Healing Revivals

   (some of the many

1857 - Jeremiah Lanphier's ministry in New York City, New York, USA started with 6 men. 
After the financial collapse of 10/10/ 1857, thousands filled the Fulton Street prayer meeting.

1600's http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boston_martyrs -

(1901) Bethel Bible School Revival, Topeka, Kansas, USA - School's leader was Charles Parham.
Some believe this is the beginning of the Pentecostal movement.

1906 - Tommy Welchel, link to Azusa Street Revival @ https://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/jody-keck/ - video 1/16/2023 + https://sidroth.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/IS1185Transcript_Keck.pdf 
, Asa Alonso - 1911-1970

 1948 (time of birth of Israel) Richard Riss's The Latter Rain Movement of 1948 (Honeycomb Visual Productions)
is currently the only book
solely devoted to the topic. Winds from the North: Canadian Contributions to the Pentecostal Movement  (Brill Academic Publishers), edited by Michael Wilkinson & Peter Althouse, devote 2 chapters (D. William Faupel's The New Order of the Latter Rain: Restoration or Renewal? +
Mark Hutchinson's
The Latter Rain Movement and the Phenomenon of Global Return).

http://jonrising.blogspot.com/2009/09/seventy-five-years-ago-in oldtire.html 

1948 - Beal, Myrtle D -
9/26/2009 "75 years ago, in an old tire store on Nevada Avenue in Detroit, a mother of 3 started a Sunday School for her children & others in the neighborhood (& subsequently blossomed into a fast growing church called Bethesda Missionary Temple)...
After revival broke out in Saskatchewan in 1948,
Mom Beall traveled to Western Canada to see what it was all about.  Specifically, she went to meetings in Vancouver where the revival had spread, as well.
Noted Pentecostal historian Vinson Synan says, 'The Pentecostal movement was at a low ebb in 1948, with a growing dryness and lack of charismatic gifts. Many who heard about the events in Canada believed that it was a new Azusa Street, with many healings, tongues & prophecies. A large center of the revival outside of Canada was the Bethesda Missionary Temple in Detroit, Michigan pastored by Myrtle Beale [sic].
From Detroit, the movement spread across the United States like a prairie wildfire.'

An Eyewitness Remembers the Century of the Holy Spirit
(Chosen), p. 35."

1949-1952 Hebrides Island Revival - Revival at the Hebrides Islands [48-pages]
http://courtofheaven.com/book-catalog.php (Upon rebirth of Israel.)

, Billye
https://www.jimbakkershow.com/watch?guid=3534 8/17/2018
https://www.jimbakkershow.com/watch?guid=3535 8/20/2018
https://www.jimbakkershow.com/watch?guid=3536 8/21/2018 (8/22/18 broadcast)
Last program mostly addresses Awakenings & Revivals esp. in USA, England & Scotland regarding President Trumpís mom.

 1949 - Walters, Kathleen Hebrides Revival order book @
Donald MacPhail, a young 17 year old lad was used powerfully in this revival.

Author went through manuscripts to correct names & places which were wrong in other books. AUDIO

Old recording of
Duncan Campbell
recalling night in 1949 when revival fell on Barvas, Isle of Lewis, Hebridean Islands, West Scotland. -
Article links: The Intercessors of the Hebrides Revival of 1949:
link -
When God Stepped Down From Heaven - Revival In The Hebrides Islands

1951 Argentine Revival - www.robinmcmillan.me 6/2013 Back To the Future: The Change At Hand -
"The 1951  wheat penny speaks of the move of God that began in June of 1951 in a  small town outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina, called City Bell. At a small Bible Institute, an angel visited a young student who had been ardently seeking the Lord for weeks.  The student, named Alex, was praying in a dark field in the starlit early morning hours, when an angel approached him in an ever-increasing light. The angel engulfed the young man with a powerful presence of the Lord that contained God's love, but also an overwhelming sense of the fear of the Lord. Young Alex fled in terror, running to the Bible School dormitory, only to find the doors locked. He banged on the doors until he was let in, thinking he would escape the awesome sense of terror. But the angel went into the dormitory with him and soon all the students awoke from the overpowering presence that followed him in.
So strong was the fear of the Lord that the students instantly began to repent for their sins.
The next morning, a time of prayer replaced regularly scheduled classes.
In great expectation, the students met in a hushed & tearful silence as they waited on the Lord.
Then the angelic presence stood by the young student, Alex.
In a spiritual encounter, the angel took young Alex in the spirit to many cities around the world.
The young man from the jungles of the Chaco region had but a primary school education & could not have known of the many, many cities & nations that he called out as the angel gave him revelation.
For 8 hours, he named place after place in the language of the nation in which he traveled.
The angel promised him that the Lord would visit each of them before His return...

Other times, the angel came & gave prophetic messages recorded by some students.
The prayer meeting continued for 4 months, characterized by deep repentance & much weeping.
The students of the Bible Institute continuously prayed for mercy for their nation, asking for forgiveness for their national sins.  When one particular student prayed, he wept for  hours leaning up against a wall of plaster. When he finished, often 6-8 hours later, his tears would have formed a puddle in the floor after running down the wall.
This continued day after day.  By September, the sorrow turned to laughter & the group understood that their prayers had been answered. Prophecies came speaking of God filling large venues. 
Through a series of remarkable events, Tommy Hicks, an American evangelist fueled with a God-given vision for Argentina, met Juan Peron, the Argentine President who was healed of a serious skin condition after Hicks prayed for him.  Peron gave Hicks access to radio & the press, as well as the largest stadium in the nation.
By 1954, 25,000 & then 180,000 people attended single Gospel meetings in the nation.
The numerical growth of the Church in Argentina exploded."

Cain, Paul - 1989 - http://www.paulcain.org/sandbox/newsite/pages/Stadium%20vision/stadiumvision.html -  audio - "He became 1 of many prominent preachers in a move of the Spirit known as the 'Healing Revival' which lasted from 1947-1958... The Lord began to speak to Paul about the excesses of the healing-revival movement. Paul became greatly dsmayed at the hype & greed that he saw in the ministry arena.
By 1958, Paul had become totally disheartened. At age 29, he was disillusioned & burned out...Paul's obedience to God would result in him retreating from public ministry for some 25 years...a true desert experience.
Paul calls these his "almost silent" years...Paul re-emerged in 1986 to begin a new phase of supernatural healing & prophetic ministry."

Carrin, Charles - http://www.injesus.com/message-archives/inspiration/charlescarrin/herrnhut-a-caribbean-shrine-you-need-to-know  per Jean Boynton, Danville, Kentucky -
New Herrnhut Moravian Church on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands -
"8/5/1727, Count Zinzindorf spent entire night in watching prayer. "Herrnhut" means the "Lord's Watch".

8/6/1727, children were anointed with 3 hours of anguished intercession.
8/10/1727, At noon, when Pastor Rothe preached, the congregation fell under the power of the Holy Spirit.

8/13/1727, at morning Communion, the fire of God fell upon the entire community in such shattering force that men working in the fields 10 miles away were stricken under the shock of it.
Even today, its' impact is without parallel in modern Christian history.

8/27/1727, at the initiation of the children, Herrnhut began a prayer meeting that lasted night & day, without stopping, 100 years."

Stone, Perry - The Cherokee Link to End Time Outpouring @  

Clark, Jonas @ http://www.jonasclark.com/revival-history/americas-greatest-tenthttp://www.jonasclark.com/rev


JackCoeSr. -  http://www.jonasclark.com/revival-history/jack-coe-voice-of-healing-evangelist.html -

Cooley, Lindell - pastor of Grace Church, Nashville, Tennessee  http://pipl.com/directory/people/Lindell/Cooley
YouTube lindell cooley the cross - www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeQrPBvRxGs 
http://video.aol.com/video-detail/lindell-cooley-revelation-song/189341942    www.worshipinstitute.com -
According to Steven Brooks 1 of 5 revival 
that visited Steven) belongs to Lindell Cooley.   
Father: Let revival fire fall as we lift up Your Name
Let Your Kingdom come
Have Your way in this place
Let Your will be done as we lift up Your Name
Let Your fire fall
Send Your wind and Your rain on Your wings of love
Pour out from Heaven
Your passion and presence
Bring down Your burning desire
Revival fire fall
Revival fire fall
Fall on us here
With the power of Your Spirit
Father let revival fire fall
Revival fire fall
Revival fire fall
Let the flame consume us
With hearts ablaze for Jesus

Edwards, Jonathan - http://www.billyebrim.org/partnership/partner-letters/resolutions_jonathan_edwards

ESTONIA - Singing Revolution DVD - Most people don't think about singing when they think of revolution but in Estonia, SONG was the  weapon of choice.  Estonia was freed from decades of Soviet occupation with SINGING. Hundreds of thousands of people faced down their oppressors, armed with hope, truth, song & altered the course of history.

Maria Woodworth Etter - How to Cooperate with the Holy Spirit in a Meeting

Howells, Rees - Wales - http://www.byfaith.co.uk/paulreeshowells2.htmhttp://www.sermonindex.net/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php topic_id=32736&forum=34&5 - "Rees Howells & his students prayed during WWII that the German army would go & attack Russia so that communism would fall. This was an absolutely ridiculous prayer.
There were absolutely no signs that Hitler was even considering anything of that nature. However it DID happen.  1 day out of the blue, Hitler gave the order to invade Russia. Now did Mr.
Howells & his students literally make the German army attack Russia? No. But I would still consider it a greater work. Why? Because Christ never prayed to rout an army (though we know He could have), but Mr. Howells did & God answered him.
We know that God is the ultimate doer of ALL greater works. And we know that PRAYER is work.
It is not play."

Howells, Rees -
"Here are some of the concepts he taught: '
Before God will use you in intercession, it will cost you.'
nless your death to self is real, you will not prevail to deliver others...
'The meaning of prayer is answer & of all that I give you, see that you lose nothing'...
The central place of his intercession was to come out of abiding in the Lord and getting his victories from that abiding position (John 15:7).  Abiding means letting Holy Spirit live through us the life Jesus would have lived if He were in our shoes.  He spent much time waiting on God to find out how to pray about a matter, before beginning.  Holy Spirit usually spoke to him through a Scripture verse, as he waited & read the Bible. 
An important part of this waiting was letting Holy Spirit reveal areas that he needed to repent of, especially in his motives & attitudes.  There are degrees & stages of abiding.  New positions of spiritual authority are gained as we deepen in our oneness with Jesus.  When God has spoken & we are certain it is His voice we have been hearing, (then subsequently) when doubtful thoughts later assault us, this is not necessarily our doubt. 
It is (often) the enemy attacking.  The point is not to give in & not to agree with the doubtful thoughts."

Warren Marcus - 10/1/2012 Jewish film-maker of N American revivals -

Passion Conferences - Now and Tomorrow via college students praying in the new year.  https://passionconferences.com/passion2020/ &/or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPfxllBakd0&feature=emb_title

Piper, John - https://www.desiringgod.org/books/dont-waste-your-life.pdf @ https://www.desiringgod.org/books/dont-waste-your-life Blog - Also available in other translations.

Roberts, Roberts, Evan - http://www.sermonindex.net/modules/myalbum/viewcat.php?cid=6 - This is NOT a healing, but a salvation revival. - "The story of Evan Roberts & the Welsh Revival of 1904-5 is the most thrilling, but also the most sad & sobering in all revival history. On the 1 hand we see 100,000 souls in Wales coming to Christ in just 9 months, from November 1904 to August 1905. This was the beginning of a world-wide revival that ushered hundreds of thousands more into the Kingdom of God. On the other hand, we see Evan Roberts, the principle revivalist of this move of God, becoming deceived, deluded & finally suffering a nervous break-down which took him out of the public limelight to live the life of a recluse. Furthermore, the fruits of the revival in Wales (but not world-wide) were soon lost through criticism, fears of deception & a Welsh theology which suppressed the assurance of salvation. Within a generation there were no signs that a revival had ever occurred."  [Be warned that one's healing  (which one is chasing after by continually visiting every new evangelist) will unlikely stick/stay without both baptisms.]   
7 of the principal revival leaders during the Welsh Revival are Evan Roberts, Joseph Jenkins, R. B. Jones, W. W. Lewis, Seth Joshua, W. S. Jones & Keri Evans.
SirFrancis Younghusband - "The crime rate dropped, drunkards were reformed, pubs reported losses in trade. Bad language disappeared & never returned to the lips of many. 
It was reported that the pit ponies failed to understand their born again colliers who seemed to speak the new  language of Zion Ė without curse & blasphemy." 

WelshCountryside Roberts, Evans was a "member of Moriah Calvinistic Methodist church at Loughor.  
He was a Sunday School Superintendent, a conscientious reader of the main theological works of his day & more than that he had been praying for revival for over 11 years. Having been converted as a young teenager, he continued to pray regularly that God would visit again the nation in Revival Power.
Determined to do his part, he felt compelled to go into the Calvinistic Methodist Ministry & on September 13th 1904 he became a pupil of the Newcastle Emlyn Grammar School to prepare for Trefecca Theological College.

http://www.welshrevival.com/lang-en/1904evanroberts.htm - "1 night he was woken from his sleep & led into a deep communion with God for hours. This experience was to continue every evening for the next few months until he went away to the school at Newcastle Emlyn"...to prepare for "the Presbyterian Ministry...
2 weeks after arriving at the school, Evan attended a Convention at nearby Blaenanerch.  It was here that he received what he termed as a fresh ĎBaptism of the Spirití as he responded to the prayer ĎBend me oh Lordí." 
He shared this 4 part message "with his home youth group at Moriah Loughor...

