Healing Handkerchiefs




Acts 19:11-12 - God did extraordinary miracles through Paul, so that even handkerchiefs & aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, & their illnesses were cured & the EVIL SPIRITs left them.

Toledo, Jennifer Miller - http://www.globalchildrensmovement.com - Friday's RADIO broadcast (7/5-10/2009) shares God's multiplication of clothing. @ www.sidroth.org + 3/13-19/2006 radio http://www.sidroth.org/site/News2?abbr=tv_&page=NewsArticle&id=5216&security=1041&news_iv_ctrl=1190
Jennifer's testimony http://heburnsforme.com/mp3/jennifertoledo/testimony.zip + http://heburnsforme.com/Jennifer_Toledo.html 


Daniel Pontious: "A Vision of the Bride's New Armor" (elijahlist.com) 4/30/2022


Kat Kerr- Recent God Movements, heaven revelations 8/10/13 from http://jesusstories.info/?s=kat+kerr&search=Search
Both aromas and music in heaven are visible.

Walters, Kathie - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gbervAnaZA&feature=youtu.be 5/29/2018

Arrows of the Lord


Eckhardt, John - https://www.hiskingdomprophecy.com/release-arrows-of-lord/

Gagnon, Laura - https://xpectamiracle.blogspot.com/2015/04/the-arrows-of-lords-deliverance.html

Charles Haddon Spurgeon - https://www.spurgeon.org/resource-library/sermons/the-arrows-of-the-lords-deliverance#flipbook/ - Thou should have smitten 5-6 times; (then thou would have smitten Syria) till thou hadst consumed it:
whereas now thou shalt smite Syria but thrice
. 2 Kings 13:19


https://www.facebook.com/arrowsofdeliverance/ + #2 What God has given to you, go after it, in Jesus' name, timing & power.
@ https://www.facebook.com/arrowsofdeliverance/videos/814023875396999/


Bonnke, Reinhardt - 12/7/2019 passed on his CFAN baton to his spiritual successor Daniel Kolenda. 

, Creflo - 1/15/2020 -https://creflodollarministries.org/Watch-and-Listen?slug=Ten-Ways-to-Respond-to-Grace-1-2020&returnUrl=%2FWatch-and-Listen&type=Video&page=1 or https://creflodollarministries.org/Watch-and-Listen#bc_collapse_2298 - The Trinity has provided our entire spiritual inheritance and at Jesus' death and resurrection has handed to us His heirs/Bride/children/heavenly citizens His baton to keep/enforce/multiply it on earth (as it is in heaven.  We go up to the heavenly court room to plead our case, get a verdice and enlist our army host to bring down and enforce.)  We keep and enforce healing obtained by Jesus' stripes.  We do NOT receive the doctors' bad medical reports regarding premature death.  We apply scripture 24/7 in same manner one would take his daily meds.

Beds & Bed Sheets

https://christendtimeministries.com/spiritual-warfare-purple-robe-book-19-high-tech-weapons-used-spiritual-warfare/ - "I remained sick, and sleep left me completely so that mom decided to buy me a new mattress. As each night came and went I decided to approach her. “There is something moving in my bed especially at night”, I said. “Yes, I had also experienced it”, she replied.  Immediately, we understood that this (demonic) image had the legal right to share my bed.  The manufacturers had actually sewn an image onto the mattress thus giving this siren an 8 year service warranty (until revoked/rescinded/revoked by it's new owner). This siren was knitted into the layers, giving its victim a gentle firm feel. It was to be luxurious all the way. So this siren is supposed to fulfil the guarantee?"  

Charles Ndifon (8/2007) www.christlove.org (& others) have told of healings transpiring after others have slept on their beds. 
(Jesus appeared to Ndifon in 1987 in Nigeria.)
2nd Kings 4:21, 32-35 Harkavy  She (a woman from Shunem) went up & laid him on the bed of the man of God...
32When Elisha was come into the house, behold, the child was dead, & laid upon his bed. 
33He went in therefore & shut the door upon them twin & prayed unto the Lord. 
34He went up and lay upon the child & put his mouth upon his mouth & his eyes upon his eyes & his hands upon his hands.
He stretched himself upon the child & the child waxed warm. 
35Then he returned, walked in the house to land fro, went up, & stretched himself upon him. 
The child sneezed 7 times & opened his eyes.

Hickey, Marilyn - Heaven is Real - Part 1 - Heaven is Real - Part 2 - from http://blip.tv/today-with-marilyn-and-sarah  10/18/2011 -
A woman applied the
SWEAT of a holy pastor's shirt to her mate's bed sheets; subsequently her husband received the Lord.  
Even more awesome is her phoning all residents in the phone book prior to a genocide,
& brought many to the Lord.

Kerr, Kat - 7 hours of Kat Kerr describing Heaven, from her many trips (Comp#2) @ http://jesusstories.info/?s=kat+kerr&search=Search - Releasing the anointing when making family member's beds activates other's dreams
& visions regarding their holy inborn destinies.


A Manger and Swaddling Clothes — Rick Renner - YouTube - 12/9/2020 @ Renner Ministries - YouTube - Rick contends that shepherds to which angels appeared & spoke were caring for synogogue offering lambs, to be bound with "swaddling cloth" prior/during sacrifice for our sins.  Thus, they would "recognize" God's Messiah Who likewise would be bundled with "swaddling cloth".

Dreamcatcher, Dream Catcher

"A minister sent me an email saying that God had given her the name of a demon called DREAM CATCHER.
This demon has the power that twists words in mid-air and makes the other person hear something that was not said.
Then a spirit of dissension, strife, & accusation will manifest."


Kat Kerr- Recent God Movements, heaven revelations 8/10/13 @ http://jesusstories.info/?s=kat+kerr&search=Search
In heaven God gives us each a garment which sings praise. 
isaiah/61-3.htm -
New International Version - for those who grieve in Zion, to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, & a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.
They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.
https://www.facebook.com/TheRevelatorKatKerr/videos/499992023693242/ 11/2017

Genesis+37%3A3&version=KJV -Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age & made him a coat of many colours Read full chapter - Genesis 37:3 in all English translations




Acts 19:11-12 - God did extraordinary miracles through Paul, so that even handkerchiefs & aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, & their illnesses were cured & the evil spirits left them.



AA Allen www.aaallen.net  Special Miracles  DVD available from John Carver Ministries carvermin@comcast.net -
Faith Outreach International Inc TV production shares 2 tent revival TV broadcasts of AA Allen.
Special Miracles presentation discusses the healing power of the Holy Spirit in handkerchiefs, shadows, & aprons.
Allen, AA - (1911-1970) - God's Guarantee to Heal You - republished by www.schambach.org - Caption -
Thus Saith the Lord, the God of David thy Father, I have heard thy prayer; I have seen thy tears.  Behold, I will heal thee
. KJV -
"There was more power in handkerchiefs & aprons which had come in contact with the body of Paul than in many great 'fundamental' religious bodies today (see Acts 19:11-12).  Has God changed?  No."
Allen, AA - The Price of God's Miracle Working Power - www.schambach.org - Chapter 9 Who Has Power to Cast Out Devils
"There was more power in Eilsha's dead bones (see 2 Kings 13:21)...in Peter's shadow (see Acts 5)...in handkerchiefs & aprons...of Paul (see Acts 19:11-12) than in many great religious bodies today...When this (healing/ministry) cloth is laid upon the body of the afflicted person, that person should exercise the same faith that he would if he were in the healing line and (pastoral) hands were actually being laid upon his body.  If he will do this, the same results will follow...Cloths, received in faith, bear the same virtue and power s the hands of the evangelist."

Branham, Owen - Supernatural, The Life of William Branham, Book 3, The Man and His Commission (1946-1950) - Biography by Owen Jorgensen - Book may be obtained from Tucson Tabernacle, Tucson, Arizona. - Branham found that he could not single handedly meet the increasing needs of those who needed a healing touch from Jesus, so he mailed out ribbon that he prayed over as he cut each 4" strip.  He based his work on the scriptural example of the the apostle Paul.  Subsequently, many recipients were healed.  
Branham also supplied handkerchiefs at church, when preaching per The Revelation of the 7 Seals, chapter 4. www.branham.org 
William Branham - A Man of Notable Signs & Wonders
, Roberts in God's Generals chapter 10 points out that Branham prayed over handkerchiefs to be carried to the afflicted.

Clayton, Ian - Healing Miracle Life - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-kV5jMhjEw&feature=related - 10/10/2006 - http://www.sonofthunder.org/ New Zealand

Copeland, Kenneth - John G Lake - www.kcm.org
Chapter 29 Science of Healing section Lake and Divine Healing Investigated shares healing of Constance Hoag damaged kneecap by application of handkerchief that had been prayed over. 
Chapter 44 Adventures in Religion - Radio Sermon 10 contends that the Holy Spirit is a tangible material that can be transmuted.  Not only can it be be carried/transported/released for another's healing, it/He can also be present in clothing
so that clothing does not age nor the person become diseased, as occurred to the Israelites during their 40 years in the desert under the leadership of Moses.  When the Holy Spirit enters our bodies & unites with our DNA the enemy/disease must flee in the presence of God, for those who believe.

Deckard, Tom E - Two Anointed Handkerchiefs  November 2004 - http://www.jewishprophet.com -
Malawi, Africa God instructed Deckard to lay anointed handkerchiefs on individuals and NOT to speak, "in the name of Jesus.  Healings were many.  Newsletter also discusses Elijah's & Elisha's mantle, which was anointed.

, AL -
Entering into the Glory realm 2014 video re Peter's shadow: Acts-5-15/
@ https://vimeo.com/92799991 @
https://vimeo.com/user2339129 It was the glory NOT Peter's shadow that healed.

Hagin, Kenneth E (senior) - KEH Books - www.rhema.org - Hagin's mini booklets may have excellent printable excerpts.
CATALOG_AUTHORS&IsFolder=false&IgnoreParamTempl=FolderPath%2cIsFolder - Hear and Be Healed "The healing power if God...is a tangible substance; a heavenly materiality.  One can be anointed with it as God wills.  This healing power is transmittable or transferable by the touch, a cloth, or a handkerchief.  Faith (belief acted upon by the recipient) gives it action."

Hickey, Marilyn - http://www.marilynandsarah.org/2012/03/jewish-feasts-part-1/ - 3/26/2012 @ http://www.marilynandsarah.org/tv/daily-topics/ - "William Branham told Marilyn's mom that her institutionalized husband  was not demon possessed but rather that he had a Broken/Shattered Mind; if she would take her tear soaked handkerchief & lay it on him, he would be healed, which occurred."
Marilyn Hickey - Messianic radio Tuesday 12/18 /2012 + Broken Be Made Whole Part 3 Wednesday TV 12/10/2014  

Hickey, Marilyn - Wow Faith - Marilyn Hickey Ministries - Broken Be Made Whole - Part 3 - 4/23/2014 -
Chapter 9 Real People, Real Faith shares the biography of Marilyn's dad, who was healed of a nervous breakdown by her mom's laying on of a handkerchief, as directed by an evangelist.


https://jesushealed.com/a-9-year-old-girl-rose-from-the-dead/ - (edited editorial)

"A Muslim man came to the service, the pastor knew only that he was a violent man in his village. He had never been to a Christian church before. When there was a call from the pastor, to bring handkerchiefs & belts for anointing, he did not think of any friends or relatives who were sick; however, not wanting to miss the blessing, he pulled out his handkerchief too. After the service, he went home to his village. After a while, a couple from his village came to him saying that their 9-year-old daughter had died.  He went with them to where the body had been washed & prepared for burial & comforted those present at the funeral. Then he remembered about the handkerchief & returned home to get it. When he put that handkerchief on the girl & told her to be healed in the name of Jesus, as he remembered being taught in church, she came back to life. The elders of the village got together & decided that even though the whole village had been Muslim for hundreds of years, they would now turn to Christianity."

Karl, Georg - https://gloryharvest-international.org/en/miracle-newsh/personal-miracle-report/2555-healed-from-neck-pain-with-annointed-cloth 2020 post  

Kerr, Kat - 7 hours of Kat Kerr describing Heaven, from her many trips (Comp#2)
http://jesusstories.info/?s=kat+kerr&search=Search -
Releasing the anointing into boxes of Kleenex activates the breaking up of darkness in the user's life.
Kat Kerr, September 28, 2014. Part 2 of 2 -
It was God's glory/anointing NOT the shadow of apostle Peter that triggered/ caused healing.
KAT KERR – Recorded on 22/6/2014 at FirstLoveKC + KAT KERR – Recorded on 21st June 2014 at FirstLove Kansas City – Part 2 @ http://jesusstories.info/?s=kat+kerr&search=Search -
When we are born again God deposits an anointing in us which He refills as we pour it out for others.

Oyedepo, David - Nigeria -  Satan Get Lost - excellent - http://www.planetfreebook.com/Classic_collection/classic_books_author_NO_PDF_edited_
filenames/Oyedepo.Dr%20David%20!Satan%20Get%20Lost.pdf  - The Mantle (Handkerchief/Cloth) - "It will be recalled that at the time of Elijah's departure, Elisha took up the mantle of Elijah that fell from him. When he got to the bank of Jordan, he stood by it, took the mantle of Elijah that fell from him & smote the waters and said, 'Where is the Lord God of Elijah?' And the waters parted & Elisha went over. (2 Kings 2:12-14). - Any material that has come in contact with the anointed of God, carries with it the unction for manifestation.  Such material is what is referred to as the mantle in our context.  God's presence is proved by signs and wonders. The Bible says the disciples went forth & preached everywhere, the Lord working with them & confirming the word with signs following (Mark 16:20) Hebrews 2:4 also tells us,
'God also bearing them witness, both with signs & wonders, & with divers miracles & gifts of the Holy Ghost,
according to His own will?' -
Every time you see signs & wonders, just know that God is present. 
Now let me show you God's wisdom at work.  Mark 5:30 tells the story of the woman with the issue of blood.
When she touched Jesus, He said, 'Someone touched Me, because virtue has gone out of Me.'
Acts 19:11-12, says, 'God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul: so that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, & the diseases departed from them, & the evil spirits went out of them.' 
It wasn't Paul that wrought the special miracles, it was God. The virtue did not come out from Paul, it came out from God.
The virtue that operates in the mantle (the handkerchief from the man of God), is the virtue (anointing/glory) of God. 
This is why I never feel anything leave my body when all those miracles take place by the mantle.  One day I was walking through the congregation to the pulpit & a man who had had a spinal injury for 17 years touched my cloth & immediately heard a cracking sound in his lumbar region, & that was it. He was instantly healed
For the st time in 17 years, he didn't need his lumbar jacket anymore.  It was the power of God that healed him -
God's virtue, not mine, because nothing left my body.  But when the woman with the issue of blood touched the hem of Jesus' garment and received her healing, virtue went out of Jesus. He felt it.  The virtue in the (minister's) mantle is from God, the virtue carrier.
All we need to do is provoke Him with our obedience, then His virtue goes into action, not the prophet's virtue. 
Elisha said,
'Where is the Lord God of Elijah?'  The virtue of God went into action, not Elijah's virtue.
(Elijah was already gone, 2 Kings 2:13-14).  Whatever God can handle, his virtue can handle. -
Acts 19:11, says, ' And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul.'  Those miracles were wrought without any special effort of Paul's or the people. The handkerchiefs they brought from Paul were enough to check out (exterminate/ kill/cancel) the diseases & the evil spirits, but it was God working.  People took notice & acknowledged Paul as a man that has the hand of God upon him.  So when he could not come to where the problem was, they knew they could take anything from him to the problem, & it would be gone. 
Friend, God has not changed. He is still working by the hands of men today. Men sent for the deliverance of mankind, for the liberty of the captives, the opening of eyes of the blind, the raising of the dead, & for the blessing of the people. Men who carry transferable unction. 
In 1989, the wife of one of the brethren in our church ran mad in another town, which was some distance away. He came & told me, & since I couldn't go that far with him, I took my handkerchief, spoke some powerful words into it, and gave it to him, saying, 'Get down to Ekpoma. The power working inside me is going with you now. Get there, rub her face down with this handkerchief & the madness will be gone.'  He went believing & later testified that as soon as the mad woman saw the handkerchief, she ran to grab it, but he held her & rubbed her face with it.  The madness vanished instantly.  That same month, she became pregnant. She later had her baby & nursed the baby all by herself. Till today, she's doing fine in the Lord.
Friend, the mantle of a prophet of God in your hands will work wonders. God gave me this mantle ministry for the liberation of mankind. We have countless number of testimonies as evidence.  It is a ministry of transmission of unction. As I speak forth the anointing for special miracles & casting out of devils to go into the handkerchief (even as Jesus spoke to the fig tree & it heard), wherever it appears, the works of the devil is destroyed.  It is a mantle for exploits. It is the end-time prophetic mystery in the hand of the carrier, for amazing results, signs & wonders. It is a carrier of divine energy & heavenly virtue. It always produces signs"...
Another testimony.  A "sister was at 1 of the monthly seminars (Week of Encounter) held by Bishop Oyedepo in Kaduna the previous year.  In that meeting, handkerchiefs were turned into mantles, as they made contact with the Bishop's garment.
She rushed to the senior pastor at 3.30 a.m., asking him to come with her to the hospital to pray for the dead man.  The pastor told her:
'I can't go with you now, but take this handkerchief (from that meeting), use it to rub his body all over & he will come back to life.' 
He also poured the anointing oil on the handkerchief
The woman left, got to the hospital and while all the other relatives were weeping, she took off the cloth covering her dead brother-in-law, rubbed him all over, from head to toe with the mantle. He that was dead sneezed & came back to life. 
The next day, after service, the sister went to the Pastor to testify. Also with her was the formerly-dead man.
The greatest of it all was that he was not only brought back to life, he was also completely healed of the sickness that had killed him."

http://www.donstewartassociation.org/ - Prayer Handkerchief or http://www.donstewartassociation.org/Prayer_Cloth.html

Von Stamwitz, Alicia - Celebrating Saint Gerard Majella - 10/2004 Liguorian magazine www.liguorian.org -
God is reputed to have protected a child during birth by the use of Italian Brother Gerard's (1726-1755) handkerchief being placed on the womb & to have multiplied food for the poor (through Gerard's intervention). 
Because of Gerard's struggles with faith & depression he was able to be an empathetic counselor.

Wigglesworth, Smith - Ever Increasing Faith - www.whitakerhouse.com - This book indicates that many were healed through the application of handkerchiefs.  1 story recounts a wife tucking a prayed over handkerchief into the pillow case of her alcoholic husband.  After having slept on the pillow case, the husband found he could no longer tolerate alcohol.  Another incidence is that of an unemployed son who slept on a prayed over handkerchief placed in a pillowcase by his mom.  Yes, the next day the son sought and got a job.
Wigglesworth, Smith - Unpublished Sermons complied by Roberts Liardon - Chapter 9 Praying for the Sick - (Acts 19:11-12)  "Praying over handkerchiefs is God's remedy in the Book for people like me, Mrs. (Aimee Semple). McPherson & others of us who cannot reach the people to bring healing to them."

Woodworth-Etter, Maria - Signs and Wonders - publisher   www.whitakerhouse.com - Chapter 59 Fighting the Good Fight shares that a handkerchief, prayed over by Maria's ministry, chased evil spirits away from a bedroom, replacing them with a guardian angel. 
There are MANY ministries that that follow the example of Acts 19:11-12, including:
Cal Pierce's Healing Rooms in Spokane, Washington, USA @ www.healingrooms.com +
Francis and Charles Hunter's Hunter Ministry in Kingwood, Texas, USA @  www.healingexplosion.net +
RW Schambach, Tyler, Texas, USA @ www.schambach.org

Hand Claps
Feet Stomps

Ezekiel 6:11 in all English translations - Names of God Bible (NOG) - 11 “‘This is what Adonay Yahweh says:
Clap your hands
, stomp your feet
, (against evil/disease/defect/enemy designs) & say, “Oh no!” because the people of Israel have done evil & disgusting things.  So they will die in wars, famines, & plagues (unless they repent).

Aiko, Dr - also admonishes us to do this.


Spiritual Housekeeping by Kim Daniels - read Chapter 1.

Home Dedication
- http://biblos.com/deuteronomy/20-5.htm

2. FIRST THINGS FIRST Before beginning the process of cleansing your home, always pray for protection first. Here is a model of how you should pray: "Father (Abba) in Heaven, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (Ya'shua ha Mashiach) I ask that You forgive me of all sins I have committed against You & against your creation. I also ask You, Father, that you camp your angels around me & around all my family members, according to Your Word in Psalm 34:7, which says, "The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him & delivers them." ( ESV), & also in Psalm 91:11-12, which says, "For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.
On their hands they will bear you up, lest you strike your foot against a stone." (ESV). Thank You Father for protecting us & for camping your angels around us to keep us safe & protected against any form of attacks of the devils and his demons.
We declare Isaiah 54:17, "No weapon formed against you (us) shall prosper." (NKJV). In Jesus Christ's Name I pray. Amen.
Carlos Oliveira other documents @ http://www.slideshare.net/adhonep/documents Videos are also available.


saiah 11:4 -
With righteousness He will judge the poor & decide with fairness for the afflicted of the earth.
He will strike the earth with the (ruling/reigning) rod of His mouth, & with the breath of His lips He will slay the wicked.

psalms/23.htm :4Even though I walk through the darkest valley,a 
I will fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod & your staff comfort me.


Conner, Bobby - http://www.injesus.com/message-archives/prophetic/Lit4everPropheticList/shepherds-rod-2013-by-bobby-conner-and-more - "I saw the Lord again nod, & the next angel raised his curtain. Behind it was a huge factory of sorts. It has many conveyor belts and assembly lines. There were multitudes of angels busily at work everywhere. There were crowns and scepters being fashioned on the machines. There were so many crowns that they seemed to flow fluidly down the belts, almost like liquid. They just seemed to pour through the machines as fast as it could make them. I saw this huge golden liquid coming from above.  It poured down into the machines below & then the crowns came out of the other & of the belts & waiting angels worked on them. Many angels were fashioning precious stones into them or other things which I could not tell what they were from my point of view. There were many polishing them. 
Some were carrying them to somewhere. The other belt has golden scepters coming out of the other machine. There were about 1˝-2 feet long, I thought. They were very ornate & each one had unique carvings on them. The angels picked them up reverently & polished them carefully. They also were carried to somewhere out of my view. I could hear faint music in the background. I wondered who they were making these crowns & scepters for. The Lord said, 'For the ones who will rule and reign with Me in the earth of course.' I nodded. The angel then dropped his curtain at the Lord’s nod." or 1/21/2011 -

The Curtains of Time by Susan O'Marra or http://intheimageofhisgloryministries.blogspot.com/2011/01/curtains-of-time.html

, Marilyn - Names of God: Jehovah Nissi Part 1 + Names of God: Jehovah Nissi Part 2

Kerr, Kat - 6/24/2020 https://www.facebook.com/TheRevelatorKatKerr/videos/317720515909136/

Miller, Keith @ https://sfwm.org/main-articles/a-new-gate-a-cycle-of-time-keith-miller.html -

Thank You, Lord, for extending Your scepter toward us and favoring us to recover everything that’s been lost.



, Benny - 12/6/2016 - https://www.bennyhinn.org/tiyd-video/the-fire-of-the-holy-spirit-is-sweeping-across-nigeria/ -
Holy Spirit instructed Benny to 7x encircle woman to seal in her healing/deliverance from 7 demons/evil spirits.


Revealing Heaven on TN Radio (Kat Kerr) 1/2/2015 @  http://jesusstories.info - We do receive a spiritual seal (engagement ring/deposit of the Holy Spirit) when we are born-again.  However that is NOT a guarantee of getting into heaven, if we fail to continue on having Jesus as our 1st love, evidenced by our behavior/character/fruit.

