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Bad Behavior & Illness are Caused by Biochemical Imbalances 
book by Ronald C Dishinger   1-502-684-9233
Boisen, Anton -
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Case report of Schizophrenia cure - 3/2004 Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine
Conquering Schizophrenia, a Father, his Son and a Medical Breakthrough 
Peter Wyden autobiography
Gottesman, Irving I. - Schizophrenia Genesis - good positive overview NO online chapter 1 - Reprinted by permission of the author. From Gottesman, I.I., Schizophrenia Genesis: The Origins of Madness, New York: W.H. Freeman, 1991, p.96 (c) 1991 Irving I. Gottesman...

Myth /
Schizophrenia is caused by evil spirits or witchcraft (per many 3rd world & missionary beliefs)
(Science without a Spirit or Soul) Fact /
There is a multitude of misconceptions about the cause of schizophrenia: 
(based on secular non-Judeo-Christian worldview; even Muslims and Africans believe in spiritual demonic-roots/evil-spirits.)
1-Schizophrenia is not caused by a "curse or an evil eye."
2-Schizophrenia is not Godís punishment for family sins.
3-Schizophrenia is not caused by a lack of faith in God.
4-Schizophrenia is not a form of demonic possession. 
5-Schizophrenia is not a result of frustrated love.
6-Schizophrenia is not caused by reading too many books.
Possible (gestation) triggers are:
1-Complications during the motherís pregnancy or labour;
2-Prenatal exposure to virus, specifically during the 5th month of the motherís pregnancy, when most brain development occurs;
3-It is thought that complications during pregnancy and delivery increase the risk, probably because of damage to the developing brain;
4-Studies have shown that a pregnant woman contracting a viral illness may have a
child with a greater risk of developing schizophrenia. (However, maternal viral infections probably account for only a small fraction of the increased risk of schizophrenia.)
5-Additional environmental factors that can complicate illness include stress,
particularly the stress of adolescence.
Hammond, Frank D    Video = VH11 - The Schizophrenia Revelation, Part I  + VH12 - The Schizophrenia Revelation, Part II  Audio =  H109 - The Schizophrenia Revelation, Part I  + H110 - The Schizophrenia Revelation, Part II
Hammond, Frank D & Ida Mae  Pigs in the Parlor, A Practical Guide to Deliverance,
has a chapter entitled Schizophrenia and is the "best of the best" for pastors in the deliverance ministry. 
Hammond, Frank & Ida Mae A Manual for Children's Deliverance  on criminal schizoprenia. 
Also see chapter 3 Preparing for Deliverance on deliverance of 6 year old with schizophrenia.
Hillore - Articles on Schizophrenia Term schizophrenia is derived from Greek 'schizo' (split) and 'phrene' (mind) & coined by Eugene Bleuler to refer to lack of interaction between thought process and perception.
Hinkle, Mary-Etta  Out of the Valley of Darkness autobiography of healing @ schizophrenia
Dr Hoffer shares orthomolecular healing of 25 year old male who had schizophrenia since age 15. Summer 2005 ISF newsletter.
2017 web link
Hoffer, Dr Abram Adventures in Psychiatry - Nutrition & Mental Health newsletter Autumn 2005 book review
Hoffer, a psychiatrist aged 87, is the father of orthomolecular medicine, at least for schizophrenia. 
It is he who pioneered the use of vitamin B3 for psychiatric disease & paranoia.  All his patients, who were/are faithful to his nutritional regimen, were/are able to work, earn an income & pay taxes.
2017 web link
Hope for Schizophrenia  free brochure  
 + over 37 schizophrenia publications for a small fee @ International SocietyforOrthomolecularMedicine 
2017 web link:
Hoffer, Abram -Abram Hoffer: Orthomolecular Pioneer +
  April-June 2014 -
There is room for medical science to invite patient involvement in religion in their treatment regime.
Is There No Place On Earth For Me?  
