Ben Zimmer 8/8/2019



Old Testament

Genesis 1:3 AMP    God said, "Let there be light;" & there was light.   
Genesis 9:20 TNAB -
20Noah, a man of the  soil, was the 1st to plant a vineyard. 
21When he drank some of the wine, he became drunk and lay naked inside his tent.  
22Ham, father of Canaan, saw his father's nakedness, & told his 2 brothers outside about it.  23Shem & Japheth, however, took a robe, holding it on their backs, walked backward & covered their father's nakedness
Since their faces were turned the other way, they did not see their father's nakedness.
(TNAB footnote - 1 purpose of the story is to justify the Israelites' enslavement of
the Canaanites because of certain indecent sexual practices in the Canaanite religion.)
Genesis 19:30-38 TNAB 
(incest/exposing or uncovering another's privacy/secrets)  
30Since Lot was afraid to stay in Zoar, he & his 2 daughters went up from Zoar & settled in the hill country, where he lived with his 2 daughters in a cave. 
31The older one said to the younger, "Our father is getting old. 
There is not a man on earth to unite with us as was the custom everywhere. 
32Come, let us ply our father with wine & then lie with him, that we may have offspring by our father." 
33'That night they plied their father with wine.  The older one went in & lay with her father. 
He was not aware of her lying down or her getting up. 
34The next day the older one said to the younger, "Last night it was I who lay with my father. 
Let us ply him with wine again tonight; then you go in & lie with him,
that we may both have offspring by our father." 
35So that night, too, they plied their father with wine. 
Then the younger one went in & lay with him. 
Again he was not aware of here lying down or her getting up.  
36Thus both of Lot's daughters became pregnant by their father. 
37The older one gave birth to a son whom she named Moab, saying, "From my father." 
He is the ancestor of the Moabites of today. 
38The younger one, too, gave birth to a son, named Ammon, saying, "The son of my kin." 
He is the ancestor of the Ammonites of today.  (TNAB footnote -
Origin of Israel's neighbors east of the Jordan & Dead Sea was told partly to ridicule these racially related but rival nations.)
Genesis 37:2 NKJV
 - This is the history of Jacob. 
Joseph being 17 years old, was feeding the flock with his brothers. 
The lad was with the sons of Bilhah & the sons of Xilpah, his father's wives. 
 Joseph brought a bad report of them (tattled) to his father.

Exodus 4:6-8 NKJV (Moses used as a sign)  6The Lord said to him, "Now put your hand in your
."  He put his hand in his bosom.  When he took it out, behold, his had was leprous, like snow.  
7He said, "Put your hand in your bosom again." 
So he put his hand in his bosom again & drew it out of his bosom. 
Behold, it was restored like his other flesh. 
8"Then it will be, if they do not believe you, nor heed the message of the 1st sign, they may believe the message of the latter sign."
Exodus 14:14 KJV
(The Lord shall fight for you, & (when) ye shall hold your peace (shut up/keep silent)

Leviticus 14:1-7 NKJV
 - 1The Lord spoke to Moses, saying,
2"This shall be the law of the leper for the day of his cleansing.  He shall be brought to the priest. 
3The priest shall go out of the camp and examine him.  Indeed, if the leprosy is healed,
4then the priest shall command him, who is to be cleansed, 2to take living, clean birds, cedar wood, scarlet & hyssop.  5The priest shall command that one of the birds be killed in an earthen vessel over running water
6As for the living bird, he shall take it, the cedar wood, scarlet, & hyssop, dip them and the living bird in the blood of the bird that was killed over the running water
7He shall sprinkle it 7 times on him, who is to be cleansed from the leprosy, & shall pronounce him clean."
Leviticus 18:6-17 NKJV   6"None of you shall approach any near of kin to uncover their nakedness
I am the Lord.  7The nakedness of your father or the nakedness of your mother you shall NOT uncover. 
She is your mother; you shall NOT uncover her nakedness. 
8The nakedness of your father's wife you shall NOT uncover (nor disgrace).  It is your father's nakedness. 
9The nakedness of your sister, the daughter of your father or mother, whether she is born at home or abroad, you shall NOT uncover. 
10The nakedness of your son's daughter you shall NOT uncover...
11The nakedness of your father's wife's daughter, begotten of your father, your sister, you shall NOT uncover. 12You shall NOT uncover the nakedness of your father's sister...your father's near kinswoman. 
13You shall NOT uncover the nakedness of your mother's sister...your father's near kinswoman. 
14You shall NOT uncover the nakedness of your father's brother.  You shall NOT approach his wife...your aunt. 
15You shall NOT uncover the nakedness of your daughter in law...your son's wife. 
You shall NOT uncover her nakedness.  
16You shall NOT uncover the nakedness of your brother's wife.  It is your brother's nakedness. 
17You shall NOT uncover the nakedness of a woman & her daughter. Neither shall you take her son's daughter or her daughter's daughter, to uncover her nakedness.  They are near kinswomen.  It it wickedness.
(Spiritual insight: Nursing/medical care is not incest/rape, a sexual act. 
Discuss any concerns regarding personal care of your relative/family member with your rabbi/priest.) 
(2nd insight: To uncover is to expose to shame & can be more than a sexual act
to include gossip/slander/intentional violence.  In Matthew 26:48 Judas was a traitor;
he exposed Jesus to His opponents via a "kiss", causing His imprisonment, violation, torture & physical death. 
In Judges 16:4-20 Delilah entices Samson & then becomes a traitor, having stolen & told his secret to his enemies.)

Numbers 12:1-2,8-10 (Miriam used as a sign) TNAB -
1Mirian & Aaron spoke against Moses on the pretext of the marriage he had contracted with a Cushite woman. 
2They complained (with a critical/judgmental/jealous spirit), "Is it through Moses alone that the Lord speaks? 
Does he not speak through us also?"...The Lord heard this...
8"Why, then, did you not fear to speak against My servant Moses?" 
9So angry was the Lord against them that when He departed,
10& the cloud withdrew from the tent, there was Miriam, "a snow white leper". 
Numbers 21:5-7 TNAB - 5The people complained against God & Moses,
"Why have you brought us up from Egypt to die in this desert,
where there is no food or water?  We are disgusted with this wretched food." 
6In punishment the Lord sent among the people saraph serpents, which bit the people so that many of them died
7The people came to Moses & said, "We have sinned in complaining against the Lord & (against) you." 
So Moses prayed for the people.
[Annual Jewish confession during Yom Kippur contains doctrine that if one utters his confession sincerely, the avenging angel is NOT permitted to harm him, per Scherman, Rabbi Nosson Viduy (confession or teshuvah/repentance) ]

Proverbs 13:3 TNJB  - A guard on the mouth makes life secure; whoever talks too much is lost.

2nd Kings 4:9-10 TNAB (Cure of Naaman) -
Naaman came with his horses & chariots & stopped at the door of Elisha's house.  10The prophet sent him the message, "Go & wash 7 times in the Jordan, & your (leprous) flesh will heal, & you will be clean."
2nd Kings 5:26-27 TNAB
(Gehazi used as a sign)    
26Elisha said to him (Gehazi), "Was I not present in spirit when the man alighted from his chariot to wait for you? 
Is this a time to take money (pay/reimbursement/under false pretenses), garments, olive orchard or vineyards, sheep or cattle, male or female servants? 
27The LEPROSY of Naaman shall cling to you & your descendants forever." 
Gehazi left Elisha, a leper white as snow.   

2nd Chronicles 26:16-19 TNAB (Uzziah used as a sign) - 16He became proud to his own destruction & broke faith with the Lord, his God.  He entered the temple of the Lord to make an offering on the altar of incense. 
Azariah the priest & 80 other priests of the Lord, courageous men, followed him.  
They opposed King Uzziah, saying to him, "It is NOT for you, Uzziah, to burn incense to the Lord, but for the priests, the sons of Aaron, who have been consecrated for this purpose. 
Leave the sanctuary, for you have broken faith & no longer have a part in the glory that comes from the Lord God." 
Uzziah, who was holding a censer for burning the incense, became angry; but at the moment he showed his anger to the priests, while they were looking at him in the house of the Lord beside the altar of incense, leprosy broke out on his forehead.

Job 42:7-8 NJKV  7The Lord said to Eliphaz the Temanite, "My wrath is aroused against you & your 2 friends, for you have not spoken of Me what is right, as My servant Job has. 
Now therefore, take for your selves 7 bulls & 7 rams, go to My servant Job, & offer up for yourselves a burnt offering; My servant Job shall pray for you
I will accept him
(Job), lest I deal with you (three) according to your folly."
Job 42:10 KJVer - The Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends (false advisors misrepresenting/maligning God's nature/character).  Also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.

Psalm 12:3 TPNT 
The Lord shall cut off all flattering lips & the tongue that speaks arrogant things.
Psalm 15:1-3
Psalm 19:14
Psalm 33:6 AMP -
By the Word of the Lord were the heavens made, & all their (angelic) host by the breath of His mouth.
Psalm 34:13 TPNT 
Keep your tongue from evil, & your lips from speaking guile.
Psalm 50:23
Whoso offereth praise glorifieth Me & to him that ordereth his conversation aright will I show My glory
Psalm 51:4 TNAB  
away all my guilt; from my sin cleanse me.  (Traditional Jewish purification rite.)
Psalm 39:1-2 NKJV
 - 1.I said, "I will guard my ways, lest I sin with my tongue. 
I will restrain my mouth with a muzzle, while the wicked are before me. 
2.I was mute with silence.  I held my peace even from good (gossip)."
Psalm 103:5 AMP 
Who satisfies your mouth with good so that your youth renewed is like the eagle's.
Psalm 141:3 TPNT 
Set a guard, O Lord, to my mouth.  Keep watch over the door of my lips.

Proverbs 4:20-24
Proverbs 6:2 TNAB  
You have been snared by the utterance of your lips, caught by the words of your mouth.
Proverbs 6:12
Proverbs 6:16,19
Proverbs 8:6-8
Proverbs 10:19
Proverbs 10:21
Proverbs 11:9-13
Proverbs 12:13-14 KJVer -
13The wicked is snared by the transgression of his lips; but the just shall come out of trouble. 
14A man shall be satisfied with good by the fruit of his mouth;
& the recompense of a man's hands shall be rendered to him.
Proverbs 12:17-19
Proverbs 12:22
Proverbs 12:25
Proverbs 13:2-3
Proverbs 15:1-4
Proverbs 15:23 Proverbs 16:13
Proverbs 16:30
Proverbs 17:9
  He who conceals a transgression (misdeed) seeks love (friendship),
but he who repeats a matter (gossips) separates intimate friends.
Proverbs 17:20
Proverbs 17:27-28
Proverbs 18:13

Proverbs 18:20 AMP - A man's (moral) self shall be filled with the fruit of his mouth;
and with the consequence of his words he must be satisfied (for better or worse).
Proverbs 18:21 TPNT- Death and life are in the power of the tongue
They that love it shall eat its fruit.
Proverbs 19:27-29 KJVer -
27.Cease, my son to hear the instruction that causes to err from the words of knowledge. 
28.An ungodly witness scorns judgment: & the mouth of the wicked devours iniquity. 
29.Judgments are prepared for scorners, & stripes for the back of  fools.
Proverbs 21:3 TNAB  
To do what is right & just is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice.
Proverbs 21:23 TNAB  Whoever guards his mouth & his tongue
keeps his soul (mind, spirit & emotions) from troubles.
Proverbs 27:2
Proverbs 29:5
Proverbs 29:11
Proverbs 29:20

Ecclesiastes 10:20 - "Do not revile the king even in your thoughts,
or curse the rich in your bedroom, because a bird in the sky may carry your words,
and a bird on the wing may report what you say."

Isaiah 11:4 Alexander Harkavy - With righteousness shall He (Messiah) judge the poor & decide with equity for the meek of the earth; He shall smite the earth with the rod
of His mouth
, & with the breath of His lips shall He slay the wicked.
Isaiah 54:17 NKJV
 - "No weapon formed against you shall prosper.
Every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn. 
This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord; their righteousness is from Me
," says the Lord.
Isaiah 57:19 KJVer
 - "I create the fruit of the lips: Peace, peace to him that is far off,
and to him that is near
," says the Lord; " & I will heal him."

New Testament

Matthew 7:1 KJV - Judge not that ye be not judged.
Matthew 10:21 TPNT
 - A brother will betray (expose/become a traitor to) a brother into death, & a father a child. 
Children will rise up in rebellion against parents; they will put them to death.
Matthew 12:36-37 - 36I tell you that every careless (idle/critical) word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment; 
37for by your words will you be justified and by your words will you be condemned.
Matthew 15:4 TPNT - "God said, 'Honor your father & mother.' (Exodus 20:12) 'The one who speaks evil of (reviles/curses) father or mother must end in death.' (Exodus 21:17)"    
Matthew 15:11 + Mark 7:15 TPNT

"The things which go out from a person are the things that defile him."
Matthew 15:17-20 TPNT -
17"Do you not understand that everything that enters the mouth & the stomach comes out & is thrown out in a latrine
18The things that go out from the mouth come out from the heart, & these things defile the person.
(TPNT footnote = Jesus is saying that we do not lose eternal life by what we eat.)
19Out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, immoralities, thefts, false witnesses, blasphemies
20These things are the things that defile a person, but to eat with unwashed hands does not defile a person."
Matthew 27:28,31 TPNT - After they had (violently) stripped Him (naked), they put a scarlet cloak on Him....
31They stripped the cloak from Him, dressed Him with His garments, & led Him away to be crucified.

Mark 7:21-23 KJV - Evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness: All these evil things come from within & defile the man.

Luke 6:36-38 NKJV - 36Therefore be merciful, just as your Father also is merciful
37Judge not, & you shall not be judged.  Condemn not & you shall not be condemned. 
Forgive & you will be forgiven. 
38Give & it will be given to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, & running over with be put into your bosom.  For the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.
Luke 19:22 NKJV  Out of your own mouth I will judge you.

John 20:23 NKJV
 - He breathed on them and said, "Receive the Holy Spirit.  If you
forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven.  If you retain the sins of any, they are retained

(Spiritual insight: What grave spiritual danger we place ourselves in, by refusing to forgive.)

Acts 11:9-10,12 TPNT - 9Then a voice answered a 2nd time from heaven,
"What God cleansed you must stop declaring defiled!"  10This happened 3 times.
12The Spirit said for me to accompany them & not to make a distinction.

Romans 1:29-32 TPNT - 29They were filled with every unrighteousness, wickedness, avarice, desire to injure, full of envy, murder, contention, deceit, evil habits, whisperers, 30slanderers, God haters, insolent, arrogant, braggart, contriving evil, refusing to obey parents,
without: understanding, covenant breaking, natural affection or mercy,
32who, although they know the ordinances of God thoroughly, because they are practicing such things as these that are worthy of death, not only are they doing them, gut they are also applauding others who do them.
Romans 12:19 KJV -
Dearly beloved, avenge (retaliate/get revenge/punish/harm another) not yourselves...for it is written, 'Vengeance is mine; I will repay.
(Commentary: This does NOT necessarily mean one does not need to defend himself, although Christ, as our example, often did not defend himself.)

Ephesians 5:3-4 KJV  Fornication, and all uncleanness or covetousness: let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints; neither filthiness, foolish talking, nor jesting which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks.

1st Corinthians 4:5 - Therefore do not go on passing judgment before the time, but wait until the Lord (Holy Spirit) comes Who will both bring to light the things hidden in the darkness and disclose the motives of men's hearts; then each man's praise will come to him from God.
1st Corinthians 10:10 NKJV -
Complain (not), as some also complained & were destroyed by the destroyer.

2nd Corinthians 12:20 TPNT -
I am afraid, how, after I come, I would find you such as
I do not want and I would have been found by you in some manner as you do not want - somehow in strife, jealousy, angers, selfish ambitions, slanders, tale-bearings, pride, unruliness.

Colossians 3:8 TPNT -
You must immediately put everything off from yourself, anger, passion, wickedness, depravity, malice, blasphemy, slander, evil, obscene, abusive speech from your mouth.

2nd Timothy 3:1-5 TPNT - 1
Troublesome times will come in the last days,
2for people will be selfish, greedy, boasters, arrogant, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, wicked,
unloving, hostile, slanderous, without self control, savage, not loving good,
betrayers, thoughtless, being conceited, loving pleasure more than loving God,
5having an appearance of reverence, but denying the power of it. 
You must continually turn away from these things.

James 3:6-9 TPNT - 5The tongue is also a little member and boasts great things.  Behold, how small a fire sets ablaze a large forest.  6The tongue is also a fire, a world of unrighteousness, the tongue, is sitting for itself among the parts of our body, defiling the whole person & destroying the wheel of life & is itself set on fire by Hell. 
7Every species of beasts, birds, reptiles, sea creatures is tames & has been tamed by humans,
8but none is able to tame the tongue of men, unstable, evil & full of deadly poison.  
9With this we bless the Lord & father & with this we curse people, those who have been made according to God's likeness.
10From this mouth come forth blessing & curse. 
It ought not to be, my brothers, that these things happen like this. 
11Does the well pour forth water, both sweet & bitter from the same opening? 
12Is a fig tree able, my brothers, to bear an olive or the grapevine a fig? 
Nor is bitter water able to make sweet.
James 3:14-16 TPNT - 14If you have bitter jealousy and strife in your heart,
do not boast against & do not tell lies against the truth. 
15The wisdom is not wisdom coming down from above, but is earthly, worldly, proceeding from an evil spirit. 
16Where there is jealousy and strife, from that place is disorder (confusion) & every worthless, wicked deed. 
James 3:12 - Who are you to judge your neighbor?

1 John 3:21 NIV - If our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence before God.

Jude 9 NKJV - Michael the archangel, in contending with the devil, when he disputed
about the body of Moses, dared not bring against him a reviling accusation, but said, "The Lord rebuke you."

Revelations 20:12 TPNT    The dead were judged according to their deeds.


Gossip/slander/tale-bearing is like uncovering another's nakedness/private parts/secrets. 
Lot was violated by his daughters.  In contrast, Noah's 2 sons covered over/shielded/ protected their father; they protected him from being shamed/embarrassed.  It can be terribly emotionally hurtful to have defects/disabilities/oneself exposed, to be shamed.  Christ was uncovered & shamed on the cross. 
Matthew 20:18-19 TPNT
  18"The Son of Man will be given over to the high priests and scribes.  They will condemn Him to death.  19They will give Him over to the heathens to ridicule, scourge, and crucify Him.   On the 3rd day He will be raised." He does not want
us to uncover others - or others to uncover us.  In fact, He has become our covering. 
The enemy or another person through manipulation/superiority/malice may try to put us down or take us out, but we can refuse to take the bait.  Adam & Eve took the bait. 
They allowed Satan through the snake to malign God.  That single slip up cost (caused harm to) them, their entire generation & all generations subsequently, especially to the generations prior to Jesus Christ...
Sometimes we need to know the sins of our ancestors for the purposes of protecting ourselves & for the purposes of confessing those sins & placing them under the blood of Jesus. 
Then we do not need to dig them up from the grave & broadcast the bones. 
If God forgets when He forgives, then we need to do what He does. 
If someone else, even a doctor, unearths them, then we need to rebury them. 
We are to do what Jesus did and say what Jesus said...
Additionally, the tongue can take us out (into the power/turf of the enemy), or take us
into - heaven or heavenly exploits.  God created everything that exists with His tongue. 
We have access to heaven by praying in heavenly tongues. 
We have access to heavenly power via salvation, & especially via the baptism in the Holy Spirit.  Satan deceived Eve via speech.  No wonder the tongue can be a weapon in the hands of Satan or a weapon in the hands of God. 
Our choice...There is an apt saying regarding the 3 senses,
"(eyes) See NO evil, (ears) hear NO evil, (mouth/tongue) speak NO evil"...
In Numbers it states that the Israelites grumbled.  They grumbled 40 years. 
They grumbled/complained for 1 entire generation.
Thus the Lord allowed them to wander for 40 years & then die in the desert;
it was possible to cross it in 10 days.  What is this all about? 
Not just grumbling/complaining.  It is negative/stinking thinking/speaking. 
It is accepting & repeating the thoughts of Satan, God's enemy.
It is not trusting/believing God.  It is often true that what you say is what you get. 
 They spoke themselves into doubt/misery/failure/defeat/death.

love_covers_a_multitude_of_sins scriptures - Dr Jeremiah says he used to believe that God covered a multitude of our own sins, but came to realize that NOT gossping/tattling actually is God's covering of others' sins by our zipping of our own lips or our not participating with others in sharing/talking negatively about others [even to the degree of not adding other's problems/shortcomings to (public/congregational) prayer requests/church bulletins or even to/with clergy/congregants who are in the habit of gossiping.
2nd silence about others' past sins (esp. those forgiven & under the blood) is our covering them, just like God, a parent or mate does on behalf of family members.
If we know the intimate dirty details of others, we then have the spiritual responsibility to intercede in prayer for them (with the help of Holy Spirit/tongues/army angels.]


Brown, Rebecca & Yoder, Daniel - Unbroken Curses -
Chapter 7 Situational Curses warns us not to challenge/ridicule Satan or his helpers. 
See Jude 9.
Bitterness, hatred & jealousy is a 2 way street. 
If it is directed against us, we need to refuse it, in the name of Jesus. 
If it is towards another, we need to repent & retract it. 
Otherwise the spoken curse may result in harm & even death.
If you are a war veteran and have a strong inclination towards self-destruction, then in the name of Jesus Christ renounce/reject/refuse any curse that may have been placed upon yourself in the line of duty by the enemy.
In the name of Jesus, command any demons associated with this curse to flee from you forever.