MacNutt, Francis Deliverance from Evil Spirits   www.christianhealingmin.org 
Chapter 14 Freeing a Person from Spirits of Trauma -
cites Derek Prince who contends that most women/doctors who abort,then receive an evil spirit of abortion.
Chapter 17 Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) admonishes any person being ministered to for SRA to repeat the Catholic baptism rite/prayer/ declaration THREE times in order to break any seals/legal strongholds (which may have come from one's own invitation or from dedication to Satan by another).  A common in utero/womb seal is a spirit of rejection that became lodged in him/her when the parent did not want the child and contemplated/attempted abortion.  Subsequently the priest/minister/ rabbi/patient can pray, "In the name of Jesus Christ, I break every seal of Satan; in the name of Jesus Christ, I set you free by the double edged sword of the Holy Spirit."

3 Fold Cord: In the name of the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).


Your Scroll and Testimony


Kerr, Kat - Now - Scrolls of Time Open - Transition is over.  Positioning starts now.  CD 2015 - www.revealingheaven.com -
God's heavenly angelic army host is ready to help us as we enlist them. 
[Demons cannot rule without using people. 
Angels, good and bad hide in the clouds, where they fight.]



2nd Kings 20:5-6 NIV - This is what the Lord...says, "I have heard your prayers & seen your tears.
I will heal you...I will add 15 years to your life
2nd Kings 20:9-11 NIV -
Isaiah answered (Hezekiah), "This is the Lord's sign to you that the Lord will do what He has promised.  "Shall the shadow go forward 10 steps, or shall it go back 10 steps?' 
"It is a simple matter for the shadow to go forward 10 steps," said Hezekiah.  "Rather, have it go back 10 steps." 
Then the prophet called upon the Lord, & the Lord made the shadow go back the 10 steps it had gone down on the stairs of Ahaz."

Psalm 91:1 He who dwells in the secret place (shelter/protection) of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

Isaiah+38 7 “This is the Lord’s sign to you that the Lord will do what he has promised:
8 'I will make the shadow cast by the sun go back the 10 steps it has gone down on the stairway of Ahaz.’"
So the sunlight went back the 10 steps it had gone down.


Acts 5:15-16 KJV - They brought forth the sick into the streets and laid them on beds and couches, that at least the shadow of Peter passing by might overshadow some of them. There came also a multitude out of the cities round abut Jerusalem, bringing sick folks & those who were vexed with unclean spirits.
They were healed every one.


, AA - (1911-1970) God's Guarantee to Heal You  republished by www.schambach.org -
Caption - Thus Saith the Lord, the God of David thy Father, I have heard thy prayer; I have seen thy tears.  Behold, I will heal thee. - "There was more power in Peter's shadow than in the bodies of many of those who claim to be his successors in ministering to the church of Jesus Christ (see Acts 5 KJV)...Has God changed?  No."

Ever Increasing Faith  by Smith Wigglesworth says that it was NOT the shadow of Peter that healed ALL people.
Rather it was the faith of the people joined with the power of the Holy Spirit that cured.

Tenney, Tommy - The God Chasers - www.godchasers.net - Chapter 8 The Purpose of His Presence shares that "the Hebrews believed that the anointing would extend as far as your shadow reached."

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Order Ana's "Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood" book + "The Power of His Blood" CD #9012
http://www.sidroth.org/  Ana infers (and Pastor Anne www.partoranne.org contends) that the shadow of the Apostles is really one's inner glow of God's glory beaming out to heal.  Remember, even Moses glowed after God ministered to him on the mountain. It could have been glory dust on the outside, but it could also be one's communion with God, where man's spirit unites with God's Spirit.
Glory dust is seen in numerous ministries more and more.
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Apostolic Impartation DVD #1 chapter 8 - www.voiceofthelight.com -
DVD is for those who want to come under the covering of this ministry. 
Presentation discusses our being under the (feathers &) shadow of the Almighty as it was over Mary at her conception.
Ferrell, Ana Mendez   Regions of Captivity book/CD/DVDs www.voiceofthelight.com - share with us that the shadow of death is a demonic PLACE under the earth where broken hearts (soul pieces) are held captive. 
She mentors us how to stand in the gap for others and how to rescue them from Satan's hold. 
[This is especially true for those who are (physically/mentally/spiritually) imprisoned in/by psychiatric illnesses.]  Houston, Texas, USA - 2009 DVD#2 & chapter #2 share how God explained this concept to Ana in relation to her twin sister Mercedes' soul & how it was necessary for Ana to rescue Mercedes' broken soul pieces from the place of imprisonment in the shadow of death.
God said, "Mercedes is trapped in the gate of the shadow of death.  You must go for & bring her back." 
Job 38:17
Have the gates of death been revealed to you or have you seen the doors of the shadow of death? God asks Job.

Foundation - http://www.answers.com/topic/cornerstone or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cornerstone - "Sometimes, instead of killing an animal, the builder entices a man to the foundation-stone, secretly measures his body, or a part of it, or his shadow, and buries the measure under the foundation-stone; or he lays the foundation-stone upon the man's shadow. It is believed that the man will die within the year. The Romanians of Transylvania think that he whose shadow is thus immured will die within 40 days; so persons passing by a building which is in course of erection may hear a warning cry, Beware lest they take thy shadow! Not long ago there were still shadow-traders whose business it was to provide architects with the shadows necessary for securing their walls. In these cases the measure of the shadow is looked on as equivalent to the shadow itself & to bury it is to bury the life or soul of the man, who, deprived of it, must die. Thus the custom is a substitute for the old practice of immuring a living person in the walls, or crushing him under the foundation-stone of a new building, in order to give strength & durability to the structure, or more definitely in order that the angry ghost may haunt the place & guard it against the intrusion of enemies.[5]"

Johndrow, Lee Nameless, Faceless, Placeless? Keep Watching! by Lee Johndrow  www.leejohndrow.com -

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty." Psalm 91:1

Pelletier, Prema - http://spiritlessons.com/dreams_and_visions/Visitation_of_the_HolySpirit_by_Sister_Prema_Pelletier.htm -
Rivers of Living Water Church Scarborough, Toronto, Canada - "During my fellowship & prayer time with the Lord, the Shadow of Almighty God falls over me. I know when He comes & I see when His Shadow (presence/glory) falls, whether my eyes are open or closed, whether it is daytime or nighttime.

Psalm 91:1
- 'He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the Shadow of the Almighty.'”

Sorger, Matt - Is Your Shadow Dangerous? - http://www.mattsorger.com/teachings.aspx?id=96
, Matt (New York, USA) - Power for Life -
CHAPTER 14 or www.scribd.com/doc/86963767/14/CHAPTER-14 - Section Is Your Shadow Dangerous? - "There is a reason why Jesus’ intimacy with God produced power. He was able to hear God’s voice and follow His leading & direction as a result of His intimate relationship with God.  Jesus walked in supernatural power because He did & spoke only what He saw and heard His Father doing and speaking (John 5:19).
His actions reflected His relationship with God. His sole purpose was to
do the will of the Father. His life of intimacy with God produced supernatural results. The same is true for us. Well, you may say, 'Jesus was God. That’s why He had the power He had.  I’m just an ordinary person.' True, we are just ordinary people, but Jesus was also a man. He came in the form of a person, just like you & me. But He was endued with supernatural power as He submitted His life to God...
The same can happen for you & me.
  I love the story of Peter in the Bible. He was 1 of the more outspoken, strong-willed disciples.
needed a bit more work than the others, but he reached a point in his life where he died to himself &
became filled with God’s power, so much so that his shadow was dangerous (Acts 5:15–16) (to sickness and to Satan/demons). 
Do you want to have a dangerous shadow?   You can carry so much of God on your life that when you walk
into a room, God walks in with you.
Just like Peter, you can see whole cities impacted and every sick
person healed & oppressed person set free.
You can carry a level of power on your life that transforms
people all around you everywhere you go. 
How do you get a (supernatural) shadow?
It’s very simple. Stand in the light (of the Trinity). When you stand in the light of God’s
presence through a lifestyle of intimacy with Him, His Spirit will overshadow you, creating a glory zone of His power all around you.
When you learn to walk with God in an intimate way, His power within you is a natural
overflow.  The religious people of Jesus’ day discovered this secret of intimacy with God when they observed the
extraordinary authority & power displayed through the disciples of Jesus. They were ordinary, uneducated men. Many of them caught fish for a living! No degrees, no college educations, nothing. Just a relationship with God.  Now when they saw the boldness & unfettered eloquence of Peter & John & perceived that they were unlearned & untrained in the schools [common men with no educational advantages], they marveled.  They recognized that they had been with Jesus. - ACTS 4:13
When you have been with Jesus, remarkable, miraculous things will happen in and through your life."

Heflin, Ruth Ward - chapter 1 of Living in His Glorious Presence - http://www.thepublishedword.com/files/1676658/uploaded/Chappell.pdf -  "At times the glory (anointing/presence) of God was so great upon Peter that even those who came under his 'shadow' were healed (Acts 5:15). His release from prison came because God’s presence & glory were revealed in that place."

(You may also like:  http://www.calvarycampground.org/wp-content/uploads/glorybooks/revivalglory.pdf
Heflin, Ruth Ward - www.revivalglory.org - GLORY (3MB) - nice
Heflin, Ruth Ward - REVIVAL GLORY (495KB)
Heflin, Ruth Ward - RIVER GLORY (678KB) - nice   
Heflin, Ruth Ward - JERUSALEM, ZION, ISRAEL and the NATIONS  (727KB)


Souz, Katie - 1/12/2017 Newsletter - He Lives In Me - Lesson 2 - Last week we talked about how we are reclaiming our inheritance, which God gave us when He created the heavens. I explained the connection we have with time and space. God is not subject to time or space...I love that our God is bigger than His creation...
I love He lives in me. Through the power of His Spirit, I am part of Him and He is part of me, means I am able to do things in time and space with Him.  As we reclaim our inheritance, it is important to remember who we are, who we are created to be, and be willing to go where He sends us.  How do we begin to reclaim our inheritance; how does this relate to Soul Healing? Remember Hezekiah & his blood line? Look up
Isaiah+38 again & read it...
Play it out loud in your house, or while you sleep. Faith comes by hearing & hearing by the word of God. As we fill our ears and eyes with this chapter, our faith will strengthen for the belief that God uses the cosmos to go back through time in our bloodlines as well.  Some will say what I am proposing is impossible because the planets aren’t going to stop spinning, then go in reverse for me.
I agree but that can easily happen in the spirit.  What happens in the spirit dimension is superior to what happens in this dimension. 
In fact this natural world was birthed out of the spirit realm, so whatever happens there affects us here.


 Sorger, Matt - www.mattsorger.com - Is Your Shadow Dangerous? - MP3 CD or DVD -
There is a deliverance anointing both individual and corporate.  Selden, New York, USA


Dr Bruce Allen, Releasing the Glory Part 7

http://www.bennyhinn.org/television/watchprograms/the-anointing-of-the-holy-spirit-part-3/?prg=08/15/2012 -
Ghana, Africa - excellent - The power/anointing of the Holy Spirit is transferable even to one's shadow.  

Rich Vera - 3/25-29/2013 or TV transcript or Radio here (Regarding INIQUITY, listen to Wednesday's broadcast.) 
When in heaven it was revealed to Rich Vera by Peter that God's GLORY cloud, rather than his own shadow healed the sick.


Nowadays, shadows may refer to practicing/dabbling in demonic/occult/witchcraft activity/spells/powers.



Leviticus 23:23 TNAB New Year's Day  23The Lord said to Moses,
24"Tell the Israelites, 'On the 1st day of the 7th month (the 15th of Nisan or Saturday of Passover or Saturday following Passover) you shall keep a Sabbath rest, with a sacred assembly and with the (100) trumpet blasts (the last blast being as long as possible) as a reminder."

Numbers 29:1 TNAB  1On the 1st day of the 7th month (September/October formerly March/April) you shall hold a sacred assembly and do no sort of work; it shall be a day on which you sound the trumpet.

Joshua 6:2-5 TNAB 
2To Joshua the Lord said, "I have (already in heaven) delivered Jericho (on earth) & its king into your power
3Have all the soldiers circle the city, marching once around it.  Do this for 6 days,
4with the 7 priests carrying ram's horns (shofars) ahead of the ark. 
On the 7th day march around the city 7 times, & have the priests blow the horns
5When they give a long blast on the ram's horns  (shofar) & you hear that signal, all the people shall shout aloud
The wall of the city will collapse, & they will be able to make a frontal attack
Joshua 6:34 NKJV - The Spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon; then he blew the trumpet (to war).

Matthew 24:30-31TNAB - 30See the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power & great glory. 
31He will dispatch His angels with a mighty trumpet blast
They will assemble His chosen from the 4 winds, from 1 end of the heavens to the other.

1st Thessalonians 4:16 The Lord Himself will come down from heaven at the word of command, at the sound of the archangel's voice & God's trumpet those who have died in Christ will rise 1st.

Revelation 11:15  The 7th angel blew his trumpet. Loud voices in heaven cried out, "The Kingdom of the world now belongs to our Lord & to His Anointed One. He shall reign forever & ever."


Blowing the Shofar    http://www.yeshiva.org.il/midrash/shiur.asp?id=2582

Brim, Billye - Rosh HaShanah - http://billyebrimsblog.blogspot.com/2007/09/rosh-hashanah.html       
The only thing the Bible says about this (New Year, Rosh HaShanah) day is that it is a day of blowing of shofars." 
"Rosh means head. Shanah means year. Ha means the. http://billyebrimsblog.blogspot.com/
So, Rosh HaShanah is the head of the year. It is the civil new year dated from the creation of Adam." 

Cohen, Alistair - Shofar Blowing 101 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inu9CIFy-GM&playnext=1&list=PLE70AF31389B0BE5E 2 segments - related links seen on web page

radio programs regarding blowing of the last shofar - http://www.dake.com/dake/radio.html +


Enlow, Johnny & Elizabeth @ https://www.facebook.com/eaglemountian.global/videos/226417942552220/?__tn__=%2CO-R 3/28/2021
AM meeting.  End of program reprograms left legalistic accounting brain to be able to process God’s download via Right brain using prayer & shofar. Kat Kerr in middle of program, lovely, as always.


Evans, Mike   A Revelation on the Shofar from Jerusalem 10/10/2008 - "There is one crucial difference between the 1st 2 instances of malchuyot and zichronot - wherein the sounds emanate from the individual at prayer & shofarot, wherein the sound initially emanated from God: 'God rose up through the sound of the terua, the Lord was in the sound of the shofar.'   Similarly, at the time of the redemption 'all the inhabitants of the world & the dwellers on earth will see, when the banner on the mountains is held aloft; they will all hear, when [God] will blast the shofar' (Isaiah 18:3), and then again, 'It will happen on that day that the great shofar shall be sounded [by God] & those who are lost in the land of Assyria & scattered in the land of Egypt shall come up & bow down before the Lord on the holy mountain in Jerusalem' (Isaiah 18:30)...Now we can begin to see the difference: the shofar blast on Yom Kippur is not derived from the biblical 'day of the broken, staccato sound which is unto you,' because the biblical text there relates to the people ('unto you') who are sounding the shofar at prayer, since on Rosh Hashana the major emotion on this 1st of the 10 Days of Repentance is that of inadequacy, sighing & sobbing, terua, the very day is biblically defined as a 'day of terua.'  The shofar blast on Yom Kippur, on the other hand, is derived from the straight & exultant tekiya of Yom Kippur on the Jubilee year, the majestic declaration of 'freedom throughout the land,' the glorious announcement of redemption. (Leviticus 25:9-11, utilizing the Hebrew word shofar, signifying a beautiful, joyous straight sound). This is proper for Yom Kippur, the day when God promises & guarantees, forgiveness & purification after 5 prayers in which we affirm (& request) that our Temple be a House of Prayer for all nations. Even though the Yom Kippur blast nowadays is only a rabbinical reminder of the Jubilee, every traditional Jew awaits the final blast by God, with its inherent vision of universal Revelation, when 'He will enable us to hear again before the eyes of all living beings'm the redemptive shofar call to the entire world in the days of the Messiah.
The writer is the founder & chancellor of Ohr Torah Stone Colleges & Graduate Programs, & chief rabbi of Efrat." - http://tool.donation-net.net/entrance/enter.cfm?dn=1032&source=5&id=322638&commid=94727168&CFID=6178720&CFTOKEN=98464473

http://www.fnirevival.com/Docs/5_Warfare_Manual_for_Ministers.pdf -

"I have found the shofar to be a powerful weapon of war.  The satanic walls of Jericho came down at the shofar blast.  Gideon defeated the enemy with a few men, at the shofar blast threw the enemy into confusion. 
Jubilee is even decreed with the sounding of the shofar.  I had a vision 1 time as I was blasting the shofar. 
I saw a principality holding his ears, & beneath him demons were running around in confusion & chaos."

Heidler, Robert D - The Messianic Church Arising - Restoring the Church to Our Covenant Roots - www.gloryofzion.org -
"God's instruction for observing this feast (of Trumpets) is to HEAR the sound of a shofar (a ram's horn)...
God designed the sound of the shofar to awaken something in your spirit." 
"Go and listen to the shofar" in a "church or messianic synagogue that celebrates this feast...
If you don't know of a place where a shofar will be blown, listen to a shofar blast on CD."

Don Heist - http://www.sidroth.org/site/News2?abbr=rad_&page=NewsArticle&id=10434&news_iv_ctrl=1121 - http://voiceofgodshofars.com/take-me-in http://www.fortemusicpa.com/ShofarMinistryBrochure.pdf - http://www.windsofpraise.com/home.cfm?dir_cat=33618
http://soundcloud.com/worshipinisrael/don-heist-cd-preview Testimonies - http://voiceofgodshofars.com/testimonies
Don & Sue Heist -

Holtz, Scott & Dalit - http://earlymorningmanna.com/2007/02/16/very-serious-update/ - "The cloud of glory filled my work area & the Holy Spirit told me to pray...After a few minutes of flowing in rich intercession, He speaks in a commanding voice & warns me, 'Son, if anyone (believer or unbeliever) speaks to you and criticizes, maligns, minimizes, and even is not interested in you sounding the trumpet continually against terrorism & the other missions of OPERATION IMMINENT TRUMPET I have assigned you to do
Then they are speaking directly from the Devil
Holtz, Scott & Dalit - Mystery of the Shofar - http://www.flashfloods.com/home/about/shofar.html - shofar blowing & scriptural references
Holtz, Scott & Dalit - shofar blowing over land of Israel
@ http://www.flashfloods.com/home/resources/biblical-study.html
Holtz, Scott & Dalit - http://flashfloodsmedia.com/video/gallery/index.php?m=video&v=25 2006 Blowing the shofar - important -
Shofar blowing removes divination & suicide bombing. (Great time to minister to God is predawn.)
Holtz, Scott - audio - http://www.flashfloodsmedia.com/media/podcasts/deep-calls/1997-07-27_THE-SECRET-PLACE-OF-THE-MOST-HIGH-PODCAST.mp3 -

, Kevin & Rosenthal, Marvin - The Feasts of the Lord - 1-800-4 Israel - Rosh Hashanah - the Feast of Trumpets  -
The Types of Blasts
 - Following pattern was developed for shofar blowing: "a long blast (tekiah), 3 short blasts (shevarim), 9 staccato blasts (teruah), 1 long (final sustained) blast (tekiah)." 
The Shofar
  "Jewish tradition teaches that, on Rosh Hashanah, Satan appears before the Almighty to accuse Israel as the books for judgment are opened.  The ancient rabbis, therefore suggested the traditional purpose for the shofar on Rosh Hashanah, 'Why do they blow [the shofar]?...in order to confound Satan'  (Rosh Hashanah 16a).  They believed that the many blasts of the shofar on Rosh Hashanah would confuse Satan, leading him to believe that the Messiah had arrived & his (Satan's) authority had ended....
It is customary to sound a total of 100 shofar blasts on each day of the Rosh Hashanah synagogue services."

Hutch, Larry - Seasons of God - Episode 1 – excellent 2/7/2013 - Seasons of God - Episode 2 - Seasons of God - Episode 3 - Seasons of God - Episode 4 - from http://www.youtube.com/user/larryhuch - 8/2013

Roth, Sid - 5/2009 Mishpochah newsletter shares healing resulting from blowing of shofar - http://www.sidroth.org/site/News2?page=NewsArticle&id=8489&security=1&news_iv_ctrl=1082

, Dutch - Authority in Prayer - http://www.dutchsheets.org/index.cfm - Subtitle: Praying with Power & Purpose
http://www.cephasministry.com/joels_army_who_is_who.html - Chapter 9 The Sword shares that on a certain day at a certain time the Lord said, "Now is the time."  An individual blew the shofar battle cry into the heavens. 
Strength & courage came as a spiritual leader began to verbally dismantle the (demonic) strongman over the Indian Reservation.
No more suicide attempts or actual suicides occurred for almost 3 years.

Shofar man - http://www.theshofarman.com/youtubeshofarvideos.htm

billyount.com - Prophetic Vision: 'I Will Begin to Manifest Myself Alive at the Wailing Wall' -
shofar, or ram's horn, is often used in his meetings, breaking the powers of darkness over regions, churches & households.
shofar represents God's breath blowing into the nostrils of His people, reviving them & awakening the lost."

, Rabbi Michael - The Sound of the Shofar; Get ready to Receive Your Breakthrough excellent CD - http://www.celebratethemessiah.org/
Rabbi Michael Zeitler on Sid Roth's Radio Show" - 2007 -
Rabbi Michael Zeitler on Sid Roth's Radio Show" - 2010
Bi-polar nervousness gone -
Baruch Ha Shem Messianic Ministries International -
Newsletter - 04-10-2010 - Highland, New York, USA
Michael Zeitler New York messianic congregation http://www.celebratethemessiah.org/aboutus.htm
6/28/2010-7/2/2010  #1702 Messianic Vision radio broadcast - Why Israel is Supernatural Book: The Eagle, the Lion, & Miracles CD - "When Michael...blows the shofar, miracles takes place. Deaf ears are opened, tumors disappear & people hear angels!" - 
Listen esp. to 7/1-2/2010  http://www.sidroth.org/site/News2?abbr=rad_&page=NewsArticle&id=9356&news_iv_ctrl=1121 -
Michael Zeitler - 9/2010 TV The Akedah - http://hebrew4christians.com/Prayers/Daily_Prayers/Akedah/akedah.html excellent - printer version - http://hebrew4christians.com/Prayers/Daily_Prayers/Akedah/Printer_Version/printer_version.html - "Tz'enah Urenah" says that "the shofar blown at mount Sinai, when the Torah was given (to Moses), came from the ram which had been sacrificed in place of Isaac.  The left horn was blown for a shofar at Mount Sinai & its right horn will be blown to herald the coming of Moshichah" (Messiah).

of blessing


Mark 7:33-35 TPNT - 33After He took him privately aside from the crowd, He cast His fingers into his ears; after He spit (at the evil spirit) He touched his tongue.
Then He looked up into the sky, signed, saying to him in Hebrew, "Hippatach," that is, (as fulfillment of Isaiah 61:1 Messianic prophecy) "You must right now be opened." 
35Immediately his hearing did open, the bondage of his tongue was loosed, & he was speaking correctly.
(TPNT notes that, "The spittle of the first-born son of the father was believed to have healing power.")

Mark 8:22-25 TPNT - 22They brought to Him a blind man and begged Him that He would touch him. 
23Taking the hand of the blind man, He led him outside the village. 
Having spit in his eyes, He placed His hands on him.  He was asking, "Do you see anything?" 
When he looked up he was saying, "I see men that are as trees walking."  
25Then He again laid hands upon his eyes.  He stared straight ahead, was restored, & looking at everything clearly.

