Healing Oil
Anointing Oil


Exodus 30:22-33 - 22The Lord said to Moses, 23"Take the finest spices: 500 shekels of free-flowing myrrh; half that amount, that is, 250 shekels of fragrant cinnamon; 250 shekels fragrant cane;
500 shekels cassia (all according to the standard of the sanctuary shekel); together with a hin of olive oil. 
Blend them into sacred anointing oil, perfumed ointment expertly prepared. 
With this sacred anointing oil you shall anoint the meeting tent, the ark of the commandments,
the table and all its appurtenances, the lamp-stand & its appurtenances, the altar of incense,
the altar of holocausts with all its appurtenances, & the laver with its base 
When you have consecrated them, they shall be most sacred.  Whatever touches them shall be sacred. 
Aaron and his sons you shall also anoint & consecrate as My priests. 
To the Israelites you shall say, "As sacred anointing oil, this shall belong to Me throughout your generations. 
32It may NOT be used in any ordinary anointing of the body, nor may you make any other oil of a like mixture.  It is sacred & shall be treated as sacred by you. 
33Whoever prepares a perfume like this, or whoever puts any of this on a layman shall be cut off from his kinsmen
(executed)." (See below websites & scripture discussing anointing oil & incense.)

http://biblos.com/deuteronomy/20-5.htm - Home Dedication -

Psalm 23:5 KJV    You anoint my head with oil.
Psalm 45:7 KJV    You (the Messiah) love righteousness & hate wickedness. 
Therefore God, Your God, has anointed You with the oil of gladness above Your fellows.
Psalm 133:2 KJV  It is like the precious oil (ointment) upon the head, coming down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard, coming down upon the edge (skirt/corner tassles The Hem of His Garment) of his robes.

New Testament

Hebrews 1:9 KJV - You (Jesus) loved righteousness and hated iniquity.  Therefore,
God, even Your god, has anointed You with the oil of gladness above Your fellows.

James 5:14-16 - Is any one of you sick?  He should call the elders of the church to pray over him & anoint him with oil in the Name of the Lord.  & the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up.  If he has sinned, he will be forgiven. Therefore, confess your sins to each other (apologize) & pray for each other (with forgiveness) so that you may be healed
The prayer of a righteous man is powerful & effective.
(Spiritual principles #1. the need for confession,  #2. the role of church elders,
#3. the medicinal value of oil which represents Holy Spirit, & #4. the connection between disease & sin)


Baker, Heidi - Compelled by Love - www.irismin.org - Epilogue 
"In a vision...I heard an external, audible voice from God for the 1st time in my life. 
I was 16...Jesus told me that I was to be married to Him. 

ran down my arm, & I felt Him kiss my left ring finger...
When the heavy, weighty presence of God lifted...

I had been motionless with my hands raised for nearly 3 hours."

Cerullo, Morris - Son, Build Me an Army - www.mcwe.com -
5 - Joel 2:28 - "Clouds rained oil, not water...
This rain is the outpouring of My Holy Spirit upon all flesh,' God replied...'This work I am about to do will be without human direction...but the work of My Holy Spirit.'  Ministry would have to be based upon my relationship with the Holy Spirit & His direction, & NOT upon my personality or the gifts God had given me...
This was God's ministry...
No matter how hard I worked, I could NOT replace the action of the Holy Spirit" to draw souls.
John 6:44  "The only way to be an instrument for God is to let God do want He wants & let Him take the glory."

Cho, David Yonggi - The Holy Spirit My Senior Partner - Subtitle Understanding the Holy Spirit & His Gifts - including author's personal testimony  www.charismahouse.com publisher -
Chapter 3 Names & Symbols of the Holy Spirit 
1st Samuel 16:13
"Samuel took the horn of oil & anointed him (with oil) in the midst of his brethren.
The Spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward." 
"Anointed (things,) places & persons are holy, set apart unto God."

Cox, Sandy - LIFE GIVING REVELATION - http://www.overwhelmingjoy.com -
God gave me that night...a recipe for an anointing oil that He named, 'Life Giving Revelation Honey Oil'. 
When I did some research on the meaning of the different ingredients in the oil, I saw that they told a beautiful story of the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross."

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Order Ana's "Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood" book + "The Power of His Blood" CD #9012 - http://www.voiceofthelight.com/ - http://www.sidroth.org/ -
6 The Power of the Blood of Jesus -
The Blood Shed When Pieces of His Beard Were Pulled Out  "His beard speaks of the priesthood. 
Through this blood we reclaim the lost priesthood that permits us to minister before His presence. 
It is from Jesus' beard that His anointing descends upon His entire body, as it occurred with Aaron, the high priest."  See
Psalm 133:2.

Heflin, Ruth Ward - free download - REVIVAL GLORY (495KB) - www.revivalglory.org -
Chapter 7 Uniting for Revival
  Psalm 133:1-3 - "As the oil ran down from the top of Aaron's head down to his beard and on down his garments, to the very skirts, the anointing glory will cover us completely in these last days as we...dwell together in (the oil of) unity."
Chapter 8 What to Expect from Revival  "Before we were able to attend the meetings of Brother A.A.Allen for ourselves, we had heard people talking (in disbelief/incredulity & mockery) about the strange phenomenon being experienced in his meetings of oil appearing on people's hands & even flowing from their hands...
Our parents never joined in these accusations. 

They were wise enough to withhold judgment until they could see for themselves."
"A missionary with Wycliff...her hand...filled with oil."  "I have experienced oil on my hands many times & this is one of the reasons I don't use other types of oil to anoint the sick.  When the Lord has given us supernatural oil, what else can compare?  Many times when I am preaching, oil drips from my face.  Some would argue that it is perspiration, but it's much more...One of the (A. A. Allen) ushers was leaning against a tent pole very near the back...in such a way that his hands were behind him...resting on his hips, but he had his palms upward so that the oil that was coming from them would not drip onto his pants. He was not creating any sort of show.
He was not waving his hands or showing them to anyone. To the contrary, he was just leaning against the pole, weeping and expressing his love to Jesus. When I saw this, my heart was totally melted. I realized that I had allowed the criticism I heard from others to get into my heart & affect my feelings about the
oil on people’s hands, even before I had personally witnessed it.  Once I had seen it, I knew that it was of God."

Hemry, Melanie & Lynnes, Gina - Book Anointing for Healing comes with small bottle of anointing oil.

Herzog, David - Mysteries of the Glory Unveiled - www.voiceofglory.org -
David shares that at some of the worship services he attended,
supernatural oil dripped from hands, indicating that the glory of God had descended into the congregation.

Joyner, Rick - http://eaglemissions.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/torchandSword.pdf
Chapter 12 - The Covering -
"Then the Lord motioned for me to step down from the horse, which knelt low for me to do so. I knew that I should also kneel & did so. The Lord handed me the reins as I knelt down beside the horse.  Then the Lord poured oil all over my head and began to rub it into my hair like shampoo...
'This is the oil of unity,' He said as He continued to rub it in. 
As He did this, I felt the oil penetrate deeply within my mind.
& clarity took the place of (replaced) my usual raging thoughts, which often seemed out of my control.  Then I felt the love which I had felt just a few times before. 
This love caused me to love everything deeply that I looked upon.
Of all of the glorious experiences I had received in the heavenly realm, this love was the most wonderful of all.
I did not want the Lord to stop until this love had penetrated every cell of my being. 
I desperately wanted to keep this feeling.  Then the Lord stopped, long before I was ready.  'This oil of unity is the anointing,' the Lord stated as He lifted me to my feet to look me right in the eyes.  'What I have given to you, I give to all of My people.  I pour My anointing on each one to cleanse their minds.
However, where you must walk on the earth, there is much dust and dirt, which will be thrown at you every day.
You must learn to come to Me to be cleansed again whenever your mind has been soiled
As you do this often, you will not be able to stand any of the filth in this world in your mind, but you will love the purity & clear vision which comes only by this anointing of the Holy Spirit.  Holiness is the nature of heaven. 
It must be your devotion. True holiness is true love. True love cannot come without true holiness. 
True holiness always causes you to love, not condemn.  You can come to Me as often as you want for this oil.
As you wear it & touch others, they, too, will want to be clean
.'” 2.25.2019

Kraft, Charles H - Defeating Dark Angels - Subtitle: Breaking Demonic Oppression in the Believer's Life ckraft@fuller.edu - www.fuller.edu/provost/faculty - Kraft notes that if a home is inhabited by evil spirits, one may go through it room by room and break any evil power by sending away the spirits & inviting the Holy Spirit to take over.  One may seal each room with anointing oil
One can use
oil to make the sign of the cross above each doorway. 
One can do the same for every object or jewelry that may contain evil spirits. 

Pray for God to lead you to each item.  Cleanse them by breaking the evil power in them, by the power of the Holy Spirit, in the Name of Jesus.  Then bless them with God's power, or destroy them.

Kunneman, Brenda - www.ovm.org   www.lohcuurch.org - The Super Natural You - Living from the Well of God's Spirit with IN You - Chapter 5 Supernatural Equipment Is in Your House (already) - Corinthians 3:9 NKJV 
We are God's fellow workers; you are God's field, you are God's building ["when the Holy Spirit made your (human) spirit His home" (residency/mailing address)].  "The Lord...is NOT basing the answers to our prayers on our sins or lack of (forgiven) sins, alone," but on what He already did for us before we were born, on our anointing "with oil according to James 5:14-15," & obedience to the Trinity according to the revelation that we have in Him.
(The healing/miracle/deliverance can come 1st & repentance/forgiveness can come after.  Sometimes the Holy Spirit brings nasty things up for remembrance like a peeled onion, 1 layer at a time, when we are able to deal with such thorns, 1 at time with the help of the Trinity.  It is Satan who torments, not the Holy Spirit our comforter.)

, Brian - Romancing the King - www.brianlake.org -
3 Touching the Heart of the King - Esther 2:12 -
6 months with oil of myrrh...beautifying women.  "Myrrh is derived from a thorn bush." 
(Myrrh oil was used both for beautifying women & anointing corpses. 
We need to die to what we want & live to do whatever pleasures our Lord.)

Liardon, Roberts - God's Generals - Subtitle: Why They Succeeded and Why Some Failed www.robertsliardon.com - Chapter 12 AA Allen - The Miracle Man  shares that many had "miracle oil" on their heads and palms of their hands, after attending Allen's revivals.  Allen referred questioners to Hebrews 1:9.

MacNutt, Francis - Deliverance from Evil Spirits - www.christianhealingmin.org -
Chapter 5 How to Pray for Deliverance shares that anointing oil is disliked by evil spirits. 