Burt, Arthur - How To Be Ordinary - - - Negative situations
"caused me to judge them and lose my anointing and made me move on...  
I looked around, still judging everything, criticizing everything...I am (now) not permitted (by God) to judge."
Jesus impressed upon Arthur, "You think you're better than I am!  You're not.  You're not. 
Don't you see, smoldering inside you is a volcano ready to erupt at any given moment.  How do you erupt? 
In your judgment of other people - all of a sudden you erupt when you meet another individual
Romans 2:1 KJV  Thou that judges does the same things. 
"In terming someone else uncomely, have I not seen (that) I'm revealing what I believe about myself?...
Things that irritate me are the things I am guilty of...
There are NO uncomely members in the Body (of Christ) except one & that is me.  I am ordinary."
Burt, Arthur - Surrender Your Key to Spiritual Success -
Chapter 10 Return to the Garden of Eden, the origination/source of every problem. 
That root cause is PRIDE.  Pride can only be exterminated by humbling oneself.
Pride can neither be forgiven nor placed under the blood of Christ.
Pride is one area where each of us daily MUST reject self glorification & MUST instead glorify God.
Matthew 7:1 KJV Judge not that ye be not judged. 
is based on knowledge obtained from the tree of knowledge, FORBIDDEN for us to ever eat from.
John 5:30 KJV   I can of Mine Own Self do nothing; as I hear (from My Dad, God), I judge.
"He (Jesus) got His direction from the Father's voice.  Unless His Father spoke to Him (His spirit via visions/dreams/etc), He did not know, because He had never eaten of the tree (of knowledge/understanding by the mind/intellect)."
Matthew 4:4 TPNT Jesus said, "It was been written (Deuteronomy 8:3) 'Man will not live on bread alone, but upon every Word going out through the mouth of God.'"
Romans 8:14 KJV As many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.
"The sons wax strong in spirit as they are led; & they are led as they listen,
not as they eat (from the forbidden tree of knowledge)." 
What is true is seldom the truth, because we do not know the motive, for 1 reason.
Burt, Arthur - Around the World in 88 Years -
Chapter 6 The Conchee (conscientious objector)  "God dealt with me, 'How dare you speak to that man like that...You are just like him and you smoke like a chimney.'  'But Lord, I don't smoke,' I objected.  'Yes you do,' He corrected.  'What keeps you from smoking is My grace.  If I remove My grace, you will be exactly as bad as that man.  It is My grace in you that has delivered you from the habit.'  I saw that I don't have any ministry for anybody I despise.  I saw my awful condition of judging people and despising them, & by the grace of God, I have chosen never to despise anyone. 
I may fall in this matter, but it is my standard nevertheless."
Chapter 7 The Blackout  "I had to divide between 2 issues, whether God was dealing with me because I had fooled about with a schoolgirl's affections or because I had judged my (sinning) brother (peer) (,or both). 
Finally, I saw that God had mercy, grace, and forgiveness for my sin, but not for my pride. 
The Bible doesn't say that God resists the sinner, but that 'God resists the proud' (1st Peter 5:5). 
He has made provision for the sinner, 'If we will confess our sins, He is faithful & just to forgive us our sins, & to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.' (1st John 1:9)...
The remedy for that condition is to 'Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God.' (1st Peter 5:6)... One sin He does NOT  forgive is unforgiveness."
"In the beginning, God forbade us to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, 'for the day that you eat of it you shall surely die (spiritually/be separated from God).' (Genesis 2:17
This has NEVER changed.  If you eat of this tree, you are then deciding for yourself what is good & what is evil, & out of your knowledge, your pride grows.  Out of your pride, you judge
You judge because you 'know' what is good & what is evil, but if you don't know, you cannot judge...You have become a god, as the devil predicted in the garden, '& ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.' (Genesis 3:5)" 
Instead, "man can walk with God by living on the proceeding Word of God...not knowing,
not judging, but by" His Word proceeding directly by revelation of the Holy Spirit Who glorifies only Christ & never man/self.  Remember that Jesus acted/spoke only by direct revelation from His heavenly Father. 
We are to do likewise.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.
Chapter 8 The Glory Meetings 
"God showed me, however immature these people were, He had grace for their immaturity. 
didn't have grace for
my pride...believing I knew so much more and was so much better than they were."
"At one meeting (at another location), he (a member) openly accosted me, 'All you do is heap buckets of sludge over my head!'...Are you accusing me of being spiteful to you?'  'I am,' he admitted bitterly.'" 
Later "I ministered on the scripture, 'I will allure & bring her into the wilderness...& she shall sing here.'
(Hosea 2:14-15)  God spoke to me through my own ministry, 'You've got your own wilderness,' He rebuked me, '& you need to deal with that man who resents you.  You smugly dismissed him by telling him to 'Pray for them which despitefully use you.' (Matthew 5:44)  You've got to win him. 
If he has become you enemy, your business is to destroy him as your enemy, & the only way you can do that is by loving him to death
(to the death of the enemy/bitterness/resentment inside of him).'"
"I asked the Lord what more I could do to break down the barrier between us. 
The Lord responded, 'All the time, you are superior to him.  All the time, your brother has to hold his hand out. 
He is on the receiving end of ministry & is the one who has to say, 'Thank you.'  He is so useless and helpless, because of what he has gone through.  He resents your superior quality.  He resented it from the day you arrived at Paddock Wood, and he still resents it
.'  'Lord,' I cried.  'What can I do?'  'Put yourself under,' He said.  'You will never win him by putting yourself over.'" 
"In Paddock Wood, there, we had another visitation by the Holy Spirit. (See below.)"
Chapter 9 Forbid Them Not - "The next move of God we experienced completely by-passed the adults & was upon the children in the church.  Most of the adults became jealous, doubting it was a true visitation...
'How do you do it?' they inquired.  'I'm not doing anything. 
This is a sovereign act of the Spirit of God,' I retorted...
Eventually the adults put such pressure on the children they quenched the Spirit, & the visitation was over."
Chapter 12 Climb the Mountain - "God was dealing with me on the issue of my self-image. 
For the most part of 50 years, I had gone without doctors, hospitals, pills, or any other medical treatment. 
When I received Jesus as my Savior, I also received Him as my Healer. 
As much as I knew how, I practiced what I believed and preached,
of 9...but something began to grow in me.  I had a growth, not a tumor, but a growth of spiritual pride...
This developed in me until I became so anti-doctor and anti-medicine, I judged people who...didn't live as I thought they ought to live.  I preached from the story of Asa the King who had diseased feet. 
He did not see the Lord but sough his physicians, & he died at the age of 41. 
My attitude was, 'It served him right.  He should have gone to the Lord (as physician)'...
I judged people who were always taking pills, always going to the doctor. 
While I believe I had the  truth, I held that truth in unrighteousness... God didn't heal me. 
1 day Marj asked me, 'Are you in arrears in your life with God...
Have you judged people who go to the doctor?  Have you despised those who take medication...
Do you know what God may be requiring you to do...You may have to call the doctor'...
I responded, 'If I am in arrears with God on this issue, call the doctor'...
The doctor...admitted me into the hospital where I remained for 2 weeks...
I had to wear nappies as if I was a baby...I lost something I could well do without my image of myself...
All the hospital seemed to accomplish was getting rid of my picture of myself as a man of great faith....
Then the phone rang...'When are you coming, Arthur?'  'I don't think I am fit to travel...anymore.' 
On the following day...I presented myself for a standby to Miami.  Brother Clifford picked me up & took me to his house.  On the 2nd morning...I got up & walked out of my bedroom completely healed...
nce God dealt with my pride & self-glorying, He gave me a miracle, for which I am grateful. 
Since that time in 1979, when I was 66 years old...His GRACE has been sufficient."
Chapter 14 Far & Away  Section  Romans 2 - The Inexcusable Judgment 
"I said, 'That which irritates you is you in another person.  Greedy people quickly discern greed in other people..Bossy people quickly discern greed in other people...Who is it that says, 'Ooohh, he's so self-willed?' 
Well how did you find out? 
Romans 2 says you're without excuse, whoever you are that crossed that line in judging somebody else unrighteously, because you do the same thing...You say, 'Well I don't.'  God says you do...
The moment I climb to unrighteous judgment, I'm revealing what I am. 
Nobody would know, but it reveals itself by its cackle (spoken judgment). 
I reveal this sinful heart of mine by its judgments
...I'm  the man sitting on the branch while I saw it off. 
There may never have been a trace of that
(particular sin) in my life because of the grace of God, until I judge.  Then God lifts the (His) grace & I do it."
Chapter 15 Crumbs from a Broken Loaf  "Because there is sandpaper in me and sandpaper in them, we rub each other.  Instead of taking any blame, we blame the other sandpaper for the agitation. 
My trouble is not the trouble. 
My trouble is in my attitude toward a situation or a person, sometimes my children.

Burt, Arthur - The Lost Key or Chapter 7 -
"This tree is INSIDE YOU.  Every time man eats of the tree of the knowledge of good & evil & from that knowledge pronounces a judgment he breaks the 1st commandment of God & partakes of death.
I see WHAT you do, but do not know what your motive is, hence I cannot judge you.  I don't know WHY you do it. From the moment that I know what is good, I presume that I know what is evil; it has an attendant twin.
This is the seat of manís glory & the enemy of the glory of God.
You will find this is the launching platform of ALL your troubles. Deal with this; you deal with the lot.
You have now found the
LOST KEY. The Greater includes the lesser. No need to keep the 10 Commandments. 
Keep the 1st & you will keep the 10.
Satan said  'Ye shall be as gods to know good and evil!' The Lord Jesus, Godís perfect man, the pattern for us declared ó 'I can of My own self do nothing. As I hear, I judge.'
He judged as He heard
(from Father God) NOT as He ate. Unless His Father spoke to Him, He did not know, because He had never eaten of the Tree.  
He shall not judge after the sight of His eyes, nor after the hearing of His ears
This is the way the other sons must live; as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons. 
(Holy) Spirit guidance or guidance by the Spirit will come only to that man who refuses to eat of the Tree:
Godís 1st command: Thou shalt NOT eat of it...

If you choose to humble yourself and refuse to eat of the forbidden TREE (of intellectual knowledge) & consequently (you will) be in a place where you donít know (the motives nor God's perspective).
You hence cannot judge (from your mind & emotions).
You are now, in the eyes of the natural man, reduced to ridiculous helplessness: 'I donít know.'
(is the Godly response.)  Thus, you are now in a place where you MUST have a proceeding word (via the Holy Spirit) from the mouth of God & (then as you follow, rather than lead) the (Holy) Spirit will ultimately lead you, past the flaming Sword back into the Garden, back into Dominion, back to the original purpose of God...
Listen to the Son of God Amplified N.T. I am able to do nothing from Myself (my Ďselfí independently of My Own accord) but as I am taught by (Father) God & as I get His orders.
I decide as I am bidden to decide, as the Voice comes to Me so I give a decision...
As the Voice comes to Me so I give a decision... THINE IS THE GLORY is safety in the heart that is yoked to Jesus.
He says TAKE My yoke:
This is The Lost Key."

Cerullo, Morris - How to Win the Battle of the Tongue -

Cho, David Yonggi - The Holy Spirit My Senior Partner - publisher
Subtitle Understanding the Holy Spirit & His Gifts - including author's personal testimony
Chapter 8 Discerning Evil Spirits in a Person / Discerning a Person's Words (character/thoughts)
"How can the personality of the Holy Spirit of God which is meek and humble dwell in the life of one who...knock(s) on believers' doors, whisper(s) slander to church members and demand(s) hush money unscrupulously?" 
This spirit is not Christ's.

Kelvin J. Cochran - There is NOW NO legal grounds for CONDEMNATION for those who have repented and been forgiven by the Trinity.

Dickow, Gregory - excerpt

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Seated in Heavenly Places -
Chapter 10 shares that there is a place in heaven called 'the dwelling of light' where no one can go unless he speaks truth at all times, no 'white lies'.  This place is now available for us to visit. 
It is here that 'God will establish us' if we are willing to walk in absolute transparency, speaking the truth at any cost.  We can begin to operate from this celestial place, which is not an earthly place 'in the Holy Spirit', but rather a real location in heaven. 
Apparently, in addition to prayer, there are on earth spiritual doors to access 'the dwelling of light'.   
[Do NOT misunderstand; this is NOT a license to tell all and hurt others as well as oneself (self-sabotage). 
This transparency is mainly between God and oneself.  Honesty.  Being nothing and allowing God to be ALL.

Greenwood, Rebecca - - Defeating Strongholds of the Mind -
Chapter 3 Recognizing Sin for What It Is -
"Many people...choose to make (hurtful/un-redeeming)) critical judgments toward others. 
This causes (triggers/allows) a great (new/increased) mental battle that they must overcome...because the open door of critical judgment toward others becomes a magnet that attracts critical & tormenting thoughts in the mind of the one being critical."

Hayes, Norvel - Understanding The Ministry Of Visions - - Chapter 6 Visions Can Warn of Danger  Night "visions from God are scriptural...The 1st thing I did after receiving it, right there in bed, was bind up that foul, jealous demon.  'I bind you up & command you, turn this young man loose, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
Let him go free in Jesus' name'...That demon of jealousy would have kept driving him, had it not been for 1 night vision (&)...doing something about it...quickly." 
Hayes, Zona - Gossip - Talking Your Way To Hell -

Heflin, Ruth Ward - - GLORY (3MB) -
GLORY in French (1.28MB) - GLORY in Spanish (840KB) - Praise proceeds into worship, which proceeds into glory.
The Glory Brings Revelation - "If you worship until the glory comes, you will begin to see Him."
The Glory Brings an Ease "Every Spirit-filled child of God has he privilege of bringing the glory & the ease into a service...their own lives...households...churches...communities...nation.  We do it with our voices. 
The lifting up of the voice brings a different atmosphere into a place...
You will find yourself an over-comer.  You'll find God working on your behalf."
Section PRAISE - As an Instrument of Harvest - "Sister Susan came back (from Egypt) with a wonderful revelation. 
She said, 'Ruth, I suddenly knew that the spirit of murmuring is the (evil) spirit of Egypt.'"

Heflin, Ruth Ward - free download - REVIVAL GLORY (495KB) -  
Chapter 4 Declaring the Revival  "The Lord...reminded us of the experience of the 12 men who spied out the land of Israel in Joshua's day.  10 gave a report that God called 'evil'...The 2 men who offered a good report were kept alive to lead the next generation of Israelites into the Promised Land.  God told us that if we would see the good of Jerusalem and only speak good about Jerusalem, He would keep us in the land.  We had to cultivate this ability."
Chapter 7 Uniting for Revival  "If we are to have clarity of vision, there can be no mote or beam in our eyes which deflect the glory of God and His revelation."  "Unless you let God deliver you from your feelings against your brothers, you will still be struggling with them years later, and this will keep you from receiving God's best for your life.  I have seen people robbed of great anointing & great ministries because they refused to deal with their bitter feelings
Unless you bring with you your Benjamin (relative/issue/resentment), you will not have food in the time of famine. 
Dealing with Benjamin became the difference between life and death for an entire generation...
Look the person right in the eye; reach out & take his hand; embrace him in God's love; say to him, 'God bless you, my brother'; & mean it when you say it.  Say it with faith & sincerity, believing that the blessing of God in going forth into his or her spirit."

Higginbotham, David - Possessed Believers - 12 Signs of Possession or Oppression -
Chapter 5 - Spirits of Division - Ignore the theological roadblocks, especially regarding The Universal Church founded by Edir Macedo, & read this book.  Important.

Robert Hotchkin @ Reverse misunderstandings/enmity.
The giant/king Leviathan twists/distorts truth & relationships.  In Jesus' name he needs to be recognized/bound/disallowed/disabled/decapitated/routed/replaced by our army host. 
We can partner with our army host.  We are their captain & they are our spiritual army.

Howells, Rees - The Art of War for Spiritual Battle by Cindy Trimm -
Chapter #1
or -
"Rees Howells, an intercessor in Wales in the early 20th century. He had spearheaded a very successful mission outreach to the local coal miners, of which he was 1, but over several months his closest compatriot in the mission was considering leaving because he didnít want to be second fiddle to Rees.
Rees took the matter to prayer. God answered very matter-of-factly: Rees was to turn the leadership of the mission over to his friend, step down from the pulpit, & go behind the scenes to become an intercessor & pray that the mission would have greater success in the hands of his friend than itíd had in his own.
Rees eventually reluctantly agreed, & the mission exploded in attendance in the coming months.
Following that, God gave Rees an even greater challenge that seemed even more obscure.
He was to pray for the son of a benefactor who had gone off to war & fallen away from God.
Rees agreed that he would pray that the young officer would not return to the front without returning to God.
This would not be a prayer for a matter of hours, or even days, either.
Reesís shift in the coal mine was from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., 6 days a week.
He would then come home, eat dinner, and go to his room & spend from 6:00 p.m.
to 9:00 p.m. on his knees before God reading his Bible & praying for the young man.
He did this for 6 months. In that time the manís son was discharged from the army & moved to Canada, never returning to the front, but also not yet returning to God.
Eventually Rees received the conviction in his heart that his intercession had been answered, & he left this vigil to pray for other things, telling his benefactor the work was done in the spirit.
It would be another 12 years, though, before the manís salvation manifested & he turned his life back over to God.
It happened just weeks before his father passed away.
In all that time Rees never budged from the conviction that the manís salvation was already accomplished in heaven as God had promised him in prayer.

Huch, Larry - 10 Curses that Block the Blessing - -
Hear 9/19/2006 radio interview
 - - New Beginnings Church

Hickey, Marilyn - Wow Faith - - The Holy Spirit impressed Marilyn not to repeat negative medical reports, but rather to say that she was believing the Word of God.  In the name of Jesus, condemn any words spoken against us.  Never condemn a person, but rather condemn any wrong words spoken. 
(An aside.  Jewish Midrash law requires a witness/corroborator for any accuser.  When we speak aloud against another, we provide Satan with a legal recourse/witness/grounds to attack us/another. 
Jewish law says that once a thought becomes spoken, it has legal relevancy

There is a consensus, that Satan cannot read thoughts, but can put thoughts into our minds.
However Satan has no legal recourse until he hears those/any thoughts spoken. 
Satan has greater legal grounds when a person acts on his thoughts.)
Marilyn complained to God that He shared/told mostly the assets, rather than the failures, of many of the holy men. 
God's response was that He had forgotten those sins which had been repented of.  
(Let us too follow the example of God + rejoice in our forgiven sins, especially when the enemy throws them in our face in an attempt to make us wallow in the past of our own/others sins...
Danger, another may have repented of a sin, which we are holding against him/her.)

Followers of The Way - A Little Prayer Book  (edited)
Mark Virkler ( and
and Katie Souza ( )
6. Eliminating Judgment
I confess that I have judged _________.
I repent of my judgment against __________.
I ask that You forgive me for my judgment.
I receive your forgiveness.
I forgive myself for judging __________.
I forgive __________ for what I have perceived as his/her wrongdoing.
I release __________ from my judgment.
I choose to hold no thing against him/her.
God, remove the bitter root judgment from within me.
Wash me clean with the blood from the cross of the Lord Jesus.
Apply the potent effects of Your resurrection power upon the place in my soul where this judgment originated.
Use this power to cleanse me completely from my judgment, from every area in my heart where it has been nurtured.  Lord, I submit to You as the only Just Judge.
I trust that You will make all things right in accordance with Your sovereign purposes.
I replace my judgment with the presence of the living God by the (Holy) Spirit.
Soak me now in Your glorious presence and fill me up with all the fullness of God.
Lord, I ask that You bless __________.  I also bless __________.
I pray that You will supply __________ with all the rich blessings & favor You have in store for him/her.Ē

Uninstalling Lies
ďLord, I confess & repent of believing the lie of _______ (which is not in alignment with Your thoughts or Your heart).
I ask that You forgive me.  Cleanse me completely of this untruth.
Immerse me entirely with the blood from the cross & (with Your) resurrection power to cover this sin.
I receive Your forgiveness.
I forgive myself for believing this lie (from Satan, others and/or self-talk).
I forgive __________ for playing a role in helping me form this lie.
(I ask that You to remove to this false permission/entitlement to judge another).
I ask that You drain this lie (deception/half-truth) from every part of me
and everything that came with it, including all the works of the enemy, the deceiver.
I abolish every agreement (or alignment) I have made with the father of lies.
I no longer believe them.  ďLord, what is Your truth?
I receive Your (scriptural) truth of __________.
I ask that it go into every part of me until my (DNA) entire inner being (soul) is saturated with (recognizes) Your truth.
I declare that I believe You & agree with You & Your (Biblical) truth, because You are the Truth.Ē

8. Instituting Forgiveness

ďLord, I am very aware of the harm & pain that has come to me through __________.
I release __________ to You, that You may deal with him/her according to Your purposes.
In the name of Jesus, I choose to forgive as I have been forgiven.
I now make the choice to forgive __________.
I forgive __________ for all that s/he has done to me.
I release any right I have retained to bring revenge.
I will repay evil with good.
I release __________ from my hands.
I place __________ into (holy) Your hands, Jesus, my Just Judge.
I break every curse I have sent to __________ (in Jesusí name).  I call it back.
I bring forth (replace it with) a blessing to __________ instead.  I bless __________ .
I ask that You bless __________ with Your favor.
Thank You for (Your daily) grace to forgive & (Your supernatural) power to live in freedom.Ē

Jackson, John Paul - 3/7-11/2011 & 4/2011 - Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit - Table Talk with Joni Lamb -
Jackson, John Paul - Entire printable book at -

Jones, David - Humble Is the Way -
Chapter 16 Adopting Jesus' Example - "If you insist on saying exactly what you want to say, you can do it, but you'll pay a heavy price.  You don't have to always have the last say.  You don't have to always  be right...
You don't have to speak out what you're thinking...
If you think before you speak, often you'll realize that every time you say something critical, the situation just deteriorates further...Give things tie to heal.... Say to Him, 'God, I'm going to let You fight this battle for me. 
I'm always trying to defend myself, always trying to prove myself, always trying to show that I'm right & the other person is wrong. 
Now, I give You the right to intervene on my behalf'...What He does depends on what you do" or fail to do.
"Say, 'Lord, handle this for me.  I'm tired of my flesh getting in the way'...Hold your peace. 
That's pride that makes you want to speak up. 
The moment you feel that you just have to say something, that's pride at work.  Put it in its place. 
Sometimes, it almost seems that we're intoxicated with the need to prove that we're right. 
We're on some kind of high, and it's nothing more than pride at work...Stop pushing God aside...
Whether you're right or wrong, stay humble.  Sometimes you can be absolutely right, but your timing isn't...
Wait on the Lord...Our impulse is to take care of the matter...(to) justify ourselves in speaking out because we're right...won't work.  It will only make things worse." 
DANGER.  Pride is the root sin of iniquity that caused the eviction of Lucifer from heaven.
Chapter 17 How Can You Get Humble and Stay Humble? - "God...insists that you have to do (it) yourself. 
No one else can do it for you - not even God Himself...You have to talk to IT (your flesh/feelings/thoughts/mouth), take authority over it and bring it down.  God won't do it for you; you have to do it for yourself. 
It's your flesh, so no one else can (stand in the gap)...You're the only one with that authority...
Waiting...hoping... praying...believing...[for your outbursts (or the cause of your outbursts) to be fixed.]...never comes that way. 
You can pray from now until you breath your last breath on earth & God's answer will still be the same, 'Humble yourself.' 
You can quote every scriptural promise & declare it over your life...but the answer will always able the same...
Unless you take authority over your own flesh and bring it into line, it simply won't be done...
(Simply say, "NO, zip up" to mouth.)  God...knows you're actually powerless to do it in your own strength, so He willingly provides you...the Holy Ghost (baptism)...
The power God has given you, is not just over the devil & his imps; its also over you yourself, over your own flesh."
The loudest must urgent voice will be that of our own flesh, but our obedience must be to that of the whisper of the Holy Spirit, just as Jesus did not allow the demands or protests of His flesh to have precedence over His spiritual assignments.

Joyner, Rick -
Chapter 14 He was Crucified by Us: Criticizing God + Becoming Godís Spokesman -
"Therefore, thus says the LORD, 'If you return, then I will restore you, before Me you will stand; &
 if you extract the precious from the worthless, you will become My spokesman
.' (see Jeremiah 15:19).
When we start to see the precious in that which appears worthless & begin speaking to it, drawing it out of one another, we will start to become the prophetic people we must be in order to accomplish the mandate of God for this hour.  Let us stop crucifying Christ again when He comes in even the least of His little ones.
Let us start recognizing Him, honoring Him &
calling Him forth in one another
The Pharisees in the 1st century expected to see the Messiah come on His white horse, conquering & reigning.
Today when many Christians look for Christ in His people, they are expecting the same glory & victory.
This is truly Jesusí state in heaven, but if we want to see Him in His people, we sometimes have to have the heart of Simeon & Anna.  They were able to see (discern) in a mere infant the salvation of the whole world.
We are sometimes so busy looking for the fruit that we fail to see the seed that is to become the fruit
Let us be discerning enough not to miss Him in whatever form He appears. True wise men will worship Him even in His infancy. True apostles are yet in labor that Christ might be formed in His people. True prophets are always looking for the One they are called to point to and acknowledge, preparing His way and making it straight." (A wee bit of an echo of Mother Theresa.)

