Supernatural Travel

(which Occultists define as out of body
transport, astral projection.)


TPNT (The Power New Testament) -
The Glossary's Book Order on pg 361 notes that scripture can be interpreted numerous ways by the Jewish community. 
There are 4 Jewish levels (angles/perspectives) of viewing scripture. 
"Enoch died, but 'threshing' the word brings out another meaning, that of his being translated (taken by God to another place). 
Both interpretations are correct, the 1st being from the Peshat, the 2nd from the Derush style."

Ezekiel 3:12-15 NIV - 12The Spirit lifted me up; I heard behind me a loud rumbling sound. 
May the glory of the Lord be praised in His dwelling place.
13The sound of the wings of the (4) living creatures brushing against each other
and the sound of the wheels beside them, a loud rumbling sound. 
14The Spirit then lifted me up and took me away; I went in bitterness
and in the anger of my spirit, with the strong hand of the Lord upon me.  
15.I came to the exiles who lived at Tel Abib near the Kebar River. 
There, where they were living, I sat among them for 7 days overwhelmed.
Ezekiel 8:1-4 NIV - 1.In the 6th year, in the 6th month, on the 5th day,
while I was sitting in my house and the elders of Judah were sitting before me,
the hand of the Sovereign Lord came upon me there. 
2.I looked and saw a figure like that of a man.  From what appeared to be His waist
down He was like fire, from there up His appearance was as bright as glowing metal. 
3He stretched out what looked like a hand & took me by the hair of my head. 
The Spirit lifted me up between earth & heaven
In visions of God He took me to Jerusalem to the entrance to the north gate of the inner court,
where the idol that provokes to jealousy stood. 
4Before me was the glory of the God of Israel, as in the vision I had seen in the plain.
Ezekiel 11:22-25 NIV - 22The cherubim, with the wheels beside them,
spread their wings and the glory of Israel was above them.  
23The glory of the Lord went up from within the city and stopped above the mountain east of it. 
24The Spirit lifted me up and brought me to the exiles in Babylonia in the vision given by the Spirit of God. 
Then the vision I had seen went up from me.
25I told the exiles everything the Lord had shown me.
Ezekiel 37:1 - The hand of the LORD was upon me, carried me out in the spirit of the LORD & set me down in the midst of the valley.
Ezekiel 43:1-12 NIV - 1The man brought me to the gate facing east;
2.I saw the glory of the God of Israel coming from the east. 
His voice was like the roar of rushing water; the land was radiant with His glory
3The vision I saw was like the vision I had when he came to destroy the city & like the visions I had seen by the Kebar River. I fell facedown
4The glory of the Lord entered the temple through the gate facing east
5Then the Spirit lifted me up and brought me into the inner court; the glory of the Lord filled the temple. 

Noah - -
- "On a certain day, while Enoch was giving audience to his followers, an angel appeared & made known unto him that God had resolved to install him as king over the angels in heaven, as until then he had reigned over men. He called together all the inhabitants of the earth, & addressed them thus:
'I have been summoned to ascend into heaven. I know not on what day I shall go thither.
Therefore, I will teach you wisdom & righteousness before I go hence.'  A few days yet Enoch spent among men.  All the time left to him he gave instruction in wisdom, knowledge, God-fearing conduct & piety & established law & order, for the regulation of the affairs of men.
Then those gathered near him saw a gigantic steed descend from the skies.  They told Enoch of it, who said, 'The steed is for me, for the time has come & the day when I leave you, never to be seen again.'

So it was. The steed approached Enoch, & he mounted upon its back, all the time instructing the people, exhorting them, enjoining them to serve God & walk in His ways. 800,000 of the people followed a day's journey after him.
But on the 2nd day Enoch urged his retinue to turn back:

'Go ye home, lest death overtake you, if you follow me farther.'
Most of them heeded his words & went back, but a number remained with him for 6 days, though he admonished them daily to return & not bring death down upon themselves.

On the 6th day of the journey, he said to those still accompanying him, 'Go ye home, for on the morrow I shall ascend to heaven, & whoever will then be near me, he will die.'
Nevertheless, some of his companions remained with him, saying: 'Whithersoever thou goest, we will go.
By the living God, death alone shall part us.' 
On the 7th day Enoch was carried into the heavens in a fiery chariot drawn by fiery chargers
The day thereafter, the kings who had turned back in good time sent messengers to inquire into the fate of the men who had refused to separate themselves from Enoch, for they had noted the number of them.
They found snow & great hailstones upon the spot whence Enoch had risen.
When they searched beneath, they discovered the bodies of all who had remained behind with Enoch.
He alone was not among them; he was on high in heaven."

ASCENSION OF ENOCH - "This was not the 1st time Enoch had been in heaven.
Once before, while he sojourned among men, he had been permitted to see all there is on earth & in the heavens.
1 time when he was sleeping, a great grief came upon his heart.
He wept in his dream, not knowing what the grief meant, nor what would happen to him.

There appeared to him 2 men, very tall. Their faces shone like the sun.  Their eyes were like burning lamps, & fire came forth from their lips; their wings were brighter than gold, their hands whiter than snow.
They stood at the head of Enoch's bed, & called him by his name.

He awoke from his sleep, hastened, made obeisance to them & was terrified.
These men said to him: 'Be of good cheer, Enoch. Be not afraid.
The everlasting God hath sent us to thee & lo! to-day thou shalt ascend with us into heaven. 

Tell thy sons & thy servants.  Let none seek thee, till the Lord bring thee back to them.'  Enoch did as he was told. 
After he had spoken to his sons, instructed them not to turn aside from God, & to keep His judgment, these 2 men summoned him, took him on their wings & placed him on the clouds, which moved higher & higher, till they set him down in the 1st heaven.  Here they showed him the 200 angels who rule the stars, & their heavenly service.
Here he saw also the treasuries of snow & ice, of clouds & dew. 
From there they took him to the
2nd heaven, where he saw the fallen angels imprisoned, they who obeyed not the commandments of God & took counsel of their own will.
The fallen angels said to Enoch, 'O man of God, Pray for us to the Lord.' He answered:
'Who am I, a mortal man, that I should pray for angels?  Who knows whither I go, or what awaits me?'
They took him from thence to the 3rd heaven, where they showed him Paradise, with all the trees of beautiful colors, & their fruits (ripe & luscious) & all kinds of food which they produced, springing up with delightful fragrance.
In the midst of Paradise he saw the tree of life, in that place in which God rests when He comes into Paradise. 
This tree cannot be described for its excellence & sweet fragrance; it is beautiful, more than any created thing. 
On all its sides it is like gold & crimson in appearance, & transparent as fire; it covers everything. 
From its root in the garden there go forth 4 streams, which pour out honey, milk, oil & wine. 
They go down to the
Paradise of Eden, that lies on the confines between the earthly region of corruptibility & the heavenly region of incorruptibility; thence they go along the earth. He also saw the 300 angels who keep the garden; with never-ceasing voices & blessed singing they serve the Lord every day.
The angels leading Enoch explained to him that this place is prepared for the righteous, while the terrible place prepared for the sinners is in the northern regions of the 3rd heaven. He saw there all sorts of tortures & impenetrable gloom & there is no light there, but a gloomy fire is always burning.
All that place has fire on all sides & on all sides cold & ice; thus it burns & freezes. 
The angels, terrible, without pity, carry savage weapons, & their torture is unmerciful.

The angels took him then to the 4th heaven & showed him all the comings in & goings forth & all the rays of the light of the sun & the moon.
He saw the 15 myriads of angels who go out with the sun & attend him during the day & the 1,000 angels who attend him by night.
Each angel has 6 wings, & they go before the chariot of the sun, while 100 angels keep the sun warm & light it up.
He saw also the wonderful and strange creatures named phoenixes & chalkidri, who attend the chariot of the sun & go with him, bringing heat & dew. They showed him also the 6 gates in the east of the 4th heaven, by which the sun goes forth & the 6 gates in the west where he sets & also the gates by which the moon goes out & those by which she enters.
In the middle of the 4th heaven he saw an armed host, serving the Lord with cymbals and organs & unceasing voices.
In the 5th heaven he saw many hosts of the angels called Grigori. Their appearance was like men & their size was greater than the size of the giants, their countenances were withered, & their lips silent. On his question who they were, the angels leading him answered, 'These are the Grigori, who with their prince Salamiel (Satn) rejected the holy Lord.' Enoch then said to the Grigori, 'Why wait ye, brethren & serve ye not before the face of the Lord & why perform ye not your duties before the face of the Lord & anger not your Lord to the end?'
The Grigori listened to the rebuke, & when the trumpets resounded together with a loud call, they also began to sing with 1 voice & their voices went forth before the Lord with sadness and tenderness.

In the 7th heaven he saw the 7 bands of archangels who arrange & study the revolutions of the stars, the changes of the moon, the revolution of the sun, & superintend the good or evil conditions of the world.
They arrange teachings, instructions, sweet speaking, singing & all kinds of glorious praise.
They hold in subjection all living things, both in heaven & on earth.

In the midst of them are 7 phoenixes, 7 cherubim & 7, 6-winged creatures, singing with 1 voice.
When Enoch reached the 7th heaven, & saw all the fiery hosts of great archangels, incorporeal powers, lordships, principalities & powers, he was afraid and trembled with a great terror. Those leading him took hold of him, brought him into the midst of them, & said to him, 'Be of good cheer, Enoch, be not afraid.'
They showed him the Lord from afar, sitting on His lofty throne, while all the heavenly hosts, divided in 10 classes, having approached, stood on the 10 steps according to their rank, & made obeisance to the Lord.

So they proceeded to their places in joy, mirth & boundless light, singing songs with low & gentle voices & gloriously serving Him.
They leave not nor depart day or night, standing before the face of the Lord, working His will, cherubim & seraphim, standing around His throne. 
The 6-winged creatures overshadow all His throne, singing with a soft voice before the face of the Lord, 'Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts; heaven & earth are full of His glory.' When he had seen all these, the angels leading him said to him, 'Enoch, up to this time we were ordered to accompany thee.'
They departed, and he saw them no more. Enoch remained at the extremity of the 7th heaven, in great terror, saying to himself, 'Woe is me. What has come upon me.' 
But then Gabriel came & said unto him, 'Enoch, be not afraid, stand up & come with me, & stand up before the face of the Lord forever.'  Enoch answered:  'O my lord, my spirit has departed from me with fear & trembling.
Call the men to me who have brought me to the place.

Upon them I have relied, & with them I would go before the face of the Lord.'
Gabriel hurried him away like a leaf carried off by the wind & set him before the face of the Lord.
Enoch fell down & worshipped the Lord, who said to him: '
Enoch, be not afraid! Rise up & stand before My face forever.' 
Michael lifted him up & at the command of the Lord took his earthly robe from him & anointed him with the holy oil & clothed him. 

When he gazed upon himself, he looked like 1 of God's glorious ones.  Fear & trembling departed from him.
God called then 1 of
His archangels who was more wise than all the others, wrote down all the doings of the Lord & said, 'Bring forth the books from My store-place, give a reed to Enoch, & interpret the books to him.'
The angel did as he was commanded, & he instructed Enoch 30 days & 30 nights, & his lips never ceased speaking, while Enoch was writing down all the things about heaven & earth, angels & men, & all that is suitable to be instructed in.
He also wrote down all about the
souls of men, those of them which are not born & the places prepared for them forever.  He copied all accurately, & he wrote 366.
After he had received all the instructions from the archangel, God revealed unto him great secrets, which even the angels do not know.
He told him how, out of the lowest darkness, the visible & the invisible were created, how He formed heaven, light, water, earth, also the fall of Satan, the creation & sin of Adam He narrated to him; further revealed to him that the duration of the world will be 7,000 years, & the 8th millennium (1,000 years) will be a time when there is no computation, no end, neither years, months, weeks, days, nor hours.
The Lord finished this revelation to Enoch with the words:
Now I give thee Samuil & Raguil, who brought thee to Me.
Go with them upon the earth & tell thy sons what things I have said to thee & what thou hast seen from the lowest heaven up to My throne.
Give them the works written out by thee, & they shall read them & shall distribute the books to their children's children & from generation to generation & from nation to nation. 
I will give thee My messenger Michael for thy writings & for the writings of thy fathers, Adam, Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Mahalalel, & Jared thy father.
I shall not require them till the last age, for I have instructed My 2 angels, Ariuk & Mariuk, whom I have put upon the earth as their guardians & I have ordered them in time to guard them, that the account of what I shall do in thy family may not be lost in the deluge to come. For on account of the wickedness & iniquity of men, I will bring a deluge upon the earth, & I will destroy all, but I will leave a righteous man of thy race with all his house, who shall act according to My will. From their seed will be raised up a numerous generation & on the extinction of that family, I will show them the books of thy writings & of thy father & the guardians of them on earth will show them to the men who are true & please Me. 
They shall tell to another generation, & they, having read them, shall be glorified at last more than before
Enoch was then sent to earth to remain there for 30 days to instruct his sons.
But before he left heaven, God sent an angel to him whose appearance was like snow, & his hands were like ice.
Enoch looked at him; his face was chilled, that men might be able to endure the sight of him.
The angels who took him to heaven put him upon his bed, in the place where his son Methuselah was expecting him by day & by night.
Enoch assembled his sons & all his household, & instructed them faithfully about all things he had seen, heard & written down. 
He gave to his sons, books to keep & read, admonishing them not to conceal the books, but tell them to all desiring to know.
When the 30 days had been completed, the Lord sent darkness upon the earth.  There was gloom. 
It hid the men standing with Enoch.  The angels hasted & took Enoch, & carried him to the
highest heaven, where the Lord received him & set him before His face; the darkness departed from the earth. 
There was light.  The people saw & did not understand how Enoch was taken & they glorified God.

Enoch was born on the 6h day of the month of Siwan. 
He was taken to heaven in the same month, Siwan, on the same day & in the same hour when he was born. 

Methuselah hasted & all his brethren, the sons of Enoch, & built an altar in the place called Achuzan, whence Enoch was taken up to heaven.
The elders & all the people came to the festivity & brought their gifts to the sons of Enoch, & made a great festivity, rejoicing & being merry for 3 days, praising God, who had given such a sign by means of Enoch, who had found favor with them.
THE TRANSLATION OF ENOCH - The sinfulness of men was the reason why Enoch was translated to heaven.
Thus Enoch himself told Rabbi Ishmael.

When the generation of the deluge transgressed & spoke to God, saying, 'Depart from us, for we do not desire to know Thy ways,' Enoch was carried to heaven, to serve there as a witness that God was not a cruel God in spite of the destruction decreed upon all living beings on earth.
When Enoch, under the guidance of the angel 'Anpiel, was carried from earth to heaven, the holy beings, the ofanim, the seraphim, the cherubim, all those who move the throne of God, & the ministering spirits whose substance is of consuming fire, they all, at a distance of 650 million & 300 parasangs, noticed the presence of a human being, & they exclaimed: 'Whence the odor of 1 born of woman? How comes he into the highest heaven of the fire-coruscating angels?' But God replied: 'O My servants & hosts, ye, My cherubim, ofanim, & seraphim, let this not be an offense unto you, for all the children of men denied Me and My mighty dominion, & they paid homage to the idols, so that I transferred the Shekinah from earth to heaven. But this man Enoch is the elect of men. He has more faith, justice, & righteousness than all the rest, & he is the only reward I have derived from the terrestrial world.'
Before Enoch could be admitted to service near the Divine throne, the gates of wisdom were opened unto him, & the gates of understanding & of discernment, of life, peace, & the Shekinah, of strength and power, of might, loveliness, & grace, of humility & fear of sin. Equipped by God with extraordinary wisdom, sagacity, judgment, knowledge, learning, compassionateness, love, kindness, grace, humility, strength, power, might, splendor, beauty, shapeliness, & all other excellent qualities, beyond the endowment of any of the celestial beings, Enoch received, besides, many thousand blessings from God & his height & his breadth became equal to the height & the breadth of the world, & 36 wings were attached to his body, to the right & to the left, each as large as the world, & 365,000 eyes were bestowed upon him, each brilliant as the sun. A magnificent throne was erected for him beside the gates of the 7th celestial palace, & a herald proclaimed throughout the heavens concerning him, who was henceforth to be called Metatron in the celestial regions: 'I have appointed My servant Metatron as prince and chief over all the princes in My realm, with the exception only of the 8 august & exalted princes that bear My name. Whatever angel has a request to prefer to Me, shall appear before Metatron, & what he will command at My bidding, ye must observe & do, for the prince of wisdom & the prince of understanding are at his service, & they will reveal unto him the sciences of the celestials & the terrestrials, the knowledge of the present order of the world and the knowledge of the future order of the world. Furthermore, I have made him the guardian of the treasures of the palaces in the heaven 'Arabot, & of the treasures of life that are in the highest heaven.'
Out of the love He bore Enoch, God arrayed him in a magnificent garment, to which every kind of luminary in existence was attached & a crown gleaming with 49 jewels, the splendor of which pierced to all parts of the 7 heavens & to the 4 corners of the earth.
In the presence of the heavenly family, He set this crown upon the head of Enoch, & called him 'the little Lord.'
It bears also the letters by means of which heaven & earth were created, & seas & rivers, mountains & valleys, planets & constellations, lightning & thunder, snow & hail, storm & whirlwind. 
These & also all things needed in the world, & the mysteries of creation.

Even the princes of the heavens, when they see Metatron, tremble before him, & prostrate themselves; his magnificence & majesty, the splendor & beauty radiating from him overwhelm them, even the wicked Samael (Satan), the greatest of them, even Gabriel the angel of the fire, Bardiel the angel of the hail, Ruhiel the angel of the wind, Barkiel the angel of the lightning, Za'miel the angel of the hurricane, Zakkiel the angel of the storm, Sui'el the angel of the earthquake, Za'fiel the angel of the showers, Ra'miel the angel of the thunder, Ra'shiel the angel of the whirlwind, Shalgiel the angel of the snow, Matriel the angel of the rain, Shamshiel the angel of the day, Leliel the angel of the night, Galgliel the angel of the solar system, Ofaniel the angel of the wheel of the moon, Kokabiel the angel of the stars, & Rahtiel the angel of the constellations.
When Enoch was transformed into Metatron, his body was turned into celestial fire, his flesh became flame, his veins fire, his bones glimmering coals, the light of his eyes heavenly brightness, his eyeballs torches of fire, his hair a flaring blaze, all his limbs & organs burning sparks, & his frame a consuming fire.
To right of him sparkled flames of fire, to left of him burnt torches of fire, & on all sides he was engirdled by storm & whirlwind, hurricane & thundering."

Acts 8:32-40 TPNT - 32The portion of the Scripture which he was reading was this:
"As a sheep was led to slaughter & as a lamb before the 1 shearing is mute, in the same way He does not open His mouth. 
33In His humiliation His justice was taken away. 
Who will describe His generation, because His life is taken from the earth?" (Isaiah 53:7-8)
34The eunuch said to Philip, "I beg you, concerning whom is the prophet saying this? 
Concerning himself or concerning some other?" 
35Philip then opened his mouth; having begun from this Scripture, he proclaimed to him the Good News about Jesus.  
36As they were going along the way, they came upon some water. 
The eunuch said, "Look. Water. What prevents me from being baptized?" (Earlier transcripts omit verse #37.) 
38He ordered the chariot to stop. 
Philip & the eunuch both went down into the water.  He baptized him. 
39When they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord took Philip away;
Philip was found in Ashdod

 He was evangelizing, coming through all the cities until he came into Caesarea.

Luke 16:26 KJV Dake - Between us and you there is a great gulf (chasm) fixed:
so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pas to us, that would come from thence.
[Chavda, Mahesh & Bonnie - The Power of the Cross - Epicenter of Glory - -
Chapter 8 Awakened in the Glory - contends that for the born-again believer in Messiah,
in Christ's "death Jesus closed the chasm between the human race & God" allowing us to be alive to God & God alive to us, permitting healing, deliverance & even resurrection.  
(To accomplish God's work via His Holy Spirit, our soul, body &/or human spirit is allowed at times to be miraculously transported &/or translated to other earthly, heavenly &/or demonic locations.)]

Colossians 1:13 KJV  (Father God) Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness & hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son.

Revelation 4:1-2 After this I (John) looked; behold, a door was opened in heaven:
The 1st voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, "Come up hither & I will show thee things which must be hereafter." 
I was in the spirit; behold, a throne was set in heaven & One sat on the throne.

Translation [travel out of body (spirit to spirit) ministry] Today
Transportation [body moving at supernatural speed (between places)] Today
Translation [spirit & body moving at supernatural speed (between places)] Today

Abraham, Justin Paul - ENGAGING HEAVEN - compliments of -
Hello...please allow me the grace to express (with passion & love) something that is dear to my heart.

I want to talk about engaging Heavenly Realms.  It's a hot topic. I know for some it is controversial.
However, if we will push through the fear there is gold there.
I believe engaging Heaven is ESSENTIAL, not only to understanding world events but also to shape world events.
Paul believed engaging Heaven was NORMAL.
Paul clearly said "Seek those things above, set your mind on them, relocate yourself mentally"
(Col 3:1-2).
Paul did not mock people for this Heavenly desire, but encouraged it as a KAINOS (new) lifestyle.
He pointed us Heaven-ward (Phil 3:14) in Christ.
Paul said in his Sacred Letters, that we are seated there (Eph 2.6) & have a function there now. We can wrestle there (Eph 6:12), are blessed there (Eph 1:3), & can learn from there (2 Cor 12:4) in ecstatic states of bliss.

Paul taught we are Heavenly citizens with FREE ACCESS to the Throne of Grace (Heb 4:16) & Mount Zion (Heb 12:2).
In fact Paul said this is where our true, real, higher life is now located hidden in Christ (Col 3:3).
This is our new Reality.

Bruce Allen 2011 2/14 - Chewelah Washington state, USA - Translation By Faith - excellent "Bruce Allen was taught the secrets of supernatural travel...'YOU can do it too.'" CD/DVD @ -
transcript - Gazing Into Glory - Supernatural Travel - "In 2000...I woke up & the Holy Spirit asked me, 'Can a man be translated by faith?'  I had no concept of that at that point..So knowing that when God challenges me it's for the benefit of myself as well as others, I said, 'Yes sir, I believe so.'
He said, '
Good. Prepare.'  I said, 'Lord, how do I prepare for that?'
He said, 'I just told you, by faith.'  That began an adventure that I have been walking with the Lord ever since. 
It's been progressive as far as understanding in revelation of how this is doable & how it operates, as well as experiential in seeing these things take place."  (Regarding the testimony of Richard:)  "Richard one day was told by God, He said, 'I want you to go to another country... I have something I want you to do there.' 
This man in his excitement & zeal packed his suitcase, went to the airport. 

