Renounce, Reject, Reverse & Replace Rejection
                    (In Jesus' name, we reject you: spirit of rejection.)

Self rejection - Self sabotage

Self rejection often results in self sabotage.  Self rejection is often anger towards others turned inward. 
If a victim cannot retaliate against victimizer, then he/she can redirect that violence/hurt towards self in the form of emotional bitterness/hatred resulting in stress/ulcers/depression/suicide/etc.  Wounds unattended to, when left unresolved, get buried like seeds that can later sprout as weeds in one's emotions/body/mind/spiritual walk.  Seeds buried in pyramids for instance, can later sprout.  Hurts/wounds/traumas buried in the subconscious or past & not healed/dealt with by the Trinity will sprout at any opportunity Satin has to get his foot in the door of our lives. 
When the pressure builds up enough & the crack is wide enough, there will be a volcanic eruption, on us &/or on others, which always backfires/burns all.  LET US:
1.repent of all personal & ancestral sins. 
2.ask Jesus to be our daily Lord, Savior & baptizer in the Holy Spirit. 
3.ask His Holy Spirit to expose & heal all hidden unforgiveness/trauma/wounds. 
4.ask Jesus to evict all demonic strongholds & underlings. 
5.ask His angels & army host to close all doors that opened up the entrance of violence/defect/deformity/disease/insanity/addiction/stinking thinking. 
6.ask to be taken to the lap of Father God to be made whole & equipped to do what we were created to do & be. 
7.ask the Trinity to help us to maintain our (relapse-free) freedom in Christ Jesus 
8.continually & daily worship the Trinity.  Amen & Amen.
We already in Christ Jesus NOW have ALL we need for every thing. 
What we now need to do is to enforce what He has already done. 

We need to exercise our mental, emotional, physical & spiritual muscle/mouth to say, "NO, NO, NO, in Jesus name."
No to disease.  No to symptoms.  No to defect.  No to deformity.  No to addiction.  No to insanity. 
No to demons.  NO, NO, NO, in Jesus' name.  No wavering.  No 1% doubting.  No double-mindedness. 
Never in our own personal sufficiency, but 100% in His sufficiency dwelling inside of us.

Joan Hunter 2012 - TV transcript - radio here *edited) Mistake Reversal -
Here is awesome inspiration, mentoring & hope for our mistakes, which can be reversed by Holy Spirit, in Jesus' name:
She would beat, and beat, & beat her sons. She came in one day & says, 'I just wish I had not beaten my boys. My life would be a whole lot better if I had just not beaten them'...So I prayed with her & said, 'God, I thank you for erasing the pain in her life & her sons' lives & her sons' memory.' She says, 'I'm going to go ask them 1 more time to forgive me.' She goes to them & they go, 'You didn't beat us, Mom. Yeah, you disciplined, but you didn't beat us.' She had to seek counseling; her children were almost taken away from her because she beat them so bad... It was really bad.
They're like, ĎNo, you spanked us, but you didn't beat us.í The she talked to her husband.
ĎI'm so sorry I beat our boys.í It's like, ĎYou didn't beat them.í
He's the one who took her & made her go to counseling for fear that the boys would be taken. He didn't remember any of it."
This gives us better insight into God's saying, "I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins (your mistakes) no more."  Hebrews 8:12 NIV & Jeremiah 31:34 NIV Also see Micah 7:19
(Let us go before papa God, in Jesus' name to lay individually one at a time every "mistake" at His feet for Him to erase & cancel from memory, at least the emotional harm inflicted on others, as well as on His Son Jesus & on ourselves.  In His mercy even reverse the physical injury, when that is the case.
If Satan the accuser returns with the same taunts, remind him to go away as he is a liar.)

Hawkins, David - When Pleasing Others Is Hurting You -

Rothschild, Jennifer - 11/15/2011 - @   


Mathias, Art - Biblical foundations of Freedom - &

Cancel Culture

How to do Spiritual Warfare Against Cancel Culture - Curt Landry Ministries 2022 - The Lord revealed to Curt:
Satan (in the heaevnly court room) was decreeing to the Just Judge, 'The (prayers) have NO right to bind me.'
The Father offered NO objection (because) Satan was right in his accusation"...
We can "get free from cancelation cycle when we follow the pattern of 2 Chronicles 7:14:
We turn from our wicked ways.

We repent for: not following Godís ways, canceling one another in the Church, canceling the prophetic voices & disregarding the Matthew 18 protocol that Jesus clearly laid out for us.
We repent (for enabling the accuser).
We cancel the rights of the accuser of the brethren, so that we can walk forgiven & (regain) maintain our rights in the Courts of Heaven to bind (& loose such as) this (evil) spirit behind the cancel culture."

Download your copy of the Cancel Culture Prayer (



Meyer, Joyce -  - 3/12/2012
Meyer, Joyce -  - 3/13/2012

Rejection in the Womb

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Regions of Captivity -
(Spiritually captured soul pieces seem to be stuck in a time warp at the age of trauma.) 
Chapter 8 - A Gadarene (testimony of Flory Gonzalez)  "He declared that is father had raped him & had given him to a 'babalao' (a Brazilian witch doctor) at the age of 6...At another cave...was a prison of rape. 
We saw the fragment of the soul that...was the same young man, but he was only 6 years old...
At a 3rd cave we found the next fragment of the young man's soul...The (holy) angel took the boy into his arms and...carried him out of that cave.  Upon leaving, he turned into a small baby & was united with Jesus. 
I understood the rejection had imprisoned him from the time he was in his mother's womb."
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Iniquity - - - -
(Iniquity enters in at conception and stays until any/all legal rights have been removed from the spiritual enemy.) 
"People who have been rejected, appear to attract more & more rejection.
Partly because they are trapped in nets of iniquity, and because of a spiritual law in operation. 
This law will continue until iniquity (un-forgiven ancestral sins/curses) is removed from their lineage."

MacNutt, Francis & Judith - -

Parental Rejection

Bummer Lambs - The Blythe Family

, Maureen - Bummer Lambs -
bummer-lambs/  Bummer Lambs -
"An orphan lamb is 1 that is not able to be raised by its mother & needs to be fed on milk replacer.
At times the ewe may reject the lamb, simply because it cannot produce enough milk. Other times the mother refuses to care for her young.
Believe it or not, these rejected & abandoned lambs are called bummer lambs. 
The orphan lambs must depend on the shepherd in order to live. He nurtures the lambs just like a mother ewe.
Without him the lambs would die. As a result, when the shepherd calls to the flock, it is the bummer lambs that run to him 1st.
They have received the blessing of having been personally cared for by the shepherd.  Brokenness is a gift from the Good Shepherd. 
Those of us who know we are broken & loved by God eagerly run to Him for His grace, His mercy & His goodness. What a blessing."