Kelley, Earthquake - Order book #1122 "Bound to Lose, Destined to Win"   
Chapter 8 Living in the Freedom of God's Will - God admonishes Earthquake/us, "Tell My church that I send hurting people to them.  They come to you for protection.  They come because they need a place where they can feel safe.  But too many of My people are trying to kill those that I send to them. 
Tell My people to care for the hurting people that I send to them & not to harm them
Mistakenly God's people "continue to battle hidden sin or they visit psychologists... Instead of  criticizing them, gossiping about them, ignoring them, or running them off, we need to help them receive deliverance."
Chapter 12 Gateway to Hell - "Skyx is the spirit that causes jealousy & hatred
Most witchcraft believe that hatred comes from spirits that reside around the skyx river, or the river of hate.  Witches teach that this river is the lake of fire in hell itself.  
can eat away at someone's soul until hatred becomes so intense that 1 person harms or kills another."
Chapter 14 Questions & Answers -
Luke 13:32 + Song of Solomon 2:15 imply/indite a wedge fox spirit.  "Use your authority as a believer to command it to leave in the name of Jesus.  Don't let this spirit disrupt."  "People...might say, 'I can't stand that guy.  I wish he'd drop dead'...When someone speaks this way, it is called wish-craft...a low form of witchcraft...When you say that you wish something would happen to teach someone a lesson, you are cursing that individual...By doing so, you are inviting demonic spirits to attack the person." 
"Don't say, 'I'm a recovering alcoholic; I know that I could fall off the wagon & go back anytime'...
You increase the likelihood that you will revert...Simply say, 'Praise God, I'm delivered...
I don't ever intend to go back.'"

Kendall, RT - Controlling the Tongue -

McLean, Renny - Eternity Invading Time - -
Chapter 4 Perceiving the Realm of the Miraculous - If the head of the house arrives after the corporate body has ascended in worship, then the leader is NOT truly in tune with what is going on in the service. 
Herein lies an opportunity for the enemy. (Jealousy and territorial ownership are just 2 of the greatest tools he uses)... A worship leader who is in the realm of (corporate) hearing what the spirit is saying and is in tune with what God wants to do." If the "pastor enters (late) with his own cloud, which is not conducive to the cloud in the house, the results are more like thunderstorms than...rain showers" because he failed to participate "in the corporate ascent... Unity is destroyed, the service has lost the Glory, & the people are left to wonder why."

Nori, Don - The Angel and the Judgment -
The heavens respond & the earth is changed by the words we utter in secret.

Prince, Derek - Does Your Tongue Need Healing?  -

Savard, Liberty - Chapter 8  Now, Just Do It! -
@ Breaking the Power of Unmet Needs, Unhealed Hurts, Unresolved Issues in Your Life (edited)
Section Loosing Grave Clothes from Others notes that one "can loose negative things from another person.
The story of Lazarus, a man who fell sick & died in the natural realm of life, gives you the spiritual parallel." 
John 11:44 NIV
  Jesus said to them, "Take off the grave clothes and let him go." 
Savard asks, "What are the grave clothes we are to loose from those who are bound up today? 
Whatever is hindering their response to the voice of Him
Who is calling them -
word curses, wrong agreements, slander, wrong teachings, fears, doubts, wrong beliefs, unforgiveness...
Much of that stuff, the grave clothes, comes from those who have decided these (people)...are probably spiritually dead, gone and hopeless.  Grave clothes also come from 'well-meaning' Christian relatives & friends who have exposed every detail of those who are bound & faltering, their failures, sins, secrets, in the name of sharing 'prayer requests'...
You don't have to share private things better left unsaid
in order to get someone else to agree with you...
You loose strongholds, wrong patterns of thinking, wrong motives, deception, denial,
and wrong agreements from them.  You can stop trying to discover and deal with all the gory details. 
That is the Holy Spirit's job.  Grave clothes are hung every time you share the intimate details...
These details, once spoken into existence, can seem to take on a life of their own...
Returning, lost sheep can find themselves faced with a nasty residue of the revealed history of their past actions. 
In addition to fighting the devil and struggling...their...souls...are slamming them with shame and feelings of guilt. 
They have to also overcome (others') curiosity, legalistic watchfulness, and self-righteous judgments." 
We, however, have the spiritual "right to bind another person's will to God's will...another person's mind to the mind of Christ."  It works for Savard.  "Get aggressive on your knees...
Begin to bind and loose for those lost lambs every chance you get.  Do it in private, in hiding, in bed, under the bed.  Just do it.  Great forcefulness is implied in" Scripture " not only for what we are supposed to do,
but also in the consequences (for) of any lack of our obedience." 
Continually pray -  In the name of Jesus Christ, Father (Father) God (in Jesus' name),                    
"I loose guilt and fear from ________________,"
I loose from ________________ "wrong ideas
that he/she has done too many sinful (unforgivable) things,"
I loose from ________________ "thoughts
that he/she has gone too far to be accepted and forgiven by You." 
I bind _______________ to an understanding of the concept of grace -
Your wonderful grace."
I "bind ________________'s will to" Your will
I "bind ________________'s mind to the mind of Christ"

Simon, Sidney B - - Negative Criticism - -
"First, make sure you acknowledge the other person and his/her feelings before you interrupt.
This shows respect without offering any validation or condoning. A quick smile or nod of the head will do just fine (avoid commenting as comments only expresses interest and will generate more harmful conversation).
Make sure you do this while engaging in eye contact.  Next, change the topic.
Look for a distraction as your cue to change direction, walk away or terminate the conversation.
A great curve ball to throw is a simple compliment. 'I haven't had a chance lately to tell you that I love your hair,'
or 'I've been wanting to thank you lately for all your hard work.' Wait for him/her to respond or to thank you, then use that as your chance to steer the conversation a different direction or as an opportunity to suddenly remember something that demands your attention. Remember, if not given any fuel, a toxic person's fire will quickly burn out. Continue to do this & eventually your toxic friend will learn that you have no interest in negativity."
80 Gifts for the Gifted Teacher

Thompson, Steve - You May All Prophesy - -
4/2-8/2007 TV Interview -
Self exaltation, "rebellion that rejects God's anointed leadership and even God Himself...
is fueled by selfish ambition of those who are gifted but impatient...
These are grumblers, finding fault...They speak arrogantly, flattering people for the sake
of gaining an advantage
Jude 16 order to gain illegal and untimely spiritual authority.
This type of political maneuvering is typical of those who have become false in ministry...
They enter into the dominion of hell....down alive into the pit. Numbers 16...They presumed to walk in a ministry to which they have not been called or...they did so prematurely...outside of the Lord's plan into their own & he been taken captive by the enemy."

Pennington, Mary Jo - Big Angels and Flaming Wild Horses - -
8 year old Victoria continues to visit heaven. 
Chapter 16 On Earth As It Is In Heaven - Grandma warns us NEVER to rail against Satan, lest he destroy you & your family.  Leave your attacks to God.  It is His war. 
Zechariah 3:2 NIV
The Lord said to Satan, "The Lord rebuke you, Satan.  The Lord, Who has chosen Jerusalem, rebuke you.  
2nd Peter 2:11
Even angels, although they are stronger & more powerful, do not bring slanderous accusations against such (celestial) beings in the presence of the Lord. 
Hosea 4:6
  My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.

Pittman, Howard - Demons: An Eyewitness Account - - full text -
Chapter 11 - Overview - "Throughout the entire trip (out of body experience) as I looked at all the demons, not one time did the angel make any derogatory remarks abut them. 
Even those of the lowest sate, the untouchables or perversion demons, were NOT commented upon negatively. 
I got the distinct impression that they respect the ability of those demons."

Scanlan, Rev Michael + Cirner, Randall - Deliverance from Evil Spirits - A Weapon for Spiritual Warfare -
Servant publications - Catholic perspective - excellent manual for teams "The curse of a parent, scripture says, can have devastating effects on a child's life (Sirach 3:9).  Cal's father left him completely vulnerable to demonic incursion (infiltration) as a result of his rash speech.  Many times parents unknowingly subject their children to some form of demonic bondage through what they say & do."

Schubert, Linda - 5 Minute Miracles booklet - -
Chapter 3 - Prayer of Preparation shares that it is best to minister in 2's.  Since personalities often interfere one might ask, "Do you have anything against me?" prior to each ministry undertaking. 
ALWAYS focus on the fact that it is His ministry and His healing that is at issue, not ours.
Chapter 7 Learning from Each Other We need to be safe people in order for others to entrust their secrets to us. 
NEVER discuss another's prayer requests/confidences/secrets, unless first getting permission. 

Sumrall, Lester - The Making of a Champion - - "Nehemiah wasn't the least bit interested in justifying himself in the eyes of men.  Even when...accused...of rebellion against the king...he didn't bother to try to refute their accusation.  He had papers to prove that he wasn't a rebel, but he didn't use them to answer his critics.  He was concerned with God's work, not with men's opinions."

Uwizera, Christine M - The Blazing Holy Fire -
Christine Uwizera survivor of the Rwandan holocaust.
Book's chapter 15 Fire of Testing and Persecution discusses mostly psychiatric/emotional/soul torments (are due to being a disciple of Christ), although author herself did go through a harrowing time of family devastation during the Rwandan holocaust.  Basically, one who is on fire for Christ, needs to expect that the kingdom of Satan is threatened;  Satin will counterattack, using any method on any weakness/vulnerability we have. 
Favorite vices he uses against us are others' gossip/slander/condemnation/jealousy/covetousness/control/hatred/ contempt/power.  It is Christ, not us, Who must vindicate.
One needs to silently stick to Christ, even if the end result is martyrdom. 
Excellent chapter for those beginning a ministry.

Walker, Dennis - - Catching the Initiatives of Heaven -
Chapter 5 Hindrances to Spiritual Senses section Condemnation -
"As we draw near to God, we can command (speak to) a spirit of condemnation to leave," in Jesus' name. 
"A spirit of condemnation...causes hardness of heart & an inability to clearly hear from the Lord."
Section Embracing a Spirit of Accusation & Judgment One can harbor not only ill will, but also actual evil spirits with names that reflect their nature.

Walters, Kathie  (see internet below) The Spirit of False Judgment
3 books Living in the Supernatural - The Visitation - The Spirit of False Judgment -
Chapter 5 Parents - Children  Ephesians 6:2-3 KJV  "Honor your father and mother that it might go well with you & (that) you may enjoy long life.  "To honor someone is to lift them higher than ourselves. 
We have judged our parents and in turn our own children have judged us.  We have dishonored each other...
Children make judgments about parents today and there are many (professional labels) excuses (to condemn/finger point) for their (self-righteous) anger given to them by psychological counselors. 
But there still has to be a repentance (of judgment/anger)." 
alism/family-division will/can keep the door shut to the visitation of the Holy Spirit in one's life.
Only the Holy Spirit knows
"the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but THE truth."
Chapter 6 Seeing the Body - Through the Eyes of the Spirit  "Your own observations will not bring deliverance, even if they are correct."  (Additionally we the body of Christ must NOT minister to a need (especially a spiritual need), unless the Holy Spirit directs us to do so; first get a directive from Father God. 
Perhaps it is NOT the time/place/season/person He has in mind for now.) 
"When one member of the body (church/family) attacks another member, we destroy our-selves. 
That's manifesting the 'wolf nature'."  Galatians 5:14-15 KJV For all the law is fulfilled in 1 word, even this, 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself; but if ye bite and devour one another, beware lest you be consumed by one another.  "We must learn to hear from the Spirit and  get our information from Him. 
We must learn NOT to be influenced by what we see and hear in the natural."
Chapter 7 Judging According to Traditional Prejudice   Proverbs 18:13 KJV  He who answers a matter before he hears it (especially hears it from Father God), it is folly and shame to him.  "Prejudice - To pre-judge."
Chapter 8 The Judgments of the Lord Are True from Living in the Supernatural warns, "If you have judged anyone according to your own judgment, repent and ask the Lord to reveal His heart for that ministry or person before you try to fellowship with the Holy Spirit.  If you have been judged with a false standard by another person or by a church, first forgive them and break the spirit of false judgment and (the spirit of) false standards over you. Even God's standards, if given in a legalistic spirit, do not manifest the heart of God, because they do not contain His grace.  When you receive a word from the Lord for someone and it contains correction or rebuke, be sure that your own emotions and biases are not involved. 
Wait on the Lord.  Jesus never reacted; rather He always acted under the direction of the Holy Spirit. 
If you react, your emotions will distort the word of the Lord, even thou what you say may contain some truth. 
A correction will become an accusation
.  If someone has judged you wrongly, & you want to set him straight, wait on the LordHe will tell you whether to keep silent or to speak."
Chapter 12 The Button  Ham saw the nakedness of his dad Noah drunk with wine and ran to tattle his findings to his siblings.  Noah subsequently cursed Canaan,1 of Ham's 4 sons.
Genesis 9:20-27,10:6
 "A curse came upon Canaan."
Kathie warns us, "That account alone should be enough to make us think twice before repeating things we see & hear... The way to deal with those things is by covering and caring, not by exposing (uncovering, revealing, sharing/praying with others, or judging ministry mistakes). 
The Holy Spirit will do any exposing that needs to be done."
Chapter 14 Taking on False Burdens  "All judgments that we make from our own flesh are made out of pride, as if we knew the heart of another... If you feel that you have come under the judgments of the Pharisee spirit, cut it off from your life in the Name of Jesus. 
If in turn, you feel that you have made judgments out of your own heart, release that person, or church, or ministry & ask the Lord to forgive you."
Walters, Kathie - The Visitation - The Divine Romance -
Booklet shares 2  heavenly visitations.  In 2nd cited visit to heaven Kathie shares, "I do believe that if we withhold grace from another, then God will withhold that grace from us in 1 area or another. 
For if we eliminate the grace which we have received, then we make a transfer into judgment
'The same judgment that we mete (give out to others) will be meted (given out) to us again.'" Matthew 7:2 KJV.
Walters, Kathie - Elitism and the False Shepherding Spirit -
Subtitle - Control, Manipulation, Spirit of Abortion (rejection), Grief & It's Devastating Results
A leader/pastor/mentor who feels exclusive, elite, special, superior, self-sufficient, arrogant, qualified, entitled, important, exclusive, etc. is relying on self & not on God for his/her credentials.  His/her ministry tends to meet his/her needs rather than needs of underlings.  This is rebellion, disobedience, disqualification, & sin according to God.  Deliverance is needed by both the leader & the one who has/had plugged into the leader. - "Many of you have sat under a spirit of control, but you know control does not come in through control; it comes in through Elitism."


Timothy Arends -

Bloomer, George
"Bishop Bloomer has been very frank about his complete and totally nervous breakdown." 
[Bloomer does testify that he did relapse twice regarding a drug addiction. 
Obviously there are character issues we all need to deal with continuously, even after physical & inner healing + deliverance.
This is a reminder that God Himself (and NEVER man) is the one to whom we show honor, love, adoration, trust & respect.

Bradford, John - "A 16th century Englishman by the name of John Bradford spoke the words, 'There, but for the grace of God, goes John Bradford' as he watched his fellow prisoners being led to their executions.
Bradford was imprisoned in the Tower of London for his Protestant faith, opposed by Queen Mary I of England.
John Bradford later died a martyrís death, being burned at the stake.
Now, I know this is heavy, but honestly, I believe we can learn quite a bit from Bradfordís death.
The account I read says this: Before the fire was lit, he begged forgiveness of any he had wronged & offered forgiveness to those who had wronged him.  He subsequently turned to his fellow & said, 'Be of good comfort brother; for we shall have a merry supper with the Lord this night.'Ē Ė Wikipedia -

Brown, Rebecca -
"To murder character is as truly a crime as to murder the body.
The tongue of the slanderer is the brother to the dagger of the assassin.
Character assassination is at once easier & surer than physical assault. It involves far less risk for the assassin.
It leaves him free to commit the same deed over & over again, & may, indeed win him honors
of a hero even in the country of his victims...So much hatred is included in most gossip that the demons get involved. People becoming involved in gossip literally come under a demonic bondage. Soon, it becomes impossible for them to ever receive the real truth about a particular situation or person. If you have fallen into this trap, you need to repent & then command all demons of hatred and gossip to get out of your life at once in the name of Jesus Christ. Then ask the Lord to take the demonic blinder off your eyes so that you can see the truth...
'Lord, I am asking you to set a guard on my tongue and instantly alert me in the future if I am about to fall into the sin of gossip & backbiting. I ask you for this, and thank you, in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.' 
Now Take out a sheet of paper & start writing. Write down all the people you have gossiped against. 
Then pray through your list, confessing, repenting, & asking God to cleanse you."

Burt, Arthur - Plumline Ministries - @ - "With 3 heart attacks in close proximity, all related to people related to the ministry in one form or another, all providing obstacles for the ministry, my friends understood that this was in all probability a demonic attack and NOT something that was rooted in the biological things. The deeper root problem was the jealousy of others.  So Satan himself, as an entity, is fiercely jealous of God & heís fiercely jealous of the worship that we extend to God...(Now look at what Psalm 8) says, 'When I consider the heavens, the works of Your fingers, the moon & the stars which You have set in place. What is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that You care for him. You made him a little lower than the heavenly beings & crowned him with glory and honor.' I believe this gives us the other half of the equation of the devilís jealousy.
Namely we have what he used to have...the glory & the honor...the access into the presence of God...all the beauty of holiness...giftings & anointings that apparently were significantly beyond what we have today.
In his created essence, in the way God designed & wired Satan and the demons, they are superior to us.
They transcend many of the laws of nature that we are trapped in. They have a timeless quality to them without the mortality that we experience. There is so much about them that is superior to what we are & what we have. Except for the fact that we have spiritual gifts...spiritual anointings...access to God...the Holy Spirit of God dwelling within us...a blood covenant relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We also have the opportunity to sin and be restored, & the devil apparently does not have that; it was a one-way trip for him.
So the enemy is jealous of the things that we have, that weíve received from God, as well as the worship that we give to God from what we have.
This began to establish an under-standable pattern as we looked through scripture & as we looked at the people around us to see the nature of jealousy and how it is lived out in human life.
We found 3 common patterns of being jealous of something that somebody else has...
1st of all, and most tragically, there are many people in church who are not willing to pay the price for the things that God has called them to...
There is a 2nd cause, & that is the people who are insecure in their own position...
There is a 3rd common pattern for jealousy in the body of Christ. This one is a little more difficult for people to grasp, but it is the issue of the sovereignty of God. There are situations where an individual has been called to a particular field. Say itís Pastor Sam Jones in a particular city. 
He has a heart for the city, he is a man who is willing to pay the price, heís pure, he has prayed passionately for the city for 23 years, heís poured his entire life out in trying to see God move with power in his city.
Finally the time arrives & God brings in an outsider, somebody much younger than the local pastor, somebody who does not have the experience, somebody who simply has not travailed for 23 years like that pastor has. 
Through no fault of the pastor, not saying that the man has not paid his dues, through no fault of the local pastor, God as an act of His sovereignty, chooses to place another man in the high profile leadership in that community...
As we bring all these 3 together, we can come down to what I believe is the root issue in terms of jealousy, and that is displacement. Displacement. In other words, in each case where there is jealousy, somebody has been displaced or somebody thinks they were displaced, or somebody thinks they might be displaced by the coming change...
Jealousy as a demonic problem made more sense once we understood those theological issues; but still, the question was, why would jealousy have so much power? Particularly so much power to come against an innocent person...
If weíre doing our job, if weíre doing what weíre supposed to do, if weíre walking in any level of righteousness and authority, the devil ought to hate us. Thereís something seriously wrong if the devil doesnít hate us.
I cringe a little bit when people say they must be effective in the kingdom now because the devil is fighting back. Well hopefully every day we are inconveniencing the devil. Hopefully every day he hates all of us with a deadly hatred. The fact that the devil hates us is irrelative and immaterial. The question is how can he get to us through jealousy? And apparently when another...becomes jealous of me, then all of the hatred that Satan feels towards me can flow through that individual to me. When they come in jealousy towards me, they have actually come into agreement with the father of lies himself and therefore they are the conduits through which the latent, permanent hatred of the enemy comes at me...
If itís somebody in authority, governmental authority, such as a parent or a pastor or a ministry leader, who is jealous of somebody underneath them, that unleashes even more damage because theyíve moved from a position of covering to a position of being a conduit for the hatred of the enemy...
When we first started doing deliverance on these issues, it was a perfunctory thing, it took 10-15 minutes, we just rejected and renounced. Since then weíve begun to under-stand that there are occasionally more complex issues. The 1st question I have learned to ask is whether the problem we are dealing with is a current problem or a generational problem.  In other words, weíll do a brief family history. Weíll look at the siblings, the adult siblings of the individual, weíll look at his parents and his aunts and uncles, and see whether there has been any pattern of people being jealous of the, even the secular, natural success of other people. Where there is a generational demon, it is usually very evident. Another indication of a generational demon is when there is an early onset of the problem. When we find out that from the time he was made a milk monitor in the 3rd grade the other kids in class were jealous of him, it followed all the way through junior high school, & high school, & college and the ministry, we know that that early onset of the problem is an indication that it was a generational iniquity. 
So we deal with it generationally, asking the Lord how many generations back this problem came into the family line, where God wants to deal with it. 
We break the iniquity there, calling it what it is, and bring forward that cleansing to the present generation & then extend that freedom to our children, physical & spiritual children to 1,000 generations...
Weíve also found that the spirit of jealousy seems to be able to partner very effectively with other demons.
There are certain demonic entities that come in pairs of triplets, & if we deal with one without the other, somehow the problem seems to reoccur.
For example on a simplistic level, we used to deal with a critical judgmental spirit & there would be seeming success in the deliverance, but after a period of time, the problem would come back.
We finally understood that we also have to deal with the perfectionism of an individual. 
So frequently a person who is outwardly judgmental of others, is inwardly judgmental of himself, thatís perfectionism.  Itís 2 sides to the same critter.  We have to deal with both sides.
Similarly, there are 5 primary demonic strongholds that seem to partner with, or establish an unholy alliance with jealousy & that alliance needs to be dealt with.
1st of all there is a spirit of death and infirmity. If that is a generational problem in the family line & you also have a spirit of jealousy coming against you, it is not a good combination.
We also see jealousy frequently attaching to somebody who already has a victim spirit.
A 3rd one is Freemasonry. A 4th one is any kind of financial curses.
A 5th one is mental confusion or even mental illness in a family.
If somebody has an inability to perceive reality as it really is, if somebody is living in denial, that is a superficial evidence of the possibility of a spirit mental confusion, or mental illness in the family line generationally.
Any one of these 5 by itself is a nuisance, any one of these 5 seems to be a magnet attracting a spirit of jealousy from other people, and then the 2 form an unholy alliance.
In doing a family survey 1st, we try to identify if any of these are present.  If so, we call them to attention & sever the unholy alliance between them and the spirit of jealousy that is providing protection...
So we bring righteousness and justice as our tools, our weapons against this scourge.
We proclaim the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, we proclaim that the individual has entered into, voluntarily, by an act of his will, a blood covenant relationship with Jesus.
We proclaim that covenant transcends, supercedes any other covenant, every other agreement, every other protection. Then having made those proclamations of truth & justice, we then command that that unholy alliance be severed & we command each of the different heads stand alone at attention with those under them, not in communication with each other, & not reinforcing each other. At the same time, we may find it necessary to sever any reinforcement coming from the land, or the building.
Thereís particular communities, cities that have a spirit of jealousy over them, & you would not want the strongman over the city giving any reinforcement to somebody that youíre trying to do deliverance for...
After having worked with jealousy for a period of time, God marvelously took us into an understanding of how to protect ourselves on a proactive basis, from being defiled by a spirit of jealousy coming from the outside...
God took me to the fact that although jealousy will go anywhere, & jealousy will attack anyone, that home-base for the spirit of jealousy, the (protective) default position, both territorially & individually, is in the gift of giving...
(Additionally to help detach/deflect jealousy) when we were together, I would do what-ever was possible to put them (jealous individuals) in a good light & to position them so that they could use their gifts & minister according to the call of God in their life...
1 of the ladies whom I had only met briefly before...was able to see in the spiritual realm. 
She said that there was a shroud wrapped around me, grave clothes in the spiritual realm.
It was as though I had been buried, dead & buried, like Lazarus. 
She identified it very accurately as jealousy. She asked me point blank, 'You know, has there been anybody in the ministry that has been jealous of you & the call of God on your life?'
I said, 'Well yeah...definitely,' & many people came to mind.  She understood much more of this than I did.
So they stopped the...ministry.  She & her husband stripped away this defilement, this wrapping, this restriction, the grave clothes that were preventing me from moving freely in the giftings that God had given me & renounced, rejected that, commanded jealousy to release me permanently.
Then they did something different. Each one of them stood in front of me & they spoke to me of what they saw in me in terms of the call of God in my life, the godly character that I had developed, the gifts that God had given me, the anointings that He had given me and the fruit of my ministry. 1 at a time, each of those 9 people stood in front
of me. They proclaimed what they knew about me. This was not blessings, this was not looking at the future, but what they had seen, what they knew. They said, ĎThis is what God has done. It is good.í At the end, each 1 of them asked me if those things were true, whether I agreed with that. I said, 'I do.' I did not understand the significance of what went on, but in that hour & a half as those 9 people stood in front of me and affirmed the call of God on my life God placed a shield of honor around me, a Teflon coating if you will, that kept the spirit of jealousy away for the next year.  It was a year later when I was able to connect the dots & understand what went on...
We established a cord of 3 strands of truth between that individual, myself & Almighty God.
We were coming into agreement with God about who I am rather than coming into agreement with the enemy about who the enemy wishes I were.  That simple act that I did not understand at the time, of putting a shield of honor around me, speaking the truth about my character, my gifts, my anointing & the fruit of my ministry, that hour & a half of ministry has saved me an immense amount of grief.
I donít know where all of the jealous people have gone, what God did with them, or where He put them, but theyíve disappeared from my life...
I began to seek the Lord in that saying, 'Lord what is the power, what is the biblical basis, what is the theology behind what happened there on the east coast and my being free from the spirit of jealousy without having to fight against it all the time?'...He said, 'It is like a lane in a bowling alley. In a lane in a bowling alley there is a gutter on the right and a gutter on the left. A gutter ball on the right is as worthless as a gutter ball on the left. They do the same thing for the game, which is nothing...In terms of who we are, there are 2 gutters that we need to be aware of. On the one hand, is the gutter that we are very, very well aware of, & that is the issue of pride. When an individual begins to gain his identity through what he has and through what he does, instead of through who he is in his relationship to God, that is very, very dangerous...
He said, Luke 10:20, 'However, do not rejoice that the (evil) spirits submit to you.
Donít rejoice in your authority...giftings...fruit of your ministry...anointings. But rather rejoice that your names are written in heaven.' Rejoice in your relationship with the Father. Because who we are, our identity, is supposed to come 1st, foremost, in between; it is supposed to be rooted in our relationship with God the Father.  If who we are is rooted in our relationship with God the Father, then everything that we do, all the anointings that we have are secondary & they remain in perspective. When an individual is wounded, when an individual does not have a proper relationship with his earthly parents, or with earthly authorities or Almighty God, then he seeks to grasp a 2ndary authority, a validity, a significance, an identity through what he does and this moves into pride, it is devastating...
On the other side of the bowling lane, the gutter that is largely overlooked, is the gutter of false humility.
When we downplay our giftings and who we are, when we devalue...deny...diminish them, we are actually entering into agreement with the father of lies & it is devastating...
So we have found that when we are doing overt, direct, in-your-face warfare trying to push back a spirit of jealousy, we proclaim the name of the... Ancient of Days, the Eternal One who transcends the time limited, created nature of Satan and his jealousy. So we proclaim the all-sufficiency of the Ancient of Days & His plan, & we receive from His hand all that He wants to give us."
(Finally disallow anyone to disrespect you or your staff; disallow your staff to disrespect others. 
Wipe the dust off your feet when others disrespect or do not notice God's anointings/calling/ministry in your life.  Give God ALL the honor and glory; NEVER take it for yourself. 
Your only glory should be your relationship with the Trinity; never the giftings or blessings.)

