The Glory of the Lord

God's glory is different from God's anointing.                                                          Landscape Print Recommended
God performs His wonders through the ministry of anointed individuals (often leaving the ministers worn out physically).  However, when His glory shows up, NO man is a go between. 
Then God works sovereignly, doing His marvels new to that generation. 
For instance, a person might loose 5 dress sizes in weight in 1 second. 
Another person might find a real diamond on her hand instead of rhinestone.

Burt, Arthur - No Ebb (with endnotes) pdf - manuscript copy prior to printing. Important -
Chapter 9 We Are Made in His Image - In scripture, neither Jesus nor the Holy Spirit speaks independently, but rather what they hear Father God speak.  Neither do they take glory, but rather deflect it to Father God. 
We humans are to do likewise, to become dead to self importance & alive to the Trinity. 
Yes Jesus does get accolades, now that He has accomplished His earthly mission. 
The main point is that we/me/myself/I are NEVER to covet Their glory at any time, lest we incur the wrath or (absence/ protection removal) of God, as did those who inadvertently, disobediently, or stupidly touched the ark of the covenant, & died. 
It is the Trinity working inside of us, by Their super power, not ours, to Whom is due ALL glory, honor & praise. 
We are NOT even allowed the crumbs.  NOT even one crumb. 
Taking God's glory opens the door to Pride, the root cause of Satan's fall & destruction. 
Pride could be the greatest danger to one's soul, especially at the time of one's greatest honor/ accolades here on earth.  Pride is always crouching, hiding, ready to spring into one's life, at any & every opportunity, even in one's sunset years.  BEWARE, in Jesus' name.
Chapter 10 - Each Seeks (to discover/plant/empower/implement) Another's Wealth -
"The only way I can bear the glory (of God) is...well, as soon as it comes, I must get rid of it" (like a hot potato. 
No hoarding allowed).
Chapter 14 Out of Death Comes Life - "Leaven (pride)...produces a short circuit." 
Man's "independence became his downfall...
Pride is man's glory
, instead of God having the glory, the honor, the credit...
Man...robs God (& thus sabotages himself)...Once God sees humanity is touching His glory, it ceases...
Ichabod, the glory has departed...withheld."

Cooke, Tracy - Glory Visitation - 12/17/2019 -
Before Moses could become a deliverer, God had to deliver Moses & change his nature, so he could accomodate Holy Spirit & His purposes through Moses for the present & future generations. 
(1 way to press in per Tracy is to pray in tongues 1 hr, 2nd listen for an interpretation 1 hr, 3rd worship for last hr.

Josey, Jo Ann - Understanding the Kingdom of God and His Glory -

Joyner, Rick -
Chapter 5 The Sword -
ďWhen Moses asked to see My glory, I showed him My back.
He saw the stripes that I was to take for the sins of the world
, & he saw what
you saw, which is what I bore at the cross, the sin that I have already paid for.
That is
My glory too

Karl, Georg - 5/25/2020
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GEORG: You can't recognize the glory through your intellect, so it has to come from (Holy) Spirit to
(human) spirit because the glory really is a spiritual substance.
But once you're really hungry for (Godís) reality in your life, you will immediately recognize the glory because you will find out the substance of the glory really is the answer to your deepest longing.
It's the fulfillment of your deepest desires.
GEORG: It's a gasp of relief for the whole spirit, body & soul...
I often ask people, "How long do you believe sickness will stand in the glory?"
Of course, the answer is, ďNot one secondĒ. Sickness has to leave in the glory.
GEORG: You are rejuvenated, revitalized.  Sickness goes away.  Demons have to flee.
Even if you have been traumatized in your soul. I can see right now a lady who has been traumatized really deeply. 
In your soul it's like voices are tormenting & even this heavy, dark weight (is) on your soul, but it's getting the glory (&) all falling off of you now, in Jesus' name.
GEORG: We have to make up our mind that we really want to be living in the glory on a consistent basis.
The devil doesn't want you to live in that original habitat you have been made for, because in the glory you become a real threat for the devil.
The glory is the most powerful & adventurous realm you could ever live in, but it's also the most contended for.
You have to make that decision & say, "Well, I will make living in the glory priority #1 in my life. 
I'm not going to settle for less."
SID: What would you call the greatest key to operating in what's known as the greater works?
GEORG: 1 John 4:17 doesn't say, "As Jesus was, so are we in this world."
But, "As Jesus is, so are we in this world." Jesus is now in the glory sitting at the right hand of the Father.
He's the glorified Son of God seen in Revelation 1:12. We need to identify/hook up with, look up & see what the glorified Jesus is doing & become a channel here on this earth for what He is doing.
That's actually the key to the greater works.
Jesus said, "He who believes in Me will do the same works that I do & even greater, because I go to the Father."
Now He is in the glory, but we are in the glory with Him. So through Him, we bring the glory to this earth.
GEORG: Nobody can work himself into the glory. It's not by works, it's by grace & faith. Understand.
Jesus from the cross to the throne really substitutionally redeemed us from the fall. That means we are co-crucified, co-buried, co-resurrected with Him.  We are also co-ascended and co-glorified with Him.
Once we understand this revelation, we realize we are already there in His glory. The glory is already ours. 
Jesus says in John 17:22, "Father, the same glory You have given Me, I have given to them."
Once we understand that, we realize we can't do anything in order to get His glory or work ourselves into His glory (part of our spiritual inheritance).
GEORG: Once In a vision, I saw different rooms in heaven.
Jesus points out in John 14:2, there are many rooms in heaven.
I went to different rooms. I saw was really what I would call the heavenly pain clinic.
In this room, people were getting a divine anesthesia into their bodies when they had pain, in order for their condition to properly heal up.
When I came out of that, I released that room for the people. Immediately all the people I prayed for got pain-free.
GEORG: In the room of rejuvenation of organs I saw little pools with bubbling water. 
I saw angels taking certain organs like kidneys or livers that had somehow been affected by any kind of decay, disease or something.  They put the organs into those little pools of bubbling water. 
When they took them out again, they were completely restored & rejuvenated.
When I got out of this room, I prayed for a lady. 
The doctor had told her that she had the heart of an 80 year old & she was very much younger.
She went back to the doctor (who) told her, "Wow, you've got the heart of a young deer."
GEORG: A few months ago I went into a vision and saw a huge wave of revival that was coming to the earth.
his upcoming revival would be a combination of 3 major revivals that we have (been having) during last 25 years.
It would be a combination of the purity & cleansing fire of the Holy Spirit, together with the great & notable miracles of the Holy Spirit, together with the Liberty and freedom in the Holy Spirit.
At same time it would be an unprecedented new move of God, & would (begin/facilitate) final great world harvest.
GEORG: Now, just close your eyes wherever you are & imagine the habitat of the glory realm of God belongs to you through Christ Jesus.
Let yourself fall into this glory realm. Let go of any distraction, thought or any 2nd thoughts or anything.
Let yourself fall right now into that reality of what's already been provided, the glory right now. 
Godís glory is not only upon, but within & all around you, flowing from the inside out of you once you have fallen into it, in Jesus' name.
Father God, right now I release Your greater glory throughout the airwaves, all over the world to Your people.
In the name of Jesus, I release the resurrection glory even to any kind of a death situation that people might face right now.
Be it physical, financial, emotional or relational.  (I/we receive, in Jesusí name.)
GEORG: I release this resurrection glory right now for creative miracles, in the name of Jesus.
As new organs are being created, I can see, a thyroid is just being recreated on a woman's throat right now in the name of Jesus.  Even the disease of Hashimoto is leaving your body right now.
Other diseases are right now are just being wiped away in the glory.
A cancerous tumor is just shrinking down right now in the glory in the name of Jesus.
Just receive it right now where you are, even numbness in your hand.
I can see numbness in the hand of a person, leaving you right now.  Pain in your arm, just leaving you right now.
A pinched nerve in the back of somebody is just being restored, it's just being loosened right now & the numbness in the feet is going away right now in Jesus name.  So just receive your miracle wherever you are.
GEORG: There is a couple watching who haven't been able to get a child, to become pregnant because there have been hindrances in your bodies, but right now I command the resurrection power of Jesus Christ to move away with those hindrances right now.  Right now life is coming back to your reproductive organs. 
I want you to receive & conceive, & by this time next year you will have your child in Jesus' name.  
Karl, Georg - 11/15/2019
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Liardon, Roberts - God's Generals - -
Chapter 7 Smith Wigglesworth - Apostle of Faith - "'When I place my hands on you the glory of the Lord will fill the place till I shall not be able to stand.  I shall be helpless on the floor.' 
The moment Smith (Wigglesworth) touched the boy, the power of God filled the room...
Such glory filled the house that the mother & father fell to the floor also.
His sister, who had been released from an asylum, was instantly restored in her mind."
Chapter 12  AA Allen - The Miracle Man shares that (like William Branham) Allen experienced a whirlwind, heard a voice & saw a light.  This light filled the dark prayer closet so mightily that he experienced the power & presence of God's Glory, & did not think he would survive.  The voice of God spoke so fast that his mind could not readily absorb it, but he was able to scribble down a to-do list on a scrap of cardboard.

Roth, Sid @ My Pentecost Blessing for You! - Sid Roth Ė Itís Supernatural! |
Isiah 46 - Israel My Glory.


Old Testament

Genesis 1:1,6 NIV - 1When God began creating the heavens & the earth 2the earth
was as shapeless, chaotic mass, with the Spirit of God brooding over the dark vapors (gas/cloud/mist)...
6God said, "Let the vapors separate (horizontally like a sandwich) to form the sky above & the oceans below."
Genesis 2:6 NIV
- There went up a mist from the earth & watered the face of the ground.

Exodus 16:7 A Harkavy
 - 7In the morning, then we shall see the glory of the Lord;
for that He heareth your murmurings against the Lord, & what are we, that ye murmur against us?
8Moses said, "...Your murmurings are not against us, but against the Lord"...
10It came to pass, as Aaron spike unto the whole congregation of the children of Israel, that they looked toward the wilderness, &, behold, the glory of the Lord appeared in the cloud...11The Lord spoke.
Exodus 19:16-22 NIV
 - 16On the morning of the 3rd day there was thunder & lightning, with a thick cloud over the mountain, & a very loud trumpet blast.  Everyone in the camp trembled. 
17Then Moses let the people out of the camp to meet with God; they stood at the foot of the mountain. 
18Mount Sinai was covered with smoke, because the Lord descended on it in fire
The smoke billowed up from it like smoke from a furnace; the whole mountain trembled violently;
19the sound of the trumpet grew louder & louder.  Then Moses spoke, & the voice of God answered him. 
20The Lord descended to the top of Mount Sinai & called Moses to the top of the mountain.  Moses went up;
21the Lord said to him, "Go down & warn the people, so they do not force their way through to see the Lord & many of them perish
22Even the priests, who approach the Lord, must consecrate themselves, or the Lord will break out against them."
Exodus 20:21-22 NIV - 21The people remained at a distance, while Moses approached the thick darkness where God was.
22The Lord told Moses, "Tell the Israelites this, "You have seen for yourselves that I have spoken to you from heaven."   
Exodus 33:12-23 NIV
 - Moses said to the Lord (God), "You have been telling me, 'Lead these people,' but You have not let me know whom You will send with me. 
You have said, "I know you by name & You have found favor with me." 
 If You are please with me, teach me Your ways, so I may know You & continue to find favor with You. 
Remember that this nation is Your people."  The Lord replied, "My Presence will go with you.  I will give you rest.
Then Moses said to Him, "If Your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here. 
How will anyone know that You are pleased with me & with Your people, unless You go with us? 
What else will distinguish me & Your people from all the other people on the face of the earth?" 
The Lord said to Moses, "I will do the very thing you have asked, because I am pleased with you & I know you by name." 
Then Moses said, "Now show me Your glory."  The Lord said, "I will cause My goodness to pass in front of you. 
I will proclaim My Name, the Lord
(Jehovah/I will be what I will be), in your presence. 
I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy. 
I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. 
," He said, "you cannot see My face, for no one may see me & live." 
Then the Lord said, "There is a place near Me where you may stand on a rock. 
When My glory passes by, I will put you in a cleft in the rock & cover you with My hand until I have passed by. 
Then I will remove My hand & you will see My back
(past/history); but My face must not be seen."
Exodus 34:6-7 RSV -
6The Lord passed before him (Moses) & proclaimed, "The Lord the Lord, a God merciful & gracious, slow to anger & abounding (rich) in steadfast love (kindness) & faithfulness (fidelity),
7keeping steadfast love for 1,000's (1,000 generations), (upon genuine repentance) forgiving iniquity (inherited wickedness/curses) & transgression (crime) and (original/Adam's) sin
[but Who (is just &) will by no means clear (will hold accountable) the guilty (unrepentant/unforgiven), visiting the iniquity DELIVERANCE from INIQUITY of the fathers upon the children & the children's children, to the 3rd & the 4th generation."]
Exodus 24:16-18 NIV
- 16The glory of the Lord settled on Mount "Sinai. 
For 6 days the cloud covered the mountain.  On the 7th day the Lord called to Moses from within the cloud. 
17To the Israelites the glory of the Lord looked like a consuming fire on a mountain top.
18Moses entered the cloud as he went up the mountain.  He stayed on the mountain 40 days & 40 nights.
Exodus 40:34-38 NIV (God's presence in the dwelling/meeting tent)  
34The cloud covered the Tent of Meeting & the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle. 
35Moses could not enter the Tent of Meeting because the cloud had settled upon it, & the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle.
36In all the travels of the Israelites, whenever the cloud lifted from above the tabernacle, they would set out.  
37If the cloud did not lift, they did not set out, until the day it lifted. 
38The cloud of the Lord was over the tabernacle by day & fire was in the cloud by night, in the sight of all the house of Israel during all their travels.

Leviticus 9:6-7 TNAB -
6Moses said, "This is what the Lord orders you to do, that the glory of the Lord may be revealed to you. 
7Come p to the altar." 
Moses then told Aaron, "Offer your sin offering & your holocaust in atonement for yourself & for your family.
Then present the offering of the people in atonement for them, as the Lord has commanded."
Leviticus 9:23-24 TNAB - 23Moses and Aaron went into the meeting tent. 
On coming out he again blessed the people.  Then the glory of the Lord was revealed to all the people. 
24Fire came forth from the Lord's presence & consumed the holocaust & the remnants of the fat on the altar. 
Seeing this, all the people cried out & fell prostate (under the power of the Holy Spirit).
Leviticus 10:1-3 TNJB - 1Aaron's sons Nadab & Abihu each took his censer, put fire in it & incense on the fire & presented unauthorized fire before Yahweh, which was NOT in accordance with His orders. 
At this a flame leapt out from Yahweh's 2presence & swallowed them up & they perished before Yahweh. 
Moses then 3said to Aaron, "That is what Yahweh meant when He said, 'In those who are close to Me I show My holiness, & before all the people I show My glory.'"
(Revelation 4:8 TNJB  Each of the 4 living creatures had 6 wings & was stuffed with eyes all the way around as well as inside; day & night they never stopped singing, "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God, the Almighty, Who was, & is and is to come."
Isaiah 6:1-4
  In the year of King Uzziah's death I saw the Lord seated on a high & lofty throne.
His train filled the sanctuary. 
Above Him stood seraphs, each 1 with 6 wings, 2 to cover its face, 2 to cover its feet & 2 for flying;
3they were shouting these words to each other: "Holy, Holy, Holy is Yahweh Sabaoth. 
His glory fills the whole earth
The door-posts shook at the sound of their shouting, & the Temple was full of 4smoke.)
Leviticus 10:8-11 TNJB -
8Yaweh spoke to Aaron & said, 9"When you come to the Tent of Meeting (synagogue/church/mass/communion), you & your sons with you, you may NOT drink wine or any other fermented liquor, to avoid incurring death. 
This is a
10perpetual law for all your descendants.  So shall it be also when you separate
11the sacred from the profane, the unclean from the clean & when you teach the Israelites any of the decrees that Yahweh has pronounced for them through Moses."
Leviticus 17:11 KJV - The life of the flesh is in the blood & I have given it to you on the altar to make atonement for your souls; for it is the blood by reason of the life that makes atonement.

Numbers 14:10-11 TNAB 10The whole community threatened to stone them. 
But then the glory of the Lord appeared at the meeting tent to all the Israelites. 
11The Lord said to Moses, "How long will this people spurn Me? 
How long will they refuse to believe in Me, despite all the signs I have performed among them
Numbers 14:20-24 TNAB  20The Lord answered, "I pardon them as you have asked
21Yet, by My life & the Lord's glory that fills the whole earth,
22of all the men who have seen My glory & the signs I worked in Egypt & in the desert, & who nevertheless have put Me to the test 10 times already & have failed to heed My voice,
23 not one shall see the land which I promised on oath to their fathers. 
None of these who have spurned Me shall see it.
24But because My servant Caleb has a different spirit & follows Me unreservedly,
I will bring him into the land where he has just been, & his descendants shall possess it
Numbers 14:42 TNAB

Numbers 20:6
Numbers 24:16-17
Numbers 40:34-35

Deuteronomy 5:22-29 NIV - 22These are the commandments the Lord proclaimed in a loud voice to our whole assembly there on the mountain from out of the fire, cloud, & deep darkness
He added nothing more.  Then He wrote them on 2 stone tablets & gave them to me (Moses). 
23When you heard the voice out of the darkness, while the mountain was ablaze with fire, all the leading men of your tribes & your elders came to me. 
24You said, "The Lord our God has shown us His glory & His majesty
We have heard His voice from the fire.  Today we have seen that a man can live, even if God speaks with him. 
25But now, why should we die? 
This great fire will consume us & we will die if we hear the voice of the Lord our God any longer;
26for what mortal man has ever heard the voice of the living God speaking out of fire, as we have & survived? 
27Go near & listen to all that the Lord our God says.  Then tell us whatever the Lord our God tells you. 
We will listen & obey." 
28The Lord heard you when you spoke to me & the Lord said to me, "I have heard what this people said to you. 
Everything they said was good. 
29Oh, that their hearts would be inclined to fear Me & keep all My commands always, so that it might go well with them & their children forever."
Deuteronomy 33:17

1st Kings 8:11

1st Chronicles 16:24 - declare His glory among the heathen

2nd Chronicles 5:13-14 As the trumpeters & singers were as 1, to make 1 sound to be heard in praising & thanking the Lord. 
When they lifted up their voice with the trumpets, cymbals & instruments of music, & praised the Lord, saying, "For He is good; for His mercy endureth for ever," that then the house was filled with a cloud, even the house of the Lord, so that the priests could not stand to minister by reason of the cloud; for the glory of the Lord had filled the house of God.
2nd Chronicles 7:1-3

Psalm 8:1
Psalm 19:1
 - The heavens declare the glory of God.
Psalm 21:5
Psalm 45:3
Psalm 49:17
Psalm 57:5,11
Psalm 63:2
Psalm 72:19
Psalm 78:61
Psalm 89:44

Psalm 90:16 NKJV  Let Your work appear to Your servants, & Your glory to their children.
Psalm 93:6 - Declare His glory among the heathen.
Psalm 96:3
Psalm 97:6
Psalm 102:15-16

Pslam 104:31
Psalm 108:5
Psalm 138:5

Proverbs 25:2 - the glory of God to conceal

Isaiah 3:8
Isaiah 6:3-4
- The posts of the door moved at the Voice of Him that cried, & the house was filled with smoke.
Isaiah 10:16
Isaiah 22:18
Isaiah 35:2
Isaiah 40:5
Isaiah 58:8
Isaiah 59:19
Isaiah 60:1-2 NIV
- The glory of the Lord rises upon You (the Messiah).
See, darkness covers the earth & thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon You & His glory appears over You.
Isaiah 60:19
Isaiah 63:15

Jeremiah 14:21
Jeremiah 22:18
Jeremiah 48:18

Ezekiel 1:25-28 NIV - 25There came a voice from above the expanse over their (the 4 living creatures') heads as they stood with lowered wings. 26Above the expanse over their heads was what looked like a throne of sapphire; high above on the throne was a figure like that of a man. 
27I saw that from what appeared to be His waist up He looked like glowing metal, as if full of fire
From there down He looked like fire; brilliant light surrounded Him. 
Like the appearance of a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the radiance around Him. 
This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord
When I saw it, I fell facedown (overcome by the power of the Holy Spirit). I heard the voice of One speaking. 
Ezekiel 2:1-2 NIV - 1He said to me, "Son of man, stand up on your feet & I will speak to you." 
2As He spoke, the Spirit came into me and raised me to my feet; I heard Him speaking to me.
Ezekiel 3:12-15 NIV - 12The Spirit lifted me up. I heard behind me a loud rumbling sound. 
May the glory of the Lord be praised in His dwelling place. 
13The sound of the wings of the (4) living creatures brushing against each other & the sound of the wheels beside them, a loud rumbling sound. 
14The Spirit then lifted me up & took me away.
I went in bitterness & in the anger of my spirit, with the strong hand of the Lord upon me.
15.I came to the exiles who lived at Tel Abib near the Kebar River. 
here, where they were living, I sat among them for 7 days overwhelmed.
Ezekiel 3:22-24 NIV - 22The hand of the Lord was upon me there.
He said to me, "Get up and go out to the plain; there I will speak to you." 
23So I got up & went out to the plain. 
The glory of the Lord was standing there, like the glory I had seen by the Kebar River.
I fell face down
(slain under the power/anointing of the Holy Spirit). 
24Then Holy Spirit came into me & raised me to my feet. 
He spoke to me, "Go shut yourself inside your house."
Ezekiel 8:1-4NIV - 1In the 6th year, in the 6th month, on the 5th day, while I was sitting in my house & the elders of Judah were sitting before me, the hand of the Sovereign Lord came upon me there. 
2I looked and saw a figure like that of a man.  From what appeared to be His waist down He was like fire.
From there up His appearance was as bright as glowing metal. 
3He stretched out what looked like a hand & took me by the hair of my head. 
The Spirit lifted me up between earth & heaven; in visions of God He took me to Jerusalem to the entrance to the north gate of the inner court, where the idol that provokes to jealousy stood. 
4Before me was the glory of the God of Israel, as in the vision I had seen in the plain.
Ezekiel 9:3-6 NIV - 3The glory of the God of Israel went up from above the cherubim, where it had been & moved to the threshold of the temple.  Then the Lord called to the man clothed in linen who had the writing kit at his side 4and said to him, "Go through-out the city of Jerusalem & put a mark on the foreheads of those who grieve & lament over all the detestable things that are done in it." 
5As I listened, He said to the others, "Follow him through the city & kill, without showing pity or compassion
6Slaughter old men, young men, maidens, women & children, but do not touch anyone who has the mark. 
Begin at My sanctuary
."  So they began with the elders, who were in front of the temple.
Ezekiel 10:1-22 NIV -
1.I looked & saw the likeness of a throne of sapphire above the expanse that was over the heads of the cherubim. 
2.The Lord said to the man clothed in linen,. "Go in among the wheels beneath the cherubim. 
Fill your hands with burning coals from among the cherubim & scatter them over the city
3.Now the cherubim were standing on the south side of the temple when the man went in;
& (then) a cloud filled the inner court. 
4.Then the glory of the Lord rose from above the cherubim & moved to the threshold of the temple
The cloud filled the temple, and (then) the court was full of the radiance of the glory of the Lord.  
5.The sound of the wings of the cherubim could be heard as far away as the outer court, like the voice of God Almighty when He speaks. 
6.When the Lord commanded the man in linen, "Take fire from among the wheels, from among the cherubim."
The man went in & stood beside a wheel. 
7.Then 1 of the cherubim reached out his hand to the fire that was among them. 
He took up some of it & put it into the hands of the man in linen, who took it & went out. 
8.(Under the wings of the cherubim would be seen what looked like the hands of a man.) 
9.I looked & saw beside the cherubim 4 wheels, 1 beside each of the cherubim; the wheels sparkled like chrysolite.
10.As for their appearance, the 4 of them looked alike; each was like a wheel intersecting a wheel. 
11.As they moved, they would go in any 1 of the 4 directions the cherubim faced.
The wheels did not turn about as the cherubim went. 
The cherubim went in whatever direction the head faced, without turning as they went.
12.Their entire bodies (including their backs, hands & wings) were completely full of eyes, as were their 4 wheels. 
13.I heard the wheels being called "the whirling wheels". 
14Each of the cherubim had 4 faces. 
1 face was that of a cherub, the 2nd the face of a man, the 3rd the face of a lion & the 4th the face of an eagle. 
15.Then the cherubim rose upward. These were the living creatures I had seen by the Kebar River. 
16.When the cherubim moved, the wheels beside them moved.
When the cherubim spread their wings to rise from the ground, the wheels did not leave their side.  
17.When the cherubim stood still, they also stood still; when the cherubim rose, they rose with the, because the spirit of the living creatures was in them. 
18.The glory of the Lord departed from over the temple threshold & stopped above the cherubim.
19.While I watched, the cherubim spread their wings & rose from the ground. 
As they went, the wheels went with them.  They stopped at the entrance to the east gate of the Lord's house. 
The glory of the God of Israel was above them
20.These were the living creatures I had seen beneath the God of Israel by the Kebar River. 
I realized that they were cherubim. 
21.Each had 4 faces & 4 wings.  Under their wings was what looked like the hands of a man. 
22.Their faces had the same appearance as those  I had seen by the Kebar River.  Each 1 went straight ahead.
Ezekiel 11:22-25 NIV -
22The cherubim, with the wheels beside them, spread their wings & the glory of Israel was above them.  
23The glory of the Lord went up from within the city & stopped above the mountain east of it. 
24The Spirit lifted me up & brought me to the exiles in Babylonia in the vision given by the Spirit of God. 
Then the vision I had seen went up from me,
25 I told the exiles everything the Lord had shown me.
Ezekiel 43:1-12 NIV - 1.The man brought me to the gate facing east;
2.I saw the glory of the God of Israel coming from the east. 
   His voice was like the roar of rushing water; the land was radiant with His glory
3.The vision I saw was like the vision I had when he came to destroy the city & like the visions I had seen by the Kebar River.
   I fell facedown
(under the Holy Spirit power/presence/glory).
4.The glory of the Lord entered the temple through the gate facing east
5.Then the Spirit lifted me up & brought me into the inner court.  The glory of the Lord filled the temple. 
6.While the man was standing beside me, I heard someone speaking to me from inside the temple. 
7.He said, "Son of man, this is the place of My throne & the place for the soles of My feet
This is where I will live among the Israelites forever.  The house of Israel will never again defile My holy name, neither they nor their kings by their prostitution & the lifeless idols of their kings at their high places

8When they placed their threshold next to My threshold & their doorposts beside My doorposts, with only a wall between Me & them, they defiled My holy name by their detestable practices.  So I destroyed them in My anger
9Now let them put away from Me their prostitution & the lifeless idols of their kings; I will live among them forever
10Son of man, describe the temple to the people of Israel, that they may be ashamed of their sins. 
Let them consider the plan
11If they are ashamed of all they have done, make known to them the design to the temple:
Its arrangement, exits & entrances, whole design + all its regulations & laws. 
Write these down before them, so that they may be faithful to its design & follow all its regulations
12This is the law of the temple:  All the surrounding area on tip of the mountain will be most holy. 
Such is the law of the temple
Ezekiel 44:4

Daniel 5:20

Hab 2:14,16 filled with knowledge of the glory of the Lord
Hab 3:3

Zechariah 2:5 NIV -
"I Myself will be a wall of fire around it (Jerusalem)," declares the Lord, "& I will be its glory within."