Pulitzer Prize Nonfiction Book by: Susan Sheehan
John Gach Books, Inc   (Schizophrenia books) 
Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine -
archives @ 
Kenneth McAll MD (Psychiatrist in England)  A Guide to Healing the Family Tree 
"Let's Talk Facts About"  APA mental illness pamphlet series
Let's Talk about Schizophrenia
by American Psychiatric Pres 
Mountbatten, Prince Philip (husband to Queen of England, Elizabeth @ Family dysfunction: Prince Philip's early life | CBC News - Philip's "family eventually broke down. Philip's mother...born deaf, was ill periodically, diagnosed with schizophrenia & spent time in a sanitarium in Switzerland. His father went off with his mistress to Monte Carlo, where he died in 1944." - 4/9/2021
Riven Rock by T C Boyle. Historical
1900's novel of schizophrenic siblings Stanley & Mary McCormick
Sanity, Madness and the Family  RD Laing MD and A Esterson MD
A summary of 5 years of interviews of schizophrenics, parents and relatives
Sea of Glass by Dr Carolyn Farrington  (living with a son who has schizophrenia)
Teens With Schizophrenia Lose Gray Matter in Back to Front Wave National Institute Mental Health news  9/25/01
The Divided Self by Dr Laing gives a case study of schizophrenic parents
The Early Stages of Schizophrenia   Zipursky & Schulz, MD's
The Family Face of Schizophrenia
Book by: Patricia Backlar  National Association of Mentally Ill 
The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine
The Outsider: A Journey into My Father's World of Madness   
A book by N Lachenmeyer - Nathaniel's dad Charles was a professor of sociology who due to schizophrenia died homeless
Mad in America Book  Book by: Robert Whitaker
Drugs impose a constructed and twisted normality profitable mostly for the drug companies & HMO's 
Marohn, Stephanic  The Natural Medicine Guide to Schizophrenia see book review in Summer 2004 newsletter Origin theories have evolved (mostly false). 1st split personality, 2nd dementia praecox - premature loss of mind, 3rd Freudian idea that a schizophrenogenic mother has withheld love, 4th DSM subclassifications of undifferentiated, catatonic, paranoid, schizophreniform, or schizoaffective.
For practical purposes, schizophrenia may encompass a continued/ongoing (not short term/temporary) loss of contact with reality marked by delusions, disordered thinking, perceptual changes & hallucinations for which no medical reason is found.
McAll, Dr. Kenneth (1910-6/2/2001) (Catholic) psychiatrist (England) Healing the Family Tree 1984 1986
Sheldon Press - Purchase @
or 1-800-647-9882 Queenship Publishing  or 
McAll believed in healing masses where one identifies family sin/sinners and confesses those ancestor's/family sins.  He believed in praying for the dead, but not to the dead, which is forbidden in scripture. 
Repentance for a particular sin in the family tree, often results in the healing of family diseases including schizophrenia.
Jonathan Metzl MD - The Protest Psychosis: How Schizophrenia Became a Black Disease editorial On Race and Schizophrenia @
Natural Healing for Schizophrenia
Book by: Eva Edelman  1-541-638-8720
New Pharmacotherapy of Schizophrenia   by Alan Breier MD
R C Dishinger's  Bad Behavior & Illness Are Caused By Biochemical Imbalances  
(father & son cured of schizophrenia)              
 Recovery from the Hell of Schizophrenia  See ISF newsletter summer 2005 book review. Carlene Hope (pseudonym) shares autobiography of self and biography of son
Rooted in Jesus: Healing Generational Defects book by Patricia A McLaughlin whose daughter was healed of schizophrenia at a Catholic healing mass
Rickie by Frederick Flach (visual disorder treatment cured schizophrenia)  Rickie Flach Hartman & Amiel W Francke tapes
Schizophrenia from mind to molecule   by NC Andreasen MD
Schizophrenia Digest   Bill McPhee Magpie Publishing, Inc.
Ft. Erie, ON, Canada
Schizophrenia a homepage of NAMI   New York, USA
Schizophrenia Revealed # 0-393-70334-7
Michael Foster Green  1-800-233-4830
Schizophrenia Society of Ontario, Canada
Surviving Schizophrenia, A Family Manual  Book by E. Fuller Torrey, MD,
Washington DC  (1-541)343-7688 (NAMI library loaner book)
Schubert, Linda  Rich in Mercy booklet Linda's autobiography shares that her step son has schizophrenia and that her husband died of an accidental overdose of psychiatric medicine. 
She is co-author of 9 books with Father Robert DeGrandis.