When he got to the airport he set his suitcase down. 
He said, 'Now what do I do, Lord? Because I have no money; I have no passport.' 
The Lord said, '
Go into the men's room. Go into the 3rd stall on your left.'  He did tha & said, 'Now what Lord?' 
He said, 'Worship Me.'  This man Richard lifted his hands to Heaven & began to worship the Lord.
After a few minutes of time, the Lord said, 'Okay now pick up your suitcase & go.' 
When he walked out of that men's room he was in the airport in Paris." 
Bruce "finally said, 'Lord, why are you teaching me? Why are you telling me this?' He said,
'I've called you to be a forerunner to teach my people at the end of the age how to do this by faith, because it will be necessary.'"
"I'm convinced...that if we don't grab hold of the Word of God in the full extent of what God is speaking now we're going to be in dire straits.
It's going to be more difficult to travel, which is specifically what the Lord told me, that at the end of the age it's going to be extremely difficult to move geographically to do what He's told us to do. 
There's going to be great persecution & oppression. 

We're going to need to understand the mandate of the Word, so that we can accomplish what He said to do. 
It will be done super-naturally." 

"The Lord told me this. 'The 1st phase of what we're teaching will be people caught away in the spirit & have those type of experiences.'"
"A home in Singapore...85 people...including the children had an experience where they were caught up (as a group) into the 3rd Heaven, the realm of God, & had experiences that changed their lives drastically."
"But the 2nd aspect or 'the 2nd phase of this will be people released physically to geographically go from one region to another as God directs, to do what God says.'"
"I was in my room worshiping the Lord, praying, and meditating on the scriptures that have to do with translation when suddenly I was caught up into the heavens, again, above the earth, saw the stars. 
I'm standing up there hearing all of creation worship God...

I looked off to my right and I saw a doorway open, a portal...a doorway of light in the fabric of space-time. 
I got a nudge by the Spirit, '
Go ahead.'
Well I didn't know if that was immediately next to me or light years away. 
I had no concept of that. But
by faith, I made a movement towards the door.  When I did, I stepped through it. 
I was in an office...Immediately I
knew I was in Sydney, Australia...
I said, 'Father, I always wanted to come here.'  I headed for the front door. 

The Lord said, 'No, that's your lesson.  Now go back.' 
When I turned around to go back the only door that was there in that small office was the bathroom door. 
by faith I stepped through the door & (then) I was back in my room."
"One of the 1st things He said...was that the day is coming where there will be cities of refuge or regions of refuge, that the only way believers or Christians are going be able to access (travel)...are through supernatural portals or doorways that is activated by our faith and doing what Hebrews 11:5 says: 'By faith Enoch was translated.'  So one of the doorways He showed me at a later date, again, as I was taken above the earth, I saw multiplied 1,000's of doorways all lined up and I was astounded. He said, 'Go ahead.'
I had to make a choice. So I said, 'Okay, I've been teaching on a certain subject about the 3rd day.
I'll go through the 3rd door.' And that doorway led me to a place that I had seen once before that the Lord showed me would be a place of safety, a haven & a city of refuge.
You're not to tell anybody where it is, not that I really could. But I went into a home there, this house that was on a beautiful beach.  The Lord spoke to my spirit & said, '
Somebody is here to visit you.'
When I went out to the beach this person appeared.
He came through that door (where I had been)... super-naturally translated & said, 'Oh, this is where it is.'"

Rosh Hashanah (Jewish new year) "9 of the last 10 years I've had a visitation from the Lord on that particular date. 2 years ago, it was very interesting. He spoke to me by appearing in front of me and He held...a helmet in His hand. Having spent some time in the military I knew the last piece of equipment any soldier puts on before they go into battle is the helmet. And He placed it on my head. I said, 'Lord, we're not ready for this.'
Because I know Rosh Hashanah is when He speaks to me what He's releasing to the church, not to me individually.

He said, 'I've already given you everything you need for life & victory.
Now go &
enforce the victory
,' which changed my whole paradigm. 
Then He said, '
Tell my people I come shortly now.'" 
"If I'm hearing correctly, I'll show the process we do go through to
activate this.
It's a step of faith, but the results are up to God...So just give me your hand. Father (God), if I heard you correctly, then Father, I ask you to demonstrate this right now.
Release us to step through that portal
& go to that coffee shop right now, in Jesus' name.
Thank you Lord.
  Thank You Father...
That's been the pattern and I believe this is the hour that we're going to connect with the truth of His word."
Sid's invitation , "The neatest thing you can do is walk through THE door, THE way,
THE life. His name in Hebrew is Yeshua, in English is Jesus & if you draw close to God He promises to draw close to you. But your sins are stopping Him from having free access into your life.
If you tell God you're sorry for your sins & believe the blood of Jesus washed away your sins, it's so wonderful what He's done for me & what He's done for you, then you're cleaned, according to God's Word.
Ask Jesus to live inside of you & become your Lord, start reading about Him in the Bible & get ready to be transported."

Allen, Bruce D - 8/22/2008 - Translated in the Spirit - 
Chapter 1 The Promise - section Miracle of the Enoch Generation - Jude 14 says you are an Enoch generation
Enoch was the 7th generation from Adam, and he experienced a supernatural bodily translation into Heaven. 
We are presently the 7th millennium (7th day removed) from Adam. 

Just as Enoch...this generation of believers will experience a transference to Heaven called the 'catching away' or the 'gathering together.'"  [However, it is MORE than that. 
We individually can contend for a daily/frequent face-to-face encounter (frequent-fyler) of intimacy with Yeshua.  Press in.]  "Pastor Bruce has been blessed to experience these signs & wonders in a way very few people have.
He was
translated in the spirit while ministering before a full congregation at Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, USA at Rending The Heavens conference in December 2002. He was suddenly caught up in the Spirit & found himself looking down on the continent of Europe. 
He was taken to a city & God told him it was in the
nation of Latvia.
He then came to a block of flats & was led to enter flat number 212.

'In that apartment I saw a little girl kneeling beside her bed, crying & praying to the Lord.
Instantly I knew her name. It was Natalya.

he didn't seem surprised or afraid to see me. I asked her why she was crying and she told me that she & her parents were hungry & cold, her parents had lost their jobs & now they were being evicted by the landlord. 
I was led of the Lord to comfort and encourage her & pray with her.

Once I had finished praying with her I returned to the conference.
The congregation did not suspect anything amiss because my body was still there in their presence.
They did not know my spirit had left, gone to Latvia & returned. However, when Robert Bartow, a professional photographer took a photograph of me while in translation my body looked transparent as if it were an apparition,' said Pastor Bruce...

The ministry has set up training centers in various countries to conduct 3rd Day Signs and Wonders Courses which lasts for about 4 months.  'Translations, being taken up to heaven, visitation by angels & Jesus are getting more common now in this 3rd day because the end is near.
In Iraq today there are a few hundred churches when there were hardly any before.
Most of the people came to the Lord through a personal encounter with Jesus.

The time is short and that is why He is appearing to more people, even non Christians & more people are being taken up to heaven,' said Pastor Bruce."
Bruce Allen  The Prophetic Promise of the 7th Day  4/5-9/2010 - radio broadcast #1690  or 
Know, expect, prepare and walk in your spirit man through walls, time, space -
through the power of the Holy Spirit living inside of you - right NOW.
Bruce Allen  6/7-13/2010 - TV - excellent -
transcript  - "Go here to view an incredible picture." -
Audio downloads - Glory Encounters - 52&Itemid=68
Editorials - The Statute - Winds of Change - Crossing Over
Allen, Bruce - - "When you were born again, into the kingdom of His Son, you were born with the full faculty of a child of God, being able to see, taste, touch, hear, smell, & go (spiritually/in the Holy Spirit).
Otherwise if you didn’t operate in all that, you would be considered spiritually handicapped.
How many see Jesus all the time? How many of you step into the 3
heaven all the time? Here’s the problem:
What is happened is because of our lack of understanding of the word of God and the God of the word, we’ve failed or neglected to train ourselves to operate in the realm of the Spirit, like we have in the natural.
When you’re born into this world, what do you do?
1st thing you do is you communicate by crying; the only way you know how.
But there’s a progression as the child develops in the natural. It’s the same thing in the realm of the Spirit, you’re born with all the tools you need to develop to mature son or daughter of God but if you don’t exercise those senses you’ll never see it happen.  It is your birthright as a child of a God to see regularly in the realm of the spirit, to hear His voice, to step into the realm of the spirit & experience it. 
We’ve made it...the purview of the mystical few...You have a destiny.
If you don’t understand the fact that you have a destiny because God hand picked you for this hour.
Then great will be your collapse."
"I can go to other cultures, Native Americans that have walked in a lot of this stuff, though it (in large degree) wasn’t necessarily redeemed, though they have an understanding of spiritual things.
I love hanging out with those people because, hey, this is real.
We’ve had some friends that are Native American that are redeemed; then the (traditional Christian) church says, 'Put that down, that’s of the devil'. I want to slap some people. Now the application (method), the way that it was being used, perhaps (was incorrect); but the principle (of spiritual translation/transportation) is Truth.
So when we’ve had a chance to talk, share & pray, they get so excited, wow. We can do…yeah…
Just make sure it’s redeemed, sanctified, knock yourselves out & teach us how to walk like that. 
The Aboriginals in Australia (could teach us a thing or 2 about spirit travel and such. 
Remember Satan has always counterfeited God's best things. 
There is the possibility that some natives may have experienced Yeshua under a native name.)."
Allen, Bruce - audio messages at
Allen, Bruce - radio -

Translocation & the Supernatural- Kathryn East & Bruce Allen  - 5/10/2011
Allen, Bruce - radio -

Allen, Bruce D. - Gazing into the Glory - Chapter 6 The Living Body of Christ -
"From the time of Jesus to the turn of the century, we have completed 2000 years, or 2 days. 
Now we find ourselves early in the morning of the 3rd day (1000 year era, since birth of Christ). 
From the time of Adam until the turn of the century we have completed 6 days; now we are early in the morning on the 7th day.  Jude 1:14 says Enoch was the 7th generation removed from Adam. 
We can walk with God & be transferred (translated/see-into/walk simultaneously in 2 realms) just as he (Enoch) was, because the Lord is NO respecter of persons."
Glory Excerpt: 6/2/2012
"The Lord instructed me to read the books of Enoch, so I read the books of Enoch.
I was absolutely flabbergasted to see that Enoch had an understanding of the Gospel from Genesis to Revelation.  He is even quoted in a number of places throughout the Bible. 
1 of the things I discovered was Enoch walked with God; he was taken out into the stars & saw the doors & the gateways of Heaven. I was fascinated...
I said, 'OK, Lord, how do I marry that with the Word of God and what we can experience today?
Because this is way out there.'  He said, '
It is very easy. It is called the 2nd heaven.'  I got it. 
To go from the 1st heaven (where we reside) into the 3rd heaven where Jesus is, you go through the 2nd heaven where I saw the doorway.
The 2nd heaven is the domain of the demonic fallen angels. The 3rd heaven is the realm of God. 
From that point on, the Lord began to take me on journeys in to the realm of the spirit, showing me how translation by faith actually works.  One of the keys we discussed earlier, Isaiah 22:22, is an example.
open what no man can close by speaking or declaring in faith
Jesus said the things that He did we will do also.  He steps in; He steps out, between that realm & this realm...
The adventure awaits every child of God who dares to believe that what His Word says is true. 
We can 7 will walk as super-natural beings in a natural world with free access into all that the blood of Jesus has made available to us." 1.1.2016

, Bruce D -
Walking in the Glory @ 7/10/2013 video
Translation By Faith - Part 1 + Translation By Faith - Part 2 + Translation By Faith - Part 3
#1 Translation by Faith with Dutch translator -
Hebrew and DNA insights. #2
Translation can be imparted. Spanish Guitarist -
Angels accompany guitarist via wind chimes in background: Dimensión Elias Argüello
Sound Tracks: 1.Tu Amor Por Mi 2.Nada Deseo Si No Estas Tu 3.Mi Amor 4.En Su Dimensión
How To Know God Face To Face - Part 1 + How To Know God Face To Face - Part 2
How To Know God Face To Face - Part 3 + How To Know God Face To Face - Part 4
How To Know God Face To Face - Part 5 + How To Know God Face To Face - Part 6
Allen, Bruce D -
Editorial -
%20Allen%20December%203%20Friday%20pm.pdf - "The reason the devil has tried so long and so hard to destroy you is because the destiny of God in your life...Your life is not wasted.
You have no past, it’s under the blood, but what you have is a glorious future...

There has been much devastation in your life, in the family around you & different things.
Your heart has been broken time & time & time again through that.
But God says He will restore to you everything the enemy has stolen.  He’s been found out." 12/3/2010

Allen, Bruce D - Translation Videos @ by Faith By Bruce Allen Part 1 + #2


Baker, H.A. - veil.pdf - read online or print - recommended
Chapter 1 Mighty Outpouring of The Holy Spirit
Chapter 2 Supernatural Manifestations of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 3 Scriptural Results of the Outpouring
Chapter 4 Visions of Heaven
Chapter 5 Paradise
Chapter 6 Angels in our Midst
Chapter 7 The Kingdom of the Devil
Chapter 8 End of this Age and Return of Christ
Chapter 9 Chinese Beggar Boy Prophesies
Chapter 10 Some Light on Writing the Bible
Chapter 11 The Homeland
Chapter 12 The Way
, Rolland &  Heidi - Iris Ministries - per Michele Perry,   "I was kind of freaking out about the enormity of it all until Jesus took me to heaven & began speaking to me about Father’s house.  In My Father’s house are many rooms…so He showed me some of them.
I got the tour of the food warehouse (Awesome. 
Gonna need that) but also the storehouse of building materials & furnishings.

Baker, Rolland & Heidi - The Hungry Always Get Fed - A Year of Miracles - -
Chapter/blog 2
The Miracle of Suffering  -
Heidi shares, "Several very powerful, life-changing trips to heaven in the Spirit have caused my heart to desire to stay there." 

Bentley, Todd - - Encounter With Heaven Part 3 @ charlotte-bouzigard -
Quantum Transport - Quantum Prayer - Quantum Sounds and Healings - Quantum Music Healing Therapy

Baxter, Mary Kathryn @ or

Boltz, Shawn - -
7/25-31/2016 - (edited) -

"1 day I was invited to go to a conference in Branson, Missouri...I was leaving the House of Prayer in Kansas City, where I lived at the time, going down.  So I left a group of believers, got gas & then teleported or transported all the way down to Branson in 2.5 minutes (normally it took) around 3-4 hours, I can’t tell you how many miles. 
It’s happened many times, thank you, Jesus... But during that time I had a series of heavenly encounters that lasted in my mind like around an 8-hour period, but it had only been 2.5 minutes. 
In these encounters many things were shown to me, but I couldn’t remember them all when I came back to earth.
As a matter of fact, when I landed, most of it was removed from my mental memory, but I had walked into situations where I went, 'Oh, this is where God put in me'; then I’m ready for it, almost like what the secular would call a
déjà vu experience.  (Right now) I’m having a heavenly God encounter where I (now) remember (recall) being in that moment prophetically from when I was in Heaven."

Braxton, Dean - In Heaven - Experiencing the Throne of God - In Heaven! Experiencing the Throne of God - Google entire book on web - + - pg 21-40
(PRICE) "I saw what it cost Him for me to be there...God still bears the scars of what He suffered for us...
(TRAVEL) "If I wanted to be somewhere else in Heaven I just had to think it & I was there...
Jesus downloaded information into me" (via thought).

(COMMUNICATION) "When Jesus and the Father, or other (heavenly) beings wanted to communicate, generally they did so through thought only...There was a rule that you did NOT go (PUT your thoughts) into any other’s thoughts (minds) without them giving you permission (consent) to do so. 
The last being that did that (without asking) was Lucifer & (thus that is 1 reason) he is no longer there in Heaven."  (GOD's THRONE) "The throne of God is NOT a seat. It is a
Well, more than that. (AND)
He is the Throne."
SUBSTANCE) "Prayers become substances."
(TRINITY) "In Heaven...Every being there has God the Father and Jesus inside of them.
They (the Trinity) live outside of every being AND inside every being.
Every being shines because of the Father and Jesus."
(AIR) "Every time we take a breath of air, Father God is saying, 'I love you.'
The only reason air is here, is for you...Hear Him as you breathe say, '
I love you.' 
Even the
flowers in Heaven worship God, and the very atmosphere bows in worship before Him.
But even more wonderful is that as each worships God in song, He responds to each person’s worship & sings a personal love song back to each person.  There is an exchange of love between the Father & each of His beloved...
What we often have difficulty saying, we can easily sing. God has created us, even our brains, to function this way.

Sing your prayers to God.  Then be aware as you are singing to Him of what He is singing back to you."
Chapter #1 - "These are the only words He (Jesus) spoke to me. 
Another way He communicated to me besides saying '
Go back' in words I could hear, was that He would just look at me & put information into me that He wanted me to know.  The same way a computer receives information.
I just remember looking into His eyes as He downloaded all kinds of information into me.
I continue to experience and acquire new information and insights.
I am discovering new ways to explain what I saw.
I understand things in the Holy Bible as I have never understood them before. 
Even as I am writing this there are new revelations that arise for me that I will put in this explanation of what happen to me."
Video interview - 8/6/2009 - begins after brief testimonies -
The open door to eternal life is that Jesus must see Himself in us when we arrive at heaven's gate. 
Each of us has an earthly and a heavenly purpose in conjunction with our angels.
Video -
Pastor Don Kielley interview
Everything is ALIVE including atmosphere, mountains, plants. 
The Trinity communicates in heaven and even now mostly via thought transmission. 
God loves, even child molesters; who are we to nullify what Jesus did for them!
Audio #1

Audio #2
Audio - 5/25/2010 - Revelations in Heaven
Watch - 5/25/2010 - Revelations in Heaven
Audio - 6/28/2010 - In Heaven & Back
Watch - 6/28/2010 - In Heaven & Back
5/5/2006 autobiography - Father God wants us to write down our testimony & give it to our relatives;
it will be received by their spirit now and likely in their mind later.
Marilyn Braxton - Saturday Night - 02/20/2010 -
Dean Braxton - Sunday Morning - 02/21/2010 -
Dean Braxton - Sunday Night - 02/21/2010 -
Braxton, Dean - audio: Questions & Answers 11/22/2009 - God's Government 11/22/09 - In Heaven 11/22/2009
Braxton, Dean - audio: Blowing Up The Boxes! 5/30/2010 -
The Reality of Prayer 5/30/10 @
Braxton, Dean - audio: Question & Answer Time 5/29/2011 -
You're Gonna See This Face Forever 5/29/11 - Mansion In Heaven 5/29/2011

Breathitt, Barbie -
Chapter #1 good.  Spiritual grooming includes uncomfortable training for reigning.
"God had to expand Elijah's spiritual knowledge, so he could impart it to the next generation of prophets & seers" (+ double/twice that anointing/portion to Elisha).

(Need to wait for 7 minute download.  Worth the wait.)
, Billye - Heaven Is A Real Place - 3/8/2010
Billye Brim shares her own "vision" & calling + about Glory clouds intering during Pastor Hagin's ministry & downing many congregants.
Brim, Billye - Heaven Is A Real Place - 3/9/2010
Brim, Billye - 9/1980 transcript re
Jeanne Wilkerson: Roll Call of States/Eagle Prophecy
Jeanne Wilkerson prayed nightly with 7 women during the Vietnam war & was translated to prison cell of Colonel Robinson Risner during his torture.
Brim, Billye - Heaven Is A Real Place - 3/10/2010 with Gloria Copeland
Brim, Billye - Heaven Is A Real Place - 3/11/2010 with Gloria Copeland - Typically chariots rides to the 3rd heaven at one's permanent departure are for those who have given their all to the Kingdom of God. 
Oral Robert's 12/2009 departure was prearranged to align with a heavenly shift.

Brim, Billye - Heaven Is A Real Place - 3/12/2010 with Gloria Copeland - Oral Robert's  12/2009 departure to 3rd heaven punctured 2nd heaven resulting in a new heavenly porthole & spiritual shift for God's bride.
Brim, Billye - Tapping Into the Power of God - 3/15/2010
Brim, Billye - Tapping Into the Power of God - 3/16/2010
Brim, Billye - Tapping Into the Power of God - 3/17/2010
Brim, Billye - Tapping Into the Power of God - 3/18/2010
Brim, Billye - Tapping Into the Power of God - 3/19/2010
From 3/2010
Brim, Billy with Copeland, Gloria - The Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit on You 10/4/2010
Brim, Billye @ or A 7-Year Old's Visit to Heaven | Billye Brim Ministries 2/17/2021 post @ Billye Brim, Author at Billye Brim Ministries  "Video taken January 24, 2017 at 9:20 pm just after my grandson, Isaac’s, 2nd visit to Heaven. These were not dreams. The 1st time the Lord said, “Isaac get your deedle-deedle (his blanky) & go get on your bed. I’m going to take you to heaven.”

Brooks, Steven - The Slipstream of Heaven - CD - - excellent -
Frequently, after worshiping God for 4 hours Steven will slip into the stream of heaven & into the presence of God. 
(This phenomena did NOT occur instantaneously, but approximately after 9 years of steady pursuit, if I remember correctly.  Even if this is NOT Steven's testimony, it is someone's, as many of God's children are hungrily pursuing the Trinity, with success; for a Dad allows us to catch Him, after a chase.)

Brooks, Steven - Divine Visitations CD  superior  gives an impartation
Live Streaming 6PM Sundays, South Carolina - time zone
Angel TV - Thursday 2:30 am & 2:00 pm East coast +
Saturday Sid Roth TV - 4/13-19/2009 - spiritual mantles
transcript -
U-Tube -
Brooks, Steven  Walk Like Enoch 1st of 2 CDs tract 13 shares how Enoch mentored Anna Rountree.