Spit of Blessing


Hickey, Marilyn - Heaven is Real - Part 1 - Heaven is Real - Part 2 @ http://blip.tv/today-with-marilyn-and-sarah  10/18/2011 -
Marilyn shares a woman's testimony: A woman applied the
SWEAT of a holy pastor's shirt to her mate's bed sheets; subsequently her husband received the Lord. Even more awesome is this woman's phoning all residents in the phone book prior to a genocide, & brought many to the Lord.
Hickey, Marilyn - 8/28/2014 - Jesus told Marilyn that He spit AT the demon of blindness, rather than at the eye (cited in Mark 8). Broken Be Made Whole - Part 1 + Broken Be Made Whole - Part 2 +  Broken Be Made Whole - Part 3 + Broken Be Made Whole - Part 4 -
Broken Be Made Whole - Part 4 - 4/10/2015 - (On a Joni & Marcus Lamb Daystar 2015 program discussing Seeing Jesus in Scripture, Marilyn Hickey shares that Jesus spit AT blindness rather than at the person,
per the revelation that the Holy Spirit gave to her.  Marilyn discusses how spit DNA is used to discover family ancestry/ geonology.  (Likewise, Jesus is replacing the problem with his DNA.  Marilyn reveals that we can spit at family curses, in Jesus' name.)

http://www.ryandrum.com/threeherbs.htm#QAL "The 1st aid treatment for their sliced fingers is, of course, (wild) Yarrow. Fresh young basal rosette leaves or young flower tops are crushed or chewed into a poultice or spit poultice respectively & applied directly into &/or around the wound and wrapped if possible.   The hand pruner can be used to cut clothing into strips for a wrapping bandage.
Yarrow is broadly antimicrobial & works well as an antiseptic painkilling wound dressing.
All of the Yarrow harvesting wounds treated with yarrow poultices healed quickly without any secondary infections & usually no scarring. Yarrow pieces left in a wound usually do not cause bacterial infection. I usually recommend against using spit poultices on deep open wounds to avoid the possibility of introducing anaerobic oral disease bacteria into the bloodstream. These days maybe use only your own spit poultice. (Human saliva contains epidermal growth factor which may aid in wound healing)
This would be to avoid chronic blood-borne diseases such as HIV & various hepatitis diseases.
If you have blood-borne diseases, please do not use your own-saliva-source spit poultices on the open wounds of others."

Schambach, RW and Donna (daughter)  http://www.schambach.org - 10/1990 Messianic Vision radio interview by Sid Roth of RW Schambach testimony of healings at AA Allen service. CD #1088 from www.sidroth.org - In addition to the testimonies on the above CD, Schambach has many other healing tales.  For instance, one lady refused to take/receive her healing until Schambach spit into her blind eyes.  He finally consented & God healed her blindness.  Another time a girl wanted Schambach to carry M&M candy in his pocket, instead of/in addition to prayer cloths, being impregnated with the Holy Spirit, during his ministry services.  He finally consented & subsequently returned the candy to her.  She took that candy to her sister institutionalized in a mental hospital for 20 years. 
The next time Schambach saw the sister, her sister was with her, discharged from the hospital, cured.

Spit of misdirected/misguided offense



Numbers 12:14 KJVer
 - The Lord said to Moses, "If her father has put spit in her face, should she not be ashamed 7 days. 
Let her be shut out from the camp 7 days; after that let her be received in again

Matthew 26:67 TPNT- They spit in His face, they struck Him with their fists & they slapped Him saying, "You must prophesy to us, Messiah; who is the one who is hitting You?".

Prayer Shawl
with its 4 corner tassels


Prayer Shawl Scripture

%3A3&version=KJV -Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age & made him a coat of many colours Read full chapter - Genesis 37:3 in all English translations
(Likely a prayer shawl, with the many colors representing the rainbow glory light surrounding Jehova, heaven's king: ezekiel/1-28.htm )

Exodus 17:15  - The LORD is my Banner.
xodus 22:26
WJ Morford's TPNT - http://www.mechon-mamre.org/p/pt/pt0222.htm


Numbers 15:37-40 NIV - 37The Lord said to Moses, 38"Speak to the Israelites & say to them,  'Throughout the generations to come you (& our descendants) are to (must) make tassels  (fringes/tsitsit/kraspedon/gedilim) on the corners (boarders/hem) of your (outer) garments (currently represented by a prayer shawl/talit/tallit/tzitzit/mantle in which one wraps oneself in a prayer closet, God's Word & blessings as 1 prays), with a blue (violet) cord on each tassel
You will have these tassels to look at & so you will remember all the commands of the Lord, that you may obey them & not prostitute yourselves by going after the lusts of your own hearts & eyes. 
40Then you will remember to obey all My commands & will be consecrated to your God.'"
Deuteronomy 22:12 TNAB -
"You shall put (longer) twisted cords (tassels) on the 4 corners of the cloak (prayer shawl) that you wrap around you."

Ruth 3:9 NIV - "Who are you, my daughter," he (Boaz) asked.  "I am your servant Ruth," she said. 
"Spread the corner (corner longest knotted fringe/tsitsit) of your garment (prayer shawl/covering/wings/protection) over me, since you are a kinsman-redeemer" (foreshadowing Messiah our kinsman-redeemer).

Zechariah 8:23 Alexander Harkavy   Thus says the Lord of hosts, "In those days it shall come to pass, that 10 men (a quorum), out of all (each of) the languages of the nations, shall take hold, yea they shall  take hold of (grasp a long corner fringe of) the skirt (garment/prayer-shawl/Tzitzith) (cloak per David H. Stern) of him that is a Jew, saying, We will go with you; for we have heard that God is with you."

Psalm 91:1-4 NKJV - 1He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. 
2I will say of the Lord, "He is my refuge & fortress; my God, in Him I will trust." 
3Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler & from the perilous pestilence. 
4He shall cover you with His feathers, & under His wings (kanaph/wings of protection/corners/corner knotted fringes/tsitsiot www.rr-bb.com/archive/index.php/t-181570.html  1/7/2005) you shall take refuge.
(Also see Ruth 2:12, Psalm 17:8)
Psalm 104:1-2 Bless the Lord, O my soul. O Lord my God, You are very great:
You are clothed with honor & majesty, Who cover Yourself with light as with a garment, Who stretch out the heavens like a curtain.  (According to Hagee, "The knots in the tzitzit represent 613 commandments of the Word of God. They are to remind the wearer of the Word of the Lord, but it is not enough just to remember.
We must also do it. The prayer shawl was every Jewish man's tabernacle. The wilderness tabernacle was only 18 feet by 45  feet, not large enough to hold 2 million worshiping people. So every Jewish man put his prayer shawl over his head while quoting Psalm 104:1-2 footnote - The Hebrew prayer shawl is now the flag of Israel.
The prophet Isaiah 11:12 wrote, "He will set up a banner for the nations, will assemble the outcasts of Israel, & gather together the dispersed of Judah from the 4 corners of the earth." http://focusonjerusalem.com/flagofisraelnameofgod.html )

Malachi 4:2 NKJV  To you who fear My name, the Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings (covering/longest corner knotted fringes of one's tallit). https://www.bibleref.com/Malachi/4/Malachi-4-2.html Hebrew "Term used is kanaph, which means 'wings, edges, feathers, skirt, or borders'."

Matthew 9:20-22 TNAB
 - 20A woman suffering hemorrhages for 12 years came up behind Him & touched the (longest corner) tassel on His cloak (prayer shawl).  21She said to herself, "If only I can touch His cloak, I shall be cured." 
22Jesus turn around, saw her & said, "Courage, daughter.  Your faith has saved you."  From that hour the woman was cured.
Matthew 14:34-36 TNAB - 34After making the crossing (by boat), they (Jesus & His  disciples) came to land at Gennesaret. 
35When the men of that place recognized Him, they sent word to all the country.  People brought to Him all those who were sick.
& begged Him that they might touch only the (long corner) tassel on His cloak; as many as touched it were healed.
Matthew 23:5 NIV They make their phylacteries (boxes containing scripture verses, worn on forehead & arm) wide & the tassels (prayer shawl corner fringes) on their garments long.
Matthew 25:36 TPNT -
"I was poorly clothed and you clothed Me (in an outer garment/prayer shawl)."

Mark 5:41-42 TPNT
- 41When He took the hand of the child, He said to her, "Prayer shawl, rise." 
42Immediately the girl rose & walked, for she was 12 years old.  (TPNT Glossary-Prayer Shawl -
"In that case He would have placed His prayer shawl over the girl, then spoken to the prayer shawl.")
Mark 6:56 TNAB   
Whatever villages, towns or countryside He entered, they laid the sick in the marketplaces & begged Him that they might touch only the (long corner) tassel on His cloak (prayer shawl/outer garment); as many touched it were healed.
(Tassel/tsitsit carries the tsitsiot (plural) which have 39 windings separated by double knots.
Yeshua/Messiah/Christ took 39 stripes for our healing.  Tallit is the hem of His garment...
According to Jewish numerology/gematria, each letter of the alphabet represents a numeral, the number of windings of the tsitsit represent:
YHVH = 26 ECHAD = 13; 26 + 13 = 39; YHVH ECHAD = GOD IS ONE www.rr-bb.com/archive/index.php/t-181570.html  1/7/2005)  

Luke 8:43-46 KJVer
- 43A woman having an issue of blood 12 years, who had spent all her living (earnings/wages/ income) upon physicians, neither could be healed of any,
came behind Him & touched the border (corner longest knotted fringe/tsitsit) of His (outer) garment (prayer shawl). (Luke 8:44 TNAB says "tassle of His cloak")   
The Hem of His Garment -  http://www.rbooker.com/html/the_hem_of_his_garment.html - Immediately her issue of blood stanched (stopped).  45Jesus said, "Who touched Me?''  All denied.  Peter & those who were with Him said, "Master, the multitude throng & press You.  You ask, "Who touched Me?" 
Jesus said, "Somebody has touched Me, for I perceive that virtue (power) is gone out of Me." 
John 20:5-7 TPNT
 - 5When he stooped sideways he saw the linen cloths lying, nevertheless he did not enter.
6Then Simon Peter also came, following him, entered the tomb, & saw the cloths lying, 7& the face cloth (napkin/ handkerchief) which had been on His head, not lying with the cloths but being folded up separately in 1 place. 
(John Hagee contends that the folded up face cloth is the prayer shawl or talli. 
It was folded up & left for Peter to notice when he entered the empty tomb:)
11/14/2006 Kenneth Copeland broadcast Dialup  Broadband MP3 36While He was going, they were spreading their prayer shawls on the road.         ...

[1footnote: Greek word imatia, meaning cloak or outer garment, is used here & in verse 36
 the cloak of a Jewish man was his prayer shawl.)] - 'You have to be alive to fold the
shawl & you have to be Jewish to know 'how."
per http://www.lcje.net/papers/1990/Banashak.pdf)
John 19:23
WJ Morford's TPNT

Acts 12:8 TPNT The angel said to him (Peter), "You must immediately gird yourself & put on your sandals." 
So he did.  Then he (the angel) said to him, "You must put on your cloak & follow me." 
(TPNT footnote: The cloak of every Jewish man was his prayer shawl.) 
Acts 18:2-3 TPNT.WJ Morford - 2Paul came to them. 3Because they they were in
the same trade he was staying with them & working; for they all were prayer shawl (tent/closet) makers by trade.
(TPNT footnote "Prayer shawl making required rabbinic training that all 3 had...
Jewish men referred to the prayer shawl as a "tent or prayer closet", because it was placed over the head to shield the eyes while praying.) (Additional insight: Paul was a "tent maker"...Jesus said to go into your prayer closet;
for the Jews this meant to go under your prayer shawl/tent.)  
Matthew 6:6 TPNT "When you would pray, you must go into your secret room.
After you lock your door, pray to your Father, to the 1 in secret; then your Father,
the 1 Who sees in secret, will reward you

1st Corinthians 11:14-15 TPNT - 14Does not nature (also Roman custom) teach you this,
that if a man on the 1 hand has long hair it is a disgrace to him,
but on the other hand for a woman it is her glory? 
Because the hair was given to her as an ornament in place of a prayer shawl.
(TPNT Glossary - Prayer Shawl - "Paul was clearly saying that women were given long hair nstead of a prayer shawl.")

Revelation 19:11-13
Now I saw heaven opened, & behold, a white horse.
He who sat on him was called Faithful & True, & in righteousness He judges & makes war.
His eyes were like flame of fire, & on His head were many crowns. He had a name  written that none knew except Himself.
He was clothed with a robe (&/or prayer shawl) dipped in blood, & His name is called 'The Word of God...
Revelation 19:16 He has on His robe (&/or prayer shawl) & on His thigh a name written: KING of KINGS & LORD of LORDS. 
(INSIGHT: The name on (touching) His thigh is the tzitzit (longest corner tassel) of the
prayer shawl around His shoulders. Jesus will return to earth just as He left it...as a rabbi.
He will come wearing the name that is above all names, & every eye shall see Him coming in power & glory. http://focusonjerusalem.com/flagofisraelnameofgod.html from book The Battle for Jerusalem - Also see:
Genesis 24:9 TLB in Kwikscan So the servant vowed
[literally, "put his hand under the thigh (tzitzit) of Abraham his master & swore to him that"] to follow Abraham's instructions.
Genesis 47:29 Alexander Harkavy The time drew nigh that Israel must die:
he called his son Joseph, & said unto him, "If now I have found grace in thy sight,
I pray thee, thy hand under my thigh (prayer shawl's tzitzit) & deal kindly & truly with me; bury me not, I pray thee in Egypt."

                                                                     prayer shawl
                                                                      Jewish Tallit


Baker, Shelli - A Covenant Thread of PRAYER  1994 healing audio testimony
& its relationship to the prayer shawl tallit.  http://www.glory-train.com
Baker, Shelli - http://www.morningsong.mobi/physics_chapters.pdf chapter excerpts regarding creation, physics, light, sound
Chapter 4 Shamayim - the Headwaters of Heaven  "The Jewish tallit, or prayer shawl, is woven with 7 deep blue stripes to encourage the person praying to press in to & ascend in his prayers all the way to the 7th, or highest, layer of Heaven."

Benefiel, John - Binding the Strongman over America -
"David cut the corner, or, in Hebrew, the tzizit, from Saul's robe" (prayer shawl/tallit).

https://www.slideshare.net/k24s3/gatewaytoseer-barbie-breathitt-foreword-by-sid-roth 2 Kings 2:13-14 Some Jewish scholars call Elijah's mantle, his prayer shawl, containing the long corner tassel with the snail-blue thread, the 1 with G-d's magic healing anointing.

Copeland, Kenneth - Tuesday 11/14/2006 Broadcast - www.kcm.org
with John Hagee  www.sacornerstone.org - on the prayer shawl - Dialup  Broadband  Download  MP3


Cox, Paul L - Heaven Trek - Daring to Go Where God Wants Us to Go @ www.aslansplace.com

Malachi 4:2-3 TLB in Kwikscan - 2"For you who fear My name, the Sun of Righteousness (heavenly being) will rise with healing in his (her) wings.  You will go free, leaping with joy like calves let out to pasture
3Then you will tread upon the wicked as ashes underfoot (on the day I shall do this), "says the Lord Almighty. 
Chapter 8 of Heaven Trek contends that not an angel or part of the Trinity, but rather another heavenly being, operates here with healing (yesterday, today, tomorrow).
Cox implies/indicates that it/she is involved in the healing of the family tree &/or other root issues.
Father God, in the name of Your son Jesus Christ, we ask You to release Your fire & burn up all of the evil in our generational line (backwards & forward), all the evil in our family tree on both sides, all the evil branches & the evil roots that go all the way back through the generations & forward through all our seed, even including the mates of our seed (who have become 1 flesh through marriage). 
Thank You Father God.  We adore & bless You.  Amen.7.4.2008

http://www.daughtersofzionministry.biz/Prayer-Shawls-and-Tallits.html to buy in wool from Israel

Dickow, Gregory - How to Place a Demand on the Covenant - We need to place a demand on (what Jesus did to fulfill) our spiritual blood covenantJesus is the fulfillment of the 613 commandments in the Old Testament represented in the longest corner fringe of the shawl.  The fringe has 5 double knots + 8 strands for a total of 13 & the word numerical value of 600 for a grand total of 613 old testament commandments, fulfilled by Jesus.  www.gregorydickow.org
http://lightsource.com/ministry/changing_your_life_with_gregory_dickow/20081123/   11/23/2008
http://lightsource.com/Ministry/changing_your_life_with_gregory_dickow/20081019/   11/19/2008
http://www.lightsource.com/ministry/changing-your-life-with-gregory-dickow/video-player/how-to-place-a-demand-on-the-covenant-374387.html 10/31/2013

 - Medieval Sourcebook - Adamnan - Life of St Columba - www.fordham.edu/halsall/basis/columba-e.html
Chapter 3 - Ernene, son of Crasen "came forward stealthily, that he might touch unperceived even the hem of the cloak which the blessed man wore."  St Columba "putting his hand behind him, he seized the boy...
He said, 'My son, open they mouth & put out they tongue.'...Carefully blessing it (St Columba) pronounced his prophecy...
'Though this body appears to you now very contemptible & worthless, let none on that account despise him.  For from this hour, not only will he not displease you, but he will give you every satisfaction; from day to day he shall advance in degrees in good conduct, & in the virtues of the soul.  From this day, wisdom & prudence shall be more & more increased in him; great shall be his progress in this your community.  His tongue also shall receive from God the gift of both wholesome doctrine & eloquence.'"

Francis, Bishop - Monday, July 29, 2013 - "Bishop Francis is Founder & Senior Pastor
of Ruach City Church (Brixton, south London), 1 of the largest & fastest growing fellowships in the United Kingdom.
On the power-packed program, he explores Numbers 15, which speaks of the Tallit, or prayer shawl.
In Jewish culture, a threadbare prayer shawl is treated with great respect, as a mantle of holiness, acquired from years of use. Traditionally, a tallit is likely to be given as a special gift, from father to son, from father-in-law to son-in-law, from teacher to student." (Additional insights at end of program)

Hinn, Benny with Bishop John Francis - Benny Hinn - The Prayer Shawl TV Broadcast from Jerusalem 11/27/2006 on the prayer shawl - Bishop John Francis: founder & senior pastor of Ruach Ministries, Brixton, S. London, England.  
God wants us to take a proactive role in His ministry.  We are to decree a thing & to take His authority.
Job 22:28 KJVer
You shall also decree a thing, & it shall be established to you, & the light shall shine upon your ways.  
(WRITE Benny Hinn Ministry for free Jerusalem CD of 11/2006 broadcasts...
Benny Hinn Ministries is also offering inexpensive prayer shawls, 1 with healing scripture, % 1 with protection scripture -
some in English or Spanish.  www.bennyhinn.org )

Hinn, Benny with Bishop John Francis -
11/28/2007 Author of book Talit ha Cumi SPIRITUAL SYMBOLISM OF THE TALLIT, PART 3
Includes a testimony of God healing a terminally ill cancer patient by the laying of the prayer shawl on the sick person. 
"Bishop Francis ministers how you can declare 'talit ha cumi' to every dead situation in your life."   
Also watch Study of Jewish Culture & the Prayer Shawl  7/28/2009  TV broadcast
http://www.bennyhinn.org/television/watchprograms/spiritual-symbolism-of-the-tallit-part-1/?prg=06/11/2014 - Rabbi Landry is the founder & CEO of Curt Landry Ministries, apostle & founder of House of David Ministries, & the acting CEO of My Olive Tree.
Bishop Francis is Founder & Senior Pastor of Ruach City Church (Brixton, South London),.

Hagee, John  7/2/2008 http://www.bennyhinn.org/media/2008-7-2.asx - Pastor Hagee declares that when Peter was praying on the housetop & a sheet appeared with non-Kosher things, that the sheet was actually a prayer shawl, & that the non-Kosher foods also represented gentiles.

www.houseofdavid.org suggests that a prayer shawl can be placed over things (or people) when praying a blessing (such as over written prayer requests), for it can be considered to be a covering such as: the blood of Christ (on the doorposts protecting from evil), the wedding tent for newlyweds (where one can consider him/herself married to Christ/God the husband), or the wings of God (under which we are hidden).

Pastor John Hagee - posted 1/27/2018 - (last message in series on) Israel - The nine (9) Mysteries Of The Prayer Shawl - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDoGT_8k134


Huch, Larry - Healing In His Wings - http://www.larryhuchministries.com/tv/tallit.cfm?view=article -
audio at http://elinks.micahtek.com/lhm/HealingInHisWings.mp3
Excerpts From 2 Teaching Series - The Tallit: Covered in the Promises of God - 2CDS
& Healing in His Wings - CD/DVD  
On East coast TV broadcast 6/19/2008 & 9/8/2011 Larry shares how in 1998 the Lord impressed for him to cover his ill wife Tiz with the prayer shawl.  Upon obeying, Tiz's healing immediately began. 
He had done everything he knew to do, to no avail.  He was desperate & God came to his rescue. 
He now regularly covers his shoulders with the Jewish prayer shawl (under the shadow of God's wings). 
Larry - Healing through applying the blood of Christ -
Larry expounds on the 7 places where Jesus shed His blood as places of blessings obtained for us when we reconnect with Him. 
Jesus became a curse for us that we might be redeemed from each of the 7 curse categories.

Identity Theft - chapter 1 - http://messiahsmandate.org/identity-theft-chapter-one/?buffer_share=2fb75&utm_source=buffer or video Identity Theft Trailer - Ron Cantor  -
"I knew that if I could just touch the tzitzit, the fringes on His garment, I would be healed. I was sure of it.
I had to touch Him...I lurched forward, just barely managing to graze the fringe of His tallit with my fingers.
As I did, I felt such power come into me. But it was more than power…it was pure, it was clean, it was life."

Kaplan, Aryeh - Tzitzith - a Thread of Light - publisher www.ou.org  (2006 publication)
A special garment, the Tallith Katan (small Tallith, Arba Kanforth, 4 corners, Lahbsideckel, body cover) or Tzitzith is a small rectangle with a a neck hole worn most often UNDER a shirt to fulfill scripture's dictates to be ever mindful of God's commandments.
The cloth & accompanying prayers are often given on a son's 3rd birthday. 
Book includes instructions on how to make one's own Tallith Katan.
Per the Talmud, Rosh HaShanah & Rabbi Yochanan,
"We are taught that God wrapped Himself [in a Tallith] like a prayer leader & showed Moses the order of prayer. 
He (G-d) said, 'Whenever Israel sins, let them proceed in this manner, & I will forgive them'...
To most commentators...he (rabbi) is referring (to Daniel 7:9)
The Ancient of Days (Atik Yomin) sat there, His garment was white as snow. 
The hair of His head was like pure wood...
also...(Psalms 104:2) He covers Himself with light as a garment...
Can we say that God performs a physical act like putting on a Tallith (prayer shawl typically worn OVER)?"
"God's Tallith is...the sum total of all the commandments in the Torah."
"The Midrash tells us that the 1st time that God is said to have appeared wearing a Tallith was when He gave Moses the 1st commandment, the 1 involving the Jewish calendar. 
God was beginning to teach Moses the way of the commandments...
He showed Moses the Tallith that alludes to them all...
A commandment is a lamp & the Torah is light.  Proverbs 6:23...
The Tallith is only worn because of the Tzitzith (long corner tassels) that it contains. 
Without the Tzitzith, the Tallith is nothing."
"The bond between God & man involves all levels of creation.  Man is the goal of God's creation & all the spiritual worlds exist only for his sake.  There are essentially 4 levels in the spiritual plane, alluded to by the 4 letters in God's ineffable Name..The 4 corners of the Tallith allude to these levels...to the spiritual link between God & man. 
In Ezekiel's vision, after the saw the Chashmal (protective glory) which was God's garment, he saw the 4 angels called Chayoth. 
These 4 angels are the 4 Tzitzith on the corners of God's Tallith. 
This is why the prophet saw them attached to the Chashmal, which represents God's Tallith...
The Tzitzith...have 5 knots, representing the 5 books of the Torah...
& its commandments bind man to God."
"With the destruction of the 2nd Temple (Beth HaMikdash) the supply of this particular (mandated) blue dye virtually disappeared. 
Still, a small supply was maintained by a handful of individuals who knew where to find the Chilazon" (Murex snail http://www.ou.org/about/judaism/chilazon.htm ) (but has very recently been rediscovered).