Noah - - "But there was a still more serious consequence from the idolatrous practices introduced in the time of Enosh. When God drove Adam forth from Paradise, the Shekinah remained behind, enthroned above a cherub under the tree of life.
The angels descended from heaven & repaired thither in hosts, to receive their instructions.
Adam & his descendants sat by the gate to bask in the splendor of the Shekinah, 65,000 times more radiant than the splendor of the sun. This brightness of the Shekinah makes all upon whom it falls exempt from disease & neither insects nor demons can come nigh unto them to do them harm...Worse, by means of the magic arts taught them by the (rebellious) angels Uzza & Azzael, they (man's demented offspring &/or fallen angels) set themselves as masters over the heavenly spheres & forced the sun, moon & stars to be subservient to themselves instead of the Lord.  This impelled the angels to ask God: 'What is man, that Thou art mindful of him? 
Why didst Thou abandon the highest of the heavens, the seat of Thy glory & Thy exalted Throne in Arabot & descend to men, who pay worship to idols, putting Thee upon a level with them?' 
The Shekinah was induced to leave the earth & ascend to heaven, amid the blare & flourish of the trumpets of the myriads of angel hosts."

                                                                                 New Testament

Matthew 6:29

Luke 2:9    glory of the Lord shone round
Luke 2:25-32 NIV
- There was a man in Jerusalem called Simeon, who was righteous & devout. 
He was waiting for the consolation of Israel & Holy Spirit was upon him.  It had been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he would not die before he had seen the Lord's Christ.  Moved by the Spirit, he went into the temple courts.  When the parents brought in the child Jesus to do for Him what the (circumcision at 8 days of age) custom of the Law required, Simeon took Him in his arms & praised God, saying, "Sovereign Lord, as You have promised, you now dismiss your servant in peace; for my eyes have seen Your salvation, which You have prepared in the sight of all people - a light for revelation to the Gentiles & for glory to Your people Israel."
Luke 9:26,32
Luke 12:27
Luke 24:26

John 1:14-15 NIV - 14The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us. 
We have seen His glory, the glory of the One & Only, Who came from the Father, full of grace & truth. 
15 John (the Baptist) testifies concerning Him. 
He cries out, "This was He of Whom I said, 'He Who comes after me has surpassed me, because He was before me.'"
John 2:11 NIV - The 1st of His miraculous signs, Jesus performed at Cana in Galilee. 
He thus revealed His glory, and His disciples put their faith in Him.
John 11:4 NIV - Jesus said, "This sickness will not end in death.  No. 
It is for God's glory, so that God's son may be glorified through it
John 11:40 if believe, should see the glory of God
John 12:41

John 14:13-14 NIV - "I will do whatever you ask in My Name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father
You may ask Me for anything in My Name & I will do it.
John 15:7-8 NIV    "If you remain in Me & My Words remain in you, ask whatever you wish & it will be given you. 
This is to My Father's glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be My disciples

Acts 7:55 Stephen looked & saw the glory of God
Acts 8:39-40
    The (Holy) Spirit of the Lord suddenly took Philip away...
Philip...appeared at Azotus & traveled about, preaching the gospel in all the towns. 
(Here we see that Philip is translated/transported/carried away bodily by God to another place.)

Romans 3:7
Romans 3:23 all sinned & fell short of the glory of God
Romans 5:2 rejoice in hope of the glory of God
Romans 9:23
Romans 15:7 as Christ received us, to the glory of God

1st Corinthians 10:31 eat or drink, all to the glory of God
1st Corinthians 11:7 man is the image & glory of God

2nd Corinthians 3:18 as in a glass glory of the Lord
2nd Corinthians 4:6 light of know, of glory of God
2nd Corinthians 4:15 thanksgiving, redound to glory of God

Ephesians 1:12,14
Ephesians 3:16

Philippians 1:11 by Christ to the  glory of God
Philippians 2:11 Jesus is Lord to the glory of God

Hebrews 1:3  The Son reflects the glory of God & shows exactly what God is like (as in a mirror or lake). 
He holds everything together with His powerful (spoken) Word (as does glue or centrifugal force).

1st Peter 4:13

Jude 24

Revelation 4:1-11 TPNT - 1I looked & there was a door that was opened in heaven. 
The 1st voice which I heard speaking with me was like a trumpet saying, "You must come up here
(Ezekiel 19:20,24) & I will show you what must happen after these things." 
2I immediately was in (under the power of) the (Holy) Spirit; there was a throne standing in heaven & One seated upon the throne. (1st Kings 22:19, 2nd Chronicles 18:18,
Psalm 47:8, Isaiah 6:1, Ezekiel 1:26-27, Sirach 1:8)  
3The One Who was seated had an appearance like a jasper & sardius stone. 
A rainbow, like an emerald in appearance, surrounded the throne. (Ezekiel 1:26-28)  4All around the throne were 24 thrones; upon the thrones (were) 24 elders (heavenly Sanhedrin members, per Chavda in 100 Year Bloom ) sitting, clothed in white garments & with gold crowns on their heads. 
5Lightnings, voices and thunders (Exodus 19:16, Ezekiel 1:13) were going out from the throne; in front of the throne 7 lamps of fire were burning (Ezekiel 1:13, Zachariah 4:2), which are the 7 Spirits of God.  
6In front of the throne (was what appeared) as (like/to be) a sea of glass like crystal.
(Ezekiel 1:22)  In the middle of the throne & around the throne were 4 living creatures full of eyes before & behind. 
7The1st living creature was like a lion, the 2nd living creature like a calf, the 3rd living creature having a face like a man, & the 4th living creature like a flying eagle. (Ezekiel 1:5-10, 10:14) 
8The 4 living creatures, each one of them having 6 wings (Isaiah 6:2) all around & within they were full of eyes (Ezekiel 1:18, 10:12); they do not have rest day & night saying, "Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Hosts (Isaiah 6:3), Who was & Who is & Who is coming." (Ezekiel 3:14) 
9Whenever the living creatures give glory & honor & thanksgiving to the One Who sits on the throne (1st Kings 22:19,
2nd Chronicles 18:18, Psalm 47:8, Isaiah 6:1, Ezekiel 1:26-27, Sirach 1:8) to the One Who lives forever & ever (Daniel 4:34, 6:26, 12:7)
10The 24 elders fall down before the One Who sits up on the throne & worship the One Who lives forever & ever & power, because You did create all things, & by Your will they indeed were  created."
Revelations 15:8 filled with smoke fr glory of God
Revelations 18:1
Revelation 21:11 Jerusalem having glory of God
Revelation 21:23 the glory of God did light it      


Adamnan - The Life of Columba - an abridged translation by John Gregory, Floris Books, Edinburgh -
Adamnan's Preface
  Columba "was given the same name as the prophet Jonah. 
The Hebrew word Iona, the Greek name Peristera & the Latin term Columba ALL have the same meaning of dove." 
Scripture reveals "that the Holy Spirit came down in the form of a dove."
"Many years before his (Adaman's) birth...a stranger of British race, a holy man & a disciple of the holy Bishop (saint) Patrick, named Mauchte, made the following prophecy, 'In the last years of the world...there will be born a son whose name Columba will become famous through all the provinces of the islands of the Ocean, & he will shed a bright light over the last years of the earth.'"
"An angel of the Lord appeared 1 night in a dream to the venerable man's mother, between his conception & birth & standing beside her presented her, as it seemed, with a robe of wonderful beauty, on which fair colours, as of every kind of flower, could be seen portrayed. 
After a brief pause, he asked for it back & took it from her hands. Lifting it & spreading it out, he let it go in the empty air. 
Grieving that it was taken from her, she spoke to the man of venerable demeanour as follows, 'Why do you take this delightful robe a way from me so quickly?' 
He then said, 'It is because this cloak is so greatly honoured that you will be able to keep it no loner.'
After he said this, the woman saw the aforesaid robe gradually flying further away from her & growing larger, so that it stretched beyond the breath of the plains & rose above the mountains & woods with its greater stature. 
She heard a voce afterwards that spoke as follows, 'Woman, do not grieve. 
For to the husband to whom you are jointed in the bond of matrimony, you will bear a son so gifted, that he will be counted as 1 of the great prophets of God. 
He is predestined by God to lead countless souls to the country of heaven.' 
On hearing this voice, the woman awoke."
Book #1 - The Prophecies, Book #2 - the Miracles, Book #3 - The Visions

Allen, AA - The Price of God's Miracle-Working Power -
Allen, AA - God's Guarantee to Heal You -
Chapter 13 The Price of God's Miracle-Working Power - a summary of book by same last name:
When Allen, a Methodist turned Pentecostal, had his wife lock him in a closet to pray & fast, God came to him & revealed 13 things blocking His miracle working power in his ministry.  11 of those things he shares in his book.
A visitation from God section shares, "The glory of God began to fill the closet...
The interior of the (dark) closet began to grow light...
I seemed to lose consciousness of everything except the might presence of God...
I realized that should I see Him, I would die (see Exodus 33:20).  Just His glorious presence was enough!...
Then like a whirlwind, I heard His voice.  It was God...But He wasn't speaking to me because I was worthy.
He was speaking because I was needy.  Centuries ago, He had promised to supply that need...
It seemed that God was talking to me faster than any human could possibly speak.
faster than I could follow, mentally...I felt His mighty power begin to lift...I trembled under the mighty lingering presence of God." 

Allen, Bruce D - - Book Preface @
Any born-again person who has repented and invited Jesus to be his/her savior can walk/be in 2 dimensions simultaneously & regularly & more so if he/she has invited Jesus to be their baptizer in the Holy Spirit.
There are spiritual inheritance prerequisites, 1 being passion, as in wooing a date or honeymooning a mate.
Chapter 2 Seeing a Face to Face Reality - "'I'm beginning to let you touch the Glory,
so you may be able to stand in the hour of My visitation upon all flesh
Be strengthened in the Glory to the point where we can stand (rather than collapse) in the very atmosphere of Heaven. 
The Glory of God IS the atmosphere of Heaven...released to...prepare us for encountering the Person of Heaven, Father God."
(Hooray, NO more mosquitoes biting when we release God's glory, in Jesus' name & power.) - Begins around 19:50 in audio @ link page top.

Allen, Lexie E - God's Man of Faith and Power

Anderson, Wayne - Home is Where the Throne Is - -
God's throne room atmosphere is thick, fragrant, melodic + pure love.

Kiko ArgŁello - chapter #1 - + neo/iniciadores%20camino/entrevista%20kiko%20ewtn%20ingl.htm Interview - The 3 Angels chapter/section - "Christ is the splendor of the glory of God & the imprint of His substance. (Hebrews 1:3)..Christ is the reflection of the glory of God...Look at the imprint of the: divine substance, essence, substance of God...image of a man crucified on a  cross, Who has given His life for you...God has manifested His own essence.
What is this essence?  To love you...God is love...God does NOT need you to be good (in order to merit or receive His love, which has already been deeded & reserved for you 2,000 years ago, awaiting our discovering, requesting, appropriating, & keeping it)...Eternal life is something you that right now you have or don't have...
Following the example of...the virgin Mary, you might answer, 'Let it be done unto me, according to what You (angel representing the Trinity) announce.  I accept it. (Your love, health & presence Christ, God & Holy Spirit, to indwell me in an ever increasing experiential way that honors You.)

Baker, Heidi & Rolland - The Hungry Always Get Fed -
Chapter 6 The Miracle of Suffering  Heidi shares that while recuperating in the hospital from MRSA bacteria, God downloaded "revelation on carrying His glory" while she rested "in God's Presence".
Chapter 3 Hungry for Jesus  "Spend your time pressing for the Presence. 
Become intimate with Jesus, so full of Him, that it does not matter what challenges in life present themselves to you.  You will be so spiritually full that you can feed a multitude of other people's needs."

Baker, Shelly - OCEANS of GLORY -
Chapter 5 Sounds of Ocean Glory -
"Godís light also has a voice. Yes, you read right.
Light, an element of the manifested glory of Godís being, has a voice.
The rhythms of it have been scientifically measured, although not yet in totality.
At the subatomic level, light waves & sound waves flow together as cosmic fluid in harmony like an eternal river of water, a light wave traveling on a sound wave known to scientists as a 'quark.'
It is the elastic band that holds space & time together. 
Those who know Genesis 1:3 already know what a quark is & what it does:

'God said
[a sound wave], Let there be light [a light wave]: & there was light.' 
All of the substance of creation came from that action.
A light wave traveling on a sound wave produces matter, as seen in the creation story...
Jesus is
'the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world' (John 1:9).
That is physics made easy. -
The quark, or the 'voice of light,' is one of the most amazing elements of creation.
It is the hidden trigger to creation.
We can observe its behavior in a scientific field of study called quantum mechanics, which examines these obscure puzzle pieces of the subatomic realm of physics.
These tiny, invisible working parts of the universe that God created would be in operation below the noise level of existing instruments that could hear them.
It is strongly believed that a world of minute & infinite sounds exists there, not only in the great expanse of space beyond us.
The Pentagon has spent large sums of money to listen in to outer space.
I wonder if they know
whom they are listening to? The same voice is speaking to us in our spirits for free.
The Jews I have met in Israel all know about 'the voice.'
They are peculiar to other races of people on this planet in the fact that they can hear it from birth.  Why?
They are Godís chosen people & He speaks to them, even in captivityÖ
Things are not what they seem. For instance, an antique wooden table appears to be the same solid treasure that it was in Grandmaís day 100 years ago.  Under a high-powered microscope, however, it can be seen that the table is actually made up of a fluid substance of activity that never stops moving or changing. 
Though the wood no longer lives & it is disconnected from the sap of the tree from which it was cut, atoms still exist within each cell, & their electrons & protons continue to move & rotate around a nucleus within.
Rocks have the same activity at the subatomic level & so do the steel beams of skyscrapers. 
Nothing about this three-dimensional world is as solid as it seems. 
How very easy it is for God to remold it all or any part of it in an instant. All He has to do is bombard it with the sound of His glorious voice, & matter changes in obedience to what He calls it to become. 
Nothing about this 3-dimensional world is as solid as it seems. 
NASA measures the sound waves of stars & quasars.
Did you know that they sing?  Their musical vibrations of light can be heard with high-tech equipment. 
God mentioned this audible element of light to Job, a man of very primitive times 64 

Then the morning stars sang together, & all the sons of God shouted for joy:
Job 38:7
A 11/2/1999 article in
USA Today: All the Answers for All Time in One Tiny Package stated that a new day is dawning when men will no longer revel in their abilities to computerize our world with microchips, but will actually surpass that technology by harnessing the 'voice' of the atom & its electromagnetic signals. 
The atom itself, microscopically small, will actually program & motorize the computers of the 21st  century, replacing the digital microchip...

Dr. Paul Challgren & his wife told me of an exhibit in Chicago that showcased the sound of DNA, the language that encodes our cell tissue.  A scientist had mapped the signals for a normal cell versus a cancer cell.
When the signals were played through a synthesizer keyboard, the (68 Oceans of Glory) healthy cell was melodic, but the cancer cell was full of morbid discord.

In 1994, I received a healing from a 4-centimeter mass in my abdomen, not through surgery, but through massive doses of a brilliant treatment, the Word of God that is medicine to all our flesh.
In listening to Dodie Osteenís testimony & healing scripture tape in the background 24 hours a day for 9 months, my faith exploded with expectancy, not only for my own healing, but also for othersí.
18 years earlier, Dodie had been given up to die of meta-static cancer of the liver. There was no hope, but she understood the scriptural promise that says Godís Word will not return to Him void, but will accomplish the thing unto which He sends it. I believed it too & it worked. Not only did the words build up my faith, as I listened to them over & over again, but even at night, when the volume was minimal for sleeping, the Word was bombarding my cells & encrypting my DNA with a new healthy strain for life (see Colossians 2:14).  New handwriting. New codes. Godís Word is light. Light has a voice. 
DNA hears it.  These are the sounds of
Oceans of Glory...
In the Great Awakening of the 1700s, Benjamin Franklin was converted to Christ when he put the voice of his friend George Whitefield to the test. While George was preaching to a crowd of thousands (with no microphone, of course), Ben was measuring out the distance from the city where the mighty oratorís glory-filled words could still be heard: 1 mile, 2,3, almost 5 Mr. Franklin could still hear the convicting salvation message. 
Like Christ, preaching to the 5,000, Whitefield thundered with Heavenís roaring ocean sounds.
" 1
Chapter 6 Liquid Glory Fires - (Read more at above web link.

Baxter, Mary K with Lowery, TL - The Power of the Blood - Healing for Your Spirit, Soul and Body - - Chapter 11 Deliverance through the Blood 
cites the vision of St Catherine from her book The Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena
where light glowed in the wounded hands of Christ's resurrected body.  book #1140 -

Bentley, Todd - The Reality of the Supernatural - -
Chapter 10 Throne Room Encounters shares that wherever one sees/has the glory of God will also see/have the cherubim.  Ezekiel 10:2-22 calls the 4 Living Creatures cherubim.

Burt, Arthur - Around the World in 88 Years - autobiography -
Chapter 2 Walking on Water  John 14:13 KJV  Whatsoever ye shall ask in My name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.  "God does not answer prayer in order to answer prayer, but only answers prayer so the Father may be glorified in the Son... God doesn't save to save.  He doesn't heal to heal. 
He doesn't deliver to deliver... Peter had a proceeding Word (out of the mouth of Jesus to walk on water), but I didn't have 1 (from the mouth of God instructing me to walk on water)."
Chapter 4 Pastor Burt -
"Ernest Beckett...was a friend who was faithful & wounded me, when I needed to be wounded...
Although I resented being corrected at the time, that correction changed my life. I thank God for it...
A revelation was birthed in me then about ministering to the glory of God
I found that God hasn't called me to preach to His people.
He has called me to minister to Him in front of the people - an important distinction."
Burt, Arthur - How to Be Ordinary - autobiography -
"By the glory of God, we mean the credit due to His Holy Name."
"The glory of God demands not wonderful people, but the very opposite."
Burt, Arthur - Surrender Your Key to Spiritual Success -
Chapter 5 Thine Is the Glory  The "root problem" with man is NOT sin, but rather pride, which is the root of sin. 
God forgives sin but NOT pride
, according to Burt. 
Pride is the antonym of glory.  Faith is the antonym of unbelief. 
Sin is the antonym of righteousness.  Our pride begets unbelief.  Unbelief begets sin; whereas God's glory begets faith, & faith begets His righteousness in us.  The cure/remedy for pride is NOT forgiveness, but rather IMMEDIATELY humbling oneself, or being humbled/humiliated by God.  
Luke 18:14 KJV
  Every one that exalteth himself shall be abased. 
"By glory we mean credit due...Man seeks to rob God of His glory...His glory NEVER leaves His hand."

Be prepared for the Glory so that you can enjoy the higher degree of power.
Brim, Billye
Chapter 4 -
The Revelation of the Glory: How It Came
"The minister I worked for based his ministry on the written Word of God & being led by the Spirit of God.
He walked with the Lord in close, personal fellowship & aimed to conduct the ministry in obedience to the Lord's leadings. 
About this time he was impressed of the Lord that it would behoove him to study all the Scriptures on 'the glory.'
He did so.  From time to time as the Lord led, he preached on 'The Glory of God.' 
He usually began the message by simply reading the Scriptures which describe God's glory in manifestation from the Old Testament through the New.  Often an unusual presence of God would accompany this special sermon.
Sometimes the glory of God took the form of a bright cloud as in the Old Testament.
Like a wave it would roll across the congregation. Signs & wonders would follow as God confirmed His Word. 
Inspired by the evidently supernatural touch upon this subject & led by Holy Spirit I am sure, I received a thought that affected the rest of my life & ministry:

If it would behoove him to study these Scriptures, it would behoove me.
So I determined to study the glory."
Chapter 6 The Circle of Glory: man's crown..."God's glory sat upon man as his crown & clothed him as his covering...
is the plural word for God. It shows God the: Father, Son & God Holy Spirit...
At our new (spiritual re-)birth, the process of glorification begins & progresses according to the plan as we look into God's Word for His glory & yield ourselves to Holy Spirit... It is the last of the last days.
God's glory is to be manifested in greater degree in His church. Very soon now we will walk the streets with our faces shining, & men & women will come to us to accept the Lord Jesus Christ they see within us.

Cerullo, Morris - Son, Build Me an Army -  
Chapter 4 "That night when I saw the Glory of God come down & prepare to move amongst the people,
I knew it was time to begin the ministry of preaching to the huge crowd of people..
Chapter 5 "If we were to have any effect at all, I knew we couldn't minister at all without the Presence of God coming into the services." (During this time, Nora Lamb, author of China Cry, did the secretarial work at New Life Temple, Hong Kong.)

Chappell, Jack - chapter 1 The Glory of His Manifest Presence of Living in His Glorious Presence @ (edited)
"There are moments, however, particularly during times of intense worship on our part, when His presence seems to become so heavy, so great, that it can be seen &/or felt with the natural senses. 
This is what we call the glory of God & it is His manifest presence.
Godís glory reveals His splendor, His beauty & the magnificence of His personality.
We particularly see it in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit...
I myself was worshiping the Lord through singing in tongues
As I continued to do this, the presence of God began to envelop me.
Soon my hands began to shake & vibrate.  I felt Godís glory all around me. 
I have felt that same glory often through the years when I sing in a heavenly language. 
What we call 'the anointing' of the Holy Spirit refers to the empowerment given to us at salvation &, much more so, when we are filled with the Spirit.  This anointing empowers us to testify, preach & teach.
It also gives us wisdom, courage & motivation to do the work of the Lord. 
The glory of God includes the anointing, but it is a far greater manifestation of it. 
In the glory, the nature, character, holiness & power of God are much more fully revealed. His glory can be seen and felt.  In the glory, there is (gold dust, gem stones, healing, deliverance, visions, translation, angels,) beauty, peace and joy. Godís glory is the very atmosphere of Heaven: His glorious presence...
The great healing evangelist, John G. Lake, experienced this glory. He said, 'Often, when I would shake peopleís hands, they would fall out under the power of God. At other times, it happened when they came within 6 feet of me.  I knew the purpose was to make Christ real to everyone watching.' (Copeland, Kenneth, 1994. 
John G. Lake, His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Kenneth Copeland Publications, Page xxiv)."