Oyedepo, David - Nigeria - Satan Get Lost - excellent http://www.planetfreebook.com/Classic_collection/classic_books_author_NO_
PDF_edited_filenames/Oyedepo.Dr%20David%20!Satan%20Get%20Lost.pdf - "The anointing oil is not a chemical product. It is the Spirit of God mysteriously put in a bottle, mysteriously designed to communicate the power of God bodily. It is the power of God in your hand, in the person of the Holy Spirit, to humiliate Satan.
It is the power of God placed in a tangible form in the hand of man, to make an open show of the devil. 

It is God's wisdom for man's rescue. It is the might of God. No gate can close against it.
Every gate lifts up at its appearance. It is what it takes to be absolutely free.  It destroys all life discomforts.
It is God's standard against every invasion of the enemy. It is a carrier of mysterious virtue. In Exodus 30:23-31, God introduced the mystery of the anointing oil, giving Moses the details of how it was to be mixed. 
In 1 Samuel 16:13, we see that it is the Spirit of God.  'Then Samuel took the horn of oil, & anointed him in the midst of his brethren: and the Spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward'"..."David was anointed with oil, but what came upon him was not oil, it was the Spirit of the Lord. So the anointing oil is a medium by which the Holy Spirit, the power of God, is invoked to intervene on behalf of man. When the oil is applied, the Holy Spirit goes into manifestation. The anointing oil is God's standard in your hands to put the enemy where he belongs, far from you, out of your life, your home & your affairs (Isaiah 59:19).  No devil in hell has a resistance against the authority loaded in the anointing oil.  Mark 6:12-13 says, 'They went out, & preached that men should repent. They cast out many devils, anointed with oil many that were sick, & healed them'... When it touches the barren, she becomes abundantly fruitful...When it touches anyone chained by the devil, the person becomes automatically free.  There is no sickness or disease of any kind that can escape the power of the anointing oil. Thank God we have access to what it takes... You cannot afford to remain ignorant."

Page Scanlan, Michael - Prayers and Blessings from the Roman Ritual with Commentary -
The College of Steubenville publication - pg 7 - prayers on how to bless oil (per Weller) - To bless oil, one can pray, "May it please You to...bless & hallow this...oil...so that, when they are made well, they may give thanks to You... May (they) never again suffer the sting of the ancient serpent; through (Jesus) Christ our Lord.  Amen."

Walters, Kathie - Angels Watching Over You booklet  www.goodnews.netministries.org -
The Angel and the Oil
  - "I saw a hug angel carrying a small jug coming...
I suddenly smelled a sweet aroma & felt
oil pour over my head & run down my face & shoulders & arms...
The angel stayed in my house for over 2 weeks. 
Everyone who came & sat on that same seat had
oil poured over them...
I believe it was an anointing for (personal & local) preparation."

Weller, Philip - The Roman Ritual - Bruce publication - pg 573 shares prayers on blessing of oil.

Weymann, Dorothy Mason -
Thus Saith God's Word - Scripture Aids for Counseling
 - MD Productions, Greensboro, North Carolina -
In section 2nd Coming, author cites the Matthew 25:1-13 story of the 10 maidens waiting for the bride-groom, where 5 had extra oil & 5 did not. The extra oil symbolizes the baptism of the Holy Spirit, according to Dorothy.
5 born again virgins did have oil (the Holy Spirit/salvation), but not extra oil, & thus were disqualified by the groom (Christ). [Certaintly those who have NOT been baptized by Jesus have NO or insufficient indwelling Holy Spirit to empower them to reign & rule with Christ in their daily lives, especially during life's storms. 
Their insides are like Swiss cheese or a leaky gut, allowing GI/emotional/physical distress 24/7.  After initial Holy Spirit baptism, one needs an ongoing refilling, like a spring that refreshes a well, so it will not be polluted.]

Winder, Delores with Keith, Bill - Joy Comes in the Morning - www.deloreswinder.com -
Chapter 10 Deliverance  "God revealed to me that the child needed deliverance & a healing of memories, even from the womb."  The parents "prayed for the child's deliverance from the tormentor & in the name of Jesus cast him out of her room.  They also anointed the windows & doors of the room with oil...
Thank God for parents who know how to provide spiritual protection for their children."

Yoder, Dr Rebecca Brown - He Came to Set the Captives Free www.harvestwarriors.com -
Yoder concurs with Kraft.  God revealed to her that
anointing oil replaces the blood of the Old Testament & represents the blood of Jesus for sanctification.
She was instructed to anoint her house & make it holy unto the Lord. 
She anointed the doorposts, door lintels, doors & windows. 
Then she asked the Lord to cleanse the house & drive out all evil spirits. 
That action prevented any demon [or Satanist, enemy, departed human spirit (see writings of Watchman Nee)] from getting back into her house to torment her.

Chapter 17 Deliverance, besides others, recommends anointing one with oil. 
She often does this for each of the leading demons (strongmen).  Other areas of anointing with oil are doors & windows, + non occult objects/gifts/heirlooms that do not need to be destroyed...
Exodus 40:9
Take the anointing oil and anoint the tabernacle, all therein to hallo it, & all the vessels thereof.
It shall be holy
Exodus 12:7,12-13 KJV "They shall take of the (lamb's) blood & strike it on the 2 side posts and on the upper door post of the houses...for I will pass through the land of Egypt this night & will smite all the 1st-born in the land of Egypt, both man & beast.  Against all the god of Egypt I will execute judgment. 
I am the Lord.   The
blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where you are

When I see the
blood, I will pass over you. 
The plague shall not be upon you to destroy you
, when I smite the land of Egypt." 
(The Old Testament lamb represents Jesus, the New Testament lamb of God, Who takes away sin, infirmity & death.)

Articles, Editorials, Periodicals, Transcripts

Clark, Randy @ https://ofm6z46z825qpxk83fa00q1a-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/IS813Transcript_Clark.pdf @ https://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/randy-clark-1/ 7/13/2015 (edited) -
RANDY: "It was like a goliath taunting Israel's army because I had a young man with schizophrenia in my church.

We were seeing a lot of physical healing, but we weren't seeing any mental healing. 
I said, according to Psalms 2:3, it says, 'Praise the Lord O my soul, forget not all his benefit who forgives us all of sin & heals all our diseases.' So I said, 'Lord, it says all, it doesn't just say just physical. That includes mental illness as well as physical.' So we worked & prayed for that. There was a man who heard the Lord speak to him.  He goes & gets his daughter.  He doesn't bring her because she was paranoid schizophrenic.
She had obsessive compulsive disorder & anorexia.

When he brought her, a friend of mine, an engineer by trade was starting a new church there, reached over & said, 'I anoint your head with oil,' & she did, 'I anoint your whole body with oil,' & she did.
She was knocked to the floor & stuck to the floor like electricity going through her body until morning.
When she got up she was mentally normal & healthy

, Jodi @ https://caplanhealthinstitute.com/parasympathetic-state-digestion-detoxification-immune-functions/ - Another idea, not vetted.

Fluitt, Clarice - Green Oil @ http://www.godsoutreachministryint.org/RevivalVISIONLakelandFreshEPIPHANY.htm +

Henderson, Robert - https://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word.html?ID=19811 -
The trading floors are a part of the Courts of Heaven.

Pate, Dwight (pronouned with long A & silent E) - http://bishopdwightpate.com/focus/ -
Sovereign Grace in My Life
- good
"1 day in despair, I heard the voice of GOD say to me, 'Go back to the little *shack where you started'.
Our GOD was telling me to return to 700 Scenic Highway, an abandoned used car lot 8x10 shack, & pray.
So many memories were there...times of much pure joy.  The feeling of being complete in ministry was found there many years before. This is where I would put up 50 empty chairs & preach to them from noon until the sun would go down, all day long without 1 person in attendance. From that place, I fell in love with GOD.
HE gave me so much peace. HE spoke to me & said that, 'I will use you to reach the city from this place'.
GOD told me to sanctify that place & dedicate it to HIM as a place of prayer, so we called it the *Prayer House.  (From this place God revealed His sanctified/sovereign GRACE & miracle/healing oil.)

http://bishopdwightpate.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Grace_Agreement.pdf adults
http://bishopdwightpate.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/cpm_project.pdf for kids
https://www.bishopdwightpate.com/ + https://www.facebook.com/dwightpateministries/
* https://www.wafb.com/video/2023/05/08/prayer-house-reopens-br-provide-support-community/
Pate, Dwight @ https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/faith-matters-bishop-goes-back-to-prayer-house-to-pray-for-br/article_c0053ddc-ef96-11ed-8569-e7cb46fba79f.html 5/30/2023

Pelletier,Prema http://spiritlessons.com/dreams_and_visions/Visitation_of_the_HolySpirit_by_Sister_Prema_Pelletier.htm - Rivers of Living Water Church Scarborough, Toronto, Canada - "On a daily basis, I experience the Golden Oil of the Holy Spirit running down my head. I actually feel the physical sensation of this happening.
Psalm 23:5
- 'Thou anointest my head with Oil; my cup runneth over.'  See also Psalm 89:20...
A couple of years ago, our family doctor scheduled me for an electrocardiogram as part of an annual check-up.
As I lay down on the bed, the nurse cautioned me not to touch the wall. While I was lying on the bed, the anointing of the Lord came upon me. I could physically feel the Oil of the Holy Spirit leaking down my head. As the nurse was watching the needle on the graph, it took an unusual jump up & down.
'I told you not to touch the wall,' she exclaimed, somewhat aggravated. 'I'm not touching the wall,' I answered.
When the electrocardiogram was finished, I explained to her what had happened, & showed her my fingertips which were still raised up."


Pate, Dwight - https://soundcloud.com/church-point-ministries

Web Sites

Brown, Tom  http://www.tbm.org/nikeman.htm

Clark, Randy - http://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/randy-clark-1?src=weeklybroadcastemail_071315
http://d3tnb2mam8l2qt.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/IS813Transcript_Clark.pdf 7/13/2015 - (edited)
RANDY: It was like a goliath taunting Israel's army, because I had a young man with schizophrenia in my church.  We were seeing a lot of physical healing, but we weren't seeing any mental healing. 
I said, according to Psalms 2:3, it says, "Praise the Lord O my soul, forget not all His benefits Who forgives us all of sin & heals all our diseases." 
So I said, "Lord, it says all, it doesn't just say just physical.  That includes mental illness as well as physical."
So we worked & prayed for that.  A man heard the Lord speak to him; he goes & gets his daughter who was
paranoid schizophrenic, had obsessive compulsive disorder and anorexia. When he brought her, a friend of mine (an engineer by trade, starting a new church there) reached over & just said, "I bless you in Jesus' name." She fell out.  That night when she went home she heard the Lord say, "I anoint your head with oil," so she did (anoint her head.  She heard the Lord say) "I anoint your whole body with oil;" so she did (that too).
She was knocked to the floor & stuck to the floor like electricity going through her body until morning. 