Kornacki, Carol - -  week of 12/12/11

McNeal, Sam - 12/7/2011 Table Talk - -
"Her childhood was filled with violence, mental illness, & abuse.  She spiraled downward after the tragic death of her mother.
Sam found peace, healing & hope after she had to face the most difficult stepÖforgiving her father."
@ TV

Omartian, Stormie - - Mom was mentally ill. 12/13/2011

Family Estrangement

Bill Ligon - Patriarchs - 3/2-6/2012 - Friday is especially good Sid Roth Messianic Vision radio mentor regarding family estrangement (& self-blessing when obese).

Walters, David - 2017 Prayer - "Father we hold up to You the ___________ family tree and by Your grace & power bring them into unity as You have in the Trinity. Let all of them know you are Lord of their lives. In the precious Name of Jesus we pray, Amen." - [Keep in mind that if there are demons in any way involved, especially regarding those rejecting you (or vice versa),
then the Holy Spirit in you may cause the demonic influences in others to react negatively to you, so do NOT take personal offense. 
One can bind, in Jesus' name, any demonic manifestations, etc...Additionally one can pray to negate demonic influences & designs & to loose the designs of the Trinity in that person's life, in Jesus' name. 
Finally, one can have his/her own demonic hounds, hiddn & not eliminated, such as those that might be inherited. 
So be humble & implore the Lord to reveal & address all such issues when both you & He are ready.]


Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D. - -
Coping with Facebook & other internet media personal rejection of you. Self-evaluation insights.

Medical Science Research

Heartbreak Puts the Brakes on Your Heart Rejection affects the heart. -

                                           SCRIPTURE Jesus' Rejection
Due to Others' Failure to Recognize Him as Messiah, God's Holy Spirit Indwelling Human Flesh

Luke 2:22-38 TPNT The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple 
22When the days of their purification were completed according to the Torah of Moses
[footnote: Leviticus 12:2 sets a 7 day period (prior to circumcision) &
Leviticus 12:4
sets a(dds an additional) 33 period for a total of 40 days], they brought Him up to Jerusalem to present Him to the Lord,
23just as it has been written in the Torah of the Lord that "Every male opening the womb will be called holy to the Lord,"
(Exodus 13:2,12,15)
24.& to give a (ransom) offering according to that which was said in the Torah of the Lord,

"A pair of turtledoves or 2 young doves."  (See Numbers 3 Ransom of First-born.)
25.& behold a man by the name of Simeon was in Jerusalem. 
This righteous and devout man was waiting for the comforter of Israel & the Holy Spirit was upon him. 
26It was revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he would not see death before he would see the Messiah of the Lord
27He came to the temple in the Spirit.  His (Jesus') parents brought in the child Jesus for them to do according to the custom of the Torah concerning Him (to present the 1st-born son on his 40th day). 
28He (Simeon) took Him in his arms, praised God & said,
29"Now You are releasing Your servant, Lord, in peace according to Your word;
30because my eyes have seen Your Salvation,
31the One You prepared before the face of all the people,

32a Light in revelation for the heathens & the Glory of Your people Israel." 
His father & mother were amazed over what was spoken concerning Him. 

34Then Simeon blessed them & said to Mary His mother, "Behold, this One is appointed for the fall & rising of many in Israel & for a sign that is opposed. 
35But then for you a sword will pierce your own inner being, too, as thoughts of many hearts would be revealed." 
36.Anna was a prophetess, daughter of Phanuel, from the tribe of Asher. 
She had gone forward many days, living with a husband 7 years from her virginity. 
37She was a widow until 85 years. 
She did not leave the temple, while she was serving night & day in fasting & prayer. 

38At this time she was
standing & giving thanks to God & speaking about Him to all those who were waiting for the redemption of Jerusalem.

Luke 10:24TPNT Indeed, I tell you that many prophets & kings wanted to see the things you are seeing, but did not see them, & to hear the things you are hearing, but did not hear them.  (Commentary: How great an agony must the Trinity then & in each successive generation suffer for man's failure to recognize and receive Yeshua as Messiah.)

isaiah/53-3.htm - The Suffering Servant - 3He was despised and forsaken (rejected) of men, A man of sorrows and acquainted with grief; like 1 from whom men hide their face He was despised, & we (many/most) did not esteem (sufficiently appreciate) Him (during His lifetime or in successive generations). 4Surely our griefs He Himself bore, And our sorrows He carried; Yet we ourselves esteemed Him stricken, Smitten of God, and afflicted.
But He was pierced through for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities.
The chastening (mandatory punishment/spanking/penalty) for our well-being fell upon Him, & by His (standing-in-the gap/substitutionary) taking our required consequence) scourging we are healed (in a manner that NO angel, human, scientist, pet, drug, ideology, medical doctor or psychiatrist could bring about.

Other's Rejection of Scripture Portions

Maria de Lange, Susanna Francina - -
- "Many believers and some churches reject parts of the New Covenant.
Some reject healing. Some reject deliverance. Some reject the baptism of Godís Holy Spirit & His gifts.
I am convinced that (the evil spirit) Leviathan (the spiritual king of pride) has blocked many from walking in the fullness of the Covenant we have through Jesus Christ.
There are different types of pride  & 1 of them is Religious Pride. 194"
"The beginning of humility lies in the recognition of human limitation, helplessness, & inability which would commence an absolute dependency on the LORD only." (The human man's mind may reject part of God's Truth, but invite your human spirit to allow His Holy Spirit to open the door into your heart to that Truth. 
Man is 3 parts - body, mind, spirit.  The Holy Spirit ministers to the human spirit.)

 Scripture Re: Rejection esp. re: Messiah,-Human-Experience-Of -
amentations 5:21-22 Restore us to You, O LORD, that we may be restored;
Renew our days as of old, Unless You have utterly rejected us And are exceedingly angry with us.

