All Your Health Questions Answered Naturally  by Maureen Kennedy Salaman  Pg 927 recommends Schizophrenia Supplements
Angel Food - discounted meals - Augusta, Georgia -
Baby Food.  Make your own. 1-866-403-7374
Bad Behavior & Illness are Caused by Biochemical Imbalances  Book by Ronald C Dishinger  1-502-684-9233
Center for Nutritional Research - Cottonwood, Arizona, USA   1-801-264-5504
Charles, Dan - Don't Fear That Expired Food : The Salt : NPR -
B3 - Niacin or Niacinamide - at - "Niacin is a clinically proven therapy for serious mental illness, and yet the medical profession has delayed endorsing it for over fifty years. Instead, drug treatments dominate. But drugs are not doing the job. A double-blind study of schizophrenics showed that three-quarters of them stopped taking pharmaceutical medication either because of intolerability or inefficacy. That means that either the drug side effects were unbearable, or the drug just plain did not work. (5)"
Hoffer, Abram with Foster, Harold - - Feel Better, Live Longer with Vitamin B3 book review - "In the 1950s, Hoffer applied his PhD in biochemistry to research whether vitamins B3 and C would help patients with psychosis.  Many acute schizophrenic patients recovered (were able to work and pay income taxes) taking niacin or niacinamide – a methyl acceptor along with ascorbic acid, an antioxidant...They survey 15 common health problems which respond to B3 supplements: pellagra (a nutritional deficiency which leads to psychosis but resolves by taking niacin); schizophrenia (which also responds to niacin, but requires higher doses of vitamin B3 along with ascorbic acid and other supplements); pyroluria; alcoholism; anxiety; cardiovascular; stroke; senility; Huntington’s; Parkinson’s and...cancer." (B3 needs slow titration up or down.)
David Horrobin, DPil,BM,BCh (depression help)  Laxdale Research, Scotland
Dr Don Colbert's nutrition books
Deadly Emotions    Walking in Divine Health
Dr David Perlmutter's Glutathione
Therapy book Brain Recovery.Com  Naples, Florida, USA
Dr Jordan Rubin's The Maker's Diet Revealed
Garden of Life, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA 
Dr Kara Davis' Spiritual Secrets to Weight Loss
Dr Penny Stanway's  Foods For Common Ailments  (1989) pg 71 foods to prevent/treat schizophrenia
Dr Peter J D'Adamo's book   4 Blood Types, 4 Diets  Eat Right 4 Your Type James D'Adamo:Portsmouth, NH, USA
Dr Reginald B Cherry's God's Pathway to Healing - Vitamins and Supplements    Memory and Mental Acuity 
Stress Support
    Sleep Support    Weight Management Program
Doctor, What Should I Eat  by Isadore Rosenfeld, MD  (Random House)
Fish contain toxins: mercury, dioxins, & PCB's.     Avoid large: salmon, tuna, sword.
Avoid bottom feeders: catfish, shellfish.     Avoid raw uncooked fish that is cured or smoked   Click on national advisory list.  9/2/03
Food Allergy problems/dangers may contribute to psychotic thinking.                                                                                              
Food - Your Miracle Medicine   The Food Pharmacy   Stop Aging Now   books by Jean Carper
Aged Kyolic garlic restored animals memory and problem solving abilities
Genetically Engineered Foods: Are they safe? You decide. 
Laura & Robin Ticciati share the generational dangers, often invisible.
Howard Gordon, producer of X-Files says that this booklet is scarier than anything on the X-Files! 
Health in Harmony catalogue - Food & Mood nutrition  Health in Harmony, Toronto, Canada
Rosalie Moscoe. Registered nutritional consultant practitioner      
Health Maintenance Inst     Dana Lake LN,  director
Health Secrets of Plants and Herbs  book by Maurice Messegue  (William Morrow & Co Inc)
Histamine (negative) mechanisms in Psychotic disorders
Cassettes by Professor James Croxton & Oscar R Kruesi, MD, Bernardsville, NJ, USA
Hoffer's Laws of Natural Nutrition by Abram Hoffer   -  Canada
Dr. Hoffer cites cases of schizophrenia cured by removal of foods causing psychotic manifestations
Hoffer, Dr Abram Adventures in Psychiatry
Nutrition & Mental Health newsletter Autumn 2005 book review
Hoffer, a psychiatrist aged 87, is the father of orthomolecular medicine, at least for schizophrenia.  It is he who pioneered the use of vitamin B3 for psychiatric disease and paranoia.  All his patients, who were/are faithful to his nutritional regimen, were/are able to work, earn an income, and pay taxes.
Holford, Patrick  Optimum Nutrition for the Mind  Holford founded British Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) book review Spring 2003
Lesser MD, Michael   The Brain Chemistry Diet   Nutrition can be based on one's brain chemistry type G P Putnam, publisher, New York
Some mushrooms and some herbs, for beginners, can cause psychiatric symptoms such as hallucinations.