, Mahesh - The Hidden Power of Healing Prayer - The Healing Anointing of Laying on of Hands - - Chapter 7 Developing Healing Ministries  "You are an emissary of the Lord & His anointing...As you start touching people...realize that Christ is the healer & not you...
Walk therefore in the consciousness of the presence of Christ... In every situation...His presence & anointing are with you.  Acknowledging His presence in every circumstance will change the atmosphere around you...
You will be able to bring Christ's answer & provision into your circumstance. 
This is what I call the atmosphere of the glory of the Lord
To be an emissary of the believer's touch, we must grow in the anointing & be plugged into the heavenly presence, which is the glory of the Lord...
In the city of Kinshasa in the Congo, the atmosphere suddenly changed & I sensed the presence of His glory
It is in this atmosphere that nothing is impossible with our God...This consciousness of His presence will start to grow... Keep persevering...If we are faithful...we go from glory to glory. 2nd Corinthians 3:18 "
Chavda, Mahesh - The Hidden Power of Speaking in Tongues -
Chapter 7 The Secret of Paul's Effectiveness shares that the cross of Jesus makes our connection with His glory possible, but Holy Spirit gives us access to His glory
Speaking in tongues
is a vital tool for making that connection. 
Paul knew & experienced this truth daily.  However this glory is available to EVERY Christian, yes to you & me. 
Chapter 8 reminds us to be ravenous/Hungry for the Glory.
God loves us to continually/daily pursue Him withpassion/ desperation/love. 
Mahesh reminds us that intellect is inadequate to rely on, that the Lord is looking for a habitation/ availability & not for intellect/qualification/ credentials.  Where we fall short is in not allowing the Holy Spirit to use our tongues.
We often prefer to rely on ourselves (our feelings and intellect). 
Jesus allowed His heavenly Father to speak through Him.
John 14:6,9-11 NKJ
- 6No one comes to the Father except through Me...
9He who has seen (known) Me has seen (known) the Father...
10Do you not believe that I am in the Father & the Father in Me
The words that I speak to you,  I do not speak on My own authority; the Father Who dwell in Me does the works
11Believe Me that I am in the Father & the Father in Me, or else believe Me for the sake of the works themselves.
Chavda, Mahesh - 100 Year Bloom - Your Keys to Living in Permanent Revival  
(Recommended for pastors rather than laity.) - 
Chapter 5 Revival is Glorious notes, "Glory can be received, seen & passed to others."
Chapter 7 First Responders in Revival
Chavda, Mahesh & Bonnie - The Power of the Cross - Epicenter of Glory - 
Chapter 2 From the Inside Out - From Outside In - "In the (Holy) Spirit (Ms) Elena (Cruz) is taller & mightier than Goliath... Prayer is Elena's mother tongue...If you sit beside her, you will see softly glinting (sparkles) on her skin & in her clothes tiny, bright silver flecks...the shining glory of her physical body as it is in her inner being."
Chapter 10 The Coming Glory - "The cross is the key to glory...John 17:1,4-5,22...
The glory of the Father has a name.  He is the Holy Spirit...
Every generation has a next chapter to write in the unfolding glory story...
Every time you respond to the Lord, glory accrues in your divine bank account...Learn to host His presence."

Clark, Randy - There Is More - Reclaiming the Power of Impartation - -
[Also hear radio 2006 broadcast]
Chapter 9 Why Impartation for Signs & Wonders? begins with a statement that glory is revealed through miracles. 
Randy contends that His glory produces more healings & impartations than His gifts.

Copeland, Kenneth - Kenneth Copeland Ministries - John G Lake -
One of the "translation into heaven" stories took place in Pretoria, South Africa where Lake fought demons a mile "above" the city, because in Christ one has dominion over the enemy. 
Do not allow demonic condemnation or fear to rule your hearts.  Act, in the name of Jesus. 
When Moses cried out to the Lord at the Red Sea, the Lord rebuked him & told him to act himself. 
See Exodus 14:15-16.
Lake shares stories of translation.  1 such story occurs in Johannesburg, South Africa where he & the congregation prayed for a professor in Iowa, USA.  During the prayer his spirit went into the man's kitchen, placed his hands on the man's head, prayed for God to impart His healing virtue & to heal, that the man might bless the world.  6 weeks later word was received that the man was well.

Davis, Marietta - Caught Up  Into Heaven -
Davis was taken on a tour of heaven.  While there she was shown the "glory of the cross"

James A. Durham - Chapter 1 - Durham presents book from historical level which foreshadows spiritual intimacy levels.  7th level encompasses another 7 levels. 
Keep in mind that developmental stages, as with children, are not necessarily consistent with each individual. 
The initial 7th level is the Spirit of Glory in us, containing incremental Glory: 1.indewelling, 2.empowering, 3.gifting,, 5.shalom (peace), 6.intimacy, 7.unity.

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - High Level Warfare - Safe from Counter Attack @ -
Chapter 6 Attacks from the Devil or the Work of God? - "In war it is the manifestation of the glory of God that destroys the power of the devil...After the battle, the same light turned on us & exposed & revealed whatever wrong attitudes or sins the warriors still had.  Nothing remained hidden...
The More difficult the operation is, the higher the level of territorial forces we fight, the higher the level of God's manifested glory...The glory did not only attack the enemies of God...
The light exposes but the glory burns...marvelous & very painful...God's spot light...showed our shortcomings...
The price for warfare...The issue is NOT what the devil will do after the battle, but what God is going to do (to you to help you die to self & live for Him)."
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Seated in Heavenly Places - - spiritually significant book -
Chapter 6 The Dwellings of the Spirit and Heavenly Places - There may be kingdom levels of spiritual maturity. 
"It is at this (3rd) level in which heaven & earth are united... Hebrews 6:4-5" according to the Lord's prayer & according to the dimension in which Adam & Eve walked (were clothed in glory) with God before they sinned.
Chapter 9 Christ the Apostle Revealed - "The image of God is Christ seen in man...the ability to live in 2 dimensions (visible & invisible) at the same time, with all of the supernatural characteristics of Christ."

Free PDF reading @

Jennifer Guetta  @

Heflin, Ruth Ward - - GLORY (3MB) - GLORY in French (1.28MB) -
GLORY in Spanish (840KB) - Praise proceeds into worship, which proceeds into glory.
The Glory Brings Revelation "If you worship until the glory comes, you will begin to see Him."
The Glory Brings an Ease "Every Spirit-filled child of God has the privilege of bringing the glory & the ease into a service...their own: lives...households...churches...communities...nation.  We do it with our voices
The lifting up of the voice brings a different atmosphere into a place...
You will find yourself an over-comer.  You'll find God working on your behalf."
GLORY in German (720KB) - GLORY in Swedish (1MB) - GLORY in Finnish (884KB)  
, Ruth Ward - free download - REVIVAL GLORY (495KB)
Chapter 2 Lifted Up for Revival -"God's plan is always a man.  When He is about to do great things, He finds someone through whom He may do it.  His choosings are NOT as man chooses...
When God has ordained us to help bring in revival, He will do the work...
Lord, we decree, in the name of Jesus, for everyone who is reading these pages, an excellence of spirit beyond anything they have ever flowed in before. 
Lord, You're raising us UP for Your eternal purposes...into the realms that You have prepared."
Chapter 4 Declaring the Revival  " quite ready to pour out His Spirit & His glory upon us in this hour.
If someone will just declare it, He will do it.  This is NOT a declaration of your intellect,
It is a declaration of heavenly intent; when you declare something in the Spirit, God begins to put it into motion...
Declare, by faith, what God is doing, so that He will do more."
Chapter 9 Staying in the Glory  "God's presence is the glory...Weíre living in a different day.
God is not just passing by. Heís resting; Heís abiding; He is causing us to live in His glory, His holy presence...
(More so) there was a life in the glory that surrounded Him as He came forth from the grave, a (dynamos resurrection) life in that glory beyond any (former revealed) glory...
Declare, as did Moses: if Godís presence goes not with me, I just donít want to go. 
I donít want to go where He has not gone before me in the fullness of His glory, in that manifestation of His presence.  He is causing the veil to be taken from our eyes, the blinders to fall away, the scales to drop.
He is removing the hindrances & the limitations of our own minds & our own thinking, & is causing even the crust that has been upon our hearts through the cares of this life to be removed from us, that we might experience His glory in a new & greater way.  He is revealing Himself unto us by the power of His Holy Spirit. 
The day is upon us that when others look at us, they will see the visible glory of the Lord standing beside us.
This is the glory that He desires to manifest... If the people of Babylon could see the 4th Man in the fiery furnace, God can cause the presence of a 2nd Person to be so real with us that others cannot deny His presence...
The difference between the buzzard & the eagle: While the buzzard stays close to the earth, scanning the ground for dead flesh, the eagle rises above everything that is happening in this earthly realm & soars in high places.
In the Spirit, God has given us that ability to soar (in His presence)...Sometimes the enemy doesnít realize that by sending so many troubles your way he is driving you into the arms of the Lord.  If he is after you long enough, you will learn to get in the Spirit more quickly...Be thankful for our problems that drive us to seek the Lord. 
Every 1 must learn how to quickly come into the presence of the Lord & to roll all our heavy burdens off on Jesus...
Learn to look, not at the things which are temporal, but look up...
Allow God to lift us often into those realms by His Spirit."

Chapter 10 - Moving in the Glory - "When the cloud was taken up from over the tabernacle, the children of Israel went onward in all their journeys: But if the cloud were not taken up, then they journeyed not till the day that it was taken up. Exodus 40:36-37 When the cloud was taken up from the tabernacle, then after that the children of Israel journeyed:
In the place where the cloud abode, there the children of Israel pitched their tents. At the commandment of the LORD the children of Israel journeyed.  At the commandment of the LORD they pitched: As long as the cloud abode upon the tabernacle they rested in their tents.  When the cloud tarried long upon the tabernacle many days, then the children of Israel kept the charge of the LORD
& journeyed not.  So it was, when the cloud was a few days upon the tabernacle. According to the commandment of the LORD they abode in their tents; according to the commandment of the LORD they journeyed. 
So it was, when the cloud abode from even unto the morning; when the cloud was taken up in the morning, then they journeyed: Whether it was by day or by night when the cloud was taken up, they journeyed. Or whether it were 2 days, a month, or a year, when the cloud tarried upon the tabernacle, remaining thereon, the children of Israel abode in their tents & journeyed not: but when it was taken up, they journeyed. At the commandment of the LORD they rested in the tents & at the commandment of the LORD they journeyed: they kept the charge of the LORD, at the commandment of the LORD by the hand of Moses. Numbers 9:17-23
The moving cloud was a very strange phenomenon which the children of Israel experienced on their way to the promised land. When they settled in 1 place, it was because the glory was there. In that place, they were blessed, because of the glory; in that place, things went well, because of the glory. When the cloud lifted, it would not have been unusual for them to want to stay in that place of blessing. But the blessing is not in a place; itís in the cloud; itís in Godís presence. 
The cloud was the visible sign of Godís presence, just as glory is the manifested presence of God with us today.
Sometimes they saw the cloud and sometimes they didnít.  Glory can be visible or invisible. 
It comes by revelation. The cloud was a tangible sign of change, just as the glory cloud is for us.
The cloud was equivalent to the spoken commandment of the Lord, a visible sign of the spoken Word of God. 
The people, Iím sure, often could not understand just why they should move on.
They were so obviously in the will of God: at the right place, at the right time & in the right circumstances...
In the glory there is a wonderful sense of the (gorgeous) presence of God...
Learn to sense the moving of the cloud & learn to sense the glory upon a person.
We cannot afford to stick with someone just because of a former greatness.
It is time to move on. Move with the cloud.  Old revelation: does not inspire the soul to greatness...does not move us to excellence...has the effect of putting us to sleep...If, in the midst of the (re)telling, God doesnít speak something new into our spirits for that particular day and that particular service, we are missing out on what He is doing in this day... Donít let the glory cloud move on without you... The wheel within the wheel is turning.
Donít miss what God is doing because of something upon which you have set your affections.
Hold lightly the things of this world, and be ready to move on with the cloud at a momentís notice. 
If you feel the fire within the fire burning, donít hesitate. Donít turn aside for anything of this world.  Move on.
If you sense the glory rising, you must rise with it. If you sense the cloud moving on, you must move on with it. 
It doesnít matter if you just got your stakes down like you wanted them.
The move of God doesnít happen according to your timing. God cannot always accommodate your schedule.
He moves sovereignly, as He wills.  If you donít move with Him, you will be left behind. 
Learn to live under the cloud and not let anything cause you to come out from under it.  Let it be under you & over you, so that you are encased, enveloped, & consumed by it. Be clothed with the glory cloud of Godís Spirit...
Whether He moves on & we stay put, or we move on & He stays put, either way weíre in trouble.
We canít live without Him. May God make us to realize when it happens, so that we can turn back to find Him.  Some people are never available when God wants to move on. If they donít have something 'really important' to do 1st, they will think of something 'really important' to do. So they miss Godís best for their lives, every time. 
God is tired of waiting on some people. If you have that spirit of always wanting things to happen in your time, you need to shake yourself, get up & run after Godís glory. There is too much to lose. Get over your willfulness. Itís not going to happen in your way & in your time. God is God; when His chariot is moving on, you must move with it. 
You may feel like you just got things ordered as you wanted them, that you were finally able to put some finishing touches on your dwelling place and to decorate it as you have wanted to for so long, only to see the cloud lifting and beginning to move away. This is a painful experience for many.
Just when they think they have gotten their life under control, God is moving again, & things are changing...
If you are one of those have no alternative. You must follow the cloud.  Give up what you have to give up; give away what you have to give away; sell what you have to sell; but move on with the glory cloud.
Donít let anything or any-body hold you back. There is no other alternative. 
If the presence of God is not with you in what you are doing, turn back to find Him.
If His presence has gone on ahead, & you have not realized it, rise up & go quickly after Him. Donít delay. 
If you have been sidetracked by trying a particular method that has borne fruit for some-one else, turn back to find the Lordís presence. He is more important than a method, a system, or a program. Come back to the simplicity of His presence.  Under the cloud is the only place of: safety...divine health...sure revelation...
guaranteed provision...(&) salvation for our households &...nation. 
When the glory cloud began to move, the people of Israel had to quickly pack up their belongings, often, no doubt, having to lighten the load, so that they could move on. Whatever it takes, thatís what we want to do.  When God poured His Spirit upon the disciples in the Upper Room, in just a few days time the structure of the spiritual movement was totally changed & God had raised up an entirely new group of leaders, those who trusted the Spirit of God. If people have become static, if they are exactly where they have been for some time, if they havenít changed in 20 years, I would consider them in (spiritual) danger of being passed over (in His next administration)...
God is moving on. He tells me frequently, 'Ruth, when I get finished with you, you wonít recognize yourself
I believe it. He has changed me again & again.  He is changing me more every day.  (Me/we too Lord)...
Revival is spontaneous, and we must learn to be spontaneous.  For many years I took my concordance with me to the platform because, as I waited in the presence of God in my seat, He would drop a word into my heart.
Then I would look up that scripture and know His message for the hour...God sometimes waits to give me my sermon until Iím already standing in the pulpit, so I usually take my concordance with me to the podium. 
This is a new day.  Sometimes...while I am prophesying, the direction of the sermon comes to me. 
I love spontaneity and God does too.  That doesnít mean that God canít speak to us before the time to preach.
He can...He is looking for people who will let Him flow by His Spirit. 
Sometimes we need to stop every other activity & listen carefully to what the Spirit is saying.
We can get so busy that we donít even notice that we are being left behind.
Stop every other activity & become sensitive to the glory cloud.  Then, when it starts to move, rise up & go quickly after it...
There is a rhythm to the glory, & when we speak of the glory cloud we speak of moving.
Even when the glory cloud remained still, those who were under it were moving.
They were moving from 1 realm to another realm, from 1 dimension to another dimension, from 1 authority to another authority, & from 1 glory to another glory.
We must learn to sit under the glory cloud & when that glory cloud begins to move, we must rise up & move on with it.  All of those who are sensing the cloud of glory in their lives are also experiencing a sense of acceleration in the movement of events around them...
The cloud never goes backward. When God lifts us into a new realm of glory, He has shown us that it is important never to go back to the former realm. Move in the cloud and with the cloud.
Get to know the movings of the Spirit, with the cloud: over/under/ surrounding you.
When you are moving with the cloud, you have nothing to worry about.
Father, Let us be lifted up into realms we have never known before. Let us be taught of the Spirit.
Let the Heavens be opened unto us. Let Your glory be with us, and let us understand Your glory cloud & how to live under it continually. Take from us all fear of moving on, for we know that the place into which You lead us is the place of blessing.  We, therefore, are determined to move on with You into the new.  In Jesusí name, Amen."
Chapter 12 -
Trusting the Glory for Provision - "When we become a praising people...of the glory cloud, we will find our needs automatically supplied. I donít want to know the throne of God only as a place of petition.
I no longer enjoy services that are predominantly need-oriented...too focused on people & not on God.
Chapter 13 - Resting in the Glory - Thus were the journeyings of the children of Israel according to their armies, when they set forward. Numbers 10:28 - They departed from the mount of the LORD 3 daysí journey: the ark of the covenant of the LORD went before them in the 3 daysí journey, to search out a resting place for them. The cloud of the LORD was upon them by day, when they went out of the camp. It came to pass, when the ark set forward, that Moses said, 'Rise up, LORD, & let thine enemies be scattered.  Let them that hate thee flee before thee.'  When it rested, he said, 'Return, O LORD, unto the many thousands of Israel.'
Numbers 10:33-36 -
"I am convinced that God wants to bring us into a realm of glory where we know His rest.
He wants all struggle & striving within us to fall away. He has a place of rest... be found in His glory.  We could never find this resting place on our own, but God goes before us & searches out this place of rest.
Then we can sit beside His river and rest, knowing that He will supply our every need.  We may come into the sanctuary with the distresses of life upon us, but within a few moments spent in Godís glory, we are rested.
We feel as if we have had a monthís vacation.  We suddenly understand 'the peace of God which passeth all understanding.' 
We donít need the: psychiatristís couch...hours of counseling sessions with church leaders.
In the glory realm, we find the Lord going before us and searching out a resting place for us, leading us into that realm where we may find rest for our souls. 
Not only does the Lord go before us and find a resting place in the spiritual realm, but if we enter into that Spirit realm, we will find that He is searching out every area of our lives.
We donít have to plan every moment of our ministries. God is doing it for us, by His Spirit.
Just move into the place of revelation. He will speak.  You will know that what He is saying is the answer for you...
It is important to be in the collective anointing of 20,000 people praising & worshiping together.
Healings & miracles happen so easily in a corporate anointing... The atmosphere becomes charged by the presence of God."
Chapter 14 - Avoiding What Hinders the Glory
- Quench not the Spirit. 1 Thessalonians 5:19 -
An Indian husband "began to flow in wonderful revelation. At various points in the service, he saw angels at work, saw sparks of fire emanating from someone as they praised or saw the cloud of Godís glory hovering over an individual or over the congregation as they worshiped...He graciously agreed (to keep) a little glory notebook for us, from which we learned so much...Sometimes we said the wrong things, and the glory would begin to fade. When we found that fact noted, we knew that we didnít want to say those things anymore.
At other times we would say something that would cause sparks to fly in every direction. Once that fact was noticed, we knew that we wanted to say those things more and more.  1 thing that can hinder the flow of the glory of God in our midst is our unwillingness to love one another as Jesus loved us. In the moments of my greatest frustration with people, Godís Spirit has whispered to my heart, 'This is one for whom Christ died.'
When this has happened, my heart has suddenly been melted, no matter what I thought...
Forgiveness can keep you sane...anointed... I began to watch carefully what I heard & said. The care I exercised in those 2 areas brought a new flow of miracles to my life.  Only then did I begin to preach to multitudes. 
Recently Barbara Lanzdorf had a vision of ministers standing behind the pulpit preaching.
Out of one side of the mouths flowed a stream of locusts that ate up the harvest:
Criticism, bitterness, backbiting, and strife will eat up the very harvest you are believing for. 
1 touch of Godís glory melts the hardest heart. It causes 'the mountains [to] flow down to the sea.'
Let even the little hills in your spirit be removed. When the glory of God is moving, even a dark shadow of thought that shouldnít be there can hinder you. Getrid of it; let God's Holy Spirit humble you.  Over a period of time we learned that some of the things which most adversely affect the flow of the glory of God in our midst are these:
ē Our desire to please people
ē Our fear of appearing too simple, too unlearned
ē Our inability to count all our knowledge as dung, as Paul did
ē Our desire to impress people with our education, skills, abilities and with who we are
ē Our inability to unlearn what we have already learned when God is attempting to lead us into new things
ē Our inability or unwillingness to lay aside tradition
ē Our unwillingness to forgive others.

God wants to give us all a greater sensitivity in this regard. If we can learn to know the cloud, whether there are 5 people present, 50, 500, 5,000 or 50,000, we will be able to stand under the cloud & minister directly from the glory unto the people.
This is revival glory: When you discover things that seem to contribute to the glory, do those things more.
When you find things that seem to diminish the glory, stop doing them. It's as simple as that...
I have found that singing in the Spirit is 1 of the easiest ways of coming into the glory & remaining there... Let's sing the notes we know until God teaches us more notes. 
Be faithful to sing the 2 notes you know until God gives you notes 3, 4 & 5.
Do whatever you have to do to move into the eternal realm. When we learn the things that quench the Spirit & grieve the heart of God's Spirit so that He withdraws, let us (immediately) willingly & joyfully abandon those things...
Lord, Take from us those things that detract from the glory; add to us those things that increase it. 
For Your nameís sake,  Amen."
Chapter 15 - Maintaining the Simplicity of the Glory -
Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the LORD of hosts. Zechariah 4:6 -
God continuously reminds us: "Victory only comes by what He does in us & through us...
It is even possible for us to get so full of the 'Word' that we canít seem to let go & let God do His work through the simplicity of the Spirit that is so profound...
Anytime we get to the place that our dependence on Holy Ghost is limited, He goes elsewhere...
Never be ashamed of the anointing.
You can arrive somewhere with nothing else, but donít arrive without the anointing. 
If you lose your suitcase, you will live without it, but donít try to live without the anointing...
It takes the same consecration to live in the glory as it does to experience it in the 1st place."
Chapter 16 - Letting the Glory Flow
"God has to...spin us around a bit until we lose our sense of direction & are willing to just relax in His arms & let Him carry us where He will...
There is no greater key word for our times than the word 'flow'... the secret of receiving Godís best in this hour. Get in the flow & flow with God. In every service where we get in the flow, the anointing comes in fuller measure. When we have a lot of stops & starts, we can never achieve the same heights of glory. Praise & worship is important, but if you donít get into the flow of the Spirit as you are praising & worshiping, the glory will not come.  It doesnít take great ability to flow with the river. 
Just stop resisting; it will carry you. Just relax; let God have His way, and He will do the work. Lay aside your reasoning...understanding...all the other stumbling blocks.  You will find yourself being swept along with the current of the Spirit.  As the river flows, and victory flows...
God will drop the vision into your spirit & prepare you for where the river is taking an individual...a, state, or nation...even... to the realms of the heavenlies.
Wherever this river goes, nothing can stay dead.  Everything in its path receives life. 
The more we allow the river of God to flow through us the less of death will be found in us.
We all have a little death that works in us from time to time, some-times more than at other times, but God is causing that death to be washed away from our lives by the flow of His river. Be so touched by the river that anyone you touch will know life, that whatever situation you move in, you can bring life to it. 
The river will keep you young & vibrant. It will keep you full & excited. It will keep you in health & strength.
Chapter 18 - Delighting in the Glory - "The Lord...showed me that the glory realm is 'the realm where the angels sing' & 'the realm of the heavenly King.'"
Chapter 19 - Making Room for the Glory -
"If you feel like you are forgetting a lot of the things you have learned, donít worry about it. God is emptying your storehouse & giving you new facts. 
Let new glories & giftings come to your life.  Make room for the glory in your intellect.
Make room for the glory in: your emotions...every area of your being.
Allow God to touch you in brand new ways & bring necessary changes."
Chapter 21 Seeing Jesus in the Glory
"We are seeing great miracles performed IN the glory but...the ultimate revival is the revelation of Jesus Christ...
We begin by knowing Him as Savior.  We come to know Him as the Baptizer in the Holy Ghost. 
Then we come to know Him as Great Physician, the Healer.  We begin to know Him as Jehovah Jireh, the Great Provider.  All this is just the beginning of knowing...We will discover Him in new dimension after another. 
The glory reveals Him...If you haven't moved into that revelation yet, do it today.  It doesn't take long...
You want the seeing of Him to be a  continual (daily) experience...
You can hear someone else speak of their experiences in Heaven, but it's not enough. 
Unless you are seeing in the realm of the Spirit yourself, you won't be satisfied. 
You will only be frustrated,  but you don't have to be....
You don't have to be someone special to receive this revelation...
With some of those who are NOT have a revelation of the Lord, it is because they are NOT taking time to seek Him. 
They feel that they just don't have time to wait in the presence of the Lord...
When you have seen Him, great truths can be made known to you, even without reading (Scripture). 
In the anointing, say to the Lord, 'Would You show me something wonderful about Yourself?'...
You want to be ready for the Marriage of the Lamb...
This is the day when God wants to make Himself known to us...'Lord...continue to reveal Yourself to me...
We speak revival fire, glory fire, into the souls of all who read this. 
I declare such a stirring up within, a stirring up unto revival & the taking hold of the same with all that is within & that we will not let go.'"
Glory + Revival Glory + River Glory + Jerusalem, Zion, Israel and the Nations @
Experiencing the Atmosphere of Heaven
- -
Heflin, Ruth Ward - RIVER GLORY (678KB) - Being/placing oneself in the "river" originating from the throne of God & the Lamb, allows God to accomplish/accelerate His work inside of us. 
(To some degree it is our being in His womb, marinated/nurtured/surrounded by His amniotic fluid). @  
Heflin, Ruth Ward - JERUSALEM, ZION, ISRAEL and the NATIONS  (727KB) - Calvary Pentecostal Tabernacle Campground, Ashland, Virginia, USA @ +
Mount Zion Miracle Prayer Chapel, Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem, Israel, Mount Zion Fellowship, Jerusalem, Israel
Heflin, Ruth Ward - (cynical/defamatory) Biography - - (Lord, we need to hear both sides of a story, perhaps, but we apologize for those who would defame You, misunderstand Your disciples, &/or misinterpret Scripture.)
"Though a self-proclaimed power-preacher & healer, Heflinís untimely death of (breast & bone) cancer (at age 60) made more news...
Her brother, the Rev. Wallace Harrison Heflin Jr. died of a heart attack on December 27, 1996 at age 64."
"'Heflin recently has been a central figure in the so-called gold dust revival.
People who attended her camp meetings said they saw gold dust appear on their faces & hands. 
Some reported that God put gold fillings in their teeth.
Some said they even saw diamonds, rubies or feathers appear...In the glory realm nothing is impossible...
That glory must have stayed with us 2-3 hours. God was giving us a foretaste, as He often does, of a greater day, so that we could encourage ourselves and others to move into the glory realm.
God showed me that day that if there is no death working in me, if there is no bitterness, no strife, no criticism: nothing of death.
I can command death
. If death is working in me, I have no authority over death.
If only life is flowing through me, I have an authority over death. I can command it in the name of the Lord.
As we moved deeper into the resurrection power of God and learned to live in the glory realm, I knew that we would see the miraculous as the world had never seen it before. It was a beginning of greater things for all of us.
We are called for this day and this hour. Born for it. Destined for it. It is a time greater than the Day of Pentecost.
Greater than the period of the first-century church. The end time. The time of the culmination of all things.
The day of fulfillment. The day that the Apostles longed to see. The day that we are not only seeing, but the day we are experiencing... Angelic hosts assist us. Signs, wonders, healings & miracles confirm us.
All that has happened through the centuries has been geared for this hour'"
Heflin, Ruth Ward  Testimonies of Signs and Wonders at Camp-meeting
Heflin, Ruth Ward  Harvest Glory - 1999 autobiography - God told Heflin that He would deal with her "in 7s & 8s...
I want you to fast 7 days & eat on the 8th, fast 7 more days & eat on the 8th, do it for 7 weeks & eat on the 8th week."