When she got up she was mentally normal and healthy.

Rabbi (Cohen) Marty's Holy Anointing Oil - rabbimarty@graftedbranch.com item number is #SKU5044 - http://www.newjerusalemgifts.com - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Frankincense-Anointing-Oil-Scent-Jerusalem-/261155764404?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cce18b8b4 (not same oil) - http://www.raindroptraining.com/messenger/v6n2.html#oil Sept-Oct 2007, (Vol 5, #4) issue of the Raindrop Messenger - Regarding the Holy Anointing Oil described in Exodus 30:22-31. "That issue addressed the fact that immediately following Exodus 30:31 is a prohibition against using the Holy Anointing Oil for certain purposes that causes some people to be afraid to use that particular blend. However, that prohibition was been removed later in the Old Testament (Jeremiah), which was the topic of the article. If you want a complete discussion on this topic & did not receive the Sept-Oct issue of the Raindrop Messenger, you can find it in the archives accessible from:" -
Leave message at (214) 529-2659 or (877) 679-9527. 

Stewart, David - Bible Restrictions on Holy Oil: Do They Still Apply? @ http://www.raindroptraining.com/messenger/article_index.shtml - "According to Exodus 30:22-31, the Holy Blend contains oils of myrrh, calamus, cassia, cinnamon, & olive in specific proportions which come out to be approximately 82-84% essential oil and 16-18% carrier oil (olive). The proportions given in the Bible would make up about 6 gallons. The ancient Jews used lots of this oil blend which was used to anoint, not only the priests and temple assistants, but to daily anoint every-thing on & around the alter.
It was this oil & its daily usage that prevented epidemics & disease among the Hebrews, both at the time of Moses as well as at the time of Christ & afterwards. (See the book,
Healing Oils of the Bible for more on this."

Ferrell, Ana & Emerson - http://www.voiceofthelight.com/downloads/Essentialoils%20eng%206.28.12.pdf - Breath of God Over Essentials Oils - Frankincense, Boswellia Carterii may help cause a vibrational shift in one's perceptions.
Myrrh, Commiphora Myrrha - may help prepare skin for the sun & mind for an invasion by the Holy Spirit presence & majesty

Spikenard, Nardastachus Jatamansi may help one understand the depths of death, burial & resurrection & be receptive to heavenly experiences
Rose, Rosa Damascene - may help positive changes mental & physical well being
Cedarwood + Hyssop + Rosewood

Higginbotham , David - Anointing oil part one - 8/2013
Higginbotham , David - Anointing Oil 2 - 8/2013
Higginbotham , David - Anointing Oil 3 - 8/2013
Deliverance & healing -9/2013  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cYBT8SSHKw&feature=player_embedded#t=0 @ http://universal.org/testimonies/

Hinn, Benny - 3 Dimensions of the Anointing #2 - http://www.bennyhinn.org/media/2008-5-21.asx - 5/21/2008
Joel 2:23-25 Alexander Harkavy  23Rejoice in the Lord your God, for He hast given you the former rain liberally & He will cause to come down for you the rain (the former rain & the latter rain) in the 1st month. 
24The floors shall be full of wheat and the vats shall overflow with wine & oil
25I will restore to you the years that the: locust, canker-worm, caterpillar & palmer-worm hath eaten..
Job 29 Alexander Harkavy  1Job again took up his discourse & said...
6"When I washed my steps with butter & the rock poured me out rivers of oil."
Psalm 23:5 Alexander Harkavy - 5Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
Hinn, Benny - Laying on of Hands - 5/14/2007 - 5/15/2007 - 5/16/2007 - 5/17/2007 - http://www.BennyHinn.org/ 
Benny Hinn warns us never to allow strangers to lay hands on us nor to suddenly lay hands on strangers, because we can (sometimes) take on others' demons/problems & because the Lord may allow evil consequences. 
He also admonishes no laying on of hands without the accompanying preaching/teaching of the gospel. 
What advantage is there to save the body & lose the soul/spirit to hell?  On the 16th (above program)
Benny warns churches/individuals to only anoint born again Christians/members with oil & not strangers

Kat Kerr- Recent God Movements, heaven revelations 8/10/13 @ http://jesusstories.info/?s=kat+kerr
The Holy Spirit sits at the left side of God, but He is also everywhere, even in us who have invited Him. 
He like our soul is a layered person.  Each of us receives a layer of the Holy Spirit inside of us.
However His layer is 101% Him, not a part of Him. 
He also receives a
layer of our soul when we invite Him to indwell. 
It is placed in Him in heavenly places.  It is a good/healthy/holy/spiritual trade/exchange. 
Beside Holy Spirit is a reservoir of oil, which some times appears on earth & in some jars turns into mother of pearl.  Holy Spirit's horse is named Thunder.

Landry, Rabbi Curt - The King's Oil - 10/24/2016 TV www.bennyhinn.org - When we become a citizen of heaven & baptized-in/filled-with the Holy Spirit, we become authorized to make/use the king's (sanctuary) oil, for we have become kings (& priests in the order of Melchizedek, which Jesus revived at His baptism).
[Webster dictionary: Melchizedek, a priest & king of Salem' Genesis 14:18. + Melchite, any Christian in Egypt & Syria who accepted the definition of faith adopted by the (Catholic) Council of Chalcedon in AD 451]

Mills, Joshua with Gill, AL & Joyce @ https://vimeo.com/23447796 Angelic Visit - 2011 post
Mills, Joshua @ https://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/joshua-mills-2/ - 12/4/2022 +
Mills: In the realm of the Spirit, we must have the oil, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, if we want to progress in our life...
JOSHUA: The anointing is the supernatural ability, empowerment of God to enable us to do something that we can NOT do in the natural.

The Anointing Oil & The Qetoret - http://www.oller.net/asutton2.htm
One is FORBIDDEN to duplicate sacred perfume/oil or incense ingredients for personal/commercial use.
Exodus 30:34-38 discusses the incense. - The Death Penalty - http://www.oller.net/asutton11.htm

Pate, Dwight - http://bishopdwightpate.com/focus/ - Role of Sovereign Grace - good -
"A point of contact means you have to believe, but when sovereign grace shows up, your faith is not necessary.  You know there are many theories out there.
A theory is no more than a lie a man tells himself until the truth shows up.
Seek & you will find. Ask & it shall be given. Knock and the doors shall be opened...

In the New Testament, God’s sovereign power is revealed in Luke 8:26-40, when sovereign grace walks upon the nakedness of a demon possessed man & gives him his mind back. That man did not get up singing amazing grace that morning. He did not get up quoting his favorite scripture. He did not even have GOD on his mind.
But grace found him. Grace delivered him & grace caused him to publicize the goodness of GOD to a whole region in the time span of a day. 
Do you see how wonderful & beyond human understanding the grace of God really is? 

HE is beyond sight, feelings & the ability to reason. HE is GOD."  https://www.facebook.com/dwightpateministries/
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNw7svlQI7w Oil Testimony
Prayers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_52Am8B5c4U
Pate, Dwight & Sandra - 4/12/2016 (2nd part of broadcast) Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
http://www.daystar.com/ondemand/video/?video=4844500578001 re 9/21/2014
@ http://www.daystar.com/guest-guide/marcus-joni-guests/bishop-dwight-pate/
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNw7svlQI7w oil testimony
biography editorial - http://bishopdwightpate.com/bishop-dwight-d-pate/ 1/17/2017 -
"To date, he has shut up to pray 3 times: in 1994 for 71/2 months.
In 2000 for 5 months & most recently in 2013 for 11˝ months.
During the 1st shut in, the LORD spoke to him to pray over olive oil & send it out free of charge all over the world.  To date, over 16 million bottles have been sent out; to GOD be all the glory...

Prophetically, Bishop Pate sees giant Black men rising up to touch Africa, thereby launching an evangelistic thrust to cover the world, & reestablish the moral standard, especially here in (Louisiana,) America." 
(Dwight's special characteristic is His attunement and obedience to God, followed by his unique unassuming prophetic bull-eye's speech to those for whom he prays/intercedes in secret, an awesome gift to the recipients.  Thanks, Lord.)

Pate, Dwight - http://bishopdwightpate.com/about/ - "My ministry started in a used car lot shack on Scenic Highway where I would preach to 50 empty chairs. I started the 1st 24 hour prayer line.
Then 1 day, after a tragic car accident GOD resurrected a dead man across the street from the shack after I prayed.  I knew GOD had anointed me."
"Bishop Dwight Pate founded Church Point Ministries, Inc. in 1981 when he & Brother Don Capron were looking for a place for a homeless man to lay his head on a rainy night. Since there was no church to accommodate Charlie, Brother Pate & Brother Capron decided to be that church that would always serve GOD'S people...
Their heart's desire was to point the church back to the ministry of JESUS CHRIST.
Since that time countless souls have been saved & filled with HIS precious HOLY SPIRIT.
Thousands have been blessed, healed, set free & delivered. 
We count it an honor & a privilege to do the work of the LORD JESUS CHRIST."

, Dwight - spoke at a 2016 Daystar telethon mentioning that a mom put his anointing oil in the grits of her barking unstable son, resulting in his deliverance/sanity.
& Sandra Pate 8/27/2021 @ Club 36 - 8-27-2021 - Dwight Pate - Sandra Pate - Alvin Franklin - YouTube (non oil video)

The Anointing Oil and The Qetoret - http://www.oller.net/asutton2.htm -
One is FORBIDDEN to duplicate sacred perfume/oil or incense ingredients for personal/commercial use. 
(See counter point above.  When/if in doubt, don't.)

Exodus 30:34-38 discusses the incense. - The Death Penalty - http://www.oller.net/asutton11.htm

Schambach, RW - www.schambach.com - Eastern USA time 12/29/2007 TV broadcast - Tyler, Texas, USA - Schambach (now deceased) shares story of his anointing the congregation at various times various parts of the body such as feet. 
This particular time he anointed the hands and gave out viles of anointing oil, commissioning the congregation to do likewise, that is to anoint others in the name of Jesus. 
This fellow Pat took Schambach literally & without signing in nor getting permission from the chaplain, went up to the top floor of a local hospital & worked his way down. 
He anointed patients & told them to stand up & go home, since they were well, even though it was winter. 
The floor below was the trauma unit. 
The doctors declared a woman dead, covered her up, & left; then Pat
anointed her with oil
rebuked/bound death & called back her spirit.  Jesus raised her from the dead & healed her. 
Then the on-looking patients insisted he attend to them, which he did.  Jesus fixed them too. 
Such a hubbub was created that Pat was arrested for disturbing the peace. 
While in jail Pat shared Jesus with occupants & then anointed them with the remaining oil. 
Upon presentation to the judge, Pat was commended & told to go out to buy more oil. 