Burpo, Colton - Heaven Is for Real - 4 year old went to heaven during surgery. -
book prologue: -,0,2566980.story TV - Read 1st 6 pages.
20 minute audio -

Burt, Arthur - Around the World in 88 Years -
Chapter 14 Far & Away  In San Jose, Costa Rica...was a local pastor who supervised 3 churches on the coast, making his rounds on horseback through the roadless jungle...At 1:00 we gathered 'round the table for our meal and they asked him if he would say  grace.  He was praying in Spanish, when suddenly, as if it were Pentecost again, the Holy Ghost came down.  Another pastor and his  wife from Las Vegas, clutching their stomachs, began to shout and run 'round and 'round the meal table.  2 others leapt to their feet shouting & speaking in tongues & praising God.  We were caught up in the presence of God until 4:30 when, like someone awakening from a sleep, I abruptly came down to earth"... I don't know where we had been during those hours, except that we had been with Jesus...The pastor's wife...said...'We've had meat to eat that we did not know of.'"

Chappell, Jack - chapter 1 The Glory of His Manifest Presence of Living in His Glorious Presence @

Clayton, Ian - Trans-relocation Spirit - - - New Zealand - Ian Clayton -
Supernatural Encounters series

Davis, Paul Keith - Experiential Truth editorial -

Dean, Terry - testimony -  - -
October 3, 2010 at 7:32 pm or -

God visits 50 year old truck driver in cab of his moving vehicle.

Duplantis, Jesse -
Duplantis, Jesse - #1 - #2 - 28 minutes each or
Duplantis, Jesse -
Heaven Close Encounters Of A God Kind – Part 1 -
Heaven Close Encounters Of A God Kind - Part 2

Duplantis, Jesse - Programs 1-4
or - Important. 
Check out all scripture references, before accepting as 100% Truth. 
For example, read Revelation 7 & 21 for yourself.
Duplantis, Jesse -
Jesse Dupantis Visits Heaven -
Close Encounters of the God Kind - Jesse Duplantis -
Duplantis, Jesse - Joni – Salvation – Jesse Duplantis (J1354) 5/22/2014
Duplantis, Jesse @ #1
Duplantis, Jesse @ #2
Duplantis, Jesse @ #3
, Jesse - #4 or 11/21/2021 @ #1-4 CD/DVD November 2021 offer @ @
Duplantis, Jesse - FULL online book @

James Durham - 5/12/2014 - - recommended
5/12/2014 video transcript at
Video archives at -
4/14-19/2014 - -
Audio archives at
Durham, James & Gloria - - web site -
Editorials - begins 2/28/2013 recommended
or (large print editorials)
James a. Durham -
Durham, James A -
Chapter 10 Become Virulent Vegetation - "God spoke very specifically to me about wanting people to visit the 3rd Heaven, where they could be trained and commissioned by Him for specific duty on the mountain of their calling.  He wants to make this very clear to each of us.  You simply can NOT get these instructions from any other source or any other person. they MUST come from the Lord. 
NOT everyone is willing to courageously step out & face the giants on their assigned mountain. 
Please be aware: this is one of the reasons some have NOT visited the 3rd Heaven as of yet...

Thank God that He didn't put you into a position of (spiritual) jeopardy."
Chapter 11 Receiving a Kingdom Vocabulary - (When we visit via our human spirit with His Spirit our spirit mind will need to be in alignment with His Spirit mind.  1 of the things we need is a new language vocabulary.  Additionally we need to leave behind any of the old mindsets that have blocked our being tuned into His radio station.  Remember, the highly educated holy rabbis missed the coming of the Messiah.  Knowing Hebrew can also help us in our gaining additional insight into spiritual truths.)  "I was carried in the Spirit to another place...
When the elevator doors opened, I stepped in, pulling my library with me...1 by 1, the books began to float up out of the shelves & disappear. 

By the time the door opened in Heaven, the shelves were empty...We have to leave every-thing behind...
It is NOT about what I know...or...have done.  It is about Him...

Revelation 19:10 For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. 
We were literally prophesying ourselves up into a higher realm of joy as we basked in the warmth of His light...
As I had left behind all the bad experiences of my life, my level of peace & joy had level had increased again...Leave behind everything which hinders & move into the realm of His glory...
God is doing NEW things - all the time."

Chapter 12 Visionaries See and Value -
"The Lord gives to each as He chooses based on their readiness & calling...
If you do NOT respect & honor (the person through whom or the little) what the Lord gives you...
You will not be led to receive (increasing) understanding & revelation...

Some have responded with disappointment, anger & resentment. 
They expected more & resented only receiving this small vision...
(This) will close the window of Heaven over your spirit...Pray for discipline, rebuke & admonishment...
If you are not receiving chastening...ask yourself & Holy Spirit why...

If you are not yet fully able lto handle a rebuke, you... temporarily disqualify."
Durham, James A - - 3/8/2013 -
"I was then lifted up into His Presence again today as I had been yesterday.

Now I understood the message from that experience. The Lord has removed all the barriers for you.
The Lord has done all the work & all you have to do is receive it & allow Him to draw you into His Presence.  Do you want more intimate time with Him in the Glory?
It is there for you right now! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord. The Lord is good.
His mercy endures forever
!  Amen and Amen! He has removed all the veils! He has even
removed those seemingly made of steel to make a way for you! Remember 2 Corinthians 3:16-18 Nevertheless when one turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. Now the Lord is the Spirit; & where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord." 
Durham, James A -

Elmer, Anne - Transported by the Lion of Judah - French - - 1 of Ann's daughters has visions of Jesus, angels & heaven, similar to Victoria, granddaughter of Mary Jo Pennington.
Elmer, Anne @ BLOG
Elmer, Anne @
Elmer, Anne @ Bible Studies

Ruth Fazal - violinist - Messianic Vision radio 8/1-5/2011 -
Thursday program shares some of her translations.

Ferrell, Ana - Trained to Reign - -
Testimony of Morris Cerullo &/or Emerson Ferrell traveling supernaturally with Ana on numerous occasions.  Inspiring.
Ferrell, Ana - Seated in Heavenly Places - -
Chapter 6 The Dwellings of the Spirit and Heavenly Places - Section Being Caught Away -
"Everything that Jesus conquered for us is NOT automatic. 
We have to enter into possession of (embrace/contend for) each truth...
Believers have to proclaim that victory TO the powers of darkness...
We govern with Him from the heavens, while we live here on earth." 
We can operate in 2 realms (celestial & natural) simultaneously (on heaven & earth);
the "power of the spiritual world undeniably affects the natural world" & miraculously affects it in a healthy manner when the power is holy.  There are kingdom levels of spiritual maturity. 
"It is at this (3rd) level in which heaven & earth are united...Hebrews 6:4-5" according to the Lord's prayer & according to the dimension in which Adam & Eve walked (& ruled) with God before they sinned.
Additionally, sometimes "there are visions and revelations that cannot be given to the servants of God on the earth... (Thus) they must be spiritually transported (like Enoch) to heavenly places in order to receive what God wants to give them...where we are established."
"There are places which only My bride (congregation) is permitted to enter, & in a cooperative way."
Ferrell, Ana Mendez and Emerson - Regions of Captivity - Deliverance conference, Houston, Texas, USA 2009 - 5 DVD's &/or book  DVD#2 of series is found on internet at
A must watch program!  It explains that exorcisms can be done via translations.
Ferrell, Ana Mendez and Emerson - Regions of Captivity  book - Chapter 2 - At Death's Door  God recited to Ana Job 38:17-20, which mentions gates of death and door of the shadow of death.  He told her that her twin sister was "trapped in the gate of the shadow of death" & that she "must go for her & bring her back." 
2 angels came & told her to follow them.  She "got up" in her "spiritual body & followed" on the city streets, down & through drainage pipes, down a hole in the ground, down into a deeper tunnel, down a 2nd hole where prison cells on both sides housed spiritual captives. 
The angel unlocked her sister's cell & instructed Ana to physically remove her sister's (spirit body) from the prison cell & to "impart the power of the resurrection, lying on top of her like Elisha." 
The angel locked the cell door & had Ana return the way she had come. 
Last, the angel instructed her to reunite her "sister's soul with the rest of her soul in the hospital" where her sister's physical body resided.  There "the fragmented part" of her "soul that had been captive, reintegrated with her body. 
Immediately the power of (Jesus') resurrection" totally healed her sister. 
The enemy's plan is to fragment each living soul (mind) & take captive/imprison beneath the earth the broken parts.  The angel told Ana that her sister was NOT able to come out of captivity on her own, but only
through her own intervention (through another's sufficiency in the name & power of Jesus Christ).
Ferrell, Ana - Visitations #1 - 2008
Ferrell, Ana - Visitations #2 -
Ferrell, Ana - Visitations #3 -
Ferrell, Emerson - Destroying the Illusions of Darkness  DVD 
There is a vibration/sound frequency/band width of invisible light - entered into via praise/worship. 
This is the glory realm/atmosphere where God communicates to our spirit. 
Our human flesh/ears/mind cannot perceive/hear/see/dwell in this spiritual realm. 
Our sin could cause us to be consumed. 
Before sin entered the word via Adam, sinless man could dwell with God in this glory atmosphere. 

Christ came to reunite us with our spiritual Dad. 
When we are born again, our spiritual journey back to father God begins.
Every atom has a vibrational frequency.  The vibrational frequency in which we dwell determines the "matter", literally, whether or not a sickness will exist or die, whether we will be visible or invisible, whether we can be translated/transported or not, whether our spirit man can hear/see God or not, whether or not Satan will obey God's words in our mouth. 
Like Jesus, each human being/flesh/soul in each generation needs to discover who his spirit man is in the Trinity and then to violently work his way back to God, to his spiritual inheritance/ancestry/parenthood/ blood-line. #D1018 excellent

Vitaliy Fishberg - The Fire of God - CD of radio broadcast #9040 - week beginning 1/12/2009 -
Russian Jew
shares about his visions and travels with the Lord (transported in the spirit – translations).”  

Frankena, Martin - Free Indeed - Healing & Deliverance seminar CD 4/21/2007 session 2 - -
Shares a translation story of a man who went into the bathroom with his suitcase & came out in another country.

Judy Franklin - 8/28/2016 - - lovely - Sid Roth interview:
God translated her to heaven to revive her heart & mind with a hug.

Franklin, Judy with Johnson, Beni - Chapter #1
Bill Johnson's wife & secretary mentor us (with Judy's republished book) on how to relate to the Trinity experientially.  Beni shares in chapter #1 that
God healed her of depression & recommends soaking with good worship music for those desperate/depressed/in crisis.
Judy Franklin, Ellyn Davis - The Physics of Heaven -
obidos/ASIN/0768407850/homeschoco-20#reader_0768407850 chapter #1 -
"Unknown unknowns limit our ability to foresee what is coming, because they create in us a poverty of expectations... (
Especially when soaking:) God often speaks 1 word or 1 sentence to me...
or watching a movie, something would stand out for me & I'd know it was a 'hint' of something greater...
I called this 'game' the 'How badly do you want it?'...
It was like God was giving me a puzzle piece that He wanted me to put together."

On Earth as in Heaven - Session 01 Introduction.pdf ( @
Index of /downloads/ (

Garlock, HB with Ruthanne - Liberia, W. AfricaLiberia, W. Africa - (transported)
Before We Kill and Eat You - Tales of Faith in the Face of Certain Death
-  - - "Nor only was the river a raging torrent,
but the lowlands on either side of the river were flooded as well...
I stood...wondering just how i could get to the other side.  That is all I remember. 
The next thing I knew, I was walking into the yard of the Newaka mission station.  My clothes were not wet."
books at - editorials at

Grable, Steve - Prophesying Within the Vision 3/21/2015 - editorial -
There will be times when your life will be in danger;
depending upon the purposes of the Lord you may be hidden from the enemy.
You may be transported to another location.
You may be needed in another location & you will simply walk into your prayer closet & be transported.
These things are coming to the church in a much greater way.
Our greatest mistake is that we limit the God of creation.
In the days ahead, this will be a common & vital way of travel for God’s people.
The governments of the world will not take kindly to the great revival that will be in full display through signs & wonders.
In the coming days, it will become a common occurrence for Holy Spirit to transform & to transport His believers from 1 place of ministry to another.  
The Spirit will move True Believers at His will.  “Their very substance” will be changed before being transported.
In 1 dream, I literally walked through a metal bus because a man was attempting to apprehend me.
When he entered the bus after me, there was seemingly no escape for me.
Except by the power of the Holy Spirit.
I moved right through the back of the bus & found myself outside beneath the rear bus window.
Then I felt my body being levitated and my body was level & about 3-4 feet above the ground. 
Distinctly remember saying, “Oh no” & I heard the Holy Spirit say,
I will not hurt you”.
I then felt my “body’s very substance” being changed; it tingled as this was taking place.
I then felt the acceleration of speed when the Holy Spirit took me to a new location.  
This acceleration literally felt like a Jet plane taking off only more so, it was extreme yet I did not feel threatened.  The only requirement for these events is that there be a purpose of the Lord.

I know to many these things will sound like science fiction, a fairy tale without substance, or maybe even a dream.  Yet, know the ways of man are limited because of our experiences however as we know a “miracle” is an interruption of the natural.

Blessings to you & your house,
Steve Grable or web

Grubbs, Kenneth George (1900-1980)
Grubbs, Norman Percy (1985-1993)
Grubbs, Brother Bobby -
Grubbs, Brother Paul#1
Grubbs, Brother Paul#2 with with son Dennis Grubbs
Brother Grubbs shares his visit to heaven, hell, UN and many nations (Alaska, China, Cuba)
escorted by angels.  Ark of covenant may be buried under destroyed temple in Jerusalem. 
Date of Christ's return may be recorded and buried below a pyramid.  Antichrist may be alive now.
or (caution re source's ideas)

Grubbs, Laura - 3/9/2009 -
Grubbs, Brother Paul Nowlin - "
The Reverend Paul Grubb was laid to rest in Memorial Park...
Brother Grubbs...had been the pastor of
Faith Temple on N. Trezevant for more than half a century.
He was also married to the Rev.
Lula Grubb...Lura Grubb died & visited heaven for 5 hours.
Then she came back to earth to tell us all about it.
At the age of 17, while living on a farm in Mississippi, Lura supposedly 'died' of
meningitis. A doctor, she said, declared her dead. As she later recounted in her very popular book, Living To Tell of Death, she woke up in heaven, surrounded by angels who wore 'unimaginably sheer, cobwebby robes.' During her brief visit, Lura says, 'A fountain was opened above me, as if by the magic touch of a controlling switch on the arm of God’s throne.
Then a warm, soothing oil began to run down over my body, healing me as it flowed.' Although she desperately wanted to stay in heaven, as you might imagine, Lura told believers, 'God sent me back as a help & a warning to mankind.' All of her ailments, she claimed, vanished: 'As the soothing oil of Heaven reached my internal organs, I had the sensation of a ball, the size of a baseball, uprooting in my abdomen & rolling rapidly upward until it came out of my mouth & disappeared.'” 

Henry Gruver's Heaven Visit pt 1 -
"What caught my thoughts was the white raiment that that person was wearing. 
As I looked at that, number one, I had never seen raiment so white. It glistened.
It was alive. It was radiant. It was white. It was radiant with purity.
It was radiating something from it. It was speaking a message straight to my inner-most being.
As I walked & tried to get a little closer, I forgot about the entire environment of Heaven.
Watching that garment, because that garment was speaking to me.
All of a sudden, I begin to realize in looking at the weaving's of that garment; what it was saying.
That white raiment was giving me a complete testimony of every work of righteousness that person had done in their life.
  I could literally read every good deed they did unto the Lord Jesus Christ in their life.
Their entire garment gave a whole entire account of the works of righteousness that they had done from the day they became born again."

Henry Gruver - 4/1/2018
utterly awesome 
SID: Henry tells me not only was he translated, but 6 of his friends at the same time to another place. 
For 6 hours he was in Heaven. 6 people from different places all translated at the same time to another country?
HENRY: We were called the Spirit-Filled Strike Force, Holy Ghost Commandos. All right.
2 of them were former Green Berets in Vietnam, very disciplined men. God would tell us specific strikes all over the earth at different strategic places. One morning in Portland, Oregon there, in 1988, October 1988, the Lord woke me up, 4:30 in the morning. He said, "Get out of your bed on your knees."  I'm in my pajamas.
The instant my knees hit the floor, I was walking the streets of Rome, fully dressed.  I come to the old...
SID: Did you have any feeling from 4:30 in the morning to being walking the streets of Rome?
Did you feel yourself going somewhere?
HENRY: I didn't feel myself passing through the atmosphere. It was like, boom, I'm there.
HENRY: Fully addressed, not in pajamas. Thank you, Lord. I come to this place where in the '50s they had the big iron doors in the streets, sidewalks that they'd load the merchandise into the stores.
I reached down & grabbed these big iron doors, lift them up & a chain comes across to hold them kind of angled.
I turn back & this is when I know the 6 commandos are with me. That's the 1st I saw them.  We were all praying.
SID:  Excuse me, were they in different countries?
HENRY: They were from Vienna, Austria, Bangkok, Thailand, North Pole, Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska, Sacramento, California.
HENRY: God brought them different time-frames from all over the world to put us on the streets of Rome. 
He told me, "This is where the Apostle Paul died and where they killed him.
This is where the Apostolic anointing was bound for centuries. I want it loosed
SID:  What did you do to loose it?
HENRY:  As we're going down this ancient stair, stone staircase under the streets of Rome, their prayers in the commandos, whoever had the leading of the Spirit, lead, the other 6, backing them in everything they did, in agreement.  The power of oneness, agreement is the secret key to power being released.
They were in agreement when they prayed.
I felt like a giant funnel was on my head & their prayers were pouring into my head like liquid power.
When I got to the bottom & looked, realized I'm in the entrance to a massive catacomb.
As I step into it, I look to the left & here is a massive (evil/fallen) angel sitting with his elbows on his knees, blackish grey, just like this, eyes blinking.
The second I stepped into that room, he come up & said, "You shouldn't be here."
Then I hear the same thing on the right. I turn, & there's another 1.
I said, "We are here by Divine command of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Apostolic mantle that you have bound these many centuries is now loosed to the church, saith the Lord Jesus Christ."
They stood up & said, "We'll be going then." Their wings spread. They had to have been 30 feet tall.
They could have taken my head like a bottle cap off a water bottle & popped my head off.
But the boldness & the power was on me. I said, "You will not, for the Word of God says in Jude, Verse 6, 'You are to be bound with chains until the ever-lasting day of the Lord, great chains.'"
Massive chains come through that catacomb, coming down spiraling. The links, I couldn't reach to touch the end of 1 link, spiraling, knocking their arms & their wings down, wrapping around their ankles, clear up under their necks until all they could do was stand looking up.  Then instantly I was back on my knees in pajamas. Joyful Sound Ministries, P.O. Box 144, Woodbine, IA 51579

Hagin, Kenneth E (senior) - I Believe In Visions - autobiography - -
Hagin had 8 visions where Jesus came to him in person. 
Chapter 4 How Satan Influences Lives Today
Section Rulers of the Unsaved  "There is NO distance in the realm of the spirit,"
the Lord said, "
Simply speak to that spirit & command him, in My Name, saying,
'You foul spirit that is operating in the life of...(, that is harassing
and embarrassing the ministry of the servant of the Lord
I command you to desist in your operations & stop in your maneuvers this moment.'"
(In Jesus' name depart, never return, & be replaced by opposite.) 1.1.2016

Hall, Franklin -
"At 19 years of age I was dying with the flu. My temperature was 106 degrees.
It was on this death bed that I surrendered completely to God.
I promised the Lord I would preach the Gospel, if He would heal me.
I was caught up to heaven for 12 hours, & saw the glories of that wondrous land.
When I came back I was perfectly healed, ready to work for Him who raised me up so miraculously.
Praise His name."
Testimony of Leonard Barth, 1776 Cherry St., Youngstown 8, Ohio  

Harfouche , Robin - 5/2013 -
There is a phantom evil spirit of pain, which opens the door to disease/inherited infirmity.

Hayes, Dave - 4/4/2016 + 11/21/2016 repeat TV 11/16
Hayes, Dave - Transcript - 4/4/2016 + 11/21/2016 repeat 4/4/2016 + repeat
For an atheist that didn’t believe in healing, you’ve come a long way, Dave.
I have had an interesting journey.
You teach on something which I’ve read in the Bible, traveling in the Spirit.
Phillip, when he prayed for the Ethiopian eunuch, the next moment, he was in another city. 
Tell me what this traveling in the Spirit is.

A few years ago, the Lord started giving me dreams about traveling in the Spirit, about being picked up & located somewhere else & dropped off for whatever his purposes were.  It seemed to me that there were a lot people who were having these experiences, but either they don’t know that it’s God or they don’t understand the purpose for it.
You talk about areas that few talk about, but you make it so simple & it’s so biblical.

1/7/2007 – Chronicles of the Bride @
wp-content/uploads/2015/11/EBook-Volume-7-Loveletters-from-Jesus-from-2016-01-01-2016-03-10.pdf -
"Tonight Lord, as usual you have asked for me to come aside with You, to an out of the way place where we can be together for a while. As soon as I understand this, I found myself standing on a sandy peninsula at the edge of a small river.  It seems to be somewhere in Egypt, as there are papyrus reeds along the bank.
I can see a few village people in traditional Egyptian garments, working to spread out their nets on the opposite shore. Beside me is a long rough hewn boat."

Heaven Testimonies -

Heflin, Ruth Ward - - GLORY (3MB) - nice
Ruth Ward - REVIVAL GLORY (495KB)

Chapter 11 - Being Carried Away in the Glory
- Revelation 4:1-2
"When John heard the Lord calling him to come up higher, he was ' the Spirit.'
John was carried away in the Spirit, an experience that we are having more & more these days.
1 minute John was on the Isle of Patmos, looking at his earthly surroundings. 
The next minute he was 'in Heaven' looking at 'the throne. 
John didn’t have to take himself anywhere. He just had to yield to the Spirit & the Spirit carried him away.
The place commonly identified as John’s shelter while on the Isle of Patmos was not very elaborate. 
It was a simple cave. But when John was carried away & opened his eyes, he was no longer in a cave. 
He was in the presence of God...
'hand of the Lord' is able to come upon us in these days & 'carry [us] away' as well.
This carrying away is wonderful because God Himself chooses the itinerary.
When we choose, we can sometimes be disappointed, but when God chooses, we are never disappointed.
He is sovereign God.  When He carries us away, we’re not sure where we are going...
God may carry you to some other place & there show you His purposes to drop faith into your heart to believe for the greater thing, to teach you in realms that you have never known...
When we are caught up in the Spirit, He lets us know, in a way that we could not know otherwise, that we are only pilgrims here on this Earth, that we are not natural, but spiritual...

