Ask Jesus some questions like:
“Jesus, why don’t I see you?” “Jesus, why don’t I hear you?”
“Jesus, what lie is keeping me from___(seeing, hearing) you?”
“Jesus, why do I believe you won’t come?”
“Jesus, show me when I learned the lie that you won’t _____ (show up, talk to me).”
Another option is for you to picture a wall. And then ask Jesus to give you a tool to tear down the wall.
Daniel Olukoya - Hospital For Family Diseases - Nahum 3:1-3:4 -
A family is referred to as a church within a church, a republic within a republic, a world within a world. -

PRAYER POINTS - In the name of Jesus:
1. 'Every family bondage affecting my ( _____'s) life, break.'
2. 'Stubborn witchcraft, let my ( _____'s) family.' ( Visualize the stubborn ‘Pharaoh’.)
3. '(Evil) foundation of family destruction in my ( _____'s) life, be pushed out.'
4. 'Every satanic property transferred into my ( _____'s) life by my (his/her) parents come out now.'
5. 'You the mountain of failure confronting my ( _____'s) family, die.
6. 'Every family witchcraft wife/husband in my ( _____'s) life, die.
7. 'Every enemy that has refused to let my ( _____'s) family go, die.'
8. 'Every stubborn power blocking my ( _____'s) progress, clear out by (holy) fire.'     
9. 'Mountain that is boasting against my (_____'s) life, scatter and become a (low) plain.'   
10. 'O heavens, fight for me ( _____ ) today.'
11. 'Spirit of testimony, fall upon my ( _____'s)  life.'
12. 'Every witchcraft garment, go back to your sender.
13. 'O earth, swallow my ( _____'s) spiritual conspirators.

Prince, Joseph -
4284/ABCFP/Wednesday_February_23_2011/564321/ - Joseph Prince says all generational sins under the blood at salvation His German friend Reinhardt Bonkee does not recommend territorial warfare. (2013)
Healing Prayer at Northdown CFC - July 1 at 2:30 PM (edited) Something demonic wants to invade your city. 
Derek Prince said "The human personality can be thought of as a great city, with many different parts to it.
For example, the city of Chicago, where I lived for a time, can be divided into the retail business area, the banking and financial district. There's a district that is primarily warehouses and depots. There are residential districts. Some parts are mainly Jewish, while others are predominantly Polish, Swedish or African American. Every part of the city will have its own characteristics. Prov 25;28 uses this human being as a
city metaphor: 'Like a city whose walls are broken through is a person who lacks self-control.'
There are some areas of Chicago where the mayor and the other authorities are not in control. Anyone who thinks of Chicago realizes that there are parts of Chicago that the mayor doesn't control. Police officers don't go to some parts of the city, even in daylight hours, on their own. There are forces in Chicago which are at war with the forces of law and order. Organized crime has even infiltrated aspects of local government and has some of the politicians under their control.
Indeed the Mafia is a remarkably vivid picture of demon infiltration of a human personality. This is like the life of a Christian. You've elected Jesus Christ. He sits in the mayor's chair. However you've still got the Mafia running around somewhere inside. So, though a person may belong to Jesus, there may be areas within him or her where the Lord is not in control. Demon activity can be summarized in the following way. They entice, enslave, torment, compel, defile, harass; and deceive.
For those people whose 'city walls' are completely broken down, something demonic can get in at any time. Any time a demon comes against a person it can get in because the person has no protection. In many cases habitual drug users are like this. They will have engaged in a wide range of sinful behaviors. Every area of their cities will have been invaded. So persistent drug addicts may not just need deliverance from a spirit of addiction, they may need deliverance from hatred, deception, rebellion, sexual perversion and all sorts of other demonic entities. This is because they have lost the ability to keep anything out from that inner city. There may also be people who through mental illness or other tremendous onslaughts by Satan have had their 'city walls' broken down.