1-Confess all known sin; 2-Deal with & get rid of anything Ďdoubtfulí in your life.
3-Be ready to obey the Holy Spirit instantly; 4-Confess Christ publicly." 

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evan_Roberts_28minister29#Collapse Roberts, Evan "in 1906, suffered a physical and emotional collapse. Recuperating at the English estate of his patron Jessie Penn-Lewis, Roberts co-wrote with Penn-Lewis, War On The Saints, published in 1913.
The book was labeled
heretical by his former colleagues. Later...Roberts would repudiate the work." 
Penn Lewis, Jessie with Roberts, Evan
Excellent READ on deliverance.  However, many can obtain deliverance through praise & worship.

Praise is a shortcut to healing                                        

was the charismatic leader of the Welsh Religious Revival of 1904-05, a 'spiritual awakening' which saw more than 100,000 people in Wales pledge their faith in Jesus Christ.
The 27-year-old became a huge celebrity & the year-long religious upsurge he inspired is now seen as the instigator of the world-wide Pentecostal movement."

"His life was transformed when God came to him in his dreams. 
He later said: 'I found myself with unspeakable joy & awe in the very presence of the almighty God...
I was privileged to speak face-to-face with him as man speaks face-to-face with a friend'...
Yet after little more a year in the public eye, he retired, exhausted." 
Listen to Evan Roberts, preaching in 1905

(1906-1909) Azusa Street Revival, Los Angeles, California, USA - William Seymour (5/2/1870-9/28/1922), a black pastor, began preaching at the Azusa Street Mission after he had attended a Texas revival (& then a Bible school) under Charles F. Parham www.baptiststandard.com/1999/7_21/pages/penticostal.html This is where Demos Shakarian was inspired to began the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International organization.  Demos' grandfather was an original Azusa member.www.fgbmi.orgLake Forest, California, USA
Liardon, Roberts God's Generals chapter 5 William J Seymour - The Catalyst of Pentecost
25th-29th April 2006 The Azusa Street Centennial in Los Angeles - world wide gathering of pentecostal/ charismatic believers commemorating & celebrating the centennial anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival that started the Pentecostal church.
Contact info: Centennial Office, PO Box 26157, Los Angeles, CA 90026 web site azusastreet100.net

For further information about any of these events please contact the GOODNEWS Office, e-mail: help
1906-1909 - Azusa St. Revival - William Seymour @
https://sidroth.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/IS1185Transcript_Keck.pdf 1/16/2023
JODY: William Seymour would sit with a wooden box on his head. 
He would sit there it wouldn't matter how long, 10 minutes, an hour. 
The people would wait & just pray & seek the Lord.
When he took the box off of his head, they say that's when the most miraculous miracles began taking place.
The presence of the Lord would feel that old mission with the Shekinah glory. There would be a mist they say that would sometimes get up to your neck in this mist of the glory of the presence of God.
Miracles just exploded & night after night for 3.5 years...
JODY: They said once he took the box off of his head, the miracles stopped.
They no longer had the presence like they had.  They no longer had the glory of God like they had.
The miracles ceased.  They still were there for a while after that, but it was never the same.

Hebrides Revival 1948-1952 http://www.navpress.com/EPubs/BrowseArticle/2/Author/31303.html
Duncan Campbell's
God's Spirit Arrests the Hebrides (1949): Sidebar - God's Spirit Draws Men: Sidebar -
"1 young man, a deacon in the church, got up & read
Psalm 24. "Who shall ascend the hill of God?
Who shall stand in His holy place? He that has clean hands & a pure heart who has not lifted up his soul unto vanity or sworn deceitfully. He shall receive the blessing [not a blessing, but
the blessing] of the Lord."
Then that young man closed his Bible. Looking down at the minister & the other office bearers, he said, "It seems to me to be so much humbug to be praying as we are praying, to be waiting as we are waiting, if we ourselves are not rightly related to God." Then he lifted his hands. I'm telling you just as the minister told me it happened.  He lifted his 2 hands & prayed, "God, are my hands clean? Is my heart pure?" But he got no further. That young man fell to his knees & fell into a trance. Now don't ask me to explain this, because I can't.
He fell into a trance & is now lying on the floor of the barn. In the words of the minister, at that moment, he & his other office bearers were gripped by the conviction that a God-sent revival must ever be related to holiness, must ever be related to godliness. Are my hands clean? Is my heart pure? That man God will trust with revival. 
That was the conviction.  When that happened in the barn, the power of God swept into the parish.
An awareness of God gripped the community, such as hadn't been known for over 100 years.
An awareness of God.  That's revival, that's revival."

Campbell, Rev Duncan (1898-1972)  
15 audio Downloads include
Duncan Campbell - Revival On The Isle Of Lewis  Also see http://www.sermonaudio.com  
Campbell, Duncan ē17
Brief printed biography
http://www.lwbc.co.uk/OnlineBooks/duncan_campbell_bio.htm compliments of http://www.christianbookshop.co.uk/free/
Walters, Lawhon, Floyd - Retired - Mandeville, Louisiana, USA - http://www.floydlawhonministries.com/about/  
, Kathy -

(1996) Smithton Outpouring Smithton Community Church, Smithton, Missouri -
 Baptist pastor Steve Gray & his congregation receive Holy Spirit baptism. -

Struthers Movement - http://strutherschurch.org/wiki/index.phptitle=Struthers_Memorial_Church:About - Mr/Rev Hugh Black is 1954  founder of the Struthers Memorial church, Greenock, West Scotland, PA168, UK
Ordering/reviewing Hugh Black books
Includes such books as
Cites Alison Speirs, Studd, Burton & Salter.
Ordering/reviewing all Struthers Books
Printed/Audio contemporary Struthers sermon clips

Youth - Asbury, Kentucky college @ https://www.christiancinema.com/digital/ 1970

Youth Revival -
The present move of God in our area among students began in

, George -
Buried in S. Presbyterian Church, Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA


Baker, Rolland and Heidi - The Hungry Always Get Fed - A Year of Miracles - www.irismin.com
Chapter 5 Revival Fire for the Poor in Spirit  "Revival has a face & name. 
It lies bleeding on the roadside...God let this message burn in my heart. 
He told me, 'Heidi, I want you to stop for them all...This is where I have sent you. 
You are going to see revival here & all I want you to do is stop for the one
Rolland Baker, Heidi Baker http://www.amazon.com/Reckless-Devotion-Days-Heart-Radical/dp/0800795849#reader_0800795849
Read on-line 18/365 days of devotions. Other sample days @
http://www.river-publishing.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/RD_Sample.pdf - Excerpt - http://www.scribd.com/doc/234895617/Reckless-Devotion#scribd -
Day 20
Seed of Revival "All of the world's greatest revivals began with repentance. 
Perhaps the most significant revival of history, for me, is the 1 that began with my grandfather in China
It started when the Holy Spirit began to pour out an overwhelming conviction of sin on a group of children. 

It was so intense  that these orphans would lie on the floor sobbing for entire days at a time.  They would hide under desks & in closets, because they were so convicted & broken.  What had they done that was so bad? 
To deserve such conviction?  Really, nothing.  They had been used as child laborers in the tin mines, which were run by ruthless people who had no intention of paying them.  They were abused.  Most people would want to care for/restore/build-up/love them, (definitely) not (immediately) tell them to repent & come to Christ.
We would want to (1st) show them the love of God.  Yet seemingly, before they knew anything about salvation or the love of God, they were made aware of their sin; they ran to Jesus to ask for forgiveness...Romans3:13. 
We have all missed the mark. Real revival cannot begin (in our heart, family, nation, world) until we realize...how utterly dependent we are & must be, on Father God...fully acknowledging His greatness & our need." 

, Shelli -
Is revival really what we want? Our way or His? - http://www.glory-train.com/RevivalDoWeWantIt.html 
The eve of 2006, the Lord said this to me, 'Is it truly revival that you want? A light of purity & holiness shining on your sin, the sin of this generation? It is far brighter than you realize. It will lay wide open the secret sins & expose manís methods & the lies they tell themselves & even their little children. 
They will resist me when I strip them of their fantasies & traditions that keep the multitudes from believing in me. When I tear down the barriers they will be angry before they are revived.
Revival is a shaking. But if I shake them, they will hate me before they love me
efore the grandfather clock chimed in the new year, I heard the Lord say,
'They want revival, American style. They want my power & all the goose-bumps & thrills. But they do not want me to touch their traditions or lay open their souls.  Wesley, Whitfield, Edwards & Finney would have preached it. But if you preach it, for this they would again throw their tomatoes. Do they really want revival? Where are my Wesleys"

Bonnke, Reinhard - Mighty Manifestations: The Gifts and Power of the Holy Spirit - www.cfan.org
2  God Has Taken the Field  "The springs of spiritual waters in this century come from rains which fell centuries  before... Revival is not an extraordinary work above and beyond normal Christianity. 
Christianity is revival... In his book
Joy Unspeakable, the great teacher D Martyn Lloyd-Jones concluded that revival is the baptism in the Holy Spirit."
Bonnke, Reinhard - https://www.ministryexploit.com/how-god-came-into-the-bonnke-family/
Bonnke, Reinhard - https://www.amazon.com/Living-Life-Fire-Reinhard-Bonnke/dp/1933106816

Borlase, Craig - William Seymour - publisher  www.charismahouse.com - Biography - 
Symour approved of one's "falling in/under the Spirit", as did Paul, the apostle.

Brooks, Steven - book - Working with Angels - Flowing with God in the Supernatural - www.stevenbrooks.org Chapter 11 Divnely Granted Visions & Dreams - Section Holiness Is Still Right shares abit about past & present revivals.

Burt, Arthur - How To Be Ordinary - www.arthurburt.com -
"The night of Pearl Harbor is impressed upon me like a scar...

The Spirit of God moved her & she went to many...revealing their secret life.  1st the Spirit dealt with her & then, as the Spirit had His way, He used her in her nothingness to reveal the thoughts of people's hearts...
'The secrets of men's hearts being made bare.' 1st Corinthians 14:25, Psalm 44:21...
In the scriptures...Ananias, or Gehazi, the servant of the prophet...God revealed men's secrets...
The time came when Lizzy began to think she was the meeting...

The Spirit lifted off her & picked up 1 or 2 others...& the same outstanding ministry was demonstrated."
"The meetings continued in the Midlands.  People came from far & near.  The supernatural was there. 
Time stood still, stopped the clock.  People had visions.  They cried out, some of them ran out."
Burt, Arthur -
Around The World in 88 Years - www.arthurburt.com
Chapter 4 Pastor Burt  "In the Welsh revival, Evans Roberts' meetings moved from agony to ecstasy: 2 emotions we seldom see in meetings today.  The people fell to the floor, under the convicting power of Holy Spirit." 
"Back in the (19)30's, there was another man, Harold Webster, who ministered the presence of God. 
Unless you were close to him, you would hardly hear anything.  His eyes would close & he would whisper, 'Oh Jesus.'  Then the Holy Spirit would come in divine invasion.   1 person would start laughing in the Spirit & then another & another."  "Over 50 years ago (prior 2001) were the 1st fruits of something yet to hit the church worldwide.  In those days we were meeting 9 times in a week, every night, twice on Saturday, twice on Sunday, believing God was preparing us for a mighty outpouring of the 'latter rain'. (Joel 2:23)"

Chapter 6 The Conchee - "On the night Japan bombed Pearl Harbor...the Spirit of God began to deal...as we realized we no longer had the privacy of our own lives...Suddenly, a young woman rose up.  The minute she responded to the Spirit, we lost sight of her as a slim bit of a girl...She turned (, prophesied/revealed secrets)...& became just an ordinary girl again.  Those were unusual meetings & many people left the church." 
"In those days we received all kinds of threats... Once on the outside wall we found scrawled, 'Madhouse.' 
This was 1 of the attendant consequences of what we called 'revival'...Too many people have a starry-eyed concept of what revival is...In the New Testament...revival meant bleeding backs, prison cells & even death.  Those who had a visitation from God often qualified themselves for a listing in the Book of Martyrs...
'All that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.' (2nd Timothy 3:12)."

Chapter 7 The Blackout   "Ripeness occurs at a moment in time & rottenness (often) follows afterward...
Now the rosy apple is ready for the purpose God intended.  In the process of being consumed, it loses its  identity... Jesus...said we would bring forth fruit & by our fruit we would be known.  The ultimate purpose of the ministry of God's people is loss of identity...If it doesn't get eaten, it turns rotten.  In the revival we had been experiencing, we were completely self-centered. (A ripe mature Christian's job is to feed others & not hoard the blessings)... Our attitude about the extra-ordinary visitation began to produce something of a rottenness in us.... The people had become dependent, not upon the voice of
God speaking a proceeding, living Word, but upon the voice of 1 man, the church leader.  Almost imperceptibly, we fell away from God's purpose that we would hear & follow His voice; Jesus said, 'My sheep hear My voice.'  (John 10:27)  He didn't say, 'My shepherds hear My voice'... There came a time when I had to separate or I would lose what God had given me...
The people lost the liberty of the Spirit & the right of each believer to believe & follow the voice of God. "

Chapter 8 The Glory Meetings - "In Paddock Wood, there, we had another visitation by Holy Spirit." (Below.)
Chapter 9 Forbid Them Not - "The next move of God we experienced completely by-passed the adults & was upon the children in the church.  Most of the adults became jealous, doubting it was a true visitation."
Big doors swing on little hinges.  "An evangelist once visited a church in England & preached for 3 weeks...
He said sadly, 'Well, that's it.  3 weeks of meetings & not 1 soul saved, apart from this lad here.' 
He pointed to a 9 year old body.  The boy was David Livingston.  In the spiritual womb of that body were the unborn millions of African believers.  Big doors swing on little hinges."