Psalm 43:2 -
For You are the God of my strength; why have You rejected me?
Why do I go mourning because of the oppression of the enemy?
Psalm 44:23-24
- Arouse Yourself, why do You sleep, O Lord? Awake, do not reject us forever.
Why do You hide Your face & forget our affliction & oppression?
Psalms 77:7-12 Will the Lord reject forever?
Will He never be favorable again? Has His lovingkindness ceased forever?
Has His promise come to an end forever?
Has God forgotten to be gracious, Or has He in anger withdrawn His compassion?
Psalm 88:14 - LORD, why do You reject my soul? Why do You hide Your face from me?
1 Samuel 8:5-7 and they said to him, "Behold, you have grown old, & your sons do not walk in your ways.
Now appoint a king for us to judge us like all the nations."
But the thing was displeasing in the sight of Samuel when they said, "Give us a king to judge us."
Samuel prayed to the LORD.
The LORD said to Samuel, "Listen to the voice of the people in regard to all that they say to you, for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me from being king over them.


Cross, Denise - Rescue from Rejection

Eckhardt, John -

, Frank - Frank or Ida Mae Hammond - Schizophrenia -
Rejection -

Holliday, Pat - Family Deliverance Manual #1&#2 - booklet/outline - -
spirit of rejection causes one to reject themselves, to reject God, to isolate, to reject others, to become unstable, to act compulsively, to have an impaired memory, to have a divided heart (tottering between what God says & Satan says who one is despised or loved) & to thus be double-minded.

Jackson, John Paul - Breaking Free of Rejection - book $

Maldonado, Guillermo - Inner Healing and Deliverance - 4 spiritual laws or open doors to demons can be recognized & remedied.  - - Chapter 5 Rejection

Maloney, James - The Wounded Cry -
A heartfelt booklet that cuts right to the source of many people's issues in life: rejection, fear, isolation
Candidly recounting his testimony, James Maloney shares the solution each of us needs & can find only in 1 Man:
the Lord Jesus Christ, for He has made it clear, 'I have heard your cry for acceptance, & I love you just the way you are.'"

Mathias, Art - Biblical Foundations of Freedom Destroying Satanís Lies With Godís Truth - Anchorage, Alaska, USA -
Chapter 9 Principality of Rejection section The Roots of Rejection - - Leesburg, Florida, USA -
Dorothy E Hooks' lesson on rejection from Art Mathias' book pg. 142: 
1st  Confess
2nd  Repent 
3rd  Renounce the power of_the (4) SPIRITs of REJECTION_ in (my) life
(in Jesusí name)
4th  Speak blessings over (my) life
(in Jesusí name),
5th  Seal (my) ears from hearing rejection (in Jesus' name), 
6th  Seal (my) mouth from speaking rejection (in Jesus' name) 
7th  Seal my eyes from seeing rejection
(in Jesusí name)
8th  Break the power of (each rejection) spirit of_____________ (speak to each of spirits cited below) in (my) life
(in Jesusí name):
1st REJECTION, 2nd FEAR of REJECTION, 3rd SELF-REJECTION, 4th REJECTION of OTHERS & 5th DESIRE of REJECTION (desire to be rejected).
9th  Command the spirit of __________ [speak to each of above spirits, to be bound
(in Jesusí name); then]
10th  Command EACH spirit (name each individually) to leave (permanently)
in name & authority of Jesus Christ, under Whose blood (I) am covered.

Prince, Derek - God's Remedy for Rejection  - - Request Free book
by writing request to Benny Hinn Ministries PO Box 16200, Irving, Texas 75016
REJECTION can be a root cause of schizophreniaRebellion can also be a root cause of schizophrenia
Rebellion is a negative response/ reaction to hurt.  Resentment becomes hatred & hatred becomes rebellion. 
Scripture says in 1st Samuel that rebellion is equivalent to witchcraft, which God hates. 
Repent of, reject, refuse to hold bitterness/hurt in your heart resulting from rejection by any individual. 
Forgive each incident/act. 
If you can bless (pray for) those who have rejected you, then you can know you are on the mend.

Chapter 2 The Causes of Rejection - "I believe the devil has some foreknowledge. 
He knows God wants to use you & he has struck his blow 1st...a twisted compliment. 
It means that Satan is afraid of what you can become in Christ, so do NOT be discouraged."
Chapter 5 The Ultimate Rejection - "For some, the simple declaration (out loud) of acceptance in Christ & the fatherhood of God resolves the problem of  rejection."
Chapter 6 How to Apply the Remedy 
"Jesus prayed...'
Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing' (Luke 23:34)...
Why do I need to forgive...Whether he is dead or alive is NOT important. 
It is (51%-99%) for your sake that you are forgiving, not (less) for the other person...
The failure to forgive is 1 of the most common barriers to God's blessing...

Forgiveness is NOT an emotion; it is a decision."  "Accept yourself.  Sometimes this is the hardest step of all. 
I tell Christians, 'Never belittle yourself.  Never criticize yourself.  You did not make yourself. 
God made you'... You can no longer evaluate yourself on the basis of the way you lived before...

As you repeatedly declare who you are in Christ according to God's Word, you will begin to override the old negative self-talk & learn to accept yourself."
"It is time now for you to claim your release & pray a prayer that will set the seal...
Lord Jesus Christ, I believe that You are the Son of God & the only way to God. 

You died on the cross for my sins. You rose again from the dead. 
I repent of all my sins.
I forgive every other person as I would have God forgive me. 
I forgive all those who have rejected me, hurt me & failed to show me love, Lord.  
I trust You to forgive me. 
I believe, Lord, that You do accept me...Now Lord,
I proclaim my release from any dark, evil spirit that has taken advantage of the wounds in my life. 
I release my spirit to rejoice in You.  In Your precious name, Amen...
(Ignore any & all negative feelings/manifestations that the enemy may exhibit.)
Thanking God (out loud) sets the seal on your release."
Prince, Derek - 9/2002 - (edited)

Israel's Restoration - Derek Prince Ministries PDF
"It was in September 2000 that I decided to take up residence once again in Israel.
Through my experiences in ministering to people who need deliverance from demons, I have learned something about the reasons why people suffer. I have learned that the hardest, most painful form of suffering is rejection.
is, I believe, the deepest wound of the human heart
In our society today we are surrounded by people who have been rejected.
I believe human beings were designed to encounter love. But when a little child does not encounter love from father or mother, there is a deep wound of rejection. After that, many other wounds may follow.
People are reaching out for love continually.  But where they meet the opposite, the result is often a desperately deep wound.  I believe the root problem of the Jewish people is rejection, & they do not even know it. If you have ever dealt with a rejected person, you will know they often tend to be aggressive. But that is just a cover-up.
The truth of the matter is, they are longing to be loved. This is true of the Jewish people; they are longing for acceptance.  The psalmist says,
ďYou have lifted me up & cast me away.Ē  I could refer to several other passages that say the same thing about Israel. God certainly lifted them up, He made them the head of the nations, He gave them a place of prominence; then He cast them away. He did not cast them away forever, though, but you must have faith to lay hold of that.  Verse 12 is where we find hope. Here is the biblical response to rejection:  But You, O LORD, shall endure forever.  The remembrance of Your name to all generations. 
'But You, O LORD.' Turn your mind away from yourself, your problems, your sufferings, your failures. 
There is no help to be found there.  The only source of hope & help is the Lord.
You can blame other people for your situation (which may be perfectly correct), but they have no solution to offer you. There is only 1 solution: the Lord.  He is always there.