4 Sisters with Schizophrenia, 4 Decades of Scrutiny
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
WHO's World Health Report 2001
World Schizophrenia info   info@world-schizophrenia
Sumrall, Lester - Alien Entities - A look behind the door to the spirit realm -
Alien Entities
 recommended - Chapter 12 - Is Schizophrenia an Alien Entity -
"Schizophrenia is a soulical problem affecting the mind, emotions and will...It is not of the spirit of man; his body is only the victim...It is probable that a person with a dual personality is tormented by an alien entity...Schizophrenia has no apparent not of God...(Unless inherited or cursed) often a broken personality is the result of decisions made which were made by the person involved (afflicted)."
Chapter 19 Who Can Exorcise an Alien Entity (a demon/devil/fallen angel)?
"Any believer, any born-again person, anyone who knows the Lord Jesus Christ personally can cast out devils... Jesus Christ is the giver of authority. 
No church or church officer can grant you that power and authority...
Power would be useless if it were not brought against interfering and anti-Christian spirits...
Jesus did not ask His Father to rebuke Satan, but rather He dealt with him example of how we are to deal with the is very important to fast, especially before seeking to cast out some evil spirit."
Chapter 20 - What Happens to a Person after the Alien Entity Is Cast Out?
"When you set someone free, then you have an obligation to that person to teach him or her the Word of God about how to remain free.  Don't allow them to fall back into demon possession or oppression."'s/Encyclopedia%20of%20Schizophrenia%20and%20Other%20Psychotic%20Disorders.pdf - 2007
3rd edition by Richard Noll, Ph.D. Foreword by Leonard George, Ph.D.  Foreward - The Haunted Animal - "The notion that madness can be caused by spiritual forces endured into the worldviews of the early civilizationsóindeed, it has survived to the present.
With the Vaticanís blessing, a Roman college still offers courses in the study of demonic possession & exorcism,
training priests to discern the signs of the devilís hand in severely disturbed behavior & the right techniques of 'sucking out' the pest, no longer with a shamanís bone, but with sprays of holy water & chants of scripture.  Dr. Nollís published collection of psychiatric case reports of the 'possession syndrome' is the most important study of this topic in many decades. 
In ancient Greece, all sorts of mental and physical maladies were taken to be the mischief of the kakodaimones, personifications of malign forces in oneís character or environment, or else the result of the godsí displeasure.  Sufferers might make a pilgrimage to a temple-complex of the healing deity Asklepios.
There, they would ease their souls by strolling through gardens & groves and attending the theater.
At the climax of the therapy, they spent the night in the temple, where they prayed for a visit from the divine healer.  Asklepiosís favorite animal was the snake (which still curls around Asklepiosís wand in the symbol of the medical profession) feeling it slither over oneís body in the darkened temple was a sure sign of good prognosis.  Hippocrates founded a medical tradition that sought natural causes for ailments.
The cosmos was an interplay of four elements (air, fire, earth, and water), and the human being, as a mikro-kosmos (small replica of the cosmos), featured the circulation of airy blood, fiery yellow bile, earthy black bile, and watery phlegm. If the balanced flow of these 4 humors was upset, illness of body or mind could ensue.
Too much yellow bile could trigger bouts of mania, while an excess of black bile (melan choler in Greek) could lead to a deep melancholy.  Either extreme could fray the suffererís contact with reality for a while.
The Hippocratic doctor would advise a moderate lifestyle, neither too much nor too little sleep, food, exercise, socializing. 
He might also try to bleed the excess humor from the body. Hippocratic medicine, as reformulated by Galen in the 2nd century
A.D., remained vital for classifying and treating madness well into the Enlightenment. 
Christian authorities through the ages viewed madness in many ways.
Christís call to compassion for the sick drew Christian doctors to treat psychotic sufferers as patients
who needed medical help, often of the Hippocratic/Galenic variety. 
Christianity cast the world as a battle between the Lord and Lucifer over the fate of souls,
so it is no surprise that hurt psyches would be seen as casualties of that spiritual war.
Folk healers peddled charms to keep Satanís spawn at bay or drive them out or offered to cut open the scalp of the mad person & remove the 'folly stone' that had sprouted in the brain.
With a little sleight of hand, they could give the plucked stone to the patientís grateful family as a keepsake & then leave town as fast as possible. 
By the later Middle Ages, the Catholic project of a universal church was in dire straits.
The grip of Islam on Africa and the Middle East was not seriously loosened by the Crusades.
Within western Europe itself, heresies like Catharism & Waldensianism threatened the Catholic monopoly of faith.