Chapter 12 Climb The Mountain - "I received in 1936 the ...prophecy, 'It shall come as a breath & the breath shall bring the wind & the wind shall bring the rain and there shall be floods, floods, floods & torrents, torrents torrents.  Souls shall be saved like leaves falling from mighty oaks in the great forest shaken by the wind. 
Arms & legs will come down from heaven & there shall be NO ebb
'... A spiritual tide without an ebb would mean that human history has reached the 'fullness of times' (Ephesians 1:10), rather than the repeated ebbing & flowing of the tide (Holy Spirit visitation/revival)... There are 3 stages to the prophecy of Ezekiel 37. 
1st, the valley was full of dry bones.  2nd, the bones came together & flesh grew on them. 
3rd, breath came into them & they stood on their feet, becoming a great army. 
The 1st 2 stages have been fulfilled... believe there is yet to be a mighty...visitation of the Spirit of God within His people where every breath we take is NOT our own, but His."

Chapter 15 Crumbs from a Broken Loaf - "The message the Spirit of God gives me is, 'Prepare; prepare.' 
The whole issue is NOT having a revival, but handling it, not how much of the Presence of God can I have, but how much can I handle (deflect/attribute/give) TO the glory of God...I am a nobody.  The message I bring today is that every somebody will now have to become nobody.  We must lose our identity in the Body of Christ, because Father will not give His glory to anybody but Christ."  There will be no designated speakers nor preachers, except by the unction of the Holy Spirit as He moves throughout the convention/meeting. 
Only the Lord is to get the lime light.  Not me, myself, I.  Jesus' mother and others tried to force Him to meet needs, but scripture reminds us that His primary response was to the voice and will of His Dad, God. 
Likewise, our primary responsibility is to hear & then respond to God rather than to needs."

Ferrell, Ana Mendel - Seated in Heavenly Places - www.anamendez.org -
Do you want to participate in the next revival?  If the answer is yes, then you will want to read Ana's book.

God's Generals - http://www.godsgenerals.com/PDF/1952_MARCH.pdf

Chavda, Mahesh - The Hidden Power of Healing Prayer - www.watchofthelord.com
Chapter 6 Entering the Miracle Dimension cites the Holy Spirit accosting citizens on the street outside the meetings of William Seymour & Charles Finney.
Chavda, Mahesh - Sid Roth interview
12/18-22/2006 @ http://www.sidroth.org/radio.htm

Chavda, Mahesh and Bonnie -
100 Year Bloom -
Chapter 1 The 100 Year Bloom says, "Revival is the manifestation of spiritual seeds sown in 1 season bearing fruit in the next, as the rain of the Spirit comes down from heaven to water fertile soil in men's hearts...
This is the time for you to bloom...This is the hour of your visitation.  Don't miss it."

Chapter 8 Revival is Rewarding notes that, "The reward of revival is seeing Christ formed in others."
Chapter 10 Revival is Permanent now in this generation.  "We cannot claim to love God if we do not love the people around us.  Love is relationship...A Christian must be connected to spiritual authority... Without the counsel that comes from others, including those we are accountable to, guidance of our own spirit will fail."
Chapter 11 Revival People notes that, "Power comes with obedience to the Father...
Revelation from God for any situation is available for the asking."

Chapter 12 Watching for Revival  enlists us to be "watchmen...waiting to respond to the next move of God". 
We do not necessarily need to be competent but rather available & obedient. 
Besides being constant prayer/intercession/praise, we can repent, not only for ourselves, but also on behalf of our family/church/nation.  Mahesh provides a kit for those desperate to begin a journey of revival.

Clark, Randy - There is More - Reclaiming the Power of Impartation - www.globalawakening.com -
In chapter 12 Randy says the current revival is going on in Mozambique & for us to get trained and get over there immediately, lest we miss out on what God is doing in our generation.
Chapter 4 Impartation and Visitation - the Heritage of the Saints summarizes many of the renown revivals.

Copeland, Kenneth - Kenneth Copeland Ministries - John G Lake - www.kcm.org  
Chapter 18 The Sabbath discusses 3 dispensations: Patriarchal (Abrahamic), Mosaic & Christian.

Davis, Paul Keith - Angels that Gather - www.whitedoveministries.org -
6 As I Was with Moses - Keith summarizes numerous
revivals (1885-2005). Keith reveals that the Moses (Pentecostal) era of 120 years ended in 2005 when the order of (warrior) Joseph began.

Engle, Lou - Digging the Wells of Revival - Evangelists - http://ifphcseeninprint.wordpress.com/category/evangelists/ - includes among many book reviews Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage: A Memorial to the Church in the Quad Cities compiled by Kenneth Richard Kline-Walczak.
"The 4th chapter (p. 169-346) presents information about campaigns in the Quad Cities held by various healing evangelists:
1900-1960. The chapter, organized chronologically, includes both the mundane (such as the times and locations of services) as well as controversies covered by the local press (including the 1929 departure of the 'blonde evangelist' Mattie Crawford due to disagreement over finances). Some of the evangelists in this chapter  include: 1900s Ė Martha Wing Robinson, Maria Woodworth-Etter; 1910s Ė Wilbur Glenn Voliva, James L. Delk; 1920s Ė A. W. Kortkamp (founder of Moline Gospel Temple), Mattie Crawford, Louise Nankivell, Lilian B. Yeomans; 1930s Ė Watson Argue, Mrs. A. A. Carpenter, Joseph Mattson-Boze, Everett B. Parrott, Kathryn Kuhlman; 1940s Ė R. F. DeWeese, Charles S. Price, Lorne F. Fox, Raymond T. Richey, Leonard E. Page, Oral Roberts, Charles L. Hollis; 1950s Ė O. L. Jaggers, Frank R. Lummer, William Freeman, James W. Drush, William Branham, David J. DuPlessis, Lloyd Huffey, A. A. Allen, Billy Adams, Velmer Gardner, Maurice Hart, Gordon Lindsey, Morris Cerullo."

Hebrides Island Revival - The 1949 Revival at the Hebrides Islands [48-pages]
http://courtofheaven.com/book-catalog.php - (Upon rebirth of Israel.)

Heflin, Ruth Ward - free download - REVIVAL GLORY (495KB) - www.revivalglory.org -
Chapter 3 Getting Ready for Revival  "He had implemented the process (pasting) that gets rid of the  encumbrances (such as inability to retire) & he was ready for revival... Don't wait; get ready now. 
I tell people that if they haven't worn or used something in their closets or garages in the last 2 years, they should get rid of it... In the Spirit(ual calendar) there is a definite time acceleration of time.                     
HEALING TIME  There is a time appointed for your healing Everything is moving faster...
Set your house in order, for God may want to use your life elsewhere."

Chapter 4 Declaring the Revival  "Psalm 19:1-4. There is a declaratory realm of the glory of God in which our voice can be heard 'to the end of the world.'  We can stand in our own places & release our faith...declaring revival...for our generation... We have limited ourselves by not fully believing in what He is willing to do through us... We are on the brink of the greatest visitation of God the world has ever seen.  Determine to bee part of it."
Chapter 6
Prophesying the Revival - http://www.calvarycampground.org/wp-content/uploads/glorybooks/revivalglory.pdf - "There is a prophetic word at work in the world today that is beyond the control of man. It has nothing to do with what we have been taught. Those things that God has spoken into our lives cannot be controlled by the wishes of any other man. If we are willing to respond & move with the Holy Ghost, what God has spoken will come to pass & no one alive can stop it.  The secret is our response when we are moved by the Holy Ghost.
1 of the most wonderful aspects of this current revival is that the Spirit of God is teaching us to respond to Him.  Nothing could be more important.  When God wants to speak, let us be those whom He can use...
The enemy fights us on the very thing that will be key to our elevation before great men...

What harder place to have revival than a cemetery... God usually begins that way, not with those who are half alive, but with those through whom He can show forth 'the exceeding greatness of His power.' 
He takes the most impossible of situations because He wants people to know that man has nothing to do with it. The will of man could maybe influence somebody that was half alive, but surely not those who are already dead. It takes the supernatural anointing, the power of God, the miraculous, for the dead to come back to life...

Every revival begins with the most unlikely people.  The next one to get saved in your family may not be the one you expect to get saved. It will probably be the most unlikely candidate.
Participate in it by prophesying the word of the Lord into your situation...

'Holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.'  It didnít happen as a result of the will of man.
You donít initiate it, you just respond to it. When you feel something churning...spinning inside, it is time to act...
We will not lean on (learn via) our own understanding in the days to come. 
We will follow the prophetic word, that God has birthed in our spirits, no matter how impossible it seems...

As you begin to prophesy, something begins to happen in the heavenlies...
If you donít have people to prophesy to, begin with mountains...Ezekiel was called to prophesy to the wind. 
You can prophesy to: mountains, valleys, cities, walls, whatever stands in your way.
ay, 'Oh, ye walls, come down, in the name of the Lord.'  They will begin to topple. 

Prophesy to fences. There are far too many fences still dividing brothers, and we need them removed. 
'Fences, come down, in the name of the Lord.'  You may want to do your prophesying at 1st while everyone is singing or praying, so that you will not be worried who is hearing you. After, you will lose all such reserve...

1,000 shall fall at thy side & 10,000 at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. Psalm 91:7 
This is not just referring to the conflict in Bosnia.  God was talking about everything that the enemy would put in your pathway in an attempt to limit you. It wonít come nigh you because youíve made the Lord your habitation & underneath His arms you are trusting.  Stop being distressed about people....

Prophecy is basically learning how to open our mouths & speak what God is giving us.
We are moved by the Holy Ghost. Prophecy is His work, but He chooses to use our voices.
He chooses to use our lips.  He chooses to use our tongues. 

We might prefer that He use someone else, but it is wrong to feel that way. 
We should be honored that God wants to use us.  Donít resist Him. 
The next time He knocks at your door & wants to use your lips, donít send Him away. 

Say, 'Lord, Iím willing. Iím available. I want to be used of You. Move on me'...
The results are not to be felt a year later.  Something should start to happen even as we are speaking...
The Lord said to Ezekiel, 'Prophesy again.' It only takes 2 prophecies to bring revival. When you begin to be moved by the Holy Ghost, prophesy the 1st time and you will experience a shaking and a coming together.
Then, you will be led to prophesy a 2nd time. This time, you will not be prophesying to dry bones; you will be prophesying to the wind: the very Spirit of God:
'Come ye, Spirit & breathe upon these dead that they might live.'  When the Scriptures speak of the Spirit of God coming from the 4 winds, it means from the: 4 corners, 4 directions that the winds blow: the north, south, east & west.
As the Spirit of God began to breathe upon those 'slain,' they began to rise up as 'an exceeding great army.'
This happened because prophecy is the voice of revival. Let your prophetic voice bring forth the revival.

Youíll save yourself thousands of hours of vain activities when you donít try to bring the revival in yourself.
Speak it into existence by the power of the Spirit & you will see men & women rise up to take their place as a great army..
. Start a prophecy with the words, 'The Lord says to you.'  Then give the message.
Afterward, conclude it with the words, 'So says the Lord'...

What God wants to do in these last days can only be accomplished in the glory realm.
We donít have enough time to do things as we used to do them...
A holy person is one who is living unto God and letting God do the work. 
These were not perfect men; you donít have to be perfect to begin prophesying either...

You can prophesy into being the fullness of what God has planned & ordained for your life.  As you prophesy, believe for a shaking; donít get too nervous when it comes.  Take a deep breath, pause a moment & watch what He is doing. The shaking often produces the coming together. Some things have to get shaken loose, so that they can come together. God will shake the people, places & situations that He desires to bring together. It will all come about as a result of that prophetic word. Itís that simple.  Itís why the enemy fights the prophetic flow...
Lord said to those present that night: (at the 1st presidential Inaugural  breakfast)  'You want your voice to be heard in this city.  You have tried in many ways to make it heard, but the only way your voice will be heard is through the prophetic.'  The Lord promised them that if they would lift up their prophetic voices He would cause them to be heard, even in the bedroom of the president...
Time is very limited.  I just start prophesying into being the things I feel in my spirit that God wants to do.
It comes to a point where Iím not asking, Iím not knocking, Iím not seeking. Iím declaring. 
I have skipped over steps 1, 2 & 3 ...