Most of the people Jesus dealt with were not in this category. Most of them were religious, orthodox Jews who raised their families, ploughed their fields, fished the sea, or kept their stores. They were outwardly normal citizens of Galilee or elsewhere and yet, out of them, Jesus cast demons by the thousand. They were not maniacs. They were not criminals. Their cities were not completely broken down. But there were areas within many of them where something demonic had found lodging. That is the position with the majority of people that we deal with.
Demons have 2 main objectives assigned to them by Satan. The 1st is to keep you from becoming a Christian. If they fail in their 1st objective then their 2nd objective is to keep you from serving Jesus effectively.
If a person comes to me in a meeting I'll say to them (after they describe their problem and I have assessed that there's a demon) 'I believe that is an evil spirit. I'm prepared to command it to go out. Do you want me to ? There may be a fight and a struggle. If you don't want me to, I won't do it.' Some people say 'Yes' and some people say 'No'.
[Derek Prince made these comments is a talk entitled "Demon Gangs" given at a Camp Farthest Out conference in 1972 in Tennessee, Georgia. Recording can be listened to a@
Some comments in post have been taken from Derek Prince's talk "Deliverance and Demonology - Part 4"
Listen @

The final paragraph in this post is taken from Derek Prince's talk "The basics of deliverance, #1 -
How to identify the enemy" is available @ ]

Prince, Derek - To Please My Father - @  A Personal Revelation - My understanding of God as Father was revolutionized by a personal experience early in 1996.  Ruth and I had been sitting up in bed one morning, praying together as we normally do. Suddenly I became aware of a powerful force at work in my feet and lower legs. It moved upward, until my whole body was forcefully shaken by it. (Ruth told me later that the skin of my face changed to deep red.) At the same time I was aware of an arm stretched out toward my head, seeking to press down on me something like a black skull cap. For a few moments there was a conflict between these 2 forces. Then the power at work in my body prevailed and the arm with the skull cap was forcibly dispelledand vanished.  Immediately, without any mental process of reasoning, I knew that I could call God my Father.  I had used the phrase “our Father” for more than 50 years. Doctrinally, I was clear about this truth. I had even preached a series of 3 messages on “Knowing God as Father.” But what I received at that moment was a direct, personal revelation.  Let me share with you my interpretation of this experience. I was born in India and spent the first 5 years of my life there. 20 years later, after I was saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit,  I became aware of some dark shadow from India that always hung over me. I understood that it was one of India’s “gods” (estimates range from 4 million to 300 million) that had followed me through life, seeking to possess me.  There was one particular way that this “god” oppressed me. Every morning I would awake with a dark foreboding of something evil awaiting me. It was never anything precise, just some amorphous darkness. This unknown evil never actually happened, but every day the foreboding was there.  After I was baptized in the Spirit, the foreboding diminished in intensity, but it never disappeared.  I did, however, discover that if I set my mind to praise and worship the Lord, the foreboding would lift from me. Yet, it always came back next morning.  The day that black skull cap was pulled away, the foreboding vanished, never to return! From that morning, it became completely natural for me to address God as “Father” or “my Father.”  I have a personal relationship, not just a theological position.  I have now been enjoying this new relationship for about 2 years. It has given me new understanding of four scriptural truths concerning fatherhood.
Prince, Derek - Teaching Legacy - Volume 13 Issue 2 (Good Bye to Depression) - Autobiography -

Sirovina, Hrvoje - Redeeming the Bloodline (through Bloodline Prayer) - 11/4/2019 + - edited -
HRVOJE: Redeeming your bloodline (genome/family tree) is about actually living in the natural (human body) what we are already in the spiritual (born-again human spirit). Jesus did everything He could for us to live a supernatural, blessed life, a life full of peace, health and everything. Actually we don't see that every time. When I travel the world, I see so many people who really believe in God, but yet still struggle in life...David said in Psalm 51, "I was brought forth in iniquity and my mother conceived me in sin." Which means even though he believed in God, there were (troublesome) things in his life because of his ancestors, that he had to deal with. That's where he said, "Wash me Lord."
