has manifested demonically is to bind the spirit & bring the person to consciousness so we can lead them to deliver themselves, if possible.
The way we bind the demonic spirit is by using our words & making a command with authority
(see Matthew 18: 18; Mark 11: 23). Here are a couple of suggestions:
#1st-“I stop all demonic manifestations, in Jesus’ name.” “Submit yourself, in Jesus’ name.”
#2nd-We tell the person to take control of their body & mind, which puts them back in control.
Then we discuss with them what needs to happen next. If the person is not a Christian, we invite them to receive Jesus as their Lord & Savior, as they will not be able to maintain their deliverance without having done this. (Luke 11: 26 NKJV)
Now, the person has manifested because the demonic spirit has been given access somehow.
This is where you need to ask a few questions & listen to the Holy Spirit to find out why that demon is there.
Typically, the point of access is in 1 of 4 main areas: fear, hatred, the occult or sexual sin.

In a pastoral manner, we begin to ask the following questions:
What or whom do you fear? Whom do you hate?
Have you participated in any occult activities, or has your family? Do you have sexual sin in your present or past, or has anyone sinned against you sexually
? I do not ask these questions all at once, but rather 1 at a time, & I listen to what they say while sensing what the Holy Spirit is saying. After each admission, we coach the person to ask Jesus to forgive them for the specific trespass, or we coach them to forgive those who trespassed against them. Then we have them renounce (out loud) any spirit that may have come in as a result. When the spirit leaves, some type of release will be felt or seen. This could be a cough, a sigh, a physical shake or something like it.   Pay attention to those signals. This means the spirit has left them.
5. Have them receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. 
This is the best part! Jesus said, “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you” (Acts 1: 8 NKJV). Once the person has renounced demonic spirits, they need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit or receive fresh refilling (see Ephesians 5: 18). 
Lay your hands on them & ask Jesus to baptize them or fill them again with the Holy Spirit.
You will often feel or see His power come upon them & they will physically manifest, but in a different way now.

If they do not have a prayer language, encourage them to speak the Spirit’s language as they feel it bubble up from inside. Celebrate any manifestation of the Spirit they may encounter.
This type of ending is encouraging to the participant, as it connects them to God & they receive His embrace in a meaningful way.

6. Provide good follow-up care.
(If evil spirits are involved & person does NOT recognize/recon that evil spirits:
(a) exist + (b) want to return and (c) are to be (subsequently) resisted/refuted/rebuffed, alone by oneself + with the help of ongoing ministry, they could become revictimized & end up the same or worse than before. 
Same would apply to any hindering bad habit.  Isolation is dangerous, especially after exorcism. 

As Hillary Clinton says, 'It takes a village.')

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Seated in Heavenly Places - www.voiceofthelight.com
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Regions of Captivity - www.voiceofthelight.com
Chapter 6 The Different Regions of Captivity - "Every one of us, as (if) sons of God...has the ability to call our own soul out (of spiritual captivity)...to overcome the (spiritual) gates of hell (on earth). 
You (as saved/born-again spirit-filled individuals) have the keys of the kingdom of God to open every prison door where you may be held captive,  Open them. 
Command your (wounded/fragmented) soul (piece or pieces) to leave those places (in Jesus' name)...
You are of God & must position yourself in heavenly places (once you have removed yourself from your spiritual prison."

(However, there are exceptions, where individuals must be rescued via Jesus', His angels, or 1 of His people who understand these spiritual matters and have sufficient love to stand in the gap. 
Nonetheless, the individual must agree to being rescued.)
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Regions of Captivity - book/CD/DVDs - www.voiceofthelight.com share with us that the shadow of death is a demonic PLACE under the earth where broken hearts (soul pieces) are held captive. 
She mentors us how to stand in the gap for others and how to rescue them from Satan's hold. 
[This is especially true for those who are (physically/mentally/spiritually) imprisoned in/by psychiatric illnesses.]
Houston, Texas, USA 2009
DVD#2 & chapter #2 At Death's Door share how God explained this concept to Ana in relation to her twin sister Mercedes' soul & how it was necessary for Ana to rescue Mercedes broken soul pieces from the place of imprisonment in the shadow of death.
God said, "
Mercedes is trapped in the gate of the shadow of death
You must go for her & bring her back
Job 38:17
Have the gates of death been revealed to you or have you seen the doors of the shadow of death?
God asks Job.  Book reminds us that regardless of how much excellent or superior wisdom one has, without obedience to & in the power of the Holy Spirit, that knowledge is just a roar without teeth. 
Faith & deliverance is a verb & NOT a noun. 
God has already acted; now it is our turn (when You release us) to act in any given situation. 

Lord, forgive & help.  Thank You, in Jesus' name.9.17.2021

Guetta, Jennifer @ Twenty Tips for Overcoming the Attacks of the Enemy - Jennifer Guetta (awestruckbyglory.com)
Guetta, Jennifer @ Steps and prayers for spiritual house cleaning - Jennifer Guetta (awestruckbyglory.com)
Guetta, Jennifer @ Spiritual House Cleaning - Jennifer Guetta (awestruckbyglory.com)
Guetta, Jennifer @ Empower - Jennifer Guetta (awestruckbyglory.com) with links to other editorials
Guetta, Jennifer @ Prayer for breaking permissions with the enemy - Jennifer Guetta (awestruckbyglory.com)

Hagin, Kenneth E - The Authority of the Believer now The Believer's Authority - Kenneth Hagin Ministries @ http://www.wordoflifenh.org/bookstorekehagin.htm - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenneth_Hagin - www.rhema.org
Demons are illegal holders of (God's/our) authority and take advantage of the believer who does NOT know (recognize/ exercise/apply/use) the Word of God.  Faith must be spoken/released/welded like a sword. 

Hayes, Norvel - How to Live and NOT Die - softcover - www.hnm.cc -
Chapter 12 You Must Say "No to the Devil 
"Any devil I can cast out in Jesus' name, you can, too.  Any person I can get healed in Jesus' name, you can, too
You can!  God doesn't have any pets or superstars.  God has believers...
If I believe the Bible, it works for me.  If I don't believe it, then it doesn't work for me...
I have to say, 'NO,' to aches and pains that try to visit my body, 'NO,' to temptation, 'NO,' to the devil just like you do (to pets, a 2nd drink of wine or a 2nd piece of candy)...Say: 'In Jesus' name, 'No, you don't. 
I won't accept this pain in my side.  I bind you, Satan, in Jesus' name.  Go from me.' 
 Then I lay my hand on myself & continue, 'In Jesus' name, NO, I won't accept this. 
I break your power, Satan.  I command you to take your hands off.  My body belongs to God. 
In Jesus' name, pain, stop. 

In Jesus' name, get off of me.  I claim the healing power of God.  NO, you don't; not to me you don't'...
How long do I say this?  Until the affliction leaves...
When you resist the devil, he gets all shook up & he's going to attack you stronger, because you're resisting him...
Say, 'In Jesus' name, 'NO, you don't.  I resist you.  I've claimed a healing. 
The healing power of God is in me now. 
I resist you, Satan, in Jesus' name.  Go from me.  I command my body to be free from you, Satan'...

Don't let your confession weaken.  Do this every day, even if it takes 4-5 days. 
Your confession must get stronger every day, knot weaker...

If weakness or doubt comes, he'll dog your tracks right into the hospital...with pain...into the grave, if he possibly can...
Taking authority over the devil works all the time & everywhere...God's not nervous...
Thank God we can go into those places (prisons) & help people get free by taking authority over the devil.  We can do this because Jesus told us that in His name we can cat out devils."

Heidler, Robert - Set Yourself Free - A Deliverance Manual - http://www.glory-of-zion.org -
5/15/2006 RADIO Broadcast Interview archive #1487 - www.sidroth.org

Hill, Steve - Operating in the Miraculous - www.stevehill.org - In Introduction, You Can Operate in the Miraculous, Hill reminds us that Jesus Himself told us that God wants us to walk in His footsteps. 
John 14:12-13  "He who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; & greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.  Whatever you ask in My name, that I will do that the Father may be glorified in the Son."
"Jesus conferred His authority upon you to do the same works (healing, casting out demons, raising the dead) & even greater works than these.  With this as our Gospel heritage, why are we not living up to it...daily?" 
(However be reminded that it is His & not our power/glory/business/church.)

Hunter, Charles & Frances (deceased) - You Can Do It Too - www.cfhunter.org - This is a textbook or manual, a How To heal workbook, especially good for chiropractors or those who need chiropractic treatment or physical therapy. 
It instructs the Lay Person how to lay hands on themselves or others to allow God's Holy Spirit power to flow through & heal.  It recommends that we do NOT pray but command out loud using Jesus' words & example. 
(This method is especially significant when performing exorcisms.)

Johnson, Bill - The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind @ www.billjohnsonministries.com -
Chapter 2 Becoming the Dwelling Place of God -
No power of darkness in any realm of creation can stop our fellowship with the Father. 
There is an open heaven over each one of us, from the newest Christian to the most mature (Christian). 
Being the House of God means we have the exact authority Jesus has at the right hand of the Father. 

We are entitled & empowered to be His 'House,' His embodiment...You have absolute liberty & access to heaven."
Chapter 3 Revelation and Understanding 
"Without seeing your present circumstances through God's eyes, you will spiritually die."

MacMillan, John A - The Authority of the Believer       
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenneth_Hagin  http://www.pneumafoundation.com/article.jsp?article=/article_0027.xml -
MacMillan was missionary to China, who (in addition to God) Hagin credits for much of his insight into believer authority. 
Penn-Lewis, AB Simpson, Evan Roberts & MacMillan in their generation began teaching about the believer's authority.

Moyo, Andrew - Working the Works of God - www.messengerministry.com - Subtitle - The Keys to Supernatural Ministry Are in Your Hands - INTRODUCTION Moyo challenges us "to go past the place of desiring blessings & talking in tongues to a new level of power. 
Yes" we "will be able to work the works of God' in Jesus name.  "In the name of Jesus" we "will cast out demons, heal the sick &
deliver the bound & oppressed.  Through" us "it will be proven that Jesus is exactly who He declares to be - the resurrected Lord & Savior of all who call upon His name."
CHAPTER 3 Transformed by His Divine Power "It is easy to declare that Jesus is the Healer, but can you demonstrate this? 
Any mouth can declare that demons tremble at the name of Jesus, but can this be demonstrated in the presence of one who is demonized?  There must be proof behind our testimony...
Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil, then shouldn't you do likewise? 
In Greek, 'destroy' is apollumi, which means, 'to render the invisible or unrecognizable, lay waste to, ruin, kill, inflict a worthless existence, causing the loss of one's well-being'...Jesus came to render the devil's schemes powerless...

