Relapse Prevention

Atypical anti-psychotics create dependency disorders per Abram Hoffer, MD
in 3/04 Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine
Boston's St Francis House has day shelter, programs, clothes + meals (7AM-3PM) for the homeless & poor.
Caretaker relapse prevention resource = National Family Caregiver Support Program provides respite care, counseling & support  groups.  State funded..1-800-677-1116 -  12/11/2003 - 1/7/2004
Compeer Inc, headquartered in Rochester, NY, USA, enlists adult volunteers to befriend youth with psychiatric disorders. Also has drug-court mentoring  9/30/03
Continuing Education for Coping Skills
Cornerstone Christian Counseling Center
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Early detection education benefits schizophrenia patients per Archives of General Psychiatry & 3/2/2004
Wall St Journal
Illness is gradual & in initial weeks/months a person may still be aware that delusional thinking or hallucinations are in fact not real; that ability to distinguish is often lost as the untreated illness progresses, per Thomas McGlashan Yale University School of Medicine psychiatrist. 
Editor R McGough notes that typical onset age is early 20's for men and mid-late 20's for women. Symptoms: Psychotic or "positive" symptoms  include delusions, hallucinations, disordered thinking.  "Negative" symptoms include social withdrawal, extreme apathy, blunted emotional expression.
"Family to Family" 12 week series for caregivers, family & friends by NAMI in Maine1-800-464-5767
NAMI also has distributed books on mental illness to public libraries in Maine, USA 1-207-843-4105
Friendship Stables gives therapeutic horse riding classes in Augusta, Maine, USA  1-207-622-5047
Generic Clozapine not as reliable as Brand Clozarilby Thomas M Burton: 2000 TheWall Street Journal
Horses & Healing - New Hope for Kids audio 12/30-31/2004 Dr Dobson, on Focus on the Family radio, interviews Kim Meeder who rescues abused horses & allows kids to care for them.
Hosanna House Inc, Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, USA is a huge Christian community center providing many resources including health & dental care
Isaacson, Rupert - The Horse Boy - a Memoir of Healing - healing autism by alternative medicine -
"In 2007 Rowan, his dad, & mother (Kristin Neff, a psychology professor at the Universityof Texas) took a journey across Mongolia on horseback, going from traditional healer to traditional healer, shaman to shaman, looking for healing. They went out with a child still tantrumming, still un-toilet trained, & cut off from other children. They came back with a child no longer tantrumming, toilet trained & able to make friends." DANGER - Not so much about horses as about shamanism & Buddhism.  BEWARE.
Family does now have horse riding program for the disabled in Texas, USA.
Keep track of your own medical records.
7/27/04  Wall Street Journal
Risperdal now comes as injectable Risperdal Consta  10/30/2003
Shadow Syndromes  by John J Ratey & Catherine Johnson PhD
Winning Against Relapse  workbook by Mary Ellen Copeland, Vermont, USA  1-800-748-6273  Audio #010503-050
Workbook by Greenberger & Padesky - Clinician's guide #4B2821
Mind Over Mood  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED English #4B2128  or Spanish #4B2821
You Have Got to Have a Want To  Autobiography audio of pastor with cerebral palsy
RELAPSE PREVENTION    or     How to Keep Your Healing
Safe Potential Places for Pastors to Utilize North Carolina - 2023