HRVOJE: In the Bible we actually see 3 tenses of salvation: past, proceeding in the present and future. When we receive Jesus into our heart, we get saved (born-again). Everything Jesus did belongs legally to us. Every blessing, health, peace, everything belongs to us, but that's salvation in the past, which means our (human) spirit got saved meaning now eternity is secured for us. But concerning our soul, that's a proceeding (progressive) redemption, salvation where/when we get cleansed (washed from curses/evil covenants). We believe in Jesus (as saviour of our spirit man), but yet still we sometimes get sick, angry, have issues with forgiveness and bitterness. Which means there is still work to do for us in the process of perfection [regarding our soul (emotional & physical health)]. 
HRVOJE: People sometimes have addictions, which means that they try hard. They try to believe in God, but something is holding them back.
HRVOJE: Covenants are actually the biggest issue in bloodline prayer.  We have came to understand that usually, like (inherited) iniquity and (personal) sin, (consequences/curses can) go to the 3rd and 4th generation. In the Bible we see that (without remedy/repentance) some of the covenants are eternal...The Bible teaches us in Genesis 5 that Seth, which is next in line after Adam, was made in the image and likeness of (Eve &) Adam (initially created in God's likeness).  This means everything what Adam had went through, he (and his sins/iniquities/curses from broken covenants) passed onto Seth, and Seth had to deal with that (evil inheritance).
SID: So you're saying that we could go all the way back (in prayer), with each covenant, to Adam's sin and (that) if there's some vestiges on us and we don't break them, there are repercussion?
HRVOJE: We are bound, limited (by each evil uncancelled evil covenant in operation against us and our bloodline). So it's not about salvation (of our human spirit).  It's about living the life Jesus proclaimed (spoke) over us before we were born.
SID: If I'm understanding (our human spirit is) instantly saved, but (our human soul and body has) to work/walk out our (personal) salvation + break the generational bloodline curses (legally operating from curses and evil covenants of which one is not aware or has not voided).  Explain the difference between forgiveness and cleansing.
HRVOKE: God says in Jeremiah 33:8, "I will cleanse you from your iniquity AND I will forgive you your iniquity."  There is a difference between forgiveness and cleansing. When we received Jesus into our hearts, we were forgiven, but we still need cleansing in a lot of (soul) areas of our lives...Forgiveness from sin means that we are pardoned of everything (personal sin) from the past, even unto Adam, but cleansing means that every (evil curse/consequence/COVENANT or) effect (of inherited &/or personal) sin had on our life is taken away (even unto Adam and Eve), so we can live in freedom, health, joy and blessing.
HRVOJE: It's not that I pray every day my bloodline. But when I see that things which legally belong to us, what Jesus did on the cross, and I don't receive it through prayer, through intercession, I know there are things the enemy is holding against me before God, the righteous judge. So I know there is something in (affecting/infecting) my bloodline. There are 3 categories of sin: the Adamic original sin, personal sin & inherited sin from our forefathers, what the enemy uses against us so we don't live in freedom and blessing.
When something is not breaking through, I know there is something in my bloodline. I go present my (personal & family tree) bloodline (on both sides) before God and say, "God, through the blood of Jesus Christ, I pray not just for forgiveness but (also) for cleansing."  I see immediate answers.
HRVOJE: The Bible says that we have been crucified with Christ, which means we are already dead. Jesus did it all. Now it's up to us to apply, live, and be free of it.
HRVOJE: Before I pray, I want to ask (readers) to lay down our lives (come into COVENANT with &/or rededicate oneself to the Trinity).  Say, "God, it doesn't matter how much You bless me/us. I/we want to serve You.
I/we want to be faithful to you. I/we want to stay in the fear of You God, so that everything which comes into my/our hands, I/we use according Your will, Lord God, for Your kindom purposes."
I/we present our lives and bloodline before You, oh Lord
(all the way back to Adam and Eve + forward to Your Son's return and reign).  [I/we repent and ask You Father God to forgive us and our forefathers (on both sides of our family tree) for all unrepented personal, descendants, family & ancessors sins (family inherited iniquity).]
I/we repent and ask You Father God to forgive us and our forefathers for using money and wealth for purposes to establish other COVENANTS with other deities.
