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Sandra Kennedy @ The Simplicity of Healing
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When I say, 'Keep your eyes on Jesus,' I mean think on the victory He has already won for you. Itís your victory.
Think on the powerful work He (already) accomplished at Calvary. It was at Calvary that satan & all his kingdom were defeated.  That means sickness & disease were defeated. Think on the fact that He rose up from the grave. Remind yourself, 'Because He rose up, you too will rise up'...See with spiritual eyes. Look at things in the spirit dimension. What are you looking at? Are you looking at the problem, the circumstances? Are you looking at the symptoms, the test results?

I hope youíre looking at Jesus. Decide that you are not going to focus on the problem. Doing that can hinder your victory. Listen, you canít build a mountain & tear one
down at the same time. Jesus tells us to speak to our mountain: the obstacle/problem. 
Tell it to go (see Mark 11:23). Jesus tells us to speak TO our mountain, not about it. Youíll never see it go, if youíre constantly looking at and talking about it. When you do that, youíre building that (problem) mountain up continually, making it bigger and bigger.  You can't expect to tear it down if you are constantly building (speaking) it up.
What you look at determines how you think. How you think determines your outcome. The enemy does not want you to put your eyes on Jesus. He wants you to put your eyes on the: (negative) symptoms/diagnosis/prognosis/test results. As long as you stay focused on those things you are vulnerable to his lies. Donít buy the lie. Keep reminding yourself what Godís Word says, because Godís Word is truth; itís the pure and only truth. Truth trumps the lie every time. Truth triumphs.
It matters that you see yourself healed & disease free.  Right now see yourself being able to do things you canít do now. If all you see in your life is your illness, youíll never get well, because what you look at and focus on will predominate your thoughts. 
Your thoughts determine your outcome. Look at and believe the Word of God. 
Have a knowing in your heart.  Tell yourself, 'These things are going to change.
This is only temporary.' Rather than looking at the problem, whether itís healing, a financial difficulty, a family issue or some other problem, see the solution: Jesus.
Grasp the vision. See yourself free of doctor visits, treatments, medications.
See yourself free of every trace of disease. Remember Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego, the 3 Hebrew boys in Daniel chapter 3. They went into & came out of the fiery furnace, because Jesus went in with them. King Nebuchadnezzar said, 'Oh my, I thought we put 3 men in there, but I see a 4th Who looks like the Son of God.' 
When they came out their clothes were not burned, their hair was not singed.  They didnít even have the smell of smoke on them. No residual effects whatsoever. Itís Godís intent that when you come out of this disease, this fiery trial, youíll have no residual effects whatsoever.  The only thing that burned in that furnace were the ropes that had those young men bound. The thing that has tried to bind you: sickness/infirmity/disease/symptoms will be gone. You have been set free. 
See yourself that way now: well, free of disease, free of pain.
The more you look at a problem, the more youíll believe in the problem. As you look at it and think about it, the problem gets bigger and bigger in your eyes.  Eventually it begins to look bigger than God. Remember the Israelites who came out of Egypt kept looking at what they saw, until what they saw became so big they lost sight of their God,
Who they belonged to. They had an assignment from God. They were to go in and possess the Promised Land.
God had said He had given them the land. In other words, they possessed the land even before they went in to battle for it.  If youíre born again (apologized for sin & invited God's son Jesus to indwell you by His Holy Spirit)

God has already provided (acquired/purchased) your healing.
Itís one of the benefits of redemption. God said, 'My people (family/heirs/kids) are destroyed for lack of knowledge' (Hos. 4:6). Many of Godís people donít know healing belongs to them. They live in chronic illness and pain.  Some even die from their illness, because they do not know healing was (already escrowed/won/procured) provided for them.  That is so sad.
I want you to be armed with knowledge to live long & live strong, to conquer (enforce) every (defeated) illness that comes your way & to overcome every attack of the enemy. You can do (enforce/take/receive) it (now that you know)."

Kerr, Kat @ https://www.christianforums.com/threads/kat-kerr-preparing-for-the-baptism-in-fire-the-latter-rain.7709550/page-
#116) Kat Kerr -
Releasing the Anointing Pt 3- "Everyone of His believers who are out there releasing the anointing is going to supercharge that anointing. You (who are now alive, DAILY: forgiven & in right relationship to Father God) will literally step into doing those greater miracles He said you would do , like driving cars on the water instead of walking on it; instead of just stopping a storm, stopping an earthquake.  Then, because it's got to be greater, 'Put it back.' He showed me it happening. There will be believers in the last days who will stand up in the middle of the street, stop the earthquake & say: 'Put it back.'  All of it will go back to the way it was before. He Himself said that we would do greater miracles than He did. Raising someone from the dead who was cremated. Did He say we would do greater miracles? He raised someone from the dead who was rotting in the grave.? What is the difference if you're rotting or if you're ashes. It's a greater work. He showed me 1 believer walking into this hospital carrying this anointing with the glory of God on them, never touching a doorknob, & every person in the hospital was healed. There will come a time on this earth, in congregations where nobody will be sick. They told me that they're going to empty the body parts warehouse in Heaven during this move of God. So if youíve got things that need to be replaced that youíve been praying about for years, just hang on. Because if they're going to empty it .  You're a believer.  You're going to get your part. That's why He said, it's the most exciting time to be alive as a believer.  If you want to be active in what Heís doing & not just watch it happen you need to get empowered to release that anointing?." -  





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