Old Testament

Genesis 15:6 TNAB - Abram put his faith in the Lord, Who credited it to him as an act of righteousness.

Genesis 32:24-32 NIV - Jacob was left alone and a Man (God) wrestled with him (Jacob) till daybreak. 
When the Man saw that He could not overcome (prevail over) him, He touched the socket (hollow) of Jacob's hip (thigh), so that his hip was wrenched as he wrestled with the man.  Then the Man said, "Let Me go, for it is daybreak."  Jacob replied, "I will not let You go, unless You bless me.  The Man asked, "What is your name?"  "Jacob," he answered.  Then the Man said, "Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you (as a prince) have struggled (contended/wrestled/power) with God and with men and have overcome (prevailed/not quit/fainted/given up)."  Jacob said, "Please tell me Your name?"  He replied, "Why do you ask My name?" 
Then He blessed him there, so Jacob called the place Peniel (Penuel), saying,
"It is because I saw God face to face and yet my life was spared.  The sun rose above him as he passed Peniel.
He was limping (halting) because of his hip (thigh).  Therefore to this day, the Israelites do not eat the tendon (sinew) attached to the socket of the hip, because the socket of Jacob's hip was touched near the tendon.

Exodus 14:15-16 TNAB - 15The Lord said to Moses, "Why are you crying out to Me? 
Tell the Israelites to go forward

16You, lift up your staff and, with hand outstretched over the sea, split the sea in two, that the Israelites may pass through it on dry land."
Exodus 14:21 TNAB - Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea. 
The Lord swept the sea with a strong east wind throughout the night & so turned it into dry land.

Job 40:2,8 Messianic TLB -
2Do you still want to argue with the, Almighty or will you yield?  Do you, God's critic, have the answers?
8Are you going to discredit My justice and condemn Me, so that you can say you are right
(Spiritual insight: It is a sin to discredit anything in scripture.  If scripture says we are healed by His stripes, then we are, regardless of what we see in the natural.  We can ask His Holy Spirit to reveal any blockage, such as a generational curse or sin.  Also, it can be a sin to publicly discredit His clergy.)

isaiah/54-17.htm - 16"Behold, I Myself have created the smith who blows the fire of coals & brings out a weapon for its work; and I have created the (holy) destroyer to ruin (decimate/exterminate).
17"No weapon that is formed against you will prosper; & every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn.  This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, & their vindication is from Me," declares the LORD.

Jeremiah 15:19-21 Messianic TLB 
19The Lord replied, "Stop this foolishness & talk some sense.  Only if your return to trusting Me will I let you continue as My spokesman.  You are to influence them, not let them influence you
20  They will fight against you like a besieging army against a high city wall; but they will not conquer you,
for I am with you to protect & deliver you
," says the Lord. 
21"Yes, I will certainly deliver you from these wicked men & rescue you from their ruthless hands."

Daniel 10:7-14 KJVer - 7I Daniel alone saw the vision, for the men who were with me saw not the vision. 
A great quaking fell upon them, so that they fled to hide them selves. 
8I was left alone, saw this great vision & had no strength in me.  My comeliness was turned into corruption. 
I retained no strength. 
9Yet, I heard the voice of his words. 
When I heard the voice of his words, I was in a deep sleep on my face toward the ground. 
10Behold, a hand touched me & set me upon my knees & upon the palms of my hands.  
11He said to me, "O Daniel, a man greatly beloved, understand the words I speak to you and stand upright, for I am now sent to you."  When he had spoken this to me, I stood trembling. 
12He said to me, "Fear not, Daniel, for from the 1st day you set your heart to understand & chasten yourself before God, your words were heard.  I have come because of your words (prayers)
The prince (strongman/evil spirit/Satan's representative) of the kingdom of Persia with-stood me 21 days. 
Lo, Michael, 1 of the chief princes (holy angels) came to help me.
I remained there with the (evil) kings of Persia.  14Now I have come to make you understand." (Spiritual insight:
Do not become fainthearted when you do not immediately hear from the Lord or immediately see results.)

New Testament

Matthew 8:5-13 TNAB - 5When He entered Capernaum, a centurion approached Him & appealed to Him, 6saying, "Lord, my servant is lying at home paralyzed, suffering dreadfully." 
7He said to him, "I will come and cure him." 
8The centurion said in reply, "Lord, I am not worthy to have You enter under my roof; only say the word and my servant will be healed." 
9For I too am a person subject to authority, with soldiers subject to me. 
I say to one, 'Go,' and he goes; to another, 'Come here,' and he does it." 
10When Jesus heard this, He was amazed & said to those following Him, "Amen, I say to you, in no one in Israel have I  found such faith
11I say to you, many will come from the east and the west, & will recline with Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob at the banquet in the kingdom of heaven,
12but the children of the kingdom will be driven out into the outer darkness, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth." 
13Jesus said to the centurion, "You may go; as you have believed, let it be done for you." 
At that very hour (his) servant was healed.
Matthew 9:22 NIV -
Jesus turned about.  When He saw her, He said, "Daughter, be of good comfort. 
Your faith has made you whole
."  The woman was (cured/healed) made whole (well) from that hour.
Matthew 9:28-29 NIV -
The blind men came to Him. 
He asked them, "Do you believe that I am able to do this?"  "Yes, Lord, they replied." 
Then He touched their eyes & said, "According to you faith will it be done to you."  Their sight was restored.
Matthew 14:31 NIV
Jesus reached out His hand & caught him (Peter).  "You of little faithWhy did you doubt?"
Matthew 15:28 NIV -
Jesus answered, "Woman, you have great faith
Your request is granted
."  Her daughter was healed from that very hour.
Matthew 17:15-21 NIV -
"Lord have mercy on my son," he said.  "He has seizures & is suffering greatly. 
He often falls into the fire or into the water.  I brought him to Your disciples, but they could not heal him." 
"O unbelieving and perverse generation," Jesus replied, "How long shall I stay with you?  How long shall I put up with you?  Bring the boy here to Me."  Jesus rebuked the demon.  It came out of the body.  He was healed from that moment.  Then the disciples came to Jesus in private & asked, "Why couldn't we drive it out?" 
He replied, "Because you have so little faith.  I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there. 
It will move
(remove).  Nothing will be impossible for you."
Matthew 19:26 -
Jesus said, "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."
Matthew 21:22 KJV -
"All things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive."

Mark 9:23 -
Jesus said to him, "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes."
Mark 9:24 KJV   
Lord, I believe; help my unbelief.
Mark 11:24
KJV/RSV   "When you pray, believe that you receive them (now - have already received) and you shall have them" (like the invisible conception in the womb that takes 9 months to witness/hold).
(Spiritual insight: Do NOT believe what you see/feel in the flesh or hear from the doctor; rather trust God's Word.)

Luke 1:20 TPNT - "Behold, you (Zechariah) will be silent (mute/dumb) & not able to speak until the day these things happen because you did not believe my (an angel of the Lord's) words, which will be fulfilled in their time."
Luke 1:45 TPNT -
"Blessed is she (Mary) who believed that there will be fulfillment for what has been spoken to her by the Lord."
Luke 5:12-13 NIV
 - "Lord, if you are willing, You can make me clean."  Jesus reached out His hand and touched the man. "I am willing," He said.  "Be clean!"  Immediately the leprosy left him.  
(Spiritual insight: Jesus is willing that we be healed.  God wants us to be well.)
Luke 8:43-48 NIV
A woman was there who had been subject to bleeding for 12 years, but no one could heal her. 
She came up behind Him and touched the edge of His cloak.  Immediately her bleeding stopped.  "Who touched Me?"  Jesus asked.  When they all denied it, Peter said, "Master, the people are crowding & pressing against You." 
But Jesus said, "Someone touched Me; I know that power has gone out from Me." 
Then the woman, seeing that she could not go unnoticed, came trembling & fell at His feet. 
In the presence of all the people, she told why she had touched Him & how she had been instantly healed (Greek translation is sozo/saved). 
Then He said to her, "Daughter, your faith has healed (Greek translation is sozo/saved) you.  Go in peace."   

John 20:24-29 TPNT -
24Thomas, 1 of the 12, called Twin, was not with them when Jesus came. 
25Therefore, the other disciples were telling Him, "We have seen the Lord." 
But, he said to them, "Unless I could: see the mark of the nails in His hands, put my finger into the mark of the nails & put my hand into His side, I will not believe." 
26After 8 days His disciples were again inside; Thomas was with them.  After the doors were closed, Jesus came. He was in the middle of the room, and said, "Peace to you." 
27Then He said to Thomas, "Put your finger here and see My hands; you must reach out your hand, put it into My side and stop being faithless, but have faith." 
28Thomas answered and said to Him, "My Lord and my God."  
29Jesus said to him, "Because you have seen Me have you believed?  Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."  [Spiritual insight: Receiving God's blessings (salvation/healing/deliverance) has more to do with BELIEVING than with doing or being or anything else!]
When Jesus had received the vinegar, He said, It is finished.
Having bowed His head, he delivered up His spirit.

Acts 3:2 NIV - A man crippled from birth was being carried to the temple gate called Beautiful, where he was put every day to beg from those going into the temple courts.
Acts 3:6-8 NIV - Peter said, "Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you.  
In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth
, walk."  Taking him up by the right hand, he (Peter) helped him up. 
Instantly the man's feet & ankles became strong.  He jumped to his feet & began to walk. 
Acts 3:16 NIV -By faith in the name of Jesus, this man whom you see & know was made strong.  It is Jesus' name & the faith that comes through Him that has given this complete healing to him, as you can all see.

Romans 3:2-4 Messianic TLB  2Yes, being a Jew has many advantages. 
1st of all, God trusted them with His laws (so that they could know & do His will) 
3True, some of them were unfaithful, but just because they broke their promises to God, does that mean God will break His promises? 
4Of course not.  Though everyone else in the world is a liar, God is not
Do you remember what the book of Psalms (51:4) says about this? 
That God's words will always prove true & right, no matter who questions them.
Romans 4:13-22 TPNT-The Promise Realized through Faith
- 13For the promise, that he was the inheritor of the world, was not through legalism to Abraham or his seed, but through righteousness by faith
14For if the heirs were from legalism (obedience to the Torah), faith has been made empty & the promise has been destroyed; 15for legalism produces wrath; but there is no law, then neither is there transgression. 16Because of this, it is by faith, so that through grace the promise is certain for every seed, not only for the one from the Torah, but also by faith to Abraham, who is (the spiritual) father (example) of us all (& ancestor by blood/DNA to many), 17just as it has been written that, "I have appointed you a father of many nations," (Genesis 17:5) before which he believed God, the One Who brings the dead to life (Isaiah 26:19) & calls those things that are not as though they are & come into being. (Isaiah 48:3)
Who by hope upon hope, when the situation appeared to be hopeless, did still believe in it, he became "father of many nations" according to what was said, "So will your seed be" (Genesis 15:5),
19and by faith he considered his own body not weak now, although it was as good as dead, being then about 100 years old, and considering the deadness of Sarah's womb.  20Because of the promise of God, he did not waver in unbelief, but he was strengthened in faith, when he gave glory to God
21.He was fully convinced that what He has promised He is also able to do
22.For this reason "It was counted to him as righteousness (title deed)." 
   (Genesis 15:6) Romans 4:23-25 TPNT-
It was not written that it was counted to him for his sake only,
24but also for us, to whom it is going to be counted, who believe in the raising from the dead of Jesus our Lord, 25Who was given over (to death) because of our sins & raised (to life from the grave) because of our need for righteousness.
Romans 5:1-11 TPNT-Results of Justification - 1Therefore, since we have been made righteous by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Messiah 
2also through whom we have had access by faith into this grace in which we stand and we boast in hope of the glory of God. 
3Not only that, but we also boast in the afflictions, knowing that affliction brings about perseverance
4& patient endurance brings tried character & character brings hope
5Hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hears through the Holy Spirit which has been given to us. 
6For, although we are weak, yet Messiah died in the appointed time on behalf of the ungodly. 
7For very rarely will someone face death on behalf of the righteous; for possibly someone also would dare to die on behalf of a good person;
8but God demonstrates His love for us Himself, 'cause, although we are still sinners, Messiah died on our behalf. 
9Then much more now, 'cause we have been made righteous by His blood, we shall be saved by Him from wrath.  10For if while we were enemies of God we were reconciled to God through the death of His son, we shall be saved all the more, since we have been reconciled by means of His life. 
11Not only that, but we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Messiah through Whom we took the reconciliation in our time (generation/opportunity).
Romans 10:17 KJV
 - Faith comes by hearing (knowing/being exposed to) the (spoken) Word of God and hearing (understanding/internalizing/appropriating) by the (working of the living) Word of God (inside our spirit/mind/body).
Romans 12:3 KJV - God has dealt (given/downloaded/made available) to every man a measure of faith.
Romans 14:23 NIV (Spiritually) everything that does not come from faith is sin.

1st Corinthians 2:5 TPNT -
Your faith would not be in the (human) wisdom (intellect/knowledge) of man, but in the power of God.
1st Corinthians 13:1-10 NKJV
- 1Though I speak with the tongues of men & of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal. 
2Though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge.
Though I have all faith, so that I would remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 
3Though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, though I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profits me nothing. 
4Love suffers long & is kind.  Love does not envy.  Love does not parade itself, is not puffed up;
5does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; 
6does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth;
7bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 
8Love never fails.  Whether there are prophecies, they will fail.  Whether there are tongues, they will cease.  Whether there is knowledge, it will vanish. 
9We know in part and we prophesy in part,
10When that which is perfect has come, then that which is in part will be done away.

Ephesians 2:8-9 NIV - For it is by grace you have been saved (and/or healed), through faith
This is not from yourselves.  It is the gift of God.  Not by works, so that no one can boast.

2nd Timothy 1:5 TPNT - 5Remembering your sincere faith, which dwelt 1st with your grandmother Lois & your mother Eunice...I have been persuaded that it is also in you.

Hebrews 4:2 KJVer - The gospel was preached to them as well as to us, but the Word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them that heard it.
Hebrews 11:1
KJV - Now faith is the (invisible/subatomic/heavenly) substance (assurance/title deed/legal paper) of things hoped for, the evidence (conviction/quantum physics energy vibrations) of things not seen.
Hebrews 11:3 Youngs - By faith we understand the ages to have been prepared by a
saying of God, in regard to the things seen, not having come out of things appearing.
Hebrews 11:4 NKJV - By faith Abel offered to God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain.
Hebrews 11:5 NKJV - By faith Enoch was taken away so that he did not see death.
Hebrews 11:6 KJV   Without faith it is impossible to please Him.  He that comes to God must believe.
Hebrews 11:7 NKJV - By faith Noah, being divinely warned of things not yet seen, moved with godly fear, prepared an ark for the saving of his household, by which he condemned the world & became heir of the righteousness which is according to faith.
Hebrews 11:8 NKJV - By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to the place which he was called to go out to the place which he would receive as an inheritance.  He went out, not knowing where he was going.
Hebrews 11:11 NKJV - By faith Sarah herself also received strength to conceive seed;
she bore a child when she was past the age, because she judged Him faithful Who had promised.
Hebrews 11:13 NKJV - These (others) all died in faith, not having (yet) received the
promises (of God), but having seen them afar off were assured of them, embraced them.
Hebrews 11:17-19 NKJV - By faith Abraham, when he was tested, offered up Isaac;
he who had received the promised, offered up his only begotten son,
18of whom it was  said, "In Isaac your seed shall be called,"
19concluding that God was able to raise him up, even from the dead.
Hebrews 11:20 NKJV - By faith Isaac blessed Jacob & Esau concerning thing to come.
Hebrews 11:21 NKJV - By faith Jacob, when he was dying, blessed each of the sons of Joseph & worshiped.
Hebrews 11:22 NKJV - By faith Joseph, when he was dying, made mention of the departure of the children of Israel & gave instructions concerning his bones.
Hebrews 11:23 NKJV - By faith Moses, when he was born, was hidden 3 months by his parents.
Hebrews 11:24-25 NKJV - By faith Moses, when he became of age, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter, choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God.
Hebrews 11:28 NKJV    By faith Moses kept the  Passover & the sprinkling of blood,
lest he Who destroyed the firstborn should touch them.
Hebrews 11:29 NKJV - By faith they (the Israelis) passed through the Red Sea
as by dry land,  whereas the Egyptians, attempting to do so, were drown.
Hebrews 11:30 NKJV - By faith the walls of Jericho fell down after they were encircled for 7 days.
Hebrews 11:31 NKJV - By faith the harlot Rahab did not perish with those who did not believe,
when she had received the spies with peace.
Hebrews 11:
35Women received back their dead, raised to life again.  
Others were tortured & refused their release, so that they might gain a better resurrection.  

36Still others endured mocking & flogging, & even chains & imprisonment.  
37They were stoned, they were sawed in half,f they were put to death by the sword.   
They went around in sheepskins & goatskins, destitute, oppressed, & mistreated.     

38The world was not worthy of them.  
They wandered in deserts & mountains, & hid in caves & holes in the ground. 

Hebrews 11:39-40 NKJV - All of these (afore mentioned) having obtained a good testimony through faith, did NOT receive the promise (immediate physical rescue), God having provided something better for us, that they should NOT be made perfect apart from us.
Hebrews 12:1-2 NKJV - Since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of (predeceased) witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, & the sin which so easily ensnares us, & let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author & finisher of our faith, Who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame (& pain) & sat down at the right hand of the throne of God [where we also are spiritually positioned (in Christ) to rule & reign in the 3rd heaven above the 1st & 2nd heaven below our feet].