Carothers,  Merlin    Praise News  - monthly newsletter - 2/2008 - editorial A Happy Grumbler?       
God signed a contract in His own blood. He promised His free gift of eternal life to everyone who believed in Jesus as their Savior. I have received His promise as my own, but have not yet experienced the ultimate joy He has guaranteed. When I leave this earthly body behind & enter into His presence, I will then obtain the complete blessing & joy that He promises.
Carothers, Mary - October 2010 Edition  -
8/2004 reprint - Victory Over Condemnation -
Does remembering past sins and mistakes ever bother you? Even though youíve confessed them to God and asked Him to forgive you? You probably know the Bible promises us forgiveness & cleansing when we admit that we were wrong & are sorry (see I John 1:9).
Godís Word is true. Not only does He forgive our sins, He doesnít even remember them anymore (see Isaiah 43:25). By the way, Iíve found several other places in the Bible where God promises us that once we have confessed & turned away from our sins, the Lord forgives us & forgets them.
There is no longer any condemnation for us to deal with (see Rom. 8:1).
Well then, why do we so often feel condemned? Why does the memory of our sins plague us?
Iíll let you in on a secret. Every thought that comes to us does not necessarily originate in our own mind. Everything we see, (for example on television), or hear others say; what we read in newspapers, magazines & other sources, all bring information & opinions into our minds. In a way, our minds are rather like radios & televisions. What we see & hear there does not originate in the radio
& television sets.
Rather, like our minds, they receive the sounds & pictures from an outside source.
Have you ever been reading the Bible, & felt that a particular verse was just what you needed to encourage you?
Or perhaps, during a sermon something was said that helped you in your current situation.
In those cases, you felt the Lord was ďspeakingĒ to you.
Well, Satan also can bring thoughts to our minds Ė thoughts of failure & condemnation
When we read or hear something, we can either accept it as true or reject it as untrue.
The same is true whenever a thought comes to us.
When the Lord comforts & encourages us, we should accept it, believe Him & act on (His holy) truth.
Likewise, when Satan tells us we are worthless, remember that he is a liar, & that lies are Satanís native language (see John 8:44).
When he condemns me, reminding me of my failures and past sins, I immediately begin to thank & praise Jesus for His death that purchased my salvation & forgiveness.
I thank Him that I am a new creation in Him (see II Cor. 5:17). 
Then I begin to praise God for His marvelous plan of salvation.
I thank & praise Him for His love (forgiveness, healing, deliverance, not remembering) & compassion.
I begin to tell Him how much I love Him.
When we do this, we are giving glory to Jesus our Savior. We are strengthened in our faith. If we will continue to do this each time the enemy attacks us, he will gradually stop, because he hates for us to give glory to the Lord.
Thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ (I Cor. 15:57)."

Copeland, Gloria - The Believer's Voice of Victory editorial Entrapment of Kingdoms in Conflict - - "The Greek word accuse means 'to ensnare or to fasten a noose.' 
Satan  couldn't lay a finger on Jesus unless He said something that gave the devil access into His life.
Satan knew he needed words that were contrary to truth with which to hang
Jesus...Proverbs 18:21 says that death and life are in the power of the tongue... Proverbs 6:2 (Bible in Basic English Version) says, 'You are taken as in a net by the words of your mouth; the sayings of your lips have overcome you'...
Every response out of Jesus' mouth agreed with God's Word." 
(Our words are a noose which we tighten each time we contradict the word of God.)

Dawson, Joe - -
Just recently, in a time of corporate prayer, the Lord spoke to me about the upcoming month of August.
The Lord only said this one word to me, ďMisunderstood
I began to think about different people in the Bible & how many of them were misunderstood.
King David was the son who was sent out into the wilderness. David felt misunderstood his entire life.
While his brothers were in the house with their father, he was out in the field with the sheep.
David felt misunderstood & alone in the wilderness but what he could not see at the time was that God had placed him there to prepare him.
When we encounter a season in the wilderness it is not to punish us but rather to prepare us for promotion.
You may feel misunderstood & rejected, but God is setting you up. In seasons where you feel lonely or isolated, draw near to God in the wilderness. David was not the only one who spent time alone with God in the wilderness. Immediately following Jesusí baptism He went out into the wilderness to fast and be alone with the Father.
Jesus was misunderstood his entire time on the earth
, but it did not keep Him from accomplishing what He knew He was sent to do.
The apostle Paul because of his radical & instantaneous transformation was misunderstood.
Paul was misunderstood by many of the believers & former disciples because Paul had previously been murdering Christians & was now suddenly trying to preach the gospel.
It did not make any sense to anyone else but Paul kept moving forward even though he was initially misunderstood.
If you feel misunderstood, you are in the perfect place & in the perfect time to receive the favor & the blessings of God. This is a season where God is taking those that have felt misunderstood & isolated in this season & pouring out His Spirit upon them. God uses & sends those who are misunderstood to establish His Kingdom on the earth. God called Moses who stuttered & could easily be misunderstood to lead an entire nation of people out of bondage. 
Just because you have been misunderstood does not mean that God cannot do great exploits through you.
For those that have felt rejected, isolated, lonely & forgotten, others may have misunderstood you, but God has been preparing you for a season & a reason that will soon make sense. When people misunderstand you, Heaven understands you. 1 of the reason many have felt misunderstood was to protect you from wrong relationships & to set you apart. Get ready & for everything that the Lord has for you.
Donít worry about being misunderstood, God is setting you up for something powerful.

DeGraw, Kathy - - 2019-07-16 - (edited) "1 day, the Lord showed me the spirit of Jezebel is like a demonic cloud hovering over your mind, pulling you & triggering controlling thoughts. Until you break the word curses, you will be in submission to that spirit of control.  Are there thoughts that still plague your mind from someone who was trying to control you or destroy your prophetic destiny?
What about people who are in competition with youÖ Canceling these assignments starts with forgiving anyone who has ever spoken against you & then repenting of any negative words you have spoken about anyoneÖ
Breaking the Power of Jezebel's Words
: (in Jesus' name, blood, resurrection power & our army host executing)

  • Rebuke & renounce all words spoken against you, your family, business or ministry. Say out loud
    "I rebuke, break agreement with & renounce word curses & (evil) spiritual assignments that have obstructed the spiritual realm around me & put up roadblocks, hindrances, delays & detours on my assignment."
  • Break off all word curses. Speak aloud, "I cancel all word curses & attacks from the (spiritual) enemy."
  • I cancel all assignments of the (spiritual) enemy to steal, kill, & destroy my life, health, family, relationships, business, ministry & finances. "The thief does not come except to steal, kill & destroy.
    I have come that they may have life, & that they may have it more abundantly
    " (John 10:10).
  • Speak Isaiah 54:17 over your life. "No weapon that is formed against [me/our family tree] shall prosper.
    Every tongue that shall rise against [me] in judgment, [I] shall condemn."
  • Bind the words of those who speak negativity over you. Declare to bind their tongue, mouth, lips & voice box from speaking negative words, gossip, slander & anything that does not edify, exhort or build up.
    Say: "Lord, I bind negative word curses from going out & activating against me (& our family tree)."
    "Truly I say to you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven. 
    Whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven" (Matt. 18:18).
  • Pray for the person(s) & ask the Holy Spirit to convict them, expose (disallow, help & deliver) them.
    You are asking Him to convict them oftheir sin, words...motives & behaviors, so others see their impure (faulty) intentions so that additional people don't get hurt as a result of what they speak out.
  • Keep your tongue from evil. Your prayers are most effective when you are not in sin.
    (EG: If you are in adultery, you rarely can pray effectively about that regarding another.)
    You can't break something off your (or another's) life, that you are putting on (speaking/praying over) others.

Finally, be all of 1 mind (united in peace with family/God).  Be loving toward one another, gracious & kind.
Do not repay evil for evil, or curse for curse, but on the contrary, bless, knowing that to this you are called, so that you may receive a blessing. For "He who would love life & see good days, let him keep his tongue from evil & his lips from speaking deceit. Let him turn away from evil & do good; let him seek peace and pursue it" (1 Pet. 3:8-11).

  • Declare out over your life, "There shall be no evil befall you, neither shall any plague come near your tent (family tree)" (Ps. 91:10).

Ask Holy Spirit to reveal anything else that needs to be annihilated in the spiritual realm.
Expect Him to reveal Jezebel's assignments & believe that through your power & authority, these things are removed from your life.
Spend time renewing your mind & capturing (disallowing/not entertaining/rehearsing/reminating on) any stray thoughts.
Search your heart and remove bitterness & resentment from people who operated in a Jezebel spirit.
Ultimately, remember to love the person but dislike the personality. In my book, Speak Out - Learn the power we have when we speak out.  For further deliverance, see Discerning & Destroying the Works of Satan.
, Kathy - Be Revived

Ferrell, Emerson & Ana Mendez - 9/2008 newsletter -
It is likely that many of us will "eventually manifest our most consistent thoughts...
Thoughts are the seeds with the greatest harvest potential for either good or evil...
If we do not grow up in the fullness and stature of Christ, we will not have authority in His Kingdom...
Throwing (verbal) stones at others will erase the grace & mercy you have accumulated by your good works...
Fight for those the enemy is trying to destroy & watch your power & authority in heaven increase...
Those that battle for others not only protect themselves & their families but records in heaven are written in books for you by the angels.  Look in Revelation 20:12 & Daniel 7:10...

Francis Frangipane - 7/2/1997 - Exposing the Accuser of the Brethren @ - "This enemy is assigned to attack relationships on all levels...
Fault-finding demon will incite individuals to spend weeks unearthing old faults or sins in their minister or church.
The people who are held captive by this deceitful spirit become...irreconcilable enemies...
In most cases, the things they deem wrong or lacking are the very areas in which the Lord seeks to position them for intercession. What might otherwise be an opportunity for spiritual growth & meeting a need becomes an occasion of stumbling and withdrawal. 
In truth, their criticisms are a smoke screen for a heart without prayer & an unwillingness to serve...
This spirit infiltrates an individualís mind, its accusations come with such venom & 'authority' even those who 'know better' are seduced and then silenced by its influence...
To find an indictment against us, it is important to note, the enemy must draw his accusations from hell.
If we have repented of our sins, no record of them nor of our mistakes exists in heaven.
As it is written, 'Who will bring a charge against Godís elect? God is the one who justifies.' (Romans 8:33 NAS). Jesus is not condemning us but rather is at Godís right hand interceding on our behalf...
The 1st is our actual sin. When we fail to repent during the conviction of the Holy Spirit, this (evil) spirit enters seeking to use our sins to condemn us.
The way to defeat the enemy on this level is to simply repent of that particular sin.
Satan seeks not only to accuse us as individuals, but to infiltrate our thought life, introducing criticisms & condemnation, against others as well. Instead of praying for one another, we react in the flesh against offenses.
Our un-Christlike reactions then become an open door for the fault-finder spirit to enter our soul.
Therefore, we cast down the accuser of the brethren by learning to pray for one another, instead of preying on one another.  We must learn to forgive instinctively. If one has repented of his sins, we must exercise the same spirit of forgiveness and 'forgetfulness' that exists in heaven. Our victory is established as we emulate the role of Jesus.  Like a lamb, Christ died for sinners; like a priest, he intercedes...

The 2nd weapon this demon uses against us as individuals is our mistakes and poor decisions.
Each of us has an inherent propensity toward ignorance. One does not have to read far into the accounts of any of the saints to discover God did NOT call them because of their wisdom. In truth, we all have made mistakes. Hopefully we have learned from them.
his fault-finding demon however takes our past mistakes & displays them before our heart, criticizing our efforts to do Godís will, thus keeping us in bondage to the past.  When this spirit uses us against one another, it 1st provokes us to jealousy or fear.  Often we feel threatened by another personís success. We seek to justify ourselves by magnifying the faults in others.  It is often with those who are most similar to us our peers in spiritual stature, that the temptation to find fault is heightened. The more our jealousy grows the more this demon manipulates our thoughts until nothing about the individual or his church seems right...
The truth is the person who is trapped by the fault finder is the one who is deceived and dangerous...
The accuser uses yet another weapon, & uses it astutely.
There is a time in our walk with God when, to increase fruitfulness the Father prunes us back.
This is a season of preparation where Godís purpose is to lead his servants into new power in ministry.
This process however requires new levels of surrender as well as a new experience of crucifixion.
It's often a time of humiliation & testing, emptiness & seeming ineffectiveness as God expands our dependency upon him.  It can be a fearful time when our need is exposed in stark visibility...
When the accuser comes he brings distorted facts and condemnation. Satan never offers hope nor extends grace for repentance.  Those who are trapped by this spirit never research the virtues of the organization or person they are attacking. Their goal is not to heal but to harm.  To be effective against us, these demons must find opportunity in our carnal nature. Indeed, our unrepentant thoughts toward jealousy, pride & fleshly criticism give these demons a 'lumber yard' of material with which to erect walls between members of the Body of Christ & bring disharmony and strife."

Hagin, Kenneth W (Junior) - Taking on the Offense of Others 10/2008 - The Word of Faith magazine editorial - Gossip (tattling), repeating of transgressions against oneself (or others), for the purpose of self-gratification, infects others with a spirit of offense.  Others take on (pick up/catch/become infested with) our offense, unwittingly and spread it to other family/business/church members.  Danger.

Dawn Hill - Prophetic Vision Reveals Web of Jezebel's Pet Has Been Disturbed - 5/11/2017 @
"I had an internal vision of a black widow spider... The black widow spider is venomous & dangerous in the natural. She is cannibalistic, at times eating her mate & even her own offspring...

The web of the black widow is not a typical web. Her web appears uneven & chaotic, but despite its appearance, it is strategic & carefully planned, consisting of 3 structural levels. 
This prophetically mimics the Trinity.  It's goal is to ensnare prey for destruction while serving as a fortress...
What appears on the surface is not always what lies beneath.  The black widow depends on her web, & is clumsy without it.  In her absence, the web falls into disrepair.  She typically attacks when her web is disturbed, or if her egg sac (of baby spiders) is in danger.  For those in ministry who are experiencing spiritual attacks & witchcraft...
1 reason this is happening is because you have disturbed the enemy's structure. 
You have disturbed the web with the authentic presence of God. 
You have not been moved by fear despite the warning of that red hourglass by the enemy.
You have endangered the plots & schemes lurking in the egg sac, plans designed with intention against the bride of Christ. 
Without the web of deceit, manipulation & impurity, the enemy is thrown off balance.
This spider is a pet of Jezebel because this web is her structure. Let us not be discouraged in this hour, saints.
A remnant is disturbing the web of this black widow through the Word, prayer & intercession. 
That is the reason for heightened witchcraft in this hour.
The carefully planned web of the enemy has been encroached upon by a people unrelenting in their pursuit of the kingdom of God.  Make no mistake, the devil will not give up easily, but the enemy knows a fumigation of reformation is in the air, because we as the people of God are not afraid to wrestle against principalities, powers, rulers over this present darkness & spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places (Eph. 6:12).
This is not the time to back down, but to press onward & to reclaim ground level for Christ. 
We must reject the operation of witchcraft from within the body of Christ.
Repentance must come to those claiming light, but operating in darkness.  We desperately need the gift of discernment activated in our lives. I encourage you to curse this (spiritual) black widow & her egg sac.
Declare over your home (bloodline on both sides) & the corporate body of Christ that the breath of God will not be stifled.
When we choose to operate in the authority given to us by Christ, the result is a web left in disrepair (& impotency)."

Holtz, Scott & Dalit - - "The cloud of glory filled my work area & the Holy Spirit told me to pray...After a few minutes of flowing in rich intercession, He speaks in a commanding voice and warns me, 'Son, if anyone (believer or unbeliever) speaks to you & criticizes, maligns, minimizes, & even is not interested in you sounding the trumpet continually against terrorism & the other missions of OPERATION IMMINENT TRUMPET I have assigned you to doÖthen they are speaking directly from the Devil.'Ē
Holtz, Scott & Dalit - 4/2011 -
A few years Atlanta, GA.  I was taken up in the Spirit of God & saw a major offensive being planned against the Body of Messiah from deep within the enemyís camp....I saw...many believers going about their daily activities totally unaware that this attack was about to hit & that they would also not understand even where this attack was coming from until it was too late & that the damage was done...(It seems that) Believers will be offended...betray one another...hate one another...Jesus is warning in the Last Days that a lawlessness will erupt & evaporate the Love of God from believers hearts (Matt. 24).  This will be centered around offenses & betrayal... Portal of all demonic work is characterized by strife, jealousy, & selfish ambition. (See James 3:14-16)...
Die to self ambition, self justification & only obey the Word of God...

Take up the attitude of Hebrews 13 of being a scapegoat and going outside the camp bearing the reproach. 
(Very rare character trait seen today)...
Recognize that the enemyís secret but very lethal weapon of first choice to take us down is by strife and division (in all relationships)...Judicial Precedent that must be followed in Matthew chapter 18 ... If your brother or sister offends or sins against you...go directly to them 1st. (not anyone else)." 
Do "not reject them and cut them off...but rather love them unconditionally as Jesus did the heathen & tax gathers in His earthly ministry.  However, too often...that silent treatment & distancing by what cements the division that the enemy has wanted all along."
Holtz, Scott - 2006 -
Shofar blowing removes divination.
"Take up the attitude of Hebrews 13 of being a scapegoat and going outside the camp bearing the reproach. 
(Very rare character trait seen today)." 

Cindy Jacobs: It's Time to Bind the Python Spirit Choking You With Depression - 6/2/2017 -
any are under attacks with divination...being sent against you, & not only by witchcraft, but word-curses spoken against you. People that are saying things that are untrue are trying to, in some way, insinuate something that is not true about you or to cast aspersions on your character...The Lord is saying, 'I am fighting on your defense. I am fighting for your reputation. I am fighting for your peace of mind.'"6.2.2017 2/2016 - "You see, it is My love that leads to repentance, and judgment only leads to self-righteousness of the one who is judging.  Self-righteousness comes from Pride, the declaration that you are above others, and that you have the right to declare their guilt. This kind of behavior opens the door for a fall.  So, My Bride. I am asking you: 'Do not enter into judgment with your brothers. Keep your head low.
Weep over his sins as you weep over your own.'  You ARE weeping over yours, are you not?
This is the great balancing weight. You see, you've been given much, much more grace than many of these.
Much more opportunity. Much more ministry.  So, when you overspend, for instance, it is just as serious as those who steal. Though the money is in your control, it should be looked at as Mine, since you are My stewards. Therefore, the man who runs out of the 7-11 with a 6 pack of beer, because of his addiction & the way he was formed by his non-existent parents is less guilty than you who spend the money on luxuries, when you could have supported an orphan with it.  Do you understand? There is NONE that is just, not even one.
Those to whom much has been given, much shall be required
Humble yourselves and see that your little faults are much more serious than their big faults, because they did not know My Mercy. Refrain from this."