Above is paraphrased.  See broadcast for specifics.

Stewart, David - Bible Restrictions on Holy Oil: Do They Still Apply? - (When in doubt, don't; get a 2nd opinion.)
In Exodus 30:22-31 God gives a recipe to Moses for a 'Holy Anointing Oil.' It is a blend of Myrrh, Cassia, Cinnamon, Calamus (Cane) & Olive oils. This Bible passage also describes the appropriate uses for this holy oil, which include the anointing of the alter, all the instruments of the alter, & the priests who serve in the temple...Immediately following these verses (Exodus 30:32-33), a restriction is placed on applications of the oil: 'Upon man's flesh shall it not be poured, neither shall ye make any other like it, after the composition of it. 
It is holy & shall be holy unto you. Whosoever compoundeth any like it, or whosoever putteth any of it upon a stranger, shall even be cut off from his people
The question then arises as to what this prohibition means, whether it is still in effect & whether we should be concerned about it today...The answers to these questions are in the book, Healing Oils of the Bible, pp. 68-69, where it mentions that the covenant between God & the Hebrews (under which the formula & directions for the Holy Anointing Oil were given) was terminated in Jeremiah 3:8...
In discussing this passage with some Messianic Jews, they told me that the King James & other English translations of the Old Testament are misleading here.

The taboo against using the oil 'upon man's flesh' & 'putting it on a stranger,' etc. refers to applying the oil to evil & coarse individuals who are unspiritual & unholy.
The passage also means that the
holy oil is not to be used without proper spiritual acknowledgement.
In other words, the oils is
not to be used personally (like a perfume) or for other trivial applications, but is to be regarded with respect & used in spiritually appropriate ways.
My copy of The Complete Jewish Bible has a little different wording of that scripture...It says not to use the oil on or by 'unauthorized persons.' My Jewish friends say that anyone who is a sincere member of the congregation would have been 'authorized' to use & receive this oil, even when the Old Covenant was in effect during & after Moses' time. The English/Christian version of this passage makes it sound like the oil is to be used only on priests, & holy objects, etc., which my Jewish friends say is not quite true...My advice is this. If you are not totally convinced of the interpretation just given, that ordinary members of the congregations were eligible to use the oil even in Moses' day, & are reluctant to receive this blend for fear of the repercussions stated in Scripture, perhaps you can feel at ease in consideration of Jeremiah 3:8 and Jeremiah 31:31-34, which make the debate over the meaning of Exodus 30:32-33 a moot point today & no longer relevant.
WHERE CAN YOU PURCHASE THE HOLY ANOINTING OIL? - 1 of the Messianic Jews with whom I discussed this issue is an Israelite who actually compounds & sells the exact formula given in Exodus 30:23-24.
His name is Moshe Cohen (Moshe is a Hebrew spelling for Moses). His American name is Marty.
He & his wife, Carol, have 2 addresses, 1 in Texas, the other in Israel.
His email address is moshe@FromIsrael.co.il.  His website is www.FromIsrael.co.il
moshe@FromIsrael.co.il ) His oil is compounded in & sold from the Holy Land.  Marty said that when he was looking for suppliers for the constituents of the oil blend & a company to compound & bottle it for him, some refused to deal with him for fear of the curse given in Exodus. He said he tried to explain to them that the curse was no longer in effect, having been revoked in Jeremiah, but they were still too afraid to do business with him.
However, he did find suppliers & has been selling this blend for years. He gave me a bottle.

So far, there have been no curses, for neither Moshe nor myself.
So if you want to purchase some genuine Exodus Holy Anointing Oil, now you know where to get it.
If you want to mix your own, the formula in modern units is given in Healing Oils of the Bible, but you would have a hard time getting cassia and calamus as individual oils in order to complete the blend...
The Old Testament (Old Covenant) curse was rescinded when the covenant with Moses was cancelled,
as reported in Jeremiah 3:8 'I saw, when for all the causes whereby backsliding Israel committed adultery. 
I had put her away & given her a bill of divorce
In Jeremiah 31:31-34 a New Covenant is proposed as a personal & internal relationship to God in the heart rather than a congregational & external relationship hinging on compliance with the law.
Christians take the New Covenant to be Jesus Who said, as He offered the wine during the Last Supper,
'This cup that is poured out for you is the New Covenant in my blood.' (Luke 22:20) -

Walters, Kathie - http://www.injesus.com/message-archives/prophetic/kathiewaltersministy/word-for-new-zealandkathies-sth-island-itinerary 9/21/2010 New Zealand

Watt, Ryan - The Release of the Spirit of an Overcomer -
estroy the works of the devil daily...
The Lord was covered and dripping with oil. He had a look in His eyes that shocked me.
He looked like He was filled with a holy anxiety.
He looked like a warhorse or a race horse anxious to be released from the stall & run the track.
He had a look of determination, a look of war, & a look of desperation in His eyes. Jesus told me He was dripping with the
oil of an Overcomer & is ready to pour it out on His over-comers that have been preparing themselves for such a time as this.  He went on to describe this oil, or this anointing. He said this oil represented 2 things.
This oil is the Priestly & the Kingly anointing...
I have seen the Lord standing behind a veil that is already torn.
In 1 hand He is holding a hot, fresh, steamy loaf of bread. In the other hand He is holding a scepter. .
These 2 objects represent the 2 anointings that make up the
oil of the Over-comer.
The Bread represents the Priestly anointing & the scepter the Kingly anointing.

We must eat the bread before the scepter will be extended to us.
We must become faithful & consecrated priests before we can become overcoming kings...
The priestly oil is the grace to live for Him and Him alone. To enthrone Him in every area of our lives.
It's a fresh hunger to come into such intimacy with Jesus that we die to ourselves & come into holy union with Him in every way...
The Kingly anointing represents the scepter. When we learn to live a lifestyle of feeding upon intimacy with Jesus, then we will always have the scepter of kingly authority & dominion extended to us...
The Kingly anointing is bringing the realm of heaven to earth with mighty demonstrations of God's power & might.
It is making prophetic decrees that actually shift things in the spirit & natural.

It's enforcing heaven's rule in the earthly realm...
God said, 'Come up to Me & be there.' The calling of a priest is to learn how to "be" with God in His most intimate presence. In verse 16 it says that God didn't speak to Moses until the 7th day.
Moses had to wait 5 days without food or water.  Then, on the 7th day, the Lord spoke to him.
This is the strongest attribute of an overcomer.
They are so hungry for God that they realize that even if they die they must live for the Lord & hear from heaven.
The number 6 is the number for man or flesh.
The number 7 means perfection, rest, refreshing, the promised land.
The overcomer is one who dies to self (6) & presses into the rest & glory of God (7)...
Reward for tarrying in God's presence? The very blueprints of heaven. God is desperately hungry for us to possess the promised land & lay hold of our inheritance. Our inheritance is to live in the very Glory of God. However, we must daily overcome the spirit of the world & press behind the veil that is already torn that we might eat of the Bread of Heaven & look upon the blueprints of heaven. Tapping into the revelatory blueprint of heaven will release the Key of David into your life.  With the Key of David from Isaiah 22:22 you can effectively close demonic gates in people's lives & open heavenly gates, or portals, for heaven to break in...
Moses lived a lifestyle of 'being there' with God.  Therefore, Moses was God's friend (with whom) the Lord shared intimate secrets of His heart. This (intimacy) is also our high and lofty calling. The oil of an overcomer that God is about to release is a fresh hunger to live as a priest & king & lay hold of our inheritance...
Overcomers...have been feeding, feasting at the Lord's Table & overflowing with the oil of heaven....a 24-hour-a-day consciousness of God.  The promised land represents living in the manifest glory of God. 
The 2nd
oil of this overcoming anointing is a holy violence & hunger to work the works of God on the earth.
We are in a time of war."

[We are NOT to despise our low valley experiences of hardships & sorrows while looking up to others on their mountain top high experiences with with Lord, because for some of us, working in the trenches (mental institutions/3rd world nations/personal agonies/etc.) will prepare us to outlast many who go to war (physical or spiritual). 
I have seen this on the battlefield where the tough poor farmers are seldom overcome with fatigue, while the elite new recruits faint by the wayside out in the field.]
"Joshua said in Numbers 14:8 that if the Lord delighted in them, then He would give them the land and the enemies of the land would be their bread & they would eat them for lunch. Joshua & Caleb were the only ones spared from that generation because God said they had a different spirit in them.
They had a revelation that God delighted in them &, therefore, they knew they could overcome any enemy...
I recently had an unusual dream.
There were many people in this dream & all of them were covered in urine.

It was very odd. I awoke from the dream & the Lord immediately dropped a Scripture into my heart. Psalm 34:5,8.  They looked to Him & were radiant & their faces were not ashamed.
Oh, taste & see that the Lord is good.

The Lord spoke to me through this dream about the current condition of many believers.
Many believers today are consumed with a feeling of hopelessness. They feel that their life is a waste & doesn't count for anything. Hope deferred has made their hearts sick. They have no sense of destiny.
Therefore, in the dream everyone was covered with urine, which is a form of waste.
But those who have been looking & feeding upon Him are becoming radiant. 
The shame of their lives is being washed away because they are tasting that the Lord is good.

They are shedding that grass-hopper mentality & God has been pouring the oil of an over-comer over their lives.
I'm prophesying to you now that God is about to pour out this
Oil of an Overcomer
Those who have been hidden in the wilderness & feasting on the Lord are about to emerge on the scene. 
They will be gripped with holy hunger & a holy violence to lay hold of their inheritance.  They will not be denied."

Winston, Bill - 1/4/2017 www.billwinston.org Have Faith in God Broadcast shares that one can pour anointed oil along a block infested with drug dealers & replace the enemy stronghold with God's strong hold.

Wyatt, Ryan - 5/23/2011 How to Bring Heaven to Earth in Your Life #1176 - Messianic Radio broadcast www.sidroth.org - http://prophecticteaching.com/wstk-itv-sid-roth-interviews-ryan-wyatt-on-its-supernatural.html - 9/9/2010 -
Jesus is pouring out the
oil of the overcomers on those who will be very intimate with Him.
Ryan Wyatt -- School of the Supernatural - transcript  - 8/8-14/2011 - "
I was weeping, for one.
He was dripping with oil from head to toe. As He stood next to me, I became covered in oil: my skin, hair, clothes. He said to me, 'Ryan, I am desperate hungry that my people would lay hold of their full inheritance.' He showed me images of the cross & how many of us look at what the price He paid on the cross is just being saved. But being saved is simply the entry door to a lifestyle of the supernatural & experiencing the Kingdom.
Jesus is not wanting us to wait until we go to Heaven to experience Heaven or to experience the Glory of God.
It's for now. The Kingdom of Heaven is here right now. God is now. It's at hand."