James 1:2-7 NIV -
2Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds,
3because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.
4Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. 
5If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, Who gives generously to all without finding fault & it will be given to him.  (Spiritual insight: The devil is the fault finder/the finger pointer.)
6When he asks, he must believe & not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown & tossed by the wind. 
7That man should NOT think he will receive anything from the Lord.  
8He is a double-minded man, unstable in all he does.     a
(Spiritual insight: If you can believe God for something before you see it, then you will get it.     
If you are waiting to see it to believe it, then you're not likely to receive it.) (Spiritual insight: Many pastors & former patients believe that a schizophrenic person can have 2 personalities & thus be double-minded.)
James 2:17-19
NIV - Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. 
Someone will say, "You have faith; I have deeds."  Show me your faith without deeds. I will show you my faith by what I do.  You believe that there is one God.  Good.  Even the demons believe that and shudder. (Spiritual insight: Satan & the demons believe in Both God & Jesus Christ. 
However they will not receive eternal life in heaven.)  
James 5:15    "The prayer of faith shall save the sick (mind/body). 
The Lord shall raise him up.  If he as committed sins, they shall be forgiven.

1st John 5:9-10 Messianic TLB - 9We believe men who witness in our courts, & so surely we can believe whatever God declares.  God declares that Yeshua is His Son. 
All who believe this know in their hearts that it is true. 
If anyone doesn't believe this, he is actually calling God a liar, because he doesn't believe what God has said about His Son (& about us His other sons, we who have been deputized to do His wonders right now: spiritual insight.)

Jude 1:20 NIV - (Beloved) dear friends, build yourselves up in your most holy faith & pray (by praying) in the Holy Ghost.


Romans 10:17 - Faith comes by hearing the Word of God; faith is voice-activated, by hearing the voice of God.  Many men failed due to trusting in themselves, feelings, others, or ideas rather than trusting God/Jesus. 
Adam & Eve failed to trust God, choosing to trust a lie coming from a snake. See Genesis. 
Ananias & Sapphira  trusted in their assets (& died) rather than in the Holy Spirit (& live). 
See Acts.  Lot's wife, who turned to salt, trusted in her thoughts/feelings rather than in the angels' directives.  The Jewish rabbis (of the generation to which Jesus was sent) refused to recognize the Messiah. 
Today many born again believers in Jesus fail to believe in (or fail to perform) signs & wonders, which scripture says will follow those who believe.  Let us beware, lest we ourselves are found without oil in our lamps when Jesus comes for His bride.  Satan wants us to rely on our flesh/feelings.  God wants to rely on Him/scripture.  When we cling to flesh/feelings/negative thoughts, we keep our infirmities.  When we cling to God/God's word, we come closer to loosing our infirmities off of us, for 1st they are loosed in heaven, followed by being loosed on earth.  Beware not to pray or think 1 thing & say another, lest we sabotage the healing. In addition, remember that some afflictions are only eliminated by both prayer & fasting.  Why not begin now a lifestyle of fasting.  Blessings.  Remember, sometimes asking God in fear (as praying for a child/parent who has cancer) can create an atmosphere, soil PH, wrong electrical current, that is neither conductive nor conducive to healing. 
Rather, remember to pray in expectation, anticipation, eagerness like a child's eager looking forward to Santa's arrival with his gifts.

I Believe - https://www.facebook.com/notes/minnette-michelle-davis-jackson/the-meaning-of-aman-vs-amen-in-ancient-hebrew-i-affirm-or-believe/1047521285292875/
I believe is a synonym/translation for AMEN in Hebrew/English.


Allen, AA - (1911-1970) - God's Guarantee to Heal You - republished by - www.schambach.org - Caption -
Thus Saith the Lord, the God of David thy Father, I have heard thy prayer; I have seen thy tears.  Behold, I will heal thee
.  KJV 
"Rebellion, or self-will, will close the door of your heart to real faith &, at the same time, will open it to doubt and unbelief."  "Only by faith can anything be received from God.  Where there is faith (not hope) in God's faithfulness, God guarantees to heal you!"  "In one of my healing services, a man came who was deaf in 1 ear, blind in one eye, and had rheumatism in his knees.  He asked for deliverance for his ear...As prayer was offered and Satan's power was broken, he immediately received his hearing.  This so inspired his faith that he had courage to ask for healing of his eye,  When this prayer was also answered, his faith was strengthened further, & he asked and received deliverance for his crippled knees... As each need as specifically presented, definitely, God was true to His Word & did exactly what was ASKED in Jesus' name." 
"Many times, if we can persuade the person seeking healing to determine in his mind exactly what he needs & expects to receive & get him to ask for that specific healing, the barrier to healing is immediately removed."
"When we pray for healing, we are praying for that which God has already revealed to be His will. 
Why, then should we say, 'If it be Thy will'?"  Sometimes "the root of the disease is cursed in the name of Jesus... For a short time, the suffering may be even more acute than before, as this dead foreign tissue is being separated & carried away.  At this point, many fail to recognize what is happening, and they cast away their confidence.  They give open testimony ...they are not healed, that they are even worse, and fear they will die...
Acceptance of Satan's suggestions opens the door for Satan to replace in their bodies the very thing which had been cast out by the power of God.  So the healing is lost before any of its benefits are even recognized." 
"You are NOT to believe that you are healed - because the pain is gone.  You shouldn't refuse to believe that you are healed, because you still feel the pain... Faith is believing that you are healed, because God says...
A person who walks by faith ignores the testimony (feelings) of his senses, unless it agrees with the Word of God"
Allen, AA - The Price of God's Miracle Working Power - www.schambach.org -
Chapter 12 A Partaker of His Divine Nature 
To the degree the grafted branch permits the tree's sap to flow into it is the degree it takes on the nature of the tree into which it is grafted.  Likewise, the same applies to our being plugged into the Trinity. 
It is NEVER our doing, but always His, when fruit & gifts appear in our lives. 
"Our accomplishments for God...are done according to the proportion of faith
We are partakers of the divine nature according to the proportion of faith."  "God plays NO favorites. 
The price of power sands; it's the same for all.  The same power is available to all who will pay the price. 
It is for anyone who will take by faith the 'exceeding great & precious promises' for himself, believing." 
Those who do NOT take a NO for an answer & will wrestle with God for His promises to come to pass, will receive from God what they believe and fight for, without backing down.

Banks, Bill - Alive Again
, Bill - Deliverance from Childlessness
Banks, Bill - Is It God's Will to Heal You
A delay is NOT a NO from God.  Memorize/stand on/pray relevant scripture.

Bevington, Guy C - Remarkable Miracles -
Chapter 8 Instances of Healings shares this poem:
"Faith drops out where our doubts step in
And faith stops just where doubts begin.
Faith, mighty Faith, the promise sees
And looks to that alone;
Laughs at impossibilities
& cries, 'It shall be done.'"
"Bevington prayed, 'Now, Lord, I believe she (Mrs Medler) is Your child & if she is, we have a right to claim healing for her - yes, complete healing.'"
Mrs GL Medler of Kingswood, Kentucky, USA responded, "It was right then that my faith took hold for the 1st time. I said, 'Yes, Lord, I am Thy child.  I shall be healed on the ground that I am Thy child.'" 
The Lord removed her rheumatism, but not all at once.  "The promise (of healing) is according to your faith, not according to the conditions or surroundings, just your faith."

Bolz, Shawn - Keys to Heaven's Economy - An Angelic Visitation from the Minister of Finance of the Kingdom of heaven - www.streamsministries.com - www.whitedoveministries.org - Chapter 6 The Economy of Heaven shares that those who partner with God can call forth from heaven's warehouse both earthly material (money/buildings) & physical (eyes/legs) gifts to accomplish His will on earth.  Bolz cites Iris Ministries & Global Children's Ministries as receiving some of these heavenly gifts (food & clothing), because of their bold demand on Heaven's response.  One needs to pray in agreement with what is available in Heaven. 
Receiving faith is a place in God's heart where one needs to be; a place where angels do not access.

Bronner, Dale C - Austell, Georgia, USA - http://woffamily.org/media.htm Archives - Video insights to daily living.

Burt, Arthur - Surrender Your Key to Spiritual Success - www.arthurburt.com -
Chapter 4 Some Keys, but Not the Key 
"Your faith is in His Word; His Word is a fact.  Therefore you act on a fact
If you don't act, you don't believe
"Are you prepared to water down the standard and make God a liar because of your (own limited) experience?  Does believing come by feeling, seeing, or having, or does it come by hearing?"
"You will find it very difficult to believe God after an argument with your wife. 
How can you love & believe God whom you don't see, if you can't love your brother whom you do see?" 
1st John 4:20
, Arthur - Around the World in 88 Years - www.arthurburt.com - Chapter 14 Far & Away 
"In Russia I saw young girls (aged)19,20,21...pastoring whole congregations in the faith...
'Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness.'  (Romans 4:3
It was a (God) substitute for what he hadn't got.
It would seem that for many of these girls, their faith is counted for experience.  T
hey moved into a (supernatural) realm, by the (Holy) Spirit, altogether beyond human experience (credentials)."

Carothers, Merlin - https://www.amazon.com/Fear-Faith-Revised-Merlin-Carothers/dp/0943026350 Chapter #1 or Excerpt @ http://www.foundationofpraise.org/feartofaith.html 

Cerullo, Morris - http://www.amazon.com/Proof-Producers-Dr-Morris-Cerullo/dp/1932579281 -
Chapter 11 Faith Cometh -
"No way did she (Mary) have the ability to have faith to appropriate the Son of God into her womb... Impossible.  She did not have that spiritual capability...not ha ve the comprehension of the understanding of what it was all about...But she did have the ability...to say, 'Lord, be it unto me according to Thy Word'...The power for the fulfillment of the Word in in the Word itself, God, Jesus, the Living, the Written Word (spoken out loud)."

Cho, David Yonggi - Successful Home Cell Groups - http://www.bridgelogos.com publisher - Seoul, Korea
Chapter 1 Personal Ambition - Key to Disaster explains that head faith, the logos Word of God, is not heart faith, the rhema reveled Word of God which gives specific confirmation to an individual. 
Although Cho had a healing ministry, he could not heal himself.  The Lord told him he would have to wait 10 years for his healing, the time he needed to (a) die to self and (b) be tutored by the Holy Spirit. 
Claiming the Word of God for himself at that time was head faith.
Cho, David Yonggi    The 4th Dimension volume #  http://www.bridgelogos.com publisher
Subtitle: Discovering a New World of Answered Prayer  Superior expose on faith.
Chapter 1 Incubation - a Law of Faith says (1) make and then visualize a specific/detailed goal, (2) have a red-hot burning desire, (3) pray until you get God's assurance & (4) proclaim the goal as done.
Chapter 4 Rhema notes, "Rhema...faith given is not your own; it is imparted faith that God has given you. 
After receiving this imparted (downloaded) faith, then you can command mountains to be removed. 
Without receiving God's (rhema/imparted) faith you cannot do this (even if you believe/claim/quote logos Scripture day in and day out)." 
5 steps to receiving rhema faith = (1) Wait in serenity on the Lord. (2) Ask the Lord to give you His desire.  Screen the result(s) with Scripture. (3) Ask Him for a sign. (4) Wait for a green light.  Wait for God's time.
(5) If you hear correctly & immediately obey, signs, wonders, miracles will follow.
Chapter 6 God's Address shares "If you look at your circumstances with your physical eyes & live by your senses, Satan will destroy you with fear.  But if you close your eyes & look to God, then you can believe. 
There are 2 different kinds of knowledge, sensual knowledge & revelation knowledge."

Cho, David Yonggi - The Holy Spirit My Senior Partner - Understanding the Holy Spirit & His Gifts - including author's personal testimony - www.charismahouse.com publisher - "The communion of the Holy Spirit - daily traveling and constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit - is essential for our spiritual well-being. 
The measure of our faith is in direct proportion to our communion with the Holy Spirit.  Through  the communion of the Holy Spirit, we receive spiritual blessings...They are useless to us if they do not reach us"...
Chapter  Gifts of the Holy Spirit   "Though I prayed at length with many tears, the anticipated (Holy Spirit) gifts were not forthcoming.  Though it seemed that those gifts appeared for awhile, I did not have an outstanding flow of those gifts of the Spirit continually.  Instead, gifts I did not ask for or pay much attention to began to appear... The gifts I received were none other than the gift of faith and the gift of prophecy...
Bold confession...sprang out  from my mouth and the miracles actually happened as I spoke. 
Those gifts did not stay with me continuously.  The gift of faith does not manifest itself in every situation"...
Chapter  Gifts of Power - The  Gift of Faith  "It is not important whether your faith is strong or weak, great or small, but whether you have a living or a dead faith...
given as a gift (from the Holy Spirit) is deposited in the heart of the believer...so that great miracles may be performed by God.  This faith is not possessed by a believer permanently, but is manifested through the believer when a(n emergency) need arises in accordance with the Holy Spirit's time & place."

Cho, Paul Yonggi - The 4th Dimension - www.bridgelogos.com publisher -
Chapter 4 Rhema - "The Holy Spirit can take Scripture, the 'said word' of God & apply it to a person heart, making it the 'saying word' of God.  The logos then becomes the rhema.'...
But in order for this to happen, you must (continually) wait on the Lord." 
Never become so discouraged that you quit.  Never.

Coe Senior, Jack - Curing the Incurable - book or audio - http://www.jackcoe.com/mambo/
There are 3 types of healing (instant/gradual/unclaimed). Curing the Incurable video
1 5 Key Steps to Receiving Your healing  "Both salvation and healing are brought about by faith.  Hebrews ll:1 says, 'Now faith is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of things NOT seen.' 
is our proof and the material substance of our healing...It does NOT matter whether or not you feel saved.  We are NOT saved by our feelings...nor haled by our feelings.  Both...are products of faith...Begin praising God and thanking Him for the manifestation of our healing, regardless of whether you feel healed or not...
After you have been healed, it is the devil's job to make you feel sick... Biblical faith is an action word that takes place in your spirit, not your emotions...When you worry over whether God's done it or not, you may lose your healing through doubt and unbelief, both of which are sins... Refuse to allow the enemy to change your mind concerning God's healing... 1 of the chief reasons people do not receive their healing is because they continue to hold grudges in their hearts, unmercifully condemning.

Copeland, Kenneth - John G Lake - www.kcm.org - We do not doubt whether or not God wants us to repent of our sins & take Jesus as our savior, but we drop the ball when it comes to healing, raising men from the dead, or miracles.  That is unbelief/sin/failure to do/be what Christ died on the cross to accomplish through us on earth. 
Healing/deliverance/teaching ministry is the responsibility of every human once he has received God's Holy Spirit power/love.  God comes down out of His realm, the faith realm, into the human realm, the reason realm & does things down here that are normal upstairs but abnormal downstairs.  Reason contradicts faith
& reason are jealous of each other.  They compete.  Faith always triumphs, for it belongs to God.
Chapter 25 Adventures in God  Lake shares a healing by Elias Letwaba of South Africa. 
An infant had a broken neck for which Letwaba believed but Lake did not.  After God healed the infant, Lake prayed, "Lord, take every cursed thing out of my soul that keeps me from believing the Lord Jesus Christ." 
That chapter also shares another story of faith where a native, Edward Lion, went up a hill & prayed for the ill villagers gathered below, resulting in 100's being healed. 
There is a testimony told by John de Witt regarding William Bernard for whom Lake prayed. 
Billy contended that he did not have enough faith, but Lake countered, "I have enough faith for the both of us."  Bill was cured.
Chapter 29 Science of Healing shares that a missionary instructed a woman to be content with her partial cure. 
3.5 years later at Spokane Healing Rooms a Mr. Westwood rebutted that the missionary had not yet grown up in God.  God then healed Lamphear through Westwood.  (Lake adds a footnote to this testimony by using the illustration of himself, where earlier in Africa he did not have the faith of Elias Letwaba a native pastor who believed for the healing of a baby with a broken neck.  God healed that infant, as cited above.)
Chapter 30 Results of Believing Prayer shares that when 2 or 3 gather in believing prayer, the Lord will bless. 
Lake with the encouragement of John Alexander Dowie raised his dead sister.
Chapter 32 Sin in the Flesh shares that faith is a product of your spirit, not of your intellect.
Copeland, Kenneth - Kenneth Copeland Ministries - Grow Your Faith kit - www.kcm.org -
Contains a number of items that will contribute to faith building.

Cornelison, Zona Hayes - Avenge Me of My Adversary - www.nhm.cc - autobiography - Action Faith Ministries + New Life Ministries - (Norvel Hayes Ministries, New Life Bible College, New Life Maternity Home, New Life Missions Department, New Life Community Kitchen)
Chapter 4 Peter Faith or Abraham Faith  "Many Christians do NOT realize sickness is NOT theirs; it is simply a name for a devil.  They believe they have to die from disease, although Jesus gave them the gift of healing.  Healing (, health, demonic deliverance, and miracles) comes with salvation.  It is a gift to the body of Christ.  Healing is NOT only about confession.  The 1st step is to believe that you are (already) healed.  There have been people who died from disease, although they claimed Jesus' healing.  They didn't have the faith to be healed. 
It is as simple s that.  God meet you where your faith is...
Faith means NOT quitting...Discouragement is the name a psychiatrist put on a devil...
...is about building a foundation before the devil attacks."