#97) Kat Kerr - Scrape the darkness off. Part 1 - VTS 01/22/2011 - Alive_Again Dec 18, 2012 - Last edited: 3/17/2013 - @
#98) Kat Kerr - Scrape the darkness off. Part 2 - VTS 01/22/2011 - Alive_Again Dec 18, 2012 - Last edited: 3/17/2013 - "The Father said: If we wouldnít show it in Heaven. If We wouldnít have it in Heaven, you shouldnít have it in your life How about that for some guidelines? If He says start by cleaning your closet.
Youíd better go clean your closet.  Itís not just the big things that we donít do or obey, the little things matter right now. He said you need to start listening & obeying, because it might cost you your life 1 day.
When He began to train me, He said: I want you to hear Me if I whisper.
I donít want to have to yell at you.  I hear Him if He whispers. If thereís anything in me that doesnít belong there.
I want it out.  Stand up. Weíre going to get clean right now before we finish. Because when you sin or say the wrong things, you literally give him permission to come into you atmosphere & set up camp.
I see in to the (invisible evil) spirit realm too; I just donít go to Heaven. I go into some peopleís homes.
Theyíve got cesspools in there. When you shred people with your mouth, you backbiteÖgossip. 
Out of this mouth comes a cesspool in the spirit realm
. When you say the God thing. 
You encourage, you love; when you pray, living water. I have been in some peopleís homeÖ
I saw their guardian angels surfing from the river that came from their mouths.Ē

#167) Kat Kerr - Your Words Create Life or Death - Alive_Again, - Dec 23, 2012 - (edited) - ďWhen you speak with your words it creates life or death. Thatís what the Word says: The power of life & death are in the power of the tongue. That means what you say matters, is that right? Weíre supposed to speak life, not death. When you speak life to people, out of your mouth flows the river of life. Literally in the spirit realm (if you could see). I see I the spirit realm. I see in peopleís homes. Sometimes itís engulfed by the river of life.
You walk in, the life of God is there.  If I go into a place where people scream and argue, it is a cesspool.
So if speaking life creates a river of life.  Guess what speaking death (gossiping, backbiting, screaming, yelling, hating) creates.  You actually, in the spirit realm, release a cesspool in your home.
Demons will come & swim in that cesspool. Donít invite the enemy into your life.
I know at 1 time in our life (we) spoke (wrong) things.  The worse thing you can do is talk bad about your family members. I know theyíre rascals. God knows their rascals.  He knows what theyíre doing.
Heís not been blinded to whatís going on down here. But you know what; theyíre all His kids, & He loves them.  Remember what I told you, they say in Heaven, ĎTheyíre going to become a mighty man or woman of God. Youíre not going to miss your destiny.  Youíre going to become a living testimony of the saving power of Jesus Christ.í 
Thatís what youíre (also) supposed to say about your family members, that donít want God. They donít know Him. Then when you turn around and tell everybody how bad they are, you wipe out your prayer.
You cannot be double minded. That means youíre saying one thing, then turning around & saying just the opposite. Youíre being tossed to and fro like waves in the sea; thatís what the Word says.
(Thus) you wonít get anything from God.
If you want to stand for their salvation, you say what Heaven says
about them. Donít let other people say other-wise. If theyíre doing bad things & someone calls you & says: ĎWell, I heard your brother was running around. He got drunk everyday & ia doing all this.  (The holy response would be,) ĎDo you know what?
Heís going to become a mighty man of God.  He will not miss his destiny.í  Start saying what Heaven says. You know what? Youíre going to hear, Ďclickí & they won't call you back to gossip anymore. The enemy loves it (gossip). God hates it. Itís on His deadly sins list.
When you speak
(negatively) like that about people, you release stuff (junk) into your life, that gives the enemy entrance.  So weíre going to get our (flawed/erroneous/broken/negative) records (reports/files) totally wiped clean (overwritten/rewritten/reformatted to align with Godís heavenly thoughts/ agenda/plans/blueprints).Ē

#209) Kat Kerr - Overcoming Evil with Good - Jubilee Church Audio Pod cast (transcript) Revealing Heaven - Alive_Again - Dec 28, 2012 @
kat-kerr-preparing-for-the-baptism-in-fire-the-latter-rain.7709550/page-4 (edited)
"You can tell is somebody spends a lot of time with Him because they're filled with joy.
It doesn't matter what's going on around them...what their situation is, it really doesn't.
I have learned to see beyond this natural realm.
You know God's Word says to 'call those things that be not as though they were'...
He wants us to do that. He wants us to declare 'His kingdom come, His will be done'
He wants Heaven to come to this earth.
Because if His kingdom is being established, it's certainly not going to leave Heaven out...
Realize and understand, when you have seen Him, how much authority we have through the Blood of Jesus Christ.  If you get to see Jesus and the Father in Heaven, you're undone for the rest of your life.
If that only happened to you one'd never let the devil steal anything from you again...never get offended again at anybody...Wrestling and warring against the flesh...makes the devil really happy. If you want to give the devil a really good day, get mad at somebody. Then stay made the next day, he gets even happier.
BUT, if you want to give him a really, really, bad day, the next time some-one is nasty and ugly to you, you look at them and tell them, 'I love you through the Blood of Jesus Christ. You are so important to Him. He has great plans for you.' Act like they haven't said anything...
The devil is going to go insane And that person is going to be totally knocked away, because they had no clue that you were going to give them love in return. That is actually God's plan. He doesn't want you to get bent out of shape; just walk away. No (instead) look right at them and say, 'You are wonderfully & perfectly made.
There is greatness on the inside of you because you're made in His image & oh, He's got such amazing plans for you. I can't wait to see what He's going to do with you.'  
Now what do you think is going to happen to that anger that they were just carrying.
No demon is going to want to stick around. Because they don't want to see you loving on anybody, much less the one who's cursing you. You don't realize what happens in the spirit realm when you do something like that.  #1, your angel begins to dance all over the place.
They will dance up & down & jump up, up & down, because you're actually acting like the Word of God is true, & there is a God in Heaven that can see what you're doing. Then all of Heaven gets excited. 'Look there's someone who's actually acting like the Word means what it says. Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who despitefully use you.
There is such tremendous reward when you do that. But in the spirit realm you are releasing power on behalf of that person to know the Lord. If you're willing to act like that, the Holy Spirit will sick that person. You love them & let God get them, amen? I'm telling you, He will pursue them.
It doesn't matter if you're here or not... Jesus loved you before you were anything, right?
That (love in return for animosity) is almost 1 of my favorite things to do right now & I'm a big target."

Kerr,  Kat - 2/22/2016 2:41 PM @  "Whose report will you believe? 
Those who help release fear through advertising the enemy's plans by posting & declaring wrath, doom & gloom but have no solution for it and are afraid themselves. Or will you believe those who are Fearless & release Hope, Power and Faith through reporting the Father's plans for us to push back darkness by taking power over ALL the power of the demonic enemy, releasing the Hosts of Heaven to pull down strong-holds & ruling with Christ.
You must understand that our enemies have become the enemies of our God & they are like specks of dust to Him. He is on our side. He created everything. He even held this very planet in His hand as He made it. 
Stand up and tell Him that you TRUST Him regardless of what your eyes see or ears hear in this natural realm.
If you truly want eyes to SEE and ears to HEAR what the Spirit of God is saying, then you better start declaring in faith that you choose to believe the Good reports & God's plans.
There will be those who will be GREAT in the earth for their God and there will be those who only read about it.
RULE every day of your life & you will not only see the hand of your God move on your behalf but He will allow you to help Him move it for others...
This created graphic resembles the army of Heaven moving faster than the speed of light in hundreds of thousands of orbs which leave shock waves of power in the spirit realm as they head to do battle.
They are one of our weapons sent from Heaven by the Lord of Hosts to war for you & I." 
To view the image mentioned above please use the following link:
NOT tax exempt - donation link to Kat: - (However, one can use his unified annual tax exemption credit which in 2016 is about 14k.)
The Kat Kerr - July 27 at 12:19pm 2016 - HE RULES, WE RULE Ė (edited face-book link) Body of Christ, remember who you are:
We are the Body, BUT He is the HEAD, the most important WILL is His, not ours.
STOP bashing each other and Love One Another. Literally, choose to loose from your soul, any words, anger or hate that you have (received or) directed against any human person (especially any fellow Believers).  
Only be spiritually violent against spiritual darkness, as that is where our POWER is.
WE HAVE POWER OVER ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY (Satan's kingdom of darkness). 
We have Mighty Weapons to pull down strongholds (Heaven's Army, the Hosts).
When you give yourself to bashing each other, YOU are giving the demonic FUEL to keep their plans in motion. 
When you spread their messages or promote their FEAR tactics, YOU are putting your: self, family and others into the camp of the enemy. YOUR own words release Life or Death & will cause your soul to prosper or perish.
GET OUT of the TRAP; STAY FREE of FEAR by attacking it with FAITH that God does have a Master Plan for RIGHT NOW.  To be Spiritually minded (connected to Holy Spirit, God's ways and thoughts) means you have surrendered your will to the Will of God; IT IS LIFE.
I HEAR VOICES SHOUTING from HEAVEN (Trump's ancestors who are mighty men & women of God) CHEERING TRUMP on, to RUN BOLDLY & FEARLESSLY to WIN for JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS, so THAT THEY MAY, TOGETHER (Hebrews 11), FULFILL the DESTINY of THEIR FAMILY LINE: to BE GREAT in the EARTH for the 'KING' and 'HIS KINGDOM'. If THIS STATEMENT MADE YOUR SPIRIT LEAP, (with joy like John the Baptist in the womb) then YOU ARE WALKING in/with the (Holy) SPIRIT, BUT if WRATH IMMEDIATELY ROSE UP in YOU, then YOU ARE LIVING in the FLESH.
(Busted. What's in/on/missing/leaking from your soulís layers? 
Deposits/wounds/holes that need emergency spiritual RX.)
There is) TOO LITTLE (spiritual) POWER to STOP THOSE in the BODY OF CHRIST WHO HAVE ALREADY STEPPED into the NEW TIME and (already) ARE RULING in the (current) KINGDOM AGE. THIS IS a (preplanned spiritual) TIME CREATED by GOD to REVEAL the MANIFESTED SONS and DAUGHTERS, so GET YOUR CROWN on & RULE WITH CHRIST.  LEARN to CELEBRATE NOW, IN FAITH, (in advance of victory, during this springtime/dawn of Godís reign with man on earth + manís reign with God) BECAUSE YOU WILL BE CELEBRATING with HEAVEN. WOO HOO.
PS. Terrorists are only natural humans who are being controlled & fueled by Satan's power (which was defeated at the Cross) and demonic army (subject to destruction in the end); their terror only works if we allow it BECAUSE, WE ARE SUPERNATURAL BEINGS, LIVING in a HUMAN BODY EMPOWERED by the BLOOD of CHRIST WHO HOLDS ETERNITY in HIS HANDS.  We are subject to ETERNAL LIFE.  Which 1 sounds more powerful to you?  STAND UP. DECLARE. USE HIS: NAME, WORD & HOSTS (Heaven's Army) to MAKE TOAST of the ENEMY'S PLANS AGAINST YOU and YOUR COUNTRY. GOD BLESS AMERICA.  MAY the HOSTS GO WITH YOU.

*(web link) PHOTO shows a squadron of 12 hosts; a specific tribe called 'The Lasers' which have many wings (even on their heads) & a central 1 like a 'fin' on their back. These powerful creatures have 2 heads (1 in front & a smaller 1 at the end) that release razor sharp lasers of light from their mouth to blind the eyes of enemy during battle. Sometimes they carry other members of the Hosts to war with them.  These Hosts are very destructive because of their extreme speed & skill; they are usually sent as a 'surprise' attack.
They NEVER lose a battle, because the effectual, fervent prayer of the righteous send them

Meyer, Joyce  Letting Go of Offenses editorial in 5/2006 magazine Enjoying Everyday Life 
Article urges us to forgive, pray for, & bless those who hurt us.  It says that holding onto offenses is holding onto unforgiveness, which grow roots, roots of bitterness, poison/imprisonment to our souls and strongholds for demons.  Rehearsing offenses in our minds infects the entire personality plus our relation-ships, including our relationship with God.  Forgiveness is NOT a feeling, but rather a decision, a choice (which Satan will NOT like).
We even have to go the extra mile to NOT curse them with our mouth through gossip/tattling/bad mouthing/digging up the past - to the wrong people/neighbors/relatives (excluding police/doctors or a dependant who might need protection).
John 20:22-23 tells us that Jesus said..."Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive (pardon) anyone his sins, they are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven."  
1. If you feel spiritually/emotionally/physically harassed. - "Pray: (In Jesus name) Father God, I Declare Your Light Jesus Christ into the Roots of Iniquity that are empowering demonic structures
(Name off whatever you feel that is evil from the enemy ): _____ , _____, _____ .
(In Jesus name, every mentioned) Root of Iniquity break & dissolve.
(In Jesus name) Root of Light, be planted in every hole from which iniquity was uprooted and bear Fruit opposite of the Iniquity (peace for fear, etc. according to - Speak whatever scriptures replace the harassment) AMEN.
2. If you feel something is between you & another person.
Pray: (In Jesus name) Father God, I declare Your (Holy) Spirit (Dynamos resurrection)
Light between ( _____ ) & ( _____ ).
(In Jesus name, evil) spirits of wickedness that are coming between us/them, be exposed.
(In Jesus name) Father God, I invite Your Light to shine into the atmosphere between us (to expose & burn up all animosity and evil.  Thanks and)  amen."

Nuzum, C - The Fight of Faith -

Renner, Rick - 10/16/2020 - edited "minority of believers can leave a bad taste in oneís mouth & have a widespread negative effect, especially if the person theyíve wounded tells others about the ordeal.  In moments when we experience the unpleasantness of someoneís dishonorable behavior, it would be wise for us to remember that even Jesus had an insincere person, Judas Iscariot, on His team. So it should not surprise us if we occasionally experience a disappointing personal encounter with a fellow Christian. From time to time, it simply happens.  When it does, we must forgive & move on without spreading the bad news to others whom it will disappoint & hurt. (Typically) Only those who are in authority need to be informed when such an event occurs.  
If this happens to you, I advise you not to slip into a mode of judging those who let you down.
They may simply be believers whose minds are not yet renewed to truth & right behavior. Down the road in their Christian walk, after God works in their hearts & minds, they may repent & come back to ask your forgiveness.
So when you have a disappointing experience with a fellow Christian, itís vital that you keep your own heart free of judgment & bitterness. Instead of letting that bad experience get the best of you, focus on your own actions & make sure that
 you are not among those who portray a bad image of believers in Jesus Christ...
If finding a way to do something right, good, fair, & honorable doesnít come to you easily, ask the Holy Spirit to help you get creative about ways to do what is helpful & beneficial to others...We must constantly remember that what we do reflects on the good name of Jesus. If weíre tempted to do something that lacks integrity, we need to pull back, repent, & ask the Holy Spirit to help us speak the truth & to do what is just, fair, helpful, & beneficial to those who could be affected by our actions...Refuse to do anything 
that is morally or ethically questionable. Allow Him to help you set your heart on behaving uprightly in your words & deeds..
Holy Spirit, if Iíve ever caused harm to a fellow Christian or hurt the reputation of Jesusí name, I ask You for forgiveness. For any time Iíve intentionally or unintentionally been guilty of dishonoring the name of Jesus or grieving You Holy Spirit by my poor actions & behavior, I repent & ask You to forgive me, so the slate will be clear in my life.
" (Thus, unless safety/ danger is an issue, the bottom line is to protect God's reputation.)
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"An offense usually occurs when you see, hear, or experience a behavior that is so different from what you expected that it causes you to falter, totter, & wobble in your soul. In fact, you are so stunned by what you have observed or by a failed expectation that you lose your footing emotionally.
Before you know it, you are dumbfounded & flabbergasted about something.
Then your shock turns into disbelief; your disbelief into disappointment; & your disappointment into offense...
If you discover that you have been a source of offense to someone else, take the mature path & go ask that person to forgive you. Donít get defensive, for that will only make the problem worse.
It may even lead to a deeper conflict, so just say you are sorry and move on. 
Do everything you can to bury that offense & destroy what the devil is trying to do between you.
Make it your personal aim to help that other person overcome what he thinks you did or said.
Sometimes it is more important to help the other person attain a position of peace than it is to prove who is right or wrong...
Lord, I want to repent for ever being a source of offense to anyone.
I am asking You to forgive me for fighting to prove my point in the past when I should have just gone to that other person & apologized, asking for his forgiveness.
If I ever find out Iíve offended someone again, please help me deal with it more maturely than I have in the past.
Jesus, I also need You to help me remember that when others do things
that make me sad or that disappoint me, they probably didnít mean to do it.
Help me give them the same mercy & grace that I hope others will give me, I pray in Jesus' name...
I am a source of blessing & not a cause of offense.
I do everything in my power to communicate correct messages.
I immediately move to bring healing & restoration whenever
misunderstanding & offense has occurred between myself & someone else.
I do everything I can to bury that offense & to destroy what the devil is trying to do.
I make it my aim to walk in the Spirit, to speak the love of God into every situation,
and to refuse to let the devil use me to cause others to trip & fall, all in Jesus' name.
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Samaan, Pierre J. - The Jezebel Spirit -

Sandford, John L & Paula - The Unseen Dynamics of Bitter Root Judgments - - "Bitter root judgments are NOT the hurtful or terrible things that happened TO us. Many of you may have been abused as children; some of you may be being abused right now in some kind of a relationship or job. Judgments are NOT the things that happen to us; (sinful) judgments are based on our response. If our response to something that happened TO us is different than how God wants us to respond, thatís a judgment. Does that mean I have to put up with a lot of things? Yes, it does. But the closer I get to Jesus & the closer I learn how He wants me to respond, the more it doesnít matter what happens to me. The joy of the Lord is my strength. Joy doesnít depend upon circumstance.
largely depends upon the circumstance; itís our sinful reaction to some circumstance; thatís a judgment (needing repentance, as God is the One Whose job it is to judge; whereas it is Satan's nature to condemn or criticize)...
Closely associated with bitter root judgments are expectancies...An expectancy...Itís a defense mechanism we erect to avoid pain. They are structures of thought meant to ease the pain or avoid the pain. Expectancies are habits of self-fulfilling prophecy by which we unknowingly push people to fulfill our picture of the way things will go."
Sandford, John L & Paula -,%20Judgment%20and%20%20Expectancies%20%20by%20John%20and%20Paula%20Sandford%20-%20Elijah%20House.html
Sandford, John L & Paula - -
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Veal, John - 2019 @ Chicago, Illinois + + +
Veal, John - -
2 Kings 20:12-19 - 2+Kings+20%3A12-19&version=AMP - 13 Hezekiah listened to & welcomed them (his enemy) and [foolishly] showed them all his treasure house: the silver, gold, spices, precious oil, armory and everything that was found in his treasuries. There was no thing in his house (palace) nor in all his realm that Hezekiah did not show them.
Veal, John -

Lance Wallnau - June 15, 2017 What does the Spirit of Leviathan DO?
+ It twists the meaning of words and seeks to destroy the unity of people.
+ It seeks to divide and dismember the relationships God has connected you to in the body of Christ.
+ It fosters an atmosphere of accusation against you.
+ It works to hinder spiritual growth.
+ Many people link this spirit to insomnia and challenges with focus.
+ It is the hidden power behind the battle in culture that seeks to turn people groups against each other by race, gender, political ideology or religion.
+ Those most affected by it are least aware of its presence.
It is currently wielding vast influence over media & political discourse making it impossible to think rationally.

Break controlling spirits @ +

Walters, Kathie -
kathiewaltersministy/blizzards-coming-your-way-but-its-a-good-thing - 3/1/2012 - "You know Jesus said, '
The same judgments you make against someone else are the same judgments that you yourself are judged with'...If you feel you have made a judgment against a church, ministry, person - let it go...if you feel you have been judged wrongly break off the judgment as it can affect you...
There is a short time and opportunity for this ..then God is going to do some cleaning up...why?
Because there is going to be a RELEASE FROM HEAVEN.  It will bring us into a new season of fruitfulness. 
Get ready to move on & clear out things you don't need: unnecessary baggage & weights.
Weights can be on the heart, weights can be on the mind.
Worry, fear are weights also, but they prevent you from running in the race and your destiny."

Walters, Kathie - Kicking the Dogs from the Door of Your Destiny By Kathie Walters or
Kicking the dogs from the door of your Destiny by Kathie Walters
- 10/7/2013 - A Challenge -
"You are going to make a decision - I am making a challenge. I don't think it's just me making this challenge -
I believe it's your Heavenly Father who is stirring you up. He made an awesome deposit in you.
Jesus deposited His life in you. He is looking for a return on His deposit.
His deposit will bring forth your destiny if you let it run its course.
BUT I WANT TO TELL YOU - there are dogs that lay at the door of your destiny. There are dogs that lay at the door of your destiny. Isn't it odd to you that 'dog' is 'God' the wrong way round?  What are the 'dogs' then?
Well dogs in the Bible usually represented the gentile, the ungodly, those who weren't familiar with God & His ways. Religious spirits.
Do you know there are lots of dogs in the church? Religious spirits have a certain kind of "knowledge" of God, but it's not really God. It has a form, but no power & keeps people from entering in. Dogs at the door.
Remember what Jesus said about the Pharisees concerning that?  You keep people from entering into the Kingdom with man-made laws & commandments. Jesus was angry with those people having a knowledge of God, but denying His (Holy Spirit baptism) power.  There are dogs: religious negative spirits, that make God's people qualify to be used by God. But Jesus already qualified us 100%.
Jealous Spirits - Dogs can also be jealous spirits, in people that don't want you to go further than them.
A good teacher or instructor is proud when a pupil begins to accomplish something.
But sometimes if that same pupil becomes too good, or maybe becomes better than the teacher, then the instructor or teacher feels threatened. They begin to pull the person back.
They want them to remain the pupil, the beginner."
Walters, Kathy @


Carrin, Charles - Taking the Shield of Faith - 10/13/2011 TV broadcast #2879 DVD. - Grumbling and complaining stirs up the (demonic) snakes. 
God has already won our battles; we need to enforce them.

Evans, Jimmy - Reversing the Jezebel Curse - 5/16/2010 - - audio broadcast

Kylstra, Chester - 1 CD - Dethroning Jezebel-
ccult religious spirits...desire to use you to oppress becom(e)...'unwitting instruments' in the hands of the enemy."

McKee, Lucy - Thursday CDs/DVD 2007 Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks annual convention
Lucy contends that most of the time group prayers on behalf of another is another method of gossip
As Christians it is better that we do much one on one prayer with the Holy Spirit advocating for the positive aspects of what an individual was, is and will be in Christ.  If an individual is stuck, he needs such a prayer intercessor to do battle for him to open up good spiritual doors & close bad spiritual doors, to open up path between him & God, to loose him into his spiritual destiny.  Scripture says that we can, like God, call forth those thing which are not (yet), especially in those who are born again; their spiritual seed needs to be watered & fertilized in order to reach up to God & to be deeply rooted in Him; we are responsible for their spiritual maturity, for those whose secrets have been revealed to us. 
We are NOT to gossip about their bad flesh; rather we are to contend for their spiritual maturity/blossoming. 

, Joyce - Me and My Big Mouth - CD #5928 - - Subtitle:
Your Answer Is Right Under Your Nose
+ book of confessing: Speaking God's Word
In addition to easy & relevant reading, Joyce gives us much scripture to memorize & speak out.
12/19/2007 Joyce Meyers TV shares what she understands as God's spoken Word to her, "It's not who you are talking to, that's the problem; it's the words!  I have to listen to the words." 
Before that, she felt convicted/ condemned/guilty when she complained/grumbled about others, so she had reverted to sharing with/confiding to her mate. 
God did not appreciate that.  Our invisible words affect the invisible spirit world.
Satan was prince of the air waves.  He rides/kidnaps/empowers our negative words.  Negativity is food/fodder for him. 2nd, we disarm God's angels sent to help/rescue us.  We remove their ability to help us. 
Angels are empowered by the Words of God (not those spoken words that contradict Him or His nature).
Psalm 103:20 KJV
says, "Bless the Lord, you His angels, that excel in strength, that do His commandments, harkening to the voice of His Word." We need to IMMEDIATELY repent and stop/refrain from negativity in thought and in speech.  Then we are to immediately praise others/self/God & make a habit of speaking aloud His Word.