OIL representing the Holy Spirit

Matthew 25:1-3 TPNT - 1"The kingdom of the heavens will be like 10 virgins, who, having taken their lamps, came out to meet the bridegroom.  2Five of them were foolish and 5 were wise.  3When the foolish took their lamps, they did not take olive oil (Holy Spirit) with them, 4but the wise took olive oil in the containers with their own lamps.  5When the bridegroom delayed they all grew drowsy & they were sleeping.  6Then in the middle of the night (at the rapture) there had come a cry, 'Behold the bridegroom; you must come out to meet Him!'  7Then all those virgins rose & trimmed their own lamps.  8The foolish said to the wise, 'You must now give us from your olive oil, because our lamps are going out,' 9but the wise ones answered saying, 'Then there would not be enough for us & you.  You must rather go to the sellers and buy oil for yourselves.' (Spiritual insight:
Meaning they must receive Christ as their savior, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, or repent & renew their relationship with Christ...
Salvation brings God's Holy Spirit, but one becomes "filled with the Holy Spirit" with the baptism in the Holy Spirit. 
Additionally, one needs daily refilling.  1 tremendous way is by daily praying in tongues. 

In scripture often, oil symbolizes the Holy Spirit. Baptism ) 10While they  were gone to buy it, the bridegroom came, the prepared ones entered the bridal chamber with Him & the door was locked.
11Later the remaining virgins came saying, 'Lord, Lord, You must open to us now!' 
12He (The Lord) said, 'Truly, I say to you, I do not know you.' 
13Therefore you must habitually be watchful, because you do not know the day or the hour."

Chavda, Mahesh - The Hidden Power of Speaking in Tongues - www.watchofthelord.com -
A hidden treasure of a man; a great mentor. 
Chapter 3 Opening the Promised Gift shares that speaking aloud in tongues is THE hidden key to moving in the power & anointing of the Holy Spirit baptism, which is available to everyone who takes Jesus as his savior & is baptized in water. 
Chapter 7 The Secret of Paul's Effectiveness, says Mahesh, is speaking in tongues. 
Although Paul was a brilliant scholar of scripture and theology, he failed to recognize Jesus as messiah, until God knocked him off his horse.  He was introduced to the Trinity & subsequently had ongoing intimate fellowship with Holy Spirit, initiated through speaking in tongues. 
It is the Holy Spirit Who personally taught him all that the 12 disciples learned fellowshipping with Jesus. 
God's wisdom is always imparted from His Spirit to our spirit. 
It is the mind who accepts or rejects this spiritual wisdom. 

The human mind is never able to discern/learn Truth, nor is the human body ever good enough to work its way into the graces of God.  Christ did ALL at the cross. 
We either accept or reject what Christ did & the Holy Spirit reveals to us (especially as/when we pray in tongues).  
Praying in tongues permits the Holy Spirit to do miracles in us & in others, while hiding His work from Satan; the longer/more we pray in tongues, the greater/more complete will be His work.

Pate, Dwight & Sandra - Bishop Pate's Oil Story + http://bishopdwightpate.com/focus/
Louisiana - http://bishopdwightpate.com/blog/ - http://bishopdwightpate.com/
Grace http://bishopdwightpate.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Grace_Agreement.pdf
Kids' Grace http://bishopdwightpate.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/cpm_project.pdf -
Due to prayer, God places His sovereign GRACE into anointing oil and cloths, often without need for recipients' belief/agreement/appropriation.  dwightpate@gmail.com

Roberson, Dave - The Walk of the Spirit - The Walk of Power - Subtitle: The Vital Role of Praying in Tongues - www.daveroberson.org - Portrait Version - Book shares how Dave & Donner, his sister, learned to move mountains by praying up to 8 hours in tongues.
The Lord shared with Dave that
there is a "spiritual law": praying in tongues edifies one personally & spiritually; praying in tongues supernaturally builds faith or spiritual backbone/muscle
Dave contends that the dividing line between Christians with spiritual power & Christians without power is (the absence or presence of) speaking/praying in tongues, the 8th office of the Holy Spirit, which is the foundation/ door/switch for all spiritual power/gifts/fruit/muscle of the Holy Spirit...
For instance, a pastor may be intellectually qualified but spiritually disqualified, if he does not receive/refuses the gift of tongues.  Praying often in tongues allows our private tutor the Holy Spirit to minister to our human spirit, to remove our old nature, to remove the enemy's nature & to impart His nature into us.  (Actually what a wonderful thing to do in a mental hospital. 
Any patient can cry or sing aloud in holy tongues & accomplish more healing in 1 week than the doctors can accomplish 1 one year.)

The Walk of the Spirit — The Walk of Power - www.daveroberson.org/Portals/0/WOSWOP.pdf -
Printer Friendly Version - Book is for personal NOT commercial use.  Is copyrighted.   6/12-16/2006 radio broadcast - www.sidroth.org


Mills, Joshua - The Oil Of His Presence - DVD - http://www.newwineinternational.org/  
Heavenly oil descends/manifests to Joshua.

Anointing for death + resurrection from death

Matthew 26:6 TPNT - 6While Jesus was in Bethany (Beit-Anyah) in the house of Simon the leper
(who in all likelihood had been healed), 7a woman having a flask of very expensive
ointment came to Him.
She poured it over His head while He was reclining. 
8When the disciples saw that, they were indignant, saying, "Why is this waste?" 
9For she was able to sell this for much & to give it to the poor.  

10Since Jesus knew what they were saying, He said to them,
"Why do you cause trouble for the woman?  For she did a good deed for Me
11For you always have the poor with you (Deuteronomy 15:11), but you do not always have Me
12For when she poured this ointment on My body, she did it to prepare Me for burial
Truly, I say to you, wherever in the whole world this Good News would be proclaimed, then what she did will be spoken in her memory." 
Mark 14:3-9 TPNT - 2While He was reclining, a woman came who had an alabaster flask of genuine costly nard perfume; after she broke the flask, she poured the perfume on His head.
John 12:1-8 TPNT - 3Mary, who took 12 ounces of costly pure nard ointment, anointed the feet of Jesus & wiped off His feet with her hair; the house was filled from the fragrance of the ointment...
7Jesus said, "You must permit her, so that she could take care of this for the day of My preparation for burial."

Oil for Financial need

Chavda, Mahesh  God Will Supply the Oil! The Earth is Filled with the Goodness of the Lord! Part 1  http://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word/6904  
Chavda, Mahesh  God Will Supply the Oil! The Earth is Filled with the Goodness of the Lord! Part 2    http://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word/6982

Investing in Israel's oil exploration? - http://www.oilinisrael.net/

article.asp-ID=1911 or http://www.usgs.gov/newsroom/article.asp?ID=1911 - 4/10/2008 - 3 to 4.3 Billion Barrels of Technically Recoverable Oil Assessed in North Dakota and Montana’s Bakken Formation—25x More Than 1995 Estimate. or http://homeenergypros.lbl.gov/profiles/blogs/you-had-better-be-sitting-down-when-you-read-this

Oil to Evict Demons

Brim, Billy   Tapping into the Dunamis Power of God   http://www.bvov.tv/asx/bvov/100430.asx - http://www.kcm.org/media/  4/30/2010  The Blood & the Glory book 
You plead your legal case with the
blood & name of Jesus against the designs, works & thoughts of the devil.  Anointing doors & windows with oil can rout demons.  excellent video

Brown, Rebecca - http://www.harvestwarriors.com/newsletters/July%202003%20-%20The%20Invisible%20War.pdf
Brown, Rebecca - http://www.harvestwarriors.com/downloads/Harvest_Warriors_3-08.pdf

Oil of Deception or for Profit ?

Wagner, Peter - "Special 'Be Revived' oil is what was used to anoint Todd Bentley by the 'apostles' at his commissioning ceremony on June 23rd. When he was touched with that special anointing oil, Bentley 'went down under the power,' & 'the power of the Holy Spirit was so heavy on that event that you could have cut it with a knife!; reported Wagner. 2 days later in Lakeland, celebrated 'apostle' Chef' Ahn used that same special oil to personally anoint the 1,000 or so pastors who were present to be 'carriers of the fire' to their churches. 47 nations were represented in that meeting.
Wagner also
recently reported that, although 'Lakeland 1' is over, 'Lakeland 2' has just begun.
(As always, do NOT throw the baby out with the bath water, but continually test each spirit!) - http://www.scribd.com/doc/21942643/Angelic-Stargates-To-Heaven-By-Dr-Pat-Holiday

Prayer to Consecrate Anointing OIL

1999 by Bern Zumpano, M.D. 

"Father, I consecrate this oil as the anointing oil of the Holy Spirit & speak & decree that it is imparted with the power of the Holy Spirit for healing & deliverance, for your Word says that in that day you will decree a thing &
IT WILL come to pass." (Job 22:28). "So -1 decree it and ask you to EMPOWER it now, by FAITH...in Christ Jesus’ Name." "I thank you, father, for already having heard & granted this prayer, in Christ Jesus’ Name."

Prayer of Application of Anointing Oil

1999 by Bern Zumpano, M.D. 

"This is HOLY GROUND in Christ Jesus Name."
"This is KINGDOM TERRITORY in Christ Jesus Name."

When Applying Oil to Objects to Remove Evil

1999 by Bern Zumpano, M.D. 

"I call this object CLEANSED of all of its histories & defilement, by the Blood of Christ Jesus (APPLY OIL NOW, then continue) and
I break ALL SOUL TIES with it, binding Satan, all principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness & wicked spirits in high places, all disembodied spirits of unsaved ancestors, family members, or persons who occupied these premises, & all spirits not of the HOLY SPIRIT;
I (bind &) Loose (break off) them all from this object, & from this place & cast them out to (go under) the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ not to return upon my spouse, children, me, descendants to come, nor to this object as a point of contact, or anyone who possesses it from this time on, nor to this place...

Therapeutic Oil

Horowitz, Leonard, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H - A 5 STEP PROCESS TO BOOST YOUR NATURAL IMMUNITY - 6/1999  #1 Detoxification -
Do lymph massages, body movements & exercise. Your lymph is the primary detoxification organ of your body.
So is your
liver. Your liver performs the same function in the human body as the oil filter of a car.
You should clean it out regularly.
In fact, a sure sign that your liver is highly plugged up is hemorrhoids that start sticking out.

It is a symptom of the portal veins not being able to move the blood through the liver any more.
You need to detoxify your liver. Do the liver flush using the
olive oil.  Many people add olive oil to the Master Cleanser to help purge the liver &  gall-bladder even of stones. Then continue the detoxification by doing some lymph massage, ideally, or body movements. Exercise is good, if you can sweat; hot steam saunas are wonderful. Add an essential oil to those saunas for detoxification. Drink lots of water."