He delegated His power & authority to us to nullify the forces of darkness."

Osborn, Tommy Lee (TL) - Biblical Healing - www.osborn.org 
Chapter 24 Four Vital Visions shares 4 visions that revitalized and empowered their ministry.
The 2nd Vision shares, "Rev. (William) Branham cast out devils & ministered to the sick in Jesus name...
A thousand voices seem to whirl over my head, saying, 'You can do that.  That's the Bible way.  That's the way Jesus did it.  That proves that the Bible way works today.  You can do that.  That's what God wants you to do!...
At last, I had seen God do what He promised to do through a human person...We saw Jesus in a person."
The 4th Vision was when reading Joshua, the Lord impressed a message upon TL,
"My son, as I was with Dowie, Woodworth-Etter, Lake, Wigglesworth, Ritchie, McPherson, Price & others, so will I be with you...You cast out devils; you heal the sick; you raise the dead; you cleanse the lepers...
Behold, I give you power over all the power of the enemy...
No evil power shall be able to stand before you all the days of your life as you get the people to to believe My word. 
I used those people in their day, but this is your day.  Now I desire to use you

Porteous, Roman Catholic Bishop Julian - Manual of Minor Exorcisms for the Use of Priests - a guide to clergy with sufficient character, oversight & Holy Spirit baptism. https://issuu.com/catholictruthsociety/docs/b._manual_of_minor_exorcisms

Ramirez, John – Unmasking the Devil @ https://www.slideshare.net/k24s3/unmaskingthedevilbyjohnramirez
FULL book (can print NOT copy) + chapter #1 of book The Cauldron
Chapter 4 The Voice of the God and the Voice of the Devil
Chapter 7 Fighting Back through Spiritual Warfare includes self-deliverance PRAYERS
Chapter 10 A Guide to Spiritual Freedom includes PRAYERS to break generational curses

Roberts, Oral - When You See the Invisible, You Can Do the Impossible - www.orm.cc
Chapter 5 How I Learned to Become an Original shares Jesus' instructions on how to begin to be like Him, "Read the 4 Gospels & Book of Acts through 3 times consecutively in 30 days on your knees." 
1 of the things Oral learned was to integrate teaching, preaching & healing, not to concentrate only on 1 part.
A 3 fold gospel. 
Jesus said to Oral, "
From this hour you will have My power to bring healing to the sick & to cast out demons. 
You will know their number
(how many) and name & have My power to cast them out."
Chapter 8 How I Learned to Preach with the Anointing Every Time  shares Jesus' definition, "The anointing is when you're separated from yourself and filled with My glory, so that when you speak it's like I am speaking; when you act, it's like I am acting."

Rutz, James - Mega Shift - www.megashift.org - James admonishes us to use it or lose it. 
That would apply to our arm or brain muscles, as well as our spiritual muscles. 
If we have all spiritual knowledge, but are waiting on God to show up, then we have missed the boat. 
God is waiting on us to walk on water, so that He can rescue us. 
If we have received all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but never use them, then we have no fruit. 
It is the fruit that counts in heaven, not the gifts.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Father God, let us not go ahead of You, nor behind You, but hand in hand with You. 
Let us both hear and obey your voice. 
In chapter
3 the Chinese prayed for many terminally patients - many times. 
Eventually, most of them were cured.  Persistence. Faithfulness.

Scanlan, Michael & Cirner, Randall - Deliverance from Evil Spirits  important book www.servanbooks.com 
Authors tell Catholics that they the laity and the clergy can and should deliver self & others, especially in community, according to Jesus' own words in the New Testament.  Bishops are to delegate deliverance to (the insane) or exorcise the "possessed".  For all others, we ourselves are to recognize and evict the demons, in Jesus' name (via a deliverance/simple exorcism not a solemn exorcism). 
Why?  Because it is the full time assignment of demons to destroy, both gentile & believer. 
If we are sorely afflicted with mental or physical torments contrary to our own personality & liking, then we can be highly confident that the plague is not triggered by our own human nature but from our enemy Satan. 
After all else has failed, we will often discover that, yes, Satan is the hidden root cause of, that ghost that haunts us, that vision or voice for which psychiatry medicates us, that childhood invisible friend, that cartoon that gives us nightmares, that need to eat the whole box of cookies, that need to watch porn or to masturbate, that incurable inherited disease.  Not hormones.  Not meddling parents.  Not this.  Not that. 
There are 2 preliminary prerequisites, 1st, being forgiven/saved by the blood of Jesus & 2nd, having been baptized in water & in the Holy Spirit.

Sumrall, Lester - Alien Entities - Beings from Beyond - A Look Behind the Door to the Spirit Realm - www.leseapublishing.com
encouraging book for the new Christian who has been baptized in the Holy Spirit to go & do likewise, like Jesus did & commissioned his disciples to do likewise. 
(Notice in holy scripture that His disciples were deputized to exorcise, BEFORE they had received the baptism in the Holy Spirit.  Do NOT be shy/intimidated/disobedient about setting the captives free from their demonic tormentors.)

Chapter 2 What Are Alien Entities? - "God spoke to me on the mission field & told me to come home. 
He said the time would come when there would be 100 million Americans who would need to be set free...
As you get deeper into the things of God, people will misunderstand...mistrust you...call you names...You are going to have to be like Jesus and say, 'I will accept it, because I know that God has called me to set humanity free.
I am going to do it (in Jesus' name & power, not my own)."

Chapter 15 Cornelio Closa, the Disappearing Boy - Philippines - "NEVER leave such (delivered) people on their own after their deliverance.  If you do that, you will lose the battle for sure...He (God) can also use you to set others free...
The Church of Jesus Christ has been commissioned & empowered to bring that deliverance...
The Lord is calling upon us as His ministers (& laypeople) to set people free" NOW.
Chapter 16 How I Discovered Alien Entities in Humans - "We NEVER realized that a person could be oppressed of the devil & could be set free by the same kind of prayer as if he had appendicitis...
If a person became ill physically we prayed for him to be healed. 
If he went crazy, we just put him in the insane asylum." 
Indonesia -
"A girl of about 12 years of age began to slither back & forth across the altar area of the church...
I prayed silently, 'Lord just save souls.' 
But God said, '
I can't You've got that problem down there.' 
'Well,' I said, 'You take care of it.'  God answered back, '
That's your (own) problem'...
I ordered, 'Get up off that floor'...The girl didn't speak any English, but the devil understood...
When I got through with my sermon, I leaned back over the pulpit again & said (to the demon inside of her), 'Now, come out of her'...By 2 strikes of the Holy Spirit she was set free."
"In another service in Java...I became angry.  Suddenly I laid hands on her head & cried...with a special anointing from God, I said in a firm voice, 'Come out of her, you foul & unclean spirit'...
I asked her, 'How long have you been possessed?'  She replied, '15 years...is when the spirit possessed me. 
I have been abnormal ever since...Now it is gone'...This sort of thing happened so much I named it the Oriental disease...Later I told Brother Carter...'That Oriental disease has made it to Europe...every country we visited...
A woman said hallelujah like an animal.  Then she barked like a dog...
I commanded that (evil) spirit in her, "Come out of Her."  God set her free instantly.'"
(Regarding possession by spiritualism séance)  "I grabbed that young man on both sides of his head & said, 'You unclean spirit, you, hear my voice.  Come out!'  (Son,) 'you speak to your mother & hurry.''' 
(The son came out of his catatonic state & spoke to his mother.) 
"He (God) never leads any 2 persons in exactly the same way...You will be unique in the way & the manner which (God working in) you set others free." (Spiritual insight:  As Holy Spirit utilizes/indwells flesh from where He operates & blesses, likewise will an evil spirit attempt to inhabit flesh to manipulate it, typically via demonization/oppression rather than possession.  Demons can hitch a ride from country to country, attach to, &/or inhabit illegally a portion of one's personality, whereas Holy Spirit is invited.  A demon has legal influence/access/trespass via inheritance, ignorance &/or one's dabbling in non Judeo-Christian scripturally forbidden activities & can stay until recognized, repented of, rejected AND replaced with Holy Spirit opposite virtues: love for hate, peace for fear, etc. 
In Jesus' name, we LOOSE from our selves, family, pets, home, &/or soul layers the demonic/negative & BIND to us &/or our soul layers the holy/positive.  An excellent resource is Kerr, Kat -
Binding & Loosing @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pH4EU5KAlOw 9/1/2017 AUDIO)
Lester Frank Sumrall - http://www.amazon.com/Alien-Entities-Lester-Frank-Sumrall/dp/0883683652#reader_0883683652 Chapter 1 @ http://100620.agchurches.org/SiteFiles/100620/Content/Alien%20Entities%20Outline%20and%20Notes.pdf
6. How Does a Human Receive an Alien Entity?
A. At Birth. This has happened in lands where the devil is worshipped.
B. At a Place of Pagan Worship.
C. By Giving the Flesh Dominance. 
[Ie: When a person gives himself to illicit sex, a strong power comes upon him.
He cannot resist this alien entity & becomes enslaved to immorality.
When any person goes into the devil’s territory, alien entities have rights & privileges they do not otherwise have
D. By Inheritance.
As shocking as it may seem, many times children look forward to inheriting the “power” that their parents have walked in.

E. By Pagan Dancing.
F. By Wrong Meditation.
Chapter 2 - "God spoke to me on the mission field & told me to come home. 
He said the time would come when there would be 100 million Americans who would need to be set free."
Introduction: "God told me to go, take authority in His Name, & set humanity free.
That is my ministry now.  It is your ministry too, if you are a born-again, Spirit-filled believer. 
Our BUSINESS as Christians is to set humanity free."