Herzog, David - Desperate for New Wine -
, David - Mysteries of the Glory Unveiled -
One can also read &/or print out from scribd through Facebook or
Herzog, David - "Glory Invasion" Book #1087 +

Herzog, David - Glory Invasion, expanded edition - - important -
Herzog, David - - Cached -
Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), text file (.txt) with monthly $ subscription or read book online.

Heidler, Dr Robert D - The Messianic Church Arising -
Chapter 11 The Dwelling Place of God - The 'Jewish Roots' of Revival  section Hosting God's Shekinah
"God told Moses...'Let them construct a sanctuary for Me that I may DWELL among them'...
God WANTS His Presence to dwell with us...
God gives US the responsibility to prepare a place for Him
.  The word sanctuary meant 'Holy Place' or 'Special Place.'  God wants us to experience His glory, but His Presence must have a specially prepared place to dwell.  In the Old Testament God taught the Jews how to prepare a place for His Presence.
The Jews followed these instructions and experienced God's presence on a CONTINUAL basis...
Because of the Presence of God in their midst, Biblical Judaism was also the religion of God's power.
Where His Presence dwells, His power is released." 
In 1727 the Holy Spirit fell on a congregation of Moravian refugees, who then implemented a 24/7 prayer watch; the Holy Spirit stayed with them for 100 years.  The Holy Spirit loves to be wooed and subsequently struts off His stuff when we are madly in love.  The Song of Solomon is a great love chapter in scripture.

Hunter, Charles & Frances - Supernatural Horizons - From Glory to Glory - -
You can cross over from the natural to the supernatural.

Jansen, Jeff - The Furious Sound of Glory audio Chapter #1 - 5/2/2017 post @ Destiny Image (2nd half) - "'The sound of the roar of the lion of the tribe of Judah is being released upon this generation. It will change and restore everything it touches right down to the core structure or subatomic level. Every generation from the beginning of time also contained its own sound. Once released, the roar of the lord shattered the opposition & transformed the regions in which they lived, revealing the intentions & purposes of God. Now, in our time, a generation must arise & wake up from its slumber to release the fresh new sound of heaven.' (Jeff Jansen) Learn to recognize and release the Furious Sound of Glory.  Witness the power of heaven break into your life - transforming impossible situations, overturning injustice, healing disease, delivering the oppressed, & creating an atmosphere for personal revival & corporate awakening."  We can shout/sing/manifest our healing into matter/existence as did God in Genesis.   Elements/Atoms/Matter is a glory vibrating super-string/frequency spoken/sung by Jesus. 
Matter has memory & is recorded
Evil can be reversed/erased/removed via speech
Protected places can be created via speech & anointing with oil
.  Music is the language of the spirit realm. No (or most) nature sounds cannot be cloned by current digital processes.  Every atom has both light & life originally in harmony.  Original sin knocked the earth onto an axis & everything out of harmony/rhythm at the subatomic level allowing Satan to alter genetics, break down harmony & trigger the beginning of death. 
However, speaking love, feeling & responding to God's love frequencies allows all creaion (trees, atoms, animals, angels) to respond in like kind, innately knowing our original dominion/sonship in God.

, Kat - -
Volume #1 - Travel in the spirit -
Kerr, Kat - short transcripts - 17 pages of links
, Kat -  8/2012 videos - +

Kat Kerr with Patricia King
, Kat - Revealing Heaven Volume II Audiobook -
, Kat - 1/2011 - The Glory Of Heaven (Revealing Heaven By Kat Kerr)...
Revealing Heaven By Volume II By Kat Kerr. (Part 1...   7/2011
Revealing Heaven By Volume II By Kat Kerr. (Part 2...
Revealing Heaven By Volume II By Kat Kerr. (Part 3...
Revealing Heaven By Volume II By Kat Kerr. (Part 4...
Revealing Heaven By Volume II By Kat Kerr. (Part 5...
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Revealing Heaven Volume II by Kat Kerr (Part 7.)
Revealing Heaven Volume II by Kat Kerr (Part 8.)
Revealing Heaven Volume II by Kat Kerr (Part 9.)
Revealing Heaven By Kat Kerr Volume 2 (Part 10)
Revealing Heaven Volume II by Kat Kerr (Part 11)
Revealing Heaven Volume II by Kat Kerr (Part 12.)

Revealing Heaven Volume II by Kat Kerr (Part 13.)
Revealing Heaven Volume II by Kat Kerr (Part 14.) -
Kat Kerr teaching about Heaven Part 14.
Chapter 11 Suicide - the Truth - "There is 1 more viewpoint no one mentions & that is the Father's opinion.
Here is the explanation I was given.
God looks at each case separately & if the person ending their life is a Believer, He does not always call it suicide.
If the person had lost control of their normal reasoning; either because of physical, emotional or mental trauma; then he calls it 'ending their suffering', not committing suicide. In other words, all those individuals would go to Heaven."
Revealing Heaven Volume II by Kat Kerr (Part 15.) -
Kat Kerr teaching about Heaven Part 15
Revealing Heaven Volume II by Kat Kerr (Part 16.) -
Kat Kerr teaches about Heaven part 16.
Revealing Heaven Volume II by Kat Kerr (Part 17.) - Kat Kerr Heaven Part 17
Revealing Heaven Volume II by Kat Kerr (Part 18.) - Kat Kerr Heaven Part 18
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Revealing Heaven Volume II by Kat Kerr (Part 20.) - Kat Kerr Heaven Part 20
Kat Kerr Heaven Part 21
Kat Kerr Heaven Part 22
Kat Kerr Heaven Part 23
Kat Kerr Heaven Part 24
Kat Kerr Heaven Part 25
Kat Kerr Heaven Part 26
Kat Kerr Heaven Part 27

Kerr, Kat - Revealing Heaven - Volume 3 - book forthcoming
Kat Kerr - God actually becomes a sea that goes all over Heaven ! 12/31/2016 -
7 levels/dimensions of heaven available to all of us.  God wants us to remind Him
of our reality/place/purpose/preciousness/power over evil in Him.
A sin free church is coming: spots = sin, wrinkles = selfishness. 
A greater work is reversing/replacing: wrongness with rightness/brokenness with healing/health/destruction with not/hell with heaven.  The Word is also the Lord of the Host. 
The power of God over the enemy must be taken/received/appropriated via the Host.
(Weather) Storm millibars rise; violence be reduced/omitted, in Jesus' name, via the Host.
You manifest whatever layers you have deposited on/in your soul.
Instantaneous freedom/mental/emotional health can occur when we declare/loose wrong soul layers/deposits/ties.  (Then replace with God's virtues.) 
Negative soul issues are not necessarily curses, but rather family trauma/soul/DNA issues. 
A regular/weekly soul check up is life saving/a lifestyle: Loose evil; bind good. 
Another method to forgive
(such as continual anger, even if not one's fault.)
(Prayer: approx 40:54-44:48 on dial)
, in Jesus' name, I choose as an act of my will, to loose from my/our soul (family tree) all fear/hate/offense/ unforgiveness/infirmity-spirits/sickness/disease/lack/poverty/ anger/addiction to a person/place/thing. 
Father, in Jesus' name, I choose as an act of my will to LOOSE from my (our) soul:
(family tree) any/all grief/sadness/ suffering from losing any friend or family member.
any and all witchcraft practiced by ancestors/self/others ruling over me/us.  
all oppression/depression/ despair/suicidal thoughts.  It all has to go in Jesus' name.  
all vain thoughts, harsh/negative/judgmental/critical words, whether spoken by or over me. 
(us) every negative enemy sound/word/image/smell/touch.
If doubt/unbelief/sadness/condemnation come, ask Jesus to remove it.  Better; loose it yourself. 
Sadness becomes depression which becomes oppression.  Immediately act on any self awareness/revelation.
I LOOSE from my/our soul any tormenting dreams/nightmares, demonic-torments. WhooHoo.
As guardian/parent I LOOSE from my/our child all bullying/negative/hurtful spoken words. 
Loose from adoptive children any/all sexual-abuse/trauma/hurt/wounds from their soul. 
Lay your hand on their head; declare. They will never act that out, in Jesus' name.
Father, I choose as an act of my will to have You download from heaven,
Your: life/love/joy/creativity/wealth-knowledge/plans/passion-for-others/purposes/
power to rule and reign with Jesus Christ. 
Father, I ask You to put into my/our soul celebration, to delight in heaven now, in Jesus' name. Amen.1.7.2017 
There will be a day when translation/transportation will be normal/often/easy as we  pursue Him not His things.
5 fold ministry is not needed/used in heaven.  All pets/animals/creatures talk in heaven.

King, Patricia - Spiritual Revolution - Experience the Supernatural in Your Life -
Chapter 4 Spirit Man Arise - King had an open vision where her human spirit went and ministered healing to a friend in a hospital. 
She believes that the spiritual dimension has no time/physical limitations and that one's human spirit cannot leave one's body 100% or death will occur.  King also shares testimony of prayer group which found itself in a Chinese prison cell of a man imprisoned for his faith. 
The group entered the cell, ministered to the man & left, together at the same time, in the spirit, during prayer.
Chapter 5 The Vital Connector is one's faith in action, our plug into His power/visitations/glory/Presence. 
God's Word says we are ALREADY in Him. 
Ephesians 2:6 NKJV
(God) made us to sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. 
If we are in Him and He is in us then in faith we can access our inheritance NOW, without begging. 
Todd Bentley
is an example of one who took/takes time to soak in God's presence, without quitting until he continually got/gets a download from God.
King, Patricia - Glory Schools -
King, Patricia -

Kolyah  (2nd pseudonym: Y.M. Tikkun) - 3/17-21/2008 Messianic Vision radio broadcast #1583
@ - archives  
Whispers of the Shepherd
  book #1154 Read Free Sample Publisher: Treasures Media Inc
Kolyah testifies that many Israelites noticed (not only on her but also on many born-again/Spirit-filled Christians) that the visible glory of God shown on their faces. 
This is NOW in the 2000's, not just earlier generations or just on the face of Moses.

Kovacs, Aimee Verduzco - Dancing into the Anointing - -
West Long Branch, New Jersey, USA
Chapter 6 shares, "The Lord has taught offer the sacrifice of praise until it is totally consumed...
1st we thank God, then we praise Him, until He invites us into worship...If we don't allow the sacrifice of praise to be totally consumed because of time, we will be missing out on the manifested presence of the glory of God."

Maldonado, Guillermo - How to Walk in the Supernatural Power of God - -
Chapter 7 Glory - The 3rd Dimension of the Supernatural - "Miracles occur when we declare the Word of God from the dimension of His glory...For God's glory to manifest, it must be captured, received, & recognized by our (human) spirits through the revelation of Holy Spirit... Several people...have experienced...
God's glory but were unable to continue in it, because their knowledge was imparted by someone else...
They lacked their direct revelation from God...God will not visit us with His glory beyond revelation we have of it...
(2 Samuel 6:7) The glory we preach can also kill us...The anointing is for the earth & can operate only in our world. the atmosphere of heaven...The glory of God makes sickness illegal." 
There is a "transition from the anointing into the glory...
Those who resist transition will become stuck & unable to participate in the final move of God's glory."

Malick, Faisal - Here Comes Ishmael - -
Chapter 5 Ishmael & the Father reminds us, "While Philip was yet preaching, demons left people. 
It a  realm in which demons tremble and strongholds are broken. 
It a a realm where devils tremble & flee rather than fight. 
It is a realm of the glory of God...where man can no longer be seen, because all that is seen is God's glory...
Muslims refer to demons as Gin & have NO power against them...
Power demonstrated in the name of Jesus Christ over such circumstances is a great witness to the Gospel."

Mason, Phil (Australia) At his school his lectures include quantum physics, astrophysics & mollecular biology
Book excerpt @  Quantum NO locality may be a buffer bridge between the spirit world & the physical world, sharing attributes of both.

McLean, Renny - Eternity Invading Time - 
Renny says some get healed/blessed under the anointing, but most all are healed/blessed under the glory. 
It seems that God has put an individual song in each heart, which God wants us to sing to Him, so now today is the day to begin practicing, out loud.  It will be the beginning of many blessings.
Chapter 2 The Creation of Time - "The original atmosphere of the earth was the Glory of God...
His total manifest presence.  Man was created to live in this atmosphere, or Glory of God...
Presenting yourself as a vessel of worship is key to accessing the realm of the Glory of God...(where) we obtain our miracles...
As you worship, you enter the realm of the Glory of God.  When your past sees your future, it realizes it cannot go where you are heading...Negative spiritual gravity...keeps you conformed to the spiritual status quo. 
It stop you from being transformed & having your mind renewed...
Any system you find yourself in which does not better you in the kingdom of Heaven may be making you bitter. 
It may not be going where God is call you to...Follow the cloud of the Glory of God."
"In 1999...the Heavens literally stood in divine alignment over the earth. 
A door to the Throne Room opened & the River of God gushed forth like a gigantic, global Niagara Falls. 
I head the Lord speak, 'The current is changing.  Look at the Heavens and hear My voice. 
The way it is changing is that NO
person will be a reference point.  It will only be Me...The waves are changing...
You have to learn to minister out of this new current...
There are waves approaching the earth that have NEVER been seen before
The end time church is nearer My return than they could ever imagine
The nearer to the Throne they get, they will NOT be able to speak
All they will be able to say is, "It is God." 
Now you know why there are some things that I will reveal on the spur of the moment

There will be people who will begin to take the credit for this new wave of My Glory
When they do
, the current will bypass them, for I am unstoppable
"Ephesians 3:20: There is nothing in the unseen world that is going to remain unseen...
The lease God has granted to the earth is about to be cancelled.  These the door, will NOT happen by conventional means or by the household name of people we know.  This new wave...will not be heard of in the media...The only reference point will be the Holy Spirit revealing Jesus...through His (ordinary uncredentialed nobodies) saints, His Body, each a living stone of His Temple... The gospel without signs & wonders is invalid."
Chapter 4 Perceiving the Realm of the Miraculous - "The Lord said, 'There are realms of My Glory that have NOT been revealed.  Everywhere you go, get My people into worship. When they worship, the door of Heaven opens, & they will see another side of My Glory & power.  I have created realms in the Heavens that have not yet been revealed.  The angels...the living creatures, the cherubim & seraphim have not seen all the Glory in, & of, Me. 
The angelic hosts have to go from Glory to Glory; you must go from Glory to Glory too.'" 
"Whenever you are in a meeting, you should not care how long it takes; worship until the Glory life manifests. 
When that Glory comes, you can speak & miracles will happen."
Chapter 12 Religion Conforms to Earth - "When she (worship leader) saw the dead body (of her nephew) she said, 'Lord, I am asking You to manifest the same Glory that you recently imparted to me. 
Send that same Glory into this hospital ward.' 
Suddenly the cloud came in & the manifested presence of God came into the room. 
When it appeared, he came back to life."
Chapter 13 Breakthrough - Mark 9:9  "Peter saw the (Glory) realm (on the Mount of Transfiguration) but he had not yet conceived the realm...Make sue your spirit conceived a realm...Participate in everything that goes on in a meeting, whether it's hopping, skipping, running...You have to catch the realm...
You have to catch the flow of the river to know the stream of God. 
Do not go ahead of it, because you have head knowledge...
Make sure the river is in the word you are speaking... We are given the glory in which God Himself operates. 
When you get into that realm, it bypasses your faith...your calling, your office, your ministry, because it is a sovereign act of God... When faith makes a demand, there is a withdrawal...
Put a demand on the Word as it goes forth... Receive. (Pull it into manifestation.)...
A church stops growing when their expectation dwindles." 
Chapter 15 Knowing the Realm - "The Glory of God is dispensational...
The Bible says there is knowledge of the Glory...right now...
When the Glory is present...your missing body part is in that realm...
Man was created in the Glory of God...In the Glory there is no time...
The speed of light is slowing down.  We are coming out of a time zone &...entering into the eternal realm...
If you really get in the Glory of God & stay there, your missing body part will form of its own accord...
Faith is the foundation for the access into the Glory of God...
If we stay in the Glory, the enemy is not a problem because he (or defect/disease/ debt) is not there."
Chapter 16 Supernatural Realm of the Spirit -
"There are 3 realms of the supernatural:" faith, anointing, & Glory of God
"Jewish feasts: Passover represents faith, Pentecost represents the anointing, & Tabernacles represents the (highest realm) Glory of God." 
High worship opens the door of the glory realm to His presence where miracles manifest.

Mills, Joshua - Click here to watch "Creating the Cloud of Glory" now!
"The glory of God is His presence, the tangible reality of His weighty goodness and blessing.
One moment in His manifest glory does more for us than years of self-effort. Miracles happen.
Deliverances break out. Freedom comes. Provision breaks forth. Transformation occurs."

Munroe, Myles - The Glory of Living - Keys to Releasing Your Personal Glory -

Nori, Don - Breaking Generational Curses -
Superior book for new parents. "We are to be elevated from one place of the next level of glory, which is passed on the the next generation, to the next level of glory, which is passed on to the next generation & so on."
According to 2nd Corinthians 3:18.  "We are to be transformed from (spiritual) glory to (spiritual) glory."

Pennington, grandmother Mary Jo - 6 Big Big Big Angels -
4 and 1/2 year old Victoria visits heaven.
, Mary Jo - Big Angels and Flaming Wild Horses -
8 year old Victoria continues to visit heaven.  Some of the concepts in this book & in recent conferences will be intolerable/hard to digest/unacceptable/incredulous for some.  No worry.  Take the parts that you can handle & then leave the rest in God's hands, not yours.  Do not have a critical spirit, but rather a loving heart. 
Thank God for any insights/blessings & pray for Victoria & her family.
Chapter 16 On Earth As It Is In Heaven shares revelations of heaven especially of the throne room atmosphere being thick, fragrant & joyous.  Virginia "put some of it into her mouth & swallowed it. 
When it reached her tummy IT started to laugh."
Pennington, Mary Jo - I Heard God Yell, "Save the children; catch Victoria." - -
1st in a series of children's books.

Prince, Derek - God's Remedy for Rejection - -
Free from Benny Hinn Ministries - only by requesting in writing. -
Chapter 8 The Flow of Divine Love shares that the glory of God evidenced itself to Derek. 
"I got out of bed & began to pace the floor. 
Suddenly I was aware that my (army) white nightgown was actually shining
I realized that for those brief moments I had become identified with our great heavenly intercessor, the Lord Jesus." 
"Later, however, I came to understand that this (supernatural love in my heart & subsequent intercessory prayer) needed to be made complete by God's love developed in my character."

Randolph, Larry - The Coming Shift - -
Chapter 4 Lifestyle Shift  "The human body is incapable of sustaining the power of God on a long-term basis unless it is thoroughly & properly maintained...The reluctant to risk His glory on an unsafe vessel."

, Oral - When You See the Invisible, You Can Do the Impossible - - Chapter 8 How I Learned to Preach with the Anointing Every Time  shares Jesus' definition, "The anointing is when you're separated from yourself and filled with My glory, so when you speak it's like I am speaking; when you act, it's like I am acting."

Rountree, Anna - The Heavens Opened - Sample of The Heavens Opened - or sample audio -!&Author=bonnke  + book portions - full transcript

Sheikh, Bilquis with Schneider, Richard H - I Dared to Call Him Father -
Chapter 10 Learning to Live in the Glory (continual presence of the Lord) shares a few tips.  
1- Recognize as a sign of personal disobedience/dissatisfaction by the Lord when His Presence begins to fade. 
2- "I learned to move back into His Presence quickly. 
Whenever I did not feel His nearness, I knew that I had grieved Him. 
I would search backwards until I spotted the time when I last knew His Presence...
At that point I would confess my sin & ask His forgiveness...
I discovered there was no such thing as an innocent white lie.  A lie is a lie & is always of Satan, the father of lies." 
3 - Correct answers/conversations can be haughty & thus hurtful to God. 
4 - We may be abandoned/hurt by man, forcing us to press into God. 
5 - We may be oppressed by Satan as part of God's testing.
Ana and Emerson Ferrell also infer this continual presence in their 4/2008 newsletter.  "Each time my reaction to an event or circumstances removes me from His presence, I am reminded of the need to discover why." - Epilogue "When we have nothing at all, that is the moment when the Lord can really begin to work through us.  For that is the moment when we begin to lie most steadily in His glory."

Sirovina, Hrvoje @ 10 Levels of Glory: Cultivating a Lifestyle of Face-to-Face Encounters with God
Preface/Intro.  Witness His glory in each of the 10 levelsÖ 
With each encounter, you will be filled with a fresh hunger, inspired toward deeper worship & overcome by a greater awe of the Lord.  God is calling you to a new experience of His glory.  Say ďyesĒ. 

, Surprise - Faith to Raise the Dead - publisher - important book -
Chapter 7 The Rush Hour - "While I prayed...I found myself in the most holy presence of the Ancient of Days...
I asked, 'Why is it so quiet up here and where is the glory?'  The Ancient of Days answered, 'You have the glory; you have to give the glory to Us...Without flesh & blood there is no imagination.'"

Smith, Dr Horace - 5/12/2011 - The majestic of God and

Spurgeon, Charles - Holy Spirit Power - publisher -
In chapter 1 The Comforter Spurgeon contends, "If you have 1 blessing, you will have all. 
God will never divide the Gospel.  He will not give justification to 1 and sanctification to another."
Romans 8:20 KJV - Whom He did predestinate, them He also called. 
Whom He called, them He also justified.  Whom He justified, them He also glorified

Sumrall, Lester - The Human Body booklet #2 from The Total Man Series - -
Chapter 2 The  Fall of the Human Body - God... surrounded ( originally dressed) Adam with a covering of the same Shekinah glory which covers His majesty...From the Fall (of Adam & Eve) the human body changed...
1/3 of him died." (The body's supernatural/spiritual/heavenly/holy attributes/connections shut down/turned off & its human spirit turned/closed down to God.  In other words, Holy Spirit departed or disconnected from his human spirit.  Adam & Eve lost their guaranteed inheritance of eternal life. 
It would take their offspring, the Messiah, to reconnect man to God and to eternal life.)

Tenney, Tommy - The God Chasers -   
Chapter 3 There's Got to Be More - "We have free entry into God's presence through the blood of Jesus. 
We just aren't entering in...During our dancing sessions...we never consummate the process. 
The Purpose of the anointing is to help us make the transition from flesh into glory
One reason we like to linger in the anointing is that it makes the flesh feel good. 
On the other hand, when the glory of God comes, the flesh doesn't feel very comfortable...
(Our flesh becomes intimidated & out of control.) 
Our flesh is so weakened by His presence that it is unnecessary for man to do anything other than behold Him in His glory... Something dies within us every time we are confronted by His glory...
When more of our flesh dies, more of our spirit lives.  "When the anointing comes, if you're a preacher you preach better.  But when the glory falls, you can't do anything.... No flesh is going to glory in His presence."
Chapter 4 Dead Men See His Face  "Only dead men can see God."  
Exodus 33
Moses said to God, "Show me Your glory," but God replied, "You cannot see My face; no one can see Me & live." - "An altar exists for only 1 thing.  Just ask that little lamb...
The not a place of blessing; it is a place of death. 
But if we can embrace that death (repentance/brokenness/humility), then perhaps we can see God's face."
God's purpose is NOT so much to bless us but rather to use us to bless/heal/help others.
Chapter 6 How to Handle the Holy - Moving from Anointing to Glory  "We need to "allow God to take us through the complete process of repentance & brokenness without hindering or quenching His Spirit; then when the kabod, the weighty presence of God, comes among us & upon us, then we will be able to carry it without fear...our flesh will be dead, covered by the blood of the Lamb."
Chapter 10 Moses' 1,500 Year Pursuit of God's Glory "Salvation is a free gift, but God's glory will cost us everything."

