Special Resources for Mentally Disabled

Angel Food - discounted meals/food - Augusta, Georgia - http://www.angelfoodministries.com/about/how_it_works.asp
Annual Christmas party, gifts & food for disabled at Kentucky Inn, Lexington, Kentucky, USA.  12/03  www.charismamag.com
Boston meals for women - http://bostonglobe.com/opinion/2012/09/22/for-portion-percent-form-help-with-dignity/FpTpB1f9IeexzSLbRoOiAL/story.html
Cell Phones for free - https://www.safelinkwireless.com/Enrollment/Safelink/en/Public/NewHome.html -
"You may qualify if you participate in programs such as Food Stamps or Medicaid."
Charlie Muller's JC Club of Victory Christian Church serves 400 lunches in Albany, New York, USA from a converted ambulance. 1-518-434-6100  12/03  www.charismamag.com
Comcast - Boston, MA, USA - http://www.cityofboston.gov/news/uploads/22756_45_22_38.pdf  discounted Comcast TV/internet for low income Boston residents.  "Along with broadband discount was Comcast Digital Connectors program, which will provide computer training to about 40 low-income middle school, high school, & college students at three Boston community centers. Participants must volunteer to teach other young people the computer skills they learn. In exchange, they receive a netbook computer free of charge. 
Similar programs are already underway in Atlanta, Denver, Miami, Philadelphia, & Springfield, Mass.".
http://community-boating.org/join/rates - Boston, Massachusetts - Special sailing programs for disabled, such as for the blind.  "Discount rates available for persons with special circumstances.
Apply to the Executive Director." 
Additionally low income families are currently (2011) eligible for $1.00 summer junior age membership; other special programs are available.
"In the Universal Access Program, persons with disabilities & their guests will have the use of specialized, accessible sailboats & transfer equipment, dedicated staff assistance to get in and out of the boats, & sailing instruction, all for only $1.00."
Special Needs sailing - http://www.courageoussailing.org/howtohelp/-adaptive-sailing - http://www.specialolympicsma.org - http://carroll.org/services/recreation/sailblind/
Community of Hope  Ozamiz City, Southern Philippines  
Catholic day care for children with mental and physical disabilities http://www.columbansisters.org/areas/philippines/annivercofhope.htm 
contribute to http://www.columbansisters.org/areas/philippines/communityofhope.htm
Consumer Quality Initiatives, Boston, Massachusetts, USA founder and lawyer (with bipolar diagnosis)
Jon Delman.  Staffed mainly by individuals on psychiatric meds. 
For beginners his agency helps youth with mental health problems transition to adult services.
Ex-psychiatric Patient Wins Leadership Prize
11/2/2008 Boston Globe Metro editorial godlberg@globe.com  
John participates in NAMIís In Own Our Voice (mental health secular) program that shares wellness medical recovery testimonies.
Dental Care - http://ramusa.org/meet-stan-brock/ -
Secular medical org for those who are uncovered by Obama care.  Mostly free dental & eye-glass help.
Dian Robertson's Gardin O' Feedin' Ministry, Boise Vineyard church, Garden City, Boise, Idaho,
feeds needy via church home garden produce. 12/2003  1-208-377-1477  www.charismamag.com
Disability @ https://howtogeton.wordpress.com/ INCLUDEs: Applying for Home Aides + Applying for Housing + Disability Accommodations + Financial Survival
Disability Accommodations + SSI Rules & Regs + Homebound/Bedbound + ME/CFS
@ https://margolisbloom.com/planning-for-life/incredible-resource-how-to-get-on-website/
ECHO non-profit offering training & seeds to poor, N Ft Meyers, Florida, USA
Emergency help in 3rd world countries - Samaritan's Purse Inc, Boone, NC, USA  www.aerdo.org    www.samaritanspurse.org
Enhanced Lifeline Program - $1.00 phone service for disabled poor in America 1-800-464-7928 to apply in USA
Eye-Glasses - http://ramusa.org/meet-stan-brock/ -
Secular medical org for those who are uncovered by Obama care.  Mostly free dental & eye-glass help.
Family Network on Disabilities Inc - Clearwater, Florida, USA http://fndfl.org - 1-800-825-5736  
Faulkner Hospital emergency communications system Jamaica Plain, Boston, Massachusetts, USA Manufactured & monitored by Pioneer Medical Systems, Melrose, Mass, USA
Free organic eggs to non-profits in Hubbardston, Massachusetts, USA area. 
Ask for Jessica Hobby. www.countryhen.com - 1-978-928-5333
Food Resource Bank  http://www.foodsresourcebank.org/
Free emergency food in Massachusetts, USA   www.projectbread.org
Free Market - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Really_Really_Free_Market -
Helping Hands, Monkey Helpers for the Disabled 541 Cambridge St, Allston, Massachusetts, USA 
Capuchin monkeys help the severely disabled..
HORSES - http://www.crystalpeaksyouthranch.org/
HORSES - Rescued Horses: Renewed Hope for Kids (Part 1 of 2) -
Rescued Horses: Renewed Hope for Kids (Part 2 of 2)
HORSES - http://www.ohorse.com/christian/youth-ministries/
HORSES - Ride with Pride Inc - http://www.forgeworks.net/wishlist.html - Horse Therapy Volunteer - "Help special needs riders with their lessons by leading a horse or sidewalking & assisting with the tasks of the lesson. Please contact Ruth Davis at 508.791.2494 or Chris Mahan at 508.886.2002." Rutland, Massachusetts, USA
Late night radio program Music in the Night gives free food to needy, Dallas, Texas, USA
Lending a hand to those in need - Founded to provide respirators to children in Jerusalem; voluntary organization Yad Sarah has become world's largest lender of medical devices.
Marty Harris pastors Vineyard Homeless Church, Santa Ana, California,  USA feeds the body & soul.
Jeremy Reynalds runs Joy Junction homeless shelter in Albuquerque, New Mexico & provides food & housing for 2-3 months  for 6,000 homeless. 7/03 www.charismamag.com
Massachusetts Electric discount R2 rate - 1-800-322-3223  www.masselectric.com   masselectric@us.ngrid.com
Medical Equipment Loan Program, Needham, MA  1-781-444-2415  hdavis@cnc.com
Mercy Medical Airlift  www.mercymedical.org/about.html
PACE in home care for seniors in Massachusetts
Partners in Health  www.pih.org  provides basic medical care and drugs to the poor in Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Russia, Rwanda and inner-city Boston The Epoch Times 11/7-13/2005 New England News  boston.editor@epochtimes.com
Project Connect on Beacon St, Boston is 1 Massachusetts location that provides for homeless with limited access to e-mail, phones, faxes, computers. 5/14/2006 www.boston.com  allis@globe.com