Turner, Eddie - https://www.amazon.com/Eddie-Turner (Book Excerpts) Read Dedication is recommended.
@ Conquering the Chaos in Your Mind:
Finding Freedom from Tormenting and Anxious Thoughts - Kindle edition by Turner, Eddie
Turner, Eddie - Videos @ Faith Simplified // Pastor Eddie Turner - YouTube
Autobiography 50% into video (40:40) @ Pastor Eddie Turner - Cornerstone (cornerstonenashville.org) 8/1/2021 -
#3.Thoughts are blueprints for action. #4.God commands us to renew our minds with scripture: Romans 12:2 
#5.Do NOT take ownership of every thought that pops into your mind. Program ends with deliveance prayer. 5.20.2022@5:19PM
Pastor Eddie Turner - Part 2 - Cornerstone (cornerstonenashville.org) 8/8/2021 (begin 32:00)
https://sidroth.org/?s=eddie+turner&post_type=television_episode&orderby=relevance&order=DESC 4/11/2021

Walters, Kathie  Macon, Georgia, USA  Living in the Supernatural - www.goodnews.netministries.org -
Chapter 6 The Holy Spirit's Visitation  "Holy Spirit began to reveal areas in each individual's life where there were bondages...Each of us put things right with the Lord.  Suddenly a noise like a wind came into the house...
The wind rushed around the room & suddenly fell on one of the young men. 
He began to experience deliverance as the Holy Spirit filled him
Then the wind went to the next person...until everyone had been set free. Finally a strange thing happened. 

We could see & hear in the spiritual realm just as we could in the natural.
Then an even stranger thing happened.  Some demons came banging & knocking on the  windows. 
They were screeching...In the morning the demons were gone & a great peace filled the house."

Winder, Delores with Keith, Bill - Joy Comes in the Morning - www.deloreswinder.com -
10 Deliverance - "A Christian can minister deliverance to himself..."When something controls you & makes you do things that go against your personality & your beliefs, then you have a demon lodges there, & it must be cast out in order for you to be free." 
This is not the same thing as lack of self control or lack of self discipline, according to Delores.


Amorth, Father Peter Gabriele @

Jennifer Guetta - 8/8/2022
Video Transcript includes edited prayer to help break all demonic/wrong agreements:
Transcript @ Microsoft Word - IS1160Transcript_Guetta.docx (sidroth.org) SID: Pray right now to break all agreements. JENNIFER: Yes. If you are living under some kind of oppression or some kind of curse, or maybe you've made agreement that you don't even know about, then right now, pray this prayer with me (OUT LOUD).
JENNIFER: Heavenly Father, Lord God of Israel... SID: Heavenly Father, Lord God of Israel.
Repeat after Jennifer
. JENNIFER: I ask you to forgive me (& our family tree).  
JENNIFER: for making that permission (with our spiritual enemy).  Right now.
JENNIFER: in the name of Jesus & authority you've given me.
JENNIFER: I break each & every (unholy, wrong) permission (granted to Yeshua's & our spiritual enemy) by Your blood Jesus. 
JENNIFER: I command every demon to flee right now (in Your name, Jesus).
JENNIFER: You (evil enemy) are not allowed anymore to oppress me (or our family tree).
JENNIFER: We will live in freedom (froever).
JENNIFER: I claim Your blood, Jesus (Who speaks for us in the 3rd heaven). 
JENNIFER: I decree right now, in Yeshua's name, freedom over our family tree on both sides:
Freedom right now from all: demonic oppression, occult, Kabbalah curses & the spirit of Jezebel, in Yeshua's name.  I decree Jesus' victory over you evil spirits.
In Yeshua's name, I decree victory over each & every member of our family tree living in captivity.
I declare freedom.
I invite Your (holy) glory right now (to descend upon our family tree).
Right now I release Your (holy) glory over our zip codes, America, Israel, Your world & Your Family Tree. 
Thank You Lord for Who You are & for the great things You are doing (24/7).
SID: We have heard G-d's truth. And His truth has set us free. (Triple thanks, Lord.)
JENNIFER: In Yeshusa's name, Amen. 8.8.2022
Guetta @ Prayer for breaking permissions with the enemy - Jennifer Guetta (awestruckbyglory.com) 
(edited) Prayer for breaking permissions with the enemy - The spirit realm is legalistic & works through the laws of permissions & payment. At the same time, God loves us & has given us free will to choose between good & evil. The enemy comes against us to influence our free will & legally get our permission.
A permission is an agreement between 2 parties & is seen in the spirit realm as a legally binding contract.
To get permission evil spirits have many tactics based on deception and lies (
Click here for examples).
Most of the time, we do not know that we have given permission to the enemy, but some-times it is very clear. Once a permission has been given, the spirit can influence, control or even possess you (in certain areas of one's life).  Permissions can be given through people, dreams, material objects, sin, etc.
Breaking Permissions - The payment for breaking permissions in the spirit realm is death (Lev. 17:11).
Therefore blood is the price that breaks the permissions. Man has given many permissions, & we all have sinned. There is only 1 way to completely break the permissions with an evil spirit & stay alive:
 by claiming the blood of Jesus. 2000 years ago Jesus died for us & everyone that believed in Him &
 claimed His blood could break their permissions
, their sins would be forgiven, & they would be set free. When Jesus died, He gave his blood for us so we could live.
Only Jesus paid the price for our sins & all our agreements were nailed to the cross (Col. 2:14).
In the spirit realm, demons have a long memory & they know that if a human claims the blood of Jesus they have to obey, because the payment has already been made.
Preparing to Break the Permissions - #1.Turn to & ask Jesus to forgive your sins AND the (spiritual legal) permissions you have given (to the spiritual enemy). Invite Jesus into your heart.
Make Him your: Lord, Savior, rescuer, teacher (& baptizer in the Holy Spirit). (For a specific prayer Click Here)
#2.Out loud: ask Jesus to help you.
#3.Try to recall the time & place you gave permission to the evil spirit.
You might have done so on purpose, but usually people do so unwittingly.
Call on the blood of Jesus to break all permissions you gave to the enemy & ask God to forgive you.
Say (out loud): "God, I turn to Jesus & invite Him to help me fight this battle & set me free.
I call upon the blood of Jesus to forgive me for making these permissions."
Prayer for Breaking Permissions with the (spiritual) Enemy - Always pray OUT LOUD. 
1st Write the prayer on paper. 
2nd Read it out loud.
Include all (remembered/recognized legal spiritual) permissions you gave (or allowed).
O: ………. (Name the evil spirit; if you don’t know its name, just say “demon”)
I hereby break the permission that I gave you ______ over my body.
I hereby break the permission that I gave you ______ over my house.
I hereby break the permission that I gave you ______ over my family (tree on both sides),
I hereby break the permission that I gave you ______ over my stuff etc.
[Eg: my specific material things (car/finances/rooms/beds) + specific people (friends/relatives/boss).
Be specific.  Mention as many things as you can, even ones you are not fully sure about].  

In the name of Jesus, I break these permissions.
I call upon the blood of Jesus, Who paid the price for my sins.
Therefore you must let me go. Leave now.
I do this in the name of the God of Israel & Jesus
(sign your name ______________ & date _____) 
Be persistent. 
If the demon doesn’t want to leave, do it again.  Make sure he knows you are serious & that you believe what you are saying. Tell it you claim the blood of Jesus & break the permissions you gave.
Then call upon Jesus to help you. Ask Jesus to fill your body & your house with His Holy Spirit so that there is NO empty spaces (in one's life, relationships &/or possessions) for spirits to come back.
If they try to come back, remind them that you already broke the permissions and that they have to obey Jesus. Get help & find Christians to pray with you. 
Click here for a complete list of things to do.
If the demon doesn’t want to leave, do it again.  Make sure he knows you are serious & that you believe what you are saying. Tell it you claim the blood of Jesus & break the permissions you gave.
Then call upon Jesus to help you. Ask Jesus to fill your body & house with His Holy Spirit so that there are NO empty spaces for spirits to come back.
If they try to come back, remind them that you already broke the permissions & that they have to obey Jesus.
Get help & find Christians to pray with you. 
Click here for a complete list of things to do.                            

n book Awestruck by Glory you can read the story of how the enemy deceived author & how author broke the permissions.  You will find a complete list of all the things author did to break the (spiritual) enemy permissions & what you can do.  Be reminded:  Greater is He Who indwells us than he who is in the world, often operating illegally & deceitfully, like the Wizzard of Qz.)

Hagin, Kenneth E @ https://www.nairaland.com/1214304/what-jesus-taught-kenneth-hagin - (edited excerpt) - "In 1952, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me in a vision* & talked to me for about a 1.5 hour about the devil, demons & demon possession.
At the end of that vision, an evil spirit that looked like a little monkey or elf ran between Jesus & me & spread something like a smoke screen or dark cloud.
This demon began jumping up & down, crying in a shrill voice, "Yakety-yak, yakety-yak, yakety-yak." 
I couldn't see Jesus or understand what He was saying. 
(Through this entire experience, Jesus was teaching me something.
If you'll be attentive, you'll find the answer here to many things that have troubled you.) 
I couldn't understand why Jesus allowed the demon to make such a racket. 
I wondered why Jesus didn't rebuke the demon, so I could hear what He was saying. 
I waited a few moments, but Jesus didn't take any action against the demon. 
Jesus was still talking, but I couldn't understand a word He was saying. 
I needed to, because He was giving instructions concerning the devil, demons & how to exercise authority. 

I thought to myself, Doesn't the Lord know I'm not hearing what He wanted me to? 
I need to hear that. I'm missing it.   I almost panicked. 
I became so desperate,  I cried out, "In the Name of Jesus, you foul spirit, I command you to stop."
The minute I said that, the little demon hit the floor like a sack of salt & the black cloud disappeared.
The demon lay there trembling, whimpering & whining like a whipped pup.  He wouldn't look at me. 
"Not only shut up, but get out of here in Jesus' Name," I commanded. He ran off. 
The Lord knew exactly what was in my mind.  I was thinking, Why didn't He do something about that? 
Why did He permit it? 
Jesus looked at me & said, "
If you hadn't done something about that, I couldn't have." 
That came as a real shock...It astounded me. 
I replied, "Lord, I know I didn't hear You right.  You said You wouldn't, didn't You
He replied, "No, if you hadn't done something about that, I couldn't have."
I went through this 4 times with Him.  He was emphatic about it, saying, "
No, I didn't say I would not, I said I could not." I said, "Now, dear Lord, I just can't accept that. 
I never heard or preached anything like that in my life." 
I told the Lord I didn't care how many times I saw Him in visions, He would have to prove this to me by at least 3 Scriptures out of the New Testament (because we're not living under the Old Covenant, we're living under the New).  Jesus smiled sweetly & said He would give me 4.  I said, "I've read through the New Testament 150 times. 
Many portions of it more than that. If that is in there, I don't know it."