Walters, Kathie - Columba - The Celtic Dove -
Part 1 Prophetic Gift  [recommended (difficult) reading for Irish/Scottish Catholics, not general public.]   
"Mocumin  came to Columba 1 day after the threshing of the corn (silage grass for feeding the cattle), but could not look upon his face, it was so brightened by a heavenly glow.  He immediately fled in great fear."  Columba had just seen a vision from God.
Part 3 - Angels  (Highly recommended reading.)  
Columbia's God-parent noticed a globe of fire stationed over the face of Columba (while he slept as a boy).  Cruithnechan recognized this as the presence of the Holy Spirit
b)"In the Isle of Hinba (Eilean-na-Naoimh), the anointing of revelation wonderfully rested upon him for 3 days & nights.  He remained neither eating nor drinking within the house, which was filled with celestial brightness...
Afterwards he declared...that he had seen openly manifested many secrets hidden since the beginning of the world. 
Some obscure & difficult passages of the scriptures became plain and clear to the eyes of his heart...
He complained that his foster-son, Baithene, was not present" to write down the revelations. 
c) Virgno while in prayer was allowed to observe.  "Columba entered the church also and along with him a golden light descended from heaven & filled all that part of the church.  The brightness of the same celestial light, bursting through the inner door of that chamber."  The next day Columba spoke to him, "'Well pleasing have you been in this night past, my child casting down your eyes to the ground, terrified as you were by the fear of His brightness, for had you not done so, your eyes would have been blinded by the sight of the pure light.'"
d)A Catholic brother Colgius accidentally saw the glory of God inside the church while Columba was praying there.  Columba admonished him, "'You  should take care from this time, my son, that you do not attempt to see the heavenly light which has not been granted to you, because it will escape you.'"
e)Berchan "Mesloen...despite the prohibition of Columba...put his eyes straight to the keyhole, expecting that some celestial vision would be manifested...That little dwelling was filled with the splendor of heavenly   brightness; and not able to bear the sight of it, the young trespasser instantly fled.  The next day Columba... rebuked him...saying, 'You foolishly thought that your crafty spying could be hidden from the Holy Spirit...
Had I not prayed for you in that same moment, you would have fallen dead before the door or blinded. 
But the Lord has spared you this time for my sake...I have obtained from the Lord in my prayers, that because you are our foster child, you shall repent in tears before your death & obtain mercy from God.'"
f)During communion "Columba's countenance was seen to be  suffused with a ruddy glow, just as it is written, 'When the heart is glad, the countenance blossoms' (Prov. 15:13).  For in that hour he saw a bright angel of the Lord hovering above within the walls of the oratory."  (A natural glow is sometimes seen on the face of pregnant women; sometimes a supernatural glow was seen on the face of Moses in the Old Testament.)
g)"At the the same moment (Columba was passing away) Diormit...saw from a distance the whole church filled with angelic light.  As he drew near to the door, the light he had seen suddenly withdrew. 
This light a few others, who stood some distance away, also saw." 
Ferreolus, a monk, "said, 'On the night on which Columba passed away from earth to heaven, I & those with me, while fishing in the valley of river Fend (Finn in Donegal) saw the whole expanse of sky suddenly illuminated...
There appeared to us an immense pillar of fire rising upward at that midnight hour. 
It seemed to lighten the whole world, just like the summer sun. 
After the pillar penetrated the heavens, darkness followed, and not only did we who were present see the brightness of this luminous & wonderful pillar of light, but many other fishermen."  (Does this not remind us of the shepherds tending their flocks when angels appeared on the eve of Christ's birth on earth?)
Also see following sources = +    
Medieval Sourcebook: Adamnan: Life of St. Columba -  Book 2 chapter 9,15
The Life of Columba, written by Adamnan William Reeves translation (Edinburgh 1874) +
Stokes, Whitley translator On the Life of Saint Columba  or (Leabhar Breac) [Betha Choluim Chille] (Calcutta 1877)   or
Walters, Kathie - Celtic Flames -
Cuthbert of Lindisfarne  "Cuthbert...was an eloquent preacher.  It was said that, when he spoke the Word of God, his countenance shone with angelic brightness & the people would begin to confess their sins."
(An aside: Kathie Walters mentions in 1 of her CD's that some people call God's gold dust, kisses from God.)

Welchel,Tommy - Azusa Street - They Told Me Their Stories @ -  Chapter: A Modern Day Zacchaeus, shares memories of the Shekinah Glory that one could experience with the 5 senses but not hold. 
It could glow & appear as smoke.  It's increasing presence (height/density/volume) would increase miracles as would the fire of God above the meeting place, as would the zone (perimeter/circle) of blood where people would fall down/asleep under the power of the Holy Spirit up to a half mile away at the train station. 
Worship, singing, & praying in tongues would increase His miracle power.
Chapter When Music Filled the Air shares that a Shekinah glory encompassed the box Seymour donned when waiting on the Lord.
3 years later when Seymour discontinued waiting upon God under the box, the revival waned.

Wood, Gary - A Place Called Heaven - - Gary Wood Ministries, Sugar Land, Texas, USA - Wonderful autobiography of Gary's 20 minute visit to heaven after he died in an auto accident.

Woodworth-Etter, Maria - Signs and Wonders - publisher -
Chapter 8 God's Power shares, "I never saw such manifestations of the power of God before or since....
It was like a mist.  People fell down in their seats all over the house, overpowered with the glory of God. 
Sinners came out crying for mercy."

Wyatt, Ryan - School of the Supernatural - Live the Supernatural Life that God Created You to Live -
Chapter 4 Stillness and Soaking - "Entering into God's (invisible Holy) spirit realm is NOT asking God to take you up & away; but rather, it is entering into a place of stillness in your (born-again human) spirit" a place of savoring/relishing the Lord rather than using & prostituting Him in one night stands.  Brother Lawrence (in his 24/7 contemplation of God) began to carry an atmosphere of God which affected those around Him inside of him. 
"If your mind wanders aimlessly, speak (pray/sing) in tongues."

Yun, Brother with Hattaway, Paul - The Heavenly Man - -
As Herzog in Mysteries of the Glory Unveiled shares stories of "translation", so does Yun.  Deling, Yun's mate shares the story of God providing a light on her path, the same way God provided fire as a night light to Moses in the desert.  Another testimony is of Deling's healing from haemophilia as she asleep in a night vision obeyed the Lord by dipping her hands and feet into the water.  Remember the invalid in the old testament who dipped himself in the water 7 times & was healed?  Deling also shares how Jesus restored her mother's sanity, after becoming her (mother's) Lord and savior.  In Fen Shuiling (Watershed Hill) a remote Chinese village Jesus appeared to a man who had never heard the gospel & cured him.  Then Jesus preached the gospel to the villagers.


Allen, Bruce -  
"When youíre in the presence of the glory, revelation knowledge is normal.  Youíre seated with Him.
Heís in you. Why do we always cry, Lord send Youíre glory? HelloÖactivate it, itís already yours."
Mount of Transfiguration - The Parousia - "Jesus was not in His resurrected body. He had a body like us, but something phenomenal takes place from the inside out; (it) is a release or a manifestation that begins to happen to a degree that not only are His clothes affected, but His whole body is affected. How do you know that?
Further on in the (Bible) chapter, when He came down off the mountain, the people ran to Him in astonishment, why? He was glowing, just like Moses did...He knew how to release that glory which became a canopy of defense...Jesus said, 'No man takes My life'ÖWhy?
Because He knew how to release that glory which became a canopy of defense.
(As illustrated in this prison torture story)
Those guys in their demonic rage, went back in all their strength just swungÖwhamÖ
They kept hitting an invisible barrier and never one time connected with her flesh. Thatís the glory."
"Anything that comes in contact with the immortal; thereís a drastic transformation or spontaneous reaction that takes place, because death, decay and corruption cannot abide the glory. 
When you pray for somebody to be healed...
thereísí a transference or release in the glory.  We sometimes call it anointing, but itís the very life of God that reverses the natural process of death, decay & corruption...InstantÖsometimes progressive.
So when the glory is there, death, decay & corruption canít come."
"A whole village in northern Algiers that got saved in 1 night because Jesus appeared to all of them, exact same vision if they were awake or asleep, they all the same encounter. A few weeks later, the authorities heard about it, sent out the military contingent, lined up the men & said, you guys renounce this, youíre Muslim, you canít change your religion or weíll execute you. They said no, so they had a firing squad & had over 150 men lined up. Ready, aim, fire, boom! Nobody fell. They checked their weapons, tried it again, boom! Nobody fell. 3rd time, boom, nobody fell, the men all reached into their pocket and came out with 3 bullets and handed them to the soldiers, & they all got saved. Thatís the glory that becomes your defense, it also becomes a veil. You know when they were going to throw Jesus off the cliff. He walked right out the middle of them. How could He do that? He was veiled. That belongs to every believer if we just know how to walk in it. 
Jesus had just said some would not see death until they see the kingdom of God come with power...the parousia, the presence Himself together with us...The biggest hindrance in your life is you.
Not the devil heís already defeated. Itís you agreeing with God...
"According to the word of God, you already areÖseated together with Him right now in heavenly places & youíre here.  What youíve failed to do is engage your spiritual senses so you can experience that the way you learn to engage your senses here.  By the way, youíre there with Him. Heís in you, so let me explain this.
Youíre already seated in glory & the glory is in you...
Get used to the fact that when you as a believer (filled with God's glory) walk down the street, demons will begin to manifest.  
A man
walked towards me & goes (says) 'go home.' (An Irish couple asked), 'What was that?'  I said, 'Itís just a demon.' The man (manifesting demonically) left, and God didnít tell me to do anything with that guy or I would have. You always ask God, donít just assume."  "We need to be asking...'Lord, what are You doing today'... Jesus said, what I do, you can do. He said, the works that I DO. Say DO.  Notice He didnít say, did...
Let me explain agreeing with the word; you donít have to understand all of it. Faith always proceeds understanding, itís the Biblical pattern. Weíve messed this thing up by trying to have to logically reason & figure everything out. Thatís why weíve become so ineffective in our spiritual walk."
Allen, Bruce - Big Dreams - The Secret Place - Time to trim your lamp - False Knowing vs. True Knowing -
Practicing His Presence

Bruno Ierullo with Heidi Baker: "Heidi Baker's Testimony: The Transforming Power of the Anointing" ( - 5/9/2021 Mothersí Day - God said, "Well, I want you to die.
You see, you have to die to yourself to live indeed, so you can really take the glory of God."

[Heidi and Rolland Baker
 began Iris Global (previously Iris Ministries) in 1980, & have been missionaries since then. Heidi was powerfully called to the mission field at age 16 when she was living on an Indian reservation in Mississippi as an American Field Service student. Several months after she was led to Jesus by a Navajo evangelist, she was taken up in a vision for several hours & heard Jesus speak audibly to her and tell her to be a minister and a missionary to Asia, England and Africa. When she returned home to Laguna Beach, California, she began ministering at every opportunity and leading short-term missions teams. Rolland & Heidi met at a small charismatic church in Southern California & married 6 months later after realizing they were united in their calling and desire to see revival among the poor & forgotten of the world.] (An aside. 
Their misinstry initially was largely unfruitful, until after Haidi's spiritual rehab in Toronto Canada.)

Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda: "The Cross Is Glory!" ( 2/21/2021 + -
"The glory we were receiving...was flowing to us from the Cross of Christ in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago...
They still vibrate with that glory (Matt. 17:5 ESV)...
Like the cascading force unleashed in the splitting of an atom, the action of Calvary will be ever unfolding in power (& revelation)...
 John looked present & forward through an open door in Heaven and saw the Lamb standing as slain (John 1:29).
The writer of Hebrews heard the Blood speaking! 
The Blood of Jesus surrounds His Spirit of glory to create a song of redemption that works like atoms splitting. When an atom splits, the core material becomes an uncontainable burst of energy. As it moves ever outward, those moving particles pierce those they make contact with. They are absorbed into the new atom & another explosion occurs. It bursts outward like a flood & repeats the same action in multiplied dimensions all around. It is a good illustration of the glory of the Cross, made effective through the Blood & brought alive to us by the Spirit. It is power that will change everything that receives it...
Church father Irenaeus wrote, "The work of Christ is 1st & foremost a victory over the powers which hold mankind in bondage: sin, death & the devil"'...
They overcame [satan] by the Blood of the Lamb, & by the word &
the glory are 1...
When you are in the glory of God, you feel as if your skin is smiling...Without Calvary there could be no salvation, no resurrection, & no glory...The glory never occurs apart from Him.
..The glory should be recognized as indicating that He is present & He is working...The Holy Spirit is our closest Companion.
He has been sent out to find the perfect Bride for the Son of God. Daily, He is present to refresh & guide us, to strengthen & encourage us. He should not be neglected. He deserves your worship.
He is present to fulfill the ministry of Christ in you. The Spirit is working to build the corporate Body of Christ into the full stature of a perfect man like unto the Son of God.
He is busy lovingly & excitedly preparing a Bride for the soon-coming Bridegroom.
He is called 
the glory of the Father & He is residing within you."

Copeland, Kenneth - Blessed to Change Your World - editorial 1/2008 Believer's Voice of Victory  
All material & spiritual existence is derived from God's spoken glory light. 
The quantum theory is a scientific beginners understanding of this concept. 
We have dominion when we speak (release) His words (supernatural glory light) to bless others.

Danforth, Michael - (God's glory on Moses & on us.) @

Eivaz, Jennifer -
JENNIFER: Yes, you know, and I really didn't know that for a lot of years. I took note however, of men & women of God who carried the glory consistently. They all said the same thing. They said, he's my friend.
I began to realize that maybe the Holy Spirit wants me to be his friend. I began to take that journey with him.
Holy Spirit, can I be your friend? Will you show me how

I just asked Him, Will You show me how to be Your friend? Can we be in a relationship?
Can I experience & encounter You continuously
JENNIFER: It was a continual prayer until I had an encounter where I said, Now we've connected...
Again & again when I invited Him, He came.
: I feel different things because He's a person, you know.  He's God, but He is a person. 
It's not the same all the time. Sometimes it's like I feel His hands on my back, you know, like a friend, very comforting. Other times it's like I can feel His joyful face in front of me. Sometimes He will stand peacefully beside me. Sometimes He gets very fierce when He's about ready to minister & wants me to do something in partnership with Him, I'll feel his fierceness cause he's going after something in somebody that he wants them delivered from.
: He wants closeness...nearness with us. He's always wanted newness with us. 
On our end we failed it many times, but nevertheless He doesn't stop trying, so when we invite Him into that nearness, He will respond to that invitation & then teach you His presence and how to flow with Him.
: The fringe benefit is signs & wonders.
 You have a friendship with a supernatural friend, so what's on Him gets on you.

, Ana Mendez - 7/2007 Newsletter - - Ana shares that (during an emergency while mountain climbing for the purpose of doing spiritual warfare) the climbers' bodies glowed like fireflies providing light for their feet
The understanding of this is that God's Holy Spirit in us is light.  Jesus said that He is the light of the world. 
This glory is sometimes made visible as seen on Moses' face. 
Pastor Anne Gimenez believes it is what covered Adam & Eve's nakedness. 
Sometimes we get a glimpse of His glory as gold dust falls in some of the Christian musical praise concerts. 
Be reminded that quantum physics indicates that the smallest article of anything is musical light that dances.

Heflin, Ruth -

Holtz, Scott - The Glory of God

Jones, Bob - -
2012 The Return of Godís Glory to the Church
- "
This is the year (2012) the glory returns to the church.
42 years ago Bob was told that God was removing His glory from the church & writing Ichabod over it.
clearly means 'the glory has departed.' (I Sam.4:21)
Bob inquired of the Lord why He was removing it. The Lord said that man had marketed it for self gain.
Man touched Godís glory.
He will not share it with anyone. The Lord said that Bob would live to see the returning glory & from that time Bob has believed it would (begin to) take place in 2012."

#80) Kat Kerr - The Greater Works - Shouts of Grace Church 4/24/2011 PM Session Alive_Again, Dec 18, 2012 -
"He said we'd do greater miracles than Christ did. I do know people will drive on water, not just walk on water.
I know that: people will put water in their gas tanks sometimes & it will run on the water...
They'll walk in the morgue and everyone in there will come to life
They'll walk through a hospital, not touch a doorknob, & everyone will be healed in that hospital...
They'll be whole regions filled with the glory of God. The people will load their dead in cars & drive there to be raised from the dead. It's going to be an amazing time to be alive on this earth. You don't want to miss it."
#94) Kat
Kerr - Running into the Enemy's Camp - Hope Center The Church Presents Kat Kerr Pt 3 Alive_Again,Dec 18, 2012  @
"When you run into the enemy's camp, guess who you're serving (the enemy)? When you fall, and you sin in this world, you're not just doing this little wrong thing that you can repent for; that's not what you're doing.
You are worshipping the enemy.
You are stealing glory that belongs to God, walking over & giving it to the enemy.
You're doing the same thing Lucifer did. We were created to produce glory for God.
We're here for, to produce glory. We're glory producers. With our love; with our life; by the way we live.
You produce glory for Him, the King of Kings.
Lucifer was actually created to produce glory for God himself. He was not just the worship leader.
He was more than that. He had an intimate, intimate, relationship with the Father
How intimate? He would step inside God & produce worship from inside God. When that iniquity was found in him, guess where he was? He was standing on the heart of God. That's how trusted he was.
He's the only cherub God ever called anointed.
Why was he the only one anointed? He was made to produce glory from his very being to God.
All the beautiful gemstones that were encrusted on him. Some people think he only got a few. I saw them, their were thousands on him. He was the most beautiful thing in Heaven besides the Trinity
. God trusted him. Guess what? God knew everything, the end from the beginning. He knew that a usurper would rise up. He knew that he would try to take over Heaven. He knew that he would try to take over us.
That's why He had a plan: the Son of God, Who would take back everything Satan had stolen from us.
[isaiah/64-6.htm 6For all of us have become like one who is unclean, And all our righteous deeds are like a filthy garment; And all of us wither like a leaf, And our iniquities, like the wind, take us away. 7There is none who calls on Your name, Who arouses himself to take hold of You; For You have hidden Your face from us & have delivered us into the power of our iniquities.  (Father God, in Jesus' name, we repent.)]
#164) Kat Kerr - Both Sides - Carrying The Glory & Living in Holiness Part 1 -
Hope Center The Church Presents Kat Kerr - Alive_Again - Dec 22, 2012 @ (edited) - "We're entering into a holy season that's going to be fun, amazing, exciting and powerful.
But this is a holy time of God on this earth. He said: 'I won't allow hiding and lying, cheating and stealing people to stand in My pulpit, & say It's My house. They think they can lead a congregation. I won't let them have it.
I'll take it away from them
He said some of them will die. People won't be sinning in the house of God anymore, for a while, not the leaders anyway. I tell people, don't let someone in your pulpit just because they're gifted. The Word does not say know them by their gifts; it says, just know them by their fruit. Well if it's rotten (fruit), get a clue! You don't want them giving that rotten fruit to your people. The number 1 thing is righteousness. Are they living a righteous...holy life?
If you're a leader, you've got double...responsibility...accountability for your life...
In the days...months ahead...some will...drop dead in the pulpit. The glory will be so heavy...people will crawl along the aisle to drag them off the platform. In the days & years ahead, no one is going to hide from that light of God...
You need to see (discern) both sides, the responsibility of carrying it (the glory:) the joy, wonder, honor & privilege, but you need to see the responsibility side too, (because) you don't want to get sucked into the enemy."
#165) Kat Kerr - Both Sides - Carrying The Glory & Living in Holiness Part 2
Hope Center The Church Presents Kat Kerr - Alive_Again - Dec 22, 2012 @ (edited) "So we are in a different (spiritual) time right now. You're breathing a different atmosphere. You're breathing different air that was not here before. You know the enemy, says he's the prince & power of the air?. That means that everything he does, he does through the atmosphere. He likes to travel on sound frequencies (including) any kind of words we speak (or sing). When you speak wrong words, you give him power (of attorney/legal permission) to come into your atmosphere to control it...
If you shred people with your mouth, you give the enemy your atmosphere...
(negative words) create an atmosphere for Hell to come and live in...God said, 'In the coming years on earth (beginning) right now, I'm going to create no fly zones. Do you know what a no fly zone is?
If you go to a foreign country & fly over their atmosphere, without permission, you're going to get shot down.
But God, because of the (correct) word's spoken by His people...will create no fly zones against the enemy...
If he (the enemy) tries to go in there, the (holy) angels are going to shoot him down.
They (the enemy) will not have access to you in the years ahead.
(If:) there's nothing of him (the enemy) in you, you're living right & you're speaking words of life out into the atmosphere, the enemy has no right to come into (your territory/ family/business).
He said, 'I will make no fly zones & the enemy won't be able to (&/spy or) penetrate it'...
God wants you to know the truth; the truth will make you free.
It (scripture) doesn't say, 'set you free', it says, 'make you free', because you'll know how to live the truth (not captive, but free in spirit/soul/body)."

Kilpatrick, John -
JOHN: We'd been praying 2.5 years.  Revival finally broke out.  I began to see these people hugging, crying, reconciling, making up with their children, & husband & wives reconciling. I was so grateful to see that, but then my telephone began to ring. People were saying, "Well, brother Kilpatrick, man when we had church we couldn't be happier, we were so free...By the time our car pulls onto the garage we're fussing & fighting like cats & dogs."
So if I got one call, I got many calls. I went to the Lord & said, "Lord what's going on?"
He said, "Well son..."You & the people prayed 2.5 years in this sanctuary."
He said it garnished, swept & garnished this atmosphere.
JOHN: He said, "But when they're in this (glorious) atmosphere, it (positively) changes their behavior.
They're at peace...reconciliation. When they go home to where all the fusses, cuss words, pornography is inventoried, they get into that
(cursed) atmosphere (which) changes their behavior again."
He said. "The atmosphere has to be changed."
SID:  Most of us were cursed by people (including) our parents that love us the most, because they didn't understand...word curses (such as), "Oh, you won't amount to anything"...
But there's a way to reverse it, that few have ever tried.  There's a way to be blessed.
Once you clean out your house: Repent of what you need to repent of, you reverse word curses & walk in the blessings of God.  Watch out, the glory is going to overtake you.
JOHN: He said, "Well, stop cursing it."
That's the 1st time it ever entered into my mind that I as a Pentecostal was cursing anything.
I always thought about cursing as witchcraft: like stigmata, white magic, black magic.
So I said, "Lord...I want You to teach me what You mean by cursing." Because I don't curse...
When I got to studying, the Lord said, "You've got to understand that a blessing is speaking out of your mouth anything that you want to see come to pass over a person, place or thing. A curse is releasing out of your mouth anything upon a person, place or thing that you don't want to see come to pass.  (in your family tree/ministry/business/relationships)...
The Lord said, "If you've cursed something you need to do 3 things: (repent, renounce, revoke). 
You need to repent.  That means to turn around & stop it. Don't do it anymore.  2nd, you need to renounce it
JOHN: What does renounce mean? It means to ask the Lord to let you withdraw off of whatever you've cursed, withdraw that & to resay it. The 3rd thing is to revoke - to snap the spine of a thing, pop it where it can't wiggle against you.  I called my son's home & said, "Boys, The Lord showed me something through that pit (experience). 
That thing turned around (almost overnight) when I repented, renounced & revoked.

King, Patricia - Glory School - Glory to Glory School - Prophetic Bootcamp - School of Extreme Prophetic

Ryan LeStrange and Jason Armstrong - Prophetic Word: Glory Storms Are Fast Approaching!

Maldonado, Guillermo @ - (edited) - "Donít follow signs & wonders, they follow you when you reveal Jesus, the King of the Glory.
Gold dust is not the glory.  God is the glory... Separate yourself from your reasoning.
In the glory, miracles just happen
'all of a sudden.'
He does it all on His own. He has no need for your faith & anointing or the laying on of hands...
You are sure & have the faith that God will do a miracle that you are praying for over someone, yet the person was not healed. What happened? Your faith was higher than your anointing.
God gave a measure of anointing to each of us. The anointing works by levels.
Faith operates in dimensions, which scientifically-speaking, has 7 levels.
Your faith is high but there is nothing beyond the gift that you have been given.
When your level of anointing has reached its maximum potential, that is when you need the glory.
What takes 10 years to take place under the anointing, takes 1 under the glory
Under the glory, there is acceleration

In the glory, it (your faith) jumps 7 levels. Under the anointing you get tired, you have to work for years for 2,000 members in your church; but under the glory you are like the copilot. 
You sit in your service without having to touch a single person & the Shekinah glory appears & heals...
The Apostle (Maldonado) prayed 4 years for creative miracles, which He (Holy Spirit) imparted to everyone last night so all can now do it in an instant. Lay hands on your leaders and impart what you have been given.
Very few men on earth are walking in the dimension of glory. Even some have experienced the manifestation of gold dust years ago, but it has not continued, because manifestation does not continue where there is no revelation. There is a creativity...nothing monotonous in His presence. 
Many want it but do not even know how to operate in the anointing? Regardless, by faith, you can enter the dimension of glory.
The gifts of the spirit are designed to reach 1 person; with the anointing you reach multitudes, with the glory, you reach continents.  Enter into the Dimension of Glory.

