Suicide Prevention

American Association of Suicidology 800-SUICIDE
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention  1-888-333-2377
Cognitive Behavior Therapy   1-800-853-1135
For those suffering from hopelessness and depression = 1-800-273-talk (8255) or 
Larry Huch's book Free At Last or audio cassettes explains that deliverance is frosting; salvation is cake.  June 2003
Robert H Schuller 24 hr hot line in California, USA  1-714-NEW HOPE
Suicide warning to be posted on all 23 anti-depressants sold in USA per 10/16/04 Wall St Journal
Suicide Watch humorous audio/video
USA - National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 24 hours a day - 10800-273-8255 offers free phone counseling which is called a Help WARM hotline, typically serviced by volunteer nonprofessionals.
Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program  1-800-784-2433 suicide teen line

Human Interest Stories

Arthur Zankel, New York millionaire, commits suicide due to depression 1/17/2006    E-mail this story      Print this story,,8123-2000126,00.html
Zoepf, Kaherine  Deprogramming Jihadists "The Saudi government is trying to rehabilitate violent Islamists by addressing their psychological needs.  Could therapy be the best sort of counter terrorism?" 11/9/2009 New York Times magazine


Kornacki, Carol  Suicide, The New Epidemic.  Has it visited you or someone you love?
Narramore, Bruce and Lewis, Vern C       Psychology for Living Summer 2006 vol 48 #3 editorial
Understanding and Preventing Teenage Suicide
Shakarian, Demos                         Come Let Us Exalt Him            
Demos is the founder of Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International.  Chapter 8 The Victory of Worship shares that God empowers those who worship Him.  In fact, praise is the key that defeats the enemy Satan.  Demos shares that Rick Haggins and his students in 1987 stopped the outbreak of teen suicides in southeast Alabama, NOT by praying warfare prayers, NOT by breaking curses, NOR by binding strongholds, but rather by praise and worship.
TD Jakes  Suicide Watch (3 DVDS)