Jesus replied,
"Son, there is a lot in there you don't know."
He continued, "
Not 1 single time in the New Testament is the Church ever told to pray that God the Father or Jesus would do anything against the devil.
In fact, to do so is to waste your time. The believer is told to do something about the devil.
The reason is because you have the authority to do it.
The Church is NOT to pray TO God the Father about the devil.
The Church is to exercise the authority that belongs to it

The New Testament tells believers themselves to do somethingabout the devil.
The least member of the Body of Christ has just as much power over the devil as anyone else.  Unless believers do something about the devil, nothing will be done in a lot of areas

We believe that certain people have power. No.
Jesus said the least member of the Body of Christ has just as much power over the devil as anyone else. 
When we start believing that, that's when we're going to get the job done. 

Jesus continued, "I've done all I'm going to do about the devil until the angel comes down from heaven, takes the chain, & binds & puts him into the bottomless pit [Rev. 20:1-3]." 

Henderson, Robert - 9/9/2021 @ https://www.destinyimage.com/blog/robert-henderson-take-a-stand-on-the-heavenly-battlefield-and-destroy-demonic-resistance

Hogue, Rodney - 5/18/2020 - https://ofm6z46z825qpxk83fa00q1a-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/IS1052Transcript_Hogue.pdf @ https://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/rodney-hogue/ -
The indwelling Holy Spirit, the 3rd Person of the Trinity gives us spiritual superpower to evict any evil spirit from our presence, in Jesus' name & resurrection power.

Jackson, John Paul - http://www.streamscanada.com/index.php?page=news&month=201106 -
"The major difference between (spiritual) power & (spiritual) authority is that anybody can have power. 
It is a gift; but authority comes
only from intimate, abiding relationship with God & that takes effort.
Authority is bestowed upon us through relationship, & therefore it is only as deep as that relationship."

Nott, Jareb @ Microsoft Word - Sid Roth 1116 Nott.docx (netdna-ssl.com) + Watch Now 9/6/2021 edited

JAREB: Jesus will never leave...never forsake you. He's gentle. 
He's kind & waiting for our yes. Will you say yes to Jesus today & allow Him to guide, take you by His hand & walk you into your destiny & path that he's called you into, the glorious person that you were created to be?
JAREB: I am a deliverance minister, by the grace of God. Deliverance ministers minister freedom & the perfect love of  Jesus' heart to the individuals who desperately need it the most. People walk through life with traumas from their generational lineage & things that we've done in our own lives that have caused trauma/marks on our bodies/DNA.  
invited the (spiritual) enemy in to our own lives. 
JAREB: Jesus says, "Be transformed by the renewing your mind."
We saw in the presence of positivity the DNA would lengthen & become at rest, peaceful.
But in the other room (in the presence of) negativity & hatred, the DNA would constrict & bind. 
(This illustrates the) scripture (which) said, "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

JAREB: I absolutely love forgiveness because forgiveness cracks open the door to healing.
It allows us to identify exactly where the problems are & where the enemy has come in & established a foothold.

Epigenetics means the study of the transfer of generational inheritance along the bloodline.
: (Medical) Science is discovering that there are tags, markers on our DNA that can be traced back generationally that were placed there by our ancestors who experienced trauma [or maybe opened a doorway to the (spiritual) enemy (demons or disease)] & when that trauma occurred in our ancestors' lineage it marked our DNA.  Science is saying is that mark/hurt now transfers down the generational lineage/DNA.
JAREB: Scripture says, "The sins of the fathers will be visited to the 3rd & 4th generations."
Epigenetics has now discovered there are ways to remove trauma medically (via a psychiatric method) &/or (spiritual) God perspective (method) where we speak TO the generational curses (&/or cancers/ diseases).
We speak TO the traumas & cause them to be reset at DNA level, restoring the person back to the perfection God intended.  (Cancer patients visualize & tell good cells to overwhealm cancer cells.)

SID: There's supernatural forgiveness...deliverance (& healing). It's NOT going to take decades & millions of $ to spend with doctors.  It could be as soon as you make up your mind & (fight back).
It's so wonderful.  Molecular biology held the (incorrect) belief:
We are our DNA & rarely is there anything we can do (to remedy our inherited diseases, except via palative medicine). 

JAREB: We DO have God's power within us to speak TO DNA to reset & to speak TO the trauma that's in our DNA & to cause it to fall off & no longer impact God's children.
JAREB: Lord, I thank You that everyone watching & listening is fearfully & wonderfully made.
I declare over you what God's word says, that you were created in His likeness.
& were called to represent His kingdom on this earth.
I speak TO & close the demonic entry points in our family lineage right now.
I command all traumatic experiences to detach from our genetic code right now, in Jesus' name.
JAREB: I declare over you that you are NOT the result of your inherited genes...NOT a flawed person by design.  I declare that genetic infirmity is NOT God's plan for you.
I speak truth in TO your DNA, life, [soul (mind/emotions/willpower)] & spirit.
You were created in the image of God...fearfully & wonderfully made for His purpose.
I speak healing TO your genetic code/DNA right now.
I command all DNA/genetic infirmity, "BE removed" instantly.
I command all (wrong/unholy) marks on your DNA that have attached themselves anywhere in your family lineage to the 10th generation & beyond, "BE removed & leave" your body now.
JAREB: God, it is written that when we ask you for healing we will receive.
Therefore, I ask you, Lord, for a complete & thorough reset of their entire genetic code, returning them to the perfection that You intended at their creation. 
I declare over them Proverbs 17:22, "T
hat a cheerful heart is good medicine."
I bless you now, each & everyone of you with an abundant spirit of joy that brings healing & restoration. Amen.
I want to tell you that no matter how many generations of trauma are in your life, trauma from:
abuse, porn, alcohol & infirmity.  It stops with you (believing/receiving/rejoicing).

SID: (Let's agree with Jesus Who said) It is finished. (Amen.  Thanks holy Trinity.)
On-Line Course @ https://beccagreenwood.teachable.com/p/the-dna-of-deliverance
5/14/2020 video @ https://www.facebook.com/rebeccagreenwoodCHI/videos/join-jareb-nott-and-me-as-we-engage-in-an-online-discussion-about-the-vital-mini/692374394922779/ @ Rebecca Greenwood + https://faithlife.com/jarebnott + https://www.destinyimage.com/blog/jareb-and-petra-nott-breaking-free-from-generational-bondages 9/9/2021 - edited excerpt -
For each curse (acquired or inherited) you identified in your (personal diary) journal (or family tree), repent for & renounce it on behalf of yourself & your family line (lineage, thus ancestors, self, descendants & mates).
Tell all related demonic spirits (with same nature/name as disease/problem, such as depression) to leave you immediately, to go to a dry arid place, & never to return to you or your family...
Discard your generational curses (1 at a time).

Then write, (invite, replace & bind) the opposite of each curse as a statement of blessing.
Use only positive language.  For example, do NOT say, “I will
not have anxiety.”
is a negative word & our bodies react to negative words even when they are said with positive intent.
Instead, say, “Peace inhabits my mind, will, & emotions.

I choose to have the mind of Christ
that brings contentment in all areas of my life.”
The key with this process is to allow the Holy Spirit to help you craft your blessings.
When you have finished (replacing each curse with an opposite) blessing. 
Begin to
intentionally bless your self & children from the list you made. 
Continue to do it daily or on a regular basis
Understand (that there are both) spiritual portals & physical DNA (holy heaven) portals for generational blessings...
God spoke over His people in Jeremiah 29:11:
'For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you & NOT to harm (or hurt) you, plans to give you hope & a future.'
(We can) use this (spiritual revelation) as an opportunity to come further into agreement with the blessing God gave Moses & Aaron when He instructed them to bless God’s people:
The Lord said to Moses, 'Tell Aaron & his sons, This is how you are to bless the Israelites.
Say to them: The Lord bless & keep you; the Lord make his face shine on & be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you & give you peace
(Numbers 6:22–26).
The generational curses passed down to you stand no chance against the blessings of God spoken of you & your family.
Make a decision today to reverse the curse & declare that the sins of the fathers will not pass to you or your generations any longer. 
My mentor in deliverance ministry Bill Sudduth used to say, 'You have a right as a child of God to be
so free.'"
Demonic Strongholds - "Gods holy spirit realm is waiting with eagerness for God’s people to exercise their authority over the (2nd lower heaven) strongholds of satan & be victorious.
Until now, satan & his demons have enjoyed free access to generational bloodlines.
He’s corrupted generations of family lineage through bodily systems never originally meant to pass down curses.
We now have been given the knowledge of exactly how the enemy uses the mechanism of generational inheritance to keep entire generations from discovering & pursuing their (Godly) kingdom purposes.