There comes a time when you should just speak into being what God, by His Spirit, is laying on your heart. Prophesy to the: dry bones...wind, oh, son of man.   Lord, Anoint us with prophetic unction, that creative flow of the Spirit that You are releasing into the Earth in this day & hour. 
Help us to prophesy as You have commanded. In Jesusí name,  Amen.
Chapter 8 What to Expect from Revival  "Revival specialists...can tell you the details of every revival...why & how it happened...Many of those people miss revival when it comes...In every revival...we should expect souls to be saved...the healing power of God...prophecies, miracles, the baptism in the Holy Ghost, deliverance, release from emotional problems, laying hold of the promises of God concerning finances...original songs of the Spirit... Often...persecution comes from those who were involved in the previous revival....
It is so much easier to defend yourself than it is to be silent & let God defend you... The river must touch our heads, overcoming our reasoning minds, so that the Spirit can flow...
More. Fire. Now. Fill. Touch.
It doesnít matter what word you use, as long as people receive the glory that God is longing to bring forth in this day & hour.  Be open to any other unique miracles that God wants to do. Many people are not.
Mother & Dad took us to all the revivals that were happening in our childhood & in the process taught us to keep an open mind to new things & to have an appreciation for the ministry of others. They taught us to be very careful not to grieve the Holy Spirit & part of that teaching was to be careful what we said.  People are much too quick to criticize what they donít understand & havenít personally witnessed before.
..We should expect the Holy City, Jerusalem, to be a very important part of the revival...There is no place in the world where the heavens are more open above a city than in Jerusalem.  Those who go there are able to experience the revelatory realm in a far greater sense than they have known anywhere else in the world. In Jerusalem, Godís glory is revealed. 
When you go to Jerusalem, you must guard against being caught up in the historical aspects of the city only & even of knowing only where all of the biblical events took place.
If God is taking us to the physical Jerusalem it is also to give us a greater revelation of the spiritual Jerusalem, the new Jerusalem that is coming down from God out of Heaven.
God takes us to Jerusalem because He wants us to be a part of His last day purposes for the city & people.
The glory of God will be manifested uniquely in Jerusalem in the days ahead & because of that manifestation,

a unique relationship will be forged between the Holy City & the rest of the world. Those who are interested in knowing further what God has in mind for the future of the city & its people can read my book:
Zion, Israel & the Nations... Everything that God is doing is connected to what He is doing in Jerusalem...
Israel is Godís time clock
... Loving the land of Israel & the people of Israel is not an option that God is offering to the Church. This is His heart. So, if you want to be part of revival, get caught up with what God is doing in Israel."
Chapter 12 -
Trusting the Glory for Provision
(A Caddo Mills, Texas.pastor directed by an angel began to go to his church & pray 1.5 hours each day.) 
"One by one, my staff members began to join me. Very soon revival began to break out in our services.Ē

Chapter 17 - Flowing Together in the Glory - "Many of the things that are happening to us as congregations used to happen to us as we worshiped alone in our homes... Learn how to flow together in His glory. 
Thatís why we should do many things together...stand together...lift up our voices together...raise our hands together...dance together. At 1st, it may be a mechanical lifting up, but as we obey the Lord in this act of unity, before long we will feel the moving of the river of God & know that we are one in Him. 
We may begin worshiping as many voices, but when He does the miracle in us, those many voices become 1 voice, as we join together at the feet of Jesus...

If you want to flow in God, you have to participate in what He is doing.
When Iím in Africa and the people are dancing.  I jump up & dance with them, attempting to dance more or less as they do, although perhaps I have never danced in exactly that way before.  I may not do it very well, but I do it with all my heart and do not hinder their flow by trying to introduce my American style... This is not the day for individualism and independence. Donít be stubborn and lock yourself out of the move of God...  Independence will rob you of the blessing...The glory of God is (often) only revealed in its fullness when we are together...
You & I must learn more and more to respond to the Holy Ghost in others and with others... Some donít yield to their gift. When it does happen, 1 person sees the river of God, the next person sees where the river of God is heading, the 3rd person sees what is happening in the river.  Another sees what the river will do next.
I love...love...love it.  I am convinced that God loves it, too...

Speaking Hebrew is the whole purpose of attending an Ulpan.  It is not for the purpose of developing wonderful notebooks. It is the same way in the Spirit. It is time to lay aside the notebooks & start doing what the Lord is teaching us, flowing together in the river of God... If you can only learn to flow together in the Spirit amazing things will happen for you as well... Someone started a Jericho March.
One by one everyone joined in, as we flowed together to the glory of God. We didnít need a personal invitation. 
None needed to beckon to us to join. Spontaneously each one took his place in the procession.
No one asked, 'Who started this...Who is the organizer of this activity?'  Who started it was unimportant. 

Who the 1st in line was didnít matter.  Each joined without question, prompted by the Spirit. 
This is what God is requiring of us in these last days...Concentrate on Jesus & leave the rest to Him...

Heavenly Father, Thank You for teaching us how to flow together.  We no longer want to be separate streams.
We want to flow together & become the River of Your purposes in all the Earth.  In Jesusí name, Amen.
Chapter 18 - Delighting in the Glory - "God wants us to delight in Him, to delight in His presence, to delight in His plan, and to delight in His dealings with us on a daily basis. Learn to delight in the glory of the Lord. 
We are to be a people full of delight. This is one of the most important things we can do to promote revival.
If we maintain a spirit full of delight, God will promote us... We must not only delight in the Lord, but we must delight in His people as well. We must delight in those who
'stand in His presence'...who 'serve Him day & night'... The joy of the Lord that is coming forth in revival is so important that we must ask God to help us not to attempt to analyze it, but just to enjoy it. If you have never experienced the joy of the Lord, itís time to have that experience.  If you have never received holy laughter, itís time for you to receive... Get into the flow of the river so that God can cause rivers of living water to flow out of your innermost being to others...
Joy is 1 of the ways God strengthens us. He has chosen it as His strengthening measure...
This day is holy unto our Lord: neither be ye sorry; for the joy of the LORD is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10...
I have been frozen in place many times, usually when I least expect it, sometimes several times in a single service, always for at least a minute or 2, and sometimes longer.  Frozen in place doesnít seem like a good description of this phenomenon because there is so much of the fire of God involved. Maybe stuck in place is a better description of what we are experiencing.  Many of us have fallen under the power of God & not been able to get up when we tried. It is happening increasingly under those circumstances, but also when we are standing or sitting because of the increased presence of Godís glory in our midst. His desire to perform signs & wonders for us...In this realm of glory, greater and greater (comedy/humor/wonders/) miracles will take place.
God is bringing great transformation to the hearts of people.  He is also touching their bodies & taking care of their emotional needs...Laughter (for instance) is (often) a response to the glory. 
Their spirits are automatically responding to the glory they hear in the preacherís voice."

Chapter 19 - Making Room for the Glory - "Our failure to make room for the glory in our services is the most common reason that the glory is not seen and experienced in church after church across America and around the world. I believe that most of the necessary elements are in place, but we simply donít give God a chance.
We donít make room for Him to work. We donít make room for the glory. 

Sometimes the key is as simple as singing a chorus 1-2 more times. Sometimes it is as simple as having a short silence in which we present the opportunity for the voice of the Spirit of God to be heard prophetically.

What hinders us is rarely something complicated. 
We donít have major problems that need to be overcome, but minor adjustments that need to be made...

The secret to the ministry of so many was that they knew how to wait on God until the glory came. 
Those people never just sat and waited. William Branham, for instance, was a former Baptist minister who received a visitation from God and began to move in the things of the Spirit. He was not a very large man.
When he came onto the platform, he would stand there and talk for a while.  You knew he was just talking.
He was greeting the people and saying how happy he was to have the opportunity to be in that place.
Sometimes he rehearsed the things the Lord had done the night before, but he was still just talking. Anyone who didnít know better might have wondered in those moments why they had even bothered to come hear him.
There was nothing dynamic about him.  Eventually, he would say, ďI am waiting for the angel to come.Ē
The Lord had promised him that the angel of the Lord would stand beside him every time he ministered. 
Until he felt the presence of that angel, he would just talk & wait.
Then, suddenly, you would see a dramatic change come over that meek, mild-looking man.
His shoulders went back and his eyes lit up as with flames of fire, and just as suddenly he began calling people out of the audience and naming their sicknesses, their names and addresses and their doctorís names & bringing healing and deliverance to them.In those moments, no one needed to hear him say, 'The angel of the Lord is here.' Everyone already knew it. A man who, only a few moments before, looked so out of place standing before that great crowd of people, was suddenly endued with the authority of the God of the Universe, simply because he had been faithful to wait in the service until the glory of the Lord was manifested.  He had a wonderful gift of vision, and he described what he was seeing, while he was seeing it. I like that.  I wish a lot more people would get that gift. In fact, Iím asking God to enlarge me in this area.  His visions were detailed.
He saw someone in an accident, saw how it happened, what caused it and what the results were. He saw people in the hospital & described the doctor who shook his head and gave them the bad news of permanent injury. 
But he knew that the very person he was describing was in the meeting that night and he would call for them to come forward.
The person would eagerly come forward, and when they did, Brother Branham would ask them, 'Is what I have been saying true?'  It always was.  'Then, if God can tell me all these things,' he would say, 'can you believe the servant of the Lord when I say that you are healed by the power of God?'  The miracle would take place before our very eyes.  How wonderful it was.  That atmosphere of glory was among the greatest I have experienced in anyoneís meetings anywhere in the world, but we are now moving back into days just like that.  We are all going to become much more reverential in the future, almost tiptoeing at times in the presence of God in our services. We have been like bulls in the china shop. Feel the awesome sense of Godís presence & be careful before Him... There will be an entering in in which we will be very careful not to do anything to break the atmosphere of glory in our midst.  God wants to lift our chins.
The Psalmist said:
But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory & the lifter up of mine head. Psalm 3:3...
We must learn to pace ourselves (and our music) in the glory.  Forget about Earthís rhythms & get in time with the heavenly sound. Learn to synchronize yourself with the heavenly rather than the earthly...

Feeling close to Heaven doesnít need to be a rare occurrence.  Once we have experienced it, we can experience it again & again. Get hold of these simple truths in God and you can go higher each time...
To make room for the glory, we must attend good meetings where God is being glorified...join others in praise and worship...speak in tongues...allow the Spirit to work in us...sing in the Spirit & let the glory come...

If you have filled that limited (soul) space with other things, God cannot do for you what He would like to do. Make room for the glory.  Most of us know what itís like to have to clean out the closet. There you see a dress or a suit that was your very favorite, but that was last year & God has given you something new, so the old must go to make room for the new... Our trees give up one set of leaves, however glorious they might be, to get another set, a new set. Shedding the old makes room for the new.  We can exchange 1 glory for another glory... God...knows how to do a quick work in your life.
In a single hour in your spirit, old leaves can drop off & new leaves can come. We donít have to wait months...

Even in a few momentís time God can do it for you.God constantly amazes us...
One of the things I love about the outbreak of joy being experienced in this revival is that God is showing us that He can bring life to our emotions. Not only can we weep by the touch of God, but we can alsolaugh by the touch of God. Every emotion can be controlled by the touch of God upon us.  There is a weeping that comes only with the glory.  Some years ago I met (Ron Wyatt) an amateur archaeologist in Melbourne, Australia. 
He was an Episcopalian who was against speaking in tongues, but I befriended him.  
He claimed to have located the Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem, and I heard him tell this story several times.
When people asked me if I thought it was true, I could only say that every time I had heard him tell the story, he had begun to weep at exactly the same point of the story. It was a type of weeping that I recognize. 
It was a weeping that only comes in the glory, when one has seen the glory, heard the glory, or felt the glory
I might have been skeptical of his story otherwise, but I could not deny the emotion I witnessed in him as he told the story. He was deeply touched by his experience.  Godís glory touches our deepest emotions, sometimes producing deep weeping & sometimes producing deep laughter...
Donít prevent people from dancing. David danced before the Lord with all His might.
If somebody wants to dance, let them do it. If someone wants to laugh outrageously, let them laugh. It may just jump from them to the choir & before long, the whole congregation will be touched by the glory of the Lord.

It is not for us to say how the glory will affect us. We must make room for God to do in us what He wants

Itís not for us to tell God His business. He knows what He is doing. 

Just the time you want to be the most dignified, God will make you do something that seems totally undignified.  Let Him touch you by making room for His desire. The glory will fill your soul the moment you make room for it...Relax a moment and let God have His turn.  You may find yourself whistling or doing something similar while God has opportunity to do His work...He is our glory. He is the lifter of our heads...lifting us up to look completely into His face.  We are those gates of glory; we need to be lifted.  We need the entrance way into our lives to be opened wide to the King of glory so that He can come in in all His majesty. Let every door be opened.
Let every gate be lifted..When you look up, the sounds of Heaven can find their way into your soul...
You are the entrance. The glory must come in through your eyes..ears...feelings, and even through your nose.
Some might feel that this is extreme. But God is doing it. He sends a smell of incense into our midst.

I would not have recognized it if I hadnít been in some Orthodox church services in Jerusalem where they use high quality incense.  In our meetings no one was burning incense. It was the glory coming in through our noses. At the Benny Hinn crusade in Miami, the fragrance of burning incense permeated the arena and lingered there.  Thousands were blessed by this manifestation of Godís glory. Every one of our senses must make room for the glory... Make room for Him alone. We must make room in our schedules, make room in our time, make room for Him in every way. Sometimes we just need to pause and let those new sounds of glory come into our spirits...
Make room for whatever the Holy Spirit wants to do.  Take your schedule, rip it up & throw it to the wind.
Make time for the glory.  Make room for the glory. Now we are singing:
Weíre making room for the glory.
Weíre making room for the glory.  Weíre making room for the glory.  The glory of the Lord. 
Lord, How I desire your glory. Show me personally what I need to do to make room for Your glory. 
Then help me to do it. In Jesusí name, Amen.