A Time of Restoration -
Our walk through Psalm 102 has taken a turn in the right direction.
The psalmist has chosen to trust in Godís love & mercy. Verse 13: You will arise & have mercy on Zion.
For the time to favor her, Yes, the set time, has come.  The current restoration of the Jewish people is a unique mark of Godís favor. In Godís calendar (time line) there is a set time to favor Zion. I believe we are either living in it now or we are approaching it.  There are 2 words in that verse that describe something we can never earn:
favor & mercy. The very fact that we need mercy means we cannot earn it. 
Here, I believe, is a focal problem with religious people like you or me. If we cannot earn it, we do not want it.
Most of us have been brought up to think that religion is earning something. If you achieve certain standards or satisfy certain requirements, you will get certain benefits. I do believe there is an element of that in the life of faith, but this is not what we are talking about. You cannot earn favor.  You cannot earn mercy.
By definition, they cannot be earned.  If you need mercy, that means you have not earned it. 
In ministering to the body of Christ, I have discovered that many Christians find fault with God because He is restoring the Jewish people & they feel the Jews donít deserve it. But that is the very essence of favor:

getting what you donít deserve
.  One result of that way of thinking is *'replacement theology,' which claims that because the Jews have fallen out of favor with God, all of their promises default to the church. 
By implication, 'the church'
does deserve Godís favor. But this leaves me with an unresolved problem.
In more than 60 years of ministry, I have yet to discover a church that actually does deserve Godís favor." *[Martin Luther, former German Catholic priest had great spiritual insight about God's free grace, but gave Adolph Hitler a church platform (denomination/doctrine/ideology in the absence of Israeli nationhood) to legitimize his anti-Semitism.]

Sandford, John L. and Paula - Ė post by Alberto Vazquez Botello
Healing Prenatal Wounds and Sins Ė the Slumbering Spirit
Ė 1985 from - recommended -
(Sometimes scripture translators interchange soul & spirit. 
Regardless, to a large degree, the basic spiritual principles would apply.)
Sandford, John L. and Paula - Growing Pains -
Chapter 2 Overcoming Wounds from Prenatal Rejection and Birthing Traumas
section 15 Signs of Childhood Rejection - (edited)
1.Are the person's feelings easily hurt?
2.Does he perceive hurt where none was intended.  Does he nurse hurt feelings?
3.Does he take personally, as insult or slight, remarks that others would ignore, laugh at, or enjoy? 
4.Is he habitually defensive of himself & others?
5.Does he require a special invitation or encouragement to participate in activities others would simply volunteer to join?
6.Does he demand attention rather than invite it?
7.Does he withdraw into himself & find it difficult to share?
8.Does he talk a lot without revealing what he rally thinks?
9.Does he need compliments, but fail to hear them?
10.Does he expect to be overlooked?
11.Does he neglect his appearance or anxiously spend too much time or energy on it?
12.Is he prone to jealousy in relationships?
13.Does he put himself down (or brag too much)?
14.Does he have trouble following through with projects he starts?
15.Does he always seem to be a spectator on the outside looking in?
(Unhealed rejection is often projected onto others.)

Sudduth, William - So Free - Ft Walton Beach, Florida, USA (edited)
Appendix 6 - (Spiritual) Stronghold of Heaviness - Isaiah 61:3 - Its manifestations & fruit
(In Jesus' name) I (repent for), renounce, (bind, reject, and replace with blessings any):
sorrow, grief, self pity, a broken heart, inner hurts, a torn spirit, life's unfairness regrets.
[I pull (loose) regrets from their memory recall], false responsibility, suicidal thoughts, gluttony, loneliness, heaviness, depression, excessive mourning, discouragement, despair, dejection, hopelessness, rejection, insecurity & abandonment, inferiority, low self-esteem, lack of raise, un-pacified emotions, suppressed emotions of fear, anger, rage, violence & hatred, self-hatred, self-mutilation, insomnia, chemical imbalance, sexual abuse results &/or familiar evil spirit of heaviness.
(In Jesus' name) I renounce the spirit of rejection that entered: In the womb or during childbirth trauma,
By: not bonding with mom at birth, betrayal, broken engagement, job loss.
Through: abandonment, adoption, adoption threat, childhood hurts and abuses at home or school, divorce, death, depression, guilt, shame, &/or a familiar evil spirit of rejection. 
(Father God,
in Jesus' name, I repent for, bind, reject, & replace rejection with Your acceptance):


Copeland, Germaine - Overcoming a Feeling of Rejection - Part 1
Overcoming a Feeling of Rejection - Part 2 @

Dawson, Joe - - Just recently, in a time of corporate prayer, the Lord spoke to me...The Lord only said this 1 word to me, ďMisunderstood
I began to think about different people in the Bible & how many of them were misunderstood.

King David was the son who was sent out into the wilderness. David felt misunderstood his entire life.
While his brothers were in the house with their father, he was out in the field with the sheep.
David felt misunderstood & alone in the wilderness but what he could not see at the time was that God had placed him there to prepare him. When we encounter a season in the wilderness it is not to punish us but rather to prepare us for promotion. You may
feel misunderstood and rejected, but God is setting you up.
In seasons where you feel lonely or isolated, draw near to God in the wilderness. David was not the only one who spent time alone with God in the wilderness. Immediately following Jesusí baptism He went out into the wilderness to fast & be alone with the Father.
Jesus was misunderstood his entire time on the earth, but it did not keep Him from accomplishing what He knew He was sent to do.
The apostle Paul because of his radical & instantaneous transformation was misunderstood.
Paul was misunderstood by many of the believers & former disciples because Paul had previously been murdering Christians & was now suddenly trying to preach the gospel. It did not make any sense to anyone else but Paul kept moving forward even though he was initially misunderstood.

If you feel misunderstood, you are in the perfect place and in the perfect time to receive the favor & the blessings of God. This is a season where God is taking those that have felt misunderstood & isolated in this season & pouring out His Spirit upon them.
God uses & sends those who are misunderstood to establish His Kingdom on the earth.