TALLIT, PART 2 - recommended - or http://vimeo.com/97576356 #1 + http://vimeo.com/97580279 #2
@ http://www.bennyhinn.org/spiritual-symbolism-of-the-tallit/

http://mytalit.com/category/wedding-prayer-shawl/ -
Landry, Rabbi Curt - http://www.bennyhinn.org/tiyd-video/spiritual-symbolism-of-the-tallit-part-1-3/ 5/11/16
+ http://www.bennyhinn.org/tiyd-video/spiritual-symbolism-of-the-tallit-part-2-3/ 5/12/2016 +

Oberman, Sheldon - The Always Prayer Shawl - children's book - www.boydsmillspress.com
Story highlights importance/significance of passing down one's prayer shawl from generation to generation.

Phillips, Ron  http://www.abbashouse.com/pages/page.asp?page_id=3348  1/11-15/2010
"Uncover the mystery behind the tallit (Jewish prayer shawl)."
-Click Here to Watch This Week's Program (Small Player)  javascript:launchPlayer(51014);(URL)
-Click Here to Watch This Week's Program (Large Player)  javascript:launchPlayerLarge(51014,960,620);(URL) 

Rogers, Bob www.bobrogersministries.org - Isaiah 22:22 Stern I will place the key of David's house (Jewish prayer shawl & or praise) on His shoulder; none will shut what He (Messiah) opens; none will open what He (Messiah) shuts.

Scripture commentary - http://www.rondaniel.com/library/09-1Samuel/1Samuel2301.html
Samuel 24:4 The Edge Of Saul's Robe - "David secretly cut off the edge of Saul's robe as he sat in the cave.
What did this mean? The robe was like a man's uniform, & the wing (corner tzitzit), edge, or fringe, his
rank or authority...
In chapter 15, Saul had torn the fringe (longest corner tzitzit) off the robe of the prophet Samuel."

Souza, Katie - http://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word.html?ID=16367 7/2016 -
"As I slept, I had a powerful encounter. The Lord enabled me to see what the source of my sickness really was.
I could see demons flying all around & assaulting me with the flu virus. It was horrifying. But, in that same vision, I saw the Lord Himself coming down from Heaven & hovering right above me. As I looked up, He spread the wings of His prayer shawl over me like a tent. Then, huge fireballs came thundering down from Heaven taking out every single 1 of my enemies, while I remained safe & sound. 
Within an hour I woke up, totally healed.
The Word that God had given to me from Malachi 4:2 had been fulfilled in a dramatic way."

Tallit weaving - http://www.bluefeetstudio.com/weaving-a-tallit.html - http://www.bluefeetstudio.com/tallitot.html - http://www.mosesweaving.com/Judaica/
(Non-Kosher) Tallit http://www.ehow.com/how_2335670_make-own-tallit.html - http://www.ehow.com/how_7201961_make-prayer-shawl-quilt.html
Kosher http://www.ehow.com/how_10005499_create-own-tallit.html
Knit a Tallit @ http://www.ehow.com/how_8416057_knit-tallit.html -
Instructions for a Knitted Prayer Shawl -
How to Make a Jewish Prayer Shawl - How to Make a Fabric Prayer Shawl -
How to Make a Prayer Shawl Out of Silk - Prayer Shawl Patterns - Prayer Shawl Information Tzitzit - http://biblesabbath.blogspot.com/2008/12/tzitzit-hassle-over-tassels.html
"For those people who want to purchase Tzitzit, I highly recommend, http://www.tzitzitetc.com/"
Tzitzit - How to Tie - http://www.kippahdesign.com/tzitzit.html - http://www.ajudaica.com/guide_tzitzit.php - video on tying tzitzit! - How to Make Fringe for a Prayer Shawl -

David Van Koevering - McFatter, Joann - Vibration of Sounds will be Released--
Get Ready for the Frequency of Heaven! - 1/2/2008 - permission: www.elijahlist.com -
"The physical frequency of vibration of the woman's faith that reached out & touched the hem of His garment (Luke 13) with hope & expectation, I believe came in sync with the 'frequency of vibration' in the 'virtue of healing' that lay resident in Him. He said her faith made her whole. There is a physical principle taking place when spiritual principles are activated. The sound and/or vibration of supplication released through revelation-brings transformation."

Prayer Shawl Wings

Malachi 4:2 (DARBY)  
Unto you that fear My name shall the Sun (Son) of righteousness arise with healing in His wings.

Psalm 57-1 - In You I take refuge. I will take refuge in the shadow of Your wings until the disaster has passed.
Psalm 61:4 - I long to dwell in Your tent forever & take refuge in the shelter of Your wings.
Psalm 63:7 - Because You are my help, I sing in the shadow of Your wings.

https://www.slideshare.net/k24s3/gatewaytoseer-barbie-breathitt-foreword-by-sid-roth 2 Kings 2:13-14 Some Jewish scholars call Elijah's mantle, his prayer shawl, containing the long corner tassel with the snail-blue thread, the 1 with G-d's magic healing anointing.

, Katie - http://www.sidroth.org/site/DocServer/IS555Transcript_Souza.pdf -
KATIE: Malachi 4:2 says, “'The center of righteousness,' meaning Jesus the Messiah 'arises with healing in His wings & beams.'
The beams there are talking about beams of light & the wings represent the prayer shawl, which represent the Glory Cloud.
So Jesus arises with healing in His glory & light...
When I went to Australia the Lord said, 'Now I want you to start moving in that revelation & releasing light.'
You can even release it long distance, ‘cause light travels 186,000 miles per second, right?
So He said, 'I want you to start releasing Glory Light'...
KATIE: So I began to press into my faith to release the Glory Light. So I called her (mom) 2 days later.
Now she doesn’t know I’m doing this. 
She goes, 'I’ve had this angelic being coming into my room beaming light into me.' 
I was like that’s what I’ve been praying for...
The Lord began to show me how her other hip, which they were going to take out because it was being degenerated by the disease, was being restored. So I’m in the plane.
God’s saying that hip is being restored in the Glory Light. He goes, 'But now the leg bone is out of the socket.'
He says, 'So now I want you to do some thundering.' I said, 'Thundering?'
So I go, 'Okay, what’s thundering?' I did a word search in Bible Gateway. 
It was in the scripture about the valley of dry bones.
In the verse it says, 'There was a thundering, a shaking & rattling & the bones came together, bone fits bone.'
So I fly home. I run into her house. I don’t even tell her what I’m doing. (In Jesus' name)
I began to command the bones to come together, bone fits bone, so that the leg bone would go into the hip socket.
She’s laying there...no idea what I’m doing & goes, 'Owe. Owe.'
I go,  'What’s going on?' She goes, 'I have a pain.'
I said, 'What kind of pain?' She goes, 'Well it wasn’t really a pain.
It was more like the feeling of when the ball of a truck goes into the hitch of a trailer.' 
(I) didn’t have to touch her anything.  The bones came together."
Souza, Katie - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIGQm3foS4Y&list=PL66D0FA4295622D92
from http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL66D0FA4295622D92

Breaking the Strings of Witchcraft - 7/2012 - https://fullersmission.wordpress.com/2012/07/
or https://fullersmission.wordpress.com/tag/witchcraft/  4/25/2014 -
"One young mother wanted to be delivered from the darkness of her nightmares.
Coming into the light of Jesus Christ, she accepted him as her personal Lord & Savior.
Together we prayed a prayer of repentance.  Then deliverance with her. But she wasn’t the only 1 who was set free. 
Jack noticed that her chubby infant had colored strings tied around his wrists that were cutting into the flesh.
Much of
Africa is tied by strings of darkness to witchcraft. The baby’s aunt had placed the strings from the local witch doctor for protection from evil spirits & disease on the child. Jack explained that the power of Christ through his Holy Spirit is greater than any strings made by man. He taught her that now, as a Christian, she had the power of Christ in her to pray for her baby.
He asked if she would like to cut off the strings.  'Yes. I am more than ready,' she replied. Jack handed her his pocket knife.
1 wrist at a time, she broke the strings as she smiled lovingly at her child, & handed them to Jack for disposal.
The miracle of love & light surrounded us all in the middle of the harvest for the Kingdom of God."

Strings on infants wrists are thought to tie in the soul per Geri-Ann Galanti in Caring for Patients from Different Cultures.

practicingspanish.com/culture.html - Medical Spanish -
A red string with an amulet tied around the wrist is thought to be protective.



https://www.lifewave.com/Content/images/home/science/pdf/acuart-Tefillin.pdf - 10/2002 - Acupuncture can be a counterfeit stolen from a scientific electro-magnetic God truth.  Bottom line. Get permission from Holy Spirit & only work with Him, NEVER with another spiritual provider/practitioner (Hindu/Budda/other).  "Tefillin is an ancient Jewish prayer ritual that uses 2 small leather boxes, each attached to a long, 9mm wide, leather strap. 1 box is placed on the biceps of the weaker arm while the 2nd is placed on the head. The biceps strap is tightly wound along the arm in a carefully prescribed manner. The back of the head strap is tied in a knot & carefully placed at the base of the skull. (FAKE NEWS: The acknowledged purpose of the tefillin is to raise spiritual consciousness of the men who wear it.) If we examine where the knots & wrappings are placed from a TCM point of view, it appears that the tefillin & wraps form a potent acupuncture point formula focused on the Governing vessel (Du Mai: https://www.sacredlotus.com/go/acupuncture/channel/du_mai_governing_vessel + https://acupunctureismylife.com/the-governing-vessel-du-mai/ ) & aimed at elevating the (human) spirit & clearing the mind [or soul (mind/emotions/willpower)]."

TOUCHing a holy saint, holy person, holy bones


2nd Kings 13:21 TNAB - 20Elisha (the prophet) died & was buried. 
At the time, bands of Moabites used to raid the land each year. 
21Once some people were burying a man, when suddenly they spied such a raiding band;
so they cast the dead man into the grave of Elisha, & everyone went off. 
But when the man came in contact with the bones of Elisha, he came back to life & rose to his feet.  

Saint Antony
 - http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/basis/VITA-ANTONY.html -
"70...In that place also the Lord cleansed many of demons, & healed those who were mad. Many Greeks asked that they might even but touch the old man, believing that they should be profited. Assuredly as many became Christians in those few days as one would have seen made in a year. Then when some thought that he was troubled by the crowds, & on this account turned them all away from him, he said, undisturbedly, that there were not more of them than of the demons with whom he wrestled in the mountain."

Cerullo, Morris - Son, Build Me an Army - www.mcwe.com  
Chapter 4 "Acts 5:15.  It was literally an re-enactment of the book of Acts. 
As I walked from the car & into the theatre...a crippled man touched me & dropped his cane, his legs were completely healed by the power of God.  A woman who had been coughing violently touched the sleeve of my coat.  She was instantly healed...
ach night...the crowd would press into touch me, & by the Power of God, many would be instantly healed, rejoicing & praising God."
Chapter 9 - In Tanzania individuals needing healing would touch the ministry wooden platform planks & receive miracles from God.

Hickey, Marilyn - Heaven is Real - Part 1 - Heaven is Real - Part 2 @ http://blip.tv/today-with-marilyn-and-sarah  10/18/2011 -
A woman applied the
SWEAT of a holy pastor's shirt to her mate's bed sheets; subsequently her husband received the Lord.  
Even more awesome is her phoning all residents in the phone book prior to a genocide, & brought many to the Lord.

Martin, Dave www.dvemartinministries.com - #7 in Spiritual Preparation for End Times CD set shares that God gave him & made available to this generation a "resurrection anointing" originating at African grave of holy men. 
#8 CD gives in-depth impartation prayer.  Also check out archives at www.sidroth.org

Souza, Katie - http://www.sidroth.org/site/DocServer/IS555Transcript_Souza.pdf?docID=2601 -
he Lord began to show me how her other hip, which they were going to take out because it was being degenerated by the disease, was being restored. So I’m in the plane. God’s saying that hip is being restored in the Glory Light.
He goes, ‘But now the leg bone is out of the socket.’ He says, ‘So now I want you to do some thundering.’   
I said, ‘Thundering?’  So I go, ‘Okay, what’s thundering?’
I did a word search in Bible Gateway.  It was in the scripture about the valley of dry bones.
In the verse it says, ‘
There was a thundering, a shaking & a rattling, & the bones came together, bone fits
So I fly home. I run into her house. I don’t even tell her what I’m doing. I began to command the bones to come together, bone fits bone so that the leg bone would go into the hip socket. She’s laying there. She has no idea what I’m doing & goes, ‘Ow! Ow!’   I go, ‘What’s going on?’   She goes, ‘I have a pain.’  I said, ‘What kind of pain?’
She goes, ‘Well it wasn’t really a pain. It was more like the feeling of when the ball of a truck goes into the hitch of
a trailer.’   Didn’t have to touch her anything, & the bones came together.”

[Ezekiel 37:1-11 KJV
4Again He said to me, “Prophesy (speak) upon (over) these (separated/broken/fractured) bones.
Say to them
, ‘O you dry bones (disease, defect, deformity, &/or fractured soul pieces), hear the Word of the Lord.’ 
5Thus says the Lord God to these bones, ‘Behold, I will cause breath to enter into you, & you shall live
I will lay sinews upon you, bring up flesh upon you, cover you with skin, & put breath in you.
You shall live; & know that I am the Lord
9Then He said to me, ‘Prophesy to the wind.  Thus says the Lord God,
Come from the 4 winds, O breath, & breathe upon these slain, that they may live.
11Then He said to me, “Son of man, these bones are the whole house of Israel
, they say, ‘Our bones are dried.  Our hope is lost. 
(traumatized/shattered/broken/fractured/stolen soul pieces captured in hell) are cut
off from our
(healthy/free/intact soul) parts (origins/freedom/eternal life/health/sanity).’ 
12Therefore prophesy & say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord God, ‘Behold, O My people,
I will open your graves & cause you to come up out of your
(& or spiritual) graves (in hell), & bring you (out of captivity, the designs of the enemy) into the land of Israel (the designs of the Lord).
13You shall know that I am the Lord, when I have opened your graves, O My people, & brought you up out of your graves (captivity) 14& shall put My Spirit in youYou shall live & I shall place you (your hurt/broken/wounded parts back together) in (side) your own land (mind/body/family/nation). 
Then you shall know that I the Lord have spoken it
, & performed it,’ says the Lord.”2.2.2011

http://www.charismamag.com/life/culture/22501-jesus-words-backed-by-archaeology-the-stones-are-crying-out - "A few years ago, people exploring caves outside Jerusalem came across the find of a lifetime: an ancient burial cave containing the remains of a crucified man. This find is only 1 in a series of finds that overturns a century-old scholarly consensus." Source - CBN News 2/9/2015


Medieval Sourcebook - Adamnan's Life of St Columba
 - http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/basis/columba-e.html
Book 2 chapter 34  Columba took  from the river Nesa (the Ness) a white stone which he blessed. 
For the lifetime of King Brude it not only floated on water but cured anyone who (with clean conscience) drank the water (from a goblet) in which the stone was placed.

Revelation 2:12 NKJV -
"To the church in Pergamos write, 'These things says He who has the sharp 2 edged sword.'"
Revelation 2:17 NKJV - "'He who as an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. 
To him who overcomes I will give some of the hidden manna to eat. 
I will give him a white stone; on the stone a new name written which no one knows except him who receives it

Genesis 31:44-48 TNTP - 44Now, come. Let's make a covenant, I & you. 
Let it stand as a testimony between me & you." 
45Ya'akov took a stone  set it upright as a standing-stone. 
46Then Ya'akov said to his kinsmen, "Gather some stones".  They took stones, made a pile of them & ate there by the pile of stones. 
47Lavan called it Y'gar-Sahaduta ["pile of witness" in Aramaic], while Ya'akov called it Gal-'Ed ["pile of witness" in Hebrew]. 
48Lavan said, "This pile (of stones/rocks/altar) witnesses between me & you today.'  This is why it is called Gal-'Ed
49& also HaMitzpah [the watchtower], because he said, "May Adonai watch between me & you when we are apart from each other." (Spiritual insight: Living stones can witness & speak/testify.)

#212) Kat Kerr - Titles of Places worth Exploring! from Jubilee Church AUDIO Pod cast - Revealing Heaven  -
http://www.christianforums.com/threads/kat-kerr-powerful-testimonies-of-heaven.7709517/page-9 - Alive_Again,  Dec 28, 2012 +
Kerr, Kat - 7 hours of Kat Kerr describing Heaven, from her many trips (Comp#2) @ http://jesusstories.info/?s=kat+kerr&search=Search - "When you go home to Heaven, He's going to have a nickname for you. You know it talks about in the Word, where you get a white stone with a name on it that only He & you know. It's a nickname. It's not some big long theological sounding name? 
That white stone is a white diamond. It's not a little river rock."
Kat Kerr- Recent God Movements, heaven revelations 8/10/13 from http://jesusstories.info/?s=kat+kerr&search=Search 
God gives each of us a nick name

revelation/2-17.htm -
17He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.
To him who overcomes, to him I will give some of the hidden manna. 
I will give him a white stone, & a new name written on the stone which noone knows but he who receives it
Kerr, Kat @ Princess Reka All Things Restored 2/6/2016 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urNY2P5N64Y AUDIO -
A white stone (a diamond) is placed in man's (human) spirit.

Living Stones

, Helen - God's House @ Listen for the Lord 1977 booklet - (edited) "Teacher was saying, 'The church bilidings are full of...living (grey/black/dull) stones...I pick 1 out, take it unto Myself to cut, polish, smooth & fit into a wall...mortaring them together with LOVE to make a permaent havitation for Myself."

, Dennis - Catching the Initiatives of Heaven - The Key to Accessing the Power of Heaven for Every Need on Earth - www.dunamisarc.org - 2002 - Chapter 3 The Tent - a New Beginning section Heavenly Encounters -
"I was following Jesus, noticing round stones that were marking the path...The stones had eyes & were looking at me...
The Lord...told me that everything is alive in heaven - everything is made up of living material...
'When My church begins to spend time with Me in heavenly places, that which was dead will come alive...
Do you remember the rod of Aaron that budded
...I'm about to bring My church into heaven & have it permeated with life...
That which as been
dead will spring forth with new lifeA nation (Israel eg.) will be born in a day.'"

Ezekiel Stones

Tablets http://www.contender.org/oldsite/newsletters/sprsumr2005.htm
Ezekiel Stones are at the center of a scholastic debate as to whether they are 1st or 2nd generation from Ezekiel
They came to Israel in 1949 from Ezekiel’s tomb in Iraq.
The debate centers on whether the style of Hebrew used is more recent than Ezekiel’s time.
Allen Lewis shows research that indicates the type of Hebrew used was extant at the time of Ezekiel.
This would make them the only autograph of the Scriptures in existence. Gideon was surprised I knew about the
Ezekiel Stones as he had recently taken Perry Stone there as a surprise to him.
Not many people know about them.
Gideon’s relative is the head of the museum at the former Israeli President Zvi’s home where the
Tablets are kept." -
Mount Carmel Outreach,
The Institute For Christian Apologetics, Rockford, Illinois, USA

, Dr David Allen -
http://www.whistleblowers.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=74&Itemid=108 -  
http://www.tnp.pitt.edu/ +
Heaven: The Mystery of Angels - Google by Grant R. Jeffrey
My friend, Dr. David Lewis, (is 1 of) few people (who) have viewed these stones...
No one has been allowed to publish extensive details about the Ezekiel Tablets
http://uwacadweb.uwyo.edu/religionet/endtimes/bio.htm "David Allen Lewis is an ordained clergyman associated with the Assemblies of God, who specializes in end-time prophecy. Dr. Lewis has written many books on the subject including Prophecy 2000, Smashing the Gates of Hell in the Last Days & Magog 1982 Canceled. He also publishes a quarterly magazine entitled Prophecy 2000. Dr. Lewis is seen as an authority on the end times & on the state of the nation Israel; he has testified before the Congress of the United States concerning official United States' Policy with Israel. He is also a member of the Christian Committee of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council.
The Jewish people are of great importance to Dr. Lewis as he feels they have an integral role in the events leading up to the 2nd Coming; he has also traveled to Israel more than 46 times. He & his son-in-law, Thomas Brimmer, are active in assisting the Russian Jews in their return to Israel. Dr. Lewis' knowledge of end time prophecy is immense. In 1968, before any scholar recognized the theory as plausible, he predicted that the Jewish temple was not directly under the Dome of the Rock, but rather 100 yards north at the Dome of the Tablets.
It was many years before anyone agreed with him, but Dr. Asher Kaufman, a personal friend of Dr.
Lewis, later published a work that supported Dr. Lewis' conclusions.
Dr. Lewis is also privileged to have access to important archeological information, including the location of Ezekiel's temple, the Ezekiel stones, which could be the original text of the Book of Ezekiel & 4 possible locations of the Ark of the Covenant...(Daughter) Sandy (Lewis Howell) is the head of their Department of Concern for the Russian Jews & (daughter) Rebecca (Brimmer) serves as their guide when they visit Israel, since she & her husband reside in Jerusalem."
May be of interest: http://www.worldofthebible.com/Bible%20Studies/Ark%20of%20the%20Covenant%20in%20Prophecy.pdf

Ebenezer Stones

"The word Ebenezer actually comes from a Hebrew word meaning,
'Stone of Help' & is found in the Old Testament."

Remembrance (mile) Stones

, Steve - Spiritual Milestones and Large Stone Stories 1/25/2013
@ http://revivalmag.com/article/spiritual-milestones-and-large-stone-stories -
"After the Jewish people crossed the Red Sea, the leader of each tribe was asked to grab a large stone & bring it into the Promised Land. An altar was erected with these ‘spiritual milestones’.  As each generation came, the question would arise, 'What is that?'
It was an opportunity for the parents to tell their kids & grandchildren how God miraculously visited & rescued them."
4:1 When the whole nation had finished crossing the Jordan, the Lord said to Joshua,
2 “Choose twelve men from among the people, 1 from each tribe,
 & tell them to take up twelve stones
from the middle of the Jordan, from right where the priests are standing, & carry them over with you and put them down at the place where you stay tonight.
4 So Joshua called together the twelve men he had appointed from the Israelites, 1 from each tribe,
& said to them, “Go over before the ark of the Lord your God into the middle of the Jordan.

Each of you is to take up a stone on his shoulder, according to the number of the tribes of the Israelites,

6 to serve as a sign among you. In the future, when your children ask you, ‘What do these stones mean?’
tell them that the flow of the Jordan was cut off
before the ark of the covenant of the Lord.
When it crossed the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan were cut off. These stones are to be a memorial
to the people of Israel forever.”


Stone of Stumbling & a Rock of Offense


Dust Devil - http://www.contender.org/oldsite/newsletters/sprsumr2005.htm -
Jesus (not Peter) is the Rock and Cornerstone of God's church.