Ferrell, L Emerson - The Supernatural Believing the Consciousness of Christ - www.voiceofthelight.com
Chapter 1 Centers of Belief  "We hear proclamations such as 'I am believing for my healing, car, finances, wife'...In general, these 'confessions,' imply a future manifestation...The Bible says, 'Now faith IS...'which means presently, not in the future."  Most Christians "have been  trained to believe only what they can see, touch or fee.  The soul (mind) is the home to such emotions, senses and physical experience and is NOT the center where faith resides."  "God, Who is Spirit, designed man's spirit as the apparatus to receive His instructions." 
"Spiritual decisions are NOT the function of our soul.  The soul is to believe & act according to our spirits. 
The spirit is the source of faith & power, whereas the soul is the magnificent tool God created to manifest from faith (believing into the senses, will & emotions).
Chapter 2 Sin Consciousness Versus Christ Consciousness -
"If we are quoting scriptures such as, 'By His stripes we are healed,' we should NOT be taking medications. 
If we are saying, 'NO weapon formed against me shall prosper,' (perhaps) we should NOT be buying home-security systems." 
Chapter 3 Believing Is the Substance of Our Reality  "The invisible substance we call faith is actually Jesus."  "The Spirit and Consciousness of Christ is the substance on which our belief rests. 
This is much more than just His (spoken) word; His actual substance must enter into hour hearts & minds." 
One bears "fruit according to the level of their sanctification (character formation/spiritual maturity) in their spirit, soul AND bodies."  Fruit is NOT operating in the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit, which is what God does through us.  Additionally, secular education "will NOT educate anyone about the kingdom of God," who/which is revealed only by His Holy Spirit to our human spirit, and subsequently to our minds. "Faith is to the spirit of man what believing is in the soul."  Originally "Adam had the ability to see the visible and the invisible at any time...
Since Good is Spirit, the fall removed" from man his ability "to commune with Him face to face in the spirit," until Christ came & restored this capability.  For the person (who has repented from his/her sins and asked God reinstate him/her as a family member) who believes the Bible, "the substance of the Bible is the invisible God manifested in Words."  Likewise, "Faith is a spiritual material or substance of God
Holy Spirit releases this substance according to the demand made on Him by someone's (human/born-again/alive to God) spirit and soul" (mind/will/thoughts/speech).

 Dvorak, Becky - https://www.scribd.com/document/195582986/Greater-Than-Magic-Free-Preview chapter #1+#2

Fruit of the Womb Christian Childbirth Ministry handbook - Euless, Texas, USA
Fruit of the Womb's Zion Birth
has 3 excellent chapters on faith-
Fighting the Enemies of Faith, Balancing Faith & Scriptures of Faith & Birth.
Their approach is extreme, however very useful, if doing spiritual warfare. 

Garborg, Rolf - The Family Blessing - Creating a Spiritual Covering for Your Family's Future - familyblessingrg@aol.com
Chapter 4 Making It Work - Section The Chinese Bamboo Tree  According to Zig Ziglar, "When the seed is planted...the Chinese bamboo lies dormant for 5 years with no apparent signs of growth.
Then in 1 year it suddenly grows over 60 feet into a mature tree." 
Illustration reminds us to rely on God's invisible love, wonders & workings rather on visible manifestation. 

Hagin, Kenneth E (senior) - I Believe in Visions -  http://storage.cloversites.com/
@ http://www.bushfireministries.co.uk/#/podcast-and-resources/online-resources www.rhema.org
Chapter 1 How God Raised Me Up from a Deathbed - The following sections My Struggle with Mark 11:24 ,
I See It
and Up and Out of Bed help clarify why many fail to enter into their healing.  "In this moment, I saw exactly what that verse in Mark 11:24 meant.  Until then, I was going to wait until I was actually healed before I believed I had received my healing.  I was looking at my body...but I saw that the verse says you have to believe WHEN you pray.  The having comes after the believing.  I had been reversing it. 
I was trying to have 1st and then believe 2nd.  That is what most people do...
I've got to believe that my heart is well while I'm still lying here on this bed...
I've got to believe that my paralysis is gone while I'm still lying here helpless...
(Father God,) 'I believe in my heart that You heave heard my prayer. 
I believe that my heart IS healed & that my paralysis IS gone...
(Satan,) I didn't say that I am healed BECAUSE I feel like it...I'm healed because I believe it...
Devil, if you say I am not (healed), then you are a liar.  I am acting on the Word of God. 
If I am not healed, then Jesus is a liar.  Go argue with God about it; don't fuss with me'...
Then I said, 'Thank God, I'm healed.'  I lifted my hands and praised God...
As long as the devil can keep us in the sense realm, he will defeat us, but if we will stay in the faith realm, we will defeat him."  (Each morning) "I declared: I was healed. I WAS going to walk...
On the 3rd morning I got out of bed, dressed (&) walked."
Section Feelings vs. Faith - "I know now that just feeling better after you pray is NO sign that God heard you;
likewise, feeling no better after you pray is NO sign that God didn't hear you.  We cannot rely on how we feel. 
We have to come back to what God's Word says."
Section One Gleam of Light 
"My faith was not yet based on what God's Word said, but only on what I could see & feel."
Hagin, Kenneth Jr - Blueprint for Building Strong Faith - booklet - www.rehma.org - "If you would believe, like God's Word says, you could be healed from a child's prayers just as easily as you would from..a preacher's prayers...(additionally) If you're a believer, you qualify to lay hands on the sick."  Agreeing with another also works.  Reading/ memorizing/quoting the Scripture daily will also heal an individual, eliminating the need to go to another person.  "If you know what God's Word says, every time Satan starts to take a swing at you, you can say, 'It is written' (in Scripture) and block it.  When he comes at you with another weapon, you can (refute/contradict/refuse/reject) say, 'It is written'... blocking all of the enemy's darts."
Hagin, Kenneth Jr - Faith Takes Back What the Devil's Stolen - booklet - www.rehma.org  wonderful read - "Things have to be taken in the spiritual realm.  They don't just fall on you.  Y
ou have to reach out & (tenaciously/aggressively/ violently) take them...
Did salvation just fall on you or did you respond & reach out and take the (free) gift...
How many businessmen...just (idly) sit back in their offices...Receive (take/wrest from the devil and the heavenly storehouses) what (inheritance/escrow) God (already) has for you...2,000 years ago when Jesus Christ Himself...on that rugged cross, said, 'It is finished.'" 
Hagin, Kenneth E (senior) - How You Can Be Led by the Spirit of God - www.rhema.org -
Chapter 15 Depend of Your Spirit 
"Your (human) spirit knows things that your head (mind/intellect/understanding) does not know, because the Holy spirit is in your (human) spirit...
I finally saw that I had to believe I (had already) received my healing, before it would be manifested...
Draped over that bedpost I said it again, 'I want to announce in the Presence of Almighty God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit & the holy angels present in this room. I want to call the devil to record & all evil spirits that may be present in this room, that according to Mark 11:24 (in the New Testament of the Bible), I BELIEVE that I (NOW) receive my healing'...
I want you to see this.  I listened to my spirit.  Faith is of the spirit (not the mind)."
Hagin, Kenneth E (senior) - The Real Faith booklet @
Hagin, Kenneth E -
Exceedingly Growing Faith - booklet

Hankins, Mark - The Spirit of Faith - http://www.markhankins.org/

Hayes, Norvel - Faith Has No Feelings booklet - www.nhm.cc

Hickey, Marilyn - Wow Faith - Bringing the childlike heart back to faith - www.mhmin.org - Marilyn Hickey Ministries, Denver, Colorado, USA - Chapter 9 Real People, Real Faith shares the biography of Marilyn's dad, who was healed of a nervous breakdown by her mom's laying on of a handkerchief, as directed by an evangelist.
Hickey, Marilyn - Marilyn's personal messages on the web = http://www.mhmin.org/ch-resource/mh-index.htm
Hickey, Marilyn - Marilyn's daughter's messages on the web: http://www.mhmin.org/ch-resource/sb-index.htm

Johnson, Bill - https://www.scribd.com/doc/236167398/Breakthrough-Faith-FREE-Preview? - chapter 1

Keesee, Gary - Faith Hunt - http://www.fflc.info/ - http://www.faithlifenow.com/ -
The best of the best in reading, especially for hunters.

Kennedy, Sandra G. - Preparations for a Move of God in Your Life - www.skm.org Augusta, Georgia, USA
4.Faith Grows  5.Faith Must Be of the Heart, Not of the Head  6.Faith Requires Corresponding Action  7.Faith Never Rises Above Its confession  8.Beliefing Is Receiving

King, Patricia - Spiritual Revolution - www.extremeprophetic.com - Chapter 5 The Vital Connector notes that, "In the faith realm, feelings are NOT valid if they are contrary to the truth" of God in scripture.  Having repented for all known sin, having asked Jesus to be your Lord & savior, "You are absolutely and completely righteous in Christ.  This is the truth whether you feel it or not, & truth prevails over the fact.  Your actions & behavior will eventually come into line with what you truly believe....How I feel though is NOT what is true.  His Word is truth....Because I believe the reality of that, I confess it.  When I confess it, I activate the reality of it within my life, and the manifestation...begins... Confession is what activated your faith."  We access salvation by faith.  We access healing by faith.  We access heavenly visitations by faith, faith that the Word of God is true, yesterday, today, tomorrow for me & for my descendants.  Deuteronomy 29:29 NASB The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons forever, that we may observe all the Words of this law.  If we do not "see/believe/take/speak/appropriate" God's Word, we may not receive until our hunger pangs are great.  Crying/begging/pleading/wailing are NOT signs of spiritual hunger. 
They are negative.  They are doubt.  They nullify God's Word.  Faith is positive/ expectant.

Lake, Brian - Romancing the King - www.brianlake.org - Chapter 4 A Living Fellowship - "Real faith is always reaching out in trust for that which is beyond our immediate grasp.  But 'whatever is not based on faith is sin.'  Therefore, standing still in the Christian life actually causes us to lose ground." 
It is NOT up to God's power for you to be healed...Your faith will make you whole; according to your faith...
You cannot have faith in God beyond the degree of your relationship (with Him)."

Liardon, Roberts - God's Generals - Why They Succeeded & Why Some Failed - www.robertsliardon.org - Chapter 7 Smith Wigglesworth - Apostle of Faith - Liardon says that until the ministry of Smith Wigglesworth, the popular theology was that God answered prayer without our interference or involvement.  God's angel comes, taps us on the head with a magic wand, & then we are cured.  Smith on the other hand contends that man NEEDS to become involved, the same way that Jesus was involved in the carrying out of God's purposes. 
If a cripple claims healing, then he needs to stand and begin taking baby steps, doing what is impossible, in order to convince the enemy to leave & in order allow the Holy Spirit to fill the vacant spot left by the enemy. 
mith  taught that, faith should be acted upon, regardless of: how we feel, what we see, or what our present medical circumstances are.  Smith also taught that the greater the response to faith, the greater the blessing.   If a baby takes 1 step, the father cheers, but if the baby gets all the way to the father, the baby gets a hug & a cheer.  The Father does not go to us.  We need to go to the Father.  It is called a faith walk
Smith called this aspect of his healing ministry retail healing due to the pastor's encouragement & the person's participation/response/obedience to the word of God.  Peter walked on water with Jesus' encouragement & his obedience.  Out of the 12 disciples, Peter was the only 1 who was willing.

Madison, Richard L. - Raised from the Dead - www.rickmadison.com - www.rickmadison.org - Chapter 5 Running out of the Wheelchair  - "I said, 'I can't rise and walk, Lord, I don't have any feeling in my legs yet.' 
He answered, 'You do not walk by feeling; you walk by faith.'  'But how do I walk by faith?'  I asked. 
Jesus replied, 'You just stand up and walk.  It is not hard.  Man has tried to make healing difficult by putting limits & doctrines on it, but I have made it so simple.  Just believe; accept your healing & walk.'"

Maldonado, Guillermo - How to Walk in the Supernatural Power of God - Chapter 5 Faith - the 1st Dimension of the Supernatural - www.kingjesusministry.org - "God finishes something before showing men... Nothing exists in this world until it has been finished by God...All  we need to do is appropriate the miracle by faith, now...
Right now, let's declare and establish the time & distance to receive...the miracle.  We must determine the time & God will do it...Things are already done in the supernatural & they are waiting for us to decide when we will claim them.  Things in the spirit are; they are complete."  "Unbelief is a wicked spirit that uses reason to make us refuse or oppose God... We must be delivered from unbelief." - Miami, Florida, USA -                                                                        
McKenna, Sister Briege with Libersat, Henry - Miracles Do Happen -
www.sisterbriege.com -
"Faith & feelings are 2 different things.  There is NO place in the Word of God where Jesus said, 'By your feelings you will be saved' or 'By your feelings you will be healed.'"

McLean, Renny - Eternity Invading Time - www.globalglory.org - Our faith will determine if we get a miracle (now) or a (gradual) healing (later).  It is our choice.  Rather it is our unbelief.  "When" we receive is often based on our time frame, not God's.  Faith is the time zone where God dwells.  Faith operates by the law of truth, not fact/science.  Christ/God is truth.  Until we speak/believe by faith, miracles/healings seldom happen.
"Father, I/we ask You, in the name of Jesus Christ Your son, to release the hunger for Your presence, right now.  Allow the revelation of how to walk in Your marvelous trust. Grant us the fullness of our yearning.  Baptize and empower us so we are full of Your Holy Spirit, NOW.  Change us from old paths.  Teach us the new path.  Make us new wineskins.  Give us strength of mind, will, and emotions to stay the course You have called us to.  Let us not despise the days of small beginnings, for in them are lessons we will need for the maturing of the saints in our care.  Cause those influences which are holding us from accessing the Glory to be disassociated from us immediately.  Fill our temple with the train of Your Glory.  From this moment on, never let us regret we have made the decision to be a cloud builder of Your Glory.  In Jesus name I/we pray.  Amen."
Chapter 13 Breakthrough - On the cross "Jesus said, 'It is finished'...Why God is going to do certain things for you...wasn't because you had faith to believe...It was because of what He (already) did...because He simply said it...It has nothing to do with our faith...When are you going to take it?  The price was paid for your sickness...for your property...for your debt...When are you going to stop being double-minded... Raise your hand right now... Start giving Him praise... Enter His gates with thanksgiving... Say, 'This is the day the Lord has made & I will rejoice & be glad in it.'  GLORY. NOW."
Chapter 16 The Supernatural Realm of the Spirit - Hebrews 11:3 KJV Worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear
"The faith realm is the spiritual structure (material/matter) of the invisible world."
"The natural is nothing more than the supernatural slowed down & the supernatural is nothing more than the natural speeded up, in its original time... What is here NOW, is here by means of a spoken word...
is the dominion of the believer over the zone of time... The believer is God's agent on the earth...
Heaven stands behind our word & agrees with it coming  to pass... As we worship we build the supernatural mass.  The miracles are within the mass of His presence, which is known as the glory. 
We speak into that mass and then the mass takes on the word we speak...
In churches today...there is not enough mass in the service to manifest miracles.... Focus on Jesus...Worship."

Moyo, Andrew - Working the Works of God - The Keys to Supernatural Ministry Are in Your Hands - www.messengerministry.com - Chapter 6 Faith - Standing on God's Word  "Your faith will not produce your desired miracle until you release it by acting on God's Word...You cannot change your current circumstance until you get fed up with where you are & what is happening in your life: physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, mentally and socially... How you respond to God establishes how He will respond to you."
Mark 5:30,34 KJV  Jesus, immediately knowing in Himself that virtue (God's anointing power) had gone out of Him, turned Him about in the press & said, 'Who touched My clothes?... Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace & be whole of thy plague.'  Moyo continues, "Remember, faith is tangible. 
is (becomes) so tangible that God can see it when we put it into action."

Nuzum, Mrs. Cornelia - The Life of Faith - by Lillian B Yeomans - www.billyebrim.org

Osborn, Tommy Lee (TL) - Frontier Evangelism - www.osborn.org - "Where God has revealed His will by promising to do a thing, then we have no right to imply that His promise is unreliable by praying, 'If it be Thy will'... Faith is simply expecting God to do ass He has promised to do.  His Word reveals healing to be His will for all, just as forgiveness is His will for all who fulfill His conditions & believe His Word."

Peck, George W. (George Wilbur), 1840-1916 - The Methodist Episcopal Pulpit: A Collection of Original Sermons from Living Ministers of the M.E. Church - By Davis Wasgatt Clark and George Peck -
Compiled by Davis Wasgatt Clark
http://www.gutenberg.org/browse/authors/p#a3383   www.gutenberg.org/files/25490/25490-h/25490-h.htm  
nonapplicable/outdated children's books

Roberts, Oral - When You See the Invisible, You Can Do the Impossible - www.orm.cc -
Chapter 7 How I Discovered God Is a Healing God says that - Faith is not something you get. 
Rather it's something you have.  Act on it.  Release it to God, so your healing can begin. 
(As one needs to plug a lamp into an outlet, so one needs to plug into God.  God is always here. 
We can miss God.  We can miss our healing.  Be expectant.  We are expectant for the mail man to deliver the daily mail.  Let us be equally expectant of God to deliver healing.  We are expectant for the doctor to deliver our newborn baby; let us eagerly await for Doctor Jesus to deliver us from evil.)