I/we repent and ask You to forgive us for and our forefathers for any and all other evil COVENANTS
(especially BLOOD COVENANTS) not pleasing to you.
Father God as You forgive us, please REDEEM and CLEANSE us from every
(evil/unholy/broken) COVENANT.11.4.2019
In the name of Jesus, everyone who has laid down his life, made Jesus the King, Lord, (& Holy Spirit baptizer) of his life,
(I break every curse and proclaim to the (spiritual) enemy we are dead, (buried & sit at right of Jesus in 3rd heaven).
I proclaim and declare, (Spiritual) "enemy release the treasures of heaven which were stolen from (us &/or) our ancestors, right now in the name of Jesus. Release (right now) the properties, gold, silver, money, (relationships/health/sanity/ desitiny). Release it in Jesus' mighty name
It's not just in the area of finances and wealth, but these (wrong) covenants are also resolved (reversed/voided) in areas of relationship, health. Even the relationship between us and God..Even these areas are resolved with redeeming our bloodline so that we can have, not just a new but deeper relationship with God where faith, love, hope, trust  (peace/joy/ contentment/expectation) rises in us. Every aspect in every area of our lives is attached to this redeeming of our (family) bloodline.  That's what Jesus did on the cross for each of us.  God wants us to experience and to live out (our destiny) in Jesus' name.
Father God we say, "Father, judge. Judge on our behalf, but not because of us, but because of Your Name’s sake.  (Double Thanks.  Amen)."

Yoder, Daniel & Rebecca Brown -
Doorways - List #3 - Deal with inheritance. To the best of your ability, list the (un-dealt with) sins (iniquities/curses/ diseases/maladies) of your forefathers, especially if they were involved in the occult or any religion other than Christianity. Also, if they were involved in any secret organization. All secret organizations involve oaths taken by the members binding their offspring to loyalty to these organizations...
All religions have baby dedications. The only difference is that in pagan religions, not only is the individual baby dedicated to the god of that religion, but all of it’s offspring is dedicated as well. If you had an ancestor involved in the occult or a pagan religion, then you must assume that you were dedicated to their god. Once you accept Jesus Christ, this dedication is broken, and a curse of destruction is immediately activated (meaning the enemy is enraged and tries to regain the legal grounds he just lost; however if the individual does not know there are no longer any legal grounds to pass on curses, he will not push back and defend himself, in Jesus' name). These curses must be broken, and all demons placed into your life through the dedication kicked out (in Jesus' name, and replaced with God's opposite holy virtues)...
Inheritance Prayer: Father, in the name of Jesus, I humbly acknowledge to you that my forefathers have sinned against you in these sins: (name them one by one as best you can. If you were adopted, you need to deal with inheritance from 2 sets of parents, your blood parents and your adoptive parents.) I now ask You to separate me from their iniquities with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Please close the doorways of inheritance in my life at once and forever. I thank you for it in the name of Jesus.
Inheritance Commands: In the name of Jesus Christ:
I take authority over every demon spirit that came into my life (family) through inheritance.
I command you to leave me (us) right now and forever.
I renounce and reject any dedication on my life (family) to any god other than Jesus.
I command all curses of destruction to be broken & every demon associated with those curses to leave my life (family) right now & forever.
I command all inherited curses to be broken now.
I command every demon spirit associated with those curses to get out of my life (family) right now and forever.

Walsh, Graeme and Sabrina - International House of Prayer, Kansas, USA - - From our home to your’s – Graeme tells us how to get and stay free from Generational Sin and Curses -
(ongoing same problems from generation to generation) source
Walsh, Graeme - -
Indicators that Curses may be Operating in Your Life (and family) -
1. Mental or emotional breakdown, such as deep depression, history of suicide, and unnatural death.
2. Repeated or chronic sicknesses, especially hereditary sickness.
3. Breakdown in relationships, such as divorce.
4. Ongoing financial lack.
5. Spiritual slumber, spiritual deadness, hard to pray and read the Word of G-d (Bible).
6. Compulsive behaviors, addictions and anger.
7. Rejection of others, self hatred.
8. Unusual or violent death.
How to get set free from these Generational Curses is in my training manual, available for Kindle.
