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Axelrod, Julius - 1970 Nobel Prize - Nerve message transmission mechanisms discovery many quite demonic in nature -
Brownstein, Dr David   Iodine - Why You Need It.Why You Can't Live Without It.  Chapter 5 Iodine and the Toxic Halogens - Bromide and Fluoride  iodine, bromine (bromide), chorine, astatine, and fluorine (fluoride) are in the Periodic Table under the family grouping of halogens.  They compete for the same cell receptors in the body.  Iodine is imperative to the organs which accept it (thymus/breast/ovaries/salivary glands) plus helpful in displacing/dislodging the competing toxic elements [bromine (bromide), chorine, astatine, and fluorine (fluoride)] that can trigger/aggravate/contribute to the diseases found especially in the organs which have the halogen receptors. Numerous maladies have been blamed on these toxic metals- "delirium, psychomotor retardation, schizophrenia and hallucination" per 1948 American Journal of Psychiatry #104:798-804. Bromine reduced from bromide is a major culprit.  The bakery industry replaced iodine with bromine in the 1960's.  Therefore, where there is mental illness in one's family, be sure to regularly offer your family Celtic salt, fish, seaweed, sea vegetables, iodine supplements, or Iodoral (which has both iodine and iodide needed by the body).
Charlie Rose TV - From Potential of the Mind to Diseases of the Brain   12/20/2007 
6/2010 discussion of mental illness including schizophrenia. episode #9
Charlie Rose TV - The Brain Series - :
The Disordered Brain - #9 The Mentally Ill Brain = Bipolar - The Anxious Brain -
The Emotional and Vulnerable Brain - The Aging Brain - The Developing Brain - The Social Brain -
The Acting Brain - The Perceiving Brain - The Great Mysteries of the Human Brain -
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Collins, Dr. Francis - - genome director accepts God as part of his science

CNN TV notes that  the brain can be (1) trained to detect new smells and (2) that the brain may possibly be trained to recover from nervous system injuries.
10/24/02  Nature journal
Dr R H Yolken, Stanley  Lab of Developmental Neurovirology, Dept Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University Med Center focus on viral, immunological & molecular causes of diseases in pregnancy & child
Dr Humphry Osmond with Carl Pfeiffer found that by giving vitamin B6 + zinc, the recovery from schizophrenia was speeded up.
Doidge, Norman  The Brain That Changes Itself 
Hear Norman Doidge on Rewiring the Brain, on CBC Radio One, The Sunday Edition   also 12/26/2006 radio broadcast
Epi-genetics is a new field of science where altering genes by adding or removing silencing molecules, thus changing DNA, has been proven, by the grooming of infants or lack thereof by mice.  Perhaps something like this has turned on/off a gene triggering mental illness. 8/04 Nature Neuroscience per 7/16/04 WSJ
(Gensat) Gene Expression Nervous System Atlas  will map genes implicated in mental illness says nature Journal per 11/31/03Wall St Journal Science Journal
Higgins, SJ      Molecular Biology of the Brain - Essays in Biochemistry Chapter 9 - P.G. Strange's Pathology and drug action in schizophrenia - insights from molecular biology.  [Be reminded that the majority of investigation is after the fact, meaning that the patient is now on medication, so conclusions are biased.  We have never seen testing done BEFORE newly diagnosed patients are put on meds.  Patients who have been taken off meds cold turkey between 2 types of meds should NOT medically be labeled as new drug free patients.  The former drugs, for beginners, have affected them both physically and emotionally. Ouch.  Most drugs are like rape to the physical body.  Doctors promise NOT to harm.  What a lie.  Any MD who prescribes a psychiatric drug should 1st take one shot himself!  2nd , most dosages are titered up or down too fast and in too high a dosage.  Additionally, certain meds work best in the non-generic form. (Generic clozapine is in serious question for effacy per
Wall St Journal 10/24/00 )  3rd, most drug dosages can be helped and reduced by the addition of specific vitamins.  3rd, most physicians fail to allow any benefit/merit to spiritual intervention.]
Hiring Your Own Scientist to Search for a Cure editorial 4/25/2002 (ALS ) (dystonia/Parkinson's ) (Alzheimer's )
Imprinted Genes may hold some clues to schizophrenia. Methyl is a DNA silencer.  The 2nd genetic code or pattern of DNA silencers is the next technology called MethylScope.  50+ genes are known to be imprinted due to inheritance or affected in the womb before birth and may be found by molecular diagnostic testing. 6/24/05
Leaf, Caroline  "Dr. Caroline Leaf  neuro-metacognitive learning specialist, has researched the human brain since 1981...She has developed the   Learning® theory, as well as the unique Metacognitive-Mapping Approach®. the author of Who Switched Off My Brain?"