Stewart, David - Chemistry of essential oil such as in external aromatherapy -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAaWzx7uRss - 8/27/2011 - RADIO -
Stewart, David - www.raindroptraining.com - http://www.raindroptraining.com/care/stewart.shtml -
Stewart, David - Archives - http://www.raindroptraining.com/messenger/article_index.shtml
Stewart, David - Quantum Physics, Essential Oils & the Mind-Body Connection - 2/2009
"Most compounds of essential oils are built from 'Aromatic Rings.'
These are molecular structures composed of carbon atoms arranged in closed configurations such as triangles, rectangles, trapezoids, pentagons, hexagons & other larger more complex shapes.

A prevalent form of these carbon rings in essential oils is the 'Benzene Ring,' consisting of 6 carbons in a hexagonal circle. The benzene ring was discovered & described in the 19th century, but it was not well understood until the development of sophisticated technology in the 20th century. From a series of precise measurements of the electrical properties of the benzene ring, scientists eventually realized that the concept of simple atoms, protons, neutrons & electrons could not explain its properties. Neither could the concepts of atoms & molecules fully explain the behavior of the many other kinds of rings found in essential oils.
What scientists came to conclude is that these ring structures could no longer be thought of as expressions of matter measured by discrete sizes, dimensions & masses.

This is because they are actually waveforms to be measured by frequencies, amplitudes & phases.
In other words, the compounds of essential oils are not just molecules of matter. They are energetic waveforms.
Thus, essential oils can manifest either as particles of matter (chemistry) or as waves of energy (physics) or both. The fact that energy & matter are equivalent & interchangeable was 1st articulated in 1905 by Albert Einstein (1879-1955). The realization that aromatic rings, originating as matter but functioning as energy, was only a further confirmation of Einstein's insight...
As a science, there are 2 fundamental forms of physics. There is 'Classical physics' and there is 'Quantum physics.' Both are necessary to describe the world around us & the ways in which essential oils work.
The principal laws of classical physics were 1st articulated by Sir Isaac Newton (1642–1727). Classical physics has to do with things large enough to experience or measure with our 5 senses. Classical physics provides the laws by which engineers can build bridges across rivers, design cars to ride in & send rockets into outer space. Classical physics deals with phenomena involving dimensions the size of an atom or larger...

The principles of quantum physics were 1st articulated at the end of the 19th century & the beginning of the 20th by men such as Max Planck (1858–1947), Erwin Schroedinger (1887-1961) & Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976). Quantum physics has to do with things too small to experience or measure with our 5 senses.
Quantum physics explains things like electric eyes, solar panels & spectrometers & how they work. Quantum physics deals with the behavior of things with dimensions
smaller than an atom.
These include electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, neutrinos, mesons & other subatomic particles
As human experimenters, we can study the objects of classical physics as objective observers, separated & apart from the phenomena we study.
This is not so in quantum physics, where the experimenter is always part of the experiment.

For example, light is known to manifest is either a wave, described by frequency, amplitude, & phase, or it can manifest as a stream of particles with properties of discrete quanta described by size, momentum, & mass. These quantum particles are called photons. While light can appear as either a continuous wave or a stream of discrete photons in any given situation, it can never be both at the same time...
It was in 1900 that Max Planck discovered the minimum unit of energy for a photon, expressed as a 'quantum' & measured by Planck’s constant...
An interesting series of experiments were performed during the 1980s, by scientists working independently in Germany and the United States. They sought to explore the relationship, if any, between certain observed phenomena & the observers. These were the so-called 'Double Slit, Delayed Choice' experiments. Scientists were able to show by releasing a light beam from a common source, aiming it through a pair of vertical slits, that as the light traveled to targets where it was to be recorded or observed, they could make a decision as to whether it would show up as a wave or a series of particles. Their decision, made while the beam was passing between its source and its recording point, determined the outcome of the experiment. If their decision were for the light to manifest as a continuous wave, it would record as a wave on the photographic plate. 
If their decision were for the light to manifest as discrete particles, it would record as particles.
The question arose, 'What is light beam in flight on its way to being observed? Is it a wave or is it a stream of particles?' The answer scientists came to conclude is that a light beam in transit is neither a wave nor a particle. It does not exist as light until it is recorded or observed. As a beam travels the distance between its source & its target, it is not yet light, but only 'a bundle of possibilities' or 'a packet of probabilities' as yet unmanifested. Which possibility it will manifest at the recording site is up to the decision of the observer.
In other words, the experimenter is unavoidably a part of the experiment & a determining element of the recorded outcome."
How to Prove that Light in Flight Does Not Exist - "To demonstrate the non-existence of light before it is seen or recorded, consider this: If light existed as a wave as it passes from its source to a point of observation, you could take the beams of 2 flashlights & aim them to cross through the same region in space and they would interfere & alter each other.  But this does not occur, a fact you can easily demonstrate yourself."
If you took several flashlights and shown their separate beams through the same region of space in a vacuum, the beams would all pass through each other, occupying the same space, without any interference.
Each beam would pass through the others with no effect in its intensity, direction, or color.
This is because the beams passing through the same portion of space do not exist as light.
Therefore, they cannot influence or interfere with one another in any way.

This is in contrast to other types of waves such as sound, seismic waves, or waves on the ocean.
If 2 sound waves pass simultaneously through the same portion of space, they alter each other.
They can resonate & result in greater volume & they can interfere destructively, canceling each out partially or totally.  Acoustical engineers must deal with wave interference patterns in designing auditoriums & music halls.
In the case of seismic waves, these are vibrations that move through the earth caused by earthquakes & other underground disturbances. When more than 1 wave train passes through the same region of earth at the same time, they interact & change one another, creating numerous altered patterns.
It is these patterns that seismologists record & analyze.
In the case of waves on water, you have probably observed this yourself.
When a surface wave moves against or across another wave, things happen quite visibly.
They crash, change direction & metamorphose as they pass through each other within the same volume space.
But light is different. The beams of the sun, traversing 97 million miles of space, can cross through light beams made here on earth without either affecting the other. That is because a light beam in transit is not a light beam and does not posses the properties of light.  But suppose light passing from one point to another actually existed as a stream of photons, a flow of quantum particles? If this were so, then 2 light beams crossing the same region would result in multiple collisions with the particles of each beam bouncing around in all directions, thus scattering the beams into a random disarray of flying particles.  To illustrate this, take 2 water hoses, each with a coherent stream of water squirting in a single direction. These would be streams of water molecules, millions of tiny particles of matter. Then aim the 2 hoses so that the streams pass through some common point. Both streams would instantly be scattered, splashed & disrupted by the collision. 
So you see,
light in flight is different. It is neither energy nor matter. It is neither a passing wave nor a stream of particles. If it were either, 2 beams could not occupy the same space without interference.
light is not light until recorded or observed. There must be a receiver or recorder.
It is only at the point of being observed that it becomes light as we know it. Until then it is only a passing packet of possibilities, a bundle of probabilities unborn."  For a detailed & easily understood discussion of quantum physics & related topics,
see "Transcendental Physics" by Edward R. Close available at www.iUniverse.com.
Mind Over Matter - "Before we apply the concepts of quantum physics to essential oils, let us discuss some other related research concerning the interaction of mind & matter. Let’s consider essential oils as 'living energy' & consider how human intent & the decisions we may can determine the action of an oil.
We know that the human mind can affect the electromagnetic frequencies of essential oils.
& positive thinking elevates the frequencies while negative thoughts will decrease the frequencies
In the 1950’s, Franklin Loehr, an American scientist explored the effect of prayer & human thought on water.
H2O molecules are composed to a single oxygen atom with 2 hydrogen atoms attached at specific angles ranging from 120-110 degrees. Loehr found that human thought alters the bonding angles between the oxygen & hydrogen atoms, thus changing the physical properties of the water.
The Power of Prayer on Plants by Franklin Loehr.)
More recent experiments by the Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, graphically prove that human thought & emotion affects the crystalline structure of frozen water.  Aim beautiful thoughts at water, such as 'love, angel or appreciation,' & it will crystallize into beautiful icy patterns. Aim ugly or mean thoughts toward water, such as 'hate, demon or kill' & the frozen water produces ugly crystals. Interaction of mind & matter is a scientific fact."
Messages from Water by Masaru Emoto.)
"As water vapor is condensing in the high atmosphere & crystallizing into snowflakes, the water above is receiving millions of thoughts from the people below & responding according to the nature of the thoughts.
The next time it snows in your area, ask yourself: 'Am I creating beautiful snowflakes or ugly ones?'
If you find an ugly snowflake, you can always say, 'I didn’t create that 1. Someone else did.' 
The point is that
human thought and human intent effects electron behavior.
Since every chemical & neural process in the human body involves the activity of electrons, we see that our bodily functions are not simple matters of traditional chemistry & classical physics.
They are mental, emotional & spiritual as well.

The so called 'mind-body connection' is through the electrons.
We know that essential oils amplify intent, the intent of the person applying the oils as well as the intent of the person receiving the oils.
Healing practitioners who anoint with oils know from experience that essential oils work better with prayer
They also work better when supported by faith & belief on the part of the receiver.

But exactly why and how does this work?
Essential oils also have electrical properties, which are subject to our thoughts & feelings.
We have always known that the same essential oil will have different effects on different people, but the usual explanation is that different people have different chemistries. Therefore, the same oil will have a different chemical effect on different people because of their differing chemical make-up.
But is it really all about chemistry?"
The Quantum Physics of Essential Oils -
The next time someone asks you about what an essential oils can do, you can give them 2 answers:
(1) When a person asks, 'What will this essential oil do for me?' You can say, 'Well, the oil contains certain compounds. There are phenols that are cleansing & detoxifying. There are esters that are emotionally releasing.
There are sesquiterpenes that oxygenate the cells & clean out misinformation in cellular memory.
There are monoterpenes, ketones, oxides, etc., which can do this or that & which can have such & such effects depending on the chemistry of your own body. What benefits you receive from this oil may be different that those received by another because different people have different chemistry.' That would be a
chemical answer
It is a perfectly valid answer.
(2) You can also give them a quantum physics answer. When someone says,
'What will this oil do for me?' You can reply, 'What do you want it to do? This bottle of oil is only a packet of possibilities. Which possibility it manifests for you will depend upon your thoughts and desires.
For a person with different thoughts & desires, it would manifest different possibilities.
So decide what you want it to do.'
That would be your quantum physics answer.  Both the chemical and quantum answers are correct.
You need both to fully describe how essential oils work. Here is how they work together.
The 'packet of probabilities' offered by an oil is a matter of chemistry. The chemical composition, or collection of compounds, that makes up a specific oil determines its 'possibilities.'
A given oil is not capable of all possibilities, only those within the capability of the constituents present.
The determination of which element of the 'bundle of possibilities' represented by the oil’s chemistry will manifest in a particular person is a matter of quantum physics. Quantum physics is subject to desire, feeling & intent.
In short, the potential actions of an oil is defined & limited by its chemistry, but the determining factor as to which potential action will manifest is defined & limited by the attitudes of the anointer & receiver.