Heidler, Dr Robert D - The Messianic Church Arising - www.glory-of-zion.org -
11 The Dwelling Place of God - The 'Jewish Roots' of Revival -
A Case-Study of Continual Prayer showcases the Moravian revival starting 8/13/1727
by Count Zinzendorf inviting the Herrnhut villagers (Moravian immigrants living on his German estate) to a communion service at nearby village Bertholdsdorf Lutheran church to settle their differences of opinion. 
The Holy Spirit fell and continued to stay (100 years) after the congregation implemented a 24/7 prayer watch at the Count's suggestion to keep fire on the altar. Out of that revival came Josh Wesley.

Herzog, David - The Ancient Portals of Heaven - www.thegloryzone.org - Herzog discusses many prior & ongoing revivals.
Chapter 6 Ancient Resurrections  Places "that had major revivals and now seem dead are not dead, because the ashes of that revival still remain in the ground.  In France...thousands died as martyrs...called the French Huguenots.  France...has never been dead, only sleeping & is now awakening.' 
Genesis 4:10-11 Alexander Harkavy - 10He said, "What hast thou done? 
The voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto Me from the ground

Now art thou cursed from the earth, which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother's blood from thy hand."

Kesley, Morton - Healing and Christianity - a Classic Study - Excellent historical textbook of the healing ministry,  but  slanted from a Jungian psychological ideology.  Morton cites Justin Martyr's 165 AD note to the Roman  emperor that Jesus Christ drove out demons where no other medicine or practitioner could. 
Morton contends that at this time the good Spirit of God could drive out the opposite evil spirit which inflicted both physical &/or mental illness.  Morton cites Tertullian's writings of the activities of evil spirits being over-thrown by the Holy Spirit power of Christians who were raising the dead. Morgan cites Origen's writing of Christians expelling evil spirits, demons, mental distractions & diseases.  He cites Bishop Cyprian of Carthage as saying that he has witnessed baptism (last rites) remove sickness & unclean spirits. 

He cites Irenaeus as noting healings, exorcism of demons & raising of the dead.

Kuhlman, Kathryn -  Daughter of Destiny- The Only Authorized Biography -

Luther, Martin - http://www.history.com/topics/martin-luther-and-the-95-theses

David Martin - Spiritual Preparation for End Times - 12/13-17/2010 - CD & radio broadcast - important - #1726 - "God gave a tribe in Africa the power to walk, glow and heal in the Spirit 24/7. Receive this same impartation." www.sidroth.org
Martin, David -
Six Page Article by David Maritn on the Mountaintop and the Shining Ones http://62485.netministry.com/images/Mountaintop.pdf - www.davemartinministries.com - Tribal fathers glowed and had excessive longevity.  The mantle has been passed onto this generation via David Martin.

McLean, Renny - Eternity Invading Time - www.globalglory.org - Chapter 3 The Realm of Prophetic Vision -
"I was caught up in the (Holy) Spirit for several hours...The living creatures came into the meeting."
Jesus did not pray for the sick.  His word was sufficient...
I do pray for the people, but now I believe more in using my faith to bring people into the presence (heavenly atmosphere) of God, letting the Glory (cloud) of God do the rest. 

In the early days of revival it was, 'Just believe.'  Now I believe it is, 'Just enter in.'  That bypasses your struggle and the Glory of God does the rest."  (Heaven is the capital city of Eternity, per McLean.)

Miller, Dr Edward - Cry for Me Argentina - 50 of missionary Edward Miller Argentine Bible Institute students prayed/wept/ repented/interceded 50 days until they received prophecy, "Weep no more, for the Lion of the tribe of Judah hath prevailed over the prince of Argentina." 18 months later a revival broke out.

Montgomery, Mel C - The Genuine Flow - summary - http://www.brothermel.net/TGF_Sample.pdf -
Subtitle -
How the Faith Giants Flowed in the Spirit & How You Can Too : JR Goodwin, Smith Wigglesworth, John Osteen, Kenneth E Hagin: http://brothermel.com/default.aspx  http://revjrgoodwin.wordpress.com/ -
"We need to learn from Stanley Frodsham, who helped pioneer the Assemblies of God in Great Britain. -
He ministered alongside Smith Wigglesworth, & wrote
Apostle of Faith, the first biography of this giant.
We must listen to Howard Carter, whose book,
Questions & Answers on Spiritual Gifts, electrified the Pentecostal world in the 1930s, presenting the outline for teaching on spiritual gifts that is widely used today.
Carter mentored a young Lester Sumrall. We must consider the spiritual approach taken concerning spiritual gifts by: F.F. Bosworth, Kathryn Kuhlman, Kenneth E. Hagin, David Du Plessis, & others of like spiritual caliber, including my mentors, the Rev. & Mrs. J.R. Goodwin...Mom & Dad Goodwin ministered together almost constantly in all 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit through 40 years of prophetic & pastoral ministry."

Moyo, Andrew - Lewisville, Texas, USA - Working the Works of God - www.mesengerministry.com - Chapter 13 Ushering  in Revival  "The most prominent angel, named 'Breakthrough'...had been laying groundwork for the next revival for the previous 2 years (2004+2005).  The angels explained God's end-time strategy & said that his presence meant that all obstacles would be removed so that a harvest of souls could be achieved...
The coming revival would emerge through ordinary people who have fully yielded their spirits, souls & bodies to the Lord in extravagant, radical devotion...Those who hope to qualify to be utilized in this move of God must possess boldness and determination."  Lord, in Jesus name, we invite the Holy Spirit to help us daily break through from where we are in our life & ministry into God's realm of power.  Amen.

Nicolson, Adam - God's Secretary - Making of the King James Bible - 12/25/2011 -  http://www.bobedwardsradio.com/bew-december-211/  from http://www.pri.org/keywords/religion -
Bob Edwards Weekend podcast is no longer available." but check out:
Adam Nicolson is the author of the book
Godís Secretaries: the Making of the King James Bible. Celebrating its 400th anniversary this year, the Bible has, more than any other book in English, shaped our language & beliefs. Nicolson tells Bob about the good bookís creation, legacy & some of the men who translated it. 

Nori, Don - Breaking Generational Curses - www.destinyimage.com - Superior book for new parents.
"Most revivals have lasted but a few years because God's people became satisfied with what they had received  from the Lord... Christians too easily become introverted and infatuated...&...the next generation suffers...
Our children...are forced to plow the same ground & plant the same fields as their fathers...
What God is doing in the earth today...We must impart...to our children."

Fuchsia Pickett - http://www.amazon.com/Receiving-Divine-Revelation-through-scripture/dp/0884194418/ref=pd_bxgy_14_img_y#reader_0884194418
Fuchsia Pickett - http://www.amazon.com/NEXT-MOVE-GOD-Fuchsia-Pickett/dp/0884193845/ref=pd_sim_14_2/190-8102954-5384035?ie=UTF8&refRID=0V7WD8739AZ4GMRZ9MZ5#reader_0884193845 "For 2 days God took Fuchsia Pickett into the Spirit and gave  her a vision of the things He was going to do in the last days.
He spoke to her about the coming great revival & about how He would prepare the church for His return."
Per http://injesus.com/messages/content/256442 - "
God took me 'into the Spirit' for 2 days, The Lord told me  that if I would remain in the sanctuary & wait upon Him, He would show me things to come in His Church & in the world when He poured out the fullness of His Spirit.
As I waited there in prayer He took me into the Heavenlies & let me see the revival that is coming."

"In her book, The Next Move of God, Dr. Picket recounts in some detail the vision God gave her in Klamath Falls. I'll just give an overview of it. The Holy Spirit used an analogy of a hydroelectric power plant to explain what He was going to do. She didn't know anything about electricity & couldn't have fixed a light switch if her life depended upon it.  "Above the Church, high in the heavenlies, I saw the excavation for the building of a huge hydroelectric power plant. God laid the solid concrete foundation carefully, measuring the sand that went into exactly. He cleansed everything & placed every screen and tubule in order precisely as it should be.
Then He erected the power plant section by section. I saw the pipes; the dam & all its massive gates; out from which He ran prime lines, primary lines & secondary lines through great transformers to many points of distribution.
After that, He began to fill the reservoirs with water, teaching me that unless a certain level of water was maintained the high-powered dynamo could not function properly. As I watched, I saw a church without walls.
An awesome divine power was flowing down through the pulpits, out to the people and then through them to the world. Above this power plant I saw Christ, the Head of the Church, holding that gigantic power plant in His hands. At the same time, however, it seemed as though He were the One being poured through that power plant, down into the church & out to the world, a great harvest field, golden & ripe unto harvest. Somehow I understood that He was flowing His living water only to churches where deep wells & reservoirs had been dug.
In the vision, I saw pipes being placed underground from one fountainhead to another, from church to church. The pipes formed a network of churches, connecting those with deep wells that He had dug and filled with His living water, the living Word. I wished it was going to all the churches, but I realized that many churches could not tap into this living water because they had no reservoir. I heard the words, 'Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts.' (Ps. 42:7) Then, as the vision continued to unfold to me, in my spirit I heard the water, His Word, begin to run. Churches that had their reservoirs prepared began to fill up with water. They were ready for God to pull the switch & open the gates of truth from the great dynamo. I remembered Jesus' promise to those who believed on Him. He said, '
Out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.' John 7:38b speaks figuratively of the operation of the Holy Spirit in & through the believer. Habakkuh's prophecy will become a reality. 'For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.' Hab. 2:14 When those gates are finally opened, we are going to see an 'old fashioned, heaven-sent, sky-blue, sin-killing, gully-washing revival.'   She transcribed her vision of the hydroelectric plant onto paper.
They asked Pacific Power Company for a critique. They wanted to know where they got this information.
They told PPC that a little woman who could not fix a light switch wrote it. The president of PPC said 'This paper is 1 of the most scientific I have ever read. There are words & terms in here that only a few master electricians know & understand. Some of these terms are even used by men in the Pentagon.
Whoever wrote this paper was a master electrician.' The man who asked for the critique said, 'Please forgive me. I should not have said it was a little lady who wrote it; she just copied it down. The Master Electrician, the Holy Spirit, described it to her.'  Fuchsia saw the Church march into the heavenlies in the Spirit & invade the evil powers of the media among other things as God was pouring Himself out upon the earth through His Church.
At the end of her earthly life, Fuchsia saw evidence of revival breaking upon the Church especially in the 3rd world. She asked God why the American Church hasn't plugged into His dunamis power. Part of His answer came & she writes it in
The Next Move of God. She was not devastated as the Word always gives hope...
The 3rd chapter in The Coming Move of God, is entitled, The Spirit of Jezebel...killing the prophets.
Besides not embracing the Holy Spirit, Dr. Pickett says in chapter
3, that the spirit of Jezebel, killing the prophets has come against the Church in a fierce attack, intimidating many & causing much destruction."
Fuchsia Pickett - http://www.amazon.com/Placed-In-His-Glory-Experience/dp/0884197522/ref=pd_sim_14_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=0RFPM3H62CV3JNPDGQEV#reader_0884197522
FuchsiaPickett - http://www.amazon.com/Worship-Him-Discover-Pure-Spiritual/dp/0884197239/ref=pd_bxgy_14_img_z#reader_0884197239
Fuchsia Pickett - http://www.amazon.com/Five-Laws-The-Dying-Seed/dp/0884199657/ - "Step onto a path that will bring forth fruit, but it is a road of dying...to your own personal agenda. Dr. Fuchsia Pickett explains the spiritual laws that will take you to the next level in your spiritual journey. She provides deep insight & fresh revelation about the laws of time, dying, hate, discipleship & identification. You will discover that eternity is already inside you.
Nothing you need is obtained from this world"
Fuchsia Pickett- Possess Your Promised Land - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0884199665/
Editorial http://65583.stablerack.com/Articles-and-Prophetic-Words? -
Editorial -

Ruthven, Jon - On the Cessation of the Charismata - The Protestant Polemic on Postbiblical Miracles -
1993/1997 Journal of Pentecostal Theology - supplement - series 3 reminds us that no one will share God's/Jesus' glory, regardless of intellectual/spiritual knowledge or giftings/anointings/powers/charismas/degree of sanctification.  No one is more superior than another.  It is God/Jesus that is superior. 
Not us, but God/Holy Spirit in us.  No one is more saved than another. 
(Think of your own children.  Each is not more or less your child.)

Sherrill, John and Elizabeth - The Happiest People on Earth - www.fgbmfi.org
Autobiography of Demos Shakarian, founder of Men's Full Gospel Fellowship International.

Sumrall, Lester - The dove and the eagle - A story of the great Philippine revival - www.amazon.com 
Sumrall, Lester @ https://drlestersumrall.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Pioneers-of-Faith.pdf

Tan, Peter - Canberra, Australia - http://cathedralofglory.com/ - http://petertan.net/ - http://petertan.org/ - http://petertan.mobi/
Prophetic vision about revival in NZ - #1
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KSgadTBGQM  #2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pswmlbTankM

Tenny, Tommy - The God Chasers - www.godchassers.net -
Chapter 2 No Bread in the House of Bread insists that God wants His visitations to break out in each generation & each life, so that even our children & grandchildren will be a witness to not only having met/seen Jesus but to have also fellowshipped with Him.  Recounting of ancestor's spiritual encounters will be grand, but living testimony of personal exploits will be better.  This visitation necessitates a huge personal spiritual hunger/famine.
Matthew 11:12 TPNT From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of the heavens is taken by violence, & shares in the heavenly kingdom are sought for with the most ardent zeal, intense exertion & violent men are seizing it, each one claiming eagerly for himself. (Luke 16:16) 
"How long has it been since your shadow healed anybody?" 
"I pray that God will give you an impartation of hunger (spiritual starvation), because that will qualify you."  Remember, the Lord wants us to seek His face/ presence/company & not His hands/healings/gifts/ blessings; we need a relationship not a present/winning the lottery/quick fix.                      