God called
Moses who stuttered & could easily be misunderstood to lead an entire nation of people out of bondage. 
Just because you have been misunderstood does not mean that God cannot do great exploits through you.

For those that have felt rejected, isolated, lonely, & forgotten, others may have misunderstood you, but God has been preparing you for a season & a reason that will soon make sense.
When people misunderstand you,
Heaven understands you.
1 reason many have felt misunderstood was
to protect you from wrong relationships & to set you apart.
Get ready & for everything that the Lord has for you.
Donít worry about being misunderstood, God is setting you up for something powerful............................      

, Kathy - 2019-06-18 - - (edited)
(Sometimes) We don't realize it is a demonic attack, when the enemy binds us. 

We think it is life's (bad) happenings & don't know how to move. If you can't seem to move up & forward, perhaps there is a demonic entity preventing you from doing so. Receive freedom by casting the demonic spirit out of your soul as Jesus did when He released the ministry of deliverance over people.
We need to stop & (out loud)
say, "Spirit of anger or spirit of rejection, go in Jesus' name." Are you plagued with irritability, guilt or condemnation? Those emotions can become (empower) a spiritual stronghold. 
When we cast out an evil spirit attached to them, it assists us in removing guilt, condemnation & irritability from our lives by renewing our mind, living in peace & changing our thought patterns.

Once the bondage of the enemy is revealed, exposed & rebuked, (in Jesusí name) we can move forward.
Take a step back & evaluate where you haven't been able to receive breakthrough & have felt stuck.
Pray, discern & ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any strongholds that may have gotten in your back door. 
Then rise up, take your authority and cast them out in Jesus' name. (Each strong hold often has same name & nature as each negative harmful emotion.) or

Dickerman, Don - Rejection - leaves us with inability to give/receive love.
Dickerman, Don - 2/28/2021 -
Don shares mom's diagnosis.

Edmonds, Demontae, VA - Father to the Fatherless: A Word for Those Wh've Felt Abandoned & Rejected - 7/17/2020 @ +
Psalm 27:10 (KJV) "When my father & mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up." (Edited PRAYER)
Dear Father God, we thank You that there is a special place in Your heart for us/those who have been rejected, abandoned or traumatized by childhood trauma.
We ask that You reveal this special place to us/those who have suffered from cycles of depression, discouragement, loneliness & feelings of being unloved.
We speak Your promise into existence that You will take up the cause of us/those who have been forsaken by their own parents, family &/or mate. 
Father, by Your Holy Spirit, please surround Your spiritual sons & daughters with others who will safely embrace them with Your holy, healthy love.
We decree, by Your anointing, Holy Spirit, that all chains & bonds upon the minds of us/those afflicted with abandonment would be broken, as You free us/them to walk in Your glorious liberty, in the name of Your son, Jesus our Christ. Amen.

Evans, Steve - articles - Overcoming Rejection - Overcome Fear of Rejection -

Frankena, Martin - REJECTION is a key issue in schizophrenia  

Download REJECTION part 1 5/2007 PDF file -
Frankena, Martin & Cindy -
Rejection - Part 1 (May 2007) + Rejection - Part 2 (July 2007) - Cornerstone Fellowship in Frederick, MD.
They currently reside in Williamsport, MD, USA

Hammond, Frank - Frank or Ida Mae Hammond - Schizophrenia - Rejection - important

Heflin, Ruth Ward - chapter 7 Uniting for Revival - -
"We seem capable of seeing only the faults and failures of others. But when the touch of God begins to come to us, when the glory begins to be manifested in our midst, suddenly we recognize that we are the 'undoneĒ\' ones.  It doesnít matter much if we are a little 'undone' or if we are a lot 'undone.'  Some people have conquered all the majors, but still have a lot of minors to deal with. Only the glory makes them aware of their lack and then corrects it...
et the Lord take out of you anything that hinders, any disunity, any lack of appreciation of others.
Donít let your own lack hinder your progress in the Spirit.  Some of you might say, 'If you' had a husband like mine, you wouldnít say that we should make peace with everyone.Ē
But God has enough love for that husband of yours & 10 others like him...
Once, when some people in Jerusalem had wronged us, God spoke to me & said, 'Itís not enough for you to forgive them.
I want your heart to be so changed that if they should stand before you, you could prophesy into their lives every great thing you want me to do for you.' I wanted that ability; hank God, He has given it to me. 
We may have some lapses from time to time, but those times are becoming more & more rare as we remain in the glory...
Our Heavenly Father, Pour in that precious anointing oil that causes brothers to sit together in unity.
 Let our houses be filled with the smoke of the glory of God.  In Jesusí name we pray, Amen.

Hickey, Marilyn - Self Test For Rejection + Release From Rejection

Holliday, Pat - Family Deliverance Manual #1&#2 - booklet/outline - -
The spirit of rejection causes one to reject themselves, to reject God, to isolate, to reject others, to become unstable, to act compulsively, to have an impaired memory, to have a divided heart (tottering between what God says & Satan says who one is - despised or loved), & to thus be double-minded.

, John Paul - Breaking Free of Rejection - purchase book
Jackson, John Paul - The Perspective of Rejection - 7/2010 editorial - good -
or or
"The (evil) spirit of rejection is no respecter of persons...Step away from the familiar boundaries of past thought processes and emotions...The only way we will survive in this world is by making a radical decision to leave behind our way of thinking & accept God's way of thinking. The Bible calls this 'renewing the mind' (Romans 12:2). Among other things, it means letting go of every thought, assumption & viewpoint that isn't from Him. It means taking Him seriously when He says He loves us & not thinking of all the reasons we assume that couldn't be true. If He says it, it is true. There is no question in His mind. He is not unsure. 
Perhaps it is time to ask God to help you take off the dark glasses that keep you from seeing yourself & your circumstances through His eyes. You may find that it is the only thing standing between you & destiny."
(Praise & worship, regardless of feelings, helps.)

Cindy Jacobs: The Lord Says He Will Give You Grace to Reject Rejection - 5/5/2017 Mike and Cindy Jacobs Ė
MIKE: A little saying that was actually in a clip that Barbara Wentroble did. It was SW, SW, SWÖI call it SW cubed. It means, "Some will, some won't, so what?" 
As you're going through your life & there's things that you're offering to people, there's things that you've received from the Lord.  You get all excited & share it with people.  Some will get it. Some won't. But so what? Just go with the ones who have the ability to receive.
Some people have eyes that see. Some people don't have eyes that see. But in this season, I'm believing for you that more people will be the 1st SW, "some will." Just disregard the "some won't" & go with the ones that will.