Mills, Joshua - Archives @
TRANSCRIPT of Messianic Vision (edited) Interview: (edited)

The piano teacher told my mother to stop wasting her money. She said, "Don't bring Joshua back.
He will never, ever learn how to play piano." That's what she told my motherÖ
JOSHUA: I end up sitting at the piano. Holy Spirit begins to teach me.  The Holy Spirit begins to train/instruct me.
The Bible says, "The Holy Spirit will teach you in all things."  That means all thingsÖ
SID: Joshua teach how you can be in the glory atmosphere of Heaven 24/7 in your: marriage, job, worship, finances. It is the most phenomenal thing, because in His presence is fullness of joy, fullnessÖ
SID: Tell me about the woman in the hospital who started listening to your music. She was in a coma, I believe.
JOSHUA: They took her to the hospital...found the tumor...thought this is going to be a routine surgery, no problem. They went to take the tumor out.  The next thing they knew, they cut an artery and she started bleeding. 
All of a sudden, the surgery, instead of being simple, got very complicated.  1 thing led to the next; she ended up in a coma. They had to remove a portion of her skull...putting it in her stomach. She ended up on life support.
They called her sister & said, "Come in", because it was a very serious situation.
I thank God that the one sister had been in my meetings & actually had 1 of my CDs.
She brought it up with her to the hospital. 
When all hope was gone and the doctors wanted to take her off life support, the sister began playing this CD all night to her in her ears...over and over and over, just soaking within the atmosphere of the Glory.  The next day when the doctor came in...she (Mary Jo) was able to move her pinky.  By that night she was beginning to walk.
The doctors said, "Even if she came to, that most likely she would be disabled her entire life, that she wouldn't be able to: properly...move. The 2nd day, she was moving around the hospital room so much that they had to put her in what's called a butterfly bed, because they didn't want her to get out. They needed to contain her for the healing process.  It's amazing. God did this supernatural miracle with her, by her being in the right atmosphere of Glory, by just soaking in the atmosphere of Heaven, Heaven literally was released onto her into her physical body.  It's awesomeÖ
JOSHUA: You know what, it cost a lot of money for those speakers in my home, but the right atmosphere is priceless. 
What the right atmosphere creates, money can't even buy. So we ended up outfitting our house with these speakers that we could just fill the home with the sounds of praise, which changes the atmosphere...
Worship, sustains the realm. Day in and day out, we have this atmosphere just releasing the Glory of God within our homeÖ
SID: Was your wife pregnant, the whole time...hearing that worship music.
She was. We kept them incubated, if you will, within the atmosphere of Glory.
When Legacy was born, he was born so healthy & beautiful. 
We actually played worship music even in the hospital.  I believe, my wife was able to give a natural pain-free, supernatural childbirth in the Glory because of the atmosphere of Heaven being present.

How about your marriage? How does the atmosphere of Heaven affect your marriage?
The Glory of Heaven infiltrates our marriage with the atmosphere of unity.
It brings the atmosphere of: healing...reconciliation. It releases the atmosphere of peace within our home.
It's amazing what the Glory of God does. It even comes to give creative ideas & solutionsÖ
JOSHUA: We were in Singapore several years ago. I saw God releasing packages upon people, giving gifts. 
They were coming down in just little tiny presents upon people. 
In that atmosphere I asked people to lift up their hands & just receive what God was doing.
Well there was a businessman from California who owned a bakery & he began to receive these gifts from Heaven.
As he was receiving them, God began to give him a download, literally a blueprint for the plan that he needed to follow in his business in order to do a gourmet line of pastries, gave him the whole detail how to roll it...make it functional & God blessed it. 
I ended up getting pastries on my doorstop for quite awhile after that, because God blessed him such a wonderful way.

Morgan, Kirby - 2011 - - important - In the glory "Receive love from Jesus, into your heart. This is when the wounded parts of your heart get healed and transformed.  Christians must start having encounters with Jesus, so we can show other people how to do it.  Most Christians know the Bible, but they donít know Jesus.  Inviting Jesus into your heart is a great start. But you canít claim to have a close friendship with Jesus just because you said one prayer. The only way to get to know anyone Ė is by having lots of actual experiences with them.  So, the only way to develop a close friendship with Jesus Ė is by having lots of actual encounters with Him. Not by saying a prayer. Not by asking Him to do things. Not by going to prayer meetings.
Not by attending Bible studies. Not by reading about Him in the Bible. Not by reading another great Christian book. Not by hearing another fabulous sermon. You must have lots of encounters with someone to know them. 
Most Christians do everything, except have actual encounters with Jesus.
So they donít have any possible way to get to know Jesus.
It makes life a tragedy. It is hard to love someone with all your heart, that you barely even know. It is hard for Christians to convince the lost that Jesus is real, when they donít know Jesus either.  Christians are believers.
They believe Jesus exists. It is just that He is always some place else. You still do not know someone, who is always some place else...Upgrade what we are selling, from 'correct thinking' to 'a friendship with Jesus'...
I am sorry, but you canít continue focusing on: Bible knowledge, prayer, ministry & then try to add 'intimacy with Jesus' as your 4th item. That wonít work. Here is why: You will never have intimacy with Jesus as long as intimacy is the 4th most important thing in your spiritual life. So, it is mandatory for you to demote Bible knowledge, prayer, and ministry from your top 3 spots...This website explains how to have encounters with Jesus. 
Having lots of encounters is how you will eventually develop a close intimate friendship with Him...
Jesus would really appreciate it.
#1 Use your mind to send love, not to use your mind to acquire more Bible knowledge.
'Love the Lord your God with all your: heart, soul, mind and strength.'
(Mark 12:30)
#2 Romantic feelings and intimate experiences are mandatory.
'Love the Lord your God with all your: heart, soul, mind & strength.'
(Mark 12:30)
#3 You need to keep a balance between experiences & Bible study...about half your time on each
#4 You donít really have intimacy with Jesus, unless you are having actual encounters with Him, on a regular basis.
Have you been doing that?
#5 Asking for favors is the exact opposite of intimacy.
#6 Actual encounters with Jesus Paulís encounter on the road to Damascus. (Acts 9:2)
Have you been having those?
#7 It will just be much easier for you to learn how to have actual encounters, if you start your daily devotions (for the next 3 weeks) with praise, prayer, worship, & soaring, in that particular order.
#8 It will also take about an hour a day, for possibly 3 weeks. Are you willing to do that,
even though it might not work? Is Jesus worth that much of your time?"

Nutt, Diane @  Microsoft Word - IS1122aTranscript_Nutt.docx ( (edited)
@ Diane Nutt - Sid Roth Ė Itís Supernatural! | video or audio
DIANE: The glory of God is God Himself coming in the fullness of who He is as our heavenly father. He's love.
His glory is manifested through his splendor, through the brilliance of Who He is.
He really wants us to know Him as father because He desired a family.
When the glory shows up, Father God is there loving us.
SID: How did the glory of God come upon you?
DIANE: 1st of all, the glory of God was revealed to me through the love that the Father gave me through the process of going through healing with my father, who sexually abused, left & never supported me.
When I was young, I would get taken up in the Spirit
I really didn't know what that was except I know I have shared this before that I thought I could fly off the top of a roof because I was looking down at my body.
DIANE: God was taking me up & restoring me.
As the years went by, being in the presence of His glory brought a transformation, healing & restoration in my life.
DIANE: The tangible glory of God started showing up, when I got into my secret place.
When I got into my secret place, the glory of God was like a fog, in a mist, & the ceiling fan would disappear, then the ceiling, & then my closet doors every single time.  That glory started going into our living room.
SID: The cloud was so thick she couldn't even see these things that were real all around her. It reminds me of the early Azusa Street.  Kids used to play hide & seek in the glory because they could literally hide in the glory.
DIANE: Yes, it is that thick. That happened 1 time when the glory of God finally showed up in my bedroom.
It was so thick I could not see the whole side of my bedroom, & stopped like in the middle of the bed.
I felt like a little child because I was like, what is this?
I stuck (my hand) from here to here over in the glory, & it totally disappeared. 
But I pulled my hand out, & I was looking at my hand, but I kept doing it. 
I asked, "Father God, why are You showing me this?" He didn't say anything.
DIANE: I sat there in that childlike faith. I still wanted to check it out because your mind is trying to figure out how is this really happening? I hadn't heard about the children hiding & playing in the glory cloud yet.
What happened was I asked Him again.
I said, "Father God, I'm always so humbled & grateful when You show me these things because You don't have to. What is this for?"
He said, "Diane, when I send you out, people are going to see My glory & not you. As long as you worship, pray & stay in My Word, people are not going to see you." DIANE: That actually happened the very next Sunday that I was in church. They said that the top part of my body disappeared. 1 lady said she saw a white cloud.
1 lady saw a gold cloud. But they saw & heard Jesus & 1 lady was healed.
DIANE: To walk in the glory of God is different from living.
We live in the realm of the spirit & the glory of God shows up.
But to walk in & manifest that glory, we have to be willing to die to self every single day.
To live a life of repentance & brokenness continually changing & inviting him + wanting to spend that time in the secret place with him.
DIANE: Just that 1-on-1. I tell people, turn the worship music off, turn everything off & just let it be what I call a raw organic moment with Him.
SID: Well, when you began pursuing, you were still in the secret place, but what else were you doing in the secret place, in the beginning?
DIANE: In the beginning of the glory of God showing up in my secret place, the Lord would take me up in the spirit & show me things.
1 time, I saw a dark cloud on the other side of the glory cloud.
The Lord was speaking to me, letting me know, "Diane, I gave you authority over the enemy."
As I began to speak the Word of God in the presence of God's glory, that dark cloud began to disappear.
The voices of the little cohorts I heard saying, I can't touch her, I can't reach her.
DIANE: It was like the finger of God was just thumping those little (bad) cohorts & imps until finally, the darkness was gone.
God began began to heal my body & restore me because I had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, post-stress traumatic disorder, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis & fibromyalgia. 
God's moving healing someone right now from arthritis & fibromyalgia.
Just begin to receive that. What you see right now is the glory cloud of the Lord.  Just yield right now. Hallelujah.
SID: The glory is getting stronger. Why?
DIANE: Because of the hunger...The hunger you have is drawing.
That's a drawing from the reservoir in heaven that has been set aside for this moment
right now.
SID: I pray in Jesus' name, Holy Spirit, You are a most welcome guest.
SID: Tell us about when the glory was so thick this lady kept rubbing her glasses.
DIANE: She thought something was on her glasses, so she took them off, cleaned them, &
put them back on.  She's looking around, takes them back off, covers 1 eye, looks all around. 
Does the other eye, & looks again. I thought, what in the world is this woman doing?
Holy Spirit quickened me & said, "Diane. Tell her that's the glory of the Lord that she sees."
DIANE: The 1st thing you have to do is believe...that you're going to see the glory of God.
Jesus told Mary said, would you believe that you would see the glory. Does everybody believe?
DIANE: I can see it. Some of you on the camera can probably see it, as well.
You can see a fuzziness, maybe a smoke, like a mist. We have to believe, but then we need to anticipate...
Anticipation is the acceleration for the demonstration of the manifestation of God's Word.
DIANE: We have to choose to walk in love. Whether you want to or not, you have to love & forgive people because love releases victory. When/as we forgive, the power of God is released. When we forgive & love people, we open up a door for the glory of God to show up to work a miracle that would not come otherwise.
DIANE: I learned that with the experience with my father.
In walking in forgiveness & love towards him, the glory of God showed up. 
He didn't want to have nothing to do with God.  He was an alcoholic for over 60 years.
But because God's glory showed up, he gave his heart to the Lord 3 weeks before he passed away. (Thanks, Lord.)
SID: What is it like to feel the glory 24/7 when you sleep, go out to a restaurant, go to work, or go to a store?
DIANE: Well, I'm just being overcome by His glory right now because it's such an honor to walk & live in that glory because I'm always aware of Father God being with me.
When we yield to, love & let Him be the father to us that He wants to be, His glory shows up & (good) things happen.  I'm very humbled & honored.
DIANE: This is for every single believer. God wants every person walking, living & being a glory carrier, releasing the glory of God. The anointing is NOT enough, because we work the anointing.
The Bible says out of our belly flows rivers of living waters. Holy Spirit is working with us. We're working with Him. But
when God's glory shows up, Father God shows up, & it's all Him, & we do nothing.
We don't get the credit. He gets all the glory. It takes off a load (off of our shoulers.

Rigney, Donna - Florida - @ Donna Rigney: "Wicked Rulers Will Lose Their Thrones!" ( 6/15/2021 - (edited excerpt) - "The Lord continued: 'Many gods will lose their thrones. 
Their place of rulership over My children Consecrated unto Me will each one be, who were formerly ruled over by spirits of fear, mental illness, addictions, illness, disease, poverty, divorce, division & rejection. Because of the outpouring of My glory, the dominion & rule of the wicked will end
My goodness will cause those who long for justice & righteousness to replace them.
You will see this happening very soon, because I have heard the cries of My children for My glory, for freedom from unjust rulers, & for My will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.  As London Bridge came tumbling down & Humpty Dumpty could not be put back together again, there will be no resurrection of their wicked rule
The Lord continued speaking to me about His glory: 'In many of the past moves of God, My glory was taken from Me.  Once My glory is removed, then I leave.  That is what ends revival. 
Robbing Me of My glory causes My Spirit to leave quickly
I am determined that this great outpouring of My glory will not end quickly but will be long-lasting.
I am dealing with the hearts of those who will be leaders in this revival, & even the nations where it will be hosted.
I am removing those who delight in being the center of attention & would steal the show. 
At the same time, I am teaching those I have chosen to lead My Church & the nations, to be humble & holy. 
Those with godly character will be raised up & replace those who are ungodly & worldly. 
It is essential that We do this, because We are determined that this revival will be long-lasting, far-reaching, worldwide
As He spoke to me, I knew the Lord was revealing that during this time when Trump is apparently on the backside of the desert, he is being groomed by Holy Spirit to be that humble, holy leader that God needs to lead this nation during this great revival. 
He continued, 'My glory, My presence, is a holy thing & must be treated as such.
When Uzzah touched the Ark & treated it as a common object, My wrath was evidenced. There must be a restoration of handling My presence with care. When I am pushed aside & My will is ignored, I am not being given the honor that is due Me, the God of the Universe. Reverence must be demonstrated by those leading this great awakening so that reverence for the glory will be taught to all who participate in the glory gatherings
I heard the Lord say: 'Yes, I am calling you to bring My sons & daughters into a closer walk with Us.
Out of the shadows, into the light of My glory, I am calling each one. In My glory, many will be set free from the strongholds of the enemy, healed of diseases, equipped & set in place in My Kingdom. Even those who have labored long & hard for Me will be ignited with a fresh passion & deeper longing for My presence.
Refreshed, renewed & inspired, they will no longer languish because of their lack of true spiritual food.
They have given all they had & are depleted. 
In this hour, they will be equipped with My glory & will lack nothing.'
The following day, on May 26, 2021, the Lord said: 'My glory is all you need to draw all men to Us.
As you immerse yourself in My great glory, you will be equipped, inspired, strengthened & refreshed.
Higher than the heavens is My love for you, for all My children.
My love causes Me to forgive quickly, to expect the best, to see the good in each one & to encourage each one to higher levels of goodness. Only My love covers a multitude of sins.
As you draw near to Me & sit embraced in My arms, My love will permeate your being & transform you into one who loves as I do, who forgives quickly & expects the best of others.  Without Me, without 'setting apart' with Us, you will only love as the world loves: conditionally. It is My nature to love unconditionally & without limitations. 
Soaking in My glory is the only way to receive this abiding love.
The world is love-deficient because few listen to My invitation to get apart with Me.
The few who hear it, don't often do it. That is why marriages fail, children rebel, reprobates commit crimes...
Love is lacking.  To soak up what this world offers leaves My children love-deficient. 
This world focuses on self & self-love, not the true love that I offer all who will just come to & abide in Me

Sirovina, Hrvoje @ Hrvoje Sirovina - Sid Roth Ė Itís Supernatural! | video + Transcript (edited)
@ Microsoft Word - Sid Roth 1128 Sirovina.docx + 10 Levels of Glory (Book & 3-CD Sirovina)
HRVOJE: I think the glory is best described in Luke 5:26 where Jesus healed a paralyzed man & forgave his sin.
HRVOJE: I believe I am in level 6...I love that level because it's the level of the fear of God.
I believe that the fear of God is the most important thing in our lives.
I believe if you have the fear of God, it's a doorway to all other glorious miraculous steps & experiences in our lives.
I believe if we have the fear of God...our countries are going to be changed because of us.
HRVOJE: In Exodus 33 the Bible says that Moses prayed, "Show me the glory"...
In verse 11 the Bible says that God spoke to Moses face-to-face like a friend to a friend. That is glorious.
That is amazing...yet, 7 verses later he said, "Show me your glory." He was hungry.
He was hungry but why could he ask that? I believe it's because of verse 13 he says, "God, show me your way." So seeing glory produced unselfish, unselfish wishes in his life. He didn't want more blessings for himself.
He wanted more of God & less of himself.
SID: Level 2 of glory is signs & wonders.
HRVOJE: Iit's for everybody. I asked God, "God, why is it only at level 2?"
He said, "It's level 2 because I don't want my people to get stuck at level 2...
There is more & from experiencing signs, wonders & miracles is not the end of the story. It's just the beginning
Go out & heal the sick. Go out, cast out demons. Go out & raise the dead. The power is in us
That's what the Bible teaches.
So we are supposed to do all these things because we have stepped into that kind & level of glory immediately when we received Jesus Christ as our savior."
[After the initial honeymoon with Jesus as personal savior & friend, Hroje discovered he had soul issues not taken care of by his human spirit being born-again.  Then God gave him a dream (as follows)]
HRVOJE: (In my dream) I took all of my strength & tried to beat him (a strongman), but nothing happened.
But in that moment I said, "Holy Spirit, help me." (& then) I beat him. People started to jump.
They took me on their shoulders.
I said, "It has nothing to do with me. It's NOT me. It's Holy Spirit." I woke up & knew, I have to get baptized with the Holy Spirit to get over all these (soul &/or physical) issues I was struggling with.
HRVOJE: Exodus 20:20 says, "Fear not, God came to test you that his fear might be before you."
So fear not (evil), afraid...of God (Who) casts out all other have in life...concerning your family...job.
HRVOJE: Exodus 24:9-11, was my life Bible verse. I thought it can't get any more glorious than that.
The Bible says that Moses, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu & the 70 elders they went up to the mountain, saw God + ate & drank with Him...
But chapter 32 you see exactly the same guys except Moses & Joshua building the golden calf.
The others saw God, yet ended up in idolatry.
HRVOJE: I said, "God, how is this possible?" God said, "Because after that incident Moses went further up.
All others went down
." So all others were satisfied with (& settled with) what they saw.
HRVOJE:(Level 9) unity with God. I believe that's the highest level any human will ever reach.
HRVOJE: Level 9 is unity with God...24 hours before the hardest time of Jesus' life he prays this prayer...for unity.
Unity between us: Christians, believers & God. I believe unity is the strongest bond between us.
(In) the Bible...story about the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11, God had to mess up their languages. 
God said, "These people are as 1" & "Nothing is going to be impossible for them." These were unbelievers.
(Likewise) I doubt there is any love in between demons & spiritual forces of darkness. Why are they successful? Because of unity.
SID: So the law of unity operates whether they're believers or not.
HRVOJE: (The 10th Level) is called the unapproachable light. The Bible says God lives in an unapproachable light reserved for God...
I'm so glad about that because no one is like Him. No one deserves a place like Him...
He is 1 of a kind...all love, gracious, amazing, wonderful. The Bible says that eventually every knee will bow before Him...
I'm so glad that there is a place, only reserved for God. So I said, "God...I want to be with you."
HRVOJE: So the Bible says in 1 John 4:12 that no one has ever seen God at all time, but then it says if we love one another (so) he's going to abide in us. There is a 10th level, the unapproachable light, we will never get to. 
It is reserved for God...
But because he knows no one is ever get to that level, what he did, He stepped down, came & dwelt in(side of each of) us (via His Holy Spirit, esp. via His Holy Spirit baptism).
((COMMENTARY: Yes & No.  Kat Kerr visits heaven nightly & visits BOTH Jesus + Father God. 
Holy Spirit is currently on the earth, not in heaven.)

Souza, Katie - -
KATIE: Malachi 4:2 says, ď'The center of righteousness,' means Jesus the Messiah 'arises with the healing in His wings & his beams.'  The beams there are talking about beams of light.
The wings represent the prayer shawl, which represent the Glory Cloud.
So Jesus arises with healing in His glory & light... When I went to Australia the Lord said,
'Now I want you to start moving in that revelation & releasing light.' 
You can even release it long distance, Ďcause light travels 186,000 miles per second, right?
He said, 'I want you to start releasing Glory Light'...
KATIE: I began to press into my faith to release the Glory Light. I called her (mom) 2 days later. Now she doesnít know Iím doing this.  She goes, 'Iíve had this angelic being coming into my room & heís beaming light into me.'
I was like thatís what Iíve been praying for...
The Lord began to show me how her other hip, which they were going to take out because it was being degenerated by the disease, was being restored. So Iím in the plane.
Godís saying that hip is being restored in the Glory Light. He goes, 'But now the leg bone is out of the socket.'
He says, 'So now I want you to do some thundering.' I said, 'Thundering?'
So I go, 'Okay, whatís thundering?' I did a word search in Bible Gateway, & it was in the scripture about the valley of dry bones. In the verse it says, 'There was a thundering, shaking and rattling. 
The bones came together, bone fits bone.' So I fly home. I run into her house.  I donít even tell her what Iím doing.
I began to command the bones to come together, bone fits bone, so that the leg bone would go into the hip socket.  Sheís laying there. She has no idea what Iím doing & she goes, 'Owe. Owe.'
I go,  'Whatís going on?' She goes, 'I have a pain.' I said, 'What kind of pain?'  She goes, 'Well it wasnít really a pain.  It was more like the feeling of when the ball of a truck goes into the hitch of a trailer.' 
(I) didnít have to touch her anything, Sid, and the bones came together."
Souza, Katie - from

Tavolacci, Elaine - A Sound from Heaven - Like a Mighty Rushing Wind by Elaine Tavolacci 3/4/2015 -
"The Lord says...'I am releasing a mighty wind of My glory to transform lives 'suddenly.'
Multitudes will be brought into the kingdom for such a time as this.
Many will be healed, captives will be delivered
& set free, & many will be brought into repentance. Just as the plates are shifting under the seas causing earthquakes of great magnitudes, there is a shift happening simultaneously in the heavenlies. I am stirring the atmosphere to bring change to the church as you know it. Angelic activity is being released from the 3rd heaven that no man can stop or reverse. Do not judge things by what you see happening in the natural, but watch what I am about to do. I Am El Shaddai & I am sending a tsunami of My glory
.'" -
Tavolacci, Elaine - A Remnant on the Rise by Elaine Tavolacci -

Westerfield, Jason editorial - God, come to Me...or I'm Coming to You! - shares both transportation & translation.
"I said, 'God if You are real, please come in my room right now'...I saw a man...
He was glowing!  The air around Him was moving & charged like an electrical cloud...
I realize now that this was the Lord Jesus Who came into my room & the charged cloud that surrounded Him was the Holy Spirit...The cloud around Him came & settled over me. 
It felt like rain falling down, but it was not natural rain.  It was actually going through me. 
It w as as if every single cell in my body became charged & was radiating with a warm, liquid-type feeling...
I remember thinking, 'Wow, this is better than my mom's love for me.'"
Read: Roth, Sid - Mishpochah 5/2008 newsletter -
[COMMENTARY: Some of us parents think it is overdue that God bequest some of us seniors some of this glory before we leave this earth.  After all, are we not entitled to it? 
We have been good, fasted, prayed, been the perfect son, like the one in the Bible. 
Notice how the elder "perfect" brother was jealous of the dad's treatment of the delinquent brother (who returned to their dad in remorse/repentance/ insignificance).  The dad did party it up with the prodigal son, but not with the "goody 2 shoes".  Why?  Because one was meek and humble; whereas the other had the attitude of entitlement, like so many of our own children.  Such arrogance is NOT endearing.  Let us remember that God's favor has NOTHING to do with us and ALL to do with what Jesus did for us on the cross.  Father God, we repent & apologize.  Purify our hearts so that we too may step through the veil into Your presence, right now without delay, & receive all your forgiveness, mercy, love & healing, so that Your Holy Spirit will be able to work through us to properly love others, in Jesus name we pray
In the name of Jesus, we bind/refuse/reject/repent of the spirit of elitism & loose the Holy Spirit to permanently fill that vacancy in our lives.  Amen.]

Wilkerson, David - Dry spells - the path to Victory editorial in 9/24/2007 Pulpit Series newsletter - God allows a valley after each mountaintop spiritual experience, deliberately to test + to empower us, to give us wings and spiritual muscle with which to defeat Satan in our lives. (Never rely on perception or feelings.  Neither are correct.  Only the word of God is our plum line.)