3 There's Got to Be More   "Real revival is when people...suddenly begin to weep & turn to their friends and say, 'I don't know what's wrong with me, but I know I've  got to get right with God.'"
Chapter 4 Dead Men See His Face   Missionary Edward Miller of the Argentine Bible Institute told Tenney, "If God can get enough people in an area to reject the rulership & dominion of Satan, if enough of His people will reject Satan's dominion in the right way, with humility, with brokenness & in repentant intercession, then God will slap an eviction notice on the doorway of the ruling demonic power of that area."
Tenney continues, "Pray...for an opening in the heavens over our cities & our nation so that when the glory of God comes, the people in our area can't resist anymore because the stronghold of demonic powers is broken."
"Frank Bartleman, of the Azusa revival, said, 'The depth of your repentance will determine the height of your revival.'"   "John Wesley...explained...during the 1st Great Awakening, 'I set myself on fire & the people came to see me burn (on the altar of sacrifice/death to self).'"
Chapter 5 Do We Run Away or Go In to the glory from the anointing?  "No true revival has ever occurred simply because people sought revival.  They were birthed when (desperate) people sought Him."
Chapter 6 How to Handle the Holy  Our spiritual heritage is extremely significant, an awesome blessing. 
Tommy's aunt was a partaker of a move of God in the Pentecostal movement of her generation.

Chapter 10 Moses' 1,500 Year Pursuit of God's Glory reminds "us that revival only comes when people are hungry, when 'vicarious intercessors' repent for sins they never committed on behalf of people they've never met."

Tozer, AW - The Pursuit of God

Tracy, Joseph - Edwards & Whitfield Revivals - http://quintapress.webmate.me/PDF_Books/Great_Awakening.pdf
brief summary @ http://mrfarshtey.net/classes/ENLIGHTENMENT_AND_GREAT_AWAKENING.pdf

Walters, Kathie - Bright and Shining Revival - An Account of the Hebrides Revival 1948-1952  - http://www.goodnews.netministries.org  "The presence of God came down on the islands & whole towns were saved & the presence of God chased people."  This book wets the appetite for a "Do it again, Lord," appeal.
10/24/2011 book excerpt @
@ http://www.injesus.com/message-archives/prophetic/kathiewaltersministy
Walters, Kathie - Macon, Georgia, USA  Living in the Supernatural @
http://www.goodnews.netministries.org Order 3 books "Living in the Supernatural" "The Visitation" "The Spirit of False Judgment" - http://www.sidroth.org/
Chapter 3 Our  Inheritance 
"The natural realm may shout the loudest, but the Holy Spirit has more authority than the natural realm.

Walters, Kathie - The Spirit of False Judgment -
Chapter 6 Seeing the Body - Through the Eyes of the Spirit  "You have to live somewhere to really know what's going on... People who were being used in that (South Chard, Somerset, South England) revival had paid a great price for the privilege... Most revivals come because of what we don't have and not what we do have.
Chapter 7 Judging According to Traditional Prejudice 
"The Lord showed" to Bobby Conner "a vision/picture of a young man with purple hair & a ring in his nose.  Bobby asked the Lord, 'Who is this?'  The Lord replied, '
This is My new army.'"
Chapter 11 Acceptable Sins?  "The Lord said...that to be ready for the outpouring of the Spirit, we must allow His heart for others to be manifested in each of us."
Walters, Kathie -
CELTIC FLAMES - "5th century accounts of the supernatural ministries of St Patrick (who raised the dead all the time) Brendan, Cuthbert, Brigid, Comgall etc all had supernatural powerful ministries that won Ireland and much of Europe to the Lord."
Walters, Kathie -COLUMBA THE CELTIC DOVE  "EYE WITNESS accounts - read about Columba's supernatural,  prophetic gift - 3 parts- his miracle ministry, amazing prophetic gift, angelic visitations."
Set of 3 Celtic books - order

Wilkerson, David - https://www.amazon.com/Great-Awakening-Coming-Mike-Evans/dp/B0876F9WM2 excerpt 2020 +

Yeomans, Dr. Lilian Barbara - http://healingandrevival.com/BioLYeomans.htm - Many editorials include Harriet Lehr, Ada, Ohio Testimony regarding Dr. Yeomans - http://healingandrevival.com/YeomansTestimony.pdf @ http://healingandrevival.com/YeomansTestimony.pdf


Allen, Scott @ https://elijahlist.com/words/display_word.html?ID=28254 10/28/2022 - Excellent edited excerpt -"I noticed, to my left, Jesus was sitting on a rock too, doing the same thing. We both sat there with our faces looking up into the light, gazing at His (Father God's) & the glory of His creation, saying together, 'Ohhh, Father'... Jesus continued, "There were times [when] we would sit like this. He would say, 'I want to show you how to: do the impossible, take ordinary things on the earth & do something extraordinary.'
He showed Me how to walk on water. He showed Me how to pass through crowds, heal the sick, cast out devils, rebuke storms, and command nature. He showed Me how to turn water into wine...all kinds of things like that.
It was just amazing. He would always say, 'Only believe,' after He taught Me what to do.
'You know, some of the things that are quoted of Me in Scripture are actual verbatim quotes of what My Father said to Me during those times [when] I was alone with Him & He was teaching Me'...
In the front, in beautiful black letters, it said, 'The Age To Come.'  Then those letters turned to glistening gold.
I knew it was from the golden age of the Millennium.  I opened the invitation up & it was blank.
Then Jesus said, 'This is an invitation to the age to come. I am going to show you things that My people will be able to do in the Millennium that will be common then, but no one has done them yet, or very few have. I am going to show you & others in Me how to do them.
Suddenly, I saw a vision of myself & others levitating, then flying, then disappearing 1 place & reappearing in another, like Jesus did after His resurrection. I saw us doing all kinds of things like that.
The Lord said, 'These will be commonplace in the age to come, but I am going to teach you how to do these here, now. They will be available to you.
Know this:  When you see 1 of these envelopes, know that I am about to teach you how to take something ordinary on the earth & do something extraordinary, to demonstrate who your Father is
Invitation to the Age to Come - Then Jesus suddenly had something in His hand that He wanted to give me.
It was a square manila envelope... like an invitation...I thought, 'Lord, why are You doing this?'
Then I heard Jesus say, 'I have saved My best wine for last.'  I knew that the last day Church is going to have the supernatural ability to do things that the 1st century Church never experienced...
It will be from the age to come because it's the beginning of the restoration of all things (Acts 3:21). This invitation is for all of us now. I hear the Lord saying, 'Put your name on it & it shall be yours.'  Prayer: Lord, we thank You for this personal invitation and for the mighty wave of Your Spirit that is upon us.  We walk toward it.  We ask You now for the powers of the age to come that are in it. WE BELIEVE. In Jesus' name.  Amen...What a time to be alive.'"  Thanks lovely Lord for inviting us to be alive NOW. Kennesaw, Gerogia.

Finney, Charles -
"When asked the secret to his success in the ministry, Finney simply said, 'The secret is  prayer. 

I always get up at 4 in the morning & pray from 4-8 every morning...
I found myself quoting scripture after scripture to the Lord, reminding Him of His promises...
Finney pled his case with God for revival in the cities where he would be preaching based on the promises in God's Word...
There isn't one account given that Finney ever pulled down demonic strongholds, prayed against devils, or dealt with ruling princes over cities, yet whole town were won to the Lord where Finney preached."
Father Nash preceded Finney to each city where he fasted and prayed for days at a time...
Regarding the Texas region, Mother Howard is cited for preparing the soil.  "Mother Howard began praying, taking 1 town at a tie and continuing to pray until a Full Gospel church was  raised up in the town she was praying for.  She'd pray from 10 AM until mid-afternoon.  Then after supper, she'd begin praying again & continue until midnight or later, depending on how the Holy Spirit let her.  Mother Howard was praying for souls."
editorial Timeless Teaching of Kenneth E Hagin - Praying for the Harvest 7/2008 Word of Faith magazine.

Hicks, Tommy - http://www.billyebrim.org/sites/billyebrim.org/files/cck_file/TOMMY_HICKS.pdf

Huguenots - (approx 1598-1710) The Camisards: Prophets of the Cevennes - http://www.healingwells.com/FRANCE-THE_HUGUENOTS_1.htm - Henry M. Baird's HISTORY of the HUGUENOTS, vol. II, Chapter 14: "Many were children, boys and girls of 9-10 years of age. They were sprung...their enemies said,  from the dregs...ignorant and uncultured; for the most part unable to read or write, and speaking in everyday life the patois of the province with which alone they were conversant... Such persons would suddenly fall backward, and while extended at full length on the ground, undergo strange and apparently involuntary contortions.
Their chest would seem to heave, their stomachs to inflate. On coming gradually out of this condition, they appeared instantly to regain the power of speech... From the mouths of those that were little more than babes came texts of Scripture, & discourses in good intelligible French, such as they never used in their conscious hours."

Montgomery, Mel C - http://www.brothermel.net/MCM_Elijah_in_Cave.pdf - Falling In The Spirit - with permission

Welsch Revival - "The power of God invaded this community of coal mines and farms back in October of 1904. The day the revival began was 10/31/1904 when the life of a young revivalist named
Evan Roberts was touched by the flame of God. Before the revival broke out in a national way, Evan Roberts was visited by Godís glory for 3-4 months every night from 1am to 5am. At times the light and glory of God would be so great upon him that his bed would physically shake. Evan Roberts was quoted as saying, 'I have reached out my hand and touched the flame. I am burning and waiting for a sign.' This was shortly before the revival was unleashed upon the entire community."
March 2004 - The Coming Healing Revival @ http://www.mattsorger.com/teachings.aspx
"I had a deeply profound experience with the Lord. During worship I was surrounded by the Holy Spirit's presence & was moved upon by Godís glory. His presence became so heavy I could no longer stand under the weight of it. As I lay on the floor, waves of glory swept over my body & I was caught up into a vision.
I saw the expanse of the horizon before me with the sun beginning to rise. The voice of the Lord spoke to me & said, '
It is the days of Malachi.' I was brought to the scripture in Malachi 4 concerning the Great Day of the Lord."
, Matt -
April 2004 - Birthing Revival Through Intimacy @ http://www.mattsorger.com/teachings.aspx
As I stood to the pulpit all I could do was bury my head in my bible. As I held onto the podium the worship team continued to play. The Lord spoke that He would strengthen me to be able to share the word He had written on my heart. As I lifted my head I could visibly see a white mist glory cloud hovering near the ceiling of the church. Several others could see it too. It was the manifest glory of God. All around the sanctuary people were weeping and shaking some on their knees and some standing. The Lord was impregnating us with the seed of revival. He began to speak to me that revival would be birthed out of intimacy.

Storm Andrew HOW TO EXPERIENCE PERSONAL REVIVALĒ @ http://www.johnthebaptisttv.com/category/audio/

Walters, Kathie - Early Church Fathers -
Walters, Kathie - http://www.injesus.com/message-archives/prophetic/kathiewaltersministy/hows-this-for-a-god-thing Revival in Scotland - 4/14/2013

Wilkerson, David - 1986 Prophecy - https://www.charismanews.com/opinion/80728-mike-evans-says-david-wilkerson-s-prophecy-of-a-plague-coming-to-new-york-is-being-fulfilled-before-our-eyes - 4/13/202
, David - Link to request 1986 prophecy transcript - http://pages.jerusalemprayerteam.org/2020-Coronavirus-Great-Awakening_2020-Coronavirus-Great-Awakening-LP-ALL.html?fbclid=IwAR2Sei68Jx14eI-I2BBTswgcU6N9dsZXGoagibsMRJJWJ9OKqk8U49UE9tA
Wilkerson, David - 1986 prophecy audio - Is David Wilkerson's Prophecy of a 'Plague Coming to New York' Being Fulfilled?
@ https://www.charismapodcastnetwork.com/show/strangreport/4d706255-831d-41e1-9e53-5c7f6ff33285 -
 Wilkerson, David - Audio + Text sermons @ http://www.sermonindex.net/modules/articles/index.php?view=category&cid=12

Yoder, Barbara - http://revivalmag.com/article/interview-barbara-yoder - 8/24/2012 -


The Forbidden Book - The History of the English Bible - DVD - www.newlibertyvideos.com

Orr, J. Edwin  (1912 - 1987) - Welch & other revivals http://www.sermonindex.net/modules/mydownloads/viewcat.php audio sermons on internet Dr. Orr's Testimony 


Che Ahn - http://endtimespropheticwords.wordpress.com/2008/05/15/che-ahn-on-todd-bentley-double-portion-of-william-branhams-anointing/

Burt, Arthur - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CcmD1zhFaw&NR=1 #2 - age 96 - talking about Alice, Smith Wigglesworth's deaf daughter - In ministry the Lord seems to arrange things that don't work.
Burt, Arthur - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqY9hj0JZD0 -
We are meant to BELIEVE rather than know/understand/ accumulate knowledge. 2009 @ age 97 -
What a man really believes rules him.  Many sick people believe in healing and remain ill. 
Are we better off with the new benefits and healthy sports or would we have been better off without them? 