Sithole, Surprise - Faith to Raise the Dead - www.mountainofworship.com publisher - important book -
Chapter 9 The Example of Peter's Life -

Matthew 16:16-18 "Peter, translated 'stone' in John 1:42 is a small rock. - Petra, the large rock, is the foundation of divine revelation...the rock of hearing God's voice; it is the rock of being taught all things by the Holy Spirit...
eter knew that the (catholic with a small 'c') Church of Jesus Christ would be built on this Rock of revelation."
John 18:10 "Jesus healed his ear...Jesus' final healing miracle...to show the people...that the ear in the last days is every important - to hear."   "The Lord promised him that He was going to build His church upon the Rock.
That Rock was Peter's revelation of Christ...fulfilled when all the people started to magnify God."

Talking Stones

The Stones Speak Hebrew - 8/28/2012 - "A 2,700 seal discovered near the walls of Jerusalem's Old City in 2009. Bearing the inscription 'Bethlehem' in ancient Hebrew script, the tiny clay seal dates back to the period of the 1st Temple – between the 8th & 7th centuries BCE. This is the oldest reference to Bethlehem ever found outside of the Bible.
Although the Hebrew name of the town has kept through the ages, including its Arabic name – Beit Lahm – hard evidence appears dispensable in the eyes of Palestinian nationalists & their supporters. The webpage of Bethlehem's municipality thus unabashedly informs the reader that: '3,000 years before the birth of Christ, Bethlehem was already known as a Canaanite settlement...
The word Bethlehem is derived from Lahmo, the Chaldean god of fertility, which was adopted by the Canaanites as Lahama…
Bethlehem clearly established its Canaanite origin 3,000 years before the birth of Jesus.'
The word Jewish, in case one wonders, is nowhere to be found in this Palestinian version of Bethlehem's history." 
(Be reminded that the spiritual claim/deed of God in Scripture overrules any secular land ownership.)

#213) Kat Kerr - Your Crown Room from Jubilee Church Audio Pod cast - Revealing Heaven
http://www.christianforums.com/threads/kat-kerr-powerful-testimonies-of-heaven.7709517/page-9 -
"Trees literally clap their hands, & sometimes sing too.
You know the rocks literally cry out & shout praises to God in Heaven."

Daniel Kolenda - 12/12-16/2011 - Coworker with CFAN's German Reinhardt Bonnke - recommended
A must listen to especially Friday 12/16/2011.  Gives insight into African & American Indian objects & sacred stones that carry demons &/or allow curses to be perpetrated perpetually until recognized, renounced, repented of, rejected, etc.
Kolenda, Daniel - Daniel is the president and CEO of Christ for All Nations. He is a gifted, 5th-generation preacher. www.cfan.org

Urim & Thummim - http://www.crystalinks.com/urim.html -
(This web link appears to be NON Judeo-Christian?  Caution.)
Urim & Thummim - Scripture - http://bible.org/question/how-did-urim-and-thummim-function
read doctrinal statement
Urim & Thummim - "Joseph Smith (founder of Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints or Mormonism) claimed to have (2 divining stones he called) the Urim & Thummim (which he used to translate the Book of Mormon golden tablets inscribed in reformed Egyptian text)" per Mormon research. http://www.ida.net/graphics/shirtail/letthere.htm - http://www.answers.com/topic/urim-and-thummim - http://www.ida.net/graphics/shirtail/cornelis.htm
(More on Joseph Smith and his stones - http://oneclimbs.com/2011/02/06/the-all-seeing-eye-symbol-and-the-urim-and-thummim-connection/ )

Van Koevering, David - Keys to Taking Your Quantum Leap - Stones have memories, hearing & speech.
Van Koevering, David - Quantum Healing - section The Language of Color -
Each "color is a frequency...Natural sunlight has all the colors of this universe...Every color has a meaning."
Section Laser - "Jesus said the stones would cry out in Luke 19:40." [A crystal will light up (blink/emit diodes/LEDs) as a laser modulates one's voice into it.  Such activity would have been easy for G-d to use via the gem stones on a high rabbi's breastplate
/urim/thummin.] http://www.davidvankoevering.com/ 
Additionally David discusses how stones/material objects record & later play back what is spoken in their presence. 
(Only the blood of Jesus can erase such recorded memory, when one repents from his whole heart.)

White, Ellen - http://www.whiteestate.org/ - 7th Day Adventist founder -
1870-1884 book Spirit of Prophecy Volume One  #17. The Ark of God...398 to 414 -
"The priests who ministered before it were sacredly consecrated to the holy office.
They wore a breast-plate bordered with precious stones of different materials, the same as compose the 12 foundations of the city of God. Within the border were the names of the 12 tribes of Israel, graven on precious stones set in gold.
This was a very rich & beautiful work, suspended from the shoulders of the priests, covering the breast."
"At the right and left of the breast-plate were set 2 larger stones, which shone with great brilliancy.
When difficult matters were brought to the judges, which they could not decide, they were referred to the priests, & they inquired of God, who answered them.
If he favored, & if he would grant them success, a halo of light & glory especially rested upon the precious stone at the right.
If he disapproved, a vapor or cloud seemed to settle upon the precious stone at the left hand.
When they inquired of God in regard to going to battle, the precious stone at the right, when circled with light, said, 'Go, & prosper.'
The stone at the left, when shadowed with a cloud, said, 'Thou shalt not go; thou shalt not prosper.'
When the high priest entered within the most holy, once a year, & ministered before the ark in the awful presence of God, he inquired, & God often answered him with an audible voice. When the Lord did not answer by a voice, He let the sacred beams of light & glory rest upon the cherubim upon the right of the ark, in approbation, or favor.
If their requests were refused, a cloud rested upon the cherubim at the left."
White, Ellen - Grey, Devon -
Four Angels & the Ark of God @ http://myshasta.info/tempest/seventhunders/seventhunders.htm Division: The Ark of God
The priests who ministered before it were sacredly consecrated to the holy office. 
They wore a breast-plate bordered with precious stones of different materials, the same that compose the 12 foundations of the city of God. Within the borders were the names of the 12 tribes of Israel, graven on precious stones set in gold.
This was a very rich & beautiful work, suspended from the shoulders of the priests, covering the breast.
At the right & left of the breast-plate were set 2 larger stones, which shone with great brilliancy. 
When difficult matters were brought to the judges, which they could-not decide, they were referred to the priests, & they inquired of God who answered them. 
If he favored, & if he would grant them success, a halo of light & glory especially rested upon the precious stone at the right. 
If he disapproved, a vapor or cloud seemed to settle upon the precious stone at the left hand. 
When they inquired of God in regard to going to battle, the precious stone at the right, when circled with light, said, Go, & prosper.
The stone at the left, when shadowed with a cloud, said, Thou shalt not go; thou shalt not prosper.
When the high priest entered within the most holy, once a years; & ministered before the ark in the awful presence of God, he inquired, & God often answered him with an audible voice.  When the Lord did not answer by a voice, he let the sacred beams of light & glory rest upon the cherubim upon the right of the ark, in approbation, or favor.  If their requests were refused a cloud rested upon the cherubim at the left."

Breastplate cited in Exodus 28:15 KJV -
Urim & Thummin cited in Exodus 28:30 KJV -


Jesus the Rock 

Exodus 17:5-6
Deuteronomy 32:4,13,18
Judges 13:19
1 Samuel 2:2
2 Samuel 22:3,47
Job 29:6
Psalms 18:46;31:3; 62:7; 78:35
Isaiah 2:10; 51:1

Zechariah3:9 Stern - "'Look at the stone I have put in front of Y'hoshua: on 1 stone are 7 eyes.
I will engrave what is to be written on it
.,' says Adonai-Tzavot; ' & I will remove the guilt (iniquity) of this land in 1 day.'"

Mathew 7:24
1 Corinthians 10:4

Fire Stones

#196) Kat Kerr - Where We Came From -
Alive_Again Dec 23, 2012
"Where did Adam's spirit come from God? He breathed out from Himself.
Everyone of you came from inside God
. We were spirits. Little spirits. We were His offspring. 
Is that what the Word says? You're His offspring. You lived some place
before you came to this earth. It was inside God
. Inside God is eternity.
He doesn't have organs like us. He's not human.
If you stepped in(to) Him, you'd see the most beautiful land you've ever seen.
The holy mount of God. The stones of fire are inside Him.
The stones of fire are the heart of God
." http://biblehub.com/ezekiel/28-14.htm
14"You were the anointed cherub who covers, & I placed you there.
You were on the holy mountain of God; You walked in the midst of the stones of fire."

Kat Kerr June 15, 2014 or https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=rMjXzVo7Nmw
from Tribulation Now radio By
admin End Time Prophecy part 2
http://jesusstories.info/?s=kat+kerr&search=Search + http://jesusstories.info/page/2/?s=kat+kerr&search=Search
When we invite Jesus to be our savoir, God places a stone of fire from His heart into our spirit, igniting/making us come alive to Him; we are washed by Jesus' blood which changes our DNA.
KAT KERR – Recorded on 22/6/2014 at FirstLoveKC + KAT KERR – Recorded on 21st June 2014 at FirstLove Kansas City – Part 2 @ http://jesusstories.info/?s=kat+kerr&search=Search - Each act of love toward others will be memorialized with a diamond from His heart embroidered onto our heavenly garment.
Kat Kerr – The Kings – June 2014 When we are born again we receive a deposit of Jesus' anointing & light emitting stone from the Father's heart.  The greater the intimacy the brighter the light.  The goal is to blind & terrify the enemy, to just walk by a building (hospital/institution) & everyone inside will be healed.  Peter released God's anointing so often that it became an atmosphere about him, rather than a shadow as stated in scripture.
A spiritual king is 1 authority level from which he speaks to affect a nation, as there is NO distance or time in the spirit.  Every king has weapons (anointing, eg.)
Kat Kerr: What Happens When You Are Born Again - YouTube 12/18/2014 At the time of our salvation/being "born again" Father God implants into our heart/spirit man a stone of fire from His own heart/DNA. 
We receive from Christ a deposit of His anointing.  Our spirit (man) receives a deposit of His River of Life.
KAT KERR NEW SOAKING 12/30/2014 AUDIO @ http://jesusstories.info/?s=kat+kerr&search=Search
Kerr, Kat - Revealing Heaven on TN Radio (Kat Kerr) 1/2/2015 @ http://jesusstories.info The HOT blue flames of God's love emit from his diamond heart stones emitting rainbows.  Lucifer was created to cover God's heart, to lead worship & to create glory for God from inside of God, where only the arch angles were allowed to go.
The glory rush was so exhilarating that Lucifer began to covet it.  At our salvation we receive a deposit of the Holy Spirit, but also a piece of God's heart, a diamond/engagement ring, the reason we shine/glow/light-up for Him.
Kerr, Kat -
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ra0MYPyRJ90 6/4/2015 - When we repent and invite Jesus God's Son to be our Messiah, God places a diamond stone from His heart into our human spirit, making us alive to Him. 
It is that stone within us that glows & is visible in the spiritual realm & sometimes in the natural realm.
Kerr, Kat - Life of Heaven on Earth - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCkK7mB9b2Q
2/4/2016 posted - At salvation, Father God takes a gem stone from His heart & places it in our spirit/heart, giving it light to blind the enemy.  Our light increases/decreases in proportion to our lifelong relationship/intimacy with the Trinity.


Olukoya, Daniel K - http://www.nairaland.com/10704/stones-fire-courtesy-dr-daniel#294810 Nigeria
@ http://www.nairaland.com/10704/stones-fire-courtesy-dr-daniel -
"God throws stones when He is angry with the enemy. God’s stones are special stones; they go back to heaven after they had done their work here & stay there waiting for the next stubborn enemy. Do you want to successfully throw the stones of fire at your enemies? Then below are the conditions you need to fulfill to be able to do that."

Perry Stone - https://www.amazon.com/Chronicles-Sacred-Mountain-Revealing-Mysteries-ebook/dp/B017RXAI5Y#reader_B017RXAI5Y or
Stone, Perry - https://nook.barnesandnoble.com/products/2940156674879/sample?sourceEan=2940156674879 Introduction + Chapter



Veil - represents covering/dimming of (Shechinah) glory
@ http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/267679/jewish/Why-Does-a-Bride-Wear-a-Veil.htm


Holy Spirit Impregnated


Copeland, Kenneth - John G Lake - www.kcm.org - Lake had the habit of praying with his helpers over all his news-letters
They prayed that the message of Christ would be received in the reading of the literature & that the very substance of the paper itself would become filled with the Spirit of God, just like the handkerchiefs became filled with the Spirit of God in the New Testament.  Inevitably, the recipients would encounter God. 
1 lady in South America vibrated every time she touched the newsletter.  Next she was baptized in the Holy Spirit. 
Many healings resulted upon the receipt of these newsletters.
Chapter 31 The Power of Divine Healing contends that God's Holy Spirit is a tangible heavenly substance that can be stored, as in a battery, & later transmitted from the item to the sick person, thus healing or delivering.
Chapter 40 Christian Consciousness shares items God used in the Old Testament to impart His healing or miracle Holy Spirit power:
in 2nd Kings 6:4-7, staff in 2nd Kings 4:29, bones in 2nd Kings 13:21.

Liardon, Roberts - God's Generals - www.robertsliardon.com - Chapter 6 John G Lake, A Man of Healing shares that before mailing the church news-letters Lake's church members would lay hands on them. 
"1 lady said that when she held the newsletter, 'she vibrated' in such as way that she could hardly sit in her chair. 
She was then baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in other tongues."


(body &/or blood of Christ via bread/wafer &/or wine/juice)

Copeland, Kenneth - John G Lake  - www.kcm.org - Lake shares that in his time in South Africa a group of lepers took communion under a native pastor & were healed of leprosy.

McLaughlin, Patricia A Rooted in Jesus: Healing Generational Defects www.queenship.org - Patricia, cured of rare & terminal cancer, illustrates how to do a family tree. Her genealogical research of her dad's Irish roots & subsequent Catholic healing mass & communion resulted in an instantaneous healing of her daughter's schizophrenia.

Religious Items    


Sacramental: Holy Bible, Cross/Crucifix, gestures
Jewish: Mezuzah
- Tefillin - Yarmulke


Additional Priestly Garments - exodus/28-34.htm
"You shall make on its hem pomegranates of blue, purple & scarlet material, all around on its hem,
& bells of gold between them all around:
a golden bell and a pomegranate, a golden bell and a pomegranate, all around on the hem of the robe.
35"It shall be on Aaron when he ministers; & its tinkling shall be heard when
he enters & leaves the holy place before the LORD, so that he will not die
39:25They also made bells of pure gold, & put the bells between the pomegranates all around on the hem of the robe,
alternating a bell and a pomegranate all around on the hem of the robe for the service, just as the LORD had commanded Moses.
27They made the tunics of finely woven linen for Aaron & his sons.
[The Catholic's church use of the bell ringing during mass/liturgy at the raising of the host/ bread/manna &/or wine (representing the body &/or blood of Christ) seems to have come from the above Jewish scriptural requirement.
In the old testament, a rope trailed the rabbi into the sacred holy of holies, forbidden to the congregation. 
If the bells ceased to ring, the dead priest was pulled out via the rope.]


Meltzer, Amy - A Mezuzah on the Door - for children - http://www.amymeltzer.bravehost.com/mezuzah.html -
READ AN EXCERPT - http://amymeltzer.bravehost.com/allaboutthemezuzah.html -
The Hebrew word mezuzah means doorpost, in other words, the part of the door that does NOT move when you open it...
The scroll (known in Hebrew as a
klaf, written in Hebrew) inside the mezuzah is always pretty much the same.
It's written on parchment, which looks like paper, but is actually made from the skin of a kosher animal...

The klaf is written by hand. A person who is trained to write a mezuzah scroll is called a sofer.

Mezuzah - Deuteronomy 6:9 Thou shall write them upon the doorposts of thy house & upon thy gates.

http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/index.jsp - MEZUZAH -

http://www.all-that-gifts.com/je/mezuzah.htm The procedure is to hold the mezuzah against the spot upon which it will be affixed, then recite a blessing: Boruch Attah A-donai E-lohainu Melech ha-olam, asher kiddishanoo bimitzvotav vitzivanoo likvo-ah Mezuzah. (Blessed are You Hashem our G-d, King of the Universe, Who has made us holy through His Commandments & commanded us to strongly affix a Mezuzah.)

http://www.beingjewish.com/mitzvos/mezuzah.html - Jewish Requirements - "Any Jew, man or woman, who lives in an apartment or house is required to place Mezuzos on the doorposts of his or her home.  It is not the obligation of the landlord or landlady. It is the obligation of the person living there.  It is best to place the mezuzos on the doorposts when you first move in.  In any case, do not wait longer than 30 days before putting up the mezuzos.  If you will not be living in that home for longer than 29 days, you are not required to have Mezuzos.  Generally, Jewish Law defines a door as having a ceiling & 2 doorposts. To be a doorway, it must have a lintel.
A lintel is a horizontal top-piece over the doorway, which gives the opening the look of a doorway. An opening (like a gate) that has no ceiling, but just has 2 vertical posts, does not need a Mezuzah. Since there are many types of doorframes, it is best to describe to the sofer who sells you your mezuzos any different type of doorways you may have; he should be able to tell you which ones need mezuzos & which do not.  The corner of a hallway usually counts as a doorpost. Again, ask your sofer.  Every room or closet that is about 36 square feet or more needs a Mezuzah on the door.  The doorway to a small room or hallway that leads to a larger room, or leads to a stair-case, needs a Mezuzah.  Every room needs a Mezuzah except for bathrooms. A bedroom & a laundry room needs a Mezuzah. 
A gate (that has a lintel) that reaches 30 inches or more higher than the ground must have a Mezuzah."
"The Talmud says that a proper Mezuzah offers protection of the home. A king once gave a Rabbi a diamond as a present, so the Rabbi gave the king a Mezuzah as a present. the king did not know what it was & got insulted.
The Rabbi explained, I will have to hire guards to protect my home because of the gift you gave me, but the gift I gave you will protect your home."

http://www.hanefesh.com/Printable/edu/Mezuzah2.htm  Kissing the Mezuzah -

Hinn, Benny - "A mezuzah - a small parchment scroll with special scriptures & fastened inside a case - is attached on right hand doorposts above eye level." http://www.bennyhinn.org/products/product_detail.cfm?itemid=380

Hutch, Larry - Mysteries of the Kingdom: The Mezuzah - Doorway to the Supernatural - http://elinks.micahtek.com/lhm/MysteriesOfTheKingdom.mp3 - "The mezuzah is a sign of the bloodline that the enemy cannot cross." - http://www.aish.com/tp/b/app/48961061.html (wonderful testimony) -
Many years prior, his daughter had been born with a serious heart defect.
After being told at the hospital that she didn't have long to live, he wandered the streets of Jerusalem in a daze. Finally, he came across & old Yemenite man & poured out his heart to him.
The Yemenite advised him to buy Mezuzot & put them on his doorposts immediately. 
Desperate for anything that could help his daughter, he ran to a religious neighborhood, asked where the nearest scribe lived, & bought several Mezuzot. After putting them up, he returned to the hospital where he was greeted with great news.
Lo & behold, a miracle had occurred: His daughter's heart defect had disappeared."

Mezuzah    Some remarkable stories about Mezuzos and Tefillin  http://www.campsci.com/mezuzah/mzpart1.htm


Mezuzah - Unique historical potential origins &/or applications http://www.mesora.org/mezuza-gordon.pdf - View as HTML


http://mezuzahstore.com/blog/index.php/category/learn-about-mezuzahs/ - "Generally Judaism recognizes 2 systems of law for mankind.  The basic ‘7 laws of Noah‘ apply to all of mankind.  The Torah, with its 613 laws, is a special system that God has instituted for the nation of Israel who He chose to be a ‘nation of priests & a holy people’...The Mezuzah is one of the 613 laws that are were given to the Jewish people in the Torah to help them live up to this standard...It cannot ever be taken into an unclean place (such as a bathroom).  
If it ever becomes damaged & needs to be disposed of, it must be taken to a synagogue where they have a box for holy items that need to be disposed of. It will then be buried in a Jewish cemetery."

The Protection of the Mitzvah of Mezuzah - "Jews took mezuzot with them wherever they went inside their walking sticks."

http://www.torah.org/advanced/weekly-halacha/5757/korach.html# - "The mezuzah also serves as protection for a home (3) and safeguards the well-being of one's little children (4). The intention that one must have, however, when affixing the mezuzah to the door, must be "for the sake of the mitzvah of mezuzah" (5).
Indeed, it is prohibited to consciously have in mind that the mezuzah is for the purpose of protection.
Such an intention detracts from the essential character of a mitzvah, which is to fulfill Hashem's will with no other considerations (6)."
"Many poskim hold that it is rabbinically prohibited to live in a home which does not have proper (kosher) mezuzos, just as it is prohibited to wear a 4-cornered garment without tzitzis (7). These poskim rule that if another house is available, one must move out of his home as soon as he realizes that it is lacking proper mezuzos. He is permitted to temporarily remain in his home only if he is unable to obtain a mezuzah on the spot, or if he found out on Shabbos that his home has no mezuzah (8). Other poskim are somewhat more lenient & do not require the residents to move out if they have already moved in (9). All agree that the problem must be rectified immediately. There is absolutely no excuse for delaying the purchase & placement of a mezuzah for several days or weeks."

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mezuzah  Where/how do I attach mezuzah to doorframe? -

Actually, "a mezuzah (Hebrew: מזוזה‎ "doorpost") (plural: mezuzot (מזוזות)) is a piece of parchment (often contained in a decorative case) inscribed with specified Hebrew verses from the Torah
[Deuteronomy 6:4-9 (NKJV 4 Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One.
5You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, & with all your strength. 
6And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart
7You shall teach them diligently to your children, & shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, & when you rise up
8You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, & they shall be as frontlets between your eyes
9You shall write them on the doorposts of your house & on your gates.) and
(Deuteronomy)11:13-21 (NKJV 13and it shall be that if you earnestly obey My commandments which I command you today, to love the Lord your God and serve Him with all your heart & with all your soul,
14then I will give you the rain for your land in its season, the early & latter rain, that you may gather in your grain, your new wine & your oil.
15and I will send grass in your fields for your livestock, that you may eat & be filled
16Take heed to yourselves, lest your heart be deceived & you turn aside & serve other gods & worship them
17lest the Lord's anger be aroused against you, & He shut up the heavens so that there be no rain, & the land yield no produce & you perish quickly from the good land which the Lord is giving you
18Therefore you shall lay up these words of Mine in your heart & soul. 
Bind them as a sign on your hand, & they shall be as frontlets between your eyes
19You shall teach them to your children, speaking of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down & when you rise up.
20You shall write them on the doorposts of your house & on your gates
21that your & your children'a days may be multiplied in the land of which the Lord swore to your fathers to give them, like the days of the heavens above the earth.)]
These verses comprise the Jewish prayer "Shema Yisrael," beginning with the phrase "Listen, Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One."  According to halakha, the mezuzah should be placed on the right side of the door, in the upper 3rd of the doorpost (i.e., approximately shoulder height),[2] within approximately 3 inches of the doorway opening. Generally, halakha requires that mezuzot be affixed within 30 days of moving into a rented house or apartment...Where the doorway is wide enough, Ashkenazi Jews & Spanish & Portuguese Jews tilt the mezuzah so that the top slants toward the room into which the door opens. This is done to accommodate the variant opinions of the medieval Rabbis Rashi & Rabbeinu Tam as to whether it should be placed horizontally or vertically, & also to imply that God and the Torah (which the mezuzah symbolizes) are entering the room.
Most Sephardim & other non-Ashkenazi Jews affix the mezuzah vertically.[3]  The procedure is to hold the mezuzah against the spot upon which it will be affixed, then recite a blessing: .
בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה יי אֱלֹהֵינוּ מֶלֶךְ הָעוֹלָם, אֲשֶׁר קִדְּשַׁנוּ בְּמִצְוֹתָיו וְצִוָנוּ לִקְבּוֹעַ מְזוּזָBaruch atta Adonai Eloheinu melech ha‘olam, asher kideshanu bemitzvotav vetzivanu likboa‘ mezuza.  Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe, Who sanctified us with His mitzvot, & commanded us to affix a mezuzah.  Any Jew can recite the blessing provided he or she is old enough to understand the significance of the mitzvah.  After the blessing, the mezuzah is attached. When affixing several mezuzot, it is sufficient to recite the blessing once, before affixing the 1st one."
http://www.judaica-guide.com/mezuzah/ - http://www.mezuzah.net/


Mezuzah  http://www.stam.net/what_is_stam.aspx  
"Mezuzah provides us with protection like that of the lamb's blood.
In fact, one of the names of the Almighty, written on the backside of each mezuzah, Sha-dai, can be read as an acronym for Shomer Dalsos Yisroel, the Guardian of the doors of Israel."