Allen, Bruce - Glory Encounter - #1-5 -
Audio Downloads #1-God's sons have to change their immature selfish thinking from "give me" my inheritance/gift to "make me" Your servant/bride.
#2-Courting/romancing/delighting in/hot-passion leads to Godly intimacy. 
Glory is the atmosphere of heaven, which prepares us in increasing degrees to God's presence (Holy Spirit to Jesus to Father God).  Jesus considers holy sanctified imagination to be reality, the womb of invention. 
Man is to envision himself being holy/doing bold feats. 
A born-again person has to activate/utilize/stir-up all his 5 spiritual senses. 
Practice seeing/fellowshipping with the Trinity (Holy-Spirit/Jesus/God) as He leads.
#3-Infatuation with evil can open the door to demons which will need to be cast out.
(Hitler had 6,000 demons.)  Sanctified imagination/focus can influence/impart health/holiness/heavenly revelation/open heavens. 
Portals are heavenly gate-ways
.  Godly people (like Brother Lawrence Practice the Presence of the Lord) are not special, but forerunners.  Our entire generation has access to this same revelation/heavenly passport. 
Do NOT allow holy experiences to become denominations, where stagnation sets in. 
Going to Israel (in person or via media) will help one to visualize scriptural history. 
Continually recall/visualize heavenly Word pictures as you worship/praise/pray. 
Strengthen your inner spiritual man, so God becomes eminent over your soul & body. 
God can communicate to us various ways: twitching/overheating of body parts, visions, voices, however He pleases for our benefit.  Always dialogue with God.  Ask, "What are You saying/ meaning/revealing?"
#4-Heavenly access is due to hunger/passion/determination, rather than needing to be special. 
Degree of heart purity is an indicator of heavenly eyesight.  Matthew 5:8. 
Jesus' blood/immediate repentance/ forgiveness qualifies us.  Proverbs 22:11. 
Mandatory; daily sanctification of entire spirit/soul/body. 
Ask God what is He doing today; be obedient to fall into line, daily. 
True holiness/virtue comes out of pores onto bed-sheets to cure those who believe. 
Much of demonic manifestation in the flesh is from self/human nature/immaturity/character defects rather than the enemy.
#5-1. "Visions are language...If it is in the Word, it's mine...There is going to be on Enoch generation."
In China Christians are raising dead corpses buried for up to a week.  Allen has superior DVD on "Brother Grubs. 
Declaration is a key
of the Kingdom; we can unlock the doors (ancient paths/portholes) to heavenly visitation/transport/ vanishing places.  "Every test is of the purpose of carrying us to our destiny." 
This program gives us the key to the house of David to open spiritual doors to our destiny, His designs, translation, & transportation. 
Isaiah 22:22
CJB I will place the key of David's house on his shoulder.  None will shut what he opens; none will open what he shuts. excellent  Audio also shares with us the amazing life story of brother Grubbs.
#5-2.Most prevalent communication in heaven is heart to heart or thought to thought, rather than speech.  EVERYTHING in heaven is alive
You can walk through walls in your mansion, but you 1st need to ask permission.  Mansions have dimensions. 
In heaven is NO time/space.  We must become harmless; the meeker, the more authority. 
Lose the power to hurt others with words/thoughts; then you become trustworthy
Thoughts have eternal consequences
; an angel scribes every thought
The blood of Jesus can erase, however, when wrong thoughts are rejected/forgiven. 
Never dwell on negative thoughts.  Do NOT curse, even in your thoughts. Thoughts can harm OR purify.
Ecclesiastes 10:20 CJB  Don't insult the king, not even in your thoughts.  Don't insult the wealthy, not even in your bedroom; for a bird in the air might carry the news, a creature with wings might repeat what you said.
The Devil cannot read thoughts, but can see/feel/sense what evil you emit:
, rebellion, depression sends out a foul odor/stinks/attracts the demonic/repels the angelic. 
As He is, so are we; think on these things.  Ask the FATHER in Jesus name. 
To know/love Him intimately as a bride - to have eternal life. 
Sometimes one can perceive another's vibes/ thoughts/desires. 
"Father, what are You saying/meaning?"  To swear (enter into a contract) is to speak it 7 times. 
It is our birthright to see into heaven.  The key is passion and purity.  Acceleration is occurring in this generation.  Activation into this revelation/destiny begins now per audio.  Expect transportation/translation/open doors.

Brim, Billye - Contending for the Shechinah - 2006 DVDs or CDs - -
On 2nd half of 1st and on 3rd CD/DVD track Billye does a thorough overview of the testimonies in Tommy Welchel's Azusa Street - They Told Me Their Stories
According to prophecy, the glory is to return in 100 years, which is NOW.  We are to expect it and to pray it in.
Brim, Billye - Working with God in Prayer and Praise - 2007 Prayer conference DVDs/CDs -
Same content as above on 2007 Billye Brim CD #1 - tracts 7-13.

Eillis, Keith + Zadai, Kevin - 4/3/2017 + -
Bob Jones) said, "Years ago the Lord came to me & told me He was going to take the Glory off the earth for a while, but He was going to leave the Anointing.  Thank God for the Anointing." Bob said, "You know, Lord, if you're going to take the Glory, I just want to go." He said, "I'm going to bring it back."
So, you know, Bob had a prophecy about this time, about 40 years later. 
Here you are celebrating 40 years (of being in ministry & now) that the Glory would begin to return to this earth.

A book out called "The Shepherd's Rod"...says...the spring of this year is when it's going to begin.
Keith: (
If) you've been: hit with grief...going through some struggles...confused... burdened about a lot of things. You can't see the end of the road...We're at a mile marker today in the Spirit. A mile marker shows you where you're at on the road. I believe that what you're about to see is you're at a mile marker.  Just around the corner you're coming out of the wilderness into the promises of God. You're going to have the answers you've been looking for and you're going to see. God gave me during my time Isaiah, Chapter 61, I'm 61 years old, Isaiah Chapter 61: Verse Number 3.  He said, "I'm going to give you beauty for your ashes." I want to say today that God is going to give some people some beauty for the ashes you've had in your life. God gave me a whole thing about Job, because Job was sitting in an ash heap scraping himself. There are people right now, that it looks like your world has turned to ashes, but God is about to resurrect you. Your best days are ahead. 
The same Jesus that got up from the dead is about to resurrect your life. 
It's going to be the best days. It's going to be Heaven on Earth for you people that will believe. 
Many of you are being delivered right now by the power of Almighty God.

Ferrell, Emerson & Ana Mendez  Experiences in Heaven - CD -
Emerson shares with us that those in close proximity to God/Jesus may emit light (reflect God's glory) as did Moses when he met God on the mountain (& as do angels fresh from the presence of God, per Freddy Hayler ).
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Trained to Reign - DVD -  excellent
Cherubs have only to do with Glory.  The Tree of Life is the access to the Glory.  Soaking/worship/ penetration of the Tree of Life for extended periods allows the the alignment of our mind with His & stops aging/disease.
Ferrell, Emerson - Destroying the Illusions of Darkness  DVD  excellent -
See below regarding translation.

Gill, AL & Joyce - 2013 audio @ @ Lord, open our spiritual eyes to see the knowledge of Your glory.
Habakkuk 2:14 14The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.

Herzog, David 5/7/2007 WebCast - 7/2005 #1445 -
, David's visit at Family Worship church, Plymouth, NH, USA - 6/29-30/2007 +  7/1/2007 - (The anointing is when you have God's gifts operating through you. 
Such work can be exhausting, & one can burn out, if not careful. 
Whereas, the
Glory is when God is operating from above you & apart from you.  You come away refreshed. 
There are 4 corners/legs to continuously operating in the
Glory & 1 foundation/table top.  1 = continual praise/worship, 2 = fasting/praying, 3 = holiness (repentance & absence of unbelief/sin/a critical spirit), 4 = violent tithing & 5 = foundational passion to save and bless the Jew first. 
Each saved Jew is worth 1,000 gentiles in God's eyes.  Not in value, but in significance & priority.)
Herzog, David   
Herzog, David + RW Schambach - Miracles in the Glory  -
Sid Roth Messianic Vision 4/30/2007-5/4/2007 radio broadcast #1537 archives @ -
Monday broadcast
explains difference between the anointing and the glory according to Herzog. 
The anointing allows the Holy Spirit to operate through us, 1 on 1, whereas the glory is God showing up & He operating on mass to perform group healings/operations/miracles/signs, often via the operation of angels. 
Friday broadcast
 - RW Schambach - shares testimony seen at AA Allen ministry + ends with prayer for double healing anointing.
Herzog, David - 1/21-25/2008 Messianic Vision radio broadcast #1575 - Healing under the anointing is being plugged into a battery; whereas healing under the glory is being plugged into the outlet 1/24/08 Thursday interview shares the quickest way to enter the glory (where our prayers are answered, where there is no time, & where/when God's plans are accelerated/ implemented/initiated on earth) is to sing fast spiritual warfare songs, then gradually work into lower-gear slower-softer worship songs ending up with adoration (even tongues & silence). 
David Herzog - Mysteries of the Glory Unveiled + Living in the Glory Every Day - 1/11-15/2010 #1678 -
Herzog, David 
#1575 Messianic Vision radio Broadcast  1/21-25/2008  @ -
1/23/2008 Wednesday's broadcast shares miracles explained by quantum physics &
David Herzog 12/28/2010 #1728 Messianic Vision radio broadcast
Discusses how our atoms hear & respond to speech.  We can speak TO an organ & command it to heal or to cancer & command it to reverse itself/implode/die, in Jesus name. 
Healing/miracles happen most readily in the glory atmosphere of the Lord.

Holtz, Scott & Dalit - THE MYSTERY OF SHIGIONOTH - audio - for athletes - "In the 3rd chapter of Habakkuk is a realm in worship that suspends linier time known as 'Shigionoth' [or rhythmic speaking/chanting/singing of prayers or Psalms (Tehillim in Hebrew)] which few people dare to enter into, a place where we let go & focus our worship on Him, a place of sudden atmospheric change where you tap into the eternal realm."
Holtz, Scott  -  ILL SHARE MY GLORY WITH NO MAN - audio

King, Patricia - The Glory School - - CD & manual for a deeper more intimate relationship with God

Kolyah  (Y.M. Tikkun) - 3/17-21/2008 Messianic Vision radio broadcast #1583 - Whispers of the Shepherd  book #1154 -
Kolyah testifies that many Israelites noticed (not only on her but also on many born-again/Spirit-filled Christians) that the visible glory of God shown on their faces.  This (glitter) is NOW in the 2000's & not just earlier generations or just on the face of Moses.

Maldonado, Guillermo - DVD
from - "The breath of God that he breathed into man the
breath of life, which was His glory, or His presence in the Garden of Eden. The glory is the manifested presence of God, giving man both dominion & lordshipEden in Hebrew means one moment in time.
In other words, it was NOT a fixed place. 
Wherever the glory of God moved, that was where Eden was.
Man fell from dominion & the glory. When Adam sinned,
God inhaled His glory & death remained in Adam.
Death is a sign of the absence of the glory/presence of God
" (on earth)...
In the glory, there was NO aging...Man did not have knowledge of death or sickness or be poor.
In Adamís time, everything happened instantaneous because
in the glory every-thing already is done.
The chicken came before the egg because God made everything
complete. Adam was born an adult, a grown man. Adamís mind was so brilliant that he named the animals; BUT after the fall, the brain shut down & was not working to the full potential God purposed. That is why humans only use 8% of their brains.
In Eden, Adam would just throw the seeds of the corn & they would immediately grow. 
Jesus had to go through the steps we had to go through. Jesus knew what it was like to be rejected at 12 years old.  Jesus had to go through everything. That is why He is our example, worthy of respect.
He knows what it was to be rejected by His own family.  Adam did not. 
In the desert, the Shekinah Glory was manifested over the Israelis. When they were hungry, manna fell from the sky, when they were thirsty, purified water would pour from the rocks, their clothes lasted, their shoes grew.
In the glory, God is as He was in the Garden of Eden...
You do not need to wait for man to touch you for you to receive your healing...Hear the sound of God...
See the Shekinah glory? The earth is filled with His glory. He is ready to pour out your healing, your miracle. Worship your Jesus. Be sensitive to the presence of God.
He manifests where He is revealed. Close your eyes. See Him, feel Him, worship Him & receive your miracle."
Guillermo Maldonado - Healing 2/6-10/2012 Listen to Friday's radio broadcast. 
The 3 realms of God which can operate NOW on earth are KINGDOM (government),
POWER (demonstration or manifestation) and GLORY (atmosphere) 

Mills, Joshua 2/5-9/07 Sid Roth radio broadcast Experiencing God's  Presence - archives @ - - Joshua shares with Sid that God downloaded laughter, praise, worship, and glory (wonders/signs/miracles) into his being, in addition to the ability to play the piano (not knowing how in the natural)  Order # 1061 Throne Room Encounters CD - #1061 is a must for getting high on God.  Shares that Ezekiel flew into God's glory & that God's glory flew into Ezekiel; likewise we can fly into God's glory and God's glory can fly into us; we can fly into heaven & heaven can fly into us.  
, Joshua -
Translation & Heaven's Transportation - Teaching CD - -
Sometimes when he ministers God's glory appears all over him as gold dust in the appearance of glitter that sparkles. 
He some-times seems to imply that the glory/heaven/God is in us & we are in them, somewhat like the trinity & the marriage union.  That was 1 of Jesus' prayers to His Father. 
Joshua's heart is that he be a conduit of Jesus to us & us to others. 
Those that hoard their gifts/blessings shrink/wither/contaminate/putrefy them as those that hoarded the manna in the desert.
Exodus 16:20 TNAB When some (disobeyed &) kept a part of it over until the following morning, it became wormy & rotten. (Sometimes silver/gold/colored/glittery small glory dust can be carried home by conference attendees, meaning that this phenomena will at times appear almost anywhere - on skin, clothing, rugs, bathroom floors, chairs, tables, as though being or having been visited by an angel.)

Souza, Katie - Ascending...  CD - "You can ascend into the realm of Glory. The Bible says we are seated in heavenly realms with Christ. The word 'seated' is past tense which means you are already there.
You can begin tapping into all the provisions of heaven today.
See biblical proof that the tool of ascending can be used to bring God's promises to pass in an accelerated manner! Learn how to ascend into the 2nd heavens to fight demonic powers & principalities.
Receive step by step instructions on how to position yourself to go into the heavens." 
(David Herzog was Katie's original mentor regarding this insight.)


Dr Bruce Allen, Releasing the Glory Part 1 + Dr Bruce Allen, Releasing the Glory Part 2 +
Dr Bruce Allen, Releasing the Glory Part 3 or Dr Bruce Allen, Releasing the Glory Part 4 +
Released Glory ionizes/zaps/reverses/kills/terrorizes mold/mildew/mosquitoes/aging & restores health/youth. 
Released Glory is our defense/cocoon & a danger to evil.
Dr Bruce Allen, Releasing the Glory Part 5 + Dr Bruce Allen, Releasing the Glory Part 6 +
Released Glory infuses/blesses the DNA of our spirit, soul & body. isaiah/4-6.htm
A Remnant in Zion - 5then the LORD will create over the whole area of Mount Zion & over her assemblies a cloud by day, even smoke & the brightness of a flaming fire by night; for over all the glory will be a canopy. 6There will be a shelter to give shade from the heat by day, + refuge & protection from the storm & the rain. (We become invisible/impenetrable to harm/desolation/offense/despair: Psalm 91) -
Dr Bruce Allen, Releasing the Glory Part 7 + Dr Bruce Allen, Releasing the Glory Part 8
Pastor Vera Lim - Jesus Heals Us Ministry in Perth, Australia -

Austin, Jill - -
4/16/2008 - Are You A Carrier of the Glory? - (Messages may NOT be safe for most Christians; use extreme caution.)

Brim, Billye - Tuesday, April 29, 2014 @ -
The Glory is Godís actual presence being made available/manifest to us:

Gloria Copeland & Billye Brim - The Tangible Glory of God (Previously Aired) January 29, 2019 
Gloria Copeland & Billye Brim -
Unity in the Church Brings the Glory (Previously Aired) - January 30, 2019
Gloria Copeland & Billye Brim - The Glory of God Is Resurrection Power (Previously Aired) - January 31, 2019
Gloria Copeland & Billye Brim -
Revealing the Mysteries of God (Previously Aired) - February 1, 2019
Copeland & Brim
@ January 2019

Combs, Tommy - Expect the Glory - 10/21/2019 @
Combs - (edited)
TOMMY: Jesus said, "Use my name and plead my blood."
By pleading the blood, you say, "I plead the blood of (Jesus over _____.  I apply it to our property & occupants)...
You speak, "I pray the blood. I plead the blood. I'm asking the blood to come on the scene." God moves on faith.
Satan moves on fear. You've got to move that fear out of your life.  Get the blood to move for you...
The blood attracts God's (supernatural superpower resurrection blue) glory.
TOMMY: We need to create...a throne zone in your home (turf/office/church where) we worship God...
Get the atmosphere for worship goingÖThen plead the blood of Jesus.
TOMMY: Pray in your: language, tongues (supernatural prayer language) because you're communicating with God & God is communicating back.
 Sometimes we need to not pray but listen to what God has to say.  That's part of prayer also.
When we create that throne zone, it's like the high priest going behind the last veil into the throne zone where there is God's glory...
Then, here comes your: children, grandchildren, & spouse into the house; the glory of God has (already) penetrated the premise so much (that when) they come into the house, their lives are changed. Children & grandchildren are (sozo) saved (spirit/soul/body) simply because you've created a throne zone & attracted the glory by pleading Jesus' blood & praying.
God, I plead the blood of Jesus right now over everyone watching/reading/listening.
God, I declare this (designated) place (location/home/school/job/vehicle as a landing platform) for Your presence and as an  as an open portal for (You father) God.
From this day forward, an open presence of God rules this place (now deeded to You Father God). It takes over.
As the family/guests come in, they're healed.
The presence of God flows.  The presence of God flows today right into you.
Say, "I receive it now (for myself, my family tree on both sides & for all those that pertain to us)." 
Audience: I receive it now. (Thank You. Father, Son & Holy Spirit.)

, Kenneth - Created in Christ Jesus to Walk in THE BLESSING  8/26/2007 - Discusses His glory in us.
Copeland, Kenneth - Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks CD#1 - -
2007 Friday PM Broadcast Billye Brim Prayer Conference Working With God in Prayer & Praise -
Kenneth expounds on his revelation/understanding of God's glory at creation. 
If we comprehend properly, Ken seems to be saying that God's glory 1st became visible/manifested as matter/light/energy that holds all things together. 
Light energy is at the center/core of all things & according to quantum physics will stop while you look at it. 
This glory/matter/light energy is the container (or perhaps glue) for the universe & time.

Cox, Paul L - There will be Constant Movement in Our Heaven Trek -

Janie DuVall Interview with Sid Roth 5/21-25/2012 &/or TV transcript

Gimenez, Anne - -
Her TV broadcasts are superior (regardless of the loud volume of her voice). 
In a 2/17/2007 NE USA  time zone broadcast she shares that God shared with her (as He did with Moses) His glory
She saw inside her dying friend, a pastor, & inside her to-be husband, the florescent light of God's glory shining brightly.  It was His Holy Spirit united with man's spirit, His oneness alive in man.
In a 9/1/2007 NE USA  time zone broadcast she shares that the glory of God fell as the baptism of the Holy Spirit on the waiting disciples in the upper room.  Her take on the glory is that Adam lost it in the garden of Eden & Jesus sent it back after He left. 
That is why Jesus had to leave, so He could send the glory, the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit.

Glory dust of the Lord - 

Hernandez, David - 6/27/2016 -
david-hernandez?src=weeklybroadcastemail_062716 +

Herzog, David 1/28/2014 TV transcript -
"The Glory of God...It's the atmosphere, the air of Heaven. That's the Glory of God. Having that on the earth as it is in Heaven.
How is it in Heaven? No sickness, no sorry, no pain, no lack, joy, peace, love, ecstasy of God, intimacy with God, all that that we hope to get when we die & go to Heaven now on the earth...
Adam & Eve had the Glory of God around them, that was their clothing...
When we find that glory it is like a cloak around us, and in the Glory, things are different. Like you can just speak someone's name & say, 'Bob, be healed of cancer,' who is like 3,000 miles away & they're instantly healed. No distance in the Glory. No time in the Glory.
Just the gifting and anointing, a lot of times people think, I have to go pray for someone, drive 3 hours, lay hands on my mother-in-law.  But in the Glory, it expands. There's no distance, there's no time.
God bends the time continuum in the Glory... The Glory bends (accelerates/earthly) time."

Hicks, Tommy - In a dream/vision God shows Tommy Hicks what seems to be His glory & His power. 
Godly visions.dreams.visits - "From those clouds suddenly there came great drops of liquid light raining down upon this mighty giant.  Slowly, slowly, this giant began to melt, began to sink itself in the very earth itself. 
As he melted, his whole form seemed to have melted upon the face of the earth. 
This great rain began to come down. Liquid drops of light began to flood the very earth itself. 
As I watched this giant that seemed to melt, suddenly it became millions of people over the face of the earth.
As I beheld the sight before me, people stood up all over the world! They were lifting their hands & they were praising the Lord."
"As He pointed toward them, this liquid light seemed to flow from His hands into them & a mighty anointing of God came upon them, & those people began to go forth in the name of the Lord."
"As the Lord stretched forth to give them this anointing, they became well, they became healed & they went forth!
And this is the miracle of it - this is the glorious miracle of it - those people would stretch forth their hands exactly as the Lord did, & it seemed as if there was this same liquid fire in their hands.
As they stretched forth their hands they said, ďAccording to my word, be thou made whole.Ē
"As these people continued in this mighty end-time ministry, I did not fully realize what it was.
I looked to the Lord & said, 'What is the meaning of this?'  He said, 'This is that which I will do in the last days. I will restore all that the cankerworm, the palmerworm, the caterpillar - I will restore all that they have destroyed. This, my people, in the end times will go forth. As a mighty army shall they sweep over the face of the earth.'
 (Rather than once in a life or prayer time translation, this generation's outpouring seems to be the beginning of an almost continuous heavenly atmosphere or 24/7 Holy Spirit power plant.  It seems to be the spiritual opposite existence of a Kanco who using his spirit body had the ability as a witch/wizard to leave his body at will & enter the city beneath the sea.  However God's power is always superior to any enemy.

Hinn, Benny - The Glory of His Presence - Pressing past thanksgiving & praise into worship.
WATCH 2/25/2008 - Orlando, Florida, USA Training for Ministry Conference
WATCH 2/26/2008     
WATCH 2/27/2008   
WATCH 2/28/2008   
WATCH 2/29/2008     
"No one can worship without a (spiritual) revelation of who Jesus is. 
Thanksgiving & praise are the utterance of the mouth (head/mind). Worship is the utterance of the heart."
Hinn, Benny - The Hiding God #1 -
Hinn, Benny - The Hiding God #2 -
Hinn, Benny - The Hiding God #3 -  
Jesus is the (visible mirror) image of God. Jesus is the glory and fire of God, Who followed
the camp of Moses in the desert.  Jesus is the flesh that contains the hidden glory of God.
Hinn, Benny - The Hiding God #4 -   
Hinn, Benny - free lesson #1
You Shall Receive Power
- from
Hinn, Benny - God's Glory - #1 -
#3 - "The atmosphere in the spiritual realm is changing. We want the glory of God, but 1st Zion (the church) must be built up...
When the church becomes one, Godís glory will descend with mighty demonstrations of the Spirit.  Do you feel powerless? Do you feel empty? God Almighty is ready to send His mighty power & glory."

Jackson, Glenda + Georg, Karl + Ellis, Eli - 11/2019

Jackson, John Paul - "JOHN PAUL: The glory of God, what I saw was like it was thick, it was honey-like, it was like you see on the road. On a hot day, you look down the road.  Youíll see a shimmering on the highway. Well this happened in the churches that I saw & the places where the Lord came down. There was a shimmering like a cylinder, a large cylinder, & varying sizes of cylinders of this shimmering, honey-colored, amberesque-colored light. But it was very thick.
It was thicker than what you thought. When you got into it, you found it very difficult to move, not because you were paralyzed, but because of the thickness of the presence of the Lord. 
Whoever entered, Sid, anybody who walked into that glory was healed
. Anybody."

Jakes, TD - 12/29/2020 @ ? @ -
Seek ye the Glory & all other pursuits become nothing but empty mirages.

Kanco, Bishop Samuel - The Witchdoctor and the Man - chapter 5 The City Under the Sea 
Samuel spent 12 years interacting with evil spirits living under the sea. 
He did this in his spirit, before he became a Christian.)

Katon, Tim - 6/24/2007   ďThe ZoneĒ  Pastor Tim Katon

, Kat 12/23/2014 Kat Kerr Ė River of life, Ruling over Darkness, Mark 13 Kingdom Age
@ - The Glory of God is His Passion flowing from His heart.

Kerr, Kat - 10/14/2015 -
Lucifer was created to produce worship & glory from inside of God, while standing on God's heart of diamonds.
colossians/2-15.htm - Alive in Christ - 14having canceled out the certificate of debt consisting of decrees against us, which was hostile to us; & He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross.
15When He had disarmed the rulers & authorities, He made a public display of (shamed) them, having triumphed over them through Him.
(Jesus removed all Lucifer's gem stones & melted the faces of all the fallen angelic hierarchy.)

Kerr, Kat @ Episode #99 - 11/19/2022 -
What does it mean to fall short of the glory?

Kerr, Kat @
G-d's season of Holy Spirit Fire Baptism + GLORY is only beginning NOW. Approx 27:27 on dial - 7/27/2023

John Kilpatrick - transcript  11/8-14/2010  revival in Mobile, Alabama, USA - (originally Pensacola, Florida) 
The glory of God is like a heavy cloud which is (or carries) God's presence & allowing His Holy Spirit & angels to work His good things without our interference; whereas the anointing of God is an endowment/equipping/gifting allowing us to do His works.

Patricia King 2/1-7/2010 It's Supernatural TV broadcast
transcript at
Patricia King's links to other ministries' schooling
Salvation Army - The War College
Helms, Peter & Anne - Faith Builders
    Training For Reigning - Albany, Oregon
    Extreme Prophetic Training Courses - Vancouver, Canada

Guillermo Maldonado - Glory 6/25/2012 TV broadcast or transcript or 2012 radio archives here. -
All recommended - Maldonado, Guillermo - Christ's Resurrection Power -
7/8-12/2013 - Disconnect your head to receive your miracle. Glory: heaven's atmosphere. 
Power: heaven's ability.  Kingdom = heaven's government.