CINDY: I want to just speak into that because the Lord would say, "There is a real attack from the enemy, trying to make people feel rejected, abandoned & confused." The Lord is just speaking to me for you.
Rejection can be the daily bread of a pioneer
. You're doing something, you're starting down a new path. Whether it's for our generation or to connect the generations, maybe you're working on a new business idea.
The Lord is saying to me that it's
not about whether they're saying, that they like your idea. It's a God idea. 

The Lord says just press ahead for it. The fact
that people are pushing back against you really is an indicator that you're going the right way. So, no pushback; you're not a pioneer. Pioneers always have that. There's always that giants in the land, they're going to come up against you.
I said, no giants, (then) you're not (pioneering) in your promised land. 
So, I just want to encourage you, the Lord is going to give you the grace to reject rejection.
He's going to give you the strength to know you're loved so much by your Father, that you are not abandoned. Even if man should abandon you, even if your friends should abandon you, God will never forsake you.

He is always there with you.  Continue pioneering, continue straight ahead.  That confusion's going to melt away.
You're going to know what to do, so just don't be deterred from your path that God has set your feet to walk on.
Just continue straight ahead.  You are going to be successful.  You will find alot of people that will stand with you. Amen.

Johnson, Jeremiah 6/11/2017 - DRINKING THE CUP OF REJECTION AS A PROPHET OF THE LORD @ Significant -

Nate Johnston 8/16/2018 - Prophetic Vision of Destiny Books: The Lord Is Turning a New Page in Your Life
"I am sensing that many are being healed of rejection wounds as they read this. 

I keep
hearing 'rejection syndrome' & can see how the root of rejection keeps causing some people to be derailed in many areas once it is triggered.
Those past areas where you were rejected, abandoned & cast out are being healed right now. 
I command every spirit of rejection attached to you to leave right now in Jesus' name.
Be restored & whole, accepted and fully loved
. Father, show them Your love."

Sandra Kennedy -

Maria de Lange, Susanna Francina - - Chapter 4: Iniquity, the Root of all Evil, the Seat of the Great Prostitute - Lies of Rejection - INIQUITY MANIFESTED through AFFRONT -
"The tongue determines many of the curses or blessing believers receives.135 An affront is when an injustice is done to someone that dishonors & grieves the person deeply and destroy parts of his heart.
Such people have daggers in their mouths & have a heart full of rage & bitterness, although it also is originating from multiple offenses against themselves.
people attract more rejection as well as curses
. This will continue until (ancestral) iniquity is (repented of &) removed from the heart."
Montgomery, Mel C - Who is My Enemy?
- - excellent -
I asked, 'What is an enemy?'  The Lord said, 'Someone who reminds you of a truth you do not want to face.'"

Lassiter, Ruth - Ministry based on teachings of Henry Wright, Georgia, USA -
Rejection CD from Ruth  (1 CD on negative emotions)  Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Montgomery, Mel C - Who is My Enemy? - - excellent -
I asked, 'What is an enemy?'  The Lord said, 'Someone who reminds you of a truth you do not want to face.'"

Prince, Derek -  - "Derek Prince (1915Ė2003) was born in India of British parents, educated as a scholar of Greek and Latin at Eton College & Cambridge University, England, & held a Fellowship in Ancient & Modern Philosophy at Kingís College."
Prince, Derek - Editorials (edited) - From Rejection to Acceptance, part 1: A wounded spirit,who can bear? (Prov. 18:14) (TL12-1) #1
"Scripture also says in 1 Corinthians 2, ďFor what man knows the things of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him?   Even so none knows the things of God except the Spirit of GodĒ (verse 11).
The spirit of a person is deeper than the mental understanding or the faculties of memory & reason & that spirit is the only thing that knows all about you. Your mind doesnít know all about you.
There are things about you that your mind hasnít yet discovered.
It is very possible to carry wounds for years that your mind never knows about. This can be borne out, I believe, by the following observation: Have you ever noticed when some people get the baptism in the Holy Spirit, even strong, self-reliant men, that they seem to crumple & begin to sob?  I have seen it happen scores of times.
When I see that happening, I say, 'Now the Holy Spirit has reached down into that personís spirit.
He is untying all those knots that have been tied inside him for so long.
None else could ever get there to untie the knot but the Holy Spirit'...
Reactions to Rejection - Rejection can simply be an inner attitude we carry around with us. 
However, I have learned by experience that (often) behind every negative emotion, reaction & attitude there is a corresponding (evil) spirit.
Behind fear, thereís a spirit of fear. Behind envy, thereís a spirit of envy.  Behind hate, thereís a spirit of hate. 
Very often, yielding to a certain emotion will open the way for the spirit of that emotion to enter. 
Once the spirit comes in, that person is (often steered like a boat rudder or hijacked to be) no longer in full control.  For instance, a girl who hates her father because he was cruel, critical, & unloving may get married & have children of her own. 
Then without reason, against her own desire, she begins to unreasonably & viciously hate one of her own children, transferring that hatred for her father to her child.  Thatís the (evil) spirit of hate (operating/interfering/ manipulating).  When the father isnít there, itís (the hate/revenge/bitterness is steered/blamed) directed against somebody else.  Just as there is a spirit of hate, there is also a spirit of rejection. 
I know this firsthand because in past years Iíve dealt with several hundred people who needed & received deliverance from the spirit of rejection."
The Fast Track - "In the 1st line that proceeds from rejection, the next reaction down the line is
Loneliness is a terrible thing
...Then misery & loneliness frequently lead to self-pity...
The step following self-pity is often depression: moods of gloominess that settle down over you (like fog or dusk)... Depression will then likely lead to something even more serious, which is despair, hopelessness...
Despair will almost inevitably lead to 1 of 2 results which are final: 
1 is death, the other is suicide.  There is a difference between death & suicide. Death is the desire to die.
If youíve ever said, 'I wish I were dead'; that is very dangerous. 
You donít have to say that many times before a spirit of death comes in.  Suicide is more radical."
The 2nd Track - "The 1st step in this progression from rejection is hardness...
Then hardness leads to...
indifference...After indifference comes rebellion...
Then rebellion quite often leads to witchcraft which isnít such an obvious connection, but is closely associated to rebellion in Scripture. 
1st Samuel 15:23 says,
Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. When I say witchcraft, I mean the whole occult realm: seeking false spiritual experiences through the Ouija board, the fortune-teller, the sťance, & similar pursuits. Many fail to realize that this is really the expression of rebellion, turning from the true God to a false god...breaking the 1st commandment: You shall have no other gods before Me. (Exodus 20:3).
Using Saul as an example, we see that witchcraft (can) lead ultimately to spiritual & physical death (1 Chronicles 10:13Ė14).