Mezuzah This angry person does give a good summary of what mezuzah to procure & how to apply.   
"Before affixing the (kosher) mezzuzah to the doorpost, one should recite the following blessing...
'Blessed are You, Lord our God, Master of the universe, Who has sanctified us with the Commandments, & has commanded us to affix a mezzuzah'...
The mezzuzah and case containing the scroll should be placed in the top 3rd of the doorpost on every door in the house, except a bathroom, on the right hand side as you enter a room, or on the side without the hinges (although a mezzuzah can also be affixed to a doorway without a door, that connects 2 rooms...
The scroll is rolled from the end of the line (the left side of the scroll) toward the beginning (the right side) so that the letters: shin ? dalet ? yud (G-d's name) from the backside of the parchment are showing.
Most ashkenazim place the mezzuzah at an angle leaning toward the inside of the room (placed at an angle so the top of the mezzuzah tips into the room as you enter) & most sephardim place the mezzuzah upright."

Ouaknin, Marc-Alain - Symbols of Judaism - Chapter The Mezuzah - (sanctifying one’s house or residence) -
Usually "the mezuzah is fixed onto the right hand side of the front doorpost, a 3rd of the way down from the lintel...placed at a reachable level...Affixing the mezuzah to all the doors in the house (except the restroom & bathroom) is a positive commandment written in Deuteronomy, '& thou shalt write them upon the doorposts of thy house & upon they gates' (Deuteronomy 6:9) 
The mezuzah is put up only in permanent houses, not in temporary dwellings, such as the sukkah. 
The mezuzah should be put in place by the owner or the person occupying the home 30 days after moving in. 
In Israel, they must be put up immediately.  Women must also take part.  If mezuzah are fixed to several doorposts in a house, only 1 blessing ('Blessed art Thou, eternal God of the universe, Who has commanded us to fix the mezuzah.') need be given, as long as the intention to do so is stated before the 1st one is put up...
(To observant/Orthodox Jews) a mezuzah is not valid (kosher) when printed by a machine nor is it acceptable if one letter in the text (held inside the case) has been erased (& thus potentially trigger a curse, especially if treated with disrespect; whereas when treated as sacred, it may initiate a blessing, including healing, when placed on a bedroom doorframe.)"

Alexander Poltorak - The Protective Power of Mezuzah - excellent - Jewish Kabala perspective - http://www.chabad.org/

library/article_cdo/aid/310889/jewish/The-Protective-Power-of-Mezuzah.htm - [1 key missing insight is that the blood of the lamb (from our Messiah Jesus) is to be applied spiritually (to the doorposts or our hearts) especially when we (as adults/from age age of 12/13/puberty/1st menses) initially repent for our personal & family sins & ask Jesus to be our personal Lord/Savior/Messiah.
This for Messianic Jews would be at the Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  Nonetheless, look at the marvelous testimony below:]
"Turn again to the Talmudic narrative about the Parthian King Ardavan & Yehudah HaNasi (see The Knowledge of G-d [2nd paragraph]). As the narrative continues, the King’s daughter later fell ill (in the words of the Talmud she was possessed by a demon). The court’s physicians failed to relieve her condition. Ardavan, remembering the words of the Jewish sage, ordered that the mezuzah be affixed to the doorpost of the princess’s room, whereupon she was immediately cured."  (The only concern with such a glorious deliverance is that once the damsel becomes of age, or even before, she would have no mentoring on how to prevent the demon from returning.  Inviting the Holy Spirit to dwell inside oneself, thwarts such evil invasion.)

Alexander Poltorak - The Mystical Significance of the Mezuzah - Jewish Kabala perspective -
"The mezuzah...protects the souls of Jewish people.
The mezuzah marks a Jewish home as a miniature sanctuary in the dimension of space."
By making one's house a true sanctuary of G-dliness, a Jew not only fulfills his or her mission in life, but helps realize the primary purpose of Creation, giving G-d 'a dwelling place in the lower worlds'...
Our (spiritual) purpose is to elevate the physical world to bring it back, as it were, to the unity of the Creator.
This reverse process of bringing many back into One is the direction in which the arrow of mezuzah points us."

Jewish Kabbalah - Mezuzah – Spiritual Protection of the Supreme Kind or
http://www.articlesbase.com/religion-articles/mezuzah-spiritual-protection-of-the-supreme-kind-2412504.html or http://www.mikeadkins.com/article/mezuzah-spiritual-protection-of-the-supreme-kind/ -
In Judaism, a Mezuzah is considered to be spiritual & physical protection against harm.  The source for this is the Exodus, when the Jews placed blood on the doorposts so that the angel that killed the 1stborn would not kill any Jews. 
In addition, the Mezuzah’s presence is supposed to remind those living in the house that G-d is present...  
Jewish mysticism, better known as Kabbalah
(This is not the Madonna-style spirituality that has become in vogue recently), states simply that when the mitzvah is carried out respectfully, the Mezuzah denies evil & destructive agents access to the house & those who put up a mezuzah are protected all the time.  In addition, when people treat,
a mezuzah with the proper respect, angels will accompany him wherever he goes & will protect him from danger. 
However, this is not just a mystical concept.  The Code of Jewish Law, also known as the Shulchan Arukh, states that those who those who put Mezuzot on the doorposts of their houses & treat the mezuzah with respect will have their & their children’s’ lives lengthened."

Saint Antony - http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/basis/VITA-ANTONY.html 
35 'When, therefore, they come by night to you and wish to tell the future, or say, 'we are the angels,' give no heed, for they lie. Yea even if they praise your discipline & call you blessed, hear them not & have no dealings with them; but rather (in the name of the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit) sign (bless) yourselves and your houses (with the sign of Jesus' cross) & pray, & you shall see them vanish. For they are cowards, & greatly fear the sign of the Lord's Cross, since of a truth in it the Saviour stripped them, & made an example of them [11a].  But if they shamelessly stand their ground, capering & changing their forms of appearance, fear them not, nor shrink, nor heed them as though they were good spirits. For the presence either of the good or evil by the help of God can easily be distinguished.  The vision of the holy ones is not fraught with distraction: 'For they will not strive,  nor cry, nor shall any one hear their voice [12].' But it comes so quietly & gently that immediately joy, gladness & courage arise in the soul. For the Lord who is our joy is with them & the power of God the Father. The thoughts of the soul remain unruffled & undisturbed, so that it, enlightened as it were with rays, beholds by itself those who appear.
For the love of what is divine & of the things to come possesses it, & willingly it would be wholly joined with them if it could depart along with them. But if, being men, some fear the vision of the good, those who appear immediately take fear away; as Gabriel [13] did in the case of Zacharias, & as the angel [14] did who appeared to the women at the holy sepulcher, as He did who said to the shepherds in the Gospel, "Fear not." For their fear arose not from timidity, but from the recognition of the presence of superior beings.  Such then is the nature of the visions of the holy ones."
"53 A few days after, as he was working (for he was careful to work hard), someone stood at the door & pulled the plait which he was working, for he used to weave baskets, which he gave to those who came in return for what they brought him. Rising up he saw a beast like a man to the thighs but having legs & feet like those of an ass.
Antony only signed (blessed) himself (with a cross in the name of the Trinity) & said, 'I am a servant of Christ.
If thou art sent against me, behold I am here.'  But the beast together with his evil spirits fled, so that, through his speed, he fell & died. The death of the beast was the fall of the demons.
For they strove in all manner of ways to lead Antony from the desert & were not able."
80 "There are here some vexed with demons.  Now there were certain who had come to him very disquieted by demons, & bringing them into the midst he said, 'Do you cleanse them either by arguments & by whatever art or magic you choose, calling upon your idols, or if you are unable, put away your strife with us & you shall see the power of the Cross of Christ.' Having said this he called upon Christ, & signed the sufferers 2-3 times with the sign of the Cross. Immediately the men stood up whole, & in their right mind, & forthwith gave thanks unto the Lord. The philosophers, as they are called, wondered, & were astonished exceedingly at the understanding of the man & at the sign which had been wrought.
But Antony said, 'Why marvel ye at this? We are not the doers of these things, but it is Christ who worketh them by means of those who believe on Him. Believe, therefore, also yourselves.'"

Mezuzah - http://www.betemunah.org/mezuzah.html  "The mezuzah is there to keep away evil spirits.
Not those that float around, the figments of a rich imagination. But those that we can control, inside our doors (residences/employment/ transport) and our hearts. Most mitzvot have the power to protect while we are actively engaged in performing them, but the mezuzah is unique in that it protects even as we sleep[13]." 

Mezuzah - public persecution & local laws
http://www.byaaronhoward.com/index.php?action=details&record=361 +

Mezuzah testimonies - http://mezuzahstore.com/blog/index.php/category/mezuzah-stories/
Kosher mezuzah - "
If it is permitted by the Jewish Law, & it brings some Jewish people to fulfill a (spiritual) commandment that they may otherwise not do, it is a good thing." Aaron Shaffier

Mezuzah - In plaintiffs' Fair Housing Act (FHA) (USA) suit against their condo association for being required to remove a mezuzah from their doorpost under a new rule requiring that common hallways and outside of the doors be kept free of any objects, district court's grant of summary judgment in favor the condo association & its president is reversed
for the most part where: 1) the judgment of the district court with respect to plaintiffs' claims under sections 3604(b), 3617 and 1982 is reversed as a trier of fact could conclude that the condo association's reinterpretation of the hallway rule & clearing of all objects from doorposts was intended to target only group of residents for which the prohibited practice was religiously required; 2) plaintiffs can therefore proceed on an intentional discrimination theory under sections 3604(b), 3617 & 1982; & 3) district court's judgment granting summary judgment against the plaintiffs on their section 3604(a) claim is affirmed.
| No TrackBacks  Bloch v. Frischholz, No. 06-3376 + Read Bloch v. Frischholz, No. 06-3376 -
Appellate Info
Appeal from the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division 
Decided 11/13/2009  Judges  Before:  Easterbrook, Chief Judge, & Bauer, Kanne, Wood, Evans, Sykes, Tinder & Posner, Circuit Judges  Opinion by Tinder, Circuit Judge
Recent Property Law Decisions http://blogs.findlaw.com/seventh_circuit/property-law/ 
"U.S. 7th Circuit
features daily summaries of federal appellate opinions published by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, which hears appeals from U.S. District Courts in Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin."

Mezuzah - Kabbalah Jewish interpretation - http://www.uniquead.com/mivtzoim/Mezuzah.pdf
Printable BROCHURE - "Homeland security...Installing your divine protection system...
Ancient tradition instructs the scribe to write the Divine name SH-D-Y on the outside of the Mezuzah scroll.
The 3 letters of this name stand for the Hebrew words Shomer Daltot Yisrael, 'Guardian of the Doorposts of Israel.'
The Zohar writes:
When you place the Holy Name 'SH-D-Y' at the doorpost of your home, all evil flees & distances itself from you
Better than the best home insurance policy, Torah promises that the Mezuzah’s protection will guard you & your household."

Mezuzah questions answered - http://www.mezuzah.net/sofer.html

Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum - http://www.campsci.com/articles/a_mezuzahs_great_power.htm  Jewish -
"The Mechilta in Parshas Bo says 'If the blood that was put on one’s doorpost in Egypt had the power to keep the mashchis out of the house, how much more so is the power of the mezuzah which has the name of Hashem mentioned in it 10 times.' 
Perhaps this is why the Name Shin Daled Yud which is the Name representing Hashem’s great power & strength appears on it.  This Name also stands for "Shomer Dalsos Yisroel" - He protects the doors of the Jews.  In fact, the letters of the word mezuzos can be rearranged to make the word" zuz moves" which means it moves away death."

Hodes, Dr. Rick (an orthodox Jew) - http://thejewishstate.net/march1910rickhodes.html - Practical application of the mezuzah. - "None of the children who live with him is Jewish. Although the Ethiopian Jewish population gets a lot of attention because of their mass immigration to Israel (Hodes also serves as the official doctor of the Ethiopian Jewish community that wishes to immigrate to Israel), they make up way under 1% of the population. Just over half of Ethiopia is made up of Coptic Christians; around 1/3 are Muslim; 18% are Protestant; & less than 1% are Catholic.
Most of the children in Hodes' home are Coptic Christians.
'The adopted kids and non-adopted kids all know exactly what I do,' Hodes said. 'I walk around in the morning [in phylacteries] & nobody bats an eyelash. They know it's something Jewish people do.
They love Shabbos because it's a time where we all eat together & hang out together & there are a lot of guests who talk to them.
Everyone looks forward to Shabbos.'
Despite living in an overtly Jewish house - there are mezuzahs on all the doorposts & many decorations in the house are of a Jewish nature - each child attends his own church or mosque & eats meat outside the Hodes household.
'I want [strictly kosher] people to eat here, so the house has no meat in it,' Hodes said. 'It's a meatless house & that's it. Even though they're welcome to practice their religion, they all eat meat outside the house.'
A microcosm of Ethiopian society can be seen within Hodes' house; he told The Jewish State that Ethiopia is a place where Christians, Muslims, & Jews have lived peacefully side-by-side for centuries.
'Its' a country where Jews & Christians and Muslims have lived together in peace for a long time," Hodes said.
"For Jewish life, it's not a problem at all to be a religious Jew to the extent that I am a religious Jew.
I put on tefillin every day & pray 3 times a day.'"

Making a mezuza with children - http://www.ehow.com/how_5685042_make-wooden-mezuzah.html

Twersky, Isadore - A Maimonides reader - Google - Jewish insights through the eyes of Rabbi Maimonides - pg 94 Mezuza - pg 93 Phylacteries

                                                                      Other Religious Items

Jewelry - http://www.forministry.com/USMOINDPTEOOSM/Exorcism.dsp  Curses - maledicto, according to the Catholic church -
"There are many types of curses. You can wear a curse which is a great (Catholic) SIN against the Most High God such as (occult) EVIL EYE & (Jewish)  HAMSA HAND & ANKH talismans. There are curses made by The Most High God, some examples: against Eve & her descendants; against rebellious angels; against sorceress, witchcraft, astrology, tarot, astrology, Ouija, automatic writing, blasphemies, idolatry, false worship, syncretism which combines Christianity into another religion such as voodoo, etc..., refusal to aid the misfortunate Ecclesiasticus 4:6, séances, fortune tellers; against abominations'; beastiality, incest & many more...
There were curses made by Jesus: examples: Jesus cursed the fig tree & warning against child abusers.
There are curses made against a spirit & evil angels such as the Nephilium. There are curses against locations, such as the abominations of desolations - desecrated holy ground. There are curses against a family member.
There are curses of anathema made by the ecclesia. There were curses made by Prophets.
There are curses secretly, placed into food, thread, buttons which are consumed.
Curses of eating blood. Curses are one cause of possession, & there are other types not mentioned here."

Veils - http://www.scmgrasshopper.com/Teaching-Veils.htm

Wolferman, Ilan (1954-2003) was born in Ramat Gan, Israel to Holocaust survivors. http://www.jewoftheweek.net/tag/miracle/ Ilan was invited to be Israel's 1st astronaut. - "Part of...his space food was certified kosher, that he brought to space with him a Torah scroll & a mezuza, & he even asked his rabbi how he should keep Shabbat in orbit, where sunrise comes every 90 minutes. Tragically, the Columbia space shuttle exploded upon re-entry into Earth, taking the life of Ramon & his fellow crewmates. Sadder still, Ramon’s son Asaf perished in a training flight in 2009. In an unbelievable miracle, 37 pages of Ilan Ramon’s diary...survived...when virtually everything else completely disintegrated."

Blessed Items
(Sacramental - Holy water/salt/oil)

1 Samuel 30 7 David said to Abiathar the priest, the son of Ahimelech, “Bring me the ephod.” 
So Abiathar brought the ephod to David.
8 David inquired of the Lord, “Shall I pursue after this band? Shall I overtake them?”   He answered him, “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake & shall surely rescue.”

2 Kings 2:19-22 CJB
- http://www.biblegateway.com - 19 The men of the city said to Elisha, “My lord can see that this is a pleasant city to live in; but the water is bad, so that the ground is causing miscarriages.”
“Bring me a new jug,” he said, “& put salt in it.” They brought it to him.
21 He went out to the source of the water, threw salt into it & said, “This is what Adonai says:
I have healed this water; it will NO longer cause death or miscarrying.’”
22 The water was healed and has remained healed to this day, in keeping with Elisha’s spoken word.

, Rebecca -
Brown, Rebecca - http://www.harvestwarriors.com/downloads/Harvest_Warriors_3-08.pdf

Cyber Exorcism - Do It Yourself - http://www.cyberexorcism.com/yourself.html  Catholic

, Kat -
7 hours of Kat Kerr describing Heaven, from her many trips (Comp#2) @ http://jesusstories.info/?s=kat+kerr&search=Search - One can "seed" a waterway with salt to invite the fire of God to come & activate one's territory/neighborhood (& invite God to chase away evil). 
(I suppose one could active the salt in the ocean to do likewise, in Jesus' name.)

Linn, Matthew & Dennis - Deliverance Prayer - Paulist Press
Mentoring book on the use/application/testimonies/power of blessed salt and/or water.

MacNutt, Francis - Deliverance from Evil Spirits - www.christianhealingmin.org - Chapter 19 Deliverance through Blessed Objects cites Linn's book.  Shows how evil spirits react violently to blessed salt/water/oil as opposed to unblessed. 
Note, the evil spirit & not the individual reacts.  Be reminded that it is Holy Spirit & not the object that affects the enemy.

Medieval Sourcebook - Adamnan's Life of St Columba - http://www.fordham.edu/hassall/basis/columba-e.html  
Book 2 Chapter 6 - "By merely stretching out his holy hand, or by the sprinkling of the sick with the water blessed by him, or by the their receiving his blessing on anything, as, for instance, on bread or salt & dipping it in water, they who believed recovered perfect health."

Sandford, John -  CD from http://www.elijahhouse.org

Scanlan, Michael and Cirner, Randall - Deliverance from Evil Spirits  excellent laity manual
Preparation for Catholic laity/clergy low-level deliverances should be preceded with the sprinkling of holy water on both room & persons ministering.  Possessed Catholic individuals require exorcisms by bishops.

Thomas, Father Rick   http://www.catholicglobe.org/archive/2004/0804/05/stories/story4.htm         
"We were asked to not just give them the food but to go in & pray with them & bless their house with holy water."

For PASTORS - BAPTISTERY CLEANSING from WITCHCRAFT with SALT - http://www.walkinginpower.org/books/spiritual_warfare_prayers.pdf  "The practice of witches infiltrating Christian churches in order to plant a 'working' of witchcraft against a congregation is commonplace to those experienced in spiritual war-fare. Some time ago, I was called by a pastor to discern such a problem in his church. 
The people were attending church on Sunday morning, several started to vomit on the premises shortly after arrival.
This began to happen more frequently & soon, the numbers of people attending the services began to drop.
Soon word got around that the church had a problem with witchcraft, and more & more people kept away.
The church almost closed down. I was called to walk the premises to discern for anything of witchcraft which might be hidden. I found nothing. Then, the Holy Spirit quickened my spirit to examine the baptistery.
I found the water dirty, with small particles of refuge, and, as I recall, leaves, floating on the water, although the water was supposedly changed frequently. The Holy Spirit said to me 'an unclean spirit'.
As I recall, even those who were being baptized were getting sick. Further exploration revealed that the cleaning woman of the church, who had been recently fired, came from a family of practicing witches, & may have planted the 'working'.
The church was restored, cleansing the baptistery & it’s water, using the water-cleansing verse of 2 Kings 2:21 spoken over the baptistery & water after taking
salt in hand & decreeing it consecrated unto the Lord in Christ Jesus’ Name. Pray something like this:
'Father, I decree this salt consecrated unto the Lord in Christ Jesus’ Name.
I decree this baptistery cleansed of it’s history & defilement according to 2 King 2:21 which says (then speak the verse).'
Throw the salt in the water. Then say, 'Father, Your Word says that in that day we shall decree (speak & declare) a thing & it shall come to pass. We decree these things accomplished for Your glory, in Christ Jesus’ Name.'" - 1999 -

Religious Art

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - http://artgallery.voiceofthelight.com/


REMINDER  All spirits do NOT have a body.  They look to seek an container in which to dwell to reveal/express themselves.  Holy Spirit or evil spirits.  So when the Holy Spirit impregnates/indwells/lives/visits anything, He, NOT the container/communion-wafer/sacrament, is the spiritual power.  Likewise, when an evil spirit oppresses outside or dwells/ possesses/visits/vacations inside something, it also expresses its own nature & not the nature of its container, whether it be inanimate (idol/doll/toy/cartoon/music/book) or living (animal/pet/human/virus/bacteria).

Veils - there are many veils, good & bad. 
The synagogue curtain or veil that was torn open when Jesus the Messiah died on the cross, the covering or veil of the placenta that gets torn away as the "after birth" when animals or people are born:
the invisible emotional turmoil that gets removed when we get forgiveness &/or healing, 
the invisible mental blockage/stronghold that gets removed when we get discernment,
the invisible spiritual oppression/captivity/imprisonment that gets removed when we get deliverance, the spiritual blindness that gets removed when God plants the seed (sperm) of His Son via His Holy Spirit into our human spirit (egg/ovum) to create a spiritually alive fetus (in a similar manner in which Mary became pregnant via the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit and perhaps a similar manner in which invisible evil created giants per Genesis 6:6). 
(More importantly, the holy Trinity wants to manifest Himself in and through our own human flesh, as do evil spirits.)



Kerr, Kat @ https://www.facebook.com/TheElijahList/videos/1017197752099490 1/6/2021 -
Sometimes LOVED things & animals will be in heaven when we are there, including a teddy bear, which will be alive, which/who will be our friend & even talk with us.  Remember, even trees talk in the heavenly friendly forest.

, Kathie - 9/2015 -
www.kathiewaltersministry.com - From time to time, Australian Ali Foleni Leasuasu Dutt takes a teddy bear with her during ministry.  Sometimes when individuals hug it they are healed.
(Be reminded, that if evil spirits can inhabit toys, so can Holy Spirit, even more so.)
ou need the honey ( spirit of revelation) to properly discern + see in the spirit realm.
It takes the Holy Spirit to see in the Spirit.  
I always wait for the honey angel
when I am speaking in a meeting.
Because people  don't need anymore information- ahh but REVELATION is different," says Kathie Walters. 
Here is a neat story of an ANOINTED POOH BEAR from Kathie's good friend Ali Foleni
Leasuasu Dutt in Australia:
"This (Pooh) is the "Revival" Bear that has travelled with us around the world for the last 8 years. 
For some reason I felt I just had to take him to the Lakeland revival in Florida 2008, all the way from Australia.