Baxter, Mary K  Messianic Vision audio broadcast #1574 on 1/14-18/2008 - - 1/16/2008 broadcast shares some of the punishments in hell for hypocrites and backbiters, which God showed her.

Coy, Bob - 9/21/2008 - He Said, She Said - web audio - - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA

, Larry - 9/19-22/06 -
Huch, Larry - 9/25-29/06 - 
by clicking onto radio archives -
Tuesday/Wed 9/19-20/2006 + Wed 9/27/2006
Radio interview discusses gossip from the Jewish perspective. 

Johnson, Bill - 7/23-27/2007  Living a life full of God's supernatural and healing miracles. LISTEN  Real Player M Tu W Th F   Windows Media Player  M Tu W Th F   
WEDNESDAY's radio broadcast notes that what we tolerate will dominate.  The enemy has NO legal authority unless we relinquish it to him.  Any agreement with Satan's lies empowers him.  When we repeat Satan's lies we crate a word covenant with him.  (Any thought/word that contradicts Scripture is from the enemy.)

Kat Kerr May 18, 2014 from - Tribulation Now RADIO - - Scripture says we eat the fruit of our lips, so when we speak pollution, we are eating sewage.

, Sid 7/7/8 guest - Listen by clicking onto Messianic Vision radio archives.
Jesus had intimate conversations with author regarding NOT judging - even our abusers.

Shaw,  Nathan - Freedom From Condemnation Part 1 - Nathan Shaw - Save Message -
Fire and Destiny Church. Dunedin South Island, NZ
Shaw,  Nathan - Freedom From Condemnation Part 2 - Nathan Shaw - Save Message  @ - (Also some Mandarin translations available.)


Antonia, Mother -

Blasingame, Loretta  3/3-9/2008  It's Supernatural -
A negative/unloving attitude of hate will take one to hell, even if he/she is a preacher, per God Himself.

Kynan Bridges 3/12/2017 video + Sid Roth 896-Bridges, Kynan - Transcript - (edited)  "God...said. 'That's slander, gossip and offense.'
He said, 'It is a substance from the underworld.' What if I told people that slander & offense was a satanic substance that can contaminate their spiritual life & keep them from fulfilling their destiny, literally keep you from realizing God's purpose for your life & abort your destiny prematurely."
Bridges, Kynan - (edited)
KYNAN: The 1st transgression in the Bible was slander. 
The Bible says that Satan or the serpent came to Eve & he began to question God's reputation.
Slander is defined as a damaging statement about someone's character or reputation.
When Eve was presented with the opportunity to eat the fruit, the enemy told her that you will not surely die.
In other words, God is not telling you the truth.  He said one thing, but meant something else. 
It was her doubt & suspicion that caused her to disobey commands. You see, the word "Satan" actually is the Hebrew "Shatan" meaning an adversary, also means one who breaks faith...
When there is slander operating, our faith & trust in the character of the person slandered is damaged, broken so that we no longer see them the same way again.  That's exactly what happened to Eve in the garden.

KYNAN: Slander, gossip
& offense I call the demonic trio...Imagine somebody had a debilitating virus like bacterial meningitis. You can carry bacterial meningitis & not even know you have it. Guess where you carry it?
In your mouth. When somebody releases the virus or the bacteria it can infect another person & get pass their blood brain barrier into their brain & kill them. I believe Satan has attempted to infect the church with offense.
His means of doing that is through slander & gossip. 
KYNAN: Why would Eve risk everything because of a conversation?  The word "serpent" actually means divination, which was happening to Eve while she was listening to the accuser.  She was being brought under a spell...
Millions of Christians are spellbound...literally under a satanic influence.
People don't recognize that slander is actually a form of witchcraft...
The definition of witchcraft in the New Testament is the word, "Pharmacia," the root word of "pharmacy" the source of illicit drugs that: manipulate, control & put people into an altered state of consciousness.
We have many pharmacists in the: church, schools, & families: people who with their words poison other people & bring those people into a spell, bring them into an altered state of consciousness, so that they don't even realize what they're saying or doing... I always ask people this question: Who's in your ear? Who are you listening to?

What we hear affects every aspect.  1st of all, the first thing that we hear, affects what we see.
When Eve heard the conversation, she saw the tree differently.  When I hear something it affects everything that I see.  It affects my ability to perceive, my ability to see, my ability to see things clearly.

Witchcraft has a power to stagnate your destiny...The Lord gave me a vision:
I saw 2 believers talking outside of a church.  As they were talking to each other there were 2 demons on each of their shoulders.  The demons would whisper lies into their ears.  They never even questioned whether or not these were true statements. As they begin to hear these (demonic) ear whispers, they begin to look at each other differently.  Their countenance has changed. Then the most dramatic thing happened...
The demons began to vomit filthy slime onto each of the believers. I asked, "God, what is that?"
He said. "That's slander, gossip & offense, a substance from the underworld."
Slander & offense is a satanic substance that can contaminate spiritual life & keep one from fulfilling his destiny, literally keep one from realizing God's purpose for his life & abort his destiny prematurely
Ministering to people, I was trying to figure out why people weren't getting healed.
God told me, "You're not dealing with the right thing. You need to address the elephant in the room."
So I began to pray for people who had been lied on, offended, hurt. I called an altar call.
1 woman came down who had been: devastated with rheumatoid arthritis & through a nasty divorce.
Her husband had said awful things about her.  She was bitter toward him.  As a result it was affecting her health. 
When I led her through a prayer of release (from bitterness) she was instantly healed.
KYNAN: Imagine people walking down a dark pitch black alley. You can't see anything in front of you...
When I went to Africa 1 time I couldn't see anything. There were no: generators, nothing, light.
You can't see what you're stumbling. In fact in this particular instance there was a black viper right by my foot.
I didn't even see it. The person behind me happened to step on it.
I believe that many people are stumbling in the dark. That's what offense is like.
The Bible calls it a snare, a stumbling block. That's what the word "offense" means. It means something that causes us to get trapped or stuck. Millions of believers, don't know why they are stumbling, not healed.
Why can't I have any joy...fulfill my purpose? They've been saved 20 years & yet they've never fulfilled their calling...literally walking in the dark; they know they're stumbling.
The Bible tells us, it says, "He that hates his brother stumbles in darkness," & can't see where he's going.
The enemy wants us in darkness so that we can't see: our purpose, where we're going.
SID: We literally have an assassin that's coming out to kill us, but we're actually being used by that assassin & we don't even realize it. 
God gave me this analogy. Satan moved out of the church a long time ago & hired hit men to do his bidding. Now who are his hit men? Believers, who love God, are sincere in their walk, are unknowingly assassinating others in: the church, their family, on their job, don't realize that they're working for the enemy.
I want to release you from that (self-destructive/annihilating/sabotaging) contract. You're fired, not going to work for the enemy accuser anymore, but for the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, healer of the nations. 

There is a vaccine...1st of all, we have to forgive...The Bible says God, for Christ's sake, forgave us.
None of us deserve forgiveness...We're required to forgive people who don't even acknowledge they're wrong.
Forgiveness is not for them; it's for you, because you're the one that is going to experience freedom, peace.

(Unforgiveness) destroys people.
It works both ways. Then we have to repent. This is the change our thinking.
Understand that every time you say something about someone a dagger goes into that person's heart (&/or into one's own heart).  Many people would be convicted of mass murder, because our words are like swords.
The scripture says, "The talebearer's words are like wounds going into the inward parts." 
Have a visual of this; recognize what's happening.
Satan is the only one who gains from accusation. We gain nothing.

Avoid conversations that: are demonic, don't glorify God, don't redeem.
The Bible says in Romans 16, "Mark those which cause offense & avoid them."
I'm not saying cut off all your friends (or family/associates), but take a stand...
Your destiny depends on what you heard & what you said...
Be very protective of the words coming out of your mouth.
KYNAN:  (There is a) prison of unforgiveness...When we hold on to offenses, we hold people hostage, & guess what, we have to be the prison guard. So we're right there with them, while they're in prison.
Neither one of us is going anywhere. 

Every: believer, hospital, good hospital has an intensive care unit, where the worse cases go.
This is where the most: traumatized, debilitated, wounded people go.  They have specialists that can administer care to these people.  It's usually a separate part from the other part of the hospital. 
Every: church, family, believer needs an ICU.
Many times when people hurt or offend us it's because they're wounded.
When you're hurt/wounded you're prone to attack, to hurt back. 
That's why we need an ICU, a place where people can heal.
KYNAN: We have to have a grace space as believers.
Don't automatically come to a conclusion about someone.  Don't automatically accept a narrative.

We don't have all of the facts. God's only person that has all the facts.
I love this story. 2 little girls are playing; they have the crayons and everything. One of the little girls, the granddaughter, breaks the crayon in half. She goes to the grandfather and says, "Granddad, I broke my crayon.
I'm so upset."  He takes the crayon & a piece of paper. 
He begins to draw with the crayon & says, "Listen sweetie, broken crayons still color"...
There are some people; you have been: broken/wounded by the church, family, those in authority. 
You need to know that you are not damaged goods. Broken crayons still color.
We forget the fact that God is the potter; cannot the potter heal...restore the clay...make you the (improved/finished/awesome) way He wants you to be? Receive him even now.

A lot of people are broken...Sometimes we can be so engulfed in our brokenness that we don't understand that that's not what God wants us to be.
When Jesus went to the pool of Bethesda, a place of healing, everybody was waiting to get in the (healing) water.
This man had been there for 38 years & Jesus asked him, "Will you be made whole today?"
His next words were very powerful, "Rise. Take up your bed and walk."  I believe it's time in this hour for people to rise up out of their pain and offense, to take up their bed and walk into their purpose.
KYNAN: You (may) say, "I hear what you're saying is scriptural, but I can't. I'm too hurt, too wounded.
Do you know that I was wounded, broken, too, even as a pastor. 1 day the Lord Jesus walked into my room, laid his hands on my heart & he gave me a new heart, a new compassion for people.
I believe he wants to do the same for you right now.  Stretch your hands/receive. 
Father, in Jesus' name, I declare that everyone watching/listening/reading will receive the healing that you desire for them to experience. I charge you now to rise up, take up your bed & walk, not stay in a bed of offense...of affliction...of stagnation.  Rise up today. Fulfill your purpose once & for all in Jesus' name.

Brown, Michael - - Spirit of Jezebel (edited)
BROWN: Jezebel in the Old and New Testament is the most wicked woman. She came from a pagan background, married a King of Israel, was an idol worshiper, seductress, killed the prophets, silenced and intimidated by fear and emasculated men. 
There was a spirit of witchcraft with her as well.  It helped plunge Israel into destruction.
Jesus in the New Testament references this false prophet as called Jezebel.
Note it's the same demonic force/power that operates through Jezebel in the Bible, because she even intimidated Elijah the Prophet. This spirit upon her, is something more than her (human behahavior/character).
BROWN: Jesus identifies it in the New Testament also as a false prophetess, who teaches sexual immorality & idolatry.
SID: So the spirit on that woman is now loose today (in America). 
BROWN: (This spirit influences many) an arch radical feminist who wants to abolish men from the planet (+ fetuses for) we know in the ancient world that with idolatry there was baby killing.
BROWN: We're not just talking about a woman with a difficult situation who wrestles and decides to have an abortion. We're talking about (current) governors (politicians/women/legislators/lawyers) defending infanticide.
So you've got the spirit of idolatry, baby killing, radical feminism, seduction & kids as young as 8 years old today getting exposed to pornography.
BROWN: You've got the spirit of fear, intimidation & witchcraft associated with her. She silences that prophetic voice. Everyone's afraid. "If I speak up, I'm going to lose my job." Pastors/individuals are afraid to speak.
BROWN: There were 3 different times in my life that I realized I'm dealing with Jezebel.
The 1st time was right after God gave me a prophetic message to America, for the church & nation to wake up. with a promise of revival. Next thing, all hell broke loose against me & against Nancy.
BROWN: Bombarded by lies. I felt paralyzed. I felt emasculated (by this spirit).
BROWN: In the city of Vijayawada, India they worship a goddess, the principality of the entire state of Andhra, with 60 million people. A brother said, We're going to go confront her.
BROWN: God spoke to me. "Do what Elijah did on Mount Carmel.  Call all the priests and the worshipers of Kanaka Durga.  Say, "We're going to find out tomorrow night who's the real God. Yahweh or Kanaka Durga?"
BROWN: Before we got there, all of a sudden I realized it's Jezebel.
BROWN: (Again I was assulted with): No authority & a spirit of fear. I didn't want to be prophetic & confront.
To Yesuh Padham, I said, "What does her statue look like?" He said, "Brother, this beautiful, powerful goddess holding in her hand the head of a giant that she killed." It's the king of demons & she crushes the powerful man.
He said, once a year, Her male worshipers dress up as women & wear makeup.
BROWN: Right before we got there, I had to get up in the middle of the night to pack in this old room with an old bed, with rough wood. I walked by it in the middle of the night & sliced off a chunk of flesh on my heel.
I heard Genesis 3:15, "He'll strike your heel, but you'll crush his head."
BROWN: We went there & had a public confrontation. The power of God come down. 
A demonized man began to dance around and confess, "Kanaka Durga is not a god. Kanaka Durga is not a god." Not long after that, they literally had an earthquake that shook some of the foundations of the temple.
God defeated Jezebel in Jesus' name.
BROWN: Yeah, so he's triggering something. We're not talking about Russia or China.
We're talking about something far more dangerous, diabolical, deadly.
We're talking about Jezebel rising up with fury, the same fury that intimidated Elijah, that helped to destroy the nation of Israel and seduce a king and the people. Demons & demonic powers affect us right where we live.
This is a (spiritual) war that we're fighting in our churches, families, personal lives.
SID: So World War III is not a country like Russia or China invading the US.
It's the spiritual world invading our families (politicks & media/airwaves) to kill, rob & destroy.
BROWN: (When attatcked, when your kid comes and tells you he is a woman) you put on the armor of God.
I open up in the Bible Compare Ephesians 6 to Isaiah 59, regarding the helmet of salvation. That doesn't mean put a helmet on to know you're saved. Because Isaiah 59 says, "That's the helmet & breastplate God wears."
The sword of the spirit is the Word of God.  We literally put on God's armor.
BROWN: Once we start to renew our heart & mind & fight like that, Jezebel's going to flee.
Into that worshiping, getting flooded with the joy of the Lord. the joy of the Lord tells us,
Everything's going to be all right. God's with us. You're going to triumph. There's going to be victory.
SID: The greatest move in God's history is about to come upon us.
Why do you think the devil is trying to knock you out? Think about it.

, Arthur
, Arthur - The Truth is the Glory of God  audio 5/31/98 - 59 min - 6.9 mb  "When the Spirit of God is come He will guide you into all truth. But can you bear truth?
Truth can be the foundation of some of the biggest mistakes we make because we can
hold truth in unrighteousness. The Pharisee had something with his higher truth which
put him out
(of alignment with God) when he used it to judge another."

Copeland, John and Winston, Bill  Words Have Power to Change Your Life
4/30/2007-5/04/2007 WATCH by clicking onto archives.
, John & Winston, Bill - Speak the Word Only @
4/26/2007  See archives.  Our words enlist angels to help or prevent angels from helping.

Cox, Paul L -
PRAYER of Release from Chronic Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Disorders
(Father God, in Jesus' name, blood, power) - I repent, renounce, & ask You to forgive me & my generational line for coming into agreement with gossip, slander, critical judgment, envy, strife, holding offenses, accusation, & jealousy.
I repent for myself & those in my generational line who came against You by lying, denying You, speaking accusations against You, conceiving & uttering falsehoods from the heart, speaking oppression & revolt, & entering into witchcraft. 
I ask You to break the generational curse & agreement when accusations came into the generational line.
I break & renounce assignments & agreements with any lying spirit & the generational curse resulting from that.
I ask Your forgiveness Lord, & repent on behalf of myself & my forefathers.
I ask You to break the generational curse and loose a blessing.
I choose to bring my spirit, soul, & body into agreement with the Spirit of Truth.
Would You make null & void & cancel any reinforcement of curses & their assignments in their allotted time.
Would you disconnect me from all ungodly heavenly places.
Will You now seat me in Your heavenly places.
I repent and ask forgiveness for operating in an independent spirit
I came into agreement with gossip, slander, accusation, & when I walked away from You & the Body of Christ, causing disunity & isolation in the Body of Christ.
I choose-by Your mercy-to be reconciled & to be restored into the unity of Your Body.
I repent for coming into agreement with slander that has been spoken against me & receiving the offenses & not blessing my enemy.  I ask that I not conceive trouble.
Please destroy the viper and spider eggs that have been placed into me: slander, hatred, self-rejection, & gossip.
ay no adders or spiders be allowed to come forth from this generation forward.
Lord, would You remove all cobwebs of false clothing & nesting places that may be covering my body. Lord, will you also remove the cobwebs of false identity from my body & soul, & remove all deception that clouds my perception of my true identity. Where my past generations & I have allowed the enemy to weave within me a web of false identity, coming into agreement with this illness as who I am, forgive me for gaining my identity from diseases & not from You.
Release me, for You wove me in my motherís womb, & I agree that I am fearfully & wonderfully made.
Lord, give me Your revelation of my true identity in Christ, which I now receive.
Lord, would You completely restore my ability to receive all that I need from You, including healing, revelation, & restoration of my spirit, soul, & body.
Lord, I forgive the Body of Christ for reacting in judgment & rejection against those who are being wounded by witchcraft & curses that are being empowered & reinforced over time.
Lord, forgive me for making bitter root judgments against those who have harmed me in any way.
I forgive the Body of Christ for not accepting, understanding, & protecting me.
For those who have rejected me & in doing so have further empowered the curses already against me,
Lord, I choose to forgive them.
Lord, forgive me & my generational line for not having the strength to resist the enemyís assault on my mind, day & night, & therefore, accepting the feeling of helplessness in stopping this demonic flow. Lord, would You renew my mind so that I can have Your mind, & know that I can take every thought captive to the Lord Jesus Christ.  [Lord, would You renew my mind] to know that You are my sure defense, & that I am safe in the shelter of Your wings.
Lord, I ask You to raise up a standard, based upon Ephesians 4:31; remove all effects of bitterness, rage, anger, brawling, & slander, along with every form of malice.
Lord, break off all generational curses, the reinforcement of curses in their allotted times
in all heavenly places, & all spiritual, mental, & physical retribution.
Lord, please protect those who repent & turn from their generational sin, witchcraft, & idolatry.
Lord, would You realign me with Your purpose & heal the receptors of the cells that make up my being, so my divine calling & destiny will be fulfilled.
I receive the promise that I am no longer a prey of the enemy. You are my shepherd.
You feed me, and I receive Your covenant of peace that I may dwell safely.
I choose to be a blessing around Your Holy hill & receive the showers of blessings You promise in season that there would be fruitfulness & increase in my life. I know that the bands of the yoke are broken.  I am delivered from the hands & words of those who have made me a prey. I know that I belong to You & that You are with me.
I embrace my restoration within the Body of Christ & the restoration of receptor sites of my own body.
Lord, thank You for considering my cause & my affliction & delivering me & my generations-past, present, & future-for I do not forget Your law. Lord, thank You for pleading my cause through the generations & reviving me & my family line according to Your Word. Because I trust You, Lord, I am like Mt. Zion which cannot be moved, but abides forever. So I thank You, Lord, for delivering me & my [family's generations]-past, present, & future.
Thank You for redeeming me & reviving me and my family line throughout the generations, according to Your Word. For as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so You, Lord, surround me & my [family generations] - past, present, & future from this time forth & forever.
Thank You, Lord, that the scepter of wickedness shall not rest on the land allotted to the righteous because the entirety of Your Word is Truth & every one of Your righteous judgments endures forever.
Lord, thank You for restoring the Scepter of Righteousness.
Lord, will You forgive me & my generational line for (former) closing (of) the doors of Your anointing & blessing.
Lord, will You now bless me & open the doors of Your anointing and blessing & release the generational blessings, gifts, callings, and goodness that my generational line did not receive. 
(Thanks Lord.  We, on both sides of our family line, NOW receive all your forgiveness and blessings.) 
Scripture references for this word: Isaiah 59; Proverbs 18:21 (tongue); Isaiah 54:17 (tongue);
Genesis 15:11; Ezekiel 34:22-28; Psalm 139 (similar to Ezekiel one);  Job 8:14 (spider's web); Psalm 119:153-160; Psalm 125:1-3 (Mt. Zion, scepters of the wicked); Psalm 89:28-29 (covenant of love, establish His line forever); Ephesians 1:3, 17-19; 4:29; 4:31 (inheritance, blessing, unwholesome talk, one body & 1 spirit, get rid of all bitterness & rage);
Isaiah 55:6-13; II Chronicles 7:14-16 (turning from wicked ways, humbling);
James 3 (evil parts of the  body, tongue praising God..)

Ferrell, Ana Mendez and Emerson - 8/20/2008 - God's grace protects us from the innate evil in our hearts &/or our ability to be tempted which is stronger than death and stronger than fear. 
Demonic vulnerability to a large degree depends on the protection of others prayers.

Gammons, Peter - Cathedral of Faith, Orlando, Florida, USA @
"2 million people missed their inheritance though negative speaking and unbelief
Let me teach you how to enter into all God has for you." 

Grillo - -
We are judged in the manner we judge others.

Hayes, Norvel - Your Confession - Life Or Death? - video -

Holtz, Scott - 4/2/2011 - CONFLICT RESOLUTION: Are You Overcoming the 1st-Strike Capability of the Enemy - "I was taken up in the Spirit of God & saw a major offensive being planned against the Body of Messiah from deep within the enemy's camp...
I saw was many believers going about their daily activities totally unaware that this attack was about to hit & that they would also not understand even where this attack was coming from until it was too late & the damage was done:" the damage of OFFENSE - being offended & offending others.

Kelley, Earthquake -

"In 1 warning, He (God) said, tell My people to repent!
(God) said they are NOT taking Me seriously (Another warning:) He (God) said that there are so many people who are holding things against Me, as if I have sinned. He said there are people in the churches who have not forgiven Me, because I have not given them the things they wanted in the time they wanted it, or because I have not blessed their ministry to go as fast as another particular ministry, or because somebody they prayed for died. They are holding grudges in their hearts against Me.  Until they forgive me, I can not bless them to go forward."

Kendall, RT - Jealousy - 6/5/2012

Kerr, Kat - 7 hours of Kat Kerr describing Heaven, from her many trips (Comp#2) from - 4th hour -
Do NOT annihilate others with your tongue.  It is a spiritually green cesspool.
Kerr, Kat -
7 hours of Kat Kerr describing Heaven, from her many trips (Comp#2) @ - 5th hour -
Every word we speak is deposited into our soul.  We need to be careful what we say. 
Our own worst enemy could be our own mouth.  One can begin to prosper, when his/her soul prospers.
KAT KERR Ė Recorded on 22/6/2014 at FirstLoveKC @ -
Our foul/unholy/unkind/unloving language is collected by demons & stored in Satan's 2nd heaven moat around his imitation headquarters.
Kerr, Kat - Everything you need to know about Heaven (Kat Kerr Compilation #3) 8 Hours @
After Satan, our number 1 enemy is our tongue; it can be Satan's #1 tool to self-sabotage & to annihilate/harm even our family/relatives.  We do NOT need to routinely curse self/family or share/advertise our weaknesses. 
As holy angels take our worship to the 3rd heaven, so do demons collect our venom.
Kerr, Kat - (begin approx 2:05:35
A string of videos over a number of years) Do NOT judge/wound the bride of Christ for being sick or in trouble. 
In all likelihood they are under Satanic attack due to their being valuable to God or a threat to the enemy.