Rushness, Squire - Listen to Stasia Kelly & Diane Lane's amazing stories in book When God Winks at You -
Read Excerpt  http://www.whengodwinks.com/  

Ruth, Peggy Joyce - Psalm 91 for Youth - www.peggyjoyceruth.org - Chapter 8 Disease Won't Hurt Me says, "Faith is not a feeling.  Faith is simply choosing to believe what God says in His Word & refusing to doubt."

Sheets, Dutch - Authority in Prayer - Praying with Power and Purpose - http://www.dutchsheets.org/index.cfm - Chapter 13 The Levels shares with us God's words, "I am never going to heal your (warts on your) hands based upon someone else's prayer or faith.  You must fight the good fight of faith and lay hold of this healing yourself. I have taught you well; you have sat under tremendous teaching for years. To whom much is given, much is required. I am requiring you to do this."  Sheets continues, "If we are ignorant of what is rightfully ours through Christ, we will not exercise authority to lay hold of those provision by faith...
Covenantal provisions promised to us in Christ do not automatically come to us just because we're Christians...
Learn to exercise our authority, release our faith, & seize (take hold of) these provisions."
Another favorite story is of an African missionary whose orphanage children prayed for a hot water bottle for a newborn.  www.holytrinityrochelle.org (2005)

Sithole, Surprise - Faith to Raise the Dead - www.mountainofworship.com - Fanny Steyne's Forward "Nothing he shared...brought attention to himself.  His love for Jesus poured out of every conversation."

Smit, Philip - Entrance to Power - http://www.ezfaith.com/chapters.html - 3 chapters: The Fourth Dimension + Creative Thought and Faith + Two Kinds of Faith - (Superior, except for leanings toward reincarnation, human/soul existence prior to birth.  Even though Yeshua had/has a preexistence, humans did/do not regarding our destiny/existence in the Trinity/kingdom of God.)
2 Kinds of Faith - "Faith sees, accepts and experiences the result even before it is physically visible. 
Faith does NOT take 'NO' for an answer when the 'yes' is already written, sealed & accomplished as promised by God in His Word...Do an attitude check...Start expecting aggressively.  Even confess aloud things you expect."  "If you don't know how to take control over the (evil) forces that are against you from a spiritual realm, they will negative influence or take control of your life.  Many people will get hurt or will even die before their time, because of ignorance.  The fact that you are a good person according to your friends or family, or a God-fearing and religious person, makes NO difference.  (After repenting to Jesus and asking His Dad to be your Father), if you lack real supernatural spiritual knowledge & do not know who you are (in the Trinity) & what your (inherited spiritual) rights are, you are unprotected & may suffer the consequences."
According to Luke 10:19 the sons of God are deputized to act in His behalf. 
1 of the military implements in war is our mouth, the welding of His Word against the designs of the enemy & the declaration of who we are in Christ.  This includes tongues, singing, praying, quoting scripture, binding, praise, worship, thanksgiving, exorcism, etc...
"The prayer of faith (by a deputized/authorized citizen of heaven) does not ask for results; it commands God's authority into situations."

Sumrall, Lester - https://drlestersumrall.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Faith.pdf
Sumrall, Lester - Faith Can Change Your World - http://publishing.lesea.com/
Sumrall, Lester - The Human Spirit - www.sumrallpublications.com -
Chapter 4 How the Spirit Man Operates -
"Your conscience is the very seat (center) of your faith...Not in your mind, not in your emotions...
is generated in your spirit part.  It flows from that spirit part to your Adamic parts...
Anything that does not produce (Godly) spirituality in your life is a dead element."
Sumrall, Lester - https://drlestersumrall.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Promises-of-God-2nd-ed.pdf - 365 scriptures

Walters, Kathie - http://www.goodnews.netministries.org - The Visitation - The Spirit of False Judgment - http://www.sidroth.org/
Walters, Kathie - Living in the Supernatural - Chapter 10 Faith - God's Vehicle warns us that "What we feel is irrelevant; it's what we believe that will rule us.  The devil is a liar and a thief.  When he comes around, say, 'Satan, I know you're trying to discourage me, but what you've really done is remind me that I have received a word from the Lord concerning this situation.'"  "Everything the Holy Spirit does bears fruit. 
It is impossible for Him to be barren...God believes in His own ability & power, so we had better agree with Him."  His promise in Ephesians 3:20 to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think "is tied to the amount of God's power we allow to work in us.  Even if we have broken the power of a negative religious spirit, it can come back in through a 'works' mentality."  "Faith is like electricity.  Turn on the switch you have light. 
But without an electric current nothing will happen.  Having the Word only in your mind produces no power; it merely give you mental assent to the truth.  Faith releases the power, but the Word of God (the switch) directs the flow and tells you what to believe."  "You must tell Satan, 'Satan, Christ has already blessed us & you cannot prevent His blessing.'  Satan's only power is to lie...Reject his lies and speak the promises of God." 
"1 Sunday morning an evangelist taught on faith, exhorting the people to believe their prayers were answered at the time they prayed, according to Mark 11:24.  (Then example #1) she received her husband's salvation by faith.  That night as her husband slept, she said to him, 'Little do you know that you are saved."  (Example #2) "'Lord, we will believe when we pray, not when we see.'  After we finished praying for each parent, we simply said, 'Thank You, Lord'...Every day we continued to thank Him... We treated them as though they were already saved."  (Then example #3) "we thanked the Lord that she was saved, even though she didn't realize it yet...I'd say, 'Thank You for her salvation.'  Though my ears told me the opposite:" 
(Each example would apply also to healing or deliverance or finances.)
Walters, Kathie - Angels - Watching Over You - Booklet - www.goodnews.netministries.org - Faith is Not a Feeling - "Remember,  faith is NOT a feeling.  It's something we make a decision about. 
Sometimes, something can be true, but not THE  truth."   

Wommack, Andrew - You've Already Got It - http://www.awmi.net -
Chapter 23 Unbelief Counteracts Faith + Chapter 24 Wigglesworth Had Less + Chapter 25 Deal with Your Unbelief - Unbelief cancels out/undermines/reduces faith & becomes a block to healing. 
Beware of double-mindedness. 
Andrew translates kind as unbelief (rather than demon)
in Matthew 17:21 Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting

2ndly Andrew contends that "fasting & prayers doesn't add anything" to Jesus' finished work on the cross but only to our own lining up with God's mind and will.
Wommack, Andrew - 7/18-22/2011 - http://www.awmi.net/extra/article/spirit_soul
@ http://www.awmi.net/tv/this_week from http://www.awmi.net/tv -
Thursday’s TV program illustrates that a loose car wire can short circuit a vehicle the same way that our lack of understanding/realization (of what we already have in Jesus) will stop us from operating in His power.  Broadcasts share that the faith imparted to a born-again person is not his own natural faith, but God's supernatural faith which can raise the dead, which Andrew himself has done on occasion.  Even a crumb of God's faith can do whatever Jesus did on earth. or Real radio
Wommack, Andrew - http://www.awmi.net/meetings
in our own neighborhood.
Wommack, Andrew - http://s3.awmi.net/downloads/tv/2014/03mar/awm_tv20140325.wmv
Belief in the wrong or partial truth will seldom produce the desired results.

Yun, Brother with Hattaway, Paul The Heavenly Man www.backtojerusalem.com  www.asiaharvest.org
Trials are to kill self (will/absorption/ego) & make alive/resurrect God in our lives. 
Our faith/dependency must be in Him alone.

Zadai, Kevin @ https://kevinzadai.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/ENCOUNTERING-BREAKTHROUGH-into-OVERTHROW.pdf Edited Excerpt - ENCOUNTERING OVERTHROWElijah came to all the people & said, ‘How long will you falter between 2 opinions? If the LORD is God, follow Him; but if Baal, follow him.’ But the people answered him not a word. 1 Kings 18:21 Warrior Note: A warrior does not argue within himself.
• You begin to overthrow the enemy’s system when you stop arguing with yourself.
• You cannot be divided between 2 opinions.
DISCUSSION: Everything spiritual has to be implemented (from the 3rd heaven) into this realm, which means that you must stop arguing with yourself. When I was in Heaven, I saw that satan has planted within people the ability to have 2 opinions. Neither 1 of them counts, because they cancel each other out. I saw that we were not designed to go off of those 2 opinions. We were not made to have a controversy inside of us.
We were meant to hear from our Father in (His 3rd) Heaven, do it, & never question it. Now you understand why you are depressed & tired all the time. Why it seems that you try & try, but there is no breakthrough.
Overthrow has to happen before you have breakthrough
. When you come into command of your spirit, then you tell your body what it is going to do.  Then you tell your mind what to think.  That is overthrow. Faith is the substance of things that you hope for, literally the evidence in your hand of what cannot be seen (see Hebrews 11:1). 'They saw Him, Who was invisible (see Hebrews 11:27).' Hebrews 11:9-10 'By faith he dwelt in the land of promise as in a foreign country, dwelling in tents with Isaac & Jacob, the heirs with him of the same promise; for he waited for the city which has foundations, whose builder & maker is God'...
Why does the enemy want you to argue within yourself? Jesus told me that there is a way to be healed, & there are 2 things needed for overthrow. He said that you should feed your spirit with the Word of God to where it is lit up. 
Then you can pray in the Spirit (tongues) until you are so built up that you obtain holy faith in the love of God
(see Jude 1:20). At that point, overthrow happens.
• I saw my spirit take my soul: mind, will & emotions, take it up, throw it down & pin it.
• There was a word higher than authority: dominion. What I saw in Jesus' eyes was not just authority. 
He is waiting for His enemies to become His footstool (per Hebrews 10:13). Jesus is waiting for you to bring the head of your & His enemy in dominance, not authority. Dominion, in front of the Congregation of the Righteous: millions & millions in white robes before the throne (per Revelation 7:9-17). The church, His bride, will bring the head of the enemy & place it at the feet of Jesus. Jesus will pick His feet up & on his head...
I ceased to be a victim. I saw that satan was the victim and did not want me to know.
Satan spent all of his energy on me by convincing me that I was the victim...
Jesus’ victory celebration is where He receives the reward for His suffering...
• You have your I.D. It is your name written in the Lamb's Book of Life right now.
It has already been written about you.
• God knew that if He designed beautiful books for all the people, that when they eventually were born,
they may choose Jesus as the access point to their books through Jesus’ blood.
• Receiving Jesus’ redemption opens the books (per Psalm 139:16).
• You are in Him.  Our books are open.
You must cooperate with your books in Heaven because it is the will of God.
• You start with the Word of God.  Then God will give you access to your books.
• Your books will tell you what you are doing tomorrow,
but God tells you today what you are going to do tomorrow.
Jesus’ ministry revealed that there is an overthrow.  There is a mystery about it, called dominion.
• When you are together, & the presence of the Lord is among you, Jesus is with you in the Spirit. 
That is when you execute dominion (see Matthew 18:20) for your city, family, & country.
• Whatever you bind is bound.  Whatever you loose, it is loosed (per Matthew 16:19)...
• In Heaven, Jesus told me the playing field had been leveled. There is only 1 hero in Heaven: Jesus Christ.
• Down here, every single 1 of us is a history maker. Your next step by the Spirit will change the history books that the devil had planned and wrote. Re-write them. Prevent him from doing another drastic thing.
Satan is a terrorist & does not have a conscience. If you tell him how much you are suffering, he will laugh at you. He will go home & sleep like a baby, so to speak.
• Satan hates you, which may help you understand your enemies.
He gets into them & even some of your friends. There is always a Judas."

Articles, Booklets, Perodicals, Transcripts

Allen, Bruce - http://www.lchealingrooms.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/bruce-allen-december-3-friday-pm.pdf
ust believe God, by faith saying, be it done unto me according to You’re word, Lord.
Guess what? (Intellectual) Understanding (agreement) comes."

Carrin, Charles - http://www.charlescarrinministries.com/ - February 2011 Newsletter -
"Faith, therefore, is not an exercise of our physical-brain any more than it was the old man’s physical legs that swung down through the mattress.
We are spiritual beings, in contact with a Spiritual God, who communicates to us through the spiritual dimension... When Peter sank into the sea, he missed much more than a momentary miracle.
Instead of experiencing the Glory of Heaven 'opening on his eyes, & his ears with sounds angelic ringing,' he fell back into the dullness and dreariness of earth. Peter’s failure typifies the modern Church: Most Christians don’t expect out-of-body transports into the Other Dimension, we don’t expect 'faith' to be anything more than sweet religious-presumption, we don’t expect Scripture to have revelatory power. That is true because we preachers have denominationalized the Bible’s message &, in consequence, have reduced Kingdom-truth to a lovely, but faithless philosophy. My late friend Derek Prince used to say, “Any pastor who is not providing ‘signs & wonders’ for his flock should apologize to them for his failure”.  As an aide to helping myself get a more comprehensive understanding of faith I have joined it with another Greek word–peiro. Peiro means 'to pierce through' and originates from the word peran meaning 'other sid', beyond, farther, over, across.' In Greek, the word for faith is pistis. The combination of the two words allowed me to visualize faith’s purpose in penetrating our physical realm. This penetration is absolutely necessary if there is to be miraculous healing, spiritual gifting, deliverance from demonic bondage, out-of-body transports, etc. 'Peiros-Faith' is a force that comes to our dimension from the other realm, like sunlight passing through a window, goes through cooperative believers here.
Then, like an X-ray it penetrates and effects change in the circumstance it touches. True faith has the potential to interact both with our physical dimension of time and space while it maintains a complete, uninterrupted union with the Eternal Dimension where it originates. In other words, faith is a symphonizing of these separate dimensions. Faith cannot merely lie on the surface of its intended target but must pierce the subject needing change. Both a sending and receiving are involved.  As I understand it, this interaction of 'peiros' faith, that is 'faith' from the 'other side–the beyond–the farther–the over–the across', like the conception of ovum & sperm is a coming-together of the Holy Spirit’s power & the material substance of our realm.
These 2 realms became visible minutes before Stephen was stoned to death when something happened that totally astonished his attackers. Scripture tells us that suddenly, All who sat in the council, looking steadfastly at him, saw his face as the face of an angel. Acts 6:15. What caused this sudden change of the man’s physical appearance? His natural body momentarily began fading away & another, a more beautiful one, became apparent. Stephen was already in the transition of death & the “inner person” of his spirit momentarily became visible. 
In effect, he was already in the state of 'swinging his legs down through the mattress'.  
Jesus demonstrated this potential to the disciples on the Mount of Transfiguration, when He was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun & His clothes became as white as the light. Matthew 17:2. In my 60+ years of preaching, only twice have I seen a person in this dual-state of “holy radiance”. But I have seen it.
One was an elderly, farm-woman in a congregation of 700 whose face–during worship–shone so brightly that every one within five feet around her blurred-out. The other was a godly minister, Virgil Agan, who, while preaching, had a “halo” of light appear around him. Both of those events occurred in the 1950's. It was this kind of Glory that appeared on Stephen when he was dying–nor was it stones that killed him. As Jesus gave up His Spirit from the cross, so Stephen gave up his.  There is a distinct, identifiable moment for many believers in which the 'door of faith' is opened. Scripture explains: “Now when they had come to Antioch & gathered the church together, they reported all that God had done with them, & that He had opened the door of faith to the Gentiles.” Acts 14:27. This opening can be both corporate as with the gentiles or singular as with an individual today. Another example: Jesus said to them, ‘These are the words which I spoke to you'... He opened their under-standing, that they might comprehend the Scriptures. Luke 24:44-45. Does this kind of opening happen today? The answer is, 'Yes.' Ask the Holy Spirit to open the 'door of faith'."

Copeland, Gloria - You Can Have Fearless Faith - editorial 1/2008 Believer's Voice of Victory magazine -
"What is our soul?  It is our mind, will & emotions...what we think, how we make decisions & how we express ourselves.  Our faith in God's Word changes our soul to agree with Him...By His Word (Scripture) & by His Spirit speaking to your heart, you receive faith, direction & blessing."  We fatten up our spirit, like the holiday turkey, with the Word of God & the fellowship of spiritual champions, so that our sprits can impart to our minds the tenacity never to quit & the tenacity to continually confess agreement with the Word of God, regardless of what the ears hear, the eyes see, the mouth says, the nose smells, or the body feels, that is contrary to the Word of God.  "In the  early days I knew that from the Bible, but today I also know it from experience." http://www.kcm.org.au/magazine/archive
Copeland, Gloria - Abraham - editorial 12/2008 Believer's Voice of Victory magazine  www.kcm.org - "The Greek word translated receive in Mark 11:24...means 'to take, to get hold of, to receive to oneself, to take back'...
I think seize would be an appropriate word to describe it.  If we don't seize by faith what God has offered to us in His Word, it's NOT His fault - it's ours.  God has already done His part...provided EVERY blessing...
But that by itself does NOT complete the transaction.  For a gift to be exchanged, there MUST be a giver & a receiver."
"With God's promises...we must say, 'Thank You, Father, for that promise.  I believe it's mine & I take it by faith right now.'  We must begin to think, speak and act as if that promise is already ours.  That's just how faith works.  Then, when the devil tries to talk us out of that promise, we refuse to give it up. 
We rebuke the devil
& tell him to get his hands off our situation, in the Name of Jesus"...
"Remember this: Faith comes by hearing, but faith goes into action by saying'... When we release our faith with the words of our mouth, it goes to work for us like a servant & does what we send it to do." 
"I had been listening to Kenneth E Hagin's tape You Can Have What You Say...suddenly, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart.  He said, 'In consistency lies the power'...
What we say consistently will come to pass in our lives, because that's what we really believe in hour hearts. 
Jesus said, 'For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks' (Matthew 12:34 NKJV)."