We all got an impartation, including Pooh revival bear. 
The oil was so thick on Pooh when Todd
Bentley prayed for us all I couldn't get it off. 
Anyway...Pooh Bear & a few of us got up on stage 1 night for impartation over the nations.
This happened live on air with God TV. We got so slammed in the spirit on stage & ended up on the floor...
The next day a lady came to us & said she had seen us on God TV.  God told her to come to the Lakeland revival meetings & hug Winnie the Pooh bear.  She said she would be healed. She had flown 1,000 miles from Delaware to Florida…
This lady had had an operation that went bad and she had to use a cane to help her walk.
I said, "OK go for it"...She hugged Pooh Bear for awhile & then handed him back to me.
Not long after that I turned around...& there she was-walking o
n the stage, ready to tell her testimony.
Thank You Jesus!"
New Zealand born Samoan Ali Dutt (Ali'itasi Foleni Leasuasu Dutt) 2012 (or individual with same name)

Unholy Items


Unholy Items Scripture

Isaiah 14:23 in all English translations - Complete Jewish Bible (CJB) 23“I will make it a haunt for hedgehogs, it will become a swampy waste, I will sweep it with the broom of destruction,” says Adonai-Tzva’ot (Lord of heavenly forces).

They hatch cockatrice' eggs, and weave the spider's web.
He that eateth of their eggs dieth, & that which is crushed breaketh out into a viper.

Their webs shall not become garments.
Nither shall they cover themselves with their works of iniquity, & the act of violence is in their hands.

Their feet run to evil & make haste to shed innocent blood
Their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; wasting & destruction are in their paths.

Zechariah 3:1-5 NIV -1He showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord & Satan standing at his right side to accuse him.  2The Lord said to Satan, "The Lord rebuke you, Satan. 
The Lord Who has chosen Jerusalem, rebuke you.  Is not this man a burning stick snatched from the fire
3Now Joshua was dressed in filthy clothes as he stood before the angel.  
4The angel said to those who were standing before him, "Take off his filthy clothes." 
Then he said to Joshua, "See, I have taken away your sin. I will put rich garments on you." 
5Then I said, "Put a clean turban on his head." 
So they put a clean turban on his head & clothed him, while the angel of the Lord stood by.

Jude 23 TPNT - Save others, as you snatch them from fire, & on others have mercy in fear, hating even the tunic (clothing) that has been stained by the (corrupted) flesh (& possibly indwelt/oppressed by an evil spirit in 1 or more areas in their life).



Unholy Items

Spiritual Housekeeping by Kim Daniels - read Chapter 1 -
Dispose of African Artifacts - http://www.chooselove.org/appendix%20A.htm

Freed, Sandie - Quenching the Fiery Darts of the Enemy by Dr. Sandie Freed -
Quenching the Fiery Darts of the Enemy by Dr. Sandie Freed 2/25/2014 - I am writing to you today to encourage you once again concerning your identity in Christ. A few nights ago I had a dream that the enemy had a quiver which was full of arrows.  As Satan pulled arrows forth to target against the Church, he would speak words against the Body. 
As he spoke opposite of what God said about each of us, the arrows would catch on fire. 
Yes, his negative words about us were the fuel that ignited the fire. In other words, as Satan spoke contrary to our true identity in Christ, the arrow, also known biblically as a fiery dart, would ignite with fire.
Then, Satan would carefully take aim and verbally hurl (shoot forth) these negative words from his bow which always were contradictory to what God spoke concerning us.  In the dream, some of God's children were suffering from the attack.  When arrows were hurled at others, the flame would be quenched.
I awoke from the dream with such a tremendous burden to alert the Body of Christ.
Dear ones, we must fortify our shields of faith.
As we do, we will become strong in the Lord and our identity in Christ will prevail against any fiery darts planned by the enemy for our future.  Okay, back to the dream. Again, during the dream it was very clear to me that Satan had plans to target us with his fiery darts & flaming arrows. This is nothing new to most believers, but a strategic, Kairos assault by Satan is what I am bringing forth to the Body so please discern the difference.  Now, before we go any further, I need to say again that my intent is for each of you to be encouraged. Notice the word "courage" in the word "encouraged?"
Well, saint of God, it is our season to rise up in faith and courage. God desires that we realize our identity.
We are not fearful warriors. No way.  We are God's army, His mighty warriors, empowered by His Spirit.
You're being led by His Spirit to shift from a fear-based mentality that is built upon a faulty foundation of "insignificance" to a firm foundation that is built upon the Rock! (More on insignificance in bit.)

Healing Objects and Places - http://www.healingofthespirit.org/pdf_files/12--%20Healing%20Objects%20and%20Places.pdf
"There are at least 4 possible reasons for these (unholy home) distur-bances.
1. There are defiled objects in the house
2. The house is occupied by the presence of evil due to the sins of previous owners
3. The house is located on or near defiled land
4. The ghost of someone who has departed needs to be released (a haunting is occurring:
Catholic perspective)."
"1. First, remove all defiled objects.
2. Cleanse the occupants who reside there (as they can bring spiritual pollution into a clean house).
3. Find the root problem (to) determine how the place became defiled.
4. Cleanse the house (or place) (2 Chr. 29).
5. Bless the house (or place) (1 Chr. 17:27).
6. Hold a Eucharist in the house (or place)."

, Earthquake    Order book #1122 "Bound to Lose, Destined to Win"   http://earthquakekelleyministries.org/books/   
Chapter 1 - Life with a Wicked Man - "Having so much demonic activity in our home caused evil spirits to manifest before my eyes...Demonic spirits attach themselves to items that are used for occult purposes, so even though this witch was not in my bedroom at night, the room still came alive with demonic spirits.  Grotesque & deformed creatures shook my bed, appeared in my closet, & came out from underneath my bed...one spirit, which through my voodoo training I learned was a waster spirit, sometimes chased me through the house at night...
Evil spirits tormented me all night, every night.  When I finally fell asleep, I had nightmares...
For 11 years straight, I was so tormented by these spirits that I slept no more than 2 hours a night...
I did not have a good night's rest until I gave my life to Christ."
Chapter 9 Who's Watching the Children - "I heard something tapping on the side of my bed...
I turned on the light & didn't see anything.  Then the Holy Spirit said to me, 'It's the toys in the box.
I threw those toys away immediately & the tapping stopped. 
Evil spirits attach themselves to these kinds of demonic toys...If the toy looks demonic, it probably is."
"When I was young, I was watching television late 1 night & saw a demonic spirit jump out of the television & jump back in."

Who Wants to Live in a  Haunted House?  Charisma magazine Subtitle:
Is the atmosphere in your home polluted?  It may be time for a spiritual housecleaning.

Smith, Eddie & Alice 11/2003 editorial  www.charismamag.com - "The supernatural, or 'spirit world,' is real. 
It exists alongside the natural world.  Sharing your home - along with you and your family - may be angelic & demonic spirits alike."  "Demonic spirits seem to crave a material presence.  They continuously search for physical objects - human or animal bodies or objects made of wood or stone" to inhabit.  They compete with the Holy Spirit for occupancy.  However, the Holy Spirit is ALWAYS superior.  In 1990 a Haitian voodoo conference was held at a Houston, Texas, USA hotel main ballroom, resulting the staff subsequently being affected adversely. 
The Smiths were enlisted to remedy the situation.  Upon entering the room, they found the atmosphere to be "oppressive, as if the room were filled with a million angry, invisible hornets swarming...Quietly we began to pray. 
As Nehemiah repented on behalf of others (see Nehemiah 1:6), we repented to God for what had happened in that room just days before.  We asked God to remove the defilement.  Then with authority we told the evil spirits to leave. 
Suddenly, the demons departed & soon the room felt pure & clean."

MacNutt, Francis - print page 30 - section in - Haunted Houses, Cursed Objects, & Other Bondages - http://www.hispeople-ght.org.za/sermons/sermons%202002/How%20To%20Cast%20Out%20Demons.html
"We are very clearly commanded to not make any idols, statues, or images of worship.  We are not to take into our house any objects that have been dedicated to the worship of false objects – such an object is cursed & abomination to the Lord.  To keep such an object is to invite the presence of demons (to inhabit these objects) & the judgment of God. Remove the following from your homes, work place, & city (if possible):
Supposedly Christian objects of worship: statues or images of Jesus, Mary, the Madonna & child & saints, venerated relics such as bones, hair, holy grails etc, or any other object that is worshipped. 
Occultic or pagan statues, art, paintings, magazines, charms, medallions, pendants, rings, mutis, sacred stones, nyami-nyamis, scarab beetles from Egypt etc.
New Age objects: crystals, pyramids, unicorns, instruments used in channelling, holistic healing (derived from non Judeo/Christian religious practices/roots), meditating (emptying/vacating one's mind), yoga, UFO’s, aliens. 
False religion or cult material – African masks…beware of curios (gifts), artefacts (or antiques) bought from pagan countries.  Satanic & hard rock (music) covers – pentagrams, coffins, chains, skulls, goats heads, upside down crosses; jewellery, albums, posters, clothing. 
Occultic games – Dungeons & Dragons, magic (tarot) cards, ouija boards, some video/computer games.
Occultic cartoon characters or toys, e.g. pokemons, Harry Potter, Masters of the Universe...etc.
Good-luck charms, ankhs, astrological symbols, amulets, talisman, fetishes (objects of obsession or fixation e.g. frogs, owls, scorpions, dragons, spiders, Buddha’s, etc), crystals (story of Megan feeling heat in choosing crystals) 
All forms of pornography.
Drugs or alcohol (if it’s a problem).  Martial arts – karate, Tai Kwan Do, Jujitsu...etc.
Continued -
Seductions Exposed, teenage Dracula pg 37 - The headline in the Weekly World News of June 18, 1983, read:
Teenage Dracula Bites 30 Children
.  According to the amazing article, “Dozens of panic-stricken children shrieked in pain & terror as a real-life Dracula chased them down on the school ground & sank his teeth into their flesh.
When the schoolyard horror ended, 30 youngsters, bleeding and hysterical, were rushed to a hospital where they were treated for shock, severe bite wounds & were given anti-infection inoculations. The nightmare attack was carried out by a 14-year-old student that police in Cleveland, England, would identify only as James.
They said he went berserk shortly after he had watched a bloody Dracula movie on a local television station.
He charged through the schoolyard during morning recess grabbing small children, holding them down & biting into their arms as they writhed in agony. ‘It was just like the movie, it was spooky,’ said 1 of the boy’s classmates, Angela Simmons, 13, ‘He went wild & started attacking & biting the younger kids.’  Out of the thousands of young people who probably watched that same Dracula movie, why did James 'go berserk?' I suspect that he was not raised in a Christian home, under the covering & protection of godly parents & that he was particularly susceptible to a transference in the area of horror movies because of his particular heredity & personality.
The Bible warns us that Satan looks for opportunities to kill, steal & destroy us."
1Peter 5:8 (in scripture) sternly cautions, 'Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.'
Continued -
Nigerian man with ring from juju doctor, Deliverance From Evil Spirits, pg 119. -
"Sorcery is the use of cursed objects to influence people.
I remember praying for deliverance for a man in Nigeria who had gone berserk in a prayer meeting.
When we started to pray for him, 1 of his hands began to shake uncontrollably. 
When we looked more closely, we found he was wearing a strange ring.  He told us a juju doctor had given it to him. 
We asked him to take it off.  When he did, the shaking stopped."

Continued -

Seductions Exposed, D&D and occult toys pg 158…159. - "Some time ago, I received a letter from a woman who had decided to burn her children’s 'Dungeons & Dragons' game after hearing me speak on its occultic nature.
In spite of the protest of her children, she threw the game pieces in an (incinerator) incubator. As she did so, horrendous, bloodcurdling screams were heard from the fire. The children were instantly convinced that the game was evil...Another area where children are being bombarded with the occult is through cartoons, movies & the toy industry. Many of the cartoons on television and the associated toys in stores everywhere are blatantly occultic while others subtly carry occultic overtones. Magic and witchcraft are portrayed as normal ways to deal with problems & overcome obstacles. In a world where true heroes are few and far between, children easily gravitate to these imaginary heroes with their magical powers. Characters like ET, He-Man, & She-Ra become more real, powerful, & exciting to them than any real-life people or Bible characters.  One child I know of was recently overheard shouting, 'He-Man is more powerful than Jesus.'
Since all these cartoon & movie characters display great power obtained through occultic rituals, they simply pave the way for children to seek such power in their own lives…often they seek, the diabolical door to demonic oppression is once again opened.  Many of these toys & cartoon characters are simply modern versions of pagan gods that were worshipped in heathen cultures before the advent of Christianity. These ancient pagan gods are merely physical representations of Satan and his demonic forces that were originally worshipped in rites involving human & animal sacrifice.  (Many evil spirits carry the names of such gods & attempt to demonstrate/ express like personality in the children which they oppress. 
Such demons can enter a child from TV watching)."
Continued -
Seductions Exposed, amulet on necklace pg 160. "Because Satan cannot legally touch or afflict Christians, he often tricks them into cursing themselves. Good luck charms, ankhs, astrological symbols & other jewelry with occultic overtones open up avenues for demonic attack and also hinder deliverance. Pastor David King shared how he prayed for a young woman who was severely oppressed & seemingly could not receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. As he ministered to her, he noticed that she was wearing a particular necklace with an amulet on it. Sensing that it was occultic, he asked her to remove it & placed it in his pocket. As he again prayed for her the oppression left. Almost immediately she was joyously filled with the Holy Spirit & began praising God with new freedom in her heavenly language.
When Pastor King arrived home that night, he showed the amulet to his wife. 
Together they decided to burn it. As they threw it into their fireplace, they both heard a horrible bloodcurdling scream."
Continued -

Seductions Exposed
, owl fetish pg 163-164. "I received an interesting letter some time ago from a young couple who had at one time possessed a total of 123 owl objects.  In the beginning, although they were very young, they both had good jobs and seemed to be prospering in every way. But the wife became obsessed with owls and soon began filling the home with them. Then things began to go sour. They lost their jobs & their marriage began to disintegrate. The wife even lost her desire to live and began to sleep much of the time. 1 day a brother of the young man who had heard my message on fetishes, including owls and frogs, told them that they could be cursing themselves with all those owls. At 1st they laughed at him but the husband soon decided to try an experiment.  He removed all the owls from their bedroom without telling his wife. 3 days later, he asked her if she had noticed a change in the atmosphere.  To her amazement they had not fought for 3 days & actually had begun to talk to 1 another. They became convinced that the owls had some-thing to do with the curses upon their marriage & prosperity. After they had removed the owls from their home, God not only restored their marriage, but their prosperity as well."
Continued -
Seductions Exposed
, statue of Jesus pg 166…167. "Bob Curry, told me some startling stories that completely convinced me of the dangers of even possessing these statues. Bob shared that he had dinner 1 night in a home where the lady of the house has a 5 foot statue of Jesus. When he was in her home, she admitted that she had been confused by his message about idols and images. She said, “I’m Catholic, but this statue of Jesus bothers me. Is it wrong for me to have this?” Bob opened the scriptures to Exodus & Deuteronomy & shared with her what the Word says about these statues & images. Immediately, she wanted to get rid of the Jesus statue so a team of 4 young missionaries came to pick it up & carry it out. To their astonishment, they could not lift the small 5 foot statue. Bob’s secretary who was a very strong, athletic young man went over & also tried to pick it up with equally poor success. He soon became very ill & asked to be taken to his hotel where he became deathly sick.
In prayer, the Lord revealed to Bob that a 'Spirit of heaviness' had attached itself to the young man.
Later, he was completely delivered as Bob & others rebuked the demonic forces afflicting him. Interestingly, the lady later called Bob & told him that she had contacted the catholic church. 
They had send over two teenage boys who picked up the statue & carried off with ease."
Continued -
Seductions Exposed
, jade Buddha & evangelist pg 169-170.  "One of my former pastors, Cecil Humphrey, shared about a very popular television evangelist who was in great financial distress, needing over a million dollars to pay for airtime and other expenses.  A very influential and wealthy family donated over a million dollars worth of Oriental jewelry to his ministry including a beautiful jade Buddha worth approximately $400,000. The collection was worth enough to pay the evangelist’s creditors, but he was aware of the scriptural commands not to associate with occultic objects.  When the evangelist shared with the donor why he could not accept the occultic jewelry, the man said he could not give it to anyone else either and asked the evangelist to help him destroy the objects.
They took a sledgehammer & with the 1st blow disintegrated the Buddha. As they did so, the donor’s wife came running out of their palatial home, wanting to know what they were doing. She said the pain & torment she had been suffering for many years had instantly gone from her body. They left the same moment the Buddha was destroyed. Not only did the oppression & affliction leave the household, but the evangelist later received the needed finances from other sources."
Continued -
What to do:
1-Repent of all occult involvement by self, family, or ancestors.
2-Remove occult objects (preferably with owner’s permission) & destroy them.
3-Command every spirit to leave - in the Name of Jesus.
4-Ask the Lord to fill the house (with His Holy Spirit &/or His angels). 
5-If you like, anoint doors & windows with oil, blessed by you or clergy."

Stone, Perry - http://www.charismahouse.com/images/stories/pdfs/purgingyourhouse.pdf chapter #1 online
source http://www.charismahouse.com/sample-chapters/19273-purging-your-house-pruning-your-family-tree-by-perry-stone -

Toys - https://www.christianpost.com/news/game-company-hasbro-removes-troll-doll-amid-accusations-of-facilitating-pedophilia-child-abuse.html 8/7/2020

Dr. Bern Zumpano - PRAYER for HOUSE CLEANSING - 1999 - http://www.walkinginpower.org/books/spiritual_warfare_prayers.pdf - "'Father, I call this house clean
& all of their sins which they committed here, as well as my own, & those of my family members.
I ask your forgiveness & renounce all sin which defiled these premises & its grounds.
I now anoint this house & consecrate it to YOU for your GLORY, &, by faith, speak it cleansed throughout by the Blood of Christ Jesus of ALL that is unholy in it and on its grounds...ALL by FAITH in CHRIST JESUS, NAME.
I BIND Satan, all principalities, powers, ruler spirits, & wicked spirits in high places, & ALL SPIRITS NOT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, loose this place from them all, from my family members, loved ones, & me, & CAST THEM OUT, not to ever return to any of us or this place, ALL IN CHRIST JESUS NAME & for YOUR GLORY, father, AMEN.'
(Now, ANOINT each room, each wall, middle of floor, around each door & window frame, inside walls & inside doors of each closet, & decree them holy ground, kingdom territory.)"

Dr. Bern Zumpano - PRAYER for the DESTRUCTION of CURSED OBJECTS - 1999 -  http://www.walkinginpower.org/books/spiritual_warfare_prayers.pdf "Father, in Christ Jesus’ Name,
I take authority over this cursed object & bind Satan, all principalities, power, rulers, wicked spirits in high places, & ALL spirits NOT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT attached to it by assignment or soul-tie.
I bind them ALL up & off from all of my loved ones, & me, & from all that we are, have & possess, loose us all from them, & break their soul-ties & assignments against us, command that they cannot retaliate & CAST them out directly to the feet of Christ Jesus, to do what The Lord Jesus Christ tells them.
In Christ Jesus Name, Go now, (evil) spirits.  Leave this place & us permanently."‘
NOW (physically) DESTROY the cursed objects as follows:
1. If it’s burnable, BURN IT. (NEVER USE GASOLINE.)
2. If it’s breakable, BREAK IT.
3. If it’s not burnable or breakable, BURY IT.
(Refer to) Word of Faith Ministries International Spiritual Warfare Prayers #21 -

If in DOUBT...DESTROY. Better to be spiritually SAFE, than sorry.
NEVER GIVE a cursed object away to anyone & NEVER put them in the garbage or in the dump, whole or unbroken. Satan WILL SEE to it that it gets into the hands of an unsuspecting person against whom his demonic spirits, assigned to the object will begin a ministry and carry out an assignment. See Joshua 7:13 ."
Another PRAYER AGAINST CURSED OBJECTS - Pray: "I decree death between my loved ones, me, and all cursed objects, creations of Satan, & works of the powers of darkness, in or around this house ( or other place), & in all that they do, say, or minister, in using those objects as a point of contact. Holy Spirit, if there are any cursed objects on these premises that I do not discern, bring revelation of them to me, all in Christ Jesus’ Name, Amen."

regarding Unholy Items

Basilisk Lance - http://www.demonbuster.com/basilisk.html or Giving the Devil his Due -
Combating the Lance of the Basilisk
- "21 Prophetic Proclamations For Corporate, United Intercessory Prayer The 'Basilisk', which means 'little king of serpents', is a high level demonic spirit. Its primary purpose is to bring death & destruction, sometimes by plagues & other sicknesses, sometimes by natural disasters such as strong winds and floods & sometimes by murders or wars taking place...Every year, the 'Basilisk' seeks to destroy all of God's people, but especially Israel, primarily during a 21-day period of time on the Hebrew calendar (from the 17th of the month Tammuz to the 9th of the month Av, a day known as Tish B'Av)...
21 Prophetic Proclamations may be used as a united, corporate declaration during this season [& daily] of demonic destruction in order to lessen the tribulation on all peoples, especially Israel, & in order to hide ourselves in Christ by the collective authority given to the united Body of Christ."

Cobwebs - http://www.mcreveil.org/Anglais/witchcraft/PstJonas_en05.html -

(Test site 1st) -
What allowed us to go down into those houses that we saw without roofs? 
Spider webs. Hygienically, spider webs are nothing but dirt.
spiritually, they are antennas by means of which sorcerers come into your houses.
there are those things in your house, remove
them immediately. 
(Caution: God's presence in your life is stronger than the enemy's.)
Cobweb prayer:
(Test site 1st)
francobliss - http://apostlefrancisministries.blogspot.com/2013/10/destroying-satanic-witchcraft-cobwebs_19.html
(Test site 1st) -
https://www.facebook.com/apostolicrealm/posts/877680275617078:0 - (Test site 1st)

Bazuaye, Francis - Revolution Ministries International - January 21, 2015 "Legal ground must be established for a witch or a coven to use such advanced trap to get her victim... When you make a hole in your spiritual life through (un-repented) sin, you are inviting a snake (satanic agent or demons) to punish (harass) you with the affliction of oppression. Unrighteousness empowers the enemies against your life. Righteousness really prevents them from launching their evil attacks against you. Many Christians have broken the hedge of divine protection over their lives & have given the (spiritual) enemies opportunities to attack."

Cobwebs - Springer Rebecca Ruter- Intra Muros or My Dream of Heaven - pgs 10-12 excerpt @ https://hopefaithprayer.com/books/IntraMuros-SearchableText.pdf
or full @ www.thecallofthebride.com/IntraMuros.pdf adobe or cache http://www.thecallofthebride.com/IntraMuros.pdf2Bmy+dream+of+heaven+intra+muros+rebecca+ruter+springer
"This book is a description of Heaven that was written around 1898. Whether it was an actual vision or just a long dream, she does not really know. The only thing she knows & states, is that instead of the memory of the ‘dream’ dimming over the years, it had actually become more vivid...
Many churches give this book out to grieving family members."
Chapter 1 - "I found I could not only breathe, but laugh, talk, see and hear, as naturally under the water as above it...'What has that water done for me...I feel as though I could fly'...He answered gently, 'It has washed away the last of the earth-life, and fitted you for the new life upon which you have entered' (& each successive water baptism/immersion, an ongoing/progressive purification, a going from glory to glory)."
Chapter 6 - "My 1st impulse daily on arousing from happy, blissful rest, was to hasten to the 'River of Life' & plunge into it's wonderful waters, so: refreshing/invigorating/ inspiring...He has his bath in the river every day. 
It leaves it's mark on him also."
Chapter 15 - "I have never been able to get him to accompany me to the (heavenly) river where these earthly cobwebs would be swept from his poor brain, his excuse being always that God's mercy is so great in allowing him (at the time of death) inside heaven's gates at all, that he is content to remain always in its lowest scale of enjoyment & life."
Chapter 16 - Regarding another fellow, "After he has bathed in the waters of the River of Life, he will be better prepared for the delightful reunion which awaits him...
Remember what the waters did (and continuously do) for you; how bewildered & oppressed in spirit you were (initially), till you went with me that morning into the river. 
It is the same with all of us.  Only where there has been serious trouble with the brain...
It is even more needed than on ordinary occasions...
He will not be fully himself until the magical waters have swept the clouds from his brain."