Chemistry determines what is possible. Quantum physics determines which possibilities actually happen. Our thoughts won’t change the chemistry of an oil; that is fixed before we apply the oil.
But our thoughts can determine which aspects of the chemistry will work in our bodies. 
That is determined at the time of anointing & afterwards.
What this means is that the receiver of an essential oil must participate in their own healing.
The oils are not healers. They are only vehicles that must be facilitated by our supportive thoughts for them to work with optimal benefit. Because of their innate chemistry & the intent given to them when grown, distilled, packaged & distributed, therapeutic grade essential oils will work to an extent even without the conscious participation & mental support of the receiver. But they will work much better with such support and participation. This is also why you want to use only pure therapeutic grade essential oils that are imbued with the healing intent of the manufacturer & marketer, from the herbs of the field to the bottle that is sold. 
So you can see that the science of essential oils, as agents of health & healing, involves both physics & chemistry in combination with the human heart & mind.
Therefore, therapeutic grade essential oils are in a category all of their own, above &
beyond the simple drugs, antibiotics & antibacterial agents marketed by physicians & pharmacists at this time.
Essential oils have been available on earth since the creation of plant life & are imbued with the qualities & intent of their creator.
The medicines of man fabricated in factories & laboratories have no such qualities & the intent of their makers is not necessarily healing."
An Example of Applied Quantum Physics with Oils - "Margaret is an employee of ours whom we see regularly throughout every work week...A few years ago, she was playing volleyball & got hit hard in the mouth with an elbow. It pushed one of her front upper teeth back so far that she could not chew because it no longer aligned with her lower teeth, striking them at an odd angle. The displaced tooth also turned gray.  When x-rayed by a dentist, he said that the bone behind the tooth was crushed but the tooth, itself, was not broken. He said that the nerves inside were dead & that the gray coloring in the tooth was because there was no blood circulating in it.
He told Margaret that she would need to have a root canal—a costly procedure that would leave her tooth without feeling & permanently dead. The dentist also told her that the only way to reposition the tooth was to apply braces over a period of time.  Instead, Margaret decided to take an alternative route. She started a daily routine. Every morning and evening she brushed her teeth with Thieves Toothpaste, Gargled with Thieves Mouthwash & rubbed Thieves Oil Blend directly on her teeth and gums. She also rubbed oils of Juniper, Wintergreen, Cypress & Peppermint on her teeth every day.  Within 2 weeks her tooth moved back into its original positions on its own, without braces. Then slowly, over the next month, the color of her tooth went from very gray to white again. The feeling in her tooth was also restored. Today you cannot tell that her tooth was ever displaced or discolored.  I was not surprised that the color returned to her tooth, since Thieves oil blend is highly antimicrobial and if there were any infection in the teeth, Thieves is quite able to combat it.
This would be due to the chemistry of the oils that make up the blend:
Clove, Cinnamon, Lemon, Eucalyptus & Rosemary. Cypress oil is also known for correcting scrambled programming due to physical trauma at the level of cellular intelligence.  Nor was I too surprised that the feeling & nerve function of her teeth was also restored. Essential oils are known to be capable of tissue regeneration, including damaged nerves. While nerve regeneration is not a property generally ascribed to Thieves Oil Blend, Juniper oil is known for this capability. There are other oils better known for that.  But the fact that the teeth restored themselves back into their original positions was most amazing to me. While the chemical possibilities of Thieves certainly include antimicrobial action & Juniper is associated with nerve regeneration, the righting of bent teeth was not something I had ever heard of with any oil. Wintergreen does address bone challenges & was, perhaps, the oil that healed her crushed jawbone & helped straighten the tooth. In any case, the possibilities of fixing crushed bone
and straightening crooked teeth must have been a part of the 'bundle of probabilities' possessed by the oils Margaret chose, even if these may have been obscure & remote possibilities that were unknown & rarely manifested...The question is this:
'What was it that activated these specific healing possibilities from the oils to fix Margaret’s tooth?'

I believe it was Margaret’s strong intent to solve & completely heal her problem with oils & to avoid, at all costs, the expensive oral procedures her dentist would have performed. With such will & determination applied with the oils of her choice, she was completely healed & restored.  Margaret’s success also illustrates the power of patient participation in one’s own therapy. If Margaret had applied the Thieves Oil, Thieves products & other oils mechanically, just because someone recommended it, without the faith and fervor of  her focused intent, the healing would probably have not taken place so quickly nor so completely & perhaps, only partially or not at all...So you can see how the oils, chemistry, quantum physics, right attitude, & determination all work together to achieve a desired result. The key element in this experience certainly involved her choices of oils, but the real determinant was Margaret’s resolve and will to apply the oils until the ultimate result was obtained, no matter how long it might take. Thanks to the intensity of Margaret’s intent, it didn’t take very long."
Packets of Possibilities - "Each species of essential oil possesses many possibilities but will manifest only certain ones in a given application on a particular receiver. The ones available are determined by chemistry. The ones chosen are determined by the desires, feelings & beliefs of the receiver & facilitator. When an oil is applied to any part of the body you can mentally direct it to go to wherever it is needed & affirm the outcome you desire. Your affirmation must be more than a one-time thought, but must come from within your deepest convictions & faith & be repeated & consciously retained until the desired results are manifested.  Even for a single oil, the possibilities are innumerable & almost unlimited, including potential manifestations previously unknown.
For example, an oil may be known to be supportive of liver function & but not known for nerve regeneration.
Even so, that oil could manifest regenerative neural actions if directed to do so.
So if you don’t think you have the right oil for a specific application, use what you have &, with intense concentration & feeling,
direct the oil to do whatever you wish it to do.
Essential oils are imbued with an intelligence non-existent in pharmaceutical drugs.
Listed below are 6 general probabilities possessed by essential oils that you can call upon to create healthy environments in your home, car, or work place and to maintain wellness or bring about healing in your body.
You can call this list a '6-Pack of Possibilities' for essential oils.
1. Essential oils can destroy harmful fungi, viruses & bacteria in the air we breathe as well as inside our bodies.
While being deadly to pathogenic microbes, they are harmless & helpful to humans.
2. Essential oils can act like hormones to keep our organs & bodily functions in balance & can even fill in the differences, or stimulate our bodies to produce, when our bodies do not manufacture the hormones we need.
3. Essential oils can elevate our bodily frequencies, helping us to stay healthy and immune to disease.
Their vibrations resonate with our tissues in helpful ways according to our wishes & mental directions.
4. Essential oils are nature’s most powerful antioxidants that cleanse free radicals from our systems.
This helps maintain a state of wellness & can extend our life spans.
5. Essential oils work in our limbic systems to help clear negative feelings & blocked emotions,
thus eliminating the root causes of many diseases & conditions.
6. Essential oils support and increase our intuitive powers and sharpen our spiritual awareness, which is why religions all over the world, from ancient times to the present, diffuse the aromas of essential oils as incense in their sanctuaries in order to facilitate effective meditation & prayer.
Essential oils work on all human levels: physical, mental, emotional, social, & spiritual.
Some even say that essential oils can work on the financial level, as well, which is why Young Living has a blend called 'Abundance.'  Remember, by the laws quantum physics, 'Essential oils amplify intent.' This is true whatever your intent may be, but is much truer when your intent is a good one & in harmony with a higher power. 
NOTE: For a more thorough discussion of the scientific basis of essential oils, see The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by David Stewart, available at www.RaindropTraining.com  & many other sources.
Stewart, David - TruthBrigadeYT -
Stewart, David - http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theagelesssisters/2012/04/05/dr-david-stewart-on-healing-with-essential-oils 4/5/2012 -
Stewart, David - http://www.blogtalkradio.com/search/dr-david-stewart/
Stewart, David - Healing Oils of the Bible -
Stewart, David - Why Oils Heal & Drugs Don't -http://www.quantumenergywerks.com/documents/Why_Oils_Heal_and_Drugs_Dont.pdf - "If you tell a medical doctor that essential oils can bring about healing with no negative side effects, they won't believe you.
This is because medical school students are repeatedly told by their professors that all effective medicines have negative side effects & if they don't, then they can't be effective. 
When I was in medical school, 1 professor emphasized this point in a colorful, graphic manner with specially prepared slides. In each slide specific drugs were depicted as evil looking demons or goblins.  As he presented each picture, he explained, 'Although ugly & capable of doing harm, these demons are also the bearers of some good.
So long as the benefits outweigh the risks, we use them,' he summarized.
'We have no choice,' he continued, 'because if a drug has no dangers, then it can have no benefits.
That's just the way it is. That's why it is essential that only
qualified physicians be allowed to prescribe medicines,' he concluded. 
Actually, the professor was telling the truth. Within the restricted practice of allopathy (MDs) the only real medicines are physician prescribed pharmaceuticals. Such medicines always do have negative side effects.
All of them. No exceptions... It is (was) illegal to patent any natural product.
The way to big profits in the medicine industry is to create an unnatural substance that never before existed in nature, then patent it & obtain a monopoly.
Hence, the molecules of pharmaceutical drugs are all strange to the human body...

Natural molecules, such as those found in essential oils, are easily metabolized by the body...
Drugs clog & confuse receptor sites. Oils clean receptor sites.  Drugs & oils work in opposite ways.
Drugs toxify.  Oils detoxify.  Drugs depress the immune system. Oils strengthen the immune system.
Antibiotics attack bacteria indiscriminately, killing both the good & the bad.
Oils attack only the harmful bacteria, allowing our body’s friendly flora to flourish. Drugs are designed to send misinformation to cells or to block certain receptor sites in order to trick the body into giving up symptoms.
But drugs never deal with the actual causes of disease.  They aren't designed for that purpose." 

Copyright 2008 www.QuantumEnergyWerks.com ~ info@QuantumEnergyWerks.com

Unfermented Cod Liver Oil - www.greenpasture.org - For brain nourishing & calming.

Gary Young's Depression Protocol - Vicki Opfer received protocol from Gary Young at a lecture in Wyoming arranged by his sister, Nancy Sanderson Gary's Mood Elevating Protocol -
Quantum Physics, Essential Oils & the Mind-Body Connection
VALOR - On the bottoms of the feet, or a single drop on 1 wrist & hold the other wrist to it for a few moments to balance the entire system. 
HARMONY - A single drop, over the solar plexus area (abothe belly button).
JOY - A single drop over the heart.
WHITE ANGELICA - A single drop in 1 hand, rub hands together & brush over the head, face, chest, shoulders, down the body, right over the clothes, as though applying an angelic shield.