Phil Driscoll 2/26/2016 - "If you rely on faith in Me, you will probably fail, but if you rely on trust in Me, then you will not."

, Virginia - Come Unto Me Ministries - 11/2/2011 - virginiaduran63@hotmail.com
http://www.injesus.com/message-archives/prophetic/kathiewaltersministy/step-out-on-the-water-literally -
"The story took place in a mountain village above the town of Hermosa, Mexico. -
I was part of a group of would be missionaries that went on a mission trip from Melody-land Christian center.
It was in 1972 during the Jesus movement. It was following the charismatic clinic.
Guest speakers had been people like Mel Tare, Kathryn Kuhlman, Fred Price, Dr. Frost, James Spillman...
I had been healed in the Kathryn Kuhlman meeting & could hear out of my left ear for the 1st time in my life.  My leg grew out in the Fred Price meeting.  When I was forced to pray for sick people mainly because of the habit I wore as a sister people were getting slain in the spirit, even little kids.
That was completely new to me.  Well anyway I came to realize that these were a lot of strange happenings...
I thought, 'Well the pastor is right, we canť't get across (the village river).' but then the Lord got more deeply involved.
I audibly heard Him say, '
Come.' I was standing at the edge of the water.  Being a person of so much (ha ha) faith I said, 'What are You going to do.? Are You going to part it like the Red Sea?' Again I heard Him say, 'COME'.  Now this was getting serious. 'Ok God, where is the BOAT? Even Noah got a boat.'  I did look around. Then I heard Him say, 'COME PETER.' Well that settled it. I was overcome with the knowledge that I could do nothing else but obey.  I took off my shoes, hiked up my habit & stepped into the water.  (Since then I have changed several habits ha ha.)   At 1st the water was not very deep but suddenly I started to sink. I said to the Lord (& I meant it from the bottom of my heart) 'Father whether I live or die I am coming.'  My feet immediately stepped up onto sand. Boy was I excited I was singing all the faith songs like, 'Jesus loves the little children' and 'A mighty fortress is our God.'  (Remember this was all new to me and God really is no respecter of persons.)  As I walked the huge things that were coming toward me were suddenly moved to the side and I was walking in a circle of calm water. Later I realized just what the scripture means when it says, 'He leads me beside the still waters; He restores my soul.'  From behind me I could hear the group saying. 'What are you doing sister?  You are going to drown.'  But I kept on walking. In the middle of the river there was a dirt mound.  I stepped up on it. I started to get back into the river when I heard 'NO.'  'Ok. God what is this all about? You get me to the middle & now You tell me no.'  I said, 'If You don'ťt want me to cross here, then You have to show me because I will not take another step without You.'  I felt actual physical hands go on my feet & turn then further down the dirt bar. 
I walked about 10-15 feet & the hands turned me back to the river.  'Ok if you want me to cross here than you have to show me.' My feet were placed one after the other on the sand where the water did not go above my ankles.  I made it to the other side in a state of undeniable joy.  I looked back across the river at the group standing there. I shouted to them.  'Come on, just walk where I walked.'"

Hagin, Kenneth E. - 2 Ingredients for Receiving Healing #1 = Faith & Power anointing - 9/1998 - http://www.kcm.org.au/magazine/archive "If a man believes he's well, then he'll ACT like he's well."
Hagin, Kenneth E. -
Why Faith is Important @ http://the-rythm-of-life.blogspot.com/2009_07_01_archive.html
Sustain Your Healing By Faith - Why? "He (the deaf man) had been healed by a manifestation of the gifts of God, all right, but if you don't have enough faith in you to hold on to what you have, the devil is going to steal it away from you.

#133) Kat Kerr - Another Whole Place Taking Up the Same Space - Dec 18, 2012 - http://www.christianforums.com/threads/kat-kerr-powerful-testimonies-of-heaven.7709517/page-5#post-62006110 - "(As a temple of God) "He steps inside of you. Heaven is a spirit realm, not a physical realm.
In this world, in this physical world, one thing takes up a space at one time?  In Heaven there is no time, it is eternity.  I could be gone for what seemed like 3 seconds. In Heaven have been gone for what seemed like for hours, because there is no time. The whole space thing, is the super-natural part of Heaven, but there are things in realms on your property, when He gives you property?. There are doors on your property that are suspended in the air. All it those amazing things that you ever wanted to do and didn't get to do, it can be right there in the middle of your property and can walk all the way around it and you see nothing until you go through that door, and in that door is another whole place taking up the same space. That's the best way to explain to you that there is no space in Heaven. God is unlimited in His ability to create things for you to enjoy. People come to your property, not just to see your mansion.  "They want to see what's in your doors."

#189) Kat Kerr - A Place Called Creation Lab – from Heaven Invasion Tour -  
Alive_Again Dec 23, 2012
http://www.christianforums.com/threads/kat-kerr-powerful-testimonies-of-heaven.7709517/page-8 -
“1 of my most favorite places to talk about is Creation Lab. There’s a reason why they call it a lab. You know what you do in a laboratory. What do you do? You experiment. God has plans for you on the new earth. He’s shown me before I was taken to Heaven, He’s shown me through the move of God, through the millennial reign, before He ever took me to Heaven. He’s shown me ages to come. You actually get to go in this place called Creation Lab. One of the things they do in there is, there’s this huge big room, a massive room, & I’m sure more things get created. You have to create the door to get in. Don’t think you’re not going to use your faith. You might not be using it to be healed, to get your rent paid, or for God to fulfill the vision, but you’ll still have to use it, use faith to create, now on this earth. Everything you get is by faith from God. He is moved by the faith of people & you get to a level where you go from believing to having faith. There is a level where you cross over & you go, ‘I’ve been saying it. I’ve been saying it.’ You say you’re believing it, but when something happens in here, then your spirit, something clicks, and it doesn’t matter what anyone says to you, no one’s ever going to steal it from you, you’re in faith. That’s the difference. But it’s important to declare things, because it builds it.  When you declare what God said, that’s still the Word of God. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the spoken Word of God.
If it’s you speaking His Word, it’s still building faith.  
If you don’t having anything else, get the Bible out & start declaring things He’s said about you.  Really.
But you have to have faith to create the door to get in Creation Lab, or you’re never getting in there.:
#190) Kat Kerr - Creation Lab from Heaven Invasion II Disc 2 - Alive_Again,  Dec 23, 2012 - http://www.christianforums.com/threads/kat-kerr-powerful-testimonies-of-heaven.7709517/page-8 - “1 of the places in Heaven I went to, it’s absolutely amazing. It still actually mystifies me. there is a place in Heaven where you are taught to create, because we are sons and daughters. Our Father wants us to learn what He does. We are supposed to be like our Father. So there is a place called Creation Lab. When you go up to this place, there are no entrances to it. You have to use your faith to get in there. So people who thought you’d never have to use your faith again, you’re wrong! I went up there several times. I couldn’t get in. I didn’t know what was wrong! I wanted to know if God was mad at me, which was ridiculous. So finally the Holy Spirit said, ‘You have to just ask.’ I asked Him what He meant, He said, ‘Just believe that you can enter into that place.’  I said, ‘There’s no door!’ He said, ‘You make the door’. Remember? It’s Creation Lab. So you’re trained before you ever get in there. You have to use your faith. So I just walked up to it the next time, I go, ‘Father, I believe that I can enter into that place.’  A doorway appeared. There were no handles on it. So I had the door, but I still didn’t have any way to get in there. I thought, ‘Should I go up there and knock?’  I’m telling you, the angels laugh hysterically at me all of the time. I know they record everything I do, because they show it over for reruns. So now I’m standing in front of this, I’m like, I believed I could get in, and there’s the door. He said, ‘You believed you could get in, but you have to believe that you will enter in’ So you’re like right there. How many things in our lives does that happen to us? We kind of believe God, but we never take that next step.  You have to use faith. It blesses the Father. He responds to your faith, not your need. I know that might sound harsh, but He wants you to use faith. He exists. He wants to help you. So then I walked up to it and said, ‘Father, I believe I can enter in.’
From out of nowhere, that door split down the middle and opened up.  So now I go to go in.  When I was inside, I didn’t know what else to do nextBut as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. 1 Corinthians 2:9 Alive_Again,Dec 23, 2012
#191) Kat Kerr - Creation Lab from Divine Encounter II Disc 1 (edited) "The 1st time He took me there, I was so totally blown away.  There wasn’t even a door to get into the place, because you’re going to have to use your faith, not because of battles and trials, but because He’s training you. Because you see, when He speaks, He knows it’s going to happen. He will train you even to get into this place. You have to believe that you can enter in. That’s what He told me when I 1st saw this beautiful emerald green building.  There’s this fantistic light that emanates from, a green color you’ve never seen in your life. Green represents life.  I wanted to get in.
I’m standing there going, ‘I can’t get in Lord.’  He goes, ‘You have to believe that you can get in.’  I go up to this wall with no entrance.  If He tells me to do something, I’m going to go do it.  So I stand outside this place, going, ‘I believe I can enter in’.  Nothing happens.  I said, ‘Well, Lord, I tried to enter in.’  He said, ‘No you didn’t, You were just saying something. You have to say it from here.’  So, I stood there. I went, ‘I believe I can get into this place’.  A doorway appeared. I was shocked. I was standing there, I walked right up thinking it was going to open, but I run into it.  I went, ‘Well there’s the door, but it didn’t open.’ You’ve got to BELIEVE that you can enter in, not just get in.  So I’m ready now, I walk up and go, ‘I BELIEVE I can enter in.’   It opens all by itself.
So I run in there and don’t have any idea what I’m going to do next. I’m trying to look at everything all at the same time.
# 206) Kat Kerr - Dinner at Your Mansion - Doors to other Places - from Dunamis - 3 - from Operatives of Darkness - Alive_Again,  Dec 25, 2012 - http://www.christianforums.com/threads/kat-kerr-powerful-testimonies-of-heaven.7709517/page-8 - Your property is also designed just for you.
You go outside an you'll see a door suspended.
Just a door. It's going to show you how there's no space in Heaven. No limit to space. You've got beautiful things all around there, things you always wanted to do but couldn't afford it. God gives it to you in Heaven to bless you.  I was taken one time and saw a huge family having a picnic. They were playing all over this beautiful lawn, and there was a door suspended, just like right here, just hanging in the air. God said, 'Walk around it.'
I walked around it, there's the back of the door.  I walked around it, there's the front of the door.
Then He goes, 'Now open it'. When I opened that door and stepped in, I was in an entirely different place taking up the same space as that person's property and their mansion.
He said, 'This belongs to them too'.  I couldn't see the end of this place. I was somewhere on the Crystal Sea.
It was absolutely beautiful.  All I did was walk through that door.
Because you know what? There's no space limit in Heaven.
his takes up one place in one space, right?  If you tried to put a car here, would something happen? Yes.
But in Heaven, you can have more than one thing taking up the same space in Heaven. 
There's realms within realms in Heaven, because God is a supernatural God. Amen?"

Hank Kunneman & Richard Roberts 5/22/2017 - Miracles, like rain, can be falling, but if we do not receive, take our faith bucket to capture the heavenly gift, it may pass us by. @
https://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/hank-kunneman-richard-roberts/ or

RICHARD ROBERTS: Just look at the scriptures, Sid. Here you see Jesus with a great crowd & the Bible speaks of 2-3 that were healed. Miracles were coming toward the people or they were going passed the people, some who wanted to be in the atmosphere to receive, some who didn't want to be in the atmosphere to receive. 
So miracles were constantly passing by. What we have to learn how to do is to use our faith. It's not just His power. His power is important, certainly, but we have to use our faith. His power and our faith have to come together and it happens through a point of contact. A point of contact is something that you do and when you release your faith you get yourself into an atmosphere for healing. The woman who touched the border of his garment, the woman with the issue of blood made the border of his garment, which was more than likely a prayer shawl, which had tassels at the base, representing the Law of Moses, which was the Word of God, she made the Word of God a point of contact. She said, if I can, really what she was saying was if I can just get my hands on the Word of God I will release my faith, and as soon as she touched it her faith was released because Jesus whirled around and said, "Who has touched Me?" Now she touched the tassels on his garment, but he said, "Someone has touched ME."  We can touch him by our faith. We can release our faith. Faith, when I receive this prayer in the name of Jesus, I release my faith to you and I receive a miracle. 
You know, when my father prophesied and put a portion of his spirit on me, I said, "Lord, I want that.
I claim that in Jesus' name. That's mine in the name of Jesus."  That's what she was doing.
Jesus whirled around and said, "Someone has touched me."  She told him the truth.
He said, "Woman, your faith, your believing, the fact that you have released your faith has set you free."
Often times when I pray for people they say, "Well I didn't feel instantaneous healing."
Well who knows?  It might come by the end of this program. It might come tomorrow.
It might come next week.  That's why we hold in faith and continue to release our faith, & say, "I'm not coming out of this prayer of agreement until the miracle is manifested."

LeClaire, Jennifer - http://the-rythm-of-life.blogspot.com/2009_07_01_archive.html 7/7/2009 - James described in his epistle. There is deliverance from doubt-alcoholism. It begins, continues & ends with the Word of God. God’s Word makes thousands of promises to those who believe.
Let’s examine a
12-step program designed for doubt-alcoholics.
1. Admit your problem: The 1st step to recovering from doubt/alcoholism is to see this debilitating (underlying/root/sometimes generational/inherited) disease (iniquity) for what it really is: sin.
Without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6).
2. Confess your fault: Healing and deliverance begins with confessing the fault.
Once you truly repent, then your effective, fervent prayers will make an impact (James 5:16).
3. Rely on God: Believe that the Lord is faithful and just to forgive you of your sin
and cleanse you from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9).
4. Examine your heart: Search your heart to determine what allowed the doubt and unbelief
to enter (you or your family tree) in the first place (2 Corinthians 13:5).
5. Decide to trust in the Lord: True repentance will bring lasting change as you decide once and for all to trust in the Lord with all your heart instead of trying to figure everything out on your own (Proverbs 3:5).
6. Renew your mind: Renew your mind with Scriptures about trust in the Lord and
read passages that demonstrate God’s faithfulness to His servants over the ages (Romans 12:2).
7. Build your faith: Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. Don’t just read your Bible.
Speak the Scriptures out of your mouth day and night. Then you will have good success (Joshua 1:8).
8. Be a doer of the Word: When we hear the Word and do it, it brings stability to our lives.
Jesus said whoever hears His sayings and does them is a wise man (Matthew 7:24).
9. Pray in tongues: You can build yourself up in your most holy faith by praying in tongues.
Allowing the Holy Ghost to pray through you will edify your spirit and ensure perfect prayers are being released on your behalf (Jude 1:20).

10. Fight the good fight: Since the battle is in the mind, keeping yourself from returning to the cup of doubt will require you to fight the good fight of faith (1 Timothy 6:12).  
Faith speaks what the Word says, even when circumstances defy it.
11. (In Jesus' name and power) Reject fear: God has not given us a spirit of fear. Fear is the antithesis of faith. 
When you feel fear begin to grip you, remember that God has given you a spirit of power, love & a sound mind & perfect love casts out fear (2 Timothy 1:7; 1 John 4:18).

12.  (In Jesus' name and power) Resist the devil: Now that you’ve submitted yourself to God, resist that old doubtful devil whenever he rears his ugly head and he will flee from you (James 4:7).
When doubt comes, say (In Jesus' name and power) “I resist you doubt. I choose rather to believe the Word of God.” Tell the devil, “It is written”... If doubt is the doorway to unbelief, then faith is the doorway to God’s promises.  Choose the ever living water of faith over the tumbler of doubt & receive everything God has planned for your life – no doubt about it.

Apostle G Maldonado on Facebook - http://kingjesusministry.org/the-faith-of-god/ - 9/4/2012 -
God faith is NOW faith, not yesterday nor tomorrow.  Jesus did NOT pray. 
Rather, He declared things into existence - NOW.
Maldonado, G -
The Four Realms of Faith from http://kingjesusministry.org/content/blog/

Moore, Keith - www.moorelife.org - 10/2008 Lay Hold of the Invisible -
http://www.kcm.org.au/files/magazine-pdf/mag_200810.pdf -
Take hold of what God has promised—lay hold of the invisible. Take it today."  Act.  Do NOT sit and wait.

Prince, Derek - http://www.freebibledownload.net/ChristianEbooks/DerekPrinceEBooks/Faith_As_A_Fruit.pdf
@ http://www.hopim.net/

Reed, Paulette - Trial by Fire by Paulette Reed - 7/14/2014 - "We can conclude from our Scripture that faith untried still remains faith, but it may not be genuine faith. In fact, it will only remain wimpy faith until it's tested and tried. In other words, our faith is only strengthened and matured by trials and tribulations, which cause us to endure them and eventually overcome them. After all, how can we be over-comers if we don't have issues to overcome? Faith rises to the occasion during each test it faces and changes us from glory to glory.
Beloved, think of each trial as a spiritual workout to beef up your faith until you're a force to be reckoned with & your life brings glory to God."

