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Duke, Patty & Hochman, Gloria  A Brilliant Madness - Living with Manic-Depressive Illness  1992 autobiography
Early, Peter Crazy: A Father's Search Through America's Mental Health Madness  Book and/or broadcast radio WBUR - fresh air 4/17/06 about journalist & his son Mike diagnosed with 3 symptoms depending on doctor = bipolar/schizophrenia/socio-affective Author Wades Through 'Mental Health Madness 
Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman - "Unlike IQ, emotional intelligence includes empathy, self-control, drive, enthusiasm & social awareness."
Finding Care for Depression, 
Mental Episodes & Brain Disorders
Book by: Robert Sealey
Girl Interrupted autobiography by Susanna Kaysen
Guilford catalogue for school psychologists, counselors & clients  1-800-365-7006
Susan Heitler Ph.D.
10/27/2014 Editorial -
Chapter #1
Prescriptions Without Pills: For Relief from Depression, Anger, Anxiety and More website
Power of Two Marriage, which teaches skills for marriage success.
Free worksheets + video examples:
Depression  Anger  Anxiety   Addictions   Well-Being   Relationships
Martha Manning autobiography of depression
Mind Over Mood  D Greenberger & C A Padesky 
Excellent workbook on changing feelings and mood
Townsend, John - - Books - Articles
"Dr. Townsend earned master of theology degree at Dallas Theological Seminary."
It is imperative to have healthy relationships with BOTH man & God.


Of 2 Minds - Revolutionary Science of Dual-Brain Psychology  Book by: Frederic Schiffer  (Special glasses that help psychological disorders)  Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA


Campbell, Bebe Moore, Emerson College professor, in 72 Hour Hold
Mother and Daughter, Divided by the Shadow of Disease

fictionalizes what her family has experienced with blackness and mental illness. 

CHRISTIAN - Spiritual

Biblical Counseling Training Manual -
Dobson, James  Focus on the Family radio (Fundamentalist Protestant ministry)
Leman, Kevin
Understanding Who You Are - Pt 1  11/17/2008
Understanding Who You Are - Pt 2  11/18/2008
Other interviews
Dr. Kevin Leman BOOKS - raising children and birth order to business and marriage
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Narramore, Clyde - (Fundamentalist Protestant ministry) -

CONVENTIONAL - Glossary of Psychological Terms -  "Flooding involves exposing you to your greatest fear for a prolonged period until your brain & body eventually calm down."
Mason, Paul & Kreger, Randi - Stop Walking on Eggshells - Borderline personality disorder help for those with BPD or those who you care about with a BPD diagnosis/ label (which is a different diagnosis than bipolar disorder.  Actually some of suggestions would help most anyone with relationship issues. - site overseen by psychologist- 2002
Type in area of concern and find conventional web links that address it.
Phil Stutz and Barry Michels - The Tools: Transform Your Problems into Courage, Confidence, and Creativity - Charlie Rose interview re book.


A majority of secular doctors & mainline Christian denominations neglect to be-aware-of or believe that their patients/congregation can be oppressed by demons.
Carl Jung "had his own spirit guide. Philemon he called him, that’s where he got most of his major theories. 'A screeching chorus of ghosts' These are his words, filled his home outside of Zurich & in 3 days & 3 nights under their inspiration he wrote his major work Septem Sermones ad Mortuos—The 7 Sermons to the Dead. He believed that he traveled with the dead in the spirit world that he was the preacher, the pastor TO the dead.  It goes on & on.
His major theories came out of the occult & we could talk about Carl Rogers & many others, so this is where it comes from. Now I want to quote Martin L. Gross. He is an investigative reporter, not a Christian.
In fact he is an anti-Christian, so that makes all these words all the more interesting. He says, 'Freud’s atheistic ideas have paradoxically influenced ministers, priests & rabbis who now flock to courses in pastoral counseling making many members of the cloth seem more Freudian than Christian.' Rather interesting, so Christian psychology isn’t Christian psychology. It is psychology from the world which is atheistic, it’s occult manifestations actually, that’s the origin of it, much of it, not all of it & they’ve brought it into the church & they’ve dressed it up in Biblical language." evil spiritual interference -
Mind Games/Cons, esp. re. population governance.