Dietary Oil

Coconut Oil (advertisement) @ https://coconutoil.brighteonstore.com/organic-coconut-oil -
NOT recommending exact product, but rather information about good benefits of coconuts & coconut oil.   

Extra Virgin Pure Cod Liver Fish Oil - 150ml | Rosita Real Foods – Rosita USA  -
ost commercial cod liver oils are highly processed with heat that wipes out the natural vitamins A & D + damages the fragile omega-3 fatty acids.
To make up for the loss, most cod liver oil producers will add synthetic vitamins...
(Regarding oil)  light & oxygen are biggest contributors to rancidity.  Each dark bottle is capped free of oxygen & includes a package of a drop of vitamin E + rosemary oil to increase shelf life or delay rancidity.  Keep chilled.
(Regarding Softgels) Cold temperatures over prolonged periods of time can increase permeability of the gel & so they should NOT be refrigerated or frozen.  The shelf life of Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil softgels is 2 years from the production date. 
To maintain the Rosita softgels in the best possible state for the longest time, keep softgels in dark storage at room temperature: ideally ranging from 58°F-78°F (15°C-25°C)."
Each dosage of liquid cod liver oil is approx: "
Vit A 1100mcg/122% DV + Vit D 9mcg/45% DV + Vit E.  
1 drop vitamin E & Rosemary herb are added to each bottle of EVCLO as an antioxidant to help maintain freshness.
Each bottle is then nitrogen flushed & capped with no oxygen, allowing shipment without cold packs.
The vitamin E is organic, Kosher & sourced from non-GMO sunflower seeds. It is full spectrum vitamin E (not isolated vitamin E) that contains all naturally occurring tocopherols: alpha, beta, gamma, delta.
The vitamin E is obtained via low temperature vacuum distillation without the use of toxic solvents...
EV-CodLiverOil liquid is 10/case, EV-CLO softgels is 20/case.

Cod Liver Oil
@ What kind of cod liver oil Dr. Weston A. Price like? | Rosita USA
@ Rosita Bee Bread and Sustainability | Rosita USA 6/23/2020 -
"When Dr. Price referred to “high vitamin” cod liver oil, he was simply referring to cod liver oil with vitamin levels near the upper end of the natural range of vitamin A (2,500- 3,500 IU per teaspoon) & vitamin D (250-350 IU per teaspoon).
In modern times, “high vitamin” refers to cod liver oil that has been fortified with synthetic vitamin A &/or vitamin D to higher levels than occur naturally."

Cod Liver Oil is Kosher, whereas Skate & Ratfish are NOT @ https://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/82675/jewish/Kosher-Fish-List.htm

Colbert, Dr Don @ https://drcolbert.com/top-4-anti-aging-oils-from-your-kitchen/ -
lways look for 100% organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil."  Colbert prefers Greek oil.

https://nucific.com/is-air-frying-healthy/ The American Heart Association recommends that you use healthy monounsaturated & polyunsaturated fats for cooking.
These include oils such as: Extra-virgin olive oil, Avocado oil, Sesame oil, Perilla Seed oil
Spiritual Judeo-Christian CAUTION: Dismiss the Yoga poses or mentoring.)

Omega 6 oil @ Average USA diet has exessive ometa 6 - https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/health/how-the-wrong-dietary-fat-can-wreck-your-health_4937538.html?

PUFAs @ https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/processed-seed-oils-cola/ 2/2023 -
"Trans fats & polyunsaturated fatty acids, also called PUFAs, found in vegetable oils, edible oils, seed oils & plant oils, are a  fairly recent invention & include cottonseed, rapeseed, sunflower, safflower, rice bran, 
soybean, corn (whch nowadays are highly processed with no or minimal remaining nutrition).

Ratfish Liver Oil Review (peak-health-now.com) - 7/11/2022 -
Per Rosita, "Ratfish are bottom dwellers. While Rosita practices Kosher & Halal, we are NOT certified as such.
The Spotted Ratfish (also known as the Hydrolagus colliei) is a Chimaera. This is the scientific name of the fish.
Cod liver oil & Ratfish oil are similar. Both contain omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin D & other fatty sterols. Other companies typically remove other fatty sterols by traditional chemical distillation, a method which Rosita does not use. Ratfish Liver oil has other ingredients that are being clinically studied in Universities looking at alkylglycerols as a unique trait of this species of fish. It has benefits beyond other fish oils.
Ratfish liver oil has a slightly different profile & does contain Vitamin E, which Cod liver oil does NOT.
The Ratfish Liver Oil only comes in liquid form...Ratfish Liver Oil also contains up to 33% alkylglycerols...
Each serving (8-10 drops/0.5 ml) provides naturally occurring nutrients. (Values quoted are minimum values) Vitamin D3: approximately 475 IU (for 1 teaspoon = 4,750 IU). 
Vitamin A: This fat-soluble vitamin has been harder to accurately measure & the testing Institute has said this is likely to be because of the unusual lipid composition of our ratfish oil.  Vitamin E: 0.22mg...
(Prequalified Wholesalers: Ratfish is 10ml @ 10/case or 50ml @ 5/case.)
Freezing either oil (ratfish or cod liver) gives up to 2 additional years of shelf life.
Each (liquid) bottle has a refrigerated best by date & freezer best by date."
Rosita USA Questions & Dosage:
1- daily recommended dose for adults is up to one teaspoon of Cod Liver Oil liquid or 3 softgels,
& 15 drops of Ratfish Liver Oil. 
2-Children, infants & pregnant or nursing mothers should take a lower dosage.
3-Both oils can be alternated every month, or every other day.
To take both oils together daily, the dosage of each should be lowered to half.
It's recommended to start with the lowest possible dosage to observe the body’s reaction,
then increase slowly over time.

Comparing 3 oils @ Fish Oil, Salmon Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Krill Oil: What’s the Difference? – Southwest Florida's Health and Wellness Magazine (swfhealthandwellness.com) (Pertains mainly to comercially processed supplements available in retail stores.) "The pineal gland, or 3rd eye, is the part of the brain which produces melatonin, regulates sleep, & is thought (but NOT proven) to be the center for intuition. 
Calcification of the pineal gland can occur over time from ingesting fast food, fluoride & other toxins.
It is believed that ratfish liver oil may help support the gland." (Be reminded, rat fish is NOT kosher.)

Healing Frequencies

https://www.facebook.com/notes/nella-adriana-%C4%8Dorak-%C5%A1ebeti%C4%87/increasing-your-energy-for-health-essential-oils/10152542966194040/ 5/31/2014 - "Our bodies have measurable vibrational motion called frequencies & EVERYTHING has a frequency that can be measured. 
The normal healthy body is said to have a frequency of 62-78 Hz..

Eating processed & poor quality food, pollutants & toxins lowers the body frequency.
When the frequencies are dropped, the body’s immune system is compromised & illness can invade.
At about 42 Hz you can become susceptible to cancer, & at 25 Hz, death begins. 
Even thoughts & feelings have a vibratory quality that forms a measurable frequency.
A negative mental state can lower a person’s frequency by 10-12 MHz.

Likewise, a substance or influencing factor, such as thoughts, emotions, & frequency devices in our internal & external environments can also serve to raise our frequencies.
For example, a positive mental attitude, prayer or meditation can raise it by 10-15 MHz.

Canned food is reported to have a frequency of ZERO because the food’s life force or energy has been processed right out of it.
I LOVE MY COFFEE….BUT… just holding a cup of coffee can lower your body frequency by about 8 Hz...
Drinking it lowers it even more. 
1st- In the 1920's & 1930's, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, a Pioneer in Cancer treatment, believed that all diseases had a frequency. He found that certain low frequency states in the body allowed disease, & that other frequencies destroyed it or could prevent disease. He not only developed his own microscope, but also a frequency instrument that delivered a specific ultrasound frequency which destroyed microbes that cause disease.
2nd - Bjorn Nordenstrom, a radiologist of Stockholm, Sweden, who wrote Biologically Closed Circuits, discovered in the early 1980s that by putting an electrode inside a tumor & running a milliamp D.C. current through the electrode, he could dissolve the cancer tumor & stop its growth.
He found that the human body had electropositive & electronegative energy fields.
3rd - In his book The Body Electric, Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Robert O. Becker, (1923-2008) explained that the health of a person can be determined by that person's body frequency.  Stress on our body systems can occur in 3 ways: Emotional, Chemical & Physical. The way these stresses change the electrical & magnetic fields of our bodies it what breaks down our immune systems that can lead to numerous diseases.
A good way to picture how this works is by recalling how the body presents electrical activity of the heart's function onto paper called the Electrocardiogram.
Ways of correcting an abnormal activity is what most people know as a Defibrillator or Cardioverter, or with use of Medications.
Clinical research shows that essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man, creating an environment in which disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc., cannot live.
Just as poor quality food & toxins lower the body's frequency, quality Essential Oils elevates the body's frequency to a more healthy state. These oils have been confidently used for 10s of thousands of years.  
Most significant to the Judeo-Christian masses are of the gifts of the Magi to baby Jesus:
gold, frankincense & myrrh.  

(boswella) has a frequency of about 147.
Myrrh is about 108
…very very positive vibrational energy.
Essential Oil frequencies range from 52 Hz - 320 Hz, the highest being that of Rose Oil
Clove Oil shines above the crowd too by being noted for having the most antioxidant power in nature.
(Is also antiparasitic).
HOW DOES SMELL WORK – FACTS - Smells travel through the mucus lining of the nose & are then carried by nerve cells to a place in the brain called the 'Limbic System,' or the 'seat' of your emotions. 
This occurs in the form of electrical impulses.
The oil molecules themselves don't actually enter the brain, but the impulses do.
The resultant smell is from a combination of chemical manifestation & of energy frequency emitted by the object’s odor. The Limbic System is directly connected to other parts of the brain that control Heart rate, blood pressure, memory, breathing, stress reactions & hormones." 

(Organic 100% pure) Frequencies of Oils:
Rose (Rosa damascene)…………………320 MHz
Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia)……..118 MHz
Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha)…………….105 MHz
Blue Chamomile (Matricaria recutita)…..105 MHz
Juniper (Juniperus osteosperma)…………98 MHz
Aloes/Sandalwood (Santalum album)……96 MHz
Angelica (Angelica archangelica)………..85 MHz
Peppermint (Mentha peperita)…………..78 MHz
Galbanum (Ferula gummosa)……………..56 MHz
Basil (Ocimum basilicum)………………….52 MHz

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