Martin, David -

mason , phil - - 2013 - Quantum entanglement -
Spooky action at a distance; Einstein - ghost link - instant reaction of it's other part in a pair - bi-locational humans - 2 places at same time - may be 6-7 dimensions enfolded in 4 dimensions (time + 3 spacial) -
vibrating strings - zero point k (2-0 degrees kelvin) field with removal of other thermals - God's voice may cause strings to dance/vibrate. This insight allows science to recognize/permit a God dimension such as of God's glory -

McLean, Renny - - superior ministry
McLean, Renny - The Glory Realm 3/28/2010 - Responding to the Glory 5/9/2010 -
The Glory of God Through Worship 10/1/2010 -
McLean, Renny - The Glory of God Through Worship - CD/DVD -
"There are blessings that have been on hold because they have not been activated by your voice print.
Your worship will cause the heavens to dispense the things that are due to you.
God is not seeking a 1 night stand experience with the bride; He is looking for an eternal courtship."
McLean, Renny - Audio snippets (click yellow icon)
McLean, Renny - The Glory Video download -
"This series teaches us how to bring an atmosphere of the Glory to the corporate body."
McLean, Renny -
McLean, Renny - 2002 - Revelation Glory & Sound - CD -
A glory cloud inhabited by God is built upon/formed/attracted by "our" worship;
we individually (including pastors) need to participate in the building of that cloud. 
There is NO glory in the faith realm, which is the "elevator" into His presence/glory/room.
McLean, Renny - Reclaiming the Supernatural - 2010 CD/DVD -
Revelation, not information, leads to transformation.  We must never dwell too long in 1 place, lest our roots go/grow too deep, lest we grow cold/content like the frog in the boiling water, lest we won't reach out to grab our full inheritance in God.  We will never rise higher than our consecrations to God. 
Never allow hindrances to prevent us from stepping out, like hindrances of others' opinions taking precedence over God's.  Never compromise with the supernatural to oblige the natural/human. 
e must break through from self & soul-ties. 
Different views/perspectives = different assignments/goals/ dimensions. P
rogram ends with nice spiritual activation prayers.
How much of God is in us when we are acting naturally rather than supernaturally? 
Allow Him to do His thing, right now. 
God always calls us out of our comfort zone to be available, fresh, unpredictable, the Jesus in our generation.
Go to archives to select broadcast. recommended

Joshua Mills: The Realm of Atmospheric Signs and Wonders -
Mills, Joshua - WSTK-ITV - Joshua Mills On Impartation of the Anointing @ 
Mills, Joshua - TV archives @ 3/12-18/2007  
mills joshua -
Glory is all that God is and has and manifests in many ways - healing glory, etc. 
Signs of His glory - fragrances, oil, gold dust, gold teeth, feathers, gems. 
Dimensions of glory.  Vanilla can be a fragrance of intimacy.  2 Chronicles 5 -
glory cloud/realm - End of interview shares God's glory via faith of a child.
3 keys - Be hungry enough to be willing to violently act, continue to relentlessly pursue, & then to wait (not quit).
Mills, Joshua - 7/27/2015
Mills, Joshua -
10/8/2018 - (edited) 3 realms of God's glory -

SID: said the glory came with 3 progressive supernatural experiences.
JOSHUA:  There were 3 very specific signs that began to take place. The 1st one was the fragrance of Heaven would come and actually fill the atmosphere. When that began to happen, people would begin to run to the altars. The 2nd sign that happened was... supernatural oil, began flowing...from our hands.
Some would get it on the backs of their necks.
Some would get it from their foreheads. Others would have it flowing from their feet...
The 3rd sign that God gave us, was the (sparkling) golden glory (dust) begin to manifest. It's an awesome & glorious thing.
SID: The glory, as you said, is progressive. The glory is increasing to points beyond your wildest imagination... because Joshua found himself in 1 country & in a split second, he's in another country. 
He didn't share this for many years scared him.
Also, he was afraid that many of you wouldn't like something so biblical....called translation.
JOSHUA:  Well, the glory is God...His essence...nature...character, all that He is, all that He has...
When we speak about the glory, the glory's a Person. The glory's also a place
JOSHUA:  No matter what you've been through, no matter what you've been going through, God wants you to move in His glory to a place where you begin to live in this realm.
There is so much more available for you. As you begin to press in under the anointing, there's going to be a flow of glory that begins to take over & usher you into the newness of God.
JOSHUA:  There's an ease...a rest in the glory. It's flowing in the glory.
It's not working, it's not laboring. We labor to enter into the rest, is what the Scriptures say.
But when we're in the rest...we just get to flow in the goodness of Who God is.
JOSHUA:  Doxa is a realm of glory. It's a Greek word...a realm of glory that literally means the majesty of the honor, the renown, of God.
JOSHUA:  When the doxa glory comes into an atmosphere, it brings a revelation of who He is.
It brings a revelation that Yeshua is Messiah.
It brings a revelation that He's the King of Kings & Lord of Lords.
JOSHUAShekinah glory is the visible realm of God. It actually means "a settling or a dwelling."
That's when the glory comes & tangibly, visibly presents itself whether to a person or an atmosphere or situation.
In the shekinah glory, we see manifestations of all different kinds.
The burning bush with Moses was shekinah glory.
JOSHUA:  The 3rd word for glory is kavod. The kavod is the weighty, heavy glory of God.
When the heavy glory moves in, you can feel the goodness of His blessing, strength...might...weight of His favor upon your life... Miracles...happen of all kinds. People began to give their hearts to Jesus Christ.

Morgan, Kirby - - recommended -

Rigney, Donna @ 12/31/2020

Roth, Sid @ It Will Be BIGGER Than Anything We've Seen BeforeÖ - Sid Roth Ė Itís Supernatural! | 10/15/2022

Saint Antony - - "60.  This is so, for once again he (Antony) was sitting on the mountain, and looking up saw in the air some one being borne upwards, & there was much (heavenly) joy among those who met him. Then wondering & deeming a company of that kind to be blessed, he prayed to learn what this might be.  Immediately a voice came to him: 'This is the soul of Amun, the monk at Nitria.' Now Amun had persevered in the discipline up to old age; the distance from Nitria to the mountain where Antony was, was 13 days' journey.
The companions of Antony therefore, seeing the old man amazed, asked to learn & heard that Amun was just dead [8].  He was well known, for he had stayed there very often & many signs had been wrought by his means. 
This is 1 of them.
Once when he had need to cross the river called Lycus (now it was the season of the flood), he asked his comrade Theodorus to remain at a distance, that they should not see one another naked as they swam the water.
Then when Theodorus was departed he again felt ashamed even to see himself naked.
While, therefore, he was pondering filled with shame, on a sudden he was borne over to the other side.
Theodorus, therefore, himself being a good man, approached, & seeing Amun across 1st without a drop of water falling from him, enquired how he had got over.  When he saw that Amun was unwilling to tell him, he held him by the feet & declared that he would not let him go before he had learned it from him. So Amun seeing the determination of Theodorus especially from what he had said, & having asked him to tell no man before his death, told him that he had been carried & placed on the further side. That he had not even set foot on the water, nor was that possible for man, but for the Lord alone & those whom He permits, as He did for the great apostle Peter [9]. Theodorus therefore told this after the death of Amun. The monks to whom Antony spoke concerning Amun's death marked the day.  When the brethren came up from Nitria 30 days after, they enquired of them & learned that Amun had fallen asleep at that day & hour in which the old man had seen his soul borne upwards. 
Both these & others marvelled at the purity of Antony's soul, how he had immediately learned that which was taking place at a distance of 13 days' journey, & had seen the soul as it was taken up."

Shelley, Steven L - Testimony -
Through prophecy, the Lord said to Steven, "'
One day Iíll fill this place so full of My presence, that every man, woman, boy & girl will fall prostrate on their faces before Me.'  
The Bible said that the priests were not able to minister by reason of the cloud.  
The 'Shekinah Glory Cloud' of the Lord came & filled the tabernacle (of Solomon) & people fell on their faces in the presence of God."

Sibanda, Liberty and Ruvimbo - New Life Ministries, Belgium -          
"The "Glory of God" is the manifest presence of God revealed & His very nature & character is made known to men.  The presence of God is refered to as Kabod in Hebrew meaning weightiness or substance or Shekinah."
Sibanda's spiritual father: Bishop Tudor Bismark, Harare, Zimbabwe

Sorger, Matt - Awakening - CD - (Listen to track 5 Solitude - Alone with God) -   
Sorger, Matt - The Glory of God -

Sumrall, Lester - I Saw the Glory - My Relationship With Smith Wigglesworth  audio

Souza, Katie - Banking in the Glory - $ -
Souza, Katie - The Glory Light of Jesus - Part 1/4 - 2/23/2010 - recommended

Tenney, Tommy - Transporting the Glory - audio - 
Tenney, Tommy - Turning On the light of the Glory - audio -

Walters, Kathie - 10/2/2010 -  "You will never see the glory of God where there is trying, striving. legalism & working at it.  The Glory of God comes when it's ALL God.
The anointing will never come on what we do. It comes on what He does."

Watt, Ryan - Editorials/Articles -   
Birthing Manifestations of the Realm of Heaven on Earth SPIRITUAL MISCARRIAGE -  
The Father (God sitting on His throne) reached His hand out from the fire and began to caress my face.
He began to speak to me about holiness & setting our lives apart unto Him.
For those who will set their lives apart unto Him in intimacy, He will experientially open up the heavens over their lives & manifest His glory upon them & through them. In this atmosphere of God's fire, the heavens truly did open & the whole atmosphere changed...Only God can truly set us apart unto Him & make us holy.
As we completely set ourselves apart unto Him then He will open up the heavens over us & show Himself...
God is looking for a remnant of people who are totally in love with & consecrated to Him that He might place His glory upon them & see Heaven brought to earth."  "Jesus Christ was a living, breathing, move of God.
Every place He went heaven
was brought forth on the earth.
The Kingdom of Heaven was truly 'at hand' when Jesus was on the scene. A young, virgin girl was chosen to bring this move of God forth. In the same way Jesus Christ was conceived within Mary, He was also conceived within every born again believer at the moment of salvation. 
We now have a move of God living within us
"Lord, 'If we truly carry Jesus Christ, the greatest move of God, within us, then why is He not being brought forth through the lives of His people?'...The Lord responded with this:
'It's a miscarriage! My people are suffering a spiritual miscarriage...
It takes 23 chromosomes from a man and 23 chromosomes from a woman to produce a baby.
A miscarriage is where something in the chromosomes is off or maybe there is not a perfect number of chromosomes, & therefore the baby is not born successfully.
In Mary's situation, she had her 23 chromosomes within her womb, but Jesus had no earthly father, so where did Jesus' Father's chromosomes come from? THE VERY DNA OF HEAVEN.
The DNA of Father God, Heaven's 23 chromosomes, was implanted within Mary when the Holy Spirit overshadowed her & the Christ Child was conceived.
So, if God's people are having a spiritual miscarriage, then somehow, spiritually speaking, there is a bad mixture within the chromosomes...
God was using the analogy of chromosomes to speak to me about the mixture within the Body of Christ...
Christ was also conceived within our spirit at salvation in a spiritual sense. He now lives within us. In a spiritual way, the very DNA of heaven has also been implanted within us.  Our mission is now to bring forth (birth) the Son of God on the earth & reveal His glory.  This is Authentic Christianity: to live in intimate union with the Lord and, out of that relationship, destroy the works of the devil & manifest the realm of Heaven on earth daily. 
I would liken heaven's DNA, or chromosomes, to 'Grace & Power' from on high.
All grace & power has already been made available to us.  In fact, already lives within us.
I would liken our chromosomes to 'Consecration & Yielded-ness.'
The only difference between Jesus Christ in His earthly life & us is that He was completely yielded & consecrated to the Holy Spirit.
When you have a perfect mixture of 'grace & power' from on high & our "consecration & yielded-ness" then you have a worldwide move of God...Don't allow the move of God within you to be miscarried."
"FATHER, we place our lives before you now. Search our hearts with Your eyes of fire & reveal to us everything that hinders total consecration & love in our lives. Reveal the areas where the mixture of the world has crept in. Come by Your fire & burn out all the little foxes that spoil our vine. Burn out all the secret sins & burn out all the lesser lovers. Ignite us afresh with the very flame of YAH! May we burn for You.
Set us on fire that we might run with the glory."

Wallace, Mark @ Mark Wallace - Sid Roth Ė Itís Supernatural! | 10/24/2022 Video/Audio/Transcript

Wyatt, Ryan - The Impartation of Miracles Ministry - Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
4/7/2008 -

due to God's Glory Light Imitating from Within Us

Chavda, Mahesh & Bonnie - The Power of the Cross - Epicenter of Glory - 
Chapter 2 From the Inside Out - From Outside In -
"In the (Holy) Spirit (Ms) Elena is taller and mightier than Goliath...
Prayer is Elena's mother tongue...If you sit beside her, you will see softly glinting (sparkles) on her skin & clothes tiny, bright silver flecks...the shining glory of her physical body as it is in her inner being."

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - 7/2007 Newsletter - -
Ana shares that (during an emergency while mountain climbing for the purpose of doing spiritual warfare) the climbers' bodies glowed like fireflies providing light for their feet
The understanding of this is that God's Holy Spirit in us is light.  Jesus said that He is the light of the world. 
This glory is sometimes made visible as seen on Moses' face. 
Pastor Anne Gimenez believes it is what covered Adam & Eve's nakedness. 
Sometimes we get a glimpse of His glory as gold dust falls in some of the Christian musical praise concerts. 
Be reminded that quantum physics indicates that the smallest article of anything is musical light that dances.
Ferrell, Emerson - Destroying the Illusions of Darkness  DVD  excellent
There is a vibration/sound frequency/band width of invisible light - entered into via praise/worship. 
This is the glory realm/atmosphere where God communicates to our spirit.  Our human flesh/ears/mind cannot perceive/hear/see/dwell in this spiritual realm.  Our sin could cause us to be consumed. 
Before sin entered the word via Adam, sinless man could dwell with God in this glory atmosphere.  Christ came to reunite us with our spiritual dad.  When we are born again, our spiritual journey back to father God begins.
Every atom has a vibrational frequency.  The vibrational frequency in which we dwell determines the "matter", literally, whether or not a sickness will exist or die, whether we will be visible or invisible, whether our spirit man can hear God or not, whether or not Satan will obey God's words in our mouth (to flee). 
Like Jesus, each human being/flesh/soul in each generation needs to discover who his spirit man is in the Trinity & then to violently work his way back to God, to his spiritual inheritance/ancestry/parenthood/ blood-line/authority/ audacity/heritage in Christ/medical welding prowess. 
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Entering into His Fullness  DVD  excellent
Determined by the steps we are willing to take and by the degree we are willing to sacrifice, we grow into spiritual authority (over the enemy, in Jesus' name).  We need to quit putting up with/allowing problems, to be fed-up enough to act, to have nothing human to retreat to when cornered, & to never quit. 
Never.  We need to (die to self & family) & to declare war on the devil. 
The devil will attack whatever/whoever we are holding onto.
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - The Making of a Prophet - 1/2007 DVD #1004 - the climbing of Mt Everest - -
Near the mountain peak, 6 spiritual generals of the team were instructed to climb another path to the top, to be guided personally by the Holy Spirit. 
In the dark their bodies emitted a blue light allowing them to see each step ahead. 
At the end of the climb the Holy Spirit instructed them to slide back down to base camp, permitting them to arrive safely & in time to avoid an avalanche.

Garlock, HB with Ruthanne - Before We Kill and Eat You - Tales of Faith in the Face of Certain Death -
Liberia, W. Africa - - "An almost palpable black darkness approached & was about to envelop me...Then I saw that a light seemed to emanate from my body that kept the darkness from touching me." books @ - editorials at

David Martin - Spiritual Preparation for End Times - 12/13-17/2010 - radio broadcast - important - - #1726 -
"God gave a tribe in Africa the power to walk, glow & heal in the Spirit 24/7. Receive this same impartation."
Martin, David -
Six Page Article by David Maritn on the Mountaintop and the Shining Ones -
"David shares his testimony of being led to study on 'Shining' all the way back to 1978.
It is an amazing story that is full of divine intervention & sets the stage for where the ministry & the kingdom of God is headed.  The key events of this story happened in 1998-99."

, David - - "Each person's light or candle power increases proportionately to the amount of Word we have in our hearts, & the living holy sacrifice we are. 
Literally, the more we die to self the brighter our countenance, or the more we (God in us will) shine."

Laser Surgery
due to God's Glory Light Operating on Us

3/1/2010 Katie Souza - Ascending into the Supernatural - 2 hours - or
Ezekiel 1:1 KJVer The heavens were opened & I saw visions of God.
Souza testifies of 2 prisoners being instantly healed of mental illness.
2/15-19/2010 radio interview at
3/8/2010 Katie Souza - Banking in the Glory Realm or
cross-walk-talk/2010/03/09/katie-souza--banking-in-the-glory - 2 hours
(Source = March 2010 archives - )
Souza, Katie -3/8/2010 - Radio broadcast - last half hour very important -
There is accelerated healing of soul wounds in the Glory of God.  One can command all soul wounds to be healed in the glory light.  (Think of it in terms of radiation cancer therapy or laser surgery.)
The Glory Light of Jesus editorial - March 2010 Newsletter - or - - "While I (Katie Souza) was lying there, the Lord gave me a vision. He showed me 5 rooms inside of my soul where old wounds were hiding. I saw myself walk into each room in order to bring them out. Suddenly, they were all covered with the Glory Light of Jesus.
Each one was instantly healed.  Once the wounds were healed, I could effectively make war against the demonic forces because their legal right to make me sick was gone.
That night I commanded the demonic to come off me & that nasty spirit came up.  Its name was 'Legion'.
It spoke to me in an audible voice so immense it would fill a large 2-story room. It demanded, 'What do you want?'  
I screamed, 'In Jesus Name, I want you to get out.'  It left. 
While it was leaving, I literally felt its tentacles rip from my body.  I was completely healed."
, Katie - + Videos -
5/30/2010 TV click onto -
"Soul wounds (inflicted against or by oneself) give the demonic the legal right to torment you. 
As your soul gets healed in the light of Jesus you will gain whole new level of dominion over the enemy!"
7/9/2010 - Sid Roth - Katie Souza- HEALING-Part 1 of 3 - The (evil demonic) King Killer - anointing - - Bethel Church, Redding, Calif., USA
Sometimes you need to drive out the demons before you heal the sick. 
Begin-with/defeat the head/covering/king and the underlings will submit/flee.
7/9/2010 - Sid Roth - Katie Souza- HEALING-Part 2 of 3 -
7/9/2010 - Sid Roth - Katie Souza- HEALING-Part 3 of 3 - healing of soul wounds in the glory light - -
glory light
goes back in time to heal - evil attached to wounds must go/leave in Jesus name -
Ministry prayer at end of program.
8/21/2001 - Sid Roth - Transcript @
Katie Souza Blocked Healing #1 -
Katie Souza - The Glory Light of Jesus #1 -
Katie Souza - The Glory Light of Jesus #2 - The wounded soul on perpetual rewind permits Satan a legal right to torment/haunt/harm. - - Bipolar healing.
Souza - The Glory Light of Jesus #3 - Un-confessed/unhealed sin can cause soul/mind wounds which permit Satan to harm/invade us legally.
Soak one's soul with Jesus' light.  
Tormented/wounded body parts can manifest as illnesses.  Wounded soul parts can be healed & hurt removed. 
You will be in health to the degree that your soul prospers. Important spiritual teaching.
Katie Souza - The Glory Light of Jesus #4 -  Accelerated healing tool is application of/focusing on God's glory light. Repent for self & others. 
Forgive them & self.  Refocus attention on God expectantly. 
Command demonic to depart from affected wounded area, in Jesus' name.


Roth, Sid - Pentecost Prayer for each of us to walk in a greater level of God's Glory: 5/30/2020 -

Resurrection Power

Guillermo Maldonado July 8-14, 2013 - (edited excerpt)
I AM, & the great I AM wants to be manifested & demonstrated right now. So I want you to stretch your hands.
If you need a healing, if you've been oppressed in your mind, if you need a creative miracle, I want to release it to you.
'FATHER, in the name of Jesus' (& I want the audience to pray with me.
There are thousands & thousands watching, & if you're watching right now, I want you to stretch your hands & let, bring the Kingdom of God here now. Let's not wait tomorrow.
God is the God of the now).  'FATHER, in the name of Jesus, I thank You & I give You praise.'
There's a woman.  Your breasts have been removed because of cancer.
God has created a new breast now. Right now. 
'Father, there's someone watching'; I think you're a man, a truck driver. 
You got in your body, a bunch of metals. God is changing metals into bones & into flesh.
Receive it now. I see that miracle everywhere I go. 
God is creating new flesh & bones in your body right now, in Jesus' name.
'Blindness'; I want you to lay hands on your eyes. 'FATHER, in Jesus' name, blindness go in Jesus' name.'
There's somebody that suffered a heart attack.  Right now God is healing your heart. 
Something jumped into your heart right now.  That's the power of the Holy Ghost.
There's a pastor watching who walked in the supernatural for a while. 
Because you couldnít stand the pressure to move in the supernatural & the criticism;
God is releasing a new fire in you right now.
'In Jesus' name...back conditions are being healed right now'...
There's a businessman watching; you lost a big, big amount of money.  
The Lord says, 'I will restore that in 3 days', meaning the resurrection power is being released in finances right now.  'In Jesus' name,' if your dreams, your visions, something has been dead, 'FATHER, I release the power of the resurrection.' 1, 2, 3; 'now in Jesus' (name);' there you go, power is coming out. My God, there is fire.
When I feel the fire in my right hand that's creative miracles going on, creative miracles going on.
There is...somebody that you're missing a bone in your left hip right now.
You felt like a heat in your body.  'In Jesus' name,' my God, something is happening.
There are people taking pills, depression, afflicted. 'In Jesus' name,
I command every oppression in your mind be delivered, be healed in Jesus' mighty name right now
'Father, in Jesus' name, I rebuke every sickness, I rebuke every disease. Go from the people of God.
Be healed. Be delivered.' Creative miracles. 'I release the power of the resurrection.'
There's people right now that say, 'Pastor, I want to be activated in the power of God to bring the Kingdom wherever I go.' Stretch your hands, both hands right now. 
'Father, in the name of Jesus, I activate those people to do miracles, signs and wonders.
I am asking You Holy Spirit to open their eyes & the power of the resurrection be revealed in their heart right now. 
Father, wherever they go the will bring Heaven on Earth right now in the name of Jesus.'
Right now, receive

Spiritual Translation & Transportation

Allen, Bruce - Audio - Glory Encounter at
Allen, Bruce - Glory Encounter - #1-5 - -
Audio Downloads

David Herzog 2012 7/2-6/2012 Messianic radio broadcast. 
Thursday 5th David shares how God's Holy Spirit joined up with sound to create matter. 
Also shares his 1st spiritual transportation.

Mills, Joshua - Translation & Heaven's Transportation - Teaching CD -
Sometimes when he ministers God's glory appears all over him as gold dust in the appearance of glitter that sparkles. 
He sometimes seems to imply that the glory/heaven/God is in us & we are in them, somewhat like the trinity & marriage union. 
That was 1 of Jesus' prayers to His Father. Joshua's heart is that he be a conduit of Jesus to us & us to others. 
Those that hoard their gifts/blessings shrink/wither/contaminate/putrefy them as those that hoarded the manna in the desert.
Exodus 16:20 TNAB When some (disobeyed &) kept a part of it over until the following morning, it became wormy & rotten.
(Sometimes silver/gold/colored/glittery small glory dust can be carried home by conference attendees, meaning that this phenomena will at times appear almost anywhere: on skin, clothing, rugs, bathroom floors, chairs, tables, as though being or having been visited by an angel.)

spiritual translation transportation

Speaking an Unknown Language

Megan Boudreaux - read chapter #1 God Himself taught Megan the local language.

His Majestic Creation - When I Survey that Wondrous Cross hymn

Rainbow Glory -
page 32 view or 260 text - #3 Glories (in the sky esp. atop mountains) 1. backward glory

Goshen GLORY Zones

Lin, Ben, Los Angeles, Ca - Goshen Glory Zones will be established on the earth. - 7/21/2020 -(edited) + -
"There are evergreen regions & locations that will be known as Goshen Glory Zones.
They will be so saturated with the manifest presence of God, that I believe they will be cancer free, debt free, demon free, evil free & sin free.
This is NOT the 'perfect' man-made utopia instituted by socialism & communism but this is Heaven on Earth, by the Advocate, the Holy Spirit...On that day I will give special treatment to the land of Goshen, where My people live. NO swarms of flies will be found there.
In this way you will know that I, the LORD, am in the land
." (Exodus 8:22)...

You will outlast every situation, every season & every stipulation & limitation.
Anything that tries to come against you will fall. It doesn't matter what comes your way; you will be resilient. 
You will remain victorious because of the anointing that abides in you. 
You are forever a 'Psalm 1' tree, bearing good fruit all the days of your life.
Others will wither & die off, but you will remain forever.
Others will be contaminated, come & go in seasons, but you will remain eternal by the grace of God...
Your home & business is a Goshen. You are an (for) ever-green Goshen Glory Zone."

Zadai, Kevin @ - 8/11/2020 - or (paraphrased)
KEVIN: Jesus explained, "There's a word in the Old Testament, it's a place called Goshen, an area outside of where the King Pharaoh was. It was a little area where the Israelite slaves had their own place.
The plagues sent only touched Egypt proper down in the middle, but out in Goshen, none of those plagues came.
Goshen had bright sunshine; everything was  fine
." The Lord called it, "Project Goshen is in effect...
From now on, the believers will NOT participate in this, if they fill their lamps up, are wise, hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying & stop being lukewarm

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