1/5/2009 TV Broadcast  superior
Toxic thoughts if accepted and not rejected emit venom which harden into visible thorns in the brain.  However, these are reversible when negative memories are identified, captured, refused and replaced with positive ideas/thoughts over a minimum of 21 days.
1/6/2009 TV Broadcast
8/3,12,16,19,24/2007 Life Today TV broadcasts & transcripts
Jonah Lehrer  is author of  How We Decide + Proust Was A Neuroscientist + contributor to Radio Lab
"The human brain...the more we know about it, the deeper our own mystery becomes."
"Alva...Noë writes that scientists have been so eager to locate the mind in the brain that they've neglected to consider the possibility that our mind might not be inside our head...Our awareness of reality doesn't depend entirely on what's happening inside the brain, but is a side effect of how we, as individuals, interact with the wider world." 
Medem's Medical Library
Medline plus
National Geographic   has 2 editorials
6/95 Quiet Miracles of the Brain
and 3/2005 What's in Your Mind 1st article suggests that schizophrenics have (atypical) hemisphere size reversal.  (This hypothesis is based on brain x rays of patients who often have been on psychiatric medicines. Evidence does not hold up for newly diagnosed schizophrenics.) Candace Pert, pharmacologist, advises that the mind is NOT only in the brain.  It is also in the flow of neurocommunicators of brain, lymph glands, heart, spleen, thymus, bone marrow, spine dorsal horn, stomach and immune system. Emotions are neuropeptides attaching to receptors and stimulating an electrical change on neurons. All biochemical.
National Library of Medicine  1-800-338-7657 - "Every brain is made of the same basic parts. A sensory cell in a sea slug works just like a cortical neuron in a human brain. It relies on the same neurotransmitters and ion channels and enzymes...once the Blue Brain team created an accurate model of a single neuron, they could multiply it to get a 3-dimensional slice of brain."
The Brain at Prayer 4/28/2003 Anne Blair Gould
The New York Times'  Medical Science Tuesday 1/21/1997 editorial Brain-Tied Gene Defect May Explain Why Schizophrenics Hear Voices - A Link Between Schizophrenia and Smoking? The inability to filter out irrelevant sounds and other distractions may be part of the reason schizophrenics hear voices and hallucinate.  Tone filtering problems where subsequent/close tones are not made smaller/inhibited by the brain, may contribute to schizophrenia problems. The brain's tone responder is an alpha 7-nicotinic receptor, which responds to both acetylcholine and nicotine (cigarettes).  The Nicotinic receptor is located on chromosome15 near the alpha 7-nicotinic receptor.  The brain may have a defect in this area.
The Secret Life of Germs - Observations and Lessons From a Microbe Hunter by Philip M Tierno shares that most all disease is from destructive or inappropriate protein production and that the development of antisense drugs may help solve this problem. When a protein is made, the 2 DNA  stands uncoil.   One is called "sense" and one is called "antisense."  The antisense strand is used as an enzyme template to assemble RNA by transcription. RNA makes amino acid protein by translation. Antisense drugs bind to RNA to prevent specific unwanted protein production.  
Other ingenious methods now being engineered are = decoys and blockers, multihead antibiotics, genetic engineering, biopharming, botanical  drugs, bacteriophage therapy, immune modulation, nanotherapy, new-wave vaccines, and quorum sensing.
RNA silencing - turning off or on of genes - (short version)
or ( scientific long version)
India - case studies on schizophrenia -
7/27/05 - USA federally funded case study report will be coming out in Sept on depression drugs.  One of trails is for thyroid hormone plus a antipsychotic. One trail is for lithium with effexor, as lithium boosts effectiveness of older antidepressants in bipolar patients.  One schizophrenic, Steve Miller, was cured by adding Zyprexa to Clozaril.
Yes, the brain can regenerate itself.  One of the studies is as follows.
FASEB Journal  2006;20:1785-1792  © 2006 
Publication contends that leukotriene B4 and lipoxin A4 are regulatory signals for neural stem cell proliferation and differentiation.
MIT - Fab Lab innovations for 3rd world countries - 4/12/2010