Walsh, Graeme - -
Few recognize the inherited generational and spiritual root of their physical and human problems. -

Word of Life -
"Generational curses are (legal) judgments that are passed on to individuals because of sins perpetuated in a family (blood-line) in a number of generations. Generational curses are similar to original sin curses because they can be passed down on a generational basis. They differ in that generational curses do not impose eternal judgment. They
bring judgment or bondage during an individual's life, reducing the quality of life, until (the time) that (the) individual addresses the sin issues that put the curses into place.  Moses addressed this issue when the Israelites were preparing to enter the promised land. He told the new generation that was preparing to enter in that they would not enter unless they dealt with their own personal sins and also the sins of their fathers. The account can be found in Leviticus 26:39-42 ...Scriptures reveal a 2 prong approach for dealing with generational bondage. We have to address (1) Personal sins and also (2) Generational sins (in the family)...Make sure that you are truly repentant as you confess these sins. Otherwise the confession means very little. It is important to be repentant on behalf of your family. If you continue to be angry and bitter towards your family, your prayers will not be (as) effective. Ask God to give you a spirit of forgiveness.  After you have confessed all sins on each list, renounce any claims of Satan upon your life in the name of Jesus Christ. Declare that you have placed all his (evil) claims against you, (your mate and offspring/seed) under the blood of Jesus Christ, your Savior"...
(Even though an ancestor were to repent to G-d for his/her own sin (noticed often in the family tree) the original cause was unlikely repented of; thus the descendant would also need to repent for the time it 1st occurred in the family blood line, in order to eliminate the tap-root of the problem/curse.  Eliminating this spiritual cause removes the grounds on which Satan can legally afflict us.  If Satan illegally harasses us, after we have repented, then we need to remind/demand Satan to decease and desist, in Jesus' name; we need to enforce Jesus' victory.  Same would apply for any repeated/ generational issue – disease, defect, illness.) - "The 1st step in appropriating freedom from the sins of the forefathers is confession and repentance (of both personal & family sins).  In Nehemiah's day, 'The sons of Israel assembled with fasting, in sackcloth, and with dirt upon them...and confessed their sins AND the sins of their fathers' (Nehemiah 9:1-2 NASV). In prayer, they confessed and renounced the idolatry and unfaithfulness of the preceding generations. They brought before the Lord their condition of distress (calamity/curses/diseases/problems) which had resulted in part from the sins of the forefathers. Severing themselves from the past influences, they appealed to God's mercy and renewed their covenant with Him.  In counseling, we lead counselees to close the door in their own lives from the influence of their forefathers' sins. In prayer, they acknowledge (and repent) to God and renounce the sins and idolatry in their own family lines. By faith, they receive the freedom that Jesus purchased for them from the influence of their forefathers' sins. They place the kingdom of darkness on notice that the access into their lives through the sins of their forefathers is removed at the cross.   Having closed the door on the sins of their forefathers, the next step is to cleanse the house from their influence. When Hezekiah dealt with the sins of his forefathers, he sent the priests 'into the inner part of the house of the Lord to cleanse it, and every unclean thing which they found in the temple of the Lord they brought out to the court of the house of the Lord. Then the Levites received it to carry out to the Kidron valley' (II Chronicles 29:16).
In an individual Christian's life, family line demonic oppression must be identified and resisted. The destructive effects of the (un-repented) sins of the forefathers - such as the results of abuse or neglect - must be healed. Attitudes, values, and habits that were shaped under the influence of the sins of the forefathers must be put away and replaced by Godly thought and behavior.  (Inherited INIQUITY must be confessed and placed under Jesus' blood.) As these things are accomplished, the freedom which has been laid hold of by faith will be realized in one's walk. The captivity and destruction from the sins of the forefathers will be replaced by the freedom and fruitfulness which God means for each Christian to enjoy."