Getting to the Roots - "F
or such radical problems the gospel offers radical solutions...'which go to the root'...
In Godís plan, the ax is laid to the root of the problem.  These 3 parts of the tree (branches/trunk/roots) correspond to the 3 parts of peopleís problems. We start with the branches. They are what I call 'sins'."
Under the Surface - "In the atonement Jesus was:
wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities [or sinful acts] (Isaiah 53:5). But in Isaiah 53:10 it says, When thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin. Thatís dealing with the trunk.  Itís altogether different.  The Bible consistently maintains this distinction. 
Sin & sins are both above the surface.  Under the surface we have something else:
The root can be described as 'self' or the 'I,' the ego...
I believe that is the root. Even those who have faced the fact of sin havenít always dealt with the problem of self.
Yet, if the root is not dealt with, the problems will continue." Sourc
e: New Wine magazine - 9/1977.
From Rejection to Acceptance, part 2: The Solution to Rejection (TL12-2)
#2 -
Every solution God has for every problem in our life stems from the cross. The cross is where God providedthe solution to all our problems. Jesus dealt with this specific problem of rejection on the cross... In 1943 the Lord told me through the gifts of the Spirit that I was to consider the work of Calvary, that it was a perfect work."
The Exchange - "God caused to meet together upon Jesus all the evil that was due by justice to the human race, so that in return, by faith, the 1 who repents & believes may receive (in exchange/barter/trade) all the good that is due by justice to Jesus...
While I was meditating on this, God said to me,
'Thereís another side to that exchange.
What about rejection?
In Isaiah 53:3 it says:
He is despised & rejected by men, a Man of sorrows & acquainted with grief. 
For 3.5 years Jesus gave His life totally to doing good:
to forgiving sins, healing sicknesses, delivering the demon-oppressed.  He did nothing but good.
At the end of that period, His people to whom He belonged, the Jewish nation, were given a choice by their Roman ruler of which one they would prefer to have (set free):
Jesus of Nazareth or a criminal named Barabbas, who was guilty of political insurrection, robbery & murder.
By 1 of the most amazing & tragic decisions in all human history, the entire nation, incited by their religious leaders (rabbis), rejected Jesus & instead chose Barabbas, the political rebel...
How did Jesus respond?  He prayed to the Father to forgive those who were crucifying Him.
He was not concerned about what was happening to Him. He was concerned about what would happen to them.
The marvelous example of Jesus is that though He was in agony & rejection, He was not concerned about Himself. He was concerned about those who had rejected Him.  What a pattern that is.  When I examined Jesusí exchange on the cross in terms of the problem of rejection, I realized something startling: that although He was rejected by men, the final agony of Jesus on the cross was rejection by His Father. If you read the accounts, right near the end of that awful experience He said,
'My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?'  (Matthew 27:46).  There was no answer from heaven. For the 1st time in the history of the universe, the Father turned a deaf ear to the Sonís cry. Then Jesus knew that His Father had rejected Him. Why had He rejected Him? The Scripture says that God is 'of purer eyes than to behold evil & cannot look on wickedness [or iniquity]' (Habakkuk 1:13).  When Jesus was made (marinated in) sin. (When sin was deposited upon his soul layers) (When His purity/innocence was exchanged for/traded) with our sinfulness, God averted His eyes & stopped His ears to the cry of His Son (1st born or all those who have eternal life).  After that, there was only 1 more cry that came from the lips of Jesus; then He expired. I believe it is literally correct that He died of a broken heart.
What broke His heart (by the piercing of the soldier's arrow) was not rejection by His own people, but rejection by His Father (if not mentally due to spiritual foreknowledge, then certainly emotionally, as a man/son)...being rejected by His Father (and God).
He bore it for you that you might be saved (have fellowship with Father God postmortem & even today via God's Holy Spirit).  If ever there was good news for this generation, that is it."
Acceptance - "What is the opposite of rejection? 
Acceptance. I love the New King James Version of Ephesians 1:6 because it says that God has: made us accepted in the Beloved. Jesus, Godís true & only begotten Son, was rejected that we who were unworthy rebels might have His acceptance with the Father (God). 
So the deepest remedy for our problems is to believe that Jesus bore our rejection that we might have His acceptance with the Father...No matter if nobody wanted... loved you, your parents were not even married, when you come to God through Jesus Christ, you become (adopted:) a member of the best family in the universe & God has no 2nd class kids...God...says, 'Iím interested in you. I want you. Youíre welcome here. Come in.
Iíve been waiting a long time for you
It is like the father in the story of the prodigal son. (See Luke 15:11Ė32.) He was out there looking for the boy...
Godís attitude toward us in Christ is like that. We are not rejects...not 2nd class citizens...not just servants...
Christ on the cross bore our rejections, all the agony & the heartache. 
We are
'accepted in the Beloved'...
Once Derek instructed a woman to repeat the following prayer:
"'God, I thank You that You are my Father & I am Your child.
I am a member of the family of God. Heaven is my home. I belong in the family.
I am not rejected. I am accepted. God loves me. 
He wants me. He cares for me.  Amen'...A month later, I got a letter from that same person in which she said, 'I want to tell you those 2 minutes you spent with me & those words that I spoke have completely changed my whole life. Iíve been a different person ever since.' 
Why was she different? Because she realized what it means to be accepted in Christ('s lineage)."
4 Steps -