One such herb with psychiatric possibilities is an annual sage (Oceana® Blue Salvia patens 'Salsyll' USPPAF) 
Poppies have this possibility. Typically the drug is derived from the seed cover's white milk.
"Addiction can be a problem" often resulting in overdose and death.
Avoid eating poppy seed bagels prior to any drug tests!
Much depends on the origin (organic, genetically modified), quantity, rawness, use (cooked, smoked, eaten, injected, etc), part used (seed, leaf, tincture, blossom, etc.), availability of protection (immunity, blood of Jesus such as via communion, medical intervention).

Grow Smart, Grow Safe is a downloadable consumer guide to lawn and garden products
or go to Healthy Homes and Gardens section of the Washington Toxics Coalition website. There you'll find fact sheets with information on safe outdoor insect control, lawn care and weed control. Although written specifically for Washington state.
Pesticides -
Fruit and vegetables most likely to be contaminated with pesticides include: apples, bell peppers, celery, cherries, grapes, nectarines, peaches, pears, potatoes, raspberries, spinach, and strawberries."
(Grow your own, buy organic, peel, and/or wash, when possible.  Even ice and public drinking water can be contaminated with such as drugs flushed down the community's toilets.)
Natural Alternatives to Over-the-Counter and Prescription Drugs book by Michael T Murray ND
Naturopathic Medical Research Clinic, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nutritional Management of Schizophrenia in Canada 
Nutrigenomics (nutritional genomics) is seeking to recommend individual diets, including supplements, based on DNA tests. 3/1/05 Wall St Journal Health editorial
Nutrition web site of Tufts' University, Boston, MA Reviews web nutrition sites.  NON alternative views.
Nutrition and the Mind Book by: Gary Null, Ph.D.4 Walls 8 Windows 1-800-626-4848
Nutritional Approach to Mental Illness
Networking -
Overeaters Anonymous
Prescription for Nutritional Healing by  Balch MD & P. Balch (of Ft Myers, Florida & Greenfield, Indiana, USA) under Disorders gives recommended nutrients such as 5-HTP & Kyolic garlic (at bedtime), GABA, flaxseed, vitamin B 1-12, C,& E, zinc & manganese
Rauch, Doug - Putting expired foods to healthy use - The Boston Globe -
Reese Dublin's book  Miracle Food Cures from the Bible
Rosalie Moscoe, consultant  1-800-506-4333 
Audio #010503-050    Friends of Ortho Medicine
Selenium & Vitamin E are recommended by Foster, PhD, University Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada
Soma Health magazine, POBox 1505, Booragoon, Wa 6954, Australia. Blood type approach to illness and other orthomolecular medicine ideas for health
The Mind Game book by Phillip Day  cited in Nutrition & Mental Health   Summer 2003
The Power to Obtain Optimum Health and Nutrition  by Dennis Leonard
Tony Richey, a young adult, in 2003 was cured of MS using Leonard's diet salted with prayer  1-888-253-7763
Thiel, Robert J, PhD, ND, Arroyo Grande, CA, USA
Valerie Saxion ND
How to Feel Great All the Time   The Gospel of Health    1-800-992-8892
Vitamin Bible by Earl Mindell  recommends for Schizophrenia: zinc, L-glutamine, methionine amino acid, but warns not to take L-arginine
What Would Jesus Eat? book by Don Colbert MD A Kosher diet reduces disease.
Most contamination is in the blood.  John Hagee says to soak meat in salt water 1 hr and then in fresh water l hr in order to remove blood prior to cooking.
Why Suffer 1985 book by Ann Wigmore 
Be Your Own Doctor
1982 book by Ann Wigmore 
Ann Wigmore used wheatgrass juice which cured a number of terminally ill patients. 1-617-267-9424
Why Christians Get Sick  (book)  God's Way to Ultimate Health  (book)
You Don't Have to Be Sick - A Christian Health Primer
(booklet) by Rev George Malkmus
Testimonies of how raw ingredients reverse disease.  1-704-481-1700
Wilson, Bee  Swindled - The Dark History of Food Fraud, from Poisoned Candy to Counterfeit Coffee German Frederick "Accum (1769-1838) describes children’s custards poisoned with laurel leaves, tea falsified with sloe leaves, lozenges made from pipe clay, pepper mixed with floor sweepings, pickles colored green with copper (copper mixed with ammonia goes bright blue) and sweets dyed red with lead...Accum noticed that olive oil was often diluted with cheaper poppy seed oil. By freezing a sample of the oil, he could tell whether it was pure.35 The olive oil would freeze, while the poppy seed oil would remain fluid...
After 1820, his English works were published either anonymously or under the pseudonym “Mucca,” a reversal of Accum"

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