In the moments when the glory is manifested, ordinary people like you & I are suddenly carried away & permitted to see things that are not visible to the physical eye.  Just as there is natural seeing, there is spiritual seeing.
Some people are teaching us that we should picture what we want God to do & believe Him for it, but I prefer to let God choose for me.

I let Him give me the vision, rather than me trying to give Him the vision.
I could never imagine things as glorious as He shows me.
I could never even begin to dream of all that is in the heart of God for me.
My own expectations are so small in comparison to His expectations for me.  Get your head into the river.

Let the river touch your: hearing...seeing...reasoning faculties...every part of your life. 
There has never been a day of revelation like this day. 
Ordinary people are seeing things that only great people knew of in days gone by: For verily I say unto you, That many prophets & righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see & have not seen them;
& to hear those things which ye hear & have not heard them.
Matthew 13:17
Out of the mouth of babes & sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy & the avenger. Psalm 8:2
In order to be carried away in the glory, you must 1st learn to yield yourself to the Spirit...
It’s all in the yielding. You can get into the river (glory) just as quickly as you want to.
You can get into the glory just as quickly as you want to. If you are hungry enough, you’ll yield.
You don’t need 5 more evangelists to come by & lead you out gently. Just get in. Let the river carry you out...
Knowing how to yield our members to God is not always automatic. We have to learn it.
God can operate on us as a surgeon would operate while we are sitting or while we are standing...

You may not know what He will do through you in the future, but trust Him, & don’t be afraid. 
If you are the type who has to have everything proven to you over & over again before you will try it yourself, you may find yourself on the sidelines watching others move ahead... Let Him do what He wants...
Lord, I want to be carried away, again & again, into heavenly realms, again & again.
I want to be carried away with You.
(Help us to continually respond/yield/cooperate/ participate) In Jesus’ name, Amen."

Heflin, Ruth Ward - RIVER GLORY (678KB) - nice   
Heflin, Ruth Ward - JERUSALEM, ZION, ISRAEL and the NATIONS  (727KB)

Heijstek, Kees - South Africa - Practical guide deliverance ministry -
DM = deliverance ministry - 2009 - "
We can travel in the spiritual realm together with angels into someone’s heart & preach there.
Holy Spirit confirmed this process to me by leading me to Song of Songs 5:2,4-6:

I slept, but my heart was awake, when I heard my lover knocking & calling:
'Open to Me, My treasure, My darling, My dove, My perfect one. My head is drenched
with dew, My hair with the dampness of the night
My lover tried to unlatch the door, & my heart thrilled within me.
I jumped up to open the door for my love, & my hands dripped with perfume.
My fingers dripped with lovely myrrh as I pulled back the bolt.
I opened to my lover, but He was gone. My heart sank.
I searched for Him but could not find Him anywhere.
I called to Him, but there was no reply.
Holy Spirit revealed to me that this was exactly the process of virtual communication in the spiritual realms.
I had these experiences with positive outcome (in the seen world) of that what was preached by me in the unseen world.
you as parents can preach directly into the heart of your (closed) child or into the heart of your beloved ones.
In the book Regions of Captivity Ana Méndez Ferrell is teaching us how to deliver people by going down into dark dungeons of hell together with angels to lead captives out of these real prisons in the dark side of the spiritual world.
Until now the Lord allowed me to go there once
& I observed a person in captivity.
I can’t wait to receive the next level to get people out of the dark into the light by these process."

Henderson, Robert - 7/18/2022 @ Father, Friend and Judge with Robert Henderson – Part 2 - with Sarah Boyles -
Visiting heaven in the secret place we chat with Father God about personal issues, whereas when visiting as a friend we chat as intercessor, but visiting with God as Judge in His courtroom we visit to redeem what the enemy has stolen, etc.

Herzog, David - Glory Invasion - -
David discusses
walking on water & through walls, geographical portals & gateways, + being transported. 
5/7-13/2007 TV - David Herzog discusses miracles that take place while in the presence of God.
He discusses walking through walls, quantum physics, etc. WATCH archives @
David Herzog  TV 3/24-30/2008 It's Supernatural  or read interview free transcript
Program replays a truck going THROUGH an auto filled with 4 people and nobody being harmed. 
David subsequently theorizes that is why Christ did not allow Mary to touch Him at the gravesite, as His molecules had not yet rearranged themselves. For clarity, watch program.  That is an example of translation in reverse, where things go through you instead of you going through things such as walls. 
David also shares an example of transportation where it took him 30 minutes to go a 3 hour distance.

Herzog, David - Glory Invasion - - section Walking through Walls & on Water -
"In an extreme state of glory, the sound waves of our body can penetrate walls as they expand. 
Once the glory hits a certain level, it affects the sound waves inside our body & the entire molecular structure of your being... (In holy scripture) the gravity & molecular structure of His (Jesus') body changed & He became light enough in the glory to walk across the water's surface."

Herzog, David - chapter #1
Herzog, David - - important -
Herzog, David - -
Cached -

Hicks, Tommy - -
"Suddenly there was a man Africa & in a moment he was transported by the spirit of God & perhaps he was in Russia, China, America or some other place & vice versa.
All over the world these people went & came through fire, & through pestilence, & through famine.
Neither fire or persecution, nothing seemed to stop them.  Angry mobs came to them with swords & with guns. 
Like Jesus, the passed through the multitudes & they could not find them, but they went forth in the name of the Lord, & everywhere they stretched forth their hands, the sick were healed & blind eyes were opened.
There was
not a long prayer
After I had viewed the vision many times in my mind, & I thought about it many times, I realized that I never saw a church. 
I never saw or heard a denomination, but these people were going in the name of the Lord
of Hosts. Hallelujah."

Holtz, Scott - 3/2/2012 - THE MYSTERY OF MEOD - 
"In this
visitation I instantly began to be aware of myself melting into a new 'realm' that I have never been privy to experience.  It seemed to be the summation of all 3 aspects of my being (Spirit, Soul, & Body)
& was a door of the alabaster box breaking that we must initiate and allow for Him to invade. 
I’m not talking about just probing this realm because you 'need' something from Abba.
Let us just be honest about this elementary stage of discipleship that many of us have never graduated out of. 
That is seeking God & strongly searching for Him, because you need a miracle of some sorts. 
God will use these circumstances to hedge you into the dry riverbed of His choosing to dismantle you & lead you to walk by a new faith. 
But this is still a low level relationship & is not seeking His face but rather His hand of provision. 
Then, there is the next phase in our spiritual journey ('wanderings' to the carnal mind)...That is a sanctified heart decision that your will becomes His will.  This post-Gethsemane mystery is a feature that still is open for many believers today & really is the backbone of most ministry pursuits that people endeavor to do for Abba’s glory."

Howells, Rees @ Howells, Rees @ Intercession - Principles of Intercessory Prayer ( (edited).” -  On the 1st morning he was listening to Evan Hopkins speaking on Ephesians 2:1-6  
[God loved us keven when we were dead in trespasses, lmade us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved), and raised us up together, & made us sit together min the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.]  Howells realized that he had not (yet) been raised up to sit with Him in the heavenly places.
At this realization he saw the Glorified Lord.
“As really as I had seen the Crucified & the Risen Christ, I saw the Glorified Christ. 
The voice in the train said, ‘
Would you like to sit there with Him? There is a place for you
All that night I was
(in the heavenly places) in the presence of God AND my glorified Savior.”
Howells met Holy Spirit
. “I saw Him as a Person apart from flesh & blood. He said to me,
As the Savior had a body, so I dwell in the cleansed temple of the believer. I am a Person.
I am God. I am come to ask you to give your body to Me that I may work through it
He made it very plain that He would never share my life. I saw the honor He gave me in offering to indwell me, but there were many things very dear to me. I knew He wouldn’t keep 1 of them. 
The change He would make was very clear:
It meant that every bit of my fallen nature was to go to the Cross & (then) He would bring in His own life & nature.”
  It took Howells 5 days to decide.  Those days he spent with God.
“Holy Spirit went on dealing with me, exposing the root of my (fallen) nature, which was self. 
You can only get
(evict) out of a thing what is in its root (&/or seed).
Sin was cancelled.  It wasn't sin He was dealing with. 
It was
self (absorption/preference) which came from the Fall.
He was not going to take any superficial surrender. He put His finger on each part of my self-life.
I had to decide in cold blood.  He could never take a thing away until I gave my consent.
Then the moment, I gave it, some (supernatural) purging took place & I could never touch that thing again.”

What died those 5 days were his LOVE of money, his right to a (1st) choice in making a home, his ambition, his reputation & finally the most difficult thing of all:
his free will (versus God's will). Within 1 hour of this process Holy Spirit had come in.
“Having therefore boldness to enter into the Holiest by the blood of Jesus
, immediately,
I was transported into another realm, within that sacred veil, where the Father, Savior & Holy Ghost live
.  There I heard God speaking to me & I have lived there ever since.
When the Holy Ghost enters, He comes in to 'abide forever

Jackson, John Paul - Heavenly Portals -
Jackson, John Paul -

Johnson, Manuel @ 1/18/2021 Wonderful.  Manuel was transported into the future.

Kerr, Kat - volume #1
, Kat - - video interview @
, Kat - - chapter portions Volume #1
- Travel in the spirit - -

"Well He came in & told me that the Father & He had decided to take me on tours of Heaven. 
Since 1996 they've been taking me & they still take me. So if you think I could ever run out of things to say about Heaven, you're wrong. I could never stop talking about the things I've seen, the
places I have literally visited, not in a dream, not in a vision.
I am caught up by the Spirit of God like John was in the Book of Revelation.
Actually there were several people in the Word who were caught up by the Spirit.
You can't tell if you're in the Spirit."
Kerr, Kat - Preliminary sections of volume #2
Kat Kerr - Many Will be Translated in the Spirit -  Heaven 1 - 4/23/2011 AM -
Oasis Church - Alive_Again - Dec 22, 2012 @
QUESTION: Several people have told me we'll be translated, & they'll be in China preaching.
s that going to happen more & more?
RESPONSE: That is actually going to happen a lot (more than is already happing now).
Actually, He showed me & said, "I will catch up My people, put them in a country. 
They'll already be a platform there or the place I need them to be.
They will speak the
(native/local) language (dialect)...without ever having spoken it before.
They will teach or preach perfectly, deliver My message perfectly in that language. 
When they're done, I will catch them up & bring them back

(The Lord will translate) people into prisons to take the hand of the prisoner & they'll both be translated out, in the last days.  He's going to rescue some people that He doesn't want to die.
He has actually appointed people (who) are being raised up for...a super-natural call on their life...
According to scripture,
in the last days knowledge will increase & men will go to & fro on the earth.
That's mans way of saying, 'This is God'.
 What that scripture actually means is:
In the last days, revelation knowledge will increase & men will go to & fro on the earth through the Spirit realm.  I was in a grocery store & reached to take something off of the shelf; He translated me.
From the time I touched it, you could count to 3...not long, if you think about it.
Reach. 1, 2, 3 & then you put it back.  Nobody in the store knew I went, because I was taken by my spirit. 
I was taken to Heaven & shown things.

Kerr, Kat @ -
short transcripts - 17 pages of links

Kat Kerr - Heavenly Tour #1 December 5, 2015y divine revelation and right now
on this earth God is revealing His home called Heaven at an accelerated rate."
Kat Kerr - Heavenly Tour #2 - The Portals in Heaven December 20, 2015
1659676860979379/?type=1&theater -
"Make Jesus a birthday cake (He loves sweets).
Sing Happy Birthday to Him. (It's our family tradition.)"  There are "
portals where Heaven witnesses our life events, including weddings, births, celebrations, accomplishments & times of ministry to others; are built inside glorious structures & outside in many different places. Some-times even the angels will go to watch God preparing our lives to step into a planned destiny & release the Kingdom that is within all Believers. They get very excited when we start walking in revelation & begin to rule & reign with Christ.
(At these portals our cheerleaders/family/friends DECLARE/prophesy over us God's assigned destiny over us.)"

Kerr, Kat - The Millenial Reign -  Alive_Again Dec 23, 2012 +
threads/kat-kerr-powerful-testimonies-of-heaven.7709517/page-7 -
“During the millennial reign, probably almost all of us will have our glorified bodies at that point. 
When Christ had His glorified body, He went back & forth to Heaven all of the time. 

The Word says that a lot of the people were martyred during the time of the tribulation. 
A lot of people will be ruling on the earth with Him, just because of what they did with their lives to belong to Him. But we also will have a part of that.  We will leave Heaven & come down here & be in charge of things & be over things; then we’ll be going back to Heaven.”
#183) Kat Kerr - More Baptism in Fire - The Mercy Seat - Alive_Again Dec 23, 2012 -
“I began to hunger after baptism in fire.  A friend of mine got it. 
I went, ‘What happened to you? I’ve got to have that.’
He said, ‘
The Word says this about baptism in fire. You have to desire & hunger after it.’ 
So for 2 years I hungered after that, & 1 night my pastor said, ‘Whoever’s going to be in the ministry, you need to get down here. I’m just going to lay hands on you.
He didn’t say he was going to release baptism in fire.  But God will use willing vessels. I didn’t go up 1st. I said, ‘Well, I’m not in the ministry yet’, but Holy Spirit said, ‘Get down there.’ I went down there. 
I was so hungry; I wanted that
baptism in fire inside of me.  
I stood there & was the last person he laid hands on.  When he laid hands on me, it went so forcefully in me, it threw me into the usher, into the congregation. It came in like a blowtorch.
It burned in through my spirit, all the way up through my body, through my brain.

It wiped everything off of the walls in my heart that ever might have belonged to the enemy
Anything that I had seen that I shouldn’t have seen was wiped off, he (the enemy) could never replay that again. That’s what happens
in baptism in fire.
It wipes clean the walls of your heart and your memory banks. You can’t even bring up or think of those things that happened to you.  Things that happened to you.
Things that you saw, even by mistake, & today it’s real easy to do that.
It puts such a fire inside of you for God. So much boldness you’re like you’re a lion.
You want to stand on the street corner & just roar & tell everybody about God.
My body began to shake with the fire of God on it, & I didn’t normally do that. 
My body shook with the fire of God on it. I was NOT in my body.
That’s the only time I ever remember traveling (to heaven).
The Spirit of God caught me up. This time angels were with me in the spirit of God,
& I literally saw, you know on Star Trek, or Star Wars, where it looks like you’re going warp speed & all the lights are coming at you like that?  That’s the only time that happened. It was really cool.  
I didn’t know anything that was going on with my body.
My daughter at midnight stuck a note up my sleeve that said when my Mom comes to, call my Dad, & he’ll come get her.  Because they’re not going to wait any longer on me.  My husband…had to carry me home. I couldn’t walk.

We (time/spirit) traveled for some time, then all of a sudden, my feet hit the ground.
I had never been in Israel in my life, but I knew where I was.
Kat Kerr HEAVENLY TOUR No. 3 - CHRISTMAS TOWN December 30, 2015

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, Kat -
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Kat Kerr – Passionate Power / God Gave Gifts to Men / Mantle of Humility 3/15/2015 (also below links)
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The enemy cannot come against us when there is NO THING of him in us.
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[Those who concur with revelations of Kat Kerr: Billy Brim, Patricia King, Novel Hayes.]
Kerr, Kat - 1/8/2016 + 1/9/2016 
Jesus walked through people, when He disappeared.
- Joan Hunter Ministries, Tomball, TX
"Chart Your Course" (to Maneuver in the Spirit-realm) conference.
Kerr, Kat - 4/15/2016 post
EASTSIDE FAITH CENTER, Wichita, Texas - We are to ask the Trinity for a heavenly visit/ translation/transport; then to speak of & expect it.  The more you believe, the more you will receive. 
Our citizenship is in heaven (whereas earth is a vacation). 
Kat Kerr Author - - 5/30/2016 -
The enemy marks you in the spirit realm part 1
There are realms.  For safety we can step into a realm that is invisible to others, even pulling others to safety, & walk through danger & people, just as Jesus did. 
Those who now & subsequently say, "Yes" to what they are now hearing & acting on, are descendants of martyrs.

Kat Kerr - The enemy marks you in the spirit realm part 2 -
Kerr, Kat - -
I saw the last pope we had in Heaven 6/6/2016 (a string of consecutive links over various years) @

Kat Kerr Author - (Log on to subject of Time Travel beginning about 2:15:05 & ending about 2:18:06)
Kerr, Kat @ The Kat Kerr - 8/27/2016 - Elijah List Event: Saturday afternoon session or or or "Many times she (Kat) was caught up to 1 of the (commissioning, board room, intercessory, general, court-room) Throne Rooms in Heaven. She (Kat) also shares about Melchizedek."  We are to push back darkness.  Our mentoring is to be accelerated, due to (kingdom) season we are in (effective 4/2012).  Double time began 6/1/2016.
Kerr, Kat @  
2/12/2021 interview with Schultz, Steve on her visits to heaven – Part #1 Excellent.
Kerr, Kat at Yeshua House of Prayer, Raphine, VA - SUPERIOR 😊 BUT very long:
2/27/2021 @
2/28/2021 @

God expects us to practice & operate in the outrageous supernatural realm, beginning NOW.

Patricia King - March 8, 2013 - Time Travel seems to be an interesting subject these days.
Time is a created substance and we have dominion over that realm in Christ
Last year we interviewed Kat Kerr on our television program Everlasting Love.
She had some very interesting testimonies about heaven & the supernatural.
She shared with me that she lives in the seer dimension all the time. 
Here is a short clip of hers on Time Travel. Let me know what you think.
King, Patricia -
2/19-23/2007 Sid Roth Messianic Vision radio broadcasts
Supernatural Encounters with God
- archives @ -

Tues. & Thurs. broadcasts discuss translation
Book - Spiritual Revolution    
King, Patricia @ 4/18/2022

Lane, Lonnie & Roth, Sid -
Experiencing the Throne of God testimony of Dean Braxton - chapter 1 is superior - - -
audio @ - -
interview @


Maloney, James - Radio - LISTEN TO Monday 8/11/2014 @ -
, James - TV - 10/6/2014 @ or
SID: "So James was directed to a woman...
Francis Metcalf
had a group of people that would pray, that would do the most phenomenal things, I mean, visitations to Heaven, translated to other parts of the world, when they would go into trances."

"Well she had many visitations from the Lord. But this particular one, now she's my spiritual mom, that group of women & men, about 70-80, spent over 53 years, 6 days a week, 8-9 hours a day in high praise & worship, 7 intercession as a minister in my home town.
This particular visitation, Jesus spoke to her & said that there would come a time, an 'end time ministry'...
I will set apart & raise up...the Dove Company.'
She was a forerunning group. Her precious brothers & sisters & I were sent out from her at 19 years of age."

JAMES: "February of 2012, I was getting ready to go to bed. It was 1:00 in the morning, Texas time.
All of a sudden, the next thing I know, I'm looking down at a map & see the city Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
I just thought I was in a visionary thing, God was going to reveal something about the community. 
But then I saw myself go up, I guess by course, an hour north & an hour east, near a city called, in English, Amoti [sp].  They are pronounced differently.
About 30 minutes or so, a walk 45 minutes south. I mean, the specificness of it.
All of a sudden, I'm just standing there on a dirt road & I realized, it didn't take much discernment, that I was
translated there or transported, like Phillip in Acts 8, spirit, soul & body.
There had been gathered there about 1,000 people that had just newly been saved, newly born again.
But they were sick and afflicted, because the evangelist had just talked about salvation,
by God, the greatest miracle, but did not talk about Jesus as the Messiah that could heal.
So they were all waiting there to be healed. Out of all of my years of ministry, it was the most sick, diseased, infirm group of people I've ever seen, children with their limbs blown off because of mines. 
I'm overwhelmed. But what overwhelmed me the most was I'm standing there thinking I'm alone, what am I supposed to do.  It's in the middle of the afternoon. It's the next day, of course. 
I look to my left and Jesus was standing right next to me.  I'm thinking, oh thank you Jesus, you're here. 
But it was so amazing, Sid, because He just had this matter of fact look in his eye.

So He just went down in the crowd.  Of course, I'm going to follow him...
I just started to follow him. He would go up to...a man who had consumption or something, he should have been a 180-pound man, looked 90 pounds, curled up in a fetal position, was dying, was hardly able to breathe, just a lump of flesh.  Jesus looked at me and expected me to put my hands out to pray for the man.
Well when I did, He entered into my body. 
The man saw the hands of Jesus, but they were my hands, but they were Jesus' hands. 

The man was supernaturally lifted up.
It was about 4 feet from us, no binding, loosing, didn't have to cast out, speak in, do nothing. 

Just the manifest presence of Jesus, lifted him up. He stood straight up & filled out to the proper weight instantaneously, as if he never had the condition. Jesus just a matter of fact just went to another person & another person. I followed Him. So no miracle took less than 15 seconds...
What broke my heart more than...all of the conditions of the people were, of course, it broke my heart, the compassion of the Lord, & you could just sense it, the Lord just touching & going amongst them.
But what really touched me were the little children.

Just broke my heart because they would have a missing hand or missing leg, or foot, or whatever, because of the mines.   Every single one of those children, the (new) leg or hand did not grow out.
It just appeared. It's the only way I can describe it...

This guy that, brown hair & a beard, & He, for some strange reason wore, you know, like a tunic or, that's the way they worded it, you know... When it was all done, they were all crying out, Yeshua!  Yeshua! Yeshua. 
Now there's now about probably 1,500, 1,800, Yeshua. Yeshua. Yeshua.

He's standing right next to me. Jesus just looks at me.
It's been 3 hours I was ministering with them. He's phasing in & out.
They're seeing me, seeing Him. That's the whole Romans 8, 'manifest sons of God'. He just looked at me. It was real ironic.  The Lord's got an amazing sense of humor.

He said, 'Am I not Creator? Am I not God? Is there anything too hard for Me?' 
Next thing I remember, I'm sitting on the edge of my bed in Texas.

I'm looking.  All of my clothes was covered with dirt, mud, shoes & everything.

Martin, Dave - Spiritual Preparation for End Times - CDs - - CD4 -
Each original/authentic/master/title deed is in heaven. 
We do NOT get the front door/ignition key until we speak what we believe & believe what we speak.