A demonic stronghold is an (individual) area in our lives where the enemy has infiltrated taken ground:
Though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are NOT weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.
We demolish arguments & every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, but we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ
(2 Corinthians 10:3–5). 
Scripture tells us that we have divine power to demolish (wrong/evil) strongholds.
We must choose to come out of agreement with the stronghold of the enemy
in our lives.
Only when we genuinely hate the evil that has enslaved us do
we have the power to completely demolish & eradicate the oppressing stronghold in our (own & then in our) entire family lineage, (vice versa, or both). Scripture also tells us how this process works in verse 5.   
'We demolish arguments & every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge (& nature) of God.'  
literally, this means to identify the lie of the enemy & demolish it with (God's scriptural) truth...
Ask Holy Spirit to show you areas in your life where you have believed a lie. Once the lie is revealed, ask Holy Spirit to reveal (His opposite) truth. The lie might be something like these statements, “I am not good enough, God cannot use me, I am broken, it is all my fault, I am to blame.” Those are not life-giving statements.
In fact, those beliefs become (mental/emotional) strongholds of the enemy that prevent our true identity from being revealed. Look at the 2nd part of verse 5. '
We take captive every thought & make it obedient to Christ.' This step is important because the enemy gets in through our thoughts & beliefs (tricking us to believe his wrong/evil ideas are our own thoughts &/or our own feelings). We’ve identified a lie in the 1st half of the verse. Now we accept & partner with God's (opposite positive) truth to reverse the curse. Begin to bless yourself with the truth (of heaven's holy helpful perspective), taking every (self-sabotaging) lie captive & replacing it with the truth of who you are (intended to become) as a son or daughter of (Jesus' & our dad) the King (of the universe).
Now that you’ve demolished the enemy’s lies in your life, set your eyes on continued maintenance.
It’s NOT a once & done deal. Continuous meditation (on the Bible) & (personal/fellowship) relationship with Jesus will ensure our identity remains intact.
, Jareb et al - 9/9/2021
@ https://www.destinyimage.com/blog/jareb-and-petra-nott-this-will-blow-up-your-notions-about-deliverance-ministry - "
Today, you & I also represent the kingdom as God’s ambassadors.
We are deliverance ministers of freedom.
We have been commissioned to go into the world, preaching, teaching, healing the sick, & casting out (deceitful) demons. From a scientific perspective, the
demons attacking God’s people know they have (potential) access through our thoughts (by remaining invisible/ unrecognized/hidden in attempt to trick an individual into believing each negative emotion or thought is his own & NOT from hell). 
This is why the Bible tells us to 'be transformed by the renewing of our mind.'
The demonic realm knows this & try very hard to influence us through our thoughts.

Scientifically speaking, our thoughts are physical objects, they are observable (consequences are observable) & each (thought) impacts every 1 of the trillions of cells within our bodies.
So if the enemy can invade (trick/kidnap/deceive) our thought life, then our physical bodies will react in kind.

Dr. Bruce Lipton who specializes in cell biology says this: Your thoughts are things.
They are (affect) actual
proteins (hormones) called neurotransmitters, serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline which attach to cell membranes & cause your genes to express themselves. 
That gene expression is inheritable over the next few generations. 
So, you are not a victim of your genes, (but rather) you have some control over how they are expressed. (1)"

[COMMENTARY: Excellent DNA editorials seem to be error in conclusion (or method) that water, demons or DNA hear/translate our thoughts.  Words, yes.  God, yes.  So something else may be at play.
Maybe electromagnetic activity.  Maybe holy angels or army holy host. 
Scripture does say rocks can cry out.  In God’s upper 3rd heaven, most things talk, even trees & pets + communication is primarily thought rather than spoken, per many who have visited heaven, esp.
Kat Kerr.  Additionally, living animals/humans/demons have/are active spirits that operate invisibly, are not separated by walls & can communicate between/amongst themselves. ]

Prince, Derek @ Spiritual Warfare Deliverance Prayers by Derek Prince (healingdeliverance.net) recommended link - (edited)  I speak to you (evil-spirit/influence) that (attempts to) control me from the kingdom of darkness [in this one (1) area of my/his/her life/personality/character/family-tree/soul (mind/emotions/willpower) which is subsequently influencing the behavior/body/health/DNA].
bind you (with enlistment & help of my army host, in Jesus'name). 
In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, 
I (as legal guardian/mate/pastor) command you to quietly go from me now (to) under the feet of Jesus.  I (as an act of my own free will, renounce &) expel you. 
In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, 
I command you never to return. 
In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, 
I close all gates/doors that allowed you entry (for EACH). 
I adore & praise you for your deliverance of the demon of  ________________.
Jesus, I adore & praise you for your deliverance of the demon of  ________________. 
Jesus, I adore & praise you for your deliverance of the demon of 
Jesus, I adore & praise you for your deliverance of the demon of 
I ask You to fill with Your Holy Spirit those empty spots vacated by the demons who left so that when they try to come back there will be no place for them (to land/occupy/nest/influence/bully).  Proverbs 26:2 Like a fluttering sparrow or darting swallow, an undeserved curse does not come to rest. (biblehub.com)
+ John 14:30 I will not speak with you much longer, for the prince of this world is coming, and he has no claim on Me. (biblehub.com) for there is NO thing in Me in common with him.  
Bless & thank You Lord.  My heart is full of joy & gratefulness. 
(We are forgiven/delivered NOT becuause of our own merits, but because of Jesus' merits/power/love.)

Ramirez, John – Breaking Strongholds – Self Deliverance + Taking Back Your Neighborhood for Jesus Christ @ Fighting Back through Spiritual Warfare @ Unmasking the Devil (book excerpts) including self-deliverance PRAYERS @

Roberts, Evan - VISIT TO BALA COLLEGE - Wales most famous evangelist now becomes a spiritual/psychiatric victim.  http://www.sermonindex.net/modules/myalbum/viewcat.php -
The deliverer will find that at 1st the captive has to be almost (spiritually) carried to the place of freedom, but as the light dawns & intensifies he (the captive) is able to take up the battle on his own behalf.
The deliverer must never make it his objective to fight instead of the captive, but only until he can get him to break his own evil bonds.
That point must be made, for as soon as possible, as the demons’ substitutionary work is broken, the captive needs less & less of the deliverer’s substitutionary co-operation.
(The work is only substitutionary in so far as it enables the captive to be released from the bondage of his faculties.  Were it not taken up by others he might never seek, get or retain deliverance
Florrie Evans - "During the revival she often traveled as part of Joseph Jenkins team holding meetings throughout North Wales...
Having discovered his (Evan Roberts?) deception & refused the substitutionary work of the demons, he does not find himself immediately with the full control of his faculties.
Now that he refuses this substitutionary work of the demons, they contest him using his faculties, so for a time he is in a state of inactivity, or partial inactivity.
Nevertheless, he should use his force in order to get his faculties into the normal state.
This is the using of force against force & tends to break up the possession & the non-activity." 
Hannah Roberts - Evan's Mother. 
Henry Roberts  -
Evan's Father.]

Souza, Katie @ Microsoft Word - Hcmfj_120415_Demonic Kings.doc (housechurchministriesforjesus.com)  (edited) Katie Souza has an amazing testimony which includes:
1. How as a drug dealer of meth, she finally ended up serving 7 years in prison
2. She was diagnosed in prison as being bi-polar (but she is not bi-polar any more after learning about the satanic king over mental illness - King Agag)
3. She had a Multiple Personality Disorder, but Jesus helped her self-deliver by going into a vision wherein Jesus showed her that her soul was like a house with several rooms.
There were 5 rooms that needed attention & a little Katie was in each one.
Jesus had Katie go into each room & bring each multiple personality (or alter) out of the room into the hallway to be healed in the light (testimony of healing MPD)
4. She was diagnosed with Lupus (but does not have Lupus any more after learning about the satanic king over physical health - Babylonian King)
5. She was diagnosed with skin cancer (but does not have skin cancer any more) ...

In the satanic realm, the devil has set up satanic kings over satanic kingdoms Luke 4:5.
These satanic spirits have been at work for centuries in humans...
1st bind the strongman (satanic king
) over the problem area.
2nd command
the strongman & strongman's evil workers to all leave.
This usually brings complete freedom, but if the satanic attack returns (or does not leave) then there is a 'soul wound' giving the devil and his evil workers a 'legal right' to stay.
A 'legal right' is always the result of a sin: something that someone did to you or some-thing you did to yourself.
The solution is simple: Asking Jesus to reveal which soul wound (because we all have many) is allowing the demons &/or evil spirits to stay & oppress or torment.
We forgive others & ourselves. 
confess (acknowledge) the sin (which could be as simple as having not presented a past situation to Jesus...Jesus forgives the sin that is now confessed, repented of. 
Our past sin is now erased/hidden under His blood.
Ask Jesus to cleanse & heal it (the soul wounds resulting from the sin commited by or against us + any subsequent accumulation of bitterness/hurt/navel-gazing & their unhealthy relatives)...

King Balak is the satanic king over curses (especially those which are inherited). Num 22: 1. Numbers - chapters 22-24, the story of King Balak 2. Deut 28:15, the list of curses targets you, things you own, places were you work...
King Of Babylon is the satanic king over satanic attacks on physical health, Is 14: 1. Matt 10:1,
1st drive out the satanic spirits (deliverance). 2nd Heal the sick (healing) 2.
Eph 6:12, 1st fight the highest ranking spirits which is rulers/princes/kings 3.
Mark 3:27, 1st bind the strongman...

1 Sam 15, King Agag is the satanic king over witchcraft, rebellion, mental illness
[Having invited & commissioned God's army host division (allowed/assigned to work with us) we daily (& now) command you our army host (in love & Jesus' name) to bind each evil stronhold (afflicting our family tree & circmstance) & to strip each evil platform & thus incinerate each spiritual enemy & plot. 
With those ashes, make fertilizer for Your kingdom purposes in our lives & family tree.  Triple Thanks.  Amen.]

Towns, Elmer @ https://www.biblesprout.com/articles/hell/overcome-satan/

Turner, Eddie - Conquering the Chaos in Your Mind #1 @ https://vimeo.com/517871015
, Eddie - Conquering the Chaos in Your Mind #2 @ https://vimeo.com/520673318 -
Turner, Eddie - BLOG @ https://eddieturner.blogspot.com/
+ https://www.pastoreddieturner.com/ + https://www.facebook.com/pastoreddieturner/
3/8/2021 @ https://www.harrisonhouseblog.com/blog/eddie-turner-jesus-walked-in-my-den-and-saved-my-life (Edited excerpt) - Why do any of us think the ridiculous things we think? Didn’t I know better?  Yes & no. Yes, I knew deep in my heart that  I was NOT demon possessed, BUT the continual harassing thoughts were chipping away at my confidence.
There were things I did
not know about taking control of my thoughts & prohibiting Satan’s accusatory darts from invading my mind
I soon discovered the truthfulness of Hosea 4:6, “
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”...
I screamed out, “Oh, Lord, I am truly losing my mind. What happened to me? How did I get this way?  
I am dying. Please, Lord Jesus, come & help me…Suddenly…I realized I was no longer in the room alone.
Standing in front of me was Jesus. He wore a white robe. His hair was long, touching His shoulders.
His facial features resembled the renderings we often see in pictures…I remember His sweet smile
Eddie, what would you have Me do for you?” He asked.  I replied, “Lord Jesus, these thoughts are killing me.”  Jesus smiled & said, “I told you. ‘Thoughts are AS vapors, smoke.”
My mind went back…to a prayer time right after this tormenting ordeal began…
I had asked the Lord why I was having these crazy thoughts.
A strong impression of the words vapors, smoke rose up from my spirit inside me.
Being young in walking in the (Holy) Spirit, I didn’t pay any attention, because it didn’t make any sense.
Yet on this day, I realized the Spirit of God told me months earlier that the deception of Satan’s attack is nothing more than a smoke screen, without strength & power.  
Satan’s arsenal is empty lies.  I
n retrospect, those months I lived in anguish.  I had God’s Word on the subject.
The Lord had faithfully & early on revealed to me the truth about those tormenting thoughts, but I didn’t pick up on it.