1. Forgive those who have rejected you.  " that for years he had carried bitterness, resentment, anger, and rebellion against his father, who was dead.
He took his wife on a journey of several hundred miles to the cemetery where his father was buried. 
Leaving his wife in the car, he went alone to his fatherís grave. He knelt there.
For the next several hours he emptied out all his poisonous attitudes.
He did not get up until he knew he had forgiven his father. 
When he walked out of that cemetery, he was a different person.
His wife testifies today that she has a brand new husband.
His father had died, but his resentment had remained very much alive. 
Forgiveness is not for the benefit of the one who is dead or far away; it is your end of the relationship that we are talking about. You have to forgive for
your own sake... Forgiveness is not an emotion; itís a decision."
2. Lay down bitterness, resentment, hatred and rebellion.
3. Accept the fact that you are accepted in Christ, that God accepts you.
4. There is 1 more thing you have to do; donít forget this: you have to accept yourself.
Get Your Release -
PRAYER:  "Lord Jesus Christ,
I believe You are the Son of God and the only way to God. You died on the cross for my sins.
You rose again from the dead.
I repent
of all my sins.
I trust You for Your forgiveness.
I believe, Lord, that You accept me right now as I am in Christ.
I am accepted, highly favored, the object of Your special care.  You really love me. You want me. 
You are my Father. Lord, I want to thank tell You 1 more thing:
I accept myself in Christ the way You made me. 
I am Your workmanship.
I thank You for what You have done. 
I believe that You have begun a good work and will perform it until the day of Christ.
(Father God,
I invite Your son Jesus Christ to permanently indwell and renew me by Your Holy Spirit.)
I forgive every other person, as I would have God forgive me, all those who have rejected & hurt me & failed to show me love, (Father) God, I forgive them all now.
Father, I forgive. I lay down bitterness, resentment, hatred & rebellion.
I thank You, (Father) God, that I am accepted in (Your Son) Christ. I am a child of God. Heaven is my home.
I belong to the best family in the universe. There is royal blood (DNA) in my veins.
I release myself now from any dark, evil pressure.
I release my spirit to rejoice in You.  In Jesusí name, Amen.
Source: New Wine magazine 9/1977 -  
The Battlefield of the Mind (TL05-1) #3
Youíve Got to Have Hope (TL05-2)
#4 at source:

Winkler, Kyle - How to Find Freedom from Rejection @


Eckhardt, John - The Spirit Of Rejection (3 CDs) - Overview of causes and symptoms of rejection, often a root cause of schizophrenia. 

Hegstrom, Paul - - CD Set - Rejection -
Teaching on 1 of most damaging of emotional wounds.

Lassiter, Ruth - Ministry based on teachings of Henry Wright, Georgia, USA -
Rejection CD from Ruth  (1 CD on negative emotions)  Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Overcoming Rejection - Purchase audio from -
"Because of sin, we all experience rejection at conception & there are countless more rejections that follow.
 Man has rejected God, & until we accept that responsibility, we cannot ask for forgiveness & have a full restoration. When we are wounded by an individual, God demands that we forgive those who have hurt us.
Only the love of God can heal the wounds caused by rejection.
Jesus was totally rejected when he came to save the human race. 
He had every right to reject us in return, but it was the love of God that made him immune to rejection."


Campbell, Kathy - It's a New Season
@ REJECTION can be a root cause of heart disease. 
Nice healing testimony.  We need to repent for harboring/entertaining/incubating/receiving rejection.

Capps, Annette @ 3/13/2023 God's helpful prayer

Evans, Jimmy - Overcoming Rejection or MT12-29_TOL6.mp4  4/15/12 @
Every person has felt unloved and rejected. Rejection changes how we treat those around us.
In order to have fulfilling relationships especially in marriage, we must learn how to overcome rejection.

Greenwood, Rebecca - - Female beauty after an accident Ana Fry (part 1)
about ĺ way through (37:00ish) is Rebecca Greenwood showcases more on strong holds & their elimination.  We aloud consistently reject rejection & self-rejection, n Jesusí name.

Jackson, John Paul on Joni Lamb TV - Rejection

Kornacki, Carol on Joni Lamb TV - Parental Rejection - Abortion #8 - Choosing to See -

Maldonado, Guillermo - (approx. 12/27/2011 Anointing that Breaks the Yolks #2) program on Rejection presented by Teacher Ondina Laszlo - The heart can be broken due to rejection, a deep wound with symptoms of being unable to relate, feelings of alienation & disqualification. @

Mink, Cathy - Overcome Rejection & Inferiority - - 10/21/2019
Mink, Cathy Ė Protecting Your Heart - - 10/28/2019
Mink, Cathy Ė How to Harness Your - Thoughts - - 11/4/2019
Broadcast 11/7/2019 has excellent PRAYER at end to reject rejection.
3 Series: Powerful Principles for Mental and Emotional Health
with Anette Capps @

Monaco, Jill - 6/24/2010 - Guest on Life TodayJill Monaco: Spiritually Crippled - - excellent -
End of program shares how the Lord mentored her in the area of needing to
rejection and then to begin her ministry to others in the area where she herself had been freed; being free to free others. 
He showed her where it 1st began, when the enemy intended to destroy her destiny in Christ.

, Beth - Wednesday, February 3, 2016 Part #1
(Being perceived as "crazy" for the Lord may result in rejection by family & friends.)
, Beth - 

Renner, Denise @ 6/28/2022 Especially for women & marriages.

, Lysa - 9/26/2016 short or full (need to log on)
Terkeurst, Lysa - 9/27/2016 short@
or full (need to log on)

Wommack, Andrew - Failing to witness/minister due to fear of rejection is disallowing someone the opportunity to know & accept (or reject) Truth personally; we may have in fact rejected on their behalf.

Renounce Evil

Becky Dvorak 3/5/2017 -
I have learned that the (human) spirit (or soul) does not go into a coma, only the physical body does.
I read 2 scriptures to the man. I read from Isaiah 53:4-5, that said, "By his stripes we are healed." 
Then I went into Galatians 3:13, where it talks about Jesus becoming a curse, to undo the curse.
You know, that took me maybe 3 minutes. I said, "I'm going to pray for you now." 
I saw the man's eye twitch I said, "I just saw your eye twitch.
I'm going to take that as you're saying yes."  I laid my hands on him...I teach to do this. 
I said, "In Jesus' name, I renounce the spirit of death. I release the spirit of life.
I renounce
the HIV & every other disease that's killing your body. Right now in Jesus' name, be healed"...
The man instantly jumped out of his bed. 
He was jumping up & down.  In Spanish he's saying, "I'm healed! I'm healed! I'm healed."
[God gives us control every thing that moves (cells/DNA/bacteria/parasites/germs/virus), in Jesus' name.]

Genesis 9:2 - "The fear of you & the terror of you will be on every beast of the earth & on every bird of the sky;
with everything that creeps on the ground, & all the fish of the sea, into your hand they are given.
3"Every moving thing that is alive shall be (food) for you. I give all to you, as I gave the green plant.

Fear of Reproach
COMMENTARY - To fear to obey God quickly may often be to fear REPROACH or sneers, dislike, gossip, slander, rejection of others - more than of of God. 
Not wanting to be considered a fool or foolish or a bit wacky in the head.  This is often if one lacks good social skills or good communication tools regarding evangelism/ministry/deliverance.
Lord, we repent for any/all shortcomings.  We invite Your daily opportunities & daily wherewithal/revelation/heart/ desires to hear/discern and obey You quickly/aptly.  We receive.  Thanks.

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