Jesus/the-spoken-Word-of-God/the-Holy-Spirit is the frequency/glue that holds matter/atoms together in the earthly realm

What you need (backed up by Bible promises) write down & place in your shoe (under your feet) & walk on it.  (Would not 1 consider these shoe bombs? You can be a shoe bomber & bomb both hell & its evil occupants, in Jesus' name.) CD4 culminates with activation prayer.
David Martin - - 9/2/2013
I said, 'The spiritual barrier is about to be broken,'  (BUT) God said, 'That's not what I said...The barrier is not spiritual...You're on the threshold of a spiritual breakthrough, but a spiritual barrier is already broken.
The veil is rent.  You got free access to my throne
The spiritual barrier, the spiritual breakthrough, the
barrier is intellectual...
The problem is you're thinking too much like people, not enough like Me.'"

McKay, Edith Evelyn - 3/1952 - The Voice of Healing newsletter editorial - I Spent 7 Hours in Heaven pg 9 - Edith Evelyn McKay Tells of a Supernatural Translation in Which She & Her Husband Were Inaugurated into An Effectual Ministry of Deliverance - "I was born on the eastern shores of Nova Scotia, Canada, of Episcopalian parents. 
While working in the French metropolis of Montreal, Quebec, I met my husband, Rev. W. B. McKay.
We were married there & a few years later moved to Toronto, Ontario...
One Sunday afternoon, shortly after the dinner hour, I retired to my room.
The other students & my husband went to hold their weekly, jail services. 
The Lord spoke to me, directing me to pray.

I closed the curtains in my room to keep out the glare of the sunshine. 
While praying, I felt myself falling into darkness. 

Shortly after this my room began to light up; it was flooded with light brighter than I had ever seen.
Suddenly the door of my room opened, & standing in the door was the Lord Jesus Himself, with a host of angels.   It is impossible for me to describe in every detail the loveliness of Jesus.
He wore a spotless white gown & His brown hair fell down to His shoulders.
His eyes of steel grey, yet So full of compassion, held me spellbound. 
He came into the room holding a white robe in His hands. Coming over to where I was praying,
He put this beautiful robe on me & at that moment my soul came OUT OF MY BODY. 
Then Jesus told me, 'I have come for you to show you the splendors of Heaven.' 
At that moment, the angels began to lead the way out of the room.
They were small, except the 1st angel who was leading the way.
Then, outside of the room, the angels gathered in a circle around Jesus & myself. 
We began to float up in the air.  Around & around we went as we ascended up to heaven.
A beam of light pierced through the fog-like air and showed the way for this host in which Jesus & I were encircled to travel up into heaven. We stopped at one place. 
Jesus said, 'Let us not linger here.  This is the
1st heaven; we must go higher.
The angel leading the way for all, at that moment began to rise higher & the rest of us rose to follow. 
We did NOT go straight, as one would imagine, but we went around in a circle, traveling upwards around & around.  The singing & music from the angels as we traveled upwards is beyond my words to describe.
We stopped again & this time Jesus said, 'This is the 2nd heaven; let us not linger.' 
We all began to rise higher.  The next time we stopped, Jesus said, '
This is the 3rd heaven.'
The angel that was leading the way took me by the hand & led me into the city of God.
I looked & my eyes beheld a wall of glittering stones, different colors, beautiful beyond human conception. 

That large gate of pearl was wide open.  The angel led me through the gate to the street of highly polished gold. There were steeples pointing upward which shone like diamonds. The angel took me by the hand & showed me a large tree laden with fruit.  Alongside of the tree was a river as clear as glass.  Sitting by the river, on soft grass were multitudes of peop1e, small in stature, with no wings, but hair hanging down their backs. 
Some among this number recognized me & called me by name & I knew them. 
In fact, some had been crippled on earth, & now they were enjoying the perfection of heaven, smiling, singing & always watching the gate that was wide open to see who was coming next.

The angel then took me to stand before a chair, which seemed to be as large as a mountain & made of pure gold, where sat Jesus. The light from His face was so bright I fell at His feet.
He spoke words of comfort & said to the angel, '
Bring me the vessel of oil.' 
At that moment my husband stood beside me. Jesus poured oil on both of our heads, saying,
At that moment He brought before me an army of afflicted, some on crutches, others on cots & many in wheel chairs.  All these precious folk waited in a prayer line in a large tent.

It seemed I had spent a long time in heaven. 
The angel took me by the hand & directed me away from the throne where Jesus was sitting. 

We began to float in the air. 
The same light that had penetrated the fog on our way up to heaven was there again. 
Oh, I did want to stay with Jesus & enjoy that wonderful, peaceful place.
But when Jesus spoke to me the words of comfort & told me of the work that He had planned for us.

I was glad to go & work in the fields that are white unto harvest.
We came back down from heaven in a similar manner as we went up to heaven.

I came right back to my body & the room where I was praying."

McMillan, Robin - 11/18/2019 +
McMillan, Robin - (edited) -
ROBIN: I was going to speak in a conference that weekend...What happens sometimes (is) you have warfare (because) the enemy doesn't want you to do well. So, I thought, "I'm not putting up with this.
I'm going to
quote Psalm 91 as a warfare act of faith."
I began, "He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty, whose power no evil foe can withstand.
I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge, my fortress, my God... I lean & rely on Him...I did it once. 
It was so good, I did it twice.

ROBIN: All of a sudden, looking up (from the bed I notice) there's something strange about the ceiling...
I was in a nice Hilton hotel, but when I looked up after that dual proclamation about the Great Eagle & being safe under the covering feathers of the Lord, there was an opening (that) looked like an air conditioning duct...
I knew instinctively if I jumped into that air conditioning duct, I could go into the heavenly realm in a way that I had not usually been able to do...
I never left my bed, but I jumped...just took off & went through this demon region (of the 2nd heaven).
Demons were saying, "Hey, you can't go through here.  Who do you think you are?"  I just laughed at them.

SID: You were moving (up) into the (3rd) heaven.
ROBIN: It was fast. I landed in that (holy) heavenly place.
I thought it would be real bright, but thought, gosh, it's sort of dark, a little shadowy.

Then I noticed I was under,18-20 feet, maybe (of) an eagle's wing.
I realized
I got what I had been proclaiming.
I was under the shadow of the Almighty, under the wing of the great eagle.
I noticed emanating out from the wing...grapefruit & softball size precious stones & metals...

It showed me just the absolute prosperity & blessedness in every way imaginable in the (3rd) heavenly realm.
ROBIN: The Lord began to reveal to me 5 wagons of blessing...
They looked old and had a tongue, so they were pulled by tongues.
They had these spoked wheels, so they were spoken.  It began to show me how
we access blessings with the tongue, the spoken wheels.  2 were deliverance wagons.  1 was a deliverance from deserved circumstance.
In other words, God's ready to help everyone who'll come to Him in repentance.

ROBIN: The 2nd wagon was deliverance from criticism and the critical spirit.
ROBIN: When an elephant is a baby, they get a stake, they get a chain strong enough to hold that baby elephant.  As the elephant grows, it is built into his mind that no matter how big he gets that little chain & that little stake he can never get free from. That's what happens when people curse you with a bad description or description that that makes you believe you're someone less than you really are.  That's the power of criticism.
It becomes a stronghold
that you need to reject , renounce & believe the things God has to say about you in the words.
ROBIN: We need to realize that when we're trapped, we're not believing God's truth. I had the Lord telling me this early 1 morning, "Robin, each one of My children is My own personal favorite." I thought about that. 
Then He said, "
but very few believe it." When you begin to believe that you're God's favorite person, many of those lies begin to break off...them... because God identifies each one of us as a beloved child.
ROBIN: Father (God), in the name of Jesus, those who have been cursed, described inaccurately.
By the power of the Spirit of God & by the grace and mercy we find in Christ Jesus, we break those word curses now and release a manifestation of the presence, glory & peace of (Father) God. In Jesus' name. Amen.

ROBIN: (Real Truth) the hope of God (is found in) Romans 15:13, "Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy, peace & believing that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." (Peole would) say hope deferred makes the heart sick. I think that's ridiculous. No one can defer your hope but you.
The devil can't.  Circumstance can't. You have in your power to maintain hope, because you were born again into a sphere of hope. Christ, the hope of glory lives inside us.

ROBIN: We need to realize that hope[lessness] is a consequence, not a cause.
It's a delusion, the consequence of an inaccurate belief system.  Give it up, disagree with it...
God does not want hopeless people speaking for Him. He said,
if you will cleanse your own heart from unworthy, unwarranted suspicions concerning My faithfulness, you will be My mouthpiece.

Mills, Joshua - Translation & Heaven's Transportation - Teaching CDs & DVDs
He shares his getting into an elevator and ending up in another country.  CDs/DVDs share unique transportations, translations, visions & God given spiritual experiences.
Joshua shares that God also wants all Christians to walk in this level of intimacy.

Translation to China - 3/26/2012
Interview by Sid Roth

David Martin - Spiritual Preparation for End Times - 12/13-17/2010 - CD & radio broadcast - important
1726 - "God gave a tribe in Africa the power to walk, glow and heal in the Spirit 24/7.
Receive this same impartation!"
Martin, David -
Six Page Article by David Maritn on the Mountaintop and the Shining Ones - -
Tribal fathers glowed and had excessive longevity.
Don't Give Up Extended - CDs -
At David Ndaruhutse’s birth pace Enoch one of the original 'Shinning Ones' prayed for David Martin.
At David Ndaruhutse’s burial site where 23 great men of God all went to heaven in flames, God imparted a resurrection anointing to David Martin."

Articles -
March Messianic Vision radio - David Martin 2011
Expectation is a major key to breakthrough, per Martin.
March It's Supernatural TV archives includes transcript if u do not have audio/visual David Martin 2011

Nelson, Jerame 7/26/2021 @ Microsoft Word - Sid Roth 1110 NELSON.docx ( -
(edited excerpt)
JERAME: I actually looked over like this. I could see his headlights coming at my door & just yelled, "Jesus."
When I did, the car went right through my car physically.
I looked in the rear view mirror & it almost hit the guy behind me, but that guy swerved out of the way.
I was so shook. After that I said, "God, what was that?"
He said, "T
hat was me saving you because you have way too many souls to win in your calling."
I said, "Well, where's that at in the Bible?"
He said, "
Jerame, remember when they took Jesus by the scruff of his neck to throw him off the pinnacle of the cliff?"  He said that He just walked right through them.
He said, "
I caused that car to go through you, because I still have a calling on your life"...
He said if you have a calling & are fulfilling that calling God will protect the anointing of God on your life at all costs.

Nutt, Diane - Messianic Vision Radio Broadcast 4/16-20/2007  Intimacy with God Archives @ -
Former drug addict, now hug addict who permits God's presence in her to heal others with a word, a hug, or just being in someone's presence.  God was able to minister love to her, after she 1st forgave herself. 
Thursday's broadcast admonishes us NOT to attempt to qualify for God's love, because He is our qualification & because He wants to ravish us with His love. 
Friday's broadcast discusses our seeing angels who transport us to heaven, sometimes in chariots of fire.
Nutt, Diane   guest on Sid Roth's Messianic Vision TV broadcast 5/14/2007 archives  Intimacy with God -
As a youth Diane spent lots of time such as on the lawn & in the school halls talking to & visiting with her invisible friend, God.  1 day she found herself looking down from her housetop; she saw her body on the grass.

When I was in a prayer meeting in Orlando the Holy Spirit told me to go into the next room which turned out to be a dining room.
I said, 'Lord I don't even know this lady whose house I'm in, I can't go wandering off into another room, she'll wonder what on earth I'm doing.' But the voice of the
Lord came again.
I stood up & went into the next room.  I just stood there as I wasn't quite sure what it was all about.

Suddenly a light beamed down on me from above & lifted me up.
The Next minute I was standing in the Old City in Jerusalem. 
Jesus came &we walked along the street.
Then I was standing in the back of the Mosque with Jesus.
I was shocked as I was always very careful to avoid the Mosque when I went to Jerusalem.
There were men kneeling on the floor in rows. Jesus told me, 'Wait here.'
He walked forward, touched several men on the shoulder & then came back to where I was standing.
These men are going to be saved,' He said. 
Then we were outside & we were walking in the street. We passed an old couple with a bread cart.
Jesus said to me 'These are having a hard time financially, but their neighbors are going to help them.'
We passed other people & Jesus told tell me about them.
I remember He drew my attention to a Jewish girl with dark hair.

'She is engaged to be married & her fiancé is seeking Me. I will send someone & he will find Me,' Jesus said.
We came to the end of the
Via Dolerosa. He said to me, 'You have to go now.
I am going to visit the prayer meeting at the convent
This was the convent that
Mother Barbara was at. Mother Barbara had fled Russia with her family when she was a young girl & had brought with her a famous prophesy given in 1911 to a Russian monk.
It was a prophetic word for the nations.  'I will come with you.' I said. 'No, you must go now,' Jesus responded.
'I will stay,' I said, but next minute I was back in the dining room in Orlando.
"If you have had these experiences where you
go away in the Spirit, you will know that it takes a while to "come back."  You can't move for a while, it's like you are frozen, even your eyelids don't move.
There were a group of ladies leaning over me praying in tongues.  I guess they were afraid I might die on them."

Oyedepo, David - Nigeria -  Satan Get Lost - excellent @
- "Ephesians 2:4-6 says, 'But God (Who is rich in mercy, for His great love wherewith He loved us, even when we were dead in sins) hath quickened us together with Christ, (By grace ye are saved;) & hath raised us up together, & made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.'"
"If you are born again, you are now in the heavenly places, where there is no place for Satan.
It's a place where he has no say at all. Hear what the Bible says in Revelation 12:7-9, 'As long as you remain earthly, you are in his (Satan's) domain, but if you walk in the consciousness that you dwell in heavenly places, he (Satan) leaves you alone'... I am living in the kingdom of light.
I dwell (in my mind & spirit) in the heavens (with Christ), (whereas) he (Satan) is down on the earth.
I am not an inhabiter (citizen) of the earth.  So he (Satan) cannot get at (harm) me...
Satan is just going to & fro deceiving the whole world (to falsely believe) that he can reach anybody.

It's not the truth.  Jesus said in John 14:30, 'The prince of this world cometh, & hath nothing (no sin/demon/wound) in(side) Me (my soul)'...
All plagues must come to an end in your life this hour. They are earthly, you are heavenly. 
As you realize your new status in God & embrace the responsibilities that go with it, watch it, you are on your way up.  Enoch walked with God & was not, he did not see death.
rom now on, you will no longer see any form of death, in Jesus name. 
Exercise yourself in a qualitative walk with God.

Tell yourself right now, 'I am destined for translation
Here on earth, there is affliction & destruction, but there in the heavens, there is triumph, joy, peace & success. That is where I belong.  I was once earthly, but as Jesus came into my life, I became heavenly. 
'From now on, whatever it takes to walk in the reality of heaven, show it to me Lord.  I will walk in it.

I will no more see death.  I am determined to walk with You.  What You say is what I will obey.
What You command is what I will go for. In Jesus name'...10.21.2010
Now declare boldly: (In Jesus name,)
'I am far above all principalities.  I'm far above all powers.  I'm far above all dominion.  I'm far above all might
I'm far above every name that is named, not only in this world, but in that which is to come.
Jesus raised me up, made me to sit together with Him in heavenly places, where no room can be found for the devil.'  Here is the verdict: (In Jesus' name,)
'Satan, you have no room wherever I'm seated.  Satan, you have no room in my home.
Satan, you have no room in my business.  Satan you have no room in my body.
Satan, you have no room in my children.  Wherever I am, Satan, there is no room for you.'
(There is NO thing in common with the enememy in me/we, in Jesus' name.)
James 4:7 says, 'Submit yourself therefore to God. Resist the devil & he will flee from you.'"
"To remain a terrestrial Christian in this day and age we are in, is a curse.
The devil has been cast down to earth having great wrath.

You cannot remain earthly & survive as a Christian!  You just have to live the translated life.
This is only
possible on the platform of your agreement with God, operating the terms that will keep you in the heavenly realm, where you're seated with Christ
There is trouble on this earth now. The only security is in the heavenly.
That is why Revelation 12:12 says, 'Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, & ye that dwell in them.'

There are heavenly Christians & there are earthly ones. When I say heavenly Christians, I mean those who by reason of the quality of their walk with God have been (spiritually) translated (operating from a heavenly position with Christ, in their mind & sometimes in their spirit) from (while living in) the earthly realm, people whose walk with God (being conscious of their spiritual royal son-ship & inheritance) has distinguished them on the earth.
It's time to desire a translation in your Christian adventure...

As you agree with Him (Amos 3:3), He takes you from the earthly realm to the (safety of the) heavenly realm (Zion), far above all principalities, powers, rulers of this wicked world & all the wicked spirits in high places."

Pittman, Howard - Demons: An Eyewitness Account - - full text
Chapter 4 The Giant Warring Demons - "When the escorting angels took me (spirit and soul) through that invisible dividing dimension wall that separates the physical & spiritual world, I carried with me my own personality (soul).
Pittman, Howard - - Placebo - - full text Chapter 7 The Grand Tour
"I did things differently in the spirit realm than what we do here in the physical world.
For instance, we do not communicate with our mouths & ears, but rather, we communicated with our minds.  It was like projecting our words on thought waves & receiving the answer the same way.
Although I could still think to myself without projecting, I discovered that this really did not benefit me because the angels could read my mind.  I could hear different sounds in that world, but I did not hear with my ears.
I heard with my mind
, but I was still able to hear those sounds.
When we traveled, w
e traveled mostly at what I call the speed of thought. 
When we traveled at the speed of thought, there was no sensation of movement. The angel would say where we were going and we were there. There were other times when we did not travel in that manner.
I was very much aware of movement while traveling. 1 of those times when I was aware of movement was when they brought me back into the physical world & allowed me to see the demons working here.
We moved about here somewhat like floating on a cloud.

Praying Medic, Lydia Blain - Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple (The Kingdom… -

Rountree, Anna - The Heavens Opened - Sample of The Heavens Opened or sample audio -!&Author=bonnke book portions full transcript
http:// 1/20/2003 or audio 1/12/2011
Rountree, Anna -
The Heaven's Opened or
Rountree, Anna - The Priestly Bride - Sample of The Priestly Bride -

The Priestly Bride (4 pages from!&Author=bonnke
Short sample
full version @
As an audio book read aloud by another person
Rountree, Anna - The Priestly Bride - audio
#2 1995-1996
Rountree, Anna -
Rountree, Anna -
Rountree, Anna -
Rountree, Anna (and Albert) -
Posted 1/12/2011 - recommended -
After spending about 1 year in Heaven, Anna Rountree is interviewed (via phone by Sid Roth at Moravian Falls, ND, USA about) the... Kingdom of God."
DivineRevelations Spiritlessons) Bob Jones went to heaven often. 
Body parts distribution room.  School/mentoring for angels.  Trinity also mentors. 
Healing evangelists often fail to mentor others. 

To contain/hold/RETAIN God's glory/ministry/anointing we need to prepare/mature/obey/desire Him above all else. 
15 main assents to heaven in scripture.  Holy angels read thoughts.  Spirit age is one's spiritual maturity. 
A move, He will bring 2-3 together; a major move, He will bring 12 together.
Rountree, Anna - Teachings - recommended -
Rountree, Anna - Christ Jesus Triumphant ministry - North Carolina @
Rountree, Anna @
(Subscribe to read online.) -
Heaven Awaits the Bride is a combination of 2 previously released books:  
The Heavens Opened
+ The Priestly Bride.

, John E - The Authority of the Believer - internet editorial

Saint Anthony -   (edited excerpt) 
"65...Once, when about to eat, having risen up to pray about the 9th hour, he perceived that he was caught up in the spirit.  Wonderful to tell, he stood & saw himself, as it were, from outside himself & was led in the air by certain ones. Next certain bitter & terrible beings stood in the air, who wished to hinder him from passing through. But when his (holy angelic) conductors opposed them, they demanded whether he was not accountable to them. When they wished to sum up the account from his birth, Antony's conductors stopped them, saying, 'The Lord hath wiped out the sins from his birth, but from the time he became a monk, & devoted himself to God, it is permitted you to make a reckoning.' Then when they (the evil spirits) accused & could not convict him, his way was free & unhindered. Immediately he saw himself, as it were, coming & standing by himself. 

Again he was Antony as before.
Then forgetful of eating, he remained the rest of the day & the whole of the night groaning & praying.
He was astonished when he saw against what mighty opponents our wrestling is, & by what labours we have to pass through the air. He remembered that this is what the Apostle said, 'according to the prince of the power of the air [10].' In it the enemy hath power to fight & attempt to hinder those who pass through. Wherefore most earnestly he exhorted, 'Take up the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day [11],' that the enemy, 'having no evil thing to say against us, may be ashamed [12].' We who have learned this, let us be mindful of the Apostle when he says, 'whether in the body I know not, or whether out of the body I know not;
God knoweth [13].' But (the apostle)
Paul was caught up unto the 3rd heaven, & having heard things unspeakable he came down; while Antony saw that he had come to the air & contended until he was free."

Vincent (Selvakumar) 2009 
Vincent talked about what it is like to live in your spirit man, rather than in your flesh. He described it as a frightened turtle, who usually keeps his little head tucked safely in-side his shell. His head is our spirit man, only peeking out once in a while. His protective shell is our fleshly and soulish man, with our spirit hiding inside.
Our spirit longs to peek out.  This is the 'real us' but we only come out a little & then withdraw back into our shell. He said that the shell must be broken for the spirit to be freed up to move in the heavenly realms.

Vincent talked a lot about spirit travel, which we see in the book of Ezekiel quite a few times, where Ezekiel was taken places in his spirit to observe certain abominations that Israel was committing so that he would be a witness of the evil and could therefore testify that God was righteous to judge Jerusalem.
Sometimes, he was
transported in his body, & other times, only his spirit traveled to other places.
In Acts, we see that
Philip is transported in his body to another location, after sharing with the Ethiopian.
Paul says that when he was taken to heaven, he did not know if he traveled in his body or in his spirit.
We also see the apostle
John taken up to heaven in the book of Revelation.
Vincent shared many of his experiences with spirit travel. Usually, they are for the purpose of interceding for someone who desperately needs prayer. In some cases, a person on their deathbed is struggling to hold onto their faith at the moment of death, as Satan accuses them & weakens their faith, while the angels are trying to convince them that the salvation of Jesus is stronger than all their past sins.
So when Vincent is taken there, it is so he can pray for this soul, that their faith will not waver & that Satan will not win the battle to convince them that they are condemned.
Another reason Vincent is taken places is to observe terrible sinful behavior in certain places, so that the Lord can show him the judgments He intents to inflict on that town or city. He wants Vincent to simply be a witness that these abominations were taking place, & that God is utterly just when he judges them...
I have heard on other occasions, Pastor Steven Shelley share not only about spirit travel, but also about physical travel. On at least 1 occasion, Pastor Shelley was taken to a different location in his physical body (as was Philip) to intercede for a family outside of their home. When he was returned to his own house, he had mud between his toes from the property where he was interceding.
Rick Joyner has also shared on Sid Roth’s TV show that on at least 1 occasion, his car was transported to a meeting he was late for, supernaturally bypassing hours of traffic.
This 'traffic transport in the Spirit' has also been publicly reported by David Herzog,
and also by a couple we have met in Jerusalem, who have experienced their car being taken to their destination in half the time, without the gasoline being diminished by the normal amount required by that particular distance."  ALWAYS TEST ANY INSIGHT AGAINST SCRIPTURE.