The answer He gave me was a subtle impression that came in prayer, but I was listening & looking for something more dramatic & spectacular.  If I had taken heed to the subtle word of the Lord earlier when He 1st spoke to me, I would have saved myself much heartache & torment.
As soon as Jesus said, “I told you, ‘Thoughts are as vapors, smoke,’” He reached down & touched the right side of my head & began pulling out of my head what appeared to be a banner with writing on it.

The only way I can describe the banner is to say it was similar to a huge banner you would see stretched across the road announcing some special event in a city or town. 
Once Jesus pulle it out completely, I could see the writing on it which said, “You are demon possessed.”

That was the main tormenting thought which had started the entire nightmare.
That was the thought that popped into my mind several months earlier while I was driving down the road. 
That was the recurring thought that tormented me continually.  I could not turn off or find a response to stop it.

That was the evil thought that was (attempting to) drive me crazy.

To my amazement, Jesus blew on the banner.  It disappeared like a vapor of smoke. 
Jesus did
NOT try to logically reason away the thought.
Neither did He spend any time answering the accusation. Jesus simply destroyed it.

1 of Satan’s most effective schemes is seducing us into a mental question-&-answer game in our minds.
I discovered that every time I mentally came up with a logical answer, Satan would always come back with another question; the game never stopped.
I found myself on the defensive & eventually unable to adequately satisfy all the questions that produced doubt & fear.
If Satan can keep us in the arena of logical thought, he will defeat us every time…

Then without saying a word, Jesus reached down again & touched the right side of my head & pulled out another banner.  As He pulled it out, I could see writing on it that said, “God does NOT love you.”
This was the other thought that tormented me over & over, day & night.   
By that point, I was convinced I was beyond the love of God, because of the harassing & evil thoughts (& lies) flooding my mind. 
I remember thinking that I must be beyond the love of God or these thoughts would cease.

I had never heard anyone in ministry share this type of experience, & I knew God loved ministers.  
I concluded that if I was experiencing such torment, then God must not love me.
But what had I done to cause Him not to love me? 
This was the thought process that invaded my mind daily & wrestled with me continually.  
Jesus never answered the question of why this was happening to me.
Neither did He give me a revelation on how to logically respond to the tormenting thoughts.
Jesus simply destroyed the thought (the lie)...

Once again, without saying a word, Jesus blew on the banner with the writing on it. 
It evaporated like a puff of smoke. I sat on my knees in total silence.
A 3rd time, Jesus reached down & pulled out another white banner out of the side of my head.
To my amazement this banner had NO writing on it, but was totally blank.
Instead of blowing on it, as He had done the other 2 banners, He wadded it up into a paper ball
As I watched this scene unfold, Jesus then said, “Eddie, there’s your problem!” pointing to the corner of the room...(where) I saw 2 hairy looking creatures that appeared to be the size of monkeys.
I couldn’t really tell how tall they were because they were huddled together in the corner hiding & cowering in fear.  
Jesus looked back at me & then away toward the monkey creatures again...
Each time He looked at them, they would quake in fear.
I could see the hair all over their bodies shaking (but) when Jesus looked at me, peace flooded me, but when He looked at them, they violently trembled in fear.

Without saying anything else, Jesus threw the wadded-up banner toward the 2 monkey-looking creatures.
When He did, they screeched a horrible scream & grabbed each other. I watched. 
For a few moments they shook & whimpered with their heads buried in the corner of the room, refusing to look at Jesus.
The whole time this scene played out, I never experienced any fear.
Even though I was in the presence of
demon spirits, I never felt anxious or nervous.
The presence of Jesus completely drove out fear. 
Isn’t that what the Word of God says, “
There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear.” (1 John 4:18)
It was apparent the 2 demon spirits were experiencing a lot of fear.
I have purposely remembered that scene many times during the years when fear tries to invade me.
I remember it was the devil’s imps which were afraid, not Jesus or myself. 
After a few moments, I looked back at Jesus. Once again He smiled at me.
Then instantly, He was gone.  I didn’t see Him ascend or even slowly disappear. He just was gone.
I quickly glanced to the corner where the monkey creatures were.
They also were gone. 
Jesus’ presence remained on me. It was as if a blanket of peace, comfort & rest covered me.
I didn’t really understand what it was, but I didn’t want to lose it. My mind was at rest.
Tormenting thoughts ceased.  The nagging feeling of fear was gone. Chaos was silent.
The headaches went away, the constant nausea disappeared.

I didn’t feel the tightening vise grip around my head any longer.
I even started noticing little things, like the weather, beautiful smells & the fun behavior of my toddler.
I was overwhelmed with thankfulness that the torment & fear were gone.

I simply could not successfully articulate the words thank you, so I cried.
I believe God understood my admiration & appreciation for what He had done for me.

(Later) He spoke these words:I am going to tell you now about the 3rd banner. It represents the lie that Satan has used on people forever. You kept asking, ‘Why is this happening to me?’
Satan heard that question & answered it with this deception: ‘You have done something sinful to bring this on yourself.’ But you never were able to figure out anything you did even after confessing & asking forgiveness for everything you could remember multiple times
Then the Lord reminded me of the dozens of people whom I have ministered to, prayed for & talked with over the years who have all asked the same thing: “Have I committed an unpardonable sin & opened the door to this harassment?” 
Do you also have this question?
Are you tormented with the thought that you have done something sinful or wrong that has opened the door to harassment in your mind even though you’ve confessed & repented of everything you can think of that’s wrong? 
Stop.  It's the trick of the devil to keep you in doubt & fear.
Look at what Jesus said:  Nevertheless I tell you the truth. It is to your advantage that I go away;
for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you; but if I depart, I will send Him to you. 
And when He has come, He will convict the world of sin, righteousness, & judgment (John 16:7-8)
Jesus said that when the Holy Spirit comes, He will convict or bring evidence of sin.
Satan, however, accuses without evidence. If Satan can keep you questioning & doubting your righteousness in Christ, he will hinder you from exercising your rightful authority over him.  If you think you must have done something you don’t know about to cause the pain in your life, take that thought captive. 
It’s a lie
It's been a little over 30 years since my visitation from Jesus.
But I can honestly say those
2 (lying) thoughts that harassed me the most & caused me such torment:      You are demon possessed + God does not love you, are now so far removed from my thought life it’s as if I never had them.
Demonic lies tried to get back into my mind, but their power was evaporated by Jesus' breath.

Through (my speaking out loud) God’s Word (that contradicts demonic lies), Jesus taught me how to stay free of mental torment & chaos.
 (Chaos is an evil spirit.) (Christ already did His work & gave us Holy Spirit to help us do our work NOW on earth to evict stinking thinking & replace with His thoughts.)
Turner, Eddie @  https://www.marilynandsarah.org/2022/05/03/conquering-the-chaos-in-your-mind-part-1/ or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuSOPnQpdKY 5/3/2022 video #1

, Eddie @ https://www.marilynandsarah.org/2022/05/04/conquering-the-chaos-in-your-mind-part-2/

Wood,William @ https://sidroth.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/IS-1192-Wood.pdf 3/27/2023 - Edited -
William Wood: Well, like I said, the only thing I'm looking for is just to live another day.
That's the only thing I'm reaching for is just, "How can I live another day?"
Well, I had this thought, "I hope I wake up tomorrow."
Sure enough, a bright light forms right in front of my hospital bed. Now keep in mind, I've been on drugs for years at this point. So, I was thinking, "I'm going back on another trip on acid or something like that, like a flashback." But this time, this visionary experience is different. It has an atmosphere to it, a presence to it.
There was so much love coming from this light. I just begin to look & focus at this light.
As I'm focused on it, it gets bigger, bigger, bigger until it's the size of a person.
Then a figure of a man begins to walk toward me through this light. He steps into this room.
He has a white gown on & brown hair, but I could not make out the features of his face because of the brightness of the light that's coming from his face.
When he stands into the room, all my body begins to tremble like this, under this power.
He begins to walk to the foot of my bed, not saying anything to me. He gets right to the edge of the bed & turns like He's going to leave, but yet he sits down on the floor, crosses his hands like He's waiting for something & within a few seconds looks over to the right side of the room. I look over & the wall opens up. 
I'm seeing this as I see you.  The wall opens up & a river of water begins to flow into the hospital room, right in front of where this man is sitting.  He sticks his hands in the water & washes His arms like this.
An audible voice speaks to me, "The waters that you see will purify & cleanse you if you receive Jesus the Christ as Lord & Savior."
William Wood: Everything inside of me just responded with this, yes. I scream out, "Yes."
As soon as I say that, the vision disappears.  The power that was on my body, goes inside of me.
I can literally feel my organs beginning to tremble with this power. Well, it gets so intense, it knocks me out.
I don't wake up until the next day about 12-13 hours later. When I wake up, the doctors are literally shaking me. They say, "William, wake up, wake up."  When I come to, they say, "We've been doing tests for 10 hours on you.
Not only are your kidneys & liver better, but it's as if you've never done drugs before your whole life."
William Wood: Sometimes demonic spirits would manifest in my home as a black cloud. 
Sometimes they would manifest in human form, & a paralysis would begin at the bottom of my feet & work all the way up to the top of my head to where I could NOT move.  I was getting to this point of anger, like a righteous anger toward the enemy, like, "Why am I continuing to tolerate this & why can't I find breakthrough in this?" Well, this 1 night I felt like the Lord told me (1) to NOT go to sleep, but (2) to stay up & wait until those demons would manifest & (3) that He would show me what to do. Well, sure enough, there I am at 3 AM waiting for those demons to manifest in the room. They come in a form of a cloud. 
Immediately I have this thought, "(1) Grab a chair from your living room & (2) put it in your bedroom &
(3) tell the demons to watch you worship Jesus." That's exactly what I did.
I grabbed a chair, set it in my bedroom, & looked to the cloud of demonic spirits, & said, "You sit here in this chair & you're going to watch me worship Jesus in front of you"
Sid Roth:  It was almost like the anger/righteous indignation Jesus had in the temple. 
William Wood: That's exactly right. 1 of the things I realized from that is: What gives Satan's presence purpose is our attention. The entire time leading up to this, all I was doing was focusing on the devil. I was NOT focusing on Christ. When I put the chair there & instinctively turned my back. I didn't realize what I was doing.
I was basically taking my attention from the demonic & putting it on the person of Jesus Christ
I just began to worship, to magnify Jesus.
I began to say, "King of kings & lord of lords, I lift You up. You are my redeemer
Now, I just began to magnify Him in my bedroom. As a default of that, within 5 minutes I turn around, the demon (cloud) had materialized into human forms sitting there on the floor in a cowardly position in fear. 
I realized, this is the normal state or nature of a demonic in relation to me, being in fear of me, realizing who I am in Christ (my savior, redeemer, doctor, healer, helper, rescuer, best friend).
1+Samuel+16:14-23   [23] It came to pass, when the evil spirit was upon Saul, that David took an harp, & played with his hand: so Saul was refreshed, & was well, & the evil spirit departed from him.