Do or did they bring glory to God?  Do extra conveniences/increase/blessings cause me to know God less?
Burt, Arthur -
Prove ME Now - $ book
Burt, Arthur - http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=N8MyyJHGSqI - age 99 - With the upcoming generation God will do more with the nobodies than He has with the some-bodies to bring Himself glory.
Burt, Arthur - http://arthurburt.com/ - "When the Spirit of God reveals that the enemy of Godís glory is manís glory, pride or self-exaltation, God then becomes manís adversary. God gives grace to the humble, but resists the proud... God will not give His glory to another."
Burt, Arthur - http://www.wordandspirit-jubilee.co.uk/ArthurBurtOnlinePDFBooksAudio
HERE for MP3 Audio Files by Arthur Burt.
Burt, Arthur -
No Ebb (with endnotes) pdf - manuscript copy prior to print  + around.pdf - Around the World in 88 yrs. + Boomerang.pdf + HowToBeOrdinary.pdf + thelostkey.pdf + SilentYears.pdf or http://btckstorage.blob.core.windows.net/site2929/Arthur%20Burt%20Media/SilentYears.pdf (learning obedience)  

, Reinhard - DVD 4/19/2006 TV broadcast -
www.bennyhinn.org Shares testimony of Bonkee where he recieved mantle of George Jeffreys in London the day before George's death.  Christ for all  Nations or CFAN, Orlando, Florida, USA www.cfan.org  info@cfan.org - Africa missions headquarters

Brim, Billye - http://www.billyebrim.org/partnership/partner-letters/march_2009_partner_letter    
"Irelandís Lost Heritage by David Carnduff is a study of the visitations of God in Ireland, beginning with Patrick. 
The following from Chapter 4 on The Ulster Awakening sounded a keynote in my spirit:
'In the 19th Century, Ulster (north Ireland) experienced an Awakening of such proportions that among other things, an estimated 100,000 people were swept into the Kingdom of GodÖ
It happened within the space of one year - 1859. The outpouring of the Spirit that came in that year was so concentrated when it hit Ulster like a tidal wave, that it carried everything in front of it.'"

Regarding America, according to Wesley L. Duewel in  Revival Fire - "A canopy of holy & awesome revival influence, in reality the presence of the Holy Spirit, seemed to hang like an invisible cloud over many parts of the US, especially over the eastern seaboard. At times this cloud of Godís presence even seemed to extend out to sea. Those on ships approaching the east coast at times felt a solemn, holy influence, even 100 miles away, without even knowing what was happening in AmericaÖ.Revival began aboard 1 ship before it reached the coast.
People on board began to feel the presence of God & a sense of their own sinfulness.
The Holy Spirit convicted them, & they began to pray.
As the ship neared the harbor, the captain signaled, 'Send a minister.'Ē

Regarding America's civil war Duewel continues, "
Because of the bitter tensions of the Civil WarÖit seemed that the southern states would not be as powerfully influenced by the revival as the northern onesÖ
An unusually powerful revival broke out among the southern troops stationed around Richmond, Virginia, in the autumn of 1861. It began in the hospitals among the wounded...& then spread into the camps as these men returned to active duty.

Prayer meetings were organized and hundreds convertedÖBy the end of the war at least 150,000 soldiers had been convertedÖ The percentage among the southern troops was 21 %."
Pray for revival with Billye Brim & friends, noon to 1:00 Wednesdays
or @ archives at http://www.billyebrim.org/media/video/prayerarchives

Bullock, Christa @ Elijah Streams: CHRISTA BULLOCK: ďTHE BIDDING WAR FOR YOUR SOULĒ or on Rumble 10/14/2022

Carter, Howard - scandal - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Carter_(Evangelist) - While being in an  adulterous relationship, Brother Howard cited that he was in "a submitted relationship" to the apostolic Christian Growth Ministries (GCM) (Fort Lauderdale 5) group consisting of Bob Mumford, Ern Baxter, Charles Simpson, Derek Prince and Don Basham. As a result, in the late 1980s, Carter lost control of The Logos Foundation

Clark, Otis G. - TV Kenneth Copeland ministry broadcast interview  Engage Your Faith for Your Healing  3/24/2009 @ http://www.bvov.tv/asx/bvov/090324.asx 
2nd half of program showcases Dad Otis Clark (DOB 2/13/1903) who had power of attorney at Azusa Mission http://www.lifeenrichmentinc.com/otis.html  
Bishop Otis G. Clark  Mentors at Life Enrichment Epicenter and School of Missions and Theology, Seattle, Washington, USA  www.lifeenrichmentinc.com  
Is adopted dad of Dr Gwen and daughter Star Williams, California, USA. 
His Story, History, & His Secret: Life Through the Eyes of 106 Year Old - Otis Grandville Clark

Coe, Junior, (Jack) - Oxford, Alabama - 1 Live Video + 3 audio - Revival meetings - http://www.jackcoe.com/mambo
visit at 

Dawson, John & Joy - audio for purchase - Revival - http://www.faithnet.co.nz/tapes/wis05.html

Elim international churches  http://www.wn.elim.org.nz/about/history.htm
Revival came in 1904 to the village Cardingtonshire as a prelude to the great revival in Wales. 

Jeffreys brothers, Stephen, William and George, were born in Maestag in Wales. 
They taught the 4 square gospel that Jesus Christ is (1) savior (2) healer (3) baptizer (4) coming King
1914 revival - Belfast, Ireland - George Jeffreys (year of WWI outbreak)
1915 revival - Monaghan, Ireland - George Jeffreys
1922 revival - Wellington, New Zealand - Smith Wigglesworth
1926 revival - London, England - George Jeffreys

Ellers, Flo - 11/4/2014 -https://www.billyebrim.org/node/16337 begin approx @ 70:70
Just as a one eyed black man was used in a past great awakening, so will the native American
Indians be used in the next, as it is God's pleasure to use broken men & women.

Father's Glory Ministry audio recordings of spiritual giants - http://www.fathersglory.com/default.htm

Finney, Charles Grandison - web biography with salvation as major emphasis -

First Fruits "The Moravians pioneered a mission movement characterized by extraordinary commitment" - 3/26/2007 - movie on tv & internet

http://www.icfsr.org/history.html - Azusa History


GREAT HEALING REVIVALISTS - HOW GOD'S POWER CAME   http://www.revivalschool.com/healing.html    excellent

Gray, Steve & Kathy - Kansas city, Missouri, USA - http://www.worldrevivalchurch.com/ 

Javier, Eli  autobiography - The Pentecostal Legacy - The Pentecostal Legacy -
www.apts.edu/ajps/05-2/05-2-%20EJavier.pdf - Mentored under Lester Sumrall in Philippines   

Late Breaking Reality - http://www.latebreakingreality.com/
g. A Christian Revival in Indonesia (1965 to 1970) described in Mel Tari's book, Like A Mighty Wind.
It started in a Presbyterian church as about 200 people prayed, including 18 year old Mel Tari...
Karl Koch in his book The Revival in Indonesia writes about Pastor Gideon, who could look at you & tell you your unforgiven sins. p.160
p.143- The team saw Jesus in the skies standing above the sun. 
p.145-The team was commanded by God to go and preach the gospel in a village 48 traveling hours away.
Setting out on foot, they arrived at the village within a space of 4 hours..
The villagers heard the sound of a trumpet coming from the mountain calling them to the meeting.
However, the team did not have a trumpet with them. 50 people in the church were ill; all were healed.

Michelangelo Revealed - 6/16/2011 - http://www.pbs.org/wnet/secrets/episodes/michelangelo-revealed/226/ - watch -
"5 centuries ago, Michelangelo Buonarroti was the darling of the Catholic Church. The Papacy commissioned him to create many of its most important pieces, including the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel...
Yet when he  died, his body was secretly shepherded off to Florence... Now, art historian Antonio Forcellino believes he has pieced together evidence of a deep rift between the Church & the esteemed artist.
The cause: Michelangeloís belief in Protestant ideals, & his involvement with a clandestine fellowship (which anonymously published the
Spirituali Manifesto) trying to put an end to the decadence & corruption of the Clergy & reform the Church from within."

Revival Links - http://www.watchword.org/watchword_links.htm  Concentration appears to be on salvation.

Revive TV "is the media portal of Catch the Fire Ministries and Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship." 
http://www.revivetv.tv/  recommended (http://www.tacf.org )  

Moriel  Ministries http://www.moriel.org/articles/discernment/church_issues/four_current_movements_in_church.htm 
contend that the ones cited on this web page are in error.  In fact they are not.  Find a good summary of where God is  moving!Only God is perfect in heaven & earth...Only Jesus is perfect on the earth.

Ndifon, Charles - Adventure in Miracles - DVD - http://www.imiraclecenter.org/videos/vd2/ - Watch Adventures  In Miracles Video Clip

http://revivalschool.com/healing.html - GREAT HEALING REVIVALISTS - HOW GOD'S POWER CAME (along with Satin the deceiver) -  "Dowie (& apparently Branham) died still believing he was Elijah". -

Roberts, Evan - Welch Revivalist, Evan Roberts - http://www.xpmedia.com/Z4B8oTQMDzGj - Per Roberts  Liardon - Roberts had 8 nervous break downs, in part due to his failure to rest, pace himself, disregard public criticism, & make himself (his ministry) accountable to reputable spiritual oversight...
At his 4th breakdown, he was overseen/ proselytized/
mentored by Jessie Pen Lewis, who convinced him that much of his Holy Spirit unction/anointing/ministry was demonic.  He died not finishing the destiny for which God designed him to fulfill.  (Father God, please forgive us for our same failures & help us right now to begin to finish the work You designed for us to do from the foundation of the earth.  Amen.)

Sorger, Matt - Revival - http://www.mattsorger.com

Sumrall, Lester F (2/15/1913-4/28/1996)  http://www.lesea.com/tribute/goodbye.htm  -  http://www.lesea.com/ -
http://www.lesea.com/index.cfm/fa/aboutUs  + The Pentecostal Legacy + Philippine Assemblies of God Organized  pdf pg 285 View as HTML  pg 15  www.apts.edu/ajps/05-2/05-2-%20Seleky.pdf - Discussion of Clarita Villanueva.  Also introduces the input of Oral Roberts, Rudy Cerullo, TL Osborn, & Ralph Byrd when in 1955 many locals began to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.

The Voice of Awaking http://www.voiceawake.com/ - Join the men who have begun to meet for prayer at  Tremont Temple , Tremont St, Boston, Massachusetts at Noon on Wednesdays.

, David & Kathie  9/17-21/2007 - Radio @ http://www.sidroth.org/site/PageServer?pagename=rad_archives

Walters, Kathie - http://www.sidroth.org/ - God rescued Kathie from the mafia & she now walks in God's supernatural. Georgia, USA ministry @ http://www.goodnews.netministries.org
Walters, Kathie 4/23-27/2007 Intimacy with God @ LISTEN to http://www.sidroth.org/site/PageServer?pagename=rad_archives
Walters, Kathie & David - 2/4/2008 e-mail @
kathiewalters@mindspring.com - "A mighty true revival from heaven is the real and only answer. Look at some notes from some of the great revivals of the past.
Read & pass on these accounts.  May we get so hungry for God that we accept nothing less. 
We so often are content with the good thing, we miss the God thing. 
These (following) accounts are from 2 of our books you may wish to order & share."

, Walters, Kathie - 9/14/2010 - http://www.injesus.com/message-archives/prophetic/kathiewaltersministy/getting-in-gear-for-a-move-of-god - "God...is coming...like Niagara Falls. God showed it to me several years ago. It was scary in that Godís power is not something we can control or fit into our 'service.'  God will over-ride strong people if there are other people who are sold out to God. God will leave a place though if people continually resist Him.
Every revival has ended in control and the spirit of God has withdrawn when He is continually resisted...

Donít wait until God is moving strong before you decide what you want.
Donít wait to decide what to believe when you have a crisis.  Decide NOW what you believe.
Donít wait until you are sick before you really decide what you believe about healing.
Donít wait to decide whether or not you want the river of God to flow in your life when the move of God comes."