Simpson, Roberta - 11/2007 - -
Encountering Jesus, she literally flew through the air.  At the age of 70, Roberta Simpson was blessed with an ability to write stories that supernaturally cause children to love God. (Nana's Bible Stories)

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj - How my spiritual eyes have opened (2014)

Sadhu Sundar Singh - India - -
1889 Rampur, Punjab, India -1929 - Many, such as in his CD Walk Like Enoch
confess that Singh was translated/transported bodily into heaven.  Listen to tract #7.
Sadhu Sundar Singh - The Visions of Sadhu Sundar Singh - -
"At Kotgarh, 14 years ago, while I was praying, my eyes were opened to the Heavenly Vision. 
So vividly did I see it all that I thought I must have died, & that my soul had passed into the glory of heaven.
But throughout the intervening years these visions have continued to enrich my life.
I cannot call them up at will, but, usually when I am praying or meditating, sometimes as often as 8-10 times in a month, my spiritual eyes are opened to see within the heavens &, for an hour or 2, I walk in the glory of the heavenly sphere with Christ Jesus, & hold converse with angels & spirits.
Their answers to my questions have provided much of the material that has already been published in my books & the unutterable ecstasy of that spiritual communion makes me long for the time when I shall enter in permanently to the bliss & fellowship of the redeemed...

Some may consider that these visions are merely a form of spiritualism, but I would emphasize that there is 1 very essential difference. Spiritualism does presume to produce messages & signs from spirits out of the dark, but they are usually so fragmentary & unintelligible, if not actually deceptive, that they lead their followers away from, rather than to, the truth. In these visions, on the other hand, I see vividly & clearly every detail of the glory of the spiritual world, and I have the uplifting experience of very real fellowship with the saints, amid the inconceivably bright & beautiful world made visible.
It is from these angels & saints that I have received, not vague, broken & elusive messages from the unseen, but clear & rational elucidations of many of the problems that have troubled me.

This 'Communion of the Saints' was a fact so real in the experience of the early Church, that it is given a place among the necessary articles of their faith, as stated in the 'Apostles Creed.'
Once, in a vision, I asked the saints for a proof from the Bible of this communion of saints, & was told that it was to be found clearly given in Zechariah 3:7-8, where 'those that were standing by' were not angels, but saints in glory; & God's promise, on condition of Joshua fulfilling His command, is that he will be given 'a place of access to walk among them (saints) that stand by.'
These are his 'fellows' the spirits of men made perfect with whom he could commune.
There is repeated mention of Spirits, Saints & Angels in this book." 
Sadhu Sundar Singh - -   
Sadhu Sundar Singh - Disparaging "Notes (by )
are based on Deborah’s much longer article on this subject at
But briefly:

  • Singh would frequently converse with the deceased for wisdom & guidance. His communication with the ‘other side’ did not just stop at deceased ‘Christians’ but he conversed with dead unbelievers as well. 
    (Use test, & ask did Jesus come in the flesh.)
  • He believed that the dead could receive Christ after death. 
  • He believed in a kind of purgatory. Asked about the doctrine of eternal punishment by some theology students in Calcutta, he said that 'There was punishment, but it was not eternal,' & that 'Everyone after this life would be given a fair chance of making good & attaining to the measure of fullness the soul was capable of.
    This might sometimes take ages.'  (Something like reincarnation ideology.)
  • He was a universalist – 'However bad and evil-living a man may be, there is in man’s nature a divine spark…this spark of the divine is never extinguished…
    If this divine spark or element cannot be destroyed, then we can never be hopeless for any sinner…
    The Creator Himself will not destroy it (man’s soul)…even though many wander & go astray in the end, they will return to Him in Whose image they have been created; for this is their final destination.'
    (perhaps having attended an American Universalist seminary)
  • He was a follower of Emmanuel Swedenborg (who taught very dodgy occultic stuff) & Singh claimed to frquently converse with Swedenborg in heaven:
    'I saw him several times [in a spiritual realm] some years ago, but I did not know his earthly name.
    His name in the spiritual world is quite different just according to his high position or office & most beautiful character. He is exceedingly happy & always busy in helping others.'
    'Swedenborg was a great man, philosopher, scientist and, above all a seer of clear visions.
    I often speak with him in my visions. He occupies a high place in the spiritual world…
    Having read his books & having come into contact with him in the spiritual world, I can thoroughly recommend him as a great seer.' 

  • Sundar believed that all angels and demons were once men, yet contradicts himself elsewhere by making a distinction between angels and humans that they are not the same.
  • Sundar believed that those who have gone to heaven (the redeemed) can act as angels on earth." -
    (True or not, or half truths, always keep in mind that Jesus the Jewish Christ was often spoken of in disparaging tones.)

  • Sissom, Pastor Carolyn  "May 2, 2009, Kathie Walters was ministering on
    Chariots, Angels & our Inheritance
    . I closed my eyes & saw an angel sitting beside me on the platform. 
    I slid off the pew because the presence & anointing was very strong. 
    The angel’s garments were prominent in the vision.  He was dressed in flowing robes of violet, purple, & royal blue. 
    A chariot appeared & a door was opened for me to enter. 

    On entering, the chariot began to rise perpendicular ascending in a swirling motion. 
    My natural inclination was to try to find a steering wheel,
    (None was there.) or at least hold on to the sides. 
    I couldn’t do either.  As we ascended into Clouds of Glory, 2 angels took my spirit & were helping me to fly. 

    I then
    was left to fly alone, because my spirit was 1 with Holy Spirit." 
    1 Corinthians 6:17:  But he that is joined unto the Lord is 1 Spirit.

    Sithole, Surprise - Faith to Raise the Dead - -
    2 Iris Ministries - "June 1997 the Lord took me to heaven...I looked on the side of the street and there were clusters of leftover gold on the ground.  On my left, a cloud was talking to me & this cloud was more intelligent than I was.  He was giving me answers to the thoughts of my heart, explaining to me the things that I was thinking in the deep parts of my mind. 
    As I was looking at this leftover gold, immediately the cloud said, 'Look at this gold; we throw it on earth & the kings of the earth fight for the leftovers, because they do not know the real wealth is here in Heaven...
    God doesn't need all you think He needs; He just needs your obedience."   
    "The Lord began pouring open visions...All the small children, that were there, saw visions. 
    Some of them were taken to Heaven.  Some saw angels.  That night in 1997 God came."

    Philip Smit's diary regarding Andries Hills @ 11/9/1991 
    "I was not on a beach somewhere on earth anymore. I stood before a building with huge doors, it swung open as we got near & Jesus stood back, indicating that I should enter in.  
    I stepped forward into an amazing environment illuminated with soft & subdued hue. 
    The building stretched almost as far as the eye could see.  I looked at the uncountable number of objects on the row upon row of racks that stretched into the far end of the building. 
    Some of the objects were glowing with soft neon blue or green colors. 
    There were instruments & machinery connected to some of the objects.  
    Limbs, body parts & organs were neatly aligned as far as the eye could see. 
    Jesus was standing behind me, watching me & smiling at my astonished look.

    I looked into the subdued, far end of the building, noticing an object glowing against the wall to our right. 
    I knew that I was supposed to go there & have a closer look.  I walked down 1 of the long corridors with racks on both sides towards the object I saw glowing.  As I came near to it, I recognized a complete brain, both lobes, the brain stem connected to the long strings of nerves hanging from it. 
    It was glowing & pulsating with life…

    'It is glowing because it has been activated by the prayers of people that were praying for Andries’ healing, it is ready to be utilized now.'  Jesus’ spoke to me without audible words. His thoughts & mine were connected.
    'Can I take it along then?' I thought of asking.  'No, tomorrow is the time, when they visit you.'
    'Thank you Jesus, I’m so glad you will be there to heal him; I know I couldn’t do anything without You.' 
    I remarked with feelings of utmost relief, gladness & gratitude.
    'No, I’m not going to come and heal him; you will have to come here, with Andries, & collect his healing.'
    Jesus explained: '
    Many times, healings are manifested because of the Father’s love & grace. 
    The miracles you see is glimpses of heaven manifested on
    earth & it demonstrates the Fathers’ will & love for you.  What the Father really desires, is for His children to learn to come into heaven & seek a relationship with HimI have already done everything I could on earth to open the way for everyone to enter in & take hold of all that is already theirs by inheritance.'
    I understood now, why everyone is not healed when we pray for them on earth, God wants us there. 
    He is keeping the best for when we will grow up spiritually to meet with Him in the 'Secret Place'. 
    All of a sudden, I understood fully what
    Psalm 91 means. In addition, Psalm 63 is an awesome revelation of this kind of experience.  There in the sanctuary, the Holy of Hollies, everything is available, there. 
    Supernatural protection, healing and provision. We want God to bring it to us all the time, but He is there (in heaven/His secret place) waiting for us to enter in & lay hold of every spiritual blessing in the heavens. 
    As we walked back to the beach, I promised Jesus that I would
    bring my brother into heaven the next day. 
    made an appointment with Him.  (The previous 3 months or so, I had been listening to quite unorthodox teachings by Ian Clayton, a series called 'Supernatural Encounters'.)

    Smith, Hannah Whitall - The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life for Today paraphrased by Catherine Jackson -
    "A great many Christians never even try their wings...The Mother eagle teaches her little ones to fly by stirring up their nest, making it so uncomfortable that they are forced to leave it & commit themselves to their untried wings.  That's just the way God treats His children. 
    He...actually pushes us over the edges of them (our nests), so that we are forced to use our wings in an effort to save ourselves. 
    Look at your problems in this light, & accept with thankfulness every situation that forces you to use your (spirit) wings (to soar).
    Only with use can they (our spirits) grow strong enough to carry you to the 'heavenly places in Christ.' 
    Unused muscles gradually atrophy & if nothing in our lives made it necessary for us to use our wings, we might eventually lose all capacity to fly (intellectually, spiritually, & literally - into Father God's arms high above our problems.  We might also lose much of our spiritual muscle with which to weld the sword of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, & may lose much ability to do spiritual warfare from our place with Christ seated above.)"

    Smithyman, Candice - Releasing Heaven with Candice Smithyman – Part 1 – 4/23/2020
    Smithyman, Candice - Releasing Heaven with Candice Smithyman – Part 2 – 4/24/2020 excerpt above video interview Rabbi Walker interview @ short video 4/2020 excerpt of Sid Roth interview
    Book excerpt (edited)

    "Meditation leads to manifestation…but, the meditation that I'm talking about is to repeat (whisper/rehearse out loud) the Word of God on a continual basis, declaring, speaking, believing it for yourself, which then produces a manifestation or an action.  (God’s words spoken are a spiritual substance our angels take & execute/enforce.)
    When we sit down to pray, we ask God to sanctify our mind, because we're brand new, holy & righteous on the inside. 
    God wants our mind to be an operation of what's going on in our spirit man. When we're done praying, we can ask God to show us some holy, righteous, good things. We'll be on our way for a manifestation that day. 
    Most of the time we don't tap into heaven because our mind is full of garbage and we think,
    How am I ever going to get to Heaven, when I've got all this (mental) garbage? I don't mean heaven as an eternal place, but the heavenly peace of God in this moment (circumstance/situation), and the ability for God to be able to use me in this moment, here on Earth.  I may think, My God, it can't possibly happen, because my head is so full of garbage.
    I have ruminating thoughts all the time that are depressive, anxious, overwhelming; life is too much for me.
    However, if we pray the 1st thing in the morning & continually throughout the day, all of a sudden, we'll begin to believe we don't have the problems we thought we did & we'll start walking in the open heaven. 
    Other people will begin to notice…
    Let’s pray for the ability to be able to believe God that we have the mind of Christ & our mind can be sanctified. God wants us to see the things that God wants us to see & not be held back by the devil, his lies or our last ungodly thought. The enemy wants to stop us from stepping into an open heaven. He knows we're already open-heaven material, eternity in action, but we haven't caught up with what he knows about us, so he likes to throw darts and tell us we're not who we say we are (in Christ).
    (Heeding Satan’s thoughts) will shut us down & the open heaven won't be able to operate because we won't have faith to believe who we (spiritually) are in the moment…
    Cut off the devil by saying, ‘I recognize your game, devil.  You want to shut me down, so you're going to tell me things that are (forgiven) no longer true (in Your heavenly realm) about myself & make me hang on to the past (& negatives) all day long, so I won't be able to walk in God’s power or open heaven that God asked me to walk in. God made me a portal for heaven, but I can't walk in it if I'm too wounded, when you got ahold of me.’
    When we pray, we sanctify our mind and ask God to show us what that next thing is. God's going to show us something beautiful. He's going to tell me to get up & go talk to my husband after we got in a fight with him.
    He's going to tell me to speak nicely to my wife and child. God is going to tell me to get up & go bless someone, even someone
    I don't like. It takes faith (that God’s Bible truth is more real than the doctor’s facts) to overcome the lies of the enemy and walk like we’re in a (supernatural) gateway portal to heaven.

    Katie Souza   2/15-19/2010 Messianic Vision RADIO. Listen to Thursday 18th
    3/1/2010 Katie Souza - Ascending into the Supernatural - 2 hours        
    Ezekiel 1:1 KJVer The heavens were opened and I saw visions of God. -
    Discussion of both translation and transportation.
    (Testifies of 2 prisoners being instantly healed of mental illness.)
    3/8/2010 Katie Souza - Banking in the Glory Realm or
    cross-walk-talk/2010/03/09/katie-souza--banking-in-the-glory - 2 hours
    from March 2010 archives -
    Souza, Katie -
    Souza, Katie - 1 of 8
    “Ascending is one way that you can bring the things from heaven to earth.”
    1st Thank, praise, worship.
    2nd Repent and receive Christ’s forgiveness.  Forgive self/others/God. 
         (If not already a citizen of heaven invite Jesus to be your savior & blood-brother.)
    3rd According to Job 22:28 DECREE (that you are heavenly pedigree with heavenly DNA).
    4th According to Philippians 3:20 DECREE you are a heavenly citizen (with passport).
    5th According to Ephesians 2:6 DECREE you are seated in the 3rd heaven with Christ
    6th Invite Jesus to baptize & indwell you with His Holy Spirit
        (or remember/appreciate God’s empowerment in you via Holy Spirit’s habitation.)
    7th Decree that according to Hebrews 11:5 your spirit can visit the 3rd heaven.
    8th Decree that according to Revelation 4:1-2 Holy Spirit can empower your spirit to fly.
    9th You can command your spirit to ascend to Christ’s presence/throne/court.
    10th (Especially at bedtime) Recline, rest & await His visions/photos. 
    11th (Especially at naptime, an adventure for toddlers.) Record/journal revelations.

    12th Decree/loose onto earth what you have been shown.  Receive/Rejoice with thanks.

    Springer, Rebecca Rutter -

    Tan, Peter - Canberra, Australia - excellent for violent worshipers - - -  -  
    If blessed PLEASE send a thank you $ to Peter's ministry.  Thanks.

    Testimony of My Life and Ministry  -
    Visitation to the Throne Room of God -
    The Spiritual World -
    Harmony Of The Gospels.pdf +
    Vol 13 The Doctrine of God Tamil.pdf
    Vol 14 The Second Coming of Christ Tamil.pdf
    Prophetic vision about revival in NZ - ALWAYS TEST ANY INSIGHT AGAINST SCRIPTURE.

    Tan, Peter
    dreams_and_visions/Visitation_to_the_Throne_Room_of_God.htm - excellent - or

    "Mel Tari states that in Indonesia, God has protected believers from dangerous animals, countered the effects of poison taken unknowingly, caused them to walk on water to bring the Gospel to others, multiplied food, & changed water into wine when they had no wine for communion.
    (Indonesia had no grapes.) [Tari & Dudley,
    Like A Mighty Wind pp. 34-43]

    The Gate of Heaven by Elaine Tavolacci - 10/15/2014 - "There is an invisible gate separating the natural realm from the supernatural realm. Gates are used metaphorically throughout the Word of God.
    They speak of entrances, access points, passages, or portals to transition from 1 place to another.
    They are also used figuratively as an invitation or opportunity.
    The Lord is showing me that He is releasing spiritual encounters as well as speaking in dreams & visions to those who will recognize it.
    He is visiting men and woman as He did with the sons of Issachar who knew the times & seasons...

    He will visit those who trust Him. He will place His coat of many colors on many.
    They will not only have dreams, but they will
    receive the interpretation for themselves as well as others.
    He is placing a mantle of miracles on many who will be used in miracles, signs & wonders. There will be those who will be
    sensitive to His voice & some will teach others to understand the Spirit realm.
    There will be those who will perceive the angelic & discern the spiritual atmosphere...

    The Holy Spirit is seeking those who will stay strong through difficult times, as He is about to open the curtains of heaven and reveal His glory. Do not fear being deceived, because those who are truly His sheep will know His voice & the voice of a stranger they will not follow.
    As you stay connected to Jesus, you will be able to recognize the true from the false.
    You will know the difference between the holy & profane & discern between the unclean & the clean
    These days are upon us.  Receive all that the Lord has for you in this time & season.

    Genesis 28:10-17 Now Jacob went out from Beersheba & went toward Haran.
    So he came to a certain place & stayed there all night, because the sun had set.
    And he took 1 of the stones of that place & put it at his head & he lay down in that place to sleep.
    Then he dreamed; behold, a ladder was set up on the earth, its top reached to heaven. 
    There the angels of God were ascending & descending on it. 

    ehold, the Lord stood above it and said: "I am the Lord God of Abraham your father & the God of Isaac.
    The land on which you lie I will give to you & your descendants.  Your descendants shall be as the dust of the earth.  You shall spread abroad to the west & east, to the north & south. 
    In you & your seed all the families of the earth shall be blessed. Behold, I am with you & will keep you wherever you go, & will bring you back to this land; for I will not leave you until I have done what I have spoken to you
    Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, "Surely the Lord is in this place, & I did not know it."
    He was afraid & said, "How awesome is this place. This is none other than the house of God. 
    This is the gate of heaven."
    1 Chronicles 12:32 The sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, their chiefs were 200; & all their brethren were at their command. - - -