Renner, Rick @ https://renner.org/devotionals/the-cross-foolishness-or-the-power-of-god/ 10/17/2020 -
“For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto we which are saved (in spirit/soul/body) it is the power of God” (1 Corinthians 1:18). The word “foolishness” in this verse is from the word moria, which means foolishstupid, or unintelligent & describes unacceptable behavior, thought, or speech. From this word moria, we derive the word moron. To the Greek & Roman mind, to believe in Christ & in His Cross alone as the way to salvation was the belief of a moron. This kind of exclusive & “narrow” behavior, thought, or speech was simply unacceptable. When confronted with the message of the Gospel, a pagan of that time would have forthrightly exclaimed, “It is stupid, unintelligent, &  unacceptable to believe that Jesus is the only way to God [& to healing/health of our spirit, body & soul (emotions/willpower/mind)].”

Savelle, Jerry - www.jerrysavelle.org - 7/2008 The Power of the Prophetic Word - http://www.kcm.org.au/files/magazine-pdf/mag_200807.pdf - http://www.kcm.org.au/files/magazine-pdf/mag_200807.pdf -
"Believe Is An Action Word...Decree...Confess...Embrace...Hold."

Schambach, RW - THE CHILD OF GOD CANNOT BE SHAKEN - In the ministry to which God has called me, I’ve encountered many desperate people.  Most of them have been children of God.  You may have heard me tell the stories.  A woman whose son was being executed for murder falsely; a mother whose little child was dying with 26 major diseases; a man wrapped up in a sheet, already stinking of death from a horrible cancer; a woman with a blind mama, being evicted from her home because of financial problems.  Yet, each of these horror stories ended with a miracle, because these believers refused to be shaken.  They approached God in faith, and with the faith of the Shunnamite woman, they were able to declare, 'It is well.'”  Because of their faith, that son was set free from death row; the baby was cured of all 26 diseases; the man was healed of cancer; the blind mama received her sight and her daughter received a financial miracle so she could keep her apartment.  
The immovability of the believer.  What a great provision God has made for you & me.  Circumstances may cause us to feel as though we are lifeless.  This old flesh has to die anyway.  We have to gain victory over our senses and walk in the life of the Spirit.  We will be able to say as Paul, '
I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.' (Galatians 2:20) This is the secret to being unshakable.  Rather than living by what our senses tell us, we allow Christ (with all His wisdom, knowledge and power) to live through us. The Word of God declares the immovability of the saint: 
'He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.' (Psalm 55:22)

'Surely he shall not be moved for ever...his heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord.' (Psalm 112:6a,7b)  
'I foresaw the Lord always before my face, for he is on my right hand, that I should not be moved...
Therefore did my heart rejoice...
Thou hast made known to me the ways of life.' (Acts 2:25a,265a,28b)
The devil may knock you down, but you are not 'out' yet.  Get back up; get in the fight. 
Your foundation is sure.  Victory is yours.  There is no defeat for the Church of Jesus Christ...
'We [receive] a kingdom which cannot be moved.'  (Hebrews 12:28)
'Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy & find grace to help in time of need.' (Hebrews 4:16)
He gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out & to heal all manner of sickness & all manner of disease.' (Matthew 10:1)
'Behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high.' (Luke 24:49)"

Smit, Philip - Faith that Walks on Water - South Africa - Donations appreciated; thanks. To comment on this article visit www.ezfaith.com/myblog/ - We, as born-again Holy Spirit filled, humans must rely on God's word rather than on human words/medical science/ideas/beliefs.  "The physical proven fact is: Man can't walk on water (but) The spiritually proven truth is: Man can walk on water.  The medically proven fact & the prognosis might be that someone is terminally sick, and there is no medical cure for the specific illness (but) The spiritual truth is:
'By His stripes we were healed' (1 Peter 2:24), and Jesus & His disciples demonstrated this power by healing the blind, those with leprosy and every other 'incurable' sickness, they even Many of us have seen & experienced these miracles in our lifetime.  The natural situation is that there might be a recession & a lack of jobs & finances, or you have lost your source of income (but) The Biblical spiritual truth is that you can become rich in the midst of famine & create opportunities from a supernatural dimension. Jesus demonstrated this by withdrawing money from the mouth of a fish & increases a few pieces of bread & fish to feed five thousand men & their families.
He said that He came to preach the 'good news' to the poor. You don't have to stay in poverty." 
"When I minister to people for healing, I will never pray, 'If it is Your will God, please heal this sick person?'
This is what I have done for many years, trying to get people healed, & nothing I can really describe as a supernatural miracle ever happened...
There is another kind of faith that can produce instant results, or results that are unexplainable by science.
It was only when I blindly 'jumped out of the boat' & started commanding sickness and pain to leave.
This authority, backed by many hours of meditating and studying to understand & believe, caused that 1st miracle to manifest. There was no turn-around after...I...witnessed my first miracle...
Start doing the things God expects from us as His sons and daughters...
It is your inheritance."
Smit, Philip - http://ezfaith.com/myblog/creative-faith/ - http://ezfaith.com/myblog/creative-faith-2/ -
Smit, Philip - http://ezfaith.com/myblog/from-terminally-ill-to-totally-healed/
Smit, Philip -
http://ezfaith.com/myblog/christian-testimonies-of-modern-day-miracles/ -
James 5:15 The prayer [that is] of faith will save him who is sick, & the Lord will restore him; and if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.  This type of prayer is not the same prayer that we pray in secret when we seek God’s presence on a personal level.  This is the type of prayer that Jesus always prayed when He was manifesting miracles.  In fact, there is no asking in this type of prayer.  This is the prayer that can 'move mountains'.  This is an example of how we should practice faith to manifest a miracle:

The prayer that will move mountains are founded on a personal relationship with GodIt follows the prayers you (already in advance) have prayed in God’s presence in the 'secret place', where only you and God are present.  The (following/later commanding) prayer of faith are the words that you speak in the face of calamity, sickness and disaster. According the Word of God, this is the kind of faith that will draw God’s attention!  No wonder that Hebrews 11:6 states 'Without faith, it is impossible to please God.'  This means that this kind of faith is pleasing to God, and we can demonstrate this kind of faith, not by speaking to God about our problems, but standing next to God in heavenly authority and speaking words of faith into the negative circumstance on earth.  The prayer of faith doesn’t petition or ask God to do something for us all the time.  I have tried this for many years without seeing one miracle.  The (miracle/healing/deliverance) prayer of faith is our responsibility & spiritual effort of faith to change things from a spiritual realm of authority.

Dr. Lester Sumrall - The Greatest Message On Faith Ever Preached! @ Encounter Today

Wallis, Arthur - Healing the Waters #3 - http://www.csmpublishing.org/pdf/newwine/03-1972.pdf - "When God puts His hand upon us, and equips & empowers us, we do not have to go running around looking for jobs, they come running to us.  The needs start appearing from here, there & everywhere.  That is the way God works.
He brings needs to a place where they can be met, to the man who can be an instrument in God's hands.
he situation confronting Elisha is in one way tragic, because the sons of the prophets have been living in this place for years and have not been able to cope with the situation. Why?  Because they did not know God (intimately), neither did they have faith in His power to deal with it. Even though they had known a measure of the Spirit, they were not moving in the full flow... We see Elisha faced with finding a cure for a long standing chronic condition. I like to think that he viewed the situation in a manner similar to that adopted by a physician interviewing a patient... A doctor is not so concerned with symptoms as he is with what the symptoms disclose. He looks for the root of the problem, and the root of our problem is not always the thing that we tell the doctor, it is not often what we think it is, sometimes the trouble lies deeper...
Ask God for, a hearing heart. The Lord will whisper His secrets to us one by one as we need to know them. He will not entrust us with volumes of interesting information merely to satisfy our curiosity, or to allow us to become little spiritual 'know-it-alls' like the sons of the prophets."

Wilkerson, David - An Eclipse of Faith - 4/21/2008 Pulpit Series newsletter - www.wourldchallenge.org
Biblical spiritual giants had severe siftings and faith eclipses.  "Satan (the thief) doesn't demand (legally contend for) opportunities to break down people whose faith is weak or wavering."  Job is a great case in point.
Job 1:9 NKJV
  9Satan answered the Lord and said, "Does Job fear God for nothing? 
10Have You not made a hedge around him, around his household, around all that he has on every side? 
You have blessed the work of his hands, & his possessions have increased in the land. 
11But now, stretch out Your hand and touch all that he has, & he will surely curse You to Your face. 
(Even Jesus was sorely tested by Satan...Also look at Elijah, Simon Peter, Jeremiah & David.)
Luke 22:31-34 TPNT - "Simon, Simon! Behold, Satan demanded to sift you all like wheat, 32but I asked concerning you, that your faith would not fail; & you, when you have returned must at once strengthen your brothers.
33And to said to Him, "Lord, I am ready to to with You even to prison & to death." 
34But He said, "I say to you, Peter, a cock will not crow this very day until you would 3 times deny knowing Me."
Jeremiah 20:7-8   My life and ministry have ended in shame.  You (Lord) should have killed me in the womb.
Psalm 55:9 - Destroy, O Lord, & divide their tongues.
Psalm 56:5-6 - Every day they wrest (twist) my (David's) words.
All their thoughts are against me for evil...They mark my steps.

Wigglesworth, Smith - http://www.slideshare.net/rogelca7/faith-that-prevails?related=3

Wigglesworth, Smith - Smith Wigglesworth on Faith - a 30 day devotional booklet by Larry Keefauver - Publisher: Creation House - "I am heir to all the (Bible) promises, because I believe.  A great heritage
I overcome because I believe the truth & the truth makes me free.  Christ is the root & the source of our faith.
When He is in what we believe for, it will come to pass.  No wavering...
A definite faith brings a definite experience and a definite utterance."

Wommack, Andrew - Articles - http://www.awmi.net/extra/article - excellent


Branham, William Marrion - CD/MP3 audios - www.branham.org - Branham's camp meetings share that to the degree that we believe is the degree to which we will be healed.  Christ provided a trinity for us 2,000 years ago - healing/salvation/ deliverance.  It is ours for the receiving - NOW - (When a certified/registered letter/package comes to the door, one needs to sign for it, if the sender requires a signed receipt.  Likewise, we need to be aware of our spiritual inheritance & sign for it, prior to the mail/delivery man releasing it into our possession. 
In order to loose our inheritance/salvation/healing/ deliverance out of heaven into our possession, we need to agree with God that it is ours.  If we beat around the bush and say that the package might not be ours, then the postmaster will not leave it with us.  If we do NOT sign for it, then Satan can continue to oppress/terrorize us with malady.  If we continue to trust our symptoms instead of the Word of God, we will continue to be deceived/harassed by the lies of the enemy, the lies/ignorance of the medical community (that your case is incurable), and the lies/ignorance of the school of theology that teaches salvation only is obtained at the cross, whereas healing/deliverance is obtained (a) via medical science or (b) in heaven, after death.  Consider that we might end up in heaven, only to discover our unhappy/powerless lot in life is due to our own failure to take God at His Word, that the Bible says what it means and means what it says, literally.)
Branham, William Marrion -
Faith Is a Substance - 1947 - https://branham.org/en/messagestream/ENG=47-0412 + (Demonic) Diseases & Afflictions (Faith can receive & keep a healing, whereas doubt will prevent/remove healing.) 1950 https://branham.org/en/messagestream/ENG=50-0100 @ https://branham.org/en/MessageAudio -

Copeland, Gloria - God Can Turn It Around - #k080109 4CDs - www.kcm.org -
Biblical examples of those who operated in the spirit of faith & caused miracles to happen.

Hayes, Norvel - The Price Of Wavering Faith - video - www.nhm.cc

Hee, Kong - 11/21/2012 The Four Seasons of Faith (Part 1) - 11/28/2012 The Four Seasons of Faith (Part 2) @ http://konghee.com/broadcast/broadcast-archive

Hickey, Marilyn - Get Real - CD - www.mhmin.org
Hickey, Marilyn - The Power of Prayer & Fasting - AUDIO - www.sidroth.org - Radio interview with Sid Roth the week of 3/20/2006.  Marilyn shares how her dad had a nervous breakdown and was not expected to recover & how her mom did a 21 day fast, resulting in her dad's healing. 
Marilyn - 6/11/
2006 interview with Sid Roth about mental illness of her own father & brother healed by God through her mother's fasting.  Click onto TV archives to WATCH.  Video (DIS372)   DVD DVD372) 
Marilyn - Prayer & Fasting - The Ultimate Breakthrough - video - www.mhmin.org - (Marilyn on a Joni Lamb TV 3/2006 broadcast (not the 1 above) shares how a pastor went into a hospital & delivered a woman from severe mental illness from which no priest/MD could rescue her.  This was done through fasting & prayer. 
[Perhaps she was thinking of Pastor Lester Sumrall
True story of Clarita Villanueva - A 17 year old girl bitten by devils in Bilibid Prison, Manila, Philippines -  

The Case of Clarita Villanueva - Cached - www.reptilianagenda.com/exp/e100799c.shtml + www.reptoids.com  
Witnesses to May 1951 story are the Manila police, attending physician Dr. Marianna Lana, Mayor Arsenio Lascon, 2 local constables and several newspaper reporters.]
Mackim, John - 1969 book A Look Through Secret Doors - Ace Publishing - Shares God actually healing many incurables.

Maldonado, Guillermo - Expectation is a necessity for faith to operate successfully.
http://blog.fivefoldministryschool.com/2010/10/07/expect-with-faith/ DVD -

Martin, Dave - Spiritual Preparation for End Times - CDs - www.davemartinministries.com - CD4 - Each original/authentic/ master title deed is in heaven.  We do NOT get the front door/ignition key until we speak what we believe & believe what we speak.  Jesus/the-spoken-Word-of-God/the-Holy-Spirit is the frequency/glue that holds matter/atoms together in the earthly realm.  What you need (backed up by Bible promises) write down & place in your shoe (under your feet) and walk on it.  (Would not one consider these shoe bombs?  You can be a shoe bomber, & bomb both hell and its evil occupants, in Jesus' name.) CD4 culminates with activation prayer.

McLean, Renny - The Working of Faith Audio - CD's introduction begins with faith declarations via short audio sampler; $ download available. - "Understand that it is your identity with the Father that operates your faith.
God is NOT the miracle worker.  He is now using you the believer to work it in the earth."  God begins His work in our imagination.  The supernatural is the natural accelerated; the natural is the supernatural slowed down.
McLean, Renny - 2002 - Revelation Glory & Sound - CD - www.globalglory.org - A glory cloud inhabited by God is built upon/formed/attracted by "our" worship.  We individually need to participate in the building of that cloud. 
There is NO glory in the faith realm, which is the elevator into His presence/glory/room.
McLean, Renny - 2004 - The Breakthrough of Worship - CD#1/6 Faith is a muscle; use it.

Steyne, Danny - Messianic Vision radio broadcasts - 8/6-10/2007 - Show #1551  http://www.sidroth.org - Book #1110 These Walk on Water - LISTEN to radio archives.  Wednesday's (6/8/2007) broadcast, Dan's daughters were stolen, but God restored them to him...God taught Dan to teach faith in Him before he taught others to worship to Him.  Truth will set you free, when you know (recognize) it, and then pursue it.  Never own/claim/accept a malady by stating, "My" _____.  The MD typically deals with the symptom & not the root.  God deals with the root.  Reject/rebuke/stop the problem; then curse/stop-feeding/uproot/tell to die. 
Never accept a terminal disease/report, especially if you have not completed the job for which God created you.  Your mouth can shatter cancer/disease; shout like Joshua & collapse that problem with the vibration/frequency/sound of your voice.

Vera, Rich - The Final Countdown - CD#2 www.richvera.com - 2016 - Faith is a spirit, which we are to release over our situation/future/family/property/territory.  Fear is an emotion based on one's belief/mindset, which as he replays, opens doors to torment or phobia.  When an individual repents for self & ancestors, invites Jesus to be his messiah & Holy Spirit baptizer, that deputizes him to take God's authority, which is the Word of God, & command, in Jesus' name & power to evict/cast-out fear/phobia, to cancel/break/send-back enemy agenda/plans, to disallow even a scratch to affect those for whom we intercede, & to speak God's agenda/plans/ideas/blessings/creativity into imaginations & minds.


Faith Like Potatoes - from http://www.itbn.org - Faith Like Potatoes - "A true story of a rugged South African farmer, Angus Buchan, who wrestles with faith, hope, natural disasters & tragic personal loss." Nov 8, 2011

Web Sites

Ahn, Che - Faith that Heals - http://www.cbn.com/700club/guests/bios/che_ahn_042704.aspx
www.harvestrockchurch.org - book How To Pray for Healing
Harvest Rock Church, Pasadena, California, USA

Balizet, Carol - Home in Zion Ministries - http://www.homeinzion.com/faith.html - Natural childbirth ministries similar to Christian Science ministry with 100% reliance on God rather than medical science or man.