Walters, Kathie - 11/12/2010 - St Aidan of lindisfarne [Holy Island], UK -
http://www.injesus.com/message-archives/prophetic/kathiewaltersministy/awesome-read-st-aidan-of-lindisfarne-holy-island @ andy+anna@uppersprings.com - When 1st we hear of Aidan, he was a monk at Inis Cathaig [Scattery Island) in Ireland where Senan had founded the monastery. He then became  part of the  monastic community on Iona in Scotland...Aidan left the isle of Iona with 12 companions and traveled to Bamburgh in Northumbria where he was reunited with the young prince who  was now King Oswald. Aidan's life so far had been dominated by islands. 
He chose another 1, the tidal island of Lindisfarne, not far from Bamburgh, to be his headquarters, the place of his monastic foundation.  For 40 days he would have fasted & prayed before building a small  chapel there & only after that the cells for his monks & a  guesthouse. Aidan still had not learned the language of the Anglo Saxon people, but there
was 1 man at least who knew their language but was also fluent in Irish:
Oswald the king... Aidan of Lindisfarne died at Bamburgh on the Northumbrian coast. The
 year was 651 AD & he was propped up outside a tiny wooden church, refusing to move from there... The wooden beam he was leaning against was all that survived a fire in which the whole of the rest of the church building was destroyed.
When it was rebuilt that beam was incorporated.  Years later, another fire took out the whole building except for that 1 solitary
beam. [Even today it is apparently still maintained in the roof at Bamburgh parish church]." Walters, Walters, Kathie - 7/28/2011 - St Patrick - http://www.injesus.com/message-archives/prophetic/kathiewaltersministy/st-patrick-the-man-that-raised-dead-people
Eye witness reports of The Welsh revival of 1904. edited
"This is
revival! When men in the streets are afraid to open their mouths & utter godless words lest the judgment of God should fall; when sinners, overawed by the presence of God, tremble in the street & cry for mercy; when, without special meetings and sensational advertising the Holy Spirit sweeps across cities & towns in supernatural power and every shop becomes a pulpit; every heart an altar; every home a sanctuary & people walk softly before God. This is revival" (Quote from Rev Owen Murphy.)  Rev Murphy continues, 'The Welsh Revival of 1904 was like a mighty tornado. The Spirit of God swept across the land until mountains & valley, cities and villages were filled with the mighty manifestations of God. Churches were crowded & meetings went on day and night. Prayer, singing, and testimonies would sweep over congregations in torrents & hundreds turned to Christ. Never in the history of Wales had such indescribable scenes been witnessed.' The famous preacher Dr G Campbell Morgan after witnessing the scenes or revival in Wales, returned to Westminster Chapel in London and declared, 'Here is revival that comes from heaven.; there is no preaching, no order, no hymn books, no choirs, no organs, no collections, and finally no advertising! Now think for a moment. There were organs (musical instruments) - but they were silent. There were ministers, but there was no preaching.  They were among the people praising God! Yet the Welsh revival is a revival of preaching, for everybody is preaching. No order & yet it moves from day to day, county to county with matchless precision, with the order of an attacking force.
No song books, (overheads) but Ėah me, I nearly wept over the singing! When the Welsh sing they abandon themselves to the singing. No choir did I say? It was all choirs.'

'Wales is ablaze for God, already 50,000 converts have been recorded & the great Awaking shows no signs of waning.  It is sweeping over hundreds of villages & cities, emptying saloons, theaters & dance halls & filling churches night after night with praying multitudes. Go where you will, into the bank; the store; the trains. Everywhere men are talking about God.'  Like a tree shaken by a mighty storm, Wales was moved by the power of God until almost every home in the nation felt its impact. Newspapers in bold headlines carried the news of the amazing scenes taking place. So great was the fear of God & black paper, no case to be tried.
To commemorate the occasion, they were presented with white gloves.

In more than one place the Post officeís supply of money orders were exhausted as people sought to make restitution by paying their debts. Saloons and theaters closed and stores sold out of Bibles & New Testaments. Members of Parliament, busy attending revival meetings, postponed their political meetings.
Theatrical companies coming into districts found no audience, for all were praying.
Soccer games were abandoned.  More important things were at hand.  Thousands of Welsh coal miners were saved. When they attended the meetings it was said that the church floors were wet with tears flowing down from the sooty faces of the coal miners. The coal mines had to close in order to retrain the pit ponies (who pulled the coal carts), so that they could understand the new commands that were no longer riddled with foul curses.  In the first 5 months of the Welsh revival over 150,000 new converts were added to the churches. Wales in a country so small that is not as large as a State in the US; rather more the size of a county. In 1904 the population was far less than it is today.  Not many people know that the Welsh revival was not limited to Wales, but spread into England & many cities including London & on to many European countries & then over the to US."

For reports on the Welsh & Hebridean Revival read Bright & Shining Revival by Kathie Walters

                                        The Wesleyan Revival & other Revivals among Children

"Many reports of historic revivals donít usually mention children. Yet if we diligently search when can find some amazing records. In the
1750ís revivals broke out in meetings connected with Methodist preacher John Wesley. In Everton, North England, Wesley comments, 'I was much fatigued and did not rise, but Mr. Berridge did, and observed several faintings and crying out while he was preaching. Afterwards at church I heard many cry out, especially children whose agonies were amazing: one of the eldest, a girl 10-12 years old, was in full view, in violent contortions of body and weeping aloud.' 'Several younger children were agonizing as well.' The greatest number of them who cried or fell were men: but some women, and several children felt the power of the same almighty Spirit and seemed just sinking into hell. This occasioned a mixture of various sounds: some shrieking , some roaring aloud. The most general was a loud breathing, like people half strangled and gasping for life; Great numbers wept without any noise others fell down as dead: some sinking in silence; some with extreme noise and violent agitation. Among the children who felt the arrows of the Almighty I saw a sturdy boy, about eight years old who roared above his fellows and seemed in his agony to struggle with the strength of a grown man.
His face was red as scarlet, and almost all who God laid His hand on, turned either red or almost black.

Alice Miller, 15 years old had fallen into a trance. She was sitting on a stool leaning against a wall with her eyes open and fixed upward. I made as if I was going to strike; but she continued immovable.
Her face showed an unspeakable mixture of reverence & love, while silent tears stole down her cheeks.

In 1861 God become to move in the West Highland of Scotland among the children who were looking after the sheep on the hills. They read the Bible during the day and met for prayer in the barns in the evening.
Many children 10-12 years of age walked 7 miles to church twice a week regularly for months on end.
They walked in groups reading & singing as they walked. A few years later 8,000 children gathered to listen to
Edward Payson Hammond preach at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London.
For more reports of this revival read "Children Aflame" by David Walters.

Order both of Walters' books, Bright & Shining Revival &/or Children Aflame @
Walters, Walters, Kathie - Taken Away in the Spirit - 7/6/2008 - Intercessors in the Hebrides revivals sometimes would be "taken away" in the Spirit for several days & in this case , a week at a time. SCOTLAND -
Excerpt of @ Walters' book Bright & Shining Revival @ www.goodnews.netministries.org/kathie.htm below link: http://www.injesus.com/index.phpmodule=message&task=view&MID=KB007EWH&GroupID=BA007I8S&print=1
Walters, Kathie -
AZUSA STREET = REAL CHURCH - http://www.injesus.com/message-archives/prophetic/kathiewaltersministy/what-faith-was-talking-aboutreal-church 1/27/2013
Walters, Kathie @
http://www.injesus.com/message-archives/prophetic/kathiewaltersministy/what-happened-to-the-welsh-revival -

Tommy Welchel - LISTEN to 6/30-7/4/2008 - Show 1598 http://www.sidroth.org/site/PageServerpagename=rad_archives "Tommy Welchel spent years listening to retired saints tell their stories of breathtaking miracles & wondrous healings in the Azusa Street Revival." 
40 years later he has been released to write these stories.  Pastors who have been reading them to their congregation have witnessed some of the same miracles... Post script: As a child of 7 Tommy witnessed Branham & his angel light.  (Prophecy foretells another Azusa in America in 100 years.  Revival has broken out as many small snowballs.  Revival is now snowballing, gathering in majesty & size, for the 100 years is upon us.
The carriers of His glory are getting younger & younger, as each successive generation is being equipped & empowered to recognize, refute, & counteract the demonic powers which are also rising.)

Tommy Welchel  WATCH 7/14-20/2008 @  http://www.sidroth.org/site/PageServer?pagename=tv_archives 

transcript @ http://www.sidroth.org/site/DocServer/IS469Transcript_Welchel.pdf

Wyatt, Ryan - Editorials/Articles - http://www.abidingglory.com/teachings/teachings.cfm    http://www.abidingglory.com/teachings/index.cfm?page=teachings&id=10 - "Most of those (famous) hotspots   of revival are deader than they were before revival came.  Iím not interested in a 'seasonal' revival, but rather, Iím interested in a sustained habitation of the Glory of God on the earth and itís called, The Kingdom...
Jesus came to the earth to re-establish the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth.  Jesus came to re-connect earth with heaven and establish a sustained presence and atmosphere of the government of heaven on the earth...
The head in heaven.  When the church reconnects with the head in heaven (Jesus Christ) then there will be an unhindered release of heaven on earth... Modern day Jerusalem is a prophetic sign for us. 
This coming June (1988) will mark the 40 year anniversary of Jerusalemís independence & return to the Jews.  Bob Jones has told me many times that Israel is not Godís time clock but rather Jerusalem. 
The 40-year mark is very significant in biblical terms.  For 40 years the Israelites wandered the wilderness...

They were to become a hub of Godís glory for all the nations to see.  At the 40-year mark they were to enter in and 'possess' the land.  Prophetically speaking for us, the promise land represents stepping across the threshold (of just hearing prophetic words and promises) into a place & time where they are actually fulfilled & lived out, or 'earthed' as I like to say.  Stepping into the promise land represents going from occasional manifestations of glory to actually establishing strongholds of God where His glory can abide in a place of habitation. 
Stepping into the promise land represents not just fighting little skirmishes just to stay alive but actually ruling & reigning in a constant battle to not just win the battle but to actually take ground from the enemy, maintain the victory & establish a stronghold of the Kingdom of heaven in that place. 
I believe that this prophetic season of Jerusalemís 40 year Independence Anniversary is not only a sign to the church but literally a threshold that we are crossing...

Israel (after crossing the Red Sea) responded in a very negative way. 
They developed a victim mentality & constantly grumbled about their state of being. 
They had sunk into just a maintenance mentality, just trying to stay alive rather than a victory mentality of ruling & reigning.  They seemed to believe that when they entered their promise land that all the fighting would cease & all their worries would disappear.  The problem is that Israel had no idea who they were. 

They had no idea that they were the weapon in Godís hands that would establish the rule of God in the earth...
The spirit and anointing of THE OVERCOMER, Jesus Christ, is coming into the body of Christ...Heaven is NOT for when we die but itís for this life, right now, on this earth.  Not only that but itís the responsibility of the church to be the gateway where heaven touches earth.  We are to be the instruments that not only bring heaven to earth but also establish & advance the kingdom of heaven on this earth.  The spirit of a warrior is coming upon the church.  Many believe that when you press into your promise land that all the warfare will cease.  This is NOT true.  Itís when we press into the promise land of Godís glory that the warfare goes to a whole new level. 
The warfare in the promise land is CONSTANT...

5-fold ministry are gifts given directly from Jesus Christ to the church.  When Jesus walked the earth He was all of them in 1.  He was the: Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor & Teacher.  After raising from the dead, Jesus basically took the mantle upon His life & divided it in 5 pieces & gave it to certain people within the body of Christ.  No one person can fulfill all of these ministry gifts.  The 5-fold ministry, according to Ephesians 4:11, are called to equip the saints (& church/family/village) for the work of ministry.  5-fold ministry are called to under-gird, raise up & release the saints to do the work of establishing & expanding the kingdom of God on this earth as the Body of Jesus.  1 ministry gift (1 pastor) can never be expected to do all of this... 
I believe that 1 of the major focuses & strategies of God in this season is to establish strong apostolic regional bases in every region of the world...where the saints are not just trained to 'do the stuff' but are 'actually doing the stuff'... God is raising up these bases to steward a sustained atmosphere of the glory of God...where the prophetic can be ďearthedĒ. 
In John 1:14, the 'Word', or the prophetic, became flesh, or became earthed & dwelt among us & we beheld His glory.  Jesus was a living, breathing habitation of God.  Everywhere He went the Kingdom of Heaven came with him.  These bases will serve as 'little Romes' or 'little Garden of Edensí where the prophetic is earthed & digested by the saints of God & then manifested through their everyday lives with grace & power."

Yoder, Barbara - http://www.prophetic.tv/vtm.php?e=5004 or  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCRN6eIUxs8 7/2012 - 
Yoder, Barbara - http://www.shekinahchurch.org/ -

Where God Is Showing Up

Great Churches ? - http://brothermel.com/greatchurches.aspx as of 10/2010

Inspirational Ministries  http://www.fathersglory.com/insp/inspiration.htm

French Child Prophets

The Child Prophets of France - http://www.injesus.com/message-archives/prophetic/kathiewaltersministy/the-child-prophets-of-france-16881702 - http://www.injesus.com/message-archives/prophetic/kathiewaltersministy - Excerpts & accounts of prophetic move of the Holy Spirit in France 1688-1702  from French Book  THE SACRED THEATRE OF THE CĚVENNES, by M. MISSON - Translated By Claire Uyttebrouck -

                                                                               Fraud or NOT ?

, Don - http://www.trinityfi.org/press/donstewart.html - It is spiritually DANGEROUS to criticize men of God.  BEWARE.  God even uses donkeys to do His work.  (Just hang onto your wallet.  Get a 2nd opinion. 
Do not disown all your poor relatives & give everything to one single distant ministry through which you have had no personal relationship, no healing, no miracle & no deliverance.)  It is definitely inappropriate to put down AA Allen an awesome man of God in his time.  NOBODY except Jesus is/was perfect.                                                             

American Presidents

God in America TV documentary - http://www.pbs.org/godinamerica/view/ very nice spiritual overview, esp. re Abraham Lincoln as martyr for nation's slavery sins 12/2011 - God In America - Watch the Full Program Online -

Washington, George - http://lifetoday.org/video/george-washingtons-sacred-fire/ - 12/15/2011 - Peter Lillback's George Washingtonís ďSacred FireĒ

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