    Thompson, Mike - 4/4/2022 (Ministering from & with) 3rd Heaven Authority @ Watch Now | Listen Now +
    Transcript @
    Microsoft Word - IS1144Transcript
    _Thompson.docx ( - edited excerpt
    (I ascended into the 3rd Heaven.)
    MIKE: The Lord turned me around & had me look in this portal down to the earth...
    I felt was a complete sense of boldness & authority...
    I saw that prayer meeting down below (where) the people that were praying.
    I saw those lower-level amber-reddish demons that they were dealing with, but up above was a larger dull green.  The Lord said, "That's the (demonic spiritual) general that's commanding them.
    Launch your warfare from
    (up) here."
    SID: The Lord said, "I want you to go back to earth & teach on 3rd heaven authority."
    So he's going to teach on something that he's never heard before. How did you even get this information?
    Do you think it was downloaded into you supernaturally? How did you get that?
    MIKE: It was a combination of all of those things. 
    When the Lord said, "Launch a warfare from here," It was because He spoke.
    I heard it come into my back.  It just echoed around inside of me.
    Then other words came & flowed out of my mouth.
    As I was looking at that demon, I heard myself binding its assignment, dislodging its assignment, breaking communication structures, all those kind of things. (God's) angels were shooting down & hearkening unto the voice, command & authority.
    MIKE: When it was all over, He gave me that assignment to:
    "Teach my people 3rd heaven authority," (from) a heavenly perspective.
    The Lord specifically said that rather than from Earth looking up with all of those fears, emotions & circumstances, to look down from above with the absence of those (negatives), understanding who Jesus has created us to be.
    SID: What kind of (spiritual wisdom & courage) did it give you, (NOT to pray from) that perspective of looking down on this demonic general, these demons, these dull-colored objects, & the (weak/timid) prayers that were going on.  That (insight) has to give you a handle on prayer like few humans have.
    MIKE: Well, it drastically increased my boldness. 
    At that particular point, I had some (new) weaponry & ammunition that I didn't previously have. 
    (Knowing) hat we are high, lifted up, seated with Christ in heavenly places & have (His) ability (is empowering).
    I talked a little bit about spiritual perceptions that we are spirits when I got saved & filled with the Holy Spirit. 
    But now I'm learning something about perspective. 
    The Lord said that it's about perspective & allowing Holy Spirit to come within us.
    MIKE: Whether it is from an encounter where we're lifted up in heaven & looking down, or whether it's that heaven is in us, because the kingdom of God is in, among & around us, we are extensions of heaven, so Holy Spirit can give us that (correct) perception (of circumstances) below.  But we are above (bad) circumstances. 
    We command (wrong) circumstances (which) we can see from heaven's perspective.
    SID: Is this (perspective) for everyone?
    MIKE: Everyone. 
    Jesus wouldn't have told me, "Teach my people 3rd heaven authority," if it wasn't for everyone. It is.
    People can receive that right now. It will enhance their life.
    It will give them the ability in the spiritual realm to hear the voice of God & to operate from heaven's perspective.
    SID: as important as actually being caught up into the 3rd heaven.
    Some will be caught up into the 3rd heaven that sit under this teaching, but all will change their total perspective on spiritual warfare, prayer, every single aspect of the power that is available to us.
    I imagine you were really struck with seeing how much power there is in this…spiritual prayers.
    MIKE: I was a man of authority because of the Scripture, the Word.
    But all of a sudden it was like natural. I've been there & done this...Demons have to flee.
    SID: There's no doubt.  MIKE: No.
    SID: That's called faith...the absence of doubt...
    Mike will teach you how to walk in 3rd heaven authority & release miracles, boldness & victory in your life.
    MIKE: While I was preaching, a woman in the congregation listening to me talk about 3rd heaven authority was taken to heaven & saw a child that she had lost & died early.
    She had been grief-stricken for many years. God there in heaven began touching & healing her.
    MIKE: Another woman in 1 of my meetings called me & said, "Mike, ever since I heard you teach on it, God has been doing something different with me. When I pray for people & lay hands on people, suddenly I'm just taken up above them & I'm looking down, Not on this linear perspective, but from above."
    She said, "The gifts are operating more fluently in my life now. I'm having much more effectiveness in getting people delivered, healed. The power of God's flowing through my ministry. I'm seeing visions."
    MIKE: I would say anybody can do it. That's very important. I don't want people to think they have to be like me, or be caught into heaven itself to see it. Because...heaven is in us.
    The starting point, #1, is that...people become doers of the word. Just begin to operate in authority.
    You've got to believe that you have the authority. Jesus has given it to you.  Then start acting on His word. 
    Let Holy Spirit flow through that. Signs, wonders, great things will happen if you just do act & pray.
    MIKE: #2, I would encourage them at that point to just stop and develop...
    Grasp ahold of the anointing...on the inside... realize that you are seated in heavenly places by faith...
    Realize you have His (indwelling) authority & power.  It's just a totally different perspective.
    MIKE: Spiritual perception & perspective, 2 words...We are spiritual beings, not just natural beings.
    (We utilize/operate from His) the spiritual realm (when) we are seated high above all (opposing/inferior) principality, power, might, dominion & every name that's named, because we are in Jesus Christ. That (the 3rd) heaven perspective.
    MIKE: #3, is while developing & (to) allow the Holy Spirit to catch you away.
    Allow Him to: take you into the spiritual realm, speak to you, give you a 3rd heaven awareness.
    Some will go to heaven, but many will just receive this understanding & begin to:
    release, pray & operate from that position in the spiritual realm. That's a flow of anointing.
    SID: Many guests see only smoke, like the visible glory of God...
    You have been seeing this for a long time. But you have seen...the rainbow glory.
    MIKE: In my ministry, I'd seen...the tremendous Shekinah glory, the cloud in meetings and other places.
    But in 2010 when I went to heaven, I noticed the rainbow that was the glory. 
    In Ezekiel 1 & Revelation 4, those 2 prophets talked about the rainbow over the throne being God's glory.
    MIKE: I began having visions where the Lord was taking me away & beginning to show that glory coming to the Earth for this great majestic revival. Some people call it end time. I don't know. I just know that God's on the move & that we are going to experience the greatest numeric move of God that this planet has ever seen.
    I have seen in visions rainbow colors flowing. I've also seen it in actual meetings. I've seen it come into the room. But in those visions, I've seen it empower people. That rainbow glory would grow.  
    Evangelists would run through the fields, into the cities & proclaim Jesus.
    MIKE: I'd see the rainbow glory going.  People who were just there would just breathe the glory into their lungs.
    (Those) people would be saved, filled with the Holy Spirit & healed...It's connected with the throne of God.
    SID: Yield to the Holy Spirit & pray from the 3rd heaven.
    MIKE: I want everybody that's watching to just stop for a minute...The anointing of God is not only here in this room, but this anointing is flowing out on the airways...into your house...into your body now. 
    You can sense Holy Spirit breathing within you now...Just yield to Holy Spirit.
    There's something He's going to show you (even) perceptions & perspectives.
    Now, in the name of Jesus, I ask that there be a shift within your heart... & thinking. 
    Perceive things as the Holy Spirit comes in & lifts you up.  He takes you into otherly places right now.
    MIKE: In the name of Jesus Christ, Release that into their lives, Lord God. Now receive...You're on your way in a journey now with Holy Spirit & supernatural things. This is for everyone. You are a supernatural creation...a 3rd heaven creation, operating 3rd heaven revelation & functioning in 3rd heaven authority. Believe it. Receive it.
    Do it.  Allow Holy Spirit to carry you into those (3rd heaven) places as part of your destiny & walk (in partnership) with the Lord, in Jesus' name, amen.

    H. B. Garlock, a Christian missionary, was transported in the Spirit in order to minister to fellow missionaries.  Reverend Garlock remembered walking toward a flooded river in Africa, with no way to cross. He then remembered being on the other side of the river with the only dampness in his clothes being from perspiration.
    [H. B. Garlock & Ruthanne Garlock,
    Before We Kill & Eat You (Dallas: Christ for the Nations, 1974), pp. 44-46].  The writer attended Central Bible College with Ruthanne (Sandidge) Garlock & her late brother Jerry Sandidge & knows that she is a person of integrity.

    David J. Du Plessis was also transported in the Spirit while in Africa.
    He was urgently needed for ministry and he & friends started walking together to their destination.
    Immediately, he found himself at his destination & was able to minister. 20 minutes later his friends arrived.
    The writer had the privilege of meeting Reverend Du Plessis in person in Springfield, Missouri about 1981.
    [David J. Du Plessis and Bob Slosser, A Man Called Mr. Pentecost (Plainfield, NJ: Logos, 1977), pp. 84-86]"

    Vera, Rich - The Final Countdown - 2016 CD #3 (Per Kat Kerr, we are now in the spring of God's Kingdom age. ) God has revealed to Rich that in this spiritual season (spring and subsequently) on earth (even in 2016) we (and especially the USA public school age children) will begin to witness and/or lead revivals in school/public places, whereever God's mushroom cloud nukes them, especially those with a heart for missions.  Missionaries will begin to minister in the unknown/ foreign/native language of their congregations.  Jesus' spiritual Bride will begin to be spiritually translated/transported/fly worldwide to minister emergency spiritual &/or physical manna/assistance/help. When terrorism/viruses/plagues/lack comes God's Bride will be immune; instead She will be (especially America's) help/RX/Red-Cross. 
    Rich alerts parents to prepare/mentor their offspring to be ready/willing/eager to participate (& at least to stand up for those who are available to God).

    Walden, Franklin (senior) - The Unmistakable, Visible Anointing- Following God's Calling for over One-Half Century -   autobiography - A must read
    1 My Heritage of Faith 
    "Daddy related the Lord told him 1 day that He was taking him into the spirit realm for awhile...
    In his prayer room...he began to fast & pray...

    My Daddy couldn't read or write, but while he was in the Spirit, the Lord carried him through the entire Bible teaching him His clear he could almost 'hear the rope rubbing against the rocks where Judas hung himself.'"
    Chapter 13 Life after Death - a 21 Day Journey in a coma & in the spirit into heaven & hell
    Chapter 14 Carolyn Talks about the 21-Day Journey
    Chapter 15 My Father's Lifestyle of Faith - Franklin Walden, Jr.
    Chapter 16 Faith Healing & Medical Science Make a Great Marriage - Dr. Valdez
    Chapter 17 Value of Life - Dr. Eyzaguirre
    Chapter 18 A Great Testimony to God - Dr. Dan Colbert

    Walker, Dennis - Catching the Initiatives of Heaven - The Key to Accessing the Power of Heaven for Every Need on Earth - - important
    Chapter 3 The Tent - a New Beginning section 3 Levels of Evidence -
    Others can see the same visions that you see, even at the same time you experience the vision. 
    Others can see/watch you (or participate with you) in visions.
    Chapter 5 Hindrances to Spiritual Senses section 9 Deadly Embraces -
    dunamis-video-spiritual-life-dennis-walker/dunamis-video-the-nine-deadly-embraces-dennis-walker & other videos
    [Philip Smit of South Africa encourages others to join together in speaking & doing spiritual warfare or other holy initiatives (such as translation).  He contends more is better than a lone ranger. 
    The most important thing is to be following the Lord's directives, individually or together.]

    Walker, Dennis -
    preachlikepaul/2011/05/18/activate-your-spiritual-senses-kathryn-east-dennis-walker 5/18/2011
    Walker, Dennis - Editorials -
    Walker, Dennis -
    -sets-dunamis-arc/spiritual-growth-dennis-walker-dunamis-arc radio
    Walker, Dennis - - -
    Walker, Dennis - editorial or transcript - "Now I’m in my tent, I have all the awareness that my body is still in this tent,
    but in my spirit I was in heavenly places sitting with Jesus as He began to talk to me."

    Walters, Kathie - The Visitation - 
    "A few years ago I had a great
    visitation from the Lord. Every day for 3 ½ weeks I was lifted into heaven.
    I saw a continuing story of Jesus & His relationship with the betrothed ( that's you & me).
    1 day during one of these times of visitation I was taken into a very light & bright room.
    I saw a beautiful young women, the betrothed, standing, & 3 angels were near her.
    Jesus walked into the room.  The 3 angels began to sing to her.

    'Isn't He beautiful, beautiful isn't He?'
    to the tune of well known song.
    The young women also joined in.  They were all singing the song to Jesus.  He was smiling.  Suddenly he turned around to the young woman & began to sing to her
    'Yes you are beautiful, beautiful, yes you are.'   
    When I saw this scene I melted, in fact I wept for about an hour as my physical body couldn't really comprehend that look of complete perfect love & devotion on His face when He gazed at His love.
    But, something else happened too. As the young women, who represented the church, spent time with Him, observing How he was, hanging out with Him.
    She saw His graciousness, loving-kindness, mercy, patience & tenderness she fell so in love with Him, Jesus. 

    As she fell in love with him, His wonderful grace fell upon her.  She became just like him.
    No effort, no striving, no trying, it just happened, it was His presence that changed her."

    , Kathie - Columba - The Celtic Dove - - BIOGRAPHY
    (Also see Medevial Sourcebook - Adamnan's Life of St Columba )
    Part 2 - Miracles shares story of a walking staff being "transported" by the Holy Spirit. Chapter 29 
    "Because he (St Columba) cannot come in person on this occasion to meet us, his spirit cometh forth to us as we walk along."  "An elder brother said, 'As you have ordered me, I shall tell you what I observed...
    I perceive the fragrance of such a wonderful odour, just as if all the flowers on earth were gathered together into one place.
    I feel also a glow of heat within me ...most pleasing, & a certain unusual inexpressible joy poured into my hart, which on a sudden so refreshed & gladdens me, that I forget grief and weariness of every kind. 
    Even the load, however heavy, which I carry on my back is in some mysterious way so much lightened...that I do not seem to have any weight to bear'... All the other reapers in turn declared they had exactly the same feeling...
    With intense joy...they knelt and venerated Christ." 
    St Columba's normal signing voice could at times be hard clearly a mile away. 

    At 1 time his opponent was terrorized miles away by his signing of Psalm 44 which includes verse 5 "Through You will we push down our enemies.  Through Your name will we tread them under that rise up against us."
    Walters, Kathie - Print page  Email  
    In the Hebrides (islands off the coast of Scotland) Revival, the intercessors would leave their body for a week at a time--that's what I call abandonment. 
    (There is a firsthand account of this in my book
    Bright and Shining Revival .)"
    Walters, Kathie -
    HOW TO EXPERIENCE HEAVENLY VISITATIONS ETC - 3/12/2013 from archives at
    "1st you have to settle it in your heart that this IS YOUR INHERITANCE.
    What Jesus did, He did for all of us who believe.  He didn’t leave us different inheritances.
    There are different gifts & anointings for certain things, but the supernatural realm is for every born again child of God. Of course you have to believe it, because the manifestations of the Spirit are released in the vehicle of faith.  There is a big difference between hope & faith.
    Many people don’t understand why they don’t receive, because they say, 'I do believe.'
    They don’t understand that because you see something or agree with something, it doesn’t mean you own it.
    I can go to a nice store & see a coat I love, but seeing it doesn’t make it mine.

    I have to actually possess it and wear it.  So when I say believe it, I mean you have to make it yours.
    You have to see 1st that you don’t have to qualify for that wonderful realm of the Spirit.
    Remember Jesus qualified you already -100%. So you can be confident.

    Also Jesus said, in Mark 11, 'When you pray, believe.' Not, 'When you see, believe.'"
    What is the Laughter All About? By Kathie Walters - Print Friendly - 11/14/2013 - article -"
    Sometimes you don't know what is happening in your mind, but your spirit man knows. 
    A few years ago when I was in New Zealand I was speaking at a conference in Auckland with Ian & Joye Johnson. 
    In the middle of my teaching session Ian who was to the far left of a very wide room, suddenly fell on the floor & just lay there. I looked & carried on speaking. About 5 minutes later a woman, my good friend Sheryl Morgan, who was the on the far right of the meeting suddenly fell on the floor & started laughing and laughing.
    They were the only 2; everyone else was just listening to me.  About 20 minutes later Ian picked himself up & sat back in his chair.  Then Sheryl stopped laughing & she sat back in her chair. 
    I finished the meeting about 30 minutes later. I went to find Ian & asked him what happened. 
    Suddenly a chariot came down & so I got in to it.  The next minute I was standing inside my friend's church in Fiji.
    He was preaching. I saw a huge big black island demon coming right at him, then I heard this laughter & it left.
    (He knew nothing about Sheryl on the other side of the room). 
    Then I went, found Sheryl & asked her what happened & why she was laughing so hard.
    She said to me, 'Oh I kept seeing this big black thing & laughing at it.' 
    Well the next day the pastor from Fiji called Ian.  You were in my church yesterday weren't you Ian?
    I was preaching and this big black island demon came at me.
    Then WE ALL HEARD THIS LAUGHTER & it left.'  You see in the middle of a meeting in Auckland God took 2 people from my meeting and took them to Fiji to take care of a demonic attack on the pastor there.
    Isn't it fantastic what God does?  There are no limits in the Spirit realm.  As long as we are not afraid of it.

    Laughter Took Care of It - Another time when I was in Wales ministering at Pastor Sarah Trinder's church, I got up to do session 2 of my conference & I think I read a scripture. Everyone started laughing, loudly so I sat down & waited.  It went on for about 20-30 minutes. Then I continued that session.
    At the end when I started to pray for everyone I thought it was going to be a bit of a battle, because I noticed when I was speaking that there were a lot of people who needed deliverance form Freemasonry & druidism.
    There's a lot of druidism in Wales.  As I started praying for people it was almost shocking in that it was so effortless; things just left & lifted from people.
    I was thinking to myself, 'Wow this is really easy, there are such strong spirits on some of these people.' 
    Then the Holy Spirit reminded me, 'Oh, the laughter in the beginning already took care of it'...
    God had already arranged the victory for people & in the Spirit realm the people in the meeting picked up on that & the victory laughter came.  So don't quench the laughter, it is 1 of the most powerful warfare weapons. 
    God's ways are not our ways."

    Westerfield, Jason - 5/2008 newsletter -
    Westerfield, Jason - week of 4/14/2008 - Jason Westerfield #1
    Westerfield, Jason - week of 4/21/2008 -
    Jason Westerfield #2
    Sid Roth Radio broadcast archives @
    Jason shares his translation/transportation experiences.

    Wood, Dr. Gary - - download &/or print
    also or transcript (few pages from Wood's book)

    Being in 2 Places at the Same Time

    Allen, Bruce D - - Book Preface @
    Any born-again person who has repented & invited Jesus to be his/her savior can walk/be in 2 dimensions simultaneously & regularly, and more so if he/she has invited Jesus to be their baptizer in the Holy Spirit. 
    There are spiritual inheritance prerequisites, 1 being passion, as in wooing a date or honeymooning a mate.

    Chapter 2 Seeing a Face to Face Reality - "We met a number of...children (who are being brought into this realm of revelation & interaction with the 3rd heaven).  All of them had their 1st experience at 8 years of age...
    I heard Him (Jesus) speak to my spirit, 'It is a season of a new beginning.' 
    (The number 8 in Scripture speaks of resurrection & new beginnings.) 
    These kids are being caught up into the 3rd haven & are given the Word of God for their families, churches, regions, & even for the entire Body of Christ. 

    On a number of occasions, after their experience, they can quote the Bible from Genesis to Revelation." Begins around 19:50 in audio @ link page top.

    James Bailey - - 11/9/2014
    "Then the scene changed and I was at a hospital. At the front desk I saw two ladies working there.  
    I recognized one of them as a Christian lady I knew who just recently died.
    Yet she was
    very actively involved in helping people during this time (of) trouble. 
    I thought about how the people in heaven were working together with the believers on earth to do the will of God.
    Those who have died in the Lord are very much alive with Him. 
    They are
    not just floating on clouds playing harps either.
    They are busy doing His will, which means they are tending to the important matters that are on His heart.
    What is on His heart is the people who are now living on the earth because He knows they are in the heat of the battle.  They are in the valley of decision where they must choose between eternal life & eternal death. 
    The Bible tells us they are able to see what is happening here (Hebrews 12:1), but I believe the Lord allows them to be involved in other ways too.  Heaven & earth join together as 1 in doing the will of the Father."

    Kat Kerr's Revelation Realm MAY THE HOLY SPIRIT BE WITH YOU! - 10/2018

    King, Patricia - Accessing the Riches of Heaven with Patricia King – Part 1 – 6/5/2019

    King, Patricia - Accessing the Riches of Heaven with Patricia King – Part 2 – 6/6/2019
    Born-again Christians have dual citizenship/passports, 1 into heaven and 1 on earth.
    Both can be accessed now.  We do not have to wait until we die to visit/access heaven.

    Van Vlymen, Michael - 

    Body Parts Warehouse

    Kat Kerr's Revelation Realm MAY THE HOLY SPIRIT BE WITH YOU! - 10/2018

    Chariot Rides

    James Bailey - 10/4/2014 -

    Moore, Keith - -
    He rode on a 2 wheel vehicle that he said resembled the cycle from the movie Terminator 2."

    Parker, Julie - 2/29/2012 - @

    Walters, Kathie -
    message-archives/prophetic/kathiewaltersministy/great-chariot-ride-testimony-to-encourage-you 8/11/2011
    Walters, Kathie -
    Your Right to Passage into the Heavenlies by Kathie Walters - (We have tickets/passports.)
    "The Holy Spirit said to me, 'Tell people they have a 'right to passage'...Realize that we have been granted 'right to passage' to enter or transition into the Spirit realm. Not because we graduated in some way but because Jesus bought our inheritance with His life & death & sealed it with the shedding of His blood... Sometimes we miss something just because we are not tuned (in) or not expecting something to happen out of the ordinary."

          Long Distance Ministry in the Invisible Spirit Realm

    James Bailey - 10/4/2014 -
    The 3rd group was very small, especially in the beginning.  Everyone in this group was able to fly...
    The flying believers encouraged the others until eventually there were lots of people flying.
    All it required was to believe and step out & start flying. Later on, I saw the sky filled with people flying...
    I saw that each believer had their own unique assignment that they were equipped & trained to do.

    All of us were learning more & more about how to operate in the powers of the age to come.
    We were learning how to operate in our own unique gifts & supernatural powers. The biggest challenge we all faced was learning to trust more what we heard in our heart more than what we heard in our mind.
    We all had to learn to rely totally on the voice of the Lord leading us in our heart.
    We had to learn to tune out the voices of other people who spoke words contradicting what we heard in our heart.  I was given some information about my particular assignment that was so encouraging it has had me flying high ever since.  I feel like I have soared to a new level just by hearing what I was told...

    In my training, I learned to hear His voice & obey, but then I encountered another challenge of doing it with the right timing.  That was totally threw me for a loop at 1st. I made lots of mistakes before I started learning how to do it. In some cases I got frustrated & even angry. When I successfully completed an assignment the training advanced to a higher level requiring greater discernment to distinguish very subtle differences between what the Lord was saying & what I was hearing from other 'experts'. Upon first hearing it sounded like what the Lord was saying was identical to what the experts were saying, but on closer examination I saw there was a very slight but very important difference.  The hardest task I was given was when the word of the Lord seemed to contradict other words from the Lord. Obviously, He never contradicts Himself, but it seemed that way. It reminded me of how God promised Abraham that He was going to bless Isaac & through Isaac make Abraham’s descendants as numerous as the stars. Then he told Abraham to go offer Isaac as a human sacrifice. Those 2 words sound contradictory, but Abraham passed the test because he understood that God would never break His promise even it meant He would have to raise Isaac from the dead. Passing this test required obedience even without any understanding of what God was doing.  Like Abraham, I had to hang in there knowing that even though I did not understand, God understood & that was good enough.
    I had to keep giving it to Him again and again until finally I got through it & moved on...
    Later I was with a small group of believers & we all went to heaven riding in a vehicle.
    I never saw the outside of it, but the inside resembled a small bus.
    Some of the people on the bus came from the earth while others were people who had died & were already residents of heaven. We were allowed to visit heaven & they were allowed to interact with us.

    The people in heaven were working together with the believers on earth.
    Everyone had their own unique assignments, but all of us were working together on the same mission."

    Lynne Hammond - A Place Called In The Spirit - YouTube
    Hammond, Lynne @ -
    Jesus Appears to a Frightened Little Girl
    - "I recently heard a marvelous testimony of a mother in Russia during the communist era.  This testimony provides a modern-day example of the spiritual blessings that can be accessed by getting over into the realm of God's Spirit through prayer.
    This mother was a devout Christian who refused to embrace communism.
    Because of this, the communist government took her children from her and put them in an orphanage
    Somehow the mother found out where the children were taken & tried to visit them there.
    But when the government officials found out she knew where her children were, they transferred the children to another orphanage in an unknown location. Now this poor mother couldn't see her children at all.
    She didn't know where they were.  So she did the only thing she knew how to do in this terrible situation.

    She got before the throne of grace & she prayed
    . As the mother continued to pray for her children, at times she would see her little 3-year-old daughter in the spirit.  Today this daughter says she can't remember ever hearing the name of Jesus before she was taken to the orphanage. You see, her mother wasn't able to take her children to church in her early years. Parents who were caught taking their children to church got in terrible trouble with the communist government. Years passed & the mother's children still lived in the orphanage. But God was at work in ways this mother couldn't know of, especially in the life of the little daughter she kept seeing in the spirit realm. When this daughter was about 7 years old, she & another little boy in the orphanage decided they were going to escape, so they took off running down the hall.  A guard saw them & screamed at them to stop.
    The little boy stopped, but when the terrorized girl kept running, the guard raised his gun & shot her in the arm.
    The little girl was taken to a hospital for surgery on her injured arm. As she lay
    in her hospital bed, Jesus suddenly appeared to her. 'Who are you?' she asked in fear. '
    I am Jesus,' He replied, 'I've come to take care of you. I will take care of you all your days.' With that, He disappeared. The little girl came through her surgery fine & returned to the orphanage. Then some friends of ours, a Pentecostal couple, recently adopted this Russian girl & brought her to the United States.
    They are now in the process of helping their adopted daughter find her biological mother.
    Soon after the young girl arrived in the United States, her adoptive parents took her to their church.
    When the congregation began singing about Jesus, she asked them, 'Who is this Jesus?
    I met Him when I was 7 years old, but I've never known anything about Him.
    I want to meet your Jesus, whoever He is, because He cam
    e to me when I was 7.' 
    That little girl met Jesus in a vision because her mother diligently prayed in the spirit for her
    . Only God knows what other miracles have occurred in the rest of the children's lives as a result of her faithful prayers.
    I'll tell you what; when you get over in the spirit, things happen. Supernatural answers are brought into this natural realm, bringing victory & deliverance in even the most difficult of situations.
    I could tell you story after story of situations that were changed because of Christians who knew how to get over in the spirit & find the answer they needed.