Hinn, Benny - www.bennyhinn.org - Benny tells on one of his broadcasts where his dad was unable to receive Christ until the Holy Spirit revealed to Benny that there was an evil spirit inside a small object owned by Binny's dad. 
When Benny tossed it into the lit fireplace, a voice screamed out. 
Thereafter his dad was able to accept Christ's work on the cross for himself personally.
Related broadcast: http://www.bennyhinn.org/media/2010-11-8.asx

Be reminded that not only people and objects can contain demons, but also animals, including pets can. 
As an owner, you have spiritual authority over your animals & can (in the name of Jesus) bind, send evil out & under the feet of Jesus + command it never to return.

Seals - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knights_Templar_Seal - Catholic crusades once considered holy are today considered anti-Semitic/Jewish/Jesus, because (for one reason) Yeshua was a Jew. 
Regarding the Catholic anti-Islamic crusades, today they would be considered intolerant hate crimes.

Spear of Destiny
- a relic on display in the Hapsburg's treasury at the Hof-museum, Vienna - http://web.org.uk/picasso/spear.html -
"The relic was said to have phenomenal talismanic power having once been used at the Crucifixion to wound the side of Christ. According to legend, possession of the Spear would bring its owner the power to conquer the world, but losing it would bring immediate death.
The relic had been owned by a succession of powerful European rulers down through the centuries and eventually came to be in the possession of the Hapsberg Dynasty...On 3/12/1938, the day Hitler annexed Austria, he arrived in Vienna a conquering hero. He first port of call was to the Hof-museum where he took possession of the Spear which he immediately sent to Nuremberg, the spiritual capital of Nazi Germany...
On 4/30/1945, during the final days of the war, after considerable bombing of Nuremberg, the Spear fell into the hands of the American 7th Army under General Patton. Later that day, in fulfillment of the legend, Hitler committed suicide." © Mark Harris 1996 from
@ The Spear of Destiny
by Trevor Ravenscroft, Publisher Neville Spearman, London, 1974.  (Be reminded that the sword of the Lord, is His spoken word wielded in our mouths by Jesus' disciples: you & I, during spiritual warfare.)

idols, statues, charms, (including monkeys) - http://www.onmarkproductions.com/html/monkey-koushin-p3.html - (These typically contain or attract demons/evil.)


Spiritual DANGER

 Stone, Perry - http://www.voe.org/store/st-94-8-unusual-prophecies-being-fulfilled-seal-of-satan-breaking-satanic-hedges-and-covenants - http://www.christiantoday.com/article/summoning.the.demons.

"Lima, Peru, May 27, 2015 / 04:14 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- A game that purports to invoke a Mexican demon – known as 'Charlie, Charlie' & considered to be a simplified version of the (occult) Ouija board has gone viral on social media among young people, prompting one exorcist to warn of its dangers.  The game, which has gained significant traction online in recent days, involves a pair of pencils or pens, a sheet of paper & the invocation of a spirit named 'Charlie.'
Scores of short video clips, posted mostly by teens, show players shrieking and running out of view when the pencil apparently moves on its own & points to a 'yes' or a 'no' after they say a phrase inviting the demon.
Spanish exorcist Jose Antonio Fortea told CNA that the so-called 'Charlie Charlie Challenge' involves the very real, occult practice of 'calling on spirits'...
In an interview May 27, he warned that 'some spirits who are at the root of that practice will harass some of those who play the game.'  Even though the priest thinks that players “won't be possessed” necessarily, the spirit that has been invoked 'will stay around for a while.'  Fr. Fortea also warned that playing the game 'will result in other spirits beginning to enter into even more frequent communication.' 
'So then the person really can suffer much worse consequences from the demons,' he said...
Catholic experts have noted that occult activity a&the resulting need for exorcisms has reached a critical level worldwide. 
The International Association of Exorcists (AIE) met for their 12th annual conference in Rome last October.
According to AIE spokesperson Dr. Valter Cascioli, an increasing number of bishops & cardinals asked to participate in the conference due to an increase in demonic activity.  'It's becoming a pastoral emergency,' Cascioli told CNA. 'At the moment the number of disturbances of extraordinary demonic activity is on the rise.'  'The rise in demonic activity can be attributed to a decreasing faith among individuals, coupled with an increase in curiosity & participation in occult activity such as Ouija boards and seances,' Cascioli said."


Most anything good or neutral can be weaponized/used for evil.

This is especially true of food, often used as a lure throughout the Bible. The fruit of the tree of good & evil backfired on those who ate it.  The witch tricked Snow White with a poisoned apple.  Animal traps are often baited with food. 
It boils down to the (often) invisible root/initial evil, Satan (the puppeteer) in sheep's clothing, egging/tricking the opportunist to take/gain advantage: thus the spiritual chess player taking advantage of the human' who then attempts to manipulate the 3rd party.


Unholy Locations

, John - Binding the Strongman over America - Often, to retain our healing &/or deliverance, we need (1st or also) to deal with the land & broken covenants.  Conversion: Ancient prison went from pagan to sacred Christian site - http://www.thebostonpilot.com/article.asp?ID=12174 - "Scholars had believed the domed prison was a cistern or a monumentalized fountain of sorts. Instead, Fortini said it had been 'an ancient place of worship; specifically devoted to a water divinity such as 'a nymph of underground water'...Fortini said the underground water spring also conjured up many negative and dangerous scenarios. 'For example, in pagan Rome it was thought the spring provided a direct channel to the netherworld,' she said.  'Archaeologists found an ancient borehole going 5 feet into the ground.
The borehole 'put the inhabited world into contact with the underworld
&, therefore, there was the possibility of having contact with the beyond somehow,' she said.  'Enemies of the Roman Empire were thrown into the watery pit of the Tullianium through a hole in the upper chamber of the Carcer. Romans believed the prisoners would then be carried away or just disappear into the netherworld - a fate worse than death,' she said."
(Those in the deliverance ministry for awhile recognize that this story (belief/superstition) could in fact be true, as there are actual spiritual gates/openings/potholes/ladders leading down to demonic regions under the earth, the same way that there are actual spiritual zones/gates/openings/ladders up to the heavenly realms. 
Ana Mendez Ferrell warns Christians NOT to traipse off blithely on holiday, because of this danger.  http://voiceofthelight.com/ )

Dismantling the Power Grid - http://www.generals.org/prayer/usrpn/intercessory-calendar

with resources Jewish Calendar  2010 Pagan/Wiccan Calendar  Satanic Calendar


Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Regions of Captivity book/CD/DVDs - www.voiceofthelight.com - share with us that the shadow of death is a demonic PLACE under the earth where broken hearts (soul pieces) are held captive. 
She mentors us how to stand in the gap for others and how to rescue them from Satan's hold. 
[This is especially true for those who are (physically/ mentally/spiritually) imprisoned in/by psychiatric illnesses.] 
Houston, Texas, USA - 2009 DVD#2 & chapter #2 share how God explained this concept to Ana in relation to her twin sister Mercedes' soul and how it was necessary for Ana to rescue Mercedes broken soul pieces from the place of imprisonment in the shadow of death. God said, "Mercedes is trapped in the gate of the shadow of death.  You must go for her & bring her back."  Job 38:17 Have the gates of death been revealed to you or have you seen the doors of the shadow of death? God asks Job.

http://www.hapn.us/Websites/hapn/Images/Initiatives/Baal%20Divorcement/Baal-Kathrine%20Watsey(11-6-08).pdf  LAND ISSUES -

Maria de Lange, Susanna Francina - http://stclements.edu/grad/gradsusanna.pdf - Chapter 2 #3.1.3 THE THIRD LINE ASSAULT, SIN REIGNS - "
John Dawson writes: 'Injustice opens the door for demonic oppression, an oppression that people are powerless to deal with outside of the cleansing, healing grace of God.58 Houses, cities, provinces or countries; thus territorial areas, can be under terrible curses where there is a high level of satanic activity.
God can & will prophetically reveal demonic strongholds over places in the 2nd heaven to strategic prayer warriors.
It is important to define the origins of the satanic strongholds, where its foundations are & what is God’s strategy to pull down such stronghold."

Sumrall, Lester - Alien Entities - Chapter 3 The Origin of Alien Entities - www.leseapublishing.com -
"'The spirit of suicide is in this house'...The man...said, 'The 1st time in my life that I ever thought of committing suicide was in this house (where a suicide had been committed - unbeknownst to owner occupant).  I had been told by that spirit 4-5 times that the best way out of this was to take my life.'  Alien entities can live in places of tragedy...
If you live in a house that seems unusual or oppressive, either rebuke the spirit, in Jesus' name, or...move." 
(This testimony is a stark warning to filter out ALL negative thoughts, making sure to only allow entrance of holy healthy ideas.  In addition, it is a reminder to anoint places with holy oil &/or cover self with blood of Jesus when lodging in new places + exorcise any new residence.)

Holy Locations

Reese Howells -1879 - 1950
- Excerpts from Rees Howells, Intercessor - http://www.wellofoath.com/home.asp?pg=Newsletter&toc=November+2004 - "His grandparents were also a powerful influence on him in those formative years.
Converted in the 1859 revivals, Rees said in later years, to cross the threshold of their house was like passing through the portals of earth into heaven.  They always felt their blessing had been passed down onto Rees."

Maldonado, Guillermo - Inner Healing and Deliverance - 4 spiritual laws or open doors to demons can be recognized & remedied.   http://store.erjpub.org/temas/deliverance-and-inner-healing.html - http://kingjesusministry.org - Chapter 17 Spiritual Housecleaning - "Symptoms of a house that is spiritually contaminated...frequent illness, nightmares, constant fighting & divisions, lack of peace, demonic appearances, movement of objects with no explanation, bad odors, habitual nausea & headaches...Articles that need to be removed & burnt...antiques with unknown backgrounds...rosary, figures of saints...material related to sects such as the Mormons, Jehovah's Witness, Free masonry & the Rosicrucian."

Cords, Ley Lines & Ties
Good & Bad

"In 2008, Chuck Pierce had a vision of America. Of key significance was each state's relationship with Israel.  
He said that a covenant state is 1 that welcomes the Jewish people & recognizes Israel's role in the earth.
ALL NATIONS ARE RECONCILED AROUND ISRAEL. We believe that each state needs to re-establish it's relationship with Israel...Have a tree planted representing every county in the United States.
That will anchor a ley line to Israel with physical roots originating from our home states and counties.
Planting a tree in Israel and taking a physical root in the land deepens the covenant relationship & creates a (physical & spiritual) bond of peace for individuals, states, & nations coming together.
Each tree sponsored is a sign of covenant between a county & the state of Israel & will act as a physical memorial that will potentially live on for thousands of years...

Consider this spiritual & physical strategy
for America to anchor her root connection with God's land, 1 county & 1 state at a time.  You can be a part of this release."
Newman & DeeAnn Ward - Remember that you do not support the root but the root supports you.- Romans 11:18. (Click Play to see what Curt and Sandy have to say) -

NCAI now has an olive tree in Israel, on behalf of all member tribes.
@ http://www.ncai.org/about-ncai/embassy-of-tribal-nations -

Walters, Kathy - Your Red Cord - http://www.kathiewaltersministry.com/your-red-cord - 12/2013 -
"Did you know that  God always has a red cord. The key is that we LISTEN and do what He tells us to do.
In Rahab’s case it wouldn’t have worked if she decided to put a parrot or a cat in the window instead of a red cord.
It was very important  that she followed  instructions."

Tracy Wilkinson - http://www.amazon.com/The-Vaticans-Exorcists-Driving-Century/dp/0446578851#reader_0446578851 -
Chapter 4 The Exorcists section The Dashing Exorcist, Gabriele Nanni - "To activate the curse by long distance...the sorcerer can use a fetish, a doll, or a photograph of the intended victim...use a form of satanic hypnosis...
The curse is like a poison that courses the the victim... Sometimes it feels like a moving animal is inside.
'Sometimes you can see it, under the  skin, in the abdomen & stomach area, an unexpected lifting up & down, like a snake or a frog...The ensnared person is as though tied by the umbilical cord to the devil.'"
Chapter 4 The Exorcists section The Reluctant Exorcist, Dermine, Francois-Marie -
Chapter 4 The Exorcists section The Controversial Exorcist Zambian former archbishop Emmanuel Milango -
who follows his heart over his submission to authority.


Rebecca Greenwood - https://www.amazon.com/dp/1621369889/?tag=mh0b-20&hvadid=
reader_1621369889 - chapter #1 @
Defeating Strongholds of the Mind: A Believer…'s Guide to Breaking Free -
Appendix shares some of dangers of Reiki and other "natural" therapies, some of which are advocated by Christians/churches. 
In alliance with Mark 13:22 where even the elite may become deceived, 1 method is to participate is such "innocent" practices rooted in non-Christian philosophies/religious practices, allowing Eastern demons to inhabit Westerners.

Miraval sex spa and inn, Tucson, Arizona, USA - Couples workshops by Dr David Taylor & Dr Lana Holstein are not what Ophra Winfrey sells them to be, because of the Gentile/demonic origins/teachings.
The "yab yum" sexual position is a Buddhist sexual position. -
The Secret Teaching of Urgyen Sangharakshita 
The "puja" love/sex/energy connection is a synonym for sacramental worship, not of the God of the Jews/Christians/Arabs, but rather Avatar Adi Da Samraj and other deities who claim that word. -
Rule #1 - Always check out the root religion of ANY thing which has a rave review. 
This is especially true with ANY spa treatment.  Satan is NO respecter of ignorance.
www.holsteinandtaylor.com/couples.lasso - www.miravalresort.com/spa.php


Tattooing, Piercing

'You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves:
I am the LORD

, John - What's Behind the Ink?   10/9/2007 CD http://www.impactnetwork.net/books.html -
Subtitle: The Spiritual Aspects of Tattooing, Piercing, and Other Fads from a Christian Perspective

Kat Kerr -Heaven & The Kingdom Age (6.10.2014) @ http://jesusstories.info/page/2/?s=kat+kerr&search=Search - Audio - Satan is a copy cat.  God, from time to time, places on His people, such as Cain, Jews, a remnant, etc. a tattoo of ownership. During the Tribulation Time, man will be forced to choose between God & Satan, when the enemy will tattoo man (who chooses Satan) with a mark, visible very far away.
Kerr, Kat -
Everything you need to know about Heaven (Kat Kerr Compilation #3) 8 Hours @ http://jesusstories.info/?s=kat+kerr&search=Search - Most all demonic ideas are stolen from God & thus copied and corrupted. 
God tattoos, so the problem is not so much the tattoo, but rather the use/purpose/intent or misrepresentation. 
God's special sign is the star from 2 triangles, which Satan has stolen & profaned for himself. 
The mark of the beast will be an attempt to steal God's copyrighted idea; not the bar code nor microchip. 
On God's kids forehead may be the name of His city and on our palm His name.

Kerr, Kat - 1/9/2016 - Joan Hunter Conference - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDqpl8rUB7Y - Some good angelic warriors have tattoos.  We need to choose marks/logos to represent us/our companies, lest the enemy mark us.  Note: God tattoos us when we get to heaven: revelation/22-4.htm 4they will see His face, & His name will be on their foreheads.

, James - Radio - LISTEN TO Monday 8/11/2014 - http://sidroth.org/radio/radio-archives/james-maloney -
, James - TV - 10/6/2014 - http://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/james-maloney?src=weeklybroadcastemail_100614 (edited) or http://d3tnb2mam8l2qt.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/IS773Transcript_Maloney.pdf -
JAMES: Out in Anaheim, California there was a drug addict that had just gotten saved, just a couple of weeks, & he was so embarrassed, precious brother, because not only did he have needle marks in his arm, hundreds of them on both arms, but tattoos, all demonic.
I mean, they were just grotesque. He said, 'You know, I just want to serve Jesus, but I'm so embarrassed because I've been a drug addict & I have hepatitis C, & look at these needle marks.'
I just saw the hands of Jesus in a vision put His hands on him.

30 seconds later, all the needle marks disappeared. Hey, that got him excited. Then I said, he's worried about the tattoos.
I said, 'Just watch what the Lord does.  Wake up in the morning. Just watch what God does.' That's how I said it.
He woke up the next morning.  He was there in the bathroom, you know, brushing his teeth. 
All of a sudden he felt this tingling.  Then poof! He had brand new baby skin, not 1 tattoo left. Hallelujah."

Sudduth, William - What's Behind the Ink? - book - www.ramministry.org - For all intents and purposes, yours or not, the tattoo/piercing/cutting is a sign of who owns you.  At the end of the world Satan can point to your mark and say, "See, he/she belongs to me!"  We do NOT need to give the enemy any more ammunition with which to accuse us. 
Church, wake up.  Repent.  Protect your self/children/family/congregation.  On top of the spiritual issues with which we have to deal, there are also the medical; many innocent lives are being ravaged through their blood being exposed to communicable diseases, toxic metals, poisons, viruses, man eating bacteria, & unsanitary/ unsterile environments/ equipment.  Regarding medical issues, a number of facilities will/can NOT do an MRI due to the metallic content (iron oxide) of the dye. 3rd, what you love today, you (or your mate) may loathe tomorrow. 
It is VERY difficult/painful/expensive to reverse a tattoo.


Demons Can Inhabit/Infect/Infest
Games, Pets, Toys


https://christendtimeministries.com/spiritual-warfare-the-purple-robe-book-19-the-kingdom-of-the-beast-in-part/ - Troll dolls and trinkets can carry demons.  (If it looks ugly or gives one the creeps, better be safe than sorry.  Destroy and do NOT recycle/gift/give-away.)

Dolls sent to Israeli embassies around the world in bid to show 'flaws in Palestinian education system'
(+ parenting and military/political indoctrination)
- http://www.i24news.tv/en/news/israel/diplomacy-defense/95712-151215-israel-to-use-4-000-palestinian-incitement-dolls-as-advocacy-tool?utm_source=SIM&utm_medium=

Hinn, Benny - http://www.bennyhinn.org/tiyd-video/the-dangers-of-demonic-objects-part-1/ - 6/14/2016 -
Keep evil away from ourselves and our loved ones. Do some housecleaning.
Hinn, Benny - http://www.bennyhinn.org/tiyd-video/the-dangers-of-demonic-objects-part-2/ - 6/15/2016 -
Scripture says there are spiritual & physical dangers of having demonic objects in our homes.
Evil comes in many forms, some obvious & some not.  We must rely on scriptural instruction & the leading of the Holy Spirit to discern what we possess that may be the root of trouble in our lives. Pastor Benny presents a list of objects which we must avoid along with the reasons each can present a danger to us & our loved ones.

Kerr, Kat with Steve Shultz 2 PM 3/10/2021 @ https://www.facebook.com/TheElijahList/videos/1346481342391177 #15
& Audio/Video Violence dangers

Toys such as smurfs...can cause demonic possession (oppression/problems) in children. SMURFS: (German word for demon) - Papa Smurf is a wizard who casts spells & mixes potions, & often refers to Beelzebub (Satan) in the cartoons.  He practices sorcery & witchcraft. 
Wizards & witches were put to death in the Old Testament.  Paying heed to them, however amusing or cute & innocent they seem to be, gives respectability to that which God forbids. 
He knows it leads to 1 opening up oneself to satanic bondage.  Ignore & Renounce.
@ http://www.demonbuster.com/housecu2.html PS - turn audio OFF

[We do NOT need to b ignorant or fearful. BUT we DO need to apply the blood of Jesus daily to our family.]

[Be reminded that there are 2 spiritual kingdoms and entities, which compete for our love, attention, & housing. 
They will indwell any thing, but they prefer living things, especially humans. 
Just keep in mind that the Creator is always the winner & always the super power.  Side with Him.]

Walters, Kathy - www.kathiewaltersministry.com 6/14/2020 - Strange Tales - "We agreed to pray and wait on the Lord...
After, I saw a vision of a water spirit in the form of doll. When I spoke it out, Linda seemed to freeze as if she was made of stone and couldn't move. The Holy Spirit told me, '
The water spirit wants her to go to Sierra Leone because that's where it came from.'  I prayed a simple prayer, the demon left, & Linda came back to normal. She sat up & said, 'I don't want to go to Sierra Leone.'  I asked Linda, 'How on earth would a spirit from Sierra Leone get into you?'  'I know exactly' she said. 'When I was a child,  I had a large and truly ugly doll.
The doll never left my side, morning or night. I don't know where we got it from. I took it everywhere I went.
It was so ugly & weird that even my mother (who was a witch) burned it in the middle of the night.' 
Let me explain: The doll had a familiar spirit & attached itself to Linda when she was a child, but when her mother burned the doll, the demon came into her.  It's intent was to get back to Sierra Leone.
Let me explain that most demonic spirits can't travel through the air. 
They are earthbound & dependant on a person or object to attach themselves to.
That's why you have to be careful what you buy in places abroad, or anywhere really. 
Only the higher demonic spirits can travel through the air.  African water spirits like to travel. 
They attach themselves to people who are on mission trips or just travelling.  But guess what? 
They want to go home again, so they will find a way, or person to attach themselves... 
I was travelling home from Las Vegas.  On the plane I saw an ugly demon, about 3 feet high, leaning against the galley where they make the tea and coffee. I asked the Lord if I should do anything.
God said, '
No, it's just hitching a ride'...
When I was in Australia, speaking at a conference...At the end of the last meeting, I had been praying for people. 
The pastors wife asked me to pray for her daughter who was sitting on the floor.  I went over & sat next to her...
I asked her what she was planning...She said she was going to Tibet on a mission trip.
It didn't feel right to me, so I asked, 'Why Tibet ?' 
She said she been on a mission trip to Tibet a couple of years ago & felt very "drawn" to go back.
I am always cautious when people say "drawn" because it's so easy for your soul to be drawn, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's the Holy Spirit, because He ministers & speaks to your spirit (not soul). 
I told her I believed it was a water spirit she had picked up last time she was there, that wanted to use her to go back.  I asked her if anything came to mind.  She at once said, 'Oh, the last night we were there, the natives wanted us to go to their special pool. I realize now it was a pool dedicated to an idol.
We had a strange feeling when we were there, but we wanted to please the people.' 
I prayed for her, and the demon began to manifest like crazy, hissing, & olling around the floor.
The mother came running over trying to comfort her, so I told the mom to go sit down.  Then the demon left. 
Then the Lord gave me a word for her, 'The Lord has something for you in Ireland.' 
Her eyes got bigger & bigger, 'My husband is Irish; he is always asking me to go to Ireland.' 
Always be open to Holy Spirit."


Putting God's Reputation at Stake (in jeopardy)

, Leroy - Scottsdale, Arizona, USA - http://www.leroyjenkins.com/ 
has healing ministry using holy water, but now he is caught up in a scandal.  

Safa, Reza - 1/28/2008-2/3/2008 It's Supernatural TV broadcast shows healings of blindness. 
The extremist faction of the Muslim religion touting terrorism (got a foothold in) opened a gate into the USA when President Bush placed the Koran beside the Bible in the White House, as revealed to Reza by God. video DIS448 - DVD DVD448 @ www.sidroth.org


Voodoo Dolls & occult "toys/gifts/souvenirs" often found at airports, are now flooding stores. 

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