Brown, Tom - http://www.tbm.org/original_sin_was_doubt.htm
Brown, Tom - http://www.tbm.org/believe_you_receive_by_tom_brown.htm - "1 distinct difference is that faith & hope operate in different time zones. Hope is in the future, faith is in the present..
Many want to believe when they see, but faith works in reverse. You must believe if you want to see...
Many Christians doubt their salvation because they do not 'feel' the same as they once did. Unfortunately they are going by their feelings, not their faith (in what God says in His Word, the Bible). As long as their feelings become supreme, they are likely to backslide...The same mistake is made when it comes to the baptism in the Holy Spirit; people want God to make them feel something before they believe in it. Some have said, 'Well, if speaking in tongues is of God, then God knows where I live, and He can give it to me anytime He wants. I’m open'...
They are waiting for some sign or feeling that it is real.
However, it is legitimate because Jesus promised the Spirit.
The Spirit has come & will fill anyone who wants all of the Spirit. You must believe 1st, then you will receive...
F. B Meyer translates Mark 11:24: 'What things so ever you desire, when you pray, believe that you (already)have taken it' (as thought it were a seed planted in the soil or a seed planted in the womb).
When is the answer yours, before or after you have seen the answer? You must believe it is yours at the moment you have believed. Believing makes you a receiver...an angel of the Lord appeared to him and told him, 'See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands, along with its king & its fighting men.' (Joshua 6:2).
Jericho was still standing when the angel made this statement.
The angel was speaking in the present tense even though the walls were still surrounding Jericho.
Joshua had to believe that Jericho was theirs before he could see it falling...
The people gave a loud SHOUT. They shouted, 'For the LORD has given you the city!' (Joshua 6:16)
As they shouted, the walls fell. They did not wait for the walls to fall, and then shout victory.
Victory must be received at the instant you believe...
Jesus NEVER asked anyone to declare their infirmities or their problems. He did not ask a sick person, 'So, what’s wrong with you?' Yet, that is the common question that ministers ask before prayer.  Instead Jesus asked, 'What do you want me to do for you?' That is a far different question than asking them, 'What is wrong with you?'
Jesus wanted them to believe not in what they could see, but what God had SAID was reality.
He did not see cripples or blind people. He saw them whole...
'Don’t recite the same prayer over and over as the heathen do, who think prayers are answered only by repeating them again and again.' (Matt 6:7-8, Living Bible)...why not thank God for the answer? Rejoice in the Lord. 
Tell the Lord how grateful you are that He has answered your prayer.
Take the full armor of God and cut the devil inside and out.
Release your angels to work for you. (Verbally) stand on God’s Word."

Capps, Charles - http://charlescapps.com/media.shtml -
http://charlescapps.com/podcasts.shtml -
Capps, Charles - 4/11/2011 #166 Faith As A Seed - Pt 1 -
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Capps, Charles - 6/13/2011 #43 Faith As A Seed broadcast indicates that the mustard seed cannot be crossed/made-a-hybrid.  That is more likely why Jesus compared a good healthy faith to a small unalterable/uninfluenceable mustard seed. http://charlescapps.com/tv.shtml
Capps, Charles - 1/30/2012 #100 Understanding What You Know About Faith - Pt 1 -
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Capps, Charles - 3/12/2012 #108 - Understanding Faith and Confession - Pt 2 - (In Jesus' name) speak TO your mortgage, debt, loan, house needing to be sold, rather than praying (for God to do what Jesus has already accomplished; we are to execute or enforce God's work/promises/blessings as the current deputized church/body of the Holy Spirit on earth).
Capps, Charles - 6/2/2014 Calling Things That Are Not, Part 1
Capps, Charles - 6/9/2014 Calling Things That Are Not, Part 2
Capps, Charles - 6/16/2014 Calling Things That Are Not, Part 3
Capps -
10/20/2014 - Making A Demand On God's Provision For Healing - Program #141
Capps, Charles - 07/09/2015 - Make a Demand @ http://charlescapps.com/media.shtml
Isaiah 1:24 (ICB) - 4 The Master, the Lord of heaven’s armies, the Mighty One of Israel, says, You, My enemies, will not cause Me any more trouble. I will pay you back for what you did."7.9.2015
isaiah/54-17.htm -
"Behold, I Myself have created the smith who blows the fire of coals and brings out a weapon for its work;
I have created the
(holy) destroyer to ruin (decimate/exterminate and/or every enemy will self-destruct).

17"No weapon that is formed against you will prosper. 
Every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn.
his is the heritage of the servants of the LORD.  Their vindication is from Me
," declares the LORD.

Isaiah 1:24 (ICB) - 4 The Master, the Lord of heaven’s armies, the Mighty One of Israel, says, You, My enemies, will not cause Me any more trouble. I will pay you back for what you did.(7 fold)"7.9.2015
Psalm 79:12 - Pay back into the laps of our neighbors 7 x the contempt they have hurled at you, Lord.

Genesis 4:15 - But the LORD said to him, "Not so; anyone who kills Cain will suffer vengeance 7 x over."
Then the LORD put a mark on Cain so that no one who found him would kill him.
Exodus 22:1 -
Whoever steals an ox or a sheep & slaughters it or sells it must repay 5 cattle for the ox & 4 sheep for the sheep.
Luke 18:3 (NASB)
3 There was a widow in that city, & she kept coming to him, saying, ‘Give me legal protection from my opponent.’

23"Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, 'Be taken up & cast into the sea,' & does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is going to happen, it will be granted him.
24"Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray & ask, believe that you have received them, & they will be granted you.
25"Whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone,
so that your Father in heaven will also forgive your transgressions.
Numbers 23:19King James Version (KJV)
God is not a man, that He should lie; neither the son of man, that He should repent:
hath He said, and shall He not do it? or hath He spoken, and shall He not make it good?
http://biblehub.com/john/19-30.htm - 30Therefore when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, "It is finished!" He bowed His head and gave up His spirit. RECEIVE

Copeland, Gloria - www.kcm.org - Webcast - The Lifestyle of Faith - 7/09-13/2007 - Click archives to WATCH
Copeland, Kenneth - 8/05/2018 - Your Faith Makes You Whole RECOMMENDED Series
Copeland, Kenneth - 8/06/2018 - Praise God for His Healing Power
Copeland, Kenneth - 8/07/2018 - What God Says About Healing
Copeland, Kenneth - 8/08/2018 - Faith for Healing Comes by Hearing
Copeland, Kenneth - 8/09/2018 - God’s WORD Is Speaking to You About Healing
Copeland, Kenneth - 8/10/2018 -
How to Receive Healing by Faith
Copeland, Kenneth - 3/08/2019 - Exercise the Word to Develop Your Spirit. @ http://www.kcm.org/watch/downloads
"Have you been a spiritual couch potato?"  Discern the difference between 24/7 learning/knowing God's word and ACTING on it.  Recognize the diffence between scientific FACT & God's spiritual TRUTH.
Copeland, Kenneth - 4/01/2019 - Keys to Living in Divine Health @ https://www.kcm.org/watch/downloads Interview with Colbert, Dr. Don & Mary. Sometimes it is NOT faith we are lacking, but hope/expectancy.

, Ceflo - 7/24/2016 from A Heart at Rest from Returning to Grace series God's GRACE triggers FAITH which triggers ACTION.  Each of the previous work together (not independently of each other) to produce healing/help needed, such as food for hunger.  Abraham had more than faith. 
He acted when he believed God.  His faith had legs.

Duplantis, Jesse - Great Expectation Produces Great Faith & Great Results - Part 1 -
Duplantis, Jesse - Great Expectation Produces Great Faith & Great Results - Part 2 -

Evancho, Jackie - http://www.staged.com/video?v=NtK Be inspired.

Francis, Bishop John , founder and senior pastor of Ruach Ministries, Brixton, S. London with Benny Hinn
Tuesday 11/28/2006 TV broadcast from Jerusalem on Faith http://www.bennyhinn.org/television/weeklyreview.cfm

Hagee, John - https://www.getv.org/Videos/Watch/9356bfcd-12ee-4e82-835a-7c27fc8118cf?title=The_Helmet_of_Hope
Hagee, Matt - Finding Faith in the Flood 11/13/2019 @ https://www.jhm.org/Sermons -  unique

/Hayes, Norvel - New Life Bible Church - www.nhm.cc   View as HTML
"If you can believe God for something before you receive it, then you can get it.
Do you understand that if anybody on earth can believe for something before he sees it, then he will get it. 
If you're waiting to see it to believe it, then you're not going to receive it, because that's not the way faith works." 

Hee, Kong - The Spirit of Faith (Part 1) + The Spirit of Faith (Part 2) - 3/6-13/2013 @ http://konghee.com/broadcast/broadcast-archive

Hinn, Benny - Impartation and Anointing Conference from Christchurch in New Zealand
3 Revelations of Faith, Part 1 - 3/12/2008 - SEND TO FRIEND -  
“The gift of faith is God’s faith,” he shares, “so we are actually commanded to have the faith of God.” 
3 Revelations of Faith, Part 2 - 3/13/2008 - SEND TO FRIEND  
The fruit of faith which is produced by God’s presence, not His power.
3 Revelations of Faith, Part 3 - 3/14/2008 - SEND TO FRIEND -
Benny ministered to pastors, praying for an impartation of the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
3 Revelations of Faith Teaching from New Zealand 3/17-18/2008 - SEND TO FRIEND
The gift of faith is from God.  The fruit of faith is from Christ. 
The 3rd faith is our walking in obedience, our flexing/exercising/using our spiritual muscle, lest we lose it.
The 3rd is our daily saying no to the flesh & to Satan + daily discipline of such as reading scripture.
Hinn, Benny - 2008 Louisville, Kentucky, USA Fire Conference day #2 - healings of pain 12/4/2008 broadcast
http://www.bennyhinn.org/media/2008-12-4.asx  inspiring esp. 2nd half - 1st half deals with RECEIVING/taking one's healing.
Hinn, Benny - Surrender/give to God; let go. - http://www.bennyhinn.org/
television/watchprograms/believe-in-the-god-of-miracles/?prg=08/02/2013 - Relinquish the same way Moses' birth-mother did when she (violently) abandoned (planted) him (as a faith-seed) in the river basket. Then worship.

Hutton, Larry - TV - http://www.larryhuttonministries.org/media/ForceofFaithTV.cfm

Glenda Jackson - Jackson, Glenda Underwood - Manteca, California 95336, USA - http://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/glenda-jackson video -
transcript - http://d3tnb2mam8l2qt.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/IS775Transcript_Jackson.pdf
radio http://sidroth.org/radio/radio-archives/glenda-jackson
Spiritual heritage - http://glendajacksonministries.com/index.php/about/glenda-s-heritage
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Glenda-Underwood-Jackson-Ministries/118156661565770

Prophetess Glenda Underwood Jackson ministering at a Fire Conference with Benny Hinn
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4S39xQ59y8o - 3/27/2014 (edited transcript) - The Holy Spirit says to say, "This night is only a beginning of the age to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.  Get ready for creative miracles, such as the world has never seen.  The world must be won for Jesus.  It will only be done by His name and His works being glorified.  All of heaven is watching this night.  The Lord Jesus Christ is standing, not sitting, at the right hand of Father God looking for even more faith than He has ever seen.  Get ready brother Hinn, because the dead are going to be raised.  Hospitals are going to be emptied out.  Jesus saved the best for last.  And we are going to go out in a blaze of glory."  The Lord says, "This is the year mighty transfers are going to transfer over. 
We're going to take nation after nation, for Jesus Christ. He is going to prove for once and for all that He is the great Physician, He is the great I AM, He is the Alpha and the Omega, He is the bright and morning star." 
The Lord also said to say, by the Holy Spirit, "Those who have given to this ministry, 'fear NOT, your fold is to come into existence this year', sayeth the Lord."  "Brother Hinn, from this night forward you are to walk in a resurrection power you have never known in your life," sayeth the Lord... 
3 things are coming - Divine: appointments, release, & explosion...
A sign of His coming = Nothing will be hid...
The devil does NOT give us our trials; Jesus does.  The enemy is after our faith
There is only ONE thing I
(Jesus) am praying for, that your faith fail not, for I have already done the work for healing and salvation, for which My intercession is NOT needed...I did NOT pray for him (Peter) to get out of it or for the enemy to leave him alone, but for his faith NOT to fail Shall I find faith when I return
It is impossible to please God without faithNothing moves heaven but faith.  Faith means: Forsaking all, I Take Him (an acronym).  (Let us) take the shield of faith.  Tonight is a divine appointment with the Holy Spirit. 
Tonight is a divine release of the Holy Spirit, resulting in a divine explosion. 
The pastor here can do everything, but if you do NOT believe it, nothing is going to happen. 
Paul/Jesus perceived in the people, that they had the faith to believe.

Jordan, Manasseh - http://www.bennyhinn.org/media/2010-7-26.asx - Faith is the umbilical cord between us and God, according to Manesseh.  Manesseh says, “Whatever you are going through, whatever trials, whatever tribulations you are going through, I want to tell you right now how to get out of that and how to walk in God’s promises.”

Kornacki, Carol  I Believe In God, But Do I Believe Him? @ http://carolkornacki.blogspot.com/search?updated-min=2007-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-05%3A00&updated-max=2008-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-05%3A00

Maddock, Mike - Faith is speech activated (scripture/God's word in our mouth).
Everything on earth is a seed.  (1/29/2016 repeat Benny Hinn broadcast)

Matthews, Victor M    The Daily Affirmation of Faith - http://www.gracenotebook.com/pub/335
"God loved me and chose me in Christ before time began (Eph. 1:1-7)...
I sincerely receive Christ as my deliverance from Satan and take my position with Him
in the heavenlies asking the Holy Spirit to apply to me the work of the Ascension. In His Name I submit myself to God and stand against all Satanic influence and subtilty. In cooperation with and dependence upon God, I obey the command to 'resist the Devil' (Eph.1:20-23;2:5,6;4:27; 6:10-18; Col. 1:13; Heb. 2:14,16; James 4:7; I Pet. 5:8,9)." +

Metaxas, Eric @ https://lifetoday.org/video/deadly-silence/ 10/31/2022 +
Metaxas, Eric @ https://lifetoday.org/assets/files/3-13-23e-Eric-Metaxas.pdf 10/31/2022 Transcript wk 12

Metaxas, Eric @ https://lifetoday.org/video/deadly-silence-3/ 4/5/2023 It is NOW time to act on our faith.
https://www.amazon.com/Letter-American-Church-Eric-Metaxas/dp/1684513898  Book Excerpt
Faith without works is dead, as proved to be true during ww2 & likely ww1.  Church, wake up.  Avoid ww3.
Metaxas, Eric @ https://lifetoday.org/video/a-light-in-the-darkness-2/ 3/29/2011
Metaxas, Eric @ https://lifetoday.org/video/a-light-in-the-darkness-3/ 3/31/2011
Metaxas, Eric @ https://www.amazon.com/Bonhoeffer-Pastor-Martyr-Prophet-Spy/dp/1595552464 excerpt

The German protestant church failed to heed Bonhoeffer's warning.
, Eric @ https://www.amazon.com/Martin-Luther-Rediscovered-Changed-World/dp/110198001X/ref=pd_bxgy_img_sccl_2/135-3174474-3206911 - Book Excerpt -

, Joyce - Worry sees the problem; faith sees God.
10/26/2011 - http://www.joycemeyer.org/BroadcastHome.aspx?video=Moving_Beyond_Worry_and_Anxiety_–_Pt_1
other videos at http://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail?pid=29946
Meyer, Joyce -
https://joycemeyer.org/todaysshow/2021/16-1440/faith-part-1 - 4/19/2021 -
When we SPEAK & ACT as though our prayer is answered, we are enforcing/empowering holy rather than evil angelic activity & Go
d’s rather than Satan’s desired end. @ https://joycemeyer.org/todaysshow/previousshows

Moore, Beth - Believing God - Bible Study - especially for women - http://www.lifeway.com/believinggod/

Moore, Keith    2 week TV series   Thanksgiving Victory 
Thank God in advance regardless of feelings and He will open the door to victory.  http://www.kcm.org 11/30/2009  http://www.bvov.tv/asx/bvov/091130.asx recommended:
12/1/2009    http://www.bvov.tv/asx/bvov/091201.asx
12/2/2009    http://www.bvov.tv/asx/bvov/091202.asx   
12/3/2009    http://www.bvov.tv/asx/bvov/091203.asx recommended
12/4/2009    http://www.bvov.tv/asx/bvov/091204.asx 

Morris, Robert - Faith When You Can't See a Thing -

Prince, Derek @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdIsz9IfIN0 Faith comes by our ears hearing, continously.

Price, Fred  4/11/2010 TV broadcast  www.faithdome.org - Faith is a law; the more we obey (line up with) the law, the more the benefits will manifest.  Faith does NOT eliminate the need for insurance. 
Insurance is a deterrent against opportunists, law suits, & undue financial burdens or strife between heirs. 
Love (not necessarily a liking) is mandatory for a Christian.

Prince, Joseph - www.josephprince.org - Prince reminds us that knowledge is NOT belief. 
(A person can know by heart the Bible, but if he does NOT believe it, it is of NO avail to him/her. 
In fact, Satan believes the Bible, but does NOT trust in it to help him.  God's Word needs to be known & then both accepted & applied personally, in each generation, in each life, in each circumstance.  Salve is no good in a jar. 
It needs to be applied to the wound.  Communion on the altar needs to be consumed. 
A dusty Bible on the shelf is of NO avail to the person dying spiritually or physically. 
A Christ who died 2000 years ago is of NO use to anyone now, unless he/she recognizes that Christ is alive NOW & available/asking us to apply His blood to our sin plus His body/wounds to our emotional & physical wounds.
Faith Confessions - http://www.josephprince.org/Resources_Confess_The_Word.html?active=resources

Shuttlesworth, Ted @ https://www.tedshuttlesworth.com/ Faith Alive TV -

Steyne, Danny - 8/6-10/2007 - Show # 1551- http://www.sidroth.org - Book These Walk on Water #1110
LISTEN  by clicking onto broadcast archives.  Love is God's atmosphere, but faith is God's action in the spiritual realm, today and tomorrow.  The body parts that exist in heaven, in the spiritual realm, manifest themselves on earth when we speak them into our human existence.