    For every problem or need that arises, there is absolutely no substitute for finding the place called in the spirit.
    (Baptism in Holy Spirit is the wedding ring that goes along with the engagement ring of Jesus' salvation, when we invite Him into our heart.)

    Heijstek, Kees - South Africa - What, if someone is not open for deliverance? -
    @ - "Sometimes we face situations were we love to see people free, but we can not reach them, they are not open for deliverance, or refusing.
    This can be also the case for parents when one of their beloved kids went astray.

    Are we able to deliver people without themselves?
    Well, I am just in the beginning of the process to learn more about this, but I got already some experiences & learned some ways to prepare the process of deliverance for those not (yet) willing.

    A. For sure the prayer of the saints are powerful, our Lord reigns and will show up everywhere where we expect Him to be.
    B. We can travel in the spiritual realm together with angels into someone’s heart and preach there.
    The Holy Spirit confirmed this process to me by leading me to
    Song of Songs 5:2,4-6:
    I slept, but my heart was awake, when I heard my lover knocking and calling, 'Open to me, my treasure, my darling, my dove, my perfect one. My head is drenched with dew, my hair with the dampness of the night.
    My lover tried to unlatch the door & my heart thrilled within me.
    I jumped up to open the door for my love & my hands dripped with perfume.
    My fingers dripped with lovely myrrh as I pulled back the bolt. I opened to my lover, but he was gone.
    My heart sank. I searched for him but could not find him anywhere. I called to him, but there was no reply.'
    Holy Spirit revealed to me that this was exactly the process of virtual communication in the spiritual realms.
    I had these experiences with positive outcome (in the seen world) of that what was preached by me in the unseen world.
    Imagine you as parents can preach direct into the heart of your (closed) child or into the heart of your beloved ones.
    C. In the book Regions of Captivity of Ana Méndez Ferrell or is teaching us how to deliver people by going down (in the spirit) into dark dungeons of hell together with angels to lead captives out of these real prisons in the dark side of the spiritual world.
    I am in the enterprise stage for this method.

    D. We can tie demons on distance for a period according to, 'I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever you forbid on earth will be forbidden in heaven, & whatever you permit on earth will be permitted in heaven. Matthew 16:19', 'For who is powerful enough to enter the house of a strong man like Satan & plunder his goods? Only someone even stronger, who could tie him up & then plunder his house. Matthew 12:29' and 'until someone even stronger attacks & overpowers him, strips him of his weapons, & carries off his belongings. Luke 11:22'. The last 2 verses are also about casting out demons. Recently I applied this authority by binding a demon of suicide on distance in someone. I heard that 2 hours later a miraculous change has taken place in this persons life & the peace of the Lord has entered in stead of the spirit of suicide. Praise the Lord. In this manner (by binding the demons) you are able & allowed to create a period of rest in someone’s life to be able to breath & get out the difficult situation. Read also my study We R Spiritual & discover who you really are, your spiritual position & abilities in a spiritual Kingdom to serve one another with power & in love.
    E. An important task of angels is to bring messages (Acts 10:1-3, 27:23 ).
    Angels are ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation.
    Hebrews 1:14.
    Angels are working for us, but we have to give them instructions.
    So if we call upon our God for His angels to help us 'He sends His angels like the winds, His servants like flames of fire. Hebrews 1:7'.
    Don’t let the angels unemployed & pray that your message will be brought to those not willing or open.
    F. We can cast out demons on distance as written:  
    21 Then Jesus left Galilee and went north to the region of Tyre and Sidon. 

    22 A Gentile woman who lived there came to him, pleading, 'Have mercy on me, O Lord, Son of David.
    For my daughter is possessed by a demon that torments her severely.'   
    28 '
    Dear woman,' Jesus said to her, 'your faith is greatYour request is granted.' 
    Her daughter was instantly healed.
    Matthew 15:21, 28
    There is no one like the God of Israel. 
    He rides across the heavens to help you, across the skies in majestic splendor.
    The eternal God is your refuge & his everlasting arms are under you.
    Deuteronomy 33:26-27
    Thus says the LORD God of Israel: ‘Let My people go, that they may hold a feast to Me in the wilderness
    Exodus 5:1
    Satan must let us go, we will have a feast, within the spiritual Kingdom of God, in occupied territory, called the earth."

    Kat Kerr's Revelation Realm MAY THE HOLY SPIRIT BE WITH YOU! - 10/2018

    James Maloney - LISTEN to 8/13-14/14 Wednesday-Thursday at 8/11/2014
    Dr. James Maloney 3/3/2003 Radio
    Maloney, James - See the 8/2014 or 9/2014 edition inspirational
    Maloney, James - - Argyle, Texas, USA -

    Metcalfe, Frances -

    Smit, Philip - Spirit Power - You Can Fly -

    Ryan Wyatt -- School of the Supernatural - transcript - 8/8-14/2011 -

    Individual, joint &/or group visualization

    James Bailey - 10/4/2014 -

    Baker, H.A. - read online or print - recommended -
    (Holy Spirit baptism of Chinese street children)

    Ferrell, Emerson and Ana Mendez - -
    During home/house ministry it is not uncommon for attendees to participate in group heavenly visits." 
    (Actually a number of ministries share this testimony.)

    Smit, Philip - -
    "In the vision, I took my brother on the same path with me & Jesus & to the building. 
    We arrived at God’s store room.
    We entered into the building through the large doors & we went straight to the far end with the glowing brain. 

    I took the brain & nervous system off the instruments & the hooks.  We walked back to the beach with Jesus, thanking Him for this precious time with Him.  In my lounge, Andries was sitting on the chair in front of me.  I was standing behind him, & I took the new brain (virtually by visualization & by physical demonstration). I lowered it into His body from the top of his head.  I told him that from now on, all pain & migraines would disappear, all nausea & lack of appetite.  He will gain weight again & all damaged parts of the old brain where they operated on him, the scars in his brain from the strokes, everything was now healed. 
    Afterwards, for the first time, Andries was his own self again."

    Walker, Dennis - Catching the Initiatives of Heaven - -
    Chapter 3 The Tent - a New Beginning section 3 Levels of Evidence -
    "One can "have common experiences with other people in heavenly places...
    I could have an encounter with someone else in heaven, who could tell me exactly where I was & what I was doing."

    Werner, Ana - 11/12/2018 edited -
    SID: I want you to pray an impartation & I'm going to grab into that for being a seer.
    : It's no special formula.  I've led people through this so many times.
    I just want you to remove distractions.  Close your eyes right now.
    Get really still. Father, right now, I thank You that Your presence is so thick right now.
    You are releasing Your glory in Your presence over each one of us. Now, wherever you are, you're going to start feeling a tangible presence of God. Lord, I pray right now just the impartation of seer anointing to be released in Jesus' name.  I pray right now that everybody would be able to open their spiritual eyes & your senses would be open to the things of Christ.
    Now, right now, I see in the spirit a picture of Jesus looking with his eyes & smiling.
    I see the smile of Christ. Can you see it? Now just wait. Waiting is the hardest part. Just be still & wait.
    Do you feel it? He's right there. Now your senses & your eyes, you're going to start seeing in the spirit. Don't be afraid. Is this me? Is this God? Is this the enemy? Don't worry. God is good.
    He is a good God that he will always confirm Himself to you in His Word.
    Through prophetic revelations, He will confirm himself.

    Would you dare right now, to believe that what you're sensing is the real God.
    You are sensing the tangible presence of God right now come over you.
    He's that real & he's that close in Jesus' name. Amen.
    SID: That means so be it. It's done.  (We beliee, receive & thank You, Lord.) 


    John 1:1 TPNT  In the beginning was the Word (spoken by God) & the (Living) Word was with God, and the (holy) word was God.  2 He (Jesus) was with God in the beginning.  3 All things came through Him. 
    There was not one thing that came into being without His participation.

    (Insight: Whatever God speaks aloud, in time manifests itself on the earth. 
    Quantum physics agrees with this holy truth. 

    Jesus is the head of the church; believers in Jesus are His body.  Thus together with Christ what we speak out loud in agreement with scripture & God's heart will come to pass, if we faint not. 
    Communion can becomes Jesus inside of us, for those who believe in
    Quantum physics is still at work even during the Eucharist. 

    Regardless, it is NOT so much what we believe in as much as Who we believe in. 
    The important thing is for us individually to ACT on the Word of God, to heal, to deliver from demons, to raise from the dead, & to have the fruit of the Holy Spirit daily: love, peace, joy, contentment.)


    Those who travel by plane often have a frequent flyer points. 
    Likewise those who frequent heaven may also say that they are "frequent fliers!" 
    They can also tell their kids that they are like Peter Pan & can fly. 
    What hope and excitement there is for this & future generations.

    The Kingdom of Heaven Visible & Operating on Earth

    Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Seated in Heavenly Places - -
    Chapter 5 The Invisible Dimension of His Kingdom - Jesus made it possible for the 2 dimensions to be viewed at the same time, as Adam had originally discerned with his spiritual & his physical eyes. 
    "Jesus simultaneously moved in the spiritual world & in the natural world." 

    "When you spend hours (focusing on) looking at it (His glory)...your (born again human) spirit begins to impregnate (inoculate/infect) itself with everything that He (the kingdom of God) is...
    Wherever He is, our spirit is set free, and we can enter into dimensions & extraordinary levels...
    The riches of the glory of His inheritance." 

    We begin to receive/notice His image/attributes/presence/character/grandeur/power inside our spirits.
    This revelation "is the promise of God for your life...

    You have to appropriate it for yourself, no matter what the cost...the pearl of great price. 
    He said it & He will do it."  "Entering into the kingdom is the key to (intimacy) knowing Him.
    It is also the key to (His) power....

    Matthew 6:9
    -10...prayer...had its exalting the Father & then...that the heaven & the earth be made 1."
    Chapter 6 The Dwelling of the Spirit and Heavenly Places -
    "There are visions & revelations that cannot be given to the servants of God on earth...

    They must be spiritually transported to heavenly places in order to receive what God wants to give them...
    Heavenly places are places to which we are taken and where we are established (when you are willing to walk in the most absolute transparence)...Jesus said, 'I AM the DOOR'...
    In Him we can arrive at heaven, not only after death, but now. 
    The blood of Jesus literally opened that which separated the 2 dimensions...

    We can open the door of heaven through the blood of Jesus in any place of the earth & heavens will opened & every manifestation of the celestial will be seen upon the earth.  We have to change our passive prayers...
    Cry out for the heavens to open, for his kingdom to come, & for His will to be done, & you will see."

    Chapter 9 Christ the Apostle Revealed -
    Creation consisted of transporting things from one realm to another
    Every miracle, all riches, each wonder of God was already created in the (invisible) spiritual world & needed to be transported to the visible plane."  [If we understand correctly, God has already begun a "dispensation in Jesus Christ" where/when heaven & earth will beneficially unite, even to the healthy degree that was upon the earth at the time preceding the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. 
    Understand that Christ's residing/reigning inside a person gives man] "the
    ability to live in 2 dimensions (visible & invisible) at the same time, with all the supernatural Characteristics of Christ...
    Man, after the fall (of Adam & Eve)...lost the (earthly) government...but Jesus came to restore that which was lost... Christ will govern together with His chosen ones."

    Chapter 10 The Governing Church  "1 thing is saying that we are seated in heavenly places with Christ & another that you are categorically translated there, when He begins to  SHINE upon you...
    1 thing is to fight battles, from below, proclaiming all of the verses that you know & another is to fight from the throne of God.  This is what the devil is afraid of...those who will conquer over all the forces of evil & govern with Christ NOW & in His reign to come."

    Maria de Lange, Susanna Francina - -
    "God created man in this manner, to live in 2 realms at the same time:
    (1) in 'the natural realm', as well as, (2) in 'the spiritual realm'...
    Both kingdoms’ is functioning by designs established in the spiritual world; however, it manifests its fruit on earth... The Goal of our Lord Jesus Christ was to unite the Heaven & earth again...
    Jesus Christ came to manifest God’s structures & designs on earth,
    the pattern for His heavenly Kingdom & even sends angels to help us, trying to unite men to God the Father...
    We can live our lives on earth & in His presence in 'heavenly place', at the same time.
    The mission and goal of Satan is doing precisely the opposite, to unite the earth & hell at the same time & to take prisoners.113 

    The Bibles reveals that there are natural prisons on earth, but also spiritual prisons in the (1st & 2nd) heavenly realm."

    Climbing a Ladder into & down from Heaven 4/15/12 
    "Monasterboice is said to have been founded by St. Buithe (d. 520), a follower of St. Patrick, in the late 5th century AD.  (There is evidence that the site had pre-Christian sacred significance as well.)
    It is from St. Buithe that the (Irish) Boyne River gets its name. 
    According to legend, the saint ascended directly into heaven via a ladder lowered from above." 

    Kat Kerr's Revelation Realm MAY THE HOLY SPIRIT BE WITH YOU! - 10/2018

    Walker, Dennis - Catching the Initiatives of Heaven - The Key to Accessing the Power of Heaven for Every Need on Earth - - Chapter 3 The Tent - a New Beginning section Increase Your Connection -
    "All of our activity and service TO the Lord must flow from a relationship of knowing Him. 
    Otherwise, it is a religious activity & NOT a love relationship...
    You can increase your connection to Jesus & the Father by being baptized in the Holy Spirit...

    Jesus connected with heaven AFTER He was baptized in water and the Holy Spirit...
    The ladder of connection is formed from earth to heaven through you."

    Do NOT Quit Pursuing God
    Go Through His Open Doors

    Tavolacci, Elaine - Come Up Here By Elaine Tavolacci -
    A Way of Escape By Elaine Tavolacci -
    Fan the Flames & Stoke the Fire By Elaine Tavolacci

    No Place for Compromise By Elaine Tavolacci -
    Partakers of His Divine Nature By Elaine Tavolacci -
    Sneak Preview By Elaine Tavolacci -
    Stronger than the Storm By Elaine Tavolacci -
    That I May Know Him By Elaine Tavolacci -
    Trust the Process By Elaine Tavolacci -

    Warning: Contents Under Pressure By Elaine Tavolacci

    Prayer to Enter Into G-d's Throne Room

    , James A - Chapter 5 Visitation Is Vital excerpt
    "Father God, I praise You for Your goodness. 
    I stand in awe of Your love, patience and long suffering on our behalf. 
    I thank You that You have loved us so much that You have invited us to be with You in heavenly places (right now during our lifetimes). 
    Papa (God), I pray for all who are reading this book to find their own way into the Secret Place of the Most High, that place of intimacy with You. 
    Daddy, I am praying to You as a loving Father to allow all of Your sons & daughters to have 3rd heaven experiences. 
    Father God, I pray for their spiritual eyes to be opened wide, their spiritual ears to to hear clearly, for their hearts to be receptive, & for their minds to be renewed, as they spend time in Your presence. 
    I pray for the renewal of their minds to bring about a transformation of their souls. 
    Papa, I ask You to help them, through the work of the Holy Spirit, to be freed from un-forgiveness, bitterness & strife, so they will be fitted by You to come into Your presence. 
    Father God, I pray that kingdom carriers will be birthed in the (Holy) Spirit today & together we can bring Your kingdom on Earth as it is (already manifested) in Heaven. 
    I pray for Your will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. 
    Papa, give each of them an (ongoing) open Heaven experience, & let them hear Your call, 'COME UP HERE.' 
    I pray all these things in accordance with Your Word & in the precious name of Yeshua ha Messiach!  Amen & Amen!"6.19.2014


    Duplantis, Jesse - His vision or visitation/translation to heaven needs to be tested, because although some is truth or half truth, it does not all align with scripture. 
    For instance, Revelation 7 and 21 state that God will wipe away their or all (plural) NOT His or My (singular) tears.
    Programs 1-4 or

    Eckert, Beth - Astral Travel and The Connection To Astral Rituals @ The Other Side of Darkness good resource

    Holliday, Pat - Astral Projection or soul travel - August 2007 newsletter

    Kanco, Bishop Samuel - The Witchdoctor and the Man - chapter 5 The City Under the Sea +  -
    Samuel spent 12 years interacting with evil spirits living under the sea. 
    He did this in his spirit, before he became a Christian
    Under Sea Mysteries  Listen!  
    Kanco shares that the various yoga positions are solicitations (via sign language) for demons to enter us.
    Kanco, Bishop Samuel -Vagalas -
    Pat Holliday interview - Water Spirits Under Sea Pt 2″ by Bishop Vagalas Kanco +
    Under-Spell-the-Garland-Pt3″ by Bishop Vagalas Kanco at

    Kelley, Earthquake - Order book #1122 "Bound to Lose, Destined to Win" 
    Chapter 1 - Life with a Wicked Man -
    "Dad...associated with people who were so demon possessed that they could come into our home by walking through walls.
    Chapter 2 - A Curse of Voodoo -  "For a reason I never understood, the men (witches & voodoo practitioners) always dressed in tight, powder blue suits...They could also disappear in a blink of an eye..."I was so deeply involved in the occult that I practiced astral projection, or what is sometimes called soul travel
    That is the
    demonic practice (exploit) whereby a person forces their (human) spirit (joined to an evil spirit/power) to leave their body (but connected by a chord) so it can travel to another location...
    I became so possessed by demonic spirits that I could
    levitate off the ground. 
    I could make my
    spirit leave my body & travel to another location.  Glass would not cut me."
    (NOTE - When Christians travel in the spirit, it is solely by the initiation/will & power of the Holy Spirit.
    God's intent is always to bless, whereas Satan's intent is always to curse/harm/counterfeit.)
    When voodoo witch tutor left, a "spirit guide kept teaching me voodoo."  The (invisible) "demonic spirit" (materialized &) stood by his "bed & looking down at me, it said, 'I am here to teach you.'" 
    "1 day after my father had beaten me badly, I...saw a person who looked like he had a crown on his head...
    'You'll have to do what I tell you to do,' he said.  I agreed. 
    This person, who was not a person but a demonic spirit, gave me orders...

    I didn't understand at the time that I was seeing demonic principalities of the air that ruled over the area where we lived
    These spirits are dispatching spirits.  They direct other spirits to go forth & wreck
    They attach strings to you & manipulate you, just like a puppeteer.  
    You are never free to make a deal with the devil unless there are strings (ominous conditions/restrictions) attached." 
    (Most spiritual activity is seen/perceived/understood by one's spirit rather than by the human eyes/body or human soul/mind... Rather than one's spirit man being a reflection of one's body, instead the body is a reflection of the spirit being/man.  God created man in His image; God is a Spirit.  We are a reflection of God. 

    The spirit is eternal; it will never die; whereas flesh will die.)

    Maria de Lange, Susanna Francina - - (Demonic) ASTRAL PROJECTIONS / SOUL TRAVEL -
    "There are 7 Cosmic Kingdoms, which pertains to the Cosmological verdict of the Order of Astral & Terrestrial Hierarchy that projects the final basis of esoteric thought.
    All the Astro-metaphysical operations of physic entities & spirits are categorized in various Temple Degrees within the major Secret Societies.
    All such degrees of Astro-metaphysical operations are under what is called the 5 Cosmic Seals of Operation Starlight
    The spirits in the seven cosmic kingdoms of the universe are called the
    Cosmic Forces in the mystical parlance.  The 400,000 different degrees of initiations into esoteric & occult mysteries are dividend & compressed into 5 Main Cosmic Seals or Occult levels: (1) level 333; (2) level 666; (3) level 999 contains an Upper Liber 007 and a lower Liver 777; (4) level 1330 & (5) level 003...leaders:
    Adolf Hitler & Charles Darwin were operating in the 2nd Cosmic Seal; Madam Helena Blavatsky, Catherine Deshayes & Betty Friedan were operating in the 3rd level – 999.
    People who received the 4th Cosmic Seal became
    Living Grand Masters.

    Sumrall, Lester - Alien Entities - -
    15 Cornelio Closa, the Disappearing Boy -
    Sumrall both witnessed this phenomena and delivered this child from the influence of God's enemy.


    Maria de Lange, Susanna Francina - THE FUNCTION OF APPOLYON - According to Brand 75 (the spirit of) Appolyon/Abaddon has the following aims in mind:75 [Brand, Connie MJ Dr (2006) PhD: Exoteric & Esoteric evidence pertaining to the structures & strategies to destruct Christianity involving the theodicy of Darkness.
    Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria: Un-Published, pp. 1514-1523.]...

    In the deliverance of a Christian from the power of astral projection, the person has to be cut loose from all astral planes &
    powers from the spirit of Appolyon.

    There is an Active Life in Heaven after Death

    Roberts, Frances J. - Come Away My Beloved - Chapter Lovest Thou Me?
    Set Thy course By My Promises -
    "Study My Word, the Bible.  Lo, it aboundeth with nuggets of courage. 
    They will strengthen thee and help thee, and even in eternity ye shall partake of their far-reaching effects

    There is also Spiritual Activity
    in the Demonic Realms - Part #1 Bad Medicine - - Part #2 Bad Medicine

    Conventional Resources

    Searey S-LSA: Fun on the water - AOPA - No assembly required. 4/1/2013. By Alton K. Marsh. Searey.
    Photography by Chris Rose. “Bilge pump” is not a standard .  Build your own hydro-plane.
    @ - -

                                                                               (NDE) Near Death Experiences
                                                                                   (Test the spirit & source.)

    Wittbrodt, Penny @ - Spectacular testimony BUT unfortunately editorial gives credence to occult spirit guides & shaman failing to recognize relevance of Jesus as Messiah/savior/resurrection (a frequent issue with the Epoch Times inspirations).

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