The Black Deathís ravages were strangely unresponsive to prayer, raising further doubts.  Clearly, Christendom was under sustained attack by a potent foe. It could only be the devil, aided by a '5th column' of perverse humans. This conclusion was drawn not by the ignorant masses but by the leading intellectual lights of the church, setting the foundation for the Great Witch Hunt.
Deviant behaviors that were taken as signs of humoral imbalance in the past now marked a person as either a demonic victim or collaborator. The prescription for psychosis was often exorcism. As well as the pronouncement of holy mutterings, torturing the bewitched person was encouraged to discomfit the resident demon.
The 'witches' accused of sending the demons got even worse treatment.  10's of 1,000's confessed under torture.
But some eagerly shared their tales of flying through the air at night on a goat or broom to the witchesí sabbaths, where in Satanís honor they would kiss a giant cat beneath the tail, feast on babiesí flesh & plot spells to blight crops and abort good Christian fetuses.
These delusional souls were freed from their psychoses by the stake or the noose. 
There never (rarely) were any witches. But the witch huntersí fantasies surfaced again in the late 20th century as a wave of 'ritual Satanic abuse' reports spread around the world.
Investigators found no credible evidence for the alleged global conspiracy of devil-worshippers.
Dr. Nollís timely writings on this topic helped eventually to stem the irrational tide

In the 1400s, as the Witch Hunt was unleashed, the Renaissance bloomed in Italy.
A brighter conception of humanity and nature gradually spread.  No longer was the world the chessboard of God and devil, but a wondrous creation to be explored by the miracle that is humanity, 'noble in reason, infinite in faculty,' as Shakespeare put it. This rebirth of a proud & ingenious curiosity led to the rise of modern science. Mad people were no longer thought soiled by Satanís touch but somehow diseased.
In the absence of useful treatments, they were locked in 'insane asylums' or 'madhouses' in the care
of a new breed of medical specialist, the 'mad-doctor
Patientsí disruptive acts had to be managed in these settings, leading to an era of inventive restraints. 
The mad-doctors devised many clever means to try to shock or stress patients out of their psychoses.
These methods were often not so different from those of the witch interrogators, but with much kinder motive. 
The humanistic wisdom of the Renaissance bore fruit in the rise of democratic governments & legally enshrined human rights in Europe & the Americas.
Seen with humanistsí eyes, the denizens of the madhouses looked to be unfortunate kin, not only saddled with mental illness, but stripped of dignity and jailed in dungeons.
Such was the view of the great reformers like Pinel, Rush & Tuke, who began the
process (which is not yet complete in some parts of the world) of unchaining the mad & treating them decently. But there were still no viable theories to explain the cause of psychosis or guide its treatment.
Other areas of medicine were starting to see breakthroughs.  Scientists found the cause of many diseases to be microorganisms & soon were creating vaccines (drugs to incapacitate/overrule the patient).
Medicineís trend was to focus on biology & neglect psychological & social factors in illness & health. 
The imprint of this split between body & psyche has been clear in the disciplines of psychiatry & psychology since their inception in the 19th century. Camps of specialists framed the puzzle of psychosis as either biological or psychosocial. Their research produced a series of dead ends instead of insights.
Each view had its turn dominating academic & popular culture.
More harm than good came of these fractured perspectives
The reign of psychoanalysis for several decades was (& is) notably unhelpful...
The best way to use this book, indeed, the best way for us to advance in our struggle with psychosis, may be to follow the advice of the alchemists of old: '
Ora, lege, lege, lege, relege, labora, et invenies'. 
'Pray, read, read, read, reread, work & you will find.'
If we do so diligently, 1 day humankind may no longer be the haunted animal."
Leonard George, Ph.D., R.Psych. Department of Psychology, Capilano College North Vancouver, British Columbia
Regarding author Noll "His book The Jung Cult: Origins of a Charismatic Movement (Princeton University Press, 1994) was chosen by the Association of American Publishers as the Best Book in Psychology published that year & Princeton University Press submitted it as 1 of its entries for the Pulitzer Prize competition.
Nollís scholarship has been translated into 13 foreign languages.
He has taught courses or delivered invited lectures in 14 foreign countries on 5 continents."
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Charlie Rose Brain Series 2: Schizophrenia
with Cornelia Bargmann, David A. Lewis, Danny Hurley 3/30/2012 - Duration
60 min
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