Dutch Sheets - 6/20/2014 @ http://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/dutch-sheets - 061614
Get rid of hopelessness in every area of our lives. God told Dutch to tell you, 'Your season of hopelessness is over.'
God wants to renew your mind, heal your heart & restore your dreams. He is your hope." Transcript @ http://d3tnb2mam8l2qt.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/IS757Transcript_Sheets.pdf
RADIO - http://sidroth.org/radio/radio-archives/dutch-sheets -

Sumrall, Lester - 25 internet videos @ https://drlestersumrall.com/teachings/promises-of-god/

Walters, Kathie - www.kathiewaltersministry.com - "The  'PEREGRINI'  in the 5th  CENTURY in IRELAND would  come from the monasteries & get into a little boat off the shores of Ireland. The boat had no rudder & no oars, just a sail, & they trusted God to send the winds to take them to where they were supposed to go. 
I would say that was a spirit of abandonment to the purposes of God; wouldn't you?"  

White, Todd - 7/13-17/2009 Healing Is Easy CD or Messianic Vision radio broadcast
http://www.sidroth.org/site/News2?abbr=rad_&page=NewsArticle&id=8525&news_iv_ctrl=1121 -
Friday the 17th shares greater revelation about those NOT healed in Jesus' neighborhood. 
Few sick were brought to Jesus, thus few were healed. 
If they had been brought, Jesus' own faith would have healed them.  According to Todd, in large measure, healing depends on the faith of those who minister and NOT on the recipient's faith; mostly, healing is based on the degree of faith of the one laying on of hands, & NOT on the faith of the one receiving prayer.
Friday's ministry includes healing prayer for bipolar and schizophrenia.  Receive. 
Todd indicated that he was formerly diagnosed with & healed of bipolar
No more mental illness, in Jesus' name!  (The Giver is here; the gift is here. 
Often we do not take/acknowledge/accept/ receive the Giver's gift: healing. 
Most of us fail to ACT or behave as though we are healed, after receiving ministry. 
Think of the chicken.  It needs to ACT, to peck its way out of its shell, in order to be born.) 
Additionally, the CD of entire radio program is well worth the purchase.
radio archives - http://www.sidroth.org/site/PageServer?pagename=rad_archives    
tv archives - http://www.sidroth.org/site/PageServer?pagename=tv_archives   
White, Todd 7/17/2009 biography - formerly addicted to drugs  http://www.powerandlove.org/Groups/1000030968/Power_and_Love/Speakers/Todd_White/Todd_White.aspx -
, Todd u-tube Todd White-School of Power Evangelism  1/31/2009
@ http://www.youtube.com/watch?=ypsHb38dhRQ
White, Todd u-tube - 1st of 10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUx9akIpv9g
White, Todd Street Healings http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DU3_r_B6taI

Winston, Bill - The Force of Faith - www.billwinston.org - 7/27/2011 - http://www.billwinston.org/bwof/ - Wed http://www.billwinston.org/archives/  for $ - Key point = Satan's job is to coerce you to trust more in your feelings than you do in God's word!  When we take Satan's bait, we are despising/distrusting Him & instead trusting others' ideas & our feelings/emotions/circumstances.  Satan is NOT after us, but rather after our faith.  Faith has NO limits.  Fear contaminates faith.  Fight for your faith.
Winston, Bill - Putting Faith to Work series - www.billwinston.org - Wed 7/20/2016 
What we do not
resist, we can expect to remain.  We are to speak as forcefully as God. 
We are to deny sickness/ negatives to remain, demonic arrows to wound/infect/kill us. 
Increased demonic fire is to trick us to take back our defense/offense/faith/belief. 
If faith has no fruit, then it is fake.

Wommack, Andrew - Faith Builders - audio series - http://www.awmi.net/extra/audio/1046
The Reality Of Faith, Walking By Faith How To Overcome Doubt The End Of Self Is The Beginning Of God
Wommack, Andrew - God Wants You Well - audio series: http://www.awmi.net/extra/audio/1036 =
Healing Is In Christ's Atonement
 + What About Paul's Thorn In The Flesh + Why Isn't Everyone Healed? 
The Laws Of Faith
Wommack, Andrew  
How To Become A Water Walker: Lessons In Faith -
audio series: http://www.awmi.net/extra/audio/1037 
Be Of Good Cheer + Get Out Of The Boat + Unbelief Will Sink You
Wommack, Andrew - Living In The Balance Of Grace And Faith series  http://www.awmi.net/podcasts
10/27/2009  http://s3.awmi.net/downloads/tv/2009/10oct/awm_tv20091027.wmv  excellent 
Faith appropriates what God has already provided.  We are NOT to wait on God;
e is waiting on us.  God does NOT respond to me; I respond to God
10/28/2009  http://s3.awmi.net/downloads/tv/2009/10oct/awm_tv20091028.wmv - Faith is RESPONDING (as an heir or executor) to God's former provision/will of His son Jesus Who died leaving us an inheritance (salvation/healing/health/ deliverance/miracles) (The relevant deed, check, bail/get-out-of-jail-free and mental-hospital-release-form is signed in blood.) [Remember, (physical &/or emotional) healing and deliverance can be 2 separate things.  If a malady is caused by an evil spirit, one needs to identify it, repent for it in self & family blood line, refuse and reject it, in the name of Jesus, bind & cast it out never to return, in the name of Jesus, then thank & praise the Lord, and refuse the evil sprit when it tries to return.]
Wommack, Andrew - Living In The Balance Of Grace & Faith   3rd week of series - (Forgiveness of sins, eternal life, healing, deliverance, & miracles have already been provided by God & await our believing & taking.)
Wommack, Andrew -
You've Already Got It - http://www.awmi.net/extra/article/already_got - audio -
Our faith is our response to (appropriation of) what God has already done through Jesus Christ
(After believing and acting, we need to give thanks rather than asking
God to do what He has already done
If God gives us a gift, then
we need to open it.  If it is a bike, then we need to ride it, not look at it.  If it comes in pieces, then we 1st need to assemble it according to the directions.)  We need to ACT as though we believe, profess in our speech, by beginning to behave as though the invisible is manifested already.  (EG: if we take vitamins to stay healthy or young, then we can begin to reduce, eliminate or substitute with more exercise, healthy eating and daily holy communion.  We might need to move from a high chair to a rocking chair for leg exercise.  We might need to quit asking our relatives for financial support.  Those who live violently/ audaciously get to walk on water, hand in hand with Jesus.)  Let us ask Jesus to be both our savior + baptizer in His Holy Spirit and then begin DAILY to spend time with Papa God, son Jesus, and Holy Spirit, Who together will begin to grow up our newborn human spirit into a matured spirit able to do great feats using our human soul and body.)
Wommack contends that the human spirit is fully mature when man is "born again" but not our human soul/mind which needs to mature and cooperate with God.  Wommack believes that the 6th sense is our born-again-spirit being conscious of Godly invisible things.  Regardless, (whether human spirit, mind or both) human maturity and quick obedience is required in the spiritual kingdom. HEART_MIND_WILL
11/2/2009  http://s3.awmi.net/downloads/tv/2009/11nov/awm_tv20091102.wmv
11/3/2009  http://s3.awmi.net/downloads/tv/2009/11nov/awm_tv20091103.wmv
11/4/2009  http://s3.awmi.net/downloads/tv/2009/11nov/awm_tv20091104.wmv  excellent
11/5/2009  http://s3.awmi.net/downloads/tv/2009/11nov/awm_tv20091105.wmv
11/6/2009  http://s3.awmi.net/downloads/tv/2009/11nov/awm_tv20091106.wmv
11/16/2009 http://s3.awmi.net/downloads/tv/2009/11nov/awm_tv20091116.wmv
We can NEVER prequalify for salvation or healing, only receive what He did before we were born.
Receiving forgiveness and eternal life free CD Grace a Done Deal - Request in writing.
Wommack, Andrew - http://s3.awmi.net/downloads/tv/2014/03mar/awm_tv20140325.wmv -
Belief in wrong or partial truth may slow or prevent one's healing.
Wommack, Andrew
- https://www.awmi.net/video/this-weeks-tv/#/2019/week10/wednesday 3/6/2019 Denominations take one scripture truth as their entire doctrine/foundation.  Grace is 2 parts: giver + receiver.  God provided 2000 years ago via Jesus and Holy Spirit our provision, salvation, healing & deliverance. 
However, we by an act of our free will need to become aware of, believe, RECEIVE, appropriate & consistently enforce our spiritual, physical & mental INHERITANCE
Wommack, Andrew - 11/26/2019 - https://www.awmi.net/video/this-weeks-tv/?id=TmHgC5ZH When one is born-again into the Kingdom of God, he receives the full not partial version of God's goods into our spirit, including His Faith.  When we recognize, receive, act on, activate & enforce His Faith inside of us, then we begin to have what He whas, including healing of cancer.
Wommack, Andrew - 1/16/2020 - https://www.awmi.net/video/this-weeks-tv/?id=3tVhVWhC
Faith & belief in the Trinity are both needed to accomplish bringing heaven on earth.

David Yanez 8/15/2016 - http://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/david-yanez -
http://d3tnb2mam8l2qt.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/IS869Transcrpt_Yanez.pdf -
You start believing.
Whatever you believe, faith and (or) fear can both receive.  If you give fear, give into fear, & start feeding fear, well whatever fear dictates for your life is going to happen, because you're feeding with your thoughts & your actions. But if (you) feed faith, feeding faith is believing the scriptures. Feeding faith is believing what Jesus said, “Anything you ask in my name I will do it”…Fear has other friends that come with it.
Fear has doubt...oppression...depression. All these things come in & keep you from being (well), you have to wake up. I'm not saying you got to jump out of bed & say I'm excited for faith, (but) that's a good thing to do.

Youssef, Michael - 8/13/2018 - On Daystar Table Talk TV interview with Joni Lamb Yousseff mentions that faith is a muscle that needs daily exercise. https://www.ltw.org/

Bulldog Faith

Adams, Michelle Medlock - 6/3082014  2014https://www.guideposts.org/bulldog-faith

Copeland, Kenneth - 4/18/2016 http://www.kcm.org/node/28542
4/14/2018 http://blog.kcm.org/5-characteristics-bulldog-faith/ +
A Confession of Determination :

"I have made up my mind.
I have made my decision.
I have set my faith.
I am fully persuaded that I am going to make it.
Nothing is going to stop me.
Nothing is going to hold me back.
Nothing is going to keep me down.
Nothing is going to stand in my way of the fullness of THE (God's) BLESSING.
For I am determined. You can’t talk me out of it. You can’t discourage me from it.
You can’t deter me from all that is mine in Christ.
For I am determined, undaunted, unbending, unflagging, unflinching.
No matter what happens, I am going to make it.
According to the Word of God, I am going to make it.
For in Him, I am determined." 
(I take it now, in the name, blood & resurrection power of Jesus Christ.
I thank You holy Trinity, right now.  Hallelujah.  Amen.)

Hagee, John - https://www.charismamag.com/anniversary/pages-from-our-past/24179-john-hagee-how-bulldog-faith-sparked-a-ministry 8/20/2015


Authentic faith is based on evidence, evidence in the Word of God in Scripture.  Any other evidence is insufficient/ inadequate/short in amount/a lie of Satan.  Scientific, mathematical, physical (5 senses), spiritual (invisible/demonic), or medical evidence that contradicts God's thoughts/words in scripture equals a lie. 
For instance, if a doctor declares that one has an incurable disease or if a lawyer declares one is guilty. 
If God declares the opposite, then God, not man, is Truth, even if it is invisible/ not evident/not yet manifested/not yet loosed from heaven/not yet loosed from the enemy/not yet visible to the eye. 
What if the doctor says one is depressed or insane or terminally ill?  One can take the meds or not, according to his heart and ability to pay.  Regardless, he/she or the loved one can still stand on God's spoken word, which contradicts that lie.  Why?  Because Satan is the author of all maladies.  Jesus on the cross made a way for healing & deliverance, when we believe and avail ourselves of it.  Salvation is NOT just for the spirit, but also for the body and mind, right NOW.  Sometimes the patient has to agree with God and sometimes he does not.  However to prevent relapse or hang onto remissions, the patient will need to agree with God for himself. 
If suffering is to be part of God's will for man, God will reveal this.  For instance, God revealed to Jesus that He was to suffer and die on the cross, to allow the eradication of sin/disease/insanity for those who elect to take Jesus at His Word.  The contemporary idea of suffering for our sins is a lie of Satan. 
Jesus is the one Who suffered for our sins on the  cross.  He bore our sins, already, 2000 years ago.

I Have Received My Personal Prophecy, Now What? by Georgina Buchanan -
www.touchstonesnetwork.org - "My personal belief is that 'prophecy is the declared intentions of God.'
So when we receive a personal word or when a corporate word is given, that word is declaring what God intends to do
...God told Abram that he would be a father of many nations when at the time Abram had no children.
(See Genesis 17:5)  Our physical circumstances will often be opposite of what our prophecy is saying.
That's why God changed Abrams name to Abraham, so that every time Abraham said his own name it reminded him of God's intended outcome for him...
Abraham pleaded with God to allow Ishmael to be the appointed heir, (ee Gen 17:18-22) but God replied to him by saying he would bless Ismael but he could not be the covenant heir.  Why, because Ismael was from Abrahams natural ability, not by God's supernatural power... 
Our words must speak not what we see, but what we are believing for. 
It is sad, but many people will stand back with their arms folded, waiting to see before they believe, but spectators never become recipients, because receiving requires believing...
A word from the Lord will always be impossible with man, that's why we cannot receive it with our carnal minds. The carnal mind is the enemy of God. Romans 8:7 (NIV) tells us: the sinful mind is hostile to God.
It does not submit to God's law, nor can it do so...
We are in a season of time that has never existed before, and it is only the beginning of the greatest outpouring of God's glory man has ever experienced. The breakthroughs we are waiting for will not be just an ordinary breakthrough, but they will break us through into the extraordinary move of God...
You will not be disappointed anymore than Abraham was when Isaac was born...
Do not judge God by our natural timetable; choose to believe, receive, & act on what He has said.
Then let him do what only he can do, in whatever way he chooses."

, Gary http://www.faithlifenow.com/ or www.sidroth.org TV archives - God showed Gary in a dream to rely on His word and not on his own human symptoms to determine if he was healed.  God also instructed Gary to speak to a deer to come to him, thus showing Gary the power of speech used in the name of Jesus.

Flew, Anthony - testimony of conversion from atheism to Deism - http://www.biola.edu/antonyflew/flew-interview.pdf


Faith is trust in what God has ALREADY accomplished/established in heaven by Christ's blood sacrifice and resurrection.
Faith is trust in what is ready to be manifested on earth in God's time and by our appropriation, especially in the presence of His glory.  Everything was FINISHED at the foundation of the earth; in heaven there is NO time...
Above citations (often with web links) are numerous contradictions; thus, God is NOT a formula, but works in many ways.

Contamination by Others

https://vimeo.com/100282531 @ https://vimeo.com/aikohormann/videos
God's healing is yesterday/today/tomorrow, cause Jesus already FINISHED His work on earth in our human time. 
There is NO time in the 3rd heaven/dimension.  UNBELIEF or being DOUBLE-MINDED may be the single missing key to NOT receiving one's healing.  (Lord, we repent.  Help our unbelief.)
Common Blocks To Unanswered Prayer Belief vs sense evidence - https://vimeo.com/100282248 - Heavenly position/faith-evidence is a different/higher/causal dimension/realm than effect/evidence-realm, sense/physical symptoms or scientific medical facts. 
According to Romans 4:17, I call my situation/body healed, in Jesus' name.  Do NOT be double minded.  
(Father, we repent for being double-minding/unbelief,
for any crumb of unbelief preventing recovery. 
With Your help we believe and receive what Your Son Jesus provided for us.  Thanks.)6.1.2015
Hormann, Aiko - You might like Rainmaking AUDIO  http://www.aikoministries.org/audio-messages.html 

Wommack, Andrew - http://s3.awmi.net/downloads/tv/2014/03mar/awm_tv20140321.wmv - 3/21/2014 - Agreeing with or not refuting/rejecting unbelief by others has the potential of contaminating/polluting one's own faith & reducing speed &/or probability of receiving a healing. 
One is NOT to reject the other person, but rather what is spoken/believed by him/her/them.
Wommack, Andrew - http://s3.awmi.net/downloads/tv/2015/05may/awm_tv20150527.wmv - 5/27/2015
Let us NOT be more sensitive to other's feelings/opinions/reports than to God's, lest we cancel/veto/post-phone/reverse someone's healing. 
Thus we DO have a hardened/hardening heart to Him, to the degree we regard others over God. 
(Lord we apologize & invite You to remedy this.  Amen)
Wommack, Andrew - Hardness of Heart  http://s3.awmi.net/downloads/tv/2015/05may/awm_tv20150529.wmv 5/29/2015 - For the believer, fasting will strengthen the heart muscle towards God.

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