PCA's - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_Care_Assistant -
PCAís can sometimes be a friend or relative & paid for by patientís insurance
www.bostonCIL.org - 1-617-338-6665 patient oriented disability connection for Boston, Massachusetts, USA area

Rick Warren's Saddleback Church, Orange County, California, USA is feeding the entire city's homeless  www.saddlebackfamily.com/home/todaystory.asp?id=6887  CAUTION Rick Warren is considered New Age.
Somerville, Massachusetts, USA  programs to help cut utility bills 617-625-6600 x 2577
Front loading tumble washers use less water & energy.
Up to $3,000 weatherization if on federal fuel assistance.
Get up to 25% credit of annual water/sewer bills if income 100-200% of fed guidelines.
Gas rebate up to $400 on boiler/furnace replacement costs if boiler/furnace is 82-90% efficient.
Electric/gas discount if on food stamps, SSI, TAFDC, fuel assistance, Medicaid, Head start, refugee resettlement, needs based veterans benefits, or senior pharmacy.
Free gas company conservation material installed in 100% of building if 51% are low-income or in one household if occupant does not exceed 175% fed poverty guideline.
Salvation Army may provide up to $250 for utility bills if not eligible for fuel assistance.
Mayor's office may pay 1 utility or oil bill.  Fed & state will pay fuel bills for some low-income households. 
Citizens Energy Corp will provide a 1-time delivery of 175 gallons at half price
+ discount oil to those who have fuel assistance & are facing hardship.
Mass  Energy Consumers Alliance provides discount oil & repair to members, fuel assistance recipients, retirees, & businesses.  51%  low-income occupied building electric discounts.
Qualified owner/occupant below 80% area median income allowed grant up to $5,000 for replacement of primary heating system.  Check with local Housing & Community Development department.  www.energystar.gov  www.tumblewash.com  www.massenergy.com
Steve Gray's World Revival Church, House of Hope, Kansas City, Missouri, USA open 24 hours a day for respite & prayer. 
Dave Williams' Gilead Healing Center, Lansing Michigan, USA prays, counsels, casts out demons,
+ dispenses alternative & conventional medications via a MD. 7/2003  www.charismamag.org
Operation Blessing, Iglesia Rey de Reyes, Buenos Aires, Argentina provides food, clothing & medicine. www.charismamag.com July 2004
http://stanthonyshrine.org/wellness.asp outpatient care - dental etc in downtown Boston, Massachusetts
St Vincent de Paul Society wants to help meet some of our emergency needs (esp. clothing/food)
if you are out of work in Boston, Massachusetts, USA  1-617-325-4865
Catholic Rectory will contact St Vincent de Paul
United Republic of Tanzania, E. Africa -
http://www.cbm.org/programmes/CCBRT-275774.php - for adults & children with disabilities -
Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT)
is a locally registered non-governmental organization f1st established in 1994.
It is now the largest indigenous provider of disability and rehabilitation services in the country. 
Map @ http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a7/Regions_of_Tanzania_sw.svg
USA Social Security Admin Office of Employment Support Programs  www.ssa.gov/work
Utilities: 50 % oil fuel assistance by Citizens Energy, Boston, Massachusetts, USA 
1 -877-joe-4-oil (1-877-563-4645)
UCP is a great resource, especially for cerebral palsy  www.ucp.org
Verizon phone service in USA offers equipment & services for severely disabled who are qualified
+ Verizon phone protection for people age 65+
Age 65 or Over Notification & 3rd party designation POBox 1915, Beltsville, MD, USA 20704-1915
Visual Impairment - "Free Boston Globe newspaper reading service for visually impaired -
Contact Perkins Braille & Talking Book Library at www.perkinslibrary.org or 1-800-852-3133"
(CAUTION: Many of available audio/reading resources are secular, leaning toward the occult. 
One does not use his/her own player, but rather a special 1 provided to play their own recordings.)
Weekly bag of food & household goods with prayer Love & Care Youth Center, St Louis, Missouri, US
Web based High School, Florida, USA  kthomas@usatoday.com
Where to go in Florida, USA by wheelchair  www.wheelchairsonthego.com  www.mossresourcenet.org  www.handicappedtravelclub.com  www.access-able.com  www.dep.state.fl.us/partk  www.gorp.com/gorp/electric/disabled.htm
Wheelchair  iBOT  climbs stairs www.independencetechnology.com - www.fiftyplusadvoctes.com   9/4/2003
211 internet secular assistance in USA neighborhoods http://www.211us.org/