Meyer, Joyce - Careful What You Say   3/9/2008 TV podcast - Download Podcast - Download Podcast (audio only)

Morris, Robert - audio
4/6/2011 - Jezebel -
Robert contends that the controlling, manipulative, arrogant, prideful, intimidating Jezebel spirit is a co-dependant spirit with the enabling Ahab spirit.  The Jezebel spirit originates from an unhealed deep wound &/or from needing/triggering an opposite spirit of victimization, isolation, suicide, fear, exhaustion, quitting, conversations unauthorized by God, bombardment by old negative self-talk tapes, oppression, depression, offense, lack of peace, strange/prolonged medical problems, etc.
A sinus attack/problem can result from/mirror what is happening in the spiritual sinus, namely that of being infected from one's toleration of a Jezebel spirit. 
Upon enlightenment, one needs to repent to God of this as sin & subsequently to deal with the issue.4.6.2011

Pearsons, George and Jeremy - Living Proof -
8/31/2007 WATCH by clicking onto archives. - Every time we add a BUT to the conversation we contradict ourselves.

Roth, Sid 7/7/8 guest - Listen by clicking onto Messianic Vision radio archives.
Jesus had intimate conversations with author regarding NOT judging - even our abusers.

Suarez, Tony - Hyena spirit - 12/5-11/2022 @ - Tony Suarez says the name of Jesus & power of Holy Spirit will defeat the mocking of the (evil) spirit of hyena.

 Schott, Landon - 7/2016
recommended "Jezebel is a crippling & conniving spirit that the Church must learn to recognize, rise up, & confront."  @

Tzora' as a skin condition that was a punishment for Loshan Hora (gossip) and other sins.

Walters, David - 1/24/2012 - - "Why does the church and society grade sins as non acceptable & acceptable? Probably because of our legal system. The human law punishes sin according to its degree of serious.
Murder is considered more sinful than pilfering, lying or stealing.
This of course makes sense. Hence we have misdemeanors & felonies.

Many self righteous religious people condemn homosexuality, drug addiction, pedophilia, murdering, raping, cheating, stealing, & other unacceptable & unmentionable practices as a certificate to hell.
But often forget that unforgiveness, religious pride, self righteousness, self consciousness, stubbornness, rigidness, fear, unbelief, & hypocrisy, are all sins of the flesh (actually the soul) in GodĚ's eyes.
When it comes to GodĚ's standards we must go up to a much higher level; it'Ěs all about missing the mark.
A miss is as good as a mile. If you run a race & there is only 1 winner then coming in 2nd & another coming in last, does not mean the runner up wins. You may qualify for a 2nd prize, but the passport to heaven is not for runners up."

Walters, Kathie - 4/23-27/2007 - Intimacy with God - LISTEN to radio archives
Walters, Kathie - 11/16/2008 - - Kathie was angry with public Santa Clauses until she heard this testimony of a shopping mall Santa.  "He said 'I am the Mall Santa...
I love it, itís 1 of the best & wonderful ministries Iíve ever done...
I love to give. I get to give presents, but better than that, every time a child sits on my lap I pray for them.
I get to pray for all the kids in town. I can put my hand on their arm or hold their hand & my hands are anointed. So I pray & bless them and pray they will come to know Jesus.  Sometimes I get to pray for them if they have a cold or something.'  The more he talked the more he twinkled & his eyes sparkled."
Walters, Kathie - 2/19/2008 post THE BOUNCE-BACK CLOUD - "This is our inheritance.
11 Corinthians 3 says, 'From Glory to glory.' - We are really birthed in the glory.  One of the ways that we arenít living in the spirit as we should is because we all make judgments according to what we see and hear.
It was prophesied of Jesus "'He will NOT judge by the seeing of the eye or the hearing of the ear.'
Neither are we supposed to do that.  If you want to learn to live in supernatural then you definitely need to learn to discern the heart of the Father & not make judgments according to what you see and hear."

Walters, Kathie - A couple of stories from book Spirit of False Judgment - "The judgments you make are weights on you.  
You have to release people & ministries & churches from judgments you have made in the past.
Also break off judgments people have made against you.  It can cause harassments & hassles in your life...
You will see such a lightness come if people can get a handle on this.
The Bounce-back cloud. - I had a stunning experience several years ago.
God really used it to point out something to me. I had been away for a couple of days...
My teenage daughter, Faith, had stayed home with a girlfriend to take care of our house and pets...
Returning home, I was not prepared for the shock that was awaiting me.
As I turned the car into our driveway, the dogs came running to meet me as they usually did...
Taking a second look at Faith's Chow, Koa.
He was usually a pretty, beige color, but his coat had turned to a shade of pink, at least down his back and tail.
I wondered if he had fallen into a strawberry patch. I entered the house... I was greeted by Faith...
I had seen it. A bright pink, wide streak down 1 side of her pretty blonde hair.
Not a pale hint of color, but a peppermint pink...
She was joined by Haley, my secretary's daughter...grinning from ear to ear.
Her dark hair was now deep green on 1 side & blue on the other. I freaked out.
Faith laughed at my reaction.  Big mistake...
While I had been with Rose, another friend had called to tell her about a book he had recently read.
It was offering the reader reasons as to why we are not in full scale revival.
Leaders who had made mistakes & had gotten off track here & there by over-emphasizing various truths were named as being a major part of the cause for our lack...
I couldn't stop thinking about Faith's hair, & my reaction to it. Her hair had gotten my attention & so my mind had to deal with what I saw. It took my attention away from all the things she had done over that week-end...
Not only had my things been well taken care of, but a family in her church had lost everything they owned in the flood. What was left of their house was under 2 inches of mud, & she had been over to help them clean.
She had brought home 3 large bags of washing to do for them.  She took care of the office.
I had missed it all because of the pink hair.  We can be so blind. Thank God for His endless grace & patience...
Spirit of adultery -
We arrived with our host, myself, David & Sue.
(Sue was a young woman traveling with us at the time.) When the house group leader opened the door to greet us, I saw a spirit of adultery in his eyes when I shook his hand. It was bold & the incident took my by surprise...
The man invited us into the living room & there were several people visiting...
Sitting there in an armchair was an old minister friend of ours, Arthur Burt.
Arthur had been a spiritual dad to us years before when we were in revival in London.
My mind was racing like the Energizer bunny.
'If I can see this spirit of adultery, surely Arthur can see it too. Why doesn't he DO something?
Maybe he can't see it, maybe he's not as spiritual I thought he was.'
I was trying to talk to him across the room with my eyes. Have you ever done that?
'Why don't you do something?' I was trying to say. Meanwhile Sue was doing the same thing to me.
Trying to talk to me with her eyes. We must have looked really weird.
The Word came out - Arthur was talking to a lady on his right - seemingly oblivious.
After about 30 minutes Arthur put down his glass of Orange juice on the table. Then gave out a VERY LOUD message in tongues & then spoke the interpretation. The message was something to this effect, 'You have until this time tomorrow to uncover or be discovered by the Spirit of God.' There was a silence for a few minutes in the room, then Arthur picked up his juice & resumed his conversation with the lady next to him. I was stunned...

When I got back to the place we were staying, I went back to the bedroom & closed the door 'OK.' I said to God.
'What was that all about?' 
'I couldn't use you Kathie because when you SAW the (evil) spirit, you already judged the man,' the Lord replied to me. Then I saw clearly what happened.
Arthur has been around in the ministry for a long time.  At least 50 years at that time.
I am sure he must have seen that spirit of adultery, although I never asked him about it.
But he didn't KNOW until God told him.
When the anointing came on him, he just obeyed
& gave out the word.
But it was nothing to do with him. He was detached from it.  It was between the leader & God.
Arthur was just a vessel, a vehicle.  Incidentally we had a great meeting that Sunday morning.
In the evening the leader left & took off with another lady in the church! He never did come back as far as I know. The word, by the Spirit, did it's own work, understand?  So let me encourage you again.  Ask Holy Spirit to bring to your mind the people, ministries, churches you have judged & made comments about that may have influenced others to make wrong judgments about. 
It might take a few days, might take a week, But God wants you to think His thoughts. If you want to receive grace you have to give grace. Then the glory of God will be manifested more in your life & ministry.
If people have made false judgments about you, you need to break that
Spirit of witchcraft over you.
The glory of God. - It's your inheritance - God wants to walk with you & fellowship with you.
He called you as a son and daughter & as a FRIEND.  Think His righteous thoughts & learn to see what He sees -
It is the Holy Spirit who moves on God's people to convict & change. There is one thing more miserable than people trying to change themselves, & that is when we try to change each other. I can point out what is wrong with you, but I don't have the power to change it. When the Holy Spirit convicts, He does have the power to change it.  Big difference.  Next time you are tempted to see only the obvious mistake in someone, say to yourself, 'Pink hair'. Maybe it will remind you that there are many wonderful things you have forgotten regarding that person or ministry. Jesus hasn't forgotten.  He loves them so very much. We would put our hands over our mouths like Job, when God asked us, 'Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?"'
(Job.38:4), 'Were you there when I brought forth My Son from the grave? Were you there when I brought forth the firstfruits of THE CHURCH?'"
Walters, Kathie - 8/29/2008 post HOW TO MAKE RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENTS -
"Judgments - the judgments that you make in your own heart," Jesus said, "are going to come back to you. judgments are made out of pride & an ignorance of the understanding of the grace of God"...
We are all kept by His grace alone. 'We are kept by the power of God.' the Bible says. 
1st of all manís problem is NOT sin, itís pride - all sin comes from pride (self-sufficiency).
When we get out of the grace then we will fall into the 1st hole that we come to. 
Humility is knowing that itís ALL God. We are saved, sanctified, KEPT by the grace of God.
WHEN GOD LIFTS HIS GRACE - When we lived in Orlando years ago we had Arthur Burt minister in our church one evening. After the service we brought Arthur, some other friends, & another young English guy, Jeremy, back to our house for some supper. As people sat around chatting, Jeremy interrupted Arthur & asked 'Oh by the way, do you know Evangelist Stan Brown?' (Not his real name).  'Yes, as a matter of fact I do,' replied Arthur, & he continued his conversation with someone else. Jeremy was excited. 'When this man was in the UK & he had tent meetings & that's where I got saved,' Jeremy said. 'Do you know where he is?' 
'Well, yes I do,' Arthur said, & turned away to resume his conversation. 
I thought Arthur was behaving a little weird.  'But Arthur, where is he (Stan)?
I would love to contact him,' Jeremy said, now a little impatient. 'If you must know brother, he is in jail.'
Arthur again began to talk to someone else.  By this time poor Jeremy was losing it.  'What do mean, in jail?
Why is he in jail?'  A bewildered Jeremy was in shock.  'Well brother, if you must know.
He is in jail for child pornography,' Arthur looked at Jeremy now.  Jeremy couldn't under-stand it at all & was speechless. 'How could that happen?' Jeremy asked, 'Brother Stan was so anointed, he led me to the Lord, & there were so many people saved & healed in his meetings.'  'Brother.' Arthur said to Jeremy, 'When a man gets into pride, God lifts His grace and then he falls into the first hole that he comes to.'  Well we all got a revelation that night, but I have seen it happen again and again. 'God resists the proud & gives His grace to humble.'
What do you do? - But what do you do? Do you make judgments about the one who has messed up?
Better not, Jesus warned about that.  The judgments you make will return to you again.
Do you know that people who judge others often fall into the same sin eventually? 
So what do you do? Do we all ignore the sins and failures? No of course not. What I am saying is that God will deal with things and His people - but He may not want to use YOU. In which case you have nothing to say.
You want to throw stones? I would be careful about those stones,. They have a way from becoming a boomerang .

I said this last week - but read it again - Itís very important that people understand about making judgment.
Where are your judgments coming from? Are they personal judgments? Are they made according to what your ears hear & your eyes see? Jesus did not make judgments that way; neither should you.
God will bring a word & the word will do a work. But Godís word will come by the Sprit of God & God will use a vessel who is open & whose heart has compassion for the person involved...
Donít (isolate) cut yourself off from people; there by the grace of God go I.
Better to beware of the Pharisee Spirit.  The Pharisees didnít know they were sinners; thatís dangerous.
They distorted grace and mercy of God & judged people by their own standards & out of their own hearts
You know what - the wonderful and powerful acts of God in Lakeland & the disappointments that came from Toddís personal failures have brought to light a lot of things that I believe God is looking at.
There are judgments that God has made, on the responses that have arisen out of peopleís hearts. 
I would be very careful about any judgments you make right now out of your own heart...
Get released -
If you made a judgment about a church, ministry, or person ask God to release YOU & then you release them. People do dumb things sometimes.  About every ministry I know has said something dumb from time to time.
Well if you judged people by those things you SAW or HEARD, you will write everyone off.
You would be the only 1 in church on Sunday, you and the cat (& you would spoil it.)
King David - We donít know peopleís heart. King David committed adultery, then murdered Bathsheba's husband.
I would say that most of us would immediately disqualify him for the ministry, let alone kingship.
But you know how God referred to David, 'A man after my own heart.' What? Youíre kidding arenít you God? 
Do you know why God said that about King David? Was it because he was doing so good 'Pastoring the kingdom'? No it was because he was honest.
When the Prophet Samuel came to confront him, Samuel told him a story about a man & his 1 sheep.
Remember the story?  There as a man who had many sheep, but he wanted the 1 sheep that other man had, so he killed him & took his sheep (making reference to David taking the one beloved wife of his servant when he himself already had many wives).
You got me! - Do you know how David responded? He said, 'Oh, I didnít realize that she was actually married.' No, he didnít (actually say that) did he? When Samuel said, 'Thou art the man.' David said, 'You got me.'
(Yes, I am the guilty 1.)
People made judgments about people without having any revelation of the heart.
Religious spirits always create false standards in the mind and then you make judgments according to the false standards out of your own heart. If people have judged you when they didnít understand where you were coming from and where your heart was at.  Pray it off, or better still, have someone else break it off.
Release people you have made judgments about, quickly.  God didnít ask you. He didnít ask your opinion about it, about anything. If He gives you a word thatís different. You can bring that word & offer it.
But you are just the mail man- not the judge & jury. 
You had better bring it with humility knowing that YOU are only kept by His grace. 
You have the witness of the Spirit in YOU.
Why does the Bible say, 'You have the anointing within you, & you donít need anyone to teach you.í
Does that mean we donít need teachers? Well of course not, as God has appointed teachers; but you have to witness to the teaching. You canít blame someone else because you didnít listen to the witness in your spirit for yourself... Hope this helps you understand about judgments - be blessed"
Walters, Kathie - 5/20/2009 post 
Whatís on your stage?
"When I was on my way for an outpouring meeting in Reno last week, I fell asleep on the plane. I had a dream. 
I was sitting in a huge meeting with an awesome presence of God. There was a stage & a healing meeting.
They were sweeping the platform of all the goiters & cancers that had fallen off people.
I remembered I had read that in a book about the meetings of the great Canadian healing evangelist, Charles Price.  ĎWow, how wonderful - is this going to happen again?í  
Then I saw another broom & the Lord spoke to me. 'Yes I want to release this same miracle power where they swept the stage of the cancers & goiters. But, 1st of all I have to make another sweep.' 
'What is that?' I asked.   'I have to sweep away the rocks & stones (judgments) that people have thrown.
When those are swept away there will be room on the stage for the cancers & goiters to fall
Do you know that you are not allowed to make judgments? You cannot judge someoneís heart or motives.
Do you know why - because only God can make those judgments.  He is the only 1 qualified to do it.
Everyone does dumb things sometimes.  It was prophesied of Jesus in Isaiah, 'He will NOT judge by the hearing of the ear or the seeing of the eye, but will make righteous judgments.'
The Bible says, 'The same judgments you make will return to you again.' If you have not read my book The Spirit of False Judgment make sure & get one from my website.  Itís very important to understand how this the spirit of false judgment works, but it works against you.  Now I have something (from the Lord) that may seem hard for you to understand.  Sometimes God letís people rise up because they are going to fall. 
Actually sin is not the problem, itís pride.
When pride comes in God lifts His grace & then you fall into the 1st hole you come to.
About 6 months before Lakeland I was with...ministers in Charlotte. In the middle of having dinner with them, the Spirit came & took me away.  I was taken (in the Spirit) to Florida, inside a huge building & saw a big ministry with thousands of people...I saw it all fall down & collapse. 
The Lord spoke to me at the time, 'This is going to happen.  People will judge it & then I will release my judgments.'
Well, why did God let it even get off the ground if He knew it was going to fall?  Because it was necessary to let the false judgments fall on the stage, so that God could sweep them away. He released His judgments according to the judg-ment you released over Todd...Itís 1 thing to really have a word from God but another thing to make a judgment according to what you see with your eyes & hear with your ears.  Why do we think we are God.
Are we stupid?  When God releases sweep away the debris from the Body, He releases the judgment according to the measure YOU meted out.
He wants to make room to let the natural cancers fall & be swept away.  So whatís on your stage tonight?
Is there room for God to let all the sicknesses fall & (for) Him (to) bring that miracle move, or is your stage too full of your own growths (rocks/judgments).  If you have judged anyone, let it go.  You arenít God.  Extend mercy. 
If you have judged a ministry, let it go, extend grace & compassion.
If you feel you have been judged or people have judged you, break the power of witchcraft for thatís what it is.  (Also the spirit of REJECTION.)
Iíve seen a couple of instances recently where God allowed a situation to arise and the church people released judgments; then the Lord turned around and brought judgment to the particular church
according to how they had judged. If you want mercy, then show mercy. if you want more grace, then give more grace.
What you give is what youíre going to get.
When Lakeland was falling apart I kept sending out emails telling people, 'Donít make any judgments; keep your mouth shut. You donít know; you arenít God.' I had a word; I gave it. Thatís it.  I had nothing more to say about it... I hope you will get & study my book Spirit of False Judgment You will not be able to live in the spirit without knowing how NOT to operate in False judgment.  Pastor Danny Silk from Bill Johnsonís church...said a lot of churches preach grace, but if something negative happens they immediately revert to 'the rules.' 
They find they donít have a relationship with grace, they have a relationship with the rules. 
See the woman caught in adultery; Jesus had a relationship with mercy. 
The Pharisees had a relationship with the law, so they picked up stones. Stones are accusation, name calling. 
Sometimes I feel like having a truckload of stones delivered to churches I know.
Just in case they run out of stones."
Walters, Kathie 7/27/2009 Leaving Salem Village (Salem, Massachusetts, USA) - 
In 1692 Hundreds of people were put in jail and over 30 people were drowned or killed in some other way & accused of witchcraft...This is Jezebel in full operation with the spirit of death.
Jezebel, by the way, does not attack you to interfere with you but to put you out of action & destroy your ministry.
I have seen
Jezebel twice & it is a male spirit.  He is  very beautiful with golden hair.
The 1st time I saw him, for a split second, I thought it was an angel, only for a split 2nd though.
His eyes were full of hatred & murder....
Unfortunately the court at that time accepted spectral evidence.
Spectral evidence is evidence that is seen in the spiritual realm by 1-2 people but unseen by others so there is no real evidence except for the word of those 1-2. It would be like if I said  to you, 'In my spirit I saw Pastor Smith stealing money.' 
I am sure you would require more evidence than my vision to convict him, but unfortunately not so in Salem...
If you are in the middle of a church situation where there is strife & division. 
You have this icky feeling as its getting kinda ugly.  Then come out of it. This is not being disloyal or unfaithful.

We donít always have the anointing to take on these powerful strongholds.
The same evil spirit that was in Salem years ago that accused good people of witchcraft will arise again & cause children to accuse Christian day care workers of molestation...
The False Memory syndrome that swept the country also came for the same spirit source: false accusation...
Guess what? God doesn't always use you. Sometimes you just get to do nothing & other times He will drop that anointing on you & Powww; you break all kinds of bad spiritual powers: over people, over towns, over cities.
But God doesnít use you 24/7.  You arenít God; thank God youíre not God...
So for some...leave Salem Village; God will deal with those things. 
For's already affecting your family in a negative way."
Walters, Kathie - 8/11/2011 -
"When you acknowledge the gift & calling in someone you cause it to be brought forth & activated.
'That was a great word you gave.' When you tell someone that, what happens? They are encouraged. 
It makes them want to do that again.  If you criticize, then they shut down."
Walters, Kathie - "Jezebel is not what most people think.
Jezebel is not a woman who comes to church in a short skirt & tries to seduce the Pastor.
Jezebel tries to put you out of action & cripple your ministry...using ways that you never though of."

Jezebel video:  Part 1 
Jezebel video:  Part 2

Wommack, Andrew - Wommack gives wonderful illustration of a horse judging incorrectly his savior, as many men do likewise with Jesus. 1/19/2015 @
Wommack, Andrew @ 11/24/22021
Thursday Ė Systemically Anti-Racist: Episode 9 - "David & Tim Barton to discuss the truth of America's fight for freedom for all, regardless of color, & how it laid the foundation for the anti-slavery movement around the world."


This is one coming under the spell of another, such as to: teen idols, codependent relationships, cults, dictators.

Wommack, Andrew @ 11/24/22021 Thursday Ė Systemically Anti-Racist: Episode 9 - "David & Tim Barton to discuss the truth of America's fight for freedom for all, regardless of color, & how it laid the foundation for the anti-slavery movement around the world.." 
(Of interest is the discussion of the Salem, Massachusetts witch trials, leading to subssequent fair legislation & apologies for trial lack of access to proper self-defense + subsequent apologies & recompense to harmed families.)


COMMENTARY: Satan & his demon helpers are bullies, as they deceptively rehearse their negatives in our ears, pretending to recite our own (rather than their own evil) thoughts/ideas/feelings/emotions.


Jezebel Spirit

Walters, Kathie - MINI VIDEOS  
Jezebel tries to put you out of action & cripple your ministry.
Part 1
Part 2


Burns @ Bill and Marsha Burns: "Be Aware of Your Thoughts and Judgments" ( @ 3/15/2021 -
The Lord/ says: "It is time to become aware of your subconscious judgments. Pay attention to thoughts that just pop up that categorize people & assign a value either above or below where you think you are.
My love is the same for all people, regardless of race, gender, or stature. I do not look at your outward appearance or worldly achievements, I only see your spirit & your heart" [soul (mind/emotions/willpower)].
"This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you." (John 15:12) 
For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I shall know fully just as I also have been fully known. But now abide faith, hope, love, these 3; but the greatest of these is love." (1 Corinthians 13:12-13)...
"I will instruct you & teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye." (Psalm 32:8)...
Satan will try to derail you & hinder
your journey. 
The Lord says, "If you are to live in My Spirit & establish yourself in divine order, you must do all that I ask... You, My people, have come a long way, but you must push through until your obedience is fulfilled.
Don't stop short of your goal, but rather push through to complete freedom from all that holds you back
"...The Lord says, "I am leading you & will indeed provide the opportunities that are necessary for you to receive the fullness of that which I desire for you. The decisions you now make will elevate you or cause you to go down the mountain. Do not allow yourself to backslide. Do not allow yourself to make wrong decisions, but seek Me and seek the counsel of My will in all things. 
I will lead you in paths of righteousness so that you may have the power that you need to overcome the enemy so that the circumstances & situations you will face will result in victory & not defeat." 


