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Healy, Blake @ https://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/blake-healy/ - 11092020 +
https://sidroth.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/IS1074Transcript_HEALY.pdf Edited Excerpt - 11/9/2020 -
SID: You talked about...the graveyard of dreams.
BLAKE: Yeah. This is a vision that I had that still leaves me a bit shaken. I was just out front of my house, playing with my kids. All of a sudden, I turned, looked & saw Jesus standing at the end of my driveway.
He looked glorious, tall, wearing these beautiful robes. I looked behind Him & saw what looked to me like big file cabinets, so high that they even blocked out the sun.  They were all over (the land)...as far as I could see.
I said, "Lord, what is this?" I heard Him say, "It's a graveyard." I thought, "Why is this in front of my house?" 
He said, "It's a graveyard of dreams." Again I thought, "Why is this in front of my house? There couldn't be that many dreams for this little neighborhood." He said, "No, this graveyard covers the entire earth."
Then I asked the right question, "Whose dreams are these?" Jesus said, "They're My dreams."
BLAKE: I looked & realized that there were these big racks of shelves
Some of the shelves looked beautiful, ornate, of marble, gold, & some had flowers in them.
Others were plain slate gray, like a file cabinet.  I realized that there's this difference between t
He walked forward & opened 1 of the gray dead drawers. It was a really long drawer. 
Front to back, it was full of pieces of paper. He pulled a few of these papers out.  On these papers was the most detailed business plan I had ever seen. Every thought, piece of equipment, personnel, thing that would be needed to accomplish this particular goal was planned for, thought out & prepared, but it just sat there as a plan.
BLAKE: He opened 1 of the beautiful ornate drawers. I was shocked when I saw a pair of feet sitting in there.
I leaned lower, looked in & could see a whole person. Jesus said, "All of My dreams come true through My children." Immediately I realized that the dreams that had come true were representative of places where people had given their lives for the plans of God. 
They had dedicated their lives & time here on earth to accomplish God's purposes & plans.
The gray drawers represented plans where people had NOT decided to do that & had just left that plan sitting there.  I quickly realized that there were a lot more of the gray drawers than there were of the beautiful ones.
I felt this kind of anger rise up in me. 
Without really thinking about it, I turned to Him & said, "Well, then why do You dream at all?"
BLAKE: Immediately He said ... It washed all the anger out of me. He said, "I never stop hoping in My children no matter how many times My hope is deferred." He said, "Would you like to see your drawer?"
He pulled over to this section where all the drawers were sitting open & empty.
He pulled open a drawer in front of me that I knew was mine.
Inside it looked like a coffin, padded & soft, about as wide as a file cabinet.
I looked down at myself. I'm a little bit wider than a file cabinet.
So half jokingly, I said, "It seems a little small." He said, "That's right.
There's no room for your dreams in there
, only Mine."
He said, "But don't worry, I'll hold onto your dreams for you."
BLAKE: I knew at that moment that that was neither a promise that He was going to put those dreams in there with me or that He was going to hold those dreams back, it was simply an invitation to trust Him.
So wanting to do just that I'd stepped in the drawer. The second that I stepped in the drawer,
I had something happen that it only happened once before that I can remember in my life.
When I see in the spirit, it's intermixed with everything else that I see, so it's just naturally there.
But this was different. This was a full, open vision.  I could still feel the ground underneath my feet.
I could still hear my kids playing, but everything that I could see was nothing but this vision that God showed me.
I found myself high up in the sky about airplane heights. I looked down. 
There was a city below me. I looked to my left & to my right. 
There were other people as far as I could see in the air with me.
BLAKE: Behind me I saw Jesus, just as glorious as He had been before.
There was this light that was shining out of Him.
This pure, beautiful white light shone out in these straight beams...hit each person...like...going through it through a prism, split into multiple colors, then into patterns, shapes, & different movements.
Some of them very organic, natural, geometric, architectural, & beautiful in their own way.
I heard Him say, "Watch what it does."  My vision just began to go further & further.
His light hit all of these different places on the earth from the greatest to the least.
I saw His presence & glory land on & manifest in a school.
BLAKE: I saw His glory hit & manifest in the boardroom of a Fortune 500 company.
Not just people being slain in the Spirit or overwhelmed by His presence, but releasing glory in the unique expression that was designed for that place.
For what felt like hours, I saw (His glory hit) place after place at every level of society.
I saw the children of God running to & releasing ealing & wholeness to the brokenhearted, motherless, fatherless.  It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.
It went on for what felt like hours until finally I blinked & was back in my driveway.
BLAKE: Jesus was standing in front of me. I said, "What was that? Is that what's going to happen?
Is that what could happen?" He said, "It's already started." 
From my younger days, I can imagine a little bit of what the glory of God looks like on a school campus.
But there are so many places on this earth that I just really don't know what His manifested glory looks like.
What does it look like in an auto shop, attorney's office, a dentist?
SID: We're walking down a path that the world has never walked down before.  The old ways are not going to work. The only thing that's going to work is your own experiential knowledge of God through Jesus.
Tell God you're sorry for your sins. 
Believe that He's forgiven you of every bad thing you've ever done in your life, because He paid the price for it. 
Then with your mouth, in your own words, now, say, "Jesus, come live inside of me & be my Lord." 
(2nd Invite Jesus to baptize & indwell you with His Spirit.  3rd Begin to read the Bible out loud daily.  4th Thank God.)

Irish Institutions - In past (& even present perhaps) the Insane Asylum patient files consisisted of small plastic recipe boxes filled with recipe cards, perhaps 1 per year on each patient, from admission to death. 
[Father, thank You that the cup of tears is full & You in Your anger have begun to rise up & avenge the lives abused & stolen by satan & his earthly hoodwinked puppets. 
You have begun to train Your earthly bride to work with Your angels to rein on earth as it is in heaven. 
You have begin to raid hell & the 2nd heaven 70x7 everything stolen from those victimized in our blood lines.  Praise You holy Trinity.  Thank you army host, guardian angels & cloud of witnesses.  Hooray. 
The king is coming.  Amen.]

Wallau, Lance - How to Crack the Code That Unlocks You or https://lancewallnau.com/crack-the-code/ 11/2020 Convergence -
+ https://lancewallnau.com/you-must-go-up-to-go-through/ @ https://lancewallnau.com/blog/ -
"We are contending for destiny.  That individual destiny is connected to our individual position in the Spirit.
More specifically, our promotions are now connected to the strength of our inner man; our capacity to go up & through the door of transition into a new anointing & season of harvest. The door is open. 
The voice is calling.  The timing is now.
 In Revelation when John looked & saw the open door 'standing' not moving. It was 'in heaven' not on earth. This is a door made available in the spirit realm, right over your existing situation. The reason for the seemingly violent shifts of atmosphere is because our spirit man must grow in strength in order to access & go into this new dimension.
If we are to see more heaven on earth, we must be seated in this heavenly realm. 
Then John heard, 'Come up here. I will show you what must take place after this (Revelation 4:3).
John was told that when he went through the door into the next dimension, he would see things to come. 
A heightened level of prophetic perception is operating in those who have strength to see & hear, to go through (& stay through) the open door. 
If we will stay in this heavenly dimension of authority, the things that vexed, harassed & clung to us will fall off. There is an anointing for upgrade upon us now."

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