Audio/CD/Radio + DVD

Copeland, Kenneth - Authority of the Believer CD www.kcm.org
Copeland, Kenneth - Healing School # 027660   
Gloria Copeland
CD - Healing School # 030900   
Gloria Copeland
CD - Healing Confessions # 300603
 + Book
Gloria reads scriptures that have been her basis for proclaiming God's healing power & staying healed & whole.

Souza, Katie CD @  https://www.amazon.com/Partnering-Angelic-Katie-Souza/dp/0768402638 - 1/1/2011 - "Receive  help from angelic forces called the 'hornets' who fight demonic kings that are over mental disorders & physical disease. Get a financial breakthrough from the same angelic army God used to stop the famine in Samaria. 
These angels caused the enemy to leave behind their gold, tents, food & remnants for the Israelite people to plunder"

Wood, William @ https://sidroth.org/radio/radio-archives/william-wood/ Protect self from night terrors.

, Kevin DVD course @ Warrior Justice Bundle | Warrior Notes School of Ministry

Web Sites

Andy Andrews - http://www.andyandrews.com/ - Butterfly effect - http://www.andyandrews.com/listings/video/

Dr. Hakeem Collins - Sid Roth – It’s Supernatural! | sidroth.org 1/24/2022 important
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The Authority of the Believer
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Desmond Oomen is healed of autism by his and parents' listening to & applying principles in above Healing School tapes.
Copeland, Gloria - You Have the Mighty Power to Accomplish Anything - 5/1/2011

Cyber Exorcism - Do It Yourself - http://www.cyberexorcism.com/yourself.html  Catholic

DeSilva, Dawna @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3TSjuQlXXw #1 - 4/2021
DeSilva, Dawna @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCgsK7mvJEI #2 - 4/2021
Deliverance is awesome, BUT does NOT necessarily free one of satan's lies.  We need to do a transfusion/exchange replacing stinking thinking with God's thoughts/mind/Word found in scripture by continually reading/listening to it.

Dickerman, Don - https://deliverancenow.org/ Self-deliverance help.

Dollar, Creflo 6/11/2021 @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEWXlAR5DLw @ https://www.creflodollarministries.org/Watch-and-Listen As long as (or the degree to which) we attribute evil/harm to God we may be impotent to recognizing/resisting/preventing Satan's/demonic involvement in our lives.  Once we have a revelation that much of personal/family/life's malice/disease/ disaster is due to unresisted/unrestrained spiritual malace, then we can begin to develop spiritual muscle & to take back our losses, territory & destiny for which we were born.

Eckhardt, John - http://www.tracylwilliams.org/pdf/intercession_selfdeliverance.pdf

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - 11/2009 - Regions of Deliverance Conference - Houston, Texas, USA @
A must watch program!  Includes deliverance role playing & most of actual group deliverance.

Foster, David Kyle - July 27, 2016 Pure Passion  https://www.facebook.com/purepassiontv/posts/10153828709433660 -
A former homosexual was
told by God to do self-deliverance, to name the demon by its nature (porn/hate/adultery) & to then tell it to leave & go to where Jesus tells it to go.

griemsmann, Nick - https://www.xpmedia.com/video/13440/curing-the-incurable - 12/2013 -

Jennifer Guetta - Sid Roth – It’s Supernatural! | sidroth.org 8/8/2022

Hickey, Marilyn & Sarah - 4/10/2014 Old Wine-New Wine - Part 1 + 4/11/2014 Old Wine-New Wine - Part 2 -
[Shares how God through Frances & Charles Hunter delivered a boy from insanity. 

Marilyn reminds us we all are invited by God to do likewise (in Jesus' name & power).]
Hickey, Marilyn & Sarah - http://www.marilynandsarah.org/2014/04/broken-be-made-whole-part-1/ - 4/21/2014 -
Hickey, Marilyn & Sarah - http://www.marilynandsarah.org/2014/04/broken-be-made-whole-part-2/ - 4/22/2014 -

Jackson, John Paul - http://www.daystar.com/ondemand/joni-power-authority-john-paul-jackson-j846/ 11/1/2011 www.streamsministries.com -
Our authority is only in proportion to our closeness to God. 
NEVER have anything in common with demons. 
AVOID vampire material which can be an open door to self-mutilation (cutting).

Moore, Beth 10/12/2011 - http://www.lightsource.com/ministry/life-today/beth-moore-a-story-fit-for-a-song-part-2-229137.html @ http://www.lightsource.com/ministry/life-today/broadcast-archives.html -
Having utilized all available spiritual deliverance/healing resources (including famous pastors), the bottom line is that we ourselves (me/myself/I) need to participate in the process, especially at the end, to enforce any victory.   We cannot opt out of the deliverance process, leaving all the work to others. 
BOTH God & Satan hold us accountable. 

Satan will have a tax free holiday, if we are expecting the televised heroes to come to our house & personally babysit our daily problems.  Jesus died 2,000 years ago to provide our fix. 
He is waiting on us personally to apply His blood to whatever our need is, as well as to attack all demonic powers with His blood.  We, not He, nor a neighbor is to do our job.

How to Perform a Christian Exorcism - http://www.wikihow.com/Perform-a-Christian-Exorcism

How to Get Rid of a Poltergeist (ghost/haunting) @ http://www.shopoflittlehorrors.com/Alien%20Species%20Index%20(how%20to%20get%20rid%20of%20a%20poltergeist).html  Catholic

How to Perform an Exorcism - The Exorcist and True Exorcism
@ http://hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Perform-a-Simple-Exorcism - Catholic

Pastor Chris Ward - http://www.logoschristian.org/malachi_martin/christian.html -
9 important guidelines from personal experience.
Self deliverance -
School of Exorcism - How to Stop a Demonic Attack - How to Remove a Demon

http://www.refugeofrightousness.com/articles - prayers & declarations

Religious Demonology - http://www.religiousdemonology.com/laity.htm - Catholic laity exorcism manual

Russell, John E - The Authority of the Believer   internet editorial  http://jrcm.faithweb.com/goodnews/i_authority.html
"Jesus is Lord. He possesses all authority & has passed limited authority to the believer.
This is part of the believer's legal inheritance
now, but the believer must act on God's Word by faith for it to become a reality.  Kenyon articulates this point:

Every demon and angel is subject to the Imperial Name of Jesus &, wonder of wonders,
He gave us the Power of Attorney to use that Name of Might.
All our Authority is based on His Finished Work, but it is all enwrapped in His name.
By His giving us the Legal use of this name He has put omnipotence at our disposal in our combat with Satanic hosts.
[E. W. Kenyon,
The Father & His Family, 10th ed. (Seattle, WA: Kenyon's Gospel Publishing Society, 1964), p. 195]... All hell knows the power of that Name & our Legal Rights & Authority.
So they are fighting to keep us in ignorance of our Legal Rights;
or if we know them, to keep us under condemnation so we will not dare use them
[Italics Mine].
(Kenyon, The Father & His Family, pp. 197-198).

After relating how the believers used the delegated authority of Jesus in the book of Acts,
Kenyon then shares his own experience:

The writer has seen hundreds healed, soreness from sprains leave while prayer was being offered, swelling reduced instantly, ruptures healed like a flash from glory, & consumption in last stages healed, all soreness & coughing leaving at once, broken backs instantly healed, cancers instantly healed.  Space forbids giving individual cases.
But the authority invested in the Name is as mighty now as in Paul's day.
We have seen demons cast out, men & women set free, testimonies restored, power in prayer given. 
We have seen the insane set free instantly.
We have seen whole communities put under the conviction of the Holy Spirit, so that great fear was in them all.
We have seen other places set free from Satanic bondage.
We have seen God set many free from fear & avarice.
We have seen souls in bondage to habits given liberty in a single instant.
We have seen the drunkard freed from bondage & arise free while we were praying.
Yes, we have Legal Rights, Legal Authority; let us live in it.
(Kenyon, The Father and His Family, pp. 201-202).'"
Ruth, Peggy Joyce @ https://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/peggy-joyce-ruth-2/ + https://sidroth.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/IS1180Transcript_Ruth.pdf  (edited) +
https://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/peggy-joyce-ruth-3/ video #2
PEGGY JOYCE: When the (bad) thoughts came back, God gave me a vision because I was crying out to Him.
I knew what it meant to be close to the Lord then. I was just crying out, "Lord, I don't know what's happening." He gave me a vision. I saw myself sitting in a chair.  There was a man dressed in white.  He had me open my mouth.  There was a black tooth in my mouth. Then he said, "This is what we're going to do." All of a sudden my body became transparent.  The black roots from that tooth went all down my arms, legs, all through my body.
He pulled that tooth & roots, but it left holes all through my body. He looked at me & said, "This is what we're going to do." He started packing those holes. At the time, I didn't know what he was packing it with.
Later, the Lord showed me that He was packing it with the word of God.  That's what I was going to have to do. SID: What difference did it make?
PEGGY JOYCE: He told me, "I'm going to give you an exchange system." God speaks & just uses just a few words sometimes, but it means so much. He'd tell me an exchange system that every: evil, fearful, negative thought that didn't line up with the word of God, He wanted me to exchange it for a promise from God's word.  He said that if I would do that, it would take care of everything. It does...
PEGGY JOYCE: Do we just take what comes (& NOT push back)?  Suddenly, I heard God's voice out of heaven, maybe up out of my spirit, (or) in the dream. I heard God saying, "In your day of trouble, call on Me.
I will answer." Well, when I heard that, in the dream, I was clapping, jumping & dancing. 
We were alone out in this field just so happy. 
I didn't know what the answer was, but I knew that God had said that.
All of a sudden in the dream, people started filling up the field. At 1st, it was just a handful of people. 
Suddenly, as far as the eye could see in every direction, it was full of people clapping & dancing telling God how much we loved Him, because of the answer. Well, the next day, I just kept thinking, "Was that a scripture?
In your day of trouble call on me & I will answer." I knew it was important for me to find out if it was from the word of God. I just kept saying, "God, is this a scripture? Where did this come from?"  I was listening to a tape by Shirley Boone, Pat Boone's wife.  In it, she said, "Let's see, I don't know where that's from. Maybe Psalm 91. No, it's not Psalm 91." But my heart just leaped out of my chest when I heard the word Psalm 91.
God was getting that word to me.
SID: You didn't recognize that scripture from Psalm 91?
PEGGY JOYCE: Oh no, I'd never read it. I didn't really know my Bible very well back then.  I looked it up & there was the exact scripture that God had quoted to me in the dream, "In your day of trouble, call on Me & I will answer."  I started studying it night & day, I knew it was God.  Every evil known to man is covered in psalm 91. Whatever's coming against us, God has the answer for us in this Psalm 91 covenant. That's miraculous.
Think about that. It's 16 short verses & He answers every problem that man can possibly have.

, Rabbi K.A. @
12/21/2021 TV broadcast shared clip where a young woman was not delivered until she agreed to & then repeated that she herself had the power, will & desire to renounce, resist, reject & evict any & every indwelling/tormenting/opressing demon...
Testimony @ https://discoveringthejewishjesus.com/about-2/rabbi-schneider/ Michigan, USA

, Mike - 7/23/2018 - (edited) @
https://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/mike-shreve-2/?src=banner_tv -
https://ofm6z46z825qpxk83fa00q1a-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/IS962Transcript_Shreve.pdf -
MIKE: One of my teachers had told me, if you ever have a confrontation with a demon, either directly or in a human being, then take your authority, your Throne Room authority & declare the Word of God with the same authority God would in the same situation
SID:  You talk about strongholds in the mind. There are 3 primary weapons to tear them down.
MIKE: 2nd Corinthians, Chapter 10, Verses 3-5, it says, "Though we're in the flesh we do not war after the flesh, but the weapons of our warfare are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds." 
Now watch the wording carefully.
It says, "Casting down," not demons, not principalities or powers, but "casting down imaginations & every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God." So there are certain mindsets.
SID:  You might be able to say everything that exalts itself against a promise of God.
MIKE: Is a stronghold.
MIKE: (A pastor) began to explain to me that one of his best members, a very godly woman, the leader of his intercessory group had been married to an abusive man that constantly told her things like how stupid & ugly & worthless she was, a man who is supposed to be a protector, not a predator in his home.
But anyway, she cracked & she finally had a nervous breakdown. 
We went there (to the insane asylum).  They gave us only 5 minutes with her. 
They said,  "No religious stuff." I didn't know how to respond to that.
I didn't say yea or nay. I just smiled & I thought, "Let them interpret that smile any way they want to."
In my mind I was thinking, "I'm here to do God's work." 
They led us back to the room. Thankfully, they let us close the door.
She did not acknowledge us being in the room. She acted like she was alone, just sitting on the bed, muttering.  Her pastor said, "You go ahead." I walked over.
I thought, "Well even if she doesn't act like she hears me, I believe her spirit hears me.
I believe her heart hears me." 
I didn't want anybody outside to hear. I got real close to her. 
I thought, "I'm going to declare every promise I can think of in God's Word, for the next 4-5 minutes.
I thought, "Jesus, when He faced off with the devil, He always said, 'It is written, it is written, it is written.'"
I thought, "I'm going to use the same method."
I got down close to her & said, "It is written, there is therefore no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.
It is written nothing can separate you from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus.
It is written, behold I give you power over all the power of the enemy.
It is written God has not given you a spirit of fear, but a power of love & of a sound mind.
It is written if God be for you, who can be against you," on & on, & on.
I looked at my watch & lo & behold, we had 30 seconds left.
I said, "Pastor, we've got to go for it."  So we both laid hands on her & without planning it in advance. 
We both burst out speaking in tongues as loud as we could, very loud, so much so the door swung open & 2 big bouncers came in, grabbed us by the arm, led us to the front door, threw us outside & locked the door behind us.
But we had already done sufficient damage to the devil's kingdom, because after we left, that woman got up, bathed, clothed herself & went up to the front desk. 
She said, "Call my family. I don't need to be in here anymore. God gave me my mind back."

Turner, Eddie - Videos @
Faith Simplified // Pastor Eddie Turner - YouTube
Autobiography 50% into video (40:40) @ Pastor Eddie Turner - Cornerstone (cornerstonenashville.org) Part #1 8/1/2021 - Superior -
#3.Thoughts are blueprints for action. #4.God commands us to renew our minds with scripture: Romans 12:2 
#5.Do NOT take ownership of every thought that pops into your mind. Video ends with deliveance prayer. 5.20.2022@5:19PM
Pastor Eddie Turner - Part 2 - Cornerstone (cornerstonenashville.org) 8/8/2021 (begin 32:00 NO prayer at end.)
1st Evaluate whats on your mind.  What am I allowing to distract me or occupy my mind?  Romans 8:6 
2nd Eject unhealty thoughts. Refute/evict/do NOT accept all thoughts that knock on our door.
2 Corinthians 10:4-5 - Important -
3rd Embface/empower God's thoughts -
Romans 10:8-10 Rehearse/ruminate on God's scripture that contradicts the enemy' thoughts.
Turner, Eddie @ https://sidroth.org/?s=eddie+turner&post_type=television_episode 4/44/2021 video + https://sidroth.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/IS1096Transcript_TURNER.pdf

Wood, William @ https://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/william-wood/ 3/27/2023 - Recommended -
Wood, William @ https://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/william-wood-2/ part 2

Wommack, Andrew - You've Already Got It   http://www.awmi.net/extra/audio/1033
Wommack, Andrew - Sharper Than A 2 Edged Sword -
Week 13  Week 14 watch http://s3.awmi.net/downloads/tv/2011/04apr/awm_tv20110408.wmv - http://www.awmi.net/tv/2011 excellent - 


COMMENTARY - NEVER, NEVER, NEVER take personal or ministry credit for healings or deliverance. 
Always give away the credit to God.  One brick does not make a brick house.  The final piece to a puzzle does not make it the entire picture.  Take the case of the demoniac whose demons fled into the pigs. 
Certainly there were grandparents, parents, aunts & uncles, cousins & siblings who prayed for that man.  Certainly there were doctors & rabbis who prayed for that man. 
How many years did they pray?  75?  50?  25?  5?  How man years did he himself pray? 
Jesus did show up & heal/deliver that man. Why? 
Why did He not heal many others with the same disorder? 
Why was that man in the right place at the right time?  Why was he healthy? 
Why had none stoned him to death?  Why?  Because God had been his covering for all those past years. 
God had been answering the prayers of others.  Just because an individual or ministry is able to finish a job, does not mean that he deserves/is entitled to the credit/fame for rescuing someone. 
A man who puts the roof on a house is not entitled to say he built the house.  
Each organ of the human body is equal to another, for none is superior; it takes all organs working together to make us alive. 
Scripture says those who plant the seed & those who harvest the grain will both share in the rewards. 
John 4:36-38 NIV  36"The sower and the reaper may be glad together. 
37Thus the saying, 'One sows & another reaps.' is true. 
38I sent you to reap what you have not worked for. 
Others have done the hard work, & you have reaped the benefits of their labor.
Father God, in the name of Your son Jesus Christ, we repent of our daily pride/arrogance/self-sufficiency. 
Father, keep a close watch over us, to keep us from temptation & sin. 
We do thank You now for today's insights & blessings.  We are forever grateful. 
We are especially grateful to those who You have helped/healed/delivered today through our ministry.  Amen.

Robertson, Dave - The Walk of the Spirit - The Walk of Power - The Vital Role of Praying in Tongues shares this prose that seems to be revelation/spoken by God, "There were those who spent their lives in prayer & then others harvested from their labor."
1st Corinthians 3:7-11 NIV 
7Neither he, who plants, nor he, who waters, is anything (significant/able to brag), but only God, Who makes things grow (increase/blossom/produce fruit/mature spiritually). 

8The man who plants & the man who waters have 1 purpose. 
Each will be rewarded according to his own labor. 

9We are God's fellow workers; you are God's field, God's building. 
10By the grace God has given me, I laid a foundation as an expert builder.
Someone else is building on it.  Each one should be careful howl he builds;

11for no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which (Who) is Jesus Christ.

Food for Thought

There are basically only 2 ways that we can fly. With wings and with a spirit.  Hopefully it is God's Holy Spirit. 
Those of us who try to heal & deliver on our own, often end up disappointing both ourselves & our clients. 

1 of the ways we can attempt to make sure God's Holy Spirit is with us is to not leave home without Him, the Person, not an IT.  Actually, we need to spend daily quality time with Him, the same way we cultivate intimacy with a date or a mate.  Time is a key ingredient, like yeast/leaven is to raising bread "from the dead". 
Pun intended.

                                                                                I AM

I (AM) (God Himself) command(s) you (enemy) to depart & never return, in name & power of Jesus.  https://whoami.com/

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