Sylvia Neusch: "Take New Land - But First, Be Healed!" ( - 4/23/2022 -  (edited excerpt)
Rolling Away the Reproach of Former Seasons - The children of Israel experienced this in Joshua 5 when God unexpectedly ordered the circumcision of all the Israelite men again. Those who had been born during the 40 years of wilderness wanderings had not yet been circumcised. Joshua fulfilled what the Lord asked of him. 
The entire camp remained where they were until they were healed.
God was doing something far beyond mere circumcision though.
 'Then the Lord said to Joshua, "Today I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you." So the place has been called Gilgal to this day.' (Joshua 5:9) 

, in the biblical sense, means 'discredit, disgrace' or 'shame.' Many of the Israelites still bore the stigma (scarlet letter) & disgrace of those who were once enslaved by the Egyptians.
Add to that the generational shame of their failures in the wilderness. 
It became very clear that they needed a mass (family/clan/tribal/village/town/city/county/state/national) cleansing & deliverance.
Once the circumcision was complete, how powerful & freeing to the ears of the Israelites it must have been to hear God say to Joshua, 'Today I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you.' As they obeyed Him, God removed the shame from their former season, empowering them with the ability to embrace who He was calling them to be. Finally, they were positioned, both physically & emotionally, to take the land God was giving them. They were positioned to march with confidence around the walled city of Jericho & see its walls crumble with their shouts.  (Our speaking/singing God's words enlist/enable angels to function on our behalf.)
Wade into His Healing Waters - I've been hearing the Lord speak...on this theme of healing...
He is saying to those...longing to advance forward but are yet still needing to receive His healing:
'My children, draw near to Me. I am there waiting for you.  Receive the healing that I have for you.
I want to wash away the stains, dirt & pain from your past season.
You have been in an intense battle & are tired & weary.
Take off your boots & rest your feet in My healing waters. 

Don't be overly concerned about your new marching orders but be fully present in My healing waters.
I am releasing a supernatural grace from Heaven for those who will REST in My presence.
Resist the urge to follow the crowd, but listen to the gentle wooing of the Dove.
I do not need your work or performance, but I do need your heart...your whole heart.
Yes, I want ALL of your heart.
I long to touch the places that are hardened from the (past & present) unrelenting battles.
The enemy has sought to take you out time & again, but the Lion has interceded & warred on your behalf.  You walk in & are surrounded by His VICTORY. Rest in Me & breathe in deeply, now, the atmosphere of Heaven. It is My atmosphere & I am releasing it over you now as you wait on Me. 
Receive by faith the healing I am breathing into you.
I am giving you NEW LIFE for a NEW SEASON. Shake off the grave clothes of the former season. 
They will not fit you any longer. You must purpose not to remain in the place of former battles, lack, or pain. Instead, set your gaze on Me. 
Lift your expectation to believe Me for immeasurably more than you have even thought to ask.

You have believed Me for a measurewhen I have for you abundance.  Come to Me, My heavy-laden one. I will give you the gift of REST & HEALING. Drink deeply of My love for you.  Replenish MY living waters that flow in & through you. My living water will awaken in you a renewed passion & zeal. 
I'm restoring your youth.  I am giving you wings to soar like the eagle.
But 1st, come away with Me by the still, cool waters & I will renew your soul


The back side of gossip is secrecy.  In God's hands or timing secrecy is good. 
In Satan's hands or timing secrecy is bad.  In man's hands secrecy can be either or neither. 
A family member had Alzheimer's.  She told each sibling that her illness was a secret just between the 2 of them. 
Each sibling held that secret alone in silence through her suffering & through her death. 
What an additional tragedy in addition each having to deal with this dread disease. 
The biggest tragedy is that the perpetrator harmed her-self the most. 
Obviously, it was really her enemy Satan, who truly was the source/inspiration of such secrecy & subsequent harm, 1st to her & then to her family members.
Father God, in the name of Your son Jesus Christ, forgive us for all the times we have kept family secrets, especially from You, not confessing them to You & not sharing them with You, 1st & foremost.
We repent for our ancestors & for ourselves in this generation. 
Please reveal to us "to whom" & "when" we ought to share any family secret.
Please provide Your covering/protection & courage + emotional stability when we do share any family secret. 
In You we trust. 
We do this not to score a win, to tattle, to get even, to get revenge, to be superior, but to help redeem not only the victim, but also the victimizer. 
Lord, please bless all parties involved, today & tomorrow.  Thank You, in Jesus name.  Amen

Cox, Paul - Sacrifice the Leader 
"As a Baptist pastor, I had noticed a tendancy of individuals telling me confidential issues of their lives & then within a few months, they either turned against me or left the church.
I realized that in some way I had become the sacrifice for their sins, rather than the Lord Jesus."

John Veal - (edited)
The devil's 1st target is always the head (your mind). If he's able to infiltrate the brain, he can secure the body. This is the reason that our thoughts should be covered (concealed) & not always revealed.
Some people say that the devil cannot read our minds.
In my studies, I've never encountered any Scripture to support this theory. They assume he doesn't know what's going on in our minds. To be on the safe side, we must actively guard our thought lives.
We can accomplish this by meditating on (rehearsing) the things the Lord commands us to...
Jesus used parables to conceal His original messages for those who couldn't handle the truth.
The anointing we may or may not carry comes directly from the Lord.
He is the giver of the oil. This oil is specific to each of us, none being identical to the other.
One may require an anointing for breakthrough, another for healing & another for revival.
Every anointing has a precise purpose and function. 
Satan is not omniscient (all-knowing) like God. Therefore, Satan is not privy to all the Lord knows.
There are some things about you the Lord will not allow Satan to see.
In some cases, it could be the oil that's upon your life.  The enemy may have witnessed the anointing for a millennium, but God has a fresh, new anointing for each proceeding generation of believersÖ
The Oil Is the Key to Unlocking Various Royal Domains in the Kingdom
.  For every (spiritual) realm (royal domain or kingdom), there is a revelation. In order to receive it, you must live in the kingdom & not outside it. There are royal domains in the Spirit for which certain types of oil are specifically designed. Royal domains include, but are not limited to: revelations regarding (1)healing, (2)deliverance, (3)prophecy, (4)discernment, etc. 
Access is being granted due to the oil on our lives that comes from the daily trials & tribulations germane to citizens of the kingdom. Enduring hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ increases not only our anointing, but also our chance for admission to royal domains.
By entering this domain, there will be a realization of our effectiveness as it relates to our kingdom assignment from God.  The oil is the proverbial key to that certain area of the kingdom. 
Our anointing gives us access, but our (wrong or untimely) spoken words can delay or deny entry.
Sometimes we divulge things the Lord doesn't want us to say.  It may be the wrong time or season to speak it. When "Delilahs" (people who disclose our confidences in order to harm) obtain the secret to our anointing, they may reveal it to our enemy.
Once they know its architecture or structure, they're armed with information on how to deny access. 
James 5:16 admonishes us to confess our faults to one another, but that doesn't include exposing the secrets of our effectiveness (oil).
I'm in no way saying that we're not to share information that will assist others in heading in the direction of destinies.
I am saying that we must prayerfully consider whom we are sharing the infrastructure or inner workings of our anointing with.
For instance, does our effectiveness increase when we pray or are in a powerful prayer-filled environment? Does our anointing begin to flow when there are strong gifts of prophecy at work, or when people are getting delivered?
If we know the environment or atmosphere in which our oil starts to flow, we must be careful & prayerful about revealing this to people who are being used by Satan.
If the enemy gets a hold of this info, he'll do everything in his power to stop it. 
In the case of Samson, he revealed his secret to the wrong person, & it led to his ineffectiveness and demise. 
God has not called us tell everybody everything about our life.
There are people who lie in wait just to capture our conversations & compile them together, in order to find out things we haven't openly shared.
These individuals are really representatives sent by the enemy to discover just what propels our effectiveness. Once discovered, demonic strategies are devised to try to stop the mandate of God upon our life from being fulfilled.  With Samson, he used Delilah. What or whom will he use with us?

Wrong Association Makes the Oil Vulnerable. 
Here's another perspective: the company we keep.
True friends & covenant partners are not sly and out to sabotage us.
Delilah revealed her mission several times over, but Samson stayed in her company.
It may not be so much about whether we conceal the truth & avoid being so honest, as it is about fleeing the scene as Joseph did with Potiphar's wife.
(See Gen. 39:1-10.)  If we are always on defense with the people around us, we may be around the wrong people.
Guarding the anointing may have a lot to do with guarding our inner circle. 
When Samson exposed his weakness to his love, he was captured & his eyes were gouged out.
The enemy desires strip the oil from us, then blind us that we are unable to locate it again.
All this was the result of stupidity on Samson's part, & trusting a person who (was selfish to the degree that she ended up) harming him.  Once people show you who they are, believe them.
Delilah, through her actions, showed her deviant motivations.
While Samson was blinded by eros (romantic love), she was cheating on him with mammon (wealth).
Samson's enemies promised to pay Delilah if she could obtain the secret of his anointing.
Revealing his secret hurt (Sampson) more than it helped.
In reality, it caused betrayal, loss of vison & eventually redemption.
Ultimately, the revealing of his secret to Delilah put Samson in position to kill his enemies, but it also cost him his life.
7 Secrets to Guarding Your Anointing
1.Don't allow your oil to get tainted by prostitution (see Judg. 16:1). As Samson went in to the harlot, his enemies were made aware of it. When we're in sin, the devil broadcasts it spiritually & naturally.
Sin will taint your anointing (effectiveness).  Guard your anointing by abstaining from the very appearance of evil.
If you do fall into sin, true repentance to God will absolve you of your transgression & bring you into right standing with the Lord.  It will be as if the sin was never committed at all.
2.Don't ever allow your anointing to replace your intelligence. Sometimes we become so reliant on our oil that it trumps our intellect. When we get saved, it shouldn't dumb us down. It should "smarten" us up.
The oil will never totally replace the intellect that comes from being in (right) relationship with Jesus Christ, the anointed one.
3.Keep your head anointed. Remember the sheep.
The oil that was poured upon their heads kept the insects from getting into their brains. It's the same with us.
The enemy desires to infiltrate our minds because once he gets in our heads, our bodies follow.
By staying "oily," (Holy Spirit baptized & refilled) demonic infiltration is less likely.
4.Don't share the secret to your anointing with everyone. Not everyone is saved & even if they are, they may not be for you. There are some people in the body (of Christ) whom you should not share the secret of your oil with, because they will use it for your demise.  Remember, David stated in Psalm 41:9 (NIV):
Even my close friend, someone I trusted, one who shared my bread, has turned against Me."
5.Don't allow human love to cause you to reveal something God told you to keep secret.
Love can blind you.  This is exactly what happened to Samson.  Literally.
Don't allow pillow talk to cause you to reveal the secret of your oil.
The devil will use your (soulí emotions & physical) appetite to entrap & lead you to give away to dogs that which is holy.
6.When the truth is shared outside of kairos (God's time), it can negatively affect chronos (chronological time).  Just because it is the truth doesn NOT necessarily mean that it should be shared.
It's prudent to wait on the Lord's permission before releasing the secret of your anointing to anyone.
7.Don't reveal the secret of your oil because it may cost you your vision.
After Samson revealed that his anointing was in his hair & Delilah had it cut off, his enemies came & blinded him. But Samson was 1st blinded spiritually. He didn't see or discern the true nature of Delilah.
What happened to him in the natural 1st happened in his spirit (or soul). Don't suffer the same fate.
We must perceive in the Spirit to avoid calamity in the natural.


Wommack, Andrew - 8/2/2021 @  -
Andrew shares a word picture illustrating Father God's desire for each of us to joyfully leap into His arms or lap.
(He also discusses that water baptism is NOT necessarily indicative of salvation & that there are various baptisms.)


Truth spoken at the wrong time can be demonic, unholy, sinful, humanistic rather than holy. 
Even Satan knows Scripture & can speak truth, at least in part.
Acts 16:16-18  A certain (psychic) damsel POSSESSED WITH A SPIRIT OF DIVINATION
met us, which brought her masters much gain by SOOTHSAYING (fortune telling). 
She followed Paul and us & cried,
"These men are the servants of the Most High GOD, which show to us the way of salvation." 
She did this many days.  Paul, being grieved, turned & said to the SPIRIT,
"I command you in the name of JESUS CHRIST to come out of her." 
The EVIL SPIRIT came out the same hour.
(Derek Prince says divination includes horoscopes, martial a arts such as karate, Ouija board, & palm reading.)

Half Truth

Truth that is a partial truth, half truth, white lie can be a black or whole lie.  Right now we are not talking abut smuggling Bibles, but rather being under the spiritual headship of another & accountable to God.
Acts 5:1-6 TPNT - 1Ananias, with his wife Sapphirah, sold property
& kept back from the payment, while his wife was also fully aware. 
Then he brought part & placed it be-side the feet of the apostles. 
Peter said, "Ananias, by what means did Satan fill your heart.
You to have lied to the Holy Spirit & kept back from the price of the property? 
While it remained unsold was it not remaining yours until you sold it by your authority?
Why did you place this deed in your heart?  You did not lie to men but to God." 
When Ananias heard these words, as he fell down he breathed his last. 
Great fear came upon all those who heard...
It was about a 3 hour interval when his wife came in, not knowing what had happened. 
Peter declared to her, "You must tell me, if you sold the field for so much?" 
She said, "Indeed, so much." 
Peter said to her, "Why was it agreed between you to test the Spirit of the Lord? 
Behold, the feet of those who buried your husband are at the door & they will carry you out." 
She fell at once at his feet & expired.


Pate, Dwight - 2/29/2016 -
Return of the Year of the One Man Away
ďI want to encourage you that you are about to encounter the individual that will open the door for every miracle to come into your life. (
Perhaps it is Dwight Pate, himself.)  You will never have to pray for yourself.
You will spend the rest of your life blessing others. Your days of begging GOD are over. 
This WORD comes from Genesis 37:5-10, 39:1-4, 20-23, 40:1 & 42
See yourself in these Scriptures. Consider Josephís brothers. Joseph was more CHRIST-like than anyone. 
His brothers were envious of him. The spirit of envy believes that GOD does not know who to bless. 
An envious person thinks their (own) hands (work/ingenuity) will cause them to prosper.
Consider Josephís brothers. 
They were bitter & mistreated Joseph. They wanted to take shortcuts to being blessed.Ē 

, Surprise - Faith to Raise the Dead - -
Chapter 2 Iris Ministries - Regarding a vision of 2 brothers, "the cloud said to me, 'What you see is right.' 
The older brother is a representation of all the Jews & the younger of all the Gentiles. 
The favor of the Lord is going to be poured out so much more on the younger brother.  There is coming a time when the Jews will be jealous of the Christians, because they know that they were 1st called to the kingdom."

Kendall, RT - Jealousy -  "The Sin that No One Talks About" by R.T. Kendall - Here Read Chapter 1.

Uncovering Another

COMMENTARY: Here again, it can be good or bad, holy or evil, depending on the motive, readiness of the listener, motive of the tattler, role of the listener.  For instance, the listener may be a doctor, psychiatrist or pastor. 
Before exposing another's past sins, remember that the sins may already be under the blood of Jesus, forgiven by Him & even you.  If Jesus cannot remember the sin, perhaps it is TIME to also NOT remember them. 
Many times we want to "educate" another by sharing another's sin.  If a parent does this with his children,
1 child may benefit, another child may become emotionally confused, & yet another child may become psychotic. 
If one is tattling on his mate or pastor, the listener's love may turn to hate, anger or fear, all because gossip (even well intended) often backfires like egg on the face. 
Gossip seems to be a boomerang, that frequently comes back to attack the sender.  Sometimes the Lord tires to teach us not to "share/point out/comment on" insights on another's immature/bad/unregenerate character. 
If God overlooks/forgives & sees us in the future when we are forgiven, then we can & should often do likewise. 
2nd, we can strengthen Satan's grip in that individual's life through negative confession. 
nstead we (& the individual) are both better off confessing the opposite of today's perceived facts & confessing God's eventual Truths about that individual, the same way we would confess a future healing or salvation.
Guardian angel & Holy Spirit please lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, in Jesus name. 
Thanks.  Glory be to You, Father, You, Son & You, Holy Spirit.  Amen. 


Uncovered Resources


Gossipings - During the Colonial days in America it was primarily the women who oversaw birthing. 
The bedside home gatherings were often labeled as gossip-ings.

Holtz, Scott & Dalit - -
"Whatever you have been sowing secretly is going to be revealed. Repent & quit" (running down those you disagree with, especially quit personally slandering pastors/missionaries/ministries.  Instead pray for them. 
Why join forces with the enemy who is trying to take them out?)
Holtz, Scott & Dalit - 4/9/13or 7/17/2011 -
The Discipline of Stealth (Part 3) - Backstabbing - with reference to Conflict Resolution: Are you overcoming the first-strike capacity of the Enemy?

Howell, Rees @ Rees Howells, Intercessor -
"It would be a venture of faith - a college without committee or council, denomination or wealthy supporters.
The 1 chief aim of the school would be to strengthen the faith of Godís people by manifesting a visible proof of a living & faithful God.  A school quite unique, with no paid staff, & no tuition.
After much providential guidance & supply, in 1924, the doors of Bible College of Wales were open.
Yet, as no work of God becomes firmly established without going through the fire;
God would also take the college into death, so that as a group, they would have no trust in their corporate nature. So, shortly after the opening of the 2nd session, a sharp internal conflict arose.
But as God is able to bring good out of evil, the word received was:
'Where there is no tale-bearer, the strife ceases.' Rees would not allow one word to be spoken against those who had left because of the turmoil, & no lecture was made for 12 months.
All during this period a constant attitude of prayer was encouraged, as well as maintained.
They were shut in with God, & through it, the school was put on the sure footing of the Rock of Ages."

Fuchsia Pickett - -

Walters, Kathy - 11/18/2014 -


Shaw, Gwen -  End Time Handmaidens & Servants - Cult - 10/2009 negative editorial
(Which author is deceived?  Maybe both have some error in their theologies. 
It seems some of Gwen's theology was influenced/infected by Mormonism.) 
"While at Engeltal, Mrs. Shaw repeatedly stated that all who have spoken out against her or opposed her, have met with 'judgment from God.' A favorite Bible verse of hers to back up her statements is in 1 Chronicles 16:22: Touch not mine anointed, & do my prophets no harm. As far as I know, no one has ever tried to physically harm ('touch') her I definitely know that she is no prophet. She repeatedly stated that all who leave E.T.H.& S. are in danger of going into 'spiritual darkness.' We (staff size was about 25) were told that we would be in great spiritual danger if we left Engeltal when it was not the will of God for us to do so. 
On 2 occasions she had 'dreams from the Lord' that one of us would die or be killed if we left.
Both of these 'dreams' occurred a day or 2 before people actually did leave. (No deaths occurred.)"

Echoing Satan's Word Curses We Become Satan's "Mouthpiece"

Savard, Liberty @
Removing False Judgments -
ď'Youíre stupid, ugly. Youíll never amount to anything.'
All of these words can have incredible negative effects (against self or others) especially when they are used as false judgments...Condemning words...can have harmful effects...& act as barriers to our healing...
Judgments against others...can have a backlash effect...causing us to experience the very thing we have judged them for.  Rejecting - Simply pray the prayer below: In Jesus name, Father:
I humbly repent and ask for forgiveness for every false judgment that I have made or spoken against (_____________________________________________ these people)
Lord, wash me clean of any negative backlash that may have come upon me for these judgments.
I now break the false judgments of (___________ ) list that were spoken against You, me &/or others.)
I now declare them all null, void, crushed, broken, removed & powerless over me or my life.
I take the sword of the Spirit.
I cut myself free from all of their negative effects over my: body, mind & soul.
By the power of the Holy Spirit I now decree the truth of Godís word over my life, that I AM ( _____ ) list verses from scripture that are what God says about you like:
I AM the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.)  By the power of the Holy Spirit,
I ask the Lord Jesus to come & fill every place that has now been emptied with His healing & truth...Amen.Ē

Dr. Bern Zumpano, Former Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Professor of Neurosurgery (retired),
Oral Roberts University School of Medicine, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA - 1999 - -
Deliverance Prayer
to be spoken out loud: In Jesus' name:
"Silence, Satan & every spirit manifesting and exalting itself against the knowledge of God, & (against) me, be bound.
All demonic spirits, 'Heed, listen, & cease all activities & ministry through the mouth(s) of others (names: _____ , _____ ).'   Evil words, be forbidden to manifest.
I take every (evil) word spoken captive to Christ.
I curse evil words at their roots.
I decree evil words to fall on 'deaf ears', all in the Mighty Name of Christ Jesus, Amen."

Deliverance 7: The Doppelganger Curse and Renunciation - PRAYER - -
In Jesus' name:
"Father God I acknowledge that my (our) ancestors (on both sides) have used divination & witchcraft to control & manipulate others that their presence would follow people & that they would want these people to make choices based on what they spoke over them.
I ask You Father God to open the generational books of my (our) ancestry to every point where this doppelganger curse came (originated).  Erase that (each) curse with Your blood Jesus Christ.
I acknowledge that I (we) deserve the punishment of never fulfilling...&...seeing my (our) destiny.
By the blood of Jesus Christ I know it (this curse) will be erased.
I apply Your blood to my (our) generational (blood) lines (on both sides).
I wipe out any double person activity of the demonic.
I say to you demonic, 'You have no more authority to cause me to be swayed by your activities.
I (we) renounce partnering with you.
I (we) command you to leave (us) & go to outer darkness and never return.'
Father God I (we) ask that Your blood Jesus Christ cleanse me (us) & my (our) children to 1,000 generations from this iniquity & these demonic forces. Amen."


COMMENTARY: Lucifer was God's protťgťe, so to speak, at least he thought so. 
When Lucifer discovered that he was being usurped, like a sibling, he became jealous
This thinking pattern is repeated throughout the Bible, especially in the Old Testament. 
The one thing Lucifer, who became Satan/the devil, never had was a body. 
All God's sons did: Adam, Jesus, etc.  God wanted His sons to inherit/take over/run His kingdom. 
Lucifer wanted that job, so he had a Coup d'ťtat & created his own kingdom. 
Even though Christ took back the keys to His kingdom, his sons/seed/ citizens/army sill needs to recognize & continually/daily enforce His designs on earth, in Jesus' name & power. 
Without having God's Holy Spirit replacing the evil spirit inside us & teaming up with our human spirit, we cannot be effective. 
We may have God's power of attorney (POA), passport & citizenship, but we are occupying/visiting enemy territory during our lifetime. 
We are more powerful, but if we are deluded into thinking we are not, woe to our family/ministry.
Satan tries to take out/exterminate all those who attempt to thwart &/or expose him - yesterday, today, tomorrow. 
Therefore each of us need to (1) invite Jesus' to forgive us and our ancestors' sins, (2) reject, bind, & evict all evil occupants in our lives, in Jesus' name, (3) invite God's Holy Spirit to indwell us to fill all vacancies in our hearts of our spirit, soul, & body.  Invite our guardian angel to defend & help us daily along with God's Holy Spirit. 
This is just the honey-moon/ beginning/initiation of our citizenship. 
The spiritual war now will intensify, as it did with Jesus with His 40 days of desert temptation ending with his Gethsemane garden agony & cruxification of self-will on the cross & His flesh becoming the goat which carries the sins during the annual day of atonement.

The Opposite is Humility

Martin, David - 9/2/2013 - -

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